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Sudden Infidelity (Lucy Pinder)
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Sudden Infidelity
Starring: Lucy Pinder

Themes: Cheating/Affairs, Stripper Fantasy, Lap Dance, Big Tits, Dirty Talk

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Los Angeles, California

Neon lights illuminated the darkness with a touch of blue on the walls. Furniture scattered across the room had a touch of purple as a result of a special light from the ceiling. What was once the living room of a hotel suite had now become a mini-club room. The couch had been pushed back, and a lounge chair sat at the center of the room. Loud music blasted from the kitchen with slow hip hop beats absent of any vocals. The light above had caused a reflection of purple to illuminate half-empty bottles of whiskey lined up on a table near the kitchen. Back there, the real drinks were properly fixed among friends with an array of choices. Only one man currently sat in the living room. The only one allowed in the large black lounge chair in the center of the room.

This party was something of a surprise for Michael Smith. A quick trip to Los Angeles was not something he had planned to start August. He was only a week removed from proposing to his now fiancÚ Maggie back home in London. News of their engagement had spread across their circle of friends, consisting of various professions related to film production. At thirty-seven years of age, now was the time to begin settling down and planning a future alongside his wife. Mike had spent a few years working in Los Angeles before heading back home to London. While there was no place like home, the city of angels still held a dear place in his heart. That was where he and Maggie had once lived when they both had jobs in production companies in the town.

If there was a woman in the suite tonight, it certainly was not her. The other men were all friends of the couple in a bachelor party Maggie approved of. Tonight was their final night in the U.S. before a flight back home. The party began by breaking out the bottles of whiskey and gin. One American friend Mike had met years ago had experience in bartending, as that became his job from the kitchen with fixing up fancy drinks. Another friend was a former DJ who had brought along with him a stereo to blast a mix of instrumental music he had made a few years ago. Mike did not mind the hip-hop beats once he had swallowed two glasses of gin and tonic. The mood of the party had been relatively tame so far, with the men drinking together. Mike sat there in his chair and watched a few friends step out of the doorway leading into the kitchen.

Voices were audible back in the kitchen as multiple conversations were under way. Whatever his friends were discussing, he had no interest in. Mike rested his left elbow down on the armrest of the chair, twitching his fingers as the neon lights cast purple and blue colors over his skin. A tattoo was visible under his left hand, revealing the pyramid design found on the U.S. one dollar bill with heavy details in black ink. Mike had considered getting another tattoo on his right wrist, but could never settle on a design he liked. The pyramid and 'all seeing eye' represented a friendship he had with another man he met more than fifteen years ago. Steve was present tonight as the main man who had paid the bill to arrange this party in a fancy suite. Mike assumed most of the drinks were paid for by him as well.

A five o'clock shadow had grown into a rugged beard to go with a trimmed mustache on his face. Mike was waiting until the flight back home to shave his face. His brown eyes matched the natural color of his hair, which was also slightly longer than his ears. A haircut would be needed before the wedding, but he was not thinking about that date tonight. The date was still more than a week away. He sat up in the chair, crossing his legs as he thought about going for another drink. The purple rays of light did not change any colors on his buttoned-up short-sleeve red shirt. Underneath was his skinny chest that he had spent much time working out to stay in shape. Apart from the gym membership he had back home, Mike spent time biking in London. While listening to the music, he found himself beginning to daydream about returning home when the front door came open.

"Oh, there he is."

The voice belonged to his best friend, Steve. The short man offered a smile before he quietly left the door, leaving it cracked. His short orange hair and clean shaved face were visible in a purple hue thanks to the lighting. The color lit up his white T-shirt, but not the denim blue jeans he wore. Mike could not remember why Steve left, so he figured it was for another beer run.

"Coming back empty handed, I see."

Steve laughed at his friend's comment. He shook his head before answering him back.

"Uh no, I've got someone who wants to meet you."

If his words were not enough to entice Mike, the appearance of a stranger would do the trick. Steve chuckled as he then walked through the living room and went to the kitchen. He clapped his hands and whistled at the other men, but Mike's attention was on the front door that opened wide for a short, brunette-haired woman to step in. This was not his fiancÚ entering the party, notable for the hair parted down the middle of her head and a set of dark eyes. She wore a white jacket covering her entire body and shut the door behind her. With a soft smile, she stepped forward to Mike.

"Put on the right song, she's finally here!"

Steve made his presence known from the kitchen by hollering among the laughter from the men. The woman curved her lips into a smile, flashing her teeth as she glanced towards the doorway. Steve ran back into the room, grinning ear to ear before he spoke to Mike.

"Hope you're in the mood for some entertainment tonight, buddy. Just remember the one rule! No touching! Show her some respect and you'll have a good time. Oh, and yeah... probably don't wanna tell Maggie about this. We only invited one woman tonight, and it wasn't her."

The end of his speech made the woman smirk back at him. When Steven stepped aside, she focused her attention back on Mike, placing her hands on her shoulders and glancing down at him. His first thought was that Steve had hired a stripper for the party. Or maybe she was an escort? His imagination began to run wild as he saw the look in her dark eyes. She wore no makeup, giving a somewhat angelic appearance in the jacket. Mike awaited her to say something, perhaps introduce herself, but the woman remained silent. All she did was move her hands over the buttons attached to her jacket and then pulled them apart. They snapped undone one by one, all while Steve stood in the doorway to the kitchen, watching guard. Only he was there, none of the other men joined in behind him.

With the buttons undone, the woman pulled her jacket and dropped it to the floor. She stood in a pair of black high heels with an open crotch and black silk stockings that went up to her waist. A large hole was cut out, revealing a thong that covered her snatch. The stockings went as high as her waist, extending above her belly button. Mike's jaw dropped as he witnessed a giant set of breasts contained in a see-through silky black bra. They were so massive, his eyes enlarged. The length of her brunette hair extended, overflowing to her tits as she planted her hands onto her hips for a second time. Who was this woman? She remained silent and softly smiled at the reaction he had to her appearance. Outside the room, the music stopped momentarily for a new song to begin playing in a slow tempo with bass beats.

Mike's eyes remained enlarged as he gazed at her amazing large breasts. From first guess, they had to be a G or an F cup, and all natural. These were possibly the biggest tits he'd ever seen in person, and they were now shaking towards his face. The girl bent over and let her breasts bounce in the silky bra before she began to slowly turn around. She struggled to match the tempo and beat of the music while caressing her hands across her hips. The high waist lingerie stockings extended far enough that when she turned around, Mike could see her ass cheeks. The V-shaped thong was barely visible down the crack of what was an impressive booty on display. She kept dancing and swaying, but her movements were lagging behind the rhythm.

He could not complain about her lack of dancing skills. It was becoming more apparent with each passing second that she was not an experienced professional. But who was she? Nothing about her appearance seemed familiar to him. The woman turned around, gritting her teeth into a playful smile as she made eye contact with Mike. He swallowed his breath as he watched her fingertips caress her own skin. She moved her hands up to her bra, giving him the impression she was about to let her massive breasts loose and strip. Instead, she bounced her tits and pushed them together. Mike was too distracted by this teasing act to know she was beginning to move into the chair. She lowered her right hand down to the armrest of the chair and then carefully bent her knees to climb into his lap. This sudden movement caused him to exhale deeply.

"Remember, no touching!"

The sound of Steve's voice only made his heartbeat jump as this beautiful woman was dancing in his lap. She balanced herself on her knees, shaking her breasts in his face. With touching prohibited, Mike felt a struggle within. He leaned back, fighting the urge to reach out and grab those amazing breasts. The woman raised her arms up to place her hands at the back of her head. As she flexed her elbows out, she revealed her tattoos. An elegant flower design decorated the inner side of her right bicep. On her left wrist was a pattern of stars with a gold bracelet band shining over them. A few smaller designs were visible on her right arm, beneath the elbow, but Mike was paying them no attention. His eyes remained fixated on those giant breasts. Her nipples were visible in the sheer, see-through bra. The details of her areolas were hard to see inside the sheer fabric.

With her hands still behind her head, the woman made the effort to slightly bounce her tits left and right. The jiggle was only interrupted by the bra itself. At any moment now, Mike expected her to free those epic breasts. She lowered her arms and then made a soft smile as she began to climb off his lap. Mike knew she was not done yet. This woman had to have other tricks up her sleeve, he thought. He slid his wrists over the armrests of the chair, spreading his fingers out. She turned around, still trying to bump her hips to the rhythm of the music but working off key. Mike felt her warm hands over his as she swayed her long hair to glance across her right shoulder. She curved her pink lips into an innocent smile as she shoved her buttocks down over his crotch. Mike immediately moaned in reaction. His stiff shaft poked up the front of his black pants.

There was no doubt that she could feel his erect length pushing up. Now she was grinding her ass against him. Mike took a deep breath and let out another moan. When he glanced to the left side of the room, he noticed Steve was still standing in the doorway to the kitchen, as if to keep guard. Perhaps it was his job to make sure Mike followed the rules. The temptation was only rising with each passing second, as he was now receiving a lap dance from this beautiful woman. He moaned again at the feeling of her ass grinding down into his crotch. Her appearance alone was enough to make him break into a cold sweat. She had to be feeling his hardened cock underneath. If only he could tease her about it, but then again, this woman had yet to utter a single word. He could not even guess what her name was.

