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An Unexpected Surprise (Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson)
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An Unexpected Surprise
Starring Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson
Codes: MF, M+F, orgy, FF, oral, facial
Written by KMB
Disclaimer: This is entirely a work of fiction and is not meant to reflect reality in any way. This is a product of imagination and is NOT real. All characters are 18 and is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18.44

This may come as a shock to people who are only used to my lesbian work, but occasionally I am known to dabble in MF and I think fans of Natalie and Scarlett are going to like what they see here. I have a sequel to this too and if there is a demand for it, I'll post it here. Also, I am using this as a way to promote my Patreon as this and all my new stories are at www.patreon.com/KMB

“Do you trust me?” Natalie Portman asked, a big, excited smile on her face.
“Of course I do,” Scarlett Johansson replied, before adding a, “But…”
“But nothing,” Natalie interrupted. “Put this on and I promise that it’s going to be worth it! Please!”
Scarlett didn’t fight it off anymore. She knew it was a losing battle because she didn’t want to deny Natalie this. Plus she was honestly curious about where all of this was leading. This was an unaccustomed position for her and she kind of liked that. But she wasn’t sure about going into this blind…literally.
Still Natalie was her girlfriend and Scarlett trusted her completely. There was no one she would have done this for but her. So she nodded her head and assented to what her lover had planned. That got a little giggle from Natalie and she tied the blindfold around Scarlett’s eyes, blocking her field of vision.
“Okay, but you’d better not be about to walk me into a wall,” Scarlett teased.
“Would I do that to you?” Natalie laughed in a playful, teasing way. “I promise you’re going to enjoy this. It’s something special. Something you’d never, ever expect.”
Scarlett had to admit that had her extremely intrigued. Natalie had been hyping this up as a surprise she would never have thought of and Scarlett’s mind was whirling with possibilities. She had never been in this kind of a position with Natalie before. Usually it was the other way around. She was always the one planning sexy surprises for Natalie and Scarlett’s curiosity was growing by the second as she tried to figure out just what it was that her girlfriend had done here.
“What are you planning Nat?” Scarlett asked. “Come on! Give me a little hint! Please?”
“Nah uh,” Natalie insisted. “I want you to be totally, completely surprised. I want you to be shocked. I want you to see there’s things your Natalie is capable of that not even you are.”
That only made Scarlett more curious. As each mysterious second ticked away, Scarlett’s desire to know what it was that Natalie was planning for her got more and more intense. What could Natalie be talking about? What surprise could she possibly have put together? Whatever it was, Scarlett knew it would be good and she certainly knew it would be a sexy one considering how they were dressed.

When Natalie had told her to come over and to bring something naughty to wear, Scarlett hadn’t thought twice. She always came running whenever Natalie called and if she told her to bring something sexy to wear, so much the better. So Scarlett had come over with a teddy ready to slip on once she’d gotten her clothes off and she didn’t think it was boastful at all for her to think that she looked extremely fucking hot in it.

Scarlett was in a Victoria’s Secret plunge teddy that she already knew Natalie loved to see her in. It showed off her curves in such a delectable way and Scarlett loved the way it could literally make her girlfriend drool for her. The teddy clung to her shoulders in such a way that it was so easy to imagine just tantalizingly easing each strap off and sliding it down her body to get her naked. It was cut low to show off the abundant cleavage that Scarlett had to offer and Scarlett especially loved the way it made her look from behind.

There was only a small strand of fabric that slid between her ass cheeks. It basically left her butt bare with only that tiny little bit of cover and Scarlett knew Natalie loved that. She knew her girlfriend went gaga over her big tits and thick ass and that Natalie loved to stare at her when she bared her body to her in such provocative lingerie. She had picked this one out on purpose today because she knew Natalie loved it and it was certainly having the desired effect as Natalie hadn’t been able to keep her eyes, or her hands, off of Scarlett after she had slipped it on.

And she wasn’t the only one who was dressed in a very intimate way. When Scarlett had changed into her lingerie, Natalie had too and she looked so good that part of Scarlett had almost wanted to forget what the surprise was and instead focus entirely on her girlfriend’s beautiful body.

Natalie was also in a teddy, one made of black lace that hugged her tight little body, teasingly showing off her round, perky tits in a way that didn’t reveal too much and yet made her look so sexual. It was a lovely, tantalizing black lace teddy that no one ever would have expected to see someone like Natalie Portman in. It was both modest and revealing at the same time as it hefted up her beautiful breasts and clung to the cheeks of her ass with the black lace contrasting so nicely with her pink skin.

But as much as the sight of Natalie in such erotic lingerie turned her on, Scarlett was dying to know what it was that Natalie had planned for her. Natalie had never surprised her like this before and Scarlett was racking her brain to try and figure out what it was. She couldn’t come up with the solution though and that was exciting her even more.

Not only was she blindfolded and in her most provocative underwear, but Scarlett truly had no idea what was waiting for her. She was going into this situation in a far more vulnerable position than she was used to. She had no idea what was waiting for her and that was not only mysterious, it was also a little dangerous too.

If anyone but Natalie had arranged this, Scarlett would have been more hesitant but her trust for Natalie was too strong for her to have serious doubts. So she let Natalie guide her out of the bedroom where they had changed and Scarlett’s curiosity grew as she realized they were leaving the room.

She had assumed they were going to end up in the bed like always but Natalie clearly had different plans.

“Where are we going?” Scarlett asked, taking slow steps in her blindfolded state as Natalie held her hand and guided her. And at least Natalie gave her an answer to that.

“Guest bedroom,” Natalie replied, which intrigued Scarlett even more since they never used that room. It had always been for friends or family. Whenever they had anyone over for a threesome or a foursome (or even sometimes for a more-some) they used Natalie’s bedroom. The guest bedroom was for the people who stayed over that they weren’t fucking.

Whatever this was, it was something different and Scarlett could not imagine what it could possibly be.

As she guided Scarlett by the hand, Natalie turned her head around and smiled when she saw the confusion all over her lover’s face. She loved seeing that.

She loved being the one to spring the surprise this time and she couldn’t wait to see the shock in Scarlett’s eyes when she found out what she had planned.
Natalie couldn’t even believe she was doing this and she knew it would floor Scarlett when she realized what was happening. Natalie was so excited. This was so bold and so crazy and so fucking naughty and so definitely not her. This wasn’t how she usually acted. This wasn’t something she had ever done. But that was what was so much fun about this. She wasn’t only surprising Scarlett, she was stretching her own boundaries and doing things she would have been too afraid to try before.

