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Author Topic: Fashion Show tales Chapter One (Kate Beckinsale, Vanessa Hudgens)  (Read 8759 times)


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Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL Story Contains Sexually Graphic Situations. If You're Under Age or Easily Offended STOP READING NOW!!

It had been a great show. One of my first big events working as a model so it was a rush of excitement, exhaustion and shock all rolled into one evening. There was a stellar crowd looking on as well of course, the usual kind that always gathered for these events. Everyone from designers and fashion journalist's to celebrities. And of course it was the celebrities that were definitely a slight distraction. It was hard not to notice the women looking on that evening.

Front row seats next to the stage had a gathering of laughing girls. Fergie, Sarah Hyland, Vanessa Hudgens and Kate Beckinsale, just to name a few. They were all having a good time sharing words, much laughter and snapping shots with their phones as the evening progressed.

Of course once the evening show was complete it was finally a chance to relax and enjoy the night. Behind the scenes everyone was congratulating everyone, sharing a drink and all the celebrities had been invited back stage to enjoy it all. With it being my first show, I did of course enjoy a fair share of attention from other models, designers and of course some of the celebs, which is how I found myself stood next to Vanessa Hudgens and Kate Beckinsale.

People had been mingling and chatting, swapping stories and catching up mostly but the two of them were still laughing and joking as we were introduced and it was explained that it was my first show. Still they were easy to talk to, eager to see what my experience of it was like compared to their own. For a time we just enjoyed a chat before Vanessa gave Kate's arm a squeeze.

"I've just got to get another drink OK? Don't go anywhere though I'll be right back!" She chuckled brightly as she headed of leaving me and Kate alone.

As she left Kate gave me a curious look.

"Do you know I have a phobia of models. It's something I'm trying to get over, as well as enjoying the evening of course, and the company." She purred softly.

I just looked at her puzzled. "Well I guess it's one way to get over it. Immerse yourself in the world."

"Exactly and I think you're the perfect opportunity for me to practice. You're new to this as well. It means you shouldn't be quite as intimidating as more experienced models."

"Well maybe, this is my first show so I don't know what to expect or how to act yet." I continued frowning as I tried to work out where this was all leading.

"And being it's your first night you want to make sure it's perfect don't you?" She continued on.

"Of course, everyone wants there first night to be a success."

"Perfect, so follow me." She added just grabbing my hand and tugging me away.

"Uh Kate what exactly did you have in mind, where are we going?" I tried to ask as she almost dragged me away.

"Just follow me, everything will be perfect I promise." She added smiling brightly as we slipped out of the back stage area and walked through the corridors of the arena. I had no idea what we were doing and just followed behind her as she led me away.

After a few twists and turns we came to a door. Kate opened it up, peered inside and obviously finding it to her tastes pulled me inside. It was a work space by the look of it. Somewhere used by the maintenance people. Who knew exactly? As I was tugged in I suddenly had other things on my mind.

Kate drew me in and led me into the middle of the room closing the door behind us. Then she was stood right up against me her slender hand sliding down the front of my body where she began to rub my suddenly hardening cock. I groaned head falling back as she rubbed me.

"Kate, I uh, are you sure this is a good idea?" I half muttered my hips already arching into her soft touch.

"Oh yes I think this is the perfect idea. I get over my phobia, and you get to enjoy your first show in the proper fashion. Everyone is a winner." She replied smirking as she dropped slowly down to her knees in front of me.

Before I could say anymore her slender fingers were popping open the button on my slacks and drawing the zip down. She reached inside grasping my boxers and tugged them down as well pulling the slacks with them so my erection, long hard and firm spilled out.

Still smirking she looked back up at me as she planted a kiss on the swollen head and then rubbed her tongue along the underside making me twitch. Finally her lips parted and she drew me into her mouth, just the tip sucking gently. It was complete heaven, the warm wetness of her mouth engulfing me slowly, teasingly drawing the head inside.

