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Author Topic: Lustful Loveliness (Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, and more)  (Read 12197 times)


Lustful Loveliness by Raziel
Celeb(s) – Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, Britney Spears, Jenna Jameson
Codes – FF, Lesbian
Originally posted on January 6 2004 at CSSA

This story couples quite a few celebrities in different combinations :) (amongst them Alyson Hannigan, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Britney Spears, Jenna Jameson). Most of this story is just a figment of my own twisted imagination (though the Britney/Jenna story is possibly true to some degree :-/ ). But overall, most of this is definately not true (I think).

There she sat, with her fiery red hair and a smile that could make anyone in the close vicinity melt, Alyson had an unmatched effect on both men and women alike. Today was like most days, except for the fact that Aly finally decided to take a break for one day from work, thus rendering today special from her point of view. After a few moments she was joined by her friend Sarah.

“Hi Aly!” Sarah said excitedly, “Enjoying your day off?”

“Sure am, how about you?” she asked gazing at Sarah through her sunglasses.

“Yeah, and speaking of which, I have these tickets to see a Britney Spears concert” Sarah commented.

“You’re kidding right?” Alyson said, she didn’t really think much of Britney Spears, oh well, if others like it, she figured she couldn’t do anything about it.

“No, and you wanna know the most exciting part of it all?!?” Sarah inquired, which brought a confused look to Alyson, obviously Sarah didn’t pick up on her feelings for Britney Spears.

“Ummm, no… what?” Alyson asked.

“I got two tickets!” Sarah shouted excitedly.

* * * *

Well, there wasn’t much Alyson could do about it, so she decided to take Sarah up on her offer. Now, at the concert, Alyson found that the tickets were front row tickets, perfect for the real Britney fans… what a good waste of money Alyson figured.

As the music started Alyson tried to seem interested, surprisingly after a few minutes she started paying more attention to Britney Spears playing. Or rather, Britney Spears shaking her tits around in her general direction every now and then, hang on! What on earth am I thinking she asked herself. But the more she looked the more she thought about Britney’s big breasts. Even being on a show like Buffy, where she portrays a lesbian character, she never really felt attracted to one before.

While Sarah was jumping up and down singing to the words, Alyson was fighting her internal battle… has this simple event triggered a side of her she hasn’t known about yet? She decided to push these thoughts away. Besides, her boyfriend, and husband to be, Alexis, was out of town for a few days, so it was probably the lack of sex that made her think these thoughts. Unfortunately the fact that Britney just shot her a look and winked at her didn’t help Alyson in her current situation. Furthermore, she couldn’t help but think how wonderful it was that Britney noticed her.

* * * *

Two weeks after the concert Alyson was talking to Sarah in her trailer on the set of Buffy.

“So Aly, what did you think of Britney’s concert?” Sarah asked.

“I loved it!” Alyson replied.

Sarah paused a but, then said “You looked a bit quiet…”

“Not at all, so how much do I owe ya for the ticket?” Alyson asked.

“Oh, nothing, Britney gave them to me. She wanted me to invite you, she’s a big fan.” Sarah replied with a smile.

“She is? You… ummm… you know her?” Alyson asked, finding it pretty hard to even consider what she was thinking.

“Yeah. She really wants to meet you, but I warn you beforehand, she’s quite obsessed. Oh, and the whole boyfriend thing, it’s all just a cover, so don’t be too surprised if she tries to jump you. It’s fun though.” Sarah commented, then realized what she said, did I just say that out load she thought to herself.

After raising an eyebrow Alyson just looked at Sarah, then asked, “Sarah, are you a lesbian?”

“It’s complicated. Please Alyson, don’t ask me. Also, it’s probably a bad idea for you to meet Brit.” Sarah said looking a bit ashamed of herself.

“Hey… It’s OK Sarah.” Alyson said as she moved closer to Sarah and gave her a hug, her lesbian fantasies from the concert resurfacing. “I won’t ever think anything bad of you Sarah… never, and I wouldn’t mind meeting Britney if she’s a fan, I try to keep all my fans happy.” She said with a smile.

* * * *

A day later Alyson agreed to meet Britney, the arrangement was for Britney to go to Alyson’s house after she finished her work on the Buffy set.

Suddenly the doorbell rang, Alyson, with trembling hands, opened the door. There stood the beauty herself, such big luscious tits, a tight body, and the most beautiful face ever. Alyson was in pretty good shape herself, but wasn’t quite as well endowed as Britney was. Still, was it possible that this girl could have this kind of effect on her?

Alyson was wearing a pair of leather pants and a shirt that revealed her midriff, Britney on the other hand was wearing a pair of jean shorts and a pink top.

“Please, come in…” Alyson said and Britney was fast to comply.

“Wow, nice place!” She said as she observed her surroundings.

“It’s OK, things just get a bit lonely here sometimes, but I got Dr. Sues to keep me company most of the time…” Alyson stated.

“Dr. Sues?” Britney asked.

“Oh, my pussy.” Alyson replied, a frown developed on Britney’s face as that thought sunk in. After a few seconds of silence Alyson had to ask, “Brit… are you OK?”

“Yeah, I’m fine… I’m just trying to YIKES!” Britney yelped as Alyson’s cat brushed up against her leg. “Oh! Dr. Sues I presume…” Britney said as she worked out that Alyson was actually referring to her cat’s name, well, she hoped that was the case.

“My rooms this way…” Alyson said, wondering if she went a bit fast there.

“Ummm… Alyson. What’s going on here?” Britney asked, sort of confused about the situation, though she knew exactly what Alyson was saying.

“Don’t play games with me Brit… I know what you want.” Alyson replied. Since she hasn’t come onto a girl before she figured her normal approach would be good enough. Although she really only tried that one once.

“I’m sorry I have to go.” Britney said before storming out of the house.

Britney got into her car, but took one final look back at a crying
Alyson who gazed right back at her from her front door. Britney just
couldn’t understand what she just did. Alyson offered her everything
she wanted, and a lot more than she expected. But for some reason
she couldn’t get her body to just turn around and take Alyson up on
her offer. She immediately realized what a big mistake she had just

All the way back to her house Britney was cursing herself for what
she had done, and even so, her body wouldn’t listen. For once, her
body and mind was detached. When she got home she was really hot,
but Britney wouldn’t allow herself to touch herself. Instead, she
swore the next touch on her cunt would be at the hand of Alyson

* * * *

For the next few weeks nothing happened, life went on, whenever
Sarah brought up the meeting, Alyson changed the subject, and the
exact same thing happened when Sarah confronted Britney on the

That afternoon Britney decided to break the code of silence, and she
opened up to Sarah, told her about what happened. Sarah couldn’t
believe what happened, and, couldn’t help but find that amusing.

“You’re kidding right??? I never thought Aly had it in her. And when
she did, you turned her down???” Sarah asked before bursting out
with hysterical laughter, “Now I’ve truly seen everything!”

“It’s not funny Sarah!” Britney said in a raised voice, she had to
admit though, the situation happened exactly the opposite way she
expected it to…

“No offense Brit, but you really screwed up. Alyson is easily hurt,
no wonder she’s been so quiet lately.” Sarah told Britney, crushing
any hopes that Britney had left on fixing up what she had done.

“I wish I could take it back.” Britney told Sarah, hanging on to
some hope that the situation is still repairable.

“Well, I’ll talk to Alyson… shit… it’s still not sinking in…
Alyson’s a lesbian.” Sarah said with a huge smile.

“Please make it work.” Britney begged.

* * * *

Meanwhile Alyson was simply sitting at home wondering why Britney
had over reacted so much, unless Sarah was wrong about her. Alyson
closed her eyes and thought back at how Britney’s breasts were
bouncing as she had her little spasm back there. Of course she
couldn’t really blame Britney, she knew she was largely responsible
for what happened.

Suddenly Alyson heard a knock on her door, she wasn’t sure who it
was, but expected, and hoped that it might be Britney. When Alyson
opened the door and saw who it was she looked down at the ground and
signaled for Sarah to come in. As soon as Sarah was within reach of
Alyson, she pinned the redhead against the wall next to her front
door and started passionately kissing her.

When they broke the kiss Alyson was the first to speak.

“Sarah… wh.. wha… what are you doing?” Alyson asked in an
innocent voice, she looked around her, suddenly aware of how exposed
they were.

“Brit told me what happened, I can’t believe what she told me, so
now I’m testing the truth in her statement” Sarah replied.

“What did she tell… ahhhh” Alyson started saying until Sarah
nipple gripped Alyson, inflicting a slight amount of pain throughout
her body.

“Shhhh… Aly… Everything is OK.” Sarah reassured her before
starting to apply more pressure to Alyson’s nipples. “You know I’ve
been hearing very interesting things about you Alyson.” Sarah said
as she continued torturing the poor redhead’s nipples in the open,
“So, is it true?”

“Oh… god that hurts!” Alyson managed to get out.

“Yeah, but you like it… I can tell.” Sarah said. Admittedly, she
wasn’t sure, though Alyson didn’t seem to be fighting it. “You
couldn’t even imagine what I could do to you if I chose to.”

