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A Swift Rebound [Taylor Swift]
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A Swift Rebound

I've heard a few horror break up stories in my time, cheated on you with your brother, broken up hours before the wedding, shagged her own step dad etc, etc but I now have the story that beats all of them. My girlfriend broke up with me during a Taylor Swift concert. I still can't quite believe it myself; I thought I was being the best boyfriend ever getting my girlfriend tickets to one of Taylor's shows. They were seats right at the front too which anyone who tries to buy Taylor tickets knows are like goldust. I really thought I would be boyfriend of the year and be in line to get blowjobs for the rest of my life for getting my huge Taylor Swift fan girlfriend the best concert seats possible. She was going with some of her girlfriends as while I think Taylor is super hot I'm not the biggest fan of pop music so I chose not to go. Honestly I would have loved to see Taylor in person but was worried about getting rock hard to her around my now ex girlfriend. In truth I should have seen the warning signs when she didn't even try to drag me along to the show and instead seemed quite happy I was sitting this one out.

My worries started a few hours after she left and I was home alone lazily flicking through Twitter searching out Taylor's name. I confess I was looking for live concert pics to jerk over as me and my girlfriend hadn't had sex for the last few weeks which I guess was another warning sign I ignored. Scrolling down Twitter I found the message 'OMG THIS GIRL JUST DUMPED HER BF LIVE ON STAGE AT TAYLOR'S SHOW' Stupidly I laughed at first picturing the poor guy who took his girl to a Taylor show only to get dumped. Part of me wondered if that guy fell into the trap I avoided accidentally getting hard for Taylor around his girlfriend. Refreshing my Twitter feed I see there is even more news about this on stage Taylor dumping and I can already see this is gonna go viral. I work in the media, my connections helped me score the amazing Taylor tickets so I like to think I can tell when something online will become big news.

The more messages I read the more angry they are at the girl. Stuff like 'SHE BROKE UP WITH HIM AFTER 3 YEARS WHAT A BITCH' or 'HE BOUGHT HER TAYLOR TICKETS AND SHE STILL DUMPED HIM WHAT A BITCH' I still hadn't put 2 and 2 together as I was still chuckling over the irony of a group of Taylor Swift fans supporting the man in a break up. One message I scroll down over has a video and I click on it. The picture quality was bad as it's from a cell phone and it's being filmed a long way from the stage. I can just about make out a shrill voice screaming something like I'm breaking up with you but the quality is so poor I couldnít make her out. The first full on video of this will break Twitter and I debate texting my girlfriend and asking if she filmed it. It would be cool to help boost my girlfriend's online profile and show her that my job can be useful as she has never really got why I work in online media.

The hashtag #TAYLORSWIFTDUMPING is now trending but I know that will change to something more catchy soon. Finally I find a Tweet with a close up video and the caption simply reads poor guy with several crying face emojis. The video is from down the front of the show and I groan as the camera pans up to a close up shot of Taylor's bare legs. My cock twitches as Taylor leans down further clearly trying to point out someone in the crowd. I'm tempted to pause the video so I can get my cock out over Taylor's legs but resist as I see a girl getting helped out of the crowd by security. My heart sinks as I see the dark red hair tied up into a ponytail with a white bow move past the camera. I try and calm myself down saying there is more than one girl in the world that does her hair like my girlfriend. I see her face and all doubt is lost, that is my girlfriend being pulled on stage about to dump me.

"So you had something you wanted to say to your boyfriend," Taylor says into her microphone, smiling and letting my fangirl girlfriend hug her.

"Yes, Yes," My girlfriend squeaks happily into Taylor's mic, "Andy you bought me these amazing tickets for this show and it's been a great 3 years but baby I can do way better, it should all be about ME so I'm done, it's over, I'm breaking up with you."

I sit there dumbfounded, squeezing hard on my phone staring blankly at the screen. All the cheering seems to stop on the video as everyone nearby gasps. Even Taylor looks in some shock losing her on stage presence and nearly dropping the microphone as my now smiling ex girlfriend gives her another hug. The video stops and I stare at the blank screen for a while till I feel a tear leaking out. This can't happen, why would this happen? What did I do? Closing down Twitter I race for my girlfriend's number and dial it praying this is all some sick joke.

No answer so I text her and text her, 15 minutes of none stop texting all saying the same thing. WHAT'S HAPPENING ANSWER ME PLEASE, I feel like my safe normal life is sliding quickly off a cliff. Everything has just fallen apart so suddenly as I keep texting my girlfriend's number begging her to talk. Finally a message flashes up sent by one of her friends, leave her alone Andy she doesn't want to talk. That message finally unlocks my emotion, switching me from numb sadness to outright rage. SHE DUMPED ME ON A FUCKING STAGE IN FRONT OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE I DESERVE A FUCKING CONVERSATION I text angryily. Her friend just sends back a shrugging emoji and I nearly toss my phone into the wall with blind rage.

Some Twitter notifications go off and I see the internet is on top form as it's found my girlfriend and who she dumped. My feed is full of retweets of the video, Taylor Swift lyrics and just laughing emojis and finally I switch my phone off and bury my head in my hands. The tears flow as my life now feels over, I will forever be the guy dumped at the Taylor Swift show. I know how much those tags stay on a person and I almost laugh at the irony of me becoming a minor celeb. My job is retweeting and boosting viral news now I'm the news, my life has turned into a Black Mirror episode. I want to just fall on the floor and keep sobbing but my phone beeps for a text and I have to pick it up. My tears stop as I see a text from another of my girlfriend's mates with a link to my ex girlfriend's Instagram.

I click it and see it has been purged of all pics of me and the two of us together. That must have been how Twitter found me and when I see 100+ notifications on my Twitter icon I make a mental note to close my account. There is just one picture on my ex's Instagram account now, a picture of her backstage with Taylor standing side to side with her, arm over Taylor's shoulder. The caption reads' Thank you to my idol Taylor Swift who taught me never to settle for less today is the start of the new me. I really do throw my phone away in disgust this time hearing it clatter on the floor. Anger is burning through me now, blood vessels pounding my own heart beat into my ears. I want revenge, my bitch ex publicly dumped me and ruined my life. I have to get even. She suddenly dumped me, my rage filled brain thinks quickly so she won't have had time to move all her stuff out. I nearly let out an evil laugh thinking my closet is full of her precious expensive clothes. My ex did have an addiction to shopping and buying new clothes and I can't wait to burn them all.

