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Amanda's Birthday Wish (Britney Spears, Jennifer Love Hewitt)
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Amanda's Birthday Wish by BrianWF29
Celeb(s) – Britney Spears, Jennifer Love Hewitt
Codes – FF, FFF, Lesbian,
Originally posted on August 25, 2002 at CSSA

Amanda couldn’t believe it was finally happening. After all these years of waiting, one of her dreams was coming true. Spread out before her, in all its summer splendor, was Yankee Stadium. She had often fantasized about this moment. Now, thanks to her best friend Will, it was all coming true.

Their seats were remarkably close to the field, placing them just four rows from the field of play, directly behind the Yankee dugout. Will had explained to her that he knew someone who had season tickets, and had "bargained" him out of them for one night. When pressed on what type of "bargaining" was involved, Will merely shrugged and given that lopsided grin of his that stated she was better off not knowing.

Twilight had settled in by the third inning, and Amanda was in a nearly blissful state. The Yankees had managed to score early, and now held a comfortable lead. He gaze began to take in much more detail of the fabled stadium. The sounds of the crowd, the blare of music from the centerfield Jumbotron, the smell of the food being sold by the vendors throughout the complex, each added to her sensory experience. It was while she was absorbed in this tableau that she had failed to hear Will calling her name. He finally restored to jabbing her in the arm to get her attention.

She gave him an exasperated look. "What?" she said in an almost accusing tone of voice.

Will ignored the tone of her voice and pointed to the first row of seats directly in front of them. "Anybody in the front row look familiar to you?" he asked as he pointed.

She followed the direction of his finger and looked at the fans arrayed before her. At first, all she could see were the back of their heads. Will motioned that she should continue to look. At that very moment, a girl with long blonde hair tucked under a Yankees cap turned around to address someone behind her. Amanda gasped. "No, it can’t be!" she whispered.

Will grinned. "No, I’m pretty sure you’re right on the mark."

She looked at him, then returned her eyes to the girl in the front row. After another moment’s staring, she finally decided that her first instinct HAD been correct. There, sitting no more than twenty feet from her, was singing star Britney Spears!

"What’s SHE doing here?" Amanda nearly yelled. Will chuckled and shook his head.

"Looks to me like she’s watching a baseball game, dummy."

She punched him in the shoulder. "I KNOW that! I just didn’t know she was a Yankee fan."

"Well, it’s either that, or she’s here on a date. Remember, she’s 19 years old now."

Amanda’s eyes looked as though they had glazed over. "Still doesn’t make her and less sexy, Will."

He rolled eyes back in their sockets, and slapped a hand to his forehead. "Is that ALL you ever think of?" he kidded.

"When you’ve been without for as long as I have, it has a tendency of coming up from time to time." Recently separated from her husband, Amanda had somehow managed to stay out of any type of relationship for over six months. Will had been more than willing to "help" her out, but was waiting until she was ready. "Plus," Amanda added, "she’s been a fantasy of mine for a while now."

"So, why don’t you go down there and introduce yourself. Something like ‘Hi, my name is Amanda, and I want to sleep with you. Care to join me?"

She burst out in laughter, causing a few people to turn towards her. She clamped a hand over her mouth and attempted to restrain herself. Once she was under control, she wiped tears away from her eyes. "I could see it now," she said through halting breaths. "Psycho lady arrested for sexual harassing pop star. Story at 10."

He shrugged. "Hey, at least you’d be famous. Seriously, though, why don’t you just go over there and introduce yourself? Maybe ask for an autograph."

"Will, I’d feel funny. She must get bothered all the time in public. I don’t want to cause her any troubles."

Will stood up. "Then let’s find out." With that, we walked down to the front row. Amanda cringed, sure that her best friend was about to get arrested and thrown in a Bronx jail. After a minute, however, Will returned without incident. He stood in front of Amanda and held out his hand. "C’mon."

"C’mon where?" she asked hesitantly. Will simply put out his hand again. She got up and took his hand in hers, almost afraid to find out what he’d done. She followed him towards the field, her heart hammering in her chest.

