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Author Topic: Final Fantasy VII Remake: Double Brides [w/h Aerith & Tifa]  (Read 447 times)


Final Fantasy VII Remake: Double Brides [w/h Aerith & Tifa]
« on: January 22, 2022, 11:42:18 AM »
WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the videogames, characters, developers, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own Final Fantasy VII or any of its characters etc referenced in this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Starring: Aerith Gainsborough, Don Corneo, Tifa Lockhart (all Final Fantasy VII)

FF7 Remake: Double Brides

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

A Commissioned Story for [Anonymous].

Codes: Cons, MF, MFF, FF, oral, anal.

* * *

A certain criminal residency in Wall Market...

“Whichever one shall I pick?” Don Corneo was almost drooling as he eyed up the line up of three lovely ‘ladies’ set out for him as he selected a ‘bride’ for the evening. Clad in his usual expensive attire with his open jacket showing off a bulging gut in a barely fitting white shirt. Clueless that the pigtailed blonde at the end of the trio was actually a man, Cloud Strife, in an exceptional disguise. The less than thrilled look on Cloud’s face masking that he knew suffering through this would be worth it to get the information about Corneo’s criminal activities in regards to Avalanche.

At the other end of the row the gorgeous, busty dark haired barmaid and secret Avalanche member Tifa Lockhart had packed her curves into a stunning, low cut purple dress with short skirt and heels. Her love raven hair hanging right down her back as she alone looked like a true prize. Next to her, Aerith Gainsborough, the ‘Flower Girl’ with secrets of her own, was drop dead stunning in an elegant, flowing red dress cut at the side to show off her smooth leg.

After being a little hands on with Cloud, Corneo turned away and slowly raised a hand. Like he was processing who to pick. However, at that moment, both Cloud and Aerith’s backs suddenly stiffened. Cloud’s eyes the first to go wide as suddenly coming out through the back wall was a mysterious Whisper, floating through the air at made a circle around the room. Aerith biting her bottom lip as looked to Cloud with concern, while he held a poker face. Cloud’s eyes narrowing through when the Whisper then floated up to Don, unseen clearly by the rest of the room. It was as if the creature was, was its name indicated, whispering to the crime lord. Did cloud see that Whisper… Have on a set of feminine lips, coated in thick red?

Yet as soon as it had appeared, the Whisper then floated right back the way it had came, vanishing through the wall. Leaving Corneo to turn around with a wide grin. “OH YEAH! I’VE GOT IT!!” He yelled with glee. “I can’t believe I never thought of it before! Why bother just settling for one wife for tonight… WHEN I CAN HAVE TWO!!” He announced, pointing a finger on each hand with one at Tifa, and the other at Aerith. Shocked gasps coming from the (actual) ladies at this unexpected development.
“You can’t just…” Cloud tried to say, but Corneo’s lackey Kotch made him step back into line.
“Sorry, sweetheart, but the Don’s decisions are final.” Kotch said, smirking behind his sunglasses. “Maybe you’ll get picked tomorrow…” He said as Don rubbed his hands with glee. “If that’s what you want, Boss? Then a two-for-one special it is.” He said, moving behind the selected girls and making them step forward with a hand on their back.
“Just go with it…” Tifa whispered to Aerith when she glanced over. “Two of us can maybe get the info we need better than just the one.” She reasoned as Aerith, with concern, nodded in agreement.

“The blonde is all yours, boys…” Don said over his shoulder as he helped himself to slip an arm around the waists of his ‘brides’ while his goons let out cheers as they thought they’d been left with a gorgeous, slim blonde to play with for the night. Clueless that Cloud would be easily able to kick all their asses, even in such lavish attire.
“I thought those Whispers were supposed to preserve destiny, not alter it…” Cloud mumbled under his breath to himself as he watched Tifa and Aerith being led off, before he was soon being surrounded by grins from the crooks of Don’s gang. Cloud was looking forward to being provoked into using self defence already.

* * *

“Well, ladies? What do you think?” Don was grinning as the doors into his lavish bed chamber closed behind the tree. A huge four poster, but more like pillar, bed with golden dragons at the headboard and so much space it was like four regular beds put together. Let alone all the expensive, likely ill-gotten, artefacts and ornaments on the floor and walls. “The good life is pretty good, don’t you think?” He added with a giggle as he picked up a small cylinder piece of tech, pressing a button to make a camera flash go off.

“A-Are you taking photos?” Aerith’s nerves only increased at the flash.
“Just a little something to remember the moment!” Don claimed with a grin. “A little before and after, you know!”
“And so what, you’ve got something to blackmail us with if we say no?” Tifa called him out as she put her hands on her waist, looking far from impressed.
“Oooooooooh! Kitten’s got some claws, eh? I like that!” He just stayed smiling. “But let me guess, this is a first time for you ladies? Not just with a handsome man like me of course…” He said, ignoring the rolling of eyes from the darker haired of the two. “But I mean a first time going into a little menage a trios, right?”
“W-Well that is true…” Aerith admitted with a blush as she looked down for a moment.
“Of course it is! What kind of a woman do you think I am! Do you think we are, even!” Tifa said with a snap.

