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Author Topic: A charitable donation (Linsey Dawn Mckenzie, Katie Thornton and others)  (Read 18174 times)


This is my first attempt. This is a work of fiction. It did not happen. It is purely fantasy

A Charitable donation
Starring Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Katie Thornton, Gemma Massey and Kerry Louise.

I took in the sight in front of me...I was ploughing my cock into Gemma Massey's wet tight cunt from behind while she was on her knees licking Linsey Dawn Mckenzie's pussy. Meanwhile Kerry Louise and Katie Thornton were sitting watching while they dildoed each other's pussies. Four of my favourite pornstars who I'd spent years wanking over and here I was in heaven. How the hell did we get here?

I'd checked into the suite late in the afternoon. It was bigger than I normally got but I thought that was fair enough. The hotel had included the suite as part of the package - I was bankrolling the event that was taking place for a charity this evening in the hotel. I could afford to do it and liked supporting the charity involved, a sexual health charity.

I wanted my philanthropy to remain very low key, so my company and my name didn't appear anywhere in the literature that was produced. The organisers had said that they would mention my name briefly during the speeches to thank me but wouldn't state how much I'd donated. I had stipulated only one condition and was a bit of an ulterior motive for paying for the evening for everyone!

The condition I stipulated was that I had complete control over who was going to sit at my table. I could invite anyone or choose anyone from the guest list. The organisers were happy to oblige bearing in much how much I was donating. This was key to me and I had lined up my own special guests to sit with me at my table.

Being a sexual health charity, they were pretty open with the sort of people who were invited - There were going to be all sorts of big names, celebrities (mainly z-list), models, page 3 girls and a few pornstars too. Invites had gone out to a large number of female pornstars at my request.

At least four of them had responded and said that they would be attending, luckily it was four of my favourite pornstars, all absolute stunners with really huge tits. I was definitely a tit man and I couldn't wait to see them dressed up to the nines, squeezed into tight dresses.

I stipulated that they were to be seated at a table with me near the back of the room. I was really looking forward to meeting them and spending the evening staring at them as they sat within touching distance of me. I was hoping to grab a few pictures with them so that I had something to wank over later! I was already looking forward to a big long wank in the suite when the event finished!


People were milling around and taking their seats and I stood up as Linsey Dawn Mckenzie approached my table - "Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Chris"

"Hi Chris, I think I'm sitting here next to you" she responded and gave me a kiss on both cheeks. I held her chair for her and she squeezed her magnificent frame into the seat next to me.

"Ooooh thank you Chris, what a gent you are" she giggled.

"You're welcome" I replied as I sat next to her and eyed her up and down.

"Although the way you're looking at me, I think you may not always be a gentleman" she laughed.

I couldn't help it - she looked amazing. She was shorter than I thought she would be - about 5,5 in her big heels. I had to lean down quite a way when I kissed her (I'm 6,2) and I'd got a fantastic eyeful of her deep cleavage when I did. I could picture my solid cock in that cleavage fucking those majestic tits!

Her long black hair cascaded over the aforementioned mountainous cleavage, her tits being squeezed closely together thanks to her far too tight dress. The dress finished above her knees, squeezing her legs together and accentuating her curvy arse.

I'd always been a fan of her calves, really toned and tight and her bare calves looked tight in her big high heels. I did wonder if she was wearing any knickers but I was having trouble keeping my cock from being visible pushing against my trousers so pushed the thought away.

I'd been a fan of Linsey for years, spending so many hours working my cock over her, from the days when she had the best natural swinging tits in porn, through to more recent stuff like the many lesbian videos she'd made.

She'd had a breast reduction a number of years ago and then a subsequent enhancement and I remember loads of blokes on porn forums saying that she was ruined as a result. What a crock of shit. She still looked fantastic. Sure, her tits were different from how they used to be but I'd still love to get them in my mouth and feel them pressing against me as I fucked her.

"Well, what can I say Linsey?", "welcome, you are very very welcome".

"I can tell that" said Linsey as I poured her a glass of champagne.

"I'll have one of those too" I heard someone with a northern accent say as I turned around and saw Katie Thornton pull up the chair on the other side of me.

"Katie!" exclaimed Linsey, clearly delighted to see her "how are you?" she asked as she got up to great her.

"Great thanks babe" said Katie as they embraced, their tits pushing against each other. What a sight!

"Katie, this is Chris, he's very happy to see us" she said with a glint in her eye. "Hi Chris" said Katie "nice to meet you" and leant in to give me a kiss. I kissed her on both cheeks and as I was pulling away she whispered in my ear "you like what you see?".

I nodded, holy shit she looked absolutely amazing. Her huge tits were spectacular, I wanted to suck on them so much. Of course I did.

Like with Linsey I'd spent a long time studying photos and videos of Katie in the past. I really loved her massive tits of course, her northern accent, her beautiful red lips and she looked unbelievably stunning completely naked except for stockings and high heels. She had a bit of a dodgy tattoo on her midriff just above her pussy, but I liked to imagine that it  was directing where my cock should go, steering towards her pussy lips.

In the flesh she looked even better - long blonde curly hair, bright red lipstick, a dress that was barely a dress, barely covering her boobs and really tight down her legs. I couldn't keep my eyes over that cleavage - well, I say cleavage, her tits were practically out and already spilling onto the table!

"Umm, here's your champagne" I replied, handing her a glass as I couldn't believe the sight. My cock was now throbbing in my pants and I wasn't sure how I was going to cope with the whole evening without shooting my load.

We got chatting as the drinks flowed and I managed to grab a few selfies with the girls.

"Smile girls" I said as I held the phone out in front of me as Linsey and Katie squeezed in next to me, Linseys leg brushing mine as she pulled her chair close to me. Did she do that deliberately I thought to myself as I took a couple of snaps? Her high heel encased foot rubbing up and down on my calf gave me my answer.

