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Try Me, Pay To Play (Gianna Michaels)
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Try Me, Pay To Play
Starring: Gianna Michaels

Codes: MF, Female Dominant, Oral, Tit Fuck, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Story is dedicated to my friend Galva82. Special thanks goes to him for all the original ideas for the Try Me stories. Find the original trilogy here (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), as well as the sequel triology (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

Nassau, Bahamas

Rays of light reflected across the marble stone of the front receptionist desk of the Rosewood Baha Mar hotel. Down in the lobby, it was a usual Monday afternoon. Anthony had just wiped the surface of the counter clean from where a drink had spilled minutes earlier. Standing in his freshly made white company uniform, Anthony let out a sigh as this was seemingly a time of break from the usual guest check ins. A slight beard of black hair had grown on his face after three days of forgetting to shave. It came as a result of hard partying, in consecutive off days from work. Spending a Saturday night drinking with his good friend Scott had come with consequences, as both men spent their Sunday evening with a hangover. The least Anthony could say was that he was feeling better to start the work week, but the feeling of Monday blues had only now just begun to set in.

His eyes scanned down across the flat screen of the desk computer. The phone had yet to ring for another new guest check in for the past twenty minutes. Another lucky break, or so it seemed. Checking the clock for 12:35 at time, Anthony decided to wait until the clock struck 1 PM before he went out on his luck break. He couldn't complain about today's schedule, as he wasn't stuck doing clean up maintenance or working in the spa room. Across the right side lobby was a familiar face, though Anthony could only catch a glimpse of the figure walking from the corner of his eye. Sighing and then breathing heavily, Scott walked as if he had been in a hurry, glancing around the lobby in hopes of finding someone. The chubby red headed man walked with his obese stomach wobbling around, barely contained with his buttoned up white shirt tucked into a pair of white pants.

Like Anthony, Scott was also on duty for the day. Some time ago, Anthony would've found the fat man to be annoying and embarrassing. Scott still had the talent in making loud remarks that would irritate Anthony to a degree, but times had changed through their friendship. It came out of the bond they shared from experiences alongside two famed models who had checked in to the hotel last year. Kelly Brook had given Anthony a weekend he could never forget. That final day where he shared the busty British beauty alongside Scott had forged a new level of friendship between the two men. That union had only grown stronger since then, when Anthony checked in Kate Upton for a week stay at the same hotel. Time had went by since their time with Kate, but Scott made sure to bring it up as a fun memory on weekends like the last few days when they shared beers.

"Hey man!"

Scott called out to Anthony. Not expecting to hear that voice, Anthony, turned to see his chubby friend. A big shocked grin moved across Scott's silly looking mug, as if he had just heard some unsettling news. His eyes widened while stepping closer to the receptionist desk.

"Dude! You aren't gonna believe this!"

Before he could finish speaking, Scott pointed his right hand towards the computer.

"Type in the name Gianna Michaels."

Confused at how he had yet to explain himself, Anthony gave his friend a puzzled look.

"The fuck are you talking about?"

"Gianna Michaels, dude! Don't tell me you don't know who she is! She's got huge boobs, let's just put it that way."

Just like that, Scott had easily annoyed Anthony right from the start of this conversation. Rolling his eyes, Anthony knew precisely who he was talking about. Gianna Michaels was a porn star legend and Anthony could easily recall several nights watching her scenes on a laptop back in college. Now was not the time for that conversation, Anthony snarled back his response.

"I'm at work right now. I don't know what you're doing, but if you think I'm looking up porn, you must still be fucking hung over from yesterday."

Unbothered by his attitude, Scott just smiled and leaned down across the receptionist desk. Still keeping that same goofy grin, he quirked his eyebrows up at Anthony and spoke in a low voice, almost as if he were speaking of a secret.

"Put her name in the computer and pull her up. She's open for business, escorting at the hotel. She must've checked in over the weekend."

Anthony's eyes enlarged, as he felt his heartbeat begin racing in his chest. The legendary Gianna Michaels escorting at this hotel today? No, that had to be too good to be true. Scott wasn't known to lie about such things, but Anthony still had some doubts.

"Really? Who told you that?"

"Trey told me on my lunch break. Dude, he spent his whole week pay check to get a chance with her!"

Leaning back, Anthony rolled his eyes and sighed at the mention of Trey. He was another coworker, similar to Scott as he shared shifts alongside Anthony. A tall black man with short dark hair, not a man who socialized or enjoyed much conversation among the staff. To think about Scott getting along with Trey sounded almost as unbelievable as Gianna escorting. Anthony could easily see Scott aggravating Trey with his personality alone. Before he could make a comment, Scott continued speaking.

"He paid for two hours with her this morning. I don't remember how much he said she charged, but it was a lot. He told me he just about broke his dick off in that ass! Dude, you should've seen him staggering! He could barely fucking walk!"

Scott's voice began to elevate as he told the story, becoming more animated and causing a random person to pass by and give strange looks at the two men. Anthony became more curious as he told the story, forcing him to focus his sights back on the computer screen as he proceeded to type in the name. As the results flashed across the screen, Scott leaned in a bit more across the desk to read the screen. Unable to contain his grin, flashing his full white teeth, the other man pointed his finger at her name.

"See, I told you!"

