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Author Topic: Cptnstrwrs' Cock-A-Palooza (Various Celebrities)  (Read 18405 times)


Cptnstrwrs' Cock-A-Palooza (Various Celebrities)
« on: November 09, 2022, 06:54:46 AM »
    (To better enjoy this story I'd recommend reading most of my other stories on the site since most of characters in this story were featured in those stories) 

        The day had finally arrived. After months of planning it was time for Cptnstrwrs' Cock-A-Palooza, the first ever invite only sex party hosted by yours truly. The guest list included my favorite ladies: Ariana Richards, Scarlett Johansson, Brie Larson and Britney Spears. As far as the men were concerned I decided that 3 men for every one woman was the way to go. The final list included myself, porn stars James Deen, Prince Yahshua, Wesley Pipes, and Dredd, rappers Kanye West and Ray J. There were also WWE Wrestlers Shelton Benjamin, Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods. Last but not least was porn producer Willie Johnson. All the guests were instructed not to let anyone else know about the event. I had been able to rent out a huge, fancy penthouse for the event. One by one the guests arrived, trickling in until everyone was finally accounted for.
        Everyone agreed with me that the event should be direct and right to the point. This wasn't your typical party. The guests were here to fuck and be fucked for hours, no small talk here. I made it a point that every guest invited, especially the women, was willing to go above and beyond when it came to sex. No one on one situations seeing as how the ratio of men to women was designed to favor the men. The guests introduced themselves to each other quickly and then I started the night off with a brief speech. "Hey everyone, thanks for coming. I'm glad you're all here. I hope everyone has a great time tonight. I know I will. Now let's get naked and have some fun," I say grinning. And just like that everyone starts undressing and splitting up into small groups, one woman and three men in each.
         Ariana makes a beeline for me, James and Prince following closely behind her. I've known Ariana for awhile now and she told me about how her whole sexual journey basically started when she hooked up with James and Prince months ago. The irony that I'm about to share her with those same two men isn't lost on me. I sit down on the closest couch, Ariana getting on all fours I'm front of me. James walks up behind her. He reaches down and spreads her ass cheeks. He spits on her asshole, Ariana bracing herself, James pushing his cock into her ass. He grabs her by the hips and begins thrusting into her. Ariana doesn't miss a beat, leaning forward and wrapping her lips around my dick as she begins to blow me. Prince takes her arm by the wrist, guiding her hand to his enormous cock. Wrapping her fingers around his shaft she begins stroking his cock. I'm not going to lie to you, watching Ariana handle our three cocks at once is extremely hot.
        A loud moan from the other side of the room draws my attention. As I follow the sound to it's source I see Britney riding Kanye like a woman possessed, moaning and groaning loudly. Willie and Ray J stand on either side of her with their dicks in Britney's hands. I can't imagine it's easy to ride someone like that while also giving two other men hand jobs. Judging by Ray J and Willie's reactions though, Britney is apparently doing just fine, the men grunting and groaning as she jerks them as hard as possible.
        Just a few feet away Brie lays on her back on a foot stool with her head hanging off the edge, Wesley drilling her pussy while Dredd throat fucks her. Shelton stands over Brie, pushing her tits together as he slides his dick between them. Her hips buck with each thrust from Wesley. I'm surprised that Brie can still breathe, especially with Dredd's cock in her mouth, the bulge clearly visible in her cheeks and throat. She's clearly enjoying all the attention though, her moans still audible even though her mouth is full.
        And then there's Scarlett. She's riding on Big E's cock in the reverse cowgirl position, her arched back causing her huge perfect breasts to be on display as she fucks him. Her head is turned to the side as she blows and strokes Kofi's dick, using her other hand to give Xavier a hand job. Like Brie, Scarlett's moaning and groaning let everyone know she's also having a great time. Judging by the grins on their faces the New Day are having just as much fun as Scarlett.
        We go at it for almost ten minutes, hot and heavy. Not once do any of the ladies ask to stop, proof that I invited the right women for this special occasion. All four of the women just keeping soldiering on, sucking and fucking as hard and fast as they can. I'd let Ariana suck on my dick all night, but as I glance around the room I can tell that a couple of the guys are started to get bored. "Alright everyone, let's change it up before anyone starts to get bored. How about a little airtight action?" I ask the room. The men all grin and nod their agreement. I swear I catch Brie and Scarlett nodding too.
        Ariana lifts her mouth off my dick, trails of spit falling from her mouth and run down the shaft. James slips his hands under her legs and lifts her up, carrying her to the couch. He lowers Ariana into position as I line my dick up with her pussy. As I slide inside her I can't believe how wet she already is. James and I pump her holes hard as Prince climbs on to the couch next to Ariana, sliding his cock into her mouth. Ariana whines and moans as she's fucked in every hole at once, none of us slowing down. I've fucked Ariana before but seeing her like this, with a dick filling her every hole, just makes it even better.
