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Harem Visions: Independence Daze
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Disclaimer: This is entirely a work of fiction and is not meant to reflect reality in any way. This is a product of imagination and is NOT real. All characters are 18 and is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18.

This is something I threw together a couple of years ago when I had a rather insomnia filled Fourth of July eve. I just sat down and started writing until I couldn’t anymore and the end result is all here in one blur of wild girl on girl celebrity fucking action. It may not be great art or even the kind of story you have come to expect from me but it’s got hot girls and lots of them doing absolutely wicked things to each other. I didn’t plan it out. I just blurted it all out on the page as one does and I sure hope everyone likes it.  Please forgive any deficiencies in it.

I never really intended for a wide audience to see it but what the heck, it’s the Fourth of July so why not share it with everyone. Heck I never even had a title for it so I just picked the first thing that came to mind.

Enjoy it and the blur of sex we get here while wishing you could get to go to a party like they have at the mansion. And if you want more Harem-y goodness then please make sure you check out my Patreon at www.patreon.com/KMB.

Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rose McGowan, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Alyssa Milano, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Stacy Keibler, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Victoria Justice, Olivia Holt, Anna Kendrick, Anne Hathaway, Mila Kunis, Ariana Grande, Reese Witherspoon, Elizabeth Gillies, Kat Dennings, Lucy Hale, Chloe Grace Moretz, Ava Sambora, Maria Menounos, Ariel Winter, Bella Thorne, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Hailee Steinfeld, Taylor Swift, Daisy Ridley, Hilary Duff and more!

Codes: FF+, orgy, oral, anal, fingering, toys, toes, food, public

   At the mansion there weren’t many rules but a lot of unofficial policies. And one of those policies was most definitely that any excuse was a good excuse for a party.

It was a policy that made simple sense. After all, when you had as many friends as they all did and when those friends always were eager for fun and to bring their friends along too, parties just seemed natural for the mansion’s residents.

That was especially true on the Fourth of July when it was practically in the Constitution for people to gather together and have as much fun as possible while celebrating America’s birthday. And when it came to an Independence Day party at the mansion that could only mean one thing: bikinis and lots of them.

Because when you had a pool as wonderful as the mansion did to go along with clear blue skies and hot temperatures, why not take advantage as much as possible? The mansion had hosted a Fourth of July party every year and this year was no different as things got festive quickly.

The parties were always pretty loosely organized affairs. The girls invited their friends and their friends often brought their friends and with everyone bringing along a little something, it always ended up being a pot luck picnic by the pool where then girls could play the music loud, laugh and play have as much fun as possible.

Everything from watermelon, Italian pasta salad, homemade guacamole and chips, lobster rolls, lettuce wraps filled with all kinds of goodies and of course too many desserts to count were set up and everyone had been enjoying everything. Loud summer music filled the air and the drinks had been flowing freely.

No one had made any punch for the party this time. That drink was off the menu at the mansion for the time being after what had happened at the Christmas party. But there were plenty of cool summer cocktails being made for a hot day outside and the drinks, both non-alcoholic and those with a little more kick, were being liberally shared just as much as sunscreen was under the bright sun.

And with so many girls having a good time and so much lotion being rubbed on each other it was no surprise when the party took a decidedly naughty turn. Sure everyone had come to have a good time in a happy, positive environment with no men around to ruin the fun in the sun and sex wasn’t an official part of the to-do list. But it was a perk of a party at the mansion that it always inevitably turned into something more than a friendly gathering and the truth was that it was what everyone wanted anyway.

Everyone had started out in their sexiest and most colorful bikinis but it hadn’t taken long for that to change, especially when Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Aniston had started tending bar topless. And when the first bikini tops had begun hitting the ground, it started a chain reaction and soon bathing suits were eagerly being stripped off and more than a few girls started skinny dipping in the pool.

“CANNONBALL!!!” Jennifer Lawrence shouted out in delight as she hurled herself buck naked into the pool and made a huge splash, literally and figuratively. She popped right out a few seconds later laughing in joy over how the cool water felt on her hot bare skin but that wasn’t all she did.

The two giggle juices she had helped herself to at the bar had more than had a giggly effect on her and when she surfaced soaking wet and completely naked in the pool the first thing she had done was swim up to Jennifer Love Hewitt and passionately kiss her gorgeous hostess. And since Love was just as naked as Jennifer was, she returned the kiss with eagerness.

The two nude women made out in the swimming pool as others started hooting and hollering at the very entertaining and very arousing show. Love wasn’t much of a drinker at all but she sure loved the taste of the vodka filled drink on Jennifer’s sweet lips and their tongues were quickly playing with each other as they kissed passionately and rubbed their bare tits together. Jennifer moaned over how Love’s tits were bigger than hers and felt so good against her own naked chest and those moans grew louder when Anna Kendrick pressed her body against Jennifer’s back and began kissing the Oscar winner’s neck.

While she did that, Anna was wiggling out of her own bikini in the water and soon enough her top and then her discarded bottoms floated to the top of the water. And when that happened, Anna didn’t hesitate to grind her naked body into Jennifer’s and reach around to play with both hers and Love’s bare breasts.

The only served to turn the make out session into a three way kiss and as Love, Jennifer and Anna all passionately rubbed their lips and tongues together in a series of sensual smooches, it got more and more girls fired up for some fun of their own. That was especially true for Britney Spears as she slid her own bikini bottoms down her legs, her top having already disappeared a while ago, and then got her nude body in the water so she could swim over to the threesome and get herself involved too.

Britney erotically kissed Love and then tasted Jennifer and Anna’s lips. When she did that she naughtily reached under water and caressed their slits too, which was a very welcomed act. Both Anna and Jennifer groaned wantonly when Britney began playing with their pussies. They were both soaking wet and it had nothing to do with the pool. They responded to the intimate touch by kissing Britney with a fervor as they both shared her lips while the pop icon stopped merely playing and furthered things by starting to finger both women at the same time.

“Fuckkkkk ohhhh fuckkk yeahhhh that feels so fucking good!” Jennifer lustfully cooed while humping herself into Britney’s hand in the water, grinding her body into the singers and feeling their big, wet tits smack together in an erotic friction. “Do it Britney! Finger bang that pussy! Mmm fuck yeahhhh don’t be shy! Let me have it! I can take it!”

Britney knew just how much Jennifer could take and she indeed picked up speed in her fingering, skillfully stimulating Jennifer’s clit while probing her pussy. And she did the same to Anna, making the actress squeal in pleasure from how good those fingers felt pumping in and out of her vagina.

“So hot! So fucking hot!” Anna panted happily, rubbing her naked body into the pop icon’s and barely believing that she was actually having sex with Britney Spears. “Ooooooh Britney! You’re making my pussy so wet! Fuck me! You’re so fucking good at this! Fuck me! Fuck me! Please fuck me Britney!”

Unfortunately while she was playing with three girls in the pool, Britney only had two hand. Love didn’t feel neglected though because it was so easy for her to swim over so she was in back of Britney and grab at the singer’s thick ass under the water. While Britney was pleasuring Anna and Jennifer and kissing them both while she finger fucked them, Love focused on making Britney feel good by kissing her neck and fondling her round, toned cheeks.

“You’ve got such a great ass Britney! Mmmm I’ve been so into your butt ever since I saw you in that schoolgirl outfit!” Love giggled, thinking back to how her own personal girl crush on Britney had first developed when she had seen Britney sashaying so inappropriately in Hit Me Baby One More Time, before Love had even had her first lesbian experience with Sarah. “I always love when you visit because it means I get to play with this yummy ass!”

Britney giggled at the naughty words from Love and pushed her bare ass back into her friend which was all the invitation Love needed to start playing with the singer’s backside more intently, squeezing and massaging her cheeks and delicately sliding her own fingers into Britney’s honeypot just like Britney was doing to Anna and Jennifer.

“You can do anything you want to my ass, Love!” Britney assured the other woman. “Ooooh yessssss mmmm get those fingers right into my fucking kitty, Love! Fuckkkkk! Yesssss fuck me while I fuck them!”

All four of them were starting some serious splashing in the pool. And as their fingers played in each other’s pussies, all four of them kissed and rubbed their bare bodies together in the pool. Their impressive breasts all mashed together as Anna and Jennifer made out while Britney and Love tongue kissed so eagerly. Jennifer and Anna might have been relative newbies to the mansion but Britney was one of the most frequent visitors and was always welcome as Love and her tongues slid together while Love made Britney moan with her expert finger play.

But what those girls were doing was practically chaste compared to the nearby corner of the pool where Kat Dennings had found something even more delicious than all of the picnic foods that had been brought to the party. She was having one of her favorite kinds of desserts right then as she had Anne Hathaway’s bikini bottoms pulled to the side and was vigorously tongue fucking the Oscar winning actress.

Kat had been only too eager to get her own swimsuit off and dive into the pool bare assed for some skinny dipping and she had been even more enthusiastic about getting her first taste of Anne. Kat loved visiting the mansion as often as she could now that she knew all the sexy stories about it weren’t even close to how awesome it really was and she was savoring every drop of juice she was licking from Anne.

It had been a while since Anne had been to the mansion given how the dual responsibilities of her career and family severely curtailed her time for fun. But she was very happy that she had impetuously accepted the invitation to come to the mansion Fourth of July bash for the first time in years. Anne had found herself craving both “me time” and “girl time” and she was getting a lot of both as Kat was tongue fucking her like a pussy eating champion and tending to all the needs that Anne’s husband just couldn’t.