It was always Scarlett who was giving her sexy surprises. It had been Scarlett who had gotten Kat Dennings to shock her with a kiss and have it lead to an amazing threesome between them, something that had been repeated and expanded upon many times after. It had been Scarlett who had gotten Mila Kunis to come over one night to allow for her and Natalie to finally make good on their wicked Black Swan fantasies for real after they had been both too focused on the challenges of their characters to actually go all the way when they had been shooting.

It had been Scarlett who had surprised Natalie with Daisy Ridley and created the kind of Star Wars fantasy play that would have caused nerds all over the world to explode in their pants. And it had most certainly been Scarlett who had pushed Natalie into making good on her most secret fantasy and indulging in the white hot and, in Natalie’s view, shameful lust she’d had for Kim Kardashian.

Scarlett had always been pushing her to open up her sexuality and be bolder and let herself go and have more fun. That had never been easy for Natalie but it letting go of her fears and her inhibitions had always been her favorite thing about having sex with women. It had always been what she had loved most about going to the mansion and forgetting about everything else except how good it felt to fuck and be fucked. And when she was with Scarlett,
Natalie especially loved to let go and be wild and kinky because Scarlett made her feel so safe, like she never had to be guarded around her and she could tell her anything.

The fact that it was Scarlett who was always trying to get Natalie to loosen up and push the envelope a bit more was the main reason Natalie was even doing this. She had wanted to turn the tables for once and show to Scarlett that she wasn’t the only one who had a kinky imagination and that she wasn’t the only one who could plan a sexy surprise.

Natalie didn’t just want to surprise Scarlett. She wanted to shock her. She wanted Scarlett to see a side of her that she never had seen before. Natalie wanted Scarlett to see that she was capable of so much more than she had ever imagined her girlfriend could be and Natalie also wanted to prove that to herself. This wasn’t just going to be something for Scarlett’s benefit. Natalie also planned to get everything she wanted out of this and more.

“Right this way, come on,” Natalie guided her lover, the two of them clad in their sexy lingerie as Natalie felt her heart beat in her own chest over how crazy this was and how she couldn’t believe she was actually going to go through with this.

This was insane. It was completely fucking nuts. But she wanted that. She wanted to do the unexpected. She wanted to be bold. She wanted to be wild. She wanted to show off a side that Scarlett didn’t know she had. Natalie wanted to go beyond all of their limits and have a crazy, wildly erotic night that defied all expectations. It was only going to be one night. She was sure of that. So this was no time to be hesitant or shy. Natalie reminded herself of that as she walked them both right into the guest bedroom.

And when she saw what was waiting for them, Natalie let out a little gasp of excitement. She couldn’t believe it. She was actually doing this. This was actually going to happen. She’d known they were going to be here of course. She was the one who had arranged all of this after all. But it was still shocking to actually see this and Natalie’s gasp was followed by a moan of anticipation, which only made Scarlett’s curiosity grow.

“What? What’s going on? Come on! You HAVE to tell me!” Scarlett insisted. “I’m going to take this off!”

Scarlett began reaching for the blindfold but before she could, Natalie stopped her.

“No! Don’t you dare! Not yet!” Natalie insisted, playfully but purposefully smacking Scarlett’s hands back into place. “Just sit on the bed! Let this happen! You might freak out a bit but I promise you’re absolutely going to love it! I know this is what you want!”

Scarlett wasn’t sure what Natalie was getting at. This was getting more and more mysterious and her curiosity was growing to an almost intolerable level. Still she didn’t protest. She just let Natalie guide her to the bed and she sat herself down, the blindfold still covering her eyes. She was about to ask another question though before Natalie silenced her by kissing her.

The blindfold was a good one and Scarlett couldn’t see very well out of it at all so in theory it could have been anyone kissing her but Scarlett certainly would have recognized Natalie’s kiss anywhere at any time. Natalie kissed her so sensually and with such a tender heat that Scarlett immediately responded and began kissing her back while letting Natalie’s soft hands roam all over her barely covered body in her lingerie.

Scarlett had begun to assume there was another woman waiting for them in the guest bedroom. Why else would Natalie have brought her here in her blindfold? But who could it be? Scarlett’s mind whirled with possibilities but no clues had been offered and Scarlett couldn’t even begin to offer an educated guess. All she knew was that it was Natalie who was kissing her and caressing her and making her feel more and more aroused by the moment.

And by the time Natalie pulled away from her lips, Scarlett felt like her pussy was going to soak right through her lingerie.

“Are you ready?” Natalie asked, more than a hint of nervousness in her voice.

“Oh yes!” Scarlett immediately replied. “More than ready! Please tell me Nat! I’m dying to know!”

“Okay, promise you won’t freak out?” Natalie asked which drove Scarlett even more insane with curiosity. What could it possibly be that was making Natalie act this way? This wasn’t how she usually was at all and Scarlett was filled with so many questions.

“Yes, I promise!” Scarlett said even though she internally reserved the right to change her mind. She had no idea what was happening here and the more she had to wait the more the curiosity was raging inside her.

“Okay, here we go…” Natalie said softly as she pulled off Scarlett’s blindfold.

Scarlett blinked her eyes a few times to get used to the light of the guest bedroom but as soon as she saw who was there with them she gasped loudly. She suddenly saw why Natalie had been so coy about this and why she was nervous too. Of all of the possibilities that she had just entertained, this hadn’t even been close to one she had considered and she couldn’t believe her own eyes as she stared at what was waiting for her.

“Remember, you promised not to freak out,” Natalie reminded her but Scarlett was too shocked to remember what she had just said seconds before.

“Natalie? What? How? Why?” Scarlett sputtered out, with the “why” being the key question before her.

Scarlett had assumed there would be a beautiful, sensual woman waiting for her here. But it very much was not a woman. Instead it was men. Not a man. Men. Multiple. Scarlett couldn’t believe it and ended up blinking rapidly as if this was somehow a dream she was having. One man. Two men. Three men. Four! Four men in Natalie’s guest bedroom and Scarlett was so shocked about this that she almost didn’t even fully appreciate at first that all of the men were completely naked.

But soon that changed and Scarlett found herself staring in amazement at the four nude men she was suddenly seeing.

Scarlett found herself gawking at the four naked cocks and these were not normal size either. These men were hung like fucking horses and Scarlett was having trouble finding her words as her eyes went wide at the sight of those four enormous cocks and the fact that this was what Natalie was surprising her with.

“Natalie! What the hell?” Scarlett demanded, turning to Natalie and seeing the nervous, but visibly excited look on her girlfriend’s face.