“Oh don’t worry, babes! Papa’s got just the toy to help you both out!” Don smiled broadly as he reached into a pocket of his coat. Producing a shining Materia orb and holding it out.
“Materia?” Tifa stated as she and Aerith looked at the orb. “That’s not going to…”
The orb then shined as Corneo smirked, seeing the two women blinking. “Oh, not just any old one. A little, refined shall we say, version of Materia I like to use. I call it ATTRACT and it’s awfully useful to give a little boost when needed.” He claimed as he stuffed it back down into a pocket.
“I don’t feel any different…” Tifa claimed, as indeed she hadn’t been put under any sort of spell or mind control.
“Were we supposed to do something?” Aerith asked but before the two ladies knew it, their eyes had gone from just looking at Don to more scanning him over.
“Oh, all in good time…” He said with glee as he sat down on the edge of his bed. Patting either side of it with his hands excitedly. “Come along now, my lovely brides! Come over here and show your lovely hubby for the night what you two girls can do…”

The girls hesitated as they didn’t want to specifically go through with this all, but knew they had to follow his disgusting demands in order to get what they wanted out of him. Moving over as Tifa took a seat on his left side, and Aerith on the right. Both women soon pulled in against his bulging body when he put an arm around both beauties. Not helping the mood by snapping a picture of him holding the two. “It’s almost a shame to take those pretty little dresses off of you both… But we’ll get to that later… But first? Let’s get a taste of the sweet stuff…” He decided, turning his grinning face to Tifa.

Tifa sighed, but soon squealed when she was pulled into a kiss, trying to prevent it deepening when his perverted lips pressed against her full, ripe ones. However, with the effects of ATTRACT working on her she found her lips parting just a bit from sudden arousal, just enough of a gap for his tongue to wickedly slide in and make her groan. Finding herself kissing the crime boss with a conflicted expression, not helped by him running his hand through her long dark hair. Or him snapping a picture of the lip lock either as she groaned with half-closed eyes as he explored her mouth with his tongue.

Aerith’s hands were already squirming as she sat and watched her friend smooching the criminal, but soon it was her turn as she was blushing even before he turned to grin at her. Her cry more of a whimper as she didn’t resist, letting herself be pulled in with a hold of her long hair just by the flower tied through it. Her eyes fluttering when he went for the kiss and was able to explore past those soft lips of hers to again let his tongue roam around inside her mouth as she moaned. Eyelids closing and not completely to try and pretend she was making out with a certain blonde haired mercenary either. Finding her hand running slightly against his side as she allowed her mouth to be toyed with as her tongue flicked slightly up against him, only to quickly wrestled around with as he seized in lewd fashion on the opportunity. All as the camera flash went off again so both women would have some explaining to do far beyond of Wall Market if the pictures ever left his private collection.

“I-Is that enough?” Tifa demanded as Don eventually broke the lip lock with her ally in what was supposed to be information gathering on Corneo’s interest in Avalanche. “You really can’t expect us to just… MMMMMPHHH!!” Suddenly, Don leaned back as he went from smooching both stunners to making them both enjoy one another. Pressing their gorgeous faces together as noses brushed and lips crashed together with eyes going wide as green stared into red. Squeals from them both but neither of them found themselves wanting to pull away. Aerith the first to move as her lips trembled before parting, and Tifa’s lips opening wide too as the camera flashed again. Tongues slipping out as their eyes went to being half closed, embracing the moment as their tongues brushed and they let out low groans of newfound approval. ATTRACT doing its job to stimulate and increase arousal even at this low level.

Another camera flash and Tifa’s eyes widened as she pulled back, leaving a little trail of saliva hanging from her lips to the other woman’s. “H-Hey! What’s the big idea??” Tifa demanded, sounding outraged but for the first time blushing herself.
“I’ve n-never done that before, Tifa…” Aerith said, looking away again as her hands fumbled with her dress. “I d-didn’t exactly hate it either…”
“You’re not helping, Aerith!” Tifa snapped as she sounded furious but couldn’t bring herself to actually push away from behind held by the crime boss.
“Ah, so that’s your names? I usually don’t even bother asking for them, let alone remembering them from my nightly brides…” Corneo bragged as he smiled, moving his hands off from around them as he reached down. “But that’s enough of a warm up, my beauties! Let’s really see what you gorgeous things can do with a real manly man like myself!” He arrogantly bragged as he began to undo his belt even as he kept holding the controls for the cameras in one hand.

Even with knowing their true goal in this situation, but with the effects of a lust boosting Materia effecting them, the two women couldn’t help but stare as Corneo shoved his pants down. A gasp from Tifa and a dropped jaw from Aerith as it wasn’t just his ego or his stomach that was huge. Don packing a long, thick cock that perhaps showed why he enjoyed the company of ladies on a nightly basis. His shaft hardening quickly now free from his pants and there was a wide smile on his face seeing his ‘brides’ staring at his manhood – a look his now doubt seen many times before, but he was enjoying this dose of cock-shock even more with it in double.

“Now now, ladies! No need to just stare…” He said with a bragging tone as he put a hand on the back of each woman’s head. “How about you both get yourself a taste of lucky old me’s poor, uncared for cock? The sad thing hasn’t had any action since… Well, at least last night!”
“T-The smell of it! This is shameful!” Tifa’s voice protested as she found herself just like Aerith shifting to be on her hands and knees facing him with her head lowering down more to his exposed crotch. “Fine! I’ll do it!”
“So big… I never knew they could get this big…” Aerith kept staring as she found herself licking her lips with a newfound need. “Maybe… J-Just a little taste wouldn’t hurt… If it gets us what we need…” She mumbled under her breath as she leaned in.

