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Author Topic: Secret Liaisons Featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt  (Read 49218 times)


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Secret Liaisons Featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt
« on: October 23, 2022, 05:02:01 PM »
Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL Story Contains Sexually Graphic Situations. If You're Under Age or Easily Offended STOP READING NOW!!

A/N For anyone who hasn't read any of the previous entries this is a continuation to the story so you might want to go back and check out the earlier stories before diving into this one.

There are some days that you just know are going to be bad. Or at least to the extent that there really good and yet incredibly bad. This was definitely one of those types of days. Going anywhere near Jennifer Love Hewitt at this point I knew it was a bad idea, I had already proven to myself I couldn't keep my hands or any other part of me for that matter of her.

Something about her just got to me. Something I think the both of us were all too aware of by now. Despite that we couldn't seem to avoid each other, and I had tried. Tried desperately and repeatedly to stay away from her was much as I could. So far it had just ended badly.

After she had turned up at my place weeks had passed. I had thought, maybe expected, things would go quiet, and I suppose they did for a time. But eventually maybe I also knew we still weren't done with each other as well. I couldn't have said why, it was a feeling I had.

When there was a call about routine work, a checkup that her house had requested I knew what it would mean. I knew all too well that anytime the two of us were close it seemed to inevitably end with us enjoying some steamy hot romp and after the last time especially I knew I couldn't resist her.

I had tried of course. I had tried to avoid going, to leave it to someone else to go there and do it. It was only routine of course nothing special. Jennifer of course had insisted that the first guy came again as she knew him and thought it would be easier. I'd thought about calling in sick as well a late cancellation, so someone else had to go.

Then I just remembered her in my room, my bed, her sheer lace clad figure as I peeled it off and then ravished her all over it. How she'd looked by the time we'd finished glazed and dripping with a very satisfied happy look to her face. I'd tried to forget but she had been right, that was impossible.

So, I'd caved, I'd taken the job knowing full well what might happen if I did. I'd grabbed my things left early with the van and turned up at hers to do the job and just leave the rest to fate. I couldn't escape her it seemed. I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to or whether I even could.

At first however it was different. She'd greeted me by the door given me a brief kiss on my cheek invited me inside all very formal and polite not what I had expected. But a look in her eyes held a warning of sorts and a little later I heard noise and steps, another voice and I realised today her husband was home.

I almost felt relief. I was safe from temptation as there was no way anything would happen while he was there. At first that seemed right. I made my way through to her sauna and just worked quickly and efficiently. I didn't see much of Jennifer she stopped by once and looked in and left quickly.

I thought I had got away with it, resisted temptation, avoided any awkward moments. I was feeling pretty good. That was until she stopped by again. She kissed me, my head melted. That was pretty much all it took a single kiss that soft warm sultry mouth covering mine and I had failed spectacularly. But I didn't feel good, I felt alive and very hard.

She caught me in the sauna trapped me against the door as I'd done to her once. Her body blocked me, so only by physically touching her could I escape, and I knew if I touched her I'd be finished. I wouldn't be able to resist not wanting more of her. A fact I was sure she knew all too well.

But she pressed in close her eyes focused entirely on mine, stepped up on her toes and carefully pressed a soft kiss on my mouth. It was no more than that. Just a quick light kiss, her cheek brushing mine, her fingers caressing slowly against my jaw as she took a deep breath and just looked at me.

"I've wanted to do that since you turned up today. Actually, I've wanted to do a whole lot more. But today......well you've seen it's a bit awkward." She breathed out softly.

"Jennifer." I mumbled softly and it was all that I managed to get out before her fingertip pressed against my mouth, she shook her head and just smiled at me.

"Don't say anything. You don't need to say anything I know you to well. You've got that look in your eye. You might talk about stopping or being careful or valiantly trying to resist but we both know you wouldn't. Even now I bet your thinking of it right now."

Her face broke into a small, satisfied smirk as she looked at me.

I felt her fingers stroke across my lips just light and teasing as she leaned in close once more, her voice a whispered soft tease as she continued to speak, this time only adding to the mix by accentuating her words with little soft kisses and gentle flicks of her tongue for good measure.

"I know you remember. We've done this before in this room. I bet you can remember that alright. I bet you can remember me naked in here, all hot and wet and bare. I bet you can remember exactly what happened then. You wanted it then. You still want it now." She continued.

"Even with my husband here I don't think you'd be able to sop yourself. I think you'd enjoy just tearing through my clothes until you could get your hands on me. Or your mouth, or a few other parts that might want some attention." She smirked playfully fingers just sliding down my chest the tips trailing across me.

I shuddered taking a deep breath as I felt her settle both her hands on my chest her palms resting on them. She was leaning in against me, and although I had tried not to touch her it was a battle I wasn't winning. I could only get past her by moving her, and moving her meant touching her. If I touched her.....if my hands found their way to her curvy tempting figure I was finished. Of course, if she continued like this I might be finished anyway.

She was pressing in so close I was acutely aware of her. The feel of her body, the scent of her skin the touch of her hands and her breath teasing against me. She stood up sliding her voluptuous body against me and I could feel the heat radiating of her. I knew how worked up she was then and already knew I was in trouble.

She kissed me again, and then again nipping at my lower lip and tugging it. I made a sound and it only made her do it again. She was baiting me, teasing me making it impossible to resist enjoying seeing how far she could push me before I broke. The simple answer to that was not long.

Another brush of her lips and a flick of her tongue and I grabbed hold of her pulling her against my body. I heard her make a noise, half laugh half pleasure as we fought one another. Suddenly we were kissing and groping one another like sex starved teenagers.

I ground my by now fully hard erection against her belly. She moaned against my mouth her tongue teasing and sliding over mine molten and hot to taste. I grasped and held her hips slipped around to cup her rear through the jeans she was wearing and just squeezed and pushed against her.

She moaned again scraping her lips over my neck and tugging at my clothes trying to get her hands on bare skin. I grasped her hips and spun her around planting her against a wall and pinning her there as I ground myself against her our mouths dueling in fervent hunger.

I tugged at her sweater my hands slipping beneath the fabric and caressing the bare skin beneath running across her belly and climbing up to find the lace covering her breasts. Breathless I groaned as I touched them fingers tracing across the lace of her cups until I found the hard tips of her nipples thrusting out against it.

She might have been right. I might have torn her clothes there and then. I might have surrendered to that clawing need there and then and just taken her regardless of the consequences. I think we were both suddenly so worked up we wouldn't have stopped.

In the end a call for her from outside broke the two of us apart. Her husband trying to find where she was. I swallowed hard and slowly and reluctantly edged back from her. Flushed and looking hot, her mouth swollen and tempting she looked at me. Before I said anything she silenced me with a finger again.

"Ssssssshhhhhh." She murmured softly cutting of any noise. "Don't speak, don't think, just listen for a moment." She flashed a small smile at me and then slowly drew her finger once more running across my chest and slowly on down my body.

I knew what she was doing, I knew what she'd find. I watched the slow smirk come across her lips as her fingers traced across my erection. It ran slowly up and down the length of my shaft and then she just cupped me her palm rubbing gently over the hard bulge in my jeans.

"You are so hard right now." She smiled playfully tossing her head.  She licked her lips and then slowly just shook her head. "Well, that's it then isn't it. I guess I'll just have to take care of that for you won't I." She must have seen the alarm in my face as she chuckled softly.

"Not right at this moment." She assured me softly. "But before you go, before you finish up, I'm going to take care of that problem for you. I want it, you want it, so I guess we'll just have to take care of it somehow. We'll have to get creative won't we." She laughed softly and planted another lingering kiss on my mouth even as I heard another shout for her.

I think I groaned, or at least some noise escaped me as I felt her press her hand against me one final time her palm rubbing across my hard aching length. Her eyes bright and hot looked at me again and I watched her take a breath. She leaned in and nipped at my ear.

"See I told you. I can what you're thinking right now, and that is all about tearing of my clothes and just fucking me. You don't even care my husband is calling me all you want to do is make me take you, make me take that cock, make me moan while you pound yourself inside me while you watch me desperately just try to keep quiet even as we both just erupt." She shuddered a little even stood there.

"You don't have to worry you won't be thinking about it soon you'll be doing it. Think about that for a bit. I want you. I need you inside me, and before you go, I'm going to get exactly that and you'll love every second of it." She kissed me a final time hard and deep and then turned and strode away leaving me stood there hard breathless and aching.

I blew out a shaky breath just trying to compose myself. My whole body was swimming with sensations. I was hard and aching and she wasn't entirely wrong. I needed her regardless of the consequences which was a problem when we had to be careful.  But then it did add an uncomfortable thrill to things which was also hard to resist.

