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Guilty Pleasures with Kira Kosarin
« on: June 26, 2022, 09:57:23 PM »
Guilty Pleasures
Starring Kira Kosarin
Codes: MF, Oral, Creampie, Cheat
Written by MiamiLyfe
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but pure fantasy.

Some of my friends had told me that she was bad for me. I knew that she was bad for me. 

We had met through a friend several years ago, and we had connected right away. It was not long after that that the two of us began having sex with each other. And once that started, we did it a lot.  And I do mean a lot. We were often getting together multiple times a week to go at it multiple times a night.  This friend-with-benefits relationship lasted for several months, but it was more than just sex.  We really did like talking and spending time with one another.  We talked about taking our relationship to the next level, but she balked at the idea several times.  That stung, but we just kept on going being FWBs.  Then the pandemic happened, and everything went into lockdown. 

On some level, it made sense when she began dating the guy she did. After the first few months, she, him, and two of his friends had gone into lockdown together to work on music together. And sticking a ‘7’ with two ‘4’s when Kira was only getting off via manual methods, it was only a matter of time before that ‘7’ began to resemble something closer to a ‘10’.  What did surprise me was even after the lockdown began to open up, they still continued to date. 

I was again surprised when she began calling. Not long after things started to open up in LA, she began to see if I wanted to hang out. We both knew by “hangout’ what she meant was getting back to screwing one another.  They were not in an open relationship the first time several times we had sex post COVID lockdown, but by the time they did have an open relationship, I knew she was having sex with me more than she was with him.  To maintain our privacy from him, we’d often use her old bedroom at her parent’s house for our sexual tryst. If her parents had an issue with their daughter using their house to fuck a guy that wasn’t her boyfriend, they never said anything. 

Eventually, I did slow things down with her.  I knew it was messed up for us to be fucking as much as we did while she posted online about how in love she was with her British boyfriend. Some days I wondered if she still had my load in her as she was posting pictures of her and her boyfriend on Instagram. Eventually, I decided to slow things down and avoid her when possible.  But that was easier said than done. I still found myself ball deep into her a month ago. And even tonight, I found myself at the Moroccan Lounge with a couple of my friends to see a musical performance based on her recommendation.

My friends and I were at the LA live music venue for about 15 minutes when I saw her with her friends from across the room. I had barely caught a glimpse of her when she locked eyes with me.  Neither of us moved to the other. Instead, we just stayed with our friends.  It was not until about an hour later that I went to get a drink by myself, and as I waited at the bar, I suddenly saw her standing next to me. Dressed in an all-black outfit, I stood eye-to-eye with Kira Kosarin.

“Hi,” she said.  We exchanged a few pleasantries as I wanted for my drink and caught up on what the two of us had been doing recently. I’d be lying if I said my eyes did not wander on her body, checking her out.  Even with only her tight stomach exposed, she was still quite something to look at. I was getting set to head back to my friends when she let me know she was still interested in getting together if I wanted to.  “If you’re not doing anything tonight, you should know that I’m free, and I’ll be at my place all alone tonight after this is over.”

“Okay, thanks, but I don’t think that is a good idea.  It was great seeing you though,” I told her before heading back to my friends. We did not say long after that.  The musical performer at the lounge was fine, but also quite clearly not someone who was on the verge of having a big break anytime soon. So my friends and I did not stay.  And after one more stop with them before heading home, I found myself in my bed in my apartment.

I was bored and just scrolling through my phone. It was then that I got myself into trouble.  Scrolling through Instagram, I came across Kira’s posts and IG stories from that night. My thoughts then began to think of her, some of the “fun” we’ve had in the past, and the offer she made to me tonight.  And the more I thought about her, the less my logical brain was thinking and more of the primal part of my brain.  Soon I found myself texting Kira to see if her offer was still good. I did not have to wait long before I got the message of ‘YES” in all caps came in. I then texted her that I was on my way over.

