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Jennifer Lopez Catches Holly Valance And Rachel Stevens
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Jennifer Lopez Catches Holly Valance And Rachel Stevens by michael_john11
Celeb(s) – Jennifer Lopez, Holly Valance, Rachel Stevens
Codes – FF, Lesbian
Originally posted on February 28 2004 at CSSA

Rachel Stevens wandered aimlessly around the backstage area of Top of the Pops feeling bored and restless, it was hours until S Club recorded their performance and she was desperate for something to fill the time. She smiled as she heard “down boy” by Holly Valance coming from the studio where the show was recording and she hurried down to have a peek at what she’d heard was going to be a sexy performance. The sultry brunette wasn’t disappointed as she looked out to see the sexy Aussie whip off her top to roars from the watching audience then dance suggestively in just her bra with several male dancers, smiling coyly as she rubbed her superb body against them.

Rachel felt a familiar churning in her pussy as she watched Holly’s performance, she had tried to deny her bisexuality especially since getting engaged but she knew deep down that her experiences with the other S Club girls on tour were not accidental and if she was honest she wanted more. She began to run a hand absent mindedly across her big, firm breasts then slowly down her stomach till it rested between her legs and she was inadvertently rubbing her moistening pussy through her trousers.

Holly caught a glimpse of Rachel through the corner of her eye and grinned to herself. She was ultra horny being stuck in England away from her boyfriend and, keen to stay faithful to him, she’d spurned the advances of her male dancers but she needed satisfaction somehow and Rachel suddenly seemed the ideal opportunity. Holly didn’t consider herself bisexual but she’d had experiences with some of her fellow Neighbours stars such as Kym Valentine and Kate Keltie when drunk, she just enjoyed having sex with beautiful people male or female and the lovely Rachel certainly fitted that bill.

She heaved a sigh of relief as the music faded out and her performance came to a close then after a polite smile to the cheering crowd she hurried off stage and over to where Rachel had been standing. Rachel looked surprised and awkward as a smiling Holly walked over then smiled back sweetly.

“Good performance Holly.” She said Holly nodded then smiled knowingly

“I could see you were enjoying it.” She replied. Rachel looked awkward.

“Am I that obvious?” she thought. She looked downwards to avoid Holly’s piercing stare but Holly reached out and lifted her chin. “Don’t look down, You’re too pretty to hide your face.” She said Rachel was stunned, was she imagining it or did Holly have the hots for her too. Her question was soon answered as Holly took her arm and lead her backstage then pushed her back against a wall so their firm, young bodies were pressed together.

“You wanna fuck me?” Holly asked. Rachel gulped

“I er, I….” she stammered, her heart was racing and she was sure the wet patch in her panties was about to seep through the thin material of her trousers.

Holly smiled

“I think we both know what we want.” She said.

Rachel nodded and after staring lustfully into each others blue eyes for a moment they shared a tentative kiss. Passion quickly intensified as Holly bit at Rachel’s lips while the S Club star slid her tongue into her new lovers eager mouth and their hands began to caress the other’s firm buttocks. After a moment they broke off the kiss and Holly looked up and down the corridor with various dressing room doors in it.

“Anyone could see us, let’s find somewhere more private.” She said. Rachel nodded and took Holly’s hand, the girls then hurried up the corridor glancing either side for a suitable door. Holly grinned as she reached the end of the corridor and a door with a sign reading Jennifer Lopez on it. Rachel looked taken back then shook her head.

“We can’t Holly, someone will definitely walk in on us.” She reasoned. Holly shook her head.

“Relax. JLO is doing her performance, all her entourage will be with her and I’ve heard she’s a real perfectionist, she won’t be back for ages.”

