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Author Topic: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: This Ain't Agent Carter XXX [Hayley Atwell]  (Read 13171 times)


WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the models, movies, people, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own any of the movies, trademarks, actresses etc referenced in this story.

Starring: Hayley Atwell, Danny D

Celebs Meet Porn Stars: This Ain’t Agent Carter XXX

An erotic celebrity fan-fiction story.
Based on an idea/series by Cadeauxxx

Written by DaxG2001 (da[email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, anal.

* * *

The video begins with a camera walking down a hallway backstage at the studio, seeing a sign on the door with a rather cheesy gold star with the name of ‘H. ATWELL’ on the front like a proper production. A hand reaching in to deliver knocks on the door before stepping back.

“Just a second!” A strong English voice calls out from the other side, before moments later the British actress Hayley Atwell peered out from the door. Giving a smile as she was clad with a relaxing bathrobe over herself but appeared mid-getting ready for the shoot as her hair was in several rollers to style it. “Oh trust me, love. I’m nowhere near ready for the shoot yet!” Hayley said to joke.

“Oh, no worries. We’ll be ready when you are.” The cameraman said from behind the lens. “But I just wanted to get the behind the scenes scoop. And ask the blunt question – why agree to our deal and film a porno?”

“Oh, that? Well to be truthful, I’m not exactly getting any younger now am I?” Hayley said with a light hearted laugh. “I can’t just rely on Marvel pay checks coming in every year or so or going back to the West End… Plus! I saw and heard how much fun that a fellow Marvel actress had doing one of her films in one of this dirty parodies… So I figured why not go all out and give the people what they want?”

“And you’re going all in with a scene as you as your most famous character portrayal as well!” The cameraman noted.

“Well, maybe until the next multi-verse version of Agent Carter comes along!” Atwell said with a wink. “But like I said, much like Peggy herself? I’m not going to go about this half arsed… People want to see me get fucked on film? They are going to see me getting a right good shagging today!” She said with a shameless grin already. “But they aren’t going to see any of that until I finish doing my bloody hair up! So I’ll see you on set…” She added with a wave before she slipped back into the dressing room and closed the door. Leaving the camera to focus in on the door sign before the scene faded out to the feature presentation.

* * *

This Ain’t Agent Carter XXX

The scene opened up with a set looking right out of an old office from the late 1940s or early 1950s. Plenty of old, wooden furniture and old posters on the walls along with charts and other items. Along with some clear pun-references to the source material saying ‘JOIN P.E.N.I.S. TODAY!” instead of SHIELD for example. A sturdy desk in the room with a chair, and other props in the room like a lamp in the corner.

The door swinging open as strutting in was the stunning British actress of stage and screen in Hayley Atwell. Fully dressed up as the iconic Agent Peggy Carter that she portrayed in several films along with TV series across the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Clad in a tight, fitting red skirt that rested nicely to her thick hips as she walked in with her high heels clicking. Wearing a short, pale yellow blouse up top that hugged against her large, rounded breasts. Her brunette hair styled up in a retro style too to rest at her shoulders, while her lips were coated in sexy red lipstick. Taking off a large rimmed hat from the top of her head and skilfully tossing it across the room, as a camera cut showed it landing perfectly on the antique (well not for the ‘time’ of the scene anyway) stand as it caught on a hook.

“Miss Carter! I simply must protest!” A thick, English voice said but not belong to Hayley said. The camera showing now seasoned porno actor Danny D walking in, clad in a striped suit that also fitting in with the style of the day. “Turning your back on your country to fraternize with all these bloody Yanks is most unsightly!” He said, hamming it up a bit as he closed the ‘office’ door behind him.

“First of all, it’s Agent Carter to you, young man.” Atwell scolded as she played her roll, turning to face him. “And this is pretty much my country now as my homeland is to. “And I wouldn’t exactly call forming and founding a team of top agents to stop crime and espionage as simple ‘get togethers’ like you are implying.” She added, putting a hand on her shapely hip.
“Stopping crime? That’s what bleeding bobbies on the beat are for!” Danny claimed. “And the war is long over. There’s no need for talented, beautiful Brits like you and I to be stuck here answering to the Americans!” He said to merely play up what little of a script there was for this scene.
“Oh, trust me… A lot of, if not all of the men around here actually answer to me…” Hayley said with a confident smirk as she stepped forward. “And beautiful? Well thanks for noticing, but I’m sorry but if you’re looking to try and swipe my heart? I’m afraid it’s already reserved for if… I mean, when a certain Super Soldier gets thawed out.” She said to add in some classic Marvel lore.

