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Author Topic: Home Is Where The Lust Is Part 2 with Olivia Holt  (Read 1339 times)


Home Is Where The Lust Is Part 2 with Olivia Holt
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Disclaimer: This is entirely a work of fiction and is not meant to reflect reality in any way. This is a product of imagination and is NOT real. All characters are 18 and is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18.

People have been asking me for some time to post this sequel to the original story here. I also wanted to promote my Patreon at www.patreon.com/KMB where all my stories are being posted. The start of the new month is always a great time to subscribe. So here is more of Olivia Holt and her sexy mom Kim as we see just how dirty Olivia's thoughts can get when it comes to family love.

Starring: Olivia Holt, Kim Holt

Codes: FF, incest, oral, fantasy

Olivia Holt let out a sexy little giggle and a happy moan as she felt the soft towel rubbing against her naked body. She could have dried herself off course but this was so much more fun. It made her feel so wicked and it gave her such a thrill to be so naughty.
“Oooooh yesssss mommy! Mmmm dry your little girl off!” Olivia giggled while the fluffy towel pressed to her bare skin.
“Mmmm maybe mommy should start giving her little girl baths again,” Kim Holt said in a sultry way, clearly reveling in being able to towel off Olivia’s beautiful, nude body. “Mommy can get you nice and clean and then dry you off and get you into your jammies before she tucks you into bed!”

“Oooooh mmmmm yessssssss I’d love that!” Olivia moaned, meaning it completely as her head filled with the perversion of her innocent childhood by the current wicked fun she and Kim were having. “Get me in my PJs and tuck me in and then get in bed with me mommy! Mmm I want to feel you yank off my jammies just as quickly as you got them on me! I want my mommy to lick me to sleep every night!”
“Such a dirty girl! Such a sexy little dirty girl!” Kim said while giving Oliva’s damp, bare ass a naughty smack that made Olivia squeak and moan and then turn around so she was face to face with her own mother.

Then Olivia did what once would have been inconceivable. She gave her own mother a deep, sensual kiss on the lips. She threw her arms around the older woman’s neck and pulled Kim in closer to her so they could mash their lips together. This was no game to them and this was no wild roleplay. Mother and daughter were deeply lost in lust for one another and neither of them had any desire to slow down this speeding train, much less make it stop.

The two had come right from the shower where they had gotten so wet and naughty with one another. Kim had finger fucked her own daughter and made Oliva come with such immense pleasure under the hot water that it already had Olivia’s pussy tingling for more as the girl ached to return the favor to her gorgeous mother. They had been drying each other off, the both of them paying very close attention to certain intimate parts of each other’s bodies. They had been pressing the towels to each other after their shower but now they had something even better in mind that they could do to each other and Kim dropped the towel that she had been using on Olivia.

It fell right to the bathroom floor along with the towel Olivia had been using to dry her mother’s hot, mature body and as they continued to kiss sensually, their tongues rubbing together in an incestuous fervor that they both felt, Kim ran her hands down her daughter’s bare back and brought them to that beautiful little butt of hers, squeezing Olivia’s firm, round cheeks with a sexy grip that made Olivia moan even more into their illicit kiss.

“You like mommy touching you there, don’t you Olivia?” Kim teased as she broke the kiss, knowing full well what the answer would be.

“Yesssssss! Mmmmm I love it mommy!” Olivia purred, hers and Kim’s naked bodies grinding together with their still wet skin touching so erotically. “I love when you touch my ass! I like it when mommy spanks my ass for being such a bad girl!”

“You have been a very bad girl!” Kim said with a wicked gleam in her eye while continuing to squeeze her daughter’s perfect little butt. “Having sex with your co-star! Fucking your executive producer! Fucking all of your hot friends! I can’t believe I raised such a dirty little slut who can’t keep her legs closed!”

“I’m sorry mommy!” Olivia moaned, looking at Kim with puppy dog eyes as she played it up to the hilt while the older woman’s hands kneaded her butt cheeks and made everything feel so good. “I can’t help it! My pussy is so wet all the time! It’s like I need to fuck other girls! I’m sorry I’m such a slut!”

“You’re such a little slut! Such a filthy little slut!” Kim murmured in taboo, incestuous lust for her perfect daughter before smothering Olivia’s lips in another wicked kiss.

The two women stood there completely nude and wet from the shower, their towels on the floor, as they made out with both of them feeling such illicit desire. This was still all so new to them. Neither of them had ever thought anything like this could happen between them but it felt so good and so right even though they both knew it was wrong. They passionately kissed each other and Olivia rubbed herself into her mother, grinding her wet pussy into Kim’s leg while Kim kept squeezing her ass cheeks and turning her on like crazy.

“Mommy has to spank her little slut!” Kim moaned lustfully before smacking her daughter’s ass again, making Olivia yelp from the sting to her naked flesh and also coo from the pleasure. “Mmmm and maybe mommy has to do something more to her little girl’s hot ass!”

Kim gave Olivia’s bottom another sexy swat and then another and then two more. Each of the five smacks to her bare ass made Olivia whimper in pleasure and got her pussy hotter and wetter. She never could have imagined her mom could ever be so hot and kinky. She’d never known her mom had a sexy past and that both of her parents had been such hot and wild swingers before she and her brother and sister had been born. Olivia had never thought her mom was capable of this but it felt so good and it made her knees weak with desire to feel her mom spanking her like this.

Yet Olivia didn’t respond to the implied desire her mom had to fuck her ass. Kim didn’t say anything more about that and Olivia didn’t take the bait with any words either. But inside it was all Olivia could think about. She had a little secret she didn’t think her mother or any of her friends knew about.

She was an anal virgin. She had never gotten fucked up the ass. She’d gotten licked back there a bunch of times by her horny friends and many of those amazing women at the mansion. In fact just this afternoon, Olivia had let Jessica Biel spread open her cheeks and tongue fuck her little hole while Olivia had lapped away at Chiara Aurelia’s yummy teen pussy. And there had been a few times when a hot girl had pushed a finger up her butt but Olivia had never really gotten fucked back there and she considered herself a virgin in that hole.