Although Alyson hasn’t really thought about Sarah that much, or
rather, women in general, she had to admit that was sounding pretty
good to her. Alyson tried to keep her head straight but she was
completely disabled by the pain Sarah was inflicting on her. The
only thing she was still able to barely do was breath, and even then
her breaths were very short, sudden, panting gasps for air.

There they were, Alyson pinned to the wall with Sarah’s hands
completely cupping the poor girl’s breasts while pinching and
twisting her nipple’s to an amount even Sarah wasn’t sure Alyson
could handle, or anyone for that matter. Occasionally Sarah even
pulled on Alyson’s nipples, extending them as far as they’d go.

Sarah started kiss-licking up the tears that began to roll from
Alyson’s eyes, and, as she did so, she had to wonder what Alyson was
thinking at that moment. Sarah loosened her grip on Alyson’s tits
and saw the girl take a sigh of relief. Alyson’s color came rushing
back in no time… but she didn’t say much, she just panted out

Sarah led Alyson into the house and closed the door, as she led
Alyson into her living room, she asked Alyson something that she’s
been wondering for a while now, “So Aly, what did you like about
Britney… be honest.”

“I don’t know… honestly Sarah, I’m not lying, before the day I saw
her at that concert I was sure I was straight, now I’m not so sure
anymore. Her breasts are just so, I don’t know… Amazing.” Alyson

“That’s OK Alyson… I believe you.” Sarah said before cupping
Alyson’s breasts from behind. She then started running her hands all
over Alyson’s body. “You know Brit feels really bad about what

“She does??” Alyson asked as a cold shiver went through her body
when Sarah slid her hand over her leather-covered pussy.

“You love this! If I had known how easy it would have been to make
you lust after girls I would have done it myself.” Sarah stated with
a smile before slipping her hand under Alyson’s leather pants and
lacy panties, at the same time she continued toying with Alyson’s
nipples. “Yummeee, you are so wet down there.” Sarah observed.

“Sarah… umm.. ah.. no… please don’t…” Alyson tried begging for
her friend not to do this. But Sarah wouldn’t listen, she simply
reapplied the pressure, as she had done before, to one of Alyson’s
nipples until she was unable to fight it.

“Yeah that’s it… now don’t freak out…” Sarah told Alyson before
slipping two fingers inside her wet channel, then she lightened her
grip on the girl’s nipple.

With Sarah’s fingers in her, she couldn’t really run away, or pull
herself out. “Oh god… What are you doing Saraaaaah… oh, no…
don’t.” Alyson tried begging.

“Don’t fight it Alyson… Just relax.” Sarah said in a calm voice as
she started fingering Alyson faster. Alyson decided that perhaps its
better to just relax and let Sarah make her cum. Not surprisingly it
didn’t take very long, and pretty soon, Alyson was screaming away at
an amazing orgasm. Alyson couldn’t help but think about how weird
this was for her, but at least she figured Sarah’s experienced at
this, and probably wanted to do this.

“Very good Alyson!” Sarah said, happy with herself, like she had
suddenly accomplished something. “Well, that was lesson number
one… Lesson number two is simple, Britney still wants you, she
screwed up, and paid the price.” Sarah said with a weak smile.

“And lesson number three?” Alyson asked.

“Lesson number three, you’ve got her in your fingertips, and she’ll
agree to anything Alyson.” Sarah replied.

“How will I get to her?” Alyson asked.

“Well, actually she wanted to see you again… so I want you to meet
her at her house, and don’t worry, take this ballgag, that way she
won’t sing.” Sarah replied before bursting out with laughter as she
handed the ballgag to Alyson.

“You’re not kidding are you?!” Alyson had to ask before joining her
friend in the giggling contest.

* * * *

Arriving at Britney’s house, the singer immediately opened the door to welcome Alyson, who gave her a loving hug as soon as she saw Britney. Alyson could feel Britney’s breasts pressing up against her relatively smaller chest.

Once inside, Alyson handed the ball-gag to Britney, who immediately understood what Alyson wanted.

“You gotta be joking?” Britney said, looking wide-eyed at Alyson, but she looked fairly serious, “OK, I always wanted to try a little bondage”. Britney took the ballgag and fitted it in place in her mouth.

“Now you’re all mine Brit… promise you won’t run away!?” Alyson inquired and simply got a nod from Britney to show she’s ready. “So, you’ve always wanted to try a little bondage huh? Lets see…” Alyson stated as she looked around the room. Deciding that there’s nothing useful in the vicinity Alyson pulled Britney through her house as she explored her new surroundings, and finally, she stumbled into Britney’s bedroom, looking around she quickly found what she was looking for.

Britney looked up with a slight amount of fear as Alyson picked up the leather belt from Britney’s floor. “I guess you know what this can be used for…” Alyson said in a sexy voice as she looked at Britney. “Now we just gotta find something I can tie you down with,” Alyson stated, Britney simply looked up at her and pointed to her clothing closet.

Alyson approached the closet and opened it, “What kind of girl has a
rope supply in her closet?” Alyson asked, Britney simply shrugged.
Alyson pointed to the bed, and Britney immediately complied with
what Alyson wanted. Britney went over to the bed, but got stopped by
Alyson, “Oh no baby… not that easy… take off your clothes… all
of it.” Alyson stated.

Britney Spears slowly took her top off, revealing the fact that she
chose not to wear a bra that day, she found it hard to look at
Alyson, so she kept her eyes on the floor instead. She then
proceeded to take her jeans off… no turning back now, Britney
thought to herself as she hooked her fingers under the straps of her
g-string and pulled it down. Britney stood there for a second, then
stepped out of her g-string.

“Very nice… You are amazingly beautiful Britney, did you really
want me as a lover even before the concert?” Alyson asked, the poor
naked girl simply nodded. “Good, then you wouldn’t mind if I tied
you down and spanked you for denying me the first time we met?”
Alyson asked with a wicked smile.

Britney looked at her in fear, though she figured it might be fun –
if not a little kinky, and nodded an OK to Alyson. “Don’t worry
Brit, I won’t be hard on you…” Alyson stated as she helped Britney
onto the bed. A few minutes went by as Alyson tied Britney’s hands
behind her back, and her legs together. With Britney unable to move
or speak, she was lying helpless on the bed.

Alyson started running her hands over Britney’s back, giving her a
sort of massage along the way. After a while she stopped, then
folded the belt in two. “Raise your hands a little sweetie,” Alyson
requested before giving Britney a hard slap with the belt against
her butt, not enough to hurt the poor girl, but she made sure
Britney felt it. As the belt whipped down on her butt Britney
involuntarily twisted her head up, looking directly at Alyson, who
noticed the look of pain on her face.

After the seventh hit on her butt, Britney’s tears started running
down her face at a constant pace. Alyson decided that she should
probably not push her too far. After a grand total of 10 hits to her
bottom, Britney was crying through the ball gag that was between her
and audible crying.

“It’s OK now Britney, it’s all over…” Alyson reassured her as she
removed the ball gag from Britney’s mouth.

“Wow, that was… INTENSE” Britney stated as she continued sniffling
and trying to stop the tears from flowing.

“Yeah… it was just an intense for me.” Alyson said as she
positioned herself next to Britney on the bed. Alyson pulled
Britney’s head closer and started passionately kissing her, even
though there was no tonguing involved, they both found the kiss to
be quite effective at raising emotions. After a few moments Alyson
pulled away.

“What’s wrong Aly?” Britney asked as she looked at the red headed
actress in front of her.

“Britney… I lo… I love you…” Alyson said in a shy voice as she
tried hard keeping eye contact with Britney.

“Thank god! I thought it was only me” Britney said as a relieved
look flushed over her face. Not only did Alyson have the singer a
bit worried there, she was scared of what Alyson’s reaction might be
if she told her she was in love with her.

“That was the scariest thing I’ve ever done… I was scared you
might not approve, or that you saw all this as just one-off fun.”
Alyson admitted.

“You know… I was thinking the same thing, and yes, I really,
fully, and completely love you Alyson.” Britney said before she
started struggling against the ropes that held her arms and legs

“I’ll get those for you” Alyson said as she moved over to Britney’s
hands and started undoing the ties on the singer’s bound arms. With
her arms free she immediately started running her hands over
Alyson’s back as the red headed beauty started untying the singer’s

“Thanks, that’s better.” Britney said with a sigh of relief after
being unbound.

“What??? Was it that bad?!?!?” Alyson inquired when she heard
Britney’s sigh.

“Not at all! It’s just an uncomfortable position to be in, and it
takes a lot of trust to assume your partner will untie you instead
of running out and leaving you there in that position.” Britney

“Well… truly, you can trust me.” Alyson said as she started
kissing the blond singer again, only this time, their tongue’s
entered the equation as well, resulting in some very passionate
kissing. During their lip-lock, Britney started touching Alyson’s
pussy through her pants, while Alyson found fondling Britney’s
breasts to be her favorite maneuver.

Both Alyson and Britney felt a growing attraction between them, and
there was definitely a good amount of heat being generated by the
two of them at that moment. Alyson broke the kiss, then proceeded to
take her top off. Britney simply gazed with open eyes as Alyson
pulled her jeans down, now only covered in a bra and a pair of

“Well? Are you disappointed?” Alyson asked as she looked at Britney.

“Wow! You are so fit… I always knew you were well built… but I
never imagined a body like that!” Britney said, definitely happy
with the sight in front of her.

