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Author Topic: Ariana Richards, Porn Star: Chapter 1 - Ho White and the Seven Dwarves  (Read 1546 times)



(I decided to start this as an Ariana Richard ongoing series. It will tie into the other stories I've done, and I'll still be writing other stories too. As usual please let me know what you think in the Comments. I'm also looking for ways to improve my future stories)

    Ariana was relaxing at home, having just gotten home a few days ago from a cruise, when her cell phone began ringing. Looking at the caller ID she could tell it was her 'associate' and sometimes porn producer Willie Johnson. It's not that she disliked the man but he was a little too sleazy and weird for her liking. With a sigh she answers the call. "Hi Willie. What can I do for you?" Ariana says, trying her best to sound friendly. "Ariana, baby! Have I got some good news for you. Ever since we released that 'leaked sex tape' of you, Kanye, and Ray J a few months ago sales have been through the roof. There's a real demand from the fans to see you getting fucked on camera. What would you say about coming in to film an actual porno?" Willie asks. The question catches her completely off guard. Sure, she did a few bondage films but she was wearing a mask. And when she did the sex tape with Ray J and Kanye West, it was released as a 'leaked' sex tape with the hopes that she would end getting more real acting roles. So far that hadn't happened. While she wasn't opposed to doing an actual porn, Ariana knew that once she crossed that line there was no coming back.
        "Sweetie you still there?" Willie asks, bringing her back to reality. Aww what the Hell? Ariana thinks. Taking a deep breath she answers. "I'm here. Yeah, I'll do it. What's the movie about?" Ariana replies. "That's great! I'll email you the paperwork shortly. It's a porn parody called Ho White and the Seven Dwarves. You'd be the leading role of course," Willie explains. "What would I have to do? What kind of scenes would there be?" Ariana asks, trying not to sound too nervous. "Well the first scene... That's going to be a little crazy..." Willie says. She doesn't like the way he trailed off so she decides to be direct with him. "What's the first scene Willie?" Ariana asks, rolling her eyes. "Well seeing as how it's Ho White and the Seven Dwarves, the first scene would be gangbang...with you...and seven actual dwarves..." Willie says quietly.
        "Are you fucking kidding me?!" Ariana exclaims. "I don't know about this Willie. That's crazy even for you," Ariana says. "It wouldn't be that bad. Most of them are normal size dicks or a little smaller, but a couple of the guys are hung like horses. Trust me, you'll be fine. By the time it's over you may even like it!" Willie says. She thinks he's out of his mind, but if she's being honest with herself Ariana has to admit that it wouldn't be the craziest thing she's ever done. After all she'd been with six black guys at once months ago, and the encounter left her sore for days. There's no way seven dwarves could be any worse. "Fine I'm in," Ariana sighes. "That's great. I'll send the paperwork in a few minutes," Willie replies, excited. "Thanks, I'll see you in a few days," Ariana says, ending the call.
        One week later, Ariana lands in Los Angeles and catches a cab right to the studio. Arriving on set she's immediately taken to wardrobe where she gets dressed. Her costume is similar to the traditional Snow White dress but it's been turned into a tube top and an extremely short skirt. She follows the assistant to the set where Willie is already waiting for her. "Wow! Baby you look great! So glad you decided to do this," Willie says, excited. "Thanks," Ariana says, tugging on the skirt as she looks around at the set. She can tell it's supposed to be a bedroom in the dwarves' house, a small dresser and huge king sized bed are the only furniture in the room. "Let me introduce you to the guys," Willie says as the door opens. Sure enough, seven men come walking in, the tallest only a few inches higher than Ariana's waist. They're all wearing hats similar to the kind you'd see in a picture of Santa Claus...and a small thong. As her eyes move from man to man Ariana can tell that Willie was right, a few of the men seem to be hung pretty well. They line up against the wall and Willie walks her over to them.
        "Hi guys. This is Ariana. She'll be playing Ho White. Just promise me you guys will go easy on her today," Willie says, several of the men laughing. "She's done some freaky stuff before but she's never been with seven guys at once," Willie says, laughing. "Ariana these are the guys: Humpy, Creepy, Fappy, Gashful, Sleazy, Mopey and Cock," Willie says. "Well I see the director is here so I'll let you get to it then," Willie says, walking out of the room. Ariana and the men get into position and the director calls Action. Ariana stands near the end of the bed, five of the men climbing onto the bed while the other two stand on either side of her. "Thank goodness you're okay Ho White," Sleazy says. "Yeah, you were lost in the woods for a while. I think we need to make sure you're not injured," Humpy says, reaching for the waist of her skirt. As the two of them begin sliding her skirt down her legs, Ariana can feel several pairs of hands scrambling to pull her top off. She helps them out, sliding her top off and dropping it to the ground. Cock and Gashful pat the mattress, signalling her to join them.
