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Author Topic: Britney And Madonna: The Truth Behind The Kiss  (Read 30117 times)


Britney And Madonna: The Truth Behind The Kiss
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Britney And Madonna: The Truth Behind The Kiss by Miaisdabomb
Celeb(s) – Britney Spears, Madonna
Codes – Lesbian, FF
Originally posted on October 13 2003 at CSSA

This story is pure fantasy and not to be mistaken as fact. This NEVER happened, in other words. It only exists in our own dirty minds, ha ha, enjoy.

Madonna Britney and Christina were all scheduled to perform at the VMA. Madonna decided that they would have people talking about the awards show, by using the shock factor. Madonna made her way to Britney’s dressing room before the show.

“Hello Britney.”

Britney stopped what she was doing, which was changing clothes. She stood there in a white bra and panties, wearing a big cross necklace, much like what Madonna used to wear years ago.

its so good to see you!”

Madonna had long been an idol of Britney’s. Britney loved her music, and found the older woman to be very attractive. Britney wasn’t by any means a lesbian, but there was something about Madonna that always sparked a side of Britney that she had never explored. She was attracted to her, there was no doubt about that, now here she was in her dressing room, half naked before her idol.

“I was just thinking Brit, you feel like shocking the world when we perform our song together tonight?”

“Well, Madonna, what did you have in mind?”

“It may sound crazy, but can you imagine the heads that will turn if you and I gave each other a kiss before we performed?”

“As in one on the cheek?”

“No, Britney, I mean a kiss on the lips.”

There was a long silence before Madonna spoke again.

“I mean I already agreed to give one to Christina, so its not a big deal. She mentioned that you might be to much of a goody-goody to do such a thing, but I don’t believe that.”

Britney was ready to turn Madonna down, she had never kissed another woman before, and it was a scary thought to kiss Madonna, who Britney thought was oozing with sexy appeal. Would everyone see that she had a secret crush on Madonna if she kissed her? However, when she heard that hoe-bait Christina Aguleria said that she wouldn’t do it, she decided that she would definitely go through with it!

“Sure sounds great, we’re gonna shock the world tonight!” Smiled Britney.

“Great, I’ll see you in about 15.”

“Britney’s heart was pounding as she put on a short white dress. It in many ways resembled Madonna’s “like a virgin” wedding dress she wore twenty years ago, except this one was much shorter cutting off above her knees. Britney slid on her high heeled boots and made her way to the stage. The time finally arrived. Both Britney and Christina were in similar outfits, except that Christina’s showed a bit more leg than Britney’s. ‘ Whore!’ Britney thought to herself. The two younger girls were both wearing wedding type dresses. Madonna was wearing a grooms type outfit. Tight black pants and a revealing top showing her cleavage. Topping it off was black high heels.

The three heard the roar of the crowd as they were introduced. As they all made there way out Madonna gave Christina a soft kiss on the mouth. Then turned to Britney. Britney wasn’t about to be upstaged by Christina, so she did something that surprised even herself!

Britney leaned in and kissed Madonna, only Britney opened her mouth and slipped her the tongue. Madonna pulled back for a bit, shocked by Britney’s actions, but liking Britney’s enthusiasm, so she gave Britney, a small tease of her tongue too. The entire place was quiet now except for the music. The three women then started performing like nothing had happened out of the ordinary.

After that the three made there way to their respective dressing rooms. Britney let all this soak in. “What have I done?” She thought. Would the tabloids figure out that she had a crush on Madonna? Would they start linking them romantically? She heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

“Hey you, you naughty girl. That was quite a kiss” Smiled Madonna.

“Hi, ummmmmmmm I uhhhhhh I don’t know what to say, I mean……………..I don’t know what came over me.”

“I do, you like me don’t you Britney?”

“Um sure I do I mean, you’ve always been an idol of mine and i…….

“That’s not what I meant Brit, I mean you LIKE me like me!”

Madonna got behind Britney who was sitting in her chair and started rubbing her shoulders. Britney looked in the mirror it was such a hot sight to see. A smiling Madonna rubbing her shoulders, her skillful fingers relaxing away her tension. She was torn between closing her eyes in pleasure and enjoying the backrub. Or keeping them open to look at her crush in the mirror. She then realized that she never answered the question.

“Madonna I…..

“No need to say it Britney, your silence and the look in your eyes says it all. She got right in Britney’s ear and whispered “You want me. That’s OK though, I want you too!”

Suddenly Madonna’s hands went lower, and they started to caress Britney’s breasts through her white dress. Britney felt her nipples instantly become hard and poked through the white dress fabric.

“Mmmm Britney your tits are so nice.”

Madonna’s hands made their way under the top of the strapless dress as skin caressed skin and Madonna’s fingers squeezed on Britney’s erect nipples. Madonna pulled down the top of the dress and eyed the young woman’s bare breasts, all the while not stopping with her caressing of them. Britney couldn’t believe she was topless and being felt up by Madonna. Madonna seemed to be in love with her tits. She squeezed them pulled on the nipples and teasingly ran her fingertips along the dark aureolas.

Madonna raised Britney to her feet, she turned her around and met her in a french kiss. Britney returned the kiss, her body was on fire, and her nipples rubbing against Madonna’s tight outfit only arousing her more. Madonna stood back and pulled her shirt off letting her big boobs bounce free. They were still quite impressive even at Madonna’s age, large and almost no sag to them with pink nipples that seem to call out to Britney to suck them. Which is exactly what Britney did.

