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Author Topic: All Harlot's Eve 3 - Midnight Dreams: Sleepaway Camp starring Sydney Sweeney  (Read 12511 times)


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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

All Harlot's Eve 3 - Midnight Deams: Sleepaway Camp
Starring Sydney Sweeney
(MF, Oral, Titfuck)
By MaxwellLord

Oh hey, welcome back. Let me guess, more blue dreams? I don't blame you, but only a couple more, all right? I'm sure you have some dreams of your own you'd like to create. Until then however, I do have something brewing.

This is another dream duet. Again, a bit on the spookier side. Hey, I'm not the one dreaming this stuff up, I'm just helping you guys create it.

This bit of spooky sleep time features a handsome young man by the name of Brad Bostwick, a film buff and chef with an affinity for slasher movies, the cheesier and crammed to the brim with tropes the better. By human standards he wasn't a bad looking guy. While not exactly tall, dark and handsome with his height of 5' 7", sandy blond hair and neatly trimmed beard he had a different charm about him. Not so much James Bond but more along the lines of Adam West. Wait...is that too old a reference? As an immortal conceptual being time kind of flows really differently so I might not be up to date with all this. Is John Ritter a more recent comparison? Crap, um...you know, just think of whoever your current funny, cute guy of the moment is and that's Brad. I swear after we're done with all this I am doing a deep dive in pop culture for this century.

Anyhow, Brad loved himself some blood, guts and gratuitous nudity, all the things a true film lover embraces. On this night he'd fallen asleep during a Friday the 13th marathon, right in the middle of the seventh entry in the series.

The second part of this dynamic dream team is the gorgeous Sydney Sweeney. I'm guessing from your reaction you know the buxom beauty, or more aptly know of her. The blonde beauty was a savvy actress, having earned a business degree to help her make sure no one would financially screw her in addition to the kind of screwing Hollywood tended to do to young actors. Most of those types were surprised to find out exactly how shrewd Sydney could be. She was a calculating cutie who was ready to take on anyone who thought they could have a piece of her pie before she carved out her own slices.

However that didn't mean she was a stone. Like anyone else, or maybe even more so due to such walls she had to put up as a by-product of the business she had pursued in the Babylon known as Hollywood she was at times a bit on edge, sometimes paranoid which could cause fights with her boyfriend. This happens to be one of those nights and much like Brad she decided to have a been of a slasher marathon, though her film series of choice was Scream. However like Brad, she found herself slipping off into my realm right around the middle of the third film.

And of course, as both drifted off their minds and bodies also had other desires, and these desires called out to each other and wouldn't you know it, two strangers once again agreed to some dream time dalliances. Let's take a quick peak at what their heads have cooked up...


The night was somehow pitch black without a single cloud in the sky. Something else seemed to be blocking out any light from the moon and the stars. Could it have been the fog? Perhaps, though it was hardly pea soup thick. Instead it just seemed to be swirling off the ground, spectral and ectoplasmic. It all flowed naturally, slithering in the air until the chaos from the summer camp to the south caught up to it.

The first signal was two bright lights in the distance bouncing and swinging. The light was soon joined by the sound of panic; deep breaths and screams barely suppressed. Accompanying those vocals was the chaotic percussion of running feet crunching the leaves and twigs in their paths. In addition to that, the smooth and organic swirls of the fog were soon broken up by the two desperately frightened camp counselors speeding by side by side.

Neither Sydney Sweeney nor Brad Bostwick could believe what they had seen, what they had run away from. All of their fellow counselors slaughtered, body parts everywhere. The only part they could be thankful for was since it was before the grand opening no children were there. However, that was small comfort to both of them. After all they'd all just seen their friends' bodies. Well, some of them. More than likely there were a few missing body parts and as they ran as far and fast as they could they only had one thought on their minds; survival.

