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The Rendezvous (Britney Spears)
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The Rendezvous by Hawk2k
Celeb(s) – Britney Spears
Codes – MF
Originally posted on August 25 2002 at CSSA

She entered the lobby of the MGM Grand hotel around 8 o’clock and proceeded to the front desk. “I’m here to see Mr. Hawk.” She asked the clerk. “One moment please,” the clerk responded, “Ah, yes. Mr. Hawk is expecting you. He told me to give you this envelope.” “Thank you” she said as she took the large yellow envelope from the clerk and then walked to towards the elevator.
She opened the envelope, and found a message from the mysterious Mr. Hawk: Come up to the 8th floor and go to Room 835. Use the card key I enclosed in the envelope, and come inside. DON’T
TURN THE LIGHTS ON. I have something very special planned this evening, I’ll be waiting for you. Hawk.

The elevator doors opened as she finished reading. She stepped inside and pressed the 8th floor button.
As she rode the elevator to her destination, she wondered what was in store for her. And she mostly wondered, who was the mysterious Mr. Hawk. What did he look like, what did he sound like, these and other thoughts ran through her mind, then a bell rang out and the elevator doors opened.

She walked out of the elevator and saw a sign pointing the direction to Room 835. As she walked down the hallway, her anticipation grew. She didn’t know what or who to expect. All she knew was that she had been talking to Mr. Hawk through her website, and he asked if they could meet. She wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, but he seemed like a nice guy and she remembered all the things she felt as they played out their fantasies. She remembered how it all started a few weeks ago when Mr. Hawk mentioned he would be in Las Vegas for a couple of weeks for a much needed rest. He said he would e-mail her with the details. Her nipples began to harden as the thought of Mr. Hawk teasing them with his tongue, ran through her head. She never saw his face and never heard his voice, but she knew she had to meet him, and see if he could live up to her fantasies.

A few weeks later, she got the e-mail. He mentioned he was staying at the MGM Grand hotel, and she should stop by. She e-mailed him back asking when, and waited for the response. He e-mailed back, “Tonight, at 8 o’clock, if you’re not busy. Just go the Hotel’s front desk and ask for Mr. Hawk, and they’ll do the rest.” She was nervous, the kind of nervous you get when you have sex for the first time. She e-mailed back, “Sure, see you at 8”, and started to get ready.

She went to her closet and pulled out the little black “cum fuck me” dress she wore when she was at the MTV video awards. She reached in to her lingerie drawer and found her favorite thong panty. After she got dressed, she looked in the mirror. “Whoa,” she thought, “If this doesn’t do it, nothing will.” She smiled and thought about what might happen tonight and began to feel a tingling sensation between her legs. She closed her eyes and wondered what Mr. Hawk would do to her. Would he take her in his arms and passionately kiss her all over, or would he throw her on the bed and give her the fucking she has been wanting for so long. Her pussy became wet with excitement and she decided to start tonight’s festivities a little early.

She wiggled out of her clothes and began to fondle her body. She squeezed her tits, and played with her pussy, while imagining it was Mr. Hawk touching her. She bucked her hips as her fingers went in and out her clit, moaning in ecstasy. The moaning got louder as she neared her orgasm. “Fuck me Mr. Hawk, fuck my pussy,” she cried as her sensations became more intense. She would lick her fingers every so often, so she taste her pussy juices and wishing they were Mr. Hawk’s hard cock. “Oh yes, Mr. Hawk, fuck me, please fuck me, FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!” she screamed, her body tense with flooding emotions, going over the edge, eventually reaching her climax. “YESSSSSS!”

She opened her eyes, and smiled. Her body relaxed, she looked over to the clock next to her bed and read the time. “7:15! I have to be there at 8!” she said as the last ripples of her orgasm coursed through her body. She jumped up, cleaned herself up, got dressed and left her apartment to go meet Mr. Hawk.

She walked up to the door marked “Room 835” and reached inside the envelope for the card key. She took it out, inserted it in the lock, and walked inside. The room was darkened except for light in the back of the room. Directly in front of the light was a figure sitting a chair. She couldn’t see the figures face, since it was clocked in shadow. “Mr. Hawk?” she asked.

“Yes, my dear, I’m glad you came. Please close the door behind you.” A deep voice said, “I am Mr. Hawk. She closed the door and moved towards Mr. Hawk. “Wait,” said Mr. Hawk, “I want to take a look at you.” She stopped. “Please remove your dress.” She obeyed, pulling off the strap on her left shoulder, and then pulling off the strap on her right shoulder. She let her dress fall to floor around her ankles. Her pussy tingling again, “Do you like what you see?” she asked, “Would you like to see more?” “Not yet. On the dresser besides you, you will find a silk scarf. I want you to blindfold yourself.” She reached down a picked up the scarf and placed it over her eyes. She tied behind her head and said “Now what?” “Give me your hand.”

