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Angel: Getting The Girls Back
« on: August 29, 2021, 06:33:35 AM »
Posted on T-S-S-A.com in 2004

Disclaimer: These are Joss Wheedon's characters. I only have fun with them.

Rating: NC/17

Pairing: Cordy/Fred, Harmony/Cordy, Fred/Willow

Feedback: [email protected]

Summary: Angel is coming to an end. This has been one of my favorite shows.
This is the way I would like to see it all go out. This is a parody so take
it as one.

Angel: Getting The Girls Back


Cordy is dead.

Fred is dead.

Angel sat in his big office gazing out the window, unable to comprehend any
of this at the moment. He felt as if he should be able to do something, but
he had no idea how to change it. People were not supposed to die for good.
Buffy came back. Darla came back. God, Spike was still here. Yuk! And so was

Illyria had taken over Fred's body and soul. Fred wasn't there anymore. She
had vanished as if she had never existed. The image, spirit and memory of
Fred lived on though. He missed her non stop chatter when she was excited
about something; the cute little smile that lit up her pretty face when she
was happy.

The way she looked in jeans and a little t shirt with her hair pulled back
off her face was the best though. He missed that most of all. Sweet Fred
was hot. Oh well, she was gone now.

Angel thought of Cordy smiling, and just being Cordy; how she was always
there for all of them in her own way. He could almost see her again in the
low cut dress the night they all went to the ballet. How she looked when
she first came to work with them, her long soft curls spilling over her big
breasts. The only thing about Cordy he wished he could forget, was the
thought of her fucking his son Connor; oh, and that awful blonde hair phase
was a close second. Right now he sure wished that he had one more night
with her alive. He knew how he would make good use of that time.

It was supposed to be business as usual here now. Nothing would be the same
again though. Angel was pissed. He wasn't getting his way this time. He
stood up, put on his best Sad Vampire Pout, smoothed his perfect hair back,
and went to his morning meeting.

Chapter 1

Wes and Spike sat staring at each other.

"So, feel better now that you got Gunn for this," asked Spike sarcastically.

"I should have killed him!" exclaimed Wes, as he got up and began to pace
around the room.

"Well, mate, it won't bring her back you know. Fred is dead. D E A D!"

Wes turned and walked over to the peroxide-haired Vampire.

"Anyone ever tell you that you look like a lame Billy Idol wannabe?" he said,
as he walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Chapter Two

The board room was empty as Wes entered and slumped down in a chair. Harmony
entered next, wearing a low cut pink sweater and tight white pants. She sat
down next to him, reaching out to touch his hand. "I'm sorry Wessie," she
said, trying to put on a sad face for the occasion.

Wes looked up and gave her a surly look. "Hey, you never liked Fred anyway,
so go hit on someone else here," he mumbled. His eyes lingered on her
cleavage. "Great boobs," he thought to himself.

Harmony sat back and pretended to be hurt. She wasn't sure if she had pulled
this off though. It wasn't easy to get these deep emotions down now. "Oh
well, no matter, Wes wasn't her type anyway. She wanted Spikie Boy back.

The door opened and Angel walked in and sat down at the head of the table.
He barely noticed the other two in the room. He was too busy sulking.

They sat there for a while until Lorne came in and greeted them all with a
big smile, and a, "Hi gang, anyone betting on who the next dead girl is?"

"Oh, shut up," said Wes and Angel in unison. "You're lame jokes suck."

"I am truly hurt baby," said Lorne as he moved over and sat down next to
Harmony, ogling her breasts.

"Hey little girl, want a candy," he grinned as he offered her a mint from
the dish on the table.

Harmony smiled coyly. She was always willing to do someone new. Although she
wondered how those little horns might interfere with her kind of sex.

Just then the peroxide man himself entered the room.

"Always making the grand entrance," declared Angel, giving him a dirty look.

"Spikie!" said Harmony, as she stood up and rushed over to Blonde Boy.

"Oh, baby too obvious," smirked Lorne to Wes.

