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Author Topic: Captain's Log: Ariana Richards and Eliza Dushku threesome  (Read 6520 times)


Captain's Log: Ariana Richards and Eliza Dushku threesome
« on: August 24, 2022, 09:30:31 PM »
Chicago, Illinois

        The night before the Chicago Comic Con. I can never sleep the night before a convention so I was more than a little excited when I got Ariana's text. I met Ariana Richards a few weeks earlier while filming a porno with her in California. She had given me her number and I hadn't worked up the nerve to reach out to her. I had to stop myself from running through the hotel to meet her when she texts me, asking me to meet her in the hotel gym for a late night "work out". I knew what that meant since Ariana and her husband recently decided they would try having an open marriage. She had been an incredibly amazing lay last time so I couldn't wait to have another go with her.
        I change into a white t-shirt and a pair of red shorts before making my way to the elevator. The ride down to the lobby feels like a small eternity, m heart pounding the whole way down. Forcing myself to calm down as the elevator doors open, I try to walk as casually as possible towards the gym. As I approach I see Ariana peek her head out the door, giggling as she sees me approaching. She waves at me to hurry up. The door hasn't even closed behind me and she's on me, wrapping her arms tightly around me as presses her lips against mine, kissing me hard. She leads me to a weight bench and we sit. She tries to kiss me again but I stop her, wanting to take her all in. She's wearing short grey spandex shorts and an extremely tight pink sports bra that leaves little to the imagination; her hard nipples clearly visible through the spandex. Her long blond hair is pulled back behind her head in a tight ponytail. " Like what you see?" Ariana purrs, rubbing a hand on my thigh. "You look amazing," I reply, leaning in to make out with her. Minutes feel like hours, at least until a voice pulls us back to reality.
        "Sorry, I didn't know anyone was here. I can come back," a voice says softly. I swear to myself. How could we have forgotten to lock the door behind us. As I turn to face the source of the voice I'm surprised to see it belongs to Eliza Dushku, my other celebrity crush. She's wearing black yoga pants and a matching black spandex tank top. Her hair is in a tight braid that stops just below her shoulders. "Cptnstrwrs is that you?" Eliza laughs. "Hey. Long time, no see," I reply, nervously. A few months before my encounter with Ariana, I had an one night stand with Eliza while travelling to Boston. I had promised to keep in touch but ended losing her number. I try to remain calm, hoping she's not about to ruin my chances of hooking up with Ariana. "You in town for the convention?" Eliza asks, her eyes burning into me. "Yeah, I couldn't sleep so I figured I'd come down here to blow off a little steam," I say quickly. She turns, staring daggers at Ariana. "I can see that. Is that Ariana Richards from Jurassic Park?" Eliza asks, voice full of irritation. "Yeah it is. Something I can do for you?" Ariana snaps, glaring back at Eliza. They take a step towards each other. "I doubt it" Eliza scoffs. "Besides I wouldn't want to stop you from helping the Captain blow off some steam. I bet you're good at blowing in general," Eliza sneers. "What the Hell did you say?!" Ariana shouts.
        As things look like they're about to explode I realize I have to step in. "Ladies. Ladies! Let's all calm down for a second," I say, stepping between them. They both turn and glare at me and I freeze. I know I only have seconds before they both storm out of here so I have to think fast. "I think we all got off on the wrong foot here. Why don't we start over and see what happens," I say as I take a step back. The silence seems to last forever. Then Eliza lets out a sigh. "I'm sorry. I had such a good time when I met the Captain a few months ago. I was upset when he never called me and then when I walked in and saw him with another woman I just got so mad," Eliza explains. "It's partly my fault too Eliza. I lost your number and didn't know how to get a hold of you. I enjoyed our night together too," I say. "I'm sorry too. I've done somethings the last few months that I'm not proud of and when Eliza mentioned my 'blowing' skills I guess I overreacted. My husband and I are trying an open marriage and I was afraid she was going to try to get Captain to forgot about me," Ariana replies quietly. Both women blush, trying to avoid making eye contact with each other.