“Oh I get it! That’s what this is about…” The man claimed, folding arms across his chest. “You’re just hanging around here to shack up with some Yank… I would have thought that a woman like you would know that only a true gentleman can give you what you truly need.” He boldly claimed.
Unfazed, Peggy stepped forward to get close to him and intimated, Danny cleared his throat as he took a step back. “That’s a very big claim to make… And what exactly do you have to offer that could possibly interest me? Let alone compare to the only man I have eyes on?” She challenged, raising an eyebrow.
“Well, what else, love?” Danny said, adjusting his tie for a moment before he reached down to his belt. “A bloody good shagging, that’s what!”

When his pants hit the office floor, Hayley’s eyes went wide as those crimson lips became parted for a moment, and not from her acting out an expression of shock either. See that famous long, thick cock that the veteran porn star was packing. “Oh… Well then…” She composed herself, brushing her hair back. “So much for a SHIELD… Looks like you’re packing quite the ‘Sword’ yourself, young man…” She teased before making him smile when she rather eagerly reached forward and took a hold of his rod, starting to stroke him off. “Well then, I suppose I do have plenty of free time before Steve gets out of ice… Might as well warm myself up for a little bit, don’t you think?” Hayley said as she invited herself down to get onto her knees. “After all, a girl like me does have her needs, and… Oh bugger it. I don’t think I need any excuse to have some fun with a big cock like this now, do I?” She then said, perhaps doing away with the flimsy excuses of the rehearsed lines.

There were no complaints from the man being stroked off to full hardness by the gorgeous older woman now kneeling before him. Especially as she continued to take the lead and leaned in to slide her tongue out across the fat head of his prick. Slowly licking across the tip and the slit before moving for a swirl to trail around the head and make him moan out. Nicely combining the tongue work with her hand slowly moving along that very ample shaft of his. Her eyes locked up at him as she let out a soft groan of her own, enjoying the taste of his man-meat as she warmed him up. Swirling around the crown with a perfectly smooth, clockwise motion to already give the indication that she’s performed this sort of sex act plenty of times before. Just never on camera before.

That fact wasn’t putting her off here as those full lips of hers opened up before sealing around that thickness to make her co-star moan out with approval as she sank down. Letting him get a good feel of the warmth and wetness that the Marvel films actress’ mouth possessed. All as he managed to quietly take off his upper clothing to get it out of the way without taking away from the blowjob unfolding in front of him. At the same time, leaving her lips being stretched out to a new limit that doesn’t seem to be one she’s used to in her own right. Turning her retro-styled haired head from side to side for a moment, grinding those plump lips into him while she adjusted to the vast size. Soon enough however getting to work as she lifted off, just to swat her tongue against the mushroom head while her palm worked over the shaft before pushing back down. Not pulling off this time as she began to establish the rhythm in order to suck on that huge cock and get him not just moaning clearly, but far more constantly than the mere licking had done.

“Mmmmm… Mmmmmphhh! Hmmmm…” Already Atwell’s groans were being muffled by all that thick meat as she pumped her mouth up and down along him. Having to briefly lift a hand up to brush back her hair that was now starting to sway in time with the motion of her head. The action not exactly simply to prevent her from being distracted either as she made sure the camera at the side got the clear view of her pouty lips sliding along this fat dick before raising back up. Her hand now more just holding him by the base and giving the occasional twist as she focused on showing off what her mouth can do. “Mmmm… MMMMMPHHH… SHHHRRLLLPPP… Mmmmmphhh…” She slurped loudly and sinfully around his big dick as her saliva got applied onto his inches from the repeated motion. The eagerness on display to enjoy this long cock clear as her lipstick began to perfectly smear onto the pale length she was sucking on as her own coating began to smear around her mouth. A little mess the least of her worries as she branded his length in her own wicked way.