“I’m so glad! I was scared cause my breasts are… you know… not
quite your’s…” Alyson stated as she tried to suppress the clear
sign of jealousy.

“Alyson… are you jealous?” Britney asked when she noticed the look
on Alyson’s face.

“Maybe a little” Alyson admitted with a smile.

“Don’t be… from what I’ve seen so far, you’ve got nothing to worry
about.” Britney said to comfort Alyson, she was being serious
though, Alyson’s body was remarkable to the singer.

Alyson slipped her hands behind her back and unclipped her bra, then
she proceeded to take it off from the right arm first. “This is
really embarrassing.” Alyson admitted.

“Aly, you truly shouldn’t be embarrassed, your breasts are bigger
than most people give you credit for, and your body is, for the lack
of a better word, simply incredible!” Britney said as she continued
scanning the girl from top to bottom and back up.

“You mean that?” Alyson asked with a confused look on her face as
she started pulling down her g-string.

“Of course, you are one amazing woman.” Britney stated as her eyes
locked on to Alyson’s shaved pussy, the sight was enough to almost
cause the singer to start drooling.

“You like???” Alyson asked in a seductive voice as she walked up to
Britney, giving her a closer look at her body.

“Oh yeah! I like!” Britney replied as she hugged the standing Alyson
in her seated position on the bed. “Please don’t ever leave me
Alyson…” Britney softly whispered. She knew with Alyson still
dating Alexis, there was a good chance she would loose Alyson once
he returned, and she wasn’t sure she would be able to handle that.

Alyson pinned Britney down by the shoulders to the bed as she took
her place on top of Britney and started kissing the blond again.
Britney liked her actions, but was uncomfortable with the lack of an
answer to her question. After a few minutes of passionate
lovemaking, the two of them rolled over, with Britney on top now and
Alyson below her. When they broke the kiss, Alyson finally spoke,
“Brit, me and Alexis are engaged, but I promise you, no matter what
happens, we will stay lovers, forever…”

“You’re engaged?” Britney asked before bursting into tears.

“Shhhh… It’ll be OK Brit, I promise, nothing can separate the two
of us… and if Alexis doesn’t like the idea, then he can forget
about the engagement!” Alyson stated, hoping that might make Britney
feel better.

“You’re going to tell him about us?” Britney asked, it was not an
angry tone, but one of disbelief.

“Yes, if he’s going to be marrying me he has to accept that I will
be making love to you as well,” Alyson said with a sweet smile that
made even Britney cheer up a bit.

Britney lied down on top of Alyson as she started rubbing Alyson’s
shaved pussy, not penetrating the girl, but mostly teasing her.
Alyson liked what Britney was doing, but she was a bit more forceful
in her approach, without much teasing, Alyson immediately stuck two
fingers in Britney’s vagina, and started pumping the blond with her

“Oh god Aly!” Britney shrieked at the unexpected sudden entrance
into her womanhood.

“Relax Brit… but by all means, cry if it hurts.” Alyson said as
she quickened her pace on Britney. Britney tried to relax as Alyson
roughly abused her sex to the extent that Britney couldn’t tell if
she was supposed to feel pleasure, or just down-right pain.

Pretty soon Britney retracted her hands from Alyson’s pussy and
gripped onto the bed to keep her in place as her orgasm was
building. “I’m close Aly!” Britney gasped, then Alyson immediately
started pumping the blond even harder, this time causing the blond
an undesirable amount of pain as she cried out from her orgasm. The
room was filled with cries of pleasure and pain as Britney had an
orgasm that could well end up in the Guinness book of records one

As soon as Britney stopped cumming, she simply fell down next to Alyson, and while the redhead licked off Britney’s girl juices from her fingers, the blond had her hands between her legs, trying to recover from Alyson’s rough entry into her.

“You know… I’m definitely gonna be bruised tomorrow… that really
hurt…” Britney said as she started sobbing.

“Probably…” Alyson replied.

“Probably? What kind of an answer is that? My pussy feels like I got raped with a baseball bat.” Britney commented.

“Oh… So now I’m a rapist?” Alyson asked, quite unhappy about that comment.

“That’s not what I said…” Britney replied.

“Whatever.” Alyson said as she picked up her clothes and left the room. Alyson dressed herself as she walked down the hallway towards the front door.

“Alyson! Please! Come back baby! I… I love you!” Britney shouted as she ran after Alyson while trying to ignore the pain between her legs. As Alyson kept walking she suddenly heard an extremely load sound as Britney crashed down to the ground. Alyson spun around, although she didn’t like Britney’s tone from earlier, she was still scared that the blond hurt herself badly.

When Alyson noted Britney’s hands between her legs, all made sense, the girl was in too much pain to run after her and fell because of her carelessness. Alyson slowly walked up to Britney, who lay there on the floor crying her eyes out while reaching up for Alyson and making some audible tones that suggested she was more concerned about loosing Alyson than she was over her injury. Alyson finally reached the blond, then kneeled down next to her.

“Britney… are you OK?” Alyson asked in a concerned voice.

“Ooouuuuhhh… I think… ahhh… so…” Britney said as she slowly spun around to lie on her back.

“I’m sorry…” Alyson said, and she meant it, she realized that perhaps she was a little too rough, and just snapped too easily about something that Britney probably didn’t mean.

“Aly… please don’t leave…” Britney said as she looked into the redhead’s eyes.

“I won’t… I promise, let me help you.” Alyson said as she helped Britney to her feet and carried the singer over one of her shoulders back towards her bedroom. Alyson placed Britney back on her bed, then ran into the bathroom to try and find something for Britney’s injuries. Alyson, after searching through a few cupboards, finally ran into some salves, oils, and a first aid kit…

Returning, Alyson examined Britney’s body… she had a bruise on her knee, and her sex didn’t look much better. Alyson first started by running a salve for bruising between Britney’s legs. “OH! That stings!” Britney snapped as she felt the salve burning away at her sex.

“That means it’s working… I think…” Alyson said as she went over to tend to Britney’s knee, “Well, at least I can say I finally played doctor now.” Alyson commented, causing Britney to break out with uncontrollable laughter.

Finally recovering from a series of laughing fits, Britney finally asked the question, “Are you saying you never played doctor before?”

“No, I haven’t… I don’t regret it though… I did do other things in my life.” Alyson said as she started wrapping a bandage around Britney’s leg.

“Like what?” Britney asked in a curious tone.

Alyson paused for a few seconds, then finally gave an answer, “I haven’t actually told anyone this yet. But, when I was twelve, I was invited to a party, along with some other girls who were interviewed for the role in ‘My Stepmother is an Alien’. I didn’t feel like socializing much, so I went into an empty room and closed the door. I was alone for a while, until three other guys showed up.”

Britney had her eyes wide open as she looked at Alyson who continued tending to her injuries, after noticing the silence, Britney said, “So what happened then? You were in a room with three guys…”

“Yeah… sorry, it’s just that it’s a very personal story, I was just thinking about how I should word it.” Alyson said as she finally finished tying a knot to keep Britney’s bandage on her leg. “Just hang on, I need to get some ice for your…” Alyson started but just gestured towards Britney’s sex.

“Yes… please.” Britney said, liking that idea.

Alyson finally returned with some ice blocks wrapped in a towel. “I probably should have done this before putting the salve on, but as I’ve probably mentioned, I’ve never done this before.”

“Well, no you haven’t, but you’re doing a pretty good job. And Alyson… I really didn’t mean what I said earlier, well, not the way you interpreted it anyways.” Britney said as she smiled at Alyson.

“I’m sorry too Brit, none of this would have happened if I didn’t come here…” Alyson said as a tear fell from her eyes.

“Don’t think like that Alyson! I wanted you to come over, and you did, I had an amazingly fun time, and I wouldn’t regret my choice, ever… it was worth it.” Britney said, touching Alyson’s cheeks and making them turn red.

“Still, I am sorry… So back to the story, I was in the room with the other three guys, turns out two of them also auditioned for ‘My Stepmother is an Alien’. We started talking about showbiz, where we’d like to end up one day, stuff like that. Eventually, one of them became an extra, and the other was Seth Green.”

“Wait a second!” Britney said as she noticed Alyson’s tone, “You mean, the Seth Green, as in Oz from Buffy?”

“Yes Britney… that is why both of us have remained silent about it all these years. He eventually got in as my ‘boyfriend’ on the movie.” Alyson replied.

“Coincidence?” Britney asked.

“Ooooh no… He was the director’s son’s best friend, the third guy who was with us in the room.” Alyson said with a smile.

“Ah… So that’s how they cast people nowadays?” Britney commented with a sarcastic smile on her face.

“Oh, I didn’t know until afterword’s. So don’t judge me too harshly.” Alyson suggested as she smiled right back at Britney.

“I wouldn’t have anyways… I would have done it if I was in that position.” Britney said.

“Well… we didn’t DO IT…” Alyson said in a semi-serious voice that was filled with a hint of laughter.

“Oh yeah! You didn’t tell me what you did yet… Sorry… My imagination running wild.” Britney admitted as she gestured for Alyson to continue.