Reading the name across the screen, Anthony could see Gianna had checked in under that name Saturday. If only he or Scott had been working that day, perhaps they would've learned of this sooner. Surprised by this, Anthony leaned back in his chair, almost in complete disbelief while Scott was still grinning.

"I forgot to tell you, she's hanging out down in bistro."


Scott nodded his head. While the two men shared their conservation, no one approached the desk to check in. Anthony was grateful for that, as it left him a small window of time to consider his options. Knowing that he had already found himself lucky in the past with two busty models, it was easy to feel confident about this one. The one thing Anthony had to think twice on was the costs of Gianna. He glanced down at his reflection across the marble top of the desk. Barely able to see his short blonde hair, now wishing he had shaved his face to start the morning. Since Scott was still standing there close to the desk, Anthony stood up and smiled to his friend.

"I'm heading out for lunch, you wanna take my shift?"

Letting out a sigh, Scott shook his head.

"Oh come on, man! Are you serious?"

Smiling back to his friend, Anthony couldn't hold back that grin. He didn't want Scott following him for this trip to meet Gianna. Even though the two men had come together and shared experiences with Kelly and Kate, Anthony had other ideas in mind. The last thing he wanted was Scott there, offering to pool money together to pay for them both to get a lucky chance. There was always the possibility that for a threesome, Gianna would charge more. More than anything however, Anthony didn't want to share if he could afford her. Standing up from the desk chair, he patted his hand across the desk.

"Come on, someone's gotta check people in. I'm on lunch break and you're the only person here active, so it's your shift now."

With a frustrated sigh, Scott just gave Anthony a pouty look. The tables were turned, putting the other friend into a position of work. Anthony expected Scott to make a comment as he began to walk off from the receptionist desk, but the other man didn't. Forced into a spot he didn't want to be, Scott stepped behind the desk and took Anthony's place, now working behind reception. It seemed convenient that only now, the phone was beginning to ring, but at least Anthony didn't have to take that call, he thought to himself. By this time, he was long overdue for a lunch break after skipping morning breakfast. Walking through the lobby, he began to think about many possibilities when it came to this lucky chance with Gianna Michaels. There was much to think about due to the simple fact she had already booked a stay over the weekend.

Why escort on an island in the Bahamas? Maybe Gianna had some rich clients who would be flying in. Guys who would be willing to pay serious money to spend a few hours with her. Upon another thought, perhaps she was more risking and daring. If Scott was indeed telling the truth, Anthony could only think that she had already went through more than one man at the hotel. There wasn't much he could say about Trey, though Anthony had spent a lot of time with him as a coworker. Not everyone was social and friendly towards conversation like Scott. all that time walking through the halls of the main floor, Anthony thought about how he would approach Gianna. Would she be worth spending an entire paycheck on for the week? It was a one chance opportunity and he felt that it was impossible to pass up. By the time he reached the open entrance into the restaurant, he took a quick peek inside.

Dark red bricks were outside the restaurant inside the building, once housing a McDonalds. The contract between them and the Rosewood Baha Mar had long expired, leaving the hotel with their own bistro inside the main building to be renovated. They still served a similar menu of fast food, but much better cooked and a few dollars more expensive. At least for employees, it was only half price. Anthony stepped through the door way, glancing around the black tables of the restaurant and matching chairs. Off to the right side of the room, he spotted a woman who looked like his last memory of seeing Gianna Michaels on screen. Dark red hair pinned up in a pony tail, showing her pale skin. The woman wore a black top, but it still wasn't enough to hide her massive breasts from underneath. An easy guess that this had to be the legendary porn star herself.

Standing in the distance, Anthony casually observed that Gianna seemed to be finished with whatever food she had ordered. An empty tray only contained balled up napkins and a plastic cup sitting next to it. Her eyes were peering across a smartphone with a large black leather purse sitting next to her. Maybe she was arranging something with a client about now, that would have been his first guess. While he felt confident from his experience in the past with Kelly and Kate, this was a whole different ball game to Anthony. He wished he had worked over the weekends, then he could have had the opportunity to check the woman in himself. The last thing he wanted to do was make a rude introduction for her to blow him off. This was already a chance he had to take. Stepping a bit closer, Anthony decided quietly that he would simply begin a conversation with a friendly smile. As he stepped closer, a pair of big blue eyes shot up towards his face. Gianna had noticed him, prompting Anthony to smile.

"Hi, you're Gianna Michaels right?"

The woman leaned up from the table, smugly grinning as she maintained eye contact and nodded.

"Yeah, that's me. I take it that you're just passing by and noticed me?"

Anthony shook his head.

"To be honest with you, no. My name's Anthony, I work at the hotel."

"Are you some kind of big fan here to offer me room service?"

He laughed.

"No, I heard something about you from the grapevine, let's just put it that way."

Reaching for her drink, Gianna sipped from the straw as her eyes never left Anthony. She pulled it away after swallowing down whatever beverage was contained in that cup.

"I haven't signed any autographs for anyone at the hotel or done selfie photos, if that's what you're about to ask for."

With a slight chuckle, Anthony shook his head.

"Oh no, I wouldn't bother you for something like that. I just heard from a certain someone that you're open for business today."

Her eyebrows quirked as Gianna smugly grinned. Anthony spoke again.