Wes gave him a dirty look.

"Well now that we are all here, what's left of us anyway," said Angel, as he
stood up at the head of the table. "I guess we should decide what's next."

He looked around the room and noticed that no one was paying much attention
to him. They were just sitting there staring into space; except for Harmony
who was now draped all over Spikie Boy.

Just as he was about to make his little 'I'm the boss and I'm so sad speech',
the door opened, and in staggered Gunn.

His face was drawn and pale. Bandages still covered his ribs. He could hardly
walk. He found his way to a nearby chair, and dropped down into it.

"What the hell are you doing here!" exclaimed Wes, standing up and starting
towards him.

"Hey, back off," shouted Angel, standing up putting on that 'I'm big bad
Angelus' face.

"Oh, fight, fight!" exclaimed Harmony, finally taking her hands out of
Blondie's crotch.

Gunn looked around the room. They were all staring at him. He coughed and
tried to stand up. As he rose, his leg caught on the chair and he immediately
fell flat on his face on the table.

"Oops," said Lorne, taking this all in with a big grin.

Gunn lay there. The rest of them sat in silence for a moment. Then Spikie
stood up and began to clap. "Good one, Gunn man!" he exclaimed continuing
to clap and cheer.

Soon all the others stood up and joined in. They laughed and clapped and
cheered until Gunn looked up and smiled.

"You like me, you really like me!" he said. Then fell back into his chair

"Ok, enough everyone," Angel Face shouted, shaking his head, and fluffing his
hair with his fingers. "I think Gunn has suffered enough. He made a mistake.
So, what else is new around this place? Give the guy a break." Angel stopped
to take a breath. "Shut up now or I will be very mad!" he said, stamping his

"Awe, are we a sensitive Vampire now?" smirked Lorne. "Oh, mad, I'm so
scared. Ok, Angel Face, let's see what ya got." Lorne leaped over the table
and jumped on top of Angel.

Angel, caught off guard, slammed back against the wall and bounced forward
onto the table.

The rest of the group stood up and watched in amazement.

"I put my money on the Green Man," said Wes, smiling for the first time
since Fred evaporated into Illyria the Cat Suit Queen.

Angel Baby struggled to get up. Lorne grabbed his head by the hair and began
to slam it over and over into the hard table. Each time it hit, the others
clapped in glee.

"Go Lornie," shouted Harmony. "I love a good head banging."

Angel finally regained his strength and reached out and picked up the Green
Man and threw him across the room.

Lorne fell against the far wall and landed on top of poor Gunn.

"Good throw," shouted Spikie.

"Ouch!" exclaimed Gunn. "Hey, will you guys stop picking on me. Can't you
see I'm injured here?"

Lorne lay there for a while.

Angel stood up.

Harmony rushed over and put his arm up in the air. "The winner!" she shouted.

Angel smiled and bowed. "Hey, anyone seen my comb?" he shouted.

"Here Angel," gushed Harmony, as she picked it up off the floor.

"Thanks," said Angel, as he slowly combed and fluffed his perfect hair back.

"Now, as I was saying," Angel said, clearing his throat.

"Hey, just a minute, let a guy get up off the floor will ya," shouted Lorne,
as he slowly got up and found his seat.

"Nice toss though, Angel Baby, next time you sing for me I want you to do.
Take me out to the Ball Game. Might be some hidden talent in that Vampire
body of yours."

Angel smiled. The image of himself in a great baseball uniform was one he
liked. Although the cap would ruin his hair style, so nah.

"Anyway," Angel continued. "What is on the agenda for all of us? Does anyone
want to leave Wolfram and Hart now?"

They all looked around at each other. "And do what?" Asked Wes. "Go back to
Angel Investigations without Fred and Cordy? I can't. I simply can't." He
put his head on the table and began to sob.

"Awe, this sensitive guy stuff is getting old," snarled Lorne. "I'm out of
here for now. You guys let me know what you're doing. Me, I'm here for the
fame and perks. Leaving ain't going to bring back the girls you know."

