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Author Topic: Wrestlers Meet Porn Stars: Exploring The Stratusphere (1-3) [Trish Stratus]  (Read 1465 times)


WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the wrestlers, promotions, people, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own the WWE or any wrestlers or people etc referenced in this story.

Starring: Mike Adriano (porn star), Trish Stratus (WWE)

Celebs Meet Porn Stars: Exploring the Stratusphere.

An erotic celebrity fan-fiction story.
Based on an idea/series by Cadeauxxx

A Commissioned story for [Anonymous].

Written by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, anal, inter.

* * *

Trish Stratus stars in…

Exploring the Stratusphere.

The video started up showing a set that looked really out of any typical porn film set in a rented out house. A spacious front living room with a fireplace in the background and paintings on the walls, and a lengthy expensive looking couch at the front.

The main focus however being the mature beauty and certified MILF sitting on the couch. The legendary former sports entertainment starlet, pro wrestler and Diva (now known as Superstars) for the WWF/WWE. Canadian beauty Trish Stratus who was clad in jeans ripped at the knees, hugging nicely to her thick hips. With a white, short sleeved T-shirt that clung against her large, rounded breasts. All topped up by a pair of black rimmed glasses with her long hair dirty blonde with plenty of dark black going along with the golden locks.

“So, Trish Stratus!” A voice off camera spoke as she looked to the camera. “You’re starring in your own private porn film! Just you, your co-star, myself and another crew member here behind the camera are in on this. So… I guess since all pornos need a little introduction of sorts so how about you tell us a little about yourself?”

“So I have to?” Trish sighed, looking a little nervous about this all knowing this was all part of the skin flick she’d arranged herself to be in. “My name is Trish Stratus. Not like, my real name but I guess since this is porn I don’t need to bother with that. I’m married, with two children, and well I’m most known for having been a WWE wrestler, otherwise known as a WWE Diva but now they call us chicks Superstars. I was a record setting, multi-time Champion and since then I’ve starred in movies, TV shows and even done more than a lot with running a yoga business.” She listed off all the many accomplishments she’s achieved in and out of the ring.

“So needless to say you’re a pretty fucking big deal!” The ‘interviewer’ said. “So the next question is pretty obvious. Why? Why? Especially since, from what you told us, you’re happily married and a mother… If this video ever gets out, and for sure we won’t be leaking it, you’re gonna be fucked more than you will on camera in a few moments when it’s found out you’ve been involved in a case of ‘Celebs Meet Porn Stars’.”

“You don’t just have to say it like that!” Trish said with a slight snap before she stroked back her hair. “OK, listen. First of all yes, I lied to my family about this. I told my husband I was doing some media commitments and instead I’ve come out here. And since no one else is seeing this then I’ll just say it. A few years ago when I had my final match… Well, final so far at least. I was, well… I cheated on my husband.” She admitted “I had wound up in a hotel room with this guy who was pretending to be an interviewer… And damn it, I didn’t even get the guys name. He just had this… Big Book of Wrestling Babes on him. Anyway! I ended up… Well, I fucked him. The young bastard ended up getting me to fuck him and the whole thing was filmed. And then? Then I never heard from him again! How the Hell that footage isn’t all over the Internet I have no clue but… And fuck, I know this makes me sound even worse… But I fucking got off on that. You know? Being fucked, getting pounded and actually cumming? It felt… I got a real fucking kick out of it and I think it was maybe just from getting filmed while taking some big, fat dick.”

“Damn! Sounds like whoever that Interviewer was needs to switch careers and work for us!” The guy behind the camera said. “So you had some people contact our people, and set this whole thing up so that you can once again be fucked by one of the biggest and best cocks in the business… Just so you can get off on the idea that someone could be watching you taking a pounding?”

“Look, I’m no holy gal, OK?” Stratus said with smirk. “Have you seen some of my photo shoots? Videos of me showering myself with my tits and nipples basically out? The fishnet top when I slipped out? All the times in the ring I pulled down my pants and spanked my ass or took part in bra and panties matches? It’s not like I’m afraid to show off. But just, you know.” She squirmed a bit, like she wasn’t sure about this all. “I kinda want to watch myself getting fucked. And sadly I need… Well, I need some good dick in order to do it and my husband, as much as I love him…” She trailed off, and saying without words all that needed to be stated.

“And so you did your research along with all the behind the scenes work your people did to work with my people to get this shoot done.” The ‘interviewer’ stated. “And Miss Stratus? You damn well picked the right guy. My man Mike is a total pro. He doesn’t need a big crew, and he’s a certified director as well. On top of the fact that…”
Trish cut him off as she spoke up. “He’s good looking with a huge fucking cock.” She smiled a little bit more when she said that. “Trust me, I’ve looked up his stuff. He meets what I need, and he’ll be able to last as well.”
“Well then, let’s bring him in and he can handle this.” The voice behind the camera said as he zoomed back a bit.

Walking into shot with a smile but already only wearing a pair of jeans is the veteran Spanish porn star and director Mike Adriano. A man only in fact a few years younger than she is, but already showing off his muscular frame to Stratus as she looked over him.
“Well well, Trish Stratus… I heard all of that.” He said, inviting himself down to sit next to her. “If you’re wanting the best performance for your private video, I’ll make sure it’s work every penny you paid.” He said, and not making it sound like he was just bragging either. “We can’t let you go back to your darling husband unsatisfied now, can we? Especially since this will just be our dirty little secret. Me and the crew of course.”
“Well, just so you know?” Trish looked at him. “I’m a perfectionist, so I don’t want anything weak. I want the full works. Everything you’d do to a usual porn co-star, I want as well. Don’t hold back on me, and I won’t do the same.” She said, but still didn’t sound completely sure yet of this all. Like many newcomers to porn getting nerves for their first time in front of a camera.

“In that case? How about we get this all started. After you get a little more… Comfortable, first.” He said. Being far from subtle with not just his tone, but how he was looking after her curvy, MILF form.
“Yeah, of course. Let’s not wait.” Trish said as she stood up. Mike watching with a smile as Trish slowly lifted her top up and off, showing that instead of underwear, she had on a small, skimpy white bikini top on that hugged perfectly to those big round tits of hers. Getting a whistle of approval when she turned around and he got a look at that chest. She didn’t stop there, moving her hands down and pushing down the jeans to show off more of her tanned bod. This time her juicy, thick ass in matching bottoms that showed off plenty of skin.
“Oh, I like… I really like…” Mike caught her off guard as she leans forward, reaching around her and groping her cheeks to make the bottoms ride up more like a thong. Smiling as his fingers easily dug into the flesh. “You got a body that would make a killing in my business, babe!”
“G-Guess I should have known that… I know you’re a fan of chicks like me.” Stratus said, gasping as he felt her up and groped at that wide ass. “Dirty, cheating MILFs with big fucking tits, right?”
“Well, you ain’t cheating quite yet…” He said, giving her ass a firm smack before he surprised her again, making her bend over towards him and sticking her rump out a bit more. “But let’s get you really in the mood for this…”

She didn’t even try to resist when he hooked her bottoms down. Boldly sliding them along her thick, smooth legs to properly expose that fat backside along with her completely shaved pussy. Not quite aroused yet when his hands went back to her plump cheeks. Digging in again as he made her groan by deeply feeling her up. Giving the impression that he would be more than happy to make full use of this chance and go to town on this married woman. Before long, he had her standing up to face the camera. Not the turn of her top as he pulled it up and over her head, exposing those large, stunning tits in all their glory. Pulling her back against his toned frame as he gripped her tits from behind. Similarly able to clutch her rack with easy just like he’d done with her butt. Putting on a show for the camera by pressing her mounds together and rubbing them about. Making her moan from already the expert touch done to her as jiggled her tits and lifted them up before letting them drop down.

“I think the glasses can stay on, babe.” Mike said, leaning his face towards hers so their lips were just an inch apart.
“S-Suits me… But I guess this is the point where I make you feel ‘comfortable’ now?” Trish said, not biting the bait to kiss him as he used his words against him.
“Well, you’re the one who did her research on me… So you should get to see what you’ve been lusting over to hire me for this.” He teased her, letting go of her tits as she moved down to her knees, reaching up for his pants.
Unlike her, when she lowered down his bottoms instantly his arousal was clear. A fat, long and perfect for porn shaft springing out and bumping off the glasses she wore as she recoiled from the shock. Staring with wide eyes in pure cock-shock as clearly watching videos was one thing, but seeing close up the dick she was going to have to take was something else.
“Not getting cold feet now, are we?” Mike taunted with a smirk, having seen that look so many times before from so many women, but enjoying seeing it not just from this famous beauty but knowing that unlike some co-stars in the past, the expression wasn’t faked.

“Oh, I’m s-sure I can handle this…” Trish claims as she strokes his cock, but even with a firm grip she’s not even getting a moan out of this veteran hunk. Leaning in, she starts to apply her tongue onto his bell-end, sliding it across the tip. A simple but sexy swirl around as she smoothly works him over. Giving his shaft a couple strokes as well to already double team that big prick as she stares up. Glancing to the side at the camera that’s close up and filming her so she’s well aware that all of this – cheating on her husband, jerking and licking a fat dick – is being recorded for her. “Scratch that, I know I can.” She states, but perhaps trying to sound braver than she’s acting as she’s still slowly working him over as she licks across the crown again for a warm up. Getting a good feel of his dick but showing a little that she’s no stranger to taking on a cock or two. Just not usually one as lengthy as this one.

“Talk’s cheap, babe… Let’s see you fucking suck that dick.” He bluntly said, catching her off guard a bit as she stopped her licking. She nodded though, showing the willingness for this all as she moved that dirty blonde head closer in. Parting her lips now and guiding the head and a couple inches inside of her before sealing around. The first groan of approval coming from him, watching the MILF starting to suck on his big dick. The sight even hotter with how she was looking up through glasses as she started to service him. “Mmmmm… Sweet fucking lips, babe… You sucked off a lot of lucky wrestlers back in the day with those big fucking lips of yours, huh?” He unleashed the shameless dirty talk as she began to bob her head. Smoothly working up and down, handling the upper part as she kept a hand on the base to twist a little. Just enough motion on the head to make her hair fall out of place as he brushed it back over the shoulder to keep a clear view of her face.

After a round, she lifted off with a smile. “Mmmmm… Maybe? Never had quite so many big, fat, long fucking cocks like this though… Stretching these nice big lips of mine…” Trish purred, showing she could give back as much filthy talk as she got. Spitting down onto his cock and using the hand to stroke it in before she pushed her mouth back down. Another dose of sliding those pouty lips up and down to dish out some oral Stratusfaction as she moved up and down. “Mmmmm… Mmmmmmphhhh…” Groaning around his cock as she stared up through her glasses at the hunk. Getting a feeling herself that a simple blowjob wouldn’t come close to getting this guy’s rocks off with his experience and the countless whores he’s ploughed over the years. Working her hand along the lower part and having her mouth handle the top portion. Her tits slightly jiggling from the motions her body were doing.

“Mmmmm… We’ll see what you can handle then, Miss tough girl wrestler…” Adriano seemed to be doubting her skills as he reached down, moving her hand off from his cock before he held her by the back of her head. She took the hint, stopping her own bobbing to stare up as he now began to slide his cock in and out of her oral hole. Giving her mouth a nice slow and steady fucking as she groaned around that thick meat. Switching the hold on her briefly to make her long hair be swept back as he worked his toned hips back and forth. Not even looking like it was much effort needed to put the stacked beauty in such a sinful position as he worked his dick in past those full lips as she groaned around that thick meat.

“Mmmmmphhh… Hmmmmmphhh…” The retired WWE Superstar moaned around that cock as her mouth was being tested out, but not much more inches fed into her than she was willingly doing herself minutes before. Still enough to make her chest bounce as she stayed kneeling and let this stud have his way with her hot, wet mouth. Getting a light coating of her saliva over his manhood from the smooth and steady motion. But seemingly not enough for Trish as she was narrowing her eyes up at him. Eventually pulling her head back and able to lift herself away from that dick as she took in air. “Is that fucking it?” She stared again with that glare, even as she took a moment to spit down onto his dick. “I came here for a fucking, not some light shit!” She said. Perhaps warming to the feel of his cock but still wanting more. After all, she was here to film a personal porno.

“Listen, babe, I get it… You want some big dick…” Mike was clearly being casual about this all, and not taking her seriously even with her obvious stunning looks and her famous status.
“Bullshit! I don’t just want dick! I want to get fucking slammed!” Trish said, standing up to now catch him off guard. “I didn’t come for weak shit! I want to be fucking used! I want to be slammed hard and fucking smacked around! Like you do to all the other porno whores you screw!” She demanded. “I’ve seen your shit… And that weak face fucking I just got? I’ve been slapped harder by other women in the ring… I’ve been spanked harder, damn it! So I don’t want some bullshit, casual fuck like this is just a pay check for you! I want my holes fucking aching like I won’t be able to walk for a fucking week!”
“...You think you can handle the real deal?” Adriano was starting to smile, seeing how fired up she was and the potential to make the most of this himself.
“I fucking know I can…” Trish kept glaring, pissed that it was obvious he’d been holding back. “I want the real fucking Mike Adriano… And I want that big, fat fucking cock…


He now cut her off as she got what she wanted. A straight, male-Dom slap on the cheek that was perfectly placed to avoid hitting her glasses as her face spun a bit. Leaving her mouth open as the sensation, let alone the fact it happened just hit her. Gritting her teeth as she looked back and gave a filthy look that begged for more. Getting it again when he struck her and made her gasp. Moving up close this time, challenging him with her tits pressing into his toned frame before he grabbed a tight handful of her dirty blonde hair. Using the hold to force her down to her knees and as she moved, his free hand have her beautiful, mature face a couple more slaps to keep her staring and groaning up.

“Yeah, I was fucking holding back… A celeb like you couldn’t probably handle the rough shit, I figured.” Mike said once she was back kneeling. Before she could respond, he was gripping his cock. Slapping her in a new way, and this time with that fat shaft. Striking her already stinging cheek to humiliate her sinfully as she stared and watched. Not even trying to move against his hold as she made the flesh of her cheek ripple with the fat crown of his prick hitting off of her. Doing so to both sides of her face as she groaned out. Getting turned on herself by the shame and the forcefulness. “So let’s see what you can fucking take then, babe… Maybe some harder shit that your husband can give you, right?” He was the one mocking now, but a clearly veteran tactic to trigger as she glared up. Opening her mouth to unleash perhaps insults or just a warning but not even getting a single word out. Silenced by that fat, long cock ramming this time into her, and going in far deeper than he’d been doing before.

“ALLLLLKKK!! GAHHHHHH!! MMMMMMMPHHH!!” Now she’d gone from groaning to gagging around his cock as she got the rough treatment she’d so desired. Her eyes wide from the initial few thrusts as the fat crown hit off the back of her neck. Making the saliva fly around over him as her hair was tightly gripped so her head couldn’t move back even if she wanted to. When she tried to move her hands up to hold his thighs for support, his free hand easily pushed them away and not just so the camera got that open view of the more intense face fucking. If she wanted to be used, then she was going to get it. “AHHHHHLLLKKK… GAHHHHH… HHHHRRRKKK!!” Stratus seemed to understand as she gave a glare up to him and kept her hands down on her own tanned legs as she let her oral hole be used. The saliva soon coating him clearly and with a far larger amount than during her timid spitting and licking earlier on. Her spectacles pressing into his skin from the close way she was now being made to take his dick.

Just as the drool was starting to go down her chin, he pushed those fat inches deeper into her. Venturing now into her oral tunnel and making her gag louder now as he rarely touched passage was now getting stretched out as he stiffly worked in and out of her. Her eyes half closed as she gazed up and choked around his stiff log. When she made the ‘mistake’ of glancing to the side at the camera recording this, he ‘punished’ his whore for the day with another quick smack on the cheek to sting her back to looking up. A groan of desire escaping her before a fresh gag was muffled by those pumping inches. Making him at the very least finally moan out clearly as he enjoyed the feeling of a stunning MILF’s throat being nice and tight around his cock as he pumped away into her.

“Mmmmmmm…” When he pulled out, giving her a moment to draw in some air, he used the break to unleash another couple of firm slaps from his cock onto her face. Leaving her own spit smeared onto that already reddened cheek to match the drool falling off from her chin. However before she could say anything he’d lifted her up, putting her onto the couch to lay on it with her head off the edge. “Woah… That’s uh, different!” Trish let out a sexy laugh when Mike shifted over her, putting his balls onto her forehead. A literal tea-bagging as he humiliated her with rubbing those heavy nuts across her skin, leaving a little of her own saliva onto him. “Giving me works, right? I did ask for it…” She admitted as he moved over a little more so she could open her mouth wide. Dipping his balls then down into her mouth as she moaned. Running her tongue up around against the sacks as they were moved in and out of her wet and warm mouth to make him groan. Her glasses slipping back as she worked over his nuts to move off from her eyes.

When he pulled out, he went back to tapping his prick into her face, slapping more saliva down onto her forehead and then her cheeks. “Mmmmm… Fucking like that, stud? Like my nasty, dirty fucking mouth? Choking away on this fat fucking dick of yours?” She groaned out, putting her glasses back into place before pressing her lips together so he could bounce the crown of his tool off of that full pout. “Yeah, you’ve got a big fucking dick… Making my poor little throat fucking burn… You want the fucking truth? Oh yeah, it’s a big fucking dick… Fucking so bigger and fatter than my husband’s… HHHHHHLLLKKKK!!” Just as she admitted that, she was silenced again by that shaft ramming into her as he went back to fucking that beautiful face. Likely having giving him the encouragement to do so by that shameful admission to go along with how clearly cheating this all was. And a more rougher position now with her head upside down as the blonde hair hung down and his hands gripped her neck to keep her pinned. Not that at this point, she had any thoughts to move off from this position.