I moaned softly looking down watching her sultry gaze, her mouth parted by my cock, slowly watching her take more of it inside. She was sucking eagerly away bobbing back and forth sliding further along the shaft while I throbbed with pleasure just enjoying myself now and giving into the moment.

Just at that point I heard a soft click and the sound of a door opening. Glancing up I watched Vanessa walk inside.

"Kate are you in here? I told you not to go far and not leave without me now, I uh wow, oh my." She stopped in her tracks as she finally spotted exactly what Kate was on her knees doing.

I was just about to start cursing at the interruption when Kate drew her mouth back and turned to look at Vanessa. "Well don't stand there get down and help me out." She instructed the other girl. Giggling she reached out grasped her hand and tugged her down alongside her.

Slightly dumbstruck I watched as Kate guided Vanessa in alongside her, just shuffling a little to the side, the two of them kneeling together positioned in front of me. Kate's fingers held my cock stroking it still and she leaned forward and slowly kissed the tip once more. Vanessa was looking on, her eyes flicking from me, to Kate and back again. Finally Kate nudged it towards her eyes bright with pleasure.

"Go on, I want to see how you handle him." Kate purred softly still holding me there.

"Oh yeah? I knew we were going to have fun tonight, I just didn't quite expect this."

Vanessa finally moved as well shaking her head a little she leaned in just using her lips to capture the head of my cock. She teased me gliding her tongue over the tip swirling it, sliding underneath to rub gently her head tilted back to look up at me, making me groan again as I watched her pretty eyes looking at me.

It was an erotic sight, her eyes focused back on me sparkling a little reflecting the light as her tongue just slid along the underside of my cock, teasing the most sensitive of spots, making me quiver and twitch.

Then she too opened wider and drew me inside sucking away while Kate looked on. It made me ache and swallow hard looking down to see her. Kate held me steady fingers wrapped around the base of my cock just controlling it while Vanessa teased and pleasured me.

The two of them together were a potent combination as I was beginning to learn.

"Definitely not your first time handling something like this." Kate teased her softly. Her fingers slipped through Vanessa's hair guiding her along my length a little quicker, a little deeper seeing how she handled it. Vanessa kept up her good work taking me deeper briefly before she drew back with another pop.

"God Kate you're so bad! You're supposed to be the sensible one not down here doing this." She murmured softly gazing at Kate with a small smile on her face.

"You want to see exactly how bad I can be." Kate quipped back turning Vanessa towards her briefly and capturing her mouth in a searing kiss lips and tongues all meeting together, free hands lightly skimming over the edges of their dresses. It was an exquisite sight just the two of them moaning softly enjoying one another and they were far from through with me yet luckily.

As they broke apart they turned their attention back to my throbbing hard cock. Taking turns they proceeded to tease and taste me, taking turns licking and sucking. One would tease the head of my cock or suck lightly while the other would trail kisses or gentle licks around the base or against the soft weight of my balls moaning softly.

At one point the two of them were kissing, the hard swollen length of my shaft trapped between their lips making me throb even more as I watched them, sliding their mouths and tongues over my shaft, against each other. I was pulsing and twitching hard now pre cum leaking out being smeared against their lips, watching the two of them taste it, share it, little glossy strands oozing out connecting all three of us.

They rose up higher kissing one another once more, the soft sounds of their pleasure growing once more. Trapped between them my throbbing erection slipped against them both. Sliding across the exposed cleavage on show from their outfits as the two of them pushed together, breasts straining against the fabric and contours of their dresses before they slowly sank down and resumed their early positions.

Kate slipped her mouth over my cock and this time went deep taking it all in one smooth motion clearly practiced and skilled. Her eyes glittered as she looked back up at me, enough to make me moan again watching as she pulled back. Then she turned and held me out towards Vanessa again.

"Go on, I want to see you take it all in as well." She teased her softly her free hand sliding through the other woman's hair.

"Well anything you can do......"She smirked slowly before turning back towards me.