        Hit by a flash of inspiration, an idea pops into my mind. I'm not sure if it's a great idea or a horrible one, but I decide to go for it. "How about the three of us have a group 'workout' right here?" I ask, grinning at the women. "Right after we lock the door that is," I laugh. I quickly lock the door, rushing back to the two women. They've both cooled down, just staring at each other in silence. This time Ariana breaks the ice. "I'm in," she says, a small smile beginning to form on her face. "Me too," Eliza says, smirking. "Anything for you, Captain," she adds, giggling. "Good. I think the first thing we should do is have you two get to know each other a little better," I suggest. Ariana obviously agrees, placing her hands on either side of Eliza's face before kissing her hard. Caught of guard Eliza tries to speak, the words muffled. She recovers quickly though, wrapping her arms around Ariana as they begin one of the most intense make out sessions I've ever seen. I watch as their hands run up and down each other's bodies, grabbing each other's firm asses, massaging breasts, as they suck face. In my mind I can see their tongues wrestling with each other inside their mouths and I feel myself starting to get hard.
        I sit down on a nearby weight bench, pulling out my dick and begin jerking off. Looking over I see that Eliza notices me. "Don't worry about me. You just focus on getting to know your new friend," I say, laughing. With a smirk she goes back to kissing Ariana, grabbing the bottom of Ariana's sports bra and pulling it over her head. I pick up speed as Ariana's breasts come tumbling out, her nipples still rock hard. Ariana responds by sliding a hand into Eliza's pants, right between her legs, rubbing furiously. Eliza moans at her touch, moving her own mouth and hands to focus on Ariana's perfect tits. As Eliza begins to suck and fondle the blonde's breasts, Ariana uses her free hand to pull Eliza's yoga pants down her legs, Eliza stepping out of them as she kicks them aside. I stop jerking off and walk over to the women. Reaching between them I yank down Ariana's shorts, shocked to discover she's not wearing any panties. Ariana takes her hand out of Eliza's pants, using both hands to take off Eliza's tank top. I return to my seat, stroking myself at the sight of both women completely naked.
        They walk towards me, stopping just a few feet away. Sitting on the floor facing each other the women slide their bodies forward until their pussies are pressed against each other. Completely in synch with each other I watched amazed as they begin scissoring. Both women begin playing with their clit as they move faster and faster, their pussies rubbing together as they moan in pleasure. I have to continuously adjust the speed of my strokes, not wanting to finish too quickly, which is no easy task considering the sight in front of me. Their moans grow louder as they pick up speed, both women getting closer and closer to orgasm. "Hold on!" I shout, met with disappointed looks from both women as they come to a grinding halt. "Don't look at me like that. I want a piece of both of you before you cum," I explain, grinning at them.
        I extend my hands helping them both up from the floor. I direct Eliza to the bench I was sitting on. "Lie back and spread your legs," I instruct her, Eliza quickly obeying. "You come here and bend over," I says to Ariana. She walks over, smirking at me as she does. She bends over, turning her head to grin at me as she reaches back and spreads herself wide open. "Ariana do you trust me?" I ask. "Of course," she replies. "Good. I want you to eat Eliza's pussy while I fuck you in your ass," I say. "I've been waiting for this since we first met," Ariana says, a smile on her face.
        Positioning myself behind Ariana  I press the tip of my dick against her puckered asshole waiting until Ariana turns and nods at me. Slowly I slide into her tight asshole, gripping her firm asscheeks and spreading them as I enter into her. I start slow, sliding in and out of her ass, never pulling out completely. Ariana moans with everyone of my thrusts, the sound muffled, her face buried between Eliza's legs as the blonde eats her pussy. She must be doing a good job too, as Eliza grabs the back of Ariana's head, pressing her face hard against the brunette's waiting folds. As I pick up speed both of the women's moans get louder, every second bringing them closer to climax. Eliza breaks first, screaming loudly as she cums. She slides down off of the bench, licking her own juices off Ariana's face as I continue pounding her tight ass. The sight is almost enough to make me cum right then and there, so I decide to try something else.