Grinding harder, she remained at this slow pace. Mike continued to moan at this wonderful feeling. While her dancing skills were not up to par, she did know how to use her ass for grinding. She pressed her hands down into his and then got up from his lap. The woman turned around, swaying her hair in her face, requiring a moment to fix it. She then sat back down on him, this time bending her knees on the side of him to nestle her booty back into his lap. Now that they were face-to-face again, Mike gazed into her beautiful dark eyes. With so little makeup, she had natural angelic beauty. He continued to gaze back at her face as she started to grind again. Her thighs rubbed against his poking cock as she moved her hands to her breasts and made them jiggle in the small bra.

The music began to fade out, with the bass beats becoming slower. Maggie popped into Mike's mind as he began to question his own motives and deeds. All this time, he had struggled to not caress this beautiful woman's smooth skin. Again, he had to wonder who this woman was. She did not seem like a professional dancer or even an escort. Her body language and the expressions on her face told a different story than her sultry appearance in the lingerie outfit. A shiny gold necklace was visible below her face. The pendant was the size of a penny, glimmering in the light. He only noticed before gazing at her large breasts again. She pushed her hands against his chest and leaned in, shoving her breasts into his face for one final time.

This was the final test of self-control. Mike could not lie to himself that these were the greatest breasts he had witnessed in his life. And now they were brushing against his face. She moved her hands behind her back, teasing him over the possibility of finally releasing those tits. But he did not expect her to. If her plan was to get topless, she would have already done it. He curled his fingers into a fist before flexing them out. Mike closed his eyes and took a deep breath, fighting the urge to touch her. The woman smiled and then began to climb off him. She appeared to be done and had no stripping routine planned. All this time, she had yet to speak to him. Mike found himself lusting over her now. Was she really about to leave him with a hard erection poking in the front of his pants?

Or was he willing to cheat on his soon-to-be wife with this gorgeous woman? Perhaps that was the better question for Mike to consider among his conflicted thoughts. He did not even know her name, but her beauty could not be dismissed. If Steve would not allow touching, Mike assumed that there had to be another rule involved. This woman was no escort. If he wanted to try his luck with her, the men at the party would have witnessed it. Mike was speechless as he watched her reach down and grab the jacket from the floor. As she leaned back up, the woman noticed the hard bulge in the front of his pants. Her eyes leered back at him as she grinned, then took another glance at the bulge. That was the last bit of teasing she had for him before slipping the jacket back on.

No words were spoken as she glanced back at Steve and smiled. They quietly gestured to each other as she buttoned up the jacket. Mike had not noticed that the other men from the kitchen had gathered around Steve to take a glimpse of the gorgeous woman. One man's jaw dropped as he saw her boobs. Mike finally began to rise from his chair, just to see her open the door and then step out. Not even with a goodbye or telling him her name, the woman did her job and left. Chatter was audible among the men's voices in the distance, but Mike could care less what they had to say. Deep down, he was certain that he had just witnessed what could possibly be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. The only problem with all of this was knowing he swore his heart and soul to another woman.

"Who was she!?"

When he blurted those words out to Steve, the other men standing behind him began to laugh loudly. One friend pointed at the bulge in Mike's pants, laughing loudly in an effort to embarrass him. All Steve did was slowly curve his lips into a full grin, revealing his teeth before he erupted into a roar of laughter. Mike blushed and stood there, running his right hand through his hair until he noticed what they were pointing at. He turned around, staggering off to find the bathroom as the men continued to laugh.

"Hey Mike! Where are you going!?"

"I think he needs to jack off!"

"No no, he's just gotta take a piss!"

"Poor Mike, he thought he was gonna get laid tonight!"

The men continued to laugh and make statements as he hurried to the bedroom and slammed the bathroom door shut. No matter how hard they tried to embarrass him, it was not enough to decrease his powerful erection. Taking a deep breath, Mike groaned. Who the hell was that woman? This was a question he wanted answered, but at the same time he found himself thinking of something else. Never fall in love with a stripper. Such beauty was almost irresistible, but then again, he did not even learn the woman's name. He also doubted if she was truly a stripper since she did not even so much as go topless. Think about Maggie, Mike reminded himself. She was his fiancÚ and not the mysterious buxom dancer. Regardless of the identity of that woman, this would be a night he knew he would not forget any time soon.



London, England

Clear blue skies were a welcome greeting back home, but a painful reminder of the summer heat. The November mists could not come sooner. Mike reunited with Maggie after leaving the US. She seemingly had no idea about the bachelor party, throwing it off as 'a night out with the boys'. Before Mike could relax with her, he had to make another trip to visit his family in Yorkshire. The wedding would likely be delayed due to his father's health. He suffered a fall from a rooftop, breaking his ankle and suffering a back injury that left him bedridden. His discharge from the hospital came after Mike's first day visiting. The thunder and rain could never be forgotten, no matter how long it had been since his last time walking outside in his home area. Mike could never forget the old pathways, bridges, and rivers in the distance.

It was easy to sit around daydreaming while spending time at his parents' house. The perception of time was lost when wandering the halls of such a familiar place. Maggie called three times a day, going the distance to send a selfie photo later in the evening. Her presence was certainly missed. Those lovely deep blue eyes and her long golden hair. Her cleavage was visible in the photo, but it did not compare to the rack of another woman still lingering in his thoughts. Without knowing her name, Mike had come to think of the woman from his bachelor party simply as 'the stripper'. Steve did not bother telling him her name, and now he was confident that he would never see that woman again. Despite this, he was still captivated by her beauty alone. To lighten his father's mood, he mentioned her.

The chuckle and grin across the old man's face were worth it after Mike told him the story. 'She had tits like you wouldn't believe', he told his father, who jokingly asked if she was a yank. With the hours passing by, Mike could not avoid thinking about those boobs. He tried to calm his thoughts by thinking about his future wife and looking at the photo Maggie had sent to him. What kind of man would cheat on his fiancÚ with a stripper? That was one question Mike constantly asked himself in an effort to forget about that other woman. Once again, when he found himself gazing out of a window and studying the old spires, Mike thought about that mysterious dancer. Time knew no limits for days like this. Only at his parents' house did Mike have so much time to sit and rummage through the many subjects on his mind.

Once he was back home in London, however, those thoughts began to fade away. Maggie became concerned about delaying the wedding due to his father's health. All the invitation cards had been sent and Maggie had her dress prepared. One of the first things Mike did back home was shave his face, but he held off on getting a needed haircut. Maggie had something special planned for this hot day. Since she had already met his friends in social circles, the time had finally come for her to introduce him to her girlfriends in town. Maggie claimed she wanted him to at least know all of her friends who would be attending their wedding. After getting dressed for a casual summer day in white cargo shorts and a yellow T-shirt, a trip was in order across town. Maggie drove to an apartment flat. During the ride, she mentioned the names of her friends that would be there, but Mike was not paying attention.

After stepping through the front door of the flat, he sighed in relief. The long hallway led to a large living room, where voices could be heard greeting Maggie. Mike took his time, gazing over the dark wooden walls. The living room contained various furniture, including three white couches and matching chairs. A rug covered the wooden floor while sunlight beamed from a set of three windows across the right side. It was not much different from the flat Mike and Maggie called home, but still impressive to look at. The first of her friends that he was introduced to was a short, red-haired woman by the name of Lily. They shook hands and exchanged greetings, all while Maggie rambled about how long she had known Lily. The two women almost had matching outfits in a black blouse and mini dress to go with high heels. Lily mentioned the names Lucy and Katherine, who must have also been present in the flat.

Katherine stepped through the front door next, greeting Maggie with a hug and a smile. She was a blonde-haired woman, slightly taller than Maggie and wearing a white tank top to go with a pair of denim pants. Like the other woman before her, Katherine offered her hand to Mike. After their greeting, she went on talking about how she had grown up with Maggie and had yet to meet him after all this time. Mike could not stop wondering who owned this place, so he asked. Lily reassured him that it was her flat. Maggie looked around before inquiring about the fourth woman. For a moment, they all looked at one another while repeating the name Lucy, until another voice called from the kitchen. The final guest in the house made her appearance, stepping into the living room. Mike was glancing down when she entered. He noticed the pair of black and white Vans sneakers.

"There she is! Come say hello, Lucy!"

Tracing his eyes up from her shoes, Mike saw a pair of black skinny jeans. The woman stood in a black shirt with a bulging heavy rack hidden underneath. Her long brunette hair overflowed beyond her shoulders and parted down the middle of her head. A thin gold necklace held a familiar pendant below her neck. It was not until Mike saw her face that his heart stopped for a second. His eyes widened as the woman gazed back at him in similar shock. It was her. The stripper from his bachelor party.

"Hi, I'm Lucy!"

Her voice rang out in a clear Manchester English accent, answering the question of where she came from. Mike was still in shock, standing there bewildered to be in her presence again. She offered her left hand like the other women, and he shook it. There was no mistaking her for any other woman once Mike noticed the star pattern tattoo on her left wrist.

"Do you two know each other?"

Oh God, Mike thought to himself. Maggie must have noticed the look across his face since she was standing there observing their interaction.

"Actually no, but I think he might recognize me from somewhere."

Lucy answered his fiancÚ. With a sigh of relief, Mike found himself relaxing as he turned back to Maggie and smiled.

"I'm sure you get that a lot, Lucy."

Grinning back at Maggie, she nodded.

"Not as often as I used to."