“OK, so we continued talking until we eventually ran out of subjects. The 18 year old who was the director’s son, he then brought up the topic of girls and started asking questions I basically didn’t have the answers to…” Alyson said, finally finished tending to Britney’s wounds, and finally getting undressed again. As soon as she discarded her clothes she lied down next to Britney, and continued her story. “Eventually we got on the topic of female body parts. I told them as much as I possibly could about what I thought a girl’s private parts are like. I had a feeling that one of them were going to ask, but I can’t believe I even wondered who.”

“So what happened? Who asked what?” Britney asked as she licked her lips, if she wasn’t still sore from earlier, she should be rubbing herself right now, but that was not an option.

Alyson then continued, “Well, being the oldest, and obviously the horniest of them, the 84 year old was the one who asked me.”

“What did he ask??? I mean, his exact words…” Britney said, getting quite excited by the chat. The singer started running her nails over Alyson’s legs, getting close to her girl sex, but not touching her. This was more than enough incentive for Alyson to continue.

“Well, I don’t remember his exact words, but it was something along the lines of, ‘Aly, is it possible that you would let three young studs touch you there’ as he gestured between my legs with his eyes. I was quite shocked at what he was suggesting, so my reply was simply something along the lines of ‘umm… t… touch me?’. Except I used a few more words than that, like, I was truly shocked. I shouldn’t have been, I mean, I knew it was coming. But it was one thing to think it, quite another to hear it in person.”

“Indeed! I can’t even imagine what you were thinking…” Britney commented.

“Well… I was a walking hormone bomb of course! I was really shy though, and was opting between saying no in a friendly manner, or jumping in the deep end and accepting his offer.” Alyson said as she smiled thinking back to those days now.

“So what happened then?” Britney asked.

“Well, his friend, Brian I think his name was, not the director’s son, the OTHER guy said something like, ‘Commooon! It can be fun!’, I looked at him, I knew he was right, but I still questioned him by saying, ‘Fun?’. Brian tried getting Seth’s support as well by saying things like ‘Seth, common dude… help us out here’. But Seth didn’t follow the crowd, he simply told them that he wouldn’t join their parade, unless I was comfortable with the thought of some strangers touching me.” Alyson continued, by now, Britney was getting extremely turned on as her hands started moving over Alyson’s tummy and her breasts.

“Wow. And you know, he was probably really tempted to.” Britney stated as she continued worshiping Alyson’s body.

Alyson then said “Yeah, so the two of them continued without Seth’s help. The 18 year old decided to give me an answer to my ‘Fun?’
remark. He said, ‘look Alyson, I know it’s frightening. But think about it, it’s just the three of us, no one will ever know. It will be fun for us, because we get to feel a real girl’s pussy… and it will be fun for you… cause you will be touched there. I mean, don’t you wonder what our touch would be like?’. I had to admit, that was a good question, and I did wonder.”

“So you said yes?” Britney asked, dying to get to the meat of the story.

“Well, not exactly, I was a little terrified at the thought, so I told them that I might let them touch me. But only when I felt comfortable with the thought. They accepted my terms, so I told them to start with something simple, like a hug.” Alyson said, Britney still listening with two ears.

“How teasing!” Britney commented as she turned her head and looked
at Alyson.

“Well, each one of them gave me a hug, wrapping their hands around me and gripping me tight, I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I felt like going further, and suggested that a kiss should be a good next step. And what a disaster I tell you. Apart from Seth, the other two tried frenching me, doing a really bad job. I guess it was their first kiss, heck, it was my first kiss so I guess the feeling was mutual. Seth on the other hand was a gentleman, his kiss was soft and loving, didn’t even use his tongue, but I feel that he was the best kisser among the lot of them.” Alyson commented as Britney giggled from the thought of it.

“I so can’t believe you did that!” Britney said as she continued feeling around Alyson’s body. Britney had to admit, she was already feeling a lot better, that was probably because she was lying down though.

“Yeah, neither can I. It is hard to believe I even had the courage to go there, in fact, I actually didn’t. I was scared out of my wits, I hoped that I could prep myself for it, but you really can’t. So after they each had a turn on my mouth, I suggested that they touch my butt next.” Alyson said.

Britney couldn’t help the temptation and just had to say, “Finally! Things are heating up now…”

“Right… So I decided to let them hug me, and while they did, they were kissing me and feeling my ass in the process… I was in heaven.” Alyson commented.

“Wow! I wish I was there.” Britney said with an erotic smile, “Although, come to think of it, I wasn’t a lesbian then.”

“Oh, I thought you just always were… Well, tell you what. I’ll finish my story, and then you tell me yours.” Alyson suggested.

“Deal!” Britney replied.

“After some kissing and hugging and feeling around, I had them play with my nipples a bit. I didn’t have breasts back then, and I’m still not very well endowed. But they liked it, I guess in that position, it’s really the thought that counts, I mean, I was thinking about how all these guys were touching me sexually. And I think they saw it the same way I did, they were touching a girl. The rest didn’t matter.” Alyson stated. By now Britney started mimicking what Alyson told her, already busy toying with the redhead’s nipples.

“Kinda like this?” Britney asked Aly.

“Oh yes! Except you’re much better at it!” Alyson commented, then decided to continue with the story. “I finally felt as much prepped as I figured I could get, so I decided to do it. In a way I knew it would eventually lead to this, but I knew that after saying this, there would be no turning back. So I told them that it’s time, I told them I’m comfortable with the thought now. Obviously I wasn’t,
but I hoped they wouldn’t see the unsure part in me. So, the first person who approached me was the 18 year old director’s son. He started by kneeling down in front of me and running his hand slowly up the inside of my leg.”

“Sorta like this?” Britney asked as she brushed Alyson’s inner thighs with her hand towards her pussy.

“Kinda, except it was more like a massage… he put some pressure into it, it was nice, I have to admit. He then lightly brushed over my pussy lips with his fingers, tracing the curves between my legs. He then slipped his hands under my skirt, I can still remember how it felt when he hooked his fingers into the straps of my panties. He looked up at me, and I nodded, then he proceeded and pulled my panties down to the ground.” Alyson continued.

“Wow! That must have been exhilarating!” Britney said.

“Yeah, but also terrifying. I was standing there, in a skirt, with my panties on the floor. He stood up and moved behind me, from there he first fondled my sex over my skirt. Now that felt amazing! He then slipped one of his hands under my t-shirt and squeezed my nipples, while he put his other hand under my skirt and lifted it up for the others to see.” Alyson said.

“How did that feel… you know… having the others see your pussy?” Britney asked.

Alyson thought about it for a moment, then came up with an answer, “In a word, terrifying, I just stood there completely stunned, and I was probably as white as a ghost, well, then again, that goes without saying anyways.”

“Were you shaved back then?” Britney asked, her curiosity in wanting to recreate the scene running wild.

“Well… It’s not like I really needed to back then.” Alyson stated before giggling at the thought. “So yeah, he then slipped his hand completely over my pussy, making it fit snuggly to my mound by curving his hand and covering lots of surface area.”

“Nice!” Britney said at the thought.

“Well… it’s just a bit of naughty fun.” Alyson stated. “He continued touching me, rubbing me softly, until I eventually started moaning involuntarily. He eventually told Seth to take over, he was a bit hesitant at first, but eventually took his friend’s place between my legs. He quickly worked out what pleased me, and rubbed my clit to near orgasm, although Brian wanted his turn and Seth pulled away. I was really really close though, looking back at it now, I wished it was Seth who took me all the way.”

“Naughty naughty!” Britney commented as she continued toying with Alyson’s pussy.

“Yeah… Damn that’s nice Britney! So the third guy, ummm, Brian, he ran his finger through my slit, then started rubbing me in smooth circular motions. It didn’t take long for me, to… aaaahhh, Brit! Ooooh that’s nice!” Alyson shouted as she got hit by her orgasm unexpectedly. Probably due to the combination of her thoughts, and the good job Britney was doing on her.

“Oh yeah girl! I can guess what happened then!” Britney commented as she continued rubbing the orgasming Alyson.

Finally, Alyson was finished, she simply calmed herself down, and lay there covered in afterglow. “Boy, that was intense… And I guess you figured out where the story ends! Well kinda…” Alyson said before starting to giggle hysterically.

“Yeah… I got the general idea, so Brian gave you an orgasm?” Britney asked.

“My first actually…” Alyson said.

“Wow! That must have felt nice…” Britney said thinking about what Alyson said, “So, you said kinda, how does the story end?”

“Well, after my orgasm, I let them take my skirt off, and they basically licked me clean… After that, I was told that one of them were the director’s son, and that I most definitely had the part since he’d put in a good word for me. So I was happy, it was an added bonus I didn’t even expect.” Alyson commented with a smile.

“That sounds nice… Hey, do you think you can help me up?” Britney asked.

“Sure… hang on…” Alyson said as she walked around to the other side of the bed.

* * * *

Alyson helped Britney to her living room and the two of them sat down on the sofa there. “Thanks Alyson, I really do feel a lot better now…” Britney stated as she settled down on the comfy couch. “So then, I guess I have a story for you…”

“Guess so.” Alyson replied as she seated herself next to Britney.

After taking a deep breath, Britney started her story, “OK, well, it all started in this very room. It was a cold night, it was only me and a few of my friends. In fact, I was sitting on this very couch when I became a lesbian, or rather, when my lesbian tendencies started.”