Rachel looked uncertain but her passion for Holly outweighed her inhibitions and she followed Holly into the dressing room. They gasped as the looked around the huge, opulently decorated room complete with en suite bathroom and luxury furniture but what caught both girls eyes was the double bed in the corner. They eyed each other seductively then began to kiss again clawing at one another's skimpy clothes, Rachel whipping off Holly’s bra and revealing white trousers followed by the thong beneath while Holly unbuttoned and pulled down Rachel’s jeans then her low cut belly top, finally she slipped off Rachel’s matching white panties and bra so that both girls were standing naked. They took a moment to survey each others equally breathtaking bodies, Holly was tall and slender with small, pert breasts and long, shapely legs while Rachel was small and curvy with the finest breasts Holly had seen but what really drove her wild was Rachel’s perfect, caramel skin and she wanted to explore every inch of her body with her tongue. They could wait no longer and hurried over to the bed, Rachel laying down on it and Holly climbing on top of her. Their bodies entwined they began to exchange passionate kisses while Holly’s long fingers skillfully caressed Rachel breasts, making her pink nipples stand to attention. Meanwhile Rachel rubbed Holly’s back then slid her hands down to the Australians superb arse, caressing her firm buttocks then sliding several fingers up her anus. Holly was taken by surprise but decided
to repay the favor, taking her fingers from Rachel’s breasts and sliding them into her already moist pussy. Both girls began to moan loudly as they were pleasured by the other.

“Damn dick of a director!” breathed Jennifer Lopez as she stormed down the corridor back towards her dressing room. She’d just lived up to her fearsome reputation by having a furious row with the studio director and had dramatically stormed off stage telling her entourage she wanted to be alone for a while. Her anger had been compounded by her certainty that the two cameramen recording her performance were looking up the short skirt she was wearing while the overhead camera seemed to be continually swooping down to over her tight, low cut top leaving viewers with very little to imagine. Just because she was dressed like a slut didn’t mean she was going to be treated like one vowed Jennifer. As she reached her dressing room her anger turned to curiously as she heard moans and yelps of pleasure coming from inside. She sheepishly opened the door, half afraid of what she might find inside then stood openmouthed as she saw Holly and Rachel 69ing each other on her bed. Rachel was nearest with her hands separating Holly’s buttocks while she lapped at her pussy lips, meanwhile Holly was busy frigging Rachel at the other end. The two girls were too engrossed in what they were doing to notice the superstar stood watching. Jennifer’s amazement turned to amusement and arousal, she had a vague idea who the two girls were and decided she was going to get to know them better. She slammed the door shut and walked fully into the room, the two girls almost jumped out of their skin and immediately separated, each others pussy juice still dripping from the others mouth and chin. They covered their modesty and stared anxiously at Jennifer who feigned anger for a moment.

“What the hell do you dykes think you’re doing in here?” she demanded. Rachel and Holly both looked meek and apologetic.

“We’re sorry Miss Lopez” Rachel said.

“Are you gonna tell anyone?” Holly asked in her typically no nonsense way.

Jennifer considered for a moment “That kinda depends.” she said cryptically.

“On what?” Rachel asked anxiously, she was certain she was about to face a huge scandal.

Jennifer broke into a grin “Whether you let me join in.”

Holly and Rachel exchanged glances of disbelief as Jennifer approached the bed lifting her top over her head as she came and wriggling out of her skirt. Once they saw her incredible body covered only by matching spangly bra and panties they needed no more encouragement and smiled as she climbed on to the bed surveying their
equally impressive bodies approvingly.

“Hot young pussy, just what I like.” Jennifer said.

She beckoned them towards her giving each girl a long, passionate kiss that they both savored. JLO really was the most beautiful woman either of them had ever seen and they could hardly wait to get their hands on her flawless body.

“As I’m the biggest star here and I’m doing you two a huge favor by not ratting you out I want pampering.” Jennifer began. “You work my front.” she told Rachel “And you go in the bedside drawer down there” she ordered Holly. Holly immediately reached for the drawer of a beside table while Rachel began to kiss Jennifer and unhooked her bra. The Aussie beamed widely as she was faced with a gold-plated strap on dildo.