As they approached the front row, Britney turned to face them. She was wearing a blue Yankee uniform shirt, obviously one size too big for her, as was the fashion at the time. She had a baseball cap pulled snugly over her head, providing her with some anonymity in public. It was her face that was unmistakable. The dark brown eyes, the full lips, and the high, dimpled cheekbones were those that Amanda had seen staring back at her in more than one music video. Not to mention, a few erotic dreams.

Britney smiled, her lips pulled back to reveal even, beautifully white teeth. Will could almost hear Amanda gasp with nervousness. He reached out and shook Britney’s hand. "Britney Spears, I’d love for you to meet my best friend, Amanda Richardson. Amanda, you obviously know who this is."

Britney chuckled and extended her hand to Amanda. "Nice to meet you, Amanda. Will here has told me that you’re a big fan of mine."

Finding her voice hard to come by, Amanda simply nodded. Will chuckled and Britney’s smile grew wider. "It’s OK, no need to be nervous. As a matter of fact, why don’t you two come sit here with us for a while? It’s a beautiful view, and I could use some normal company for a while. Most of the people I’m around nowadays are either security personnel, or managers of one type or another. I’d be nice to talk, woman to woman." She waved and indicated that Amanda should sit in the seat to her right. With just a moment’s hesitation, she finally sat, amazed at the sudden course of events. She looked over at Will, who sat next Frederick, the man Britney had been seated with. They were already deep in conversation about the team. Will looked up long enough to wink, and grin as Amanda silently lipped the words, "Thank you."

The next two hours flew by in a whirlwind. Amanda was hardly aware of the game, so engrossed in her conversation with Britney. They seemed to fall into talking like old friends, discussing everything from the game, to musical tastes, to men. Amanda, who’d from time to time found women attractive, couldn’t keep from staring at Britney. She was absolutely beautiful, seeming to be much older than her 19 years of age. She found out that Britney’s birthday was only two days before hers, December 4th, abet nearly 13 years apart. They exchanged phone numbers, with Britney giving her a cell phone number that she could be reached at almost any time except when sleeping or performing. Not that Amanda honestly expected to ever here from her new found friend again. But the gesture was enough for her. Britney was kind enough to sign a few items for them, such as the score card and program from the game. Before they left, Will shook hands with Britney and Frederick, and Amanda hugged her friend goodbye. Before they parted, Britney kissed her on the lips, not quite a friendly kiss, but a kiss with hidden meaning, of longing. Amanda pulled away and looked into those dark brown eyes, searching for any hidden message she might have been missing. Britney gave her a sly smile and grasped her hand tightly. "Until we meet again, Amanda," she said in almost a bedroom voice. Amanda blushed, and turned and left the stadium with Will.

On the ride back to Jersey, Amanda seemed lost in a cloud. Will pinched her shoulder, saying "Earth to Amanda. Anyone home?"
She just beamed, still not quite accepting how the night had gone. "Yeah, I’m here. Just sort of thinking back to how different this night was from what I had expected."

"Well, meeting a musical superstar and talking with her for hours by yourself could have that effect, I suppose."

She knew her was teasing her. "I don’t know how I can ever thank you for this, Will. This has to be one of the best night’s of my life."

He cocked an eyebrow. "Well, I suppose we’ll come up with a way you can thank me…."

Leaning over to him and holding him tight, she whispered in his ear, "Yes, I suppose there is."

Near the end of November, Amanda was sitting around the house after work, just relaxing from another hectic day in the store. Her sister was out, and she had the house to herself for once. She was just getting ready to jump in the tub when the phone rang. She picked it up, expecting it to be Will, calling to find out how her day had went. The voice, however, was decidedly female.

"Hello? Can I please speak with Amanda Richardson?" the woman asked. Amanda had a nagging feeling that she knew this person, but couldn’t place the tone.

"This is she. Who is this?"

"It’s me Amanda, Britney. Remember me?"

Her eyes grew large and her chest became tight. "Of course I remember you! How have you been?"

There was a chuckle from the other end. "Busy, as usual. I just got back from the MTV European Music Awards, and I’m tired of being on the road. I’m in New York as we speak."

Amanda chuckled. "I envy you YOUR lifestyle!"