She began to walk away but winked at Mike, as if in a silent way of reassuring him of their secret. So her name was Lucy. After all those days of thinking about her, he finally had a name. Now learning that she was a friend of his future wife, Mike was curious to learn how the bachelor party was arranged. Was Lucy truly a stripper? So many questions lingered in his mind. Scratching the back of his head with his right hand, Mike forced a smile back at her as he spoke up.

"Um, Maggie, what does Lucy do for a living? I swear I have seen her somewhere before."

With a smirk, she responded.

"Oh, she's in the entertainment industry. She flies all over the world."


He began to chuckle, thinking to himself, with that choice of word. She could not truly be a stripper, he thought to himself.

"Maggie, I believe your man is quite in shock. I don't think he knew that you were friends with Lucy Pinder."

Lily teased before Lucy began to giggle. Now Mike knew her full name, though it was not familiar to him whatsoever. He was trying to wrap his head around the idea of her being an international traveling stripper, all while Maggie spoke again.

"I've known Lucy for about seven years. We used to hang out at the old casting agency office.

"Right! Don't forget about the time we had on vacation in Ibiza."

After Lucy replied, Maggie laughed. All Mike could do was stand there and listen to their chatter.

"We had good times there, but the music was bloody awful."

"Yeah, the club music only sounds good in the right state of mind."

Lucy turned to Mike after she replied to Maggie.

"Can I get you a drink?"

A sigh was heard from one of the women.

"Lucy, don't you know we're about to go out for happy hour?"

Katherine's remark caused Maggie and Lily to laugh, but Lucy just smiled in response.

"I'm just offering Mike a bottle of water. Don't think I'm going to fix a real drink without any of you."

All of the girls laughed, leaving Mike to stand there and listen to their voices. He kept his focus on Lucy, who was still smiling back at him. With a nod, he replied to her.

"Sure, thank you, Lucy."

"I don't think I wanna wait too long. We need to get going soon. Today was supposed to be a girl's day out, anyway."

Mike did not pay attention to Lily's words as he followed Lucy into the kitchen. He felt that he needed to get away from Maggie and the others to be able to confront this woman about his feelings. Thankfully, a doorway led into the kitchen. The white walls and floor shone, giving the impression that they had been recently cleaned. A large wooden table sat on the left side of the room with four chairs. One had been pulled out while a Cluedo board game was spread out with dice and pieces. Lucy had had her back turned, reaching into the fridge to grab a bottle of water. He waited until she turned around and spoke in a low voice.

"I can't believe you were the stripper at-"

She cut him off in speech, raising her finger to her lips.


He immediately stopped trying to speak. From the way Lucy quieted him, Mike could easily guess that Maggie must not have known about her being at his bachelor party. Their eyes met before she handed the water bottle to him and then he stepped back. Swallowing his breath, he maintained himself while unscrewing the cap and taking a drink. He never imagined he would meet her again, let alone learn her name and discover she was a dear friend of his wife's. After a second drink, Mike spoke again.

"Were you invited to our wedding?"

With a slow nod, Lucy smiled. Outside the kitchen, the voices of all the ladies could be heard as they shared a conversation.

"I'm going to be a bridesmaid."

Still grinning, she flashed her perfect white teeth, reveling in that shocked look on his face. Mike was at a loss for words, thinking about her now. From the way she looked at him, he knew Lucy was still teasing him. Whether she was wearing a skimpy outfit or not, this woman had the natural skills of seduction. Lucy left the kitchen, rejoining the other women with Mike walking behind her.

"What do you say, we go now? If we wait another hour, I'm gonna want something stronger than wine."

Katherine spoke up as Lily nodded. Mike and Lucy both walked back into a conversation they were not part of. Maggie looked back at Lucy before speaking.

"Will you be joining us, Lucy?"

She raised her right hand index finger.

"I'm afraid not. I've lost my glasses around here again."

Katherine let out a frustrated sigh while Lily rolled her eyes.

"You always lose your glasses at my place, but never anywhere else!"

Lily teased as the friends began to giggle. Lucy just smirked, shrugging her shoulders to look innocent. Mike found himself laughing at that gesture. He wanted to stay and spend time alone with Lucy, but at the same time, he was standing next to his future wife.

"What about me? Am I invited to come have drinks?"

Maggie grinned, slowly shaking her head to answer his question.

"Poor Mike, this day is reserved for ladies only."

Katherine made the statement. They all laughed at him as he tried to contain his smile before Lily wagged her index finger at him.

"You can come pick us up later. If we're a little too tipsy and need a driver."

Lily's words got a giggle out of Maggie.

"Or if Lucy can find her glasses, Mike can be her chauffeur to join us."

Again, Katherine made the ladies giggle. Maggie smiled back at him, nodding.

"Help Lucy find her glasses. I'll call you later to pick us up."

Maggie reassured her future husband before turning around and following her friends to leave. For a moment, Mike had to question such an action. Was Maggie really going to leave him alone with this woman? Then again, she had no knowledge of the bachelor party. When the door slammed shut behind the last woman, Mike was now alone with Lucy. He heard her sigh in relief before he turned to gaze back at her gorgeous face. Not even seconds after his fiancÚ had left the flat, he was already blushing in front of this gorgeous woman. With a soft smile, he spoke up, trying to strike a conversation about anything but the allure of her beauty.

"No one said where they were going. I'm guessing to a local pub nearby?"

Lucy slowly nodded at his question.

"Maybe they expected me to give you instructions to drive there later. Don't worry, I know where they always go."

Mike chuckled at her response. There had to be a reason Lucy wanted to stay. He did not buy her story about losing the glasses, but it was a convenient excuse to have him all to herself. As he stood there gazing back at Lucy, she turned her back and began to walk around the living room.

"I suppose we have something to talk about, Mike."

"Yeah, I think we have many things we need to talk about."

Lucy giggled as she turned to smile at him. It was confession time for Mike. He did not know how much time they would have alone together, but he knew this was the only time he could tell her his true feelings about that night.

"I've thought about you every day since the party. I didn't think I would see you again. I can't believe you're friends with Maggie."

"She doesn't know about your bachelor party. I think we should keep it that way."

He nodded in agreement. Since Maggie did not know, she seemed to trust leaving him alone with Lucy like this. It would have been a completely different story if she had known what happened that night. Mike now had to see if Lucy was playing a game with him by staying out of the party that left.

"You didn't really lose your glasses, did you? Or maybe I should ask if you knew I was coming today."

Stopping in her tracks, Lucy glanced around the living room as she curved her lips into a grin. From where they were standing, a set of three white couches made up a U-shaped arrangement in the living room. Fancy rugs were down on the floor, with a few glass tables in the center. A few books and empty glasses sat across the table. Lucy stepped around the couches, taking her time before she answered him back.

"To answer your first question, yeah. I know where my glasses are. But as for the second, no. I figured I was going to see you at the wedding."

It was not until Mike took a glance at the contents spread out on the table did he notice a pair of glasses hidden in plain sight. He tried to hold back his smile, blushing at her.

"Oh yeah, imagine that. I'm still surprised you're friends with Maggie. No one even bothered telling me your name. I figured you were just some stripper my friend hired."

She planted her hands on her hips, looking somewhat offended at his words.

"Do I look like a stripper to you?"

Mike shook his head.

"No. I didn't know what to think since no one told me anything about you. You blew my mind that night."

With a chuckle, she started to blush. Mike stepped towards her as Lucy replied.

"Well, that was my first time giving a lap dance. I don't think I could make a career out of that if I wanted to."

"But Maggie said you were in the... entertainment business, as she put it."

"Your fiancÚ has a wicked sense of humor."

Standing face-to-face with her, Mike studied her deep brown eyes. With her entire chest covered up under the black shirt, he was not distracted by those glorious breasts.

"I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since that night. You are quite possibly the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life."

Laughing at his remark, Lucy smiled.

"How flattering. I imagine you've told Maggie that before when you first met her."

After she mentioned her future wife, Mike began to feel conflicted inside. A cheater would always be a cheater, he reminded himself. Yet the temptation was there with Lucy. He loved Maggie, but this woman had such a better body than her. The lust could not be contained. He so badly wanted to kiss her. Letting out a sigh, he replied back after hesitating.

"I can't stop thinking about you. No one would tell me your name. You don't have to believe me, but that night, I knew there was something special about you."

Taking a step back, Lucy broke eye contact before softly smiling at him.

"I must admit, I have been thinking about you too. But unlike you, I knew your name that night. I knew you were engaged to one of my closest friends."

She glanced away from his face and took a deep breath. Mike knew better than to say anything, as he was somewhat at a loss of words. The sensual tensions were felt between them. An attraction such as love at first sight may have been the key, but Mike could not think what it was about this woman. Her beauty had completely captivated him, and he knew he would regret this day, but he could not hold back.

"I know this is wrong and we shouldn't be doing this, but..."

From her words, Mike knew she wanted him as badly as he wanted her. His face was merely inches away from hers as he looked into her eyes. Lucy locked her eyes on him again, but before she could speak, he blurted out his response.

"Just don't tell Maggie about this. No one needs to know."

His fate was now sealed with crossing the boundary into infidelity. All those years he had not once thought of cheating on Maggie no longer mattered as Lucy threw her arms around his neck and pushed her lips to his. Mike closed his eyes, moaning into her mouth as he returned the kiss with equal tenderness. He wrapped his arms around her as they were now trading kisses in a fury. Lucy moaned into his mouth after her final kiss and then pulled away, moving her arms out from behind his neck.

"I can't control myself. Ever since I was grinding on your lap, I've been looking forward to seeing you again."