“Wow” Alyson said at the thought of sitting on such a holy couch.

“Out of interest sake, it was an all-girls night, so there weren’t any men around, obviously. So you know, after a while of watching TV I just felt like hiring a porn movie. Admittedly this would have been my first time. Of course I didn’t have the guts to actually go there and hire it myself, so I asked one of my friends if they could pick one up for us. Taking into account that this was an all-girl night, and my wild curiosity, I just had to ask her to get an all-girls video, and she actually agreed!” Britney said excitedly.

“Was she a lesbian?” Alyson asked, then rethought her question, “Rather, were any of them lesbians?”

“It’s a long story, just let me tell it. So, I suggested the idea as a joke, and one thing led to another, and we agreed to watch a lesbian porn video just to see what it’s like. I truly had no idea it would ultimately lead to this.” Britney stated in a almost melodic tune.

“Are you happy all of this happened?” Alyson asked, getting partly excited, but also wanting to know how Britney really felt about her newly discovered sexuality.

“Definitely! I’ve never been happier in my life, women can do things to me that men simply can’t.” Britney stated.

“Yes… Like nearly hospitalize you…” Alyson said in a shy voice with her head lowered.

“Alyson, you didn’t do anything wrong, we had a rough day, that’s all, and as I’ve told you before, I wouldn’t regret one minute of what happened today, well… Maybe the minute where you were storming out of my house, but the rest, was perfect!” Britney said with a big smile.

“I’m glad you liked it, I liked it as well.” Alyson stated.

“I hope you don’t see me as just a one night stand.” Britney said at the thought of Alyson only ‘liking’ it.

“Oh! I really didn’t mean it that way, I truly love you Brit.” Alyson said as she maneuvered in closer and kissed the big-breasted blond in front of her.

After pulling away, Britney said, “Alyson, I more than love you, I’ve been into you since Sarah showed me a picture of you…”

“She showed you a picture of me?” Alyson asked, wondering if Sarah planned this encounter.

“Yeah, it’s not what it sounds like, I just asked her who her favorite friends were, and she pulled out your picture from her
wallet, hell, she doesn’t even have a picture of me in her wallet! So you must really mean a lot to her.” Britney stated, happy to be with the young Alyson.
“I never knew she had a picture of me in her wallet, do you think she… you know…” Alyson started and gestured with her eyes, suggesting that maybe Sarah was into her for a while.

“Oh yes! Alyson, I don’t want this to come out wrong, but one night, Sarah slept over here, and she told me that she loved you, I mean, really loved you, like I do. That’s why it’s complicated.” Britney stated with a frown.

“What do you by complicated?” Alyson asked in return.

Britney then thought about it for a few seconds, then spoke, “Well, simply put, she wants you, I want you. And we’ve spoken about a three-way relationship, but we don’t think it could really work, although I do think Sarah is trying to make us fall in love with each other, I just don’t…”

“Want her to become an enemy… I get that, tell you what, let’s invite her over, we can talk about it then, if you want my personal opinion, I think a three way relationship would work.” Alyson said, only now realizing that Britney had quite a valid point. Alyson did have a small encounter with Sarah, and would really like to be close to her as well. Now, only time will tell.

“Sounds OK to me, invite her over, but no lesbian love making! This is strictly talk.” Britney said.

“OK, I’ll go make the call, then you can continue the story my beautiful big-breasted amazon princess.” Alyson said as she stood up.

“As long as you fuck my brains out I’ll be anything you want me to be!” Britney said in a raised voice as Alyson left the room.

“I know!” Alyson called back to her.

* * * *

Alyson returned and immediately said, “Sarah will be heading off soon, go on with the story…”

Britney breathed in, then continued, “OK, so she hired the video and brought it back, by that time the other girls were making fun of me for wanting to watch a lesbian porn movie. Saying stuff like they should be careful cause I might jump them. But they didn’t mean it. We started watching the video, and I have to admit, I was fascinated! So much that even they realized it, the more I watched, the more I wanted to watch, and they knew that.”

“Did they mind?” Alyson asked.

“Not really, they were making fun of me though. Some of them even did things like run their hands up my legs and one of my closest friends, Amanda, even touched my breasts. They only fooled around, although I wished they didn’t, I wanted them, especially Amanda, my once best friend. From that day I saw her in a new light.” Britney explained.

“Did you? You know…” Alyson started.

“Nah, I tried, but she freaked out, and now she doesn’t even want to talk to me anymore… I can’t explain how much that hurt me, I felt like I should end my life there, cause it didn’t seem worth living anymore.” Britney explained.

“Man, that must have been bad…” Alyson said as she looked into Britney’s eyes.

Britney looked away as she continued her story. “Well, in a way it still is, I really still want her as a friend, but she refuses to talk to me. That night, everything changed. One of the other girls who stayed over that night spoke to me in private, and told me that she was a lesbian. I was almost shocked, I’ve known her my whole life, and I never had any idea. I just thought she shot guys down cause she was too shy to, you know… do it.”

“Did she want you?” Alyson asked, now curious.

Britney thought about it for a while, then, answered. “Yeah, she told me that I’ve been on her wanted list since we were 18, we’ve only kissed though. Oh Yeah, and I’ve shown her my tits, but apart from that, nothing has happened. I tried touching her between the legs, but she pulled my hand away and told me she didn’t want to do this.”

“Any reason?” Alyson asked with a concerned look on her face.

“She was scared this could change our friendship, unfortunately it was too late for that, we grew distant, and haven’t spoken for about 3 months either.” Britney explained with an unhappy look on her face.

“You weren’t kidding when you said everything changed…” Alyson
observed as she said it out loud.

“No, I wasn’t. I’m still friends with two of the girls who were there that night, they are a bit more supportive of my new lifestyle. Their not gay, they just, you know… support me being gay. The video we were watching starred Jenna Jameson, and I think, partly the reason I’m a lesbian now, is probably because of her. Jenna was really the one that I was fascinated by, so it wasn’t long till I started doing research on how I might contact her.” Britney said with a smile.

“So it’s true then, the rumors?” Alyson asked, referring to the rumors of Britney Spears and Jenna Jameson being lovers.

“Oh yeah!” Britney said, then continued, “But unfortunately, my record label threatened me, telling me that if I didn’t stop the relationship, I’d void my music contract. As much as I wanted to remain a friend of Jenna, I had no choice…”

“You dumped her?” Alyson asked, just a bit hurt from that thought.

“Yes, it was stupid, I know… and I still miss her. I’ll tell you how we met though since it seems appropriate to do so. I talked to the company she was working for, and they told me that I couldn’t speak to her, even though I’m a celebrity, it made no difference. They did tell me that Jenna would be making a public appearance in a week from then, and of course I went.” Britney stated.

“I hope this story involves some hot sex afterwards!” Alyson said.

“Hey! I’m the one telling the story.” Britney said as she started
giggling, “So, when I was there, I had a hat and glasses on, hoping no one would notice me. There were people all around me, and I ended up being one person among hundreds wanting to get a look at the blond porn star. Not just that, but I was the only girl there!”

“Were you embarrassed?” Alyson asked.

“A little, it was obvious that I was there for a reason, so if one of them noticed who I was, I’d be screwed, I knew that, but it was a risk I had to take. After about an hour I ended up nearly at the back of the queue, I kinda figured it was a waste of time… There were just too many people, and I was simply one person in a huge crowd. I slowly pushed and shoved my way out towards the back exit. Just as I reached the back of the crowd I slipped, or maybe someone tripped me, I dunno. My glasses fell to the floor, and when I looked up, I saw Jenna Jameson stand in front of me, everyone was behind me, and I managed to pull Jenna’s full attention by accident.” Britney continued.

“Did she know it was you?” Alyson asked.

Britney then answered Alyson, “I think so, she quickly grabbed my glasses and put them back on for me. I was in a bit of pain, but she pulled me up, and then she told me where the ladies bathroom was. She told me that I should make sure I was alright. I left for the bathroom, limping a bit on one leg. After a few minutes of examining my bruises and discarding my disguise, Jenna told me that ‘it looked like a nasty fall back there’. There wasn’t much I could say, I just remember looking in the mirror, and seeing her lean against the wall. I asked her if she knew who I was, she simply nodded.”

“So even though she knew you were Britney Spears, she didn’t seem at all surprised?” Alyson asked.

“Well, I wouldn’t say she wasn’t surprised. I’d say that me liking her didn’t shock her, she knew why I was there, I mean, it was rather obvious. I turned around to face her, and asked her if she could ever love me, or whether I’d be wasting my time. She asked me how long I’ve been a lesbian, I was honest and admitted that I’ve never tried it. She laughed for a few moments, I thought she was making fun of me, I almost burst into tears then and there. She walked up to me, and whispered in my ear, she told me that she would be honored to be the first girl to go down on me. She then took a piece of paper and pushed it in under my shirt, squeezing one of my breasts in the process. She left the piece of paper there stuck between the fabric and my breast, then she told me to call her.” Britney explained.

“How sexy!” Alyson commented at the thought.

“Yeah, she headed back out, and by the time I got outside, she was nowhere in sight. I drove home, still with the piece of paper where she left it. I got home and pulled the piece of paper out to read what it said.” Britney continued with a smile.