“MMMMM!! Oh yeah!!” Don moaned in delight when he felt two soft, wet tongues pressing against his length as Tifa worked over one side and Aerith began to slide along the other. A more firm press from the darker haired of the two while the one with flowers tied through her locks was a more timid, exploring motion. Either alone would be enough for one man to moan out from. He just grinned, staring down at the two pretty faces looking up at him as their tongues brushed along his rod. “Ahhhhhh… Oh this is fantastic already! MMMMM… I’m so glad I thought of finally doing this!” Corneo cackled as he made sure to press the button again, snapping a fresh sex pic of two gorgeous women double teaming his cock as they got a sample of his fat cock. The Materia making them get a full flavour of the addictive taste as even with the slow motion up and down, they groaned as they slid those wet tongues against the sides. A light coating of saliva being put onto him as they explored and found even the flashes of the camera weren’t all that distracting any more.

“Mmmmmphhh… No, focus Tifa! You’ve got to finish this guy off and get t-that info!” Tifa told herself in a whisper as she tried to stay focused. Taking the bullet as it were as she made the first move to pleasure him fully as she lifted up and opened her mouth. Wrapping her juicy, pouty lips around this thickness as she sunk downward. Making herself groan not just from the taste of his man-meat but from his width making her lips stretch even before she began to bob. When she did, his moans were loud and shameless as his hand grabbed a handful of that long dark hair of hers as her head began to slip up and down along his size. Sucking him off as she found herself moaning around his meat as her tongue smacked up against the side of that long prick. Her red eyes half closed with a focused look but with a hint of desire as she blew a cock that was clearly one of, if not the biggest, she’s ever blown in her life.

“Mmmmmphhh!! MMMMM… Hmmmmmphhh!!” Before she knew it, Tifa’s eyes were full closed as she bobbed away smoothly and at a steady pace. Not even objecting to him stroking her locks back behind the ear and shoulder so Don had a clear view of her slurping away on his tool as her saliva gradually dripped down. Never mind that she didn’t even recoil hearing each fresh click of the camera flash as she was snapped sucking this cruel crime lord’s dick. “MMMMM… MMMMPHHH!! Mmmmmmphh…” Her body shifting slightly as she nodded her head up and down towards his crotch, making her big tits sway a bit inside of her dress as her chest threatened to spill out. Not a concern right now as she put her warm and wet mouth to work, sliding up and down as she got her spit coating him. Even twisting her head a bit from side-to-side to grind her full lips around his fat cock, much to his moaning approval as her own groans bounced off his size.

“T-Tifa! You’re really good at that!” Aerith kept blushing as her almost innocent eyes stared up with a cute look as she watched her friend dish out a porn star quality blowjob as Tifa’s mouth plunged up and down to take a more than impressive amount of his vast length. The flower seller turned freedom fighter with her face right down at his crotch as she kept her tongue working on him. Sliding around his base as she groaned, getting the full smell of his musk from the closeness as she lapped away. “H-How can that all even fit inside of you? You must really be good at s-sucking cock, Tifa!” Aerith’s words were meant as just a compliment, but unintentionally giving some dirty talk as even as she licked at the same dick being blown, her eyes were watching Tifa’s gorgeous face pump up and down and in particular those lips wrapped around the thickness as Aerith stared with awe and a hint of desire.

“Mmmmmmphhh!!” Tifa heard all of that, and lifted herself off with a pop even as Don groaned with disappointment that the sucking had stopped. “Don’t say it like that!” Tifa blushed, objecting to the rude words as she pulled Aerith up. “If you think it’s so good? You have a turn then! You’re involved in this as well!” Tifa reasoned as Aerith, even nervous as she was, nodded in agreement as she leaned over and slowly parted her own lips. Now the one having to groan with wide eyes as her clearly inexperienced mouth as stretched out by Corneo’s vast size. Aerith’s hand gripping his thigh as her lips widened to the maximum and she moaned around him as Tifa’s hand was on the back of her long haired head. Making the flower girl start to raise and lower her head as she took her turn in blowing the man they were supposed to get information out of instead of just showing a good time.

“MMMMMM! Oh Aerith! You’re quite a treat yourself! MMMMM!!” Don moaned with glee as he snapped a new picture and stayed smiling as her watched that beautiful face sliding up and down on his cock as Aerith blew him with a slow and steady pace. The sight that little extra hotter with Tifa’s hand guiding the action like it was a woman guiding her best friend through some blowjob practice. “AHHHHH… I thought that Tifa’s mouth was naughty and hot! MMMMM… But yours is soothing and wet! I love it! MMMMM! I love them both!” He said to openly brag about having his cake and eating it by sampling both of their very pleasurable mouths. Getting Aerith’s lips now sliding up and down over his size as she added in her saliva to that already coating him as her blushing face moved back and forth as her eyes closed to both focus on the task at hand as well as enjoy the sinful action of blowing a man she knows she should completely despise.

Tifa narrowed her eyes at his filthy words, even as true as they were, but again showed her own building arousal as she didn’t even talk back to him. Instead keeping her arm raised up as she kept her ally in this mission now turned sexual bobbing away on his fat and long cock. Leaving the chestier of the two to move down to take care of the rest of him as she went down towards his fittingly large and heavy balls. Working her tongue along the nearest sack at her side as she groaned, even shivering a little bit at the taste of him there as she slid her tongue across the stop to reach as far as she could. All as Aerith bobbed away above her as little drips of saliva ended up catching on her face before Tifa moved down more to let her tongue work over the underside of his nuts.