“OHHH FUCK OH YES KAT YESSSS OHHHH MY GOD YOU’RE SO GOOD! OOOOH YESSSS EAT MY PUSSY! FUCKKKK OHHHH YESSSS YESSSS YESSSSSSSSSSS FUCK ME OHHHHHH!” Anne cried out, letting so of all of her inhibitions and enjoying the feel of a hungry female mouth on her cunt for the first time in way too long. “YOU’RE SO HOT AND SEXY KAT! OOOOOH YESSSS MMMM EATING MY PUSSY SO WELL MMMM! DO IT! FUCK ME! I NEED THIS!”

Anne couldn’t help but scream out, smiling in bliss as she did it. She felt like she was surely making a scene by crying out her pleasure so loudly but she didn’t care. She felt so alive. She felt so happy. She felt like a woman again. The deep reservoir of carnal need inside her was being tapped into by the busty brunette and Anne was savoring every lick and every slurp. It had far too long since she had done this and now she could feel just what had been missing out on.

She hadn’t felt this amazing in what felt like forever and even though she had barely met Kat before it hadn’t stopped the naked woman from swimming right up to her in the pool, sliding her hand into her bikini bottoms and starting to finger her without barely so much as a hello.

But Anne hadn’t needed a hello. She had needed those fingers in her pussy and it had been an immediate rush of adrenaline right to her core to feel those female fingers slide into her soft, needy folds. Anne had melted right into the pleasure and they had been furiously kissing in no time while Anne had humped herself into Kat’s hand as it had made her bikini bottoms bulge out.

The only thing that had stopped their kissing had been Kat getting Anne up on the edge of the pool so she could yank those bottoms to the side and start licking. Kat hadn’t even bothered to get the bottoms off Anne. She had just pulled them away from her honeypot and started eating her out, an aggressive gesture that Anne hadn’t minded in the slightest as she had badly needed just the kind of attention Kat was giving her.

“Mmmmm you taste so good,” Kat moaned while her mouth was full of Anne’s married pussy. “Oooooooh so fucking juicy! Gawd you taste better than anything they have to eat here!”

“Ooooooh yesssss eat me Kat! Mmmmm eat up my horny pussy!” Anne cried in a more measured way while still acting wildly by flinging her bikini top off of herself so she could bare her chest to the afternoon sun and anyone who wanted to check her naked tits out. “Ohhhh that feels so fucking good! Mmmmmm I can’t wait to get my first taste of you and find out how juicy you are too! Ohhhh fuck I want to eat you out too Kat and I want to get my mouth all over those amazing boobs of yours!”

“Oh really? You like these, huh?” Kat laughed as she playfully hefted up her natural D-cup wonders and swiped her tongue against her own nipple to put on a show for Anne’s aroused eyes. “Mmmmm you’re a tits girl, huh? That’s not a surprise! You’ve got a great rack too Anne! I love those tits of yours! You looked so good standing there in your bikini and I knew I had to get it off you and get that those great tits and this tight little pussy of yours! And if you like these jugs then you’ll be able to get all over them soon enough! Mmmm especially after I do this!”

And Anne didn’t even have to ask what Kat was talking about because the actress was very eager to show her as she laughed in anticipation and spread open Anne’s legs even more. Anne’s legs were now out of the pool and wetly dripping water onto the edge of it as Kat leaned in again and began rubbing her bare bosom against Anne’s dripping pussy and making her feel a delicious friction against her sensitive pink folds.


“Yeahhhhhh come all over my big boobies!” Kat grinned while licking her lips of Anne’s essence and making her famously large breasts messy with them while the Oscar winner humped against her chest. “Paint them with your cum Anne! Come all over my big, fat jugs and you can slurp them clean! Do it Anne! Oooooh your pussy feels sooooo fucking good on it! Rub those hot lips right into my tits! Do it! Make them all wet with your cum!”

Wickedly fun lesbian action wasn’t just going on in one corner of the pool though and across the length of the mansion’s chlorinated oasis, Christina Aguilera had been only too eager to dive in naked too. After all she hadn’t been about to let Britney have all the fun and while Christina’s beloved fiancé was enjoying playing with Love, Anna and Jenifer Lawrence, the pierced pop star had someone delicious of her own to play with.

It was Hailee Steinfeld’s first trip to the mansion and she couldn’t have imagined a better one. In fact this was way better than any sexy dream she ever could have envisioned because never in any of her wildest fantasies could she ever have pictured herself bent over the side of a pool with her bikini stripped away and her pert, bubble butt out of the water with little droplets of moisture clinging to her naked skin as Christina Aguilera spread her juicy, young cheeks open and tongued her slit from behind.

“Gawwwwd ohhhhhhh fuckkk ohhhhhhhhhh Christina fuck meeee yessssss yesssssssssss fuckkkkkk ohhhhh your tongue feels sooooo amazing ughhh yesssss more! Do it more! Tongue fuck that pussy and make me come ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Hailee mewed before getting back to doing something that was now one of her favorite things in the world to do and burying her face into Taylor Swift’s love muffin.

Hailee had never thought she’d actually ever be with a girl but she’d had more than her share of fantasies over the years and this was so much better than any mere sex dream.

Ever since Taylor and Jessica Alba had popped her lesbian cherry, Hailee had been very eager to play with her blonde friend as often as she could. And while this was her first time at the mansion, Hailee had been doing a lot of practicing on Taylor lately and it showed as she tongued the superstar singer and lapped hungrily at her juicy hole.

“Ohhhhh yeah Haileeeee oooooh fuckkk yessss eat my pussy! Oooooh fuck yeah do it while Christina fucks you!” Taylor moaned, pinching her own bare nipples and grinding her overheating pussy into Hailee’s face so she could fuck her gorgeous friend. “Mmmmm Christina was one of the first girls ever to fuck me and now she’s fucking you ohhh yessss mmmmm do it Hailee! Oooooh eat my pussy like you do so well and let everyone see how good you are at it! Mmmm gawwd yessss ughhhh fuck me Hailee! Eat my cunt fuckkk make me into a nasty girl in front of everyone!”

This was the first time Taylor had been to a mansion Fourth of July party and she hadn’t been quite sure what to expect but this was everything she had wanted. The one-piece swimsuit she had worn was now balled up and off of her body poolside and she was completely naked with her legs slung over Hailee’s shoulders as her friend was hanging over the edge of the pool with her bare ass in Christina’s face.

It was so hot for Taylor to see Christina’s beautiful features pressed into Hailee’s ass crack and it was making her extra wet to watch it while Hailee was eating her out. But it was even hotter for Christina to experience it as she was getting her first taste of Hailee’s honey and enjoying every bit of having the girl’s amazing butt in her grasp.

“Mmmmm Hailee baby I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long sweetie!” Christina moaned in between thirsty licks of the brunette’s smooth, bald cunt. “Mmmmm I love your music and fuckkkk I love this tight, tasty little pussy! Oooooh honey you’ve got to come to Desire Records! We’ll get you everything you need to take over the charts and mmmm we’ll get you all the hot pussy and girl ass you could ever want!”

Right then that sounded so good to Hailee. She had idolized Christina for so long and had certainly heard the provocative rumors about what went on at her record label. She had never thought she would ever let herself be a part of something like that but now it was all she wanted. Christina was eating her pussy so good and making her drip into her mouth and Hailee could never get enough of how good Taylor tasted.

Hailee loved slurping hot girl juice right out of Taylor at the same time Christina was letting her experience her magnificent tongue for the first time and the pleasure was practically making her eyes roll back in her head as she tongue fucked Taylor and felt Christina bury her tongue inside her at the same time.

“Ohhhhh my fucking Godddd ohhhhh fuckkkkk fuckkkkk yessssssssss fuck me Christina! Taylor said you were so good at this but you’re even better than she said you would be!” Hailee gasped out between licks and slurps of her friend’s vagina. “Fuck my pussy! Eat my out and lick the cum right out of me! Ughhhh fuckkk I’m so going to come to your record label and you and Britney can do to this to me all fucking day long there! Ohhh yesssss!”

“Mmmmm yeahhh you know this is all you fucking want now, isn’t it? Just another girl who got her first taste of pussy and went full on dyke because of how fucking good it is!” Christina laughed before lashing her tongue some more at that delicious young slit and shoving her famous face into Hailee’s spectacular ass. “Ooooh you taste so good Hailee! I love that you’re a horny little lez just like me and Brit now! We’re going to have so much fun with you at the label! You and Taylor too! Both of you come and we’ll make you do a little naked duet together first before Britney and I have our fucking way with you both!”

All three girls were moaning uncontrollably as they fucked and so were so many others in the pool. Girls were splashing around and kissing and playing with each other and having so much fun. It was a wild fuck fest in the water for everyone who wanted to dive in and join.

But the action wasn’t just in the pool. There was plenty going on around it as poolside was crowded with girl bodies looking for some fun of their own. No one was wearing any clothes now as the hoots and lusty cheers and giggles that had begun as the party guests had started stripping and playing with each other had turned into something more intense and far more pleasurable.

Now Sarah wasn’t just manning the bar anymore. She had been happily mixing drinks all afternoon for her guests but now she was being an even better hostess since she had Katy Perry’s bare ass sitting on top of the poolside bar. And with Katy’s legs spread open so invitingly, Sarah had happily dived in to start lapping away at her pinkness.