I tried to settle down again get back to work. There wasn't a lot to do more routine maintenance. In the background I could hear Jennifer occasionally talking scattered words a few laughs. I tried to push it away and ignore it as best I could really. No easy feat given my current situation.

Jennifer made it hard to resist. As I was making my way outside again, she caught me in the hallway just by her front door. She pressed in against my back so I could feel her body rubbing against me soft and deliciously warm as she touched me, teasing me making me ache again.

Her mouth nipped at my ear as she hissed out a breath her hands reached around running over my chest and then drifted down to my waist one tugged at my shirt lifting it up so she could reach underneath and trace her fingers against my chest stroking softly.

The other ventured down and was pressed firmly against my bulge slowly rubbing and tracing her fingers against it. I bit back another moan of pleasure straining against her soft teasing touch as she played with it slowly caressing and rubbing and making me strain even more.

""How much would you enjoy me dropping to my knees right now?" She teased softly. "Kneeling down opening up your jeans just letting that hard cock out to breathe a little. I bet you could find something else to do with it then wouldn't you. With me on my knees in front of you fluttering my pretty eyes." She bit my neck and flicked her tongue out.

"Would you just be eager just work it into my mouth and let me hungrily suck away teasing you, tasting you. Would you just thrust it inside and use my mouth like you want to use me? Either way you wouldn't stop would you not until you erupted out spilling all over my mouth. Although I do recall you do enjoy other more visual things." She nipped at me again and then disappeared before I could answer.

I closed my eyes and lingered a few moments just trying to catch myself. I took a deep breath and then went back outside to grab what I needed before I returned back inside. I was wary as I did keeping a look out for Jennifer but she wasn't to be found which almost left me disappointed.

We were playing a dangerous game I knew it. I couldn't stop myself though. I enjoyed her far too much not to. Distracted and hard I worked a little more and then left the sauna room stepping carefully as I explored keeping my feet as light and as soft as I could.

I could soon hear her voice and following the sound of it I found her stood up in one of her lounges on the phone talking to someone. She heard me instantly turning and smiling a little as I watched her. I slowly walked across towards her unable to keep away from her.

There was no one else there apart from the two of us, and the phone of course. Regardless I found myself wrapping an arm around her waist and drawing her in close against my body. I couldn't resist lowering my mouth to slide over her neck brushing my lips against her skin.

My hands started to wonder across her curves holding her hips, moving around to cup her rear and pull her in against my body grinding lightly against her as I did. I worked them up as I always did to find her breasts caressing them lightly then delving up under her sweater to run across the lace.

She continued to speak into the phone, but she wasn't completely still. Her free hand trailed down my belly and pressed between my thighs again slowly caressing back and forth over the straining front of my jeans just rubbing against my erection as it throbbed with need.

They climbed back up and she popped open the button and then slowly and delicately started to edge the zip down a small playful smirk on her face as she did. Once she'd finished her fingers traced across the swollen head of my cock massaging me through my boxers.

Carefully she eased the fabric back and my stiff erection leaped out hard and firm and seeking attention as it nudged against her teasing soft touch. Hot eyes watched me as she slowly teased her thumb across the swollen head rubbing it gently. I swallowed an eager moan just enjoying her attention.

She was still listening to the phone even as she looked at me attentively. Her lips planted little light kisses along my jaw until she could nibble on my earlobe teasing it with her tongue and nipping gently. She held the phone out of range as she murmured teasingly to me.

"Tell me what you want?"

I licked my lips breathing deeply focusing entirely on her as she touched me. "You." I murmured simply and then shook my head trying to concentrate. "I want your hand touching me. I want to feel your mouth tasting me. I want to hear you moan while I take you and use you and just pound myself inside you." I kept my words low and soft even as my voice was strained.

Watching me her grin widened. She brought the phone close again. I was barely paying any attention to it or what she said instead focused on her soft gentle touch. Even as I spoke her thumb slipped away. She drew it to her mouth and let me watch as she licked it gently wetting the tip.

I watched her closely the teasing smile and light in her eyes as she slipped her hand back down. I knew what she was doing and even, so I shuddered as that damp tip of her thumb caressed the head of my cock just gently rubbing against it. It made me ache even more.

She traced it over the head of my shaft and then slowly circled it following the harder ridge and just gently stroking me as I throbbed and pulsed against her touch. I was rigid and hard to the touch, if it was possible my cock hardening even more at her carefully manipulation, but Jennifer knew how to touch, how to tease. Perhaps better than anyone else I'd known.

She rubbed carefully over the head again making me close my eyes for a moment savouring that contact. I opened them as I felt her hand snake inside my boxers pushing inside and exploring. I sighed as her palm cupped my balls slowly rubbing and squeezing them.

Then they travelled up and her fingers slowly wrapped themselves around the base of my cock squeezing gently and just feeling me pulse even more my breath catching as I let her hold me. I let out a breath my own hands pushing up under her sweater again fondling her lace clad breasts.

Lazily she started to stroke me soft, slender fingers edging up and down the length of my hard aching cock. I let out a soft sigh squeezing her breasts even as she caressed me just enjoying her assured touch. Her lips pressed against my neck again and the closeness of her and that touch made me pulse in her hand.

She circled the head her fingers forming a smooth tight grip and my hips bucked pushing, thrusting edging myself against her as I breathed out it was slow at first, but I couldn't resist her touch and was soon fucking her hand just pumping my cock against her touch.

She nipped at my neck again and then spoke into the phone. I wasn't listening I was enjoying her soft touch too much. I felt her encircle me stroking me her fingers finding their way to the head of my shaft and then sliding back down just twisting as she went.

I bit back a groan and instead thrust my hand down the front of her jeans running across her belly and then delving past the lace of her underwear and diving right past until I could press between her thighs my palms just grinding against her sex the friction stimulating her as well.

I watched her eyes flicker, felt her body shudder, and she pressed her face against the curve of my neck to muffle any noise that she might make. She knew me to well. As soon as I felt her, I needed more of it. I could feel the heat coming of her that arousal as well.

It was a simple thing to pull her underwear to one side and slip a finger beneath. I caressed along hot wet flesh trailing across her outer lips and had to busy my face in her hair in turn as she squeezed my cock. I didn't stop though I caressed her swollen lips and gently just pushed inside her.

She choked back a moan of pleasure her hips already moving, grinding pushing, and thrusting against my touch. I quested inside her feeling that slick heat welling up coating me and groaned again pushing and thrusting against her hand at the same time my thumb found her clit and I stroked across it.

Her head came up and she kissed me again using my mouth to silence the full-blooded moan of pleasure she released at my touch. There was no mistaking this I could feel her just wet and needy aching for this every bit as much as I did. I wanted to throw the phone away and take her right then pull away the clothes and pound myself inside her.

I couldn't yet, not with her on the phone. Or at least I didn't think I should. Instead, I contented myself with teasing her more. I continued to just rub and tease her sex, using my thumb to play with her clit while my finger pressed inside her greedy hot sex feeling it cling to me.

She squirmed and wriggled against me her hips bucking as she pushed herself onto my finger. How much she was listening to her call I wasn't sure, but she stiffened even more as I parted her and slipped in a second finger working it into her slick wet heat and using them to fuck her.

It wasn't exactly how I wanted to be enjoying her right then, but it was feeling pretty good. She trembled against me panting and squirming her juices coating my fingers as they pumped in and out of her. She was grinding herself onto me trying to work them deeper and deeper whimpering as she did only for more voices and her call interrupt again.

She shuddered against me and pulled back clearing her throat before she spoke into the phone. I didn't want to stop but with a rueful look she grasped my wrist and tugged my hand away from her, so my fingers slipped free of her sex. She wasn't quite done yet, however.

As I watched she drew them to her mouth her tongue sliding over them tasting herself before she drew them between her lips and sucked them clean. Then she planted another hard kiss on my mouth all hunger and desire before she slipped aside and drifted away again.

I stood there quietly just trying to calm myself an impossible task really as my body was aching too much. I half considered trailing after her but had the sense to avoid that particular mistake. Instead I calmed myself at least a little and then went back to work.

I was taking longer than I needed mostly just as an excuse to stay close and hope Jennifer found me again. I heard her in the background talking occasionally, the phone still or her husband. I heard her laugh eventually and then the sound of her feet walking by before her head popped around the sauna door.