“MMMMMPHHH!! MMMMM… HMMMMMPHH!!” Aerith’s motion grew with confidence as each bob was delivered. Getting used to both the size of him stretching out her lovely lips and the idea of letting a man use her oral hole for his wicked pleasure. Her saliva drooling down his oversized inches as she slurped back and forth, taking over half of his size into her soothing mouth. “MMMMM… MMMMMMPHHH!! GAAAAAAAAAHHHH…” Her eyes snapped wide when the crown of his fat rod connected with the back of her mouth, giving her far much more cock to handle than she was used to. The sexy gagging being heard when she bobbed again and even with it going deep into her mouth she couldn’t bring herself to stop as he made her moan from her oral talents. Even finding her hand moving up to brush her hair back as she stared up with a look of need that she wouldn’t have dreamed of putting on before today. The clearing of her locks just perfect for when he clicked that button and captured, no doubt from a few angles as well, her innocent and stunning face sliding along his meat.

Eventually, Aerith had to pull up and off as she gasped for air, before spitting down a thick wad onto the head of his cock. Blushing not just from having blown him, but seeing Tifa move up and join her at his bell-end as both women began to use their tongues on him. Another double team as their now frisky tongues worked not just to spread the saliva all around that ample crown, but making one another moan when their tongues brushed over and against one another. Making out on his cock much to his grinning delight as their eyes locked onto one another. A newfound desire for the same gender that would have not likely crossed either of their minds before without the help of that ATTRACT Materia boosting their sin. So when the two beauties thought nothing of giving the head a little smooch, they equally thought it all too natural to then steal a kiss with one another just above his saliva-soaked dick. Moaning into one another’s mouths with half-closed eyes as they gave an almost tender display of tongue wrestling with plenty of spit swapping and moan exchanging thrown in for him to take more sex snaps of.

“Oh yes yes YESSSSSSSS!!” Don’s squeal at the display he was witnessing was what made the two women snap out of it, for now, and realise they were making out with one another as they blushed and Tifa pulled back. “Ladies! You’re the best brides yet already!” He complimented as he grinned. “And you didn’t complain and just choke away trying to guzzle me down! I knew I made the right choice tonight by picking the two of you!”
“You don’t have to be s-so blunt!” Tifa snapped, folding her arms over her ample chest as she leaned back to kneel on the bed. “We’re only doing this because…” She was about to snap, but remembered just in time that she needed to keep her cover if she ever hoped to get the information they needed. “B-Because you picked us, that’s all!”
“R-Right… So what would you like us to do next, Don?” Aerith bit down on her bottom lip as even while asking that, she still stared at his huge dick.
“I’m glad you asked, my lovely, eager brides…” Corneo let out a giggle as he quickly moved off the bed and didn’t even bother to take off his lavish coat or his shirt. “I think we should have some real fun, and you two can explore one another even more! Since you two clearly are enjoying yourselves so much…” He added. Even as he knew he was only getting this level of a threesome already thanks to the use of his special Materia. “So Aerith my dear? Lay back on my special bed there… You’re going to get the best of both worlds! Pleasuring your pretty best friend here while I show you a dose of the even better stuff!”

“W-What??” Tifa stared in shock. “I’ve never… I mean, I’m not into that kind of thing!” She protested with a fresh blush.
“Well… I mean, if it’s with you Tifa then m-maybe it won’t be so bad?” Aerith reasoned as her desire was clouding her thoughts to know how wrong and sinful this all was. But she wasn’t objecting at all as moved down, laying on the outrageously expensive but comfy and spacious bed.
Tifa grit her teeth as she couldn’t even find the words to counter that argument as she sighed again. Moving down, but not exactly quickly, as she scooted along the bed and lifted a leg as she moved her over friend and fellow freedom fighter. Making the short dress of her skirt hike up as despite her protests, the sight of her bare and already wet looking snatch showed her growing arousal.
“Nicely done, ladies!” Don eagerly nodded at the sight as he spread Aerith’s long dress, taking advantage of that side split to expose her smooth, long legs along with her own moist looking pussy. “I might even up keeping you two on retainer for another night or two for this week!” He claimed as he stepped in and wasn’t even bothering to slip on any protection onto his dick either.

“AHHHHHHH!!” Aerith squealed out as her body arched off the bed with her thighs held and the other end pinned by the shoulders by the other woman as she felt that long, thick cock inviting itself into her tight, wet pussy. Another confirmation that the crime lord’s cock was the biggest by far she’s ever had in her life. “So big!! MMMMM!! So big!!” She gasped out with wide eyes like even without being able to see it, she couldn’t believe she was taking the same dick she and her friend had been slobbering all over. Feeling that length starting to slide in and out of her all too welcoming box as ATTRACT did its job to make her gradually more and more aroused. Her slot being snug but not putting up too much of a fight to offer friction to prevent its entry. “MMMMM!! I’ve n-never felt anything like this! Tifa!! It’s just so BIG!! MMMMM! It’s… MMMMMPHHH!!”

