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Author Topic: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger AU: Assassins  (Read 1948 times)


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Shuriken Sentai Ninninger AU: Assassins
« on: August 02, 2019, 06:31:06 AM »
Have you ever thought about what could have been? What would the Ninninger be like if they were ninja assassins. Would they fight the yokai? Would they take every opportunity to kill their grandfather to take the Finishing Shuriken? Our would they become the heroes that we need? Super Sentai is owned by Toei Company, Ltd. I own nothing but the idea.

Fun Fact
I know that some of you may not be a Super Sentai fan but I thought you might like this one fun fact about the source. I didn't make up the part where they have to kill their grandfather. That is a part of the ACTUAL Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. Though they didn't know that they would have to do that until the end. Doesn't really contribute to the story just a fun fact about the season. If you guys want I can give more for the other AU stories too.

Chapter 1

“I can’t believe my luck.” a guy said as he smiled at the young woman standing before him in her bra that he had found at the bar. She pushed him onto his couch with a playful shove as she climbed on top of him.

“Yes very lucky.” the young woman said, giving him a kiss slipping him her tongue as his hands reached around her back and undid it and took it off and flung it away.

She pulled back so that he could see her breasts on full display. He smiled at the young woman that he had found by chance.

“For me. Your wife says hello,” she said as she sliced into the man’s jugular. She smiled as the man died while she rode his squirming body.

“You’ve grown, Fuuka.” she heard a voice say.

“Oniichan,” she said, seeing the man.

“It’s been what four years. You were still in high school,” he said.

“Yes, and I became a woman. I’m not some child anymore,” she said as she started to clean up the mess so that no one could tell that she had even been there.

The man talking was her older brother Igasaki Takaharu. And her name was Igasaki Fuuka. They were born into the Igasaki Ninja Clan. And they both use their skills to become assassins for hire. Her specialty was men. They would fall for her instantly and then she would kill them without them even seeing there own death coming. Like this poor bastard who had continuously cheated on his wife of fifteen years.

“I can see that. But you’re still inexperienced. You missed a camera on the way in.” he said, showing her the DVD from the camera she had missed.

“Baka!” she said to herself more than her brother.

“Yup. Your older brother will protect you,” he said with a smile.

“So irritating,” she said as she put her bra and top back on.

“Pops. Wants to talk to us. He’s calling all of us back. I think that it might be time to see which one of us will kill the old man.” he said with a smile.

She turned to her brother. He was referring to there grandfather. Their families secret techniques were powered by Nintality. A secret power that the Igasaki clan had perfected the use of. But the tradition was that the next generation would kill the last generations, Last Ninja. A ninja powered with the Finishing Shuriken that showed he was the most powerful man in the Igasaki clan.

But there was a problem this time around. Their grandfather had no children that could use Nintality. Their father was the closest. He trained with their grandfather for a while too. But he couldn’t finish his training for some reason that even he can’t remember. But he had five grandchildren that could use it with ease. So their grandfather lived longer than any other Last Ninja before. They often wondered when they would be given the chance to go up for the title of Last Ninja and the Finishing Shuriken.

“Do you think that he actually thinks that we are ready?” she asked her brother as the two of them left without a trace of them being there.

“Why else would he call us together?” he asked with a smile.

*     *     *

“Hows the femme fatal these days?” she heard as they made their way to the Igasaki Ninjutsu Dojo. In the woods.

“Perfect. I get a lot of love and work Yakumo.” she said to their cousin Katou “Cloud” Yakumo. Who had been in England learning magic from the best teachers he could find.

“How was magic school?” Takaharu asked.

“It was great. I’ve learned a lot of snip magic.” Yakumo said as he pulled out his wand and waved it and it shot out several bolts of lightning that hit several falling leaves.

“Not bad,” Takaharu said, throwing three shurikens that hit three leaves that only just fell from the branch.

“Very good Taka-nii,” Yakumo said.

At that point, the three of them tripped a tripwire and several shurikens were sent flying at them. But the three of them were able to block them with ease.

“Still a prankster Nagi?” Takaharu asked their other cousin who walked up to them with a smile.

“Jokes are more fun. And seeing the looks on their faces when they realize that they caused their own end is priceless.” Matsuo Nagi said with a smile as he walked up to them. He was the youngest of them having only just graduated high school a few months before. And he was always the joker of the group.

“You’re easy Nagi-chan,” Yakumo said to him.

Who looked confused before he felt a pinch on his neck and then started laughing uncontrollably. Yakumo, Fuuka, and Takaharu were able to block the shots from their last cousin’s blow dart gun.

“It looks like that poison that makes people laugh works,” she said as she walked up to the laugh Nagi and injected him with the antidote.

“How long did he have before he would die Kasumi-chan?” Fuuka asked with a smile.

Momochi Kasumi was an interrogator specialist. And she used her brainpower to create some of the most deadly poisons known to man. They all knew if they ever needed someone to talk she was the woman that they would turn to.

“Oh, five minutes or so,” she said with a smile.

Nagi rubbed his neck as they approached the Dojo. And just as they reached the front steps to the dojo it blew up.

“What the hell?” Takaharu asked as the five of them saw strange-looking blue armored men running from the dojo.

“Who are you?” Fuuka asked as they watched these men surround them.

“You five aren’t ready for them yet.” they heard someone say.

That’s when they saw a man in red spandex, a helmet, and a black and gold and black sash over his shoulder.

“Who are you?” Nagi asked.

“That’s your grandfather. I’ll explain the situation otōsan.” they heard another voice as this man started to fight these men.

That was when Fuuka and Takaharu realized that the man that was talking was their own father who rushed them away from the fighting. They ran for some time until they found themselves in front of a tree they had been told that they hoped that they would never have to use.

“What is happening pops?” Takaharu asked, looking at the man.

“In the ninja community, your grandfather is respected far more then any other Last Ninja in the history if the Igasaki Ninja Clan. That is because of the legends of the clans birth. You all know these legends of course.” he said looking at them.

“Uh, I may have slept through that part of my lessons,” Nagi said, rubbing the back of his neck with everyone shaking their heads.

“You mind otōsan?” Fuuka asked with a smile to her cousin.

“By all means,” he said with pride.

“The Igasaki Ninja was the first ninja clan to perfect the use of Nintality. And they did this through the fight with Kibaoni Army Corps lead by the evil Gengetsu Kibaoni. After the battles the early Igasaki Clan had with him they just managed to defeat him with him proclaiming that he would return 444 years later and destroy the old world.” Fuuka said with a smile.

“Very good. And he did just that before you five were born he returned. And your grandfather fought him just as he is doing right now with the Hitokarage back at the destroyed dojo.” he said as he walked to the tree with a prayer rope around it and yanked it off.

Five swords popped up from the ground.

“These are the Ninja Sword Ninja Ichibantou. With these you can change into Shuriken Sentai Ninninger,” he said as they looked at the swords. He picked them up and handed them out and then lead the way to a spot not far from the tree.

“What are you talking about otōsan?” Fuuka asked, looking at the swords as they approached a stone with a lot of shurikens embedded into it.