Sarah was eager to show off just how great a mansion party was especially to someone like Katy who was spending her first Fourth of July in Malibu and was now very eager to be invited back each and every year.

“Oh Sarah! Ohhhhh my Goddd ooooh yesss! Yesssss! YESSSSSSSS OOOOOH SARAH YESSSSSSSSS!” the dyed blonde pop star cried out as she squeezed her own tits and roughly played with her erect nipples. “MMMM FUCK ME SARAH! YESSS OHHH MY GOD YOU THROW THE BEST FUCKING PARTIES OOOOH YESSS YESSSSS FUCK MEEEEEE!”

“Mmmmm goddamn right we have the best parties,” Sarah laughed, licking her lips in triumph as she got her first taste of Katy…or at least what she thought was her first taste since who knew who had done what to who at the Christmas party. “Don’t you forget it either Katy! Mmmm you just keep bringing those beautiful tits and this tasty pussy over here so we can play with you! Oooooh and I can’t forget about your ass either!”

The sound of that perked Katy up even more. She was more than happy to just sit back on top of the bar with her legs open and Sarah between her thighs. Katy had loved feeling the slayer’s tongue fucking her pussy as her folds squished with soaking wet desire while she had fondled her own large breasts and looked down at how beautiful Sarah’s blonde head looked while she was pleasuring her. But if Sarah wanted to get naughtier then Katy was more than happy to oblige her.

“Oooooh you want my ass huh? Mmmmm want my big, sexy butt Sarah?” Katy moaned in lust as she took it upon herself to change positions and present her ass to her hostess to show how much she appreciated being invited to the party.
Katy had to do it carefully to avoid toppling off the bar. But she could be goddamn graceful when she needed to be and she managed to keep from falling off while getting on all fours on the oak bar top and pushing her ass up in the air. And Sarah definitely appreciated the gesture.

She had been lustfully admiring Katy’s shapely rear in the one-piece swimsuit the singer had once been wearing. The tight bathing suit had clung so nicely to Katy’s round ass and her full cheeks had tantalizingly peeked out of it just enough to make Sarah salivate for her.

Sarah had made sure she had been watching before when Katy had, at the coaxing of her good friend Rihanna, pulled her swimsuit off. Rihanna had been one of the first guests to get naked and eagerly show off her gorgeous dark skin, tattoos and wickedly pierced nipples. Katy had been easily convinced to follow suit thanks to her friend’s actions. Sarah had hungrily stared as Katy had slid one shoulder strap and then the other off her body and then boldly yanked her suit all the way off, freeing her justifiably famous tits.

But as great as those tits were, Sarah had found herself hungering especially for Katy’s ass and now that she saw those thick pink cheeks in the flesh there was no way she could resist indulging herself. She crawled up onto the bar top behind Katy and, while laughing in whorish excitement, Sarah slapped both of her hands on the blonde pop star’s juicy buns and spread them open.

Sarah’s hands made a sexy smacking sound that Katy groaned from as her sensitive skin tingled thanks to the smack. And that sound of desire was followed up by a lot more as Sarah didn’t go back to Katy’s pussy. Instead she spread open the singer’s ass and went right for her hole, lapping at Katy’s puckered ring with her tongue and rimming her with gusto.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhh!” Katy moaned, closing her eyes and feeling a huge rush of pleasure flow over her. “Do it Sarah! Mmmm fucking eat my ass! Oooooh jam your tongue up that fucking hole! Ohhhh you girls are all so nasty and I love it! Mmmm toss my salad for your fucking picnic because I want everyone to get a taste!”

Katy giggled as she said that because when she opened her eyes she saw the tables of uneaten food that they were now neglecting because all of them were too busy paying attention to each other. And that view also showed her a great sight by the edge of the pool that Katy loved to see.

Her gorgeous BFF Rihanna was lying on her back on a big, fluffy beach towel completely naked and being thoroughly tended to. Katy loved seeing Rihanna naked and she stared intently at her friend’s gorgeous tattoos and piercings as the sunscreen and sweat from the hot day made her beautifully dark skin glow with a glaze of perspiration. And Rihanna’s big tits looked so dark and delicious too, so full and ripe and tasty as they jiggled softly and seductively while her naked body writhed on the towel.

It was impossible for Katy not to stare at her friend’s bare body while Sarah was behind her tongue fucking her ass because Rihanna’s beautiful face was blocked from her view. Katy didn’t mind though because that meant she got to see Selena Gomez completely naked too while she was riding Rihanna’s face.

Selena looked so happy and sexy as she sat on Rihanna’s face and ground her young cunt right into Rihanna’s horny tongue. Katy loved seeing Rihanna’s black hands squeezing the tan, round cheeks of Selena’s bubble butt, gripping the curves of her backside and even digging her nails a little into the naked Latina’s flesh. And Selena looked like she loved it too as she closed her eyes and moaned out again and again while bouncing on Rihanna’s face and riding her tongue.

“Yessssssssss! More! Please more! Fucking eat my pussy Rihanna!” Selena begged in aroused urgency. “I always thought you were so hot but I never dreamed you’d ever be fucking me! Please don’t stop Rihanna! Eat my wet pussy and make me feel how amazing your tongue is!”

Katy got off on seeing Selena’s round tits bouncing and she knew that soon enough she’d be going over to kiss those beautiful breasts and taste Selena’s sexy little mole. But that wasn’t all Katy wanted to do because Rihanna was writhing nakedly and hornily not just from how much she loved the sweet sex sugar of Selena Gomez’s vagina but because Rihanna’s legs were open so she could have Demi Lovato go down on her.

Demi was just as naked as Selena and Rihanna, the brunette’s sexy bikini tossed away now and happily forgotten. And Katy thought Demi looked yummier than ever as she kneeled in front of Rihanna and hungrily ate her smooth dark cunt while Selena rode the island girl’s face. The girls were sharing Rihanna so well and Demi looked so beautiful with her big, beautiful ass sticking out in all of its naked glory and her sweet face buried between Rihanna’s meaty thighs.

Katy knew if Sarah’s tongue hadn’t been shoved in her asshole right then she would have been jumping in to make that threesome a foursome. But she didn’t mind waiting for that chance because Sarah’s tongue felt amazing as it tongue fucked her naughtiest hole and Katy didn’t want to make her horny hostess stop for anything.

Swimsuits and other clothes were littered everywhere as the party had fully turned into an orgy. After all, the girls all knew there was no better way to celebrate America’s birthday than by exercising some of those precious freedoms, like the freedom to fuck each other silly.

And while Sarah had her face shoved into Katy’s juicy rear, her fellow bartender was quite satisfied too with what was happening to her.

Jennifer Aniston had been happy to help Sarah mix and serve up drinks for the party but now she was the one being serviced because behind the bar, just feet away from where Sarah was lapping at Katy’s puckered pleasure center, Jennifer had Natalie Portman on her knees before her. And that was a positon Natalie loved to be in because it meant she could get her hands on Jennifer’s awe-inspiring ass and her face pressed into her friend’s deliciously velvety pussy.

“Mmmmm fuck you taste so good! Mmmm you always taste good Jennifer!” Natalie moaned in between licks. “Mmmm this is your best Fourth of July party yet Jen!”

Natalie always said that every year but she wasn’t just being nice. She truly meant it. Every year somehow exceeded the last one and Natalie was so happy to be kneeling before Jennifer and lapping away at her juicy fuckbox. Jennifer had one of the best bodies Natalie had ever seen and any chance she ever got to hook up with one of the mansion’s hottest was one that she made damn sure she took.

Natalie didn’t consider herself a submissive person, at least not officially. She didn’t like to put labels on her desire. She just loved the bodies of women, especially all of her gorgeous, sexy friends in Malibu. She loved letting go and forgetting everything else in the world so she could focus only on pleasure and desire. And right then Natalie was getting plenty of pleasure from her desire for Jennifer’s pussy.

Jennifer’s ass was so tight and toned in her eager hands and Natalie squeezed it with reverence as she lapped at the smooth, soaked vagina in her face. Natalie loved going down on all the women here at the mansion and she loved every time she felt their tongues on her pussy or her asshole or sometimes both at the same time. But right then she only had eyes for Jennifer as the Harvard educated Oscar winner kneeled nakedly before her and stared up lustfully at her while tongue fucking her friend’s delicious hole.

“Mmmmmm yeahhhh oh Nat! Oooooh naughty girl mmmm fuckkkk yesssss you look so pretty like a good little slut on your knees for me!” Jennifer moaned out in pleasure as Natalie’s well practiced tongue pleasured her so skillfully. “Mmmm fuck I love how naughty you get! Mmmm eat that pussy you dirty girl! C’mon Natalie! Ughhh yessss show me how filthy a horny little nerd like you can get!”

Natalie giggled when Jennifer put it so bluntly. She hardly considered herself a nerd but she also felt that if people were going to put that label on her just because she had thrived at an Ivy League institution and had done an iconic sci-fi franchise then she was going to wear it with pride.

Besides she loved to do nerd roleplay games like when she pretended to be the shy librarian who gets seduced by the naughty, aggressive dyke that Scarlett loved to act out in bed with her. And they had even had a fun roleplay recently where Natalie had slipped on a pair of glasses and acted like an awestruck first timer at ComicCon who got to meet the Black Widow Natasha Romanoff and worked out her hottest, dirtiest dream with her celebrity crush.