Lockhart lied to herself and tried to fake that the only reason she lowered her snatch down onto the other beauty’s moaning face was to silence that dirty talk so she wouldn’t crave this sin more herself. Of course, that so-called plan didn’t exactly work as she was instantly pleasured, feeling the set of soft and lovely lips now pressed against her slick lower ones. Tifa hissing at the first experience of lesbian sex that she wasn’t exactly objecting to as she began to rock her thick hips back and forth. Grinding her slot against the moaning mouth underneath her as Tifa soon gasped out. Feeling the other woman’s lips rubbing against her to make even more pleasure. The dark haired beauty’s arousal clear even as she bit her lip to try and muffle the moans as her hard nipple poked through her stunning dress. Even making her tits bounce a little as she rocked back and forth to ride that beautiful face of her fellow ‘bride’ for this wicked evening.

“MMMMMM!! Oh ladies! Ladies!! AHHHHH!! I’m so impressed! MMMMM!! I didn’t even need to bribe you and you’re going for it! How wonderful!!” Corneo smiled broadly as he held onto Aerith’s thighs to slightly grope as well as keep them spread. Fucking the flower seller as she was still clad in a stunning red dress, working his cock deeply in and out of that snug, wet pussy. Even as he kept her long legs apart he still was able to press the button on his remote, making sure filthy images were captured as he unknowingly had a threesome with two agents of the organisation he’s been spying on. “AHHHHH!! So tight! MMMMM!! Nice and damp! It’s like I’m breaking in a first timer! MMMMM!! I’m so honoured!” He said with an arrogant, high pitched laugh as he kept his shaft sliding in and out of Gainsborough’s tightness. Making the woman laying on her back shift a bit as his motion got a little firmer as he plunged in deeper to the beauty who has far more secrets to her than the fact she’s supposed to be getting some information out of him. Ending up sandwiched as part of a threesome that’s her sudden introduction to girl-on-girl action as well.

“MMMMMMPHHH!! MMMMMM… MMMMMM!!” As Aerith felt that shaft ploughing in deeper into her increasingly needy and moist to match twat, her own confidence to be more active in this lewd action grew too. Her hands finally, if not tentatively, moving up to lightly hold Tifa’s hips as the more curvy of the two carried on grinding her snatch into her mouth. Aerith’s lips finally parting as she pushed her tongue up and thanks to that rocking being done down onto her, she was able to slip up rather easily into Tifa’s wet folds to get that proper taste of another woman’s pussy. “MMMMMM!! MMMMMM…” The flavour hitting her tongue making a fresh burst of pleasure flow through her as she began to lap up against that pussy. Groaning as the juices flowed down and she ensured not just her soft lips but all around her mouth got covered in Tifa’s fluids as it dripped off her chin and jaw to trickle down her neck. Neither of them having the mindset to figure out this heightened state of arousal was being of ATTRACT effecting them both, along with how good it felt to take a huge, mafia boss cock deep in one of their holes.

“MMMMM!! D-Damn it, Aerith! MMMMM… You said you weren’t used to doing this! MMMM!!” Tifa groaned as she stared down between her legs, seeing the shifting head of the woman she was mounted on as she rocked back and forth to slide her pussy against that munching and groaning oral hole. What Aerith lacked in obvious experience she was more than making up for with eagerness and quickness. Shown by how wet Tifa’s lower lips were as she even used her hands to give her huge tits a squeeze through her straining dress. “MMMMM!! Oh shit! FUCK!! MMMMM… Fucking first timer… MMMMM! Could have fucking fooled me!” The barmaid said between groans as she was so caught in getting the most pleasure from her own first time getting eaten out by another woman she didn’t care when she clearly heard the clicking and saw the camera flashes.

“MMMMM!! Now now ladies! AHHHHH!! There’s plenty of Wall Market’s most eligible bachelor to go around! MMMMM!!” Don bragged with a cocky smile that wasn’t too far away from being as wide as his gut. Already starting to sweat in his expensive clothing as he pumped in and out of Aerith’s tight box. Filling her up so much that his crotch was able to slap off of her stunning and slim body. Pumping away into her as she was still clad in her stunning dress while her legs shook as he held them apart. Going in firmly and deep with her wet and snug love tunnel gripping his dick with more need than trying to prevent him from resizing her. “AHHHHHH… I can’t let this lovely ‘bride’… MMMMM!! Hog all of me all night now, can I? MMMMM…” He said as he got in another round of thrusts into the flower seller. Noting how quite clearly the deeper and better her fucked her, the more into pleasuring her friend Aerith was. As he expected to happen all along now he’s boosted them both to be far more horny than either of them should be, especially with the mission at hand both ladies are supposed to be carrying out.

Ironically, it was now Don’s turn to be reluctant but only in pulling out of one of the best damn piece of pussy he’s ever gotten to be inside of. Admiring the moist state he’s left Aerith’s pussy as he stepped back. “Let’s switch things up, shall we?” Don decided with a smile as he looked over the two. “Tifa? I want you over her and bent over like a good little bride… And as for… Hmmm?”
Before he could finish the orders, Tifa made her friend yelp out in surprise with a sudden roll over. Pinning Aerith down under herself as she shifted back, getting almost into a doggy style position as she reached down and made a blushing Aerith’s fingers slide up into Tifa’s needy snatch as she then returned the favour herself to stuff the slim beauty’s slot with her digits.
“...Even better!!” Corneo grinned as he moved up onto the bed behind Lockhart and reached into his jacket. A pervert like him always having some handy lubricant in a bottle ready for the ‘brides’ who are especially eager to please.

