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Author Topic: Britney Spears - Gimme More  (Read 71524 times)


Britney Spears - Gimme More
« on: June 21, 2022, 10:06:24 PM »
        Britney Spears couldn't be happier than she was right now. At first she thought she was dreaming when she heard that the court ended the  conservatorship. She was finally free. For the first time in years Britney could go where she wanted, when she wanted, do whatever she wanted. And it was fun...for the first week. Was it possible that she secretly missed having someone to tell her what to do and how to do it? She was still living and performing in Las Vegas, but the shows only took up a few hours each day, leaving her bored out of her mind the rest of the day. At least until the day she decided to leave the house and spend the day going from one casino to the next, gambling, drinking, and just having an all around good time. And Britney was definitely dressed for it, wearing a skimpy pink tank top and black short shorts. She was glad to be out and about, but it still felt like something was missing...
        It was probably the fifth...or sixth casino, Britney couldn't remember after all the drinks, that her luck changed for the better. She had been playing blackjack at one particular table for hours. She wasn't that good but Britney didn't care. She was more interested in the hot guy at the other end of the table. She could tell by the way he talked, the way he dressed, that he was always the center of attention, that he controlled every situation...And Britney found that extremely attractive. It didn't hurt that he was pretty good looking as well. He was almost a foot taller than her, dressed in a tight T-shirt that showed off his muscular body and a pair of blue jeans. They had made eye contact a few times over the last few hours, Britney pretending not to notice him staring at her most of those times. It wasn't until she was about to leave that he finally made his move. "Hey. You're Britney Spears," he said . "My name's Derrick," he continues, a smug smile on his face. "What are you doing here?" Derrick asks the pop star. "Mostly killing time before my next show. It's not for another few hours," Britney replies. "Let's go upstairs to my room and kill some time up there," Derrick says, his voice calm and cool.
        Normally Britney wouldn't have even entertained the idea. She just met the man, knew nothing about him other than his name, and just his first name at that. But there was something drawing her to him, Britney not sure if it was his confidence or her own curiosity. "That could be fun. Lead the way," Britney says. They go to the the nearest elevator, taking it up to the VIP only floor of the hotel. She follows Derrick to his room, all the way at the other end of the hall. "Yeah I'm a pretty high roller around here," Derrick brags, opening the door for her. "After you," he says and Britney walks into the room. The darkness vanishes as Derrick turns on the lights in the room. It's a huge suite, a living room with a couple of couches, a full kitchen, two bedrooms and a huge bathroom down the hall. "Wow, this room is amazing," Britney exclaims. "I've been in better," Derrick replies, grinning. "Let's have a few drinks," he says leading her to the kitchen. It doesn't take long and the two of them start making out on the couch. As they take a short break Derrick laughs, "I always knew I'd end up hooking up with a hot celebrity, women love me. I just never thought it would be Britney Spears." Britney giggles. "Well you are pretty cute," she replies, blushing slightly. "I know that. So do women everywhere. But you know what makes you special? You're one of the lucky few that I'm willing to go all the way with," Derrick smirks.
        Britney's stunned, but is able to hide it. Is she really about to have sex with this man? She wouldn't mind that, seeing as how it's been awhile. So what if he's probably one of the biggest jerks she's ever met? He's cute and he's not starstruck the way most people are when they meet her. What the Hell Britney thinks. "Let's do it," Britney says with a smile. "Great. But from here on out I'm the one in charge. You got that?" Derrick growls. "Totally," she replies. "That's what I thought," he barks. "Don't just stand there. Take your top off," he orders her as he takes off his shirt and throws it aside. Britney obeys, slipping out of the tank top, her bright blue strapless bra now completely exposed. "Why did you stop? Get those shorts off too! Do I have to think of everything?" Derrick grumbles. Britney quickly unbuttons her shorts and, unzipping them, she slides them down her legs, kicking them to the side.  He stands there, looking her up and down, focusing on the newly exposed, matching thong Britney's wearing. "Get over here. My pants aren't going to unbuckle themselves," he snaps.