“We miss counted. It is actually 444 years since he was defeated this year. And with the Hitokarage showing up like this we have to assume that it will be soon. Those shurikens that otōsan gave you when you were little will help you fight.” he said, looking at them.

They looked at the man as he told them this.

“Why would we become some kind of heroes otōsan?” Takaharu asked, looking at him.

“Taka-nii has a point. We are assassins, not heroes.” Yakumo said, and there was an agreement with everyone.

Their father and uncle knew that it was going to be some doing to convince them to fight for the world. He had known that his own children had taken multiple lives in the past year alone. He had heard that his daughter was a favorite of the jilted wives of the world. With her body what man could resist. And he knew cheaters would never resist her. And he had heard that Takaharu had taken several jobs overseas killing political figures.

He had hoped that he would be able to get through to them before Gengetsu Kibaoni would break the seal on the rock before them. But before he could finish talking to them something happened. Smoke started to billow from the rock.

“Yes, I Gengetsu Kibaoni am breaking free of this prison that that cursed ninja has placed me in. My retainers gather fear so that I may truly return to the land of the living and destroy the old world and remake the world under my name.” Gengetsu Kibaoni said as his appearance appeared above the stone. Then the stone shattered and the sealing shuriken that had been embedded in it flew away.

*     *     *

The assassins ran into town and saw the chaos that was unfolding as the Hitokarage terrorized the city. They weren’t angels by any means but they watched as little kids cried over their mothers who were being attacked by the Hitokarage. One had even stabbed a person in the gut. Takaharu and Fuuka took this hard.

They had both killed more people than any of their cousins. But there was one thing that no one knew about the targets that they both had selected. They were liars, cheats, and swindlers. They never targeted the innocent. And watching as someone did just that had a small effect on them. That’s when they both saw a sealing shuriken fly onto the scene. And land on a chainsaw. And that chainsaw quickly became a yokai monster named Yokai Kamaitachi

“Yes. I will gather the fear for my master Genegetsu Kiboni.” Kamaitachi said as he took his first steps and then destroyed a van with two slashes from his chainsaw arms.

Both Takaharu and Fuuka looked at the children that were crying. They stared at each other before they went in to fight the Hitokarage and Kamaitachi.

“What are you doing?” Yakumo asked both of them.

“We may not be heroes. But I can’t stand by while a child cries.” Takaharu said as he fought.

“I’ll never forgive someone who does that,” Fuuka said, thinking about all the men who would turn their backs on their families just for their own pleasure.

The three cousins looked on as they watched them fight together.

“We are the Last Ninja’s grandchildren,” Nagi said.

“And I guess this is just a chance to hit more moving targets,” Yakumo said with a smile.

“And I wonder how my poison will work on a yokai?” Kasumi said with a smile.

“Everyone, please. Use these to fight them.” Fuuka and Takaharu’s father showed up to beg them to fight the Kibaoni Army Corps carrying Ninja Sword Ninja Ichibantou in his arms

He was surprised seeing his children already fighting without the Ninja Sword Ninja Ichibantou. Nagi, Yakumo, and Kasumi took them and both Takaharu and Fuuka smiled as the disappeared in a puff of smoke. Only to reappear on the roof of a building nearby.

Each of the five of them pulled out the shuriken that their grandfather had given them when he first realized that they all had Nintality. They turned them, and an image of something similar to their grandfather they had seen fighting earlier appeared on the shuriken.

“The Henge! Nin nin nin, nin ninin nin! Nin nin nin, nin ninin nin!” the sword sounded as they placed the shuriken into the circular spot in the hilt.

“Shuriken Henge!” they said together.

“Aka Ja! Ao Ja! Ki Ja! Shiro Ja! Momo Ja! Ninja!” the sounds could be heard as the shuriken flew and transformed the five of them.

“Who are you?” Kamaitachi asked them.

“We were going to tell you anyway,” Takaharu said.

“Seasoned assassin AkaNinger!” Takaharu said.

“Snipping assassin AoNinger!” Yakumo said.

“Sneaky assassin KiNinger!” Nagi said.

“Sexy assassin ShiroNinger!” Fuuka said.

“Smart assassin MomoNinger!” Kasumi said.

“Shuriken Sentai Ninninger!” they said together.

“We are assassin’s and you are marked for assassination yokai,” Takaharu said to Kamaitachi.

The five of them made quick work of the Hitokarage. And they as one turned to the Kamaitachi. “The finisher,” Takaharu said, pushing the button on the Ichibantou.

“The Waza! Nanja nanja?! Nanja nanja?!” the Ichibantou said.

The Ichibantou started to glow and the five of them started to slash through Kamaitachi. Then the five of them jumped into the air. “Ninja Issen!” the Ichibantou said.

“Ninja Violent Slash!” they said as they sliced through Kamaitachi with ease making him explode.

As they stood around smugly about the job they had done. But then Kamaitachi started to grow in size.

“How are we going to fight that?” Nagi asked, looking at the giant monster.

At that point, five shuriken stars much like their transformation shuriken impacted the ground. Next to them. They looked to the direction that they had been thrown. And standing on a pole not far away was their grandfather. He had undone his henshin and was standing there looking at his assassin grandchildren.

“You want to prove yourselves ready to take me on. Show me your strength,” he said, looking at them.

They went to the shuriken that their grandfather had thrown them and each picked up the shuriken that matched their color. They placed it into the Ichibantou.

“The Shoukan! Dareja?! Dareja?!” the Ichibantopu said as they pushed the button.

That’s when they saw something that they never thought that they would see. A giant red and white robot looking man appeared. “Dare ja, dare ja?! Da~re, dare ja?! Dare ja, Dare ja?! Da~re, dare ja?! Shinobimaru!” they heard as the robot known as Shinobimaru ran from it’s hiding place.

That’s when they saw a kite fly behind a building to become a blue dragon. “Dare ja, dare ja?! Da~re, dare ja?! Dare ja, Dare ja?! Da~re, dare ja?! Dragomaru!” they heard as it flew overhead.

Then part of the road flipped and revealed a giant yellow dump truck was on the other side. “Dare ja, dare ja?! Da~re, dare ja?! Dare ja, Dare ja?! Da~re, dare ja?! Dumpmaru!” they heard as it moved.

Then two trains speed by then one shed its skin to reveal a pink and black train. “Dare ja, dare ja?! Da~re, dare ja?! Dare ja, Dare ja?! Da~re, dare ja?! Byunmaru!” they heard as it went past.

Then they saw a white dog poke its head from the cargo of the train. “Dare ja, dare ja?! Da~re, dare ja?! Dare ja, Dare ja?! Da~re, dare ja?! Wanmaru!” they heard as it barked. They looked at each other for the briefest of minutes before they jumped onto their own mecha.

“I’m loving this,” Takaharu said as they rode their mechas.

It didn’t take long before they had it down and started making attacks against the giant Kamaitachi. Before long they had him on the ropes. But they weren’t done yet. “Let’s combine everyone!” Takaharu said.

“Soiya Soiya! Wasshoi Ninja! Soiya Soiya! Wasshoi Ninja! Shurikenjin!” they heard as they became the giant robot.

