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Author Topic: Late Night Prowl (Dove Cameron)  (Read 2978 times)


Late Night Prowl (Dove Cameron)
« on: October 08, 2021, 01:41:36 AM »
Late Night Prowl
Written by Calibur009
Starring: Dove Cameron
Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Titjob, Swallow

Dove Cameron is preparing herself to go live on Instagram. The blonde actress is dressed in a skin-tight Catwoman costume complete with ears and high-heeled boots. After she has finished setting up her iPhone she begins to stream.

“Hello guys, I know it’s pretty late, but I was in the mood to do a special stream tonight on IG Live. And since it’s close to Halloween, I decided to wear this cute and sexy Catwoman costume. I hope you all like it.”

asslover19 Wow! Her ass looks incredible in leather! [peach emoji]

doveslover That is a very sexy costume! [heart eyes emoji]

simpingfordove Dove is just so fucking hot! [fire emoji]

hardfordove She makes me so fucking hard! [eggplant emoji]

“Wow! Judging from the comments I think you guys really love my costume. I was originally just going to stream wearing a bra and panties or just do it nude. But I thought that would be boring, so I wore this instead. It is Halloween time after all.” *laughs*

iworshipdove I really wanted to see you naked tonight. [disappointed face emoji]

titwacher24 Please show us your tits. [melon emojis]

“Don’t worry guys, you just might get your wish tonight.” *winks*

hardfordove Jerking it to Dove right now! [eggplant emoji]

asslover19 I love how great her ass looks in that costume. [peach emoji]

“Why are you guys so obsessed with my ass? That’s right! Because it looks good.”

Dove then wiggles her booty a bit for her audience before laughing.

“Okay, my special performance is going to begin now. I promise that you will not be disappointed!” *smiles at the screen*

The former Disney Channel actress then gets down on all fours and begins crawling on the floor like a cat. She even begins purring like one too.

“I’m pretty horny tonight, so I’m going to prowl for some cock!” *meow*

Dove then continues to crawl around the room while purring.

bigdickdan Fuck! She’s got my big dick throbbing. [grin and banana emojis]

asslover19 I want to see her ass so bad tonight. [peach emoji]

doveslover She looks, so fucking hot crawling on the floor like that! [fire emoji]

hardfordove I’m about to cum! [eggplant and sweat drops emojis]

The stream now shows Dove crawling towards a white recliner sporting a sly grin while purring like a cat again.

Seated on the recliner is a man with an athletic build. His face is obscured so that anyone watching the stream cannot see who he truly is. Not only that but he is already naked and is holding his fully erect veiny cock in his right hand.

Dove soon crawls between the mystery man’s legs and grabs a hold of his hard cock. The Agents of Shield actress then begins stroking it using both of her dainty hands.

bigdickdan That’s a big dick! But not bigger than mine though. [smirk emoji]

doveslover I wish she was holding my cock tonight.

iworshipdove She is such a goddess! [heart eyes emoji]

“Looks like I found what I was looking for! And it’s such a big cock too. I think I’m going to call you Lucky.” *laughs*

While still stroking Lucky’s long cock Dove begins licking it up and down before inserting it into her mouth. As the Liv & Maddie actress blows the well-endowed man, she makes loud wet noises.

hardfordove I wish she was sucking my dick. [lips and eggplant emojis]

simpingfordove Damn! She knows how to handle a big cock. [banana emoji]

titwatcher24 I hope we see her tits soon. [melon emojis]

Dove continues to furiously blow Lucky’s hard cock. In fact, the way her plump pink lips are wrapped around it resembles that of a vacuum as she inhales more of his schlong into her mouth.

The former Liv & Maddie star soon comes up for air and smiles while looking at Lucky with her green eyes.

“Damn! Lucky, your dick is so fucking big! I’m about to lick your balls now.”

“By the way, I really love saying fuck. It just sounds so naughty!” *laughs*

The Descendants star proceeds to suck on Lucky’s large balls while using her right hand to jerk his cock. She then begins licking his cock up and down again as if it were a lollipop. Dove even wiggles her ass a bit while blowing Lucky as well.

simpingfordove I wish she was sitting on my face. [tongue emoji]

dovelover69 Those lips were made for sucking dick! [lips and banana emojis]

asslover19 That ass shake made my cock so hard! [peach and eggplant emojis]

“I hope you guys enjoyed my little oral showcase. I know Lucky has!” *grins*

The blonde actress then stands up and presents her ass to Lucky. He grabs a hold of Dove’s ass and proceeds to tear a hole in the back and crotch area of her Catwoman suit.

“Don’t worry guys! I have a spare costume in my closet.” *laughs*

Once Dove’s bare ass is exposed Lucky kneels behind her and begins licking her cooze. He even has a firm grip on her booty cheeks as well.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Lucky, your tongue feels so good!” *moans*

simpingfordove I would love to lick her pussy. [tongue emoji]

asslover19 It’s great to see her peach of an ass! [peach emoji]

doveslover I love her petite pale body! [heart eyes emoji]

As Lucky continues to eat her out, Dove moans even louder. Moments later, he inserts his cock into her pussy lips and begins fucking the blonde starlet in the standing doggystyle position.

