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Author Topic: Christmas GOAT with Laura Robson and Holly Willoughby  (Read 13340 times)


Christmas GOAT with Laura Robson and Holly Willoughby
« on: December 04, 2021, 09:50:37 AM »
Christmas GOAT

Holly Willoughby, Laura Robson
FF, FFM+ Cons, high heels, lingerie, oral, titfuck, scissoring, cum swap, magic

Holly Willoughby found herself holding a glass of prosecco staring at a rather unusual prop a guest had brought in. It was the last show before Christmas and the cast and crew would have their Christmas night out later. This was the more formal start it, where everyone milled around and chatted socially. Holly was rather more looking forward to the more racous and rowdy night out.

However, she played her part and had been round the studio, chatting to everyone who wanted to. Now she was in the prop room all alone, just staring at the statue in front of her. Or so she thought.

"Interesting, isn't it?"

Holly startled bit the voice was one she knew.

"I don't know why anyone would bring it in for daytime TV. It's totally in appropriate."

"Quite funny though," remarked Laura Robson who joined the blonde at the table.

The pair looked down at a goat statue wearing a red Santa hat. It was solid gold apart from this and sparkled it the Christmas lights.

"The Christmas goat," laughed Laura. "Wonder who thought of that?" she smirked.

"I don't know. It's not exactly a subtle object though." Holly looked at the goat, whose cock extended out from his body and it looked quite happy about it.

"There would be nothing subtle about that. I still don't get why it's a goat for Christmas though." Laura was a little tipsy from her prosecco having been one of the guests on the show.

Holly knew a little, having been present at the preshow meeting that took it out of the recording.

"Apparently it is a trophy given to the best of something. The saying Greatest Of All Time or GOAT is a lot older than we know."

"Goat of what though?" Laura asked bemused.

"Goat of Christmas sex apparently." Holly replied matter of factly trying to be more professional. She had thought about saying "Goat of Christmas fucking" but stopped herself in her current surroundings.

"Well I'd definitely win it," Laura quipped with a giggle, prosecco almost spilling from her glass at the silliness of the situation.

Holly gave a sly grin. "Not likely," she replied, half joking, half serious. She had always thought highly of her sexual ability and felt she'd easily best the younger woman. She'd always been super hot and had to admit Laura was that too but the experience she had was definitely too much for anyone to handle.

Laura's innate competitiveness spiked as soon as she heard the words. "Too bad there's no way to find out!" she said, before realising there was a way and that if this went further she'd not back down. The prosecco had definitely gone to her head.

Laura and Holly took pause as they both realised the implications of what they were thinking. It gave them a moment's notice that the Christmas goat was now glowing pleasently.

"What the…" Holly began.

Suddenly a flash of light erupted in front of the women. Objects started to fly from the Christmas goat and swirled round the room. Holly could make out some names as could Laura.

Britney Spears


Jennifer Aniston

Sophia Loren

Anna Kournikova

Carrie Fisher


Scarlett Johansson

Audrey Hepburn

Marilyn Monroe

And many many more

Despite the strange things going on, neither Laura or Holly felt scared. It was a warm, comforting light, more magical than anything else.

A whisp of cool air ran over Holly and Laura as the light faded quickly. The magical writing faded too. It was then Holly and Laura realised they had been transported to a different place. Instead of a dull office, this was an Ice palace, full of blue clear ice and white snow. There was plenty of red and green about the place too to celebrate Christmas. There huge trees and soft twinkly lights. There were stockings hanging above a crackling wood burning fire.

Holly felt a draft across her arm and reached up to cover herself, feeling the flesh of her arms. Startled she looked down to see she was no longer wearing her long sleeved ankle length skirt, but a Christmas lingerie set consisting of white fur lined bra and panties. She could look down into her deep cleavage as the bra held her big round tits enticingly together. She could also see that her skin had been covered baby oil, giving her body an enticing glistening appearance.

Holly quickly spun towards Laura who was likewise figuring out what had happened. She appeared to be looking dumbstruck at Holly's curvy body but all the blonde could take in was how hot Laura looked.

Laura was wearing the same lacy red lingerie with Santa Claus trim as Holly. She had ample tits but not as big as the presenter's melons. It was the athletic body that struck Holly. A flat stomach with long luscious toned legs, set off by a pair of sexy black peep toe platform high heels. It had been perfectly oiled too making Laura even hotter to look at.

Holly rocked on her heels a little, giving her the chance to realise she too was in platformed high heels, a thing that always made feel incredibly sexy. She found herself hoping she looked as hot as Laura did.