When they became the giant robot known as Shurikenjin they made quick work of Kamaitachi and the sealing shuriken that had turned that chainsaw into the yokai was purified and returned to nothing more than a shuriken. They found it not far from where the explosion happened.

“What do we do know?” Nagi asked as Fuuka’s and Takaharu’s father came up to them with a smile on his face.

“You must train. If you ever want to take me on you have to train while you fight Genegetsu Kiboni. The Last Ninja race has begun.” their grandfather said standing on a pole. Then he disappeared in a puff of smoke as they looked at each other. Knowing that the end of this race would make one of them the new Last Ninja.


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Re: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger AU: Assassins
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Chapter 2

“So what is this place?” Takaharu asked as they walked around a new dojo.

“This is the new Ninjutsu Dojo.” Igasaki Tsumuji said.

“Otōsan, who built this?” Yuuka asked him, looking around.

“I did.” they heard and then up in the arcs they saw their grandfather.

“Ojiisan? This is amazing I saw the lab you can make all types of poisons in there. It’s amazing.” Kasumi said, seeing him.

“Grazie! Grazie!” their grandfather said with a slight smile.

“Huh?” Nagi asked.

“It’s Italian for ‘thank you’,” Takaharu said.

“So why are we here?” Yakumo asked.

“You may have some control of your Nintality, but you are all green. You have only the basics mastered. You need to learn more. You need to do more.” he said.

“So you will teach us?” Nagi said, looking at him.

“Non-Grazie!” he said with a grumpy face.

“‘No thank you!’” Yakumo said to Nagi.

“I don’t have the time to teach young whippersnappers. If you want to beat me then you need to learn. My son can teach you. And your first step is mastering this shuriken.” he said, and then he threw a smoke bomb. Then appeared before the five of them were five shurikens that they had never seen before.

“What is this?” Yuuka asked, looking at it as she and the others picked it up to examine it.

“Goton Shuriken. If you can master this then you have taken your first step to take me out for the title of the Last Ninja and the Finishing Shuriken,” he said then he disappeared in a puff a smoke.

“I hope he won’t mind me using that lab. I have been itching to make more poisons.” Kasumi said with a smile.

“That lab is for you,” Tsumuji said with a smile.

“Huh?” she asked.

“For your training, you must all live here together until the Last Ninja Race is over and one of you has taken the title of the Last Ninja,” he said.

“Oh, that makes sense...EH?!?” Nagi said, looking at him.

“You need to train together. And truly become a team. But first, you need to start your training. So head out and practice with your new shuriken.” he said.

*     *     *

They went to their training ground. And practiced the new jutsus out. “KI NO JUTSU!” the shuriken said after he turned it to the greenwood symbol and inserted it into the Ninja Ichibantou.

“Shuriken Ninpou! Ki no Jutsu!” Nagi said, spinning the shuriken and then pointing his Ninja Ichibantou at a target. But nothing happened.

“Moku Moku Ja!” sounded out of nowhere.

Then Fuuka was attacked by a bunch of leaves and twigs. Sending her flying.

“I am sooo sorry Fuu-chan. I didn’t mean to do that.” Nagi said to her as she looked like she had found her next target for assassination.

“TSUCHI NO JUTSU!” another shuriken said as Kasumi inserted hers into her Ninja Ichibantou.

“Shuriken Ninpou! Tsuchi no Jutsu!” she said, spinning her shuriken and pointing her Ichibantou at the target.

“Don Don Ja!” the sword sounded.

Then in front of Fuuka and explosion happened in the earth at her feet.

“I’m sorry, Fuuka-chan!” she rushed to her cousin and started brushing off the dirt.

“It’s fine,” Fuuka said with an evil smile clearly angry. She then twisted the Goton Shuriken into the water symbol and inserted it into her Ichibantou.

“MIZU NO JUTSU!” the Ichibantou said.

“Shuriken Ninpou! Mizu no Jutsu!” she said then spun the shuriken and pointed the Ichibantou at both of them.

“Jabu Jabu Ja!” the sword said and sent a stream of water sending both of them flying with Fuuka smiling.

“Revenge suits you Fuuka.” Takaharu smiled as he twisted his own Goton Shuriken.

“KIN NO JUTSU!” the Ichibantou said as he inserted the shuriken.

“Shuriken Ninpou! Kin no Jutsu!” he said, spinning the shuriken.

“Kin Kira Ja!” the sword said as he pointed straight in the air and three metal wash bins appeared and fell one landed on the target the other two landed on Nagi and Kasumi.

“Nice touch, oniichan,” she said with a smile as the two of them rubbed their heads from the pain.

“You two are good as always Taka-nii,” Yakumo said as he twisted his shuriken to flames.

“KAEN NO JUTSU!” his Ichibantou said.

“Shuriken Ninpou! Kaen no Jutsu!” he said, spinning the shuriken.

“Mera Mera Ja!” it sounded as it shot out a flame to dry off and warm Nagi and Kasumi.

“You pick things up fast as always, Yakumo,” Fuuka said with a smile.

“You’re one to talk,” Kasumi said with a slight smile as she dried off. This caused Fuuka to smile slightly.

*     *     *

The next morning they coming out to eat breakfast. “You three were amazing yesterday,” Nagi said to Takaharu and Yakumo seeing them.

“Ninjutsu is easy,” Yakumo said with a slight smile as a strange man walked into the room.

“After learning magic,” he said, making a fire dragon that sent flames at him. He screamed and ran from the room.

“Thank god,” Fuuka said with a smile walking into the room wearing a loose shirt.

“I wanted a pick me up after yesterday’s training thanks to those two,” she said, taking her seat at the table taking some of her food they had made. “But not only did he come up short in that department. He got clingy this morning.” Fuuka said with a smile.

“Ever the femme fetal eh Fuuka-chan?” Kasumi said with a smile.

“A woman has needs Kasumi-chan,” Fuuka said with a smile.

“And what do you mean that Ninjutsu is easy?” Takaharu asked, looking at Yakumo.

“Simple Taka-nii,” he said, looking at him.

“Learning the snipe magic in England was exciting. And I love getting away with it because no one would admit that they saw some of the more showy spells that I know,” he said with a smile.

“But what about being a ninja?” Takaharu asked him.

“I use that to learn more about my target. Nothing more. Nothing less.” he said, looking at Takaharu.

“Isn’t that disrespecting what ojiisan did? He has taken out dangerous beasts all over the world, communicated with aliens, and created legends all over the world with his accomplishments in the ninja world,” he said looking at him.

“You need to grow up Taka-nii,” Yakumo said.

At that moment the guns that they use in battle, the Kaikou Ninpou Gama Gama Guns started ribbiting.

“What’s this?” Kasumi asked, looking at them.

“The Gama Gama Guns act as detectors for the birth of a new Yokai,” Tsumuji said looking at them.

“I guess that’s helpful,” Fuuka said as she disappeared in a puff of smoke. Then reappeared fully dressed.

“Shall we?” she asked as her, and the others left for the fight with the Yokai.

*     *     *

They rushed to the scene of another Yokai scene. And found Yokai Kappa throwing people into the nearby lake in the city. “I, Kappa-sama, will make you suffer! Be afraid!” as the Hitokarage attacked random people as well. Hidden behind a pillar unseen by the Ninninger was a monster in a cat mask.