"Do you want a photo with us too?" Said a voice behind me. We turned around and there were another two stunners joining our table - the other two pornstars I'd invited had arrived!  I was going to be in heaven!

The four girls greeted each other, sharing kisses and hugs and I stood there drinking it all in, trying to make it not too obvious that I had a huge boner in my pants!

"Come on" said Kerry Louise "let's get that picture" "sit down young man" she demanded.

I sat back in my seat as Katie and Linsey sat back in theirs. I was joined by Gemma Massey squeezing her pert arse onto my lap and Kerry leant over my shoulder, her stunning cleavage spilling out of her dress, into my eyeline.

I held my phone out in front of me, my hands shaking with the excitement and nerves of being surrounded by such beautiful women...and the fact that I had them all to myself. I took a couple more shots and then Linsey introduced me to the girls.

"This is Chris" she said, "he's the lucky guy sitting with us all tonight" as she introduced me to Gemma and Kerry.

"Hi ladies, welcome" I said as Kerry grabbed me and gave me a full on snog her tongue going right down my throat.

"Nice to meet you Chris" said Kerry pulling away from me and sitting down at the table "now where's that fucking booze?" she continued as she poured herself a large glass of champagne.

Gemma was tiny, even smaller than Linsey and she hugged me and giggled as I said Hi to her. Due to her size, her breasts looked even bigger than the other girls, almost ridiculously big and I loved the firm feel of them as we hugged.

"Let's have a look at the pictures Chris" Gemma said so I showed her a photo of all of us. She zoomed in on her cleavage and I noticed her beautifully manicured nails, really long nails, painted a bright blue, they would look good wrapped around my cock I thought.

Gemma whispered to me "I hope you enjoy wanking over that picture later, if you can last that long...I could feel your cock pressing into me just now" with a cheeky smile.

I raised an eyebrow and laughed and stuttered as I said "oh, yeah". I walked Gemma round to her seat and held her chair for her as she squeezed her tiny frame into her seat. I hobbled back to my seat trying not to show the huge erection in my pants.

Now Gemma and Kerry have huge boobs of course, but their tits are very different from Linsey and Katie's. They're so obviously fake, huge pumped up fun bags, really big, hard and round. I'd fantasised so many times of getting my cock between their epic fucking tits.

Kerry was an interesting one. I mainly watched all girl porn, I don't particularly enjoy watching other blokes fucking beautiful women but I make an exception for Kerry. This girl really knows how to fuck and handle a cock. The blow jobs she gave were legendary, really wet and sloppy and the dirty talk that could come out of her mouth was a real turn on. She sure liked a good fucking and let everyone know it!

Another real turn on was how fake she looked - from the deep fake tan, to the overly manicured nails, the huge, perfectly round fake tits and the heavy make up.  She really played up to the role of being a complete slut and did it really well.

She was wearing a tight blue number, tits spilling over the top of the dress and of course high heels, and probably nothing else. She was already onto her second glass of champagne and was laughing loudly as she and Linsey shared a joke together.

Gemma was another girl I masturbated over regularly. She'd gone from being a page 3 model to one of the most highly paid adult models in the UK. During that time she'd had loads of breast enlargements and they really did look almost cartoonish on her small frame. Cartoonish but fucking good!

She was wearing a classy black number showing her tattoos on her arms, ample cleavage and chunky heels which really turned me own - I thought about how epic it would be to fuck her with her wearing nothing but those chunky heels.

The wine and food flowed and I loved the company of the stunners with me. We all get steadily drunker as the evening wore on and listened to the speeches.

Midway through the speeches they thanked a very generous donation from Mr Chris Richardson without who this evening would not have been possible and a spotlight shone round and illuminated me.

Unfortunately at this point I was midway through a conversation with Katie staring intently at her cleavage and so all the rest of the guests saw was the back of my head lit up! The spotlight swiftly moved back that he stage and the speeches carried on.

Gemma and Kerry missed this as they had just wandered off to the bathroom a minute or so earlier.  I had watched them totter off hand in hand, their arses practically on display in their snug fitting dresses and logged the view in my memory for wanking over later.


"So Chris" said Linsey "what the fuck was that? A generous donation without which the evening would not have been possible? You kept that fucking quiet!

 "Well I don't like to talk about it much" I responded

"Yeah, but you must be loaded" she questioned.

"Well I do ok. I donated a fair bit of money for the event to go on. I then leave them to it - I don't let many people know."

"Why?" questioned Katie

"Its a good cause, I've got the money and I get to spend the evening in such wonderful company."

"Ooh you smooth bastard" laughed Linsey. "

"Well" I said conspiratorially, "I also get to choose who I invite and send out some special invitations and my only demand is that these guests should sit on my table".

"Wow" said Katie "that's amazing, what a good man you are". It took another second or two before the penny dropped "hang on though, so you chose us all to sit here with you?" she asked with an enquiring look on her face.

"You've got me" I laughed. "My prerogative and I've always wanted to meet you all having been a fan of all your work for a long time".

"Chris" said Lindsey accusingly "you cheeky bastard" and she leant in closer to me "You sat us here because you're a horny fucker who must have wanked over us so many times?" she whispered.

I shrugged my shoulders, "Hey, I'm a normal guy, why wouldn't I take the opportunity to meet you all...and I'll remember meeting you next time I have a wank...probably later tonight!!"

Suddenly I felt a hand on my leg, Katie had started stroking my leg under the table "Oooh Chris" she purred edging closer to the bulge in my trousers "I think we may be able to do better than you having a wank on your own don't you Linsey?"

"Oh yeah, we can do better than that" responded Linsey as her hand joined my other thigh and both girls rubbed my legs until their hands met on top of my bulging crotch.