“HHHHHHLLLKK!! HHHHHRRRKKK!! GAHHHHH!!” Trish’s fingers dug into the couch a bit, like she needed something to hold onto as her oral hole got used and abused. Her head being made to bob along his thrusting cock thanks to the hold on her hair as the Canadian beauty’s mouth and throat got filled up with Spanish stud’s meat. “HHHHMMMMPHHH!! GAAAAAAAAHHH… HHHHHRRRKKKK!!” Yet even as she choked away each time that big dick was plunged into her oral passage, she wasn’t looking to be in any sort of real pain. A growing lust in her eyes now while the saliva now starting to drip back down her reddened cheeks as the saliva coughed up in lewd fashion. Even groaning out around his size when he smacked her cheek to keep her of what she wanted from this and what she’s here for. The camera getting a great shot of both his fat dick ploughing between her lips and the large tits shaking back and forth as her body jolted from his thrusts.

“Mmmmmm… Like that, slut? Bet a big titty, hot fucking MILF like you needs some good… Fat… Big dick in her…” Mike smirked, watching the gorgeous retired WWE Diva moan and gag around his shaft as he pumped away firmly and quick into her mouth. Keeping the saliva splashing about as his heavy balls smacked off her forehead when he drove in. Making her eyewear bounce up and down as he worked his fuck-stick like a piston into her oral hole. Keeping her neck gripped, ensuring her mouth slurped along the piston motion as he fucked that pretty face. “Mmmmmm… Fucking take it, babe… Take it nice and fucking deep…” He groaned himself as he was enjoying a snug throat of a mature beauty all around his more than experienced prick. Able to use the hold of her neck with a well practised grip to be firm enough without causing any damage. Keeping her in place, pressing her nose into his manhood as she groaned again. Gagging around the base as she was held down for some deep throating.

“GAAAAAAAAAAAAHH… HHHHHHWWWWKKK… MMMMMMPHHH HHHHHRRRKKK!!” The cries were more raspy now as she stared up with half-closed but impressively not even watering eyes as the look of desire was a lot more profound than during the tame blowjob earlier on. Keeping her hands tightly grabbing the seating while she gagged onto his dick. Her throat stuffed full with cock as she showed off what she could handle as well and all the more impressive with the position of her head being upside down. Not enough of a sinful sight however as he reached across. Groping her big, rounded tit with a deep grasp as her body shook when she choked around him. “GAAAAAAAHHH!! MMMMMPHHH!! HHHHHRRRRLLLL!!” Making her groan around his prick when he even smacked her tit like he’d been doing to her face, making the breast swing sexily before he groped again. Keeping her face pressed against his crotch to keep her slobbering over his pole as he too showed off that it would taken even more than the throat of the Diva of the Decade to finish him off.

“AHHHHH FUCK!!” Trish was able to exclaim when he yanked her mouth off from his dick. Just able to haul in some air as he once again unleashed some firm and still teasing cock slapping to her. Making sure the spit was clear to see on her cheeks as she hissed, gritting her teeth to gaze up. “Fucking believe me now, huh? Bet you didn’t think I could fucking take that… Fucking choking on that fat fucking dick of yours…” She said. Acting like she was still challenging him to bring it and give her some more.
“I’m gonna see what else you can take, babe…” Mike smirked, pulling her up by the hair. “But it’s time to get a taste of you now you’ve had some of me.” He decided for her, pulling her along the couch and making her sit up. Then moving quickly down himself, spreading her legs as he got between those tanned, thick thighs of hers.

Wasting no time he started to lap his tongue at her pussy, already tasting wetness to further show her building arousal wasn’t being faked. His face at an angle as he kept one thigh behind his head and the other leg down to touch the floor. Allowing for a clear shot of him expertly flicking at her entrance as he let out a low groan of approval at her taste. Making Trish squirm as she had an arm back behind her to grip the couch. The other down and on the back of his head. All too eager to let a man that’s not the one she’s married to munch on her dampening twat. Allowing him to enjoy a full experience with one of his co-stars as she knows he loves to.

“Mmmmmm… Fucking like that pussy, huh? Mmmmmm… Eating my hot little pussy? Mmmmmm fuck… That’s fucking good…” Stratus moaned out as she stared down, watching through her lenses as that tongue darted into her slit. Licking her own lips as her lower ones got treated to some porn star treatment. Giving him plenty of juices to drink down as he lapped at her. Changing tactics once in a while to push in deeper and apply his lips. Slurping on her folds for a moment before going back to licking away. “Ahhhhhh… Mmmmmm fuck… So fucking good… Mmmmmm… Dirty, hungry fucking tongue… Mmmmm… Licking away at this bad, naughty Momma’s pussy…” She added with another moan. The knowledge clear in her mind that she wasn’t just betraying her marriage here, but her family as well by letting her MILF twat get dined on by hunk she’s only met today. Moaning out without regret as that tongue continued to slide across her slot and making her hips buck in reflex when he pushed in a little deeper into her pussy. Spending a good few minutes eating out her snatch and letting the soundtrack of moans fill the air.

It wasn’t too long however before he moved back, and then manhandled her again to make her move around and be kneeling and still on the couch. Her thick, rounded backside sticking out as she knelt behind her and spread those tanned cheeks. Now applying that educated tongue onto her other lower hole to make her eyes widen as the former wrestler stared back with a groan. Feeling his tongue tap at her tightest of holes as her hips shifted back against him. Lapping away to taste and tease her asshole so already he’s gotten to sample each of her pleasurable holes but soon enough he’d been stuffing his still rock hard dick into her snatch and ass just like he’d been doing to her mouth.

“MMMMMM… Dirty mother fucker! Oh fuck!! MMMMM… Eating my fucking ass like I’m just a… AHHHHH… Just a piece of fucking meat! Ooooooooh…” Trish moaned as she already showed she was no stranger to some back door action as her pussy stayed nice and wet from taking some rimming. She even tried to slide a hand down and start rubbing at her twat but when she did, he gripped her wrist and made her place it behind her back just above her rump as he ate her out. The other hand soon following so that she had to position herself being face down, ass up on the couch as she moaned out. “AHHHHH FUCK!! Mmmmmm… Yeah, fucking eat me! MMMMM… Fucking use me, stud! AHHHHH…” She didn’t object to the submissive and shameful position. Happily offering her backside up to his eager tongue as he worked over that tightness. Leaving it slick with his saliva as he groaned a little into her, showing his own approval at the taste of one of, if not the most famous Diva in WWE history.

He was smirking into that thick ass, hearing her moans and the dirty talk as he further got her more into this action just like she’d demanded. Still being nice and rough with her however as he used his hand to spank her rump, making the flesh of her backside jiggle about while keeping his tongue applied to her asshole. “MMMMM… That all you fucking got? Come on… Make me fucking hurt, you fucking bastard… AHHHH YESSSSSS…” She groaned when her taunting back got another hard slap to her butt to make her ripple away as she shifted back against his probing tongue. Keeping her arms behind the back to let him munch away on her delicious, much lusted after rump. “Ooooooooh FUCK!! MMMMMM… Eating my fat fucking ass… MMMM… You like that? Huh? MMMMM… A thick, Momma ass? MMMMM… A dirty, cheating fucking wife’s butt? AHHHHH…” She purred out while staring back, watching as he showed off his experience to dine away on her booty and give her what seemed clearly to be the best rimming she’s ever had in her life. Leaving her asshole coated in his saliva as it slowly trickled down the crack towards her still soaking twat.

He wasn’t planning on just spending all afternoon just eating some MILF booty however. Not going to squander this chance to make a sex tape with a stunning married woman. Moving back as he again pushed her without warning into the next position. Making her lay on her side along the couch as he shoved one leg out and spread to the side. The other raised up, pinned to the back seating and up against his muscular body as he moved in to her crotch. Making her stare and watch as he smacked the crown of his tool against those wet lower lips of hers. Before making her gasp and groan as her eyes widened again as he pushed firmly into her and without even giving her a moment to adjust to the feeling he began to pump. Just gripping that far leg as he worked his hips back and forth. Already looking to drive in and not holding back, as she’d demanded, to fill her up.

“Woah, wait!! OH FUCK!! God damn it!! Y-You’re not even wearing a fucking rubber! AHHHH FUCK!! Fuck, that’s fucking huge!! AHHHH FUCK!!” The multi-time former WWE Women’s Champion stated the obvious as she gazed down. Like she was hypnotised already by the sight of that fat, long porn star cock ploughing into her damp hole. Maybe she was stunned herself that she was able to take so much of the same cock that had just been pounding her throat balls deep. A sign that she was certainly not used to taking this kind of length into her. “AHHHHH FUCK… Yeah, come on stud! MMMMMM!! Fucking give it to me! AHHHH FUCK!! Fucking stretch me out, babe! MMMMM SHIT!! OH FUCK…” She gasped out before tossing her long, dark and blonde hair back as she keep looking across. Glancing up at him as she bit down on her lip. Managing to fuck the hesitation over this cheating sex out of her as he kept her pussy nice and wet, driving his prick back and forth into her as her tanned body started jolting along the couch in time with his more than stiff motion.

“Mmmmmm… I’m barely getting started, slut…” He smirked as he kept working his cock like a piston into her snatch. Keeping a hold of her leg so she wouldn’t shift too far away from him. Only needing to pull out a couple inches before he drove deep into that wet, snug pussy. Moaning out himself as despite being a mother to two children her love tunnel was impressively tight. A perfect fit to hug snugly against his fat member as he pumped back and forth into her. “You fucking want it so bad? Mmmmm… Gonna stretch this nice, tight MILF pussy of yours the fuck out…” He said like a promise as he worked deeper in. Keeping her big tits jiggling from the force of his motion as he sent his hips in. Able to reach across once in a while and help himself to a deep grope of her breast as well. Further treating her just like property he planned on tossing away after use, but ensuring she was focused on this all. Even giving another smack to her titty to make her gasp and stare up with desire as he easily returned the look.

“MMMMM… Oh yeah, fucking give it to me! FUCK!! OOOOOOOH!! MMMMMM… I fucking need it babe… Come on! Fucking fill me up! Don’t… AHHH SHIT!! Don’t fucking hold back on me, damn! MMMMMM!! Fuck me!!” The Canadian stunner demanded as she glared across through her eyewear at him. Soon getting that and then some when he answered her demands with a slamming pump forward as his crotch smacked off hers. Sending her head tilting back with a loud and long moan as she got filled up balls deep. The slap of their bodies meeting ringing out as he drilled her deeply over and over. Keeping those rounded tits shaking as she stared back across with an open mouth as her groans of delight poured out. “OH FUCK… OH GOD! FUCK!! MMMMMMM FUCK!! FUCK…” She moaned as she got ploughed deeply by a pace that had been just as rough and swift as how he’d been face fucking her. Now another of her tight holes getting used and making him grunt and groan in approval as well as she took a slamming on the couch. Getting treated just like she’d ordered, as if she was just another busty, mature porno whore getting a payday from taking some big cock action from a stud only a few years younger than herself.

When she reached over, encouraging his fondling of his chest with her own hand onto his, he smacked her hand off and grabbed her wrist. Pinning it onto the couch as he leaned over her stunning, curved body. Making both of them lock onto one another with intense eye contract as his face was inches away from her moaning features. Still thrusting away, making her body jolt against the couch as his pumped away into her wet, snug box with his fat cock. Before she knew it, that same hand of his was then back onto her neck for an expertly applied squeeze. Knowing the right amount of pressure to engage breath play and not cause any lasting harm to her. Resulting in her eyes rolling back against she loved the feel of submission to a man she’s only met to today. Giving in the pleasure and that massive length drilling her.

“FUCK!! AHHHHHH!! FUUUUUUCK… AHHHHHRRRLLLKKK… FUCK MMMMMM!!” She gagged slightly from the throat grip but continued to moan out. The sweat starting to form on her MILF body as she was hammed balls deep over and over. That smack of his toned, desirable frame hitting off of her curves ringing out along with their groans. Not even trying to push his hand away now as she further showed how more and more into this all she was getting. It’s one thing to talk dirty and say you wanted to be a filthy slut, cheating on her husband but it’s totally different to actually do it. “AHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSS!! MMMMMM!! Fucking fuck me!! Harder!AHHHHH FUCKING GOD!! FUCK YES!! MMMMMM!!” She was actually doing it, and shamelessly so now as she gazed up at the stud working his fat dick back and forth into her. Keeping her titties shaking while he pumped away and kept her shifting into his pumps. Only letting go of her neck in order to maul her chest once again as the flesh bounced between his fingers when they deeply sunk in.

Worries about this sex being bareback miles away not as she took a deep, certainly porn worthy drilling in and out of her pussy which was getting stretched out. More than snug enough to keep this hunk moaning out now as he made a new home for his fat Spanish man-meat in this dripping Canadian pussy. Grunting himself as he got to use the effort to slam straight into her as the slap of his crotch hitting off of hers rang out. Only withdrawing a few inches so he could slam back into her and do it all over again like he was a well oiled machine. Never missing the timing on his motion even when he moved from clutching her neck to targetting her chest and right back again. Loving being able to give a new slut the full working over and knowing it’s exactly not just what she begged for, but paid him to do to her.

Another hiss escaping the former WWE Superstar/Diva when he pulled out of her slot and she felt an instant empty feeling in her usually snug box. Not much time to think about that however as he pulled her right up and this time onto his lap, facing her with her rounded ass sticking out. Knowing what was needed as she lifted up, letting him guide that fat dick back into her needy, wet pussy. Going further however, and showing again how much she’s warmed up to the say the least to this all as she was the one who kick started the new position. Lifting herself up on his cock then slamming back down, making her ass clap when it dropped and hit his legs. Making them both moan out all over again as he gripped her toned waist and let her ride on his cock as he pumped it up. Ensuring she was once again getting it balls deep but feeling even better with her riding as she got stuffed.

“MMMMMM FUCK!! Fucking like that, babe? Huh? MMMMMM… Dirty, tight fucking MILF pussy, huh? MMMMMM… Hugging that big fucking dick… OOOOOOH FUCK!!” The blonde moaned out as she rode that dick being sent up deep into her. Her glasses cutely bouncing to drop back onto her nose but not coming close to slipping off even with this energetic ride. Giving the camera behind her the treat of seeing those juicy ass cheeks rippling away along with her snug pussy getting stuffed with dick. Dropping down to meet his balls coming crashing up into her before she shifted up his cock, barely reaching the halfway mark on him before she dropped straight down. “AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMMM… I’m not gonna fucking feel my husband in me… AHHHHH SHIT! FUCK!! For a fucking month now after this… MMMMM!! My dirty fucking pussy getting stretched the fuck out! AHHHH FUCK!!” She gasped. Her filthy confessions rewarded with his shaft slamming up into her twat and making her groan out. The long hair swaying behind her as she couldn’t help but stare back over her shoulder. Perhaps not completely unintentionally showing off that lewd expression of pleasure from taking a huge cock plastered all over her face as she rode away on his pumping member.

Adriano sat back, his smirk unseen by the camera as he got to enjoy that set of large, rounded tits swinging close to his face as he focused on just drilling her slit all over again. Moaning himself from enjoying that twat gliding over his inches as she bounced away and showed off skilful timing to be able to match his thrusts. Dropping down at the right time as he pounded upward and make that slap of skin ring out. All as he got to groan out in delight, more than just loving the feeling of a lusty wife and mother getting wild and nasty on his meaty prick. Knowing how to push all the right buttons to make this babe beg for more and act like she’s more of a veteran porn star like himself instead of the retired pro wrestler she’s supposed to be.

“FUCK… FUCK!! OH FUCK YES!! MMMMM… FUCK THAT NASTY, FUCKING CHEATING PUSSY!! MMMMM FUCK… FUCK IT’S SO GOOD, BABE! MMMMM FUCK… BETTER THAN… FUCK!! MY H-HUSBAND COULD EVER FUCK MEEEEEEEE MMMMM!!” Trish gasped out as she tried to keep up with this rapid pace of sex as her ass cheeks repeatedly smacked off the thighs of the stud she was mounted on top of. Sweating to leave her body even hotter than it already is as she continued to bounce away as her hands gripped the back of the couch she was fucking on. Once again her eyes rolling back as the pleasure built up and her riding started to get a little mistimed. Her co-star seized on that, gripping her ass cheeks with a deep squeeze and unleashing a furious round of rapid, balls deep pumps like he’d just been waiting for the moment to pounce and further break her down with mind-numbing, lust-creating pleasure. “AHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUCK!! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUUCKK!!” It worked to perfection as her head tilted back, her back arching as her big titties squashed into her groaning, handsome face as she more bucked into his body now than just merely riding him. Made to jolt against his piston-like pace as he drove in quick and hard. The smacks now near constant as the connection of his crotch into hers repeated swiftly for a motion alone that most newcomers to porn would struggle to handle alone. Never mind after a face fucking and then balls deep pounding like she’s already taken.

It’s more expected for the women in skin flicks to simply fake their peaks to put on a show. The camera instead got the real deal as Trish howled out in delight as her body shuddered on that still pumping cock. No choice, not that she would have called for mercy anyway, but to ride out an intense orgasm that left juices flowing down that cock that has claimed her love tunnel and left her stretched unlike anything she’s endured before. Gasping away as she bucked on his dick and it kept ploughing away before her head hung forward like the WWE Legend had been defeated by this rough sex. Soon snapped back into life when he spanked her ass and made her groan. Giving some more balls deep pumps but in single thrusts to return her back to Earth before he slowly pulled out. The impressive sight of his juices-soaked cock still being rock hard not even the focus as the lens zoomed in. His hands reaching down, raising her hips up to show off her folds and even spreading her ass out so that he could proudly show off his work to the camera. Degrading her that little bit extra by capturing the wicked sight of her pussy being left noticeably gaped open by this stud to already leave her, as she’d demanded, like just another of his well used whores.

