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Author Topic: Christina Shares the Love (Christina Hendricks)  (Read 21485 times)


Christina Shares the Love (Christina Hendricks)
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Starring: Christina Hendricks
Content: MMF, Oral, Tit-fucking

Christina Shares the Love

Christina was running a little behind; so it was already late morning by the time she got where she was going. She was parked up outside a small house in a leafy suburb, set back from the road and nestled against a stand of flowering Sugar Maples; with the Spring sun shining brightly overhead it all looked rather pretty.

Pulling out her phone to double-check she had the right place, Christina noticed she had another message from Jamie apologising for having cancelled last night's date. She rolled her eyes and dismissed it; it was getting to the point where his fretting over it was the most irritating part of the whole thing. And it had been pretty irritating, getting bailed on at the last moment like that. Well, these things happen. She'd get in touch later, let him off the hook. No doubt he could make it up to her sometime...

For a moment or so Christina found herself daydreaming of just how he could make it up to her; then she shook her head, muttered "what am I doing?", and tried to ignore the hungry warmth within. She decided to get going before anything else could distract her, practically jumping out of the car and wincing as as she accidentally slammed the door with a little more force than was necessary.

It was warm enough that Christina left her jacket in the car, though the mown-grass scented breeze still held a touch of chill. Her outfit, an off-white blouse over charcoal slacks, was an informal one; a chic purse added a touch of glamour, to offset the minimal make-up. Of course, she was looking to make an impression; she was dressed casually, but not thoughtlessly. Granted her top, which on less-blessed women would have been rather modest, was showing some cleavage; but it was only the one button left open after all.

Without further ado Christina strode down the path and knocked on the door; it opened so promptly that her fist was still raised when she found herself face-to-face with a cheerful-looking woman. "Christina! Hi!"

"Um, hello!" Christina replied, feeling slightly awkward as she lowered her hand. "That was quick!"

"Hope I don't seem too eager!" the other woman replied brightly. "Saw you coming up the path. Anyways-" she stepped back into the hallway, "come on in."

Christina stepped over the threshold and closed the door behind her. "So you must be Claire, then?"

"That's me!" Claire was an attractive woman, maybe a few years younger than Christina, with an infectious grin, a cute button nose, and what could only be described as a very full figure. Unlike Christina's classic hourglass, Claire's pear-shaped figure was bottom-heavy, with her far-from-small chest, full tummy, and broad womanly hips. "It's so good to meet you in person, I- oh, would you mind taking your shoes off inside? Thanks- I've been so excited ever since we spoke last week."

"Oh, me too, I can't wait to sample your work!" Following on stockinged feet, Christina tried not to dwell on the way Claire's floral-print peasant dress draped over the full curves of a fat, round ass. Silently cursing Jamie for leaving her hanging, she tore her eyes away and instead tried to appreciate the décor instead; homespun and homely, all light wood and soft pastels, overall the aesthetic was cozy and warm, if perhaps a little twee.

Stepping to one side, beneath a woodburned 'Share the Love!' sign, Claire curtseyed playfully and waved Christina through a door at the end of the hallway. "And this is my husband, Isaac."

Brushing past Claire in the narrow hallway, Christina stepped through into the empty kitchen area. "Is it? Are you sure?" The space was dominated by a large island table in the centre, its white marble top clear save for a large cake. "Unless he's hiding in the refrigerator?"

"I don't think he'd fit?" Claire cocked her head thoughtfully. "Although, maybe?" It was pretty sizeable, styled like something out of the '50s. "Probably hiding in his den so he can pretend he wasn't dying to meet you."

"Well, I do have that effect on men sometimes," winked Christina.

"Yeah, I'll bet," Claire chuckled throatily. "Anyways-" she gestured vaguely around the room, "-this is where the magic happens!" Despite all the work-surfaces, cupboards, utensil racks, a huge sink, and so on, the kitchen actually felt quite spacious due to its high ceiling and the fact that it only had three walls; instead of the fourth there was a couple of steps transitioning down into a cozy lounge area.

"Could have fooled me, I don't think my kitchen has ever been this clean!" marvelled Christina, wandering closer to the island and admiring the perfectly-iced cake atop it. Indeed it was, sparklingly clean, with every bowl, spoon, and container being in just the right spot; an ever-so-faint scent of sugar and vanilla was the only clue it had been used recently.

"Well, there's a reason for that -- these days you can't just bake cakes, you have to make it look good on social media too." Claire shrugged, "People want to see the perfect, effortless fantasy version of the business, not the messy reality behind the scenes."

"Yeah, that sounds familiar," sympathised Christina, thinking about all the hours she'd spent over the years making herself look 'casually dressed' for interviews and photo-shoots. "Which is why I need someone else to do all the hard work while I play hostess!"

