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Backflip to the Future (Shawn Johnson)
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Backflip to the Future
Story by Money
Celeb in story Shawn Johnson
Story codes MF, oral, anal, titfuck

Story summary: Celeb retires from competition but has trouble adjusting to normal life so the author offers to help leading to shenanigans

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened. I'm sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality any comments can be sent to [email protected] now on with the story.

It was bittersweet watching Shawn Johnson retire from the olympics. Having her home more often was going to be more fun for me plus not having to hide our relationship anymore took lots of pressure off both of us. She adjusted well enough the first few days finding a comfort zone yet still longing for that rush she got while working out with her friends. Coming up with new things to do every day was becoming more and more taxing when we finally hit a wall.

“I’m bored.” she said

“You burned through a laundry list of bucket list items in a week so slow down,” I said.

Shawn was a real adrenaline junkie. I kept up with her pace but my body was paying a heavy price along the way between pulled muscles or being tired. We really hadn’t had sex since she retired which was unheard of given her kinky imagination and willingness to get naked at the drop of a hat.

“I miss the girls, maybe I was wrong.”
“I  think you wanted a life outside training and traveling most of the year.”

“You're right, I remember so many times coming home and ripping my clothes off before I got past the kitchen.”

“I’ll admit you giving me a blowjob while doing a handstand on the bed rails was always worth a highlight reel.”

“Things sure were easier before I started training. Maybe I need a reset switch to help.”
“Sounds good, you were always more fun when you were relaxed.”

I pulled her up on my chest and started giving Shawn a shoulder massage which got her to start purring really quickly. Her hand started rubbing the bulge in my pants.

“Keep going,” she moaned out.

“I’ve got just the thing,” I whispered in her ear.

I slipped my hands inside her dress roaming around her boobs, working my way between her legs while kissing her neck. Shawn shuddered from the feeling, clearly liking the attention.
I couldn’t help myself. I tore open Shawn’s dress leaving it in rags. Her own hormones were kicking in. Pulling my 4 foot long dick out now with no training to worry about she wanted to get destroyed by it.

“Wreck me with this horse cock.” she purred

“If you say so,” I grinned.

I parted Shawn’s legs sliding my massive rod inside her pussy. My intruder was like a battering ram slamming into a keyhole forcing her to scream like a banshee that could be heard in the basement as she clawed at the sheets.


“No idea,” I said watching the gymnast go nuts on my gigantic fuck pole.

Shawn was bouncing on my shaft taking every inch she could handle. Her screams were muffled by the soundproof walls but I was getting the full volume up close.

“Good thing I’m really flexible,” she moaned as her pussy swallowed an obscene amount of girthy meat.

“Getting close,” I grunted. Her tight pussy strangling my cock was an amazing feeling.

Shawn was bouncing around like a ragdoll no matter which direction I fucked her in. My colossal beef shaft nearly impaled her organs more than once.

“I’m going numb in my legs!” she cried out

“On it.”I picked Shawn up by her waist, railing her on my shaft by sheer strength before driving my hips forward slamming the bed frame into the wall. The impact shook her bones.


“Can’t hold it,” I said on the very edge of blowing my mega load.

Shawn’s orgasm was an ear splitting headache. The volume was way more than loud. If it had a scale it would be about a 15 concert overkill. My orgasm blasted Shawn’s entire body inside and out in a thick spunk. The bed wasn’t broken but the frame was twisted.

The next day…

To keep Shawn from getting bored again I went with her to the gym so she could workout and socialize among her old teammates. Without feeling any pressure to return I kept myself busy while she visited but I couldn’t help looking at her near skin tight outfit. I thought she was going to wear some old sweats but was nearly in shock when Shawn showcased a 2 piece unitard that showed her abs and most of her legs leaving nearly nothing to my imagination. I was trying with minimal success to hide my massive erection when she came over.

“I’ll spot you honey don’t get crazy,” she said

“I’m just benching 200 no worries babe,” I said

With Shawn watching me I cranked out set after set on the barbells while she had been gone with the Olympic teams. I built my body and stamina to do unheard of numbers of reps at a time so as I neared the 100 mark I played it up like I was getting tired.

