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Mission Log (Christina Aguilera)
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Mission Log
Story by Money
Celeb in story: Christina Aguilera
Story codes: oral, anal, MF, alien, pregnancy
Story summary: Alien is stuck on Earth trying to leave after repairing his ship only to get sidetracked by celeb on vacation

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened this is total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality any feedback can be posted on the boards or email me at [email protected] now on with the story

I call bullshit on Peter Pan, the second star to the right of my ass . I've been stuck on my ship for 700 light years in stasis en route to a new planet to colonize with my species. Earth wasn’t my destination by choice but I’m stuck here till I can repair my ship it wouldn’t take long provided the top species here had access to element 115 in enough quantities to make it to my destination 50 light years out the smashed flight controls were good to go again I was hoping to leave while I was still young.

“So close you just need food.” I said

“That is so cool, it must be a new jet ski design.”  she said

I jumped at the voice catching me off guard. It was Christina Aguilera, a famous human on this planet wearing a bikini on vacation with her big tits nearly on display.

“Yeah it’s a prototype still working the bugs out.” I said

“I want one when production starts that would really be a nice collectors item.” she said

I gave her a ride to a nearby secluded island partly showing off but mostly getting her away from my ship that was underwater about 100 feet down the cloaking field still worked so it was safe.

“I’m in the middle of a trip, I just need food and I can meet my people sooner.” I said

“So what are they like?” she said

I kept the alien origin out of the conversation, thinking of myself as an islander looking for a fresh start rather than an alien heading to a barren planet to colonize it.

“We have population controls in place but it's tough to manage when women outnumber you 100 to 1.” I said

“Still sounds like fun if you're a guy.” she said

“Not when all 100 are chasing you down at once.” I said

“You’re still getting laid.” she said

Christina must have been teasing me. She kept digging for answers that I didn’t want to give, forcing me into a box I wiggled out as best I could but slipped up.

“It’s not so fun when you have 70 kids every few months.” I said

“Sounds like you're quite the breeding stud.” she said

“Having a 4 foot long dick doesn’t really wave women off either.” I said

“Can I see it?” she purred

I was backed into the wall now Christina wasn’t letting up I decided to grab the bull by the horns pulling my pants down my dick landed with a thud on the sand Christina’s eyes got really wide taking in the sheer size of it.

“I’m guessing you like what you see.” I said

“It’s….so….big.” she squealed

Christina needed to hurry up I could feel my own sexual needs starting to override my rational thoughts my brain was already undressing her it wouldn’t be long before I would be plowing her at a reckless pace being in a hammock was going to be tricky.

Christina eased her mouth around my shaft the sheer size was a challenge her throat bulged with the effort as I massaged her boobs pulling her shirt open letting them out the huge orbs begging for attention.

“Your hands are amazing.” she moaned

“Just getting started.” I said

She finally worked her way to a comfort zone sucking my dick her blonde hair a sweaty mess from her efforts rolling her boobs onto my abs.

“Eat my out…I’m begging you.” she said

“Frisky girl.” I said

My tongue was longer than a humans so I had to be careful who saw it in action. Good thing that was the only difference we had there. I found her clit easy enough, sending her over the edge.

“OH YES RIGHT THERE!!!” she screamed

“Keep going.” I moaned

Christina sandwiched her boobs between my dick she barely got it around her ample chest before giving me a titfuck my own efforts driving her on.

“In the hammock.” she said

“On it.” I said

The swinging motion added some spice to our antics Christina was humping my dick at a blistering pace. Her oral skills nearly had me ready to erupt all over her.

“Can’t think straight…orgasm…tongue.” she moaned

“Can’t hold it.” I said

Christina’s orgasm was a freight train slamming into a wall. The horny blonde sprayed my face with her sticky nectar when my orgasm hit. She was sucking down every drop she could get but still got hosed down from her face to her abs and her hair was intact though.

The next day

Dawn broke with the sun in my face somehow we had so much sex that we humped our way up to the secluded hammock again after a romp around the beach island perimeter. I had set up on the island to cover my ship's repair bay under the hut Christina was more than happy just swinging in the breeze naked.

“Hard to believe I’m not sore after that.” she said

“I held back some.” I said

Christina got a funny look on her face like she wasn’t buying I had held back while she stroked my dick very slowly.

“Wonder what this feels like elsewhere.” she purred

“If you want to suck it I won’t stop you.” I said

She looked at me with a smyrk her blue eyes looking my dick over doing the math in her head. My hormones were filling the air thinking she would give it a lick if nothing else.

“If I do this you might explode.” she said

“Good thing you're blonde, the aftermath won’t show.” I said

“Just for that you're going to pay.” she said

“Oh God.” I said

Christina wrapped her boobs around my shaft. The feeling was staggering the more she pumped it the more I was begging in my brain for the blowjob to come.