Those words only made Mike shove his body up against hers for another round of kissing. Lucy moaned into his mouth and pulled away after three kisses. As their eyes met, she gritted her teeth and spoke in a low, seductive voice.

"Just imagine. If no one else was there that night, I would've done more than just grind on your lap. I thought about your throbbing cock the entire flight back home."

"Oh yeah? I've thought about your boobs every night since I've made it back home. Sometimes when I'm all by myself, it's the first memory I think of."

She laughed in his face while stepping backwards, as if she knew he would follow her lead. Lucy locked her eyes on him again as she moved her hands to the ends of her shirt.

"I'm sure you have."

Her vision was momentarily blinded while she was pulling the shirt up over her head. Mike watched her giant breasts shake from within the black bra containing them. She slung the shirt to the floor as he stood there in amazement. Mike's eyes enlarged as he looked at her boobs. Lucy then leaned over as she began to loosen up her left shoe. Mike swallowed his breath, unable to contain his excitement. He hurried down to the floor, helping her as he took the other shoe off. Lucy stood in a pair of white socks that ran up to her ankles. The silence was broken by her exhaling as Mike remained on his knees. He gazed up, unable to see her face from her massive breasts blocking the view. She slid her hands down to the front of her jeans. Mike aided her by pulling at the front and popping the button undone.

At that moment, all he wanted to do was slowly undress this goddess. Lucy remained silent as she helped his hands to push her jeans down, revealing a black thong underneath. Mike was certain that she would not have any lingerie on underneath, but the sight of a thong was a lovely surprise. Once the jeans were pushed beyond her knees, Lucy shook her left foot, then the right one, to finally step out of her pants. She began to turn around, revealing her bum to him. Mike studied the crack of her buttocks where the thong was sucked in. This was not like the bachelor party, as he could finally press his hands onto her body. He caressed her booty, squeezing both cheeks with his hands to hear her moan. Lucy moved her hands behind her back and began to undo the bra as she felt his lips pushing against her left ass cheek, kissing it.

Hearing her moaning softly was such a wonderful delight. He playfully spanked the right cheek of her ass before giving it another subtle squeeze. Mike had not noticed the movement of her hands behind her back. The bra was loosened and Lucy pulled it off with her right hand. From the corner of his eye, he noticed the bra dangling from her index finger. Mike figured now was the time to pull her thong down. He grabbed it from both hips and then slowly slid it down. Lucy gasped in excitement. Once it reached her ankles, she carefully stepped out of the thong and turned around to reveal her naked body to him. Her teeth were barred as Lucy looked back at him with lust in her eyes. Mike's eyes enlarged as his lower lip fell in amazement at witnessing her giant breasts free from any sheer clothing. Were they an F cup? G cup? Or even possibly an H cup? Whatever they measured, he was sure these were the greatest breasts he ever witnessed in his life.

"Holy fuck..."

He swallowed his breath as she began to twirl the bra around her finger. Lucy grinned as she saw he was completely mesmerized by her boobs alone. Mike did not even notice the wetness of her vulva lips in front of him. A small strip of hair was visible above the glistening pink folds. Mike raised himself up. She may not have been a stripper, but his fantasy was fulfilled of seeing her strip down. Lucy stopped playing with her bra and dropped it to the floor. He lowered his gaze to her enormus tits.

"Go ahead. You've waited long enough to finally touch them.

Raising his hands, Mike took a deep breath before placing his palms over her breasts. Lucy moaned, never looking away from his face. Her boobs were so soft and firm. He could feel her nipples erecting beneath his palms. Mike squeezed them as he began to lower his head.

"Good god, I can't believe how big they are."

Squeezing them again, Mike pulled her breasts apart. He smothered her tits into his face, causing Lucy to giggle. She placed her right hand on the back of his head, encouraging him to play with her boobs. He began to blow his lips, shaking his head all around as he motorboated them. She took a few steps back, lowering herself down on the couch and pulling him away from her boobs.

"I imagine we have an hour or maybe a little more than that to do this. Let's make the best of our time, shall we?"

Lucy's words snapped him back into reality. Mike nearly forgot that they had to work against the clock for this session of lust. His eyes scanned down her naked body, finally noticing her wet pussy that awaited him. He could not deprive himself of the opportunity to pleasure this woman. After how well she danced on his lap that night, Mike had a craving to taste her.

"Spread your legs, love."

He motioned with his hand, ordering her. Lucy looked at him slightly confused for a moment, but when Mike lowered himself down on his knees, she knew what he wanted to do. She sat up, pushing her hands down into the cushions as she bent her knees and spread her legs. Once he was down on his knees, Mike lowered his head between her thighs. He began by kissing her pink lips. Lucy took a deep breath and gasped. She placed her hands over her mighty breasts, touching herself as she felt his tongue slither inside her wet opening.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yes..."

Throwing her head back, Lucy moaned again. She pressed her hands down over her breasts and squeezed them. Mike took his time tasting her womanhood. His tongue slipped inside, wiggling around as he raised his left hand to rub at her clit. This only made her gasp for breath a second time. His eye shot up in an attempt to look at her gorgeous face, but Lucy had closed her eyes. She moved her hands on her tits, moaning as she felt his tongue wiggling inside of her. These soft moans she made were a joy to him, only encouraging Mike to continue eating her pussy. He pinched her clit between his middle and ring fingers. Lucy opened her eyes and glanced down.

"Yes, yes. Please don't stop, don't stop."

Her words were whispered, pleading to him desperately. Mike only withdrew his tongue to lap it over her clit. He moved both of his hands under her legs, arching them onto his shoulders. As her feet were dangling down his back, he slithered his tongue back inside her and pushed deeper.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, yeah..."

Moving her hands off her breasts, Lucy instead placed them down over his head. When Mike felt her fingers rustling through his hair, that only made him continue to thrust his tongue inside her. He wanted to pleasure this woman and give her something to remember, like the lap dance he received on that wonderful night. Lucy took deep breaths, slowly moaning as he continued to thrust his tongue inside her at this slow pace. He felt her fingernails softly scratching his hair as she cried in pleasure. Since she asked him not to stop, Mike felt the desire to keep going as he closed his eyes in concentration. He wanted to taste her sweet juices. If this was the only chance he had in his lifetime to make love to this woman, he wanted to make sure he tasted her orgasm. She moved one hand away from his head to place it back over her right breast.

When he re-opened his eyes, Mike noticed that Lucy had slid her right hand back to her clit. She could not go without touching her boobs for long, but now she was rubbing her clit furiously as his tongue was still inside her juicy twat. She began to breathe heavily. Each breath Lucy took grew louder and louder, all while Mike's tongue was snaking in and out of her womanhood. He wiggled around, shaking it inside her. Eventually, she moved her left hand away from his head and then her right hand. When he gazed up, he saw her cupping her massive breasts as well as she possibly could in her small hands. Lucy made the effort to push her left boob up to her face. She licked her own nipple before sucking on it, moaning a muffled noise. After all this time of slowly eating her, Mike finally began to pick up speed, thrusting his tongue inside her.

"Ohhhhh god, yes! That's so good!!"

Lucy finally broke the silence by yelling aloud. She panted, breathing heavily now as his tongue was pushing in and out of her pussy. Lucy managed to push her right tit up against her face. The sight of this babe sucking on her own nipple was almost enough to make Mike lose his train of thought. He wanted to stop for a moment and undo his pants and begin jerking off, but he maintained himself. As his tongue ventured deeper into her pussy, Lucy groaned.

"Ohhh, ohhhh, OHHHHHH!!"

Hearing her scream like that told him she was close to her sweet release. She let go of her breasts and threw her arms over her head, flexing her elbows. Mike gripped her legs as he wiggled his tongue inside her one last time. She closed her eyes and shrieked. Her loud moans echoed throughout the room as Mike suddenly tasted her hot juices gushing into his mouth. He swallowed it as quickly as he could as her legs shook. Behind him, her feet shook, beating against his back until Lucy pulled them back from his shoulders. Lucy began to pant in a struggle to catch her breath. He nearly choked on the excess amount of her juices, with a few drops leaking from the left corner of his mouth. Mike withdrew his tongue and raised his head from between her legs.

"That... was excellent."

She needed a moment to breathe before finishing her speech. Lucy locked her eyes on Mike, watching as he wiped the corner of his lips. He could not reply in words, only in actions. He leaned down to cup her face. Lucy reacted by throwing her arms around his neck and embracing him for another round of passionate kissing. He could feel her massive boobs pressing against his clothed chest this time. It was enough to make Mike begin pulling his shirt off, breaking their kisses. His vision was temporarily blinded as he pulled the shirt over his head. During that time, Lucy quickly moved from the couch while speaking.

"I must say, I'm quite impressed. Do you make Maggie purr like a naughty kitty with that tongue of yours?"

When he pulled the shirt off to see Lucy again, she was grinning smugly. She was pushing his buttons about the fact he was engaged, but Mike did not care. He could at least humor her. With a smile, he reached out with his right hand, cupping Lucy's chin.

"Once every now and then."

Lucy flashed her teeth, still grinning. He raised his hand and moved his thumb to her lips. She parted her lips and sucked on his thumb while her eyes never left his face. Mike found himself nearly hypnotized by her deep brown eyes. He pulled his thump out of her mouth with a pop noise. Lucy grinned again before she spoke.

"Before I took my clothes off, I was thinking to myself about what I wanted to do to you. I'm gonna do some dirty things with you that I doubt Maggie has even tried."