"Hey I'm with Green Man," said Spike.

"Oh Spikie, I'm so glad you're staying," gushed Harmony.

"Shut up slut," said blonde boy. "The one good thing about leaving would be
getting away from you."

Harmony sat back and tried to cry. "Darn, tears were hard to come by when
you needed them," she thought to herself. She settled for pouting instead.

Gunn stood up now. Holding onto the table he began to speak.

Soft music came from no where.

"You all sound like you have given up on Fred and Cordy. Since when is dead
really dead in our world? Look at Buffy. Look at all of you except Wes. I say
we stay here and get busy finding a way to bring them both back."

"Hey, nice speech," said Spikie, clapping loudly. "You've been hitting those
inspirational seminars again, haven't you?"

"You got to me," said Wes as he sat up again and brushed the tears from his

Angel stood up now. "Hey Gunn, you stole my speech!" he shouted. "I'm
supposed to be the motivator. I'm the big guy." Puffing out his lower lip,
he slumped back down in his chair.

"I didn't want to give up Gunn," said Wes in a somber voice. "None of us
did. There is no way to get them back."

More soft music filled the room.

"We have to try," said Gunn. "Now that we are all here together, let's see
if we can find a way to do this."

Lorne walked back from the doorway and sat down again.

"Ok let's do this," said Angel holding out his arms. They all gathered
around him in a big group hug.

Chapter Three

The next day found the gang gathered in Angel's office trying to decide just
how to reach this lofty goal.

Angel paced up and down.

Spikie Boy sat slouched in a chair picking at his nails. "Hey Angel Baby,"
he exclaimed. "Who does your nails now? Do you still have that cute little
demon friend of Lorne's come in?"

"Nah, I use a guy now," said Angel, as he looked down at his well manicured
hands. "He does better work and throws in a free massage too."

Wes and Gunn looked at Angel, and then turned and gave each other a knowing
smile. "See I knew it," said Gunn.

Wes smiled back and nodded his head.

"So, what's the plan here?" asked Lorne impatiently. "I hate to rush you,
but every minute they both stay dead the harder it is to bring them back."

Harmony stood up and turned around in front of the others. "Hey you all like
my new tight, pink dress?" she asked, smiling at all of them. "It shows off
my ass, doesn't it?"

"Sure baby," sighed Lorne, as he turned to Wes now. "We've got to do
something about her," he whispered.

"I agree," Wes whispered back. "She is damn annoying."

After hours of arguing and going back and forth about how to make the girls
come back, they all finally agreed that their only hope was the obvious.

"We have to get Willow back in the country, and here to help us. I'm sure she
would come if she knew Cordy and Fred were the one's involved," said Angel,
who had tired of the pacing routine and was sitting back in his chair with
his legs up on the desk.

"Well, Willow has a new life now," Wes sighed. "Remember, you talked to Giles
about this."

"I know that, I have a memory still. Just because I am older than dirt
doesn't mean I can't remember things," shouted Angel.

"Oh shut up, Angel Baby," Spike exclaimed. "Get her back here. Do what you
have to, or do you want me to do it?"

Angel gave blonde boy a dirty look. "No, I don't need your help!" he shouted.

"Touchy, isn't he?" mumbled Lorne to Wes.

"You guys are all so mean now," Harmony said. "Ever since the girls went off
to dead land you never stop arguing. You better get them back fast or you're
going to kill each other. Not that I mind. Just invite me to watch when you
do it."

Chapter Four

Two days later, Willow finally arrived at Wolfram and Hart.

"Hey, I see you're still doing the pink thing," she said as she stared at

Harmony's face lit up, as she stood up to show off her pink outfit of the
day; tight pink jeans, a strapless pink bustier and high pink heels.

"God!" exclaimed Willow. "You look like a bottle of Pepto Bismo exploded all
over you. Nice ass though."