All of her friends seemed to enjoy having anal sex and some of them REALLY seemed to like it but Olivia had always been a bit too nervous about it hurting to go all the way with it. That hadn’t stopped her from eating her friends’ asses or even from getting a strap-on and fucking them right up their cute butts on some very sexy occasions. But she had never offered up her own ass and no one had ever said anything about it either. Olivia figured that they just assumed she was as into it as they were but the fact was she had never done that dirty deed.

She wasn’t like totally opposed to it or anything. In fact the idea of letting a hot woman…or women…fuck her ass turned her on. Olivia was just a little nervous about it and if no one was going to press her about still having her cherry back there, she wasn’t going to bring it up either. When the time was right and she was totally into it, Olivia figured it would happen.

She didn’t know when that time would be but Olivia had to admit the thought of having her own mother be the first person to fuck her ass sounded like insanely hot. What would it be like to bend over for Kim and let her mommy penetrate her asshole with a big, fake cock? What would it feel like if she lay back and let her mom pull her legs open and lift her up just enough in the bed so her asshole was nice and vulnerable and Kim could push the toy in that way and Olivia could look her mom right in the eye as she took her virginity?

Olivia was still nervous about trying it so she hadn’t suggested it but the thought of something so taboo made her really wet. Olivia knew her mom would look so hot wearing a big toy like Rose always wore Mr. Snappy and the idea of being mommy’s little whore and letting her fuck all her holes with a strap-on sounded so fun and naughty.

She and Kim hadn’t really gotten into any toy play yet other than that time they had both fucked Bella and Ava together, bending both of her sexy friends over so mother and daughter could take their wet little pussies with fake dicks while they all made out with each other, but Olivia was sure they would soon. There didn’t seem to be any boundaries between mother and daughter anymore and Olivia liked that a lot.

Olivia liked how Kim had surprised her in the shower like she had. She loved how her mother had just snuck in and started touching her so intimately without any warning. She loved what they were doing now and as Kim kneaded her tight, round little butt cheeks, Olivia imagined again how good it might feel to cross another line with her mom and let Kim take her back there. Gawwd that would be soooo slutty and naughty and it excited Olivia.

She had always loved being a naughty girl, perving on naked boys with Zendaya back when they were in high school together and acting like a naughty little nudist when no one was around to catch her. But she had always been naughty inside a little safe bubble. She had never done anything that had really been wrong…until now. And now that she was having sex with her own mom, Olivia was getting off on breaking the rules and shredding boundaries and being bad. It made her want to do more, lots more, and find out just how naughty she could get.

“Mmmm c’mon mommy, let me make you feel good,” Olivia enticingly said with desire in her eyes and dripping off her words.

She wiggled away from Kim’s incestuous embrace but only so she could take her mother by the hand and guide her out of the bathroom and toward her bed. Olivia was still tingling from the orgasm Kim had given her in the shower and now she wanted to return the favor and make her mom feel even better. Her head was full of filthy thoughts and dirty desires and Olivia ached to taste her mom.

Naturally, Kim was all too willing to be led by the younger woman. As Olivia pulled her toward the bed, Kim’s eyes fixated on her daughter’s perfect little rear. Olivia had one of the best bodies she had ever seen. Kim had always been proud of what a gorgeous young woman Olivia had grown up to but she had never thought she would know her daughter’s body the way she did now.

She had never thought she would cross this line and do what she and Olivia had done to each other. Kim knew how wrong it was. She knew what they were doing was completely indefensible even though it was fully consensual. This was nothing mothers and daughters were supposed to do with each other. There were no excuses for what she had done. She was the mother. She was responsible for Olivia. She was supposed to look out for her and protect her and guide her to right decisions. Not have sex with her.

But as wrong as she knew this was, Kim didn’t want to stop for anything. The perverted games they were playing made her pussy almost perpetually soaked. She had never felt hornier in her life than she did now that she and Oliva were secretly fucking. She loved feeling up Olivia’s incredible, young tits and tasting that deliciously pink pussy. She loved spreading her daughter’s perfect butt cheeks and tongue fucking her tight little ring, sliding her tongue up her own daughter’s asshole while rubbing Olivia’s clit with her free hand and making her squeal with ecstasy.

Kim loved ravishing Olivia’s little body and knowing that no one knew their secret except for Olivia’s slutty little friends Bella and Ava who not only had been the ones to seduce her in the first place but were fucking their own mothers too. Oh those little whores wouldn’t be telling anyone, Kim thought with a smirk, because they all had blackmail on each other. Those girls were little motherfucking sluts just like Olivia was now and it was all so twisted and deviant and wrong.

Kim had done many naughty things in her life. She and Olivia’s father, Mark, had been swingers and had engaged in all kinds of wonderful kink with other couples before they’d had kids. They’d even carried on after having their kids, though at a far more discrete level. She’d even cheated on Mark with one of Olivia’s gorgeous female teachers, who had opened up Kim’s mind to incest in ways that she hadn’t truly appreciated until she had ended up fucking her own daughter.

Kim felt like she was a total, insatiable slut now. She wanted to fuck all the time these days. She was ravishing Mark every night like she hadn’t in years. He was probably wondering what the hell had gotten into her but Kim wasn’t about to tell him that she was so horny because she was fucking their daughter behind his back. She wasn’t about to tell him this secret. She just hoped he was enjoying himself because when she was fucking him, Kim was thinking about their daughter and how tight and sexy her body was and how delicious her pussy tasted.

“Lay back mommy!” Oliva giggled, taking control of the older woman and playfully pushing Kim down to the bed where a bunch of her stuffed animals still lived from her younger Disney Channel days in this house.

Of course Olivia had her own house now. But she had been spending more and more time here lately with her parents and her father had no idea why. And Olivia wasn’t about to tell him it was because she was craving mommy’s pussy every night. Olivia threw herself on top of Kim and kissed her mother passionately, rubbing their bare bodies together and making sure their tits touched. Olivia loved feeling her erect nipples grinding against Kim’s and she began feeling up her mommy’s tits while they tongue kissed.

Kim moaned in need underneath her and Olivia could feel her mother’s wetness pressing against her leg. Kim started humping herself against Olivia, grinding her leg into her and getting her juices against her freshly showered skin. That made Olivia even hotter and she broke the kiss so she could begin moving down Kim’s body, kissing down her neck and then onto Kim’s soft, full tits.