“I think that will be enough,” he said with a sinister laugh.

They quickly started to fight the Hitokarage defeating them with ease. “Thank you. Thank you.” a child said to Yakumo as him and his mother ran away.

Yakumo didn’t respond to the boy. He wasn’t a hero. All he was doing was fighting the Yokai so that he could become the Last Ninja. And they went to work to fight them.

“Yokai, you are our target for assassination,” Takaharu said, looking at the monster.

“The Henge! Nin nin nin, nin ninin nin! Nin nin nin, nin ninin nin!” the Ichibantou said.

“Shuriken Henge!” they said.


“Don’t butt in!” Kappa said to them as all but Yakumo rushed into the fight. Fighting both Yokai Kappa and more Hitokarage that had shown up. Quickly the Yokai separated AkaNinger from the rest and they fought for a moment all the while they fought Yakumo watched. He then tossed Takaharu into the lake but he landed on the water like it was a solid object and turned to face the Yokai.

He then jumped and fought the Yokai even more.

“You’re not bad for a green kid,” he said.

“I’m not green I’m red,” Takaharu said with a smug attitude and fought back.

That’s when the Yokai blew his breath that was like an icy wind. “You may be red on the outside, but you’re green on the inside,” Kappa said and that was when the others showed to fight the Yokai having beaten the small fry.

“Now I can save oniichan,” Fuuka said as she started to fight the Yokai but then he took advantage of Nagi’s and Kasumi’s greenness and sent a blast of cold air at the three of them after he used them to trip her up.

“KAEN NO JUTSU!” his Ichibantou said.

“Shuriken Ninpou! Kaen no Jutsu!” he said, spinning the shuriken.

“Mera Mera Ja!” it sounded as it shot out a flame at the Yokai who caught on fire.

“Hot, hot, hot, hot. I can’t take this anymore!” the Yokai said, jumping away into the water.

“He got away,” Takaharu said looking at where the Yokai had jumped into the water.

“This is easy, Taka-nii,” Yakumo said.

“You should pay attention, Taka-nii! Considering you got in a fight against an unknown opponent! Anyway, having the most skilled person defeat the enemy is the most efficient way. I mean you all fell for his attacks after all.” he said, disappeared in a puff of smoke.

*     *     *

“How’s it going?” Kasumi asked Yakumo.

“Kasumi-nee.” Yakumo said looking at her.

“You want to say,” he said to her as she walked past him.

“Maybe?” she said.

“I’m the best one to fight this thing,” he said.

“Maybe?” she said again.

“We all may be the grandchildren of the Last Ninja...but we each have our own interests beyond ninjas,” he said to her.

“That’s true. Me and my science/poisons. Nagi and his jokes.” she said.

“And I trained hard to become a magician,” he said looking into the sky.

“True. Once you figured out the truth,” she said, looking at him.

“Truth?” he asked.

“That you can’t beat Fuuka-chan and Takaharu-kun as a ninja,” she said, looking at him.

“What are you talking about the three of us mastered the Goton Shuriken. If anything they are my equals,” he said to her.

“Oh really?” she said to him.

“Your words are as poison-tipped as your weapons, Kasumi-nee,” he said to her.

“I’ll prove it! No one can beat my Ninpou.” and ran off.

“Man...he’s still a child in some ways,” she said with a smile.

*     *     *

The Kappa arose from a pond and threw some young lovers into the water. “That was refreshing,” he said as he and Hitokarage stalked off.

“There you are Yokai,” Yakumo said as he jumped onto the scene fully henshined and started to fight the Hitokarage and Kappa. He quickly took out all of the Hitokarage with his shuriken and he went to focus on Kappa. And he succeeded in getting him pinned down but then he kicked him away but he landed on his feet.

“Take this,” Kappa said, sending a blast of cold air at AoNinger.

“I know how to take that out,” Yakumo said as he pointed his Ichibantou already ready.

“Shuriken Ninpou! Kaen no Jutsu!” he said, spinning the shuriken.

“Mera Mera Ja!” it sounded as it shot out a flame at the Yokai.

“Then how about this?” Kappa said as he raised his other hand and increased the power of the blast and it sent Yakumo flying which undid his henshin.

“Now Assassin-san. It’s time for you to get assassinated.” Kappa said.

“I don’t think so,” Takaharu said as he and his sister came in.

“KAEN NO JUTSU!” their Ichibantou said.

“Shuriken Ninpou! Kaen no Jutsu!” they said together spinning their shuriken.

“Mera Mera Ja!” they sounded, as they shot out flames at the Yokai but when it looked like they were going to be overpowered they thrust their Ichibantou into the ground and there were blasts that came out of the ground that was too much for Kappa.

“You may be smart Yakumo. But none of us are unbeatable.” Takaharu said to Yakumo.

“If we don’t keep training none of what we have been through will matter. Because we will never find what we are heading towards.” Fuuka said with a smile.

“So before you talk big beat ojiisan,” Fuuka said, turning to the Yokai.

“Or just one of the two of us,” Takaharu said doing the same.

Yakumo slightly chuckled as the other Ninninger came to the scene looking at the three of them. “I suppose,” he said. And Kasumi smiled at him.

“The Henge! Nin nin nin, nin ninin nin! Nin nin nin, nin ninin nin!” the Ichibantou said.

“Shuriken Henge!” they said.


“Seasoned assassin AkaNinger!” Takaharu said.

“Snipping assassin AoNinger!” Yakumo said.

“Sneaky assassin KiNinger!” Nagi said.

“Sexy assassin ShiroNinger!” Fuuka said.

“Smart assassin MomoNinger!” Kasumi said.

“Shuriken Sentai Ninninger!” they said together.

“We are assassin’s and you are marked for assassination yokai,” Takaharu said.

“If you think I will go down that easily you are sadly mistaken,” Kappa said as he called more Hitokarage for them to fight.

They made quick work of them like they were fighting little children that were having a tantrum. It was made easier with their weapons. Before long it was ShiroNinger and AkaNinger up against the Yokai Kappa.

“Shuriken Ninpou! Kaen no Jutsu!” Takaharu said spinning his shuriken.

“Mera Mera Ja!” the Ichibantou said, sending flames at the Yokai.

“Shuriken Ninpou!Shuriken Ninpou! Ki no Jutsu!” Fuuka said, spinning the Goton Shuriken.

“Moku Moku Ja!” her Ichibantou said as she sent a stream of twigs and leaves that mixed with her oniichan flames making them bigger.

“HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT!” Kappa said on fire.

Then out of nowhere, Yakumo came in.

“Shuriken Ninpou! Mizu no Jutsu!” he said spinning the shuriken and pointed the Ichibantou

“Jabu Jabu Ja!” it said, sending a stream of water at the Yokai.

“COLD, COLD, COLD, COLD!” he said, falling over.

“What are you doing cutting in line?” Takaharu complained.

“I don’t see either of your names on it,” Yakumo said to him.

“That’s where you’re wrong,” Fuuka said as the Kappa slowly turned around trying to get his bearings. And on his back was a piece of paper taped to its back.