"Absolutely!" smiled Claire. "So, this 'little event' of yours, it's going to be more of an informal affair? Because, you know, if we could get some pictures on Instagram, have you lend us a little of that glamour-"

"Well, I'm sure we can work something out," replied Christina airily, idly wondering just how much cleavage would be appropriate for such an occasion. Claire looked her up-and-down with a knowing wink; she adjusted her estimate upwards. "But first-"

"Way ahead of you!" Claire ducked into the pantry and returned with a plate piled high with various treats. "Made these yesterday, ready for you to try. I thought mostly smaller things would be best, cupcakes and brownies?"

"Ooh, that sounds perfect! I can't wait to try them." Christina found herself licking her lips, tried to cover it with a cough. "And what's that?" she nodded at the cake.

"This," Claire cleared her throat discreetly, adopted a mock-serious tone, "this is a three-layer Chiffon cake, filled with whipped cream, frosted with rose meringue buttercream, and decorated with halved raspberries." She regarded her creation with well-deserved pride and a warm smile. "This kitchen was a lot messier yesterday, I can tell you!"

"You must have spent almost as long cleaning it afterwards!"

"She's not cleaned this kitchen even once!" laughed a voice from behind Christina, who turned to see a handsome, broad-shouldered black man enter the lounge area, crossing to the foot of the steps.

"Well, I have to keep you around for something," giggled Claire, using her temporary height advantage to bend down and kiss him on the forehead.

"You must be Isaac," Christina smiled, "so nice to meet you!"

Stepping up into the kitchen, he reached out and shook her hand. "The pleasure's all mine."

Christina found herself replying "Oh, I expect there's enough to go round," in a jokingly-coquettish tone, quickly glanced over at Claire to see if she'd crossed a line.

Claire just smiled, murmured "You can say that again," opened a cupboard and pulled out a clatter of cups. "How do you like your coffee?"

"Black, no sugar, please."

"Sure thing, let me just-" Claire filled three of the cups, added a spoonful of honey to one, a generous dollop of cream to the second, and handed the last to Christina. "Right then." She gestured towards the lounge area. "Shall we?"

The trio descended to the lounge area and settled into the overstuffed couch, Christina seated snugly in the middle, feeling surprisingly comfortable nestled between Isaac and Claire. Even though they'd only just met, she found herself relaxing happily with the pair, small talk flowing easily as they sampled an array of delicious treats.

"-so these cupcakes are all the same flavour?"

"Yeah, it's only the colouring that's different. Oh, you've got frosting on your- No, the other side."

"Here, let me-" Isaac reached over and wiped a stray blob of marshmallow frosting from Christina's chin.

Christina leaned forward and stretched herself for a moment, then let herself relax back. The couch was probably a little too small for three people, and she was increasingly aware of the physical closeness of Claire and Isaac. They were constantly brushing up against each other in a way that was not entirely innocent. At least, Christina didn't feel particularly innocent, a warm feeling of indulgence spreading through her as she let this big strong man and big soft woman feed her sweet things.

As the conversation continued, increasingly flirty banter interspersed with yet another rich, creamily flavoured little cake. The three seemed to get closer and closer together, 'accidentally' touching each other a little more each time, until-

"Isaac? Is that your hand I can feel on my thigh?" Well, it couldn't have been Claire, who had her hands full brushing crumbs off her dress; she smiled, ever-so-slightly.

"I hope that's not a problem?" His breath tickled her ear, not unpleasantly.

"Not at all. It's just-" Christina turned her body away from him and lay back against him, let her head rest on his shoulder as she faced his wife. "I think it might be better somewhere else? Here, let me-" Taking his hand in hers, she guided it up to nestle under her left breast; he took the hint and began to fondle her, feeling the weight of her flesh in his strong hand.

Claire watched him grope Christina with a broad, approving smile, then reached across to cop a feel of her own. Christina just lay back and let the two of them play with her magnificent boobs, squeezing and rubbing her through her clothes. The way other people tended to fixate on her chest, however understandable it might be, could be irritating at times; but as much as it irritated Christina sometimes, the truth was she did like getting her tits played with. She slipped her right hand up under Isaac's shirt, relished the muscular firmness of his body; her left found Claire's breasts, soft and warm under her dress. She moaned contentedly, felt Isaac kiss the back of her neck.

"Hey, Claire? What's the most luxurious desert you've got?"

A true master of her craft, Claire didn't hesitate a moment -- not even playing with Christina's huge naturals could distract her. "This-" she plucked a brownie from the plate with her free hand, "-is a spiced dark-chocolate brownie, with chunks of salted-fudge and rum-soaked raisins." She held it up for Christina to take a bite. "It is the most decadent thing you can do with your clothes on."

"Well, I don't know about that," giggled Christina before taking a bite. It was precisely the right balance between firm and gooey, rich chocolatey warmth flooding her mouth as she chewed it. She swallowed, ran her tongue round her mouth. "Actually, I think it might be? Mmm." She leaned in and kissed Claire on the mouth in a happy tangle of lips and tongues, turned and did the same to Isaac, then stood up from the couch. "So I guess now we have to take our clothes off."