They both looked at each other and smiled, Katie jiggled her tits and whispered "Want to get your hands on these do you?"

"Oh yes please" I quickly answered.

"Now" demanded Linsey, "let's get going now, I want to get started."

"What about the others?" I asked.

"You greedy bastard" laughed Katie, "they'll find us I'm sure".

"I'll  text them" said Linsey as she grabbed her phone.

"What room Chris?"

"Penthouse suite 812" I replied"

"Penthouse eh Chris? Nice" stated Linsey as she tapped at her phone with her long red nails. "Right done. Let's go now. We need to get working on that hard cock".

"Hell yeah" I replied as I practically jumped out of my seat and led both her and Katie away from the main room. I walked out confidently with an arm around each of these stunning beauties, aware that we were being watched by numerous staff and guests in the lobby.


We quickly made it to the lift which was open waiting to take us up to my suite. "After you ladies" I said as I gestured to the girls to get in

"What a gent you are Chris" giggled Linsey as she tottered into the lift in her too tight dress and high heels.

"Yeah babe" said Katie in that northern drawl of hers "such a gentleman, knowing how to treat the ladies" and they both laughed as I entered the lift and the doors slid smoothly shut behind me.

I was immediately pushed up against the wall by Linsey as she grabbed me and pulled my head towards hers and we kissed enthusiastically.  I turned her so I had one arm round her and Katie joined me in the other arm. I took turns kissing both the girls, running my hands over their tight clothes and squeezing their magnificent arses.

Linsey started rubbing my cock through my trousers and commented "Oooh that's hard, looking forward to seeing it soon". Katie then joined in with rubbing my and agreed "Oh yeah, can't wait to suck it".

At that point the lift doors opened and we stumbled out of the lift to my suite, just down the corridor. I fumbled in my pocket for the key card as I kissed Linsey deeply while Katie fondled both my and Linsey's arses. I finally managed to get my card out and scan it and open the door. I pulled away from Linsey "Once again, after you ladies" I said.

They entered the room and I closed and locked the door. I turned around to see Katie and Lindsey kissing, their tongues engaged in a battle with each other as their hands roamed each other's bodies as they both begin to moan.

"Fucking hell" I said, "you two don't waste any time". They broke apart and looked over at me

"No we don't" responded Lindsey " I can't keep my hands off her, do you like it?" she enquired as she gave Katie's magnificent tits a squeeze.

"Holy shit yeah" I replied "you're both amazing."

"Show us then" demanded Katie, stroking linseys thigh "show us how much you like it and how amazing we are."

I quickly undid my trousers and unleashed my heavy, solid cock. I was rock hard and my cock was already twitching with excitement

"There you go ladies, that's all for you" I said "It's maybe not as big as you girls are used to in porn"

 "Looks pretty good to me" said Linsey "look at the girth of it Katie".

"Yeah" replied Katie, "that looks like a pretty big fat cock! Show us what you do normally when you look at us" she demanded

I began to stroke my cock in front of them.

"Ooooh Katie, he's not so much of a gentleman now is he?" laughed Linsey "let's really give him something to wank over" and with that she undid her dress and shimmied it onto the floor. This released her magnificent tits, tits which I had wanked over so many time. I was right, she wasn't wearing any knickers!

Katie did the same until they were both standing there wearing only high heels and a smile. Two huge breasted beautiful pornstars who have made me cum so many times were standing in front of me watching me stroke my cock.

"Fuck, I've dreamt of this" I said as I continued to work my cock energetically.  "Carry on then please ladies"

"Ok, you are a gent" laughed Linsey " keep wanking while I do this" she said and leant down and took one of Katie's breasts in her mouth. Katie moaned with pleasure as Linsey sucked one tit and massaged the other.

"Yeah", I said "suck on those titties Linsey while I wank over you both".

Their hands explored each other as I pumped on my cock focussing on Linsey's tongue as it ran over Katie's body.

"Oooh yeah" said Katie "Chris, get over here, get your clothes off and sit down over there" pointing at the sofa.

I walked over, quickly stripping out of my shirt and tie, rushing to get my shoes and socks off and quickly pull my trousers and pants down . Completely nude with a massive hard on I sat down as the girls moved closer on either side of me - they embraced coming together in front of my face, their tits pressed up against each other

My cock was standing pointing directly upwards at this point and as they kissed I finally got my hands on their tits and eagerly massaged them. They felt as good as I thought they would, heavy and smooth.

"Suck them Chris" demanded Linsey as I grabbed handfuls of magnificent boobs and took turns at sucking on all 4 of them. They were so big and juicy and I was desperate to get them in my mouth so I moved eagerly from one to another. I took the time to tweak their nipples as I considered it my job to get their nipples as hard as possible all at the same time.

I hungrily moved from one breast to another forcing the magnificent heavy mounds into my mouth, sucking hard on the whole breasts and licking the nipples as I pulled my mouth away.  I was in frenzy, moving quickly between the tits and couldn't get enough of them. I licked, sucked and slurped all over their tits, until they were completely drenched in my spit. I tried desperately to get my mouth on all four at the same time - they were so big it was impossible to get my mouth on more than one at a time but it didn't stop me trying.

My cock was absolutely throbbing at this point, standing tall and proud. The girls moaned with pleasure in between kissing each other as I continued to work my way from tit to tit, unable to stay long on one breast as I was pulled away to another magnificent mound. We continued like this for a while, all lost in the moment, until Linsey broke away panting to say "you've stopped wanking Chris, let us do it for you"

With that she manoeuvred herself onto her knees in front of me. Meanwhile Katie stayed where she was and I continued to munch on her tits, squeezing them both together and running my tongue all over them, sucking the nipples to a point and teasing them between my teeth. 