"He just didn't tell me how much it would cost, so I'm left wondering, was he pulling my leg?"

Giggling at his words, Gianna flashed the front of her pearly white teeth.

"It's not gonna be cheap, that's all I can tell you. Are you gonna make a big deal over how much I'm charging like he did?"

"I already know you're gonna break my wallet."

That remark made Gianna laugh again as Anthony forced a smile. She grinned back smugly, flashing her full teeth as if she were hinting to the fact she could eat a man like him alive.

"The going rate is six hundred dollars per hour."

A hefty amount, indeed. Anthony tried to keep a blank face in reaction to hearing that sum. Gianna continued on.

"If you want two hours, I don't want to hear a single word about how I'm getting your whole pay check. My arranged clients have yet to book their stay and I'm charging much more for them. You working guys are getting a discount, if you really think about it."

In silence, Anthony weighed in the options in his mind. Two hours with her, would indeed reduce his paycheck down to breadcrumbs, leaving him with little money until next week. Six hundred bucks being spent on an hour with one of the greatest female porn performers of all time however, was a different tale. That was money well spent, at least in Anthony's eyes. He didn't need to ponder more thoughts to make a decision.

"Six hundred dollars for an hour. Do you take cash or-"

Shaking her head, Gianna cut him off by speaking over him.

"No credit cards or gifts. Cash only. Can you handle that?"

Anthony nodded at her.

"Yeah, but I don't have it on me right now. Can you wait on me to come back with the money?"

She got up from her seat, tossing the plastic cup onto the tray but not picking it up. Instead, Gianna grabbed her purse, slinging the strap across her right shoulder and then clutching her phone. Standing face to face with him, Anthony could now see the dress she wore. It hugged over her curves, pulled just above her knees. Down below, Gianna had on a pair of black high heel pumps, shiny from the lights above. She didn't bother with her trash on the table, almost as if she expected the man employed at the hotel to dispose of it for her. As her blue hues glared back, Gianna's pink lips curved into a grin as her eyes surveyed his body, looking him over. He may have been paying for her services, but Gianna clearly had other ideas in mind.

"I'll give you an hour if you show up to my room with the money. What we didn't talk about was what kind of services you want. I assume you want to do more than just fucking, right?"

Nodding at her, Anthony figured now was the time to get into the hard details of their hour. Of course he wanted to do more than just fuck her.

"Yeah, is a blowjob on the menu?"

Gianna nodded, quick to response.

"And what else?"

He blushed, upon admitting his next fetish.

"Tittyfucking, that's something I always dreamed of doing with you."

"Anything else?"

"Do I get to cum on your face or tits? Or maybe both?"

She laughed at his request, once again flashing her teeth.

"Yeah, you can do that. If that's all you want, this is gonna be quick an easy. I'll give you an hour to meet up at room four-oh-seven."

Turning away, Gianna left him standing there as she began to walk away. Anthony's eyes turned as he watched her thick ass, barely contained within that dress. Cheeks pushing together as she sway her hips, making an exit as the purse dangled beneath her right arm. Outside from the doorway was a chubby man, standing there and peeking in. The dumbfounded expression across Scott's face was enough to annoy Anthony as he let out a sigh and walked closer. Turning to look at Gianna, Scott's lower lip fell again and then he grinned wide.

"Wow! Does she got a big ass or what?"

Anthony didn't hesitate to give Scott a dirty look. The other man was still grinning wide, acting immature for the moment being. When he turned back to Anthony, Scott spoke again.

"So how much is she charging?"

"Eight hundred for an hour."

It was a lie, but Anthony figured his friend wouldn't know the difference. The last thing he wanted was to have to share this woman with Scott like the last two they had encountered.

"Damn, that's fucking expensive. I thought she'd be more mindful to guys like us and give us some kind of discount."

Relieved that he fell for the lie, Anthony just shook his head.

"No, she wants to earn top dollar. I can't help but respect that."

Scott shrugged his shoulders and then slowly curved his lips into a smile.

"I know what room she's at. So are you gonna go up there and spend an hour with her?"

"Yeah, I have to go and get my money to make the payment."

Eyes widening again, Scott dropped his lower lip once more, looking as if he were so shocked.

"Dude! What did I tell you? I swear, you've got all the luck in life. If I had eight hundred dollars, you can bet I'd pay for a good titty fuck and to see that ass clap!"

Random guests walking by turned their heads at Scott's loud words of sexual fever. It was an embarrassing moment, causing Anthony to begin walking forward in a hurry to leave. Scott followed behind him and it was only a matter of time the question came up. Anthony was anticipating him to ask about joining in.

"You think she'd take a discount if I pitched in some money too?"

Shaking his head.

"Fuck no, I already asked. She's charging more than double for threesomes. Sorry man, I tried to get you in."

Another bold faced lie that only made Scott sigh in defeat. Hopefully that would be enough to discourage his pursuit of finding a way to shove himself into the situation. Anthony turned to his friend, offering a subtle smile and nodding.

"Look, I only have an hour with her. Make up the rest of my shift and I'll pay you back later, alright?"

"How are you gonna pay me back?"

"We'll think of something. Don't worry, Scott. I got your back, man."