A half-hour later, I pulled up to her place and knocked on her door. Kira opened the door with her hair wet and appeared only dressed in a soft cotton bathrobe. While our greeting to one another at the Moroccan Lounge had been very tepid, it was different now. She opened her door and said my name in a loud excited voice before embarrassing me in a tight hug. She quickly invited me in, and we sat on her couch. We chatted for a little while until Kira said, “I’m so happy you changed your mind and decided to come over.” She then put her hand right onto my inner upper thigh.

“Me too,” I told her, and then she moved in to kiss me, and I happily reciprocated. While the first few kisses were soft and tender, those gave way quickly to much more hungry and passionate kisses.  My hand soon found easy passage inside over her bathrobe.  As we made out and I felt up her breasts, I began thinking about the next step. I knew I could have used her and gotten mine and left without any complaints from her.  And if I were a different guy, I might have done that.  I might have fucked her for a round or two on the couch and gone home with a smile.  But that is not who I am. I am someone who gets quite a lot of joy from delivering pleasure.  I also know that in part the reason that I still have basically a carte blanche access to hooking up with Kira Kosarin whenever and wherever I want was because of how much I work to get her off.  So while I knew then that was just not going to simply fuck her and leave, I was not ready to do something that might cause me to lose the control and power I seemed to have over her.

“Take off your robe,” I told her, and she looked at me and smiled.  She put on a bit of a show as she got off the couch and smiled at me as she undid the loose tie and let the robe slip off her shoulders.

In the long run, I knew coming to meet Kira tonight was probably a poor decision.  I knew other people were right about her and me.  And I could keep saying that I kept coming back to her because we had some kind of connection and because she was a really lovely person, but while all that was true, it was not the reason.  Take away all the drama and extra stuff that seems to come with Kira. She had one of the best overall bodies I could imagine.  And once again, it was on full display right in front of me.  My eyes trailed up her long muscular legs, up to her pussy, which looked like she had probably just shaved in the shower before I arrived. Then kept moving up over her tightly toned stomach to her plentiful breasts, which seemed to defy the laws of gravity by how perky they still were at their size. She swayed her body as I looked her over, and then turned around to show off her thick but toned ass.  She bent over a bit, sticking her ass more to my face as she also looked over her shoulder to judge my reaction

I reached out and gave one of her cheeks a squeeze before asking her, “Should we go to your room?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” she said playfully. She spun around, took my hand, and pulled me to follow her to her room.  Once inside he did not head over to the bed right away.  Instead, she brought me over to the soft shag rug she had at the foot of her bed in front of her large mirrored wall.  She then began kissing me, but as we made out her hands began to remove my clothes.  First my shirt, then my belt, then she undid the fly on my khakis. I kicked off my shoes, and she took hold of both my pants and underwear.  She looked me in the eyes as she dropped down to her knees and pulled down my remaining clothing. As I stepped out of my pants and underwear, and kicked them to the side, Kira wrapped both her hands around my stiff erection.

“I’ve missed you,” Kira said to my penis as it stood pointing directly at her face.  She then kissed the tip. She gave several long licks and sucks, getting my dick nice and wet before she began stroking my dick.  Using one of her hands, she began playing with the foreskin on my uncut cock. She’s always had some odd fascination with playing with my foreskin. She did that for a few minutes, taking back into her mouth from time to time, to get recoat me with her saliva. She did eventually make me in her mouth for a longer period.  Using her tongue and sucking on the tip while her hands stroked my shaft and occasionally played with my large balls. 

“Get on the bed, Kira,” I told her mid-blowjob. I was starting to get close to climax and I knew neither she nor I wanted my first load of the night wasted by shooting it into her mouth. So she got up off the floor and sat down on the foot of the bed, and I got on my knees on the floor. She moved her legs onto my shoulders and laid on her back. I then began kissing and licking around her pussy. As I ate her out and she became wetter became, and the wetter she became the stronger the scent from her pussy became.  While it was not a bad smell, Kira’s pussy was known to have a strong smell that could really fill up a room, and also it was known to linger as well.  I could have sex with her in the morning and later that night I could still smell her pussy on my dick.  So I took several big whiffs of her scent as I buried my tongue in between her lady lips.