“Don’t strain yourself, save your energy,” she said.

“I’m fine Peanut, just a little sore,” I said.

After toweling off the sweat I could see a look on Shawn’s face. It had been a while since we had worked out together where she wasn’t training for something. She must have been getting turned on. The obvious sign was a familiar smell between her legs.

I tipped the janitor a little extra for special access to an unused locker room we barely got in before Shawn was all over me going for my shorts.

“I never get tired of this,” she said.

“Hold on tight.”

I could barely get Shawn’s unitard off fast enough before she was deepthroating 2 feet of my dick. I fucked her pretty mouth with my massive cock. Spit came oozing off her lips, dripping down her chin to her tits. The bulge was stretching her windpipe but she wasn’t coughing as we slipped into the shower stall.

“Gonna be sore later,” she purred.

“You always fucking love it. Keep going,” I moaned.

Shawn was looking up at me while she sandwiched my dick between her boobs to get a solid grip she pushed me against the wall.

“You're not going anywhere,” she purred as she held my meat captive in between her tits.

“Take your time,” I said looking down at her and my sandwiched shaft.

She popped my monster hog back into her mouth and started bobbing down on my shaft working her way down to get 3 feet of my meat down her throat. She didn’t gag which was amazing to watch. Her her blonde hair flew while she fingered herself as she fucked her mouth up and down on my pole.

“Almost there?” she groaned out.

“Hang on,” I said as I slipped into a 69 on the bench. I started eating Shawn out at a blistering pace to keep up with her blowjob skills. She stuffed more dick down her throat, a good 3 feet of dick seated in her throat.

“Gonna scream!” she moaned from my tongue lashing of her juicy cunt.

“Not here,” I said.

Shawn was going at a crazy fast pace, forcing me to keep up. If her orgasm was too intense, her screams would be heard across the block and we’d be banned for life but it was too late.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” she screamed.out in a mind blowing, eardrum blowing roar.

“Oh shit!” I said, always amazed at how powerful this little spinner’s orgams were.

Shawn’s orgasm rocked her body hard as she sprayed my face in girl cream. Right before my own orgasm hit, I slipped my cock back into her mouth and unloaded buckets of spunk down her throat. She got most of it but some hit her face and hands just missing her hair.

With someone so close to finding us we had to bail on the gym driving home Shawn was jerking me off at very slow rate it took all my energy to not pull over and fuck her senseless we barely made it inside the house before we were naked again in the living room.

“Anal virgin…ANAL VIRGIN!!!!” she said

“I know.I’ll go slow.” I bent Shawn over the couch and lined up my monster dong with her tiny asshole. I pushed against it hard, making her little backdoor open for my cock. I kept pushing through her shitpipe, sliding all 4 feet inside her ass. The fit was a bit on the tight side with her anal ring fighting back. I was trying not to hurt her but the look of building pain was twisting her face when she finally snapped.

“BREAK ME!!” she screamed

“You wanted this,” I said

Shawn was getting pounded while watching herself in the floor mirror off in the corner seeing her abs balloon out with my massive rod inside her. Her tiny body was quickly learning to take my mega sized cock.

“KEEP GOING.” she screamed

“Kinky little slut” I grunted, pounding away at her backdoor.

Her anal ring finally caved letting every inch inside her ass making Shawn howl in pleasure from the impulses flooding her brain.

“NO PAIN…NO PAIN!!!” she screamed

“Well that's new,” I chuckled.

Shawn was on her way over the edge. Good thing nobody could hear us. My ears were already ringing being this close to the shrill sonics.

“NOT FINISHED YET!!” she screamed.

“Can’t hold it,” I gritted through my teeth.

Shawn lost her mind as her orgasm roared to life. The ear piercing scream was like a sonic shotgun blast in my ears as my own orgasm blasted her ass in thick spunk before we collapsed.

“That was amazing,” she squealed.

“Should have done anal sooner,” I said.

Today Shawn is still retired and happy. There are times when she gets the itch to compete and misses her friends but those are swept away after sex with her kinky alter ego but those are stories for another time.
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