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Captain's Log: Ariana Richards
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Los Angeles, California

    I walk into the large building, heading straight for the office of my old friend, porn producer Willie Johnson. "Cptnstrwrs! Buddy! How have you been?" Willie exclaims, standing up from his seat behind the desk. "Good. How about you? How's business been?" I ask, shaking his hand. "It's been fantastic! We've even had a few mainstream actresses filming scenes here recently," Willie says. "Really? Anyone I'd know?" I ask, my curiosity now peaked. Celebrities doing porn? Only someone like Willie could talk a big Hollywood actress into doing porn. "Well Halston Sage for one..." Willie says grinning. Judging by the tone of his voice I realize there's something else, something he's trying to hide. "Who else Willie? Don't hold out on me. What aren't you telling me?" I ask, doing my best to get him to spill. "I can't tell you. I've been sworn to secrecy. And besides, you wouldn't believe me if I told you," he laughs. "Come on! Just tell me! You know I won't tell anyone," I say, sighing.
        He just stares at me for a few seconds, the seconds feeling like a small eternity, before he finally breaks down. He leans in close, looking around as if he's trying to make sure no one else can hear us. "Ok! Ok! I'll tell you but you can't tell anyone. A few weeks ago we had Ariana Richards in here. She had an 'audition' with me, and then her husband fucked her on camera. They both wore masks of course, to protect their identities..." Willie says. I stop listening before he finishes speaking, my head spinning. Ariana Richards, my childhood crush, all grown up and doing porn? I've been following her on social media for a while now, and between you and me, she's gotten better looking with time. "Willie, how did you manage to get Ariana Richards in here to film a porno, let alone 'audition' with you?" I ask him, a confused look on my face. "Well... I know you're a big fan of hers, so I don't know how to break this to you..., but your girl is a big freak," Willie chuckles. "What do you mean?" I ask, a little bit more anger in my voice than intended.
        "Easy Captain. Let me explain!" Willie blurts, holding his hands out in front of him. "So a few months ago Ariana cheated on her husband... with two pornstars while she was out of town. Then a few weeks after that she let half a dozen black guys gangbang in her backyard while her husband was away on a business trip. After that she hooked up with Maitland Ward, who convinced to come here and film a porn," Willie explains. "And if that wasn't crazy enough, the scene she did was a bondage scene, full of spankings, paddles, and all other sorts of messed up crap," Willie chuckles. "Damn. That's crazy. She always seemed so reserved and conservative online," I say. "The biggest freaks always do," Willie laughs. "But get them alone and you'll find out all the nasty, perverted stuff they're really into," Willie says, a huge grin on his face. "I guess you're right..." I says, my voice full of disappointment. "Hey Cap, cheer up," Willie says. "Have I got a surprise for you!" Willie exclaims.
        By this point I'm doubtful that anything Willie says will cheer me up but I don't want to be rude. "What's that Willie?" I ask him. "It just so happens that she's coming in today to film another scene. Only problem is the guy we had booked for today had to cancel. Want to take his place?" Willie asks, grinning from ear to ear. I can't believe what he's saying. I'm still crushed after finding out that the actress I've idolized has a dirty side, but... I'd be stupid to let a once in a lifetime opportunity like this pass me by.
         This was definitely the last thing I'd ever think would be happening today. "Absolutely," I reply. "I figured you say that. There's just one catch though. Today's scene is a bondage scene,...and you'd be the one tied up. After her last scene Ariana wants to be in charge this time," Willie laughs. "Fine by me...Wait what about her husband? What does he think about all this?" I ask Willie. "Don't worry about it. Ariana and her husband talked it out. They're fine. In fact he's the one who encouraged her to do today's scene," Willie says. "And don't worry about anyone finding out who you are. You'll both be wearing masks," Willie explains. "Good thinking Willie. I'm in. When are we doing this?" I ask. The phone on his desk starts ringing and Willie answers it. Hanging up the phone he says, "She just got here. She'll be up here in a few minutes. Let's get you to wardrobe." I make my way to the dressing room that's been reserved for me. There's a couple of chairs in the room, a small dresser with a mirror attached to it is against the far wall. On the top of the dresser there is a small leather mask and a pair of black, silk boxer shorts. I get changed quickly, waiting for someone to come and get me. I don't have to wait long, a knock on the door comes just a few minutes after I'm dressed.