“This Yokai belongs to the sexy and wonderful Igasaki Fuuka. So back off baka.” they read aloud looking at the note.

“That’s easy to fix,” Yakumo said, sending another fire dragon using magic and burnt her note.

“OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, OUCH!” he said as the note burned.

“KIN NO JUTSU!” their Ichibantou said as they inserted the shuriken.

“Shuriken Ninpou! Kin no Jutsu!” they said, spinning the shuriken.

“Kin Kira Ja!” they heard, and three metal wash bins fell onto the Yokai’s head.

“They cracked my head plate,” Kappa said holding his clearly cracked head plate.

“The Waza! Nanja nanja?! Nanja nanja?!” the Ichibantou said.

The Ichibantou started to glow and the three of them started to slash through Kappa. Then the three of them jumped into the air. “Ninja Issen!” the Ichibantou said.

“Ninja Violent Slash!” they said as they sliced through Kappa making him blow up.

“Who dealt the final blow?” Nagi asked, looking at the three of them.

“Who knows,” Takaharu said.

“Fuuka-chan. My eyes are good.” Kasumi said.

“More poison eh, Kasumi-nee?” Yakumo asked smugly.

“Don’t be like that slowpoke. You can finish it next time...maybe.” Fuuka said coy. That’s when flames erupted from the spot he blew up. And he grew to giant size.

“Time for the OtomoNin Shuriken that ojiisan gave us,” Takaharu said, putting it in the Ichibantou.

“The Shoukan! Dareja?! Dareja?!” the Ichibantou said as they pushed the button.

“Shuriken Ninpou! Shoukan no Jutsu!” they said together.

“Dare ja, dare ja?! Da~re, dare ja?! Dare ja, Dare ja?! Da~re, dare ja?! Shinobimaru! Dragomaru! Dumpmaru! Wanmaru! Byunmaru!” they heard, and they jumped onto their own mecha.

“Shuriken Gatti!” they said.

“Soiya Soiya! Wasshoi Ninja! Soiya Soiya! Wasshoi Ninja! Shurikenjin!” they heard as they became the giant robot.

They swung their sword and tried to slice through Kappa. But he was too fast for them. “Drago Shield,” Yakumo said, blocking the icy breath.

“This is too tough...” Kappa said, turning around and extending shoots from his rear end and started flying.

“But he’s a kappa,” Nagi said looking at him flying away.

“Then we attack from a different point of view,” Yakumo said, pulling Takaharu off his chair where he controlled Shurikenjin.

“Shuriken Gatti!” Yakumo said as he spun the OtomoNin Shuriken.

Shinobimaru then got up off the chair he sat in the mecha combination and traded places with Dragomaru.

“Shurikenjin Drago!”

“Yakumo the next time you do that with asking first you will pay,” Takaharu said as he inserted his Ichibantou in the spot it belonged now that he wasn’t in the chair.

“What are you talking about? You’re the one that told me to beat you.” Yakumo said calmly.

“That’s true oniichan,” Fuuka said with a giggle.

They then started to fly after the Yokai. Blasting it here or there until it fell from the sky. They landed and started to slash at it with its tail. “The finish,” Yakumo said, pulling his sword from the slot.

“Shurikenjin! DRAGO BURST!” they said as they did the final attack blowing up Yokai Kappa for good.

*     *     *

“I understand why you can’t fight Kibaoni,” Tsumuji said to his father.

“Yes, I am an old man I don’t think I can fight something like him again. I was lucky that it was just Hitokarage last time.” Yoshitaka said to his son.

“But why are you making them work as a team otōsan?” Tsumuji asked.

“I’ve lived for a long time. Perhaps too long,” he said and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

*     *     *

“Found it,” Nagi said with smile finding the Sealing Shuriken that had made Yokai Kappa.

“I suppose they both are strong,” Yakumo said to Kasumi.

“Perhaps there love of being ninja assassins is what makes them strong?” she said with a smile.

“Poisonous as ever,” he said and went up to both Fuuka and Takaharu.

“This race is far from over. And I will beat you both to the title of Last Ninja and Finishing Shuriken,” he said, looking at the two of them.

“Good. I love a challenge.” Takaharu said.

“You have to beat me, first boys,” Fuuka said with a smile as she started to strut away.

“Where are you going Fuu-chan?” Nagi asked.

“After a battle like that, a girl has...needs that need to be fulfilled. Don’t wait up boys,” she said with a smile as she went stalking for her next pray.


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Re: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger AU: Assassins
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Chapter 3

“Our target is a scroll hidden inside of the building we have to get in and get out with the scroll and without getting detected,” Takaharu said to everyone.

They were running a training mission to test their skills as a ninja team. They had all killed before of course. Takaharu and Fuuka were still getting requests from clients begging for their services. But now that they were in the middle of the Last Ninja Race they didn't have as much free time to take hits as they used to. So all of them thought this training was pointless. That was until they saw Nagi.

“Shit,” he muttered as he triggered a pitfall trap that he was straddling for his life.

“What were you doing Nagi?” Fuuka asked him as they all stepped on him to get over the pit.

“I w-was setting up a trap,” he said with difficulty as he got himself over the pit.

“For who there’s no one here but us?” Yakumo asked.

“Probably Kasumi. He never did get her back for the laughing poison.” Takaharu said looking at him as he rubbed his neck.

They went on and then Nagi tripped another trap. Spears had narrowly missed him. They all crawled under them and looked at him.

“Let me guess. Takaharu embarrassed you before, so you wanted to get even with him now too?” Kasumi asked.

“Something like that,” Nagi said as freed himself.

“You need to get over this joking phase. It might work against naive people. But not against seasoned ninja assassins.” Fuuka said with a smile as they made their way to the room where the scroll was.

Takaharu grabbed the scroll. And then there was a soft whimpering sound coming from Nagi. They turned to see Fuuka had silently put him in a wrist lock.

“Smoke bomb to do something in the chaos?” Takaharu said with a smile.

“Yup,” Fuuka said showing the small smoke bomb she had wrestled away from Nagi while she held him twisting his hand.

“You’re easy Nagi,” Yakumo said looking at him.

“Please let me go Fuu-chan. It hurts.” Nagi said to her.

“Good,” she said as she yanked him out of the room. Their mission was completed.

* * *

“Ojiisan, what are you doing here?” Nagi asked seeing his grandfather sit at the table sipping a cappuccino.

“I built this dojo. So I can come here and enjoy a cappuccino when I want,” he said looking at the five of them.

“So we failed our mission didn’t we?” Takaharu asked without asking handing him the scroll. He opened it and it said: Yes you did . All written in Kanji.

“But we got the scroll,” Nagi said looking at everyone in disbelief. They had gotten the scroll and none of them were caught by the fake guards that had been set up.

“But we didn’t work as a team,” Kasumi said.

“You were too busy setting up pranks to get revenge. And we didn't help you out of those spots because we all thought you got what you deserved.” Yakumo said.

“And you even pushed me to turn against you in the end,” Fuuka said.

“In a real-world fight that could cost someone more than a training session but their lives,” Takaharu said looking at Nagi as their grandfather threw a rope around the banister and pulled himself and the chair he was sitting in up to the ceiling.