Britney seemed a little quiet. "You might be surprised, Amanda. It’s not always what it’s cracked up to be."

"I’ll take your word for it."

Britney laughed. "I called for two reasons. First, is to apologize for not having called you sooner. It just seemed like anytime I could find always got interrupted by something or someone."

"No problem. I can understand. Actually, I’m surprised you even remembered who I am, never mind what my number was."

"How could I forget? Those eyes sense of humor? Who could forget?"

Amanda felt a warm spot begin in her gut, spreading throughout her body.

"Anyway, I was calling to find out if you and Will would be able to come up to the city this weekend? I’m throwing sort of a small party for my birthday, and I remember that yours is only two days later. I’d like for you to come up and be my guest for a couple of days."

Amanda was nearly shocked speechless. "I can’t speak for Will, but I shouldn’t have a problem. Aside from a lack of transportation."

"Don’t worry about it. I’ll send a limo down to pick you up. As for Will, Frederick spoke to him earlier, and he’ll be there for at least the party. I suspect once you get him there, you’ll be able to convince him to stay for a while."

Amanda grinned, recalling her "Thank you" to him after they had gotten back from the game. "Oh, trust me, THAT won’t be a problem." They both chuckled.

"All right, good. Then I’ll have my secretary call you later and get your address for the limo. I can’t wait to see you again, A. I think you’ll have a good time."

She smiled. "You can bet on it! Talk to ya later, B."

The limo ride up seemed to take forever. Will sat across from her, decked out in a white tuxedo, one very similar in cut and color to the one he’d worn to the prom they’d first met at. She had to admit, he looked REALLY good dressed up like this. Standing 5’6, she only weighed about 115 pounds. She was nicely proportioned, with 36c breasts and luscious, wavy brunette hair that she wore just past her shoulders. She wore a red silk dress with spaghetti straps that Britney had sent down for her to wear. The fabric was so smooth and soft, clinging to her body in all the right areas. The length was just above her knees, setting off her gorgeous legs. Her hair was teased up, making Will whistle when he’d first seen her. She’d topped the outfit off with a pair of long gold chain earrings and ruby red lipstick that matched her dress, setting off her luscious lips, while at the same time nicely contrasting her vibrant blue eyes.

The trip up to New York seemed to fly by. Before she knew it, they had arrived at Rockefeller Plaza. The annual tree lighting had been the previous night. Amanda had watched on TV as Britney had performed during the ceremony. Now, here they were, standing in front of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, looking up past the tree towards where the party was being held on the 65th floor. The Rainbow Room had recently been renovated, after hosting parties since the early 20s. Will’s jaw had dropped when Amanda had informed him of the exact location of the party. To Will, who was a history buff, this was like stepping backward into a bygone era. To Amanda, this was a dream come true.

They walked to the elevators, in awe of the hustle and bustle of the city in the throws of the holiday season. An operator, who politely ushered them inside the waiting car, met them at the elevator door. The lift seemed to move at supersonic speeds as they were whisked towards Britney’s party. Will took Amanda’s arm in his as the car settled out and the doors opened onto the main hallway of the 65th floor. They could clearly here the sound emanating from the ballroom down the hall. Once they were cleared by the security guards stationed outside the room, they entered into another world.

The room was huge! Normally, small tables would be arranged throughout the room, facing a small stage in the middle. But, for this occasion, the tables had been pushed against the walls, and the middle was now a huge dance floor. Golden chandeliers hung from the ceiling, providing a dim yet comfortable lighting. The walls were decorated in soft wood paneling, reflecting the soft lighting back into the room.

Music throbbed out of speakers that were well hidden somewhere in the walls. Bodies in shimmering colors gyrated and flowed around the room. Men and women in fine clothes populated the area, battling with the music for dominance. Will could nearly feel Amanda vibrating, barely restraining herself from immediately jumping into the flow of humanity. He looked over at her and saw the rapture in her eyes. He grinned as he led her out onto the dance floor. Seemingly all at once, they became part of the crowd and joined in the movements and rhythms being created by the music.