The pair looked at each other nervously for a moment before realising they were both wanting lesbian sex. Intrigued smiles crept across their faces. This was going to happen in the most amazing of settings. They both started to move towards each other when a voice suddenly interrupted.

"Merry Christmas!" Bellowed a loud voice round the big ice room. "Welcome to the GOAT Den Holly Willoughby and Laura Robson."

Holly and Laura's faces both changed to a playful curiosity, happy to be experiencing this thing, whatever it was, together.

"You have been chosen by The Goat of Christmas Sex to compete for the title of Christmas Sex GOAT. You may now fuck each other and the winner will receive the greatest of prizes."

Holly and Laura both felt a warm glow inside as their pending embrace was endorsed by their host. They blushed at each other as they both confirmed with a shy glance they were up for it.

The pair moved in a placed their hands softly on the others waist, they smiled while they locked eyes and moved in for kiss. It was exciting and romantic for each as their soft lips first touch together briefly then again. After a slightly longer embrace they parted and saw the mutual delight they had created. This was going to be good.

The light touch became a strong hold as their bodies came together. Hands started to move from the waist. Laura's immediate thought was how good Holly's chest felt pressed against hers and moved to unhook the blonde's bra. With precision and efficiency, Laura expertly loosened the clasp with one hand. Holly noted the brunette's desire but giving a smile whilst kissing, breaking the tryst and stepping back.

Holly loved showing off her tits and this was definitely the case right now. With an even bigger, prouder grin, she let her bra fall to the floor, freeing her big round tits for Laura to see.

The tennis star's eyes almost popped out off her head as she was finally able to see what she lusted after. To Laura, they were perfect and even better than she could have thought of. There was only the tiniest jiggle as they escaped their holders and protruded like melons from Holly's chest. And the oil glistening on them made them appear even more fun to play with.

Holly loved how highly people thought of her jugs but yet how astonished they were when she displayed then. She knew this would happen and it made her proud and horny. They could get her anything. However sometimes she needed to give a gentle nudge to move things forward. As with others, Laura Robson was awe struck.

"They are yours to enjoy, lover," Holly commented as Laura came round.

It was then the two girls noticed they were no longer alone. They had an audience.

"I hope you don't mind but some of the Christmas elves ask to watch every year…" The voice played again but this time more gently, seeking permission for letting these horny elves in. However, he need not have worried as both Laura and Holly had taken the view that this was something special, not to be missed and were already moving together to get reacquainted.

"They will help me decide who wins…"

As the pair embraced once more, ignoring the fact they were competing, they occasionally caught a glimpse of eleven elves all standing in a circle around them, each jerking their own cock. For such small guys, they certainly had big cocks thought both Holly and Laura.

However, Laura had other matters in hand, namely Holly Willoughby's big round tits and was loving how they felt. She loved the fleshy feel, the perfect roundness, the hard nipple and the soft oily skin. They made Laura feel happy and drove her insane at the same time.

Holly was working her hands round the fleshy cheeks of Laura's toned ass. She could tell how hard the beauty worked out a lot and this was the result. Holly kissed the younger woman passionately the more she squeezed it, pulling Laura in closer for a better feel.

There was nothing between the two now apart from Holly's big tits which were squashed to the maximum in a very pleasant way for both women. Laura was struggling to smother her hands round them due to this and was happy when Holly undid her bra, dropping it to the floor

Laura had smaller round pert tits that fitted her body shape perfectly. She was oiled up too and immediately pushed her tits against Holly's feeling the flesh and the nipple rub pleasingly over the other.

"Mmm," groaned Laura, realising she was a boob girl. "This feels so good."

"Well I think you'll feel great after this," Holly said knowingly as she broke the embrace. "Take off those cute little panties and let me all of that smoking hot body."

Laura blushed at the fact Holly Willoughby had called her hot but quickly proceeded to do what was asked. She now stood naked except for her sexy platformed peep toe high heels in front of a half naked Holly Willoughby and eleven masturbating elves. She had never felt more sexy or confident.

"Fuck," said Holly. "I'm going to enjoy this." The blonde took Laura's hand and then lay down on the ground. The stunner then pulled an excited but slightly perplexed Laura down on top off her, quickly pressing her tits together for even more lift.

As soon as Laura's hot, wet pussy touched one of Holly's perfect tits, she knew exactly what heaven felt like.

"Oh yes!"

"That's it, ride my big titties. I know how they make you feel."

Laura instinctively began to gyrate, rubbing herself all over the slippery round surface. As Holly's tit gently massage her pussy she could feel herself losing control.