Maybe Jennifer would let her play that kind of a game with her too. Natalie could play a sexy nerd very well and she wondered what Jennifer would do if she were her “teacher” and found her naked except for a pair of glasses and an open science book and decided to keep her after class.

Natalie loved the idea of a game like that and she was sure Scarlett would want to join in too and help give the naughty teacher some punishment too after Jennifer had already spanked her first for being such a naughty nerd who had gotten naked in class.
Her head was spinning in the best way. Natalie didn’t usually drink much because it made her light headed but she had been unable to resist having a few from such sexy bartenders and she was feeling it now as she happily kneeled and licked and dreamed up dirty fantasies in her head while pressing her beautifully flawless face to Jennifer’s bald box and stared up at her while licking.

And Jennifer was just as buzzed too. Neither of them were drunk but they were definitely in that happy tipsy state where their inhibitions were lowered but they both knew exactly what they were doing. Jennifer liked that. She liked that a lot. She’d helped herself to a couple of the drinks she had been making and she had to admit she made a damn fine mix of rum and lemonade that hit the spot on a hot sunny day. Natalie had liked that drink a lot and Jennifer wanted to see if she still wanted some.

“Are you still thirsty Nat? Mmmmm the naughty nerd was drinking like an Ivy League party girl before,” Jennifer laughed as she grabbed the open bottle of rum that was behind the bar with here. “Mmmm I know you want another taste Natalie and I don’t just mean of my yummy fucking pussy juice!”

With Natalie kneeling down like she was it was so easy for Jennifer to take that bottle of rum and pour it down her naked body. The rum wasn’t cheap. In fact it was the good kind that was pretty damn expensive. But Jennifer couldn’t think of a better use for it right then than pouring it onto herself and letting the liquid coat her tits and run down her stomach and over her thighs before the rum showered Natalie’s face.

Natalie hadn’t been expecting Jennifer to do that but she took to it happily by opening her mouth and letting some of the rum drip in as the rest hit her face and dripped down her body too, getting her chin and neck and even down to her bare tits wet with alcohol.

“Mmmm yeah I can be your nerdy party girl Jen,” Natalie moaned, smacking her lips to taste the combined flavors of the rum and Jennifer’s pussy. “Mmmmm that’s so yummy! Oooh but it’ll be even yummier when you come for me and soak my tongue with what I really want to swallow!”

Natalie proved she meant what she said when she squeezed Jennifer’s round, tight ass cheeks harder, pushing her up against her face and started licking the older woman faster and harder. That made Jennifer grunt and groan in ecstasy while moaning out Natalie’s name again and again. And Natalie just wished Scarlett was there to see how well she was doing Jennifer.

But even though Scarlett Johansson couldn’t see what her girlfriend was up to, she surely would have been delighted if she had. And the only reason she wasn’t there watching or joining in was because Scarlett was quite well occupied as she was enjoying the party from the comfort of the poolside hot tub and was happily joined by three other girls in it.

It made for a bit of a crowded fit but the hot tub had been specifically built to accommodate a lot of bodies and there was more than enough room for everyone and perhaps even one more as they were all pressed together rubbing their naked bodies together and enjoying how the hot bubbling water felt on their bare skin while the hot afternoon sun shone over them all.

Scarlett found herself in the middle of all the fun in the hot tub as she happily made out with Stacy Keibler. The two were intensely focused on each other as they passionately kissed and smiled and moaned while their lips smacked together and their tongues touched again and again. And while they kissed, they were both going after each other’s most famous asset. While Stacy’s wet hands were massaging Scarlett’s large breasts, Scarlett was reaching down into the water to grab and squeeze Stacy’s fit, firm ass.

Touching each other only made them more into the kiss and they eagerly played with the other’s bodies. Stacy’s hands were all over Scarlett’s chest, loving how the soft, large mounds of her tits filled up her hands and how good it felt to caress and seductively toy with them. Scarlett’s wet tits felt so sexy in her hands especially as the girl’s hard nipples pressed against her palms.

But Stacy knew how to make it even better. She didn’t just use her hands to pleasure Scarlett’s breasts. She also lowered her mouth to them, pushing them up out of the bubbling water of the hot tub to get her lips and tongue on then. While Scarlett moaned for her, Stacy began sucking on her nipples, going from breast to breast to make sure each erect nub and the pink areolas that surrounded them got lots of attention. And after she lustfully sucked on Scarlett’s tits, Stacy naughtily licked them, tasting her own saliva all over those glorious breasts.

And while Stacy couldn’t get enough of Scarlett’s bosom, Scarlett was focused on Stacy’s butt. Her hands had a healthy grip of the former wrestler and cheerleader’s toned backside and with Stacy bent over to suck and kiss her tits, that made it even easier for Scarlett to get at Stacy’s rear.

She squeezed and massaged those amazing cheeks, loving how tight Stacy’s bottom felt in her grasp. Scarlett had always admired Stacy’s ass whenever she saw it beautifully naked at the mansion and she loved every chance she had to play with it. Scarlett loved when she could bend Stacy over and smack her bare ass until those perfect buns turned a bright shade of pink and she always got off on having Stacy ride her when she wore a strap-on especially when Stacy would do it reverse cowgirl style so Scarlett could see those cheeks bounce so sensually while she filled her naughty holes up.

But Scarlett didn’t just take pleasure from Stacy’s ass. She made sure she gave it too. After all, Scarlett not only loved being a switch when it came to giving and receiving pleasure, she was truly not a greedy person. Why limit herself to only giving it to that great ass with sexy spankings and deep, horny fuckings?

Scarlett wanted everything when it came to Stacy Keibler’s ass and she loved to kiss it and lick it and even shove her face into those tight gym-toned buns to feel it rub into her while she did filthy things to her friend to make Stacy feel good.

The two of them continued rubbing their naked, wet bodies together in the hot tub and while Stacy smiled while she licked all over Scarlett’s swollen pink nipples, she also started laughing and moaning as Scarlett naughtily slid her fingers into Stacy’s ass crack and tickled her hole with them.

“Mmmmm yeahhh do it Scarlett!” Stacy moaned, more hungry to gorge on Scarlett’s tits than she has been for any of the delicious food at the picnic. “Mmmm I want it! Slide your fingers up my ass! I know you want to do it and I want to fucking feel it! Mmmm yeahh that’s it Scarlett! Ughhh yesssss ohhh fuckkk finger fuck my ass! Oooooooh yessss mmmm so good!”

Stacy’s pleas turned to moans as Scarlett complied and pushed two of her fingers inside her. Scarlett knew she didn’t have to be shy. She knew Stacy could handle it. And with the water of the hot tub making it an even tighter fit for Scarlett to push her two fingers into Stacy’s asshole it felt naughtier for them both.

Stacy grunted and moaned as she was finger fucked up her ass and she shoved her face into Scarlett’s wet tits so she could feel them rubbing up against her. Stacy always got a rush from doing that and so many of her friends had beautiful, big tits she could play with. She and Scarlett both laughed as Stacy motorboated her sexy rack but while the two blondes were very focused on each other they weren’t the only ones in the hot tub enjoying each other.

Scarlett’s naked body was rubbing sensually right into Olivia Holt as the naked former Disney star felt so wonderfully hot and naughty in the bubbling water. She was in the right position too as she had her pussy right above one of the water jets and the only reason Olivia wasn’t screaming in delight as her young cunt was stimulated by the rush of water against it was that her lips were fastened to those of one of her sexiest friends.

Olivia was making out with absolutely no inhibition with Bella Thorne and it was so hot to feel her friend’s naughty tongue sliding up against hers in her mouth. Olivia lustfully sucked on Bella’s tongue and moaned when she thought about how much hotter it would be to do this right after Bella had gone down on her and she could taste her own juices all over her friend’s lips and tongue.

And Bella was having the same thoughts while she tongue kissed Olivia and ran her hands all over her friend’s perfect naked body. She and Olivia had been licking each other’s pussies a lot lately. Hell she had been doing that with all of her sexiest friends lately and it had all felt so amazing. She was so happy to be at this party and to be naked in the hot tub with these beautiful women and to be kissing Olivia and yet even as she did that, Bella couldn’t help but think how much she loved kissing girls after they had just eaten her out and how much she wanted to be tasting her own cum in Olivia’s kiss.

Both girls had their hands on each other’s chests and Olivia moaned as she touched Bella’s pierced nipples and wondered, and not for the first time, how naughty it would be if she got her own pierced. Gawd the first time her family saw her in a tight shirt or when they were someplace where the air conditioning was up too high she couldn’t hide it would cause such a scene. They’d all see how she had bars through her nipples like Bella did and they’d so freak out from it,

But Olivia wanted them to freak out. She wanted people, especially those who most thought she was so innocent and chaste, that she was really a naughty girl inside and that she loved to be bad. Olivia had felt this naughty side inside of herself for so long and hadn’t even realized what it was. She had always gotten so hot and bothered being naked when she wasn’t supposed to and checking out other naked people and she hadn’t ever realized until she had come to the mansion for the first time what it was.

It was her yearning to be free and cast off inhibitions and forget about conventionality and the repression of those so-called societal norms. Olivia had tasted the life of being truly free and wild when she had come to the mansion for the Christmas party and one taste hadn’t even been close to enough. She had wanted to drink from this fountain every day. She had wanted to a sexual woman and hold nothing back.