“So…” Alyson said, wanting an answer.

“It said, ‘Britney, don’t hesitate, call me’, and then obviously a phone number. I loved the idea that she recognised me when I fell rather than when I was completely out of disguise. She knew who I was when she wrote that note, and that meant a lot to me. I picked up the phone and took her advice, I wouldn’t hesitate… She picked up and immediately told me in a seductive voice that she’s been touching herself while looking at one of her posters of me. I couldn’t believe it, not only did she know who I was, but she was actually a fan! She noticed me well before I ever noticed her, and she told me that she’s been wanting to cut open my latex costume from the ‘Oops, I Did it Again’ video for a very long time. I told her that I would let her, but that I no longer had the costume, it was sold. Turns out, she was the one who bought it from e-bay.” Britney said.

“What a coincidence. I guess she didn’t care how much she’d have to pay for it…” Alyson said.

“Yeah… She told me that I have been a personal fascination of hers for a long time, and that she never thought she might actually get the chance. I then told her about the video I watched, and how it made me feel about her. Of course I was scared, but it was just something I had to do, like, I knew I might regret it later if I went through with this, but I also knew I would definitely regret it if I didn’t take this chance. I agreed to meet her at her house.” Britney said.

“Hang on… isn’t she married or something?” Alyson asked.

“Well, her fiance, Jay, didn’t seem to mind, we even shared some light conversation before Jenna told him that she’s going to introduce me to girl-on-girl sex. I was almost shocked at the thought of her telling him, but he really didn’t seem to mind. Jenna showed me around her house, and we started talking about our lives, I guess we instantly bonded. That night, her fiance left the house to hang out with some friends, this left the two of us alone. As soon as the door closed Jenna started running her hands over my breasts, her touch was so lustful, so wanting, I felt needed by her. We got undressed together, my pulse was pumping wildly, not just from the amount of fear I was feeling, but also from the excitement of it all.” Britney continued.

“I got a very nice mind-image of that moment running in my head… don’t stop…” Alyson said as she started touching herself between the legs.

“We took a bath together, I was sitting between her legs with her fondling my sex with one hand, and my breasts with the other while she licked my face and bit at my earlobes. It was incredible! She asked me to sing to her, and I did as she continued worshiping my body. I never imagined having sex with a fan, and even then, a female fan, yet, there I was, singing while my orgasm built up.” Britney said as she observed Alyson’s actions on her own body.

“That sounds nice…” Alyson said as she continued playing with herself.

“I eventually stopped singing and started moaning instead as I started having my orgasm. It was a one of a kind experience, my first girl induced orgasm. Immediately I started loving her, by that time I had already met Sarah a few times already. I confessed my newly discovered sexuality to Sarah, I was scared she’d freak, but I needed to tell someone, I knew Sarah, but not well enough for her to judge me based on what I tell her. Little did I know that she was already way ahead of me, and had been a bisexual for most of her life.” Britney continued.

“So did you and Sarah… you know…” Alyson said.

“No… not until after I broke up with Jenna. Eventually me and Jenna started hanging out more freely, and I gave her free backstage passes to my concerts and what-have-you. And then the media started picking up on us, one of my friends spilled the beans. I’m still not sure exactly who it was, that night everything changed, so much so that I no longer knew my own friends. In order to protect my music contract, I was forced to break up with her, and do it without causing a scene. I saw Jenna one final time, and told her. She was heartbroken, but understood, and even supported my decision.” Britney said as she looked at Alyson, who has, by that time, stopped touching herself as the plot thickened.

Alyson then started asking about Sarah, “So when did you and Sarah…”

“Basically a few weeks later, I was isolated from any girls, no one around to please me, and eventually I gave in. I phoned Sarah, and asked her if I could talk to her in private. Since Freddie was around, she agreed to meet me at my place. I explained to her what happened, and I asked if she was interested in someone like me. She said ‘oh god yes!’ as she pushed me down and started kissing me. And we’ve been at it since then. I think you can fill in the blanks from there.” Britney said.

“Yeah… So did you ever think that perhaps you can try and contact your friends again now that some time has passed?” Alyson asked.

“Yeah, it’s not a good idea.” Britney replied.

“Perhaps I should talk to your friend who’s ignoring you now, Amanda. Perhaps I can persuade her to be your friend again…” Alyson suggested.

“Well, it’s more complicated than that… She’s homophobic, there’s no way on earth she would even talk to you if she knew.” Britney said with a sigh.

“Well, if she doesn’t know, then she’ll invite me in, by the time she finds out it will be too late. C’mon Britney, where does Amanda live?” Alyson asked with a smile.

“Do you really think you could change anything between her and me?” Britney asked in a skeptical tone.

“Well, you can’t possibly be worse off than you are now. I’ll test the waters before doing anything rash, believe me.” Alyson said as she placed a hand on Britney’s shoulder.

“OK, I’ll sms the address to ya.” Britney said as she started punching numbers in on her cellphone. Just then, there was a knock at the door.

“Don’t worry about it Britney, it’s probably just Sarah, so I’ll get it…” Alyson said.

* * * *

Answering the door Alyson immediately decided to greet Sarah, “Hello! Ummm” Alyson looked around, Sarah was nowhere in sight, there was another girl there, she looked slightly younger than Britney, “Who the hell are you?” Alyson inquired.

“I’m… well, I’m a friend of… well, was a friend of… I’m Amanda.” The beautiful girl answered.

Alyson looked over the figure that stood in front of her, no wonder Britney feels like crap loosing a friend like her Alyson thought to herself as she looked at the big-busted light brown haired beauty in front of her. She truly did look like a supermodel. Alyson figured she could have some real fun finally meeting Britney’s x-friend. “Are you here to see Britney?” Alyson inquired.

“Umm… Yes… May I call you Alyson?” Amanda asked.

“So you know who I am… Well, you can call me Aly if you like, I don’t know if Britney wants any visitors, she’s crying about a friend she lost a few months ago.” Alyson said with a sad tone in her voice, hoping to make Amanda suffer for how she treated Britney. Of course she kept her priorities straight and knew where she wanted Amanda to eventually be, at Britney’s side again, or of course between her legs wouldn’t be bad either Alyson thought to herself.

“Oh… oh my… I’m… this is… I have to go…” Amanda said as she stormed out of the doorway.

Alyson ran after the girl and stopped her before she got to her car, “Amanda, what’s wrong?”

“The friend… I think… I think it’s me.” Amanda said, “I don’t think I can live with that. I have been really bad.”

“Well, maybe if you ask Brit to spank you, she might!” Alyson said excitedly.

“Hey!” Amanda said as she broke eye contact with Alyson, Britney was obviously right, she wasn’t one for the lesbian scene, and wasn’t exactly confident either. Something Alyson and Amanda definitely had in common.

“Sorry… it was just a joke.” Alyson said. She looked up and noticed that Sarah was on her way up the driveway, Amanda immediately noticed who she was.

“Is that who I think it is?!?” Amanda inquired.

“Yup, it’s Sarah.” Alyson replied.

“I am such a big fan of hers. Is she, you know… like Britney?” Amanda asked.

“You mean gay?” Alyson asked straight up.

“Ummm, yes.” Amanda replied.

“Well, I can’t tell you, I just don’t wanna invade on Sarah’s personal life.” Alyson said.

“That’s OK, I understand.” Amanda said as she looked at Alyson, she didn’t know anything about either Alyson or Sarah, she had to wonder if either of them are gay though. Both had boyfriends so that was probably not an issue Amanda thought to herself. “I think I’m gonna go. Please give this to Britney.” Amanda said as she unlocked the chain around her neck and passed it to Alyson.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna meet Sarah?” Alyson asked.

“Yeah, I’m kind of busy, I just really wanted to tell Britney I’m sorry.” Amanda answered.

“I can tell her.” Alyson said as she looked at the desperate girl. She knew that she had Amanda right where she wanted her.

“No… I want to tell her myself, perhaps you can come over to my house sometime. I’d like to know how she is.” Amanda suggested.

“Yeah, I’d love that, I’ll give you my number, just call me tonite.” Alyson said.

“Will do…” Amanda said as she got Alyson’s contact details from her.

* * * *

As Amanda drove away from the house, Sarah walked up to Alyson. “Geez, who’s the babe?” Sarah inquired.

“She used to be a friend of Britney’s. She freaked out when she found out Brit was a lesbian and haven’t spoken to her since then, she wanted me to give this to Britney. I’d like to bring her and Britney back together again, I just need to prepare her.” Alyson said.

“By preparing I guess you mean you’re gonna turn her into a lesbian?” Sarah inquired.

“Maybe, haven’t really decided yet, she is very anti-lesbian in nature.” Alyson answered.

“That’s usually because they can’t admit to themselves that they are actually gay.” Sarah said with a smile.

“I guess.” Alyson answered, “I actually kinda screwed up that meeting, I was hoping to make her feel really guilty and willing to do almost anything to win back Britney’s friendship, unfortunately she was busy, and I just wasted her time, and screwed things up.”

“Don’t worry about it, I think you’ve got her where you want her, the fact that she came here means she misses Britney. Once she realizes she really needs Britney, all will be good again.” Sarah reassured Alyson.