I stride confidently into my bedroom ready to get vengeance on my ex when I open my wardrobe and see it's empty. Never in my life have I felt more pathetic and stupid than I do right at this moment. She knew this was her plan all along. She's probably been planning to dump me for weeks but hung around cause I got her great Taylor Swift tickets. I sink to my knees and punch the wall which does nothing but hurt my hand and my already damaged pride. Curling up on the floor I commit myself to staying here at least for the rest of the night and maybe the next few days. This is the worst break up ever and I wonder if I can ever recover from it when I hear a knock at the door. I ignore it, I really don't want to see anyone, especially if it is one of my ex's friends come to gloat. The door knocks again and I groan wanting just to be left alone in my misery and despair.

"Leave me alone," I shout as someone loudly knocks on the door again.

The banging on the door doesn't stop and out of frustration I have to get up. Part of me hopes it's my mates with some beer and strippers to help me get over it. Another part of me hopes it's my ex coming to pick something up so I can yell and scream at her like a proper break up. I open the door and see it's neither. Instead my jaw drops as Taylor Swift is standing in front of me.

"Hi," She says as I stand in my doorway dumbstruck.

I stare for an unnaturally long time trying to convince myself this is a trick. For all I know I could be dreaming but the more I stare at the tall blonde in front of me the more she looks back.

"Erm I'm sorry, I know this is a bad time and all but I er just wanted to see how you were doing," Taylor says nervously.

My dumbed brain finally fires back into life but I'm still too distraught and emotional to answer properly.

"DID ERIN SEND YOU?" I shout making the world famous popstar jump in shock.

"Who? Oh right her no, no, no I came here on my own to apologize," Taylor says quickly.

"OH YOU WANNA SAY SORRY HUH FOR GETTING ME DUMPED LIVE ON FUCKING STAGE?" I yell stepping forward making Taylor shrink back.



"STOP SHOUTING OR I WILL CALL THE POLICE," One of my neighbors yells though the wall snapping me out of my rage.

"Sorry," I say, massaging my aching throat before I look at Taylor.

She might be one of the most famous and beautiful girls in the world but right now she is almost cowering in front of me with tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry," I mutter, "Please come in I won't shout anymore I promise."

I stand away from the door and Taylor Swift walks in my apartment. Closing the door I mentally slap myself, what the fuck am I doing? This is the enemy, without Taylor I might still have a girlfriend. The rage is building up again till I see the blonde slump onto my sofa and start crying. For all my rage and hurt I can't bare to see a girl crying so I calm myself and drop down into a nearby seat. I grab the bottle of beer that must have been left on the table for the past hour while my whole life fell apart. Taking a sip of the now warm beer I sit and wait for the tears to stop flowing.

"I deserved that, you deserve to be angry at I am so sorry for what happened to you," Taylor spits out wiping her tear stained face on the sleeve of her long black coat.

"You have to believe me I had no idea she was going to do that. I would never want anyone dumped in that way," She continues and I find it odd that in the worst moment of my life I have a proper superstar sitting in front of me begging me for forgiveness.

"Her friends had this sign they were holding up right," Taylor says, quickly launching into a full explanation.

"It said Erin wants to tell her boyfriend and I thought you would be there too and maybe it would be an on stage proposal or maybe a pregnancy thing I dunno I wasn't thinking straight," Taylor admits.

The thought of marriage or having a baby with Erin has me sinking back into my chair. I certainly can't blame Taylor, if I knew she was gonna go on stage to tell me something I would have guessed the same.

"So when I got her on stage and it was clear you weren't with her I got nervous," Taylor says, barely pausing to take a breath.

"And when she said it and said you didn't know my heart just broke it was just cruel she was cruel," Taylor says finally pausing to check on my reaction.

Worried that the long silence will break me down into tears again, I decide to open my mouth and talk.

"I got her the tickets as a gift but was just happy for her to go, you know I had no idea about any of this," I say numbly.

"She said so yeah," Taylor sighs, slumping back into my sofa, "Anyone that comes on stage gets a backstage pass and I was too shocked to think about kicking her out."

"Not your fault," I reply, then stop and stare at her.

The blindside of the public and well planned breakup have clearly numbed my brain cells. Taylor Swift is sitting in my apartment, I am talking about my breakup with the queen of breakups. I was so busy being stunned by her sudden appearance that I've not even thought to ask her the most obvious question.

"Why are you here?" I say looking directly at her.

Taylor sighs again, "Well first I wanted to say sorry about your ex and the breakup and tell you it wasn't part of some grand plan."

"She moved all her fucking stuff out of my place, it was a plan," I snap back.

"That bitch," Taylor says with a frown, "That's so sick and mean."

"You mean stupid fucking me for not spotting my girlfriend moving out on me," I sigh in glum self reflection.

"No way I mean she planned it, she played off like everything is fine she knew she was gonna stab you in the back none of it is your fault Andy" Taylor says firmly.

My body twitches slightly with Taylor using my name. I want to ask her how she knows it but I'm pretty sure the answer will be because of my ex and I never want to hear her name ever again. Taylor sits forward in her seat again staring directly at me and looking a little nervous.

"I didn't just come here to say sorry about your ex," She says but I quickly interupt.

"She didn't give out my address did she?" I ask looking round, scared my front door might get kicked down by a group of giggling Taylor Swift fans.

"No," Taylor says, shaking her head," I got one of my guys to look you up."

"Should have just checked Twitter like everyone else," I snap.

Taylor looks sympathetic as she looks around my flat then asks, "Which wall did you throw it into?"

"Throw what into?" I question.

"Your phone, when Twitter blows up at you it's hard not to fling your phone away," Taylor explains.

"I can't remember why?" I ask still confused by this exchange.

"Number of phones I've thrown into walls and broken cause of a viral story," Taylor admits and I sit up a little.

"Are you trying to be sorry for my breakup going viral?" I question the blonde.

"Yeah cause I know how much it sucks, how little control you have over the facts and well add that to a horrible breakup so I was worried about you," Taylor says softly.

I laugh loudly, I can't help it after the rollercoaster of the last few hours. Taylor Swift saying she cares about me is the final straw.

"This is all so fucking sureal," I say getting to my feet.