“MMMMMPHH… MMMMM… SHHHRRLLLPPP…” The rings of red forming on his cock like marking the distance as her mouth travelled down along his size. Showing off the points where she had to bob repeated at to adjust to more of this fat inches being stuffed into her mouth. And it wasn’t too long before her groans around him turn to lewd gagging when the bulbous crown connected with the back of her soothing, moist oral hole. “GAAAAAHHHH… MMMMM! HHHHLLLKK!! SHHHHRRPPP… MMMMPHH!!” Yet even as she started to choke, she was truly showing of that classic Peggy Carter determination to not let anything stop her. Keeping her motion smooth and steady as she began to slobber away over this big dick. The hunk she was sucking off appreciating the effort from his moans, and showing off his own skill by staying rock hard when many a normal man, a fan of the MCU or otherwise, would have been left cumming early from such a top notch dose of head like this.

“GAAAAAAAAHHH! HHHHRRRKKK!! MMMMMPHHH!” The saliva dripped down that fat length. Drips fall off of it and drooling down her chin as well, leaving splats across her top to leave it becoming see-through. Showing off those fantastic, juicy tits of the British actress and noticeably the rock hard nipples poking through her top. All as she was making already quite the mess onto his dick with the spit and the rings of bright red from her smudged lipstick she was leaving down as she approached his crotch. “HHHHRRRKK!! MMMM… SHHHHRRRLLLPP… GAAAAAAAAHHH!!” Impressing in her own right, Hayley wasn’t even watering up in her eyes as she bobbed deeply up and down. Going so far along him that she didn’t even have space for fingers to hold him at the base so it was full on oral satisfaction from from. Even having the time to use her hands to brush back her hair, already getting a little out of place from the retro style she had, as she kept her face clear so she could cast a smouldering look up at the man she was blowing. And no doubt remembering in the back of her mind while she enjoyed this dick to make sure the cameras got that full shot of her sucking this stud off.

Even so, she wasn’t satisfied until she pulled off what even some of Danny D’s actual experienced co-stars in skin flicks couldn’t pull off. Moving her gorgeous face straight down until she left another lipstick ring not just around the base of his prick but onto the skin at his crotch as well. Saliva smeared from off her chin onto his balls as she groaned into his package with her eyes briefly rolling up, and not from any lack of air either. Keeping the deep throat held down even as she gagged while her windpipe got stretched out, ensuring that more saliva drooled out onto herself and onto his rock and balls. Eventually pulling upward slowly, deliberately dragging her lips back in the process as they sealed around this already familiar prick before she pulled full off. The loud and lewd ‘POP’ briefly heard before she let out a moan of her own to further show how much she’s gotten off already just from blowing a big cock.

“And here I was… Thinking that things were only bigger here in America, right?” Hayley teased as she reached down, loosening the tired bow at the front of her blouse. “Oh, sorry… Maybe that phrase hasn’t been invented yet… I might have heard that from a ‘friend’ of mine recently…” She claimed, like she was playing into more events from the Avengers films. But giving everyone something to focus on when she lifted her top up and over head. Showing off those fantastic, large and rounded British tits of hers as she tossed the clothing out of shot. “So… Still planning on showing me what you’ve got to offer then, young man?” She said, playing up the age difference, even if it was just six years or so, between the two as she stood up. Keeping him grinning when her Agent Carter skirt was eased down her smooth legs. Showing off those thick hips and more than generous backside of hers along with, unsurprisingly, an already wet looking, smoothly shaved pussy.

All she had to do was curl a finger and without hesitation her co-star here followed her over to the desk in the room as she hopped up onto it, before laying down with her back on it. Allowing her head to be suspended off an end as her shoulder length hair hung in the air. Looking across her stunning, mature and curvy body as she spread her legs even before he’d gotten between them. Watching as he lined up his cock, without even a break to slip on a rubber before going in, with her already wet and willing entrance. Holding one leg up and to the side while angling his own toned body so there was still the clear view for the camera as he penetrated Agent Carter with a weapon that might not be quite a Super Soldier's shield but more than did the job for this mission.