Harmony put on her sexy face, and pulled Willow into the board room, and as
she turned to leave, she made sure to touch Willow's breasts.

"Hey guys," Willow said, as she looked around the room. "Pretty impressive,
Angel. So this is what it's like to sell out."

Angel grinned, walked over and gave her a hug. "Hey, you look great," he said
as he stood back and looked her up and down.

"Hey baby. Good doesn't do it. You're looking hot," exclaimed Lorne, grinning

Willow smiled as she slowly turned around to show off her very tight jeans
from the best angle.

"Well, it was about time for a new image, don't ya think."

"I think so," said Wes ogling her breasts in the see through t-shirt she

Gunn stood up and walked over and gave Willow a hug too. "Thanks for coming.
You really are our only hope now."

Spike sat in the corner staring at the 'New Willow'. "Since you almost
destroyed the world, you should be able to bring back two little girls," he
said, as he checked out her ass.

"Spikie Boy," said Willow. "You're still here. Why? You still look like a
skeleton, and go get some help with that hair."

Peroxide Boy gave her a surly look and sat back in his chair.

The group filled Willow in on all the details about Fred and Cordy. At first
she was reluctant to even try helping them.

"My powers are much stronger now, you guys," she pointed out. "And that means
things could really get out of hand here if I start messing with the beyond,
and doing the 'bringing back dead people thingie' again. Remember it wasn't
that great at first for Buffy. One mistake and we could have two walking
zombie girls on our hands, or worse."

"Hey, we have to try," said Gunn, again giving his motivational speech.

Willow finally agreed to help them. They sat and planned out exactly what
would take place. Harmony brought in countless carts of magic books, and
they spent the night pouring through them all. Willow explained that she
would try this, but the results could not be guaranteed.

"What do you mean, not guaranteed?" asked Angel, looking worried.

"Well, nothing says they will come back the same as they were before they
died," said Willow. "They could be different."

"Different how?" exclaimed Spikie, "Like ugly with horns like Green Boy over

"Hey works for me, I get the girls," said Lorne, grinning.

"I can't say," said Willow. "They could be the same too. It's the chance we
take messing with this."

Gunn stood up.

"No!!" they all screamed in unison. "No more motivating speeches! Sit down!"

Gunn sat.

The group left and agreed to meet back in Angel's office that evening.
Harmony was ordered to find the necessary potions and materials and have
them delivered. Willow was not sure she should trust this job to Little Miss
Pinkie Slut but she really had no choice. They were all tired and needed
some sleep.

Chapter Five

At last the time arrived for Willow to use her magic.

The group gathered in front of Angel's desk. Willow sat at the head of the
circle surrounded by candles and containers of potions and herbs.

"I haven't seen this many candles since Drusilla and I did it in the caves,"
said Spikie.

"Shhh," said Willow. "Everyone sit down and hold hands now and follow my
directions. Oh, and Lorne, get the lights."

Green Man walked over and turned out all the lights.

The group was on the floor now, holding hands.

Suspenseful music filled the room.

Willow began to chant. The others repeated her words.

"Anyone know what we're saying?" whispered Harmony to Wes.

"Shut up," whispered Wes. "If you ruin this I will cry again."

The group chanted.

Willow poured oils and herbs into a pot. She started chanting slower now.
Her voice became deeper and deeper as she continued. Suddenly her entire
face took on a completely different persona.

Wes and Gunn stared at the transformation happening in front of them.

"Creepy," whispered Lorne.

"This is fun," giggled Harmony.

"Shut up and watch this," said Spike. "She get's better as she goes along."

Willow chanted faster and louder.

The candles flickered, and went out.

They all sat in total darkness for a moment, not sure what to do next.
Suddenly a flash of light lit up the room, and there in the center of the
circle stood Cordy and Fred.

Chapter Six

"Their naked!" screamed Harmony, pointing to the two girls standing there
holding hands and staring forward completely motionless.

"Umm, they sure are," said Spikie Boy, leering openly.