And again Scarlett asked the most pressing question.

“Why?” she asked.

For that Natalie had a simple answer.

“Because I know you wanted this,” Natalie said, the look on her face showing just how much she was enjoying this look of utter shock and stupor that Scarlett was making. “I’ve seen you checking out guys lately and I wanted to do this for you. I wanted to give you what you want.”

As surreal as it was that this was happening, Scarlett felt the reflexive need to defend herself and not let Natalie get the wrong idea about how she felt.

“No! I…I…I don’t want men!” Scarlett insisted, barely believing she was in this situation. “I want you Nat! I like girls! I don’t want to fuck men! Ummm no offense guys.”

Scarlett felt the need to add that last part in. She didn’t know any of these men but they were all standing before her like four nude Adonises. They were all so muscular and toned, not like in over the top body builder ways, but in ways that showed they worked out and cared about their physical appearances and did what they needed to do to keep themselves in good health and shape. These guys were definitely not accountants or celebrity news bloggers.

It seemed absolutely insane that they were here and that Scarlett was staring right at their exposed penises. She wanted them to know that this wasn’t personal and she wanted Natalie not to doubt her love for her or her commitment to her. So Scarlett found herself apologizing to them while defending her lesbianism.

But she didn’t need to do that and Natalie made that clear.

“It’s okay. I’m not mad! Clearly I’m not mad!” Natalie said waving her hand toward their four naked, hung new friends. “I arranged all of this to surprise you! To make you happy! To give you what you want!”

“But…but…I want girls…I want you!” Scarlett insisted, sputtering out her words as she still couldn’t fully wrap her mind around all of this and the fact that Natalie so clearly wanted this to happen.

Natalie then silenced Scarlett with a soft kiss right on her famous lips.

“It’s okay, it really is!” Natalie said after pulling her mouth away. “I know you still think about guys and I’m giving you permission to do this. It’s okay! I want this for you! I did this for you…and for me too! I want to do something crazy and wild and kinky! For tonight you can want guys again! They’re here for us, for both of us! They’ll fuck us and make us feel so good and tomorrow they’ll be gone and we can get back to you just wanting to be with girls!”

Scarlett couldn’t believe what she was hearing from Natalie and the look of absolute confusion and surprise on her face made Natalie giggle with delight.
She had wanted to shock her lover. She had wanted to turn the tables on her and surprise her for once. She had wanted to do something absolutely insane with Scarlett and this certainly qualified.

Natalie was almost giddy with excitement, reveling in Scarlett’s sincere shock and at her own disbelief that she was actually going through with this. This was going to be a wild experience for the both of them and Natalie couldn’t wait for it to actually get started. She kissed Scarlett again, this time more sensually, making sure the boys could see how close they really were as she tongue kissed her girlfriend right in front of them.

“Don’t they have such big cocks?” Natalie giggled, feeling so wicked as she ogled those big, hanging dicks while the men stood just enough away from her and Scarlett to give them space. “They have to do whatever we say too. We can make them do whatever we want to us. You can fulfill every dirty fantasy you have Scarlett. Mmmm and so can I!”

Natalie had been going back and forth in her mind about what she would actually do with these guys and how far she would go. Sometimes she thought she might only watch as Scarlett used these men for her pleasure and sucked and fucked to her heart’s content. But other times Natalie thought she might indulge in forbidden pleasures too and let herself get good and fucked by men for the first time in years.

She didn’t know what was going to happen. She didn’t even fully know what she wanted. But Natalie liked this. She liked this a lot. She was glad she had actually gone through with this and she hoped she could lose herself in the passion of the moment and maybe really go a little cock crazy.

“Mmmm yeahhhhh such big cocks!” Scarlett moaned back lustfully as Natalie’s soft little hands caressed her big tits through her teddy. “I can’t believe you did this Natalie! I…you…what were you thinking?”

Natalie gathered up her nerve and admitted it, deciding just to confess the truth.

“I was thinking how hot it would be to see you get fucked!” Natalie moaned, her own voice indicating the desire she felt growing inside her. “I was thinking how sexy it would be to see you suck cock and how beautiful you’d look getting fucked by a big, thick dick pulsating inside your hot, yummy pussy! And I was thinking about how gorgeous you’d look with hot, white streaks of cum dripping off your face and your big tits!”

“Oh my God! Nat!” Scarlett gasped in shock over the words coming from Natalie’s sweet mouth but also getting very turned on from them. “You’re nuts!”
Natalie had to agree. This was nuts. But she was glad she had done it and the smile on Scarlett’s face made clear she was glad too.

It had been almost a fluke thought at first. She and Scarlett had gone to the gym together. Usually they worked out at home with private trainers but they also belonged to a gym with their friends too. It was a special gym, one that was for women only and catered to a rich and famous clientele. The gym offered privacy and personal attention and it was a place its clients knew they could actually work out in without worrying about being gawked at or hassled or hit on or have to worry about anyone with a phone taking pictures or video of them in the locker room or at their sweatiest and least attractive on the gym floor.

This one day they had been looking to get a workout in together and Natalie had noticed the way one of the trainers had been very focused on Scarlett. He had definitely been staring at her the whole time she had been there and he had been a little too eager to help her with her form and adjusting her body into the right positon. He had been a little too quick to get his hands on Scarlett’s body and he had hung around too closely after.

Part of Natalie couldn’t blame him for being so interested. She knew how beautiful Scarlett was. She knew how sexy Scarlett was. And she knew how good Scarlett looked in workout clothes, especially ones that hinted at the erotic curve of her large breasts and that tightly clung to the round cheeks of her luscious ass. Natalie could barely keep her hands off of Scarlett when she looked like that so she certainly understood his interest. But at the same time Scarlett was hers! Not his!

They really hadn’t gone “public” with their relationship. They hadn’t done the cover of People Magazine the way Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku had. They didn’t teasingly hint at things on their social media the way Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato did. And they certainly hadn’t been like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears were since Christina had pretty much taken out billboards to announce to the world that she and Britney were fucking.

That wasn’t their style. They weren’t women who liked to go public about private matters. But the important people in their lives knew they were dating and Natalie had felt a reflexive surge of jealousy when she had seen him touching her girlfriend and flirting with her, especially when it had been clear that Scarlett had been responding. She hadn’t pulled away from his touch or told him to stop. She had laughed at what he was saying to her and, to Natalie’s eyes, she had looked receptive to it.