"Can't argue with that!" The three of them separated a little for room and began undressing. Christina got down to her bra and panties, then turned to check out the others. Claire, obviously not a woman to drag her feet, was stark naked already; Christina looked her up-and-down appreciatively. By Hollywood standards, she would definitely have been considered fat; from the perspective of the real world, plump was more like it. Chubby, maybe. Whatever word you used, from her full, soft breasts to her fat, round ass she was gloriously, delectably thick. Almost as sexy as her figure was her attitude -- from the way she stood to the smile on her face, everything about her spoke of absolute confidence in her body.

Isaac meanwhile was down to a pair of midnight-blue boxers, seemingly content to leave it at that for the moment. Christina's eyes were drawn to the sizeable bulge tenting those shorts; the thought of just how much exactly he was packing underneath them only heightened her desire. As did the rest of him; he had the build of a former athlete who has relaxed some but not gone to seed. Though his stocky, muscular physique didn't have the perfect, fresh-from-the-gym definition of a typical Hollywood hunk, he was undeniably a big, strong man in a way that stirred something deep within Christina.

"Well, guess that just leaves me then," Christina murmured to herself, turning away from the others to remove her underwear in the slinkiest way she could manage. Turning back she struck a pose, letting them feast their eyes on her gloriously big, pert boobs, proudly displaying her bombshell figure for their delectation. After a few moments she reached down and picked up the remains of the brownie, popped it into her mouth and chewed -- the orgasmic moan that followed was only mostly for show.

Christina casually brushed away a stray crumb from her breast -- it left a smear of chocolate on the white expanse of her skin. She smiled. "Now I know you guys have whipped cream somewhere round here..."

The both of them lit up like it was Christmas morning, Claire scampering off to the kitchen in a hurry and returning with a bulging icing bag. Suppressing a laugh, Christina just stood there with her back straight and her chest pushed out, ready to be decorated. Claire however looked totally serious as she expertly piped whipped cream onto Christina's massive milkers, her tongue sticking out the corner of her mouth as she covered them expertly in an even layer of fluffy white.

"She's done this before, hasn't she?" giggled Christina, admiring the way Isaac's bulge shifted in his shorts.

"Once or twice," he admitted, "you too, I think."

"Absolutely! Always out of a spray can before though."

"I won't even dignify that with a response," muttered Claire, stepping back to admire her work. "Perfect!" She placed the half-empty bag to one side and licked her lips. They stood there for a moment, admiring Christina's cream-covered jugs; then she was in shrieks of laughter as they fell on her in unison.

They slurped away hungrily, lapping cool cream from warm skin, pausing occasionally to swap sweetly messy kisses and to suck on her oh-so-sensitive nipples. Christina gazed down at them indulgently; if she liked getting her huge tits played with, she loved this kind of oral attention, her desire burning hotter and hotter as Isaac and Claire worshipped her with their mouths.

In seemingly no time it was all gone, every inch of her fulsome bosom licked clean twice over by the horny couple before her; they celebrated with a particularly deep kiss, Claire rubbing casually at that big bulge in his shorts as he lingered a hand on her thick thigh. Christina couldn't wait any longer; she needed to see what was under there...

"Mmm, I think it's my turn to get a taste," she purred, sinking to her knees in front of Isaac, hooking her fingers in his waistband and-

"Oh, I love this part," Claire murmured to herself as Christina began to pull Isaac's boxers down. For a moment they caught on that oh-so-promising bulge, giving her just enough time to wonder what Claire meant; then they were over-and-off, forgotten in her hands as Christina sat there in open-mouthed surprise. It was big. Not super long -- maybe a bit over seven inches? - but it was thick. Very, very, thick.

Genuinely surprised by the unexpected enormity of Isaac's magnificent black cock, Christina blinked slowly; when she opened her eyes it was still there, girthy and hard and inches away from her face. She looked up past it, making eye contact with Isaac. "That," she said, in the artificially breezy tone she usually reserved for daytime TV interviews, "that is the fattest cock I have ever seen." At least, it was absolutely the fattest cock she'd ever seen in real life. Maybe she'd seen bigger in porn? Maybe. And she had seen dildos with more thickness, although she'd always assumed they were mostly intended as risqué gifts.

"Yeah, I get that a lot."

"And modest too!" Claire heckled fondly; he just grinned and pushed his monster prick a little closer to Christina's awestruck face. Christina swallowed and realised that her mouth was literally watering; she told herself it was just the delicious deserts she'd sampled. "Oh, don't let it intimidate you," giggled Claire, "it's very friendly! Here, why don't you take a taste?"