"Mmm that's it, fuck my melons."

Holly could see the elves round about, masturbating furiously at the sight of one woman titty fucking another and getting off on it.

Laura could occasionally see them too, went her eyes weren't closed with bliss or too blurry from ecstasy to focus. It turned her on knowing these elves were masturbating to her and Holly having sex.

Laura ground a bit harder letting the round flesh past her gently, giving a warm feeling through her. But all of a sudden, her clit made contact with Holly's hard nipple and an explosion of endorphins flooded her body.

"Ahhhh!" breathed the tennis star as she searched for it again.


Holly was delighted and even though Laura faced away from her face, she knew by Laura's breathing how much Laura enjoyed it. She loved watching Laura's tight ass jiggle just in front of her face.

"My tits are made for pleasuring hot bodies like yours Laura!"

"I love tits," moaned Laura. "I love yours!" Laura added, confirming to herself what she deep down always knew.

The now sweaty brunette now reached for her own and began to cup them slowly before moving on to a gentle rub, letting her own rock hard nipples trace patterns in her palms.

"Use that hot body," added Holly provactively. "I love watching hit women playing with their own tits "

Laura's pussy connected with Holly's nipple again in the most perfect way. Suddenly an orgasm flooded Laura's body, taking over everything and enhancing every erotic sensation. She felt her boobs radiate pleasure as the rest of her body convulsed with the power of her first lesbian orgasm.

Laura tried to concentrate on the feeling of Holly Willoughby between her legs and this only drive further pleasure. She felt her legs weaken but at the same time felt her sexy high heels more than ever.

The feeling was so immense that Laura immediately wanted more. Knowing Holly had done this for her she was going to give Holly what she wanted. Even as she was still having waves of orgasmic joy, Laura was somehow able to roll off Holly, pulling the blonde's panties away.

Laura was then quick to shuffle her toned athletic legs between Holly's pins and enter a scissoring set up. She pulled Holly off of her back so they were both sitting with legs spread giving access to their pussy.

Holly smiled. "Super hot," she said, looking the brunette up and down. "What a body!"

Laura started to grind slowly on Holly and the blonde replied likewise. They were both soaking wet and lubed by the oil so it was frictionless. It felt like the easiest thing in the world.

"I think they like what's going on!" beamed Holly as she started to get into a rhythm. The elves had closed in a bit and Holly and Laura were more aware of their presence.

"Good," said Laura, "I want them to enjoy themselves too." It was at this point the tennis player reached out and began to grope Holly's big tits with a hand, enjoying the fullness of it in her hand.

The pair began to get faster as they held each others gaze with lustful looks. Holly got so turned on by just getting Laura off. Laura was high on Holly's big tits and just wanted to play with them.

"Mmm, feels so good," moaned Holly.

Holly continued to grind, loving watching Laura do the same. She loved the feel of Laura's long shapely legs between hers and the feel of her smooth thighs on her own. She loved the sight of Laura's glistening body and face in sexual ecstasy.

The girls both glanced around themselves, simultaneously getting more naughty thoughts about the same thing.

"I'd love to see that face covered in cum," Holly smiledsmiled as she rubbed Laura's pussy harder.

"That can be arranged," breathed Laura starting to feel overwhelmed by the excitement. "But only if I can lick cum of your gorgeous titties after."

Holly gave a knowing grin back as if that was what she hoping for.

Almost immediately the elves got closer, splitting into two groups of five and one on his own. Holly and Laura both caught sight of him him jacking off but left him to his own thing. He was clearly enjoying their lesbian sex show, which now become more of a blow bang.

Both Laura and Holly were surrounded by hard cock as they continued to passionately scissor. Laura was delighted as she took elf cock into her mouth while moving her hand from Holly's boobs to a waiting cock.

"That's what I want to see," moaned Holly as she felt her pussy tingle. "Make sure you cover every inch of that pretty face."

Laura was sucking on cock too hard to respond, however, Holly knew she would approve of what she was about to do.

"I guess someone better fuck my tits if I'm going to get them covered in cum." Holly acted almost sweet and innocent.

One elf was on it straight away, grabbing hold of Holly's juicy tits and pushing them together, around his cock. It didn't take him long to start fucking them.

"Mmm I love having a big cock between my round tits. It feels so good." Holly spoke deliberately so that Laura could hear and glanced over at her direction. She could see the brunette trying hard to watch while maintaining her blowjob.

Not being in a position to give a blowjob meant Holly used her hand to jerk a waiting cock. She was fully aware there was more but this was as much as she could handle for now. It did give her the chance to watch Laura however, and enjoy what she was doing.