“I hope so.” Alyson answered.

* * * *

Finally in the house Britney greeted Sarah with a hug and a kiss. “Hello Sarah. Damn you guys took your time out there…”

“It’s a little more complicated than that Brit, Amanda was outside. We talked.” Alyson said.

“What?!?! Really??? What did she say?” Britney asked.

“She told me not to tell you Brit, but she wanted you to have this.” Alyson said as she gave Britney the necklace.

“Why can’t you tell me?” Britney inquired.

“It’s a long story Britney, please, don’t worry about it, she’s calling me tonite, and I’ll make sure she comes back to you. I promise, this will be my gift to you.” Alyson stated, “So, ummm, Britney, what would you like her as, I mean, if you made up.”

“I’d be happy having her as a friend again Alyson, it’s all I want.” Britney said.

“I mean, in a perfect world, you wouldn’t want her as more than a friend?” Alyson asked.

“You saw her! What do you think?!?!” Britney asked, almost angry.

“Calm down Brit, and yes, I guess that was a stupid question. Don’t worry, she wants you as a friend again Britney, just leave the rest up to me.” Alyson said, quite confident that this task wasn’t too big for her. And if she played her cards right, she might be more than a friend soon.

“I think we need to talk” Sarah said, everyone looked at her and nodded.

* * * *

A while passed as the three of them argued out there differences, and the possible paths they could take, suggesting extremes like avoiding each other, to the complete other extreme, having a three-way relationship.

“Guys, I dunno about this…” Sarah stated at the thought of the three of them officially dating together.

“Come on Sarah! This way we get the best of both worlds.” Britney suggested.

“Or, we could take it a step further, how about a four or even a five way relationship?” Alyson asked.

“What do you mean a four or five way?” Sarah asked.

“Think about it, you love me, I love you, Britney loves you, and you love her, I love Britney, and she loves me. This is a powerful relationship Sarah, if it could work between the three of us, maybe we could bring in a forth?” Alyson suggested.

“Who do you have in mind?” Britney asked.

“Who do you think?” Alyson answered, with Amanda in mind.

“Oh…” Britney answered.

Sarah then snapped, “What?!?! She hates lesbians! I really don’t think she would ever go into a four-way girl relationship.”

“Actually… She is into group orgies.” Britney said, kinda breaking their secret code.

“Oh my!” Alyson gasped at the thought, “She told you that?!?!”

“Yeah!” Britney said, remembering some of the nicer memories she had with Amanda.

“Guys, I’d rather not, don’t get me wrong, I love you Alyson, I
always have, but I also have a secret relationship of my own, and until that’s over, I’d rather prefer not being involved with you guys. I promise, as soon as it’s over, I’ll join your lesbian groupie.” Sarah said in an unsure tone.

“Are you sure?” Alyson asked.

“Yeah.” Sarah said, followed by a sigh from Britney.

* * * *

All three of them went back to their usual homes that night. Sarah didn’t feel great about her choice, she supposed that it would be best though if she kept her distance between Britney and Alyson. She had to admit though, she wasn’t really involved with anyone specific. Of course finding female dates for Sarah was not a very difficult issue, and often took advantage of her celebrity status to score with some female fans whenever she could. A lifestyle she has grown to like, and one she didn’t want to easily give up. There were also risks involved in her lifestyle, and didn’t want to endanger Alyson or Britney’s career’s by her carelessness.

* * * *

Alyson lay down on her couch, thinking of Amanda, how beautiful she was. Britney was equally beautiful, but Alyson couldn’t help but wonder how she’d taste. Amanda’s breasts rivaled Britney’s, although they could be fake. She had a face similar to Britney’s, and a body worth dying for. Suddenly Alyson’s cellphone rang.

“Hello?” Alyson asked, hoping that this was Amanda.

“Hi… is that Alyson?” Amanda asked.

“Yes! Hello Amanda!” Alyson said excitedly as she started rubbing herself between the legs.

“Alyson, could we maybe meet?” Amanda asked, her breathing quite heavy.

“Yes.. sure, just tell me where you live, I’ll be right over.” Alyson said as she almost gasped into the phone as she hit a sensitive spot.

* * * *

After exchanging addresses, Alyson went into her room to choose the clothing she’d wear. She decided on something simple, black lacy panties, matching bra, blue jeans, and a white t-shirt. She also grabbed a sweater in case she might need it. Alyson left for Amanda’s house, she was surprised to find out that she lived only a few houses from Britney, yet they haven’t spoken for so long.

Finally reaching the house, Alyson knocked on the door. After a few seconds, Amanda answered it. Everything seemed normal to Alyson, apart from the fact that Amanda was only wearing a black g-string, and a black bra, while her skin seemed shiny.

“Did I, catch you at a bad time?” Alyson asked.

“Kinda, I didn’t expect you so soon, I just got out of the shower, didn’t even have time to dry off properly. I’m sorry, I’ll get dressed properly, I shouldn’t be walking around like this.” Amanda said as she started walking towards her room. Alyson followed her, speaking to her along the way.

“So, how do you feel about Britney?” Alyson asked.

Amanda thought about it, then answered, “I feel really sorry.”

“That’s not what I meant, I meant, is she just a friend? Or do you feel for her?” Alyson asked.

“That is none of your business!” Amanda said as Alyson grazed on a sensitive topic.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that, I don’t really know you, and I don’t know how to rekindle your relationship with Britney. It would help if you told me what you wanted.” Alyson said, hoping she might get something she could work with.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I just… You know…” Amanda said.

“No, not really…” Alyson replied with a frown.

“I’m sorry… I just… I don’t think… I don’t know…” Amanda said. Wanting to admit the recent thoughts she has been having. But it was hard for her to say.

“Ah… I gotcha… Don’t fight it Amanda. I faced the exact same thing as you’re facing now. The guilt you feel after thinking about it, and touching yourself. So forbidden, yet, you can’t help yourself.” Alyson said.

“I can’t hate Britney anymore Alyson, I miss her so much.” Amanda said.

“Amanda! Don’t change the topic, the reason you’ve been mean to Britney is that you are too scared to admit your feelings to yourself.” Alyson said.

“No! I can’t be a lesbian!” Amanda replied. By this time they reached her room, “So you’re a lesbian then?”

“I never said I’m a lesbian, I just said that I’ve gone through the same thing you have, that doesn’t make you a lesbian.” Alyson explained, she didn’t want to push Amanda too far.

“Oh OK. I guess it’s OK then for you to come into my room while I finish dressing.” Amanda said, signaling for Alyson to enter her room. In a way she wanted Alyson to see her so exposed, she didn’t know why, she just craved the thought of having Alyson’s eyes on her body.

“Amanda, I’m sorry for what I’m about to do, but this is for your own good.” Alyson said before approaching Amanda and cornering her in her room.

“Wh… wh… what are you doing?” Amanda gasped, uncomfortable with Alyson’s advances. Alyson didn’t answer, she just grabbed Amanda’s hands and pinned them against the wall and softly started kissing Amanda on the lips. Amanda resisted Alyson’s advances, fighting it as best she could in her position. “No! Please don’t!” Amanda gasped in between kisses from Alyson.

“Don’t fight it baby.” Alyson suggested as she tightened her grip on the girl’s hands.

“You’re hurting me…” Amanda said before Alyson started kissing her again, this time, Alyson kissed her more passionately, rather than giving her a few soft kisses, they became long and more intimate.

“Don’t fight it Amanda…” Alyson said. Of course she wanted her to fight it, it was just such an amazing feeling to Alyson, kissing Amanda against her will. Amanda still tried breaking free from Alyson’s grip. Though, unexpected as it was, Amanda froze as Alyson stuck her tongue in her mouth. Alyson slowly released her grip on Amanda’s hands, finding that the girl is lowering her defenses. Alyson took the girl’s hands and placed them around her waist, she then took the girls head in her hands and continued kissing her. Amanda, out of free will pressed her head harder into Alyson’s and started kissing the redhead back, slowly inserting her tongue and feeling around inside Alyson’s mouth.

Alyson dropped her hands and placed one around Amanda while she inserted her other hand into Amanda’s panties. Aly brushed Amanda’s slit with her hand as she started rubbing the girl between the legs. Amanda pulled away from the kiss, “Please don’t…” She said.

“Just relax, I won’t tell anyone.” Alyson said as the two of them started kissing again. Alyson reached around to the back of the girl’s bra and unclipped it, with a bit of fiddling and some help from Amanda, she was able to get the bra off the girl’s body. “Good, you’re getting wet…” Alyson observed as she continued rubbing the girl.

Amanda felt very embarrassed, “Oh god… n… no… I’m”

“It’s OK Amanda, that’s a good thing.” Alyson said, she really liked Amanda, in a way they were a perfect match. Amanda was emotionally very similar to Alyson. And she also had a shy side that was often hard to get rid of. Aly always found her braver side to emerge while being intimate with people, so that was a good thing. “Amanda, I want you to lie down on the bed.” Alyson requested.

“OK” Amanda said, her resistance slowly disappearing. Alyson withdrew her hand and guided the beauty to her bed, and helped her lie down on her back.

“I bet you wish I was Britney now, doing this to you…” Alyson said as she started scraping Amanda’s leg flesh with her nails.