"My husband reminded me that I've been rude and not offered you anything. Can I get you a drink or something?" She spoke loud and clear making her voice carry. I heard a chuckle in the distance. I looked at her. Her eyes sparkled as she gazed back, and she crooked a finger at me and beckoned me to follow.

"Sure, if you don't mind. Just some water would be great."

"No that's fine follow me I'll take you into the kitchen and we can get you taken care of." There was something about the way she said that, that just made me ache. But I pushed myself up and trailed behind her watching her hips sway as she led the way through her house to the kitchen. 

She walked across to a cupboard and retrieved a glass before closing it and walking towards the sink. I walked around following behind her, watching as she filled the glass with water and then turned to regard me. She smiled a little and licked her lips as she held it out towards me.

"Here you go would there be anything else?" She called out her words loud and clear before she pressed even closer. Her voice was softer then full of a sultry tension. "Anything else?" She murmured softly her mouth sliding up the side of my neck until she bit my ear.

"Tell me what you want?" She suggested softly handing me the glass.

I took it, using it as an excuse to steady myself as I took a drink. I didn't say anything then. I reached out my free hand and brushed my fingers lightly along her cheek stroking her skin. I didn't say anything instead I just moved my hand to her shoulder and gave it a nudge pushing her down.

Her eyes looked at me flashing brightly, amusement and pleasure running through them. She kissed me once slow and deep and then slowly just slipped down her hands trailing across my chest as she sank lower until she was kneeling in front of me. I shivered watching her, seeing her hungry smile looking back at me.

Her hands continued tracing across my body moving from my chest to my hips and then my thighs just making me move them, spreading them further apart. Then her hands went back to my jeans, and she slowly began to work on the fastenings popping open the button and drawing down the zip.

She still looked at me a playful smile on her face as her hands ran across my straining bulge before she pulled my jeans down, taking my boxers with it. Hard and firm my cock leapt out again bobbing freely now it was freed. Jennifer wrapped a hand around the base and smiled at me.

"So, this is what you want is it. Me on my knees eagerly waiting to play with you, to taste you?" Her soft voice just made me ache. Slowly her hand stroked me from the base to the tip circling and pressing against the swollen head. "It certainly looks like it wants it." She continued.

I thrust against her hand pushing myself against her, the friction making me ache. She looked back at me her eyes hot. "Tell me what you want." She repeated. I growled low and deep, the sound making my chest vibrate. I didn't tell her so much as show her, even if I knew she was teasing.

I reached down tangling my fingers in her hair and pressed my hips forward rubbing the head of my cock against her mouth. I traced across her lips soft and smooth feeling them tease me and then just felt her mouth part and suddenly just draw me inside enveloping my cock and making me sigh with pleasure.

Jennifer was soon anything but teasing. Her tongue swirled around the swollen head of my shaft flicking alongside the underside and making me ache as I throbbed against her. She played it over the head the whole time just keeping her gaze on me as she worked.

Then she just began to slide her lips around the head pushing down the length of my shaft and taking me deep making me throb and pulse even more under her attention. Soon the grip I had on her hair was as much to keep myself steady as it was anything else.

She kept a grip on the very base of my cock occasionally caressing my balls and otherwise just eagerly licked and sucked and hungrily enjoyed me. My back arched and I leaned against the counter just watching her bobbing up and down eagerly devouring me.

She was as skilled at this as anything else. Her mouth worked smoothly taking me deep, muffled moans as she pressed on down the length of my shaft. Then she pulled back to the head rubbing her lips over me and using her tongue to tease and taste the fluid that seeped from the head before she dived back down once more.

I groaned at the sensation of her swallowing me down then I half regretted it remembering we weren't supposed to be making much noise, but it was hard to do. It was hard enough to even think like that with her mouth that hungry and eager to tease and enjoy me.

Worse was coming however. Dimly I was aware of a call. It took a moment for it to register but I realised it was her husband looking for her. She edged her way back to the tip of my cock her lips kissing the head while she used her tongue just to play and tease me as she listened.

My hand was still on her head sliding through her hair. she tilted her head back using her tongue to lick under the head of my shaft making me twitch. She called out to him saying she was just getting me a drink. I was too distracted to pay much attention I had a sudden urge for something else, something more.

I tightened my grip on her head and suddenly just started to thrust and push against her. I didn't give her much warning or indication I was going to. I just buried my cock between her lips and started to eagerly enjoy her mouth even more, regardless of anything else.

Jennifer moaned the sound muffled by my length disappearing between her lips. Her hands slipped around to hold my thighs and rear holding on and kneading my body. In complete control now I just enjoyed her ignoring the fact her husband was the other side of a wall.

I fucked her mouth pushing, thrusting and sinking my cock inside it. I pulled out briefly and let the head slide against her lips dripping pre cum before I edged back set the tip back on her tongue and pushed inside once more thrusting and powering myself inside her hearing her moan and gag around me.

She couldn't say anything, especially when her husband called to her again. I didn't give her a chance I plunged my cock between her lips and just pushed and thrust watching her take it all pressed down tight right the way to the base of my shaft sucking and gagging on me.

When I finally relented and released her, she coughed weakly her face flushed as she drew in a ragged breath saliva dripping freely from my cock over her lips and down across her sweater, leaving it damp. Which did give me something else to think about as I looked at her.

I reached down with my hands just trying to reach her sweater and tug it up no easy thing to do from this angle especially with her mouth on me. I wanted to see them, I wanted to touch them at that moment I was aching to do even more with them than just that.

Jennifer prevented me at least for now her hungry teasing mouth swooped down on me once more and was sucking hungrily swirling her tongue around me even as I continued to hear her husband looking for her in the background. It made me ache and pulse as I held her.

So, I held her firmly once more and then once again began to steadily just thrust inside her mouth pushing myself deep as I pulled her against me. The sound of her husbandís voice to me at least was drowned out by her muffled moans and the sound of me fucking her mouth.

I bit back a moan as I fucked her again hard thrust after hard thrust burying myself against her warm wet mouth until I released her to draw in another deep ragged breath. As I pulled free, she ran her hands over me and looked back up looking far more deshelled now. Her face flushed with heat and saliva and pre cum over her mouth and lips, more dripping down more having already made her sweater a mess.

She leaned back taking a moment to survey her current state and shook her head before flashing a rueful smile at me. Slowly she stood up her hand wrapping around and stroking me as she did. Rock hard my cock pulsed under her touch, and I shivered with pleasure.

"Look at the mess you made of me." She chuckled softly.

"Not as much as I'd like." I murmured back my voice hoarse as I spoke.

She chuckled again softly. "I knew you couldn't resist me. You're so hard now, aching for more of me you just can't help yourself." Her finger caressed my sensitive head and I shuddered softly. "And you were so bad then so very bad. You couldn't help it could you. My husband was a few feet away calling for me and you were busy fucking my mouth." She shook her head as I growled softly.

"You were an eager little tease just taking it so fucking well." You were lucky that was all I managed to do."

"Early days still remember. You still aren't leaving until you've fucked me, until I've felt you inside me. Nothing between us, nothing at all just you and I joined together moaning." She breathed out and almost wiggled. "First I have to go and change." She smiled again.

"Something easier to get my hands on you." I murmured again watching as her smile widened.

"Really......" She drawled softly.

"It better be. I want more of you the next time we catch up or else whatever you do have on I might just tear of to get at you."

She looked at me and grinned. "Maybe I'd like that." She teased softly. "Maybe you'll have to come and find out." She smirked as she pushed away from me taking the glass on the counter that I had barely touched and then just splashed it over her sweater.

"Oh, damn it, now I'm going to have to change." She muttered her voice loud and clear and then just winked at me as she sauntered away.

I watched her go, more than a little tempted to follow behind, help her into some quieter spot where I could get the chance to enjoy her properly. Instead, I took the moment to cool off, calm down and just catch a breath. I didn't want to explode right away and after enjoying her mouth it might have happened.

I was too worked up to really think clearly which was another worry. I might feel guilty about this later. I didn't right then however the need that clawed at me overwhelmed that all to easily. Instead, I drained my water washed the glass out and then headed back to the sauna.

It was maybe ten minutes before I heard Jennifer again her voice in the background as I worked. I waited for her to put in an appearance, but she didn't. It was only her voice I heard. I waited a little longer and when she still didn't show up, I had to go and see just for my own sake.

I walked around trying to keep my footsteps light and listening out for the sound of voices just trying to track her down. She enjoyed teasing me so much I wondered if this was another game. Just to see if I would go after her. If she was, she was right I couldn't keep away from her at this point.