"Fuck Chris" said Linsey "You're so hard, do you like this?" she said as she grabbed my solid pole in her hand and started gently working the shaft, working from the bottom to the tip, expertly wanking me off. I pulled away from Katie's tits and watched Linsey play with my dick

"Shit yeah,  Linsey, that's really good" and I moaned and buried my face back in Katie's cleavage once more.

"Wait" said Katie "I need to get more comfortable" and she sat next to me, spread her legs and started playing with her pussy. ""fuck that's hot Katie, how does it feel?" I asked "It feels great, I want to watch you get that cock sucked though, Linsey?"

"With pleasure" said Linsey and eagerly took me in her mouth - she slowly eased the bulging tip into her mouth, easing her lips around it and then swiftly took it all down her throat. "

Yeah" said Katie "yeah, that looks good, suck that fucking cock Linsey". Linsey obliged keeping one hand round the base of my pole and stroking my cock in time with her bobbing up and down on it with her mouth. It felt so good and I looked down on her while she's did this and she took her time to get all of it in her mouth, intermittently taking it out and licking the shaft. "Want a go Katie?" she asked

"Hell yes" said Katie who moved onto her knees next to Linsey. They then took it in turns to take me in their mouths and suck me for all they're worth - as one stopped sucking, the other quickly took over, sometimes kissing in between, making my dick even harder, if that's possible! Linsey was cupping my balls, gently massging them and running her long fingernails over them, bringing more waves of pleasure over me.

"Oh yeah, fuck this is great" I cried "Keep going ladies, you're doing great". Linsey started fingering herself as she sucked me off, vigorously rubbing her pussy lips and clit "Fuck, I need you on my pussy" she demanded.

"Katie, keep sucking him off, you look so good with a cock in your mouth" she stated as she kicked off her heels, moved onto the sofa and straddled me standing on the sofa with her crotch in front of my face. She had a line of hair above her pussy which otherwise was completely shaved, her pussy lips invitingly on display. "Get in there Chris" she demands "lick my clit".

I gently fingered her pussy, easing her lips apart and delved my fingers into her hot, wet cunt. I eased a couple of fingers in and started to finger fuck her as I begin to lick her clit, "oh yeah, chris, oh yeah, that's good" she cries, "lick it faster".

Katie by now had my cock in-between her humongous tits and was working her tits up and down, fucking my cock with her breasts! "You like that babe" she asked "you like fucking my massive tits?"

"Fucking great" I mouthed in-between licking Linsey's clit. "Yes Chris, oh faster Chris, faster" Linsey demanded as I moved my mouth away, took some deep breaths and started vigorously thumbing her clit with one hand while I squeezed her ripe ass cheeks with the other.

"Yes Chris, oh God yes, faster, oh god, keep going faster, fuck" Linsey panted. My cock felt like it was  going to explode as Katie continued to fuck it with her tits, working the shaft really strongly between her mounds.

Suddenly there was a loud banging on the door. "Oi, open up, come on open up, we want to come in" shouted two female voices. We all stopped, my cock twitching as Katie's breasts let it go. "Fuck, I was so close" said Linsey. "fucking hell" as she collapsed onto the sofa next to me.

"Who is it?" I shouted

"Gemma" and "Kerry" came the replies "Come on open up, we know you're in there".

Shit, I didn't actually think they'd come up here! "Shall I get the door ladies" I asked of Linsey and Katie. "Don't worry babe, you're busy" said Katie as she got up and tottered over to the door - man, I thought, she's still wearing high heels, and I watched her ass wobble as she walked to the door while Linsey gave me a kiss and started wanking my cock again.

I reciprocated and started finger fucking her. Katie opened the door and Gemma and Kerry stormed into the room "We knew what you were up to you dirty fucking bastards" shouted Kerry as Katie quickly closed the door "I had to suck off the concierge to get him to tell me what room you were in. Look at them Gemma, filthy fuckers, lets get involved!"

"What?" questioned Gemma, her voice squealing "you told me the concierge didn't give you the room number, that's why I wanked off that bell boy" she continued angrily. Kerry laughed at this "he only lasted about 30 seconds though!" Gemma laughed and then quickly stripped out of her tight dress

She slipped the dress down, over her gorgeous breasts and it fell to the ground. Her tits stayed where they were beautiful, fake, round tits, defying gravity, balanced precariously on her chest!

Linsey stopped wanking me and laughed "I fucking texted you both telling you where we were".

"Oh shit what a waste of time sucking off that concierge" laughed Kerry "and wanking off the bell boy" joined in Gemma. "Still it got me pretty wet and up for some action. Lets join in" roared Kerry as she too slide out of her dress and immediately joined Linsey in servicing my cock.

Kerry's tits almost defied gravity as much as Gemma's but I was most taken by her fake tan, tattoos and heavy make up - she really did look like an absolute slag and I loved her for it!

"You know he's fucking loaded" said Linsey "and he paid for this whole evening" "Jesus" said Kerry "consider this your reward then Chris" as she really went to work on my cock, giving it the sloppiest sucking it had ever had - spitting on it and wanking it inbetween sucking it whole. "Fucking love a cock" moaned Kerry "Love this hard thick cock"

"Nice to see you again" I panted. I looked over at Katie and Gemma who were massaging each other's tits and Linsey started playing with her pussy again -

 "Oh yes Kerry, suck that fucking dick, of god yeah, Suck it hard, Get it all in you dirty bitch" encouraged Linsey as she really upped the tempo on her clit working it hard as she once more began to approach a climax.

Katie was by now lying on the floor with her ass in the air, and I watched as Gemma grabbed a dildo from her bag and used it on Katie from behind. "Oh Gemma, fuck me with that dildo" she screamed. Gemma began to stroke her clit, moaning as she continued to fuck Katie with the dildo.