“I ummm… no…” Amanda replied.

“Don’t hold back your feelings for her Amanda, she is amazing. If you thought she was a great friend, and she was, I mean, you knew her your whole life, you’ll be even more surprised how nice it feels when she makes love to you.” Alyson said as she worshiped Amanda’s body.

“But, she’s a girl, I can’t…” Amanda said.

“I’m a girl. Are you telling me that I can’t make you feel nice?” Alyson asked.

“Well, I ummm… yes, you can Alyson.” Amanda finally admitted. And with that, Alyson slowly pulled Amanda’s g-string down and allowed the girl to step out of them.

“Just imagine having Britney’s tongue all the way in your pussy. Softly sucking at your clit.” Alyson said, as she lowered herself, pulled Amanda’s legs apart, and went down on Amanda’s pussy, softly licking the girl’s pussy lips.

“Oooh! That’s nice…” Amanda moaned as Alyson started penetrating her girl sex.

“See? Not that hard now, is it?” Alyson said, then she continued between Amanda’s sex.

“Aly, I think I’m a lesbian.” Amanda stated as she looked down at Alyson between her legs.

“Told ya.” Alyson replied, “Now all you need to do is tell Britney the same thing.” Alyson said as she pulled away from the girl’s sex.

“Come on! You can’t stop now!” Amanda said in frustration. She was basically ready to have her first girl orgasm from someone who seemed willing, and just as she finally accepted her sexuality, Alyson pulls away. She did feel a bit annoyed at the situation, but knew exactly what Alyson wanted her to do. “So when do I ask Britney?” Amanda asked.

“We’ll leave in a minute, you better get dressed.” Alyson said. She had a good feeling about this, Amanda accepted the truth, and, to make things worse, craved this orgasm, which she has now been denied of.

* * * *

Walking over to Britney’s house Amanda constantly pondered over what to say to Britney when she sees her. Alyson told her not to worry about it, but she couldn’t help it, and it didn’t help her either. They reached Britney’s house, and knocked on the door there.

Britney opened the door, she seemed in a bad mood, but her face went into a smile and she started giggling when she saw that it was Alyson and Amanda. “Amanda, I’m so sorry…” Britney said, happy to see her friend again.

“Why are you sorry? You didn’t do anything wrong. It was me, I screwed up…” Amanda said, blaming herself for what has happened. “I want to make it up to you, if you still want me to.” Amanda offered, knowing exactly how she wanted to make it up to Britney.

“Oh yes!” Britney snapped, “I’d love that!”

“Do you even know what I wanna do?” Amanda asked.

“I think I got a pretty good idea…” Britney said, quite happy with how things turned out. Alyson just rolled her eyes as Britney said that, of course it was pretty obvious.

“I wanna worship your feet!” Amanda said excitedly. Alyson on the other hand thought that perhaps it wasn’t as obvious as she figured it would be.

“I thought wrong.” Britney said as she looked towards a corner of the room while Alyson tried to suppress the smile on her face, until she could no longer hold it back and started giggling.

“What’s so funny? I was being serious you know.” Amanda said, angry at Britney and Alyson. Now who was the open-minded one in the conversation?

“That just makes it even funnier!” Alyson said as she continued laughing, Britney on the other hand kept her cool and suppressed the smile on her face.

“Britney, are you going to let me suck your toes or not?!?!” Amanda snapped, by this time tears were running down Alyson’s face from all the laughter, and Britney was in the state where she was about to start laughing, but she held it down, and answered Amanda’s question.

“Yes… OK…” Britney said, not really sure how to go from here.

“OK, lie down on the couch back there.” Amanda said as she pointed to the exact couch where they were sitting when they first watched the girl-on-girl video. Britney followed the directions and went over to the designated couch.

“Now what?” Britney asked. Damn this was kinky Britney thought to herself.

“Just lie back and relax.” Amanda suggested as she slowly removed Britney’s shoes from her feet. She pushed her hands slightly up Britney’s pants to hook her fingers into Britney’s socks, and started pulling them down.

“Am I supposed to get turned on by watching this?” Alyson asked, unfortunately this was actually meant to be a thought and not a question out loud, but she couldn’t help herself.

“Alyson… shhh!” Amanda snapped as she finished pulling Britney’s socks off. Amanda then started by sucking on one of Britney’s toes. Softly biting her toes at the tips and slowly taking more foot-flesh into her mouth.

Britney started pulling down her pants down her legs, and easily pushed her hand into her panties and started touching her sex. “Now that’s what I’m talking about!” Alyson said as she lubed up her hand with her own spit and pushed it in under her panties as she continued watching the scene in front of her. Amanda kept going at Britney’s feet, licking them, and nibbling on the flesh in front of her, this girl definitely knew about foot worshiping, and Britney didn’t seem to mind. “Damn! She is kinky!” Alyson said as she looked up at Britney, who simply smiled back.

“You haven’t seen anything yet…” Amanda commented with a glitter in her eyes, “Wait till you see how good I can fist someone.”

At the sound of that Britney jumped up from her seat, while Alyson tried suppressing her smile, but it was too late as she burst out laughing. “Well… at least you two made up…” Alyson commented between giggles.

“Oh, come on!” Amanda said out loud, “This is great stuff! We could have so much fun together!”

“I never had any idea you were that kinky!” Britney commented with a smile, it was good to have her friend back, she just wasn’t sure if that was such a great idea anymore.

“No fisting then?” Amanda asked with a disappointed look on her face. As she looked around her and noticed everyone looking at her funny, she looked down to the ground as shame overtook her, “Just asking…” she said before making eye contact again.

There was a knock at the door, quickly pulling themselves together, Britney, Alyson, and Amanda made their way to the door. Opening the door, they gazed outside with no one around, closing the door they went straight for the bedroom. “Who do you think rung that bell?” Britney asked.

“Not sure…” Amanda said, “I think someone just did it to annoy you…”

“Well, not many people know where I live.” Britney observed before pulling her top off to reveal that, as usual, she didn’t wear a bra. Following Britney’s queue all the girls started getting naked around each other. Once they were all stripped of clothing, they joined in a three-way hug, running their hands over each other’s body. Amanda, though still learning, got into it all really quickly.

“Britney…” Amanda said.

“Yes?” The singer replied.

“I want you to hurt me.” Amanda replied.

“Wow! Foot fetishes, fisting, now torture?” Britney asked with a confused look on her face.

“I kinda like her…” Alyson replied with a smile, “How about a painful fisting from me?”.

“Oh fuck yes!” Amanda excitedly replied.

“OK, I give up, how about a double fisting?” Britney said as she started spreading her legs on the bed as wide as she possibly could.

Alyson just exhaled audibly when she saw Britney offer herself up for this torture. “Amanda, join Britney on the bed.” Alyson suggested and Amanda quickly complied, taking her place next to the lovely Britney Spears. Alyson crawled onto the bed and maneuvered herself into a position where she could get to both girls. “Are you ready?” Alyson asked.

“Not really…” Britney replied.

“Do it Alyson!” Amanda replied excitedly.

Alyson slowly started just running her fingers over the two girl’s pussies, she then slowly started applying more pressure to their entrance to help get her hands inside the girls. “Try to relax…” Alyson said as she continued pushing her hand into each girl.

“This hurts a bit…” Britney said as she pinched her eyes shut with a look of pain on her face.

“Oh my! I never thought it would feel this good!” Amanda gasped as she met destiny face-first, there was truly no going back anymore, this isn’t just something that could be forgotten again.

“I think she likes it!” Alyson said, just barely able to restrain herself from bursting out with laughter. She felt like having her first true sexual experience, to her, this was unreal. Even though she was not on the receiving end, she could almost feel what they were feeling from their reactions, and that got the redhead burning between the legs. Aly kept herself steady and promised herself that she’d get the greatest orgasm of her life after this, even if she had to make Amanda use a cucumber on her.

“Alyson… that’s a bit hard.” Britney said, now feeling a good amount of pain, though Alyson didn’t slow down, nor did she go any easier on Britney. She felt Britney getting close, and she’d made sure the singer got the full force of things.

“Oh… my… don’t stop Alyson, don’t stop!” Amanda started screaming as her orgasm hit her, as soon as Britney heard Amanda’s cries she was thrown over the edge as well. Together they shared an orgasm for a good minute, the longest either of them have ever had. Finally, when Alyson pulled her hand and wrist out of Britney, the singer shivered at the touch, she didn’t know if it was the pleasure, the pain, or just simply the situation. Amanda shared similar feelings, what an electrifying orgasm she thought to herself, not only that, but to share it with someone that meant so much to her.

Alyson sat there for a while looking at the two really happy ladies, yet, she was still unsatisfied, she kept trying to distract the two to get some attention, but her attempts were hopeless, they were simply too involved with each other to return the favor.

Alyson slipped out of the room and softly started crying by herself. She knew they didn’t mean anything bad by it, and she tried to stop the tears from flowing, but she couldn’t. She moved to the kitchen and sat herself down on the floor, she leaned her back against the wall and continued sobbing. It was like they didn’t even know she was there.

After about 20 minutes of crying, Alyson had enough of this. She left Britney’s house, walked back to her car, and returned home… unsatisfied, and with an uncertain future ahead of her.


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