        "Let's go champ!" Willie exclaims as he opens the door. "I'm sure you can't wait to meet your costar," Willie says, a mischievous grin on his face. I follow him down the hall, to a large room that's been converted into a studio. It doesn't look like a typical set for a bondage porn film, though. Instead of the usual frames used to chain a slave to, or the normal small benches there's only a large bed in the center of the room. The head and foot of the bed frame is made up of a bunch of metal piping, perfect for tying or handcuffing a slave to.
        I'm so busy looking around the room that I barely hear the knock on the door. "Come in," Willie says. The door opens and she walks in, already fully dressed for the scene. Ariana. Even with her face covered by a small, black leather mask she's still incredibly beautiful. She's wearing a tight leather bra covered in chains that leaves little to the imagination. The tiny matching leather thong barely covers her lady parts, becoming even thinner on her backside, a tiny strip of leather riding up between her fully exposed, firm asscheeks. The view gets even better as she bends over to tie the laces on one of her thigh high leather boots, her ass staring me in the face. She stands suddenly, making me worried that she caught me oogling her amazing ass.
        Instead she walks over to me, extending a leather glove covered hand. "Hi, call me Jezebel," she says. "Hi. I'm Cptnstrwrs. I know who you really are but don't worry. I'll do my best not to use your real name during the shooting," I say, shaking her hand. "Damn it Willie! I thought you weren't going to say anything," she yells at the producer. "Sweetie don't worry. Cptnstrwrs and I go way back. And he's a huge fan of yours. Your secrets are safe with him," Willie says. "Secrets?! Willie how much did you tell him?!" Ariana shouts, her face turning red. "Sorry. You know I get excited before a shoot. And if I hadn't you won't have a costar for today," Willie adds quickly. "Fine!" Ariana says angrily.
        She walks over to me, my eyes drawn to her amazing cleavage,  courtesy of the leather push up bra she has on. Putting her hand under my chin, she lifts my head up using a little bit of force. "My eyes are up here," she snaps. "Listen up. I don't know exactly what Willie told you but once shooting starts you do as I say. I'm in charge here, understand," she growls. "Yeah I understand," I reply trying not to grin. "I'm serious about not using my name. If I say something to you, you're going to call me Mistress or Jezebel, got it," Ariana says, glaring. "I got it. I got it," I reply. "Follow me!" Ariana snaps, leading me to the bed. "Lie down on your back," she orders. I quickly obey, not wanting to make her even angrier.    She wastes little time, tightening a shackle around each of my ankles, a small metal chain on either shackle allowing me a little bit of wiggle room. She climbs up on the bed, motioning to my wrists and I put my hands above my head, Ariana handcuffing me to the headboard of the bed. She stops, staring at me for a moment, the look on her face one of...guilt?  "Hey, I'm sorry about before," she says softly. "I shouldn't have gotten angry at you. I'm just a little nervous. This is only my second scene and I got a little upset when I found out that Willie told you who I was," Ariana continues. "It's ok. I understand. I know how Willie can be. And if I'm being totally honest I would've recognized you anyway. I'm a huge fan," I explain. "Now I really feel bad. I guess I'll have to make it up to you during the scene," Ariana purrs, a sly grin on her face.
         "Action!" Willie shouts, quickly backing out of the room. "Hello, I'm Mistress Jezebel. You probably remember me from my scene with Big Daddy. Well he thought that since I did such a great job that I deserved a slave of my own," Ariana says, smiling over at me. She gets on to the bed, crawling to me on all fours. Ariana straddles me, her hips just inches away from my crotch, and I can feel the heat coming off of her body. She lies down on top of me, the two of us now face to face. "My slave hasn't done anything wrong, but I think he's needs to be punished all the same," she laughs. Leaning in, she kisses me hard on the lips. I try slipping my tongue into her mouth, but she blocks me with her own tongue, pushing it into my mouth. I can hear her laugh as we make out, the sound muffled by our faces pressed hard together. She pulls away, licking her lips before an evil grin appears on her face. "My slave is a better kisser than I thought, but I think I know a better use for that mouth of his," she giggles.