“Oooooooooh FUCK…” Trish gasped as she looked back at herself again. Taking a moment to adjust the spectacles she wore and sneaking in some air in the process. Licking her lips as she saw his prick was still ready for more. “Mmmmmm… So, gonna ruin my ass next, babe? I did say I was wanting the whole fucking works on me… So you’d better still have some left to pound my nice, fat, juicy Mommy ass… And make me a cheating anal BITCH for this big fucking cock…” She purred as she even worked her ass back, sliding that dick between her ample cheeks for a little hot dogging action.

The video footage cuts away for perhaps just a minute or so later and we now see Stratus is kneeling on the couch, facing the cushions as she holds onto the back of it. Sticking that thick, rounded ass out and showing off not just her still soaking pussy and the sweat over her cheeks. Now her asshole is glistening, clearly from the liberal use of lubricant that’s been applied onto her tightest of holes. Looking back over the shoulder with her glasses still on and seeing the stud approaching, giving his dick a stroke as he also has been readying his cock with some lube as he steps in. Pressing the fat crown of his shaft against her asshole and making them both groan out as her body tensed up. Pushing through the resistance and forcing his dick into her rear and as soon as the head was in his far arm reached to hold her hip as he went straight to work on her and the last of his holes to pound into.

“W-Wait!! AHHHHHH FUCK!! It’s too big! T-There’s no way it’s gonna… OOOOOOOH FUCK!! Fucking fit in my ass!! AHHHHHH SHIT!! FUCK!!” Despite the groans from the multi-time WWE Women’s Champion his cock kept firmly thrusting between those meaty, rounded and tanned cheeks. Making her gasp and groan as her tightest passage yet was forced to open wide and accept this invasion. Already making it seem like that even if she was experienced in back door action, she hasn’t been letting the man she’s actually married to tap that fantastic ass. “OH FUCK!! AHHHHH FUCK!! G-GOD!! You’re gonna… AHHHHHH FUCK!! SPLIT ME APART!! AHHHHHH FUCK!!” She yelled out, staring back with wide eyes and an expression of both shock and lust as she wasn’t quite believing the sight she was witnessing of all that thick and long porn star dick gradually working deeper into her booty. Already getting her ample cheeks jiggling as he pumped in and out, groaning himself as he pumped away into a stacked, mature blonde to make her another (but admittedly very famous) notch in his belt.

He just gave her thick backside a hard spank in response to her groaning words. Keeping the thrusts smoothly entering into her asshole as he kept a hold of her on the hip. His body perfectly angled so that the camera could get the clear shot of his thick length sliding in and out of that tight hole along with how dripping wet her pussy still was. Completing his own personal tour of her stunning body having been deep in her mouth, snatch and now filling up her ass with his long cock. Firmly drilling her from behind to keep her body jolting and leave those big MILF tits swaying underneath her as she took his dick with once again a growing eagerness as she got used to the feeling. Her back passage spreading to take his length so that already she wouldn’t been back to being her prior vice-like tightness for well over a couple of weeks at this point alone.

“AHHHHHH FUCK!! OH GOD!! OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSS… GOD THAT’S SO… MMMMM!! SO FUCKING GOOD!! OH FUCK… S-SO DEEP IN MY… UHHHHH!! FUCK… FAT FUCKING ASS!! OH FUCK!!” The Toronto, Ontario-born beauty was already panting out in delight as the sweat was lewdly dripping from her facial features. Groaning each time she felt a sharp slap from his hand spanking her but to snap her into gazing over the shoulder at her co-star for this private skin flick. Her curvy frame shifting back and forth more from the force of his pumps into her than her own movement. Letting her become another of his used up sluts as she all too happily gave up control and allowed him to have his very wicked way with her and that stunning body. “UHHHHH!! FUCK!! AHHHHHH… SO FUCKING DEEP! OH FUCK… STRETCHING ME OUT!! AHHHHHH SHIT!! FUCK!! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUCK!!” She groaned out as she stared back, watching that fat cock ploughing into her cheeks from the back. Seeing her taking it deeper and better than most experienced, actual porn starlets could as her flesh cheeks soon started to crash into his muscular fame. The sinful clap ringing out to further add to the already erotic soundtrack of their groans and cries in the air as she took a butt fucking.

If he wasn’t fully in the zone now Mike might be able to grin at being able to be balls deep in her back passage, competing that hat trick of drilling her pleasurable holes to the hilt as he made those thick butt cheeks clap back into him again and again as he slammed home into her booty. Staring down to watch his cock reappear then vanish back into that snug hole as he kept her rear spread apart for the camera to keep filming. Sweat coating his own body as he banged her and made his co-star look like she should have been suited all along for staring in the adult film industry than anything to do with pro wrestling. Keeping her gasping as he didn’t hold back either with giving that stunning peach of hers sharp spanks to further make the skin ripple. Leaving her cheeks back there starting to turn a sinful red much like he’d done to her face during the deep throating that had been just as stiff and swift as the way he’s seeing to her booty currently is.

“FUCK!! OH FUCK YES… GOD I LOVE THIS… FUCK!! GETTING MY… UHHHHH!! NASTY, FAT FUCKING ASS USED DEEP AND F-FUCKING HARD… MMMMM!! MAKING ME… FUCK… A CHEAP, CHEATING FUCKING BITCH… DIRTY FUCKING SLUT MOTHER!! AHHHHH FUCK!!” Her dirty talk was totally shameless, degrading herself but her actions just making it all true as her thick butt was made to smack back to meet each and every stiff thrust from a man she’s only met today. Letting his prick dominate her as she kept herself up into position by clutching onto the back of the couch she’s being fucked over. Her tits swaying back and forth as her body jolts roughing back, before being sent shifting forward when the next stiff, balls deep pump between her cheeks enters her. “AHHHHHH FUCK… FUCK YES!! OH FUCK!! FUCK!! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUCK MMMMMMM…” Her head started hanging down low once again like the pleasure was building up all over again but her glasses still staying in place on her nose. Despite the fact that she wasn’t even touching her wet pussy as she got that much lusted over booty deeply fucked. A sign perhaps of how skilled the stud was currently tapping her and giving the action that she is clearly built to handle but hasn’t quite gotten in her life. Including from the man she’s actually married to.

The multi-time former Women’s Champion in WWE was so dizzy in her strong sexual high that she only let out a deep groan of disappointment when he pulled out and her back passage already felt empty just like her snatch had been what felt like a hour ago. Groaning when she was again forcefully pushed into position, made to go face down, ass up along the length of the couch. Striking her rump again as her arms moved up, crossing hands over in front of her face so she almost imitated a famous photo shoot of her in her early modelling days before making it to WWE. Except now she was staring ahead looking lust drunk as a stud behind her squatted over her, pushing his fat dick back into that already well fucked ass as he gripped her hips and began to thrust all over again. Pulling her booty back against his pumps so already that clap of her ass hitting off of him was ringing out.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! AHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCK!!” Stratus groaned out as the sweat dripped down her face. The advantage of even having a small crew here seen as one camera stayed on her face to capture that cock-drunk expression as her eyes again were rolling up just from anal sex alone. The other camera back behind her, filming that booty being stuffed fill with dick as his heavy balls swung to strike off the bottom of her pussy as he worked his dick like a piston into her booty. “AHHHHHH SHIT!! AHHHHH FUCK!! YESSSSSS… MMMMM FUCK!! AHHHHH FUCK…” Once more her body jolting back and forth as she took a fresh hammering. Her hips being pulled sharply to meet the incoming thrusts, ensuring she was getting nailed balls deep each and every time. Her tits squished into the seats, jiggling as her body jolted as she just stayed in position to take it. Just having about enough sense in her to flip her hair to the side so her face was exposed, but still leave some loose strands of the dark and blonde locks stuck to her cheeks.

“UHHHHH FUUUUUCK!! AHHHHH GOD I’M SUCH… UHHHH!! SUCH A F-FUCKING SLUT!! MMMMM OOOOOOOOH FUCK!! CHEATING… UHHHHH!! BUTT FUCKING SLUT!! MMMMM!!” She panted out but her voice, dripping in sin, didn’t seem to have a hint of shame in it as her back door got busted in with a series of deep and swift thrusts. Slamming that rounded booty harder than many a seasoned porno starlet would be able to endure alone. Keeping those fleshy cheeks clapping again and again into the toned body of the man stuffing his shaft in and out of her asshole. “AHHHHHHH GOD!! FUCK… C-CHEATING ON MY FUCKING H-HUSBAND… MMMMMM!! WITH A FUCKING… UHHHHH!! BIG… FAT… FUCKING COCK MMMMMM…” She licked her lips, revelling in knowing that as her pussy, even without being touched right now, left juices dripping down her thighs as she got pounded face down, ass up. The former WWE Diva getting her back passaged stuffed right full with a cock that’s resizing her once mega tight tunnel, leaving her stretched out in away that might take a month to recover fully from. Her super willing, almost desperate for cock state a far cry from her hesitant state she’d been at the start of this all.

“MMMMMM... Yeah… Fucking slut… Dirty fucking Momma… Take that fucking dick…” Behind her, the stud getting to slam his thick and long Spanish cock into that round and juicy Canadian ass was still moaning out himself. Enjoying delivering more spanks to her flesh to leave the clear red handprint on her skin from the repeated, stiff shots to further leave his mark on the stunning MILF. Driving his cock in and out with rapid thrusts but still making sure to keep his legs angled as he allowed the camera to film him dipping that fat fuck-stick up and down into her asshole. Grunting himself as he gave it his all so that the woman who was paying to have her own private porn film made got her money’s worth and then some. “MMMM… Gonna send you back to your husband… AHHHHH… All fucking stretched out… Gaping like the dirty bitch you are…” He added between groans as he kept her ass sharply slamming into his crotch. Still with the energy to spare to haul her body into his pumps to keep drilling her with every inch of his prick. No mercy being shown to the ironic former WWE wrestler and Champion as he delivered the kind of banging that usually only the top skin flicks stars could be able to endure.

“MMMMMMM YEAAAAAHHH… I’M A FILTHY FUCKING BITCH!! COCK SUCKING… UHHHH!! ASS FUCKING SLUT!! MMMMMM FUCK!!” Her body kept jolting on the couch she was staying face down, ass up on as her booty continued to ripple wildly and the slap of her cheeks striking his body rang out again and again. Her chin down on the cushion while her eyes were staring ahead through the lenses of her eyewear, looking straight through the camera right up close and capturing not just her degrading words and humiliating expression, but clearly seeing the butt fucking happening in the background as well. She almost looked like she was drooling in delight from having her fat ass pounded as her tongue loosely ran over her lower lip as her mouth stayed in an open O-shape. “UHHHH!! BAD… MMMMMM FUCKING MOTHER… AHHHHH… CHEATING… MMMMM… SLUT WIFE!! AHHHHHH SHIT!!” She near yelled as her body began to tense all over again as the relentless, hole wrecking action continued and left her more exhausted than any pro wrestling match she’d ever been involved in over her entire career. Her cries now not just a confession, but stating clear facts and the sinful footage from this all would prove it true if it ever leaked out.

For now, her only concern was another loud, deep moan of pleasure escaping her as her curvy frame shuddered all over again. Cumming hard just from being fucked up the ass as her head tilted back as much as she could while staying in the submissive position with her booty raised high up in the air. Still getting drilled and making the stud balls deep inside of her groan out as her anal tunnel somehow found a way to tighten around him while she hit an orgasm even stronger than her first. Leaving her panting with a wide, sex-drunk smile as she was once again fucked all the way through the peak. Left to groan when he pulled out of her backside and gave her ass a last spank as if to say ‘good job’ as he held those reddened cheeks wide apart. Letting a camera come in and record, showing off how gaping wide he’s left her asshole, and topped off by showing her snatch still wide open just below. Like he was showing off the prize trophies of his conquest.

“Ooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuck…” Trish groaned out as her body slowly slid down, laying across the couch in a worn out state. However, she wasn’t getting to catch any break yet when she was pulled off the couch and made to get onto her knees. Staring up and seeing that Mike had his throbbing cock in one hand and a signature of his of a clear Martini glass in the other. “Oh yeah… Fucking paint me, stud… Like I’m the bad, cheating slut of a wife… The dirty whore of a mother that I fucking am…” She begged, pressing her lips together to wait for the fitting money shot to close up this porno.

Not long to wait for that as Adriano was soon grunting as she shot out some thick, hot ropes of spunk across her stunning MILF features. Leaving her groaning as the seed hit high, coating over the lens over her glasses to drip over her cheeks, catching onto the already stuck strands of her dirty blonde hair on her features. A generous amount to coat across her nose, lips and chin too. Showing off his comments about saving a load were true however as he didn’t dump his whole load over onto her face. Making her watch through the spunk as he started filling up the glass with his spunk, making the glass impressively fill up with an amount that, combined with what’s already on her face, would usually need two or three men to pump out for that volume.

“Well shit… Guess I deserve this for wanting the full experience with you, huh?” Trish said with a laugh as she saw the glass being offered to her. “I did see you do this in a video or two… And I promised to not hold back myself, right?” She shrugged, accepting and not even stopping to wipe off the load from her eyewear as she brought the glass to her lips. Tilting back and letting out loud, shameless gulps as she drank down the spunk with a clear, approving moan. Gasping as when opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out, showing she’d drank it all down before she greedily used her tongue to scoop up the excess left stained in the glass.

“So, babe? Worth it?” Mike grinned as he looked down and watched her set the glass aside.
“Mmmmm… That was a lot more fucking fun than I thought it would be…” Trish shamelessly admitted and with a beaming smile to match. Shifting in as the camera filmed her cum-stained face as she leaned down. Running her tongue along his softening cock to clean up any missed drips of cum from him.
“Well baby, if you ever need another stud for hire? I’d fucking welcome you back with open damn arms…” Adriano wisely said.
“I’ll… Keep that in mind.” Stratus replied, not sounding like she was exactly against that idea. “But for now? I think our little video if over with… Now that I’ve shown that even if it’s a porno, or if it’s in the wrestling ring? Stratusfaction is Guaranteed!” She proudly said, leaning back in to give the head of his cock a kiss to bring her private film to a conclusion.

* * *

Sitting back on her couch, Trish Stratus sat back with a gasp. Her hard nipples poking through her top and removing her soaked fingers from out of her jeans – the same outfit she’d worn a few months ago when she took part in the shoot for the very porno she’d just finished watching. Biting down on her bottom lip as she glanced around her family home, checking the coast was clear, before she pulled her fresh from masturbation orgasm body off from the seating. Pulling the USB stick with the only copy of the skin flick out from the widescreen TV.

“God damn it… I knew it was a good fuck, but I didn’t know it looked just as fucking hot as it felt.” Trish mumbled to herself, brushing her hair back. “Guess I figured out why I called it Exploring the Stratusphere since I found out more about myself… Like being a fucking pervert.” She shook her head, turning off the TV. “If this fucking leaks, then kiss goodbye my fucking marriage, let alone my family… Career… Everything I’ve ever done.” She said, knowing full well that she should destroy the evidence of her unfaithfulness. Instead, however, she just stared at the stick and slowly licked her lips. “Although… Well, I am a perfectionist… And I could have done that all a whole lot better…” She tells herself as she puts the stick into her pocket. “You just need to, you know, watch it maybe a couple more times, Trish. Maybe more. You know, in case you ever do that again.” She told herself before she headed to the bathroom to make herself look more presentable. “I mean, not that I’d ever do that again of course… At least, not any time soon at least…”

* * *

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Re: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: Exploring The Stratusphere [Trish Stratus]
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Another hot story with that dirty cheating MILF slut Trish. You write her perfectly.
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the wrestlers, promotions, people, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own the WWE or any wrestlers or people etc referenced in this story.

Starring: Lexington Steele (porn star), Trish Stratus (WWE)

Wrestlers Meet Porn Stars: Exploring the Stratusphere 2: Going Black

An erotic pro wrestling fan-fiction story.

A Commissioned story for [Anonymous].

Written by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, anal, inter.

* * *

This story is set as a follow-up/in the same universe as Celebs Meet Porn Stars: Exploring The Stratusphere. Prior reading of that fic is not required, but recommended.

* * *

The video starts up, and shows a well known face and body in the world of pornography in the muscular, black hunk known as Lexington Steele. Sitting back on a couch clad in smart pants and a short sleeved shirt, deliberately open a couple of buttons. However, there’s soon a knock heard as he smiled and looked across. “Come in, Miss Stratus!” He called out before he let out a chuckle. The room he’s in very much the standard, rented house setting for just about any porno set in a front lounge or living area.

With the sound of heels clicking on the floor, the camera shows the legendary retired WWE Diva and female Superstar known as Trish Stratus. The blonde MILF giving a narrowed eyed glare behind a set of stylish glasses, dressed in nicely fitting jeans and a tight white top, both of which show off the married beauty’s curves nicely.

“You have some explaining to do, Mister Steele.” Trish bluntly said as she came in. Glancing at the limited crew behind the camera before sitting down on the couch. Giving him a look over as she crossed her legs. “How the Hell did my tape with Mike Adriano get seen by anyone else? We had a deal.” She said with a clearly less than impressed tone.
“Well, first of all, I guess you maybe didn’t read the fine print of the contract.” Lexington calmly said, as he more clearly was checking her out and doing so with approval. “But if you must know? Us guys in the business always share information. Details, plans, conquests… And sometimes the odd secret tape gets passed around.” He shamelessly admitted. “I mean, no offence? But as good and as hot as you look, babe? You ain’t the first gal who has hired out a stud like me or Mike to give you a damn good time.”
“I guess I’ll take that as a compliment.” Stratus didn’t sound too thrilled with the answer. “Still sounds like I got backstabbed. And I’m not exactly happy that I’m having to do another damn sex tape behind my husband’s back so you can ‘promise not to ‘misplace’ the other one. Making a porno to prevent the first from being seen doesn’t make too much sense.”