“MMMMM! Oooooooooooooh! Bloody Hell! That’s… MMMM! That’s bloody huge! MMMM…” She was already moaning her approval, her head tilted up and staring down with wide eyes and an open mouth as the cries poured out. Her gaze glancing between the stud she was letting stuff her snatch full with his meaty dick and down to watch her snatch making that thick length vanish before his inches reappeared. The combination of her own saliva layered across his prick and how wet she had been already allowing him to smoothly work in and out. “MMMMM… God! Fucking stretching me out already! MMMMM!” She added between gasps as her body already was starting to shift along the surface of the desk. Her huge rack jiggling in time with the jolting as he stiffly pumped in. The pace not just nicely timed but with the right amount of force to keep the pleasure high but still allowing her twat to adjust to such a thick invasion. Another sure sign that she’s never had quite this size of a dick inside of her for a long, long time if even at all.

Danny just made sure to play his part here and not just give this beautiful Marvel actress a good time, but put on a just as good performance for the cameras. Thrusting back and forth with firmness as the smack of skin ringing out was heard as her body moved against him and he plunged forward into her wet, snug box. Easily moaning himself from how wonderfully tight her slick walls were as they pressed around him. Keeping his body angled towards her and her crotch so he didn’t hide the view of his dick moving back and forth into her slot. The camera at times able to scan across her whole body to view not just this pussy stuffing but all the way back to her shaking breasts and that look of pleasure across her face.

“MMMM! Oh that’s bloody good! MMMM! Come on! A young man like you… AHHHH! Must have a right good shagging ready for me, right? MMMM!” Hayley kept her own dirty talk going strong as she managed to keep her head up to stare across, showing the desire in her eyes as she got hammered in this skin flick. Showing off quite an ability to be a Size Queen, as if her previous deep throating hadn’t proved that already, to handle so much of his cock that there was only an inch if even that not stuffing into her snatch whenever he pumped in. “MMMMM! Coming all the way here, just to get your end away? MMMM! You must think I’m just some sort of… AHHHH! Cheap tart from around the street corner, right? MMMM…” She tossed in some slang as well to play up the part between her moans. Sweat forming now across that already stunning enough body as she just laid back and took it. Shifting on the desk as her leg was held. Ensuring she couldn’t buck too far back before the next thrust slammed home into her snug love tunnel as he continued to moan out as well.

As her head hung down off the edge of the desk, that retro-styled brunette hair swung back and forth to fall more out of place as her mouth was open in a perfect O-shape with those smudged lips. Almost looking like she was looking through the camera filming her there rather than at it as the sight of such a sinful expression along with her jiggling tits was captured. A nicely red hot sight down at her other end too as her pussy got stuffed nice and deep with a shaft that while now coated with juices, still showed those red lipstick marks along that thickness. The clap of her thighs being heard each time he drove in and made her jolt back and forth so her big titties and her hair kept shifting in time with the rest of her.

“MMMM FUCK! Harder! Come on you hung bugger! I can handle… MMMMM! A lot more than this! MMMM! This is child’s play compared to kicking Hydra’s arse! AHHHH FUCK!” She groaned again even as she was taking a stiff and swift round of strokes into her slick snatch. Managing to get her head tilted up to watch as she got fucked deep and hard by the biggest dick she’s ever taken. Before having to tilt back again as she let out a loud moan of delight to show that even with having her slot sinfully stretched out, she was only feeling pleasure from the pounding. The same being said for the stud thrusting away into her as he groaned out and kept her body close to deliver the next thrust in. “MMMM… Don’t believe me? AHHHH FUCK! I’ll show you what a bloody good shag is like… MMMM! If you give me half the chance to! MMMM FUCK!” She added between moans as the drops of moisture rolled down her stunning features.

“Mmmmm… I do like the sounds of that…” Danny said, pulling out of her wet pussy with a groan. “Seeing what Agent Carter can do in action does sound… Woah!”
He was cut off when Atwell rolled over to get to her feet. Grabbing a hold of him by the arms and shoving him down onto the chair of the set. “Oh, you’re going to see it alright!” She announced, mounting his lap as he got a chance to display one of his famous stunned expressions when he near pushed her huge tits into his face. “But we’ll see if you can handle it or not…” Hayley warned as she reached down and lined him up with her needy pussy.