“How’s that fucking pussy feel, huh? MMMMM…” Tifa stared down at her ally with a fittingly burning new desire in her already flaming eyes as he pumped her fingers in and out of Aerith’s slot to make the other beauty moan out. Tifa having to bounce her own twat on the less experienced digits of her newfound lover to ensure they got stuffed in nice and deep, leaving both of their hands more than soaked with juices. “MMMMM… Eating me out before like you’d been fucking starved for a week! You’re gonna fucking get it now!” Tifa said with a slight lick of her lips, seeing the sweating beauty under her blush deep with a look of lust in her own right as she bucked her hips against Tifa’s fingers. Distracted by those huge tits of the dark haired beauty look close to spilling out of that low cut of the dress Tifa still had on. Swinging a bit as Lockhart worked her twat back and down onto the hand she was holding onto in order to fuck herself.

She’d been so caught up with enjoying lesbian fun that it was only when she felt the cool liquid slowly dripping down her ass crack as Don, after lubing up his own cock, readied Tifa’s thick, rounded ass that was fully exposed by her skirt of the dress being hiked up. Offering no resistance when the crime boss slipped a finger into her tightest of holes, making Tifa’s head tilt back. A sign that maybe she wasn’t a stranger to backdoor action as she moaned out, or perhaps the effects of ATTRACT were ensuring that she was super sensitive no matter which hole was being used. Her hips rocking back a little more firmer as that finger worked the lube in nicely to her back passage. Don showing as well his clear experience with countless women, but perhaps never a couple as stunning as two secret Avalanche members.

“AWWWWW FUCK!! MMMMM!! OH FUUUUUCK!!” Tifa then loudly moaned out as her free hand gripped the expensive bed sheets so she could stay up in that doggy style-like position. Her body tensing when that thick, long cock forced its way into her super snug asshole and made her jolt. Her body working all too easily on a lusty autopilot as she worked her thick hips backward when she felt the next thrust coming in. Looking far from the pissed off and reluctant woman who had appeared at the start of this all. “MMMMM!! D-DAMN IT! FUCK!! FUCKING BIG!! MMMMM!!” Tifa groaned out as she looked back over her shoulder at the cruel man fucking her stunning, juicy ass from behind. Showing her own impressive ability to not just take that big cock but have her other lower hole stuffed at the same time for a bisexual double penetration of sorts. Little wonder that she was sweating herself in her sexy dress as she pushed back against the dick sliding between her thick cheeks and the fingers pumping slowly into her dripping twat.

“MMMM!! OH YESSSSSSSS!! SO GOOD, TIFA! MMMMM!!” Aerith was squirming in delight as she enjoyed a more stiff and quick finger banging from the digits more used to combat and mixing up tasty drinks. Tifa’s fingers sliding in to the knuckle into that soaking wet and already well fucked twat. However, the flower seller’s eyes soon locked onto those mighty, weighty breasts swaying back and forth in front of her face. Unable to resist as she grabbed the front of the dress, ripping it with unexpected strength caused by her desire as those huge mounds spilled free. Gainsborough just going with her newfound erotic instincts as she gripped onto a tit with her free hand. Leaning up as her pretty face almost squashed into the more than ample flesh as her soft lips clamped around the already rock hard nipple. Allowing her to deeply and loudly slurp on the nub with as much eagerness as she’d been using when those same lips had been wrapped around the fat dick that was currently filling up the woman on top of her.

“OOOOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUCK!! MMMMMM…” Tifa near howled out as her head tilted back again and her eyes rolling in the same direction as a weak spot of her clearly sensitive tits was exposed as she took the sudden sucking and groping. Feeling those inexperienced but ready to explore and learn fingers groping at her as Aerith’s mouth suckled on her nipple. “AHHHHH FUCK YES!! MMMMM!! SUCK THOSE FUCKING TITS… MMMMM!! FUCK MY DAMN ASS!! OH FUCK YESSSSS…” She begged for more from both lovers. Her busty frame already on fire from the sensation of a thick, long cock ploughing into her booty from behind but now her teammate in this mission turned extremely sexual just turning the pleasure to a whole new level. Returning the favour by keeping her fingers going knuckles deep into Aerith’s pussy as she kept rocking back and forth. Making her tits even as they were sucked on swing and smack off of the pretty face of Gainsborough.

“MMMMM!! Oh yes yes YES!! AHHHHH!! This is the best night ever!! MMMMM!! You’re my favourite brides yet!!” Don raved as that wide, obnoxious smile had never left his face since this whole night with his latest ‘wives’ had begun. Struggling to keep his gaze on one element of this action as he darted about. Staring down at the thick ass coming closer to his bulging stomach as he pumped in deep to that tight and juicy ass of Tifa’s. Or tilting his head to side for a better look at how Aerith was gorging herself on Tifa’s heavy and wonderful breasts. Before remembering that he still had the switch in his hand, snapping another greedy amount of sex pictures of him deep in a steamy threesome with two now cock-drunk stunners. “MMMMM!! This is even better than… AHHHHH!! Getting some new dirt on those Avalanche idiots!” Corneo in his arrogance let slip while the sweat made his already ill-fitting shirt cling to his far from sightly body. Thinking there was no harm in bragging as he’d just been assuming he was getting to stuff his dick in the holes of two ordinary, if not completely stunning, women from the local area.