A journey back up to his own room in the hotel had come and gone. Anthony liked to keep spare cash in his wallet, just in case he ever spent it outside the resort. It was rare for him to do that, but for the time being, he was thankful to have enough spare fifty dollar bills to make up a full six hundred dollars. He folded the bills up with a rubber-band and then changed out of his work clothes. The thought of showing up and knocking on her door in the work uniform was a little too much for his mind. More than anything, he didn't want to accidentally bump into a supervisor on his way up to the fourth floor. Changing into a plain old red T-shirt and a pair of black leisure shorts was just enough to make up for clothes that could easily be taken off once he was alone with Gianna. Anthony slipped his feet into a pair of brown leather flip flips before hurrying out the door.

The thought crossed his mind, if he would bump into Scott again. The last thing he wanted was to deal with his friend trying to shove himself into a situation like this. As Anthony walked, he could feel that bundle of cash moving around in his right side pocket, where his phone should have been. Skipping work to complete a deal exchange for casual sex came with the risks, but at least he wasn't missing an entire day like when he was banging Kate Upton. It was good to learn from those past experiences, another reason he felt so confident about trying Gianna Michaels of all women. When the elevator stopped and Anthony stepped out into the halls with other people going about to their destinations, he softly grinned to himself and made the walk up to the door with the numbers 407 hanging above. Anthony raised his hand and knocked three times.

"Who is it!?"

Gianna's voice rang loudly. He laughed before answering her back.

"It's not room service, it's me, Anthony! Can I come in!?"

"If you've got my money, you can come right in honey."

Chuckling at her remark from beyond the door, Anthony grabbed the knob and turned it. What greeted him from the other side was Gianna herself standing beyond the doorway. Her big blue eyes set sight on his face, grinning smugly as she watched his eyes became enlarged. Anthony didn't expect to open the door and see her standing firm and proudly in only a black thong, fishnet stockings extending up her curvy legs. Her massive 38F breasts were contained in a matching lacy black bra. His eyes couldn't glance away from that impressive view of cleavage while Gianna placed her hands onto her hips, as if modelling for him. Her dark red hair was still curled up in a high pony tail, but only now Anthony could see the small hint of diamond ear rings. A breathtaking appearance of the woman had made him lose his train of thought upon stepping through the door.

"So where is it?"

She called out as he stepped through the door and shut it behind him. It took Anthony a moment to remember that she was speaking about the cash. Gianna raised her right hand, snapping her fingers and then motioning with her fingers for him to reveal it. The crackling of her knuckles had set the tone, for she was in control. He reached down into his pocket and withdrew the wad of bills, contained within the thin rubber-band.

"It's all here, six hundred dollars for you."

Anthony snapped the rubber band out, unfolding the bills. He couldn't hold back a mischievous smirk while counting out all the fifty dollar bills and then neatly shoving them to the crack of her cleavage. Gianna's eyes glanced down at the wad of bills now sticking up between her breasts. A few folded in both directions, spilling over her tits while her lips curved to reveal her teeth. She giggled in what almost sounded like a sinister laugh, glaring her eyes at Anthony as if he were fresh meat to be devoured.

"You're a funny guy, I like that. Go on and take your clothes off so we can get started in the living room."

Her words were commanding, precisely to the point. Anthony stepped away from her, eyes wandering across the familiar sight of the hotel suite. Every room looked the same, at least that was how he felt after years of working here. Every living room had that same glass oval shaped coffee table in front of a black couch. Gianna took the money from her cleavage, neatly folding it up and then stomping her heels across the room to put the physical payment away. Anthony began by grabbing the ends of his shirt and pulling it over his head. As he tossed the shirt to the floor, he stepped out of his flip flops too. They were left abandoned near the right side corner of the couch. Turning back around, his hands slipped to the front of his shorts. Anthony's eyes wandered to find Gianna stepping out from the kitchen, watching him slide his shorts and underwear down simultaneously. His semi-hard cock flopped out, bouncing left and right.

Hands still placed on her hips, Gianna curved her lips into that same smug grin from earlier. It became unbearable to shake the feeling deep within that this woman could easily eat him alive. Through silence, her daring eyes scanned over his body while he moved closer to the couch, standing in front of the right side cushions. Eyes narrowing down at his growing cock, Gianna quietly quirked her eyebrows up. Anthony was expecting her to utter some kind of words, perhaps anything to interrupt this awkward silence. All that could be heard was breathing from Gianna and then himself, as he wrapped his right hand fingers around his soft pole and began to wank it. Her eyes observed that action, all before Gianna pulled her thong down and let it fall down to her ankles. Stepping out of her thong, the woman watched his eyes scan down at her glistening wet pussy. A small dark strip of hair was visible above her pink folds. Gianna brought her right hand down, using her middle finger to playfully rub at her clit.

"That's beautiful, babe."

"You think so?"

A taunting response spoken in her stern voice. Gianna adjusted her fishnet stockings, making sure they were properly pulled up to her thighs and then she undid the black shoulder straps to her bra. The moment of truth had come for Anthony to witness her breasts with his own eyes. He licked his lips as Gianna pulled the bra off, allowing those giant jugs to go bouncing out.

"Holy fucking shit..."