“Well, maybe if you’re feeling in a bad mood? I can turn your frown majorly upside down…” Steele said as he started to stand up.
“Woah, hold on there! Before we, uh, get to that?” Trish paused, putting a hand on his chest. “Answer something else. Why me? I mean, compliments aside? I’m not exactly a prime, freshly legal porno slut like I’m sure you’re used to.” She said, sounding a little like she was trying to buy some time. “And besides! It’s not like I’ve ever been with, well…” She took a moment in order to clear her throat. “Been with a black man before, if you’ll pardon me being blunt.

“Oh, blunt is what I’m all about.” Lex continued to smile. “When I saw that tape? I knew you have some damn fine potential to make a killing in this sort of business. And to be honest? Sometimes a fine wine like you? Is way more delicious than some quick and fresh fast food, if you catch my meaning.”
“So you just think I’d be a good fuck?” Trish raised an eyebrow. “Well, again, I guess that’s a compliment… And you did go to all this trouble to fly me out and all… So I suppose if it keeps my dirty little secrets hidden from my husband and my family? I guess I can give you one shoot like this. But just the one! No funny business!” She warned. “So, shall we get this over with?” She rather boldly said. Reaching down and pulling her top up and over her head. In her need to try and get this over with, almost knocking her glasses off as the white beauty exposed her rounded, large MILF tits.
“Oh, yes we fucking will…” Lex grinned, undoing his buttons and showing off his muscular body to the mature beauty.
“Someone’s eager…” Stratus teased as she continued to undress. Showing that she didn’t have any panties on either, which would more indicate someone who was down to fuck more than she let on than her pissed of sounding state would claim.

“Oh, you want eager?” Steele said, pushing down his jeans. Making Trish’s eyes go wide and her jaw drop when she saw the huge slab of thick black cock hanging between his legs. So even while just hardening, he easily surpassed her husband with his size.
“Holy fuck!!” She gasped as she stared. “That’s fucking huge! There’s no way that…” She was going to say more before she gulped. Moving forward and taking a hold of his weight with both hands. “Fuck me… I mean, I did my research on you… But I didn’t think it was really this fucking big! And thick! God, there’s no way it can fit in me!” She claimed as both her hands held his dick.
“Oh, I’ve heard that before, babe… And it always fits…” Lex bragged, still smiling. “Sometimes not all the way in with some lesser chicks… But you? Yeah, you’ve got Size Queen written all over you.”
“Size what now?” Trish questioned as her hands began to run up and down his size, getting him hard as she moved off the couch, kneeling in front of him as she got a good look at his vast length. “I know I’m called the Queen of Queens from my in-ring days… But come on. There’s no way I can fit all of this into me! I mean, look at it.” She bit on her bottom lip as she used one hand to hold his rock hard cock up against her forearm, showing off his size compared to her gorgeous, tanned by still tiny in comparison frame to his muscular body.
“Then think of it as a challenge then, babe…” He smirked, staring down at her. “I mean, you were a tough as Hell wrestler chick, right? Winning titles and all that? You can’t tell me you’re gonna back down from this challenge now, are you?

“It’s not the same…” She narrowed her eyes for a moment before glancing at the dick she was stroking of. “But I didn’t come all this way to just walk out on you and leave you with big blue balls after going to all this trouble for me… So just know this, Mister Steele… Stratusfaction is always guaranteed…” She said with a hint in her voice that she might have been trying to convince herself before she brought her full, mature lips towards his length. A testing rather than teasing smooch applied to the fat crown before she stuck her tongue out. Sliding along the tip to get her first taste of black dick while her hands still stroked off the shaft. Swirling around the head with a little groan as she explored around and got used to such a thickness in her hand. All as she looked up through her glasses at the veteran of skin flicks stroking and licking her. A small, approving smile on his face to show that while her tongue work around the top was nice enough, even with the hands working her over it was going to take a lot more than this to get him going.

“God, I hope this weapon of yours doesn’t break my lips…” Trish mumbled as she opened her mouth up. Not wasting any more time as she moved down and wrapped her pouty lips around his tool. Finally getting a first proper moan out of him while she groaned loudly. As expected, her set of cock suckers having to stretch around his vast width as even with just the head inside she needed to pause and adjust to the feeling. Both hands still pumping along the shaft as she shifted back just slightly as her lips rubbed back over the mushroom head. Before pushing back down to keep the crown in and start to work him over. Raising that blonde haired head of hers to already look like another naughty porno slut as she groaned and worked over that huge dick with a combo of hand and blowjob.

“Mmmmm… I’m sure you can handle plenty of it, babe…” Lex chuckled as he sat back to let the WWE Legend go to work. A nice, smooth and steady pace as she ran her mouth up and down his size. Her hands for the moment compensating for her only having a couple inches inside her oral hole as she stroked away. Showing no shame in the cheating aspect of this encounter on her side of things, with her supposed to be prized wedding ring clearly seen by the camera. Groaning out as her lips were pressing in, stretched out to a limit she never knew she had as she pumped along his size. Only reaching down to stroke her locks back like a true pro so the camera could get the clear shot of her slurping on his prick. Her saliva starting to ease down as she bobbed on the top part and her palms moved down to work over the base and lower portion as she got more used to the feeling of such a huge slab of meat inside her wet and soothing mouth.

“MMMMPH!! HHHHHMMMMPHHH… GAAAAAAAAAHHH… MMMMMPHHH…” The problem was, as already pleasurable as this blowjob was? She was already hitting a limit as she was starting to gag as that familiar crown of his now hit into the back of her mouth. Eyes widening as she pushed down and got stuffed full more than any other cock she’s had in her life. Beginning to understand why so few women, even those with far more skin flick experience than herself, have been able to deep throat this monster. “GAAAAAAAAAAH!! HHHHHHRRRKK!! MMMMM…” It wasn’t letting her stop her right now as she bobbed away on his dick. A slow and smooth pace as while trying to push down further, she was still trying to get adjusted to this member. Her spit drooling down as she choked sexily along him and one of her hands unwrapped from the shaft. Holding onto his thigh with a firm squeeze as she showed off a sinful determination to try and best this huge dick.

“MMMM… Need a help there, babe? MMMM… Not many gals can take it all… MMMM… But something tells me you ain’t the kind of nasty, hot Momma who takes no for an answer…” Steele groaned with a smile as he reached down, placing a hand on the back of her head to hold as he let her try at her own pace for a round or two more. Her mouth sucking away with loud slurps, keeping her spit running down as she gagged with each downward push. Her eyes narrowing up at him, but not showing any objection as she lifted up to the head. Maybe planning on trying to go all the way off from him and steal some air but feeling his hand confidently push her back down. No resistance again as she groaned and her eyes went wide as his huge dick plunged up into her talented oral hole.

“GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! HHHHHHRRRKK!! HHHHH-SSSHHHRRRPPP… GAAAAAAAAHHH!!” The gagging louder this time as she was caught somewhere between not quite blowing him with a moan of her own head as he moved her mouth up and down, but without any thrusts up to make it a full face fuck. Regardless, it was filling up that wet and warm mouth to a point she never knew dick could reach as she slobbered away. Drool running off her chin to match the mess dripping along his pole to his heavy balls. “GAAAAAAAAHH!! HHHHHLLLKKK… GAAAAAAAAAAHHH… HHHHHHRRRRLLL…” Even as her eyes began to water up behind her spectacles from the discomfort, she never pushed back to try and make this oral stuffing stop. Her hands holding his strong thighs as she let her head be pumped up and down, being used like she was a living sex doll. Groaning lustfully around his dick as she pushed past the burning in her mouth as his dick in turn ventured beyond the confines of her mouth.

“MMMM… Damn, Trish! MMMM… Yeah, I knew you have some fucking talent for this…” He back-handedly complimented as Trish’s gorgeous face was agonizingly just a couple of inches away from his crotch. For a long moment, her talent with her mouth leaving him with a familiar, open mouthed expression of pleasure to show that Trish was right at home fucking on camera. Almost, but not quite, handling all of that infamous, fat porn star cock but even so, showcasing that oral skill to surpass many of his on-screen co-stars already. Plus, he was watching a hot, white, blonde MILF sucking away on his big black dick. That was a treat enough alone as his constant moaning proved. So who was he to deny a hot babe a chance to do the near-impossible and attempt to deep throat all of his cock? Almost forgetting to sweep that hair of hers back as he enjoyed making her head bob away onto his rod even as she choked with louder, raspy cries now on his huge dick.

Indeed, as her multi-time title winning career proved, Stratus rarely let anyone or anything for that matter get the better of her. But in this case, even this was too much of a challenge for her to gain victory over this time. Her eyes, watering still, starting to flutter like she was getting light headed from being made to slurp so deeply over and over again. Her oral tunnel stretching with a wicked burn that provided just enough of a sinful buzz that she endured. Far more cock than she even knew was possible to take, and there was still an inch or so to go. But it wasn’t to be as, almost like she was tapping out during a WWE match, she smacked his thigh to give the signal for her head to be released. Slowing lifting up before she let out the sort of loud, lewd moan that would make a man cum alone. A quick gasp before she spat down a thick wad onto his crown and used both hands to stroke it all into his fuck-stick as she got some much needed air in.

“Damn it!” Trish exclaimed before smiling with a laugh. “I was so fucking close!” She said as she gazed over the dick she’d just been choking over. Taking a second to reach under her glasses and wipe away the tears that had been forming from the failed deep throat.
“Oh, you did more that fine for a first timer… Well, second time, right?” Lexington joked back as he kept grinning.
“You mean second time for me fucking on camera like I’m a cheating slut? Or is that an offer for a round two already?” Stratus teased as she let go of his cock. Shifting position as she leaned her chest in and used her rounded, tanned MILF tits in order to capture his cock.

“MMMM… You can take that any way you want to, babe…” Steele said as he remained sitting on the couch. Watching now as Trish worked those infamous tits of hers up and down his meaty dick. Moaning as she tightly pressed the flesh in from the sides and her breasts nicely fitting around his thickness but even so, his size easily stuck out from the formed cleavage as she lifted up and down. All that spit of hers coating him providing the perfect lube for a quick, smooth motion as she worked her chest along him. A display already that, much like how she’s clearly no stranger to sucking cock, this is far from the first time she’s let a lucky stud have a go on the breasts that put the T into T & A. Quickly getting into the motion and working her boobs up and down and showing plenty of energy even after that near face fucking she’d just endured.

“Oh, I will, Mister Steele! One of these days? Mmmmm… I’ll be stuffing this big fat fucking dick of yours… Ahhhh… Right down my dirty little throat!” Trish vowed with a wide, shameless smile as it seemed she inadvertently accepted that offer to go at him one more time, at least, in the future. For now? The focus being pleasuring his dick with her boobs as she used the break, so to speak, to catch her breath but still keep her lover for this skin flick aroused. The smack being heard as she worked her boobs along his rod, bringing down down to the base and hitting his crotch before sliding upward. Sometimes going all the way up but mostly just sliding to close to the top so his mushroom head and a few inches were still sticking out from her titties. Groaning herself as enjoyed the sensation of a big, hot cock inside of her rack. Let alone taking a dick that was lasting from a titty fuck that many a sports entertainment fan would kill to get one off, but most likely only able to last half a minute of if they got to.

“MMMM… Feels like to me know? MMMM… A sexy fucking Momma like you is ready to fuck…” Lex stated the obvious but his tone was clearly making this remark more of a suggestion to advance the action than a mere filthy compliment for how good it felt to have her tits sliding along his tool. As if a gorgeous white babe pleasuring his huge black dick with her tits wasn’t a sign enough that she was down to fuck. Her wedding ring being shown off to the camera by her hand that was closest to it, clutching her tits to keep them firmly wrapped around his prick as she pumped up and down. Smearing her own spit across her jugs as she fucked him with a steady pace. Getting the idea herself of his stamina as he went from being almost deep throated to taking a titty wank, but his dick was still rock hard and ready for a lot more out of her.

“Well, I didn’t come here for an engaging conversation…” Trish gave a flirty wink as she let go of her tits. “Although I still do want to know how that tape of me and you-know-who ended up being seen by you…” She said with a slight glare as she stood up from the floor.
“Maybe you can earn it…” Lex claimed as he moved off the couch.
“Pumping for information, huh?” Stratus didn’t object as she was moved down onto the couch now. Laying on it on her side at a slight angle, with her front facing out to the lens and her far leg able to rest against the back of the seating. “Or I guess, I’m about to be pumped…” She slightly mumbled. Biting her lower lip as she saw the muscular hunk move in and the fat head of his dick pressed against her folds.
“Oh, you know it… And yeah, I was right… I can feel you’re ready to get fucked.” Steele remarked as he felt her pussy was a little wet already as he ran his crown against her entrance. “But don’t worry, babe… I’m gonna make sure you get it real good and deep… Like I know a fine ass body like yours can fucking handle.”

“Hey, I don’t know about that! You’re like, so much bigger than my husband! I’m not even sure you can fit that i-NNNNNNN MMMMM!!” The moment the multi-time WWE Women’s Champion got penetrated, her head tilted back and her hands went out to clutch the couch at her side and back behind her. Feeling herself being spread open already just from the first couple of inches being inside her tunnel. That combination of her saliva coating his pole and her own arousal just allowing for a bit of smoothness as he pumped. But her inner walls were mega tight, not granting full entry yet. That was just now his own challenge to beat as he smiled and moaned out. More than loving the feeling of tight, wet, MILF pussy wrapped around his dick. “OH FUCK… OH FUCK!! G-God! It’s… MMMMM!! FUCK! Splitting me open already! SHIT!” She looked down with her eyes wide once again behind her glasses. Feeling like her guts were being sucked out when he pushed into her twat before easing back out. So even despite being a mother of two, trying to take on this thickness and length meant she might as well still be a virgin. And this was just him going easy on her. Knowing full well he’d soon be giving it to her like she was just another porno whore built to take his length.

A professional as always, Lex just held her leg apart and worked his cock with a firm but steady motion back and forth into her box. The camera able to watch that meaty length pushing in then withdrawing from her twat, but never quite leaving her hole fully when he shifted back. Moaning himself of course with her snatch being like a vice as he pumped her. Letting her snatch get more used to the feeling of being blacked as he gradually and skilfully worked more of his vast size into her. Seeing her look of delicious cock shock all over again as she stared at her crotch. Like she couldn’t believe her stomach wasn’t bulging out already from how much of his dick she was taking, but still with plenty more to go as he already was hitting far, far deeper into her than the poor, unsuspecting husband she has could ever reach.

“MMMMM!! H-Holy shit!! FUCK!! Where is it fucking going?? MMMM!! No way all that… UHHHH!! Can f-fucking fit in me! OH GOD!!” Trish gasped out, moaning as her body shifted slightly with each thrust she took, but not being allowed to shift too far back as he held her leg. Keeping her in place enough to pump away smoothly as she felt like her pussy was being resized to fit the shape of his meaty and mighty dick. Over half of his length now buried inside of her but the lusty stare she’s giving showing that she, while having her doubts if she can take it all, isn’t going to ask him to stop. “OH FUCK! OH SHIT… MMMMMM!! So fucking big!! OOOOOOOOH FUCK! It’s s-stretching me ooooooooooout!! MMMM!!” She panted as already, a couple drops of sweat were starting to form across her tanned face. Tossing her hair back so she could just gaze down and see the piston-like motion being applied to her slot. The actual fucking only having just barely stared but already making her look like she’s easily suited for a career in this industry than the sports entertainment one she made her name in.

It was sinful words he’s heard plenty of times before, but hearing the purring groans from the stacked Canadian MILF already ranked highly in the dirty talk he’s heard over the years. The sound, along with the grip around his dick, easily keeping him motivated to give it to her good and deep as he continued to slip in inch after fat inch into her twat. Her pussy giving way to properly accommodate his massive size in a way that few women, experienced with adult films or otherwise, can even handle this amount of. His suspicions about her being quite the Size Queen looking to be more and more true with each passing thrust. His own groans shameless and loud but more letting the action speak for itself. Keeping his own body at a slight angle as he pumps her, ensuring the view of her twat getting stuffed full isn’t blocked.

“MMMMM!! OH FUCK… OH SHIT… MMMM! D-Don’t stop! MMMM! AHHHH! Yessssssssss… MMMMM! More!! OOOOOOOOH” The woman once voted the Greatest Female Superstar in WWE history moaned out as her eyes were locked onto that cock sliding into her like she was in a trance. Not even aware of the shameful, cock-drunk expression on her face as she enjoyed big black cock for the first time into her snug, wet and white pussy. Yet even as there was still a third of him or so left to be stuffed into her snatch? All the previous worries, along with the discomfort of being split apart, were looking to be long gone even now. “FUCK… MMMM! YES! God it’s filling me up! Stretching me… AHHHH! Stretching me the fuck out! MMMMM! Deep in my fucking, tight little pussy! OOOOOOH FUCK!!” She moaned out. Fingers still digging into the couch she’s laying on as her tight slot took the deep fucking. Once in a while her stare at her own crotch being broken as her eyes looked upward for a moment’s roll back before snapping back down. Her mind buzzing as pleasurable nerves were being hit that she never knew existed from any sort of play before. Fingers, toys or even cock. She was beginning to understand why, in the bit of research she’d done on the topic of this kind of sex, why they said ‘Once you go Black, you Never go Back!’.