She fell down to her knees, hair swaying in her face. After she pushed a few locks behind her shoulders, Lucy moved her hands to the front of his shorts. Her eyes glanced up as she grinned again.

"I know you're big. I felt it when I was sitting on your lap that night."

"You've been thinking about that often?"

Nodding her head slowly to answer his question, Lucy giggled. She patted the bulge in his pants with her left hand, then pulled the button undone with her right hand. Mike stood there and watched as the glamourous babe shoved his shorts down to his ankles. Her eyes were fixated on the bulge poking forward in the front of his red boxers. Lucy licked her lips, but then noticed that his shoes were still on. She glanced away from his cock and quickly loosened the strings of his right shoe first. Mike helped her by pulling it off, then she tended to his left foot. The shoe popped off, and she quickly slung it to the floor. He stepped out of his shorts and then watched as Lucy pulled his boxers down. She gasped and curved her lips into a wide smile at the sight of his hardened cock.


The way she uttered that single word, Mike knew exactly how Lucy felt. The wait from the night they met had been eating her up, as it did him. He sighed in relief as he felt her fingers wrapping around his long, hard shaft. Lucy smiled as she began to wank his cock with her right hand.

"If only we had been alone that night, we could've been doing this much sooner."

With another chuckle, she finally broke eye contact to gaze at his long cock. Lucy continued to stroke it as her left hand cradled his ball sack below. She squeezed his nuts, causing him to twitch and moan. Licking her lips, Lucy gazed back up as she opened her mouth and slid his cock in.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck yes."

Mike moaned aloud in excitement. In all the time that had passed since that night, he had thought about a moment like this. His fantasy was coming to life now as the woman who was once his stripper was now sucking his cock. Lucy took her time, slowly sucking the first few inches of his shaft. She used her left hand to fix her hair behind her shoulders and then withdrew his cock from her mouth. Her right hand pushed down to the base, now stroking him again.

"So big and all mine."

Lucy pushed his shaft up against the left side of her face. It appeared as if she was measuring his length for a moment, until she pushed her lips to the side. She trailed kisses down the side until she reached the base and slid her tongue out.

"Oh yes, lick it, Lucy."

He groaned in excitement, feeling her tongue move from the base of his shaft up to the head. Lucy was not done teasing him before sucking. She lowered her head and used both hands to help herself by stuffing his balls into her mouth. Mike screamed in pleasure.


She reacted to his yell by shaking her head with one of his nuts in her mouth. Lucy sucked them slowly, rolling her tongue around the sack. When she was done with one nut, she popped the other one into her mouth to give it an equal slobbering. She was done after a few seconds of rolling her tongue around. Her right hand found his cock above and she began to wank it again. As her hand pumped back and forth, Mike took a deep breath. She moved her lips back to the head, kissing it and then speaking up.

"I have to wonder..."

Her hand slowed down, still gripping his cock. Lucy paused before finishing her sentence.

"Does Maggie know how to suck?"

Hearing her mention his future wife's name, Mike felt his heart rate pick up for a moment. He tried to laugh it off, nodding his head to her.

"Yeah, she sucks it pretty good."

Those big brown eyes gazed up at Lucy as she pushed his cock between her lips. Lucy pushed her hand down to the base, holding it as she began to slowly bob her head up and down. 'Mmmm', a muffled moan came from her voice. She closed her eyes and continued to suck the first few inches of his long shaft. Due to her mentioning Maggie's name, Mike began to feel conflicted again. Here he was standing tall with his cock in another woman's mouth. A woman who was enjoying the fact that he was cheating. He had to remind himself deep down that this would be a one-time-only deal. No strings attached, he told himself. The thoughts of Maggie faded as Lucy was now devouring his cock inch by inch. She moved her hand, only keeping her index and thumb wrapped around the base as she bobbed her head up and down.

'Mmmmmm', another muffled moan was audible from her voice. Her eyes opened, gazing up at him as she was hard at work. Lucy devoured his cock with ease, pushing it deeper into her mouth. Her eyes remained locked on him as she continued to bob her head up and down. Mike groaned, swallowing his breath as he made soft moans. Lucy was sucking his cock so slow and sensually, he did not want her to stop. He at least hoped that she was not in a rush to taste his seed after the lovely licking he gave her. Lucy finally broke eye contact, only to shut her eyes. She finally unwrapped her index finger and thumb from his shaft and then pressed both of her hands onto her breasts. Slowly opening her eyes, Lucy gazed back up at him before extracting his dick from her lips with a pop noise.

"Oh my god, that was so good."

Ignoring his words, she spit on his cock. Lucy then wrapped her right hand fingers around it again. Gritting her teeth, she exhaled while slowly wanking his cock again.

"You like that? You like how I suck your cock, Mike?"

Lucy called to him in a low, seductive tone. He nodded at her, prompting another question as she continued to stroke his dick.

"I suck better than Maggie, don't I?"

Once again, she caught him off guard by mentioning the name of his love. Mike swallowed his breath as Lucy spit on his cock. She began to stroke it faster, pumping her hand up and down.

"You don't have to constantly bring Maggie's name into this. You're here, she's not."

She giggled while still wanking his cock. Lucy moved her left hand away from her breast and squeezed his balls.

"You don't have to admit it if you don't want to. I can do things with you that she won't let you do."

Tossing him a wink, Lucy parted her lips and slid his cock back into her mouth. Her words had made ideas come into his mind. Mike tried not to think about it, but Lucy had a way of pushing his buttons. Maggie did not have a kinky side like this babe appeared to have. As she resumed sucking his cock, he let out a moan and called to her.

"Ohhhhh, Lucy."

Pausing for a moment, she gazed up at his face. Mike's eyes met hers as he lowered his hands and gently cupped her face. Lucy moved her hands to her knees, pushing his cock back until only the head was still between her lips.

"God, you are so beautiful. You look like an angel right now."

When he moved his hands away from her face, Lucy released her lips around the head of his dick with a loud popping sound. She reached up with her right hand, gripping it again.

"I can be your dirty angel, Mike. I know you've got a dirty mind, don't you?"

"Yeah, I guess you could say I do."

That response made her grin. Lucy stopped wanking his cock, only to kiss the head and then motion with her left hand.

"Go sit down for me."

"You aren't about to try and make me blow a load with your mouth, are you?"

Lucy began to giggle loudly. She let go of his cock, allowing Mike to step backwards until he was in front of a couch. He sat down, feeling the cold cushions under his buttocks as she began to crawl forward.

"Now that's what I wanna hear! You don't need to be afraid to spill your most filthy thoughts to me, dear. Tell me your dirty desires and this angel will make your wishes come true."

Spoken like a true seductress. Once Lucy found the position between his legs, Mike felt her hands pressing against his. She elevated herself, reaching for his cock with her trusty right hand. He moaned as she began to wank it again. Mike could easily guess that she was about to resume sucking him, but the devious smile on her face told him she had other plans. She let go of his cock, watching it flop against his stomach. Lucy was now free to move her hands over her giant breasts, pushing them up.

"Since you love my boobs, I know you've been dreaming of this."

Their eyes met as she grinned. Mike's eyes widened and his lower lip fell. He knew what she was about to do and reached down with his right to hold his cock up for her. Lucy winked when she saw his fingers twitch. Her words were spoken with truth. Mike braced him as he watched her pull those massive natural breasts apart around his cock. He let go and pulled his hand away to watch her push her tits together, trapping it.

"Oh my fucking god."

Unable to control his moans, Mike cried out at the feeling of his cock stuffed between her huge boobs. Lucy was not wrong. This was the ultimate fantasy he had been thinking about since that night she pushed those epic tits into his face. Now he had his cock between them. Lucy's breasts easily swallowed up his entire cock with only the head barely visible in the middle. She flexed her elbows, adjusting her hands over her nipples as she began to pump them up and down.

"Ohhhhhhh god!"

Mike gasped and moaned louder. His voice was joined with hers in soft moans. Lucy gazed into his eyes, smiling as she spoke.

"Don't worry. I'm not gonna make you cum yet. I wanted to do this with you so badly the night I sat on your lap."

Lucy slowly pumped her breasts up, continuing her speech.

"I felt your cock under me, so nice and hard. I knew it would fit perfectly between my boobs."

She began to giggle, still pumping her tits at a slow pace to fuck his cock with them.

"Sit back and relax. I know I'm enjoying this."

There was nothing else for Mike to do but give in to her advice. He leaned his back against the couch, resting his hands down on the cushion as his eyes fixated on watching his dick disappear between her boobs. With each thrust, the head would pop up. Lucy maintained eye contact with him, taking her time to indulge in this pleasure. She licked her lips and slowly pushed her breasts down until the head of his cock poked up.

"That is the hottest thing I've ever seen in all my life."

Swallowing his breath again, Mike moaned. Lucy curved her lips into a smile. She exhaled, breathing heavily as she continued to slowly pump her breasts on his cock.

"Mmmmmm, your cock feels so good between my boobs."

Gritting her teeth, Lucy looked at him deviously. She was still thrusting her breasts at a slow pace as she spoke again.

"I doubt Maggie has ever done this with you."

Mike did not expect her to mention his fiancÚ yet again. He gasped, but before he could reply, Lucy began to giggle.

"You can be honest with me. My boobs are better, are they not?"

"Yeah, they are. You have the best tits I've ever seen."

She moaned before nodding.

"There we go, now you're being honest with me."