“A-Avalanche?!?” Tifa was snapped slightly out of her deep state of lust hearing that confession as her eyes locked back onto the crime lord. Remembering at last her intended mission but, showing how much she actually loved getting down and dirty not just with a fat cock but with a fellow woman, she didn’t stop her own motion. Rocking back and forth to keep his prick stuffed deep between her thick cheeks while grinding her wet twat against the fingers sliding in out as she gave back that finger banging with stiff pumping of her own. “W-What… What do you mean? S-Sure a… MMMMMM FUCK… Surely a man like you… AHHHHH SHIT… MMMMM… Doesn’t have to deal with those weirdo terrorists??” Tifa told him and his ego what he wanted to hear as she lured him in to incriminate himself further. Managing to be focused even as she got her ass fucked deep and hard, her pussy pumped with fingers and getting her large boobs slurped on all at the same time. Life she was more a porn star than a freedom fighter on a secret mission.

“AHHHHH!! Oh don’t worry, darling! MMMMM!! Don is just collecting some information… For his friends at the Shinra Electric Power Company! MMMM!! OH YES!!” He shamelessly bragged as he stared down. Watching Tifa’s full and juicy backside clap off of his body as he went balls deep into her tightest of holes. Not figuring out the moment of her back passage squeezing around his prick wasn’t just from arousal, but hearing that confession about his criminal activities. So caught up with slamming home into that wonderful rump that he didn’t consider how his bragging could come back to haunt him. “MMMMMM… They cut me a lovely deal! AHHHHH!! I tell them what’s happening in the slums… MMMM!! Like with the activities of those Avalanche morons… MMMMM!! And your favourite lover gets to have all the fun he wants to here in Wall Market!!” He said before letting out a long, high pitched giggle of glee. And not just from how fantastic Tifa’s still snug booty felt around his dick as her ass jiggled away when she drove back and met his stiff thrust as he filled up her ass.

It was just as well that Tifa was on the ball to continue the planned mission here. Aerith being lost in the pleasure as her eyes were rolling upward as she slurped away on Tifa’s other big tit while bucking her hips up against the dark haired beauty’s piston-like digits. Aerith’s juices dripping down to stain the expensive bed sheets as her pleasure built and a little drool fell from the corner of her mouth. Overwhelmed not just by the pleasure of her first threesome combined with the initiation into experiencing pleasuring and being stimulated by a fellow woman. Add in the boost provided by the Materia used on her and her lover on top of her and it was little wonder that Gainsborough found herself driven into a hard orgasm. Sweating in her stunning red, flowing dress to further ruin it as she coated Tifa’s skilled digits with more juices as she moaned into those big tits with glee.

“MMMMM!! YOU ASSHOLE! OOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUCKK!!” Tifa groaned out as she managed to insult him but fortunately her arousal made it just seem like a caught in the moment cry of pleasure. Her head tilting again and her tongue flicking out from her open, moaning mouth as she hit her own peak of pleasure as she shuddered back against the cock pounding into her rump. Aided by the fingers curling up into her snatch as she now had her turn to cum hard all over the digits of another woman. “MMMMM FUUUUUUUUUUCK.. AHHHHHH MMMMMM…” She panted as her body more jolted as she took another round of deep pumps into her backside to help her ride out the intense waves of pleasure going through that sweat-soaked body. Her ruined dress sticking to her skin the least of her worries as she left Aerith’s fingers, hand and wrist soaked in juices as it tricked down the slim stunner’s arm. Groaning out when that dick finally left her deeply fucked asshole as the camera flashes rang out as her gaping asshole was recorded to add to the shame she should be feeling. Especially after knowing she’d just been fucked by a man who was selling intel to the hated corporation she was fighting against.

For the moment, she could only focus on being pulled back and off of the other fresh from orgasm female as their fingers had to leave one another’s dripping twats. Tifa groaning as she was pulled to the edge of the bed and made to sit, staring up at that big, fat dick that had been deep inside of her. She narrowed her eyes and as much as she’d love to lie to herself and say the glare was out of anger, she was still high on pleasure as she shifted forward, knowing what he, like most men who laid eyes on her chest, wanted. However to her surprise, she gasped when Aerith moved up behind her to press her body against Tifa’s back. Reaching around as she helped out and used her hands to cup Tifa’s mighty tits from the sides. Pressing them against and around Don’s long, thick shaft to make him moan out just as loudly as if he’d been in either of their holes.

“MMMMM!! OH YES!! MMMMM!! I hit the damn jackpot with you two ‘brides’! MMMMM!!” Corneo stared down with another wide grin as he watched an aided tit-fuck being delivered to his rod as he groaned out. Not even having to thrust as Aerith did the work to slide those huge mounds all the way along his man meat. Making a sexy slap ring out when Tifa’s mounds smacked into his crotch when that rack was brought down. Accompanied by Tifa groaning herself as she enjoyed the feel of the eager and quick learning digits of Gainsborough squeezing nicely deep into her more than ample flesh. “MMMMM!! Oh yeah!! Give me everything you’ve got! MMMMM!! Just like how I give those fat cats at Shinra… MMMMM… All the info I’ve got on those Avalanche losers! MMMM!!” He again bragged, clueless that he was in fact getting pleasured by the stunning body of a member of that resistance group as her tits got pumped up and down by a woman who was a new ally to Avalanche as well.