        I peek over at Britney, the pop star being double penetrated by Ray J and Kanye while Willie feeds her his cock. She looks a little nervous but I can tell she's trying her best to take care of all three men, rocking her hips back and forth on the rappers' big black cocks.
        Over where Brie and her three black bulls are sitting I can see they've rearranged slightly. Brie is now in a reverse cowgirl position with Shelton's cock up her ass. Wesley is still balls deep in her pussy, dirty talking her as he fucks her no doubt. Dredd stands next to them, pumping his huge black dick in her mouth. She looks a little overwhelmed and I try not to laugh. Poor Captain Marvel can handle an alien army in the Avengers movie but three black dicks are too much for her?
        Brie's not the only Marvel actress in attendance to change positions. Scarlett is apparently having her own battle royale with the New Day. She's now on her hands and knees in a doggy style position. Big E is standing in front of her, Scarlett blowing him as Kofi and Xavier are behind her, Kofi stuffing her pussy while Xavier drills her asshole. Scarlett is definitely the loudest woman in the room right now, her moaning almost drowning out every other groan, moan and grunt in the room.
        As I watch the woman being completely destroyed I wonder which of them will be the first to pop. I don't have to wait long. "Oh shit! I'm going to cum!" Britney cries, the pop star clearly overwhelmed by Kanye and Ray J. She cums hard, moaning as her body thrashing about. Scarlett is next, letting out a long, loud groan as she climaxes. She struggles to stay upright as she cums, the New Day helping to steady her as she finishes. Brie doesn't last against the two pornstars and Shelton for very long, Wesley and Dredd high giving each other as Brie's body shakes in pleasure, the waves of orgasm passing through her.
        I look up, trying to catch a glimpse of Ariana's face, hoping to get some hint of how close she is to finishing. It's difficult to see her face, between the angle her head is at and Prince's hips jack hammering into her mouth. From what she's told me about her past sexual encounters, being airtight isn't something new for her, nor is it the craziest thing she's ever done. Still you would think that between the action she's getting tonight and the fact that she can hear the other women climaxing just a few feet from her Ariana would be at her breaking point. James grabs her ass hard and squeezes. Not wanting to be outdone I reach up, cupping her perfect, beautiful breasts in my hands and squeeze tightly. It turns out that we finally pushed Ariana to her limit. "Fuck that feels great! God damn it! I'm cumming you guys!" Ariana shrieks, having pulled her mouth off of Prince's dick. I can feel her pussy spasming in pleasure, her walls gripping my dick tightly as she cums. She locks eyes with me, and I almost have to look away, the the passion and lust in her eyes threatening to make me cum on the spot. Somehow I'm able to power through, out lasting Ariana's climax.
        We let the women rest for a minute before gathering them and bringing them together in the middle of the living room. They kneel down, back to back, as the other men and I form a circle around them. The women take charge immediately, stroking and sucking us as hard as they can. You can imagine my surprise when it's two of the porn stars who cum first. Wesley and Dredd cum first, spraying Brie's chin and chest with their loads. Shelton's is next, plastering her forehead with his cum.
        Britney is the next to get in on the action. Kanye and Ray J aim for her massive tits, coating them with their loads. Willie aims right between the pop star's eyes, his cum running down her face as the porn producer laughs. Britney seems a lot more relaxed now, rubbing their cum all over her tits, giggling.
        Meanwhile Scarlett has the New Day tapping out. Kofi and Xavier cum at the same time, both of them blasting Scarlett in the eyes with their cum as Big E hits her in the forehead, semen running down her face. If Scarlett's bothered by the cum in her eyes she doesn't show it, making me more than a little impressed.
        All eyes turn to Ariana. I can tell James and Prince are close to cumming, myself not too far behind. Before any of us start to cum Ariana opens her mouth wide, sticking out her tongue. That's the last straw for me, my dick exploding at the sight of her tongue. Most of my load lands dead center on her tongue, the rest landing on her cheeks. She waits for James and Prince to cum, the two porn stars also shooting their loads on her waiting tongue. Pulling her tongue into her mouth Ariana swishes the three cumshots  together for a moment before she swallows once hard. The room is filled with clapping, cheering and hollering in approval, and as Ariana smiles back at me I know that Cptnstrwrs' Cock-A-Palooza is a hit...

The End
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Re: Cptnstrwrs' Cock-A-Palooza (Various Celebrities)
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2022, 10:10:34 AM »
This was a good group orgy scenario. I like all the different people involved, even if I'm not a fan of James or Kanye.

Some great references to Captain Marvel mixed in there gave me a good laugh lol. I love your writing, you are building a little multi-verse with the Ariana stories here and now her friends that have tagged along.
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Re: Cptnstrwrs' Cock-A-Palooza (Various Celebrities)
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2022, 07:50:12 PM »
More great work from you.

I like how you've established your own sort of universe by connecting all the Ariana stories together.
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Re: Cptnstrwrs' Cock-A-Palooza (Various Celebrities)
« Reply #3 on: November 16, 2022, 06:59:18 AM »
Loved this, more awesome work.
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