I caught a fleeting glimpse of her walking through a doorway eventually. I had no idea where her husband was. I followed behind her picking up the pace as I caught a glimpse of bare legs, a wispy skirt. She went through another doorway and actually ended up outside putting something down.

I stepped out behind her a few paces away. She had her back to me and no idea I was even there at least until she turned around just as I reached her. I watched her eyes sparkle mischievously just as I trapped her against the wall. I kissed her hard and just wrapped her up in my arms my body grinding against her.

As she had promised she had changed. Gone were the sweater and tight jeans instead she was wearing a much lighter dress. Her legs were bare and more tantalising to me was the fact it was cut lower the swells of her perfect tempting breasts much more pronounced.

I heard her muffled chuckle as I instantly started to explore her body. Her leg came up hooking over my hip and I pushed my hand along her soft supple thigh just stroking it, much easier to do now with just the skirt. I had other things to do at that moment as well, however.

Between the high hedge row of her garden and the sheltered porch we were beneath no one would see us anyway. Not unless they came directly out. Always possible of course but not foremost in mind at that moment. My attention was diverted elsewhere specifically the low-cut front of her dress.

I kissed her again moaning softly, dropped down and licked her neck before just burying my face into the soft pillowy cushions of her breasts my lips sliding across the tops of them. They were completely free now, no bra in sight just two thin straps of her dress containing them.

Two thin straps that couldn't have been any easier to slowly pull down her shoulders. I watched hungrily as I did seeing them slide slowly down, her soft moan joined by my own as they just spilled out all to easily leaving them bare and exposed and as tempting as ever.

I groaned again hearing her soft chuckle as she sensed my reaction. "I thought you might enjoy this. Is the access much better for you now?" She teased me softly. "Now you can just do a few more wicked things to me I think you wanted to do." She murmured again the soft sultriness of her voice making me ache.

I nuzzled her throat pulling the dress to her waist making sure her ample abundant cleavage was free to enjoy completely and then kissed her again. Even as I did, I let my hands venture up roaming to meet her breasts trailing my fingers up the sides of them just to caress all that soft skin.

I edged in and slowly caressed one hard nipple making her sigh softly. I kept my touch light and teasing. Her nipples were already hard and sensitive making every touch something that made her quiver and moan even more. I loved every second of it, getting my hands on all that soft tempting cleavage was something I couldn't resist.

Slowly I settled my hands on the side of them just brushing my fingers along the soft slopes using my thumbs to caress her nipples teasing those hard tips. She arched her back pressing them into me murmuring softly at the sensation while I leaned back just drinking the sight of her.

I wanted more though. I needed it. I kissed her again crushing our mouths together as I feasted on her and used my hands to squeeze and knead her breasts rolling them in my hands. I caught her nipples between my finger and thumb and pinched lightly tugging on them.

It was Jennifer herself that was moving me on. Her hands settled on my shoulders pushing and nudging me down this time and I growled softly sinking slowly down lower until I could slide my mouth across the tops of them caressing all that soft flesh, trailing my lips and tongue over them exploring.

As my mouth found a nipple, she moaned softly her back arching to push them more firmly against me. Her hands tightened on my head holding me close sifting her fingers through my hair as my tongue swirled around the tip of a nipple and then just sucked hungrily.

Her breasts just big and soft surrounded me. I released the first with a soft pop leaving the tip hard and glistening. I made my way across to the second circled my tongue around it and then bit down sucking again listening to her sweet moans of pleasure as she held me against them.

When I finally released them, I just held them in my hands big and soft as I caressed and kneaded them. I stood up and kissed her again just hard and aching. I needed more of her and waiting much longer was just something I was struggling to do.

"Knees." I moaned my voice hoarse.

"Knees?" She queried me.

"I want you on your knees. I want to fuck them." I shook myself a little trying to clear that haze of desire. In front of me Jennifer chuckled softly and bit my lip giving it a tug.

"How wicked of you. Wanting to fuck these big, soft perfect breasts." Her smile was dazzling and all together to satisfied. She knew I couldn't resist them. "I guess you can't forget enjoying them before like last time when you were too busy covering them. I bet you've thought about that a lot, haven't you?"

Her teasing sultry words clawed at me. Just made me ache with hunger. She was right of course. We both knew it. It wasn't something I could forget with the seduction she had pulled on me. There was little I enjoyed quite as much as enjoying her perfect big tempting boobs and she knew it.

I didn't answer her. Instead, I simply gripped her shoulders and pushed her down. She laughed softly sliding down to her knees her hands already reaching forward to open up my jeans again and pull my aching cock back out. I sighed softly as it was released again spilling out into her soft hands.

She grasped the base held me steady and then just drew me back into her mouth again sucking me deep her lips and tongue sliding up and down my throbbing length, as much as anything just to get me all wet and slick. Much more able to enjoy her big tempting breasts.

I breathed out as she released me, my cock bobbing and twitching just ready to enjoy her. She crossed her arms over the front of her body pushing her breasts together even more snugly presenting me with a deep line of cleavage. She worked up a blob of saliva from her mouth and then let it drop down between her boobs before she flashed me another smile.

"Just remember you can fuck them, and you can enjoy them. But you can't cum over them. I let you do that last time and I still want you inside me before you finish." She smirked at me playfully as I loomed over her.

I was aware of her talking even if my attention was fixed on that cleavage. I pressed forward eagerly guiding the head of my cock to run across the tops of her breasts just enjoying the soft slopes before I start to push my way down in between them just feeling that heaving tempting cleavage slowly surround me.

The two of us were so well versed in this now it was an easy task albeit one that Jennifer knew how to make even better. She held her arms tight keeping her breasts pushed together making me have to fight and push a little firmly to work myself between them. But that increased friction just made the sensations that much sweeter.

I drew my hips back pushed forward and kept on sliding and pushing nudging myself deeper and deeper into her smooth tempting cleavage until I was pressed firmly between them. Jennifer still held herself there just letting me do as I liked at least for now.

As good as she felt I couldn't hold myself still for long. Slowly I rocked my hips back and forth just pushing my cock between her perfect boobs. The head was already swollen and glistening. Even as I pushed against her it swelled even more, oozing fluid dripping across the soft slopes adding to the sticky mess already there.

Slowly I began to thrust working my hips to push against her, sometimes against them, sometimes right between them spearing up through the top in long deep strokes that made me ache in a delicious fashion that was hard to resist. There was rarely a moment when fucking her gorgeous perfect boobs didn't make me want to just explode and cover them.

Now I was firmly held between them Jennifer eased back her arms instead moving her hands to cup her breasts holding them and squeezing them around me. She held them close just rubbing them against my shaft, holding them tightly together so I could thrust and plunge myself between them.

As I built up the pace moaning as I pumped my stiff length between them her head dipped forward, her tongue snaking out to slide over the head of my shaft licking and teasing me. I pulled back and thrust forward even more pushing the head far enough forward that her mouth could close around me and suck.

I moaned again holding myself there vibrating against her soft flesh as she rubbed and edged them up and down my shaft making me pulse against all that soft smooth skin. It was such a delicious feeling I soon couldn't hold myself there anymore pulling back to thrust again, rapid hard fast strokes eyes fixed on my cock as it moved over her lush tempting curves.

Jennifer moaned softly her back arched to push her gorgeous soft breasts against me even more than she already was. "That's it. Fuck those tits. Fuck them like you want to fuck me, fuck them like I want you to fuck me. I want to feel you pound yourself inside me. I need to feel your cock inside me so badly right now."

She shook her head and released her breasts her hand grasping me instead. She guided the swollen head dripping pre cum to her nipples circling it around first one and then the other leaving them glistening with it as I looked on trying to muffle my moans of pleasure at the sheer enticing sight of her. 

She flashed me another wicked smile and released me again slowly pushing herself back to her feet. "Now you know that I've not already tasted you today I'm walking around with the feel of you on me as well. I'm sure you can think of one other thing you'd like to do before we finish today. Better get ready because I want it."

She turned around and walked away pulling her dress back into place as she left me standing there just breathing deeply trying to bite back the urge to just pull her back and take her. I was almost shaking I needed her that bad. I wasn't going to be able to help myself soon. One way or another I'd have to have her.

Still feeling shaky I tried to concentrate on what I needed to do. An impossible task really as every time I heard her voice I ached. Worst of all was the fact I didn't really see her. I could hear her in the background a teasing temptation that I couldn't get away from. When she didn't come back, I had a decision to make.

I could leave it and trust that she would come back. Or I could search around and try to find her. In the end I went after her stepping carefully an excuse ready in case I did see anyone. Although really it was fine until I met Jennifer. Once that happened, I wasn't keeping my hands of her anyway.