These feelings were changing her and making her happier and more of a woman. Olivia loved it. She wanted to be truly in touch with her own sexuality and embrace the desires inside her, especially for women. God, she loved women. She had never thought she would but from the first kiss and the first touch and especially the first lick and the first time she had felt a strap-on inside her Olivia had known she was going down a new path and never wanted to turn back.

It was like that way for Bella too. No one had changed more outwardly from their first trip to the mansion than Bella. She had changed her look and her attitude. She’d started dressing more provocatively and flaunting her body and embracing her sexuality like she never had before. She’d pierced her nipples and made sure everyone could see it on her social media where she was often caught wearing very little, which was just the way she liked it.

Bella had even admitted to the world that she was bi now but the truth was she was pretty much a total lesbian by now. Men just couldn’t keep up with her sex drive anymore and Bella was content to leave them behind in the dust. She much preferred women now because not only did they have beautiful lips to kiss, hot tits and asses to caress and, most importantly, delicious pussies to taste, they never got tired. Bella loved to fuck and her friends loved to fuck and their batteries were always charged.

How could men compete when Bella had friends like she did and places like the mansion to come visit? This was making her so happy and she was enjoying herself immensely naked in the hot tub with Oliva’s bare body rubbing into hers and Scarlett and Stacy so close bye.

And even though Bella loved playing with Olivia, she couldn’t help but be greedy and want a lot more.

“Come play with us too,” Bella moaned in between kisses. “I want all of you to touch me!”

Despite them being in the middle of something very intimate, Scarlett and Stacy didn’t mind the interruption. In fact they loved the idea. Because why limit yourself to just one girl when there were so many to play with? After all it was a party and everyone was naked. There was no reason not to indulge.

Scarlett slowly slid her fingers out of Stacy’s asshole and, even though the water had diluted the forbidden taste a little, the leggy former wrestler immediately took them into her mouth to suck off her own flavor. And then they focused on Bella and Olivia.

The younger girls looked so delicious naked and pressing their wet bodies together as they embraced and kissed each other. Scarlett and Stacy wanted in and Scarlett went right for Olivia, kissing her fellow Marvel girl and boldly going right for the blonde’s treasure. She pressed her hand up against Oliva’s uncovered mound underneath the water in the hot tub and began rubbing her intimate folds in a way that made Olivia shiver and gasp.

“Oooooooh yessss Scarlett mmm fuckkk yessss!” Olivia groaned as the experienced woman touched her pussy and stimulated her young lips. “Ohhhhh fuck yesss! Ooooh so good!”

Olivia couldn’t help but giggle as she moaned because she couldn’t keep herself from thinking about all the guys who had tried to get with her and what they would say now if they knew she was hooking up with Scarlett Johansson. Mmmm they’d totally freak out but also get so fucking hard from it and Olivia liked thinking about that.

She eagerly sought to return the favor too as she began making out with Scarlett. Olivia loved feeling those big boobs rubbing into her and enjoying Scarlett’s soft touch. Her fingers felt soooo good playing with her pussy and Olivia started doing it back to Scarlett. As they began to kiss, Olivia rubbed Scarlett’s smooth pussy lips under the water and moaned as she felt how wet and tight the older woman was.

But that wasn’t all Olivia felt as soon Stacy’s naughty fingers were playing with her pussy too and Olivia responded by taking her other hand and doing it to Stacy’s warm, wet pussy. She was soon finger fucking Scarlett and Stacy as they both played with her cunt at the same time and Olivia rolled her eyes back in her head from how much that turned her on.

“Ohhhhhh my Godddddddddd!” Olivia squealed and panted from two experienced hands worked her over while she had her own fingers buries inside Scarlett and Stacy. “Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeee! OHHHH YESSSSSS FUCKING FUCK ME OHHHHH! YESSSSSS! FUCKKK YESSSSSSSSS MAKE ME INTO YOUR DIRTY LITTLE SLUT! YESS FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT! OHHHHH!!!”

Olivia wasn’t the only one being turned on either and Scarlett was moaning and shivering in the water from how Bella was playing with her body with both hands now. Bella was such a naughty girl and Olivia could see that she was moving her hands forcefully into Scarlett, getting aggressive with the gorgeous movie star. Olivia knew Bella was fingering Scarlett’s pussy and ass at the same time and that turned her on so much to see.

“Ooooooh yeahhh do it you sexy little thing!” Scarlett hissed as Bella’s fingers slipped into her creamy twat while the redhead’s free hand caressed her large breasts. “Fucking work those pretty little fingers right into my cunt! Do it you nasty fucking bitch! Show me how dirty you and your friends are! Gimmie those fucking fingers! Ohhhhh!!!”

“You’re so fucking tight and hot! Natalie is so lucky to be fucking you every night!” Bella moaned, wishing she had herself a girlfriend as sexy as Scarlett so she could go all night with someone as gorgeous and insatiable as she was. “Come all over my fingers Scarlett! Cover my hand in your fuck cream! I’ll show you I’m dirty! I’m a nasty girl now and I love fucking your hot little cunt!”

Scarlett and Bella began feverishly making out as they played with each other and Stacy and Oliva’s lips connected just as erotically. There was a lot of splashing in the rapidly bubbling water and all four women were eager to get even wilder with each other. The pleasure was really flowing for them all now and as things really started to heat up in the hot tub, another ingredient was added to the girl soup that was cooking in the water.

“Mmmmm mind if I join in?” Miley Cyrus asked before not waiting for an answer and slipping her own naked body into the hot tub with everyone else, making it even more crowded. “Ooooh all of you look so fucking sexy and mmmm I had to get a piece of all y’all!”

Miley was not afraid to turn her southern charm on to get what she wanted and she badly wanted all of these girls. She’d already had Scarlett, Stacy, Bella and Olivia by themselves before but now she wanted them all together and Miley was not about to let anything stop her. She was tiny enough that she could fit into the crowded hot tub and she wedged herself right next to Stacy as she kissed the gorgeous blonde and made sure Stacy got a good taste of what was all over her lips.

Because before she had come over looking for some more fun, Miley had been doing one of her favorite things in the world, eating Hayden Panettiere’s asshole.

God, she loved that girl’s round, juicy butt and she tasted so fucking good. One of Miley’s favorite fun time activities was getting behind Hayden so she could spread those cheeks and get her tongue deep in that fucking hole while another girl was licking her too or, even better, nailing her with a strap-on. Because Miley knew that Hayden’s beautiful butt was perfect for screaming into while those sexy cheeks smothered her face.

When things had started getting naughty Miley had been one of the first to strip out of her bikini and get all the way naked. She was always happiest when she was bare assed anyway and this place practically demanded she not wear any clothes at all. So this was definitely her kind of party and as soon as she had gotten nude, Miley had headed for Hayden and had been only too eager to get her friend out of her bikini and get her face in that beautiful bubble butt.

Hayden had such a hot, tasty asshole and Miley loved eating it as much as Hayden loved eating other girls’ butts too. And right then Hayden had herself a hell of a snack because while Miley had been eating Hayden’s ass, she had buried her happy face right into AnnaSophia Robb’s bare bottom. And Miley had to admit she couldn’t compete with that.

Miley loved admiring AnnaSophia’s big, round white girl booty and she knew Hayden loved shoving her face between AnnaSophia’s cheeks. Not only did AnnaSophia have that great ass but Miley knew all too well how much of a naughty taboo it was for Hayden to play with her because AnnaSophia was dating Hayden’s brother.

Miley had no idea how that poor boy dealt with his own sister always trying to fuck his girlfriend but she knew it made her hot to watch AnnaSophia cheat and get off from fucking her boyfriend’s sister. It was so naughty to see them fuck and Miley loved playing with them both. But this time she needed some attention of her own and she knew that Hayden was too focused on AnnaSophia to give it to her.

Miley didn’t mind that. In fact she totally understood and it loved seeing Hayden make a meal out of AnnaSophia’s juicy butt as she kneeled behind the bent over girl, spread her buns open and showed her brother’s girlfriend just what a little freak she was. Miley totally got off on that but she had to look out for number one. After all it was the Fourth of July and what was more American than that?

So she made sure she had her own needs tended to by getting close to Stacy as she soaked her bare body in the hot tub along with everyone else. Stacy and Miley were making out in no time and it didn’t take much longer for Miley’s fingers to slide down between Stacy’s legs to join Olivia in pleasuring her.

Things were so crowded poolside and that meant there was an excellent excuse for bodies to be piled together in all sorts of configurations. The party music was still paying loudly but now it was joined by a huge chorus of diverse voices moaning and gasping and grunting and begging for more in the naughtiest ways possible.

The girls were definitely celebrating their right to do whatever the hell they wanted to each other as bikinis and swimsuits were tossed everywhere and everyone was naked and enjoying themselves. Things were even more festive now and the freedom of expression was definitely being exercised loudly as girls moaned and cursed and cooed and fingers and tongues explored naughty holes in so many configurations.

Right on top of the patch of grass between the hot tub and the pool, there was a big blanket spread out and Reese Witherspoon was getting very naughty on it with Ariana Grande. Both the Oscar winning mom and the pop idol to millions were completely naked and this time neither of them needed any punch to have shed all of their inhibitions. The two were fervidly scissoring their wet cunts together, grinding their wet slits into one another and loving the way the soft neat fur of Reese’s bush tickled the bare skin of Ariana’s completely smooth kitty.