“In a word you were all...” he said and disappeared in a puff of smoke with a party ball popping open and a single word popped down written again in Kanji.

“NAIVE!” it read.

* * *

“What are you reading?” Kasumi asked Nagi who was sitting in a corner a pile of books in front of him.

“Rereading. I got a bunch of ninja manuals a long time ago. I figured after today I should revisit them.” Nagi said with a sigh. He hated that he was the reason why they failed. So he was going to make sure that it never happened again.

“You’re easy Nagi,” Yakumo said with a smile.

“Doing this might not be for you. But it helped me get so many licenses. And I can use them to fake my way anywhere my target is.” Nagi said defensively.

“He’s right Yakumo.” Takaharu said.

“His way of learning may work for him. But don't forget Nagi, that the world isn't in a manual.” Fuuka warned.

“Gero Gero Gero!” the Gama Gama Gun sounded alerting them to a new Yokai monster, having been born.

“Now I can show you what I have learned from these manuals,” Nagi said with a smile as they went rushing out to face the Yokai.

* * *

“Out of my way humans. Kasha-sama is coming through!” Yokai Kasha said as he dashed by on his rollerblades. Knocking over everything in sight. He then saw a child crying for his mother during the attack. He thought he would have some fun and grabbed him.

As he rollerbladed away with the child screaming a voice said. “Kawarimi no Jutsu!”

He looked at the child as Takaharu slashed him with his Ichibantou. He then regrouped with the others. “Let’s go,” he said placing his shuriken into the Ichibantou.

“ The Henge! Nin nin nin, nin ninin nin! Nin nin nin, nin ninin nin! ” the Ichibantou sounded as they started their henshin.

“Shuriken Henge!” they said together.

“ AKA JA! AO JA! KI JA! SHIRO JA! MOMO JA! NINJA! ” the Ichibantou said as they were transformed into the Ninninger.

“Seasoned assassin AkaNinger! ” Takaharu said.

“Snipping assassin AoNinger!” Yakumo said.

“Sneaky assassin KiNinger!” Nagi said.

“Sexy assassin ShiroNinger!” Fuuka said.

“Smart assassin MomoNinger!” Kasumi said.

“Shuriken Sentai Ninninger!” they said together.

“We are assassin’s and you are marked for assassination yokai,” Takaharu said to it.

“Get them!” Kasha yelled for the Hitokarage to attack them.

It wasn’t long before they were split into individual fights with them. And like always Fuuka and Takaharu were out front fighting the hardest and best making it look like child’s play taking on multiple Hitokarage with their Ichibantou, Gama Gama Guns, and Karakuri Hengen in its sword form. But they weren’t alone this time around. The last few fights had put a fire under Yakumo as well. So he was with them. Using Karakuri Hengen in its claw form.

“Now this is what I call a race to the Last Ninja title.” Takaharu gloated getting pumped up.

“Intriguing Taka-nii,” Yakumo said as he clawed some Hitokarage.

“Boys always thinking with their lower heads,” Fuuka said as she fired her Gama Gama Gun at some Hitokarage that thought they were safe from her.

“Wait for me. I wanna fight too.” Nagi said as he struggled with his Hitokarage.

“Nagi maybe you should leave it to those three?” Kasumi warned as she helped him.

“I’ll be fine, I spent the morning training with those manuals remember.” he protested. Running off to join them in the fight with Kasha.

As the three of them fought Kasha they found that his speed was no joke. Just when one of them thought they had him cornered he would slip away. And when they teamed together to fight him, he managed to dodge all three of their respective Ichibantou strikes. They even added the Karakuri Hengen and Gama Gama Gun strikes. But nothing worked.

“Let’s see if you can match this speed?” Kasha said as he skated away after knocking all three down.

“Just like the manual says. When an opponent is fast get ahead of him and set a trap.” Nagi said as he created a pit hole in front of Kasha.

“Now the finisher!” Nagi said almost gloating that he had beaten a Yokai that was giving the others so much trouble. But Kasha had other plans jumping over the pit and dodging the slash from his Ichibantou sending Nagi into the wall and the pit.

“Don’t underestimate my speed,” Kasha said with a laugh as he skated away with Nagi struggling to get out of his trap.

“Someone help,” Nagi said as he clung to the top portion of the pit as he undid his henshin.

The others were there running to find out what had happened. “You did alright I guess,” Takaharu said helping him up and out of the pit.

“You’re too easy Nagi. You acted as if you had it in the bag with that kill. I don’t know what is in those manuals but they aren’t helping.” Yakumo chastised him.

“But it was like in the manuals. It was set up for the finisher.” Nagi protested.

“Nagi, did you listen to me this morning? Life isn’t in a manual. There will be times when you are presented with a task that is nothing like you have ever trained for. At those times you need to go with your gut. On the surface here today you did great. But you failed to take into account his speed. The calculation must have called for him to stop like a normal person. But he is a Yokai who, going by everything he did here, likes to live on the edge.” Fuuka said looking at him.

“Fine, I’ll go and fix this. I’m going!” he said running off.

“Awww, such a child,” Kasumi said with a slight smile.

“I’ll go find him,” Takaharu said running off after him.

* * *

“Calculating his speed and trajectory he ran and the next likely target...” Nagi said as he thought about all of this.

“Kasharira Kasharira!” Kasha yelled as he chased after some people.

“Found you. Going to finish this quickly.” Nagi said as he quickly placed the shuriken into the Ichibantou.

“ Shuriken Henge! ” he said henshining into KiNinger.

“Kasharira Kasharira!” Kasha said playfully as he skated until he was kicked from behind by Nagi.

“I know how fast you are now,” he said to him.

“Well, aren’t you confident? Alright, let’s have a race assassin boy. Let’s dual.” Kasha said to him.

“Alright, you’re on,” Nagi said boastfully.

“Just what I hoped for. Kasharira Kasharira! Try and stop me!” Kasha said skating off.

Nagi saw him as he skated away and knew the best way to catch up to him as fast as possible using all the knowledge that he had gathered that morning. “Shuriken ninpou! Mizu no Jutsu!” Nagi said placing the Goton Shuriken in place and spinning to the water element then spun the shuriken.

“ MIZU NO JUTSU! ” the Ichibantou said then spun the Ichibantou so that the blade was pointing towards the ground.

“ Jabujaabu Ja! ” the Ichibantou said as it shot out water and he rode the Ichibantou like it was a witch’s broom and rode after him chasing after Kasha with all his might.

“Kasharira~Kasharira~,” Kasha said as the chase was on. As Takaharu found the two of them as they ran off.

“Really?” Takaharu asked seeing this.

“ The Henge! ” the Ichibantou said as he pulled it up.

“Shuriken Henge!” he said spinning the shuriken in the Ichibantou henshining into AkaNinger.

“Shuriken ninpou! Mizu no Jutsu!” he said.

“ Mizu no Jutsu! Jabujabu Ja! ” it said. And he flung the blade as it started to shoot out water and he jumped into the air and landed on the blade and started to ride it like it was a surfboard chasing after the two of them.

“Oh he caught up…” Kasha said as he saw Nagi flying behind him. “Then how about this?!” he said as he cranked up the speed.

