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Author Topic: Limo Fantasies with Scarlett Johansson  (Read 19355 times)


Limo Fantasies with Scarlett Johansson
« on: October 17, 2022, 04:44:46 AM »
Limo Fantasies with Scarlett Johansson by Weed Whacker
Celeb(s) – Scarlett Johansson
Codes – MF, Male Dominant, Oral, Anal, Spanking
Originally posted on May 27 2013 at CSSA

Disclaimer: This is pure fantasy. None of this actually happened. Not for reading for those under 18.

I’m a limo driver. My limo has a backseat section with a TV, DVD player, drinks, the works. I drove to a set in Hollywood one evening, and found out I was driving none other than Scarlett Johansson home for the evening. “Scarlett Johansson?” I said. “Yes,” she said. “How are you?” “Good,” I said. I drove the limo to the house she was staying in, about 20 minutes away. She was going to pay me, however, she left her wallet on set.

She said that she could pay later, but she asked me about my job.

“How long have you been driving your limo for?” Scarlett asked.

“About two years,” I told her.

“Have you driven any other famous people?” she asked.

“You’re the first,” I told her.

“So, do you want to talk for a bit? You seem like a nice guy.”

“Thanks. Oh, I forgot, I did have a few porn stars in terms of famous people, none really famous outside the porn world, though.”

“Neat,” she said.

“Speaking of sex and cars, I hear you like sex in cars,” I told her.

“You heard right. That turns me on,” she said.

“Do you want to do it, then?” I asked her.

Scarlett seemed unsure at first. “Well, I just met you, but…OK,” she said.

“Good. I like it rough, though. Is that OK?” I told her.

“OK. I can take it rough sometimes,” she said.

“OK. Get in the back of the limo, where the party section is, and we’ll fuck, rough and hard,” I told her.

She went back into the party area of the limo. She started to slide off her black dress and stripped down to her bra and panties. I took off my shirt, but kept my pants on. I slid off her panties and smacked her ass hard. She moaned with pleasure. I continued to smack it extra hard some more until both of her ass cheeks were red. I took her bra off and whipped my cock out. She took her panties off entirely after that. “Suck that cock,” I said to her. She started sucking my dick. “Suck that fucking cock!” I said to her again. I grabbed her hair as she sucked my dick. “Suck that fucking cock, Scarlett!” I pushed down on her so she could deep throat my dick. She then took my dick out of her mouth.

I then took off my pants and underwear and she took off her bra, so we were both fully nude. She then proceeded to lay down and I put my ass on her face. “Lick my ass,” I said. She began licking my asshole. “Lick my ass!” I said again. She continued licking my asshole for another 15 seconds. “Lick my fucking ass!” I said again, wanting her to continue. She did for another 15 seconds. “Lick my fucking asshole, Scarlett!” She continued to do this for about another 10 seconds. I got up, and I let her sit up. I then got down on my knees in front of her. She got down and put her lips on my massively erect cock. She sucked my dick for about another 30 seconds. I then asked her to lie down. “Are you going to stick your cock in my pussy?” She asked. “Well, first, I’m going to fuck your throat hard. But then I’ll fuck your pussy,” I told her. I rammed my cock down her throat, deep throating her. She started making gagging sounds for about 10 seconds. I pulled out. She put it back in to suck the saliva off of my cock and swallowed. I then rammed my cock down her throat for another 40 seconds. After she started making gagging sounds for about 15 seconds, I pulled out again. My cock was covered with saliva. She put my cock back in her mouth to suck it off, and swallowed what was on it. “Open your legs,” I asked her. She opened them, and then I asked her, “Spread that ass open wide. I’ll lick your ass and pussy first, then I’ll fuck your pussy.” Scarlett stretched her asshole open wide. I licked it for about 30 seconds. Scarlett moaned, and asked me, “You like licking my ass?” “I love it!” I told her. I licked it for about another 30 seconds. I then started to lick her pussy. She started moaning almost immediately, as continued as I did this for about a minute. I then sat down, and pulled her up to sit on my lap facing forward. I placed my cock in her pussy, and smacked her ass while spreading it wide open as I fucked her pussy hard and vigorously. I moaned as I fucked her pussy very hard. “Fuck it!” said Scarlett. “Fuck that pussy harder!” I fucked it with full force and moaned while doing so. I smacked her ass again and fucked her in this position with full force for another two minutes, smacking her ass every twenty seconds or so. I pulled out, and then I had her spread her legs, and have one leg on the seat, and one on the limo floor. “I’m going to fuck you in the ass, now, OK, Scarlett?” “Alright. Fuck my ass hard!” she said.

I then rammed my cock inside her ass. I fucked her ass vigorously, and smacked her ass extra hard while pumping my cock inside of her as hard as I could. She moaned with delight. She then started screaming with delight. “Fuck my ass harder!” she screamed. I continued pounding my cock extra hard inside her ass. I pulled her hair extra hard as I did so as well. She moaned as I pulled it. My balls slammed hard against her as I moaned with pleasure I rammed my cock in her ass as hard as I could. “OH!” she screamed. “OH YES!” she screamed. “Even HARDER!” I was fucking her at full speed, and she was absolutely delighted as I thrust my cock inside her ass. I then stopped pulling her hair, and started to smack her ass again while I pumped my cock in her ass. After fucking her ass for another minute, smacking her ass every 15 seconds or so, I pulled out. Both of her ass cheeks were very red by this point.

Scarlett then lay down in front of me on the limo seats. I then stroked my cock over her face and started ejaculating on her. She opened her mouth and I covered her face and filled her mouth with thick cum. Scarlett said, “Thank you.” She swallowed the cum in her mouth, and wiped the cum that was on her face off with her fingers. She licked the cum off of her fingers and swallowed the cum. She then saw a bottle of water, and covered her face with water. She saw a towel, and wiped her face with it until no cum was visible. She then picked up her cell phone, and received a text message a crew member who saw she left her wallet behind. Knowing where Scarlett was staying, the crew member said they were going by there, and said they were calling a cab that would be going in about 20 minutes. They said they agreed to stop by at that point. Scarlett texted, “OK.” Scarlett asked if it would be OK if I would wait for them to arrive. I said, “Yes.”

Scarlett got dressed, then went in her house first to wash her face and brush her teeth while the crew member was headed to her house. Just as she got back to my limo, she saw the yellow taxi waiting by the driveway. She walked up, got the wallet, as I didn’t even see what the crew member looked like. She walked up to me, and I told her that the limo ride would be about $200. She gave me $400. “Thanks. You’re the best,” she said.

Best limo experience ever.
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