"Great breasts Cordy," exclaimed Wes, appreciatively.

Angel rushed over and tried to play honorable vampire, by putting his jacket
around the naked girls. It wasn't big enough to cover both girls. No matter
how he tried, he couldn't cover them up. This made Angel Baby mad, so he
stopped, threw his jacket on the floor, and stomped on it. "I'm so pissed,"
he exclaimed, pouting.

Willow was slumped over on the floor now. Gunn walked over and pulled her
up. "Wake up," he ordered. "You did it," they're here.

Wes wept openly now.

Gunn kept talking to Willow. "What happened," she gasped, as she suddenly
returned to her conscious state.

"Well look over there," said Gunn, pointing to the two naked girls.

"Wow, this shit works," she exclaimed. "Wow nice ass on Fred there."

Angel Baby regained his composure and approached the naked girls. He stood
there for a very long time, checking out ever inch of their sexy bodies.
"Hey wake up," he shouted, as he shook one girl, then the other. Nothing
worked. They didn't move.

One by one, first Spike, then Gunn, then Wes all tried to wake them up.

Willow watched all this, wishing that she knew what to do now. She slowly
walked over to the girls. "I messed up, didn't I," she exclaimed, standing
very close to the two. "I'm so sorry." She reached out and touched both of
their faces.

Instantly both girls came to life. In fact, so suddenly that they all jumped
back in surprise.

Cordy broke her stare first, and smiled at Willow. Fred followed with an even
bigger smile for the witch.

They both reached out and hugged Willow tightly. Willow began to cry.

"Awe, said Spikie Boy, a Kodak Moment."

"They have really great bodies," exclaimed Harmony.

Hearing this, the girls walked over and hugged Harmony. Harmony grinned and
hugged them back. She then reached around and grabbed Fred's little round ass
and gave it an appreciative squeeze.

Fred jumped. "Oh, that feels good," she said in her small sweet voice.

Harmony smiled and ran her fingers slowly over Cordy's pink little nipples.
Cordy gasped. "I like that," she said softly.

Willow, watching all this, felt wet. She had always admired Cordy's body,
and now seeing her naked, she was getting very aroused. There was Fred too,
so cute and sexy. She loved her small breasts and that perfect little ass
was amazing.

She walked over and kissed both naked girls passionately on their mouths.
Harmony joined in. All four girls were kissing and touching and squeezing
each other. Fred had pushed Willow down on the desk, as she eagerly pulled
off her clothes.

Cordy was kissing, hugging, and running her hands all over Harmony's body.

"Stop now!" shouted Wes. "Fred, you and I were...", he paused to sob. "You
want me!"

Gunn joined in. "Fred, what the hell is going on?"

Angel Baby stepped forward now. "Cordy I know you want me, what's with this?"

"It looks like they have what they want right there," whispered Lorne to

Blonde Boy just stared at the girls. Then he got up and waked over and
touched Fred on the ass. Fred turned around and slugged him so hard that he
fell backwards on the floor in a heap.

"Ouch!" he exclaimed, rubbing his emaciated cheek. "You hurt me."

Fred smiled then turned back to the task at hand. That of removing every
inch of Willow's clothing.

Chapter Seven

Everything happened so fast after that.

Fred and Cordy were insatiable. They wanted to fuck the two girls, and they
sure did.

Fred ripped off Willow's clothes as she lay back on the desk. Willow was
surprised but pleased with this turn of events. After all she was a lesbian
and she sure knew a hot girl when she saw one. Fred was all over her.

Fred kissed her mouth, she ran her tongue down the redhead's neck, and slowly
took each breast in her eager mouth. Fred sucked and bit each nipple. Willow
screamed in delight as the brunette played with her breasts, teasing her with
her hot tongue.

Fred reached down and found Willow's hot, wet pussy. "God, you're dripping
wet!" she murmured as she pulled on her swollen clit. Willow moved her hips
up and down as she felt Fred push her hand up inside her, and begin to fuck
her deep and hard.