        Britney hurries over, undoing his belt, and throwing it to the floor. She unsnaps the button at his waist and slowly unzips Derrick's pants, sliding them down his legs. She stares, mesmerized at his red boxer shorts, focused on the bulging mass in front of her. "You know what to do. Why are you just  standing there? Get down on your knees and take care of it," he yells, Britney snapping back into reality. Slowly she reaches into his shorts, grabbing his semi-flacid cock, and pulls it out. Without a second thought she opens her mouth wide and begins sucking on it, stopping occasionally to drag her tongue across its' length. Derrick groans, letting her know she's doing a good job. She works her mouth up and down a few more times before she hears Derrick sigh. "You're going too slow! I guess I have to do everything myself," he says, exasperated. Grabbing the back of her head tightly with his hands he slides her mouth up and down his dick faster than she thought possible. Britney gags each time the head of his cock touches the back of her throat but if Derrick notices he doesn't care. He picks up speed, skull fucking the blonde pop star as hard as he can, laughing as she drools and slobbers all over his member, gasping for air. He finally releases her, Britney coughing and gasping for air as he pulls out of her mouth.
        "Wow. Was that too much for you? I guess I'll cut you some slack, especially with what I have planned for this evening. Let's give that pretty mouth of yours some rest. Titfuck me now," Derrick orders. Britney is happy to comply. She takes off her bra and drops it to the floor. She kneels in front of him, takes a breast in each hand, and squeezing them together, she begins moving her body up and down his spit covered cock. "Hmmm, I thought they'd be bigger. Oh well, at least those tits are real so this isn't a total waste of time," he smirks. "Faster! I know you've done this sort of stuff before. Don't forget you have a show tonight. Pick up the pace," he barks. Britney doubles her speed, letting a mouthful of spit fall between her tits to get things moving. Derrick moans as she works on his cock but  just as she's sure he's about to cum, he surprises her.
        "Stop. STOP! I feel like you're not taking this seriously and we need to do something about that," he sighes. He sits down on the couch, facing her. "Get those panties off and get over here," he commands. Britney obeys, walking over to him now completely naked. "Lie down on your stomach. You need to be punished and I'm clearly the only one who can do it," Derrick sighes. Britney lies facedown, her hips on top of his, as she waits anxiously. "I hate to do this but you've left me no other choice," he says. SLAP! His hand spanks her bare ass hard, Britney crying out. "I know it stings but you brought this on yourself," he says. Britney braces, a small eternity goes by before the inevitable smack. SLAP! He hand connects with her ass again, harder than before, Britney crying out again, with one difference... This time it's not in pain, but pleasure. All her life Britney's never had anyone treat her like this before, everyone always swooning over her, treating her like she's some delicate flower who might break if left on her own. No one but Derrick has every treated her like this and it turns her on. "We're almost done," he laughs. It's Britney's turn to surprise him. Before he can spank her a third time Britney turns to face him as best she can, a sly, seductive smile on her face as she purrs, "Hit me baby...one more time!" Derrick grins widely at her. "If that's what you want," he grins. SLAP! His hand hits her ass even harder, Britney moaning at the sting.
        Derrick rubs her firm ass for a moment, giving her some time to recover from the spankings. He then motions to Britney to get up and she climbs off of him and stands next to the couch. He follows, removing his boxers, and they both stand there naked, staring each other down. He drags a large foot stool in front of the couch. "You're going to love this next part. It's going to get a little rough. Get over there and bend over bitch," he growls, pointing to the foot stool. Britney obeys, leaning over the foot stool, her bare ass and pussy on full display for him. "Mm mmm! What a beautiful sight," he says, a cocky tone in his voice. She jumps as his hand slides up and down her underside, starting with her ass and working its' way down to her pussy.
        Derrick rubs her clit and lower lips hard for only a few seconds, but the teasing is enough to get another low moan from her. "You like when I rub the Brit Clit?" Derrick jeers, sarcastically. "I love it," she groans back. "I bet you do," he says, sliding a few fingers into her gash. "Otherwise you wouldn't be so wet for me," he sneers. He sticks the hand in her face, staring expectantly. She gets the message, licking and sucking her juices off his fingers. "You like how you taste? I bet you feel even better," he says. He grabs her hard by the hips and Britney braces herself for the inevitable.