I had the former Thundermans actress orgasming within minutes.  She called out and her body templed as I had my lips pressed against her clit and I had my fingers crooked inside of her and were rubbing against her g-spot.  Even as she came, I still kept licking and sucking her because I knew one of the reasons she kept coming back to me was because, unlike her boyfriend, I really enjoyed going down on women.  And she loved the fact that I was more than willing to go down on her 2-3 times in a row.  So that is what I did.  She had one orgasm already but forged on with the cunnilingus.

“Ooohhhh my god yes! Keep going,” Kira moaned loudly, as she received one orgasm and could feel the second one coming. I didn't tease her at all, I just attacked her pussy with my fingers and my mouth and within no time I had her body trembling and her pussy gushing.

After that second orgasm, I stood right up. I did not back up, nor did I have her scoot back on the bed. Rather, as she laid on the edge of the bed with her legs over my shoulder, and when I stood up her legs lifted with me.  Once I was on my feet, her legs were at a 90° angle with the rest of her body.  From all her dance and ballet she did, holding this position was nothing for the former Nickelodeon actress. In fact, it was one of her favorites.  While I stood up, it left my cock resting on top of her slit.   Taking the base of my shaft in my hand, I teased the brunette beauty. Rubbing cock along l the lips of her shaved mound.  Then I began dipping the top of my tip into her before pulling it away as I continued to rub. I did this multiple times, dipping a little more of my tip into her each time.

"Just stick it in me already!" Kira yelled, her sexual desperation extremely obvious in her voice.

"Only if you ask nicely," I needed her.

"PLEASE! Please, fuck me," she said desperately. "Ahhhhhhhhhyyeeessss," she moaned when I finally pushed my dick inside of her. I did not start at a slow deliberate pace.  This was not love-making like we did occasionally.  This was a raw, hard, fast fuck. I went full throttle pounding her pussy. Kira was taken a bit by surprise by my intensity to start things off, but it did not take her long to get adjusted and begin feeling good. She maintained laying on the bed as I stood at the edge and pumped into her. My eyes were transfixed on her large breasts as they shook with eat thrust I gave her.  Normally we mixed things up, doing a few positions for our first round, but this time I was not feeling it.  I did not want to stop.  I was going to continue to go just like this until I came, and based on her moans of pleasure and the way she was holding onto the bed, she did not seem to mind. 

She had one smaller orgasm as we had sex this way, but I knew she could have another one, a more powerful one in no time.  When I felt my climax coming I bent down forward and put my hand behind her head.  I brought her face up a bit as I bent over, and I kissed her.  Of course with her legs up against my chest and now me bending forward, this meant Kira was bent in half with her legs up over her head as we kissed. With us positioned like this, I had to slow my thrust, but I used my hands to make up for that. With one going to her beast and one going to her clit. We kept it up like this until we both reached a breaking point.

We came simultaneously. I fired shot after of cum into her, and she let out an orgasmic cry, while her already tight pussy strangled my cock. I kept cumming inside of her until I had nothing left.  When it was over I just stood there with my cock inside her for a minute or two.  I then stepped back and pulled out.  She let out a moan as my dick escaped from her tight snatch, with some of my cum trickling out of her when I pulled out.

“I love how you stay hard even after you cum,” Kira said as she sat up and took my dick into both her hands. 

“Is that why you keep inviting me over? Max isn’t able to keep up?” I am usually reluctant to bring up the boyfriend, and I never mentioned him by name. But tonight, between knowing I should not have given him and come over, and some residual resentment for her picking him over me, it just slipped out.

“I’m not going to answer that,” she said before bending and taking my dick into her mouth and sucking my knob clean. Her non-answer was an answer enough for me to know that I was correct. She sucked for a minute, until I pulled away from her and my manhood left her mouth with a pop. I then pulled her to her feet and kissed her.  We made out as I moved us across the room and then spun her around.  Kira suddenly found herself looking directly into her own reflection in the large mirrored closet door.  She smiled because she knew what was next. Kira was not always the biggest fan of doggy unless she was doing it in front of a mirror. As soon as she saw she was in front of the mirror, she instinctively widened her stance and pushed her ass back out towards me. I took her hips and pulled her back to me and right onto my pole.