Natalie wasn’t usually the jealous type but her first instinct was to go over there and shove him away from Scarlett. Of course she hadn’t but she had felt that jealousy inside her and had spent the rest of the time at the gym with it on her mind.

She and Scarlett didn’t have a traditional relationship. They weren’t in the strictest sense monogamous since they both still enjoyed playing with other women just like Kirsten and Eliza and most certainly like Britney and Christina did. But that certainly hadn’t meant that Natalie would have been okay with Scarlett fucking a guy. Just thinking about it had made Natalie mad and jealous…until it hadn’t.

Natalie knew she tended to overthink things sometimes and that she could often overuse analytical reasoning on matters that should have been decided pure instinct. But she couldn’t help it and she had churned over in her mind again and again the idea of Scarlett being receptive to a man coming onto her. Natalie had burned with a jealousy that Scarlett had given her no real reason to have.

However, somewhere along the line those thoughts had changed from possessiveness and jealousy to something much more unexpected. Maybe it had been the adrenaline and endorphins from her workout. But whatever the reason, Natalie’s anger had turned into curiosity. She had begun wondering what would happen if Scarlett had gone for it, right then and there in the gym.

What if Scarlett had responded to the flirting by yanking down the trainer’s shorts and freeing his cock? Natalie could instinctively tell he was hung. He carried himself with the kind of confidence that men had when they knew they had something women liked. What if Scarlett had pulled out his dick and had started blowing him right in the middle of the gym? What if she had put those dicksucking lips of hers to good use by sucking that big cock in front of everyone?

What if Scarlett had pulled off of that cock with a wet pop and waved her hand to get Natalie to come over to her? What if the two of them had shared that cock together? What if they had put on a show for everyone at the gym, including their friends, to see as they had sucked that cock and let him come all over their faces so they could lick it off each other and kiss? What if they had done more? What if they had taken off all their workout clothes and bent over those machines and let him fuck them both, going back and forth from pussy to pussy as they had given themselves completely over to cock lust?

Natalie had found herself getting wet at the thought of it. She had been shocked at her own filthy fantasy and had shoved it right out of her mind. And of course Scarlett’s flirty behavior had been nothing more than friendliness and nothing had happened between her and trainer other than them talking for a little bit. Natalie hadn’t brought it up at all and hadn’t held it against Scarlett for being friendly with a man.

But the thoughts had lingered for Natalie. Not the ones of jealousy. The ones of arousal. The ones of how hot it would have been to see Scarlett sucking cock. The ones of how even hotter it would have been to join her and for the both of them to fuck him. Those had stayed and Natalie couldn’t stop getting hot over them.

She hadn’t been with a guy in so long. Ever since her limo ride seduction with Kirsten and that night with her and Eliza, Natalie simply hadn’t needed men. She’d had good male lovers. She hadn’t felt as though making love to a man was an unsatisfying experience. Women were simply better. They could do things to her that no man ever could. She loved that. She needed that. She hadn’t had to feel desire for a man because women were what she had wanted.

Natalie didn’t know if she was like totally a lesbian but she sure felt like one these days and she knew she wanted to be with Scarlett. So maybe she was gay. She had never thought that much about it. She had just liked being with women and she was in love with Scarlett so she had just followed her own heart.

Still, Natalie hadn’t been able to get the idea of her girlfriend fucking a man out of her head though. She had no idea when the last time Scarlett had been with a man had been. And the idea of doing this with her had been so arousing and so kinky. Natalie had wanted to surprise Scarlett with something special and what could have been more surprising than this?

What had really cinched it though had been a conversation she’d had with Britney Spears. She and Britney had been friends for years, long before they’d even realized they’d both had lust for women in common. In fact the time Britney had surprised her with that knowledge by seducing her right in the changing room while they were buying bikinis was one of her hottest memories.

She and Britney had gone off to get a spa day in together and they’d been in the sauna. Natalie had kept her towel on but Britney had been way bolder, as she always was, and had dropped her towel so she could lay back there naked. And in between staring at beads of sweat running down Britney’s glorious tits, Natalie had broached this subject to her.

Natalie knew Christina still flirted with guys sometimes. She knew Christina would fuck pretty much anything that moved in fact. So she had asked Britney if she ever got jealous when she saw Christina with a guy and, more pressingly, she had asked her if she had ever wanted to join in and fuck a man with her.

Britney had giggled in response and had teased Natalie, asking her if what she really wanted was some cock and she was projecting that onto Scarlett. And when Natalie had blushed in response, Britney had gotten all the answer she had needed.

Fortunately, Britney had an answer for Natalie. No, she didn’t get jealous because she knew that no matter who Christina fucked, that she only loved her. And yes she had joined in on that a few times. Swearing Natalie to secrecy, Britney had confessed that during the big mansion Christmas party when everyone had gone so crazy on the spiked punch, Christina had practically hurled herself at Fluffy when she had caught her bodyguard fucking Rose McGowan.

Christina had needed Fluffy’s huge cock so badly when she had seen her fucking her sexual mentor she had even threatened to fire Fluffy if he hadn’t given it to her too. And that of course had made Fluffy snap and he had fucked the brat right out of Christina, taking her hard and slamming that dark cock into her cunt as she had begged for more. It had been so fucking hot, Britney had confessed, that she had joined in and sucked Fluffy off while he had fucked Christina.

She had slurped Christina’s cum right off of Fluffy’s cock and then let him come in her mouth so she could snowball it with Gwen Stefani. It had been so fucking hot and Britney had loved doing it. It had been so fucking naughty and fun especially since she had been the only one who could really remember it.
Natalie had been so amazed to hear that. God that had been such a wild fucking party. She barely remembered any of it and she definitely didn’t remember that. But Britney had had other sexy secrets to tell her, about how she had wanted to do something like that again except be even nastier.

Britney had known about a special service that provided skilled, equipped men to its clientele. And she had needed their specialized services for something she had planned for Christina. She knew what her fiancé loved. She knew what Christina wanted. So Britney had arranged for a birthday gangbang for her lover, hiring the 10 hottest, most hung and blackest men to make Christina’s night.

Britney had told Natalie about everything about how Christina had eagerly gorged herself on those 10 massive black dicks and how she had been such a happy little birthday girl slut. Britney hadn’t held anything back when she had eagerly told this story to Natalie. She told her everything about how Christina had literally torn her own clothes off when she had seen what Britney had gotten her and how she had let all 10 men circle around her so she could drop to her knees and suck them all off, slurping their cocks into her mouth sometimes two at a time while her hands grabbed two more hard poles and stroked them off.