But it wasn’t even that the older and younger woman were mashing their juicy twats together that was drawing the most attention. It was what else they were doing to each other. Both Reese and Ariana shared the same fetish and this was one place where they could show it fully and happily without any fear of judgement.

As they scissored their pussies together, Ariana was eagerly sucking on Reese’s foot, bringing the yoga trained mom’s toes to her mouth as she opened wide and slurped away. Ariana had her eyes closed from the pleasure of the friction of pussy against pussy but also from how Reese’s toes tasted so delicious.

And for Ariana the pleasure also was immense because as she sucked hungrily on Reese’s toes, the married woman was doing the same right back to her. Ariana was showing off how flexible she could be too and as they continued to grind their cunts together, they both sucked wetly on each other’s feet, their legs up in the air so they could feed each other.

“Ohhhh fuckkk oooooh Ariana you naughty girl! Mmmmm fuck yessss you know how to do this so well honey!” Reese moaned, feeling such wicked pleasure from being with such a younger girl, one her own daughter idolized for God’s sake. “Oooooh sweetie yes! Mmmmm get those toes wet! Oooooh yes I love your wet mouth so much mmmm fuckkkk wrap those pretty lips around my toes! Mmmmm suck them just like that!”

Reese had stopped sucking Ariana’s toes so she could encourage the girl but she didn’t do that for long. She started sucking on the girl’s toes again as soon as she could and Ariana moaned right back for her.

“Ooooooooh yesssssssss mmmmmm gawd you’re so good at sucking toesies!” Ariana squealed, her tiny tits bouncing so sexily on her chest as she and Reese kept scissoring each other. “Oh Reese! Mmmmm fuck yeah I had no idea you could ever be this hot! Ooooooh fuck yes mmmm make my toesies all wet and I’ll make yours nice and messy too! Oooooh and then we can get our feet in each other’s dirty naughty pussies! Mmmm yeah I wanna foot fuck you Reese mmmm gawd and you can do it to me too!”

Ariana emphasized that by spitting all over Reese’s foot and then opening her mouth wide again to start sucking her own saliva off. That got Reese groaning even more as she hungrily slurped on the bare foot of the pop superstar.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this to someone so much younger than her right out in the open under the hot sun in front of all her friends. But Reese wanted it. She wanted it so fucking much and she not only sucked harder on Ariana’s foot, she rubbed into her harder, making her own MILF tits bounce on her chest as she scissored into the younger girl and mashed their pussies together so all their hot juices could mix.

Just a few feet away from where Reese and Ariana were indulging in their shared foot fetish were the tables where much of the food was set up. But it wasn’t being used much for eating anymore. In fact it was being enjoyed for far naughtier purposes as a different kind of fetish was indulged in.

With a big piece of watermelon in her hand, Maria Menounos was playfully letting it drip onto Lucy Hale’s naked body. The juicy piece of fruit left a sticky trail all over her bare tits as Maria rubbed it into her skin and especially against her nipples. Maria was straddling Lucy’s chest and the girl was happily squirming underneath her as Maria got the juice on her tits and then brought it up to her mouth so Lucy could take a bite of it.

“Mmmmm yummy!” Lucy sighed, savoring both the sweetness of the fresh fruit and the beautiful sight of the nude media personality on top of her. “This is so sexy!”

Maria’s bare tits were so tan and lovely and seeing them all beautifully revealed made Lucy even more aware of the pale lines on her body. Maria obviously spent a lot of time tanning in the buff and Lucy wondered if she did it here. This was her first pool party at the mansion and Lucy definitely liked the idea of spending a lot more time here in the sun and in the nude so she could get rid of all her lines and get the kind of all-over even tan that Maria had.

“Mmmmm you’re so sexy!” Maria moaned, enjoying her first time with the beautiful actress before she leaned down and started licking the watermelon juice off of Lucy’s small tits and her swollen, big nipples. “I’ve wanted to do this to you for so long! Mmmm I’ve been so hot for you ever since I watched Pretty Little Liars for the first time mmmmm gawd even longer! I’ve wanted this since you were on Privileged!”

Maria gave the girl’s sticky chest a thorough tongue bath and Lucy loved every single second of it as she moaned again and again from Maria’s tongue on her sensitive nipples. And those moans grew even more when Maria took another juicy piece of melon and let it drip down over the smooth lips of Lucy’s vagina and even in the little sparse fur of her dark landing strip. Because Maria didn’t let the juice just stay there. She went right after it by scooting herself down Lucy’s naked body and getting on her tummy between her legs so she could start licking.

“Fuckkkkkkkk!” Lucy hissed rapturously as Maria cleaned off the juice from her pussy and went after another kind of juice that was even tastier to her. “Oooooh fuck yes Maria! Mmmm eat my pussy! Ooooooh fuck all of you are making me so wet and mmmm gawd fuck me right in the middle of everything! I love the sun on my body! Oooooh it feels so good to be naked!”

Lucy had never done anything like this before. She had done sex in public before but that was in the outdoors on camping trips and hikes and it had always been isolated and private with a boyfriend. This was right out in the open under the bright blue sky with so many other women around and it felt amazing to her to be nude under the sun and be eaten out by someone as hot as Maria Menounos while everyone else was fucking around them.

Everyone looked so good and so naked and so sexy and Lucy hoped this was the first of many pool parties she came to here. And she wasn’t alone in that wish. Ariel Winter was thinking the same thing as she experienced something she never had before.

She was bent over and ass up and she couldn’t keep from laughing over the strange sensation of a piece of cake being taken and mashed against her bare bottom. She had never even thought about doing something like that before and it felt kind of weird but also kind of good at the same time. It was definitely different and feeling the crumbs and all of that sticky frosting on her bare skin made her tingly in a naughty way that she liked.

That sensation was just a warmup though for the feeling of a hot woman’s mouth literally eating the cake off of her ass. Ariel gasped and groaned and found herself liking that feeling a whole lot.

“Mmmmm fuckkk ohhhh my God!” Ariel cried in unexpected pleasure. “Ooooooh when you said you wanted to eat my ass I didn’t think you meant it so literally!”

“Hey, didn’t I say you had a delicious looking ass?” Jessica Alba laughed before taking another handful of the special American flag cake that they had gotten for the party with all the red, white and blue frosting and doing the most patriotic thing she could imagine by mashing it against Ariel Winter’s big bare buns. “Mmmm and you are definitely a yummy girl Ariel!”

Jessica had frosting in Ariel’s ass crack now and she didn’t hesitate to go after it. She dove into those meaty cheeks and licked the sugary goodness right off it. And then she took things much further by spreading her open and starting to tongue fuck Ariel’s puckered hole at the same time she played with the younger woman’s sopping wet slit.

“Oooooooh my Godddddd! Oh yeah Jessica! Mmmm fucking eat me up!” Ariel gasped, pushing her ass back against Jessica’s face and starting to grind into her, something that made Ariel’s big tits start to bounce a little as they provocatively hung down in the position she was in. “Mmmm fuck turn that big ass of mine into dessert!”

And while Jessica was doing just that, Chloe Grace Moretz was underneath Jessica eating her pussy as the sexy mansion resident sat on her face and pressed her wet pink hole right to the eager blonde’s mouth.

Ever since the Christmas party and the morning after realization that all of them had enjoyed what had happened to them there, Chloe had been trying to get her friends into the mansion lifestyle as much as possible. Because as far as Chloe was concerned, the more hot girls they could play with the better.

She had known for a long time that she was a lesbian and was only into women but to find out that all her sexiest friends, women who she had been nothing but platonic with, had shown Chloe what a magical place the mansion truly was. And she wanted to be invited to every party from now on and bring her friends with her so they could all learn as much as they could from their new friends in Malibu.

Bella and Olivia had certainly taken to the mansion lifestyle with ease and eagerness and now Chloe was so thrilled to see Ariel get into it too. Of course she couldn’t actually see any of it, not with Jessica sitting on her face and making it so Chloe couldn’t focus really on anything but Jessica’s delicious pussy. But she could sure here the moans and the sexy sounds coming from her friend and the idea of someone as gorgeous as Jessica eating Ariel’s sexy ass made Chloe so wet.

She wanted all of her friends to feel good here. Chloe wanted them to have so much naughty fun and learn dirty things from these women that she wasn’t experienced enough yet to teach them. But Chloe also had an ulterior motive.

Her crush on Alyssa Milano was stronger than ever. The first taste of Alyssa’s perfect pussy had only left Chloe craving more of the older woman. She and Alyssa had played many times since then but Chloe could see that Alyssa was still reluctant about truly opening herself up to her and all the fun they could have. So Chloe was going to make sure that she ingratiated herself with as many of Alyssa’s friends as possible.

That way she would always have a chance to get to the mansion and to make Alyssa see that she could feel the same way for her that she did and it would be amazing. And if that meant Chloe was going to have to eat Jessica Alba’s pussy, then that’s just what she was going to have to do.

Jessica tasted so good and Chloe couldn’t get enough of having the older woman’s smooth, juicy pussy in her face, especially when she knew Jessica was being naughty with Ariel. Chloe had always known that Ariel had a great body with all of those curves in all of the right places but now she knew just how sexy her friend was and she found herself loving every chance she got to play with Ariel’s huge, yummy boobs and that big, meaty ass of hers. Knowing Jessica was tasting Ariel now lmade Chloe even hornier and she lapped at Jessica harder as she reveled in her first mansion pool party.