There was no communication between the two beyond holding each other's hand just so they wouldn't be caught alone with the maniac chasing him. Even what he, or it, looked like seemed malleable. It was huge and wearing something to cover his face, but even trying to think of that was foggy at best. Was it something ghostly? Was it something for more industrial? Neither could pin it down. All they knew was he wanted them dead and he had all the sharp objects to pull it off and they had no way of defending themselves except running. And aside from their sneakers they were poorly prepared with Brad's jeans and baseball t-shirt and Sydney with her shorter than short denim shorts and tight camp t-shirt tied off to show off her flat tummy.

Their run was aimless, the only goal was staying one step ahead of this murderous beast that was somehow both indescribably slow and insanely fast. They didn't know where it was going to end and just hoped it wasn't at the end of a machete or axe.

Then, ahead about fifty feet, were lights. These lights weren't caused by them either. It was a house, lights shining through the window. They both took a quick glance at each other and silently agreed to put everything they had into one last sprint and try to get help and if no one answered to kick down then barricade the door.

With every last bit of their strength left in their bodies the pair dashed forward, running and jumping over fallen branches and tree stumps with the agility of an Olympic athlete before rushing up the wooden stairs of the two story cabin and flying through the door and slamming it shut. Sydney collapsed on a nearby seat, gulping for air while Brad stood against the door also trying to catch his breath. After a few moments, his eyes went wide and so did Sydney's.

"Was that door open???" Sydney asked, bolting up from the chair. "Holy shit Brad, we can't barricade the door! What if the owners come back???"

"I don't think that will be an issue," he replied. The tired counselor had moved from the door to the window and was looking out, his eyes transfixed on the stairs he and Sydney had just shot up. The buxom blonde joined him, her blue eyes catching what he had in the fluorescent like of the bug zapper hanging from the roof of the porch.

There was a trail of blood, barely even a trickle compared to what they had run away from at the camp but was their nonetheless. However, the trail had many questions attached to it, the main one being was the person who that blood came from coming back? Or had they already been dragged away by who, or whatever had decimated Camp Whispering Willow?

"But we don't know!" Sydney said. "We can't board it up and let someone die out there!"

He turned look at her, then looked around and once more something caught his eye. "Maybe we won't have to." He walked over to the right side of the doorway where a metal latch was on the wall right next to the light switch. The metal latch had writing on it which read Saf-T-Haus. Brad flipped it open and saw a series of buttons with one big red one marked "Full Security".

"This is one of those serious security systems. Metal shutters and everything. No one gets in. It's impossible. We can use this."

"And how is that going to let us let the owner back in if he or they or whatever shows up?"

"Because if it IS the owner there's a good chance he'll have a remote or app on his phone or whatever to let himself in. He does that and we explain ourselves and maybe FINALLY have some help."

Sydney thought on it, biting her lips and pacing a bit before nodding her head. "Okay. And unless they have they key or something NO one can get in?"

"I don't think so. I mean the metal shutters are bullet proof and I think the glass is shatter proof. And if whoever owns this place has that kind of security I'm betting that the walls are about as far from hollow as it can get. Maybe even steel lined."

"Okay," nodded Sydney. "Do it."

Brad took a breath and pressed the button and in seconds steel shutters slid down and clicked into place on the door beside him and judging from the muffled sound he heard through the window before the same thing happened to it the front side also had it's own shudder.

Brad and Sydney looked around the entryway area as every single window was covered with a steel shield that was hopefully impenetrable.

"We should check every single one," Sydney said. "Just to make sure none of them got stuck or anything. And check out the house while we do that."

"Good idea," Brad agreed. "I take the first floor, you get the second. Grab anything we can use for weapons in case worse comes to worse.

"Got it." The two split up and Sydney climbed the stairs to the second floor. The caution in her step was gone, for the most part. Thick steel security doors will have that affect on a person. When she got to the top she looked over the railing, working out in her head if she could survive jumping from it if for some reason their pursuer got up their and was chasing her. She finally settled on probably but with a couple broken bones if she was lucky.