“Mmmmm yessss baby yesssssss!” Kim moaned out in encouragement as she felt her fully grown daughter’s lips envelop her swollen nipple just like Oliva had once done as an infant. “Suck mommy’s tits! Ohhhh fuckkkk you know I love that!”

Olivia did know it. She loved kissing and licking and suckling at her mother’s big breasts. She loved feeling those soft tits in her hand and feeling up her mom’s hot MILF chest, all mature and natural. There was a natural sag to them that Olivia found so irresistibly sexy and she loved getting those swollen nipples in her mouth and wrapping her lips around them, especially because she knew how much it turned Kim on.

Kim was always encouraging her to suck on her nipples and make them swell up all stiff and nubby and Olivia loved doing it. She loved sucking and licking and slurping on her mother’s tits. She loved how it made Kim wet and made her moan and writhe on the bed just like what was happening now. While Olivia suckled on her mother’s tits, going back and forth from nipple to nipple, Kim was cooing like a whore for it and grinding her mature body into Olivia’s young one like she wanted to hump her leg until she came.

That always made Olivia wonder about just how much her mother enjoyed this and today she finally decided to ask the question.

“Did you always like when I did this?” Olivia asked seductively before circling her tongue in a teasing way around Kim’s areola and then flicking it against her nipple. “When I was just a little baby drinking milk from my mommy did it make you all wet and excited like it does now?”

Olivia had been burning with curiosity to find this out. She would always think it whenever she would see how her mother would get so turned on when she would suck on her nipples. And now that Olivia had finally asked the question, Kim admitted it. She had never told anyone this, not even her husband, but she figured she and Olivia were well beyond secrets at this point.

“Yesssssssssss!” Kim confessed, pleasure rushing through her body from Olivia’s tongue all over her nipple. “I loved it! I always did! Whenever I would breast feed you or Morgan or Cade I would get so fucking wet! Mmmmm I’d feel my babies at my breast and I would want to touch myself!”

“Ohhhhh fuck! So naughty!” Olivia moaned, enjoying the taboo confession. “Did you? Did you play with your pussy while you fed your innocent babies?”

“Nooooo!” Kim admitted. “But I wanted to! I wanted to so fucking much! Ughhh it made me so turned on to be doing something so innocent and natural and wanting to make it perverted and wrong! I just loved the feel of all of your lips on my nipples as you drank from me and it made me wet! I thought it was sick and wrong and I never wanted to cross that line but now I wish I had! Mmmm now I can rub my pussy while my beautiful little girl sucks on my nipple!”

Kim did just that. She moved her hand between her legs and began rubbing herself as Olivia’s hot mouth worked over her nipple with sexy licks. Kim moaned as she recalled how she used to get so turned on from breast feeding her children and how she had always tried to push those thoughts out of her head. She hadn’t even associated them with what she and Olivia were doing now until recently. Maybe these feelings weren’t new at all? Maybe they’d always been inside her and only now could she realize just how powerful this longing had been inside her?

Olivia moaned as her question was answered and as she sucked and licked some more on both of her mother’s swollen nipples, a naughty smile crossed her lips. Her head was full of so many forbidden thoughts these days and she couldn’t keep herself from vocalizing one.

“Mmmm I’m glad I’m sucking mommy’s nipple now!” Olivia moaned out. “It’s okay mommy! You can rub your pussy while I suck you! I wish you had milk for your baby girl now but that’s okay because you have something even better for me and I can’t wait to taste mommy’s wet pussy! I like that you get turned on from my lips on your nipple sucking you like I’m your little girl! But what if it wasn’t just me? What if Morgan was here too? What if you had BOTH your little girls sucking your tits and drinking from mommy? Would you like that? Mmmm do you wish me and Morgan were sucking your hot titties and trying to get milk from mommy?”

“Oh fuck! Olivia! You little bitch!” Kim cried out, but not in anger, as the wicked blonde girl brought up her older sister. “What are you doing to me? Ohhhhh baby! Mmmmmm!”

“Oh yeahhh you do like it you dirty, filthy mommy!” Olivia teased before licking up her drool from Kim’s stiff nipple and then moving to her other breast to do it again. “One daughter’s not enough for you, is it? Do you ever think about Morgan mommy? Do you think about me and her fucking you at the same time? Two dirty daughters making mommy’s pussy feel so fucking good!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Liv! Oooooh you little whore!” Kim hissed. “Shut up and eat me out you dirty girl! Get that big mouth of yours down to mommy’s pussy and lick me!”

Olivia giggled in response and began dragging her tongue down Kim’s still toned stomach. She licked downward on her mother’s body, leaving a trail of saliva along her tummy before she got between Kim’s legs and began kissing all over her thighs. She made her mother squirm with every kiss and every touch of her tongue as Olivia’s thoughts whirled in her head with the knowledge that Kim had denied nothing.

Olivia loved her big sister but it had only been an appropriate, sisterly love so far. She had no idea if Morgan would even be into something like that but there was a growing part of Olivia that wanted to find out. Olivia got so turned on when she would watch Bella fuck her hot sisters and she loved joining in with them and while she had never been a part of their fun, Olivia liked knowing that Ariel had fucked her sister too.

Morgan was so pretty and she’d overcome so much in her life. Olivia thought her sister was the bravest person she knew because of all her surgeries and she loved her so much. She had never done anything to pursue it but she wanted to make Morgan feel good like she made Kim feel good. Olivia wanted to seduce her older sister and get her naked. She loved thinking about being naked with Morgan, like two naughty nudist sisters who knew they never needed clothes around each other, and she thought about kissing her and touching her and making her feel so good that she’d lose all control.

Gawwd just the thought of Morgan’s sexy, raspy little voice telling her to eat her pussy and telling her to tongue fuck her like a slut made Olivia so fucking hot. She had masturbated to Morgan. Her own sister. She’d seen her naked a few times and these days Olivia was thinking about how good it would be to touch her and kiss her and do all the things to Morgan that she loved to do to their mother.

Morgan lived a coast away so she didn’t get to see her as often as she saw their parents or their brother. Olivia couldn’t wait for the chance to see her big sister again. She loved touching herself and thinking about how she could seduce Morgan and how much she could show her sister how much she loved her by licking her sweet pussy and then showing her what a naughty girl she could be by spreading open Morgan’s ass and tongue fucking her precious little starfish.