Retrieving the icing bag, she carefully piped a stripe of fluffy white cream along his full length; Christina took a moment to admire the way it looked against his beautiful dark meat, before yielding to temptation. She gave it a long, slow lick, from base to tip; and then another, and another. She licked at it like a lollipop, lapping up every drop of cream from his hot, throbbing cock; it was a tribute to Claire's craft that even with her mouth on this jaw-dropping fuckstick, Christina still noticed the citrus tang undercutting the perfectly-sweet taste.

There was absolutely no way on Earth that Christina was going to even try and throat that thing; so instead she just took as much as was comfortable into her mouth, bobbing back-and-forth and swirling her tongue around the head.

Pulling her mouth off, she let the head pop between her lips, shining with drool and pre-cum. Shuffling forward a little, she sat back on her haunches and let it rest on her upturned face, nuzzling against it eagerly as she marvelled at the weight of it. She heard him mutter "Oh, fuck, that's hot..." somewhere up above, moved in deeper so she could give each of his big, heavy balls a loving tongue-bath.

That done, Christina sat back on her heels, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, rose to her feet. "So-" Linking her hands behind her back she stretched, rising onto her toes as she arched her back and thrust her considerable chest out. She held for a few moments, letting the others drink in the view; then relaxed with a deep sigh. "-so, where do we go from here?"

"Well... we could go to the bedroom if you'd like?" suggested Claire, brushing against Christina as she slipped past, a hand trailing casually across her husband's chest. "Or...?"

"I could sit on the couch and you can ride me?" pondered Isaac as his own hand slid over the small of Claire's back to cup her backside and give it a good squeeze. Christina took a moment to admire the aesthetic appeal of dark fingers digging into the soft, pale flesh of Claire's fat ass.

"Yeah, he loves that!" smiled Claire, returning the favour by giving his fuckstick an equally good squeeze; pale fingers wrapped round the dark meat of Isaac's fat cock looked just as striking.

"Hmmm..." Christina pondered her options, cocking her head and touching her chin in the classical 'thinking' pose; then the answer came to her. "Actually-" They gazed at her so expectantly she had to stifle the urge to laugh. "Actually, if I'm going to take that thing on?" Claire smiled proudly and gave him another squeeze; a droplet of pre-cum caught the light as it dripped to the carpet. "I'm going to have to brace myself!"

Christina turned and headed up the steps to the kitchen area, striding up to the island in the most hip-wiggling fashion she could manage. She carefully slid the cake to one side, gave the other two a wink; then without further ado bent herself over, legs spread, forearms resting on the spotless table-top. She felt her nipples brush against cool, hard marble; a moment later Claire was pressing against her from behind, the soft warmth of full breasts and tummy squashing against Christina's back.

Without even thinking about it, Christina pushed her ass against Claire, was rewarded with a throaty giggle. She felt breath tickle her ear as a hand slipped down her taut stomach and between her legs. "Oh, honey, you're so wet!" And she absolutely was, wet and hot and horny as fingers explored her eagerly, practically dripping with the thought of Isaac's incredible cock. How would it feel to have that big thing inside her? A feeling of near-intimidation mixed with anticipation filled Christina, warm and intoxicating like a sweet cocktail with a sharp alcoholic kick.

Christina's anticipation only deepened when Claire, after kissing her on the neck and giving her pussy one last stroke, stepped away; when Isaac took her place, his strong, masculine frame looming over her, it boiled up inside her like bubbles in champagne. As he casually adjusted her stance, spreading her legs wider and bending her deeper over the island, she felt the heat of his magnificent meat throbbing on her and fought the urge to grind back onto it.

She found herself grinning helplessly, breaking into a nervous giggle as Isaac pulled back a moment and slapped it against her firm ass with a satisfyingly weighty thwack. He was teasing her, she knew; reminding her of just how big it was, letting the anticipation drive her wild. And it was working; Christina was almost shivering with excitement as he dragged it down her ass crack, frotted the length of it against her sopping snatch.

"Mmmmm, sure you're ready for this?" asked Isaac, casually brushing her hair back from her face before running his hand down her side to rest on her hip. Christina, feeling like she was going out of her mind with expectation and not trusting what might come out of her mouth if she opened it, nodded emphatically. "Alright then..." She took a deep breath as he positioned the meaty head of it against her cunt and began to slowly push.

"Babe, wait a moment!"

"Oh, come on!" cried Christina unbelievingly, breaking into something between a laugh and a moan as Claire scooted round the island to face her.

"Sorry sweetie! I just wanted to see the look on your face when he puts it in," she explained brightly, eyes shining as she gazed expectantly at Christina.

"Alright then-" Isaac muttered to himself over Christina's shoulder, his grip on her hips tightening. She felt like screaming even before he was inside her; then she felt that hard black cock start to push inexorably into her wet cunt and all she could do was moan the obvious.

"It's so big!"

"Yeah, and you're so tight!" replied Isaac, steadily working his king-sized tool into her. The almost over-full sensation was pleasurable in a way exquisitely close to pain, pushing Christina to her limit as she tried to control her breathing. After a few moments, he eased off, giving her the chance to get used to the throbbing beast stretching her so deliciously.