The walk way was bookended by two rooms, one of them most likely the master bedroom. directly in front of her was the bathroom. The door was ajar so that was an easy investigation. The busty blonde peaked her head in, flipping the switch. It was small, but not New York apartment small. It was nice and homey as well. A porcelain sink with perfectly polished faucets and knobs, a nicely sized mirrored medicine cabinet and a combination shower and tub with a sliding glass door. No windows in the room that Sydney could see but she kept the shower in mind for later. Who knew how long she and Brad would be stuck there?

She moved to the room ahead of her at the end of the hall. It was the master bedroom with its own restroom. She flipped the light on and saw a spacious but not ostentatious room. A dresser, chest of drawers, a mildly large closet, all the usual trappings loaded with the usual knick-knacks. The bed however was something special. Warm and cozy with a wonderfully homey-looking quilt and so many fluffy pillows she could tell whoever owned this place valued their sleep. There was also a big sliding glass door leading to a balcony, or so Sydney surmised. There was a big, rectangular steel shudder about the right size for such a thing.

Once she was done with that she moved back out into the hall and checked the next nearest room. It was an office. Cluttered with papers on the desk and a half-filled mug of tea, most-likely lukewarm. There was another sealed off window behind it the desk and most importantly there was a glass gun cabinet that housed a repeater rifle. She walked toward it and smiled when she found the cabinet unlocked. The smile grew even wider when Sydney opened the door to grab the rifle only to find a box of shell as well. She grabbed both and began to head downstairs, the last door on the left slipping her inspection for now. She'd get back to it, or so she told herself.

Sydney met Brad in the kitchen where he had just wrapped up his search as well.

"Everything is good upstairs," Sydney said, meeting him at the central counter in the kitchen. "Found a rifle and a full box of shells." She set both down on the off white tiling of the counter before looking to him.

"I found a magnum," he said, putting the hand cannon down alongside its own box of ammo. "One good shot at this will blow a clean hole in anyone who wants to tussle."

"You sure about that?" Sydney asked. "That asshole took an ax to the collarbone and still kept coming."

"Nice swing by the way."

"Thanks. But still, you think guns will work if we see him again?"

"He may be tough but I've never seen anyone who's going to keep moving with a hole in their head the size of their actual face."

Sydney nodded and looked around the room, her eyes stopping near the fridge, the phone on the wall next to it catching her eye. "Why don't we try the phone?" she said, making her way towards it. "Call for help? I mean since we left our cells at the camp this could be our ticket it out."

"Line's dead," answered Brad. "Try it."

Sydney picked up the receiver and to her disappointment the death of the phone lines was confirmed. "Looks like our friend was here."

"There's even more solid proof than that."  He lead Sydney to a desk in the corner, next to another sealed off door and what appeared to be the laundry room. In the corner there was desk with a computer and the screen was blank. Brad moved the mouse a bit and the screen went to the desktop. "No password."

Sydney watched as the mouse clicked on an icon in the shape of a camera. A display came up on the screen of video footage.

"Since the wi-fi is out I figure the security feeds here have to be closed circuit."

"Is he out there?" Sydney asked, ready to dash back to the counter for one of the guns.

"Not right now. Just a few animals. Well, for the most part."

"The most part?" Brad waved Sydney to get closer and she did just that, leaning over his shoulder to take a look at the screen he'd just maximized. What was on the green tinted footage from the night vision camera was a shed, the door slightly ajar. Brad then began to point towards the floor and Sydney saw what he did, a hand. A very still, dead-looking hand.

"Something tells me the owner isn't coming back," Brad said. "But that also means that when daylight comes we can use this." He then went to another camera which showed the garage with a big SUV waiting to be used. The garage door, fortunately, had the same kind of barrier down around it."

"Wait, why wait until daytime? If we have the car, why not just book it now?"

"Because we'll be able to see a lot better in the sunlight. I don't know what that thing is capable of but I want to be able to see him clearly in the daylight before stepping foot outside again. Takes care of a lot of guess work."

"Yeah, got it."

"That also means, and not to be callous, that we can have every bit of that." Brad gestured to the big table Sydney hadn't even noticed when she came in to the kitchen. On it was a big, open pizza box filled with an obscenely large pie covered in all the meats with a few green and red peppers to give it a bit of color. "Not exactly hot but untouched. I think our presumably late benefactor never got a chance to taste it. I figured why let it go to waste?"