Olivia had no idea how Morgan would react if she ever made a move on her. Olivia was pretty sure there was a more than good chance that Morgan would freak out but she knew how hot sisterly fun could be from her friends and if there was any chance Morgan would be into it, Olivia wanted to find out. And it would be even better if Kim joined in too. Olivia knew her mother would love having two naughty girls eager to do the filthiest things to her body, right from sucking on her big mommy tits together to licking her pussy with two hot incestuous tongues.

Olivia had rubbed her horny pussy many times to the thought of her and Morgan going down on Kim together. She loved thinking about how they could make their mom come all over their faces and how hot it would be to kiss her sister and share the taste of their mommy’s cum with each other. And if she was going to let Kim fuck her ass, Olivia thought it would be only fair to let Morgan join in too and let Kim see her daughters naked and bent over, two tight butts up in the air for their mother to defile.

Fuck that was such a hot fantasy and so was the thought of Morgan getting a strap-on too and fucking her while Olivia was already being fucked by Kim. Olivia had fucked herself just the other night with her little rabbit vibrator humming right against her clit thinking of Kim fucking her ass while Morgan fucked her pussy and then the two of them switching holes so she could let Morgan take her already gaping ass. Fuckkkk! She wanted to be DPd by her mother and sister and it was so hot that Olivia had cum all over her rabbit the other night just thinking about.

Ughhh she had masturbated to such filthy, nasty thoughts lately, and not just about her sister either. But she was particularly into that idea today as she got between Kim’s legs and let her tongue glide up her mother’s slit, tasting her juicy, glistening cunt lips and making Kim pant with pleasure from how good it felt.

“Mmmm fuckkk yeahhhh ohhhh that’s it baby! Yesssssss! You know what mommy likes!” Kim hissed in pleasure as that talented, forbidden tongue illicitly licked up her soaking wet slit. “Mommy got so fucking wet watching you in the shower! Do it baby girl! Eat mommy’s pussy! Make me come all over that pretty angel face of yours so mommy can kiss it off your sweet lips!”

Olivia wanted that so much too. She loved going down on her mother. It was literally forbidden fruit for her and she wanted to slurp all of the juices right out of the hole she had come from. Olivia loved how twisted and taboo this was. She was licking her own mother’s vagina. This was fucking sick and that was the most fun part of it. It didn’t feel sick. It didn’t feel wrong. It most certainly was but it didn’t feel that way to her. It felt natural and arousing and Olivia loved doing it.

Kim’s cries grew stronger and more urgent as Olivia licked her more. Saliva was slipping off of Olivia’s horny tongue and right into Kim’s cunt where it mixed in with the arousal that made her wet lips glisten. Even after three kids, Kim was still so tight down there and Olivia delighted in being able to make her mother gasp and coo from the way she dragged her tongue over that slit, licking all the way up her vagina until her tongue would teasingly touch the dirty blonde tuft of fur that Kim always kept so well-manicured, especially now that her daughter was getting between her legs on a frequent basis.

“Oooooh baby yesssssss mmm yessssssssss do it! Lick mommy’s pussy like the dirty little girl you are!” Kim urged, running her hand through Olivia’s wet hair as those beautiful hazel eyes stared up at her. “You’re mommy’s good little girl Olivia! Ohhhh yessssss I love how your tongue feels! Faster baby! Lick mommy more! Mommy really needs it!”

But instead of doing what her mother wished and licking away at her with greater speed, Olivia slowed down. She did that deliberately, looking to tease her mother some more and maybe make some of those perverted visions in her head shared fantasies.

“You never answered my question mommy,” Olivia wickedly said in her sweetest voice when she wasn’t dragging her tongue in such tantalizingly show way over Kim’s slit or kissing those wet pussy lips to feel the growing heat and slickness all over that tight mommy cunt. “Do you ever think about Morgan like this? Do you think about my sister? Do you think about Morgan licking her mommy’s wet pussy? Mmmm do you think about the two of us licking you together? Both of your daughters kissing the hole they came out of?”

“Ohhhhhhh Livvvvvvvvv! Fuckkkkk ohhhh baby yesssssssss! Yes! Is that what you want to hear you little tease?” Kim cried out, unable to hold back any longer because of how much she needed Olivia to pick up the pace of her licking and figuring if she confessed that the girl would give it to her. “I’ve thought about her! I’ve thought about you and Morgan together! I’ve thought about fucking both of my beautiful daughters! Fuckkkk I’m such a terrible mother!”

“Oh no, you’re the BEST kind of mommy! The kind that makes her little girls feel good!” Olivia giggled. “Mmmm I love that you think of Morgan! I’ve been thinking about her too! I want to fuck her! I want to fuck my sister and have her join in with us so both of us can tongue fuck your pussy and you can get your yummy cream all over both of our faces! Would you like that mommy? Both of your daughters naked in bed with you, tongue fucking you like wicked little sluts as we make you come so fucking hard you feel like you could squirt right into our mouths?”

“Ohhhhhhhhh my fucking God! Olivia Hastings Holt! Where did you learn to talk like that?” Kim gasped in shock but also in arousal at the filth coming her once innocent daughter’s mouth. “Ooooooh you dirty little slut! Get back down there and lick mommy faster! Make mommy come you pretty little whore!”
Olivia giggled as Kim pushed down on her blonde head, forcing her back down to her pussy even though force was hardly necessary. She loved that she had surprised her mother by what she had said. She liked knowing she had some dirty tricks up her sleeve even a mature, experienced woman like Kim didn’t know about. Kim had been with Bella and Ava but Kim didn’t know all the women Olivia had been with or how naughty she liked to get with them. Olivia felt like she had a limitless naughty imagination and she wanted to show it all to her mother.

But she didn’t keep up the tease, even though part of her wanted to. Olivia responded to the hand pushing down on the back of her head by giving her mom what she needed. She began licking her faster and really starting to unleash the passion she felt.

Olivia tongued her mother with eager desire, pushing open Kim’s legs so she could bury her tongue inside her and thrust into her folds. She got such an illicit thrill from doing this and she began tongue fucking her own mother just like she had been taught by all the beautiful women who had been so happy to teach her all about lesbian sex.