Claire meanwhile was good as her word, gazing raptly at Christina's face, cheeks flush with excitement as her hand slid down over her pleasingly pudgy belly to her own pussy. For a moment she tore her gaze away to look over Christina's shoulder. "How much, babe?"

Isaac shifted his position a little and chuckled. "Not even half..." Despite herself, Christina gulped. "Want a little more?"

"I bet she does!" Claire settled her gaze back on Christina and smiled encouragingly.

Christina took a deep breath. "More, please!"

"Thought so!"

Isaac began to work his mighty cock back-and-forth, slowly fucking her deeper and deeper, skilfully filling Christina's cunt right to the brim. Now that the initial overwhelming shock had worn off a little, she found herself able to take more than she would have believed; she went from fear that she couldn't possibly take him all to determination that she would.

With every girthy inch slipping inside her Christina's pleasure intensified, rising with each slow-but-firm thrust Isaac gave her, building inexorably as she took him ever deeper. When at last she felt those heavy balls brush gently against her she laughed triumphantly with a deep sense of pride.

"All the way, babe?"

"Every inch!"

"I knew you could do it!" cried Claire happily, leaning forward to plant a wet mmmwwahh of a kiss on Christina's face.

"Wait, I think there's just-" Christina took a breath "-just a little more!" With that she pushed herself back against Isaac, taking the last quarter-of-an-inch into her hot cunt. Now she was absolutely, utterly, totally filled-up, and absolutely, utterly, totally loving it.

"Damn!" Isaac gasped, "Now it's really balls-deep!" Somewhere in the back of her mind, Christina found herself thinking about those weighty balls, wondering if his loads were as super-sized as his other assets. Her brief reverie concluded when Isaac pushed her deeper over the island and started to fuck her properly.

Just a short while ago Christina hadn't been entirely certain that she could take all of him; now she was being railed good and hard, moaning wantonly as Isaac pumped his fat prick into her, balls slapping against her rump with each thrust. Sure, Christina had been fucked harder by plenty of guys (and some gals); but none of them had been packing nearly so much meat as Isaac.

Instinctively she tightened her grip on the far edge of the tabletop as the powerful fucking he was giving her pushed her forward with each forceful thrust, one strong hand gripping her hip while the other rested on her shoulder. Soon she was bent all the way over, her full soft breasts squashed against the cool white marble; strands of hair fell damply across her face as beads of perspiration formed on her forehead.

Claire meanwhile was looking a little flushed herself, clearly loving the sight of this glamorous Hollywood bombshell being fucked into a sweaty mess by her super-hung husband. One hand was buried in her crotch, frigging herself hard as she watched the show; the other, which had been playing idly with a stiff nipple, reached out to brush Christina's hair back.

"Th- mmmm- thanks!" murmured Christina inanely, gazing up into a pair of emerald eyes as Isaac gave her ass a good squeeze and her cunt a particularly deep thrust. She was starting to wonder just how much longer either of them could hold out before cumming; caught between wanting to prolong the pleasure of this incredible deep-dicking and wanting to push forward to what she just knew was going to be a toe-curling intense orgasm. "Oh, fffuuuuckkk..." she moaned happily to nobody in particular.

Christina wasn't the only one starting to feel the exertion of this workout; Isaac was starting to breathe harder, hot against her neck as he kept up that unrelenting rhythm. Then, out of nowhere, a wicked smile appeared on Claire's cute face.

Isaac slowed the pace a little. "Hell, I recognise that look!" he chuckled. "What's on that dirty mind of yours, sweetie?"

"Ah, you know me so well!" purred Claire fondly. "Lift her up a moment, will you?" Christina, a little confused but more than willing to play along, felt a strong arm slide round her side and let it pull her back up from the island. "Yeah, like that-"

"What are you- ohhh." Claire reached over and slid the chiffon cake across the marble until it was directly in front of Christina. "Oh, that's naughty." she marvelled, before Isaac's arm returned to her hips and she let herself fall forwards.

With a deeply satisfying splat Christina's huge naturals struck the immaculately frosted creation, the weight of her perfect jugs smushing it violently apart. She just had time to giggle excitedly before Isaac resumed reaming her, balls slapping heavily with every delectably deep thrust. Of course, Christina had plenty of practice with gooey messes on her tits, but this was like nothing she'd ever done before. The soft buttercream frosting smeared across her chest, and that was just the beginning; the more Isaac fucked her hard from behind, the more the cake disintegrated beneath her massive chest. It was crushed relentlessly beneath her, the whipped-cream filling spurting from between the layers to mix messily with frosting.