“Mmmmm yeahhh that’s it! Oooooh you really do know how to eat pussy Chloe!” Jessica groaned as she humped herself against the younger woman and playfully spread more frosting on Ariel’s cake and then licked it off the girl’s ass crack. “Mmmm fuckkk no wonder Lyssa likes you so much! Oooooh yesssss lick that pussy while I fuck your pretty friend! Mmmm you two can party here any time you like!”

Jessica moaned out wantonly again and again before she pressed her face back between Ariel’s butt cheeks and tongued the girl’s pretty pink pucker. Ariel’s big buns muffled her cries in the sexiest of ways and Jessica rubbed herself into Chloe’s face harder.

Naturally Chloe was elated by what she heard. She wanted Alyssa to like her. She wanted Alyssa to really, REALLY like her. And she wanted Alyssa to tell all her hot friends how good she was. Chloe was so happy as she licked away at Jessica’s creamy cunt and tasted her delicious juices and that made it even hotter for Chloe as she got herself licked too.

It had been way too long since she had visited the mansion and sneaking away from her family for the day had been just the kind of medicine Mila Kunis needed. And now she had a face full of Chloe Grace Moretz’s pussy and loved it. Who needed a holiday with her husband and kids when she had all she craved right here.

Mila really hadn’t visited the mansion in so long and was blown away by all the new arrivals. They were all so hot and sexy and they’d all looked so good once everyone’s bikinis had come off. And now Mila was wondering if they all tasted as good as Chloe did.

She had been a bit reluctant at first to get with someone so young but then she had thought about how she had pretty much been Chloe’s age when Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku had first seduced her. And even though she was married now and had kids, that was still the best sex of her life and Mila knew she craved pussy. She had denied herself for too long. Now she was getting it and every taste of Chloe’s juices made her tongue happy.

Mila had been so happy to find out just how easily all of this had come back to her. Her eagerness to lick women and taste the cum fresh out of their pussies had been dormant but now it was stronger than ever. Mila had practically torn her swimsuit off as soon as she could and her own pussy was soaked as she lapped away at Chloe’s young cunt and tasted her sweet, tangy essence.

She was definitely not going to stay away so long from the mansion again and Mila really enjoyed the taboo of being the “older woman” now who was going after the pretty young girl. When she had used to come to the mansion before she’d gotten married and had kids the shoe had been on the other foot and now she was the naughty woman going after fresh young pussy. Mila liked that a lot and it made her feel kinky and naughty in all the best ways.

There was so much happening in so many piles of naked girls at the poolside party. Independence Day to them definitely meant freedom from clothing as all those bikinis and swimsuits were tossed aside and everyone went wild on each other. No punch was needed, just good old fashioned lust this time.

The food table made for some messy fun for so many as Ava Sambora found herself giggling and happy as she sprayed whipped cream right from the can into her own mouth so she could taste it just like she had when she as a kid. And then she made it even better by spraying some onto Elizabeth Gillies’ big, naked tits and then swiping the sweet cream off with her tongue as Elizabeth moaned and held Ava down to her chest so she could thoroughly tend to her.

And there was plenty of ice cream to play with too. After all it would have been a shame for it to simply melt, which is what Vanessa Hudgens thought as she dribbled a long line of chocolate ice cream all wet and cold down the hot skin of Ashley Tisdale’s tummy, letting it pool right over her belly button before she licked it up with her tongue and then kissed her girlfriend right on the lips.

They weren’t the only couple doing that either as Michelle Branch playfully let ice cream drip over Avril Lavigne’s ass cheeks and then licked it up, loving how it made the sweet treat of her girlfriend’s ass taste even better. And Lindsay Lohan wanted in on that too as she smeared the festive July 4 red white and blue ice cream on her bare freckled tits and let Avril lick it off her jugs, tasting the sticky mess and licking her nipples clean.

Lindsay’s only regret was that it wasn’t her own girlfriend who was doing it as Hilary Duff was quite occupied elsewhere. But Lindsay didn’t mind because she at least got to watch her gorgeously sexy girlfriend be all hot and slutty as Hilary was on all fours right near her banging her bare ass right into Victoria Justice.

Victoria and Hilary had such great asses. Lindsay knew it. Everyone knew it. But if there were any doubters they were silenced by the show happening in front of them as Hilary and Victoria went ass to ass. They were sharing a double ended dildo as they both were on their hands and knees, their asses facing each other and the amount of toy not wedged up either one of their beautiful bare butts so small that that they were smacking into each other.

Both of them were crying out in pleasure as they shared the toy and felt their bare flesh slap together. This was the first time Victoria had done this and she couldn’t believe how good it felt to have her bare ass smacking into another girl’s while her naughty hole was being stuffed with a toy. It made her so hot and horny and she wanted to much more.

“Ughhh yeahhhh mmmm fuck! Smack my ass with your ass Hilary!” Victoria cried, loving how those thick, juicy cheeks of Hilary’s backside felt slapping into her less juicy but so very round and tight bottom. “Mmmm yeahhhh fuckkk this is so nasty! Oooooh I love feeling your ass against mine Hilary! Mmmm do me hard baby! Make it so that fucking toy gets shoved up my butt more oooooh fuckkkk ohhhhh fuckkkkk yessss so good OOOOOH FUCK IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD!”

Victoria had totally blown off a barbecue with her boyfriend and their friends to be here and she felt so guilty about it. But she didn’t regret her decision either, not when this felt so sexy and hot. She was being such a bad girl and she loved it. She loved being naked out in the hot sun and feeling herself get fucked up the ass where anyone could see it.

Victoria felt like she was turning into a total anal whore from how much she loved getting her ass fucked now. She had never tried it before she had come to the mansion and now she always came so hard from being dirty and slutty and letting girls take her firm, fit ass. Victoria could feel her own ass cheeks jiggle as she and Hilary bounced into each other, their buns slapping into one another while the pleasure of the double-headed dildo stretching their assholes feeling so incredible to them.

And if Victoria was turning into an anal whore, then Hilary already was one. She had been fucked like this so many times and she always loved doing it with someone new. Hilary could feel her thick ass cheeks bouncing as she and Victoria smacked their butts together and the dildo wedged up her hole was heaven to her.

“Mmmmmm yeahhhh ooooh you like it Tori? Like getting fucked up the ass like a nasty girl like me?” Hilary moaned and giggled as the iconic Disney and Nickelodeon girls went ass to ass and shared the double ender while the sun baked their naked, horny bodies. “Oooooh it feels sooooo good to be a bad girl and get butt fucked! Mmmm and you have such a great ass Tori! Ooooh I can’t wait to taste your ass all over this cock as you suck off the end that was inside me! Mmmm fuck we can both be soooo nasty together!”

They weren’t the only girls using toys either. There were always festive party favors like those on hand for a mansion bash and even though it was the Fourth of July and she was a patriotic Texas girl who loved the troops, the flag and good American values like puppies and apple pie, Kelly Clarkson was more inclined right then to want to celebrate Victoria Day and sing Oh Canada as the strap-on going straight up her ass was swallowed by her greedy hole.

“Ooooooh yesssssssssss do me Leesh! Do me hard! Do me nasty! Ohhhh yessss mmmm gawwd harderrrrrrrr! Fuck me harder Lessh! OHHHHHH YESSSS FUCKKKKK DO ME RIGHT UP MY BIG SLUTTY ASS YOU NAUGHTY GIRL!” Kelly screamed out for Elisha Cuthbert as the busty blonde Canadian fucked her from behind.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhh ohhhh fuckkkk I get so hot hearing you say that as I fuck this beautiful juicy fucking ass!” Elisha groaned, celebrating American Independence Day her way by fucking America’s sweetheart up the ass. “Mmmmm you’re so fucking sexy Kel! Ooooooh I love this yummy ass of yours so goddamn much!”

Elisha loved fucking girls. She never could get enough of getting a beautiful, sexy woman naked and getting at a great pair of tits and a delicious pussy. But there was no woman she loved fucking as much as she loved fucking Kelly Clarkson and there was no way she loved to fuck Kelly more than by bending her over and taking her ass deep with a strap-on.

Elisha was obsessed with her friend’s ass. She loved it. She dreamed about it. She craved it 24/7. Kelly Clarkson’s thick, meaty ass was pure perfection. It was a deliciously round rump roast prepared by gourmet chefs and Elisha never wanted to not be feasting on it. And since Kelly wasn’t always into anal sex, Elisha savored every chance Kelly gave her to take it.

And that was why this was the best Fourth of July ever according to Elisha. Not only had this been a wonderful party with great food, delicious drinks, wonderful music and the best, sexiest friends she could ever have. But now she had Kelly bent over just the way she liked her and she could see those yummy cheeks jiggling and shaking with every hard thrust she pushed into her with.

It was ass fucking heaven and Elisha was so happy to be past the pearly gates so she could do to Kelly what she always loved to do. She was skillfully smacking into her friend, never giving Kelly too much of her fake cock to handle and keeping the pace steady and sexy as Kelly enjoyed every naughty inch of the plastic dong up her ass.

Elisha was so hot for this and she knew Kelly would soon be coming from this toy deep up her all-American butt. And she couldn’t wait to get even naughtier after that and feed it right to Kelly’s hungry mouth.