This time there wasn’t any inch or so gap between his crotch and her folds when their bodies met. Atwell able to drop straight down and leave her thick ass cheeks clapping off his thighs. Taking him in fully balls deep with an approving moan as the hunk she was on top of gripped her waist so she could keep in position while clutching his shoulders. Sending her hair swaying about once again as she got going with the motion. Lifting up to the min-point on his meaty size before driving back down with clear urgency. Her pussy now well used to the thickness and length of his member so she could go at this with a smooth motion. Making moans and the sound of skin hitting of skin ring out as she now took her turn to show off what a fired up, mature beauty could do.

“MMMMM FUCK! MMMMM YES! SO BLOODY BIG! MMMM!! Fucking filling me up! AHHHH FUCK! MMMMM GOD!!” She moan out as the former West End actress turned Hollywood star moved herself like a spring loaded yo-yo to drop down sharply before effortlessly moving back up. Just to repeat it all over again as her juicy cheeks jiggled with the impact of striking down into the lap of the hung hunk she was mounted on top of. “AHHHHH SHIT!! OOOOOOH FUCK! How’s this… UHHHH! For a bloody good shag, huh? MMMMM FUCK!!” She groaned out. Fucking herself now on all that big cock without him even needing to thrust up once. Not that he could exactly take this easy as having to last not just being deep to the hilt inside of a fantastic piece of damp pussy, but handling this sort of quick and experienced pace was a challenge in itself. Men half her age would struggle to last even a minute of this kind of wild ride but this was the perfect kind of big porno dick that her and her curvaceous frame were built to take.

And both of them in a way could just enjoy the more than pleasurable sex they were involved in since the camera was focused on watching that plump backside of hers raise and lower, along with all the rippling her cheeks were doing, as she bounced away. Capturing the sight of her doing that ‘magic trick’ of making his long prick vanish up into herself before a few inches reappeared as she lifted up for a moment. The sweat continuing to form and then roll down her body with each bounce while her once retro-styled hair now was a wild mess in its own right to go with the rest of her from all the shaking its been doing.

“MMMMM FUCK! How’d you like that, you filthy little, big cocked bugger! MMMM! Filling me up with that… AHHHH SHIT! MMMM! Huge fucking cock! MMMMM YES!!” She groaned out as she continued to show off impressive stamina and pace for a mature beauty. Not even needing to be moved up or down by his grip on her waist as she worked her damp twat straight up and down with machine-like precision. Making it further look like big cock fucking is an activity she’s extremely familiar with as her juices flowed all the way down his rod and onto his heavy balls she was smacking down onto. “OOOOOOOOH FUCK!! MMMMM!! No one bloody gets the better of… MMMMM FUCK!! Agent Carter! Shagging or otherwise! MMMM FUCK!!” She added between her loud and very shameless moans. Somehow managing to stay somewhat in character despite this being so deep into the action. Even though it’s quite clearly more her talent and handling some thick cock that’s the main event here even with those supreme acting skills on display to add to the moment.

Danny D underneath her more focused on watching those fantastic, rounded mounds of hers bouncing in time with the motion of her stunning body. Unable to help himself but lift his hands up and cup onto both weighty breasts and finding more reasons to keep staring as his fingers dug into all that ample flesh. At least the beauty he was groping moaning out as her head tilted back from feeling that expert touch working over her rack. Her tits still shaking about even in his steady grip as he spent a good couple of minutes feeling up that big chest. Helping to keep her encouraged to ride away on his big cock so she could make sure that not only was he still moaning away, but he was getting into a healthy shine of moisture over his hunk body himself.