Amanda was in seventh heaven. She absolutely LOVED to dance, loosing herself in the vibrations of the melodies passing around and through her. For a short period of time, she lost all memory of WHO she was here to see, and became part of the collective group. She danced within sight of Will, yet wasn’t actually dancing with him. She seemed to be floating from one group to the next, enjoying the variations of different partners and dance styles. None of the faces stood out in her mind, which would not have normally been the case if she were watching from a distance. Time seemed to flow and ebb slowly, allowing her to revel in the sheer pleasure of the moment.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, she felt a pair of hands clutch at her hips from behind. At first, she enjoyed the feeling and warmth of the touch, figuring it was Will. It took her a second to realize Will was standing near one of the tables talking with a group, not behind her. She froze, whirling around to face the person who was sharing her motions. Her eyes widened, and her face lit up as she recognized the person. Before her, with her hair fluffed out and in a stunning dress of neon blue the exact same cut and material of hers, stood Britney Spears.

Britney grinned broadly as she reached out to hug her friend. Amanda could feel the warmth of her body through the thin silk of the dresses. Perhaps it was her imagination, but she could almost swear she could feel Britney’s nipples poking against the fabric, brushing against her own. They pulled apart, and Britney took Amanda’s hand and led her towards Will’s group.

"I’m so glad you made it!" Britney nearly yelled. Amanda shook her head.

"I wouldn’t have missed this for all the world. Thank you so much for inviting us."

Once out of the press of bodies, it became slightly easier to hear and be heard. Amanda spotted Will, who was absolutely beaming. She hadn’t seen him this happy in a very long time. He waved her and Britney over, moving slightly back to allow them into the group of people huddled loosely together.

Will handed Amanda a glass of soda, for which she was grateful, after her first spin on the floor. She looked at it, though, with a certain amount of trepidation.

"Don’t worry," Will said. "It’s just soda, nothing else. Seems that this is a completely non-alcoholic party anyhow."

Britney nodded. "After all, I’m not old enough yet to drink. My managers thought it would be a bad idea for everyone else to be getting drunk while I couldn’t come anywhere near any liquor."

Amanda nodded. "Trust me, Britney, you’re better off without it anyway. This way, you can enjoy the party, and still remember it afterwards."

Britney giggled. "I wouldn’t want to miss any of this, trust me." She looked over Amanda’s shoulder and waved someone towards them. Amanda had just begun to turn around when she recognized the woman approaching them. Britney stated, "Will, Amanda, I’d like for you to meet…"

Amanda gasped as she looked at the woman. She was dressed in a green dress exactly like her and Britney’s. Her beautiful brown hair was full and free behind her head as she stopped in front of them. Will held out his hand. "The lovely Jennifer Love Hewitt. I’d recognize your beauty anywhere."

Jennifer took his hand in hers, as his lips lowered to kiss her hand.

"Thank you. But please call me Love. All my friends do."

Amanda was stuck speechless. She could not believe she was standing right next to two of the biggest stars in the entertainment world. From her side, she heard Britney say, "Love, let me introduce Will O’Brien and his best friend, Amanda Richardson."

Love took Amanda’s hand in hers. "Nice to meet you, Amanda, Will. Enjoying the party so far?"

Amanda finally found her voice. "Absolutely! You have no idea how great this is to meet you!"

Britney gave a funny grin as Love nodded. "Actually, Will told me yesterday that you were a fan."

Amanda whirled towards her friend. "You knew she was going to be here?" she said with an accusing tone.

He held up his hands as if to ward off her question. "Britney asked me not to let the cat out of the bag and ruin the surprise."

Britney laughed. "C’mon, let’s go do some more dancing. I’m ready to party!" With that, she grabbed Amanda and Love’s hands and pulled them out onto the dance floor. Will shook his head and watched as the three women rejoined the crowd.

Amanda was lost in a whirlwind of thought and emotion. Before she realized it, she was dancing with two women who she found incredibly sexy. She could feel the warmth flow through her body as they moved within inches of each other, there eyes and breaths barely separated. The song ended and "Kiss" from the artist formerly known as Prince began to throb from the speakers. The heavy beat vibrated through her body, exciting her already heightened senses.