“I’m not going to lose!” Nagi said as he did the same.

Takaharu wasn’t far behind them. “Huh?” Takaharu said as he stopped the flow of water and landed and undid his henshin. “Shit, I must've overshot them,” Takaharu said looking around for a sign of his cousin and the yokai and not seeing anything.

“I did not expect to encounter you here.” a fox-masked yokai said stepping out from behind a tree.

“And who are you yokai?” Takaharu asked. He felt something was unique about this yokai. Something that he couldn’t explain right away.

“I am Izayoi Kyuemon. A retainer of Kibaoni Gengetsu, whom your grandfather sealed away,” he said to him.

“Then you should be more careful who you reveal yourself to in the future...if you make it through this fight that is.” Takaharu said as he tried to henshin.

“No need to rush into a fight you might die in, grandchild of the Last Ninja,” Kyuemon said pointing at him. The feeling that he had was keeping Takaharu in place and he couldn’t explain it to himself as to why he was hesitant to fight this yokai who was the retainer of the family’s sworn enemy.

“I’m sure we’ll see each other plenty in the future,” Kyuemon said as he summoned a bunch of leaves to fall around the two of them. Takaharu slashed through two leaves that were going to cover his eyes as Kyuemon disappeared.

* * *

Nagi landed in a junkyard and rubbed the back of his neck looking around. “Common, how did I lose him?” he growled. His nerves were getting the better of him right now. He wanted to show everyone that he was more than just a prankster. But every step he made seemed to show his limitations.

“Because you aren’t anything but a wanna-be!” Kasha said coming up behind Nagi and attacking him.

“Kasharira~ Kasharirato!” Kasha said skating up to a truck that was coming towards them stopping in front of it, causing the driver to stop.

“What do you think you’re doing? Get out of the way!” the driver said leaning out the window.

“Shut up!” Kasha said as he pulled out a ring and placed it on the hood of the truck as it started to glow. The truck instantly transformed to look a lot like Kasha. And then sped away knocking out the guy behind the wheel as Kasha watched. “Kasharira~ Kasharira!” he gloated as the truck sped off.

Nagi saw the truck coming at him and tried to run away from it. But it was now a puppet of Kasha. And was only designed to kill Nagi. All with an unconscious driver in the driver’s seat.

“In that case...” Nagi said summoning a scarecrow duplicate for the truck to run over.

“How do you like that?!” Nagi asked as he watched.

“Looks like my decoy worked like in the manuals,” Nagi said happily. Only to be shocked from out of his hiding place as the truck tried to run him down and not the duplicate.

“This isn’t going according to my manuals!” Nagi said running from the truck as Kasha laughed a little as he watched him running from the truck. But Kasha thought of another little trick to play on the young ninja.

He threw another ring and it clamped onto his wrists. And then literally yanked Nagi to the truck. Chaining him to the side of it as it rushed by. With Kyuemon standing above them. “Fine work,” he said holding up his gord. All as Nagi clung to the side of the truck as it sped up.

As he went rushing past, swinging with the truck’s movements three figures came onto the scene. “Just like Nagi. Now we have to save him...or let him die and make this race easier with only four.” Yakumo said to Fuuka and Kasumi.

“Now now Cloud-kun. We are training to work as a team.” Kasumi said with a smile.

“And he IS our cousin. Familial bond and all that.” Fuuka joked.

Yakumo chuckled. “You say that like we haven’t been killing our father’s and mother’s for generations,” Yakumo said with a smile as the three of them went to work saving both Nagi and the driver.

“You think you can save him without beating me?” Kasha said gloating at his own work with Nagi.

“We already said you were marked for assassination. It is time to make sure that happens.” Yakumo said as all three of them pulled up their Ichibantou.

“Shuriken Henge,” they said together.

“ AO JA! SHIRO JA! MOMO JA! NINJA! ” the Ichibantou said as the three of them went in to try and be the team that they were supposed to train and become. With the three of them working together as one fighting Kasha.

Ao Ninger then pushed the blue button on Ichibantou. “ The Waza! ” it said.

“Shurkin Ninpou Ougi! Nin Dragon Slash!” Yakumo said and spun his shuriken before the attack.

“ AO JA! NINJA! ” the Ichibantou said as he attacked Kasha. “ Ninja Issen! ” it said as he gave a final slash. It sent Kasha flying backward and landing at the feet of a yokai that had been resurrected earlier that day. But he wasn’t like any yokai any of them had seen since they had gotten their Ichibantou. He staggered past Kasha who looked up at him.

“Y-You are...” Kasha said seeing him. He was in awe of seeing him before him. “First spear of the Kibaoni Clan, Gabi Raizou-sama!” Kasha said looking at the back of Gabi Raizou. He jumped to his feet like having been slash never happened. Seeing this yokai gave him a second wind somehow. “You guys are as good as dead. Now that Raizou-sama is here.” Kasha said almost hiding behind him.

“I am fed up...with underlings fighting, that is,” Raizou said.

“Eh?” Kasha said shrinking a little. As the others watched as Raizou pulled out his sword and swung his sword in a full 360. Slashing through Kasha. Who fell down and exploded. Sending the Sealing Shuriken flying.

“What is this guy’s deal?” Fuuka asked as he started to walk towards them.

* * *

“It’s no use,” Nagi said as the truck raced along in the quarry. “Taka-chan! Cloud-kun! Fuu-chan!” he said looking off. He knew that the three of them would know how to get out of this. He looked at the guy in the cabin of the truck out cold. While he was an assassin he never thought about actually watching someone die that he wasn’t the cause of. He had killed a couple of people in his life and watched them die too...but this was different somehow.

“How am I going to get us out of this?” he asked thinking about the manuals. “AARGH! There was nothing about something like this in those manuals.” Nagi yelled think it all through.

* * *

With one swing of his sword, all three of the Ninninger fell with explosions all around them. Their henshins were undone. They were in a little pain which they never felt while fighting as Ninninger. The suits kept the pain to a minimum. But right now Kasumi was struggling to get to a sitting position. And Fuuka and Yakumo were wavering as they kneeled on one knee. Both looking like they were about to fall over. As Kyuemon came to the fight scene unbeknownst to the fighters. He was the one that brought Raizou back. And he chuckled a little and picked up the Sealing Shuriken. And walked away.

“Is that it? I had heard that you were ‘Ninja Assassins’. But since I have been dead the meaning must have changed. Because you are some of the weakest ‘Ninja’ I have seen.” Raizou said gloating. The three of them looked at this yokai not sure if they were good enough yet to give him so much as a hangnail. “I can’t even truly wake up fighting you three,” he said looking at them. He then sent another slash at them.

But Takaharu showed up just in time and stood in front of them. “ KIN NO JUTSU! ” his Ichibantou said. He tried to shield the others from the blast.

“What?” Raizou said seeing this. And with immense difficulty, he sent the slash behind them creating more explosions.

“Baka! Where have you been oniichan?” Fuuka demanded as he took a step back after sending it flying.

“He’s strong. I have no idea how I managed to send that flying.” Takaharu said.

“With a little help,” Yakumo said gingerly holding up his wand.