Britney took a large tit in her mouth as Madonna caressed the sexy woman’s hair. Britney sucked her large knocker like a newborn baby trying to get her milk. Madonna moaned softly at the sucking, as her hands roamed under Britney’s dress. She caressed Britney’s butt cheeks in the sexy white panties she saw her in earlier that night. Britney left Madonna’s left breast and went to the right one, making sure it didn’t go without a tongue bath. Britney sucked on her tit trying to get all of it in her mouth, but not quite succeeding. There was no doubt though, that Madonna was appreciative of Britney’s hard work.

Madonna pulled Britney away and Madonna went to her own pants sliding the tight material down her legs and off her body. Britney looked on as she saw Madonna’s black crotchless underwear. What really got Britney’s attention was the back of the underwear, it was see-through, so Britney basically saw Madonna’s bare ass. Britney suddenly felt her panties getting a little damp, but she didn’t have to worry about them for long.

She watched Madonna slid to her knees and slide her hands up Britney’s thigh’s and under her dress. Madonna slowly slid down Britney’s panties, she loved the smooth feel of Britney’s tan legs against her fingers as her thumbs hooked the sides of the panties and got them off of her. Madonna smiled and gave Britney a soft kiss on the mouth and had her sit back in her chair. Madonna got back on her knees. She smiled seeing Britney’s pretty womanhood peaking out under the short dress.

“Would you lift your dress a little for me Britney?”

Britney nodded, then lifted her dress for her idol. Madonna eyed her natural blonde muff. She reached out with her hand and caressed her pussy lips softly.

“OOOOOOhhhhhhhhh” Britney moaned instantly kicking her head back.

Madonna wondered if Britney got so hot with her touching her cunt, what would happen if she licked her sweet mound. She stuck out her tongue and gave it a good lick. Then several more licks on her cunt lips. Britney’s ass left the chair as pleasure ran through out her body from the licking of Madonna. Madonna grabbed Britney’s firm ass keeping her still as she really attacked the pop star’s pussy. Brit was a chorus of moans and ah’s as Madonna’s tongue went deep into her pussy. Britney gripped hard on the sides of the chair with her hands. Justin had gone down on her before, but he needed a map to find her hot spot. Madonna however needed no directions.

She felt Madonna’s nails dig into her ass as her orgasm came closer. Madonna licked deeper and sucked hard on Britney’s clit. That was all it took to send her over the edge.

“Oh Madonna that’s it ohhhh God oh God yessss I’m coming I’m cumming baby ohhhh here it comes ohhhhhhhh fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Britney’s love juices covered Madonna’s face, and Madonna didn’t stop until she was licked dry. After that they kissed softly. Madonna lifted Britney to her feet as they kissed, then pushed her to her knees. She looked down at the young girl, and told her. “Your turn.”

Britney slid down Madonna’s sexy underwear, and beheld Madonna’s shaved pussy. There was not a single pubic hair on or around her beautiful pussy. Britney kissed her bare mound as her hands squeezed the round globes of Madonna’s ass. Britney stuck out her tongue and began licking her pretty pussy. Her tongue slid inside of Madonna causing her to gasp. Her hands gripped Britney’s blonde locks as the young hottie feasted on her womanhood. Madonna gyrated her hips into Britney as her the pop singer’s tongue slid deep into Madonna’s pink depths.

Madonna loved the position of Britney on her knees servicing her, not to mention her incredible tongue work on her experienced pussy. Madonna knew she wouldn’t hold out much longer at this rate so she made Britney go a bit further to send her over the edge. She took Britney’s hand and pushed it to her ass. Britney got the hint and shoved her finger up the famous Madonna’s ass. Madonna really started grinding her hips into Britney as Britney plunged her finger deep up her ass.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum, ohhhh I’m gonna cum all over your pretty fucking face Britney ohhhhh yeah yeah fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Madonna came over and over like a river all over Britney. Britney licked up all of the older woman’s love cream. When she was done the two held each other close. They caressed each others naked bodies, hands caressed breasts and clits met clits as they rolled around on the dressing room floor.

“Wow, I feel so strange I’ve…..I’ve never felt like this before, Madonna.”

“I know Britney sweetie, I’ve been with many men and women before, but you, you were beyond words lover.”

“I want us to go public, we should tell the world we’re in love. Cause its true I love you, I think I always have Madonna, what we just shared just put the exclamation point on it.”

“I think your right, I believe we may be soulmates. From the first time I saw you I wanted you so bad Brit. You wanna go somewhere more private, like my house? My husband is out of town, and I have a sitter for my kids. We can spend the next few days in bed, just expressing our love like we did tonight.”

“Yes, lets get dressed, I would like that, very much.”

The two got dressed and started to make there way out. They held hands like lovers as they left. Most of the paparazzi ignored this, figuring their kiss was planned, and that them holding hands was just part of the gag.

Six months later Madonna was divorced from her husband. Britney cooked a special dinner for her new love. With the two dressed in sexy evening gowns Britney dropped to her knees and asked Madonna to marry her. A stunned Madonna, had tears flow from her eyes in happiness. A sight the public never sees of the legendary Madonna. When she composed herself Madonna finally nodded yes. Britney kissed her lover and let her know she made her the happiest woman in the world. Britney placed the huge diamond ring on her finger, and they celebrated the way they often did, making love in bed.

The paparazzi would finally catch wind of this and their wedding was on the cover of all the tabloids. Madonna in a black tuxedo with a mini skirt, stocking and high heels, and Britney in a long beautiful wedding dress with a long train in the back. After the wedding they dropped out of the public eye.

A year later they were in the tabloids again, with the cover reading ……………..”Britney pregnant, with Madonna”

The two never even noticed the tabloids. The two were very much in love, and all that mattered to them was each other. They had left their former lives and careers behind and were looking forward to having a family together.
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