Claire was practically clapping her hands with glee at the creamy fun she'd orchestrated, watching excitedly as a cake she'd worked on painstakingly was reduced to an unrecognisable mess by Christina's huge tits. The combination of the raw sexual stimulation she got from Isaac expertly fucking her with his massive cock, and the unexpected messy silliness of Claire's bright idea, was enough to finally push Christina over the edge. A burning wave of bliss swept through her, she had time to gasp "Oh, fuck, I'm gonna-", and then she did.

That incredible slab of meat filled her overstimulated pussy one last time, all the way in, and Christina was cumming, hard. Her gasps turned to almost a yell as orgasm exploded through her, every bit as intense as she'd hoped and then some. She arched her back and writhed her big tits against the ruin of Claire's cake as she came hard on Isaac's cock, moaning wordlessly with sheer pleasure.

Just as the initial rush started to subside she heard "Oh, Christina-" and felt his grip on her slacken. There was one last, tiny moment of anticipation; and then she felt him pulsing inside her, a torrent of hot cum spurting out of him to flood her well-fucked depths. She just lay there, feeling the weight of him against her as her own orgasm dissipated into a warm fog of pleasure, listening to him mumble something unintelligible whilst his wife cooed sweet nothings at the pair of them.

"Oh, I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did Christina!" At last he eased himself out of her, the absence making her momentarily feel cavernously empty, lifted his hands from her hips and pushed himself away.

Claire rolled her eyes theatrically. "Men only ask that question when they already know the answer!" And indeed it must have been very obvious that Christina had enjoyed that. She was breathing hard, flushed and sweaty, and some distant part of her was aware of the cum running down her thigh in a way that was not unpleasant. When she extracted herself from what had once been an elegant desert, her breasts were thoroughly coated in a glorious mix of frosting, cream, and the occasional raspberry. She tried to stand up, found herself somewhat unsteady on her feet, and instead simply turned around and leaned back against the island.

She was gratified to see that Isaac was looking far from fresh himself, even if he was considerably cleaner. Sweat was running down that strong, manly frame of his, he too was breathing heavily, and if he wasn't looking for something to keep him upright it was probably just out of misplaced machismo.

With a squeal of vicarious delight Claire bounded jigglingly across to her husband and kissed him full on the mouth, before dropping dutifully to her knees and slurping his softening cock clean.

By now Christina had recovered enough to make her way across the kitchen to the sink, albeit still a little wobbly. She splashed some water on her face, wiped away the sweat, brushed her hair back into place. Which didn't help much really, considering the state the rest of her was in, but she was in too good of a mood to worry about that. She filled a glass, drained it, filled it again, and turned to the others, who were chatting quietly enough that she couldn't quite make out their words.

"I don't- oh, thanks." He took the glass from Christina and drank it down as thirstily as she had.

"-bet she'll say it-" Claire murmured.

"You need to keep properly hydrated after that..." winked Christina.

"Ah well, maybe not this time," admitted Claire ruefully. Christina gave the pair a quizzical look.

"Oh, usually people make some joke about 'creampies'" explained Isaac with a smile, turning to put the empty glass on the side.

"Yeah, or a 'gooey filling', something like that," added Claire, reaching over to pluck a stray raspberry from Christina's breast and pop it into her mouth.

Christina considered the copious load he'd pumped into her and told herself she was too much of a lady to make such an obvious joke. "Usually? You mean you do this all the time?" She tried to sound surprised, but truthfully she could easily believe that they did; no way could anyone fuck that good without a lot of practice.

Claire swallowed the raspberry. "Well, I mean not all the time, but-"

"It's good to, uh, share the love, you know?" Isaac squeezed his soft-but-far-from-small cock with one hand and his wife's tummy with the other. "And there's plenty of us to go around, so..."

"How generous of you!" exclaimed Christina in the most saccharine tone she could manage. "Well, thanks for sharing your husband, Claire," she lowered her voice to a confidential tone, "I'm very grateful..."

"Oh, it was nothing," fluttered Claire, reaching over to scoop some of the creamy mess from Christina's boobs, "although -oh, that is nice- although, if you've gotten your breath back and you'd like to return the favour..."

"Why didn't I do that earlier?" wondered Christina quietly to herself, scraping up some of the frosting and sucking her fingers clean. "Mmmmm, delicious!" Creamily sweet, it melted in her mouth to release a delicate rose flavour. "Mmmm. Yes, sorry, where were we?"

"You were just about to eat my darling wife's pussy" interjected Isaac helpfully.

"Ah yes, of course." Christina licked her lips. "Shall we?"

"Absolutely!" Taking one of the chairs from the corner, Claire headed back towards the now somewhat less pristine island. "Oh, give me a hand will you? Thanks." With a hand on Christina's shoulder for balance she stepped up onto the chair, turned, and lowered her gloriously large rump onto the ruins of the cake; what Christina's jugs had left was utterly destroyed beneath the jiggly globes of Claire's fat ass. With a satisfied smile on her face she spread her legs wide to show off her cunt, pink and inviting.