But while Canada was winning this particular battle when it came to ass fucking supremacy, just like during the Revolution itself America was winning the war against the British. Because as hard as Elisha was giving it to Kelly’s ass, she was doing it nicely and sensually while just a few feet away, Rose McGowan was wildly conquering England thanks to the deep, nasty ass fucking she was dishing out to Daisy Ridley.

“Oooooh yessss mmmmm that’s a good little English slut! Take it right up that nasty fuckhole of yours!” Rose grunted as she fucked the Star Wars actress forcefully and made Daisy cry out in ecstasy from it. “Mmmm this beautiful tight ass of yours is all mine now! You’d better take every inch I want to give you too Daisy because this is the only way you’re going to fuck me or any of my friends ever again!”

Rose wasn’t exactly wearing the red, white and blue as she did this. In fact she wasn’t wearing anything at all except for Mr. Snappy but she was also fucking for a purpose. Initiating new girls to the mansion with a vigorous ass fucking was Rose’s unofficial duty around there but she couldn’t help but notice the extra appropriateness of having Daisy at her mercy. It wasn’t exactly Washington vs. Cornwallis at Yorktown but it was a lot more fun to Rose’s view.

“Mmmmm you like this Daisy? You like this made in the USA cock up your juicy British butt?” Rose laughed while thrusting away. “Ooooooh yeah this is how you fucking show some patriotism around here! By fucking little British tarts like you right up the ass! How you like America now Daisy?”

And Daisy’s answer was as emphatic as it was immediate.

“Oooooooh I fucking LOVE America!” Daisy groaned as she felt her ass get filled like never before. “Mmmmm fucking do it Rose! Bang the fucking love of queen and country right out of my arse baby! Mmmmm make me wanna move to America and get a boob job and blonde hair and listen to country and western music! Mmmm fuck make me wanna be your horny American slut ohhhh fuckkkkkk yessssssssssss!”

Daisy would have done this if it had been the Fourth of July, Rosh Hashanah or National Donut Day. Any day she could get assfucked like this was a good day and she was more than happy to swear off her homeland as long as she could keep feeling Mr. Snappy up her ass.

This was Daisy’s first trip to the mansion and she hadn’t really known what was in store for her there. But she had sure found out. Scarlett and Natale had been so eager to invite her and Daisy had never been to a big Fourth of July party before. But this was certainly like no party she was sure anyone else was having and that was the best part.

Daisy wasn’t about to get all bent out of shape about revolting colonists and how ungrateful Americans were when she had a chance to get fucked like this. Scarlett and Natalie had told her all about the mansion and all the fun they had there and Daisy had wanted in. She’d had no idea there was going to have to be an initiation though. That had been hidden from her and now Daisy was so glad it had been a surprise. She liked how it was sprung on her and she loved how Rose was fucking her.

It was so hot to be where she was completely nude and so fucking horny as she lay on her back with her legs up in the air in a V while she opened up her ass for Rose McGowan and her big, glorious fake cock. Daisy had never felt a cock like this before inside her and the toy was fucking her better than any real dick ever had. It made her so fucking hot and she could feel the juices dripping down from her cunt while she was willingly and happily sodomized by her pale skinned new friend.

“Mmmmm I love the sound of that! You’re my tea and crumpets little bitch now Daisy and I’m the big bad US of motherfucking A!” Rose laughed while thrusting away.

Patriotism might not have really been her bag but fucking hot girls sure was and she loved having the chance to conquer some English ass on such an appropriate day. It made it extra fun for her and she was already having a ton of fun from being able to look down and see Daisy Ridley naked and sweaty, her face contorting in ecstasy and her round, bouncy tits shaking on her chest while she thrust up into her and took her ass for the first time.

“Such a nasty girl!” Rose said as she could feel this was definitely not the first time Daisy had taken it up her ass. And she even took on a mock English accent to have some fun at the expense of her new conquest. “Oooooh does the little English muffin like it up her thick bum? Does she like it when some sexy Yank takes her arse and fucks her like a little fucking strumpet?”

Daisy laughed at Rose’s purposely bad British tone but she wasn’t laughing for long because she was soon overcome with a series of intense moans as Rose thrust up her ass harder. The feel of that thick plastic going up her ass and filling and stretching her hole was pure ecstasy to Daisy. She loved being fucked up the ass, especially when girls did it now and she had never been with a woman quite like Rose.

The laughter was also cut off for another reason as Daisy was suddenly kissed and not just by any girl but by someone who was in the exact same position as she was. Because she was not the only British girl at the party and she was most definitely not the only one being fucked up the ass by someone eager to stand up for good American values.

“Mmmmmm you look so fucking hot taking that cock up your nasty fuckhole,” Emma Watson moaned as she kissed Daisy’s beautiful lips and helped herself to a sensual feel of the woman’s bare tits as they jiggled from Rose’s hard thrusts. “You’re just like me now Daisy! Oooooh it feels so fucking good to be fucked like this! It feel so good when they take you and stuff your arse full of plastic! Ughhh I love being their little anal fuckwhore and you’ll love it too now! Mmmm c’mon Daisy show me how nasty you can be!”

Daisy badly wanted to show Emma how hot and slutty she could be and taking it up the ass from Rose was something she knew was a good start. Daisy had not expected to see Emma at the party and she had been shocked to find out the supposed angelic good girl was a total slut. But that shock had faded and now Daisy felt nothing but arousal for her fellow British star.

She kissed Emma back with a raging lust as the Star Wars and Harry Potter universes crossed over in the very best and sexiest ways. Daisy had always admired Emma for her grace and beauty and how she had handled superstardom being thrust onto her. And now she was totally horny for her too as they kissed and fondled each other’s bouncing tits while they both got fucked side by side.

While Rose was taking Daisy, Alyssa Milano was doing her part to celebrate her country’s birthday by fucking Emma hard up the ass, something she already knew the girl was more than capable of handling.

“Ohhhh I love fucking you Emma!” Alyssa groaned while thrusting with her strap-on, hers and Rose’s big tits bouncing as they sweated and grunted and fucked the girls hard. “Mmmmm yeahhhh this ass is so hungry for my cock, isn’t it? Mmmmm you nasty little British whore! Take it deep! This is our day! We own you now and we’re never giving you back! You two are property of the USA now so you’d better get it tattooed on your bums!”

Alyssa also took on a fake accent as she said that last part but before Emma could roll her eyes in response, Alyssa thrust harder up her very accommodating ass and stuck two of her fingers into Emma’s cunt to so she could play with her clit.


Alyssa and Rose were side by side as they fucked Emma and Daisy. Both slutty Brits were on their backs with their legs up and their assholes wrapping around the strap-ons they had inside them. And since the two former Charmed co-stars were both all American girls on this special day, they were quick to indulge in that all-too American trait of needless competition.

“Bet I make my little slut come before you do!” Alyssa challenged her housemate. “Loser takes it up the ass from the winner!”

“Oh you are so on!” Rose grinned back as she spit on her fingers and then pushed three into Daisy’s cunt, stuffing them right into the girl’s very willing pussy and making sure her clit got even more attention than Emma’s was getting. “And you are going to fucking get it Lyssa! You’re overdue for a good, hard buttfucking and I’m going to make you see fireworks tonight!”

Indeed a fireworks show would be seen later from the beach at the mansion but before any of that happened, there were due to be many, many explosions that day at the poolside as the girls all made sure to celebrate the special day the way they always did best.


Re: Harem Visions: Independence Daze
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2021, 08:15:57 AM »
So. Hot.
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Re: Harem Visions: Independence Daze
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2021, 04:49:24 PM »
Thanks! I kind of just threw it together one night so I'm glad it came out coherently.

I hope everyone enjoys it!


Re: Harem Visions: Independence Daze
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2021, 06:47:06 PM »
I enjoyed it!
I'm so happy to see Harem on here after reading some of the old stories a while back. Hope you keep posting on here, you have some great stuff.


Re: Harem Visions: Independence Daze
« Reply #4 on: July 06, 2021, 08:23:06 PM »
I had just been thinking about this story Sunday morning than lo and behold it appeared here! A nice and hot orgy is a great way to celebrate the birth of a nation.

It's great to see you putting more Harem here. Your author index page will have to be updated though, ha!

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Re: Harem Visions: Independence Daze
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Great stuff as always KMB!!! A lot of my favorites in this one! You are still the king!  :)
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Re: Harem Visions: Independence Daze
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A very well written and superbly crafted orgy. Good work, sir!


Re: Harem Visions: Independence Daze
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You are the fucking man! Absolutely did not disappoint at all with this fuck fest!  :Y: :Y:
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Re: Harem Visions: Independence Daze
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This was awesome. From the general fucked ton(pun intended) of hot sex to the way you mentioned some of the more romantic relationships such as Selena and Demi and ScarJo and Nat. Wonderfully written. Would you consider starting a new Harem series on this website focusing on the romantic pairings and potential new romantic pairings such as ScarJo and Nat, Selena and Demi, Kirsten and Eliza, Hillary and Lindsey, Ashley and Vanessa, and Britanny and Christina. Doesn't have to be this idea, but please start a new Harem series on this website. Thanks.


Re: Harem Visions: Independence Daze
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Didnt know you were still writing these days. I've been reading Harem for years. Thought a lot of these stories were lost forever when CSSA went away. Thanks for still putting out stuff.


Re: Harem Visions: Independence Daze
« Reply #10 on: July 25, 2021, 09:31:11 AM »
Thank you for still writing Jessica Alba after all this time. You always make sure to write a number of my favorites at any given chapter.


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