Gianna giggled at his reaction to her large breasts. Raising her arms up, she flexed her elbows while placing her hands behind her back. Not once did he glance away from her tits as they began to swing and sway. Gianna made the effort to give them a bounce, slightly moving left and right. It seemed she was about to undo her ponytail but didn't. Instead, the buxom red headed adult entertainment legend stepped closer to Anthony. Now that they were face to face, he moved his hands to softly caress her pale skin. Squeezing her breasts, he let out a moan.

"God, these are so beautiful."

"Oh yeah? You think so?"

Another taunt from her spoken words. Gianna moved her right hand to the back of his head and shoved Anthony's face between her breasts. Quickly moving her hands to her tits, she proceeded to squeeze them around his head and then smack his face with those huge breasts. He closed his eyes, moaning as he could feel her cold skin hitting up against his cheeks. Parting his lips, Anthony made the effort to suck and slobbering over her breasts, but Gianna clearly had control. She let go of her tits, swaying left and right as they beat up against his face. When he finally latched his lips onto her left nipple, Anthony sucked on it, feeling her nipple harden between his lips. Gianna giggled again, smashing her other breast up against his face before he finally pulled away.

"Mmmmmm, I can see you really wanted these titties today, huh?"

Chuckling at her question, Anthony quietly nodded as Gianna pulled away. She raised her left hand, pushing her fingertips in the middle of his chest before their eyes met. Gianna licked her lips and reached down, grabbing him by the cock. As those fingers wrapped around his hard pole, Anthony let out a soft moan and then watched as she carefully fell down to her knees. Slowly wanking his shaft back and forth, Gianna curved her lips and revealed her teeth. It wasn't hard for her to give such sinister smiles, a small hint of what was to come.

"You ready for me to suck on this big fucking cock of yours?"

She quirked her eyebrows up, her hand still pumping across that shaft back and forth. Anthony didn't respond as Gianna moved his cock closer to her lips.

"Ready for me to suck it right off?"

Still stroking back and forth, her hand shoved down to the base.

"Yeah, I'm ready for it babe."

Her voice crackled into a slow laugh.

"I hope you're not just saying that. I'm gonna be a little disappointed if you end up blowing your load in my mouth before I get a chance to ride this cock."

Before Anthony had a chance to object her words, Gianna shoved his cock into her mouth. Those big blue eyes remained locked on him as she didn't waste any time beginning to bob her head up and down. 'Mmmmmm', she made a muffled moan while slobbering her way up and down.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck yes!"

He loudly groaned and exclaimed his words. With his teeth barred, Anthony exhaled deeply, watching her as she began to pick up speed almost instantly. Gianna devoured his thick dick, inch by inch with ease. Pulling her lips back to the head, she released it with a popping noise and then spit across his shaft.

"Mmmmmmmm, I'm just getting started."

Squeezing her right hand fingers back around that pole, she began to stroke it back and forth at a faster pace. Anthony took deep breaths, noticing her eyes casually studying his every expression. Parting her lips, Gianna smacked his cock across her tongue and then squeezed her lips back around it. This time, she removed her hand and used both palms to press against his legs as she began to bob her head up and down once more.

"Ohhhh, fuck!!"

Anthony screamed aloud, as he was now beginning to realize that this woman was not like the two models he had experienced before her. Gianna's lust could not be contained and she was gorging herself on every inch of his long cock. Burying her lips all the way at the base, Anthony grunted when he felt the head of his dick slamming to the back of her throat. Gianna had expert level gag reflexes, not once choking on his entire length as she sucked it so vigorously.


His voice echoed throughout the hotel suite, perhaps audible from outside the closed door. Gianna pulled her lips back to the head, releasing his shaft with an audible 'ahhhh' and strings of spit dangling back to his shiny, soaked dick. She broke the dangling strings and then spit on the head of his cock.

"You like that, Anthony? You want more?"

Swallowing his breath while standing there, Anthony had to quietly think to himself. Maybe she had a point about pushing him to the point of blowing his load too soon. Gianna's oral skills were just that marvelous. Her hand wrapped back around his cock as she resumed stroking it back and forth while anticipating his reply.

"Yeah, I can go for some more."

"Are you sure you can handle my mouth some more?"

Gianna spoke while squeezing his cock, glancing down at the small hole at the head to see a drop of pre-cum ooze right out. She bit her lower lip, flashing her front of teeth in a devious grin. Anthony couldn't hold himself back knowing she was taunting him. This may not have been a wise decision, but he couldn't resist the words he soon uttered.

"Yeah, go ahead! Suck that fucking cock!"

Shoving his pole back between her lips, Gianna once again moved her hands up against his legs. She bobbed her head up and down like before, only now sucking at a much faster pace. The slobbering and sucking noises her mouth produced came with drool leaking from the corners of her mouth. Anthony grunted, gritting his teeth in fear that by yelling those words at her, she was about to force him to cum in her mouth already.

"God, you suck like a fucking champ."

Groaning out his words, it must have been evident to Gianna by now that Anthony was hanging on to dear life to not reach an orgasm so soon. She didn't seem bothered as she continued to bob her head up and down, sucking his cock to a bitter pulp. When she finally pulled her lips back to the head, Gianna released it with a loud popping noise. Her hands moved off his body as she brought them down below to her giant breasts. Holding her tits up, Gianna pulled them apart and grinned up at Anthony.

"You still wanna fuck my titties? Are you gonna be able to handle that?"