"No it's not your ex used me to try and hurt you as well as making herself famous off my name," Taylor replies angrily.

"Oh did you come round to burn some of her clothes too," I giggle at the absurdity of everything.

"The only thing of hers that I wanna get revenge on is you," The blonde says getting up so we are face to face.

The laughter is replaced by nerves as I stand face to face with Taylor trying to work out what she means.

"You are gonna get revenge on her using me?" I say utterly confused as Taylor nods her head.

"How?" I ask then Taylor starts unbuttoning her coat.

I stand glued to the spot watching Taylor undoes her coat. This has to be a dream I repeat to myself over and over again till I gasp. Taylor slides her long black coat off her shoulders and lets it drop to the floor. She stands in front of me wearing nothing but a stunning set of black lingerie. I can't react, I'm too shocked as I feel my jaw drop open and my eyes widen. Taylor seems comfortable with my reaction and stands there proudly letting my eyes take in her underwear clad body. The top half is a black lace corset just see through enough to show off her toned stomach muscles. Her tits are being pushed up by her bra giving her the kind of cleavage I wouldn't have thought possible on a skinny girl like Taylor. My eyes trace down her body to the hanging stocking clips that have nothing to hang onto as Taylor's legs are completely bare. Her black panties look tiny as I can barely see the waistband going around her hips. My cock which went rock hard the second Taylor undresses now throbs at the thought of the pop star wearing a thong.

"Heels on or off?" Taylor asks calmly as I stand there like a stunned zombie.

"See I wondered about wearing stockings but I wasn't sure if you were into them you know," Taylor carries on talking while I continue to stand and stare.

"Hey earth to Andy come on baby I'm not that stunning," She teases running my hand across my cheek.

"You are," I somehow squeak out, making Taylor smile.

That big beaming smile makes me happy while her choice of lingerie has my bulge stretching into the front of my pants. Taylor Swift is standing in my apartment in her lingerie and if this is some out cold drunken dream then it's the best one I've ever had.

"Heels off I think," Taylor says calmly, kicking off her shoes and dropping a few inches in height.

"Why?" I ask still not thinking straight enough to form a complete sentence.

"Well my feet hurt a bit from being on stage and dancing oh wait you mean everything else right?" Taylor asks, pointing down at her lingerie clad body.

I nod happy I can answer without needing to open my mouth.

"Well," The blonde says, stepping in close to me, "Like I said I wanted to make sure you were ok then I wanted revenge on your ex."

I stare down at the stunning lingerie clad superstar and try to remember my ex's name. Every time I try to picture her my eyes are drawn back to Taylor's pushed up boobs or the big happy smile on her face. She is stunning even more stunning than I ever thought possible. I find myself regretting not going to her show because seeing this body on stage all sweaty entertaining thousands of people would be something special.

"Fuck you look hot," I lamely say as my brain snaps into gear reminding me this is a moment millions of men and women would kill for.

Screw seeing her on stage in front of thousands, here she is one on one and wearing the kind of sexy lingerie you expect to see on a Victoria Secret runway model.

"I'm glad you like me, I was kinda worried that because you gave your girlfriend tickets to go alone you might not be a fan of mine," Taylor says still happily grinning.

"I'm not the biggest fan of your music," I admit surreally talking to Taylor Swift in her lingerie, "But I do erm like your looks."

"You ever jacked off to me?" Taylor asks bluntly.

I reel back in shock for a few seconds then nod. No point lying when one of my masturbation fantasies is standing right there semi clothed in front of me.

"Awesome this will be better than I thought," Taylor says, still grinning happily.

"What will be better?" I ask dumbly before Taylor steps forward and pushes me in the chest.

It's a light shove but it still knocks me off my feet and drops me back down into my arm chair.

"The fuck?" I gasp before gasping as Taylor Swift drops to her knees in front of me.

This has to be a dream I repeat to myself over and over again. Taylor puts her hands on my shaking legs and eases them apart still with that big pure white smile plastered across her face.

"Taylor what are you doing?" I squeak out nervously and she laughs.

"Poor boy, did that mean old ex never give you a blowjob before?" Taylor asks and I forget to breathe.

I almost start freaking out like when a drug fueled high suddenly gets too extreme and you want it to stop. That's the only way I can describe how my brain reacted to Taylor Swift talking about a blowjob. It's clearly not the first time a guy has freaked out in front of Taylor as she just stays patiently on her knees while my body calms down.

"You ok?" She asks sweetly.

"No," I admit hontestly, "This is all too fucked up and surreal."

Surprisingly Taylor shrugs, "I don't see what's fucked up about this, you are single now you deserve something nice from the way you were dumped."

"Yeah but you know you are famous you could have any guy you want," I argue and surprisingly Taylor rolls her eyes.

"Duh yeah I know that it's my choice and I'm choosing to help you get over Erin," Taylor says, placing her left hand on my crotch.

I forget who Erin is or was as Taylor Swift touches my cock. Her hand gropes and squeezes my pant covered bulge leaving me already biting my lip fighting the urge to cum. It isn't like Taylor has a magic instant cock melting grip but the fact that it is the actual Taylor Swift grabbing my dick that has me almost over the edge in seconds.

"You cum yet?" Taylor asks and I feel my face flush crimson.

"N.. N.... No," I manage to whimper out fighting hard against my own body so as not to embarrass myself in front of Taylor.

"It's ok if you do, I get how me touching your cock can make you wanna blow early," The blonde explains.

"Uhhhh you've done this with other fans?" I ask and Taylor laughs.

"Why do guys always want to be my first fan to have fucked me after a show?" Taylor asks in a confused tone, "Is it like taking a virginity thing or do you really not like the idea of other men getting to spoil me before you?"

I don't know how to answer that but as Taylor squeezes my bulge harder I forget the question. Opening my eyes and staring directly at her perfect smiling face is both the worst and best idea I've ever had. I groan and lose control, seeing Taylor's face between my knees smiling up at me is more than I can handle. My cock bursts and at least a week's worth of built up spunk fires into the crotch of my pants. I feel ashamed at cumming so fast but Taylor's hand keeps squeezing guiding me through my super fast orgasm. My body shivers and my cock keeps spilling cum until finally I go limp and take a deep breath.

"There we go got that first one out of the way," Taylor smiles, she is clearly used to guy's cumming fast.