“OOOOOOH FUCK YES! PLAY WITH THOSE FUCKING TITS! MMMMM YES YOU FILTHY BASTARD! AHHHH FUCK!!” She purred her delight as the cries echoed around the office set. Her hands instinctively going to the back of his head to draw him in and make his handsome face press into her shaking rack. No objections from the sudden move as he took the offer and wrapped his lips around a rock hard nipple in order to slurp on it. “MMMMM YES! SUCK THOSE BIG FUCKING TITS! AHHHH FUCK! MMMMM…” She gasped out. Having to stop her bounces just so she could instead grind her soaking pussy down onto her cock. Letting him deeply suck on her tits as he showed off his experience with a quick transition to move onto the other nub to work it over. All as his hands fondled away at the sides of her tits as he got almost motorboated by the fellow England native.

It wasn’t too long before Hayley started that riding motion all over again, however this time at a quite obviously slower pace than before. The energy taken out of her to fuck like she was more of a barely legal newbie to porn instead of her own curvy, mature age clear to see. Even so she was still putting on a performance that made her look like she was just as experience in action on camera as the hunk she was mounted on was. The sound of her plump ass cheeks clapping was still as loud as ever as she drove herself down hard. Stuffing all those thick inches deep up into herself as he roamed across her big tits with those educated fingers and hungry mouth. A little bit of sweat on and around the nipples just adding to the mess her lipstick and hair is in to go with all the sweat.

“MMMMM…” Hayley moaned, having to eventually stop as she eased herself up. Letting that still rock hard cock rest against her dripping, but seemingly not quite satisfied pussy. “You’re not half bad, young man…” She claimed with a lick of her lips as she pushed his face out from her tits so he could draw in some air. “But you’ve still got a long way to go before you’re on a Super Soldier’s level… But I’m willing to let you prove if you’re really able to handle Agent Carter…” She said, but her tone making it sound more like she was giving an order than just making a mere challenge.

The footage then moved on to a few minutes later on thanks to the wonders of film editing. Showing Atwell with one knee raised up onto the office desk while the other high heeled shoe was planted on the floor. Sticking her juicy backside outwards and in the process not just showing off her slick pussy, along with the hand underneath her body slowly teasing herself. In clear view was her tight asshole that looked slick and shining, showing off the lubrication that was done off-camera to prepare her properly for this round of sex. A similar amount of quick lubing up done by Danny as his shaft, still without even a condom on, was coated with some of the same sex aid too as he stepped back into shot. Getting behind her and spreading her cheeks apart as he pushed the fat crown of his prick against her backdoor.

“OH FUUUUUUUUUCK!!” Atwell stared back over her shoulder, looking through loose strands of her once perfectly set and styled brunette hair that now stuck across her face. Watching with both lust and awe like she can’t even believe her thick backside was taking this amount of his fat cock. And he’d barely even shoved in half is length length before he started to pump back and forth to start fucking her from behind. “MMMMM YES! FUCK MY ARSE! AHHHH! FUCK! FUCK ME! MMMM! NICE AND BLOODY DEEP, YOU BASTARD! MMMM!!” She moaned out as she didn’t just beg for it, but started to actively rock back and forth to time herself with his motion. Pushing that tight asshole back against his thickness to make sure her plump cheeks were jiggling. Plenty of sinful sights to witness here along with her hand rubbing away at her wet snatch and her big tits now shaking all over again from her bucking against that big dick.

The sweat dripped down her stunning face as even with her vice-like her back passage was, she was in a whole new lust-drunk world that made her want to drive back against this big dick even before her tunnel was spread apart enough to properly accept him. Making her hung and hunky co-star groan out as he had to keep up with the extremely impressive stamina of the older woman he was fucking from behind. Groaning out as he felt her walls snugly gripping him even with all the lube to show that not only has she never taken something this long or thick up her ass before, but likely she’s rarely let any lucky hunk get to tap this fine and thick behind.