“From me too,” Fuuka muttered gripping her Ichibantou with the Goton Shuriken placed in it so tightly that she almost dug into her hand.

“Arigato,” Takaharu said to both of them.

“You better be. I got nothing left for someone this strong bakaniichan. And Nagi is still in trouble.” Fuuka said to him.

“You go to Nagi. I’ll try and fight this guy.” Takaharu said.

“You better make it through this Taka-nii,” Yakumo said as the three of them went to help Nagi.

“You are definitely the strongest guy I have ever faced,” Takaharu said to Raizou.

“ The Henge! ” the Ichibantou sounded.

“Shuriken Henge!” Takaharu said spinning his shuriken.

“ AKA JA! NINJA! ” they heard as Takaharu went into the fight with Raizou.

* * *

“Come on. What do I do?” Nagi asked himself. “Think this out what would Taka-chan and Fuu-chan do here? Hell, even Cloud-kun could just magic himself out of this,” he said to himself. That’s when he remembered what Fuuka had told him after the first blunder with Kash.

“ Life isn’t in a manual. There will be times when you are presented with a task that is nothing like you have ever trained for. At those times you need to go with your gut. ” he heard her say. He thought for a moment and he came up with the answer...or at least he thought he had.

“Okay, here I go!” Nagi said. He just managed to break the chains with brute force. He opened the door to the cabin and grabbed the driver. “Where’s the damn break? Shit not working.” Nagi said he then pulled the driver out of the cabin.

“ KI NO JUTSU! ” his Ichibantou sounded.

“Ki no Jutsu!” Nagi said.

“Moku Moku J a! ” it said. And he created a net and threw the driver first. Who landed it on it no problem. But Nagi wasn’t so lucky. He missed the net by several feet. And started to fall to the bottom of the quarry.

That’s when Fuuka, Yakumo, and Kasumi already henshined caught him on Byunmaru. “We have you, Nagi,” Kasumi said.

“I’m proud of you Nagi. You did that by yourself. No manual. Just you.” Fuuka said.

He rubbed the back of his neck. “But next time...think about how big of a net you would need,” Yakumo said to him.

* * *

The fight with Raizou was going about as well as Takaharu thought it might. Raizou beating Takaharu with slash after slash. Kicking him around and then knocking his Ichibantou out of his hands. “Is that all you got red guy?! I was hoping for more from you. Your ancestors killed me after all.” Raizou said to Takaharu as he stepped on Takaharu’s chest.

Takaharu didn’t speak. He just tried to free himself from under Raizou with a Substitution Jutsu. It worked and he grabbed his Ichibantou. Raizou sent the straw clone at Takaharu who sliced through it. But he was sent flying before it hit the ground.

“Struggle all you want, it’s no use. Tho I must say this. You have their courage. You knew that you were beaten before you started. But you never backed down. I commend you for that red guy.” Raizou said to him.

“Arigato,” Takaharu said to him. He stood up. “And I’ll show you some more of that courage right now,” Takaharu said. “Shurkin Ninpou Ougi!” he said holding his blade.

“ The Waza! ” the Ichibantou said.

“Violent Ninja Slash!” Takaharu said.

“ Nanja nanja! Aka Ja! Ninja! ” it said as he rushed Raizou then jumped into the air. “ Ninja Issen! ” it said as he came crashing down on top of Raizou. Takaharu put everything that he had into this blow. He knew that if he didn’t he was going to die right here and now. And he broke through Raizou’s defenses and slashed him. It took almost everything he had to be standing. But he didn’t know if he had done it and defeated Raizou. So he didn’t want to drop his guard for a second.

Raizou tilted his head back and then let out a big EH. “It looks like you have some fire after all red guy. I’m finally awake!” Raizou said. In his head, Takaharu was cursing up a storm. That was all he had. And if he was going to die his last words were not going to be an endless stream of curse words. “Here I go! Now, this battle is truly life or death!” he started powering up.

But before he could deliver the blow that would kill him Kasumi came in between the two of them. “Shuriken Ninpou! Mizu no Jutsu!” she said spinning the Goton Shuriken. And she created a wall of mist.

“Trying to run?!” Raizou asked.

“Here is our chance Takaharu-kun. Let’s retreat.” she said.

“I hate having to run. But discretion is the better part of valor.” Takkaharu said.

“That is right. Our mission is to make it back alive. If we die you won’t have a chance to beat Ojiisan we have to live.” Kasumi said to him.

“RED GUY!” Raizou yelled through the mist. “My name is Gabi Raizou! I want you to be stronger the next time we meet!” Raizou said.

“I’m not the only one you need to worry about. Fuuka, Yakumo, Nagi, and Kasumi are just as strong as I am!” he said Kasumi looked to him. “And one of us will show you that the Igasaki Ninja Clan is stronger than ever before!” Takaharu yelled. And the two of them left Raizou in the mist.

“Taka-chan” Nagi said seeing the two of them.

“Shall we go?” Takaharu asked.

That was when Kyuemon laughing walked in front of them. “You again?” Takaharu asked with a sigh.

“That was in the shrine from the old dojo!” Fuuka said seeing Kyuemon left a mallet up.

“And that’s a Sealing Shuriken!” Nagi said seeing what was in his other hand.

“So he wants the Sealing Shuriken too huh?” Yakumo said eyeing up Kyuemon. Then Kyuemon turned the Sealing Shuriken into a darker version of their shuriken that they use with their Nintality. But this one had the word SMASH on it.

“You shouldn’t assume that you are the only ones that can use these. Or the Shouken no Jutsu. Gashadokuro Shoukan no Jutsu!” he said and he used the mallet striking the air in front of him. And summoned a giant yokai called: Giant Youkai Gashadokuro. “I look forward to next time we meet Ninningers,” Kyuemon said to them vanishing before them. Then popped back up. “...assuming you survive this,” he said and vanished again.

“Won’t this day just end already!” Takaharu grumbled as all of them summoned their mechas.

“ The Shoukan! Dareja?! Dareja?! ” the Ichibantou said as they pushed the button.

“Shuriken Ninpou! Shoukan no Jutsu!” they said together.

“ Dare ja, dare ja?! Da~re, dare ja?! Dare ja, Dare ja?! Da~re, dare ja?! Shinobimaru! Dragomaru! Dumpmaru! Wanmaru! Byunmaru! ” the mecha were summoned. And they were truly working as a team now. They learned from today and knew that working together is just as important as working apart. And they managed to beat this giant yokai without too much difficulty. And everyone was just glad to be heading home after a long mission.

* * *

Nagi packed the manuals away in the box he had gotten them from. “You done with the manuals Nagi?” Takaharu asked seeing this. They were all sitting around after a long day trying to relax and recover from the mission.

“Yes. I read them all. And like Fuu-chan said sometimes I need to trust my gut more than a manual.” Nagi said with a smile.

“I am wise beyond my years,” Fuuka said smugly.

“So are you going to try for the Last Ninja?” Yakumo asked.

“Dunno. But I must admit the race is kind of fun.” Nagi said with a smile. And then Takaharu smirked as he watched everyone laugh and enjoy themselves after a very hard and long day.


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