Kerry was really getting into it now, really talking dirty inbetween mouthfuls of my hard cock "Fuck, you like this don't you, you filthy bastard. You like big titted bitches sucking your cock?" She spat on my cock and used the spit to lubricate it as she wanked it as she talked, she then spat again and took my cock back and forth in her mouth crying "Yes" each time she took it out.

 A trail of spit mixed with precum made its way from my cock to her mouth dangling on her amazing fake tits. "Fuck yeah, I love it" I cried as Linsey gor closer and closer

"Oh, suck him dry, oh fuck, keep going, fuck Gemma's pussy with that dildo Katie, oh fuck yeah, fuck yeah oh god yesssss! she cried as the orgasm spilled over her and she lay spent, quivering next to me.

"Right, get that fucking cock between my tits"" said Kerry as she stopped sucking on my pole, still dripping wet from her spit. "Fuck yeah" I responded as I got up and Kerry took my place lying on the sofa. Her tits stood up majestically as i straddled her and she squeezed them slightly together as i pushed my erect head against her cleavage, her spit helping my cock ease between her huge melons as thrusted through until my cock came out the other side near Kerry's mouth. Kerry stuck her tongue out and licked my head each time my cock appeared from her cleavage.

"Fuck yeah Kerry" I cried as I upped the pace driving my erect shaft between her hard rounded epic tits. "fuck my tits, you dirty cunt" cried Kerry, "fuck you filthy fucking bastard, keep fucking them" as I pounded my cock in and out of her cleavage. "Linsey" I screamed, "I wanna suck your tits, get here now". Linsey jumped up and ran round in front of me, leaning forwards so that her tits hang in front of y face at eye level. "Oh yeah" I said as she steered first one heavy breast into my mouth as I kept working my cock on Kerry's tits. I sucked the whole of Linsey's tit keeping it in my mouth as long as I can and flicking my tongue over her erect nipples as I rocked backwards and forwards.

I stopped fucking Kerry's tits and stood up and grabbed Linsey's pair, squeezing them together as i take turns at licking and sucking them each. "Kerry, swap places with Gemma" I demanded "Gemma, get over here, time I had a go on you too!" Gemma stood up and laughed "Where do you want me baby?" she asked as Kerry and her swapped places, embracing as they switched over, Kerry giving Gemma a big slap on the arse as she tottered over to me. Linsey had sat down at this point and spread her legs wide as she started to ease her fingers in her pussy.

 "I need a go on those epic tits" I demanded as Gemma greeted me and I grabbed a handful of solid, perfectly round tits. I leant down and sucked them hard, caressing the nipples until they were completely erect, flicking my tongue over the gorgeous nips. I took a breath and looked over at Kerry and Katie who were now 69ing each other, moaning as they got to work on each other's pussies. Linsey caressed my arse as I continued to lick and suck Gemma's tits. "Come on Chris" Linsey said"I'm so fucking wet for you, when are you going to fuck me?"

"I want to fuck you all" I cried, "I'm going to fuck all of you". "You first then Linsey" and I puledl myself away from Gemma's tits, "Gemma, I'm going to suck your tits while I fuck Linsey". Linsey pulled me down onto the sofa and straddled me licking me on the neck as she positioned her hot pussy above my rock hard cock. Gemma knelt down on the sofa next to me and held her tits in front of my face. "Oh fuck, this is amazing" I shouted as I took a mouthful of breast and Linsey eased herself onto my cock, her pussy opening invitingly as she ground down on me.

"Ohh Chris, fuck that feels good" shouted Linsey as she began to move up and down on my pole. Her pussy felts so hot and wet as it gripped my cock, a perfect fit, as I reciprocated with thrusts to meet her movements. I grabbed as much of Gemma's tits in my mouth as I could but this proved difficult as I was so engrossed in watching Linsey bounce up and down on me - a goddess fucking a mere mortal.

"Fuck Gemma. I'm sorry" I panted, as I stopped sucking Gemma's tits. "Chris!" Moans Linsey " I thought you were a gentleman. Oh fuck that's good".

" I am" I panted, "sorry Gemma, I'll fuck you soon, oh fuck, keep going Linsey, oh fuck, Linsey I need to fuck you harder" and I lifted her off me "Come on, get on the sofa and spread those legs for me" I demanded, Linsey obliged giving her clit a quick rub as she stretched her legs out, holding her pussy open for me.

Linsey looked like a dream, as she opened her luscious pussy lips and strummed her clit while she waits for me to pounce. "Fuck Linsey, this is immense" I said as I grabbed hold of her tight calves, pulled her legs further apart and got my throbbing cock into her open pussy.

In a flash I was pounding away at her, fucking her really hard and getting my cock as deep as it's ever been inside her cunt. "Oooooooh fuck yeah, that's it" she screamed"fucking do it! Harder, harder harder". I was going as hard as I could and I drove my pole into her with all my might.

"Chris!" shouted Gemma, "I want some" "Fuck yeah you do" shouted Linsey, "fuck he's good". Linsey moaned as I piled my cock back and forth into her, trying to get deeper with each thrust.

"Fuck me, Oh fucking hell Linsey, this is epic, fuck your pussy is so tight, Jesus" I cried as I kept going. "Chris!" shouted Gemma again from next to Linsey on the sofa. I stared at her as I continued to pound powerfully into Linsey, "Oh fuck, yes Gemma, yes, I'll stop any second, fuck".

I maintained eye contact with Gemma as I thrust my cock into Linsey with all my might "Fuck yeah, I'm going to fuck you like this Gemma, get your fucking cunt ready for my dick." I shouted as Gemma licked her lips and spread her pussy wide. I finally slowed down, get myself under control and pull out of Linsey.