“Fuckkkk yessss yesssssssssss fuck me baby! Fuck your dirty mother! Eat that pussy!” Kim groaned out in pleasure from the wicked sensations her own flesh and blood were giving her. “Give me that tongue! Ohhhh fuck you’re such a good little girl Olivia! You’re so good to your mommy! You make me come so well baby! I love how you do this! Fuck me Olivia! OH YES FUCK ME!”

Kim cried happily when Olivia’s tongue got to her clit with the kind of hot lick that always drove her wild. She still couldn’t believe what Olivia had just said about Morgan. It had sounded so wicked in her sweet voice. Her own daughter had said that! Just like when Olivia’s teacher Angela had seduced Kim and fucked her body and mind with so many depraved fantasies of beautiful teenage girls and their mothers. What Oliva had just said could easily have been something that Angela had told her and Kim wondered, not for the first time either, if Olivia’s teacher had gotten her hands on her. Had Angela fucked Olivia like she had fucked Kim?

Kim didn’t think she had and Olivia claimed she had only gotten into girls recently but Kim had never dared ask, worried she would reveal her own affair with Olivia’s high school teacher. Fucking Olivia had made Kim think a lot about that gorgeously curvaceous Australian beauty and she knew Angela would have been delighted to know that not only was Kim now fucking Olivia but that she wanted Morgan too.

Kim had always been so protective of Morgan. Not only was she her first born but the health problems that had plagued Morgan her whole life had started in childhood, which had made Kim take extra close care of her. But Morgan wasn’t a child anymore. Far from it. She was a fully-grown adult who had overcome so much and was thriving. Kim was so proud of her and she loved her so much.

But that motherly love and pride hadn’t stopped Kim from thinking illicitly about Morgan. How could she not? She was fucking Olivia already. Why not Morgan too? And her brunette first born was so beautiful. Kim couldn’t help but wonder if she would respond to a mother’s sensual touch just as well as Olivia had.

Olivia’s slutty friends had made damn sure Olivia and Kim had started their wicked fun. Would Olivia do the same for Morgan? Kim had thought about that more than a few times since she and Olivia had crossed that line together. She could be such a greedy lover. Back when she and Mark had really been active in their swinging, Kim had loved taking on several people at once. And she liked having multiple women as much as she liked having multiple men.
Could she have both of her daughters? Kim had definitely fantasized about it and while it had shamed her a little bit to think that way about Morgan when Kim had no idea if the girl could ever be into something so taboo she couldn’t keep from confessing it now. After all, maybe Olivia could help it happen.

“I think about Morgan! Ohhhh fuckkkk I think about the both of you fucking me at once and how both of you could be such good girls for mommy!” Kim moaned as Olivia continued her wonderful licking, her tongue lapping at her with such passion and skill. “Mmmm fuckkk ohhhh right there Liv! Yessssssss fuck mommy, baby! Fuck me like a good little girl!”

“Tell me mommy! Tell me what you want to do to Morgan!” Olivia urged between thirsty licks, eager to figure out a way to get her sister into this too, and her tongue felt so good that Kim easily relented.

“Oooooooh I love to think about finding you two together!” Kim moaned while Olivia kept on licking, each touch of her taboo tongue making her feel such wonderful pleasure. “Like I come home and hear the moans and I see your clothes littering the floor as if the both of you had been taking them off on the way to the bed, leaving a trail for mommy to find! And I follow that trail of clothes and find you two naked in bed!”

“Yesssssssss! Ohhhhh yessssss I love that!” Olivia moaned while she licked, picturing her and Morgan taking off all their clothes together and running naked around the house, the two of them feeling so free and happy with their exposed nude bodies. “Tell me mommy! Tell me what we’re doing in bed!”

“Ohhhhh you nasty girl! Mmmm you’re licking her! You’re licking your own sister you insatiable little slut!” Kim cooed out from thinking about the hot fantasy while feeling Olivia’s hotter mouth on her pussy. “You’re tongue fucking Morgan and making her moan and squirm and fuck your pretty face! You’re doing to her what you’re doing to me now and it makes me so fucking hot to see my daughters fucking like that! Your gorgeous face buried between her legs and her tiny little voice trying to scream from how good it feels but only sexy little gasps and moans can come out! Fuckkkkk I can’t believe I’m thinking about Morgan like this!”

“Do it mommy! Think about her!” Olivia insisted while licking Kim harder and feeling her mother’s sopping wet pussy rubbing sensually into her face from Kim’s body grinding into her thanks to how turned on she was. “Think about Morgan! Think about her moaning out in that sexy little whisper of hers how much she loves it when her little sister eats her pussy! Think about how good it’ll look to see both of your daughters naked in bed fucking like naughty little lesbos!”

It was impossible to resist Olivia like this, not when her tongue felt so fucking good and not when Kim wanted this so much. Morgan was so different from Olivia and not just because of her health issues. Kim had always been so protective of her first child but Olivia had been acting since she was a child so Kim had always known her younger daughter could take care of herself. It felt more perverted for Kim to think of Morgan this way, even more so than with Olivia but it also felt so hot to do it.

Kim wanted to see what she and Olivia were both thinking. She wanted to see Morgan naked and writhing in incestuous lust as Olivia tongue fucked her. Picturing it now made Kim even hotter for Olivia’s tongue and she pushed down on her daughter’s head, her mature hand in that wet, blonde hair and she ground her cunt right into Olivia’s mouth to shut her up and get her licking and sucking her pussy even more.