I tracked her down to the dining room. She was speaking to her husband through an open door although her smile widened as I walked in. She stood there talking and walked over towards me just that small knowing smile on her face. It was too much for me. As she walked across, I grasped her wrist jerked her close and groaned softly as I bit her neck.

Her head fell back eyes fluttering as she smiled. I didn't give her any chance to savour it though. I had other things I wanted far more. I moved her along towards a wall spun her around and pushed her face first against it. Her hands shot out palms resting against the surface as she looked over her shoulder at me.

"Stay still don't move." I warned her my voice a husky low growl as I nuzzled her neck pressing in against her back.

I knew what she was thinking. I ground my hips against her letting my erection thrust against her soft rear and I knew she was thinking of me taking her. Just fucking her like that. I was more than tempted but I wanted to make her squirm before I gave in completely. I wanted to pay her back in kind.

I let my hands glide down her back stroking across her until they reached her waist. I continued across her hips and down her rear grasping her skirt and tugged it up to slide my hands underneath. As I did, I growled again as I found her body there waiting for me.

She was completely bare literally just the dress nothing else. I gripped her naked rear and ground against her watching her breath catch as I pushed against her. I nipped at her neck and then slowly began to slide down behind her falling to my knees like she had done earlier.

I pushed her skirt up exposing her lower body as I bunched it around her waist. She was bare and tempting as I looked at her. I trailed my fingers over her rear resisting the urge to spank it and just watch it bounce. It wasn't like there wasn't an awful lot more I could do with her.

I settled my hands on her hips just drawing them back and nudged her legs further apart opening her up, giving myself more room in which to enjoy her. Moving in close I set my teeth against her delicious tempting flesh and bit down hard enough to leave little marks on her skin.

"You are such a tease." I murmured softly shaking my head as I looked at her. Reaching forward I brushed my hand along her sex finding her as I expected. Warm and wet already. I stroked my fingers along her lips teasing her entrance hearing her breath catch above me as she responded to the touch.

She was panting above me resting against the wall as she finally enjoyed some well-deserved attention of her own. Gently I parted her soaked flesh and slowly pushed a finger inside her stroking it in, circling it around her and then slowly pulled it free. She whimpered softly.

"Just a perfect busty tempting tease that is just asking to be fucked." I repeated softly stroking my finger back over her lips before slowly sliding my finger inside her again. I fingered her gently reaching further up so I could play with her clit at the same time listening as a fresh burst of whimpers escaped her.

She pushed back to meet me panting as she tried to thrust herself onto my fingers. I rewarded her by sliding a second finger inside her slowly pushing them in and out of her fucking her with them. Watching her squirm and writhe was giving me even more ideas.

I used my free hand to grasp one cheek and spread it apart just hungrily eyeing up every possible inch of her. That delicious round rear was worthy of it's own attention as was nearly every other part of her. Feeling her squirm against my fingers just made me want to enjoy her.

I pulled my fingers free from her dripping sex pulled her hips back and drove forward with my mouth pushing between her thighs and reaching up so I could press my mouth against her sex. Jennifer moaned. Even with my head muffled by her thighs it sounded loud to me. How her husband didn't hear her I didn't know. She covered it with a cough and then added something which I didn't hear.

I was too busy to be listening. With my head between her thighs, I worked my mouth over her bare lips feeling her sticky wetness brush and slide across me as she closed her thighs around my head. Every touch made her quiver with excitement. I could feel the need and desire radiating from her.

Flicking my tongue out I caressed her lips and then just pushed and nudged against them sinking inside her as she clung to the wall. She was always grinding against me almost bouncing her soft ass on my face as she tried to keep the moans and desperate panting as low as possible.

I didn't even care at that point. I just wanted to make her cum, make her explode. I stroked my tongue across her folds using the tip to push inside her rapid little dabs before I pulled back and stroked it up over her clit instead, closing my mouth over her pussy and just sucking.

At the same time, I closed my hand over her rear just squeezing it. I wanted to just watch that gorgeous, muscled flesh bounce but instead I caressed my hand across it fondling and stroking it with something else in mind for what I could do with it.

At the same time Jennifer was proving her multi-tasking was better than mine. Her hand came of the wall and reached down tangling in my hair pulling me even tighter against her dripping bare sex. I just groaned against her as she wriggled and squirmed against my mouth.

She was still holding a conversation even if it was the odd word interspersed with her moaning into her arm as she ground her pussy on my lips and tongue. I was so worked up I wasn't bothered at all by the thought we might be discovered in fact I wanted to push her even more.

I squeezed her shapely rear again filling my hand with that soft muscled flesh and then worked my hand down between her cheeks my finger caressing and teasing sliding down until I found her tight puckered opening lightly circling it with the tip of my finger spreading her wetness around it.

I heard her hiss out a breath stiffening above me as she reacted to the touch. I didn't venture far yet just teased her and kept my mouth on her sex my lips hungrily sucking while my tongue teased her clit helping to keep her loose and relaxed and easier to enjoy exactly as I wanted.

I kept my mouth on her, my moans muffled by her body as I ate her out. I alternated my tongue from sliding over her clit to plunging inside her slick wet folds feeling her buck and strain just writhing against me as her pleasure built and spread through her.

At the same time, I continued to tease her tight puckered opening toying with it feeling her wriggle and squirm under the sensation until I thrust my tongue inside her again. At the same time, I increased the pressure of my finger pushing it against her until I began to spread her open and work it inside her as well.

She moaned again shivering under that dual penetration even if it wasn't as much as we both might have wanted. I watched her curl her head into the crook of her arm trying to silence and muffle the noises that escaped her least any sign of exactly what was going on escaped. Not that it would be likely to stop me now.

I wanted to make her lose it now, like she had been doing with me. I wanted to hear her hungry desperate moans as she came all over my mouth. I wanted to feel and taste her excitement all over me as she did. So, I pressed my mouth even more tightly against her letting her ride my mouth and tongue as I continued to push my finger deeper inside her rear.

The touch of my lips and tongue was helping her relax at least distracting her enough that I could guide and press my finger further inside her stretching her out and making her squirm and moan more and more. The combination of my tongue and mouth on top was building her towards a peak.

I felt her body tensing up, tightening around me fighting to resist and knowing it was going to succumb anyway. I flicked my tongue over her clit and then as I felt her quiver, closed my mouth over it nibbling and sucking and pushed my tongue inside her licking deep while I drove my finger inside her rear, knuckle deep now.

She arched suddenly mouth parted in a silent cry as she held herself there and then all of a sudden, she just bucked, trembling as the pleasure flooded through her. She buried her face in her elbow crying and moaning as she came riding my mouth just grinding against me as I lapped up her sticky juices.

Wave after wave battered her as I held my finger inside her and kept my mouth pressed tight until she couldn't take any more and edged herself away from me. Enough for her to take in a shaky breath of air as she tried to calm herself down and enjoy her orgasm.

I didn't give her much time to enjoy it. I gave her a final lick tasting her on my mouth before I pushed away and rose behind her. She looked at me over one shoulder her eyes still glazed with pleasure as I pressed in close and just captured her mouth in a searing heated kiss.

I savoured the feel of my tongue sliding over hers letting her taste herself on my mouth as we kissed. She moaned freely now the sound muffled by our lips and tongues as they slipped eagerly over one another just teasing and tasting one another. I had other things in mind now as well.

I pressed against her eagerly grinding my body against her lush tempting curves my hands fondling and caressing as much of her as I could reach. I ran them down between us to the front of my jeans and began to open them up pushing them down and taking my boxers with them.

I pushed and nudged against her reaching with my hand to take hold of my cock and just guide it against her entrance. The feel of her hot and slick as I slowly edged across her had me gritting my teeth. It would be so easy to just push inside her. She was more than ready just eager for it murmuring softly. I was hard enough, just aching to enjoy her. But I wanted more.

"Beg me." I murmured softly kissing her neck.


"Beg me." I repeated softly dragging my mouth over the curve of her neck and nipping at her flesh while I let my hands wonder across her body just squeezing her lush tempting curves. I pushed the head of my cock against her sliding over her bare lips and heard her whimper softly.

"You heard me. I want to hear you beg me. I know you want me. Even with your husband here you aren't thinking of him. You just want to get fucked, you want nothing more than to feel me fill you up drive myself inside you, just pound in and out of you because nothing feels better than that." I licked my lips and drew in a breath.

"You know I can't resist you, can't get enough of you. You knew it when you seduced me in my bed. You knew it when you made sure I was here today, you knew it the whole time you were teasing and playing with me and when you just came all over my mouth." I nipped at her again growling with need as I held her.