Willow screamed as Fred fucked her pussy and bit her hard, pink nipples at
the same time. "Turn over," she ordered in a small, firm voice. Willow was
hardly aware of what was happening, but she eagerly did as she was told.
Fred pulled Willow down on her stomach and grabbed her ass in her hands. God
she loved a hot ass, and Willow girl had that. Willow squealed in pleasure
as she felt a hot eager tongue lick all over her firm ass cheeks.

Fred plunged two fingers up Willow's little ass and fucked her hard. Willow
felt her body shake uncontrollably now. Fred then pushed her hot eager tongue
up inside her soaking wet ass and fucked her as fast as she could.

Willow screamed, Fred kept fucking her, panting and moaning as she finally
made the redhead cum.

When Willow finally stopped shaking she turned over and grabbed Fred and
kissed her long and hard. "God, Fred, I didn't know you had it in you!" she
exclaimed with a grin.

Fred stepped back and smiled. "You bet I do," she whispered softly.

The whole time this was going on, the guys were all sitting staring at this
with their mouths open.

Angel Baby pouted at being ignored. Still, this was sure hot.

Spike leered at the two girls enjoying each other, and sulked. No one asked
him to join in.

"Now that's my kind of show," said Lorne as he took all this in.

Wes sobbed, "Oh Fred you don't love me any more."

Gunn just sat. He had no clue what to think, but the view was sure nice.

Harmony and Cordy hugged and kissed as they watched the other two girls go
at it.

Finally, Cordy couldn't hold out anymore and started to attack Harmony.
"Wow, you're hot," screamed Harmony, as Cordy slammed her against the wall
and pulled off her pink outfit.

"Hey, watch the clothes," screamed Harmony. "They weren't cheap."

Cordy ignored the blonde, and soon had her totally naked in front of her.

"I want to fuck you so hard," screamed Cordy as she virtually devoured
Harmony's breasts with her mouth.

Harmony held onto the brunette's head as she felt her mouth all over her big,
soft breasts.

"Oh that feels good!" Harmony screamed as she felt Cordy pull her soft thighs
apart and push her face into her dripping wet pussy.

Cordy held on and licked and bit Harmony's soft pussy lips. Harmony shook
and screamed and moaned as she felt herself being fucked by the beautiful

Cordy lapped at Harmony's wet juices as she fucked her with her tongue. "God
you taste good," she exclaimed as she stopped to drink up the dripping, sweet

Hearing this, the guys stared more intently as the two girls went at it in
front of them. They were clearly enjoying all this.

Cordy fucked, and licked, and devoured Harmony's pussy. Harmony moaned, as
Cordy slammed her fingers into her ass, at the same time she fucked her

"Oh, My God," She screamed as she finally let go and collapsed on the floor.

Lorne began to clap.

"Shut up," shouted Angel.

Wes continued to sob openly.

Chapter Eight

The four girls lay on the soft carpeting and held onto each other. They were
tired, but very happy.

Finally they stood up, and Willow and Harmony slowly pulled on their clothes.

Cordy and Fred found each other and began to hug and kiss softly. Then they
turned and faced their audience.

"Thank you for bringing us back," exclaimed Fred, as she turned and smiled

"We have been here in limbo all this time. Thank God you found a way to get
us back," said Cordy.

"I don't get any of this," sobbed Wes.

"Oh get a hold of yourself, you baby," shouted Angel.

"Shut up, Baby Face," sobbed Wes.

"Ok, you guys, enough," said Fred firmly, as she stood in front of them all.

"Might want to put something on baby, if you want us to listen to you," said
Lorne grinning at the naked brunette.

Angel walked over and gave Fred his jacket. She smiled and pulled it over
her small sexy body.

"You too," said Wes, as he checked out Cordy's big, soft breasts.

Cordy smiled. "You like what you see, don't you Wessie," she said, grinning

Cordy walked over and grabbed Spikie Boy's leather jacket. "Quit leering,"
she shouted as she covered herself up.