Then, without warning, she felt Britney press her body up against Amanda’s back, grinding into her ass. A split second later, Love did the exact same thing, only directly in front of her. Love’s breasts molded into Amanda’s, sending sparks of heat along her body. Love looked directly into her eyes. The raw sexual tension seemed to explode from them, melting into Amanda’s mind. Britney’s hands, meanwhile, began to roam over Amanda’s sides, moving gently up and down her waist, her hips, up and over her arms. They settled on her hips as Love continued to bump and grind in front of her.

Without thought, Amanda put her hands on Love’s hips, pulling her in closer to her. A sexy smile spread across Love’s face. They continued on for a minute like this, rubbing and swaying against each other. The silk of their dresses only heightened the erotic sensations of the dance. Amanda felt like her body was on fire, and wondered if either of them knew how she was being affected.

Silently, Love and Britney switched positions, which now placed Britney in front and Love behind Amanda. They resumed their movements, melting into each other’s body. Britney reached up and moved an errant piece of hair from Amanda’s face. That simple touch was like lightning to Amanda. Her eyes closed and her head tilted into Britney’s touch. Britney allowed her hand to trail itself down to Amanda’s neck, where it landed against the pounding artery in her neck. Love’s hands, meanwhile, had snaked around Amanda’s waist, rubbing roughly down over the front of her thighs. Amanda’s knees weakened when one hand brushed ever so slightly over the area between her legs. A quick gasp escaped, which caused her eyes to open and see the look for sheer passion on Britney’s face. Just as the song was about to end, Amanda felt Love’s hands run up her stomach and cup her heaving breasts briefly, quickly pinching the rock hard nipples which were standing out against the satin. Amanda heard Love giggle and pull away from her as the song ended.

Amanda groaned with displeasure, but Britney held her chin in her hand, causing their gazes to lock. "Don’t worry, there’s plenty more to come, sweetheart." And with that, she lightly pecked Amanda on the lips, seemingly to everyone else an innocent kiss. But they both knew better. It was a preview of things to come.

Time had no meaning after that. To Amanda, it was all an exquisite torture. Her head swirled as she continued to dance, talk and eat. All of the worries of the last year were forgotten for this one night as she reveled in pure fun. She was never without company. If it wasn’t Will near her, then Britney or Love would be within sight.

Sometime after 10, the music stopped and a microphone stand was set up more or less center of the room. Murmurs spread through the crowd as everyone wondered what was going on. Suddenly, at one of the rear doors, there was a commotion. Amanda moved to get a better look and got yet another shock. Moving through the crowd was country singer Shania Twain. A roar of applause went up from the crowd as she stood by the mic. Amanda was suddenly aware of Love standing next to her.

"What’s she doing here?" Amanda asked her.

"I called her and asked her to sing for Britney tonight. Not a lot of people know this, but Britney absolutely loves Shania’s music. I guess you could say this is my present to her."

Amanda shook her head in wonder. What must life be like, she thought, if you can just call a major star and have them perform privately for a birthday party? Now she felt bad for not getting Britney anything. True, she had been told not to bring any presents with her, but she still didn’t feel quite right, especially with something like this happening.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Will appeared in front of her. "Talk about connections. I need to get into show business." When he saw that his joke hadn’t quite received the response from Amanda that he’d expected, he frowned and looked into her eyes. "What’s wrong?"

Tears began to fill in here eyes. "I just feel bad now that I didn’t bring a present for Britney. I mean, Love brought her Shania Twain! And I show up empty handed!"

Will placed his hands on her shoulders. "Hey, Amanda, its no big deal. Trust me, Britney’s not going to be bothered by it in the least." He pointed over to where she stood near Shania, shaking hands. "Do you see her letting anything bother her right now? Trust me, just you being here is enough for her. After all, you guys are friends, remember? Just let it go and enjoy the show."

Amanda knew Will had a point, but still felt bad all the same. Outwardly, she just nodded and leaned against him. He wrapped her up in his arms as Shania began to sing. After a couple of songs, Shania and the crowd broke into a raucous version of "Happy Birthday", and a rather large cake was wheeled out onto the floor. A round of applause broke out, and Britney performed the blowing out of the candles. Then Shania spoke into the mic again.