To reward his honesty, Lucy began to pump her breasts faster. Mike groaned, still unable to gaze into her eyes. He watched his cock disappear between her boobs with only the head poking out slightly further now with each full thrust Lucy made. This was pure heavenly pleasure. He dreamed about having his cock stuffed between those tits after the night he met her.

"Oh my fucking god."

As he cried out to her, Lucy grinned.

"Mmmmmm, you like that, don't you?"

"Fuck yes I do!"

She giggled, still pumping her breasts up and down at this moderate pace. Lucy began to moan louder with each thrust. She stayed true to her words, working at a speed for them both to enjoy without any concern of him reaching his orgasm. Mike could feel every inch of his cock sliding up and down between what he believed to be the world's greatest boobs. Her eyes were still locked on his as she spoke again.

"I'm not prude like Maggie. You can do the dirty things you want with me."

"Oh yeah, I like that. I'd rather be fucking your tits anyway."

Just like that, he blurted out his true feelings with no regard whatsoever. Mike knew deep down, he would regret this day once it was over, but right now he did not care. All those nights he lusted for Lucy were paying off. This was what he wanted more than anything, to be with her like this. She began to pump her breasts up and down at a faster pace. Mike felt a sudden urge to begin bucking his hips upward to match her thrusts. He sat there instead, allowing Lucy to do all the work. She slowed down and finally broke eye contact to glance down at the head of his shaft poking up. Lucy parted her lips and then twirled her tongue around it before finally letting go of her breasts to free his cock. Mike reacted by leaning up as she began to raise herself from her knees.

"Sit back, Mike!"

Lucy smirked as she ordered him. To get her point across further, she pressed her right hand against his chest. Mike was unsure of what she was about to do until he watched her raise her right foot and climb onto the couch. She was about to get on top, so he grabbed his cock with his right hand to hold it up. Lucy bent her knees and straddled him with her legs on both sides of him. Her heavy, shaking breasts were now in his line of sight. Mike felt her warm hands on his cock, and he moved his own hand away from it. Lucy squeezed her fingers around it with her right hand. She then used her left hand to roam through several locks of her long brunette hair. Mike simply leaned back and moved his hands over those glorious breasts. She moaned at the feeling of his palms pressing down over her nipples, and then she sank his cock into her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, yes."

She closed her eyes as they both moaned together. Their voices became a chorus. All this time had passed, and yet now, they were finally making love. The warmth of her pussy had made him moan, even if Mike was too distracted by her boobs in his face again. He squeezed them as Lucy pushed her hands down into his chest. She began to roll her hips to make his cock thrust in and out of her pussy. He leaned forward, burying his face between her boobs to smother himself.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhh yeah!"

Leaning up, Lucy moved her hands to the back of his head, encouraging Mike to keep his head between her boobs. Once she had properly balanced herself on top, she moved her hands to her tits, flexing her elbows as she smothered him. He began to buck his hips, thrusting his cock into her as he shook his head around, loudly slobbering as he motor-boated her boobs again. Lucy giggled at this feeling. Her soft, firm breasts pushed up against both sides of his face. He eventually pulled his head back. Lucy grinned down at him before shoving her lips to his. Mike wrapped his arms around her, now feeling her soft breasts pressing against his chest. He moaned into her mouth and began to thrust harder and faster. The sound of their bodies smacking together was now echoing loudly through the room between their moans.

Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound of his balls beating against the undersides of her thick ass was audible. Lucy kept her tongue dancing in his mouth as they continued to trade passionate kisses. She threw her arms around his neck, holding him closer as his cock was still pumping in and out of her juicy pussy. When he slowed down a bit, she would roll her hips to keep the moderate pace of their lovemaking going. Closing his eyes, Mike moaned into her mouth until Lucy finally pulled her lips away from him. She cried out loudly, raking her fingernails through his short hair. Their eyes met for a moment as Mike began to slow down. He became distracted by the elegance of her beauty, prompting Lucy to lean up and move her hands to her breasts again.

"Suck on my boobs! I want your drool dripping from them!"

The tone in her voice told him that this was a direct order. Before Mike could have a chance to reply, Lucy shoved her breasts back into his face. He grabbed hold of them, sinking his fingers into her firm skin as he squeezed them. Since she leaned forward to the point she was nearly laying on him, this made the situation easier for Mike to thrust forward and pump his cock in and out of her pussy. He was thrusting slowly as he planted his lips on her right nipple and sucked vigorously.

"Ohhhhhh yeah!"

Lucy raised her head, moaning aloud as she felt him sucking on her nipple. They had slowed down, nearly to a halt for Mike to give slow, but hard thrusts into her pussy. He slobbered all over her nipple loudly while squeezing her boobs with both hands. Lucy raised her arms up, flexing her hands behind her head to reveal the tattoos on her arms. It was impossible for him to pay attention to her inked art. Mike's only desire was to look into her angelic eyes while sucking on her tit and thrusting his cock into her pussy. He pulled his lips away and then began licking her left boob while still slowly thrusting inside her. Her breasts were the ultimate distraction. The longer Mike was playing with them, the more he wanted his cock between them again. After one last thrust, he grunted and could not be deprived of them at this moment.

Using all of his strength, Mike began to wrap his arms around her and began to stand. Lucy looked at him, confused at the rapid turn of events. He had to fuck her tits. It was all he could think about, despite the comfortable feeling of his cock inside her tight pussy. He quickly turned her around after standing, sitting Lucy in the same place he had previously sat. She still looked shocked at this change of position until he carefully pulled his cock from her womanhood. Lucy breathed heavily, watching his every move as she moved her hands over her giant breasts. She pushed them together, as if to tease him. In Mike's mind, it was almost as if she knew he wanted to fuck her tits again. He straddled her stomach, sitting down as he sank his feet into the couch. Lucy gazed into his eyes, gritting her teeth. Their desire was a match.

As soon as she pulled her breasts apart, Mike slid his cock between them. He moaned aloud watching her push those huge tits over it. Lucy did not break eye contact as she kept her teeth barred, breathing through her nose. He wasted no time beginning to buck his hips, driving every inch of his dick between her wonderful breasts. Lucy moaned at this feeling, breaking eye contact to watch his cock pump back and forth. She opened her mouth, but he did not pump far enough for the head of his dick to slip between her lips. After three attempts, Lucy leaned her head forward to feel the head of his cock poke her chin. She moaned at that feeling, raising her head again. Mike was now pumping harder and faster, crying out at the feeling of his rod stuck between her breasts.

"Mmmmm, yeah! Ohhhhh, that's it!!"

Hearing Lucy moan her words out only made Mike thrust harder and faster. The head of his cock hit her chin again. Lucy opened her mouth and flicked the head with her tongue when it poked up again. Once, twice, and three times she licked it, and then she called out to him again while gazing into his eyes.

"Fuck my titties!"

Those were the words he had been wanting to hear. Mike groaned and grunted as he continued to buck his hips and drive his cock between her boobs. Lucy broke eye contact to glance down again. With each thrust Mike made, she flicked her tongue across the head.

"Fuck! Ohhhh god!!"

The feeling of her breasts squeezed around every inch of his shaft, combined with Lucy's tongue licking the head was almost too much for Mike. All this time, he managed to hold off without the fear of reaching his climax too soon. Her tits were good enough to make him explode, but so far he was holding on strong, but now thrusting slowly. Lucy licked her lips as she gazed back at his face.

"I want you to fuck me, Mike. Fuck me the way you fuck Maggie."

Like the times before that she had mentioned his future wife's name, Mike found himself in an unexpected shock. His train of thought was temporarily lost, leaving him to focus on Lucy and get the thought of Maggie out of his mind. He had come to a complete stop, now pulling his cock out from between her boobs. Lucy kept them pressed together, exposing her hard nipples when she adjusted her hands. He was not done with those boobs yet. With his cock in hand, Mike pushed the head across her left nipple. He rubbed it while speaking to her.

"Maggie and I usually do it doggy style."

Smack. Smack. Smack. That was the sound of his cock beating up against her erect nipple. Lucy moaned at his playful teasing.

"Then that's the way I want it. I hope you don't have a problem fucking me from behind."

A sigh was audible from Mike's voice. He was certain that Lucy was referring to her boobs and the fact that he preferred them in his face in the position before. Still holding his cock, he moved it to her right boob and gave the other nipple two playful smacks. It was the best he could do to let his cock kiss those tits goodbye.

"No problem at all, babe."

As with his spoken reply, Mike began to climb up from her stomach. Once his feet were touching the floor again, he took a few steps back. Lucy grinned as she pulled herself up from the couch, her massive tits wobbling and shaking all around. She turned around, swinging her booty around as she planted her hands down onto the cushions of the couch and spread her legs out. As he watched her move into position, Mike chuckled.

"Just like that, Lucy. Now that's how she likes to stand."

Lucy turned her head, gazing at him from across her right shoulder.

"Oh yeah? I'm sure you're gonna enjoy pounding me from behind more so, even if you are marrying her."

Her words taunted him, but the way she gritted her teeth only sent the message across further. Mike was unsure of what to say. He gazed down at her lovely rump. It was easy to become distracted by a world-class set of tits, but Lucy had a marvelous ass. He pressed his hands over the cheeks, squeezing them for a moment. After moving his hands away, Mike playfully spanked her ass with his right palm. The sound echoed through the room as Lucy moaned.

"Fuck me."