        I pull out of Ariana's ass and she whimpers, giving me a pouting look. "I'm sorry," I say playfully, rubbing her ass gently. "But I think we need to switch things up," I explain. "Eliza you lie down on your back right here," I say, pointing just a few feet from where I'm standing. She complies and lies down, grinning at me as she slowly opens her legs, revealing her clearly wet pussy. "Ariana's going to sit on your face while I fuck you, but you have to eat her out while I do," I explain to Eliza. She nods, and I can tell by the quick look she gives Ariana that she can't wait. Giggling, Ariana wastes no time positioning herself over Eliza, facing me. Ariana begins to lower her hips as I start pushing my cock into Eliza's eager pussy. Eliza groans as I slide all the way, her voice muffled by Ariana's hips.
        Almost in perfect sync Ariana and I move our hips back and forth, my dick stretching Eliza's wet pussy as Ariana smears her juices all over the brunette's face. Ariana leans down, playing with Eliza's hard nipples, trying to bring her new friend a little closer to climax. I take the opportunity to slide a hand between both women's legs, simultaneously rubbing both their clits furiously. To my surprise it's Ariana who reaches orgasm first. "Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" she cries, legs clamping down on Eliza's head. Ariana's whole body trembles violently as she climaxes, the blonde moaning and groaning during the whole experience. I thrust even harder and faster, trying to make Eliza cum as well. Her orgasm finally subsiding Ariana climbs off Eliza's face, practically passing out on the floor next to her as Eliza coughs and gasps for air. "Sorry," Ariana pants, a guilty smile on her face. "I-it's alright," Eliza stammers, grinning back at her. Looking down at her I can tell Eliza's cheeks and mouth are coated in Ariana's juices, the lower half of her face completely drenched. Suddenly Eliza turns back to face me, a panicked look on her face. "Captain, stop!" Eliza exclaims. I pull out of her, confused by her unexpected outburst. "What's wrong?" I ask. "I didn't want you to cum in me. I think it's safe to say we both want to share your cum," Eliza says grinning, as Ariana nods weakly.
        Grinning I take my dick in my hand, nodding to her. "Fine by me. Just give me a minute," I say. "We don't want to wait," Ariana purrs, pulling herself up to a sitting position. She moves in a blur, engulfing my cock with mouth, and begins deep throating me. "Damn that feels amazing!" I groan as her head bobs up and down my full length. Just when I think it can't possibly get any better Eliza begins licking and sucking on my balls. Normally I'd last much longer but with these two goddesses going to town on my cock and balls it's over before it even began. "Shit! I'm about to cum!" I shout. Ariana's mouth clamps hard around my dick, and I can feel myself pumping what feels like gallons of cum into her eager mouth. I finally stop cumming but Ariana gives my dick a few more sucks to make sure she's gotten every last drop. She uses her finger, motioning Eliza over. Grabbing her by the shoulders Ariana gently pushes Eliza downward, then, opening her mouth, Ariana drops the largest wad of cum I've ever seen into Eliza's waiting mouth. The two of them cum swapping for several minutes, licking each other's faces clean before Ariana swallows it all with one big gulp.
        We get dressed in silence, grinning at each other the whole time. Unlocking the door, we leave the gym and make our way back towards the lobby. As we near the elevator I get another flash of inspiration. "You ladies want to come upstairs with me?" I ask them, grinning widely. They both nod eagerly. We go upstairs and after a little more making out and groping the women pass out exhausted, one on eager side of me as we lay on the bed. The next morning we go to the convention before parting ways, but this time I make it a point to get both of the ladies' contact info even though I know there's no way we'll ever be able to top the events of the previous night....

The End
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Re: Captain's Log: Ariana Richards and Eliza Dushku threesome
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This was a fun pairing! I hope you do more!
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