On his part, the built wall of a stud fucking her wasn’t just treating this like a training session for the newcomer to taking a dick like his. Moaning as he was more than enjoying her walls clinging to his shaft as he pumped in and out. Knowing just how to ease a rookie in without breaking them as the measured pace he was using proved. Allowing that steady entry to feed in his thick inches as the time passed and both their groans increased. A smile on his features as he saw he was now so deep in that it was the limit her oral hole had been able to take what feels already like a lifetime ago with how good this sex has been. No need to hold back now as he took the chance, plunging in and driving his whole length deep into her love tunnel. Certifying the WWE Hall of Famer as Blacked as he went balls deep for the first time, and from her squeal of delight, far from the last time.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAH FUCK!!” Trish’s back arched off the seating she was on, sticking her tits out and up as her head tilted back almost the same as she squirmed. Feeling her snatch really being stretched out as he kept his prick stuffed into her to allow them both to savour the moment. Oh, and letting the camera film a horny MILF loving her mind thanks to a big dick didn’t hurt either. “AHHHH FUCK! FUCK! OH FUCK!! MMMMM FUCK!!” Soon the moans kept coming as he got to work drilling her. Still using a steady pace, making sure not to wreck her just because she’s taken him all in, so she got a chance to adjust as her tight walls remained pressing all around his length. Forming juices coating him as he moaned out and pumped away. Just now with his big heavy balls smacking off her tanned body to add in a new sound along with all their cries of delight.

“FUCK!! FUUUUUUUCK!! AHHHHHH GOD YESSSSS… FUUUUUUUCK!!” When her head finally leaned back down, she had a fucked silly look that porno starlets either mature like her or freshly legal would pay to be able to pull off. Except this was no exercise in acting or faking her pleasure. Her eyes looking upward and her mouth hanging open as her moans poured out. Her tongue flicking out once in a while as her tits bounced and moisture continued to form across her stunning frame. “UHHHHHHH!! AHHHHHHH!! MMMMMM… FUUUUUUUUCK!! MMMMM…” Being driven crazy by a huge dick spreading her wide in a way that even her previous on-screen fucking couldn’t quite match. And likely not just from the sheer size of dick was handling even with her own questions about how much she could take. The thrill of interracial sex now firmly planted into her pleasure-drunk mind and the action was far from done now.

Not just that, but the fact that as a veteran of films like this, Steele knew that just using her in one position simply would not be enough to satisfy. Pulling out of her twat for just a moment, leaving her groaning at the sudden empty feeling between her legs. Offering no resistance as he pulled her across, and then onto his lap as he sat down onto the couch once again. Reaching down to line up his dick with her snatch and then, like the Size Queen he suspected her to be, just thrusting up firmly with a single pump to claim her wet snatch once again. Much to her howling delight as her head tossed back, almost sending her glasses off her face as he gripped her waist and began to thrust upward.

“AAAAAAAAAAH GOD!! HOLY FUCK!! MMMMM!!” The hands of the Canada’s Got Talent judge gripped the broad shoulders of the man using her and her stunning, curvy body like she was a living cock sleeve. Just letting her be used for his pleasure, although getting a mind-blowing amount of it herself as her loud moans were showing. “OOOOOOOOH GOD DON’T STOP!! HOLY FUCK!! You’re filling me up! MMMM!! It’s so fucking good!! AHHHH FUCK!! GOD KEEP FUCKING MEEEEEEE MMMMM!!” She begged in between those cries of joy. Her ass now sticking out towards the camera. Jiggling when his delivered a pump and made her body jolt up before gravity and his commanding hold of her toned waist brought her smacking down onto his lap. The sight of her cheeks in motion along with his dick vanishing up into her wet hole before reappearing shortly after ensuring this tape would be even hotter than the one she’s done in the past. And likely ranking very highly in his own extensive history of conquests too.

“MMMMM… My fucking pleasure, babe…” Steele said without any shame. Her body in front of him masking that intense look of delight that he’s known across his rugged face as he let out deep groans. He had a literal best seat in the house for this action, able to look up and see the high state of heaven this new fuck buddy of his was in from her lewd expression. Then a short distance down to seeing her big titties bouncing away in time with how he was making her frame shift up and down like an elevator cart going haywire each time he sent his dick up to the hilt into her twat. It was far from the first time he’d seen the mind of a hot white babe being rewired by his huge, fat black dick, changing her life so that she’d never be able to go without feeling this pleasure again. But his own moans showing this was something a lot more special than the usual one and done whores he’s ploughed over the years. Making a special effort with his stiff and steady slams into her slot to ensure this could be a regular booty call he could call on for a long, long while to come.

“AHHHHH SHIT! OH FUCK YES! MORE! COME ON! OH GOD!! OH FUCK YES!! SO FUCKING GOOOOOOOD MMMMM!!” For a woman who has competed in Indian Strap, Tables and Hardcore matches over her legendary career? This was looking like the hardest test she’s ever had yet as her already gorgeous enough body was shining with sweat as she got treated like a sentient sex toy. Not even having it in her at this point to actively bounce on the cock being rammed up into her, but that fact not relevant to them when the pleasure felt this good. “AHHHHH FUCK!! GONNA… GOD I’M GONNA FUCKING BREAK!! UHHHH!! IT’S TOO MUCH!! MMMMM!! TOO… FUCKING… GOOD!! AHHHHH SHIT!!” She panted between loud moans as her glasses were barely staying on the edge of her nose as she constantly bucked up and down. Her ass clapping off his strong, dark legs as she got brought straight down to take the next stiff pump up. The force of the motion sending her up with a bounce along with his hold on her, before she got pulled back down and he banged her all over again.

Even as resized to fit the shape of his huge, dominating cock as she was, that soaking pussy of hers was perfectly clamped around his thickness to further showcase her status as a Size Queen among her other nicknames (and her actual accomplishments). Keeping him moaning out as, not just from lasting inside of such a fantastic piece of pussy, but using this sort of drilling pace on a beauty who can clearly take it was finally taking a toll on this stud. Moisture starting to form on him but he was far from spent, not with this kind of red hot motivation to slam into a stunning married beauty. Her wedding ring on one of the fingers currently clutching his shoulders as she held on for her life while getting the best sex she’s ever had, including that from her husband which led to her MILF status.

But thoughts about the family she’s cheating on, or let alone the damage done to her career if this encounter ever became public, wasn’t even on her mind right now. Barely forming any thoughts other than how amazing it felt to get Blacked and offer up her tight little white pussy to a huge slab of meat. As if her body had been built for this, getting nailed balls deep and resized with a round of fucking that would leave her pussy stretched out for at least a couple of weeks if not longer. Her long blonde hair swaying behind her as her body jolted up and down, with a couple loose strands left stuck on her cheek from her own sweating like she’s been stuck in a sauna for hours. Groaning in delight when she got pulled down and filled up, already longing for the feeling of being stretched out wickedly even in the brief seconds before he rammed back in.

“AAAAAAAAH GOD! FUCK!! CUMMING! GONNA… GONNA!! AHHHH HOLY FUUUUUUUCK MMMMMMMMM!!” Trish barely managed to squeal out a warning before her body shuddered and her head tilted back again. Drooling slightly from the mouth as she moaned out and her twat found a fresh, almost impossible at this point tightness as she came all over that still thrusting dick. Again, no need for the usual porno faking of a peak here as more of her juices flowed down over his dick as he kept working in and out like a piston. Ensuring that mind-breaking orgasm flowed through her mind. Cementing how it was going to be from black cock, or perhaps only just this particular slab of man-meat, that she’d need to come find to get this sort of feeling again. All the while, and to his credit, Steele stayed rock hard with a grunt as he pumped away. Guiding her through the high and only easing off when she gasped out and began leaning forward to show how much it had taken out of her. “FUCK… FUCK!! MMMMM… Oooooooooh fuck…”

“Mmmmm… You’re a fucking keeper, babe…” Lexington grinned, giving another filthy compliment as he slowly lifted the tired beauty from off of his still rock hard cock. “I think I need to make you a regular booty call for my off days…” He added, moving his hand down and around her. Hammering the point across by delivering a firm spank onto her juicy ass to make her groan.
“Ahhhhh… B-Booty, huh?” Trish had a lazy smile on her sweat-coated face. Still clearly in a daze from her orgasm as she didn’t object to the gaping, dripping with juices state of her pussy being shown off to the camera. “There’s no way… Even that big, huge fucking black cock of yours could fit in my ass, stud…” She purred, grinding her spread open folds against his dick as she felt him still being hard.
“Oh, I think you can… Hell, I’d bet that you can…” He smirked as he lifted her off his lap. Moving her over onto the edge of the couch and bringing her up to her knees. Almost a doggy style position with her elbows on the far rest and legs on the cushion. “And I bet a nasty Momma like you gets off even more getting your fine, fat ass fucked than you do that tight fucking pussy of yours.” He said. Making another educated assumption based on how right he’s been so far about her Size Queen status.

One of the benefits of porn is the ‘magic’ of editing, skipping and cutting out the bits in between positions or the discussion of what’s coming next. So when the camera next showed the hung hunk moving in behind his still horny co-star, the portion of time spent readying up her backside with lubricant wasn’t seen. Just the evidence of seeing that raised up and sticking out booty of the multi-time Women’s Champion in WWE with her tight asshole glistening from the prep work done to her. Leaving her ready, or as much as she and any newbie to interracial anal can be, for him and his huge dick as he moved up behind her and pressed his fat cock-head against her entrance. Completing the hat trick of sampling her pleasurable holes in a single say – something that even the man she’s actually married to hasn’t gotten to do in all their years of their relationship.

“AHHHHHH FUCK!! OH FUCKING GOD!! FUCK!!” Another howling cry, this time with a blend of pleasure and pain as this resizing of one of her tunnels wasn’t strictly pleasurable either. Not looking like she’s never taken anyone, or anything, into this hole before in the past as she wasn’t begging for this to stop. Even so, getting a huge pole suddenly pushed into her was another sensation setting off sparks in her already cock-drunk, lust-craving mind. “HOLY FUCK… AHHHHH GOD!! IT’S FUCKING STRETCHING ME OUT!! AHHHHH FUCK!! YOU’RE GONNA… MMMMMM!! FUCKING RUIN ME BACK THERE! OH FUCK!!” Her hands slapped the rest of the couch she was being fucked on as she fought through the pain and stared back with another stunned and sexy wide-eyed expression made hotter by the glasses she still had on. Looking over her shoulder to watch that big dick being eased, for the moment, in and out of her tightest of holes.

“MMMM… Yeah, just like I thought… MMMM! Even fucking better than your pussy, babe…” He just confidently smiled as he let out his husky groans. Pumping smoothly and steadily as he delivered another round of perfectly timed and paced thrusts with the right amount of force behind him. Treating his hole like the others to allow the gradual invasion into her tunnel. Getting plenty of pleasure from her walls, vice-like around his dick as they provided plenty of pressure even with all the lubing up done before. He never got tired of seeing a fine, thick piece of white ass backing up into his big black cock and this was no exception. And a sight he planned on seeing many times over as he looked to show her some more mind-breaking sex this time from a hole that even she rarely gives up to the few men who can last with her.

“UHHHHH!! AHHHHH FUCK! DON’T STOP! FUCK!! COME ON! MMMM!! FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME, FUCKER! COME ON! FUCK!!” The woman once voted the WWE’s Diva of the Decade groaned out as she kept staring back at her own booty. Watching herself take that huge cock that’s now extremely familiar with as it works in and out of her tight asshole. Clearly having a craving now for more as she rocked herself back and forth against his thrusts. Helping to slip more of his size in to both of their groaning approval. “MMMMM! YESSSSSS… FUCK!! OH GOD IT’S RIPPING ME OPEN… MMMM!! AND I FUCKING LOVE IT! FUCK!!” She added, licking her lips for a shameless show as she pushed her booty back and forth, actively fucking the cock sliding in and out of her tanned and rounded rump. Showing how drowning in lust her mind was right now as she moved a hand down between her legs. Brushing a couple of fingers against her still gaping along with dripping folds to keep the pleasure as high as possible. Thinking nothing of the self-pleasuring to enhance the anal action, even at the expense of one of her digits baring her wedding band to leave it sticky with the juices from unfaithful intercourse.

“MMMM!! And I fucking thought… MMMM… You were just a damn fine actress in your last film…” Lex commented between his own deep and long groans. Loving her cries of delight and that wild look of pleasure across her face as she was sweating all over again from this action. Her hair a sprawled mess back over her other shoulder while her tits hung down and swayed back and forth in time with the shifting on her body. “AHHHHH… I can fucking see you’re the real deal… MMMM… Sign me up for this fucking Stratusfaction any fucking day of the week!” He added with a grunt. Only halfway into her booty and looking like this was one of the best asses he’s ever gotten to fuck. Her flesh jiggling already as she pushed back and took him, helping to gradually get more of his huge size into the last of her holes to be tested and stretched out.

To her own credit, she was managing to handle not just this action but still be active and at it as this late stage of the on-camera fucking. Although from her staring back, she didn’t seem to be even registering now that there was a lens at her booty, filming that huge cock sliding in and out of her back passage as she was so focused on the pleasure. Rubbing away at her twat to keep her groaning as the sting from her backdoor being spread wide was subsiding, making way much like her anal walls were doing for that dick for even more pleasure. Looking more and more like she’s far more familiar with anal action than she truly is as another of her holes is approaching true Size Queen status with every thick inch she handles from behind.

“UHHHHHHHHH FUCCCCCK!!” She jolted forward, even making her hand leave her snatch for a moment when she finally felt his crotch crashing into her backside. Filling her up with all that wonderful, black cock deep into her tight and juicy white ass. That slap of skin hitting skin ringing out along with their moans as she got back to work brushing away at her pussy with her already sticky fingers. “UHHHHH!! FUCK!! YESSSSSSSS… MMMMM… FUCK….” She groaned out as her eyes started rolling upward again as she began to drool a little. Missing the timing on her shoves back so she was getting more jolted forward than properly bouncing herself back to meet the thrusts. Her glasses coming close to slipping off her nose, just hanging on as her head hung down a little as the sensations of deep, hole stretching anal was a whole new, thrilling sensation she couldn’t believe she’s waited all her life to finally enjoy.

And for the stud behind her, he was just getting to pound in balls deep to another fantastic, fat ass of an unsatisfied MILF. Awakening her mind to the wonders of taboo sex with not just a black man, but cheating on her husband at the same time. His heavy balls striking off her skin when he drove in before pulling out to repeat the motion. Sweating a healthy amount himself but still enough in the tank to give her a full working over. Especially as he was now dead set on making her so addicted to this pleasure she’d willingly, as all of this sex currently as, but regularly stop by to see him and be another of his lead cock sleeves. To do that though he’d need to really go all out, and kicked off the final stages of their fun by first, with a reluctant groan, pulling out of that fine backside. Admiring the already noticeably gaping state of her asshole from the work he’s done to her already.

“W-Wait… I was s-so close…” Stratus mumbled out, not having the energy to try and resist but not that she would have if she could. Drawing in air as he finally moved her and the action off of the couch, but just to leave her looking shameful in a new way to start fucking her on the floor rather than even on some furniture. Face down, ass up as he moved to mount her in a primal position with a squat over her booty. Pushing his dick back down into her and holding her hips to keep his target raised. Leaving her to groan out as her cheek was laying on the floor. Her glasses slightly raised up, barely hanging on her face now from the position but still having the erotic autopilot on to keep a hand between her legs and applied to her dripping wet pussy.

“MMMMMMMMM… FUUUUUUUUUUUCK…” All the multi-time former WWE Women’s Champion could do was grunt out like she was an animal in heat as she got that huge, hole-stretching cock slammed down into her booty. Her butt cheeks shaking from the impact that sent her body shifting forward on the floor, just to be hauled back in order to get the next thrust. The motion repeated stiffly as she got used like a living sex doll, being fucked hard against the floor as she lost even more of her mind. “FUCK… FUCK… UHHHHH!! MMMMM…” Drooling onto the surface with eyes staring ahead and up. Not even registering the camera right in front of her capturing all this sin. Her snatch still sending out her arousal, making it drip down her wrist and arm as she played with herself briskly. The contrast seen of that arm able to rapidly move and function while the other was limp and sprawled out to the side. Like her brain was diverting the last bits of energy she had left to the functions that mattered most, and all of it being only focused on pleasure and sin.

Smack. Smack. Smack! The repeated clapping of cheeks sounded just as hot as the dirty talk, even in its mumbled form, pouring from Trish’s mouth right now. Steele showing off that famous stamina and experience to really go to town on that booty that he’s tamed and claimed, not to mention spread out so much he can easily plough down into her balls deep with a single thrust. Those pumps coming stiffly and repeatedly now however as he had no reason to hold back now she and her back passage were so used to his huge member. Giving him a workout to remember too as the sweat left a shine across his muscular, dark skinned body as he pumped away into that tanned, tight and juicy ass of the white beauty underneath him.

“UHHHHHH FUUUUUUCK… FUUUUUUUUCK… AHHHHHHH…” She was almost unrecognisable from the woman who had walked in the door at the start of this encounter. A little forming pool of drool by her cheek as she groaned out and added to the mess on the floor with more of her juices as her fingers furiously worked over herself. Her ass high and raised up in near mindless submission, while her mouth groaned out and her cheek rubbed on the floor she was laying on. Jolting back and forth still as she got nailed hard from above. A position alone that some far more seasoned, actual porn stars couldn’t last in. Not she currently had the working brain cells to appreciate that, so busy caught up in the best, roughest sex of her life so far.