“Ohhhhh! That’s it! Fuck me good Lucky!” *moans*

Lucky soon begins pounding the former Disney star faster much to her delight. He even smacks her peach-like ass a few times as well which turns her on even more.

“Fuck yes! I love that big fucking dick!”

hardfordove Watching her get fucked like that makes me so hard! [eggplant emoji]

dovelover69 That dude is showing her pussy no mercy. [eyes emoji]

asslover19 Her ass is a thing of beauty! [yum & peach emojis]

Dove now has a red handprint on her pale right ass cheek as Lucky continues to fuck her from behind.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! That big dick feels so good!” *moans*

Five minutes later, Dove squats on Lucky’s cock and begins riding him reverse cowgirl. Since she has her Catwoman suit unzipped her big tits are now out too. As Dove bounces on Lucky’s hard cock her c-cup boobs begin to jiggle as well.

“I love riding big cocks! And it feels so good inside my pussy.” *moans*

Dove then begins riding Lucky faster while rubbing her snatch. The mystery man soon starts moving his long dick in and out of her pussy at a quick pace. Which of course causes the Hairspray Live star’s tits to bounce even more.

titwatcher24 Finally some Dove tits! [melons emojis]

bigdickdan I would love to fuck her titties with my big dick! [melon & banana emojis]

simpingfordove It’s so hot how she’s riding that cock. [fire emoji]

Dove is still happily riding Lucky’s big dick.

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! I’m such a bad kitty!” *moans*

Sometime later in the stream, Dove is on her knees again giving Lucky a blowjob. After sucking him off for a while she places his wet cock between her chest and begins giving him a titjob.

“That’s it! Fuck my titties!”

titwatcher24 Her boobs are out of this world! [heart eyes emoji]

bigdickdan I could fuck her tits better than that guy. [smirking emoji]

“By the way your cock is throbbing, I know you’re loving the titjob I’m giving you.”

Dove then smiles and begins titfucking Lucky faster than before. The talented actress/singer even catches the head of his cock with her mouth a few times as well.

hardfordove Fuck! She’s making me cum again. [sweat drops emoji]

iworshipdove I love my beautiful pale skin goddess so much! [heart eyes emoji]

Lucky is now fucking Dove doggystyle again. In fact, he is fucking her so deep that his large balls are smacking against her cooze. This causes her to scream out in pleasure.

“Oh my fucking god! That feels so good. Keep fucking me!”

doveslover Damn! He is tearing her pussy up! [eyes and eggplant emojis]

bigdickdan Lol! Lucky’s cock is nothing compared to mine. [banana emoji]

Dove is now expertly riding Lucky’s big cock. And the blonde starlet’s fans have a full view of her peach-like ass too. She begins bouncing her booty and shaking her booty as if she were a pornstar as Lucky continues to thrust his long dick in and out of her pussy.

“Oh my god! Oh, fuck! You’re making cum.”

The former Disney star soon begins having several orgasms while riding Lucky’s cock.

asslover19 I want to eat and fuck that ass so bad. [yum and peach emojis]

hardfordove Dove is really draining my balls tonight! [eggplant and sweat drops emojis]

Dove is now on her knees as Lucky is jerking his cock in front of her face. She is also holding a white saucer as he jerks himself off.

“Please feed me, Lucky! I’ve been such a good and slutty kitty for you tonight.”

Lucky jerks his hard cock until he expels a sizable load of spunk onto the saucer that Dove is holding. She then smiles and proceeds to lick the plate clean with her skilled tongue. Afterwards, Dove opens her mouth to show that she did swallow every single bit of cum that was on the saucer.

“Mmm! That was so yummy! Thank you, Lucky!”

Dove then licks her lips and smiles.

dovelover69 Holy shit! She swallowed all of that cum! [astonished emoji]

bigdickdan I would have given her way more cum than him. [laughing emoji]

simpingfordove That was so fucking hot! [heart eyes and fire emojis]

hardfordove No one makes me cum harder than Dove! [sweat drops emoji]

“Well guys, I had a lot of fun tonight. I hope you all enjoyed this special Halloween IG Live stream. I also want to thank my friend Lucky for providing me with the use of his big dick tonight too.” *laughs*

Lucky then leaves the room while giving the screen a thumbs up.

“Ha! Ha! Oh my god! Guys these comments are so wild. Anyway goodnight and have a happy Halloween!”

Dove then blows a kiss to the screen before ending her stream.

The End
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Re: Late Night Prowl (Dove Cameron)
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2021, 03:10:44 PM »
Loved the social media angle. Great approach to the story.
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