“MMMM YES! FUCKING MY ARSE… UHHHHH!! WITH A BIG FUCKING COCK… AHHHHH FUCK! COME ON! GIVE IT TO ME! LIKE I’M… AHHHH FUCK! A NASTY, CHEAP TART! MMMMM FUCK!!” She still demanded even her tired state at this late stage of the action. Her fingers soaked with her own arousal as she made sure both her lower holes were stimulated to say the least. Stroking away across her dripping folds while backing all that thick, British rump of hers against the thick rod of a fellow countryman. “OOOOOOOOH FUCK YES!! MMMM! LIKE I’M A DIRTY SLAG! BUGGER MY ARSE! COME ON! GIVE ME… AHHHHH FUCK! FUCK!! THE FUCKING SEEING TO OF A FUCKING LIFETIME! MMMM FUCK!!” She panted out with loud moans that were a world removed from the sort of well sculptured West End plays she starred in before becoming a staple of Marvel films for years now. Putting on a performance that makes it looks like skin flicks should have been her career choice all along as she gave back just as good as she was taking to keep herself and the hunk stuffed between her thick cheeks moaning away.

The camera shifting to behind her. Capturing the sexy ripple her rounded backside was doing with each shove back she delivered to match when the next stiff thrust into her asshole was coming in. The porno hunk behind her still making sure to both keep his body at that slight angle along with keeping her cheek spread to the side. Allowing that unrestricted view of him completing the hat trick of being stuffed deep into her pleasurable holes as he went from being deep throated then in to the hilt in her twat to now thrusting away into her booty. Moaning out as loudly now as he had been in her other holes as he enjoyed how still nice and very tight her back passage was even after taking so much of his thick manhood.

Her head began to lower as she felt the pleasure building from this hard and deep anal pounding she was taking. Her Size Queen status hitting a whole new level now with taking his dick so deep into her rump that his body was smacking off of hers to help her jolting motion go quick and steady. Her tits bouncing back and forth while her hair, or what amount of it wasn’t just sticking to her down her back, continued to sway as she panted out. Furiously stroking away at her slot as she left juices dripping down her thigh of the one leg planted on the ground. Able to keep her ass raised up and sticking out with the other limb up on the desk they’ve been using. Another display to make it appear like anal action was not just second nature to her, but maybe even more used to it than regular vaginal.

“HOLY FUCK! FUCK YES! FUCKING CUMMING! AHHHHH FUCK!! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUCK!!” She near howled out and unlike in most porn productions there was no faking this orgasm as it ripped through her. Hayley’s eyes rolling upward as her mouth hung open as she came all over her rapidly stroking fingers. The thrill of anal sex clearly being a major kink that left juices trickling down her wrist and arm as she rubbed herself through the peak. Helped along by that thick dick pumping away so she didn’t miss a moment of the fun (and the fact that it made for some fantastic footage too). The camera even moving up to capture a close-up of that sex-drunk expression across her face before shifting back when Danny pulled out of her well fucked backside. Showing off the evidence of the action with how gaping wide her asshole now was.

“F… Fuck… God fucking damn it…” Hayley panted as she staggered slightly as she put her other foot down on the floor. “Not… Not too bad, young man…” She said, not eve bothering to brush strands of hair out of her face as she turned around. “But I can see there’s some fuel still left in your tank…” Her eyes locked down onto that cock of his as he was, for the moment at least, still rock hard but appearing to throb. “We’ll soon deal with that!” She decided as she moved down to her knees in front of him.

Perhaps to now great surprise, the Peggy Carter actress brought her juicy tits up and used her hands to capture that thick cock she’s now very familiar with around his member. Getting his moaning even before she’d delivered as her sweat-covered mounds wrapped around his thickness. His size meaning the crown and an inch or so still popped out from between her melons. And even after just experiencing a mind-blowing peak, she still had some energy left to give him a proper send-off as she began to raise and lower her mountains along his shaft. A different kind of bouncing now being done as she worked her tittles along his rod and made herself groan from the hot feeling of a nice big dick between her breasts.

“Mmmmm… Dirty bugger… I bloody knew you’d like a piece of those big bloody knockers of mind…” She teased with a seductive smirk as she stared up at him. Lifting and dropping her boobs along and onto his dick in a smooth way to already show this can’t be the first time she’s treated a lucky man to a piece of her ripe and rounded tits. “Mmmmm… I can feel you bloody throbbing already! Bet you’re ready to try and coat me with a big, great load all over me like the cheap, nasty slag I am…” She added with more dirty talk as she licked her smudged lips. His dick still showing those red rings of her lipstick from the first round of their fun as she pumped away on his dick. Showing no concern about the fact this dick has just come from straight out of her ass either as she delivered a titty fuck to top off having all of her holes stuffed full.