        There's no teasing, nothing slow and sensual, there's just the one sudden, hard thrust of his cock into her wet pussy. She grunts as the impact propels her stomach first against the cushioned foot stool. He's balls-deep inside her and despite the lack of any kind of romance or gentleness, Britney has to admit that he feels good inside her. Derrick wastes no time, his hands on her hips are like a vise grip as he slams his  hips against hers over and over, somehow picking up speed every few thrusts. Her body bounces hard against the foot stool with every thrust, her huge drooping breasts slapping against her body with every impact. As if he can read her mind Derrick's hands find a new target, sliding up from her hips, along the sides of her body, only stopping once he gets a tit in each hand. Squeezing her breasts hard, his hips become like a jackhammer pounding into her at blinding speed, Britney moaning and whining like some kind of wild animal. The combination of his furious fucking and the death grip on her tits overtakes just a few thrusts later.
        Britney cries out, an almost primal sound escaping her mouth, as she violently orgasms. Derrick releases her breasts, grabbing her long blonde hair and pulls hard, jerking her head back as she continues moaning in pleasure, never stopping his violent thrusting. Moments later she practically passes out onto the foot stool, exhausted as Derrick slows his hips slightly. He pulls out of her, Britney groaning in disappointment. "Hey! You better not be falling asleep on me up there," he snaps, smacking each of her ass cheeks as hard he can. She jumps each time his hand touches her, giggling softly. "I know what will keep you awake," he says, grinning at her. He sits down on the couch, motioning her over. "I bet you'll stay awake if you have something to do. Get over here, turn around, and sit on this cock," he commands. Like a good girl Britney does exactly what he says, straddling him with her back to him, lowering herself onto his waiting cock. She's not a fan of the awkward position she's in, legs spread with a foot on either side of him, her hands gripping the back of the couch for dear life, her back arched outward.
        Derrick is completely ignorant to her discomfort or just doesn't care. "I want you to fuck that cock as hard as you can," he snarls, grabbing her by the hips. She moves her hips up and down his shaft, moving faster than she'd normally like thanks to Derrick 'guiding' her hips with his hands. "Harder! Faster bitch," he yells, reaching around her to slap her tits hard. "I bet Christina Aguilera's boyfriends have better sex than this," he yells at her.  That's the last straw, something breaking inside her as he brings up Christina. Britney becomes a force of nature, her hips flying in every direction like a hurricane, surprising Derrick in the process. "Holy shit that's hot!" Derrick cries out as she rides him hard. Both of them grunt and groan as inch by inch, thrust after thrust, they get closer and closer to their climax. Britney pops first, flailing around like a rag doll as she cums a second time. "Oops! I did it again," he laughs. Derrick is caught off guard for a second as his own orgasm hits him seconds later. He grabs her hips tightly, pumping shot after shot of his cum upwards, deep inside her. Britney can feel it, a warm sensation spreading between her legs, deep inside her.
        Derrick, still holding her by the hips, stands up moving his hands under her thighs. He dumps her onto the couch, pulling out her, strings of semen dripping from his dick. "Make yourself useful and clean me off," he tells her. Britney leans in, sucking him clean with only a few strong sucks, following up with a couple of licks. "That's better. Now clean yourself up and get out of her. I don't have all night. I heard Katy Perry is in town and I don't want to keep her waiting," he laughs. Britney just smiles back at him as she gathers up her clothes, sneaking out of the hotel and back home after the best one night stand of her life...
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Re: Britney Spears - Gimme More
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2022, 07:19:13 PM »
Writing about Britney is a way to get Cade as your best friend lol
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Re: Britney Spears - Gimme More
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2022, 11:18:10 PM »
Always a pleasure to see more people write Britney!

Derrick don't have much patience with her. Good work with the Titfuck though  :Y:
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Re: Britney Spears - Gimme More
« Reply #3 on: July 04, 2022, 08:49:35 PM »
Writing about Britney is a way to get Cade as your best friend lol

Lol this is true.
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