Kira watched me through the mirror as I took her from behind.  I tried to keep eye contact, but it was made difficult by the way her impossibly perky-for-their-size shook with each thrust of my dick into her. A minute later, I got tired of looking and reached around, palming her large tit in my hand.  Squeezing and groping her breast as we fucked. Kira soon upped things to another level as she showed off her incredible flexibility, lifting one leg in the air in a standing split. All those years of dance did a lot for Kira and her flexibility, and there seemed to be no place she enjoyed more to show off said flexibility than during sex.  She liked that it seemed to be something that set her apart from many other women she knew and that she was able to do some sex positions others would be less willing to try.

I moved slightly from behind the actress turned singer, to more from the side. As I fucked her from the side, I took hold of her breast that was across her body while I lowered my face down to her tit that was closest to me and I began kissing and sucking on her nipple.  After a bit, I moved my hand down and stroked her clit above her streched-out pussy.

“Yes, keep going,” she said and I continued pistoning my dick into her in front of the mirror. It was not until I felt things begin churning once more in my balls, that I decided to switch up the action again.

Spinning her around I put her one let that was up in the air on my shoulder, and then grabbing her ass in both of my hands, I lifted her up.  Kira wrapped her arms behind my neck and lifted up her other leg.  I was now holding her up with her body in the shape of a ‘V’. I moved my hips around and once I had the correct angle and dropped her pussy right onto my dick. I started off bouncing her on my cock, but after a few minutes I got more aggressive and ended up with her back pressed firmly against the mirror and I was just pounding my hard-on into her.  Her body was now almost folded in half as we did it. It was just my dick inside of her, and my hands gripping each of her meaty ass cheeks that held her up.

“Oh, gawd, ah, fuck yes!” Kira moaned. 

“You like that?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“Yes! I love it!” she cried.

Once again, something that I normally would never say, slipped out of my mouth, “Tell me, do I fuck you better than your boyfriend?”

“I’m not answering that,” she repeated her answer from before, but this time I was going to get an answer.

“Come on, Kira, tell me the truth. Tell me I’m better. The reason you keep having me come back to your bedroom is that he can’t fuck you half as well as I can.”

“Please, don’t make me answer it.  Just fuck me. I’m so close.”

“Naw-uh, Kira. Answer the question, or I am stopping right now and going home,” I told her, and to prove my point I stopped my thrusting.  I pulled back so that just my tip barely stayed inside her. She groaned.  “Just answer the question. And be honest. It's simple.”

“Fine, yes! You’re a better fuck than him.  I love the way you fuck me. I really love how full my pussy feels when you cum inside me. There are times when I am in bed with him and I wish it was you instead. Happy?” She shouted at me.

“Yes, but not half as happy as you are about to feel,” I told her as I went back to hammering her pussy up against the mirror. Instead of thrusting forward, I also thrusted upward, making sure her clit felt some friction as I pushed her towards her climax. Soon enough, she arrived.  Pulling me in tightly as she let out a passionate scream of pleasure. Feeling her pussy constrict around my dick as I continued to thrust into her was enough to push me over the edge as well. I gave one more forceful thrust, burying my manhood as deep inside of her as I could before erupting my load deep into her.  The two of us both orgasmed hard.  I then walked us over to her bed and collapsed the two of us on top of it.

We went one more round that night. This time I laid on the bed and she rode me cowgirl the entire time until she felt me shoot another load deep inside of her womb.  She offered to let me spend the night, hoping I would be there in her bed when she woke up for some morning & some shower sex, but I turned her down.  It was 3am and I told her that I needed to be at the office for work in the morning. I suppose I could have stayed, but I wanted to maintain some control in the relationship and wanted to leave her craving more.  So I got dressed and when I was ready to leave, I took one last look at her sleeping naked with a pleased smile on her face and three loads of my jizz leaking out of her worn-out pussy in a room that reeked of sex.  I could not help myself from snapping a quick picture before I headed out the door.

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Re: Guilty Pleasures with Kira Kosarin
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2022, 05:19:55 PM »
A really good story about a seriously underrated beauty. Great work ML.
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