A hand slipped down her soft body to spread her lips, twining through a damp tangle of blonde hair on the way. A very slight note of regret entered Claire's voice. "If I'd known, I'd have shaved, but-"

"Don't be silly," reassured Christina, "there's nothing wrong with keeping it natural. Makes a change from waxed Hollywood pussy!"

"Damn, sounds like I've been going to the wrong parties!" joked Isaac as he pulled the chair away and stepped aside to get a good view.

Christina shook her head ruefully. "Eh, it's not as much fun as it looks on TV, believe me." She laughed. "But enough about that-" With a hand on each thigh she leaned in and planted a wet kiss on Claire's belly-button, eliciting a delighted giggle, then worked her way down until she was up close and very personal with that delicious-looking pussy.

Without further ado, Christina buried her face in it and went to work, exploring the warm depths with an eager tongue. As confident in her sexual skills as she was, Christina wasn't entirely sure she could give Claire an orgasm as incredible as the one she'd had earlier; after all, being impaled on that monster cock had been a brand-new experience for her. But she was determined to do her best, using skills honed on the aforementioned Hollywood pussy to please this plump wifey's all-natural snatch.

She got in good and deep, burying her face in between those thick thighs as she licked, slurped, sucked away hungrily. Claire certainly wasn't shy about enjoying it; her earthy moans of lust were interrupted only by the occasional candy-sweet squeal, spurring Christina to ever-greater heights of rug-munching.

After a couple of minutes of relentless tongue-fucking, Christina pulled back to take a couple of deep breaths. "Honey, eating you is wonderful, you taste sooo good."

"She does, doesn't she," interjected Isaac, who was casually stroking his semi-hard cock as he watched the show; even after that big load it looked like he would be ready for more real soon.

"I do?" Claire bent down so Christina could give her a deep, cunt-flavoured kiss. "I do!" With that, she ran a hand through Christina's red hair and pushed her back down to finish the job. Redoubling her efforts, the grip on the back of her head served only to let her know how turned on her partner was getting; there was no way Christina was going to stop now, not until she'd made Claire cum.

Claire, who had been extremely aroused even before a Hollywood sex-goddess started going down on her, was close to the edge now. Her moaning got louder and louder, her grip involuntarily tightened; and then she came hot and hard against Christina's face. "Ooooooohhhhhhh! Fuck! Fuuuucckk!" she groaned, arching her back and tipping her head back as what was clearly an intense orgasm flooded through her.

As intense as the one her husband had given Christina? Maybe not, but as her loud moans subsided into heavy breathing and deep sighs, Claire didn't seem to have any complaints. With a guilty start, she released her iron grip on Christina's head. "Oh! I'm sorry, I-"

"No, don't be silly!" Christina grinned up at her, face shining wetly and breathing just as hard. Pushing herself up, she took a few aimless strides around the kitchen to stretch her limbs.

Claire hopped off the island with a furniture-rattling thump, stretched herself languidly. "Damn, I haven't had this much fun since I sat on that wedding cake." With a satisfied sigh she turned her head and looked down over her shoulder to admire the creamy white mess covering the wide expanse of her butt cheeks.

By now Isaac was fully-hard once more, gently stroking the girthy shaft as he watched the others cool down from their oral adventure. Christina couldn't take her eyes off it; even now the initial shock had worn off, the sight of that magnificent black cock stirred something deep within her. Clearing her throat, she tore her gaze away long enough to give him a mischievous smile and a lascivious wink. "Looks like there might be a little more left on the menu..."

He returned her smile with interest, squeezed his meat harder. "Yeah, I think there might be. Still hungry, Christina?"

"Oh, I've always got room for dessert!" she replied brightly. "And you know the funny thing about dessert? It always seems to go straight to my tits!" With that she cupped her incredible assets and squashed them together in the least subtle way imaginable.

"Hell yes, I've been wanting to get between those huge tits since the moment you walked in the door!"

"Really?" pondered Christina, feeling the slippery mix of cream and frosting beneath her fingers as she played with those majestic jugs in a way that was only mostly for his benefit. "That's kind of unusual; most guys want to fuck my tits way before they ever get to meet me!"

"Let's just say, this isn't the first time your tits have made him cum..."

"Yeah, I'll bet..." Christina purred, sinking to her knees in front of him, that incredible prick temptingly close to her face. On a whim she leaned forward briefly to gave the tip a quick kiss and was rewarded with a drop of pre-cum. "Claire honey, be a doll and fetch the whipped cream, would you?"

Eyes lighting up naughtily, Claire scampered off to retrieve the icing bag from the other side of the room. As she returned, Christina turned away from Isaac and bent back some, presenting her huge pert boobs to be covered. With a grin Claire positioned the bag at her crotch, aimed it at Christina and squeezed hard, sending a torrent of fluffy cream spurting all over those already messy boobs.