"I am getting kind of hungry," Sydney said. "I just wish there was a change of clothes or something. I'd love to take a hot shower and just get clean after all this."

"There's a washing machine down here," Brad pointed out. "And since I didn't see a shower down here I'm guessing it's upstairs? Why not just wash up and then bring the clothes down to get washed?"

"What am I going to wear in between?" she asked.

"Well, maybe check the owner's closet. There might be something workable. And if not...well..I know I wouldn't object to you just wearing a towel while your clothes dried."

She smiled and gave him a laugh. "I'll take note of that." Sydney winked at him then went back up the stairs. Brad had never flirted with her before. Honestly he had never really spoken to her. Or anyone. Not standoffish, just more of a happy loner. That continued to be on her mind as she entered the bathroom and closed the door.

Sydney removed her clothes and shoes, placing the blood, sweat and dirt stained garments on the hamper next to the sink and then look at herself in the mirror. She wasn't too banged up, all the blood on her was other people's mostly Fred's.

Fred...what a classic summer fling. Blonde, tan and maybe a bit too brave for his own good. She'd had a great few weeks of fucking him for kicks before today. Any time they could find it, they'd be screwing like rabbits. Now he was in pieces in the middle of what was once the dining cabin.

She thought she should feel worse but it wasn't like they were serious. Fred was far from boyfriend material for Sydney and vice versa. However prime hook-up material.

The camp counselor cutie slid the shower door open and turned the dial, water shooting out from the spout and in short order getting the room steamy. Soon Sydney was in, hot water running down her fir and curvy body and washing away at least the visual signs of the horrors the night had shown her thus far.

She reached into a tray indented in the tiled wall of the shower and took the soap. From the cut and smell of it it was one of the more expensive, hand-made soaps. Not that it made too much of a difference but there was a nice lack of chemical smells to it which made it just a bit better as she soaped up her body. Her flat tummy, her shapely legs and ass and her bountiful and beautiful breasts were soon all soaped up and sudsy, or as sudsy as a bar of soap could pull off.

The blonde moaned softly just as the feeling of just a fraction of the tension building up with in her was released. The soap was rinsed completely from her body but Sydney's hands continued to to roam, her fingers dipping into her pussy and adding a bit of volume to her soft moans. Sydney didn't intend to go so deep in the shower and when she caught herself stopped, though she knew deep down that as just a sign of things to come.

She turned the shower off  and grabbed a towel. The sexy starlet toweled herself off just enough then wrapped the towel around herself before leaving the bathroom for the master bedroom to look for something to wear besides a towel. She found something, a big, oversized t-shirt. It was light blue in color, almost white, and stopped just above her knees. Sydney didn't both looking for anything to go on underneath. As she'd seen no sign of anyone remotely feminine living in the house she thought it was a safe bet there was no underwear meant for her. She didn't really have an issue with that, which was another sign to her about what was going to go down tonight.

Sydney grabbed her dirty clothes and headed downstairs. First she made her way to laundry room, where she got tossed her clothes in the washer and once the cycle began she made it to the living room where Brad sat on a sofa, the pizza box out and open on the kitchen table with two glasses and a bottle of wine alongside it. Once she stepped in Brad's attention went from scanning the doors and windows to her, taking a few extra seconds to glance at her chest. Sydney smiled softly. She knew that was going to happen. It was why she chose a shirt with this color since the remaining moisture on her body would make certain parts of it see-through.

"I see all the stops have been pulled out," Sydney said before joining Brad on the couch.

"Well I figure given the situation, it's better to now let this go to waste," said Brad. "Besides, the pizza is in that good place where it's been sitting out for a couple hours. You know how that slice hits."

"Oh I am so ready to tear into this now," she said. "What kind of wine if that?"

"Oh I just got a red. Not much of a wine guy but I figured might as well try pizza with something other than beer and soda for once in my life."