Spike boy gave her a dirty look.

"Let me explain something, Cordy said, as she addressed the group. Fred
walked over and held her around the waist as they kissed.

"Yes, please do," exclaimed Angel Baby. "You both died, you were dead. How
the hell did you get together and why the girl/girl action?"

The girls hugged. Harmony and Willow sat listening to all this, as they
hugged too.

"Oh, God!" snarled peroxide boy, "this is too much!"

"We were gone, but in another place. I died first and wandered around in
limbo until Fred joined the beyond too.

We were suddenly attracted to each other. Neither of us realized that what
we wanted was right in front of us. Love and sex with each other."

"So what's with the fucking Harmony and Willow then?" asked Gunn, looking

"Why don't you want me Fred?" sobbed Wes.

"Because you are a big baby, that's why," growled Spike.

"Ok, let me explain," continued Cordy.

"Oh God get on with it," said Harmony, as she squeezed Willow's ass now.
"We have things to do."

Willow turned and kissed Harmony softly. "We sure do, baby," she said

"What we found is love in this way," continued Cordy. Girls love each other
in many ways. When we were brought back we only responded to women, as this
was what we wanted. We saw Willow and Harmony and we wanted them to feel the
love of a girl too. So we gave it to them, and look at them now. They are
happy and they want this with each other, just like we do. We thanked Willow
and Harmony in the best way possible."

"So, you fucked Willow and Harmony to thank them?" shouted Angel. "Well we
brought you back; it's not fair they get all the credit." Angel stomped his
feet and plopped down in the chair, putting on his 'I am pissed face'.

"Yea, where are our thanks," shouted Gunn and Wes in unison.

Cordy and Fred kissed softly. "Look you guys," Cordy said. "We are having

"We're back," said Fred "You must have missed us when we were gone. There
must be cases to solve, things to do, and we are back to do them all."

"So are we," said Willow, hugging the curvy blonde next to her. "If you guys
want, I will stay here now and join you all. Everything will be alright, you
will see. Change is good."

Angel smiled, as he patted his hair in place.

Spikie boy slouched back in his chair and said nothing for a change.

Wes and Gunn looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

"Women!" they exclaimed in unison.

"As long as their happy, baby it's what it's all about," said Green Man.
"Look at those girls there."

They all looked.

Willow and Harmony were kissing passionately, as they watched Cordy and Fred
fucking each other right there on top of Angel's desk.

Cordy was on top of Fred sucking her tiny breasts as she slid her hand up
inside the brunette's warm, wet pussy.

Fred was moaning and screaming as she felt her lover fuck her again hard and
fast, just like she loved it.

Cordy kept going until Fred let go.

Fred sat Cordy up on the desk and turned her around. She then kissed and
fucked her perfect round ass over and over with her hand, and then her
tongue. Cordy screamed. Fred gasped, as she felt the brunette cum under

The girls then kissed and both got up on top of the desk facing each other.
They spread their legs wide and moved in very close to each other. Then each
shoved three fingers up inside the other's hot pussy. They sat there face to
face fucking each other hard and fast till they both came in unison.

Finally satisfied, they lay back on the desk naked and fell asleep.

The rest of the group sat watching this. All was well. The girls were back
and they would all continue to fight the good fight.

"Hey guys," said Lorne. "We got the girls back, and they sure aren't shy are

"You're sure right about that one," said Gunn, still staring at the naked
girls on the desk.

Wes looked up and smiled for the first time in ages, "It doesn't get much
better than this. It's every man's fantasy isn't it?" he asked to no one in

Cordy looked up at them all, and smiled. "Be happy for us," she said softly.

Angel Baby, Spikie Boy, Green Man, Wessie and Gunn all smiled and said in
unison, "Awe!"

So ends Angel, my way.

All stories posted from this account were once on T-S-S-A.com and belong to the respective authors we have credited in disclaimers. Our goal is to preserve these stories as part of internet porn history and ensure they are not lost in time.


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