"Ok Gemma, your turn". "Linsey, lie back so she can lick your pussy while I'm fucking her" I suggested. Linsey looked exhausted, her tight body covered in a sheen of sweat but this perked her up "Oh yeah, come on then" she said and quickly lay down on the sofa and spread her legs once more.

"Ooh yes" purred Gemma and I gave Gemma a huge kiss as I gave her pussy a quick rub "Fuck Gemma, you're really wet" I exclaimed "Yeah get that fat cock in me" she replied eagerly as she moved to the end of the sofa, got on all fours and presentd her pussy and ass to me.

"Go on Chris" shouted Kerry " fill up that dirty bitch!" as she looked up from Katie's cunt, Jesus Kerry really knows how to encourage me and get me going! Kerry went back to Katie's pussy as she moaned as Katie's tongue worked on her clit.

Meanwhile Linsey lay on the sofa in front of Gemma. I positioned myself behind Gemma and slapped her pert ass a couple of times.  "Fuck me Chris, come on" she shouted. I took my hard cock and slapped her on the ass with it, precum dribbling onto her backside. I'm going to fuck her wearing those heels I thought to myself as I ram my cock straight into her damp opening.

"Fuuuuuccck" I shouted as I grabbed her hips and began pounding on her pussy "Ohhh yes Chris, fucking hell that feels good" screamed Gemma and she then lowered her head and started licking at Linseys slit as I continued to fuck her hard.

This has been a fantasy of mine for years - fucking a stunning woman from behind while she licks another woman's pussy - I just never believed it would happen, let alone with two of my favourite pornstars!!
This was where we came in at that start of the story and I'm in heaven here. Waves of euphoria rush over me as I take it all in. I'm the best I think to myself, look who's fucking winning here - I am!

Fuck I've wanted to do this for ever" I say as I look around and spread Gemma's legs further and continue to drive my twitching rock hard cock deep into her cunt.

"Fuck Chris, fuck her harder, go on" shouts Kerry as she pants as she nears orgasm. I drive my cock into Gemma, taking hold of her hips and steering her onto me, I look up at Linsey's face and she smiles as she moans at Gemma teasing her clit and flicking it with her tongue.

"Fucking hell, this is great Chris, look at you fucking her you fucking stud" she says and puts her head back and moans as Gemma continues to pleasure her. "Fucking love this, you bunch of dirty bastards" shouts Kerry, "come on Chris, fuck her and make her scream!".

Gemma's pussy feels real good round my cock, gripping my manhood as I plough strongly into her. "Oh fuck, yes fuck, that's the best" screams Gemma in between licking and nibbling at Linseys open pussy. "Fuck yeah Chris shouts Linsey, fuck her harder." I do as I'm told and pull Gemma onto my cock as I drive it deeper into her with each thrust. "Oohhhh god" she screams "Yessssss!!!"

"Fucking hell" comes Kerry's voice "Gemma you fucking screamer" she laughs as her and Katie part. "I want to watch this" says Kerry. "Me too" agrees  Katie as they sit up, kiss deeply and start fingering themselves while they focus on the three of us losing ourselves in pleasure. "Go on Chris, really fuck her" demands Kerry.

"I am!" I shout, "I really fucking am!" "Fucking take that Gemma" I shout and grunt with each thrust of my hips. "Look at his ass" says Kerry "and gets up and smacks me on my arse.

"Fuck yeah, do it again" I shout as Kerry smacks me again and again. Gemma is just moaning continually at this stage in between licking Linsey's cunt.

Kerry appears in front of me as she massages my arse forcing me to drive harder into Gemma. She stares right into my eyes and says "Come on Chris you filthy bastard, you've been fucking Gemma for ages, time you got that cock in my fucking wet cunt" and kisses me as I keep thrusting into Gemma. "Fuck yeah" I say and grab Gemma's tits as I pull her onto my cock a few more times before sliding easily out of her.

"Shit Gemma that was good" I say and smack her arse as she squeals and continues to work on Linseys clit. Kerry takes my hand and walks me over to a large armchair and pushes me down into it. She turns around so she's facing away from me.

She eases backwards on top of me and in no time at all she positions her pussy lips on my cock and puts all her weight down as I enter her - her pussy is wet and inviting and she starts rocking up and down on my solid cock.

"Fuck" I shout "Fuck, that's good" as I watch her bounce up and down on me. She looks great, with a really fake tan, her back is immense, covered in tattoos and it's great watching her bounce on my pole. I grab her tits from behind and pull her onto me with each movement - she turns around and faces me and cries "Fuck oh yes, fuck me Chris, squeeze my big fake tits you lucky boy!" I continue to massage her tits as I plough into her wide open cunt, her arse cheeks shaking with each movement.

"Fuck yeah Kerry, fucking do it' I shout. It feels great from this angle, my cock finding it's way deep into her pussy. I can also watch the other girls over Kerry's shoulder which is a huge turn on.

Katie has joined Gemma and Linsey om the sofa and all 3 are sitting there legs wide, intertwined with each other, each with a dildo in their hand (no idea where they came from) and are working them on their pussies while they kiss and stroke each others mammoth tits and watch me and Kerry fucking.

"Fucking look at Kerry" shouts Linsey, "look.at her tits bouncing. She looks epic". She feels epic too and I'm moaning with pleasure as she continues to work my cock and talk dirty "Oh fuck Chris, fucking get it in me, really deep, fuck it's so hard you filthy bastard. I love it" She starts screaming "yes  yes yes yes yes, oh fuck I'm coming, harder you fucker , fuck yeah, oh fuck yes yes yes yesssssss!" as the waves hit her  and she collapses on my cock she shakes as her orgasm subsides. I kiss her neck and lick the sweat from her back, revelling in how wet we both are from our exertions.