The next day

I took Christina back to the mainland so she could change clothes and buy me time to gather food supplies for storage on my ship. I still needed my favorite stuff which counted as 50 kilos of weight by the time I had it stowed away she was back on shore waving me down I had to bring out a boat I had fixed from a salvage wreck years before I couldn’t put any alien tech in it but it still worked reverse engineered from internet searches.

“I really need one of these.” she said

“When I continue my trip you can have it.” I said

Christina’s outfit wasn’t exactly suited for a boat but I didn’t care I had a tough enough time just keeping myself under control where I didn’t rip her clothes off.

“Oh man sex would be great here with the ocean waves rocking the boat.” she said

Great now that I had that visual in my brain Christina had moved next to the bed the rolling water hitting the boat made her boobs sway.

“Let’s take her out.” she said

“Ok just a mile out I heard storms coming in tomorrow.” I said

The spot on the ocean was sereen Christina ate it up while I continued to captain Christina laid out on the main deck sunning herself my dick was hard as granite.

“This is so peaceful.” she said

“Have just enough fuel to get us back.” I said

My self control was almost gone. Christina was looking more and more like the main course on a dinner plate. I think I was so focused on her that I missed her doing the same to me.

“Let’s rock this boat.” she purred

“You really get me.” I said

Christina’s silk shirt was nearly sheer showing most of her ample chest; the skirt was whipped in all directions with the wind changing at will.

“The breeze is a bit brisk.” she said

“Bundle up below.” I said

We reached the cabin as the water hit the boat throwing us on the bed the buttons on her shirt went flying as my dick impaled her ass.

“So thick.” she purred

“Almost there.” I said

Christina’s anal ring wasn’t detroyed but she was getting stretched out back there I pulled off her shirt getting my hands on her boobs.

“Keep going.” she moaned

“Oh I will.” I said

Christina’s ass was getting pounded making her boobs bounce which I was draining of whatever milk I could get driving her crazy.

“Oh yeah…love that feeling.” she purred

“I’m sure you do.” I said

We were rocking the boat harder than the waves as Christina was losing her grip on reality the howls of pleasure ringing in my ears

“DON’T STOP… DON’T FUCKING STOP.” she screamed

“Can’t hold it.” I said

I unloaded buckets of spunk inside her ass good thing she was having her earth shattering orgasm to keep her attention away from me hosing her down unlike a human could before she passed out.

A few days later

I had finally gotten the food supply aboard my ship I was going to launch at night so I didn’t draw attention but it also gave me more time around Christina she convinced me to stay till Friday which only delayed me 1 day given the length of my trip before stasis it wouldn’t kill me she had rented a self driving car so we could hang out.

“Haven’t been in one of these in a while.” I said

“I thought it would be nice to give you a change of scenery.” she said

The vehicle was a bit smaller than I thought it would be. The driver's space didn’t allow for people to ride up front so Christina was sitting on my lap in the back. It wasn't bad provided we missed potholes which we seemed to hit every 10th of a mile.

“Interesting ride.” I said

“I feel like popcorn.” she said

Even being tossed around Christina maintained some balance unzipping my pants letting my dick out. I was having enough trouble trying to sit upright without sliding into the door.

“Almost there.” I said

“This would be easier if someone would stay on the road.” she said

If it wasn’t for the dark tinted windows we would have caused a traffic jam with our body parts Christina was giving me a blowjob while I sat back watching her.

“Keep going.” I moaned

“Rip my dress off.” she said

I pulled at the black belt, snapping it in half before moving to her shoulders, pulling the top down letting her big tits free, getting my hands on them as the gray snowflake outfit a pile on the floor.

“Ok my turn.” I said

“Almost wish people could see us.” she said

I plunged my whole shaft into Christina’s pussy her abs bulged with the thickness as it charged into her womb over and over her squeals of pleasure going up and down the vocal scale.


“You asked for it.” I said

I was suddenly going bananas thrusting with everything I had driving my meat inside her womb like a jackhammer nearly splitting Christina open while I sucked her boobs.

“I’m so into this.” she purred

“Me too.” I said

I was going so hard we nearly tipped the car on its side. Good thing 2 wheels stayed on the ground Christina shifted on top of me going for broke.

“OH YEAH ALL THAT DICK!!!” she screamed

“Kinky thing.” I said

Christina was riding me hard, her hips were a blur of motion slamming my shaft over and over her boobs right in my face.

“You're not human…keep going.” she said

“You have no idea.” I said

In the heat of the moment Christina missed the obvious she was right but I wasn’t going to spill the beans yet.


“Can’t hold it.” I said

When our orgasms hit I don’t remember much I unloaded spunk all over her body both inside and out while Christina’s multi language swear filled manifesto was a testament to her hotness then she collapsed the car reeked of sex going back.


Getting Christina pregnant wasn’t part of my plans I outed myself as an alien so she wouldn’t feel like she did something crazy on an impulse I would return for the baby and her if she wanted with a new ship the updated jump coordinates put my destination only 5 light years away it also looked like my ship had recorded my time with Christina but those are stories for another time.

The end
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More wacky stuff like this please lol


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