She was now demanding it. Lucy did not seem like the type of woman who enjoyed begging. Mike had the impression that when she wanted something, she did not bother asking. There was no point in keeping her waiting, so Mike gripped his cock and brushed it against her vulva lips. Lucy closed her eyes and moaned softly to him. She backed her ass up, rubbing it against him. She only came to a halt when she felt his throbbing pole pushing inside her pussy. Lucy let out a sigh of relief, purring in her voice.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, yeah."

The sound of her soft voice had such an effect on him. Mike knew no other way to take this special babe besides making love to her, nice and slow. He planted his hands on her hips and began to slowly thrust inside her. Lucy spread her fingers across the couch cushion and raised her head.

"Fuck me, Mike. Fuck me."

Her voice called out in a low tone. There was no need for her to scream, at least not yet. For a moment, Maggie's name came up in his thoughts. Mike tried not to think about her, but he could not look into Lucy's eyes and forget about the other woman in his life. No strings attached, he reminded himself. After today, it would be done and over with. Gasping for breath, he closed his eyes while thrusting. That was a mistake, as the first thing he saw under his lids was the piercing blue eyes of Maggie, ready to cast him with judgement. Re-opening his eyes, he sighed again and then raised his right hand before spanking her ass hard.

"Oh yeah! Do that again!!"

Lucy demanded more, and Mike could not neglect her wish. He brought the palm of his right hand down on her bum again, striking it so hard that he felt a stinging pain through his palm. He began to thrust harder and faster. Their bodies were now smacking together as her hair swayed all around.

"Yes, yesss, yessssss!! Fuck me!!"

She yelled at him before gasping for breath. Over and over, Mike thrust his cock in her pussy. Her giant breasts were now bouncing and shaking all around from underneath her. Seeing the underside of those boobs was enough to prevent Maggie's name from creeping into Mike's mind. He leaned forward, roaming his hands underneath to grab hold of her swinging tits and squeeze them. Lucy moaned loudly as she felt his hands squeezing her tits harder.

"Fuck me!! Ohhhh god, yes!! FUCK ME!!"

Mike gasped as he heard Lucy scream at her loudest yet. He continued to thrust his cock into her pussy, still pumping at a fast pace. Her boobs were so large that they slipped out of his grasping hands. With a grunt, Mike wrapped his right arm under her boobs. With each thrust he made, he could feel those amazing tits rubbing up against his forearm. Lucy's eyes widened as she began to rake her fingernails across the cushion of the couch. Closer and closer, her second climax of the day was merely seconds away. Her arms and legs began to shake as Mike continued pumping his cock inside her. He grunted, gritting his teeth while trying to hold back his own orgasm. Just a little longer without blowing a load inside her. So he believed it was possible.


Gasping for breath, Lucy whimpered. Mike slowed down and groaned loudly.

"Oh fuck!"

When he groaned, she could not hold herself back any longer. Lucy's arms collapsed into the couch as her legs began to shake and she cried out. Mike felt the gush of her juices from inside her. Not exploding inside her pussy was the hardest thing for him. He quickly grabbed his cock and pulled it from her pussy. Lucy immediately shoved her face down into the couch, curling her toes and then kicking her right foot. Her orgasm was not as intense as the one earlier in the day, but juices still flowed down her thighs.

"Oh god."

A faint whisper came from Lucy's voice as she was out of breath. She raised her legs, climbing onto the couch and stretching out on her back. As Mike stood there, he wrapped his right hand around his wet cock, slowly stroking it at the sight of her voluptuous figure stretching out across the couch. Her giant breasts were in all of their epic glory until she moved her hands over them, hiding her nipples. Her eyes shifted towards him as she continued to take deep breaths.

"Maggie is a lucky woman if that's how you fuck her."

This time, when she mentioned that name, Mike laughed. A few seconds passed and he was still laughing as his hand twitched around his dick.

"Oh no, I'm the lucky one. I know I have much to look forward to with her, but having you and those big tits has made me one of the luckiest fuckers on the planet."

Lucy giggled as she began to lean up. Her eyes shifted below, noticing his shiny cock glistening in her juices. She licked her lips, gazing back at his face as Mike stepped forward and leaned in. He cupped her face with his right hand, pushing his lips to hers for a passionate kiss. Like before, Lucy threw her arms around his neck and engulfed her tongue in his mouth for another round of tender kissing. When their lips pulled apart, Mike moved his hand away from her face. Lucy glanced down at his cock a second time, quietly hinting at what she wanted to play with.

"I'm impressed, Mike. From the way you fucked me, yet managed to not..."

Dropping her lower lip, she moaned before finishing her speech.

"Cum inside me."

She smirked, watching him blush.

"Well, it wasn't easy. But I'm not wearing a rubber and I figured, you're probably not on a pill."

"Smart man, but would you have thought twice if you were fucking Maggie?"

He sighed at the question. Lucy simply could not help herself. At any given opportunity, she was going to remind him of the other woman he would be marrying soon. Mike stepped back and then watched as she fell to her knees before him. A wide grin emerged across Lucy's beautiful face before she spoke again.

"You managed to make me cum twice. You're in a rare minority of men when it comes to that feat."

"I guess I should say I'm proud of myself."

Giggling at him, Lucy was still grinning. She reached her right hand for his cock, pulling his own hand from it to replace it with her twisting fingers.

"You should be. I know I loved every last minute of you fucking me."

Her hand began to pump his cock back and forth at a slow pace. All this time had gone by and he had yet to cum. Mike swallowed his breath as Lucy flashed her teeth, still grinning. His cock was throbbing in her hand. Lucy purred before speaking again in a sultry tone.

"I've loved every minute of when this cock was shoved between my boobs."

Back and forth, she continued to pump her hand on his cock.

"And I know I'm gonna love every second of making you cum all over me."

Shoving her hand down to the base of his rod, Lucy glared at Mike. He expected her to utter more filthy words, but instead she parted her lips and slid his shaft into her mouth. She slurped her own juices from his shaft before sinking more of his length into her mouth.

"Oh, fuck yes. Suck it again, babe."

As he exhaled deeply, Mike had to wonder. Was she trying to make him explode in her mouth? Lucy sucked his cock so sensually, taking her sweet time. By this point, he figured out that this was her style. Slow and passionate, no matter how dirty she was talking. Those big brown eyes gazed up at him as she sucked it, inch by inch. She unwrapped her right hand fingers, now using both hands to press against her mighty breasts below. Everything about Lucy told Mike she was graceful, despite the fact they were indulging themselves in the act of unfaithfulness. She bobbed her head up and down before slowly extracting his cock from her lovely lips for the final time. A string of drool dangled from his cock, broken away when she lifted her huge breasts up and pulled them apart.

"Fuck my tits again. One last time, I wanna feel you fucking these tits."

Lucy spoke while squeezing her breasts around his cock. Mike was grateful to feel them smothering his cock for what would be the final time today. He had no thoughts about them doing this again, so he wanted to enjoy every last second of fucking those tits again. She smirked at him as he began to buck his hips, driving his cock between her boobs.

"Ohhhhh yeah, that's it. Fuck my tits."

She closed her eyes, moaning out to him while lifting her head up. Like the first time his cock was between her boobs, Mike watched his entire length disappear between her tits and poke back up. He groaned while feeling every inch of his thick shaft driving between her boobs. Lucy kept her eyes closed, still moaning. When she re-opened her eyes, she gazed up to witness the conflicted expression on his face. Mike was grunting while he pumped his cock between her tits. His face began to scrunch up, and she knew he had merely seconds to go before exploding.

"Ohhhh Mike, ohhhhh yeah. Keep fucking my tits, mmmmmmm."

As he continued to thrust, Lucy spoke again.

"I'm gonna let you do something that I know Maggie would never let you do to her. I want you to cum on my face."

To hear Lucy utter those dirty words was almost enough to make Mike blow his load between her boobs. He gritted his teeth, growling his groans before coming to a halt.

"Oh my god, really?"

Lucy nodded.

"Yeah! You were right. You are lucky. I only let men who impress me have the privilege of blowing their load all over my face. You made me cum twice, and I know Maggie is too much of a prude to let you do anything kinky like this."

Swallowing her breath, she smiled and nodded.

"When you're ready, I want you to drench my face in cum."

He thrust his cock between her boobs again, groaning out. Mike knew he could not hold on much longer, so he reached down to pull his shaft free. Lucy noticed this movement and pulled her breasts apart to free his dick. He quickly grabbed it, watching Lucy hold her tits up and close her eyes. From the way she described this event as a 'privilege', Mike was left with many dirty thoughts. Where did she usually allow a man to cum? That question was one he could not stop thinking about as he felt luckier than ever. Not only did he get to engage in love making, but also fuck her tits in three positions. Now he was about to splatter her gorgeous face with his warm seed. He groaned as he pumped his hand back and forth, wanking furiously.

"Cum for me. Cum all over me."

She spoke in a low voice, her eyes still closed. Lucy pushed her breasts up further, as if she wanted to tease him with the possibility of exploding over those amazing tits. Mike gritted his teeth and groaned, as he finally reached his breaking point.


The first string of cum landed above her right eye, with droplets splattering on her forehead. Lucy opened her mouth as another string of cum splashed onto her right cheek. Mike cried out in pleasure, groaning as he continued to stroke his cock, forcing wad after wad of cum out.

"Take it, Lucy! Ohhhhh, god!!"