"I have a special request here to fulfill. Will, if you’re here, can you come forward?"

To Amanda’s shock, Will began to move to the front of the crowd. She could not believe her eyes. "What the…..?"

Love laughed. "When I set this up, I found out that Will used to sing in high school. Me and Shania figured she could use someone for a duet."

Amanda shook her head. "You don’t mean………"

Almost as if completing the sentence for her, Shania said, "Will here is going to help me out with a birthday present for another lovely lady her tonight who’ll be celebrating her birthday in two days. The song is "From This Moment, and it’s dedicated to Amanda. Ready?"

Will took the offered extra microphone and tapped on it to test the volume. "Well, I’m no Bryan White, but I’ll give it a try." He looked over towards Amanda. Love was pushing her towards the front of the crowd. Once there, Will leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "Happy birthday, sweetheart." Amanda’s face turned beat red.

The music started, and the two of them broke into a rousing version of the song. Every once in a while, he’d look over at Amanda and break into a huge grin. One time, he lipped the words "I Love You," to which he received a beaming grin. After they were done, he gave his mic to Britney. "Thank you both, that was beautiful." She turned her gaze to Amanda. "And we have one more surprise for you." One of the doors opened again, and another cake was wheeled out, this time with Amanda’s name on it. Everyone broke out into another version of "Happy Birthday." Amanda blew out her candles and was rewarded with a huge round of applause. Then the music resumed and the party revved up yet again.

It was well after midnight by the time the party began to wind down. People left in dribs and drabs. Amanda made sure to spend some time talking with Shania, even getting an autograph from her. Will spent a great deal of his time talking with Shania, and she seemed to thoroughly enjoy his company.

Finally, the only people remaining were Amanda, Will, Love and Britney. They were all exhausted, but quite content. The party had been a huge success. But as with everything in life, time had come for them to say their good-byes. Will left the room to use the little boy’s room, and left Amanda with her two friends.

"Thank you guys so much for a great time," Amanda said. To this, she got a strange look from Britney.

"Do you have to leave, Amanda? You know, you could always stay here tonight. We have most of this floor reserved, and there’s plenty of rooms."

She grinned. "I’d love to, but Will has to be getting home. I don’t want him to go by himself."

Again, that strange look passed over Britney’s face. "I wouldn’t worry about Will. He may not know it, but he’s got a little surprise coming to him tonight." Before Amanda could ask what she meant by that, Britney grabbed her hand. "C’mon, please say you’ll stay? For me?"

Amanda looked into her eyes and saw the determination. "Oh, what the hell. I didn’t want to leave anyway. I’ll just have to call into work tomorrow."

Britney winked. "Trust me, we’ll make it worth your time."

They left the Rainbow Room and walked down the hall to an oversized apartment. The room was decorated for the most part in whites and tans, with a large fireplace dominating the north wall. Someone had already lit the logs, and a humid warmth permeated the area. Heavy red drapes adorned the huge windows, overlooking Rockefeller Plaza. Amanda walked over to one and looked down, watching the tiny skaters glide effortlessly over the ice. Off in the distance, she could make out the lights of the city’s numerous skyscrapers. Reflected in the glass, she could see Britney move up behind her.

Laying her hands on Amanda’s arms, she nestled her chin on her shoulder. "Beautiful, isn’t it?" Britney whispered in her ear. Amanda shivered, remembering the sheer sexual energy this woman had created in her before on the dance floor.

"Yes, it is," she said with just the barest hint of a catch in her voice. Her eyes locked with those of Britney’s image in the window. "Almost as beautiful as you, Britney."

A smile graced the features of the other woman. "Thank you. But you’re awfully sexy yourself, A." As she said this, her hands slid down Amanda’s arms, raising goose bumps in their wake. Amanda’s eyes closed as Britney slipped her hands over her stomach. Amanda’s breath quickened in anticipation. Just as Britney’s hands were inches away from her heaving breasts, Love barged in from the bedroom.