That proven when she couldn’t even form the words to warn about her upcoming peak, and one just as hard if not even more so than the first orgasm she’d had earlier on. Her eyes rolling right back and her eyewear half-falling off her face as her head squirmed. Her tongue hanging out of her mouth, into the drool already there to add to the mess. All as her juices dripped down her inner thighs as her hand managed to rub away at herself for a last quick round. Riding out all the pleasure as her booty still got fucked deep and hard, even as the hunk above him moaned out deeply and loudly. Getting something more to test his ability to last when her back passage clamped around his prick as he pumped. But surviving through the new pressure until her hand almost in defeat of his sexual superiority just fell from between her legs to slump down to the floor. Allowing him to stop this thrusts and pull out. Letting the camera see that wide, spread open state of her asshole as if the look on her face wasn’t shameful enough already.

If this footage ever leaked out, and considering how seemingly at least more than one person has witnessed her previous ‘private’ sex tap before, then the footage up until now would have more than satisfied. But not quite for the stud who made this WWE Hall of Famer into a personal Blacked whore. Reaching down and pulling her up to her knees, and even pushing her glasses back into place before he used the hand to stroke off. That familiar, groaning, open mouthed expression of pleasure on his face as he rapidly pumped. Aiming down as the woman he was holding mumbled and her eyes blinked into focus as she just began to come back down to Earth from another intense high.

Just to look up and get her vision blinded by thick blasts of hot spunk raining down on her. Trish Stratus’ glasses getting coated with jizz to drip off the frames as the rest of her gorgeous face took a massive, fitting for porn load. Streaks hitting across her cheeks, nose, up on the forehead and across her pouty lips. A couple drops getting stuck through strands of her blonde hair for good measure. More than enough to start falling from her face and eyewear, landing onto her heaving tits for an extra mess. But ironically, it was the freshly fucked MILF who provided the nastiest end to this scene herself. Without even being able to see, she first reached out, gripping his cock to rather sensually stroke him off before she leaned forward and managed to capture the crown of his softening cock between her lips. Slurping loudly to steal the taste of cum from off of him before pulling back. Using her tongue to swirl around the head as she cleaned him off without even being ordered too. Her hand pumping away to ensure his huge load was milked dry as if she was born not just for adult films, but to take care of a big black dick like this.

“Mmmmm… Fuck… That was so fucking good…” Trish purred, taking a moment to slap the head of his dick against her lips. Smearing cum about just so she had an excuse to lick it off and swallow it down. “Big, black fucking cock… Making me into a nasty fucking slut…” She groaned against his dick as she gave another couple of pumps.
“So… Guess all is forgiven, right?” Lexington smiled as she watched her make a fresh display of herself against his dick. “Because you can get this big fucking dick any time you want, babe.” He stated, clearly wanting not just another round with her, but plenty more times with her.
“Oh fuck yeah… I want this huge fucking cock again…” Stratus grinned. “Stretching me the fuck out… Hitting deeper than my fucking husband ever could… Mmmm… I think we might even have to bust out a camera and film a session or two between us both…” She added, finally letting go of his dick. “Me being a nasty, bad, cheating wife and mother… All for a big fucking piece of black dick...”
“Sign me up, babe… Because I fucking know you’d make a killing doing another film like this if you ever switched to my business…” Steele said, stating the obvious.

Hearing that last line however finally snapped Trish out of her sex-drunk state. Reaching up, foolishly trying to wipe the jizz off before just taking off her glasses with the now sticky fingers. “Oh shit! I fucking forgot! We were fucking filming this!” She laughed. “Guess I was, uh, in the zone a bit there…” She admitted, sounding finally a little ashamed of herself.
“Oh, you fucking were… And it was fucking hot as Hell, babe.” Lex stated. “And I mean it… So let me give you my number and next time you can swing by? This big fucking dick has got your name written all over it.”
“I, uh… Yeah… I think…” Trish’s eyes lingered on his thick dick for a moment, even in its limp state. “Yeah… I’d fucking love to give you some Stratusfaction one more time…” She said, giving a sly smile as she licked her lips clean.

A fine way to bring to a close another, what is supposed to be, secret sex tape. And from the sounds of it, far from the last one she’ll do either.

* * *

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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the wrestlers, promotions, people, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own the WWE or any wrestlers or people etc referenced in this story.

Starring: Isiah Maxwell (porn star), Jason Luv (porn star), Lexington Steele (porn star), Trish Stratus (WWE)

Wrestlers Meet Porn Stars: Exploring the Stratusphere 3: Double Team Queen

An erotic pro wrestling fan-fiction story.

A Commissioned story for [Anonymous].

Written by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, MMF, Oral, anal, inter.

* * *

This story is set as a follow-up/in the same universe as Celebs/Wrestlers Meet Porn Stars: Exploring The Stratusphere and Exploring the Stratusphere 2: Going Black. Prior reading of those stories is not required, but recommended.

* * *

“MMMMPHHH!! HHHHRRRKK! HHHHMMMPHH! GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! SHHHRRLLLPP!!” The loud sucks, groans and gags that sounded more suited for a porn shoot were echoing around the front room of the spacious home of legendary skin flick veteran Lexington Steele. The hunk sitting half dressed, his pants down at the ankles while in front of him a stunning, busty and mature blonde white woman sucked and choked on his massive, thick black cock. “MMMMPHH!! GAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! HHHHHRRRKKK! MMMM…” Slow and steady pumps as the WWE Hall of Fame member and former multi-time Women’s Champion Trish Stratus feasted on his thick shaft. And from the saliva both coating his prick from down to the base to the tip as well as dripping off her own chin? She’s been sucking on this huge slab of meat for several minutes.

The truth was it was supposed to just be a one-off encounter. Trish had first met this hung hunk when he’d called her up, revealing that he’d come into possession with a previous sex tape she’d done with another porn veteran and agreed to do one with her to not let slip to her husband or anything else about what she’d been up to. But getting Lex’s massive black dick had proven too good to just be a one-time deal. Finding excuses to come to his place and set up for filming even more secret pornos with him once in a while between sports entertainment appearances or dates on the autograph signing circuit. Acting far like a happily married woman and mother of two that she’s supposed to be now she’s retired from the ring as she found another excuse here to cheat and slobber away on the biggest dick she’s ever had. And noticeably in this front room, she was blowing him and there wasn’t even a recording camera in sight.

“GAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!! HHHHRRRRRKK!! MMMMM… GAAAAAAAAAAHH!!” Stratus’ eyes were narrowed, staring up at her increasingly regular fuck buddy through her glasses as she plunged her pouty lips up and down onto his dick as her spit drooled down. But her gaze not from being mad at having to suck him off since this was all completely willing, and her suggestion for that matter. But her frustration due to being so painstakingly close from her juicy set of cock suckers pressing into his crotch as her gag reflex meant even as she took his shaft into her snug, wet throat she was just close but not quite there to handling all of him. “HHHHRRRRKKK! MMMMMPHHH!! GAAHHHH GAAAHHHH HHHHLLLKKK!!” The gagging continued as she bobbed away and, showing her experience in taking his thick rod now, she wasn’t even having her eyes water for a moment as she serviced him. Or more accurately trying to prove herself by taking that last inch in as even without touching herself she kept moaning lustfully around his prick between her chokes. Hard nipples poking through her top proving that and the nubs noticeable from her saliva dripping down to stain her top.

“MMMMM… Oooooooooooh fuuuuuuuuck…” A trademark, long and loud moan from Steele as he stared down and watched one of, if not perhaps his favourite secret co-star go to town on his fat and long dick. The perfect taboo contrast of her stunning pale face and his dark shaft as she sucked away and left her spit soaking him from the base down to the tip. Even without those full lips of hers managing to reach his baser. “MMMM… You’re fucking good at this, Trish… But I guess you’ve got… MMMM… Got to know when to tap out and admit you’re beat… AHHHH… Trying to take all of me down into that hot little mouth of yours…” He teased with a smile. Clearly loving her oral skills that have only gotten better with the more than a couple times now they’ve hooked up. Her lips smoothly gliding up and down him while she lustfully choked each time she pushed into him and stuffed her throat with his member. “MMMMM… But if you can’t handle all of me? Then… MMMMM… How am I supposed to believe you handled two men at once during the film I directed with you in it?”

That last remark frustrated the gorgeous Canadian as she pulled off of his dick with a sexy ‘pop’ sound. “You fucking know I can!” Trish snapped with more than a hint of desire in her voice as she gazed up at his dick. “You fucking were there behind the cameras!” She pointed out before brushing her hair back. “Stand up.” She demanded, shifting back slightly. “I’ll show you that I can handle all of you!”

“Sure thing, babe…” Lexington stayed grinning as he rose up so his dick nearly cast a shadow over the horny, cheating MILF still on her knees in front of him. Clearly she thought a new angle for the position would help her as she took his prick back between her full lips for a perfect seal. Showing how used to his size she was now as she went back to work sucking him off. Moans from them both but hers obviously muffled before her loud gagging resumed as she took his inches beyond the confines of just her mouth. Stretching her throat out again as her hands gripped his muscular legs for support. Another lusty gaze sent up at him through the eyewear she had on as she used a swift, determined motion to guide along his thickness.

“GAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!! HHHHHRRRKK!! MMMMMPHHH!! MMMM MMMM MMMMPHHH!!” Her eyes narrowed in focus as she plunged her mouth up and down to face fuck herself onto his dick. Finding her mouth reaching the same spot of being just that inch away from the destination she, and the stud she was blowing, both wanted her to reach. Twisting her blonde haired head for a moment to grind her lips before going back to the slurps. “HHHHRRRKK!! GAAAAAAAAHH! GAAAHHH HHHHLLKK GAAAAAAAHHH!!” Her fingers digging into his legs as she tried to haul her mouth down to fight through the gagging. Not even caring about the loose strands of her hair across her eyewear as she bobbed her head sharply up and down. As if beating this challenge of deep throating his black cock meant more to her than any WWE title win or a Hall of Fame ring. Making the grinning stud gazing down at her wonder if their recent films were really just here scratching a kink of filmed sex behind her husband’s back or something more with the way she was servicing his prick a whole lot better than many actual porn starlets ever could.

But this new angle with her head tilted back and his shaft aiming down was exactly what she, and in turn him as well, both had been needing. Finally stuffing that man-meat down her gullet to her wide eyed and noticeably loudly moaning delight as her nose pressed into his dark skin and her chin touched his heavy balls. Choking the loudest yet around him with that final inch now lodged past her lips as they rubbed into his base. The look on her face disgraceful as her eyes rolled back and her cheeks hollowed out as she slurped and gagged. Finally bringing her gaze back to him with a look not just dirty, but with a clear sense of pride to finally deep throat one of the biggest cocks in all of porn. An irony that this moment was the one time they weren’t fucking on film.

“MMMMM! FUCK…” He grunted as she started to pull back, only for him to grab her blonde hair. “Oh no you don’t, babe…” He said as he moaned. Pulling her face back down as she groaned around him herself as he thrust his cock. Making his balls slap off her chin and her glasses jolt as he began to pump her oral hole. His experience making him seize the moment after seeing how she can finally handle every fat inch of him. “MMMM! You came here for this dick? You’re going to get it…” He growled as after the length of time she’d spent trying to finally take him in to the hilt? He was all fired up to not let the moment be wasted of him getting blue balls. Thrusting in and out of her lips with a slow, stiff pace as he stared down to fuck this married MILF’s pleasurable mouth with his huge rod.

“GAAAAAAAAHH! GAAAAAAAH!! HHHHRRRKK!! MMMMPHHH!!” Obediently, showing she didn’t object one bit to this, Trish’s hands stroked his thighs with a lot more tenderness than someone just hooking up for a booty call should with her fuck buddy. Staring up with that twisted pride and desire as she let her stunning face be fucked. That long dark shaft plunging in and out of her lips as they squished into his crotch when he pulled her head down into him before sliding back to let her saliva drip down onto her tits. “HHHHRRKKK! MMMMM! MMMMPHHH!! GAAAAAAAHHH HRRRRKKK!!” Clear moans in between the chokes as she got a pumping in this hole just as stiffly as she’d gotten from him in the past in her lower ones. Still her eyes not even watering for a moment as her throat was stretched out again. Filled up down to a new limit that she vowed to finally reach and now was getting the ‘reward’ for her shameful behaviour of taking this huge cock down into her wind pipe like she really was, as he’d claimed she was built to be, a Size Queen and a whole lot more.

The one benefit of this not being one of his usual on screen performances was he didn’t need to hold back from hitting his limit. Letting his cock pulse inside her snug throat but not being silly enough to make her choke on his load blasting down into her. Pulling out as he stroked off and let those familiar, deep and long groans he’s known far. Without even being need to be told to, Trish opened her mouth wide and even stuck out her tongue ready for a tasty reward for her first ever big cock deep throat. Moaning when he blasted out the thick ropes into that target. Filling up her mouth with hot spunk as she all too calmly waited as he stroked off and empted a big load into her. So when he wiped the last drips onto her plump lips she closed up and used a single, greedy gulp to swallow it all down before gasping as she showed off her empty mouth with another look of naughty pride.

“Well, you surprise me again, Trish…” Lexington grinned as he moved to sit back down. Pulling his pants up.
“Stratusfaction is always guaranteed…” Trish said with a purr to her voice as she licked her lips clean.
“We need to see if we can get that on film the next time…” Steele noted before he reached over on the couch and picked up a remote control. “Speaking of which… Shall we see how your debut threesome on film turned out?” He said with a handsome smirk.
“O-Oh! Yes, right. That’s why we’re here after all.” Stratus said but with a noticeable stutter as if that was only half the reason for being here. “I want to see how it all turned out.” She claimed, moving up to sit next to him on the couch. Both their looks going to the big, wide screen TV on the wall as he pressed the button to turn it on. Lex though missing Trish glancing to his crotch as he scrolled through the menu to bring up the media button with the USB with the edited footage already plugged in.

* * *

After the title screen and intro production logos, the video started up with the inside of a hotel and a corridor, showing a set of elevator doors opening up. Stepping out first with a smile was the expected female star in Trish Stratus. Clad in a black leather-like jacket and her body nicely filling out a set of black almost leggings and a tight top resting against her big MILF tits. Holding a hotel room key in her hand that still showed off her wedding ring but she glanced back at the two men who followed her out into the corridor. Both men wearing nicely fitting shirts and smart pants in two experienced, well hung black porn star studs in Jason Luv and Isiah Maxwell as they smiled. With Isiah more openly checking out Trish as they walked with the camera walking backward in front of them to follow their path. So the camera could see Trish deliberately slipping off her wedding ring to stuff it into an inside pocket of her jacket before the trio arrived at a door to a luxury, and importantly for the film spacious suite.

“Well, boys…” Trish turned to face them. “I appreciate you two being kind enough to escort me all the way up to my room but it really wasn’t needed…” She claimed as she put her acting skills to use to make it sound like she was just flattered and wasn’t about ready to get fucked by two men at once. And neither of them being her husband.
“Oh, our pleasure.” Jason said in a polite tone. “We can’t let a lovely lady like you just go off on her own on a late night like this.
“Yeah, our real pleasure for sure…” Isiah was more just staring down at her tits as he spoke as he grinned.

“Well I still appreciate it… But it is getting late and I think I need to get some beauty sleep…” She claimed as she turned towards the door. “But I do suppose that it would be mean of me to just send you two away after you’ve been so kind to me. Buying me all those drinks earlier…” Stratus claimed, implying that she (in character at least) was a little boozed up and not thinking clearly. “Maybe this smooth talking gentleman would like to join me for a little while and we can, well, maybe talk for a little bit…” She said with a sly smile, winking at Jason as she used the card to open the door up.
“Fuck yeah!!” Isiah cut in as he moved forward and actually scooped up the blonde over her shoulder, making her squeal in surprise as he more invited himself into the room. Jason shaking his head as he watched Trish, like it was a moment from a wrestling match in the past of her hitting the back of Maxwell with her fists in outrage at the caveman-like carry. Picking up the key card and following them both in for a clear dynamic of Isiah being more blunt of the two and Jason more of the calm and collected.

The footage changing to the inside of the room, well let and ready for the porno action to take place as Isiah was shown carrying the WWE legend in just to send her down onto that large, spacious bed that had all the room for plenty of fun for all three of them.

“Y-You jackass!” Trish grunted as she tossed onto the bed, but able to quickly sit up thanks to her wrestling past of taking bumps. “Well, just fucking make yourself at home, why don’t you?” She glared through her eyewear after adjusting it. Slipping off her jacket and showing off her tight top and those big rounded tits.
“Yeah, exactly what I was fuckin’ plannin’ on, slut!” Isiah wasn’t holding back, near tearing his shirt off and showing off the dark-toned muscles. “Ain’t gonna wait when a nasty chick like you is down to fuck a couple of brothers!” He added as he went for his pants to start pushing them down.
“Woah woah woah! I was being sarcastic!” Stratus, sticking to the script for now at least, showed off her acting skills by looking offended as she raised a hand. “And second of all, I don’t appreciate being called a slut! Just because I had you two come up here, it doesn’t mean…”
“Fuck tryin’ to front, girl! We both know your fine ass was lookin’ for some of this…” Maxwell bragged, pushing down his pants to give Trish a good look at that fat, long, porn star cock of his. “Looking to get it double from some big fuckin’ black dick! And you’re in fuckin’ luck, girl!” He bragged as he stepped out of his clothing along with his shoes. “Because me and my boy Jason are a package deal! We go cruisin’ in the fancy hotels like this, pickin’ up some hot white ass to tap!”