Licking her lips slowly, I'm sure teasing me as much as anything and putting on a show for Kate. But then she happily obliged the older woman. She took her time but guided her warm wet mouth over the head of my cock and down the shaft making my head fall back stifling another moan as I felt her sucking.

She held it there those eyes just looking back up at me sparkling, full of playful mischief before she slowly pulled back. She licked her lips again smiling before she turned back to Kate. She didn't give her a chance to say anything, just nipped forward and kissed her now hard and hungry her teeth nipping at the older woman's lush mouth.

Kate gave a startled moan of surprise but threw herself into it breathlessly. I just watched on throbbing hard and mesmerized by the two women enjoying teasing one another now hands eagerly fondling one another until they finally broke away.

Lazily Kate stroked a finger over the tops of Vanessa's breasts and I watched her shiver biting her lip momentarily. Her own hands reached out and traced the swells of Kate's breasts as they peeked out from her black dress. They both wanted more of each other I was sure of that.

"I did say anything you could do..........." Vanessa murmured softly.

"You did indeed. We could put that to the test later and see exactly what you can do." Kate prompted her smirking still.

"Only if you're certain! I mean we are both being bad now. I guess we might as well make the most of it all and enjoy it."

Kate ran a finger over the head of my cock where it was still oozing out pre cum gathering a drop on the tip which she then guided back to Vanessa's mouth and drew over her tongue as her mouth parted instinctively. She moaned softly again sucking on Kate's finger, her tongue licking it clean as they exchanged glances Kate purring happily.

I was mesmerized by the sight of them both. Mesmerized and aching, my cock throbbing right there in front of them. No doubting who was controlling the situation though. Kate grasped my cock and guided it back to Vanessa's eager waiting mouth. As she slipped it over me and began sucking once more Kate stood up now and pressed against my chest her mouth sliding over my neck kissing and nibbling.

Happy to have something else to do, to distract myself, I slipped my hands around her body exploring. I moved up to cover her breasts squeezing a little before sliding around to her back. Then I slowly worked my way down over her hips and onto that firm pert rear squeezing it tight.

"Here's what's going to happen. You're going to fuck that pretty little mouth of hers. Then you're going to cum for us both so we can taste it. Then were all going back to my hotel room and were going to spend the rest of the night. You get to fuck me, fuck her and enjoy watching us both together as an added bonus." She told me succinctly flicking her tongue over my lips teasing before she nibbled on one.

I just groaned. Getting to enjoy their mouths now, then head back to her hotel room to fuck them both for good measure? No complaining about that. Not on my side.

I wasn't even sure Vanessa heard. She was moaning lips wrapped around my cock. Kate smiled again kissed me deeply, hungrily and then sank down to join her just gazing back at me.

"Go on do it. I want to see you enjoy that mouth of hers and then I want to see you spill all over it!" She then insisted.

I think it was her voice as much as anything that did it, that teasing playful tone. Not that the prospect of finally finishing hurt, neither did the thought of going back and enjoying even more. I could already picture the two of them together naked while I enjoyed them both.

I could see Kate slipping her hand under the edge of Vanessa's dress. I watched the skirt rise up a little reveling the firm cheeks of her ass, the hint of lace pushed aside by Kate's inquisitive fingers. I could see her suddenly tense and then moan around me shuddering with pleasure as Kate's deft fingers found her sex, slick, wet and tempting.

I didn't have a great angle to see of course but I could see enough to guess exactly what Kate was doing to the younger woman.

I slipped my hand down to brush Vanessa's hair back and focused on her. I began to move my hips back and forth edging my length in and out of her parted lips sliding across her tongue and deeper inside her mouth. She took it, resting her hands on my thighs, fingers pressing into my muscles, still just moaning as she sucked me inside deeper and deeper. Kate helped her; one hand on Vanessa's head fingers sliding through her hair and the other still under her dress, fingering Vanessa's pussy still I assumed. She was still wriggling and squirming even as she sucked away on my hard cock.