Despite the lust for cum, the girls kept scissoring, grinding and rubbing their hot pussies together. Both felt wonderful, teetering on the brink of a mutual orgasm. They pushed hard and we're now even more intense despite the extra acts they were performing. The closer to sexual ecstasy they got, the more they seemed to give.

Laura was aware elves were waiting to be pleasured too. She was desperate to be used as a source of pleasure so she guided the elf receiving a handjob round next to the one she was sucking off.

Laura had never given a double blowjob before but it was all she could think about. As soon as the cock was close enough she took it to her mouth.

GWAK she gasped as she took two cocks at once. She slid her mouth up and down a bit, using her tongue to inflict further pleasure. She could taste the precum. She wanted them both to explode in her mouth and on her face.

Laura Robson then took a cock in her hand and jerked it off, pleasuring three elves at once as well as pleasuring the stunning Holly Willoughby with her hot pussy.

"You fucking naughty girl! That's so hot," Holly moaned in approval.

Holly was loving tribbing with Laura, someone unbelievably hot and sexy. Just as much, she loved having hard cock between her big round tits and the combination was driving her wild. The sensation of hard cock between her her fleshy as it slid through her sensitive skin almost made her orgasm by itself. Then there was the look of the receiver, as if they had all their wishes come true. Holly loved making people feel that good and she got off on it.

"Fuck my titties," she commanded to the elf but at the same time letting Laura get a visual in her head of her. "I love having hard cock sliding between them!"

It was all too much for Laura as the thought of Holly's tits, the feel of her wet pussy and hot thighs on her own, the double blowjob, the handjob, her peep toe platform high heels and the elves getting off on all of this brought the gorgeous brunette to orgasm. She immediately tensed as her muscles began to pleasently contract while her pussy orchestrated complete control over her body. Wave after wave of pleasure overcame her as she got as much happiness from giving. It was intense. It was incredible. She wished to let Holly know but two cocks continued to invade her mouth, giving her no ability to talk. She still gobbled them down as best she could.

Holly of course knew what was happening but was overcome by her own orgasm almost simultaneously.

"Mmm Laura!" she moaned as her pussy filled her mind and body with happy feelings. It was powerful and overwhelming, the kind of orgasm that Holly didn't know could happen. She savoured Laura's pussy rubbing hers and the feel of the star orgasming in between her legs. Holly felt her high heels dig into the floor as she tried to keep her wobbly legs from causing her to fall. She sensed the happiness from the elf fucking her tits, and how much she'd caused it to harden by fucking him. She loved the feel of sliding her hand up and down rock hard cock.

A moment later, Laura felt two jets of hot salty cum fill her mouth and leak from the sides down her chin. The tennis star spluttered, keen not to waste a drop and position her face in front of the two cocks she'd been blowing. She had enough presence of mind to draf the third round as he erupted across her face, spattering her right eye. Loads then hit her cheek and forehead, followed by her other eye and forehead again. She also held her mouth open, feeling it fill with the warm white fluid she craved. She was going to catch every last drop of cum.

Holly felt a twitch in her hand and in between her tits and knew she was about to be covered, a thought that kept the embers of her orgasm burning.

"Cum on my big titties. I love it when my titties are covered."

The elves obliged, standing cock in hand in front of her chest as she cupped her boobs pleasingly, giving the incredible target a slight enhancement. The elves let fly at once as burst after burst of cum stung Holly's flesh.

"Oh fuck," Holly moaned as she smiled at the elves, showing her satisfaction. Every load of hot cum seemed to pleasently tingle as settled on her skin. She felt a warm sensation through her boobs that was only comparable to the orgasm she just had. She felt happy and she loved making others happy.

Laura's face was now drenched with cum, her hair soaked. She'd swallowed a mouthful already and was somehow still wanting more. The other two elves in the group stepped forward and jerked hard over her face, before starting to cum on the pretty star.

"I want it all, give it to me guys."

Cum rained down on her face and mouth as instructed. She could feel it running down her chin. She knew her hair would be matted but it somehow made her a sexier mess.

The other elves had also joined Holly, all five shooting salutes at her big chest as she held it out for them to ogle. She also encouraged them with erotic moans and sexy commands when the mood took her.

"I've never had so much cum on my tits before."

All this frenzied excitement had built to a climax and both Holly and Laura were both happily recovering, panting away as the elves dropped their last drops of cum onto their sexy bodies. It was the first time they had a chance to gaze upon the other without another distraction in quite some time.