“Is that so?” Trish questioned, glancing to Jason. He just smiled and gave a shrug of the shoulders, like he was fully in the role of the ‘good cop’ compared to the other stud. “Well… I do have experience with tag teams… But usually just managing them or being a part of them in matches…” She corrected herself, but knowing full well what that innuendo implied for her. “This is just going to be strictly between us though! I don’t want my husband finding out about this!” She said, still reading from the script as she glanced again to see that Jason had taken off his own shirt to show off that desirable upper body of his. “But if you’re going to be a cocky little bastard, Isiah? If that even is your real name… You’d better not hold back on me!” She warned as he approached the bed and her eyes locked onto his meaty cock as it swayed. “Just because you’re some young, well endowed, muscled up guy doesn’t mean you can… MMMMMMPHHHH!!”

If the stunning former WWE Diva and Superstar wanted no mercy, she instantly got it when Isiah invited himself to stuff that fat dick between her pouty lips. Making her eyes widen as she gagged from the sudden entry, just to stare up with a narrowed glare of a mix of fury at being interrupted but desire for getting a taste of some long cock. After all, this was all for show so her fury was just acting to mask the willingness of this all. Immediately cheating on her husband with a younger man as she let him thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. Already making her gag sinfully when he drove in and made his crown connect with the back of her soothing mouth. A grip of her long blonde hair making sure her head was in place for not just him to pump away in and out of her full lips, but so the camera got the perfect shot of the face fucking

“GAAAAAAAAAHHH!! HHHHRRRKKK!! MMMMMMPHHH… GAAAAAAHHH HHHHRRRKKK…” The choking was loud and lewd as the MILF couldn’t even get to properly bob along him. Held firmly in place by the stud’s grip on her as he used her mouth for his pleasure. A stiff pace more suited for drilling a pussy used to ram in and out of her oral hole. Obviously making him groan out as he stared down and watched his prick vanish into her mouth before sliding back out. “MMMMMPHHH!! GAAAAAAHHH!! HHHHHLLLKKK… GAAAAAAAHHHWWWKKK!! MMMMM!!” Already the saliva drooling downward off her chin and coating his rod as the thrusts moved swiftly in and out of her. Dripping down across her chest as she sat on the bed with the first of the studs standing above her. Using her hair to make her face stay looking at him so when she felt the other hunk moving up she could only give a side glance before turning her stare back up. Allowing her mouth to be rammed deep as he looked to explore not just that not and wet mouth of hers but push in even further.

Jason was keeping himself busy as he began to undress her. Removing the boots first in order to ease down her pants, showing off not just her smooth legs and thick thighs, but the fact that she didn’t have any underwear on either. So when the garment was removed he could easily shift in, laying on the bed to move up like an army drill. But just to get between her legs as he spread them. A moan soon escaping her as he began to lap at her tight pussy to get her warmed up. Immediately making her legs squirm with approval so he hand to use a grip on the thighs to keep them apart. Enough space so the cameras could get the look at his tongue flicking at her folds as he smiled into her pussy. Already tasting the forming arousal as she wasn’t even getting a chance to ‘divide and conquer’ the two hunks. Sent right into a threesome from the get-go.

“HHHHRRRKKK!! MMMMMPHHH!! GAAAAAAAAAHHH!!” The mix of muffled moans and raspy groans escaped her as she got the blend of pleasure from her twat being eaten out and having to deal with her mouth getting filled up beyond a limit she’s used to. Her saliva drooling all over Isiah’s fat dick as it drove into her mouth and ventured beyond. Making her eyes narrow again as her throat now got the wicked, burning feeling of being spread open. “HHHHHKKKK!! GAAAAAAAHHH!! MMMMM!! HHHRRRKKKK!!” Her eyes darting between the two men and full of desire even as she choked away on one of their big cocks. Not getting much time with the oral assault to really adjust to being spread wide thanks to his rough pace. A familiar situation for her with taking big black cock as she was almost, but just not quite, taking all of these inches between her lips. Gagging away as the drool dripped down to ruin her top and moaning around that prick as her snatch got nicely wet already from the well trained tongue work being applied to her downstairs.

“MMMMM! Fuck yeah, you fuckin’ nasty little slut! Fuckin’ choke on that big fuckin’ dick! MMMMM! Chokin’ away like you’re a dirty fuckin’ cock sucker! MMMM… Bet this is more fuckin’ dick just from me than your little, tiny pencil packin’ husband fuckin’ got, right?” Isiah unleashed the dirty talk and insults as he thrust away in and out of her full, built for taking cock lips. Knowing full well she couldn’t reply with her mouth being stuffed again and again by his stiff pumps. His tight grip of her hair making sure she couldn’t even twist her head to change the pace as he kept her gagging and make her saliva coat him from tip to base. “Awwwww shit! MMMMM! Fuckin’ fine ass mouth like this, made for takin’ some big fuckin’ dick! MMMM… Ain’t that right, bitch? MMMM! Yo is fuckin’ made for bein’ slammed by a Brother like me!” He mockingly demanded an answer, just to push buttons to get the most out of banging a hot white blonde like this. And taking full advantage of the freedom to go all out with her (as his deep, rapid thrusts into her mouth already showed he had with her). Using his free hand to give her cheek a firm slap while he fucked her mouth. Her eyes widening but just to groan lustfully before she snapped quickly back ‘into character’ to give a narrowed stare up to act like she was furious at the shot.

“GAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!! MMMMMPHH!! HHHHHNNNNGGGG!! GAAAAAAHHHH HHHHRRRKKK!!” Of course, the stare just got another slap as the rough plat continued. Stratus being more than used to taking blows from her in-ring days so a little slap here and there just gave her a thrill in this bedroom play. Glancing down at his crotch, seeing him being just a near teasing inch away from her gorgeous features as she narrowly missed getting to deep throat all of him. Thankfully the man pounding her face wasn’t complaining on not getting the full deep throat from his moans but she still whined from not being able to handle them all. And not able to try and plunge down thanks to her head being easily held in place by the hair. Treating her again like just a pick-up trophy for the two men to use. “MMMMMPHHH! GAAAAAAAAAAHH!! HHHHHRRRKK!!” At least she was getting pleasured too, moaning around his dick as she felt that well trained tongue sliding against her wet slit. The difference between the two hunks plans on using her clear as she got a more tender, seductive treatment on her pussy while the rough, raw banging was delivered to her mouth. But showing perhaps that she really is built for both big cocks and hard fucking with being able to get her throat filled up and not even having her eyes watering for a moment.

However, both men knew it wouldn’t be making full use of getting to fuck a gorgeous blonde on film if they just used her in one position. Isiah pulling out of her mouth and allowing her to loudly gasp as Jason moved back from between her legs. Groans escaping the MILF as she sat up, before glaring with her teeth clenched as Isiah even moved above her. Shaming her for a moment with his heavy balls resting on her forehead. Tea bagging her with a grind down to rub his nuts and bit of her own saliva in the process onto her skin.

“Just markin’ my territory, bitch! Ain’t nothin’ too it!” Isiah claimed with a wide grin.
“I think you fucking did that already with my fucking mouth!” Trish snapped at him with a clear lusty hint in her voice. “And I think there’s a better use for your dick than that!” She added.
“Guess it’s time I got in on this party…” Jason said as he finally slipped his pants down, showing off his own equally meaty shaft that soon got Trish’s attention.
“Yes… I mean, yes! Of course it is!” Stratus said, snapping out of it after staring at that new dick for a moment. “Let me show you what I can properly do with my mouth.” She said as Isiah moved off from her. Both men letting out approving whistles as she pulled her top off and exposed her large, rounded MILF tits.
“Sounds good to me, girl…” Luv said, moving up onto the bed to kneel and watching as Trish changed position to be in front of him on a classic doggy style pose. Leaving Maxwell free, not that with his role here he was exactly taking orders, to move behind her to keep the threesome rolling along.

“Oh, it’s better than good, trust me, honey…” The Canadian purred as she reached up and guided that thick American shaft between her lips. This time getting to wrap her full, plump lips around this piece of long meat to both of their groaning approval. Clearly not her first time sucking black dick, and not just including the previous position either, as even with his thickness her lips stretched perfectly around his size. Her white features starting to slide up and down while she gazed up with a more than sensual look through her glasses. Her blonde locks swaying back and forth, so he already had to reach down and stroke them back around the other side of her neck so the camera got a full view of her feasting on his pole. Groaning around his cock as she sunk down and easily took him half-way into her as her chokes, but just on a more measured level than before, already started up.

However she was in the middle of a threesome and then literally so as Isiah behind her spread her thick backside apart. The ‘magic’ of video editing missing out the pre-lubrication that Stratus had done to herself and his own self lubing so that he could just press the head of his thick rod against her entrance. Finding that even with the force of pushing in she was a much tighter fit than her oral hole. Making him groan as he forced in and made the crown first then a couple inches stuff into her backside. The MILF tensing up, perhaps having expected her snatch to get used, but the feeling making her groan as she got fucked from behind. Jolting when he delivered a firm slap to her backside and already made the flesh jiggle before he gripped her toned waist and began to thrust. Again not showing much mercy as he firmly thrust between her stunning cheeks to make himself grin and moan.

“MMMMMPHHH!! GAAAAAAAAAHHH!! MMMMMPHHH!! SHHHHRRLLLPPP… GAAAAAAAAHHH!!” A perfect back and forth of the noises escaping her switching from muffled moans to lusty chokes as she found her body working between the two studs at both ends of her. A mix of a natural desire to know what to do even with cocks of this vast size, and knowing what she needed to do in order to put on the best show for the cameras. Shifting herself as both hands went to the bed sheets for support as she leaned forward to slide her mouth along Jason’s fat cock before moving back to take the thrusts entering her ass from behind. “HHHHLLLKKK!! MMMMMPHH!! MMMMM! GAAAAAAAAAHH!!” Saliva dripping off of Luv’s cock now as he let her bob away deeply at her own pleasurable pace. The odd groan leaving her when she got her ass firmly slapped while it was getting fucked by a just as long prick as the one she was slurping on. Again, much like the face fucking minutes ago, she wasn’t feeling more than a thrill from the spanks as she kept moving between the two men with nice timing. Leaving her big tits swaying underneath her as got spit roasted by two of the biggest and most experienced shafts in all of skin flicks.

“MMMM! Fuck yeah! Look at this fuckin’ nasty little snowbunny go! MMMM! Fuckin’ takin’ it up the ass like a fuckin’ Champ! MMMM!” Isiah’s running commentary of back-handed compliments continued alongside his moans. Working his meaty dick in and out of her super tight asshole. Staring down as if it wasn’t his hand, then just the force of his pumps along with her backing all that fat ass up into him kept her juicy cheeks shaking deliciously. And revelling in her body, just as he’d been insulting her about, was clearly built for taking cocks like his. Not even a hiss of pain escaping her even as her tight back passage was being roughly split open by his merciless thrusts. The sort of pace that for any other so-called newbie to porn would leave them gaping wide for well over a week even from this one position alone. “MMMM! This fuckin’ slutty momma… Frontin’ like she ain’t down to take this fuckin’ dick! MMMM! I can feel this slut squeezin’ my fuckin’ dick with her nasty, fat little ass! AHHHHH FUCK!” He added between groans. The red imprint of his hand starting to form on her ass cheek from all the spanks so that even if this tape didn’t ever make it into public circulation? If her unsuspecting husband saw the branding of that hand on her rump it would be obvious she’d sneaked away not for a wrestling payday but to get her rocks off with someone else.

“GAAAAAAAAHH!! MMMMM!! HHHHRRRKKK!! SHHHHRRRLLLPPP!! MMMMMM!!” In fact it was a two-for-once special here as the stunning, busty blonde got it good at both ends. Her tight backside getting stuffed full as her tanned cheeks began to slap back into his crotch as she filled her up, While her mouth bobbed away on a just as thick and long shaft as she took it down into her snug, wet throat. Again, agonizingly close to the full on deep throat but having to settle for being oh so close. Thankful that this half of her co-stars was just as satisfied with her oral talents as he moaned out and let her slurp away as her saliva dripped down off his cock and from her chin down onto the bed sheets. “MMMMMPHHH!! MMMMM! MMMMPHHH… GAAAAAAAAAHHH HHHHRRRRKKK!!” Despite having both hands down to keep herself balanced on all fours, her pussy was nicely wet without even being touched. Totally turned by getting a spit roast and from two slabs of big black cock at that. Sweat beginning to form across her already gorgeous body as she rocked back and forth against the two shafts even though only one of them was actively thrusting into one of her holes.

Leaving her thick ass clapping sharply against Maxwell’s waist as he took her from behind. At the front, loud slobbering and muffled groans as she feasted on big cock. The shafts at either end easily fat longer and thicker than that of her husband as the horny MILF bucked between the two moaning hunks. Giving back as good as she was taking, even with the thrusts into her ass being stiff and swift. Her flesh jiggling away as Isiah’s crotch collided with force into the cushion her rump provided so neither of them felt any pain. And every moment being captured for another of her secret skin flick productions with one focused on that juicy ass to watch Maxwell’s fat cock plunging in and out. While another watched her full lips glide along Luv’s rod to leave him soaked in spit. So for a woman claiming to have never taken on two men before, or at least two black studs, she seemed to have a natural skill at being taken at both ends at the same time.

When Jason finally pulled out of that talented mouth, a groan of disappointment escaped her as she stared up through her eyewear. “MMMMM… FUCK… That was some good fucking dick…” She purred, even getting to lean in and swat her tongue across the tip of his already soaked rod. “But… AHHHHH FUCK…” She moaned as the hunk behind her wasn’t stopping his thrusts into her ass. “I think you need… MMMMM! To test out me out as well…”
“Bitch! Just say you want my man to slam fuck the shit out of you!” Isiah taunted as he pulled out of her backside. Giving her cheeks another slap for good measure as the camera got a look at the nicely stretched open state of her.
“I was just waiting for my turn, that’s all…” Jason more coolly said, giving her a wink as the two men moved around her.
“I’m not a woman who likes to be kept waiting…” Stratus said to do some teasing of her own. Changing position herself as she moved to lay down on the bed. Letting her blonde hair hung down and just the tips brushing against the floor of the hotel suite as her head hung off from the edge of the bed she’s been getting used on since this encounter began. “So make sure you… MMMMMPHHHH!!”

A familiar pattern now here as her words were cut off by a fat piece of cock ramming into her mouth. Expect this time as she got her mouth and quickly her throat fucked the choking sounded even louder than the first position. Her head upside down and now more made to bob out of reflex from how Isiah was thrusting his prick deeply between her lips. Barely giving her time to register the taste of her own back passage from off his dark inches as they seemed both more focused on the face fucking aspect of this than the quick ass-to-mouth element. So her gagging was merely from that shaft ramming away into her oral passage than the flavour of her rump. He cock slamming in so deep that his heavy balls swung and nudged the fashionable glasses she still wore as her hair began to sway in time with the jolts of her hair.

Meanwhile, her other co-star was taking advantage not exactly of her, but of the work already done to her stunning ass. Making her hips raise up off the already stained bed sheets so he could push his own fat dick into that gaping asshole of hers. Moans escaping both of them as he was able to slide in nice and deep. Using a far more savouring pace with some slow and steady thrusts. Enjoying the feeling of a tight ass clinging to his cock but even so, it still wasn’t too long before his crotch was connecting with her skin as well. So she was able to shift a bit towards the end of the bed and then back into his crotch but with not nearly as much of a rough jolt as she’d done during the spit roast. Plus, the position allowed him the freedom to keep pushing her buttons in this sexual manner for his form of being the ‘good cop’ of the two hunks. One hand holding her leg apart while the other was down at the top of her pussy. Applying the pleasure with smooth stroked across the sensitive clit and clearly hitting the spot from her groans of delight as her pussy stayed nice and moist.

“MMMMPHHHH!! GAAAAAAAAHHH!! HHHHHRRRKKKLLL! MMMMMPHHH!!” The multi-time former WWE Women’s Champion was having her groans muffled once more by thick black cock. Just now having her own saliva now dripping back across her stunning pale features and over her glasses as she got a suspended and upside down face fucking. Her tilted back position allowing the bulging her throat was doing whenever he thrust in to be seen by the cameras while her hair drifted back and forth from the almost head banging she was having to do as her mouth was used for pleasure once again. “HHHHLLKK! MMMMM!! GAHHH GAHHHRRR GAAAAHH HHHHLLLKK!! MMMMM!!” Having to deal with the blood rushing to her head, the burning of her throat, the shame of her own drool dripping down all the way to her golden locks and the pleasure from a deep ass fucking all at once. The sort of combination that would leave even a woman half her age a moaning, mindless wreck from just this part of the action alone. But her groans carried on as her eyes were closed. Enjoying the feeling of being pumped at both ends with two meaty cocks filling two of her holes and stretching both wickedly wide.

“AHHHH SHIT! Fucking nasty bitch! Slobberin’ all fuckin’ over me and she ain’t even… MMMM! Even the right way fuckin’ up! Like a true damn cock thirsty hoe! MMMM!” Isiah’s lewd brand of compliments continued as he showed off a healthy shine of sweat over his muscular body. Working his hips back and forth to fill up her mouth with almost all of his inches as his length had been more than cleaned off from the flavour of her ass to be soaked in spit once again. “Fuckin’ slut… Chokin’ away all over my big fuckin’ dick… We got ourselves one real slutty, fine white momma here! Fuckin’ hungry for some bad, black dick!” He added with a grin. Able to reach down and take a deep grip of her tits as they bounced in time with the sliding she was doing on the bed. Able to find a new way to keep the rough treatment of her going (as if his pounding of her mouth wasn’t achieving that already) as he sunk his fingers in deep into her big MILF titties. Making the flesh jiggle around his grip as he groped away and made the mounds slap into one another. Just getting more moans around his cock as he toyed with her and even dared to give her rack a smack just to keep the shaking going for the cameras, as well as his own lusty amusement.