I want to thank her but I'm still breathless from my massive orgasm. My tiredness quickly goes as when I feel Taylor snapping open the button on my pants. I sit up and look down in amazement as the world famous singer is opening up my pants. She starts pulling down on the waistband and out of instinct I raise my hips allowing her to pull them down my legs.

"Fuck," I groan looking down to see the mess I've made of my own underwear.

My dark blue boxers are completely soaked through with cum. The big wet patch is nothing but embarrassing but as I blush Taylor just smiles.

"Holding it in for a few days?" She asks as she pulls my pants off my ankles.

"Yeah I'm so sorry I couldn't," I start to explain but Taylor shakes her head.

"I told you that you have nothing to be sorry about, I know guys have more than one cum load ready for me," She says with a big beaming smile.

My limp cock twitches at the idea of cumming multiple times for Taylor. The pop star grabs the waistband of my boxers and lifts them up but strangely she isn't pulling them down instead she is folding them over. The cum filled crotch of my boxers is now completely out in the open along with my messy cum soaked cock. I feel my cheeks blush darker as the dirty post cum sex smell starts to fill the room. Taylor doesn't seem embarrassed at all and instead takes a big sniff soaking up the stench of sweat and sex.

"Holy shit," I mutter watching Taylor sniff my post orgasm mess.

"Oh if you think that's kinky watch this," Taylor smirks before lowering her head and flicking her tongue out against my messy boxers.

"UH HOLY SHIT," I gasp trying to sit still as Taylor Swift starts licking the spunk stains off my undies.

I've never even thought about a girl doing that before let alone seeing one do it. Now Taylor Swift, one of the most famous people in the world is licking my cum out of my boxers. She looks up at me and winks as her red lips slide over the soaking wet fabric of my undies. Like one of her own cats Taylor licks away at my crotch happily scooping up blobs of cum stuck to my boxers. I've never seen a girl this horny for cum that she would lick it up off my own undies. Taylor laps away until the damp crotch is clean of all the big blobs of spunk then she looks up at me playfully licking her big red lips.

"That was nice but I wanna taste the real thing now," Taylor purrs slowly, wrapping her fingers around my slick shaft.

I freeze in place, Taylor Swift is touching my cock. Really her licking up my spunk should have been a bigger deal but skin on skin contact with one of the most famous women in the world and the fact it's basically a porno handshake is mindblowing. My cock agrees as it starts to twitch back into life against Taylor's soft palm. I blew one of the bigger loads of my life only a few minutes ago now with one touch Taylor has me back and ready for more.

"Mmmm I must be one of your fav jerk off targets if you can get it up for me that quickly," Taylor says and all I can do is nod in agreement.

My cock twitches again and Taylor squeezes my sticky shaft making me moan.

"Your ex ever make your cock feel like this?" Taylor teases and I quickly shake my head.

"Talk to me," Taylor asks as she slowly moves her palm down to the base of my cock, "I'm trying to make it up to you but you can't just sit there in silence like I'm just some hooker.'

"Oh God Taylor," I whimper as the thought of Miss Swift as a high class call girl fills my mind and makes my cock rock hard.

"Naughty boy," The blonde teases and I wonder if she is a mind reader or if I am just so obvious with my sexual thoughts.

"I bet your stuck up bitch of an ex-girlfriend never took the time to give you a proper mind blowing handjob right?" Taylor asks as her hand starts moving up and down my hard dick.

I gasp no and sink my fingers into the armrests of my chair as Taylor Swift jerks me off. Normally bringing up an ex during any kind of sex is an instant mood killer but the way Taylor is almost verbally dissmissing her so cocky that she will do better makes it so much hotter. I almost wish Erin was here so she can watch her idol Taylor giving me a perfect slow handjob. It's clear to me now that I'm certainly not the first fan Taylor has treated like this. Her touch and speed of stroking my cock is perfect even at this slow pace she has me biting the inside of my lip. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Taylor is so talented that she can even make cock stroking look like another one of her perfect skills.

"I'm gonna take every great moment you had with her and replace them with thoughts of me instead," Taylor says firmly before squeezing my shaft.

"Uhhhhhhh fuck," I whimper feeling like Taylor is completely owning me mind, body and soul.

She jerks her hand a little faster picking up a rhythm going up and down my cock. Her firm grip already makes it feel like she is milking a fresh load of cum straight up from my balls. The feeling is intense and I'm already starting to sweat. Every time I look down and see a lingerie-clad Taylor Swift on her knees working my cock a fresh tingle of pleasure shoots right up my spine. This is insane 3 hours ago I had a nice quiet life, a good job and a steady girlfriend. Now I'm internet famous and Taylor Swift is pumping my cock. The most shocking thing about all of this is the fact that Taylor has a big wide smile plastered across her face as she plays with my cock.

"Good boy, such a good boy you have so much cum for me don't you?" Taylor softly teases.

"Uhhhhhh fuck yes Taylor," I groan back fighting the urge to lift my hips up off my chair.

Taylor slides her hand up and down my shaft grinning at my reaction. My shaft throbs in her grip and I can't believe I'm fighting the need to cum again so soon after my first load.

"Oh fuck Taylor I'm close," I whimper biting my lip to try and hold out as long as I can.

Taylor looks surprised for a second before that teasing smile returns.

"Poor baby Erin didn't treat you right at all if you've got so much built up cum," The blonde purrs.

I can only nod as my cock throbs harder desperate to milk out more cum. Looking at Taylor gripping my cock I'm reminded of all the times I jerked off to her holding a microphone. Seeing her hand firmly gripping around my shaft is enough to make my balls ache.

"Oh shit please I need to cum oh fuck please," I gasp as Taylor deliberately slows down her strokes.

"I will let you cum Andy but first I need to ask you a very naughty question," Taylor says, continuing to smirk at me.

In all my wildest dreams and fantasies about the sexy blonde never once did I have her down as being such a tease. She is slowly working my cock keeping me just on the edge all while keeping eye contact with me. Taylor's big beaming eyes and teasing smile are enough to make me cum on my own. My eyes right now however are drawn away from her face and over to her free arm.

"Where did you most like to shoot your load over? You know when you jerked for me?" Taylor asks calmly as I freak out.

I thrash in my chair but Taylor ignores my spasms and keeps stroking. Her free arm is now behind her back doing something and my fried out overstimulated brain can't work out what it is till Taylor's bra goes slack.