Breathing heavily, he once again took her bait. Anthony wasn't going to resist Gianna when she made such a jeer. He reached down, gripping his cock from the base and guiding it between her tits. When he pulled his hand away, she slowly pushed her heavy boobs together. Only the head poked up between the folds as those massive tits easily swallowed his cock up. Anthony didn't hesitate to slowly begin bucking his hips. He may have been close to reaching his break point, but that wasn't going to stop him from enjoying this act. He groaned, feeling every inch of his cock pump up and down at a slow pace. Gianna broke eye contact to glance downward, spitting on the head of his shaft when it poked up. Letting out a soft moan, Anthony cried out in pleasure.

"God, your tits are so amazing."

Those words prompted Gianna to glance up and grin at him. She could feel his cock throbbing between her busty chest as he began to buck his hips harder with each thrust.

"Mmmmmmm, you love having your cock between a set of big titties, huh?"

"Oh yeah, I can tell you that."

Gianna giggled, still grinning up at him. She didn't break eye contact while leaning her head down and parting her lips. Each time he thrust up, she lapped her tongue across the head of his shaft. Anthony placed his right hand down on her shoulder in a desperate attempt to grip anything. Bucking his hips harder and faster caused Gianna to moan. The pony tail from the back of her head began swinging back and forth.

"Oh yeah, that's it! That's it!! Fuck these tits!!"

She screamed to him while gritting her teeth to growl. Those big blue eyes never glanced away from Anthony as he lost control of himself. The pleasure was too much and he no longer cared about busting a nut and shooting his load too early. Again and again, he thrust his cock between those wonderful tits, enjoying every last second of it. For now, Anthony felt that he could take control. With one final thrust, he came to a complete halt, watching as Gianna gazed down and licked the head of his cock before he pulled it from between those tits.

"Come on, babe. I think we're ready to finally start the real fucking."

Gripping his cock in one hand, Anthony used his left hand to try and pull her up from the floor but Gianna didn't require his aiding hand. She got up herself, rising up from her knees and grinning at him. Anthony stepped to the side, moving behind her to finally take a view of her supreme booty.

"You wanna take me from behind to start this?"

His hand smacked across her ass playfully.

"Fuck yeah! I wouldn't prefer it any other way!"

Laughing at him, Gianna placed the palms of her hands down over the seat cushions of the couch and then shoved her ass back to rub up against him. This move caught him off guard, as Anthony stood there and enjoyed the feeling of her big buttocks rubbing up and down him. He guided his cock between her thighs, noticing the glistening wet dew that was visible down below. Placing his free hand down the small of her back, he roamed it up to caress her skin as he made the first thrust inside of her.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, there you go."

Calling out to him in a low voice, Gianna bit down on her lower lip. She glared at him from across her right shoulder, shoving her hips back to force more of his cock inside of her.

"Fuck me nice and hard. That's how I want it."

Again, Gianna shoved back before Anthony had a chance to begin bucking his hips. It would likely prove difficult to find a rhythm with her sudden movements, but he wasn't going to give up. Smacking her ass with his right hand, he grabbed at her hips with both hands and began to thrust. Moaning at the warm feeling of her juicy cunt wrapped around his dick, Anthony began to buck his hips as hard as he could. Gianna shoved back again, meeting with his thrusts as her titanic sized breasts began to jiggle and wobble around from underneath.

"Harder! Harder!!"

She yelled while thrusting back. Anthony took a deep breath as he tried to thrust harder and faster. The sound of his balls smacking down across her thighs became an audible rhythm noise while Gianna kept her hands pressed down. Over and over, he pounded his cock in her pussy, trying to keep up with her own backwards thrusts. Gianna began to roll her hips, making her ass cheeks clap together as it became more evident with each passing second that she could easily flip the script and take control of him.

"I said FUCK ME!!"

Gianna screamed while shoving herself back. Anthony moved his hands from her hips, attempting to reach down and grab at her swinging tits. He felt them with his fingertips but was unable to grasp ahold. Gianna came to a halt, as if to allow him all the momentum fucking her, but that was only for a few seconds. When she shoved herself back this time, it came with such a force Anthony stepped backwards and then tripped across the small coffee table away from the couch. His cock came out of her pussy. Desperately waving his arms about for a second, Anthony didn't want to fall backwards and land on his buttocks. Instead he fell in a sitting position across the glass surface of the coffee table. His hands gripped the sides to hold himself up, all while Gianna turned around.

Her eyes set forth on him and Anthony could see the lust on her face. She had the look of a hungry animal, ready to devour him. The tables had officially been turned now as her power move was one to easily take control. Her tits bounced, swaying left and right as Gianna quickly moved to straddle Anthony. She spread her legs out across the table, carefully making the position where she could lower herself down. Since his hands were gripping the sides of the table, Gianna reached down and grabbed his cock herself. She held it upward, allowing Anthony to see the full length of his pole before she carefully lowered herself down. His dick sank right back into her pussy and now they were back together as one. From this position, Anthony gazed up to see her giant breasts. Gianna wasted no time beginning to bounce, riding his cock and forcing her big tits to flop and sway up and down. Reaching up with his hands, this time he was able to grasp her breasts and squeeze them.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck yeah! You like that? YOU LIKE THAT!? You like how I'm riding your fucking cock!?"