"Hey, what are you guys doing?" she asked teasingly. Amanda and Britney giggled, with Britney hugging her tightly before turning towards Love. When they saw her, they both gasped. Love was dressed, barely, in a lacy light blue teddy that barely covered her ample bosom. The bottom of the outfit barely came down to mid thigh on her. She had her hands placed suggestively on her hips.

"Where did you get that?" Amanda asked.

Britney laughed. "We were both kind of expecting to be here overnight, so we have clothes in the main bedroom. I’m got an outfit similar to it, only it’s in neon orange."

Amanda frowned. "Well, I didn’t expect to be here? What should I wear?"

Love and Britney laughed and exchanged another one of their glances. "I’m sure we can find something for you to wear, Amanda. After all, we don’t want you catching a cold by sleeping in your birthday suit tonight." Britney took her hand. "Let’s go find you something that fits." As they sauntered off, Love got up and followed them.

"Oh no you don’t. I’m not being left alone again!"

They all entered the room and moved over to the large walk up closet. In it hung a number of casual, dress, and bedtime outfits. Britney shuffled through a few of the nighties, and finally pulled a green outfit similar in cut to Love’s, but made of the same silken material their dresses were. She held it up against Amanda’s body.

"What do you think Love? This look OK?"

Love moved up until she was inches away from Amanda. "Let’s try it on to make sure." She reached out and gently ran her fingers along the curve of Amanda’s shoulder blades, wrapping her fingers around the thin straps of the dress. She pulled them to the side and slid them down the side of Amanda’s arms.

No fucking way! Amanda thought to herself. This can’t be happening! Love had a wolfish grin on her face as her ever so slowly slid the straps down over her hands, exposing Amanda’s breasts to this beautiful woman. Needless to say, her nipples were fully erect, pointing achingly at Love. Love dropped the straps and placed her hands on Amanda’s hips, moving the rest of her dress down until it fell in a heap at her feet.

Britney was staring at Amanda’s chest. "My, are we a little cold?" she kidded. Amanda began to blush furiously, but made no move to hide her nakedness. Britney raised Amanda’s arms over her head, draping the nightie down over her head until it settled sloppily over Amanda’s upper body. Amanda dropped her arms, and Love reached out to tug the material down over her thighs. She closed her eyes as Love ran her hands over the outfit, smoothing it out over her already energized body.

"I don’t know," Love whispered. "I kind of like you better with nothing on…" Her hands slid up and cupped Amanda’s aching breasts, lightly stroking her nipples with her thumbs. Amanda gasped, her chest thrusting out at the lovely brunette.

"No fair!" she heard Britney whine. Turning her head, Amanda saw her standing without a stitch of clothing. Her eyes widened as she drank in the perfect lines of her new friend’s body. How she ached to run hers hands over that smooth skin.

As if reading her thoughts, Britney moved up to Amanda and gently kissed her on the lips. The world exploded in Amanda’s head as those warm lips hungrily pressed against hers. Her mouth opened to accept Britney’s tongue, their breathing becoming slightly labored as they kissed. Meanwhile, Love had slipped around behind Amanda, pressing her suddenly naked body against Amanda’s back. Her hands moved around the side of her body, renewing their torture of Amanda’s breasts.

Amanda felt as if she were floating on a cloud of pleasure, these two gorgeous women of her dreams taking complete advantage of her. It was time she fought back. Her hands drifted up to find Britney’s tits, her palms brushing against their hardness. She felt Britney tighten up as this had the desired effect. She pinched the nipples between her fingers, causing a catch in Britney’s breath. She opened her eyes to see Britney’s eyes closed, her head thrown back in pleasure. Amanda grinned and was about to continue on her when she felt Love’s hands leave her breasts. Wondering what she was up to; she stopped her torture for a second.

Britney’s eyes opened and she uttered, "Now you’re in trouble, sweetie." It was at that second that Love hooked her thumbs into Amanda’s panties and yanked them down around her ankles. She slowly slid her hands back up Amanda’s legs, kissing the back of her legs. Amanda felt as if her legs were about to give out, but Britney held her up, kissing her deeply. Amanda fought to stay above water mentally as she was assaulted on two fronts.