        Ariana climbs off of my hips, moving so that one of her legs is on either side of my head. I try to not look to eager, knowing what she has in mind. "Time to put that tongue of yours to use," she laughs, pulling the crotch of her panties aside as she lowers her hips towards my face. The instant her pussy lips touch my face I bury my tongue in her folds, licking every last inch a few times before focusing on her clit. "Shit that feels amazing! Oh fuck! That's a good slave," Ariana moans, sliding her hips back and forth across my face, her juices smearing all over my face. I move my tongue even faster, her moans getting louder with every stroke of my tongue against her clit. I throw in a few slow, long strokes in the mix to tease her, and it's more than she can take. With a loud, primal scream Ariana comes hard, her whole body quivering as she reaches orgasm. My head is squeezed tightly between her thighs as rides out the last waves of her climax. Finally she's done, Ariana swinging her leg over me, plopping done on her back next to me on the bed, panting hard.
        A few minutes pass before Ariana pulls herself up into a sitting position. Bending towards me, she begins to lick her juices off my face, flashing me a playful grin as she gets the last of it off. The grin suddenly changes to an angry frown. "Bad slave! You made me cum too quickly!" Ariana says, slapping my face. "Let me show you how you tease someone!" Ariana exclaims as she moves toward the foot of the bed. My face still stings from the slap, but I ignore the pain as she grabs the waistband of my boxers, knowing what comes next. Ariana slides the boxers down my legs as far as she can, her eyes widening as my almost fully hard cock flops out in front of her. She recovers quickly, but I can tell she's impressed.
        She grabs the head, holding my cock straight up with a tight grip. "This is how you tease someone," she grins, sticking her tongue out as her head vanishes between my legs. I can't see her face but I nearly jump off the bed as her tongue touches the base of my dick, right above my balls. Every second feels like an eternity as she slowly drags her tongue up my cock, circling her tongue around the tip. Ariana does a few more up and down motions with her tongue before she stops suddenly, grinning at me. I open my mouth to speak, but before I can get any words out she slides my entire length into her mouth, her lips vacuum sealed around it at the base. I groan as she slowly bobs her head up and down my cock, her spit running down the whole shaft. Ariana lifts her head up and off my cock, gives me a mischievous grin, then in a flash she goes back to deep throating my cock, her head a blur as she blows me. I groan as she sucks me off, knowing it's only a matter of minutes before I cum. She must sense it too, stopping suddenly, a string of spit falling from her mouth onto my dick as she removes my erection from her mouth.
        "Don't think I'm going to let you get off that easily," she laughs, laying down next to me on the bed. "If you want me to let you cum then you're going to have to earn it," she says in a playful tone. "Yes mistress," I sigh. It's agony, almost being brought to climax by my biggest celebrity crush, only to have her stop so suddenly, to be so close to me, only to be teased by her. Her expression changes, Ariana clearly thinking. She sighes, smiling as says, "I've decided to reward you. I'm going to untie you, but you have to promise me you'll behave," she says sternly, pointing a finger at me. "Yes mistress, whatever you say," I answer. She undoes the handcuffs first, tossing them aside. She crawls down to the foot of the bed, undoing the shackles around my ankles, letting the chains hang off the end of the bed. "I think it's time we got better acquainted," she giggles, sliding off the edge of the bed.
        As Ariana stands next to the bed, her eyes fixed on me, I know that my wait is finally over. Almost on cue she slides the tiny black panties down her legs, kicking them aside, her clean shaven pussy now fully exposed. Reaching behind her I hear a snap, Ariana undoing the clasp on her bra. She pulls the straps down her shoulders, the arm across her chest the only thing keeping the bra on. She slips it off, tossing the bra at me. I catch it, feeling the heat radiating off of it before I toss it to the floor, more eager to finally see her bare breasts. I'm not disappointed. Ariana, arms at her sides, walks towards the bed, her perfect B cup breasts in full view. She crawls across the bed, climbing on top of me. She sits on me gently, her still wet pussy pressing against my stomach. Ariana stares into my eyes and I can tell she's horny and more importantly, ready to go. "What are you waiting for? Play with my tits," she orders, leaning closer to me. She doesn't need to tell me twice, grabbing a breast in each hand. I squeeze them gently, massaging them, her nipples hardening as I do. I pull her closer to me, my tongue moving between her breasts, flicking it on her nipples, Ariana moaning in approval. Her hips grind against me as I continue playing with her nipples and after a few seconds I can feel myself getting hard again. I nod my head towards my cock, Ariana understanding instantly. She nods, climbing off of me, once again laying down on her back next to me, her eyes locked on mine.