He just had to stand and take it for as long as he could last, and even a porn star with his level of experience let alone skill was being tested as he felt his member pulsing between her pushed together breasts. The soft, more than ample flesh gliding smoothly up and down his rod to make him moan out just as loud as he’d been when balls deep in either her throat, pussy or ass. The sound of his groans of delight matching with the smack of her the bottom of her tits hitting into his crotch when she drove her rack down. Showing off her own ability with this particular sex act as she even made sure to lean over briefly and spit down onto the head of his prick when it popped out of her rack. The saliva soon rubbed over his length and her breasts with the next slide up and down she performed.

“Ahhhhh… Yeah! Come on, you horny bugger! Fucking cum for me! Coat these big hooker tits of mine with a big fucking load! Come on!” She was sounding far from Agent Carter-like with this dirty talk, but it damn well fit for the moment. The cameras getting the jiggle of those huge tits even as her own fingers dug into her flesh and held her mounds against his cock as she groaned out. Still getting a thrill from servicing this younger man with her own chest rather than one her already well used holes. “Mmmmm… Come on! Do it, you dirty bastard! Fucking cum! I want it to fucking rain on me like the bloody weather back home! Cum, damn it!” She near yelled like it was a life or death demand. Pumping her tits swiftly up and down to make his prick act like a piston, rushing out of the gap created by her mounds before vanishing back in and she repeated the motion. Staring up with that intense look of lust even with her own orgasm having happened many minutes before. Perhaps showing an element of the famous comic book character’s she’s portrayed as she wasn’t even letting the finish to sex tape be done to any half-measure as she gave it her all.

Getting a just reward moments later as Danny groaned out. The shots of spunk firing out and the first blasts managing to hit up so high it left Hayley gasping when it caught the side of her cheek and then her jaw and chin. Getting stuck into the loose strands of her hair already there from the sweat. A couple more blasts hitting over her neck for a messy necklace of sorts to add to the wrecked state she’s already in from that messy hair to her smudged lipstick. But her co-star knew to to pull out of her tits even as she tried to milk him dry herself. Stroking rapidly off and aiming down to take advantage of her offering up her mounds by pushing them up and out. The remaining ropes splattering across her juicy breasts with some dripping down into the cleavage. Leaving her groaning with a wicked smile as she watched her tits take that more than generous coating for a money shot that was even hotter than if she’s taken all his load over his face.

“Mmmmm… Maybe that is a Super Solider sized load after all…” Hayley teased as she somehow, even after all this intense action, still managed to keep in character as Agent Carter. Using her hands to play with the cum once Danny had stepped back. Smearing the spunk all across her now heaving tits. “But sorry to say? I’m afraid that my heart still belongs to Steve… But…” She looked up at him even as he was off camera. “But the rest of me? Well, that’s open to negotiation… After all? I think SHIELD could use another good new recruit like you around…” She claimed before breaking the fourth wall a bit (and making it clear she’s still aware she’s been filmed fucking) as she looked to the camera and gave a sexy and confident wink.

The lens left to move in and zoom in on those big, cum-strained tits as she sat back and let her bust be filmed. This being the sight that the skin flick ends on as the footage soon fades to black, before the studio copyright notices all start to play out. Drawing another volume in the archive of when Celebs Meet Porn Stars to a close.

* * *

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Re: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: This Ain't Agent Carter XXX [Hayley Atwell]
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2022, 12:02:19 PM »
Fantastic!! Pretty much lived the fantasy we have all had since seeing Hayley :)
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Re: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: This Ain't Agent Carter XXX [Hayley Atwell]
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Another great chapter in this series! I love seeing Danny D get all this celeb action.
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Re: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: This Ain't Agent Carter XXX [Hayley Atwell]
« Reply #3 on: September 28, 2022, 04:32:35 AM »
I read this in her accent lol
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Re: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: This Ain't Agent Carter XXX [Hayley Atwell]
« Reply #4 on: October 09, 2022, 05:55:23 AM »
Great story. I loved it
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