"I know how much you want this, how much you want to be fucked right now. But I want to hear it, I want to hear you. I want to feel you and see you, and hear you moan and beg for me to give you everything you want, everything you need or else we stop right now. I want to hear how even with your husband this close you want me inside you filling you, giving you exactly what you want because it feels better, because I make you feel better."

I nuzzled her neck and held myself just dabbling the head of my shaft against her entrance feeling that heat, the dampness. One little movement would see us both happy, but I held back as hard as that was and just teased her thrusting forward to rub against her swollen clit.

She made a soft sound. Half moan half laugh, I think. She bucked and squirmed against me rubbing against my shaft making the friction even more delicious. I throbbed against her. Her eyes sparkled as she looked at me. I think she knew that whatever she said it wasn't likely I'd be able to stop myself from enjoying her.

Slowly and very deliberately she bit her lip and fluttered her eyes at me. She had an altogether mischievous look on her face as she looked at me. She pressed her mouth against me just a soft brush of her lips as she edged herself against me, so I pulsed against her bare flesh.

"Is that what you want?" She murmured softly. "You want to hear me moan like a cheap slut for you. So naughty and so wicked I don't care about anything else but fucking you hard and deep, taking that cock bare inside me just flesh on flesh until you erupt inside me, just leaving me a sticky hot mess dripping after youíre done?"

I could only muster a growl nipping at her shoulder and sliding myself against her clit again, just watching as she shuddered her eyes still smiling as they looked at me. Just listening to the words drip from her mouth, that soft and sultry tone just made me ache.

"I can do that for you if it's what it takes. Because I want you inside me right now. You want to be inside me because the two of us can't think of anything else. Because nothing else feels as good as when were together like that. You know that, and I know that." She shivered as I watched her squirming against me.

"I want you inside me. I want to take you, I want to feel you, I want to see that look on your face as you slide inside me that tells me nothing else has ever felt as good as I do. So, I want you to take me. I want you to look at me as you do I want us looking at each other as you slide inside just a little at a time making me take you, so we both can feel exactly how bad we are and exactly how much none of that matters because we feel too good together." She swallowed and shook her head

"So please, please just take me, we both need this right now just give it to me. I want you inside me, I want to take you, I want to feel every inch of your thick cock pushing and stretching me until you're buried deep inside me. So do it, give it to me let us both enjoy it."

The sweet seductive sound of her voice, the inherent need in it, my own aching desire it was far far too much for me to resist. I rubbed myself against her again just feeling that delicious sensation of her body against mine and then drew back settled myself and started to push inside her.

I went slow and took my time, the head first, followed by just an inch at a time slowly nudging deeper and deeper feeling that welling heat engulfing me, drawing me in sweet and enticing. I held her gaze the two of us watching one another intently. I felt her body tremble as she drew me inside her an inch at a time until I was finally buried deep.

I held myself there pressed down feeling her already squeezing around me her eyes fluttering in pleasure as she gripped my cock her flesh pulsing around mine. Lightly she pressed her mouth against mine a sweet teasing kiss as she breathed slowly out the two of us joined together.

"Now." She murmured softly licking her lips as she looked at me. "Now you can fuck me, just take me and use me, and pound my pussy like a needy desperate hungry slut because I need you right now. I need to feel you plunging inside me making me moan for you. You're going to have to help keep me quiet because we can't get caught and I want to feel every inch of you ravishing me today." She fluttered her eyes again.

"Please, please, fuck me, take me, make me moan for you, make me cum all over you." Every word was a hungry desperate plea as she edged and rocked against me just squirming impaled on my cock as I held her there pinned against the wall still, every word she spoke making me ache.

I didn't hesitate then. I didn't think about it, didn't go slow or steady or give her any more warning. I drew my hips back and then thrust forward driving against her, my body slapping against hers as I pushed deep inside. I did at least have the sense to cover her mouth careful enough to muffle the moan that immediately spilled from her.

I pressed my mouth against her neck groaning before I bit her ear. "I want to hear you moan for me, all those greedy eager sounds you make spilling from you while I pound myself in and out exactly like you want right now." I gasped against her already pulling back to thrust again.

I didn't say any more. I was barely even thinking. I fucked her against the wall my hips driving up to meet her body lunging and pounding myself inside her over and over again just using and enjoying every inch of her. It felt too good to intense that delicious satisfaction of finally sating my own aching need.

Jennifer reveled in it. Her eyes rolled, her body clung there pressed against the wall while I eagerly fucked her repeatedly. She moaned over and over again hot greedy noises spilling into my hand as I held it over her lips. My fingers ended up inside her mouth, her tongue sliding over them her as she licked and sucked and cried out her pleasure.

Even with that I didn't know how we weren't discovered. My hips slapped against her rear. Every time I thrust inside her the wet squelch of her juices could be heard dripping from her onto her thighs, smearing against me. The room smelt of her sex, of her. It teased my senses and made me just pound myself inside her deep hard strokes that pushed her against the wall and sent my cock thrusting home into that delicious heat of her body.

She whimpered, moaned and took it all over and over again our bodies matched perfectly both of us driving the other on. Hungrily she squeezed and tightened around my shaft making me pulse inside her leaking out as my hands roamed across her squeezing and fondling, exploring every inch of her.

"Greedy, greedy girl." I groaned against her slapping her tight rear watching it bounce as I thrust again.

"Fuck me, fuck me just fucking give it to me." Was amongst the litany she repeated as I ravished, plundered and enjoyed her.

It was all too much and yet not enough. I drove and thrust deep inside her again my hips grinding against her soft rear panting against her neck as I felt as I felt her clench and squeeze my cock. Another muffled moan escaped her as she bit the tip of a finger as I pushed them against her mouth.

Groaning myself I bit her neck and pulled her away from the wall spinning her around and crushing my mouth against hers as I grasped the flimsy straps of her dress and tugged them of her shoulders. A quick tug and I pulled it down exposing her breasts my hands covering them immediately cupping and squeezing as I tugged on her nipples.

I dropped them to her hip boosted her up and plunged back inside her covering her mouth with mine as she moaned. Her legs gripped my hips, her breasts squashed against my chest, and I fucked her again hard fast strokes pummeling her slick wet sex and holding her against the wall as I enjoyed her.

She gripped my head fingers pulling at my hair sliding through it arching and lifting herself up until her breasts were bouncing against my face as I buried it in her cleavage and then found a nipple biting down and teasing it. She held her own hands over her mouth groaning as we enjoyed each other.

I held her steadily lunging in and out of her deep strokes that slid easily in and out as she clung to me her legs around my hips. Those perfect big soft tempting boobs just bounced and slipped over my face as I thrust inside her groaning against her in sheer delight at the pleasure of it.

Even so I couldn't hold her like that forever especially not if I came. I knew unsteady legs would have us both topple over. I drew my hips back and thrust again sliding myself up inside her feeling her quiver as I did. I pulled my head away from her tempting cleavage and instead kissed her hungrily.

Then finally I eased myself back and lowered her to the floor. She took an unsteady step looking at me questioningly, but I was already drawing her forward leading her towards the dining table that was in the center of the room. I moved around her as I led her forward until I ended up behind her as she reached the edge.

Briefly she looked over her shoulder at me. I didn't give her time to dwell or think on anything. Instead, I put a hand on her back and pushed her down bending her over the table top and pinning her there. She wriggled as I held her there a soft exclamation escaping her those huge tempting breasts squashed against the top, her round rear squirming.

I didn't give her any chance to do anything moving behind her, lining myself up and then plunged back inside her deep and hard until my balls were pressed against her. A Strangled moan escaped her lips as she writhed and pushed back to meet me her palms resting on the polished wooden top.

I gripped and squeezed her rear again my other hand firmly placed in the center of her back making sure that she couldn't move far, not with my body holding her there in position buried inside her. I leaned over her just grinding against her glistening wet folds as I kissed her neck.

"The last time we were together at my place you were telling me about how you wanted to make sure every time I was in bed I would remember you, what we did how good it felt. Consider this repayment in kind." I smiled as I rocked against her. "Every time you're in here, with friends, with family enjoying dinner and hosting. I want you to think about this moment what we did, how you felt, how I bent you over your own table and fucked you like a greedy eager slut just enjoying as much of you as I could take."

It was all I said to her. I pulled back away from her gripped her hips drew myself back and then thrust forward hard again, deep inside her hammering away at deliciously soft tempting body using and enjoying her as she lay there desperately trying to hold back the moans and cries of pleasure.