        Ariana bends her legs, her knees now in the air. Slowly she spreads her legs, still staring intensely into my eyes. "You've been a good slave, but you have one last command," Ariana purrs. "Anything for you mistress," I say, struggling to speak at the sight before me. She slips a hand between her legs and begins rubbing herself hard. "I want you to fuck me as hard as you can, as long as you can. I want you to make me cum as quickly as you can. After you can do that I want you to cum inside me. I want you to fill me up with your load until I burst!" Ariana moans, furiously rubbing her clit. I nod, gently taking her hand by the wrist and moving it away from her pussy. Putting a hand on either of her thighs I gently push her legs farther apart. Guiding my hips towards her, Ariana groans as the tip of my dick grazes against her wet pussy lips. "Do it..." she groans, her voice barely a whisper.  Time slows as I take in every last detail of this moment. I'm finally going to fuck this goddess, and part of me wants the moment to last forever. The other part of me however is impatient...and more importantly, extremely horny.
        With one quick thrust I slide inside her, Ariana moaning as the motion shakes her body. She's so tight, even though she's dripping wet. It's surprising to me, as I think back to the stories Willie told me earlier today, especially the one where Ariana was gangbanged by half a dozen black guys. "Oh god! That's the spot," Ariana cries, pulling me out of my thoughts. Not wanting to let her down I begin pounding her tight pussy as fast as I can. Ariana wraps her legs around my waist as pick up speed, ours bodies pressed together as I fuck her. "Fuck! Right there! Just like that! Just like that!" she moans as I ram balls-deep into her, the impacts shaking the bed as our bodies bounce up and down with each thrust. Our moans and groans increase in volume, each of us wondering who will reach their breaking point first. We don't have to wait long though. I feel her walls tighten around my cock and I know she's about to crack. With a loud shriek Ariana reaches orgasm, her body trembling. Her legs tighten around my waist as she wraps her arms around me, digging her fingernails into my shoulders. "Holy shit! Fuck! I'm coming! Ugghh!" Ariana cries out burying her head against my shoulder.
        Watching Ariana orgasm so violently is too much for me to handle. As much as I try to hold out, the sensation of her pussy quivering tightly on my cock just feels so good. My body tenses up, Ariana giving me a weak smile as she eagerly awaits the inevitable. We both groan as my dick quivers, shooting the first bit of semen deep inside her. My cock spasms wildly in between her legs, pumping her full of what feels like gallons of cum into her. As I finish shooting my load into her, she smiles up at me, wrapping her arms around my head as she pulls me close, kissing me hard, the two of us still struggling to catch our breathes. I lay on her for a while as we recover from climax. She whimpers as I climb off of her, slowly sliding out her her pussy. The camera crew motions to us, letting us know they've stopped recording. We gather up our clothes silently, running back to our separate dressing rooms.
        As I walk through the lobby on my way out of the building I feel a little disappointed, even sad, that I didn't say goodbye to Ariana before we went our separate ways. The elevator opens suddenly and there she is, walking with a brisk pace. She seems to be playing it cool, trying to leave before anyone realizes that she's here, at a porn studio, filming a movie. As she flies past me she quickly sticks out a hand, dropping a small, folded up piece of paper into my hand. I open it slowly as she walks out of the lobby, Ariana stop briefly to look back at me. I smile and wave, Ariana waving as she finally leaves. I look at the piece of paper she handed me, her phone number, email, and...address written on it. As I head back to the airport I can't help but feel excited. Not only did I get to fuck my biggest celebrity crush, but the note she left me can only mean that she wants to see me again. I board the plane and head home, unable to think about anything other than when I'll see Ariana again.

The End
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Happy to see you writing again, welcome back!
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Re: Captain's Log: Ariana Richards
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Another Ariana story for me, thank you.
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