"UHHHHHHH HOLY FUCK," I yell as the idea of seeing Taylor Swift's bare tits melts though my body.

"Not yet," She says and I get another patented Taylor smirk that only makes me wanna cum more.

"Answer my question and I'll lose the top," Taylor offers, making me groan as my mind goes blank.


Taylor smiles and moves her arms letting her bra drop forward. I feel the lace hitting my bare feet but I don't do anything but stare at Taylor's chest. Unsurprisingly her tits are paler than the rest of her toned body because with paps always around chances to sunbathe topless are slim. Her pale tits look perfect however just the right size to be grabbed and squeezed. My eyes are drawn to her pale pink nipples which are rock hard and look like little blobs of icing on top of a cake. I'm not just stunned by Taylor's nipples, I am in love with her perfect pale boobs. Without thinking I reach out and rub my fingertips against Taylor's rock hard nipples.

"Mmmmmmmm finally," Taylor purrs and I look up at her face confused.

"What? I should get some pleasure too, right?" Taylor questions, "I know I'm here to make up for your ex but that doesn't mean you get to lie back and let me do all the work.

Somewhere in my confused, horny heartbroken brain a light goes off. I can touch Taylor Swift is the only thought loudly screaming throughout my entire body. Without another second of thought I reach down and grab Taylor by the waist dragging up to me.

"No wait I wasn't finished yet," Taylor whines as my cock slips out of her grasp.

"You can play more later," I say quickly sitting a topless Taylor Swift on my lap, "But first I wanna...."

I don't finish my own sentence as my own lust overtakes me and I push my face right into Taylor's chest. Taylor is surely giggling at me diving my face between her tits like I'm a horny teenager just out to motorboat some bare breasts. The second my lips touch her bare flesh I feel Taylor stiffen on top of me. Her hands are on the top of my head running through my short locks as I kiss the skin between her breasts.

"Fuck, good boy," Taylor hisses as my lips brush against her skin.

I'm completely convinced I died earlier and this is now heaven. A topless Taylor Swift is moaning and grinding in my lap rubbing right up against my exposed wet cock. My lips move kissing across Taylor's bare breast bringing another soft teasing moan from the blonde. My fingers dig into her hips as I keep my face pressed between her soft cleavage.

"Mmmmmm you really like my boobs don't you?" Taylor asks and I just nod into her bust.

The pop star giggles then gasps as I run my bare tongue over her breast and across her nipple.

"Sensitive?" I ask pointlessly as I lick across her light skinned nipple drawing an even bigger reaction from Taylor.

Her whole body twitches and her panty covered pussy grinds off my cock. Now both of us are moaning and getting sweaty, both sinking deeper into pleasure. I run my tongue firmly across Taylor's nipple desperate for a louder reaction and I get one.

"FUCK YES SUCK MY NIPPLE," Taylor moans loudly and I do as ordered.

My lips wrap around the soft pale skin of her nipple. I start slowly sucking and am rewarded with Taylor twitching in my lap once again. Her panties grind over my cock and I swear they feel damp but so many of my senses are being fed at once I'm not sure. The idea I could make Taylor Swift wet sends a surge of pleasure through my cock making it flex and rub between Taylor's legs.

"MMMMMMMM BITE IT," Taylor orders and I gently sink my teeth into her nipple.

Taylor rewards me with another loud moan and her fingers scratch down my scalp. I bite down and suck hard on Taylor's soft nipple fueled by her moans of pleasure. My hands push and rub around her hips slowly moving lower. Taylor lets out another big moan as I switch targets and show some love to her other nipple. Sucking on Taylor's soft pink nub it's madness to think that an hour ago I thought my life was over. Taylor wiggles in my lap trying to keep my cock pressed up against her panty covered crotch. I help her out by spreading my legs giving her more room to sit perfectly on my lap rubbing her soft lace panties over my damp dick.

"Mmmmmmm what else gets you off about me?" The blonde purrs playfully as she reaches back to unlace her sweaty looking corset.

"Is this just an ego trip for you?" I tease back gently pulling on one of her spit soaked nipples with my teeth as I reach back and help her undress.

Taylor squeals and wiggles against me harder as I pull at her rock hard nipple. I am running on instinct now as my brain has just shut down and I'm left with my more primal horny thoughts. Teasing her back feels like the right thing to do, if I keep treating her like mega star Taylor Swift I'll cum too fast again and this dream will be over. Taylor has shown me what to do, be confident and give all her teasing play back to her and I intend to do just that. She pulls off her corset and flings it somewhere over my head away into my living room. My hands move quickly off her hips and slide over that perfectly flat toned stomach she always proudly shows off.

"Mmmmmm well maybe a little," Taylor finally replies, rewarding me with another flash of that brilliant smile.

"But I want you to feel good too, I wanna help you get over her," Taylor moans, getting distracted as my hands rub over her belly.

I'm not surprised Taylor Swift has the softest skin I've ever felt but I am surprised it's the most sensitive. I have never just rubbed a girl's stomach and have her moan like this. My brain half kicks into gear screaming into my subconscious that Taylor is getting off to this. She is hot to fuck a horny freshly dumped fan and the idea of being part of a Taylor Swift fantasy has me moaning too.

"Tell me more," Taylor groans, "Tell me what parts of my body turn you on."

For the first time in what feels like a long time I feel my lips curl into a big smile.

"Well I've always loved your ass," I say creeping my hands around Taylor's body to cup her firm cheeks.

The second my fingers grip bare skin I have to fight the urge not to cum. Being right about Taylor wearing a thong is one thing, feeling Taylor's ass in a thong is overwhelming. Her cheeks feel so firm and thick as I let my fingers squeeze into her skin.

"God guys are such pervs," Taylor responds leaning over to kiss my lips, "Always lusting over my pretty little ass.

I gasp as her lips lightly brush over mine, hopefully leaving lipstick stains. Groaning as she pulls back I lean up to try and kiss her properly but she moves away then grinds her panties off my aching hard shaft.

"Can you blame us?" I growl digging my fingers softly into her flesh squeezing the ass I've used as wank bait so much over the last few years.

"Well I mean since I found out guys love jerking over my ass I have been shaking it more on stage just to treat you," Taylor purrs softly as I squeeze her ass.

"Uhhhghh thank you," I moan sincerely, "Always loved jerking off to you on stage."