“Fuckkkkk! Yesssssssssss I want both of my beautiful girls to be hot, horny lesbos for mommy!” Kim cried out. “I want to catch you both fucking! All naked and beautiful! I’d act like I was mad at first and tell you both what bad, filthy girls you are and how you both need to be punished for it! Mmmm fuckkkk ohhhh I’d want to spank you both! Get you both on all fours with those hot, tight asses all naked and up in the air for mommy to spank! I’d spank you both for being such dirty deviants and then I’d make you lick Morgan until she came and I’d strip all my clothes off and sit on her face so she could make mommy feel good while you make her feel good! All three of us acting like out of control sluts! Oooooh I’d want to come all over Morgan’s face while she comes all over yours and then I’d make you both kiss and share those juices before I tell you both to lick mommy and make me come again! I’ll make you both lick me together and fuckkkk I want you both so much! Fuck me Olivia! Fuck me like you’re going to fuck Morgan next time she comes to visit! Fuck me! YESSSSS FUCK ME RIGHT THERE OLIVIA OHHHH FUCKKKK YESSSSSSSSSS RIGHT THERE! DO MOMMY RIGHT FUCKING THERE!”
Olivia was still learning all of Kim’s favorite spots to be licked but she knew more than enough of them now to know exactly where to attack with her tongue. Olivia licked with enthusiasm but also with care. She wasn’t sloppy or ragged with her licking. She knew just what she was doing and made sure her tongue stayed right where Kim needed it.

Her mother’s clit was so swollen with need and Olivia lavished it with attention but she also did more than lick it. As Kim writhed and moaned, humping against her face with her wet center while tickling her nose and forehead with her soft, neat bush, Olivia also rubbed her fingers against her mother’s splayed labia and kissed all over those swollen lips and clit. Oliva was giving Kim nothing but pleasure and every hot, needy moan made Olivia want to give it to her even more.

Sometimes Olivia really wanted to give it to Kim like Ava gave it to her mom. Ava loved to really dominate her mom and tease her mercilessly and Olivia found that really hot to watch and join in on. She got a real thrill out of seeing Ava make her famous mom wait for orgasm as she kept her in heat with her tongue and fingers and toys but not letting her come. Olivia didn’t know if she had it in her to do that to her own mom the way Ava did but it was fun to think about. Yet she knew she couldn’t dare try it today.

Olivia knew that her father wouldn’t be home for a little while more but at the same time it wasn’t wise to tempt fate. Getting caught would have been a disaster even though Olivia found herself thinking about that in her most taboo fantasies. Mostly she thought about Kim catching her with Morgan but sometimes she thought about what would happen if her daddy caught her like this. It was so fucking pervy and Olivia was even scared a little bit of that fantasy, but it still turned her on.

What would her daddy do to her if she caught her eating Morgan’s pussy or, even naughtier, licking mommy like she was now? What she ended up being a little slut for both her parents? Ohhhhh fuckkk that would be soooo fucking naughty, Olivia thought to herself as she pleasured Kim with even more enthusiasm, kissing her swollen clit and then licking it vigorously as she brought Kim right to the edge.

“Fuck me baby! Fuck me Liv! Mommy needs this! OHHH YESSSS MOMMY NEEDS THIS SO FUCKING MUCH!” Kim cried out urgently. “You’re going to make mommy come! Don’t stop baby! Mmmm show mommy you’re her best little girl! Make mommy come Olivia! OH YES FUCKING YES! RIGHT THERE BABY! OHHH YESSSS DO THAT TO MOMMY! FUCKKKKK!”

Olivia had brought her fingers right to Kim’s clitoris and she rubbed it and licked it at the same time. Her hot friends had shown her so many tricks to make women feel good and Olivia loved demonstrating them on her mother. She stared up so erotically at her mother while she pleasured her. Olivia loved seeing Kim’s face contorting in pleasure and hearing all those hot, happy sounds flowing out of her mother’s mouth while knowing she was the one making her mom feel that good. They were doing what mothers and daughters were never, ever supposed to do and they both loved it.


“Come for me mommy! Come in my mouth and get it all over my face!” Olivia moaned while licking and sucking, her fingers still rubbing Kim’s clit. “I want your cum mommy! Fuck me! Fuck your little girl’s face and make me mommy’s cummy slut!”

The sound of such naughty words coming from Olivia while the girl worked over her clit so well with her tongue and fingers had Kim losing her mind with lust. She couldn’t hold back and she didn’t want to, not with that beautiful face between her legs and those hazel eyes staring up at her. Olivia was so good at this and Kim came all over that eager tongue while Olivia licked away and gulped down her mother’s essence like she could never get enough of that forbidden taste.


Kim was left panting and cooing from the orgasm her own daughter’s mouth had given her. She collapsed back onto Olivia’s bed all happy and sweaty and in need of another shower as Olivia made her whole body tingle by kissing and licking her soaked pink hole. Olivia licked up the last drops of cum dripping out of Kim’s cunt and then lifted herself up and got on top of her mother.

The two women sensually kissed, their naked bodies rubbing together as Olivia slid her tongue into her mother’s mouth and Kim sucked on it, tasting her own orgasm in the forbidden liplock. Mother and daughter kissed again and again and with wet, cummy kisses and fondled each other’s tits, eagerly playing with each other’s hard nipples.

The two were hardly finished though. The more they kissed the more they felt the need for each other. Neither of them was ready to stop their fun and they rubbed their bodies together in a more sensual motion, pressing their bare tits together and letting their still wet pussies touch. Olivia and Kim both moaned out from the sensation of their slits grinding together and they both did what came naturally.

Without a word needing to be said between them, Kim remained on her back as Olivia straightened up and sat herself on top of her naked mother. She hooked her leg on top of Kim’s and used her leverage to really push down against her mother’s pussy. She rubbed her tingling pussy lips against Kim’s and both women hissed in pleasure from the erotic contact they made with one another.

“Fuckkkkk!” Olivia cooed out happily as she began scissoring herself against her mother. “You’re still so wet mommy! I love how juicy your pussy gets!”

“You make it juicy baby!” Kim moaned back, her freshly orgasmed cunt feeling wonderful pleasure from Oliva’s smooth lips rubbing against her own. “You turn me on so much! You’re the best daughter a mother could have!”

“Mmmm better than Morgan?” Olivia teased, getting a laugh and a moan from her mother.

“Ooooooh you’ll have to teach her all you know, Liv! Mmmm seduce your big sister and make her into a slutty girl like you so mommy can have fun with you both!” Kim urged, which was music to Olivia’s ears.

“Yessssssssssss!” Olivia hissed while grinding her pussy into Kim’s even harder, letting their juices mix together as their slick lips sawed back and forth together. “I want that sooooo much! I want to seduce Morgan and fuck her with you mommy! I want to fuck my mom and my sister! Gawwd I want us to be one slutty family!”