Christina had been in cock heaven that night, Britney had said, letting them fuck her right there on the floor as she lay on her back and sucked two cocks, turning her head from side to side repeatedly to go back and forth, while stroking off two more, letting another slide between her big tits and spreading open her legs for them to fuck her insatiable pussy all night long.

Britney excitedly talked about every position they had Christina in and how she could fuck them any way she wanted. She did them on all fours. She did them on her back. She took on two or three at a time. She sat on their faces and made them tongue fuck her pussy and ass and offered up all of her holes for their hard, ebony cocks. She got soaked with cum from head to toe after hours of fucking and Britney had loved how happy it had made Christina.

It had been so hot that Britney hadn’t been able to resist joining in. She told Natalie how hot it had been to see Christina take cock in all of her holes and how with 10 huge dicks there to play with, she had found herself aching to get fucked too. It had been such a wild night, Britney had moaned, full of cock and cum, and how good and sore she and Christina had both felt in the morning.

The idea of that had really turned Natalie on, so much that she had found herself slipping off her towel in the sauna and touching herself, something that had naturally enticed Britney to crawl right between Natalie’s legs and give her something really good to sweat over.

And while Britney had tongue fucked her to a hot, steamy orgasm in the sauna, Natalie hadn’t been able to stop thinking about how sexy it must have been for both Christina and Britney to take on all of those guys at once. It had convinced Natalie to actually try this for her and Scarlett.
Of course she hadn’t wanted to exactly duplicate what Britney had done. 10 guys was way too much for her. She didn’t want anything even close to that. Four definitely was more her speed. That meant there’d be enough men there for it to be really kinky but not so much that it turned into something that belonged in a porn video.

And she wasn’t into the “black guy” thing like Christina was. But she had been told she could order whatever she wanted from this service and she had done it. Natalie couldn’t believe it. She had almost talked herself out of it so many times but she ultimately had summoned all her nerve and she had done it.

She had actually called the number Britney had given her and she had ordered men for the night like she was ordering pizza or flowers or an edible arrangement. And she had prioritized diversity too. One white guy. One Black man, One Latino. One Asian. She had specially requested the 20-30 age range too. She didn’t want any performance issues. Natalie wanted them young and virile so she and Scarlett could go all night with this.

The only other thing she had made sure to specify was that their cocks had to be big. She wasn’t about to spend this night with just average. She wanted big. Not like freaky size or anything. That again was more of a Christina style than her. Just big. Seven inches plus. And as she looked at those dangling dicks on her diverse group of boy toys, Natalie knew the agency had delivered.

She had set some firm ground rules though. She didn’t want any of these guys to kiss her or Scarlett. That was too intimate for her. She wanted this to be sex and nothing more. She didn’t even want to know their names. They were just cocks to her and Scarlett. She had been assured that would be fine. She could have anything she wanted and she didn’t need to know anything about them.

And Natalie hadn’t wanted this in her bedroom either. That was a place that was only for her and Scarlett and their most special friends. That was a place for making love. She didn’t want men to fuck her there. But the guest room was perfect. There was plenty of room for all of them but it didn’t feel as intimate in there.

So with those boundaries in place, Natalie felt comfortable enough to actually do this and she wanted Scarlett to know it was okay.

“Suck them! Suck all of their cocks if you want to!” Natalie urged her lover as they both took in the sight of the four naked men, all of them moving a bit closer as Natalie beckoned them forward. “Let them fuck you! I want to see it! I want to watch you with a guy! I want to see you get fucked!”

Scarlett still couldn’t believe this was happening. This was surreal. But the fact was those big dicks looked so good to her and she wanted to get them rock hard. She was in a relationship with Natalie but she had never stopped looking at men…or other women for that matter.

She wasn’t cheating on Natalie or anything. Just looking. She had looked at other men with every boyfriend she had ever been with and at other women too. She had always been attracted to both men and women and while she had once thought she was more straight than lesbian, lately she had been reconsidering that. Natalie was just so special to her and she had never loved a boyfriend like she loved her girlfriend.

She had still checked out hot guys though, more like she was appreciating the sexiness of their bodies though and not because she had any intention of sleeping with them. She could still check out the menu even if she wasn’t going to order anything from it. But if Natalie was going to insist…

“Are you sure?” Scarlett asked, not upsetting Natalie or making her girlfriend jealous the most important thing to her.

“I’m positive,” Natalie insisted. “Let me show you!”

Natalie then did something that even shocked herself. The men were close enough now for them to touch and Natalie did something she hadn’t done in forever. She reached out and erotically grasped a cock in her hand, sensually stroking it and sliding it right into her mouth as she bent over on the bed to be able to swallow it. She had an actual flesh and blood penis in her mouth for the first time in years and it filled her with such a taboo thrill as she began to blow this man whose name she didn’t even know.

“Holy shit!” Scarlett gasped, shocked and also incredibly turned on at the sight of Natalie sucking a cock. “Nat! Oh my God!”

A giddy giggle came out of Scarlett’s mouth and if Natalie was going to do this, then she wasn’t going to deny herself. These men looked really fucking sexy with toned, tight bodies and well-developed muscles. And if those big cocks were just going to hang there…

“Mmmmm you’re mine now stud!” Scarlett purred in her husky voice, her pussy getting wetter by the second as she watched Natalie suck cock.
Scarlett grabbed the first cock she could get her hand on. It happened to be the Latino guy’s and she began caressing it, moaning as he hardened in her hand.

“Can you talk?” Scarlett teased him, having not ignored that the men had remained silent this whole time.

“Only if you want me to,” he replied with a groan as Scarlett expertly stimulated him, getting him to harden in her hand. “We’re here for whatever you want to pay us to do.”

“Ohhhh fuck, Nat! You brought in man whores?” Scarlett laughed while turning her head to watch Natalie struggling sexily to get the well-hung Asian man’s cock down her throat as he hardened to his full nine inches. “I can’t believe it!”

Scarlett had been wondering where Natalie had found these guys but now she could surmise the correct answer and she loved it. This was perfect. She and Natalie could have as much fun as they wanted with these guys and never have to worry about seeing them again.

Natalie would have answered Scarlett but her mouth was full of dick and all she could do was moan in response, confirming her assertion. She had only intended to just give him a few sucks and then let Scarlett have all of the men while she watched but she hadn’t been able to help herself. She hadn’t had a real cock in her mouth in so long. Just strap-ons and this felt so naughty and good all at once. Once she had gotten her first taste of this big cock, Natalie hadn’t been able to help herself.