I slammed against her with every stroke gritting my teeth as I did not remotely caring about the noise. The table and items on it rattled around under the impact of Jennifer's body as I thrust inside her. My hips slapped against her steadily even more as she pushed and ground herself back against me trying to take me deeper and deeper.

Need and hunger tore at me. It was raw and primal just that rampant urge to fuck and mate and enjoy her. I slipped one hand of her rear stroked it along her back and reached up to grab a handful of hair in my fist bunching it up and holding it in a tight firm grip.

I gave it a tug pulling her upper body up making her arch and bend as she took me. I continued to thrust steadily plunging in and out feeling her dripping juices smearing against the two of us as we came together. Now I had the added benefit of watching her gorgeous breasts swing back and forth with each thrust I made.

I released my grip on her hip entirely and let that hand slide up reaching to find her breast and cup it, squeezing it in my hand kneading it as my palm pressed against her hard nipples. In front of me Jennifer was wordless, but she continued to take every inch of me every time I buried it inside her.

I felt my pleasure rise and build the throbbing inside me growing by the second. I wanted nothing more than to spill it inside her. Just empty every last drop inside her just to see that well fucked pussy glistening and plump, dripping cum out of it when I was finished with her. Fate choose that moment to intervene.

Close by and loud and clear I heard a voice call out. "Jennifer!?" Questioning and searching for her.

We both froze at the same time holding ourselves still.

"What is it?" She called out in reply after taking a moment to compose herself.

"A call for you." Came the shout back even as I started to rock and edge against her again unable to resist her.

"I'll be right there." She sang out even as I edged myself in and out of her. She looked over her shoulder and shook her head at me already pushing me away as she freed herself. Hard and aching I looked at her as she started to tug her dress back into place covering herself up.

When she was finished, she looked at me again and sank quickly down to her knees. Her mouth parted and she drew me back inside moaning softly as she sucked on my length. I sighed softly already edging against her delicate mouth imagining finishing like this just spilling out across her tongue or erupting across her pretty face watching it drip down over her boobs. The thought alone made me tighten in anticipation. Jennifer choose that moment to pull away.

She stood up again leaning in close and kissing my cheek. "Quick tidy up. I had better see to this."

She must have seen my dismay as she smiled and kissed my cheek lips brushing up towards my ear. Don't worry, I promise you we'll finish this. There is no way you leave this house until you've cum for me. Trust me I'll take care of it, I'll take care of you. Who else but me makes you feel this good or drives you this crazy? Just think about what we do together. I'll make it so you don't forget today either. Now go quickly."

She kissed my cheek and then turned around and slipped away straightening her hair and her dress as she walked away. I watched her go and then swallowed hard as I bent down to tug my jeans into place and tidy up. Hard didn't really begin to describe my current state.

I went back to the sauna and just sat on a bench my mind whirling trying to think about everything we we're doing and whether it was sensible. I wasn't sensible around her. Logic tended to vanish quickly every time I saw her. I just couldn't resist, something about her whatever it was pulled at me.

I don't know how long I sat there. I wasn't paying enough attention sitting quietly and contemplating the situation while cooling of. Not very easy considering what I'd been doing recently and with the memories the sauna held as well considering it was the first place, I had encountered Jennifer.

Eventually I stirred when my phone vibrated, and I drew it out and opened it up to see a message. It was from Jennifer, a photo of her laying on the edge of the bed her skirt hiked up her fingers between her thighs stroking herself. The caption was simple and to the point.

"Come and find me and letís finish this."

I looked at it thinking. Logic said I could walk away and forget all of this. Reason suggested that would be wiser. It was a dangerous game we were playing today even more so than usual. I couldn't do it. The need, the desire, just the way she made me feel was too much to ignore. I wanted her too much to walk away.

Instead, I looked at the photo. It wasn't the bedroom we had been in before, it wasn't mine either so she hadn't slipped away anywhere. It had to be in the house upstairs and I knew where it was. Enough to start searching anyway. I stood up and left the sauna and quietly headed upstairs.

I had been this way before of course. I remembered the way to the guest bedroom where we had enjoyed ourselves before. That was my first place to look as I advanced down the hallway outside the room stepping as quietly as I could. Opening the door and peering inside however found that room empty.

I paused again thinking it over. I knew Jennifer, I knew what she was like, knew how she thought to an extent. I remembered her looking around my place until we had reached my bedroom how it had been as she'd seduced me right there, made me enjoy her in my bed, something I couldn't easily forget.

My eyes settled directly ahead at the end of the corridor to the last door the master suite Jennifer's own bedroom. My heart skipped a beat my body surged with heat and instinctively I knew. Silently I continued down walking carefully until I reached the door. I stared at it just breathing. I couldn't hear anything.

I took a deep breath and slowly turned the handle pushing it open and peering inside. My breath caught as I saw her. Naked now she perched on the end of the bed a coy little smile on her face, she looked back at me and waited. We just stared at one another until she raised a hand crooked a finger and beckoned me closer.

"Well, it looks like you hunted me down and found me." She purred the words arching and resting her hands on the bed spread beneath her. "So, you have a married naked woman alone in her bed. What unspeakable things are you going to do to me now?" She murmured playfully as she looked at me.

I slowly closed the door behind me shutting us in together. Then I began to undress pulling of my shirt, opening my jeans and pushing them down taking my boxers with them. Naked as well I walked slowly across to the bed feeling her eyes hungrily devouring me as I crossed the room.

As I reached her, I let my hands drop down grasping her legs lifting them and hooking them over my hips as I moved forward between her parted thighs just lining the two of us up together. Swallowing hard I let my eyes roam across her shapely delicious form my hands running along her thighs.

"What am I going to do? I'm not leaving her until I'm finally satisfied. I don't care if someone else calls, if someone else interrupts or someone needs you. I'm not leaving until I'm finished with you. Until I've taken you, fucked you and enjoyed you to a proper finish."

Jennifer flashed a wicked smile at me and sat forward her breasts pressing against my chest as her hands encircled my neck drawing us close. The feel of skin on skin made me shiver in delight. Lightly she kissed my mouth a slow gentle press of lips on lips.

"Good." She murmured softly.

She nuzzled my neck, and her fingers caressed my cheeks as she planted a series of kisses across my skin as she pressed into me. I edged closer guiding the tip of my cock against her just watching it slide slowly up and down her bare lips. She rocked herself against me and kissed me again.

"There is something else." She continued. "Something I want, something I need. You are in my bed now so my rules, right?"

"Is that so? I thought you made the rules when we were in my bed to." I chuckled softly.

"Well, I do happen to know what you like don't I." She teased me fingers caressing my jaw. Are you going to object?" She added with a mock fierceness.

"Probably not." I added.

"Good." She smiled and kissed me again. "You'll feel good I promise you. No one knows how to take care of you like me, who else can make you feel as good as I do?" She chuckled softly caressing my mouth as she kissed me again her body rubbing and sliding against me.

"We can't have any mess today not here." She breathed out slowly. So, I want you to cum inside me, I want you to fill me, I want to feel every last drop empty inside me, so I spend the rest of the day feeling it drip from me and remember exactly how bad you were today. Because you can do that can't you, you can enjoy me bare and wet with nothing between us just flesh on flesh until you spill it inside me right here on my bed? I think you can."

I swallowed hard running my hands along her sides and then edging them across to squeeze her breasts. I shivered at her words. She was right I could do that. I wanted to do that. I was so hard, aching so much I wanted nothing more than a release. She was also right, with everything we had done it just felt to tempting not to do it. I wanted to see her after I was finished wet, glistening and dripping.

I didn't even answer her. I just lined myself up and then thrust forward sinking my cock inside her with one fluid deep stroke that pushed easily inside her. Her body welcomed me drawing me in, tightening around me gripping my shaft as I thrust it home.

She moaned softly and her mouth found mine kissing and nuzzling one another as I held myself inside her.

"I can do that." I murmured thickly pressing against her.

"Good, good." She breathed out slowly. "I can feel how hard you are right now. I can feel you inside me aching it feels so good when I just squeeze myself around you so tight so perfect." She licked her lips shuddering as she clamped down on my cock. "Don't wait any more finish this."

She stroked her fingers over my cheek and up into my hair drawing me close for another kiss before she fell backwards laying down on the bed bringing me with her until I covered her body with my own. We were pressed together tightly now as much of us touching as we could manage.

I moved with her pinning her to the bed beneath the weight of my body as I drew my hips back and began to thrust in and out just sliding and working my cock inside her slick wet folds fucking her slowly. Long deep strokes giving her the entire length of my cock made us both moan in unison.