Crying out in pleasure as he whimpered at the sight of a wad of his cum splattering onto her forehead. Lucy kept her eyes closed, still holding her tits up. She did not twitch upon feeling a wad of cum land beneath her left eye with drops staining her eyebrow. Her face was a sticky mess, but he was not done. Mike aimed his cock further down and watched a spurt of cum splash onto her breasts. Lucy began to slowly open her eyes, gritting her teeth as she moaned to him. Her eyes never left his as he forced spurt after spurt of cum down over her breasts, drenching them in lines of his sticky seed that now streamed down her skin. Feeling finished, Mike squeezed his cock hard, forcing the final drops out that landed on her left tit. Completely out of breath and depleted of cum, he stood there gazing down at her as he moaned out.

"Oh my fucking god!"

The cum glistened and gleamed over her skin. As he gazed down at the art he painted over her face and tits, Mike began to question himself. That had to be the hardest orgasm of his life, and this woman managed to get the most amount of cum from him in a single session. He had never been asked to give a facial by a woman, let alone 'drenched' as Lucy put it in her naughty choice of words. Lucy was right. Maggie would never allow this kinky fun with him.

"Lucy, you're the best. I've never been able to give a facial before. It's something I've always wanted to do."

Her lips curved into a wide grin as the cum streamed down her face.

"You're welcome, then. I knew you were gonna give me a big load. I haven't let a man cum on my face in years, so I'm honored to be your first."

She made him blush with those words. He panted, trying desperately to catch his breath while feeling weak in the knees. Mike turned to the couch and sat down, watching as Lucy swiped her right hand and smeared the cum on her breasts. As he sat there, his cellphone began to ring in the pocket of his shorts on the floor. Hearing that loud ringtone snapped Mike back into reality.

"Oh fuck!"

Through the passing time, he had forgotten about where Maggie and the other women went. He jumped up from the couch in a panic, but it was Lucy who crawled across the floor to retrieve his phone from the pair of shorts. He quickly handed it to him. The screen had his fiancÚ's name.

"Oh god, it's Maggie. What the fuck am I supposed to tell her!?"

He was panicking now, unable to think properly. Lucy pulled his hand to get his attention. Despite the cum now dripping from her face, she maintained herself to reply.

"Listen to me! Take a deep breath and relax. Just calm down."

Following her advice, Mike slowly breathed. As his expression of panic began to fade, Lucy spoke again.

"She's probably calling to pick her up. Tell her I left and that you've been waiting all this time. Be the good fiancÚ who sat waiting on her.

The phone continued to ring, but Mike felt strangely calm from how Lucy talked to him. He nodded at her and took one last deep breath. Now that he was ready, he swiped the phone with his hand and raised it to his ear.

"Hi honey."

"Hey! Sorry to keep you waiting, but I think the ladies need a sober driver to give us a lift."

Mike chuckled. As he stood there naked on the phone, Lucy sat on her knees watching him.

"I'm sure you do. We've got room for the whole party in the car, don't we?"

"That's a stupid question and you know it!"

Laughter could be heard in the background after Maggie's loud response. Mike knew from her tone of voice, she may have been slightly drunk.

"So where are you at? I'll come pick all of you up and drive back to the flat."

"Where's Lucy? Did she find her glasses?"

"Yeah, she found them, but she had to leave."

"What? Lucy left?"

His eyes shifted down at Lucy before he replied.

"Yeah, Lucy left. A friend of hers called and she had to go see them."

"Oh really? She left you back at the flat all by yourself?"

"Yep! I've been sitting here watching TV the whole time."

A sigh of relief was heard from Lucy, now quietly rising from the floor. Her eyes never glanced away from Mike as she covered her boobs with her hands.

"You're making me feel bad now! Maybe we should've taken you out to have some drinks with us. Too bad for you! We're over at the Lamb Tavern. Get your arse over here and pick us up!"

"Alright love, I'll be there soon."

The phone clicked, hanging up. Mike let out a loud sigh.

"Good job. I knew you wouldn't let me down."

Lucy's voice called out to him in the distance. While he had been on the phone, he did not notice her leaving the room. She stepped out of the kitchen, still naked but with her face and tits cleaned up and her hair wrapped in a loose ponytail. The reality of these events began to set in, as Mike had to realize he was now a cheater. Now that the pleasure was over, he was already feeling the aftermath of it as he stood naked in front of the other woman. Lucy stepped over, grabbing his shorts and underwear before handing them to him.

"Get dressed. You can drive me down the block and I'll walk the rest of the way."

He grabbed the clothes from her hands, putting his underwear on first. Now that it was all over, Mike was beginning to feel conflicted but also relieved. If he were to cheat on Maggie, this mysterious woman was the only one he desired. Lucy had surpassed the fantasies he once had in his head earlier in the week. Once again, he had to remind himself that this was not the beginning of an affair. When thinking that, Mike had other thoughts. He knew he would be seeing Lucy again come time for his wedding. The biggest day of his life would feature the woman he cheated with. Once he got his shorts back on and grabbed his shirt, Lucy had already slipped her thong, bra, and pants back on. She was grinning at him with loving eyes.

"I trust that you will keep this secret."

"Don't worry about that. I'd never-"

She cut him off, raising her right hand to halt his speech.

"Don't tell her. Even if you feel like you should, don't."

Lucy folded the shirt out and pushed it over her head before speaking again.

"This is our little secret."

She winked and smiled. That look on her face was enough to make him blush. Mike could feel himself falling for her before the guilty feelings set in. To love another woman, if it were possible. Lucy knew how to calm his nerves and ease any regretful tensions he had inside him. Once they were both dressed, they stepped out of the front door and back outside into the blazing heat. Lucy jumped into the passenger side of the car Maggie had driven earlier in the day, sitting in the same place he once was. It was a short drive down the block, taking only a few minutes before she halted Mike to pump the brakes. The time had come to say goodbye. Lucy opened the door, smiling as she began to step out.

"I'll see you next time at the wedding, Mike. Until then, stay out of trouble for me."



Re: Sudden Infidelity (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2022, 03:24:18 AM »
Always good to wake up to Lucy, but this one was amazing, one of your best Lucy stories.
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Re: Sudden Infidelity (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2022, 12:13:23 PM »
Omg!  i love this!  It was great !  I hope there are other chapters of this !!
The following users thanked this post: Cadeauxxx, Nikko


Re: Sudden Infidelity (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #3 on: September 06, 2022, 07:16:09 PM »

I know I'm always in for a treat when you write about Lucy, but you've outdone yourself this time.

The build up was well done. Mike didn't seem to catch on that she is a famous model. Lucy using her tits on him is amazing. You always write her superbly.
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Re: Sudden Infidelity (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #4 on: September 07, 2022, 10:45:22 AM »
This story is amazing and by far the best Ive read on the site all year.

There is so much to like here, all in the little details. The stripper intro was so well done with teasing. You had me guessing at any moment she would strip, but didn't. The end of it was hilarious and a big change of pace.

When you write Lucy, it is always a treat. The tiniest of details, like when he pushed his thumb in her mouth or describing her new tattoos go a long way. Everything flows nicely and feels real.

I loved the ending and felt it could warrant a sequel. I don't think she's done with Mike yet and how could he resist those boobs lol
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Re: Sudden Infidelity (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #5 on: September 10, 2022, 09:12:43 PM »
Brilliant story Cade, arguably the best Lucy story you've written to date (and given the high quality of your previous tales about LP, that's saying something!)

Good pacing, a great setup/buildup, and the lapdance even had me on edge imagining it was Lucy  ^-^
I could feel the conflicted feelings Mike was having throughout.
This story begs the question: "What would you do if your celebrity crush came onto you even despite being with someone else? Could you resist?"

I don't think most of us on here would, and who could blame us if Lucy Pinder were that celebrity?
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Re: Sudden Infidelity (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #6 on: September 11, 2022, 03:00:23 AM »
Marvelous story!

This is your finest work and one of the best Lucy stories ever! Even with your high number of stories with her, this reaches up at the top among the very best. This is a story I am going to keep coming back to and reading again.

She drove Mike mad with feelings for her. All that time, he could not stop thinking about those perfect boobs she put in his face. I loved the lap dance at the beginning, that was unexpected all the way to the end of it with a good laugh.

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Re: Sudden Infidelity (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #7 on: September 14, 2022, 02:19:22 AM »
This deserves sequel. I've read it 3 times now and I can see where you are setting stuff up for the future lol.
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Re: Sudden Infidelity (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #8 on: September 19, 2022, 08:58:50 PM »
What a story. I love the premise of Lucy seducing her best friend's soon to be husband right there in a home shared by friends.

The little details make this. She knew how to tease Mike and draw him in. I love the constant teasing about how she is better than Maggie. She knows what she is doing to this man and has him wrapped around her finger in the end.

Classic seduction.
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Re: Sudden Infidelity (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #9 on: October 20, 2022, 08:30:21 AM »
L.A. California girl baby! Every man on earth would like to take a 'ride' with Lucy Pinder, right..

Sweet Jesus, but what did I just read there.. Words fail me so much it was breathtaking, surely one of your best stories with Lucy Pinder! Mike is happy now, his dream has come true, we understand that I too would like to insert my penis between Lucy's big breasts, what a lucky guy! Otherwise it was really great, it's funny how Mike had no idea who she could really be, how she made him crazy about her it was very well done from start to finish. The end is grandiose, explosive even considering how Mike drenches Lucy Pinder's face with cum, she's the one who asked for it after all lol

A great epic and incredible story. Really great !
Thank yo  !!


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