"Naughty fuck if you were at my show tonight you would have been jerking off right in the crowd wouldn't you?" Taylor asks as I nod my head.

Taylor grins and pushes herself up off my body just to reposition herself. She straddles me, getting comfortable on my lap with her legs either side of me and her arms round my neck. I let out another whimpering moan as the crotch of panties brushes against my hard shaft with even more force than before.

"You're thinking of fucking me like this aren't you?" Taylor asks wisely.

I nod and she wriggles her body around rubbing the soft fabric of her panties harder against my shaft.

"Holy fuck," I whimper, "I don't wanna cum again.

Taylor laughs, "You mean you would rather cum on my tits?"

I nod again feeling like a desperate puppy agreeing to anything for a treat. Taylor even pets and runs her fingers through my short hair again. I let out a groan and my fingers firmly squeeze into her soft cheeks in response.

"You know I'm starting to think you are way more into my ass than my tits," Taylor teases looking down at me.

My eyes lock with hers for a second before moving back down towards her naked chest. I can't even remember what happened to make me have a semi naked Taylor Swift in my lap but I hope it keeps happening. Tilting my head forward I press my face into one of Taylor's soft boobs.

"That's it baby, let it all out on me," Taylor coos passionately.

I kiss and suck at any flesh I can as my fingers work harder against Taylor's cheeks. This could easily be heaven as Taylor's hard nipple ends up in my mouth so I can suck on it. Taylor moans digging her nails into my scalp so my fingers dig into her cheeks as hard as I can grab.

"Mmmmm dirty boy trying to bruise me before my next show," Taylor moans then smirks.

I look up and focus on those powerful red lips just inches in front of me. Pushing my head up I kiss Taylor hard, pressing my lips firmly into hers. Taylor kisses back as hard as me with her hands now down and holding onto my shoulders. I stand up and spin around, lightly staggering with the world famous popstar still presses into my lap till I drop down and end up sitting on my sofa

"Tell me what you want," Taylor gasps, breaking the kiss.

Her red lipstick is smudged from the kiss and it makes this Goddess somehow even hotter.

"Uhhhhhh fuck me," I moan as her panty covered crotch slides over my shaft once again.

"Well stud I'd love to have you bent over but all my straps are at home," Taylor giggles.

It's a credit to how mind blowing Taylor is that I find the idea of her wearing a fake cock arousing. Shaking my head I try to remind myself I'm straight as Taylor opens her mouth to tease me again.

"No let me fuck you," I gasp aloud quickly before Taylor can speak.

Clearly caught out, Taylor stops grinding on me with her mouth still wide open. I worry I'm the one who has pushed it too far but Taylor smiles. 

"Come on Andy you can do better than that," Taylor taunts openly challenging me again.

"Don't tell me your dumb ex didn't like any dirty talk?" Taylor adds and my cock twitches.

"Uhhhhh pull those panties to the side and ride me," I grunt, feeling the sweat run down my back sticking me to the sofa.

"You mean the sort of thing a naughty slut would do?" Taylor asks and I nod.

"Yes Taylor please," I add quickly with a groan.

"Say it," Taylor demands and what's left of my confused horny brain understands what she wants.

"Uhhhhhhhh pull those fucking panties to the side and ride my dick like a good little slut," I groan out looking directly into Taylor's eyes.

Taylor squeals in delight, leaning forward and kissing me firmly.

"You like that?" I ask when she breaks the kiss.

Taylor nods, "Not all the time but yeah sometimes I like being a slut and this is the sluttiest thing I've done in a while."

I want to ask about the sluttiest thing she has ever done but I decide I wanna be the sluttiest thing she's done. My hand moves down between Taylor's legs and presses into her lingerie clad pussy. She's soaking wet and that makes me grin before Taylor lets out a happy purr as I touch her intimately. I rub at her wet pussy until my cock gives a needy demanding throb. My fingers dig into the wet fabric and tug it to the side. I'm not at the perfect angle to see Taylor Swift's pussy but that doesn't matter. One push of my hips and my throbbing cock comes into contact with Taylor's bare pussy and the feeling is electric.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh fuck," We both moan identically.

I thrust again and my bare shaft slaps against her wet pussy and I'm sure I'm in heaven.

"You trying to fuck me?" Taylor teases as her fingers scratch the back of my neck.

"YESSSSSS PLEASE," I mindlessly groan.

I hear another Taylor giggle then a lustful pant from the blonde. She starts to lower herself down brushing the tip of my shaft directly against her pussy lips. I tense up and flex with everything I have not to cum right there and then.

"Hold your dick still," Taylor orders.

I happily reach out and grab the base of my shaft. Squeezing harder than I need to just to stop myself losing control I take a deep breath and wait. Taylor Swift holds my shoulder to steady herself before she sinks down on top of my throbbing swollen cock. No moment in my life will ever top this and I don't care as Taylor's tight pussy swallows up my dick.

"MMMMMMM FUCK THAT'S NICE," Taylor growls happily.

My hand lets go of my shaft as Taylor keeps sinking downwards. Her hands release the grip on my shoulder to curl back round my neck.

"UHHHHHHHH SHIT TAYLOR," I helplessly moan at her.

I know her first bounce is going to make me cum and there is nothing I can do about it. My body is sweating buckets all over my sofa but I also don't care. All the fight I've put in to keep from cumming while Taylor teased and grinded on my cock feels totally wasted now.

"You'd better be close," Taylor breathlessly pants into my ear.

All I can do is nod as I'm so helpless and close to blowing inside the world famous popstar.

"Good boy," Taylor purrs in my ear and it almost finishes me off right there.

I'm sweating so badly and straining every muscle in my body like it's an intense workout. My brain is trying not to overthink the fact I'm seconds away from orgasming inside Taylor Swift. She slides down my shaft again and I let out another mindless whimper.

"I'm not gonna stop," Taylor hisses, "You better get hard inside me straight away cause I'm not fucking done."

I groan and go to open my mouth to complain when Taylor roughly slams herself down onto my hard dick. She is going all out fiercely riding me to the point where my sofa starts to squeak. Taylor's toned powerful body rides me hard and it's pointless to hang on. I submit and roll my head back as I finally stop fighting the need to cum. Taylor lands down hard on top of my cock again as my whole shaft twitches inside her pussy then erupts.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH GOD FUCK," I howl in pleasure.

