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Author Topic: The Ouija Board Celebrity Parties (Britney Spears, Francine Dee, Lena Cardwell)  (Read 35507 times)


The Ouija Board Celebrity Parties by Dragon333
Celeb(s) – Britney Spears, Francine Dee, Lena Cardwell
Codes – FF, Lesbian
Originally posted on April 6 2006 at CSSA

Britney Spears called up two of her friends, Francine Dee and Lena Cardwell. Lena Cardwell was a beautiful black girl with luscious lips, and short black hair reaching a tad above her shoulders.
She was from a horror movie called Jeepers Creepers 2. She had the sweet look. Francine Dee looked like an Asian Queen. She had ruby red lips (thanks to her lipstick making her look good with her lips), little Asian eyes, and implanted 36DD tits. Britney told them she wanted to hang out tonight and do something that she hasn’t done in a long time. Francine Dee and Lena Cardwell were welcomed in Britney’s big house and Britney showed them into one of her rooms.

“I know I told you guys this over the phone, but let me just say again. I haven’t done this in so long! I miss it! I saw it at the store a few days ago, and just had to buy it again! It was so fun back then that I wanted to use it and play it again!” Britney told them. Lena and Francine looked at each other and then gave each other a gesture as to say “sure why not.” Britney took the Ouija Board out from her closet and opened it. She placed it on the floor and turned her lights off. “Look guys! This version glows in the dark!” Britney said excitedly. Britney was a hottie now. Since she just had her baby, her tits got a lot bigger and it was filled with milk. Britney placed her two fingers lightly on the circle marker that the game came with. “Let’s play!” Britney told them. Francine was the first to join, and then was followed by Lena. “What should we ask it?”

“You’re the one who brought us here. Why don’t you do the honors?” Francine replied.

“Did I make a mistake by getting with Kevin Federline?” Britney asked it. They all tried to concentrate but there was no answer. Britney then repeated the question.

“Answer her please.” Lena said to the board. They finally began to feel it slowly move. Instead of going to a YES or a NO, it started to spell out a word. The first letter it went to was D. ‘I wonder what it could be,’ thought Britney. The board finally spelled out the word “duh.”

“Geeze, this board is so rude!” Britney complained. “OK, Francine, you ask a question now.”

“What is your name?” Francine asked it, and as they waited just briefly, it spelled out the name “Damien.”

“That almost sounds like ‘demon.’” Lena said.

“Yeah it does, but don’t get all paranoid just yet. It’s just a name.” Britney told her. “It’s your turn to ask Lena.”

“Hurry up, Lena!” Francine yelled out after she took a bit too long to ask a question on her turn.

“I’m thinking!” Lena Cardwell snapped back. “Will my first marriage be a successful one?” She finally concentrated enough to get herself to find and ask it a question. The marker on the board slowly moved to the “No” spot.

“Can you give us a sign of your presence?” Britney asked it on her turn. Just then the lights in Britney’s room flickered on and off for a short moment. The girls looked around at the lights and next to the switch to see if someone was doing it, and nothing and no one was there.

“That couldn’t have been a damage in the lights!” Francine exclaimed. “If you really want to prove to us your existence, why don’t you grab Britney’s tit!” Francine said as she laughed at the end of her question. Britney then felt something squeeze her right tit, as Francine and Lena saw Britney’s breast lactate through her shirt, and there was a big wet spot where Britney’s nipple was. Britney looked at her right boob and saw the wet spot. Britney then removed her shirt and laid it on her bed. Damien then spelled out “nice cleavage” on his board. “Brit, Damien says you have nice cleavage.”

“Thank you. Do you want to see my tits, Damien?” Britney asked him in a sexy voice. As the board went to YES, Britney undid her bra from her front and let it float down. Damien then spelled out the word “NICE.” Francine asked Damien if he wanted to see Francine topless as well, and it went to yes. Francine smiled and happily pulled her tight shirt over her head and threw it behind her. Then she took off her dark blue bra revealing to the room her gorgeous 36DD implants. Damien then spelled out “Lena’s turn.” Francine and Britney kept encouraging her to take off her shirt as they kept telling her “come on, take off your shirt.” And Lena finally fell into the peer pressure and pulled her tight blue t-shirt over her head and threw it, revealing a white V bra.