"I guess it is time to live it up. And I appreciate the screw top. You know a lot of people think cork is the way to go with wine and screw tops are for cheap wine. There's no science to support that. Honestly it's the opposite. Besides, no need for the extra effort that comes with a corkscrew. You get right to the fun." Sydney ended her sentence with sexy and sly smirk.

"Good point," Brad said as he felt the temperature rise in the room. He took the bottle from Sydney, unscrewed it and poured out a glass for each of them. They clinked the glasses together and Brad said, "To survival."

"To survival," Sydney agreed before taking a sip with Brad. "It's kind of a miracle we're alive isn't it? Everyone else..."

"Yeah...and I'm sorry about Fred," Brad said.

"Oh, yeah me too," said Sydney. "He was a nice guy."

"Yeah, and I know you must really miss him."

"I guess? I mean probably about as much as you do. Not to be disrespectful or anything. Really going to miss Trina though."

"Wait, you were dating Trina?"

"Huh? No, she was just my best friend there. I wasn't dating anyone at camp."

"Wait, you weren't with Fred?"

"Oh no," Sydney shook her head. "I mean we hooked up a lot but we were never dating. I mean he's good for a fuck but he's not my kind of boyfriend material."

"Oh...huh. I just...well. So, what is your type?"

"Well, to be honest you're totally long term boyfriend material," said Sydney. "The kind of guy I'd wanted to spend a weekend with instead of an hour in the laundry room a couple times of day. The kind of guy I'd want to keep in contact with." She set down the glass and turned her full attention to Brad. "I think you might just fit the bill. Given the position we're in, would you like to test out my theory?"

"Only live once right?" he asked as Sydney slithered up his body, their lips meeting in a hungry kiss.

Unsurprisingly her night shirt was the first to go, tossed recklessly across the room leaving the beautiful blonde bare, and with that sight on top of him Brad could hardly be blamed when he went in. Soon his face was buried in her treasured tits, grabbing and squeezing her breasts. Lips and tongue coated her golden globes in a sheen of his saliva.

It was far from a surprise Brad was indulging in a bit of tit worship. It was something Sydney was expecting. She'd yet to meet a single person who could resist the gravitational pull of her bust. Fortunately for every one she loved the attention.

"Ooooh Brad," she sighed. "Suck my nipple...oh yes, touch me...t-t-touch me..."

While his face took on a solo campaign on Sydney's tits his hands roamed her body, creating a map drawn with his touch, a guide to the hot spots on Sydney Sweeney's body. Running down her spine, over the small of her back to squeezing her apple bottom and back again.

Soon Brad found his face no longer buried in Sydney's bust, though not through is own volition. The lusty lovely began to move down his body, kissing him and leaving him with a slightly bitten lip. "Take your clothes off," she breathily said. "I need it....need it with you."

He pulled his shirt off and no sooner had his skin touched the same air as Sydney's than her mouth was on it, kissing her way down while her hands made quick work of his zipper and belt. Soon those pants were turned inside out and off of Brad's body, though his hard rod wasn't exposed to air for too long before Sydney's mouth engulfed the head of his cock, sucking hard and making him weak in the knees. Good thing he was already laying down.

"Oh my god...damn!" he exclaimed. Despite the roof over his head the only thing he was seeing was stars. The things this blonde bombshell was doing with her tongues was beyond anything he could have imagined and as more of him was taken in by the once more happy camper. Brad's hands bolted down to Sydney's head, holding it loosely. He looked down, watching the absolutely beauty of her spit-shinning his cock. Her billowed cheeks, watching her lips stretched around him, bot the feeling at the sight were beyond belief.

Sydney removed her mouth from his cock, quickly palming his sensitive crown and keeping him on edge. For the moment it was time for her mouth to serve another purpose. "Am I making you feel good baby?"

"Mmmmmm yesss...yes Sydney," he moaned.

"Good...I like that. I want to make you feel good. I want to make you feel good with me...do you want to feel good with me?"

"Yes...god yes..."