Giggling after yelling her questions, Gianna knew she had complete control. All Anthony could do was groan as he lay there on the coffee table. She began to roll her hips, forcing that cock to pump in and out of her juicy pussy. Closing his eyes, he groaned and gritted his teeth while pinching at her nipples. Anthony soon felt her hands around his wrists as Gianna quietly encouraged him to squeeze her full tits fully.

"Ohhhhhhh, fuck! I guess you forgot that I said I was gonna ride this big fucking cock!"

Again, Anthony refused to reply as continued groaning. Gianna wasn't giving him any mercy, regardless if he began to beg for it. All Anthony could think about right now was trying to hold off his orgasm while Gianna fucked him.

"I guess you did forget! You're all mine now, tough guy!"


Finally, he blurted out screams that echoed from the distance. Gianna didn't stop as Anthony let go of her breasts. He opened his eyes to see them flopping up and down. She pressed the palms of her hands down to his chest, leaning over as she continued to pump herself up and down his cock.

"Don't cum inside me! Don't do it and I'll let you fuck my tits again!"

"Ohhhhhhhhh, god! But I paid for a full fucking hour!"

Gianna laughed at his retort, still bouncing herself up and down on him.

"Yeah, you did! And you're getting every last dollar worth, are you not!?"

At least now he had a good reason to hold himself back with whatever strength was still left within him. Anthony could not believe how Gianna had overwhelmed him like this. Again and again, she rolled her hips and pumped herself down with those big tits swinging and shaking all around. The woman was going to have her climax and all he could do was pray that he was strong enough not to allow his cock to erupt within her tight pussy. That was going to prove to be a difficult task but Anthony wasn't going to surrender to that defeat. As Gianna continued to pump herself up and down, he groaned and growled moans from his gritted teeth.

"Ohhhh god, ohhhhhhh yeah! I'm almost there, almost...."

Her hands slip forward, allowing him to feel the edge of her fingernails raking across his skin. Anthony moved his hands over hers while Gianna slammed herself down for the final time. He closed his eyes as she wailed a loud moan. Her legs shook as Anthony soon felt the sudden rush of her sweet love nectar begging to be released from her twat if only his cock wasn't still embedded inside her. It took everything within him to not explode within her, but he maintained himself as Gianna had her orgasm. Exhaling her breath, she began to rise up from him. Anthony watched as his cock slipped out from her pussy with a burst of juices squirting out over him. Despite having just reached her limit from hard fucking, Gianna was already recovering at a fast pace. She only needed to take deep breathes, all while falling down to her knees in front of the glass table.

"Damn, you managed to hold yourself back."

Gianna laughed after uttering her words. Anthony soon felt her hand grasping his wet cock. She wasted no time slobbering all over it to clean his pole of her sticky juices.

"It wasn't easy, I can tell you that."

She ignored his words, mouth stuffed with his shaft while slowly sucking it. Leaning up from the coffee table, Anthony sat up and watched the ponytail from the back of her head, slightly moving as she bobbed her head up and down. Once his cock was properly clean of her juices, Gianna pulled it from her lips with a loud popping noise. She grinned up at him, flashing her full teeth.

"I'm impressed. I thought for sure you were gonna lose control and cum inside me. I guess you really wanted another go around with these, huh?"

Below, her hands moved to her giant breasts. Gianna shoved them up, rubbing them together to tease him. Seeing her actions was enough for Anthony to place his feet back on the floor and get off that small uncomfortable table. His back was begging to ache from the position Gianna put him in, regardless how little of time that was. Sitting on her knees, Gianna took a few steps back towards the couch. Her hands cradled those massive breasts, holding them up in anticipation for this final act.

"Come fuck these titties one last time so you can cum all over my face."

Completing her words with a wink, Gianna grinned at him again. Anthony smiled in return as he stepped forward and watched her pull those tits apart, ready to indulge himself in another round of fucking her tits. Memories flooded through Anthony's mind of watching Gianna's scenes back on a laptop when he was in college. Her tittyfucking videos were always a joy to watch and now, he was living out that fantasy as if he were behind a POV camera for the next Juggfuckers release. Guiding his cock between her soft mounds, Anthony let out a loud moan when Gianna squeezed those tits around his shaft. Her big blue eyes never left his face as he began to slowly thrust his cock between her breasts now.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, yeah. You love fucking these titties, don't you?"

"Yes I fucking do, I can't even lie and say no."

Laughing at his remark, she flashed her teeth in a full smile.

"I wouldn't believe you if you tried to say no. Go on, Anthony. Fuck my titties!!"

Once more, she giggled as he began to pump his cock harder and faster between those tits. Gianna moved her left hand, slightly re-adjusting herself. Anthony didn't have to hold back this time. He was going to fuck those tits with every last bit of strength he had. Letting out a loud moan, he continued.

"Ohhh yeah! Ohhhhh, fuck! Fuck these tits!!"

Further encouraging him with such dirty speech, Gianna broke eye contact to glance down and watch his cock pumping up and down. When the head poked up, she spit on it and then lapped her tongue across it like before. Those big blue eyes glanced back up at Anthony while he was still busy fucking her tits. With a soft giggle, Gianna spoke again.

"Are you gonna cum all over my face?"

"Fuck yeah! All over it!!"

She laughed when he attempted to taunt her with that reply. Anthony was still fucking her tits, but slowing himself down a bit.