Laura's face and neck was plastered with cum, some even running down her chest. Her hair was matted to her shoulders further down and on top cum was splattered across. She had a big happy smile as she looked at Holly though. Laura had had the time of her life.

Holly in contrast had a perfect face. Not one drop off cum had touched there. However, her tits were covered and it was dripping like a waterfall onto her hands which gently masaged the fluid into her round globes. It was a feeling she enjoyed but this was more intense than before and to share it with a beauty like Laura was heaven.

It was then though the pair realised there was one left who still stood all alone, watching everything while he stroked his dick. He stepped forward towards Laura then towards Holly and then stopped as if he was waiting for something.

Holly and Laura looked a little confused but they both were having so much fun they weren't going to stop now. They unscissored their legs and got in a kneeling position. As they started to hug Laura could feel the cum from Holly's tits on the side of her own.

"Come here," said Holly kindly.

"We only want to make you feel good!" said Laura, causing the pair to burst out giggling.

They looked at each other happily before meeting an intimate gaze through Laura's cum drenched vision. They then proceeded to kiss in a slow, passionate way. It was clear that Laura still held cum in her mouth as she started to feed it to Holly as they embraced.

Holly began to kiss more strongly back, hungrily taking the cum into her mouth. She hoovered on the cum from Laura's lips that was running down the brunette's face and then fed the hot salty sperm back to her partner.

Each time the pairs lips parted, strings of cum formed bridges between their faces. It only prompted a further cum swap fuelled kiss or them to lick their lips seductively.

This went on for a good few minutes while the pair caressed and explored each others bodies in a more relaxed fashion. They could hear the elf jerking off and knee everyone would be loving their cum kiss as much as they were.

Eventually they parted smiling, looking longingly into the others eyes.

"Mmm that tastes so good," said Holly warmly.

"That tastes amazing. If only we could get a little more," Laura said innocently as if she wasn't drenched in the stuff. They looked at the elf, pleasing with their eyes.

The remaining elf stood forward. He had seemed to make up his mind. He stepped right In front of the waiting pair who held their mouths open and tongue out. It was an irresistible sight.

The elf started to cum and released a huge load which hit both women in the mouth. They breathed happily as he did the same over and over, long stringy ropes of cum joing the two women. They were delighted. They began to kiss as the elf sprayed their cheeks and lips as best he could, each time Laura and Holly delighted to share the load.

It was all worth it as the elf began to slow and as he finally stepped back, the women parted to thank him and his mates. But for now they formed a ring again and were standing up almost to military attention.

"Well this has never happened before," bellowed round the room. Holly and Laura had forgotten about it to be honest but felt relaxed enough to just cuddle while he spoke.

A goat made its way into the circle. It was wearing a Santa hat.

"I know you! You're the goat from the trophy thing!" Laura was very excited by the goats appearance.

The goat bleated his response in a less ominous bellow, choosing a more considered wise tone.

"You are right. I am the GOAT of Christmas Sex."

Laura and Holly hugged excitedly. They were meeting a supposed myth.

"Every year I crown one woman the new Christmas Sex GOAT and I have done so for a long time."

Laura and Holly remembered the words at the start and thought of the names they'd seen. They had all won it?!? Both women instantly realised what an honour this was. The fact they were competing though had barely registered.

"This year, you each received equal cum, meaning, for the first time ever, there are joint winners!"

Two trophies identical to the one in the studio appeared before each woman as they still hugged in the ground in awe of this magical being. The squeezed each other delighted with that outcome.

A sudden thought popped into Laura's head.

"Does that mean you're the greatest…"

The goat smiled wryly, interrupting the star before the end of her question. "If you truly want to know then you'll just have to…"

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Re: Christmas GOAT with Laura Robson and Holly Willoughby
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2021, 10:46:09 AM »
This taste of Christmas was epic! Their roles are nice, I like Holly it's well written. A nice surprise, thank you.
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Re: Christmas GOAT with Laura Robson and Holly Willoughby
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Thank you Nikko. Merry Christmas
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Re: Christmas GOAT with Laura Robson and Holly Willoughby
« Reply #3 on: December 20, 2021, 08:46:21 PM »
This was great.

I miss reading your Hotel Limbo and Britney Spears stories.

You are the lover of high heels.  ;)
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Re: Christmas GOAT with Laura Robson and Holly Willoughby
« Reply #4 on: January 01, 2022, 03:54:58 PM »
This was great.

I miss reading your Hotel Limbo and Britney Spears stories.

You are the lover of high heels.  ;)

Thanks! They seem like such a long time ago. If I ever write a story without high heels I’ll have probably been hacked
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