Of course it helped that seeing his sexy Asian body had reminded her of an unrequited crush she’d had on a guy she knew at Harvard. She had been pretty social while she was there but she hadn’t been part of the rich, obnoxious party circle. She’d been more with the sexy nerd clique and this guy reminded her of someone she’d always wanted to sleep with but had never had the nerve to actually make a move on.

That made her want his cock even more and Natalie just closed her eyes and sucked on it, imagining she was back in her dorm room giving him a blowjob and tasting her crush’s big dick. It was making her so wet to do this and when she opened her eyes and glanced over at Scarlett her wetness got even stronger.

Scarlett had two guys in her hands now. She was stroking off the Latino guy with one hand and the other was now wrapped around the stiffening cock of the Black guy as Scarlett licked her lips.

“Mmmmm so you boys have to do everything we say, huh?” Scarlett moaned. “All you hunks of man meat are ours to play with?”

That got her dual nods from both men she was jerking off and Scarlett smiled wickedly as she envisioned exactly what she could do to them and what they could all do to her.

“Oooooh fuck! Mmm we’re all going to have lots of fun tonight!” Scarlett said.

“Yeah? You gonna get nasty for us?” the Latino guy moaned out as his cock began to throb in Scarlett’s soft, skilled hand.

“We’ll see if you fucking deserve nasty,” Scarlett teased while stroking both men off to full hardness. “You have to earn that. Mmmm Natalie gets my nasty side any time she wants. She gets to eat my pussy and fuck my ass and get all over these big tits of mine! Let’s see if you boys can earn that. Mmmm for now you’d better just enjoy this!”

And they certainly did enjoy it as Scarlett slid the black cock right into her mouth. He had plumped up so nicely in her soft hand and she wrapped her lips around him while jacking off the Latino guy. Scarlett hadn’t sucked a real cock in a long time but her skills had not left her and she glided her lips up and down his ebony inches, leaving a wet glaze of her saliva all over his cock.

Scarlett then popped her lips off of him with a big smile on her face and started sucking off the Latino guy. She wrapped her hand back around the black cock and spread her drool all over his shaft and even down to his swollen balls as she began sucking off the other men, letting her famous lips wrap around his meat to pleasure him while he savored his masculine taste.

Natalie moaned as she watched it out of the corner of her eye. She wasn’t using her hands on the Asian guy, just her lips and she liked it when he grabbed her head, not too forcefully, and used that leverage to start pushing himself down her throat. She liked the feel of him taking her like that as he pushed into her mouth and down her throat.

Natalie began bobbing her lips up and down his shaft faster and saliva really started to drip out of her mouth all over his cock. But at the same time she kept looking over at Scarlett as she took on two men at once. She looked so fucking sexy like that. Natalie liked seeing her girlfriend acting like a slut for cock even more than she had thought she would and she suddenly realized that there were three men being pleasured and four men in the bedroom.
The poor white guy wasn’t getting any love at all and Natalie impetuously decided to change that. After all, if Scarlett could have two guys, then so could she.

“Come here,” Natalie said seductively after sliding her lips off of the Asian guy. “Bring me that big cock!”

The words coming out of her own mouth thrilled her and as he got closer, Natalie opened wide and sucked him right into her mouth while she used her hand to caress her new Asian friend and even reach down to play with his balls a bit. Natalie giggled when she immediately noticed the white guy was circumcised. She wondered if he was Jewish. Her parents had always wanted her to find a nice Jewish boy to settle down with so it had been quite a shock for them when she had told them she had found a nice Jewish girl instead.

She was just glad they didn’t know what their good little girl was doing now and she began sucking the white guy off. She gagged a little as his big dick filled her mouth but she managed to suppress her reflex and swallow him down deeper as she wrapped her hand around his girth. Natalie moaned and felt her pussy get even hotter in her lingerie, her wetness soaking the material, as she swallowed that cock and felt him pushing down her throat.

This was so fucking naughty and she loved it. She was being such a bad girl. She hadn’t done anything like this with a man…well ever. She had never been with multiple men. She had never really unleashed her own slutty side until she had started being with girls and she wanted to do it now.

“Mmmmm gawd smack my face with it!” Natalie moaned as she slid her mouth off of the white guy for a moment and stared lustfully up at the Asian guy. “Slap my pretty fucking face with your big cock! Treat me like a slut!”

Natalie felt so exhilarated as she said that and the pleasure grew when the Asian guy did exactly what she said, smacking her face with his throbbing erection and getting her own saliva onto her face. And when the white guy did it too, spanking her soft, famous features with his hard cock, Natalie cooed in unrestrained lust.

“Ohhhhhhh yesssssssss mmmm fuckkkk treat me like a bad girl! I’m so fucking naughty!” Natalie moaned. “I brought you all here to fuck us all night long! Mmmm gimmie those cocks! Smack my face with them! Show me what little sluts like me get!”

Natalie had lately been thinking a lot about how hot it was to be taken by stronger women, bustier women, women with big, luscious curves. She dreamed about women with big tits and big asses and big muscles and just all of them overwhelming her and using her like a tiny little slut. But this was nothing she had envisioned. She liked it though. She liked it a lot. She loved feeling their hard cocks smack her face. She loved knowing they were hard for her.

They were both so big and Natalie stuck her tongue out in a slutty desire for them both, letting them spank their hard dicks against her tongue as she slid it over their swollen cock heads and tasted their precum. Her pussy continued to soak her underwear as she did it too and her nipples were so fucking hard under her teddy. Natalie felt like such a slut and yet she could also see that her more experienced girlfriend was outdoing her yet again.

“Mmmmm fuckkkk I want you both! Fucking cram them into my mouth!” Scarlett lustfully demanded. “Come on you kinky fuckers! Stuff my mouth full of cock! Shove them both in! Gimmie both of those cocks! I know you fucks have been dreaming about this, haven’t you? The fucking Black Widow sucking your cocks! Mmmm yesssss!”

Scarlett’s kinky words, which made her sexy voice sound even more seductive, were cut off when they did exactly what she was asking and shared her mouth. The Latino pushed his cock in first and his African American colleague went next, both of them filling up Scarlett’s mouth and making her gag and drool all over them.

She forced her mouth down over both of them to swallow them as best she could and push past her own gag reflex. The long, strands of saliva began dripping out of her mouth and down her chin into the cleavage created by her big tits in her barely there lingerie. Scarlett moaned as she felt her own drool run between her boobs and she began sucking both of them harder, playing with both of their balls as they fucked her face together.