"And these titties too? Gonna give 'em some big loads?"

"Ohhhhhh, fucking yes!!"

Her words had an effect to almost make him blow his load between her breasts right then and there. Unable to hold himself back any longer, Anthony reached down and went to tug his cock out from between her breasts. Gianna let go, letting his cock flop freely until his right hand fingers wrapped around it. She moved her hands beneath her breasts, holding them up and then raising her neck. Eyes closer, Gianna opened her mouth wide and parted her tongue momentarily before teasing him again with filthy words.

"Give me that cum! Give me your hot, sticky load, ahhhhhh!"

Parting her lips again, she teased him by dangling her tongue out. Gianna opened her eyes, lightly shaking her head while keeping her breasts elevated by her hands still. Anthony stroked his cock, wanking back and forth as he began to grunt and groan. When his face scrunched up, that was when Gianna knew he was about to explode.


Screaming aloud, he watched the first wad of his cum fall down to her great big tits. Anthony aimed his cock upward, witnessing the gooey string of his warm seed land across the left side of her face. The wad dripped as Gianna kept her mouth open to catch any strands that may fall onto her tongue. Most of Anthony's cum splattered down below across her epic breasts, leaving thick wads and droplets covering them. He continued to wank his cock, all the way until squeezing the final drops of cum out onto her waiting tongue. Completely drained and exhausted, Anthony stood there for a moment, admiring the mess he had decorated across her face and tits. This had been an experience well worth every dollar he had given her, living out the fantasy with one of his most beloved porn stars. Covered in cum, Gianna let go of her tits and swiped the string from her face, sucking it from her fingertips and swallowing it down.

"Mmmmmmm, tasty."

He took a step back, letting out a sigh of relief. Feeling weak in the news, Anthony almost felt exhausted to the point he was going to have a hard time leaving her room. When Gianna got up from the floor, she stepped around the room, leaving him to quietly find his clothes and prepare to leave.

"I hope you're satisfied, I know I am. You're all outta time, so I guess you better get back to work."

"Oh yeah, I'm satisfied. That was a dream come true."

Her laugh was audible from the distance as Gianna wandered to the kitchen and back to the hotel suite bedroom. All Anthony could do was collect his scattered clothes from the floor and get dressed. It had suddenly dawned on him that he had yet to eat at all since morning. Getting fucked by Gianna Michaels was enough to knock any energy out of him, as he was now desperate to have a catch up meal. With his feet shoved back into his flip flops, Anthony went to leave the hotel room. The door opened into the hallway, covering up where a large maintenance cart was blocking the hallway, behind where the door had opened into the hallway. As it shut back into the frame, Anthony turned around and was greeted by Scott's curious face. Eyes enlarged, lower lip hanging down Scott had that same dumbfounded look on his face from earlier when Anthony left him behind outside the bistro.

"Scott!? What the fuck are you doing here!?"

A wooden stool was behind Scott while the maintenance cart had the usual cleaning bottles, mop, bucket and other necessities required for housekeeping. When Anthony's eyes glanced down, he noticed that Scott's pants were unzipped, slightly shoved down beneath his fat belly that was also visible. It had suddenly dawned onto Anthony's mind that for nearly an hour, Scott had been parked outside of Gianna's room. He had been sitting there, pretending to be cleaning the hall while masturbating to the action going on from within the room. Slightly embarrassed to think of his friend sitting there, likely with his ear up to the door while his hand was wrapped around his cock, listening to the moans and Gianna taunting him. All Scott did was grin, pulling his pants up and trying to zip them back up.

"Dude, I could hear you in there! She must've fucking DESTROYED you!"

Unable to contain his laugh, Scott took a deep breath as Anthony then began to stomp a path past him. Getting up from his stool, Scott tried to smile as he watched Anthony's back, seeing him almost run to the elevator.

"Hey man! You gotta tell me how good was she? How big are those titties!? Are they bigger than I remember 'em!?"

Ignoring Scott's yelling words, Anthony made sure he got to the elevator as fast as he could. Not wanting to share any discussion with Scott right now, he hurried in. As the elevator doors came closing, he could hear Scott's voice calling out from the distance.

"I know it had to be awesome! You gotta tell me all about those tits tomorrow when you get a chance! How hard did she make you cum!?"

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Re: Try Me, Pay To Play (Gianna Michaels)
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2022, 10:31:43 AM »
Epic, it was truly breathtaking this story with the great and mythical Gianna Michaels. What madness, everything is good and perfectly well written in this scenario. Who wouldn't pay for a ride with Gianna lol.
His body is perfect and designated for this story and Anthony is the lucky one, how lucky. No one can resist Gianna!
Thank you very much for this dream story!!
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Re: Try Me, Pay To Play (Gianna Michaels)
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2022, 06:12:24 PM »
The ending left me thinking that if this had a part 2, it would open with Scott bragging about whatever he heard with his ear up to the door in the hall. If you're still writing this series, Scott needs his own chapter eventually. That perv knows how to shove his fat ass into any situation he wants to.
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Re: Try Me, Pay To Play (Gianna Michaels)
« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2022, 11:51:21 AM »
Yes Viri, that's what I also told myself at the end of this story. Then Scott's character has potential, I like his perverse character lol.


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