“Oh fuck! Oh Liv! Baby!” Kim moaned out when her horny daughter put it like that. “That’s so naughty!”

“Uh huhhhhh! I’m such a naughty girl!” Oliva cried out. “I have so many dirty thoughts! I want to be so bad!”

“What do you want to do, baby? Tell mommy! Tell mommy how naughty you are!” Kim urged, her hands grabbing Oliva’s bare ass again to steady their scissoring bodies as they mashed their cunts together.

Kim was so turned on by this and honestly curious. She wanted to know what was going on in her daughter’s perverted mind. She had never dreamed they’d go this far so why not go a bit further. And as eager as Kim was to find out, Olivia was even more eager to tell. She didn’t want to keep this inside herself anymore.

“I want it all mommy! I want you to fuck all my friends! Morgan too!” Oliva moaned out in confession while the friction of their naked pussies made them both feel so good. “Not just Bella and Ava this time! But Chloe and Ariel and AnnaSophia too! I want my mommy to fuck Zendaya ooooh yessss fuck Zen’s yummy little pussy like I do and I want Morgan to sit on her face while you do it! I want my mom and my sister to fuck all my friends! I want me and you and Morgan to fuck Bella’s sisters and her mom and we can have a big, nasty family fucking orgy together! Ooooooh fuckkkkkk I want to bring you and Morgan to Desire Records while Britney and Christina help me record my next album and you can see what a little slut I am with them! Gawwwd I wish I could bring you both to the mansion too and let you see all those hot girls and see me fuck them all and join in too! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkk yessss mommy! I want it all!”

But even as Olivia was babbling away, Kim could tell that her daughter was holding back. Olivia had told her about the mansion and the record label and how close she was to her friends now but she had never seen it for real and Kim thought it would be so hot to see. There was something more, though, and Kim wanted to get it out of her.

“Tell me baby! Tell me whatever you’re thinking of! Even if it’s dirty!” Kim pressed while she and Olivia scissored, the feel of their pussies rubbing together making them both feel so good.

“Oooooh mommy it’s SOOOOO dirty!” Olivia moaned in need, eager to tell all but also worried it would kill what she and Kim had and her mother wouldn’t want to do this anymore.

“I won’t be mad! I promise! Tell me!” Kim pledged, the lust and need in Olivia’s eyes so obvious to her.

“Oh mommy! Fuckkkk sometimes I think about Cade too!” Olivia confessed. “I think about him catching me and Morgan and he says he’s going to tell on us! Ooooh and Morgan and I have to fuck him to keep him quiet!”

Kim gasped when she heard that. She had never dreamed that Olivia’s incestuous cravings could include her brother. But she didn’t stop her. It was fascinating and erotic for her to hear her daughter say that and, despite her shock, Kim began scissoring herself harder into Olivia.

“Mmmm in my fantasy he’s such a brat about it and he says he’s going to tell on us and get us in trouble but Morgan and I start sucking his cock together so he won’t tell! We lick his balls too and we make him come all over our faces!” Olivia confessed, rubbing herself faster into Kim because of how much admitting this turned her on. “He comes soooo much all over us! Like big, sticky gobs of it all over our faces and dripping down to our boobs! Morgan and I start to kiss and lick it off of each other and mmmm fuckk Cade starts jerking off and he tells us he wants more and he fucks me mommy! Mmmm Cade fucks my pussy while Morgan watches and then we trade and he fucks Morgan while I watch and rub myself watching my brother fuck my sister! Ooooh I think about him coming inside both of us mmmm and then me and Morgan lick it out of each other! Mmm fuckk both of us tasting his cum before I suck his again and tell him to fuck Morgan’s hot ass while I make her eat my pussy so I can watch them fuck! Oooooh mommy I’m such a slut!”
Kim could hardly disagree. She had no idea Olivia was capable of such filth. But she liked hearing it. Maybe it was the way Olivia’s voice was so full of lust and need or maybe it was how good Olivia looked naked on top of her or maybe it was just how good their pussies felt rubbing together. Whatever it was, it was making Kim extra hot for her horny daughter.

“Yes you are baby! You’re a dirty slut! But mommy likes that! Mommy likes that a lot!” Kim moaned, smacking Olivia’s ass while they scissored. “You’re such a nasty girl! Fucking your own mommy! Wanting to fuck your sister and your brother too!”

“I want more mommy!” Olivia moaned out in response. “I want Cade to fuck you too! Would you like that mommy? Sucking Cade’s cock and tasting me and Morgan all over it? Sucking your own son’s big boner and letting him come in your mouth before we all get him hard again and let him fuck you! I want that mommy! I want Cade to fuck his mommy like I do! I want him to fuck that naughty wet hole of yours and see you take your own son’s cock!”

“Oh my God! Liv!” Kim gasped again in disbelief at what Olivia was thinking. “Baby! No! I…I…ohhhhh Liv!”

Kim hadn’t even thought about ever doing anything like that with her son. That felt like crossing a line even more than she had crossed with Olivia. But she couldn’t help but think of it now as Olivia moaned out such filth. Olivia was right. It was so bad. It was so naughty. But Kim didn’t stop her. She didn’t try and talk her out of it. It was so wrong. She could never do that to Cade but Olivia made it sound so hot.

“I want you to do it mommy!” Olivia hissed, her need growing as she got closer and closer to her climax. “Suck Cade’s cock! Let him fuck you! I want to see him bury his cock inside the hole he came from! Oooooh I want him to bend you over too and fuck your ass! I want him to fuck his mommy’s ass and I want you to come like a whore from it! Do it mommy! Bend over and let Cade fuck your butt!”

“OLIVIA!” Kim cried again in shock, but it was about to get even dirtier because once Olivia started, she couldn’t put the genie back in the bottle.

“You’ll come so fucking hard from it!” Olivia squealed as the fantasy raged uncontrollably in her mind like an inferno as she grabbed her mother’s boobs and squeezed them while they kept grinding together. “Mommy taking her son’s dick up her butt! Morgan can sit on your face and make out with Cade as you eat her out! Both of them fucking you! And you wanna know what I’ll be doing mommy?”

Kim had a strong feeling she didn’t want to know what Olivia would be doing. But she was so far beyond self-control at this point. She nodded her head while she was moaning from the feel of her daughter’s gushing pussy rubbing against hers, their labia lips so slick and swollen with arousal.  She knew Olivia was going to tell her anyway and when she opened up her mouth, Kim heard exactly what she was afraid of.