She wrapped herself around me drawing me in tightly legs gripping my hips, her breasts pressed against my chest. My hands held her down so every thrust I made pushed and squashed our bodies together even more tightly as I began to speed up thrusting harder, and faster relishing how she felt.

Moaning softly, she arched beneath me pressing herself against me even as her hands surrounded my back holding me in close. Her breasts squashed against my chest nipples teasing my skin while my lips scraped along the curve of her neck and kissed her hungrily.

I wouldn't last much longer. I knew it, I could feel it. My cock throbbed happily as I plunged it inside her pulled back and then took her again sliding deep into that tight welcoming hole feeling her squeeze around me holding me close as she moaned against my mouth and urged me on.

I dripped every time I pulled free of her. Her juices, mine it didn't even matter at this point. It only added to the pleasure as I caught glimpses of her glistening wet and it all smearing against us or sliding down to the bed. It made me thrust harder watching her bend and moan straining under the impact as our bodies slapped repeatedly together.

I moaned her name feeling the throbbing racing towards a peak and that urge to spill inside her pulled at me irresistibly. Instead, Jennifer surprised me, rolling free as I pulled back to her entrance and pushing me over so suddenly, I ended up on my back with her above.

She moved back to the end of the bed pulling me with her and then grabbing my wrist and pulling me, so I sat upright with her directly in front of me. She straddled me then climbing up onto my lap positioned herself directly above me resting her hands on my shoulders.

"I want to finish like this. I want to see you as you cum inside me. I want to feel you thick and hot pulsing inside me while I ride you and then cum all over you. I want that look in your eye that tells me no one feels as good as I do. That nothing feels as good as finishing with me especially when it's bare and raw and oh so wicked." Her words made groan.

Even that was nothing compared to her sliding down my cock. I moaned again overwhelmed by the sensation, by the moment, by the audacity of what we were doing. Mostly by how good she felt gripping my cock as she slid slowly down an inch at a time while I gripped her hips and helped pull her down.

She sat on my thighs then while I held her and just kissed me moaning softly against my mouth as we rocked together slow and intimate. I pulsed inside her kept on the edge by her teasing not quite enough to push me over the edge but more than enough to make me weep inside her dripping pre cum already mixing with her juices.

I kissed her throat and as she rose up let my mouth trace a path to take a nipple and suck hungrily circling my tongue around the pebbled tip just enjoying it. Her hands gripped my head sliding through my hair holding me close against her as she rose up and down sliding along my cock.

She pulled it back, so my head popped of it and leaned in and kissed me her lips and tongue soft and teasing as she explored and played with me. I throbbed inside her my whole body on edge as aware as I ever had been of anyone else. It was exquisite and not enough all at the same time.

She moved slowly, so deliciously slowly rising and falling against me but just working her hips squeezing my cock with her muscles, so I felt every little ripple that went through her. She was flushed and hot both of us sticky and yet she had never been this beautiful it was a potent mixture that was overwhelming in its sensations.

"That's it nice and slow exactly like this I want to watch you. I want to feel you. I can tell your close, I can feel it inside me just pulsing every time I squeeze you. Youíre so hard right now, I don't think you've ever felt this hard before. You don't know how good it makes me feel, I know no one has ever made you feel this good, no one has ever made you cum like I'm about to." She murmured softly every word dripping out making me ache even more as her fingers brushed my cheek.

I held onto her hips helping her move slowly up and down on my length. She began to move a little quicker and a little faster but that smooth glide up and then down the entire length of my shaft was the most intense the most exquisite thing I had ever experienced.

She moaned softly squeezing my cock again and I moaned with her feeling her body press against me, her breath on my face as her lips teased my skin while she held me with her hands. I felt my own aching need swell and throb even more inside her and knew nothing was going to stop me soon.

I felt her tremble and she brushed my mouth again urging me on. "That's it exactly like that. Look at me. I can feel you getting even harder, so full, so ready to burst for me. I want you to do it, I want you to cum for me I want you to spill inside me right here on my bed just empty it all inside me."

Her hand held me close our eyes locked together, and her body rode me up and down that perfect glide towards a finish I couldn't resist. I was already groaning, her words and her body finally tipping me over the edge. As she slipped down my shaft, I gripped her tight and thrust to meet her trying to get as deep as I could as the pulsing in my cock reached a peak and finally I started to explode spurting inside her and filling up that tight teasing sex.

Jennifer felt it, it would have been impossible not to feel the thick swollen head of my cock erupting inside her as she squeezed around me and just milked it. I watched her eyes bright and hot, her mouth pressing lightly against me as she continued to ride my cock up and down squeezing out everything she could.

Then she finally let herself go as well. Hips surging, she drove herself against me just bouncing on me. I was sensitive still pulsing inside her and that added friction just made my own orgasm continue wave after wave of heat and pleasure rushing through me.

She kissed me as she came cutting of my impending moans muffling it with her own sounds of pleasure as she did. I watched the pleasure wash across her face, that heated release, felt it as she rippled and clenched around my cock even more tightly drawing out the moment even more until we both couldn't stay upright any longer and collapsed back onto the bed tangled together.

We didn't move at all for several minutes. Shattered, breathless we lay there just breathing cuddled together catching our breath. Flushed and hot we still nipped and kissed and ran our hands across one another until eventually I rolled her over trapping her beneath me.

I was still hard enough that I could slowly and deliberately still work myself in and out savouring the feeling of her creamy slick filled sex gripping me. I watched her eyes flutter as she felt me sliding in and out of her. Arching up she kissed me again pressing herself into me.

"If we had more time, I'd take care of you all over again. Still so eager to enjoy me aren't you."

I could see the smile on her face her entire body more relaxed now. "You said you wanted to enjoy feeling it dripping out of you. I want to get it as deep as possible." I mumbled against her thrusting slowly.

I heard her soft chuckle as she nipped at my neck and then flicked her tongue across me. "That is incredibly bad of you. Pushing all that cum even deeper, right in the middle of my bed with my husband downstairs and the possibility he could walk in at any moment. Do it, I want to feel it nice and deep and as long as possible today." She drew her legs up and wrapped them around me.

I thrust against her our bodies grinding on each other as I slid in and out of her creamy slick hole until I was as satisfied as I could be. Even then I didn't want to stop I was so worked up I wanted her again. She must have known must have sensed it as she flashed me a wicked smile.

"I think we've pushed our luck as much as we can today. You've got to finish whatever you're doing, and I need to find some underwear otherwise I'll be leaving a mess all afternoon. Go on you'd better move."

I shook my head giving her a final longer deeper thrust that made her moan again before I finally pulled myself free and started to grab my clothes. "I'm finished. I finished awhile back I just needed an excuse to stay close to enjoy you. I didn't want to leave until I'd finished with you."

"Why sir how rude of you. I believe I shall have to demand compensation of a sort from you to make up for the lost time. You should have been enjoying me much sooner."

I watched her as she grabbed her dress and slipped it back on before she went to a drawer and routed around for a clean pair of underwear.

"If you think of something let me know. I'll be happy to make up for it."

"I'm sure I will." She was smiling as she crossed over and kissed me slowly. You can be sure I will, count on it."
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Blocboy VC

Re: Secret Liaisons Featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2022, 07:38:05 PM »
Nice. Seems like JLH is becoming pretty popular around here recently-ish.
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Re: Secret Liaisons Featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2022, 11:22:43 AM »
Nice. Seems like JLH is becoming pretty popular around here recently-ish.

She's always popular around here, and Peronath has written another home run with her.
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Re: Secret Liaisons Featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt
« Reply #3 on: November 01, 2022, 04:06:39 AM »
My apologies for waiting so long to finally read this. I was able to enjoy it tonight.

As I said before, you really are the king with JLH. I think you've outdone my efforts with her. This flows so brilliantly, and all the dialogue makes it feel real. Great work putting those big tits to use once again. This has such emotional weight to it, it feels so real.
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Re: Secret Liaisons Featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt
« Reply #4 on: November 10, 2022, 10:18:35 AM »
I love all of your JLH stories, thank you for a new one. You have written some amazing stuff with her. So hot, you really nail all her personalities and use those big tits for fun.
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Re: Secret Liaisons Featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt
« Reply #5 on: November 17, 2022, 08:30:48 AM »
Fucking hell that was a hot and wild ride.
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Re: Secret Liaisons Featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt
« Reply #6 on: November 30, 2022, 04:03:43 PM »
Thank you for more JLH. I love a good cheating story and this was an amazing ride from start to finish. You write her seductive side so well.
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