        Ariana gets on the bed, crawling on all fours to the center. The men direct her to lie on her side and she does. They're all over her in seconds. She's startled as Cock's tongue begins lapping her asshole as he licks her. Gashful buries his head between her thighs, hungrily eating her pussy. Ariana lets out a moan just in time, Humpy taking her face in his hands as he begins making out with her, slipping his tongue into her mouth. Another two, Mopey and Fappy if she remembers correctly, begin kissing and nipping at either side of her neck. Just when she thinks it can't get any better Creepy and Sleazy both latch their mouths onto her breasts, biting and licking at her hard nipples as they suck on her tits. Ariana's never felt anything this amazing before, each and every of her most sensitive areas being pleasured all at once, hands rubbing and grabbing her body, and she knows she won't last long. Somehow she holds out for another five minutes before it's too much. Ariana orgasms hard, letting out a wail so loud it causes a few of the guys to jump. Her body trembles as she cums, the whole thing last another few minutes. The men give her space, waiting until the last waves of her climax subside.
        "I think it's time for a blow bang," Sleazy says, the other dwarves cheering in agreement. They have Ariana get on all fours in the middle of the bed. The men take turns, Ariana jerking two of them off at once, one in each hand, as two others get blow jobs at the same time. At first Ariana is amazed that she can fit two of their dicks in her mouth at the same time, but then she remembers that aside from Gashful and Cock , most of the men's fully erect dicks are slightly smaller than a normal, flacid penis. The men rotate positions constantly, the ones not getting jerked or sucked take turns rubbing their dicks on her ass cheeks and lower holes. Finally she gets them all rock hard, every one of them getting their long awaited blow job.
        Gashful motions to her to move, laying down on his back in the center of the bed. "Climb on top of me," he tells her. Ariana straddles him, sliding his  dick between her legs. He motions to her to lean down towards him and she obeys. She can hear Cock, grunting behind her as he pushes his dick into her waiting asshole. The two men start slowly pumping her holes as Mopey moves to the head of the bed, inches from Ariana's face. She gets the message, opening her mouth as Mopey slides himself onto her tongue. Humpy follows Mopey's example and just like that she has two dicks in her mouth again. Out of the corner of her eye she sees Creepy and Sleazy sneak to the foot of the bed. She feels pressure on both of her already filled holes, realization not hitting her until it's too late. One of them push themselves into her pussy alongside Gashful while the other sneaks himself into her tight asshole with Cock. She's never had four dicks inside her before, well six if you also count the two that are throat fucking her, and it's unlike anything she's experienced before. Finally Fappy gets in on the action, squeezing and licking her breasts as they hang down, bouncing with every motion as she slides back and forth on the six dicks inside her.
        Ariana isn't sure how she is able to do it, but somehow she goes for at least ten or fifteen minutes before she cums again, her cries muffled by the dwarf dicks in her mouth. She finally finishes her second orgasm of the night as the men pull out of her, one by one, Ariana groaning at the loss of each dick. She collapses face down on the bed before rolling onto her back. Before she can react she has all seven men standing around jerking themselves furiously. She opens her mouth to protest but it's too late. Fappy pops first, shooting his load all over her tits. Cock and Creepy go off in stereo, coating her lean stomach with their cum. Gashful and Sleazy spray her crotch with their seed, a little bit running down the front of her pussy. "Oh come on..." Ariana starts to yell, cut off as Mopey and Humpy explode, their loads exceptionally large for men their size, blasting her right between the eyes, semen running down her face. She sits there in silence, practically covered from head to toe in dwarf cum as the men laugh and high five one another.
        To her relief the director yells Cut, the men hopping off the bed and begin to gather their things. Willie comes back, extending a hand as he helps the cum covered Ariana to her feet. "Wow, they really got you good! You looked like one of those glazed donuts," Willie laughs. Ariana glares at him, causing a glob of cum to fall off her forehead, right into her eye. "Is there somewhere I can shower?" Ariana asks, irritated. "Yeah, third door down the hall," Willie says. "Hey, before I forget, are you interested in doing any other films? I have a few great ones lined up..." Willie says. Ariana flips him off as she storms out of the room. "I'll call you. Just think about," Willie shouts after her. Willie and the director laugh as Ariana slams the door shut behind her. "She'll be back, just watch," Willie says grinning at the director. "They always come back..."

The End
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