I thrust back up into Taylor like an uncontrolled animal as my cock unloads inside her. My balls ache from the sudden almost violent orgasm I induced on myself. Taylor seems shocked too as she collapses on top of me pressing her naked tits into my chest. I shiver over the thought of filling Taylor Swift up with my cum as finally my cock goes limp. Taking a shaking breath I finally start to calm down, feeling sore but very satisfied.

"You ok?" I ask a panting Taylor who is resting her head on my sweaty shoulder.

"Mmmmmm yeah wish all boys came like that," Taylor mumbles with a giggle at the end.

"What inside you?" I ask making Taylor groan and sit up.

"You guys are all so fucking creepy," She frowns looking annoyed, "All got this obsession with knocking me up."

I can't help but laugh at that, "Can you blame us? Every guy would wanna lay claim to making the hottest girl on Earth pregnant."

Taylor grins then looks slightly embarrassed which only makes her cuter. I lean over wrapping my arms around her tanned sweaty body holding her close.

"You forgotten your ex yet?" Taylor whispers carefully into my ear.

"What ex?" I answer honestly.

All the anger and rejection I was feeling before have been totally washed away. Fucking Taylor Swift porbably could make me forget every single moment in my life up until now

"Good boy Andy," Taylor purrs, leaning up and pressing her lips into mine.

I happily melt into the soft kiss from one of the biggest superstars in the world. Taylor moans into the kiss and starts properly making out with me. Feeling her tongue pushing into my mouth makes my recently drained cock twitch into life. Normally it would take me a while to get hard again but there is no recovery time when Taylor Swift is sitting on top of your cock. My cock starts to twitch and poke between Taylor's legs making her giggle.

"Still got some more in you stud?" Taylor teases.

"Don't think I could ever go soft on you," I smirk back, getting another Taylor smile in return.

"You will," Taylor says confidently putting her hands back on my shoulders, "But only once I drain you completely."

My cock twitches again and I let out a groan over the thought of being milked dry by Taylor Swift. She grinds off my limp cock and I feel myself getting turned on. Two loads really should be my limit but this is Taylor Swift we are talking about. Just looking down at her naked sweat stained body sends the blood pumping back into my shaft.

"Mmmmm thatís it get hard, you are not done with me yet,"Taylor coos as I get hard against her thigh.

She reaches down and skillfully wraps her soft hand around my shaft. I groan at Taylor's hand working over my aching wet dick. This isn't going to take long. I wonder to myself as Taylor expertly strokes me again.

"Get hard for me," Taylor orders firmly.

I moan softly and find I don't have to struggle too hard to get stiff. My cock twitches and starts to slowly grow in Taylor's soft grip.

"Come on you only given me two loads and I've not even been properly fucked yet," Taylor whines in a bratty tone.

"Uhhhhhhh can't help it," I whimper as the blood flows into my cock.

"Good boy give me more fucking cock," Taylor groans leaning forward and kissing my cheek.

She kisses hard then adds her teeth by biting down my chin. The sudden rush of pain makes me hard again but I feel so sensitive that I'm already fighting the urge to beg for cum.

"Fuck Taylor I dunno if I can," I helplessly whimper.

That feeling of shame washes over, being not good enough to fuck Taylor Swift feels worse than being publically dumped in front of millions. Taylor doesn't look upset or disappointed with me, instead she is grinning.

"So you think you can't go no more?" Taylor asks, still beaming like the cat that got the cream.

I try not to be too disappointed but I nod sadly. My cock is hard but it will only take a few thrusts before I unload again. I feel so bad and that feeling only gets worse when Taylor climbs off my lap. Panicking, I want to say sorry to her, ready and willing to offer anything to help get her off.

"Move," Taylor says to me firmly.

Eager to obey her I scramble off the sofa and then gasp. Taylor climbs onto my sofa kneeling right where I was sitting before leaning her body over the back rest.She grabs both slides of her tiny lace thong and pulls them right down to her bent over knees. Groaning, I stare at her fully exposed pussy trying to take in every detail. Her soft lips are pink but swollen clearly freshly fucked from my cock as well as being completely shaved. I watch the single hottest moment of my whole life as Taylor Swift bends over my sofa lifting her perfect ass up into the air.

"Still think you don't have enough left for me?" Taylor asks cheekily looking over her shoulder at me.

I gasp with my mouth wide open, unable to answer her. Taylor, bent over, naked and willing overrides any idea that I'm too sensitive and drained. My cock twitches and I move forward instantly to get behind Taylor.

"Just in my pussy big boy," Taylor looks back and grins, "Don't go getting any kinky thoughts like that."

I would feel disappointed if I wasn't already super excited about fucking Taylor from behind. Where my dick goes almost doesn't matter right now, I have no doubts that this is the hottest image I will ever get to enjoy in my life. A sweaty Taylor Swift is bent over my sofa ready for me to pound her with everything I got left. I get behind her and line up trying to be calm and trying not to grin like a happy idiot. Reaching out I grab one of Taylor's hips and squeeze softly.

"Hope you aren't gonna be that gentle when you are deep inside me," The blonde purrs.

"Uhhhhhhhg you are perfect," I moan back as my sensitive cock twitches.

"I know," Taylor looks back and beams, "Now fuck me."

It's the perfect order to obey and I don't want to make Taylor wait. I line up behind her and slowly push my hard sensitive cock into her. The blonde superstar looks round and moans softly as I slide inside her pussy. She feels tighter all bent over but nothing is going to stop me from filling her up. My grip on her hip gets tighter as I squeeze her perfect tanned skin struggling to go balls deep inside Taylor Swift.

"MMMMMMMMM that's it I want everything you got," Taylor moans.

I gasp loudly and bury myself all the way inside Taylor's pussy. Her tight pussy grips and squeezes at my cock making my sensitive cock ache harder. The fact I've already broken and cum twice is the only reason I've not cum now.

"That's it forget all about your ex and pound me hard," Taylor moans back at me.