Love’s hands worked their way past her thighs, sliding between her legs. A low animal moan emanated from Amanda as her fingers slipped inside her mons. Love continued to kiss her legs, moving up to Amanda’s ass. Meanwhile, Britney had pulled her mouth away from Amanda’s and was trailing kisses down to her chest. Her tongue lashed the curves and flicked at the nipples, which now ached almost painfully. Her lips latched around them, suckling and pulling on the sensitive skin. Amanda threw her head back and drug her fingers into Britney’s hair. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could hold out.

Love plunged her fingers deep inside Amanda’s wetness, find and rubbing furiously at her clitoris. Amanda could stand no more. Between the two stimulus, she surged over the edge, her body shaking with a monstrous orgasm. But instead of stopping their activities, Love and Britney continued their assault, doubling their pace. Amazingly, Amanda felt herself quickly surging to the brink of another orgasm. She’d never felt such animal passion from anyone as she did these two women. Britney quickly sank to her knees and brought her face up to replace Love’s fingers. Amanda’s head snapped back as that talented tongue lashed out, hitting all the right spots. She was just about to plunge into another abyss when she felt something rubbing against her ass. Love had taken the fingers she’d had inside of Amanda and started to slip them into Amanda’s rear. The scream of arousal nearly ripped from Amanda’s throat as they pushed her to yet another orgasm.

Her breathing labored, sweat dripping from her forehead and chest, she finally pulled away from the two. "God, no more. I don’t know how much more I can take!" she whimpered. Love chuckled behind her and Britney stood up in front of her, juices on her chin. "We haven’t even begun with you," she said. The two of them nearly threw her onto the bed, which Amanda discovered was a huge waterbed. Love crawled over Amanda and latched her lips onto hers, stealing her breath from her. Britney moved behind Love and pressed her mouth against Love’s pussy. Love’s back arched and her eyes closed with the sudden assault. Amanda took advantage of this, and sucked on one of Love’s famous breasts while she pinched the other nipple. Love’s breathing quickly picked up, her voice climbing through a series of loud moans. Almost instantly, she bellowed, her first orgasm powering through her.

As she settled back down, she whispered in Amanda’s ear, "Now it’s HER turn." With that, the two of them rolled Britney over on her back, their lips attacking the blonde’s toned body. Tongues and kisses were everywhere at once. Britney could barely keep track of their movements, so lightning quick and erotic they were. Both Love and Amanda took turns kissing her deeply, while the other would distract her elsewhere. Then, as if in mutual agreement, both of their mouths fell between Britney’s legs, both tongues fighting to bury themselves deep inside of the birthday girl. They settled on a rhythm, as Amanda would lash her clit and Love would lick and kiss the lips of her vagina. It didn’t take long before she too launched herself into her orgasm.

They positioned themselves so that they formed a triangle, with each of them staring at another’s vagina. Quickly and passionately, they attacked each other, causing moans and yells to permeate the room. They each shook through orgasm as one would compete with another to drive the other to that rewarding state of bliss as fast as possible.

After what seemed hours, they lay in each other’s arms, spent. They kissed and cuddled; sharing in the pleasure each had given to the other. From the wall behind the bed, they heard a woman’s voice groaning in orgasmic pleasure repeatedly. Amanda’s eyes widened.

"Who the hell is THAT?" she asked.

Britney laughed. "That’s Shania, being thoroughly satisfied by your friend Will. We told you we had a surprise for him too."

Yet another ear splitting yell came through the wall. "My God, what’s he doing to her? I mean, he’s good, but that sounds unreal."

Love blushed. "Well, one thing I’ve found out in the past is that Shania is VERY orgasmic, and vocal to boot."

Amanda stared at Love. "You’d had sex with her before?"

"Yep, how do you think I convinced her to take on Will? She owes me, plus she told me she finds your friend very handsome as well."

"Well, trust me, one thing I do know about Will, he’ll keep going on her until she passes out."

Britney’s eyes widened this time. "Really? Maybe we’ll have to try him for ourselves, Love."

Amanda chuckled and kissed both of them. "Include Shania in here for me, and you both have a deal!" There laughter bounced off the walls. The night was just beginning. But that’s a story for another time.

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