"Good," she said, her voice dreamily smoky. Sam's cock soon found it's home again in her mouth. Furiously Sydney sucked, sometimes clean and sleek and others swift and sloppily, running the gamut on his cock before Brad had to pull her off lest the night in far earlier than either wanted.

Their naked bodies collided, kissing and writhing with each other to a knew position with Sydney laying back on the couch with Brad's head in her lap. She choked on her breath as Brad went to work, already putting her on a sinful symphony, a journey of highs and lows that always leads to one big bang at the end.

Her stomach felt like it was going up and down and all the way around, a roller coaster of sin that didn't seem to want to end. Fingers and tongue united, flipping her switches and bringing her alive and glowing. Hot sparks lit her nerves afire when his fingers played ever so softly in just the right spot and his tongue wrote novels on her clit with longhand.

"Ahhhhh..ah yeah...yeyeyeyeyeyeah....oh...Brad....Brad fuck me," Sydney begged. "Need to feel you...feel that hot cock in me..."

Brad pulled himself up, kneeling on the couch. he reached down to guide Sydney to her hands and knees, the beauty giggling as she got into position. Arms were braced against the arm of the couch and her back was arched. Sydney's eye's rolled and she bit her lip. She groaned from behind grit teeth as Brad's bishop entered her. Tight, hot and warm...heaven in a word for them both.

Brad's hands began at Sydney's hips, holding firmly as he began to pump her pussy. The sensation of her cunt hugging his cock was intense, her body shaking as he filled her up. He growled and Sydney damn near howled as his pace built up second by second.

"Yes!" she whined, her grip on the couch arm so tight her nails began to cut into the vinyl cushioning. "Just...just like that...so good....cock tastes so good feels even better...Brad..."

She hung her head down, grunting with a series of hard and deep thrusts. He'd push forward, slamming hard into Sydney's cunt, slowly pull out and repeat. Her golden hair and massive tits swayed with every thrust. Then Brad's hands glided over her flesh to cup her tits, pulling her up and back. Sydney turned her head to kiss him, her tongue still looking for some kind of contacts after it broke. Brad handled that, moving his right hand from her tits to her mouth. Sydney sucked his middle finger into her mouth, biting and licking the digit while Brad's turned up the heat.

"Fuck fuck fuck Sydney...." Brad growled as he went into jackhammer mode. His right hand was still in her mouth, the nibble becoming soft biting on his fingers with every new and fast pump he made. His left squeezed hard on her tit, holding it tight as he gave her everything and more.

"Oh baby...Brad...oh my god," Sydney moaned. She was completely his and let him know it with every kiss and the weight of her in his arms. "Take it...mmmm make it feel so good baby...so good."

Brad's hands moved to Sydney's arms. He gripped them both hard and used them to pull Sydney back to meet his thrusts, making the buxom bombshell growl, "YESSSSSSS...."

Brad held that pace for a couple of minutes before bringing his hand up Sydney's face to blush her blonde locks away from her ear. "Ride my cock," he whispered in her ear. "Ride it and fucking cum for me...I want to watch you cum."

"Mmm baby yessss," Sydney said, sapphire sparkles in her eyes as they made one more quick position change, a whirlwind of sex that led to Brad sitting back on the couch with Sydney mounted on his cock and ready to ride, Aphrodite ready to spread her gospel.

Brad moved his hands all over Sydney's body. Rubbing her ass, caressing her back and playing with her tits, soaking her perfect form in during the calm of the storm before she began to ride. Then the first breeze came, Sydney began to move on his cock. Slowly, achingly slowly she rose and fell, worked her hips so that magic dick hit every sweet spot old and new. The breeze's grew to gusts and the waves were getting choppy.

It could have been classified as hypnosis they way her bouncing breasts had entranced Brad. He would really classify himself as a tit man but he knew works of art when he saw them and that's what he was looking at with Sydney. Though he could only just look her for so long before getting reacquainted with such perfect specimens.

They were both lost in each other, focused on on how the other felt, looked, tasted and sounded in these blue moments. Every word and movement was understood.