She slides off me onto the floor and I sit back in the armchair.my dick still hard aching for some more pussy. Katie shouts over "Are you coming soon? You haven't fucked me yet don't forget".

"I cant keep going on for long girls" I say "Katie, I need to fuck you, there is no way I would forger that - you've been missing out".

"I know I have" she laughs, "I can't believe I've had to wait so long after Gemma and Kerry barged their way in here. How is that fair?" She demands. "Sorry babe" I say, "I've only got one cock to service you all!!"

I walk back over to the sofa my cock pointing directly at her. Kerry grabs me as I walk past her and quickly licks my pole from base to tip "Jesus Kerry you greedy cow!" shouts Katie "let him get over here and fuck me".

"Ladies " I say as I break free from Kerry, "I think we all need to help Katie out. Katie turn around" I demand as I reach her, pull her up from the sofa, kiss her passionately and manoeuvre her so she's standing up and leaning down with her arms on the sofa and her cunt is on display for me.

Gemma leans round and starts massaging one of her huge tits, Linsey joins in and quickly starts sucking and licking the other one. "Yes" means Katie "come on Chris, don't make me wait any longer please" she begs. Kerry barges her way onto the sofa and starts licking Katie's clit just as I'm about to enter her, "fuck, that looks amazing" I say as I ease into Katie from behind..

"Oh fuck Katie yes" I cry "there you go!" I shout as I start rocking backwards and forwards in her slippery cunt. "Yes Chris, oh god yes" she responds "fuck this was with the wait" and she reciprocates my thrusts moving back onto me so that I'm so deep inside her.

There's a cacophony of moaning from all of us, interspersed with noises of sucking, licking and the slap of my balls on Katie's pussy lips aa I drive my aching cock into her hot pussy.

"Fuck you are all so fucking hot, fuck Katie that's good," I shout, as I look at my hard pole disappearing into her completely bald pussy.  She lets out screams with each thrust and I plough into her pussy grunting with each thrust of my manhood. "yes Chris, ooooh god that's it, Fuck me, oh god yes yes yes! she screams.

All the girls have now learnt back on the sofa and are encouraging me now as they watch closely and play with their pussies. "Go on Chris, you look so good, keep going, we want to see you cum!" shouts Linsey, 

"Get that hard cock in her pussy you fucker" roars Kerry and Gemma just starts shouting "yes yes yes" in time with each thrust. Katie can't say anything but is panting, moaning and screaming instead!

I keep driving my hard cock, into Katie's warm wet pussy, really ramming it home. Gemma is really strumming her clit hard and she closes her eyes as she nears a climax, her tits shaking as she moans "oh yes, yes yes I'm coming oh god yes!!!" As her whole body shakes as the orgasm hits and she collapses on the sofa. Linsey isn't far behind, she's working one of the diodes hard into her pussy as she rubs her clit furiously. "Fuck me that looks good Linsey" I cry as I again lose myself in fucking Katie "umm yes, take it Katie, take my fucking cock" I scream.

"Do it" screams Linsey, "oh god do it, fuck me oooh god oh god yes!!!!!!" She shouts as she cums driving the dildo all the away inside her.

"Oh fuck," Katie I shout, have you not cum yet?" "Not yet babe" she says, "but I'm close I'm really fucking close.".  Me too as I'm hammering away at this point and I'm not far from shooting my load.  I'm desperate not to cum yet though so I shout "Fuck Katie that's good" as I pull out of her, my cock dripping with her juices. I reach around and start rubbing her clit while Kerry gets one of the dildos and uses it with expertise on Katie's pussy.

"There's one more thing I want to do" I say as me and Kerry start bringing Katie to the peak of pleasure. "I want to fuck you in a lineup one after the other" I say, my cock still standing erect at the thought of this. "Gemma you next, then Kerry then Linsey and then finishing on Katie before I cum on your tits " .

This gets Katie going and she screams "Oh fuck yes, yes fuck I'm coming oh god yes, yes yes yes yes!!!!" as she collapses on the sofa breathing heavily. "We've all cum" says Kerry "time for you to cum Chris, come on girls let's line up as he said. "From behind " I shout "get those asses and pussies in the air!

They do as they are asked and I take in the sight as all four of them line up, asses and pussies on display waiting for me to ram my cock into them.

"Fuck me" I shout " this is the best view ever" "fucking beautiful" and I start by positioning myself behind Gemma and driving my cock into her. "Yes" she shouts "oh yes" as I quickly build up a pace on her pussy.  I build up the pace but only keep going for 30 seconds or so before I pull out - I want to make sure I fuck them all in a lineup before I cum. "Fuck yeah Gemma" I say as I spank her ass and move onto Kerry.

"Jesus Kerry, your tanned ass is magnificent" I exclaim as I grab both buttocks and pull her pussy lips apart as I mount her and fuck her as quickly as I can.  "Fuck Chris, you magnificent bastard, fuck get that cock in me...faster...faster fuck" screams Kerry. I'm getting close to shooting in her pussy so I slow it right down and pump slowly into her pulling her hips to get me as deep as possible "fucking take that you absolute slut" I pant as I thrust a couple more times and slide out slapping her ass as I move onto Linsey.

Linsey lifts her ass and pussy up really high so I can enter her easily, I notice the tattoo on her back, guiding me into her wet cunt and I slip easily in as she lets out a deep moan.

I work my way slowly backwards and forwards into Linsey, making sure I don't cum, unable to believe my luck that I have spent years wanking over these stunning women and here I am today fucking all four of them.

The roars of encouragement I get from the other three girls as I delve my dick hard and smoothly into Linsey keep me going. I grab hold of Linsey's huge tits as I pull her onto my cock, in time with each thrust into her tight damp hole.