I wouldn't be able to remember my own name right now let alone my ex's as I pull back. Slamming forward into Taylor my hard sensitive cock could cum hard at any second. Instead Taylor moans in pleasure and I just whimper pathetically. My cock is starting to go numb and lose feeling as I try and hold back from orgasming inside Taylorís body. The perfect blonde pop star might have been draining me hard but sheís keeping me hard so she can get off. I grit my teeth and pull out to slam in again desperate to give Taylor some of the pleasure she has given me. Trying to build up a rhythm when my cock is so fucked up is hard. I have to do my best for Taylor so I sweat and groan my way through the first few thrusts. Taylor lets out a few nice low moans and wiggles her ass at me trying to help keep me going. Slowly my cock starts to feel good and I can enjoy fucking a bent over Taylor Swift. My hands can't help but move and rub all over Taylor's asscheeks as they bounce in time with my thrusts.

"OHHHH FUCKKK," I cry out in delight.

This is utter perfection as I drill Taylor Swift from behind and squeeze her ass. Her moans are getting louder which pushes me on to thrust harder. I slam myself deeper and deeper until I am properly fucking this world famous popstar.

"MMMMMMM THAT'S IT ANDY FUCK MEEEEE," Taylor moans in encouragement.

Groaning loudly I pump myself into Taylor Swift as hard as I can. It's impossible for me in this state to even treat her like a woman let alone a world famous celebrity. I just need to pound into her like nothing else matters but getting my cock off one more time. Taylor doesn't seem to mind it either as she howls loudly with each thrust. My neighbors must be hearing all this but it will be the first time they have ever heard a girl scream with pleasure in my apartment.

"FUCK ME HARDER PLEASE," Taylor wails loudly.

I thrust and pound forward trying to give Taylor everything I have. Her sweaty body bounces back against mine as my thrusts get harder. The sofa starts to squeak and creak against the carpet from the force of our fucking. My hand squeezes harder down her tanned hip like I'm clinging on for dear life. Thrusting harder I let out a whimpering moan as my sensitive cock flexes inside Taylor.


That talented singer's voice can really scream when she's fully into it. My ears are almost ringing as I keep pounding away smashing my sweaty body directly into Taylor's. I can feel my aching balls swell trying to force the very last drops of cum through my cock.

"UHHHHHHHHH," I grunt and almost lose my footing.

My hand grip slips off her thigh and to prevent myself from falling forward I reach out to grab the sofa. I miss the sofa and my hand slams right into the back of Taylor Swift's head. Pushing her head down past the edge of her sofa Taylor tips over and screams with pleasure and maybe fear as she falls forward head first. I've almost flipped the famous pop star over my sofa so thinking quickly I grab a handful of her hair and yank her back.

"OHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSS," Taylor howls as I pull back on her hair.

Her body starts convulsing and her pussy clamps down on my sensitive dick. My grunt of pleasure comes right after Taylor's as I blast a few weak drops of my third load of the day directly inside her. Taylor's scream of pleasure gets louder as I really do milk myself dry inside the pop star's body.

"UHHHHHHHHHH SHIT," I moan, sliding my limp messy cock out of Taylor.

I half collapse backwards on the sofa trying to resist the urge to curl up into a ball. My eyes stay on a bent over Taylor as she moans and shivers her way through a massive orgasm. No one will be able to take my pride away at getting to fuck Taylor Swift and bring her to orgasm. The big beaming smile plastered across my face will be there for months even if my body is utterly worn out. Taylor moans softly and slides down lying directly opposite me. I smile and softly touch the bottom of her foot which makes her giggle.

"I take it you are over your ex now?" Taylor asks softly and I nod.

All the anger and humiliation melted away a long time ago. Now I just feel amazing and super lucky to have had sex with one of the hottest women on the planet.

"Thank you," I say weakly and Taylor smiles.

"Oh no that was really good you have nothing to thank me for," Taylor says with that famous smile.

I roll my eyes at her and want to be charming and say a lot more about how perfect she is and how mind blowing the sex was. I watch Taylor run her hands through her messy hair and try not to panic about how hard I pulled it. Little daggers of fatigue start forming in the corners of my eyes and instead of talking I just loudly yawn. Taylor giggles sweetly as I try not to blush at making such a fool of myself in front of her.

"I'll take that as my cue to leave," Taylor smiles, sliding off my sofa with ease.

"No please don't go," I whimper pathetically, "I still got more in me."

Taylor stands over me with her naked body covered in a shiny layer of sweat and grins.

"You boys have such egos," She teases, leaning down and kissing my forehead.

I would love to jump up and pin her to the floor in order to prove her wrong but I can't. My body feels like jelly and if I can't stand to fuck Taylor Swift I'm not standing up for anything.

"Don't worry about it," Taylor beams, reading my expression, "This was awesome."

I can't help but beam with pride at the compliment as Taylor walks over to her coat. She picks it up and flings it gracefully around her naked body.

"Want me to leave you my panties?" Taylor asks as she grabs her bra and folds up her corset to go into one of her large coat pockets.

I shake my head, "No, too cruel to break up such a hot lingerie set."

Taylor giggles before scooping her panties up and flinging them at my face.

"Keep them. I can buy all the new lingerie I want but near impossible to get a pair that smells like me," Taylor teases.

I smile taking her panties off my face before getting serious, "Thank you Taylor I mean that, I'll never forget this."

Taylor gives me a rare embarrassed looking smile before doing her coat up.

"My pleasure and maybe next time I'm in town if I need it we might hook up again," Taylor beams.

I laugh, "You mean you think I wouldn't follow you to the ends of the earth for one more fuck session like that?"

"I know," Taylor rolls her eyes playfully, "But if I let all my ex fucks follow me around it would be bigger than my tour crew."

"Naughty girl," I smirk, trying to pull myself up but failing.

"No, no, no you stay there," Taylor warns, "Just lie there and think of me,"

I nod and lie back as Taylor walks past me. Turning my head I try my hardest to keep my eyes on her as she opens my front door.

"Goodbye and remember this wasn't a dream," Taylor giggles before walking out.

The door closes and for a few seconds I feel sad. I would love Taylor to come back in and cuddle me maybe even employ me as her fuck toy for the rest of the tour. That is an impossible wish, the fact we just had sex is beyond anything I could ever hoped for. I'm now almost glad I was dumped because I was just given the night of my life by Taylor Swift.

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Re: A Swift Rebound [Taylor Swift]
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A fun set up/plot to the fic, and the story turned out nicely!
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Re: A Swift Rebound [Taylor Swift]
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Seems like a visit as such from Taylor Swift is more than enough compensation!  Great story and great work!

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