"Use that cock," Brad said. "Use it and cum for me." He kissed her while sliding his hand between them. He played with her clit while she rode him and sucked on his tongue, Sydney shaking as the kiss broke and she leaned by. Her eyes fluttered and she bit her lip. She moved with focused chaos her body riding him in any way that lit her fire.

Faster she bounced on his, harder she ground against him until she finally leaned all the way back, gripping his knees while she bucked him like a rodeo cowgirl.

"Yes yes yes!" Sydney yelled. "Gonna cum for you...oh my god so good...making me feel so good....BRAD!!!!"

Sydney shot forward, lips meeting his once more as she also held him close as the orgasm rocked her body. She to was held tight as Brad's strong arms kept her place as her thrust up and made the orgasmic ride she was on even more delightfully bumpy.

"Oh my god," she said, breathing deep with a big smile on her face. She caressed Brad's face and soflty kissed him. "Did you cum?"

"Not yet...close though," he said, still slowly thrusting into her. "Where...ohhhh fuck...do you want me to do it?"

"How about I show you?" said Sydney as before pulling herself from his cock and finding herself on her knees between Brad's legs. She grabbed his cock and stroked it slow, looking Brad dead in the eyes as she spit directly on the tip of it. The eyes stayed locked as Sydney moved just bit, just enough to easily wrap her massive tits around Brad's cock. "Now you cum for me. Brad, let me make you feel good."

"Oh Syd," Brad said, thrust between the valley of Sydney's tits. She pressed her tits tight around his cock, the mashing perfectly around his thrusting rod. All the time while she stared deeply into his eyes and spoke to him.

"Cum, feel good Brad," Sydney said. "Show me how good I've done...show me how much you want to cum for me...every drop is mine and I want it now..." She began to titjack him faster and her voice became more insistent, her demands being every Brad wanted to hear and more. "All over it...in my mouth...on my tits...I want it...it's mine and I want it."

"Sydney...oh fuck Sydney!!!" Brad cried, so close to jumping off the edge. "Nnngggg fuckkkk!"

"YES!" Sydney said with grin. "Gimme that cum...you deserve to let it all out and I'm begging for it...please...please please please!"

"SYDNEY YES!!!!" Brad bellowed as the first rocket of cum shot up and glazed Sydney's chin and tits.

"Yes baby yes!" Sydney said with glee as the second thick rope shot up to slap her chin and drip down to her tits. She managed to cover the tip to swallow down the third and forth shots as the head of Brad's dick got a quick swirl job from Sydney's tongue.

After that quick swallow the rest of Brad's jizz shot and oozed out all over Sydney's tits. To top it all off, she took his wilting cock in her mouth to suck it clean before kissing and stroking his thigh. It was perfect.

Too perfect, as Brad and Sydney soon found out. They'd never questioned why the owner ended up how he ended up before they were chased into his house.

The steel shudders were down while he was in there alive. But he made the same mistake Sydney did. He didn't check all the windows. One was indeed stuck. The owner had run out after turning the shudders off.

Brad and Sydney wouldn't get that chance as that window that hadn't shut properly, the one she had forgotten to check, one more didn't shut properly. The two were so focused on making each other cum they didn't hear anyone walking around upstairs...or when someone walked down it...


What about that? Don't worry though. They're gonna wake up to a jump scare after having made their sheets very moist. Weirdly enough you guys don't seem to mind the nightmares half as much when you get off during them. Which both Brad and Sydney are finding out about right around now. That sweat on their brow certainly won't be from fear...well not MOSTLY fear.

See you around.

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Great theme!  Sydney seems like she'd be perfect for a role like this, dreams or otherwise!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Great story @MaxwellLord. Sydney really does need more stories as good as this one. The sex scenes were really hot and very descriptive, and really utilised Sydney's assets well.

Really great work.
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Awesome story, loved it!

I think we'd all love to be in this scenario with Sydney!  :P
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This was fantastic Max! I just loved how you used Sydney in this creative story.
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Really hot!
It was a great story with Sydney. Really good in this role, I enjoyed reading it it was brilliant.
Thanks :)
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