She felt his hand touch hers; it was rough, but smooth. “Follow my voice, I want you to sit with me.” She walked towards the chair as Mr. Hawk guided her. As she sat down, she realized that she was sitting on Mr. Hawk’s lap and he was directly behind her. “Every time I was with you on the Internet, I wished I was your hands. I wanted to feel your skin,” he whispered in her ear, “Let my hands be your hands right now.” She felt his fingers touch her arms. Goosebumps appeared as Mr. Hawk traced his way up her arms, to her shoulders, and eventually her breasts. “Your skin is so soft.” He said as he began to cup her breasts in his hands, squeezing them. “Your breasts are so sensitive, your nipples are so hard.” As he pinched her nipples, she let out a little sigh. “Do you like it?” “Yes, it feels so good.” She says as quivers go up and down her spine, “please don’t stop.”

She felt his hands go to further down her body, past her stomach. His hands rubbed the inside of her thighs and moved towards the waistband of her panties. “I think it’s time to take these off, don’t you?” he said as he maneuvered her panties down her legs. She moaned in agreement as she felt her panties fall off her foot and on to the floor. He continued to rub the inside of her thigh.

“Do you want me to go further?” “Please” she sighed, as he began to message her pussy lips with the tips of his fingers. She moaned in ecstasy as this went on. “Please don’t stop.” She says as one of Mr. Hawk’s fingers penetrates her. “Yes,” she squeals, “you’re making me so wet.” Mr. Hawk continued, moving his fingers in and out of her pussy while playing with her tits with his other hand. She was writhing in his lap in complete pleasure.

“You are so hot, and your pussy feels so good,” he said, “I wonder how you taste?” She hears Mr. Hawk lick his finger, “It tastes sweet, would you like a taste?” “MMM Yes.” She moans as Mr. Hawk place his finger to her lips. She licks his fingers like they are the only source of nourishment available, while he continues playing with her pussy. She then feels a shutter down her spine as she cums on Mr. Hawk’s fingers. “Oh YESSSSSS!” she cries as her orgasm rips through her. “Did that feel good?” he asked. “Yes Mr. Hawk, it was great.” She replies, as she rubs her body. “I’m happy you enjoyed that, but we haven’t even got started yet.”

“Can I take my blindfold off?” she asked, wanting to know the face of the man who just made her feel the most intense orgasm she has ever felt. “Not yet, the night isn’t over and we haven’t truly begun.” “At least let me thank you for what we just did,” she said as she started to sit up. “What did you have in mind?” She smiled, and turned around to face Mr. Hawk. With her hands, she found Mr. Hawk’s face and touched his lips, “Now, this is only the beginning”. She placed her lips on his and deeply kissed him. She has been wondering what it would be like to do this and was anticipating the moment it would happen. Their tongues danced together for what seemed like hours, then she smiled and said, “Are you ready for more?”

She slowly moved down his body, using her hands as a guide to her destination. When she got to his waist, she fumbled around with Mr. Hawk’s belt buckle. “Do you need some help?” Mr. Hawk asked. “No, I can handle it,” she said, as she undid his belt, followed by his zipper. She pulled his pants down to around his ankles and felt his legs; they were muscular, but not too muscular. Her hands made their way back to his pelvis and grabbed on to his boxers, “Are you ready?” “Yes,” Mr. Hawk replied, and then she pulled his boxers down around his ankles.

Her hands moved up his legs, pass his thighs, and to his hard cock. She took hold of his cock and began to rub it, up and down his shaft. “It feels like a big one,” she said, “Good, I like big cocks.” She took the head of his cock into her mouth and began going up and down on it. She used her tongue to message his cock, while her hands would message his balls. She could hear Mr. Hawk moaning in pleasure and asked, “Do you want me to continue?” “Don’t stop,” he said, as she could feel his hand touch her head. She resumed playing with Mr. Hawk’s cock, occasionally saying how good his cock tasted, and how big his cock was. She listening to his moaning, noticing it was getting louder, more intense. She knew he was about to cum.

“Do you like my tongue on your hard cock,” she asked, “I love the way your cock feels on my tongue.” “You’re gonna make me cum,” Mr. Hawk moaned. “Good, I want you to cum in my mouth, I want to taste you. Cum for me baby.” She took his cock in her mouth and started to pump his shaft. Mr. Hawk’s moans got louder and louder, she knew it was any second.

“UHHH!” Mr. Hawk groaned as he shot his load down her throat. She was nearly over whelmed, but she took every last drop of his cum. She smiled, “Is that all you got? I want more.” “If that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get,” Mr. Hawk said as he recovered. “I want you to stand up and turn to you’re right.” She asked, “What are we doing now?” “You’ll see, just take my hand.” She stood up and felt his hand touch hers again. She also felt his other hand touch the small of her back and gently push her forward. “Stop,” Mr. Hawk said, “and turn around.” She turned around, “Now what?” “Please sit down.” She lowered herself to find she was now on the bed. “Now lie back, and don’t remove the blind fold.”