Natalie looked on in lust and envy that Scarlett could do that with such ease. She found herself wanting to try that too and letting both of these well-hung men for hire fuck her face together. She wanted them use her and fuck her mouth until her throat was sore but she held back from actually doing it. She was still a bit nervous about this and she didn’t want to push herself too far.

Still Scarlett looked so sexy like that kneeling on the bed next to her with her tits practically hanging out of her teddy and both of those cocks being crammed down her throat. Natalie began to wonder if Scarlett had been with multiple guys before. Had she sucked two cocks into her mouth at the same time before tonight? Had she been with two guys? Had she been with more? Had she been gangbanged like Britney had arranged for Christina?

Natalie shivered at the thought of a bunch of men taking Scarlett and using her like that. What would her gorgeous, sexy girlfriend look like getting cock in her mouth and her pussy and in her ass all at the same time? How hot would it be if she was getting her big tits fucked at the same time too? And then Natalie shivered even more over the idea of herself getting fucked like that?

Oh God! What would that be like? She could get gangbanged by all four of these men. She knew Scarlett would want to see it. The thought of all of her holes being fucked at the same time while another one of these men roughly grabbing her little tits and making them squeeze around his cock terrified her and aroused her all at once. What would it be like to let these men use her like a piece of meat?

Natalie felt like she could come just from thinking about it but she didn’t dare actually make it happen…at least not yet. She was too intimidated by it even as it also turned her on and she just started sucking these cocks more. She opened wide and let the white guy push his dick down her throat and then yanked her mouth off of him to wrap her lips around the Asian guy, going back and forth from cock to cock and enjoying how big and hard they were as she sucked and drooled and moaned like a whore while she swallowed their dicks down.

Both Natalie and Scarlett were moaning from what they were doing to these men. They sucked and stroked and got their hands and lips all over these huge, hard cocks. And it was such a thrill for them to be doing this in front of each other. Both of them kept darting their eyes toward the other, seeing how sexy they both looked sucking and stroking dick. That inspired them to suck even harder as Scarlett got more turned on from Natalie with dick in her beautiful face and Natalie eager to follow suit with everything Scarlett was doing.

The lesbian lovers both had cock fever and they showed it. Scarlett pulled her lips off of both men when she found herself desperately needing to breathe and as soon as she gasped in her breath she began dragging her tongue over both swollen pricks. She dragged her tongue on the underside of the Black man’s cock to taste her own gooey saliva off of him and then circled her tongue over the rest of his dark meat to lick him all over.

Then Scarlett did the same to the Latino man, tasting her own saliva all over his cock and then dragging her tongue down to his swollen balls to lick them too. He shuddered and moaned as Scarlett licked his balls and she then did him one better by wrapping her lips around his nuts to start slurping on them.

“Fuckkkkk!” the man groaned out when Scarlett sucked on his balls and Natalie giggled and moaned over how hot and naughty it looked.

So she did the same. She started sucking on the Asian guy’s balls, licking downward first to spread her saliva around with her tongue before she started slurping them to taste her own drool. Natalie got so turned on seeing Scarlett doing it that she mimicked it. She wrapped her lips around his balls and sucked one and then the other before stretching her own limits just a bit by opening her mouth wide and sucking both of his nuts into her mouth at the same time.

Then she pulled off his drool coated sacs and did the same to the white guy. She ran her tongue all over his swollen balls and then sucked them, one at a time at first and then both together as she got such a naughty rush from sucking their balls. It was so much fun for her to do this and act like a bad girl. It turned Natalie on more than she had ever thought it would and what she loved best was Scarlett was right there with it.

Natalie also felt like it had bene a smart decision by her to do this in the guest bedroom and not her own. This way it was more like a fantasy and a one-night indulgence. If it had been in her room in the bed she loved to share with Scarlett it would have felt too real. This way she could be wilder and naughtier while still knowing she had a girlfriend she loved and who she would go back to “normal” with once they’d had their fun with these boys and they left.

“Mmmm fuck me!” Natalie moaned as she pulled her mouth off those swollen white balls and let the Asian guy grab her by her dark hair and more forcefully this time push his cock down her throat. “Yesssss! Fuck me like a slut! Fuck my pretty mouth! Mmmm gawwwwd make me choke on your big fucking cock!”

Natalie moaned out so submissively again and again as the men started to use her more openly. They took turns, just like they knew Natalie wanted, fucking her mouth and stuffing their cocks down her throat as she bobbed up and down on them, sucking them off one at a time. She could go from white cock to Asian cock and back again and again and again and get them wetter each time as they both would hold her by her soft hair and fuck her face hard, but yet not too hard.

Neither of them gave her more than she could handle and she loved that. It made her feel slutty and nasty but didn’t make her feel like she couldn’t breathe or that they were being too rough with her. It was exactly what she wanted. She felt like she was being taken while it was still something she was completely consenting to and that she felt in control of even as her pussy dripped from the idea she wasn’t in control at all and that these men could use her as fuck meat and ravish her tiny little body with their huge cocks and strong muscles.

Scarlett was far more aggressive in her treatment of the men. She was all over their cocks, shoving them both back down her throat again and gagging lustfully on them before pulling off with a big, happy gasp and sucking and licking her snarf off of them. That was happening because she wanted it, because she was grabbing their cocks and cramming down her throat and then she was greedily slurping them down to suck the drool off of them.

She was in completely in control of them both and kept egging them on.

“Come on you fuck boys! Is that all you’ve got?” Scarlett playfully teased. “Gimmie these fucking dicks! Fuck my famous face! Make me fucking gag on dick! I want these fucking cocks! Fuck me! Show me you’re not a couple of pussies! Gimmie all that cock and cum or else I’m going to go back to just fucking only girls again! You have this one chance to prove you’re worth seeing how nasty I can get!”

Scarlett’s taunting worked effectively and they fucked her face harder, thrusting their hips as she took them on one by one. Scarlett happily swallowed the big, ebony dong in her face, working her lips up and down and making sexy cock slurping sounds as she did it. And she pulled off to swallow the Latino cock after, giving him the same treatment while stroking off the other guy and reveling in their harder thrusts down her throat, their cocks flying into her face and being shoved into her mouth.

It was so much fun and she was getting so turned on from it, just like she could see the two men were. She would go back and forth on them, paying them both lots of slutty loving care and attention and letting each one have her mouth to all to themselves before she would switch back to the other guy and give it to them too. And whatever cock she wasn’t sucking she was stroking with such skill and passion that it didn’t take long for the men to move past that point of no return.