A smile played across her lips, a slight smirk as she regarded me and watched Vanessa as I fucked her mouth. I was struggling to hold back. Whatever else could be said Vanessa knew what she was doing. She was moaning sliding her mouth back and forth over my throbbing length moving easily between Kate and myself while I admired the view.

I could feel that throbbing increasing and gritted my teeth hips bucking and straining a little more as I tried to draw out as much pleasure as I could. Kate though was having none of it, obviously knowing exactly what she wanted to see.

"Don't fight it now. Just enjoy it. Just cum for us, just cum all over that pretty mouth of here." She called out again soft and teasing.

I groaned then just letting go completely. Kate was obviously either well aware of what would happen or just guessing. Either way she edged Vanessa's head back of the end of the cock, so just the tip was resting on her tongue. I could feel her sliding against me, warm and wet even as I began to climax, the sight of her mouth open, eyes hot and sultry with Kate smirking alongside her, all three of us watching too much to withstand.

My hips just rocked unsteadily and my swollen hard cock began to erupt. It jerked against Vanessa's tongue and the first shot spurted up across her cheek, the next across her lips. But then the rest began to pour out shot after shot splashing across her tongue and inside her waiting mouth while she moaned as well capturing it all.

Kate watched and waited until I finally stopped and then used her hand to guide my softening length back to her own mouth to slowly suck out the last few drops left over. Her eyes fluttered and I felt her tongue swirling around the head savouring me before slowly sliding away with a soft pop. Even then she wasn't quite done with Vanessa at least.

As I staggered back catching a breath I just watched. She turned Vanessa's head towards her and then the two of them were kissing, licking and enjoying one another and all my cum at the same time. Kate still had one hand under Vanessa's dress and she was squirming against her. Vanessa hadn't swallowed it so it rolled and spread around of their tongues while they moaned. Kate gently licked up the spilled cum from of Vanessa's face smearing it over their skin leaving the two of them glossy and slick with it as they both teased, tasted and shared the load.

"Holy fucking shit you two are hot." I murmured just shaking my head as they slowly finished up.

"You better believe it." Kate added smiling as she licked her lips clean before leaning in and kissing Vanessa again, before slowly easing her hand out from under her dress.

"I can't even believe we just did that. I only came to see where you were!" Vanessa added playfully, somewhat ruefully as well it had to be said as Kate withdrew her fingers. But Vanessa stroked a thumb across Kate's chin to capture another last stray drop.

"We're only just starting don't forget. We're going back to my hotel room and I'm getting you naked because I want to put that talented mouth to some other use." Kate teased her again.

Vanessa just stared at her a moment before nodding slightly. She wanted more every bit as much as me and Kate. "In that case what are we waiting for? He's had some fun and now we need our own, I want more."

Kate chuckled softly for a moment standing up and moving over to her discarded bag. She fished inside and retrieved a scrap of paper and pencil and scrawled out something which she handed back to me. Still smirking she swiped her finger glistening with Vanessa's glossy juices against my lips so I could taste her sweet and tempting. I caught Vanessa smirking at me eyes bright with amusement.

I took the paper and glancing down found an address and number.

"My hotel room. Don't bother asking just come up and knock. We'll both be there waiting. Just give us half an hour to make our excuses and slip away then do the same and come and meet us." She smiled again and grabbing her bag sauntered towards the door. Vanessa lingered a moment more licked her lips again and flashed her own small wicked smile as well before she headed after her.

I waited a few minutes tidying myself up and glanced at the paper again. Half an hour was going to be a long time to wait before I could slip away and join them both.

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Re: Fashion Show tales Chapter One (Kate Beckinsale, Vanessa Hudgens)
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ooooh, I like where this is going
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Re: Fashion Show tales Chapter One (Kate Beckinsale, Vanessa Hudgens)
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This was awesome. Kate Beckinsale is a real fox.
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