As her two new friends gazed spellbound, Christina rubbed the fresh cream all over her glorious milkers, making sure her epic rack was thoroughly coated. Gazing up at the big, strong man standing over her, she fluttered her eyelashes coquettishly. "Isaac? Would you please fuck my big tits with that lovely fat cock of yours?"

"Oh, anything for you!" Moving forward just a little, he pressed his mouth-watering prick against Christina's cleavage and slid in between her heavy jugs. She could feel it throbbing hotly against her, snugly wrapped in her warm, soft titflesh and slippery with cream. Adjusting her grip slightly, fingers digging in as she held them firmly in place, Christina made sure his full length was buried between her boobs, his balls brushing the underside as the bulbous head poked out from the sea of cream.

With that, she started to work his cock with her breasts, working them up-and-down in a perfect rhythm, putting all of her very considerable experience to the best possible use. With the slippery, half-melted cream to act as lube, she decided to use a touch more force; then Isaac started to buck his hips, and they were really going at it.

He was tit-fucking her whilst she tit-wanked him, hot flesh squashed and pressed together lustily as his giant tool pumped away at her jugs, cream and frosting flying wildly as Christina went all out to please that prick. Once she'd settled into the new, faster rhythm she decided it was her turn to ask a silly question. "How do you like this? Like fucking my fat white tits?"

"Oh, I love it," he groaned, "so fucking good between those huge boobs!"

"Is she everything you hoped, babe?"

"Even better, sweetie!"

Claire gave Christina a knowing grin. "Wow, you must be good! Maybe you can give me some tips later..."

"Glad to, honey!" laughed Christina, not interrupting her stride even a little, milking him ruthlessly and quietly wondering what his next load would be like. "Share the love, right?"

Even having already taken the edge off earlier, as turned on as Isaac was now there was no way he could hold up for long under this kind of treatment. Another minute or so and he was breathing hard and groaning lustily as Christina's massive melons churned around his supersized cock. "Oh, fuck, oh fuck, I'm gonna-"

He pulled out at last, that incredible black monstercock emerging from Christina's cavernous cleavage in a shower of white gloop. Quick as a flash Claire reached out, wrapping her fingers firmly round her husband's thick, slippery shaft and pumping it hard. The fat head was so close to her face she'd swear she could feel its heat, and just for the briefest of moments Christina felt that familiar sense of anticipation fluttering within her. Then he started to cum.

Pulsing hard in his wife's hand, he erupted all over Christina's upturned face; thick, heavy ropes of hot cum spurting out to splash wetly against her, pouring out of him like a fountain even though it was his second load. Claire meanwhile adjusted her aim carefully with each spurt, making sure to give Christina a thick, even coating, expertly frosting that gorgeous face with fresh cum.

When she was sure the last drop was out, Christina gingerly opened her eyes to see Isaac gazing down at the wonderful mess he'd made; even he seemed shocked by the sheer quantity of seed he'd unleashed. Claire for her part looked more delighted as she released her grip on his spent prick and gave him an affectionate kiss on the cheek.

Christina took a deep breath and rose to her feet, stretching the stiffness from her legs after kneeling for so long. With a contented sigh, she reflected on her situation; her chest (and much of the rest of her) was covered in deliciously sweet goo, her pussy was still aching in the nicest way from that epic stuffing, and she'd just taken the kind of facial that usually involves multiple guys. She felt absolutely wonderful, fully satiated after the kind of gleefully indulgent sex she craved. Well, almost full satiated.

"Claire? Do you have any more of those brownies?"
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Re: Christina Shares the Love (Christina Hendricks)
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2022, 01:09:26 PM »
So happy to see you back. It's been a long time, old friend!

Fantastic story. Interracial themes certainly fit Christina and she used those tits for what they were built for.  :D
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Re: Christina Shares the Love (Christina Hendricks)
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2022, 01:59:24 PM »
Welcome back!

I like the set up with Christina for this. Reading this reminds me that I miss Good Girls lol
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Re: Christina Shares the Love (Christina Hendricks)
« Reply #3 on: May 06, 2022, 11:28:55 AM »
Nice hot story, welcome back
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Re: Christina Shares the Love (Christina Hendricks)
« Reply #4 on: May 07, 2022, 02:57:33 AM »
This put me in the mood for a Christina Hendricks binge. Those big tits were made for big cocks.
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Re: Christina Shares the Love (Christina Hendricks)
« Reply #5 on: May 16, 2022, 11:21:12 AM »
We also share with great pleasure 😊
I liked the character of Isaac, he feasts like no one else and Christina enjoys it too, she knows how to make men rise and last with her huge incredible breasts.

 It was a real pleasure to read, it was sexy and hot the story is well written then Christina associates well with the interracial. So much a fantastic story.
Thank you 😉
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Re: Christina Shares the Love (Christina Hendricks)
« Reply #6 on: June 24, 2022, 07:15:27 PM »
Excellent story.


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