“Ohhhhh fuckkkk I’m gonna come!” the Black man moaned with his cock enveloped by Scarlett’s magical lips and that immediately got a reaction from her.
“You’d better be ready to give me some more after!” Scarlett warned as she pulled off of him with a slutty, wet pop. “Don’t you dare lose your fucking energy after one orgasm! I want to do a lot more than just suck you off!”

Natalie addressed those concerns though as she yanked off the white cock she had been sucking.

“Don’t worry baby,” Natalie assured her lover as she recalled personally watching each of them swallow that wonderful blue pill to insure a hard night’s work from all of them. “I made sure these boys took their medicine! They’ll be good to go all night long!”

“Mmmmm fuck yeah! That’s what I wanna hear!” Scarlett assured before she started sucking the Black man off again, gliding her soft, velvety lips up and down his pulsating prick once again before pulling off and then doing the same to the Latino man.

She sucked and stroked them again, going back and forth from cock to cock and stroking whoever she wasn’t sucking. She brought both men right to the verge of orgasm and then pulled her mouth off and started beating their cocks furiously, practically milking them for an orgasm.

“Come right here fuck boys!” Scarlett moaned, sticking out her tongue. “Fucking right on my face! Spunk for the Black Widow! Gimmie all that fucking cum but don’t you dare go soft because I’m only getting warmed up!”

The men couldn’t have controlled themselves even if they had wanted to. Being sucked off by Scarlett Johansson was just too fucking much and the Latino man was the first to erupt as she pumped his cock in her sexy hand. He groaned out and blasted her face with several sticky ropes of cum that coated her lips and pooled up right under her nose as she tilted her face up to get it.

“Ohhh yeahhhh ohhhh fuckkkk more! More fucking cum! Oooooh yeahhhh make me a sticky mess!” Scarlett moaned, her horny body squirming in her teddy as she felt that hot jizz on her face followed by blasts coming from the Black guy’s cock next.

His load splashed against her face, getting on her nose and even on her forehead as Scarlett reflexively closed her eyes when she felt it dripping down her skin. She could feel the hot cum mixing together in gooey strands all over her famous features and she groaned out in pleasure from how good it felt to be so bad.

“Oooooooh me too! Do me like that too!” Natalie begged as she pulled off the Asian guy and began furiously stroking both cocks while she was filled with desire from seeing her lover’s beautiful face soaked in semen. “Ooooooh come all over my face! I used to NEVER let guys do that to me but you can do it! Come for me! Gimmie all that yummy, hot cum and blast it all over my face! Ooooh fuck I’ve been a total lesbian lately but now I need your hot cum on my slutty fucking face! Ooooooh yessssssssssssss!”

Natalie cried in delight as the white guy blasted out first with huge streaks of white jizm that shot up her face and into her hair. She had felt girls cum all over her face before and even had felt girls squirt on her face, thanks to Kirsten and Eliza eagerly showing her and Scarlett what Summer Glau had taught them. But she had never felt a guy come all over her face before and it felt so messy and good to have several blasts of hot, white sperm soaking her skin.

The Asian guy had a little bit more stamina but he could only last a few seconds more too with Natalie’s soft hand urgently stroking him off. She tilted her cum covered face toward him as he began to groan and Natalie was quickly met by blasts of spunk shooting out of his cock. The first one got up on her forehead and then she tilted her head and directed his cock so it came out on her lips this time, those white blasts of sperm coating her pink lips as she opened them up a bit and swallowed some of those hot drops.

It felt so weird to have men coming on her face but Natalie liked it, especially as the tasted some of that salty essence.

She hadn’t tasted a man’s cum in so long and she knew she still loved the taste of a woman way more but it was fun to do this again. Part of her wanted to swallow it all but Natalie wanted something even more and it was just what Scarlett wanted too. The two lovers were on the same page and they moved toward each other for a sultry kiss.

The two lesbian girlfriends eagerly kissed each other, sharing the messy taste as their cum-coated lips mashed together. They kissed with an erotic urgency. Both of them were eager to taste the cum on each other’s lips and they rubbed them together before they fed it to each other by pressing their tongues together and snowballing the essence back and forth. The cum-filled kisses turned both women on, especially Natalie as she pulled away and began licking Scarlett’s face clean.

“Mmmmm ohhhhh Nat! Oooooh you naughty little slut! Mmmm yeahhhh I like that Natalie!” Scarlett moaned out as her girlfriend’s tongue scooped those white globs of man cum off of her face. 

The two women kissed again to share the taste and then Scarlett returned the favor. She dragged her eager tongue all over Natalie’s face and gave her long, wet licks to clean the cum off of her skin. They kissed again after they were done and shared that taste before pulling apart and giggling together while they looked each other in the eye with amazement and arousal over what they’d just done.

They turned their gaze back toward the men as they continued to stand obediently by the bed, the Viagra working its trick by keeping them hard even after they’d just come.

“Mmmm yeahhhhh keep those dicks nice and big and hard for us,” Natalie moaned in need. “Because we’re only getting started with you boys!”


Re: An Unexpected Surprise (Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2021, 06:59:48 PM »
Damn, you know how to write a filthy fuck fest.

I love to read about some ladies getting themselves in sticky situations and being too hot to handle.
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Re: An Unexpected Surprise (Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2021, 08:06:06 PM »
Oooo yea. That's the stuff.

Excellent work.
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Re: An Unexpected Surprise (Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #3 on: December 27, 2021, 08:15:48 PM »
Glad you liked it. The sequel gets even more hardcore with actual fucking. I'll post it here soon!
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Re: An Unexpected Surprise (Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #4 on: December 28, 2021, 10:39:14 AM »
Absolutely wonderful story.

Looking forward to the continuation !

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Re: An Unexpected Surprise (Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #5 on: December 30, 2021, 04:47:59 PM »
Great stuff. I remember you did something like this in a Harem story many years back.
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Re: An Unexpected Surprise (Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #6 on: January 01, 2022, 08:00:56 PM »
This was a hell of an after XXXmas present.
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Re: An Unexpected Surprise (Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #7 on: January 02, 2022, 10:22:46 AM »
Glad you all like it! I'll be posting the sequel soon!


Re: An Unexpected Surprise (Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #8 on: January 03, 2022, 12:00:37 AM »
This was an unexpected surprise indeed. Loved it and looking forward to the sequel.
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Re: An Unexpected Surprise (Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #9 on: January 26, 2022, 01:56:05 AM »
Loved this story. Hope you write more with these 2.
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Re: An Unexpected Surprise (Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #10 on: January 31, 2022, 08:00:07 AM »
I will try and remember to post the sequel this week. Perhaps even today if I have the time

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