“Mmm…I want it nice and hard in my ass.” Jennifer instructed between kisses and sighs as Rachel caressed her breasts. Holly was thrilled, she could hardly believe she was going to fulfill most men’s fantasy and have anal sex with Jennifer Lopez. She put the dildo on, carefully positioning it between her legs then gently pulled down Jennifer's panties, she was aided by the superstar propping herself up on to all fours so that her firm, shapely ass was right in front of a goggle eyed Holly. Holly slowly moved up behind JLO and tentatively slid the dildo into her anus to moans of approval from the singer and demands for it “harder”. Holly was happy to oblige, thrusting it in and out ever more ferociously and loving the yelps of pain and delight that ensued from JLO, her pleasure heightened by Rachel sliding a hand down between her legs and rubbing her trim, shaven haven then sliding three fingers into her tight, moist cunt. Both Holly and Rachel were in a dreamlike state, hardly able to believe they’d gone to bed with each other let alone one of the world’s biggest stars but they were both determined to make the most of it. They swapped roles, Rachel taking over dildo duties and surprising herself by the sexually aggressive side of her it awakened. She violently rammed the dildo in and out of Jennifer’s anus and found herself unable to resist taunting her.

“Look at you, you’re just a filthy latino whore! You need it nice and hard slut!”

Jennifer moaned approvingly, the taunts only added to the pleasure she was already feeling from Holly’s skillful exploration of her torso and breasts with her tongue and teeth while sliding four long fingers into her cunt.

“Oh shit yeah!” screamed Jennifer before succumbing to the first of a series of intense orgasms. When she could take no further stimulation, her openings sodden and raw, the girls obediently
cleaned up their mess. Holly eagerly slurping down the excess of
juice from Jennifer’s pussy while Rachel teased her sweaty anus with
the tip of the tongue, indulging her own new found fetish for anus at
the same time.

“You girls are unbelievable, that was so great.” Jennifer purred afterwards as they lay together in a naked, sweaty heap. Rachel and Holly grinned knowingly at each other.

“Well maybe it’s time for Miss Superstar to get her precious hands dirty.” Holly taunted.

Jennifer smiled back then nodded and brandished the sticky dildo. “Maybe it is.” she said and began to strap it on as they watched in wide eyed anticipation.

Jennifer more than lived up to her red hot image, straddling each girl in turn and fucking them ferociously with the dildo as they screamed in agony and delight, screams muffled by the other girl sitting on their face and having her pussy and asshole eaten out. Holly couldn’t decide which she liked better as Jennifer fucked her and she tasted Rachel’s sweet jizz. While Rachel’s mind spun with the intensity of making love to two such beautiful women at once.

Although she’d loved being with Holly, the undoubted highlight was when Jennifer handed the dildo to an eager Holly and began to suckle her rock hard nipples while showering her with passionate kisses then bobbed down between Rachel’s wide open legs and munching on her sodden pussy. She repeated the process with an equally satisfied Holly, her pleasure compounded by Rachel, who was becoming something of a whizz with the dildo, fucking her perfect ass and pussy.

The three celebrities rounded off their wild session by 69ing, their superb bodies entwined as they alternately frigged each other and gorged on the resulting juice.

Finally they lay in a sweaty, gasping, come covered heap all still horny as hell. Rachel would have liked to spend the rest of the day with her two lovers but she glanced at a bedside clock and realised it was almost time to go out and perform for the second time that day.

“Hey where you going sweetie?” JLO asked grabbing Rachel’s pert ass as she got up to leave.

“I need to go and shower before my group do their performance.”

Holly and Jennifer grinned knowingly and Rachel quickly realised what they had in mind as their eyes crossed to the en suite bathroom.

“How about we all get cleaned up?” Jennifer said.

Holly and Rachel nodded emphatically, then watched still awestruck as a naked Jennifer stood and walked over to the bathroom, they hadn’t been able to see her in all her splendor and it really was quite a sight. Jennifer flipped on the shower and they all huddled inside rubbing their naked bodies together. Jennifer and Holly got a bar of soap each and lubed Rachel up, Jennifer covering her big breasts in soap then rubbing it firmly in while Holly soaped her pussy bringing Rachel to another orgasm in the process. The trio exchanged passionate kisses and caressed each others soapy, dripping wet bodies for another twenty minutes washing away the evidence of what had happened that afternoon but not the memory for any of them.
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