“Ahhhhhh… Oh, you’ll fucking get everything all right…” Tifa hissed as she stared up, meaning that with more than face value as she let her jiggling tits be used like a sex toy to work over his throbbing cock. The same dick that had been deep in her throat and then driven in to the hilt into her ass, as well as going balls deep into the snatch and oral hole of the woman cuddling up behind her in order to work her chest over his length. Lockhart still in a state of desire both from the Materia effecting her and post-orgasmic bliss that she couldn’t bring herself yet to defy him. Or mind that Aerith had her face up next to hers, leaning over the shoulder so her own sweat-covered cheek rubbed against Tifa’s equally stunning face. “Mmmmmm… You’ll get everything you fucking deserve…” Tifa was able to sneak in a knowing threat disguised as dirty talk now that she’d gotten the information she’d been after all along. Just having to go the hard way, and not just in terms of the kind of fucking that she had taken, in order to do it.

Aerith just bit down on her bottom lip as she was focusing on dishing out a titty wank to this crime boss, but having to borrow the chest of a woman far more well endowed that herself even with having a stunning, desirable body of her own. Enjoying the feeling of ample flesh rippling through her fingers as she bounced Tifa’s chest smoothly up and down the big cock she and her ally were more than familiar with. Unable to help herself from gazing down and watching the fat crown of that big cock popping out from the deep cleavage she was helping create. Keeping those huge mountains pressed against and around that pulsing dick to work them back and forth along his size. Still blushing now even as she administer such a red hot sexual act, but her look increasing when her eyes glanced to the size and locked onto an equally burning gaze of a woman who was now much more than just a friend and fellow freedom fighter.

“MMMMMM… Here it comes, my faithful ‘brides’! MMMMMM YES! YES YES YES!!” He howled out and didn’t have a hint of shame in his cry at all. His own personal limit break of a filthy sort fast approaching as his dick throbbed between the pair of juicy and large breasts pressed all around him. Even finally bucking his hips forward, thrusting into those tits as they were raised and lowered along him so that smack of skin hitting sweat-soaked skin rang out a little bit sharper. Nowhere near enough to drown out his cries of delight echoing around the golden, expensive bed chamber of his, or to mask the repeated click of the camera snapping more pics of this sex as he took a tit fuck. Not knowing this woman was a part of the very group he was trying to ruin just to keep his criminal lifestyle going no matter the cost. “AHHHHH!! Here we go! MMMMM!! Yes my lovely ‘brides’! MMMMM!! HERE IT CUMS!!”

Even with the warning, neither woman was ready as they saw perhaps another side effect of using ATTRACT. His cock not just shooting out spunk, but sending out thick, long blasts as both Tifa and Aerith gasped out. Hot ropes splashing up, catching over their gorgeous faces to coat cheeks, noses and lips for them both so it almost looked like their features were sinfully glued together at the cheeks pressing together. The shots hitting so high it even hit up into their hair above the forehead in Aerith’s case but completely matting through across the forehead for Tifa. Of course, as Aerith kept milking his fat cock dry with Tifa’s rack, she got those huge mounds coated with spunk as the rest of the load fell back down onto that ample flesh. Dripping down the sides and back into the valley between so that his cock got stained as spunk was massaged into Tifa’s skin. Keeping those boobs pumping back and forth until Corneo’s cock finally went soft as he pulled out of those plastered breasts.

“Magnificent!!” Don giggled with glee, clicking the button a few more times for another few pics of the money shot over their faces and Tifa’s chest. “You’re the best ‘brides’ yet! Better than the rest combined! Even better than Miss Scarlett!!” He continued to incriminate himself without thinking of the consequences. “There’s no way that this isn’t the best night ever for me!!”

As fate would have it, at that same moment the doors into his chambers were kicked open as Cloud, clad in his familiar SOLDIER uniform and armed with his massive signature sword as he pointed it right at Don. “Enough! Get your hands off… Of…” His threat faded off when he processed the sight of semi-naked women covered in spunk and a similarly less than fully dressed, spent man.
“EEEEEEEEEEEK!!” Don cowardly hid behind a bedpost. “I CAN EXPLAIN!!!” He shrieked. “...HEY!! YOU LOOK LIKE THAT WOMAN FROM BEFORE!! ARE YOU HER BROTHER?!? I CAN EXPLAIN THAT TOO!!” He pleaded.
“...I think I’d rather take an explanation from you two…” He glanced between Tifa and Aerith, staring longer than he should.
“Why? Like what you see??” In a hive-mind moment, Tifa and Aerith uttered the same words to him which made him blush and turn away before the women looked to one another. An exchange of looks that rather clearly indicated that if they were ever going to do a threesome again, and certainly with them enjoying one another during it, then absolutely they would try and fuck the ever loving Hell out of Cloud. And they wouldn’t need a boost from Materia to help them along the way.

None of the people in the room noticing that floating in a far corner was the mysterious Whisper from earlier. A satisfied smile on ruby red lips as it seems that some rouge Whispers were happy to let destiny play out… Just taking a more eventful route to what fate had planned. Vanishing through the wall as the confrontation of Corneo for selling out Avalanche was about to play out. Just with needing a sizeable clean up before the interrogation began.

* * *

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Re: Final Fantasy VII Remake: Double Brides [w/h Aerith & Tifa]
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Too bad the remake wasn't rated NC17! I would have loved to see this scene play out.

Excellent read!
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