As she laid back into the bed, her anticipation grew. It was only a few hours ago, she was nervous about meeting Mr. Hawk, and now she was having the most intense sexual experience of her life. She’s had sex before with other men, but it was never like this. The way Mr. Hawk made her feel was incredible, and she knew it wasn’t over yet. “Are you comfortable?” “Yes,” she answered, excited like child on Christmas morning, she wanted Mr. Hawk to make her cum again. She felt Mr. Hawk lie down beside her and place his hand on her stomach. “You are so beautiful, I’ve imagined what we would do if we ever met, and now, here we are,” whispered Mr. Hawk. His hands began to caress her breasts again, lightly messaging them like a few moments ago. “That feels nice,” she sighed, “I love it when you play with my tits.” But just at that moment, she felt his tongue touch her erect nipple. She moaned, “Mmmmmmm, that feels soooo good.” Mr. Hawk used his tongue to trace the outside of her nipples, circling in towards the center, where his teeth would pinch. And every time he did that, She would squeal.

Then she felt Mr. Hawk slowly kiss his way to her stomach. His hands were messaging her thighs, parting her legs, so he could play with her pussy. Pleasure was rippling through her like never before; every sensation seemed amplified a hundred times. When Mr. Hawk finally began to lick her pussy, she let out a scream a sheer delight. “Please lick my pussy,” She cried, “Lick me good.”

Mr. Hawk went down on her pussy like a man who was dying of thirst. He lapped every bit of moisture her pussy had, and then stuck his tongue inside. She was in such ecstasy, she almost came at that point, but then she felt his finger enter her. She cried out in pleasure, getting her pussy licked and finger-fucked, she couldn’t contain herself any further. “Oh god, I’m cummmmmiiiiing,” she cried as her climax penetrated every cell in her body. “I think you’re ready now.”

She smiled. She knew what was coming next, and she couldn’t wait. She felt Mr. Hawk moving on the bed, moving towards the edge. “If you want this to stop now, we can.” Mr. Hawk said. “NO! Don’t stop. I want this; I want you to fuck me. She felt Mr. Hawk’s hands touch her legs, spreading them. “I’ve been waiting for this all night,” Mr. Hawk said, as he let the head of his cock touch her pussy lips. “Mmmmm, don’t tease me like this,” she moaned, “Fuck me.” She felt Mr. Hawk’s cock penetrate her pussy lips, as Mr. Hawk entered her slowly, it felt so good. She almost came right there, but she bit her lower lip to distract her. She didn’t want one of her regular orgasms, she wanted a big one. Mr. Hawk continued to slide in and out of her well-lubricated pussy, get faster and harder as time went by.

Her body was on fire. She had to use all her will power not to cum, and her orgasm was building. Mr. Hawk was thrusting his hard cock in her wet pussy so hard, she was crying out in ecstasy. “Fuck me Hawk, fuck me hard,” she screamed, “Don’t stop, keep fucking me.” Her moaning was getting louder and more primal then ever before, she couldn’t take it anymore. She let down her barriers, and all the orgasmic energy she had been holding back, flooded through her like a tidal wave. “Ooooooooh god,” she squealed, “Yeah baby, make me cum!” “Did you like that?” asked Mr. Hawk, “Good, but there’s more.”

“I want you to get on your hands and knees.” She did what Mr. Hawk told her to do, how could she refuse? Mr. Hawk has taking her to the edge of sexual ecstasy and beyond, no other man had ever done that to her before. There was no way she could refuse. She felt Mr. Hawk’s hands touch the small of her back, and then he asked if she was ready. “Mmmmm yes, are you?” she answered, “Because I want you to cum all over my ass.” She felt his cock slide into her pussy with ease, because her pussy was so wet from her previous orgasms. He thrusted into her like there was no tomorrow, and she loved every minute of it. She began to feel another orgasm coming, and squealed, “I’m cummmmming again.” Mr. Hawk continued to fuck her so hard that she climaxed instantly. “Here I cum,” she cried, just as Mr. Hawk pulled out his cock and shot his load onto her ass and back. She felt his hot cum and squealed, it felt incredible.

They both collapsed on the bed, completely sated from their carnal adventure. “Can I take the blindfold now,” she asked, “I want to see your face.” Mr. Hawk replied, “Please do.” She took of the blindfold and saw him. She looked at his muscular body, his blonde hair, and his gray eyes. “Am I what you expected,” asked Mr. Hawk. She looked into his eyes and replied, “You’re better than that, Mr. Hawk.” Mr. Hawk smiled, “You can call me Hawk.” They laughed, and gave each other the most passionate kiss there is. They then held each other in their arms and resumed their night’s adventure until they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The following morning, she woke up in her apartment, alone. She got up and looked for Hawk. “Hawk?” She called out, “Are you here?” Hawk was nowhere to be seen. She walked back to her bedroom and looked in her closet. All of her clothes were back on their clothes hangers, and appeared like they haven’t been worn. She concluded that Mr. Hawk, and what happened last night, was just a dream. She laughed and went to her computer. She accessed her e-mail account to check her messages. “ONE NEW MESSAGE,” The computer said, so the clicked the message to read it. The message read;
Hey babe, I’m staying at the MGM Grand hotel, why don’t you stop by. We could have some fun.
Mr. Hawk.

She laughed. If last night’s dream was only half right, then why not. She looked into her mirror and said “Britney, this is going to be one interesting day.”
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