“MMMMMPHHHH!! HHHHHRRRKKK!! GAAAAAAHHH!! MMMM MMM MMMMMPHHH!!” The hands of the Canadian beauty were tightly gripping the bedsheets like she needed to hold on for her life. Taken at both ends for the second time today by two equally meaty and lengthy cocks that were filling her up nice and deep. Further making the idea that she was a natural Queen of Spades look like a reality as she handled the pumps between her lips and into her asshole. Jason’s crotch smacking off her backside as he fucked her ass balls deep while playing with her pussy. All as Isiah pounded into her mouth in a way that would leave most women with lockjaw for at least a couple days while he near mauled her big tits with deep and dominating gropes. “MMMMM!! GAAAAAAAAHHHH!! HHHHHRRRKKK… GGGHHHRRRKKK!!” Her eyes flickered open but appeared to be rolling into her own head. Losing herself to the pleasure of being rammed full with dick and without even her snatch being actually one of the holes being stuffed. Sweat along with her own saliva rolling all the way down her face from the lips to the forehead, leaving drops catching in her swinging hair to leave her looking in a much worse state than she’s ever been after one of her matches in her legendary career.

“MMMMM… You OK there, girl? MMMM… Not tappin’ out on us now, are you?” Jason said with a handsome chuckle as he remembered to play off that WWE Hall of Famer status she has with a wrestling term from the script. Moaning himself as he pumped away briskly into her backside with a nice amount of force. Making the clap of her cheeks meeting his crotch ring out as he stuffed her nice and deep. His hand stroking away to focus mostly on the clit but with the odd brush down over her wet folds. Her snatch hasn’t actually been fucked yet during this encounter but the rubbing doing the work to keep her horny and stimulated while these younger studs have their way with her. And the two studs not even matching the timing of the other as Isiah drilled her mouth with a rough and rapid rhythm compared to Luv’s more focused, savouring pace. They both did the work to both drive her wild with lust and give a red hot show for the cameras of this babe getting fucked lengthwise and taking it better than the vast majority of newcomers to a threesome scene ever could.

Hearing that last line, Isiah gave a nod as he pulled out of her groaning mouth. “Well shit, talkin’ about needin’ a break! I think I was about to bust a nut into her right there!” He lied, just sticking to the plan of the script as he stepped back from her mouth. Leaving her to gasp out and take in long overdue air while Jason pulled out of her as well.
“W-What??” Trish groaned as she was pulled up onto the bed. “O-Oh! Right!” She tried to mumble under her breath as she remembered the script. “Well then! I guess that your friend here can finally enjoy some of me on his own then?” She said, locking onto Jason.
“Damn right it does, girl…” Jason stated the obvious as he pulled her along the bed. Moving her so that she was on the bed in the middle with hair sprawled out at the sides
“Woah! Hey! I don’t remember agreeing to this one!” She broke character for a second as she watched with wide eyes as Luv mounted over her. Pushing her legs not just back and up against her, but pressing down at the sides of her head to near roll her up into a ball. For once her yoga experience working against her with this sort of lewd flexibility.

“Hey! Are y-you listening? I s-said… OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!” The stunning, mature blonde soon howled out as her head tilted back when that familiar cock plunged down deep into the last of her holes either man had gotten to properly sample yet. Not just driving down but stuffing in deep as the state of arousal worked against her more in this position as the stud leaned over her. A hand either side of her and keeping her legs up and against her. Allowing a camera to be right behind them to watch his cock drive down with firm thrusts. Like he’s been deliberately holding back from going full force to save it for when it mattered. The plan worth the wait from the loud, constant moans she was taking as she got hammered deep in her soaking, tight pussy.

“OH FUCK! FUCK!! AHHHHH! OH FUCK FUCK FUCK!!” Her eyes were wide with a mix of awe and desire as her gaze darted from behind her glasses from up at the stud above her to down between her thighs. Seeing that fat cock ploughing down as the experience of getting a Mating Press position meant his cock easily rammed in deep. His crotch soon slapping into her pale skin as every thick black inch filled up her dripping tunnel. “W-Wait!! FUCK!! It’s too much!! AHHHH FUCK!! T-Too deep! MMMMM SHIT!! You’re g-gonna fucking break me!! AHHHHH FUCK!!” Her mouth might be trying to protest but her body and mind were already racing towards submission as this hole-stretching pace felt just as good as when she’d been double teamed. Her pussy soaking but staying nicely snug around the invading dick. Leaving her body more bucking than a full slide back and forth when he drove down. Not even noticing how she was giving in as her own hands came up to hold her own ankles to accept being drilled so expertly.

“That’s the fucking point, you nasty damn slut!” Isiah laughed from the sidelines as he let the other stud get a solo go with the gorgeous MILF. Watching her sweat and moan as she got pounded from above to hit in deep like Jason’s cock was trying to drive into her womb not just merely resize her twat. Leaving her tits jiggling away as the slap of his muscular body meeting her tanned, curvy frame rang out around the ‘porn set’ of this hotel room suite. “Ya’ll came lookin’ for some big fuckin’ dick? Now we’re gonna make your fine ass fuckin’ addicted to gettin’ it from Brothers like us!” Maxwell added with a cocky grin. Lightly stroking his cock to stay hard while the other hung stud had his way with the retired pro wrestler who was looking more and more built for a career in porn with each thrust she took. And in a way making her pay for sneaking off to cheat on her husband by making yet another private skin flick as this one slab of dick alone made her lose her mind as she howled out in delight.

“OH FUCK!! AHHHHH FUCK! SHIT!! I MEAN IT!! AHHHHH! IT’S TOO MUCH! IT’S… AHHHHH FUCK! TOO FUCKING GOOD!! OH FUCK! I’M GONNA… FUCK! I’M GONNA FUCKING BREAK!!” It was near screams of pleasure from the woman considered to the greatest female WWE Superstar of all time. Her eyes rolling upward and her mouth hanging open to let not just the loud moans pour out but a shameful trail of drool as well from getting pounded so deep and hard. Almost being drilled down through the bed as her curled up body offered no resistance to those commanding thrusts. His balls smacking off her sweating skin over and over as he plunged down balls deep. “OH FUCK! AHHHH SHIT! I’M GONNA… MMMMM FUCK! FUCKING LOSE IT! I’M GONNA FUCKING CUM!! AHHHH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUCK!!” She panted out as her big white tits jiggled and brushed against her bent back limbs but hearing that was just sweet, if not filthy, music to the ears of the hunk pounding away into her box. Showing no mercy now to the proud mother of two as he used her love tunnel like it was the exclusive property for only big, long shafts like his. The sneaky plan of luring her into a solo break from the threesome action just the false sense of security to try and make her into a real Queen of Spades instead of just have a kink for some black dick once in a while.

Her empty excuses falling on deaf ears as the stud above her grinned down and watched her shameful expression as he dicked her down deep and hard. Basically performing push ups with the way he was raising and lowering his muscular frame down towards her as she kept herself rolled up in that exposing, yoga-like position. Not even feeling the burn of the stretch of her limbs as she couldn’t even muster the excuses now to try and buy herself a break from being nailed even deeper than her ass or mouth had been by either of them up until now. Sweating himself as he made up for ‘lost time’ with this stiffer pace than the savouring style he’d used before when in her mouth and ass. Again all part of the plan to catch her off guard and give her the good stuff when she didn’t see it coming. Plus, he could moan out the loudest yet to enjoy some hot, dripping wet MILF pussy clamping around his cock as he pumped her towards a peak she wouldn’t forget even if she ended up destroying the footage of her cheating ways (like she was supposed to with the other tapes).

“FUCK! FUCK!! PULL OUT! FUCKING PULL OUT!!” She begged between her moans and not because she was worried about what some bareback sex would do if she took a load from him (not that his cock was anywhere close to being ready to blow just yet). This time he relented but only because he knew what was coming as did everyone else in the room. Jason pulling out and quickly moving away from her as Trish’s hand went to her pussy. Furiously rubbing away as that filthy expression with her mouth open and eyes staring upward stayed on her. “FUUUUUUUUUUCKK!!” Panting as she moaned out and didn’t just merely orgasm. A full on porno squirt as she came, sending a stream of juices shooting across the bedsheets and splashing the lens of a camera across the way that had been filming the Mating Press. Her body shuddering as she rubbed herself through. Her juices dripping down to further stain the bedding as she groaned and stroked away at herself like her brain was friend. All as in the background the two men exchanged a satisfied, for the moment, high five knowing that one of the missions in this skin flick was done. There was no way she’d be able to live without regularly getting some porn star BBC after this encounter.

After a couple minutes, she slumped back. Her chest already heaving from likely one of, if not the most intense orgasm of her mature life. “M… Motherfuckers…” Trish gasped out, staring at the ceiling. “That… That was not in the fucking script…” She said but the lust in her voice, even after having came, showed she wasn’t that furious about the unexpected change in plans.
“Guess we can make it up to you, girl…” Jason said with a smug smile as he and Isiah approached the bed.
“Y-Yeah… I guess you fuckers can…” Stratus licked her lips. No objections at all as the two studs lifted her up and not just to take advantage of her tired state. “You and those big, fat, still fucking rock hard black dicks of yours…” She said, glancing at their cocks as indeed they were both still at attention and ready for more of her. “I had enough of damn bait and switching from when I was wrestling…”
“About time I got to feel your dirty, fuckin’ wet, cheatin’ pussy all around my fuckin’ dick!” Isiah said as he now laid onto the bed and didn’t care one bit about the stains of juices and sweat across the sheets. Reaching up to hold her waist as she was lowered down as her dripping twat might still be tight, but it offered no resistance to his dick as it slid up deep into her to make them both moan.

“MMMMM! Fuck yeah you fucking will… Get that big fucking black dick into me…” Trish purred, her hands going onto his chest to hold him as she rested down onto his crotch to already take him in balls deep. She no longer had the energy in her to actively bounce against either of them but she didn’t need to. His thrusts instantly starting to make her buck on top of him as her tits began to shake and her hair swayed as she rose and fell down against him. “MMMMM FUCK! YES!! MMMMM! Yeah, fuck that cheating fucking pussy! MMMMM! Fill me up… AHHHHH FUCK! With that black fucking dick that I need!” She groaned out with an already intense stare down at one of her co-stars as she got his prick stuffed up into her from underneath. Her pussy barely getting any break so her juices kept forming to flow down and coat his rod as it hit in deep up into her. All while she degraded herself and made it more and more clear that she was an even bigger BBC slut right now than she thought she could have become before the cameras had started rolling.

More proof of that came when the other half of the porn star tag team taking her on (and clearly winning without it even being close) moved up behind her. Taking another turn with her stunning, juicy ass as he spread her cheeks and pushed his dick up into her already well fucked backside. Sliding in balls deep with just the first pump so he could start drilling her from the back. The clap of her ass cheeks soon ringing out with the moans of all three of them as he fucked her booty nice and deep once again. Going back to a more focused pace and not just because that Mating Press had used up plenty of energy either. The combo of him being the ‘good cop’ to the bad one underneath her playing out again as he used his own pace to pump her asshole. Resulting in moments when either she was feeling both dicks sliding out of her lower holes at the same time or both meaty, long cocks filling her up to drive her wild and keep her moaning.

“FUCK! OH FUCK YESSSSSS! MORE! AHHHHH FUCK! MMMMM! I FUCKING NEED IT! AHHHHH FUCK! FUCKING FUCK MY ASS! UHHHH! FUCK THAT NASTY FUCKING PUSSY! MMMMM!!” The multi-time WWE Women’s Champion begged for it even as she was getting that double dose of dick that even some seasoned porn starlets might struggle to be able to handle. The moisture pouring off that already stunning, tanned body of hers with her blonde hair a total mess with a few strands stuck to her cheeks. “UHHHH! COME ON! YES!! AHHHH FUCK! FUCKING GET THOSE… MMMMM FUCK! BIG, FUCKING BLACK COCKS IN ME! AHHHHH FUCK! FUCKING RAM ME! MMMMM! FUCKING SPLIT ME OPEN!” She panted, glancing back over her shoulder at Jason once in a while before that lusty stare when to Isiah underneath her. Getting treated not like the legend she is, but like a living sex doll to just be bucked between the two grinning, younger men and their fat dicks. Both shafts making homes for themselves in her snatch and ass to fill her up but leave her stretched so that her poor husband, unknowing of her naughty unfaithful ways wouldn’t be able to feel her pussy around his much lesser cock if he fucked her in the next month. If she didn’t slip away to keep her holes filled with black dick in time of course.

Despite the fact they were the ones more fucking her now with her being jolted back and forth between their cocks, the two studs were the ones getting the work out here to meet the lusty demands of the cock-hungry monster they’d helped create (but she was perhaps already well on her way to becoming that even before either of them had dropped their pants). A healthy layer of sweat on both men as they worked their fat cocks in and out of the horny MILF’s snug holes. Both her love tunnel and back passage now perfectly resized to fit the shape of their thick sizes so they could plunge in. Making her rounded ass clap back against Maxwell while Luv’s crotch slapped up into hers as she jolted on his shaft rather than able to bounce under her own power. Showing off their seasoned skill to know how to fuck a stunning babe like this who was still sinfully hungry for more even after one mind breaking orgasm just mere minutes before.


The big shafts sliding away into her holes easily sending the WWE Hall of Famer into another sexual peak as they cocks drove in balls deep to her snatch and ass over and over again. The orgasm this time not quite as intense as the squirt from before, no doubt due to her exhaustion, but still having the effect of leaving her with a shameful, almost hentai-like expression of delight on her face. Eyes rolled backward behind her glasses, mouth open and even her tongue partially sticking out from the side of her mouth as she came nice and hard. Soaking Isiah’s cock as her pussy clamped while her asshole gripped Jason’s prick like a vice to make both men groan and, for the first time so far during this long encounter, make their pricks pulse as they headed towards their own limits. Not quite there yet though so they could still pump away and make sure she rode out this orgasm – giving the cameras the sight of her in the throws of passion for a second time (but not the second ever moment it’s even happened on film either) thanks to porn star dick.

Having more than made full use of the horny mother and unfaithful wife, the two men lifted the worn out beauty up, letting the cameras see her gaping asshole and stretched out, dripping with juices pussy before they positioned her between them. Making her kneel on the soaked sheets she’d been fucked on over this threesome as Isiah used a hand to hold her hair with a firm grip. Making her provide a stunning target of her panting face as when she opened her eyes, she just saw the two men furiously pumping away at their cocks while aiming down at her. Licking her lips, knowing what was cumming her way to give the signal of approval for them to finish off onto her.

With deep grunts the men began to deliver the sticky money shot for a fitting end to this porno. Isiah painting her face from the left side and Jason from the side to send thick blasts of white over her gorgeous features. Staining across her cheeks, nose, pouty lips and up onto the forehead. Leaving the stylish spectacles she’d had on the whole way during this porno blasted with jizz to drip from the frames and lenses to leave her blinded without her eyes even being touched. The MILF groaning as the young men unloaded over her with some stray shots catching into her golden hair as well. Along with how by the time they flicked out the last drips of spunk onto her face, the cum was dripping downward to land onto her big heaving tits for a bonus mess for the cameras to record.

Whether it was because she wanted some payback for the surprise they’d pulled on her earlier or just as likely because of her new BBC-drunk state of mine, Trish didn’t let Jason escape when he and Isiah tried to step away. Her hand capturing his softening cock as blindly as turned her head and guided him back into her pouty lips. Making him moan as the crew exchanged surprised looks but they, like the stud getting blown clean, had no objections to the sudden change of ending. Trish moaning with loud slurps as she sucked every last drop out of his big cock even as he was now semi-hard. And ending up cleaning up a mess she was making too as she had to suck down the cum from off her lips and dripping from her nose that fell onto his cock as she slowly bobbed along him.

“Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmm…” Those cum-glazed cheeks hollowing in as she sucked like a vacuum cleaner to dish out her own brand of lewd punishment to the stud who shattered her mind with the Mating Press. Her head slightly leaning forward so she could stare up at him from over her cum-coated glasses to show off a look of burning lust as she sucked him off. Her own brand of oral Stratusfaction to him as she made him groan out with her deep bobs. Finishing off the job by reaching a hand up and making him groan with a brief squeeze of his balls like a warning about pulling such a trick on her again. Even as everyone loved every single, filthy moment of the fun.

* * *

Back in the current time, Lexington Steele grinned as he pressed the pause button on the edited film. A perfect freeze frame of Trish’s cum-stained face and her cheeks sucked on with a big slab of dark cock between her lips and that sinful look over the glasses. “Well well, Trish… I am majorly impressed.” He said as he glanced at the woman leaning against him who had been watching herself fuck like a true porn star. “You’re really a natural at this. You could teach some of my regular female co-stars some tricks about putting on an acting performance like that!” He added with a chuckle.

“...What fucking acting?” Stratus responded with a purr in her voice. And even with a lot of what he’s seen even Lex was taken aback as Trish took the remote out of his hands and toss it aside.
“...I see someone’s gotten in the mood from watching herself…” Steele grinned as he let her push him back into the chair before she slipped down to the floor in front of him rather like she’d been doing before he pushed the play button.
“Like I said… What fucking acting did you fucking see up there?” Trish lustfully stared up as she went for his pants and began yanking them down.
“I think I’m about to see for myself…” Lex said as Trish guided his dick without being hard yet back into his mouth.

A loud, trademark moan soon escaping him as this went full circle to where it began as she started work to blowing him but already more eagerly and without any shame. The grin on his face showing that he’d inadvertently created a secret Queen of Spades in the legendary WWE wrestler… But from that cum-coated face of the woman now sucking him that’s on the screen, was it really all not expected from the get go that she’d end up like this? All he knew was he was about to get another great dose of head, and hopefully a whole lot more from his new favourite co-star…

* * *

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