“Do you want us to put on a show for you, Damien?” Britney asked the spirit. This time the marker moved all by itself and moved to the word “YES.” Francine and Britney giggled horny. All three girls in the room were completely naked, except Lena was wearing white socks. Britney guided Francine to her bed as Francine sat on the bed and Britney stood in front of her. Britney took both of her tits in her hands and squeezed her tits so that she was squirting Francine’s face with her own breast milk. Francine opened up her mouth wide accepting Britney’s milk from her tits, Britney kept pressing and squeezing her tits, lactating her tits, spraying milk on Francine’s face, while Francine was swallowing every drop that she could get on her tongue. Britney was giggling the whole time she was lactating on her friend, she was giggling and being giddy like she was around her crush. It was clear as day to Lena, and to anyone who would be watching them, that they were having a blast.

“OK, your turn, Lena! Get on the bed!” Britney told her. Francine got up and off the bed while Lena sat down on the bed and opened her mouth. Britney squirted her tit milk from her breasts and landed a bunch of milky wetness on the sexy black girl’s tongue and landed some in her eye. While Lena wiped away the milk from her eyes with her hand, Britney didn’t stop, and continued to squirt her breast milk in Lena’s tongue, and face.

“Damn, I could barely see Lena’s face with all that milk covering it up!” Francine exclaimed happily when Britney had squirted so much milk on Lena’s face that it was covering more than 75% of her face. “Britney, why don’t you lick it off?” Then Britney did as Francine suggested and stuck her tongue out, and licked up and down Lena’s face, in every spot that had her milk on it. She cleaned and wiped out all the milk from Lena’s face until it was pretty much all gone. “You know what you just did, Britney?”

“I licked milk off of Lena’s tits!” Britney said in-matter-of-factly.

“You pretty much sucked your own tit!” Francine Dee told her halfway teasingly.

“I did? No wonder it tasted so damn good!” Britney said with much confidence about the flavor of her own milk filled tits. “How did my tongue feel on your face, Lena?”

“WEIRD! VERY weird! I almost felt like Britney turned into a dog and started kissing my face!” Lena said. Francine Dee laughed. After the laugh was over, Francine laid her body next to the Ouija board and closed her eyes at the incredible sensation of Lena sucking on her right tit, and Britney sucking on her left tit. Britney and Lena feasted on her beautiful Asian implants as she moaned out letting them know their tongue’s magic was working wonders on her pink nipples. They were wiggling their tongues all around her nipples and around them, causing Francine to moan out at the feeling of the pleasure they were giving her. Even Damien, inserting his self inside the marker, levitated himself up and onto Francine’s vagina and starting rubbing himself up and down the front of Francine’s pussy. Francine felt herself spread open her legs, thus making it easier for Damien to rub himself up and down faster over her tight clit. Francine moaned louder and louder with excitement while her two friends were still suckling her tits.

“OH FUCKING SHIT! IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!” Francine screamed out in pleasure as she felt herself almost uncontrollably bucking her hips, humping Damien back until she felt herself shoot out an orgasm, and let out several post moans. As Francine finally finished moaning, Lena and Britney stopped sucking her beautiful pink nipples on her 36DD implants. Lena stuck her black C cup boob in Francine’s mouth and Francine sucked on it, pressing her tongue hard on the black girl’s tit and sucked on her dark brown nipple. Britney got in-between Francine’s legs and licked her clit. She started licking up and down her hot wet pussy and began sucking all of her juices out from it, licking all of the cum out of it. Francine finally stopped sucking her friend’s tit to thank Britney.

“Thanks for cleaning my pussy, Britney!” Francine told her. Britney then winked at her and stopped sucking and licking her Asian cunt. Damien put himself back on the board. Lena took it and put it over the word “GOODBYE” that was on the board and they all got into one bed and got ready to end the night.

“You were right, Britney. That was fun. I like that we’re sleeping together too, so we can feel each others tits on each other while we roll over and move around.” Francine told her. Then they all went to sleep.
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