“I’ll be fucking daddy!” Olivia cried out, admitting things in the heat of the moment she never would have said to anyone before. “I’ll be bent over for daddy to fuck me! Ohhhh mommyyyyyy I like thinking about daddy finding me fucking you and him being so turned on by it that he gets his cock out while you’re eating me out and I just start sucking it! Wouldn’t that be hot? You eating my wet pussy and daddy getting all hard from it that he just pulls his yummy cock out for me to suck and when I see it I can’t help myself and I take him into my mouth so he can make me swallow it and be a good little girl for him like I am for you! I want daddy to fuck my face while you eat my pussy and you tell him that you’re going to share me from now on so I can be daddy’s slut too!”

“Oh Olivia! No! Baby no!” Kim tried to protest even as she kept on rubbing herself into her daughter.

“Yes mommy! YES!” Olivia insisted. “Daddy has a big cock, doesn’t he? I’ll bet he does! Tell me how big it is! I want to get his big, fat cock in my mouth! Mmmm I want to suck it like a good slutty daughter and drink his cum! I want daddy to fuck me like you fuck me! I want him to take my little pussy and fuckkkk I even want him to take my ass with his big daddy dick! I want him to fuck me while Cade is fucking you! Both of us getting fucked up the ass like sluts! Cade will fuck you and daddy will fuck me!”

“Oliviaaaaa! I can’t believe you!” Kim wailed in shock and disbelief, even as her cunt dripped from the friction of their bodies and the filthy words coming from Olivia’s mouth that painted such a perverted picture.

The truth was Mark was hung like a horse. It was one of the reasons Kim had married him in the first place. But she had never dreamed in her most perverted moments that Oliva would ever want to know about the size of her father’s penis or that she would say such twisted, taboo things. Kim felt like she had to stop her even though she was a hypocrite for it because she was the one having sex with her daughter right then. Was incest okay for her but not Mark?

But Kim didn’t care what was fair right then. She couldn’t wrap her mind around the idea of having sex with her son much less Olivia having sex with her father. It was like that was even more taboo than what she and Olivia were doing and even more taboo than bringing Morgan into it. What Olivia was saying sounded so wrong and so filthy but it was clearly turning Olivia on immensely.

She kept scissoring herself into her mother and Kim could feel Olivia’s clit right up against hers. Kim had never seen Olivia this aroused and that fever was catching. Like she was too close to an inferno, Kim could feel her body on fire too and suddenly she pictured her son and husband both standing by the bed watching her and Olivia, their hard cocks in their hands and lust in their eyes. Kim tried to shove that image out of her head but Olivia had embraced it fully and her filthy thoughts pushed her right into climax.


Kim couldn’t take any more of this and she pulled Olivia down on top of her so they could feverishly kiss and she could turn that nasty talk off. Olivia kissed her mother back with wanton passion while she came and Kim got her hands back on Olivia’s ass, squeezing it hard and even pushing her nails into that pristine rear of hers. Her daughter was being so fucking filthy and it was turning her on even though it was far beyond anything Kim had ever dreamed the girl was capable of.

Kim could feel her own orgasm rushing forward. Seeing how much this was turning Olivia on and feeling her daughter’s pussy creaming against hers was making Kim lose it too and her mind was getting caught up in the same fever that Olivia’s had been. Fuck! How could Olivia have fantasized about something so twisted? How could she think about her brother that way? How could she have thought that about her father? And why was it turning her on now to imagine all three of her beautiful children joining her in Mark for a wanton family fuck fest?

Kim didn’t want to think about that. She didn’t want this perversion in her mind but it was there now and the more she tried to push it away the more she was reminded that it was Olivia who had put it there and that it was her own daughter’s cunt grinding into hers. She was already committing incest with Olivia. What could stop her from going all the way and making Oliva’s wicked fantasy real? What could stop her from getting Morgan into this too and letting Mark have his way with his beautiful daughters while she gorged herself on her son’s cock?

What could stop her from truly becoming a hedonist with no boundaries? Kim’s mind was whirling from all of this and the feel of Olivia’s pussy rubbing right into hers while they passionately kissed got her off too and she had her second orgasm in minutes from the feel of their swollen clits humping together.

“OHHHHHHHH! YESSSSSSSS! YESSSSSSSSS! OHHHHH OLIVIA YESSSSSSSS!!!” Kim cried in orgasm, trying to keep her focus only on her wonderfully deviant daughter and not on anything else.

Kim’s cum mixed with Olivia’s as they continued to scissor into each other. They ground their slick, creamy pussies together and made a mess of it all over Olivia’s sheets. Their sweaty bodies were fused together as one, skin on skin and their tits smacked together as mother and daughter kissed again and again while Kim came all over Olivia’s crotch. They were a slippery pair from the way their pussies scissored and both of them were gasping for breath as they finally separated when mother and daughter rolled onto their backs.

And as they recovered from such an intense moment, Kim could see Olivia begin to blush as if she was realizing now what she had said in the heat of passion. Olivia turned away from her mother, as if she was embarrassed to look at her after what she had admitted but Kim quickly sought to ease that by tenderly running her hand over Olivia’s face and letting her know it was okay.

It was clear that they were going to have to have a serious talk about what had just happened and about making sure things didn’t get too out of control around here…unless that was actually what both of them really wanted. But that could wait. Kim didn’t want to make this more awkward so she didn’t criticize or judge or say anything about Olivia’s fantasy at all. Instead she just lovingly touched her face and brought Olivia in for another kiss, one that the younger woman eagerly returned.

“Let’s get back into that shower young lady,” Kim said with a little laugh. “You are a very dirty girl and it’s up to mommy to get you clean now!”
Olivia didn’t hesitate to accept that invitation and she and Kim got out of the bed on wobbly legs and walked hand in hand back toward the bathroom. Olivia knew she couldn’t take back what she had said and she hoped her mom wasn’t mad at her but so far she didn’t seem too freaked out over it. The two Holt women walked bare ass naked back toward the shower and as fun as this was, Olivia found herself extra eager for the future to see if it led to even more.
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