The other three girls are all fingering their twats and moaning as I scream as I finish on linseys cunt.  "Fucking take it Linsey, oh god yes, fucking take my hard cock!" Linsey shakes as she shouts "Ooooh yes, oh fuck yes, yes yes yes!!!!"

"Fuck I'm nearly there girls" I cry as I manoeuvre from Linsey, slapping her, Kerry and Gemma's ripe arses as I go back to Katie, "Katie, I'm going to finish off with you". The other three girls sit back on the sofa and all start strumming their clits - "Come on Chris" encourages Gemma " we want to see you cum!"
 I drive my cock into Katie's tight pussy revealing in the sight of me pounding away on Katie in front of the other three furiously wanking. 

"Yeah, fuck her" shouts Linsey "fuck her pussy" as she fingers herself. "Oh God Chris, that cock feels so good, get it in me harder, Harder!" screams Katie. "Oh god yes, yes, yes!" I respond and fuck her pussy hard, knowing that I don't have long left before I cum.

"Oh god, I'm nearly there" I shout as I slow down," I can feel I'm about to explode and I pull my cock out of Katie as she sighs "Ooooh babe, that was fucking good".

I get my cock in my hand, it's so slippery with the juices from all of the girls and I easily work my hand back and forth over it looking at the girls. Katie has joined them on the sofa and they are all wanking furiously, moaning as they do.

"I'm coming over your tits I say, get on the floor all of you " I demand. They all obey and kneel in a semi circle in front of me, their tits pushed up against one another. I stand over them as they look up at me, Katie's heavily made up eyes staring directly at my cock, Kerry shouting at me to cum "Fucking do it Chris, make that cock spunk everywhere, come on, we want your hot cum!", Gemma smiling up at me as she jiggles her enormous tits and Linsey licking her perfect lips as she begs for my spunk "On my tits, come on spunk on my tits"

"On our tits!"shouts Katie. "Oh fuck yeah" I shout stroking my cock as I look at all of them, ready for a big load, "Fuck, here it comes, oh Jesus. Get your tits together, squeeze them together" I shout as they all get closer and push their mammoth boobs up against each other.

"I'm going to cum all over you, fuck, here I come, fucking hell, going to cum over your epic fucking tits, Yes, Yes, oh fuck" I shout. With a couple of final strokes I feel my balls begin to tense and finally my cock erupts, as I jerk it towards the girls, jets of hot white spunk shooting out and  begin splattering the girls tits - first on Katie, then Linsey.

The spunk pumps out of me as I direct it towards Kerry and Gemma ensuring that they all get some on their tits "Yesssss, fuuucccckkk" I scream. I pump the last few thick drops out ending on Gemma's tits and watch as the white goo slowly slides down her tits, coating one of her hard nipples and then dribbles off the end.

I take a good look around, delighted at the sight of these 4 stunners, their tits covered in my hot spunk. My cock twitches in my hand as Kerry reaches out and grabs it and milks it, forcing some drops out and onto her tongue, before taking me in her mouth and sucking any remaining drops of cum into her mouth. She smacks her lips as she takes my cock out which twitches as a I feel my erection begin to subside, and grabs Gemma and kisses her, parting her lips to dribble some of my seed onto Gemma's tongue. She then quickly runs a couple of fingers over Gemma's creamy tits, collecting as much spunk as she can on her fingers before sucking them one by one and repeating the process with Linsey as she kisses her and dribbles still warm spunk onto Linsey's tongue.

"Fuck I love your hot spunk Chris" she says as she licks her fingers and swallows the rest of my cum hungrily "Yum!" she says, smacking her lips again. Linsey then turns and shares a deep snog with Katie, their huge tits banging against each other and they rub each others boobs as they share my cum in their mouths, rubbing the rest of my creamy spunk into their tits.

"Oooh fuck" I exclaim, "fuck me that was amazing." as I lie back on the sofa exhausted. "Better than having a wank on your own eh?" laughs Katie.

"Oh Christ yes" I respond. "Thanks ladies, that was spectacular". "It's not over yet" says Linsey, "you donated loads to that charity, you deserve to get a bit more for your donation" with a glint in her eyes...


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Re: A charitable donation (Linsey Dawn Mckenzie, Katie Thornton and others)
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2021, 10:17:12 AM »
This story was fantastic!! I had a great time reading it all the way through and using some legendary porn babes with tits!! Fucking awesome first attempt! I hope you write some more in the future, cause you definitely have skill!
Check me out on Patreon if you like my work!
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Re: A charitable donation (Linsey Dawn Mckenzie, Katie Thornton and others)
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2021, 10:21:53 AM »
Brilliant work, an epic first story, can't wait to read more!
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Re: A charitable donation (Linsey Dawn Mckenzie, Katie Thornton and others)
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2021, 07:36:07 AM »
You have certainly given me some new names to add into the directory later today.

What an amazing first story. The site has been getting some great new content lately.
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Re: A charitable donation (Linsey Dawn Mckenzie, Katie Thornton and others)
« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2021, 05:46:04 AM »
Nice choice of models. Well done from a fellow Brit.
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Re: A charitable donation (Linsey Dawn Mckenzie, Katie Thornton and others)
« Reply #5 on: October 16, 2021, 04:51:19 AM »
Thanks for the positive comments! I enjoyed writing it and looking forward to writing some more!
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Re: A charitable donation (Linsey Dawn Mckenzie, Katie Thornton and others)
« Reply #6 on: December 11, 2021, 10:05:34 AM »
Bravo, beautiful fiction which was brilliant, it was epic as we like. Thank you.
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Re: A charitable donation (Linsey Dawn Mckenzie, Katie Thornton and others)
« Reply #7 on: December 18, 2021, 10:40:03 AM »
Wow this story is amazing, can't believe I overlooked it before.
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