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History Lessons (Shakira)
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History lessons
Story by Money
Celeb in story Shakira
Story codes MF, oral, anal
Story summary: Celeb drops in on class leading to shenanigans between classes with the author

Disclaimer The following story is not true and never happened its total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality any feedback can be posted to the boards or sent to [email protected] now on with the story

I know getting my degree was important but having to sit through a really boring history lecture nearly put me to sleep every time I was almost out of it again when someone tapped me on the shoulder.

“Just making sure I’m in the right class so I can learn something new. She said


I slammed both my knees into the chairs in front of me making me fall into the aisle drawing the attention of the history professor.

“Mr. Dozer I wasn’t aware ancient China was so boring for you that you would feel the need to disrupt my class with your antics.” he said

“Not my fault Shakira tapped me on the shoulder, which doesn’t normally happen.” I said

“Won’t happen again.” she said

I stayed awake the rest of the class with Shakira sitting right next to me having a look inside my textbook on occasion feeding me tips to remember things. Her outfit screamed curves a black skirt and white shirt and looked rather tight even on a college campus.

Later that day

After lunch I had some time to kill before my science class started so I went to the secluded picnic table on the east end of the quad to relax from my encounter with Shakira. The hum of the vending machine must have covered up her approach since I didn’t hear anything.

“There you are.” she said

“You're determined to give me a heart attack aren’t you?” I said

“Not really…this is a nice spot, it doesn't look like anyone could hear you scream from here.” she said

“Say what?” I said

Shakira pushed me onto the table spine first. Her white shirt and black skirt flowed with the wind as she went for my dick she was clearly shocked by its size.

“This might break me.” she said

“Only if you can’t handle it.” I said

I flipped the script on her rolling Shakira on her back driving my 4 foot long dick inside her pussy she didn’t scream but her eyes rolled back in her head as the pounding began she spread her legs open feeling every inch fill her up.

“Never been this stuffed before.” she said

“Do tell.” I said

I picked Shakira up pulling off her shirt while pinning her to the vending machine my dick was the only thing holding her up as she slid down the shaft.

“Just give it to me.” she purred

“You asked for it.” I said

The vending machine was rocking as Shakira gripped it for dear life being split open between her legs the petite Latina was grunting her mind focused on the pleasure signals overloading her nerves.

“So good.” she moaned

“Not so loud.” I said

I wasn’t sure if anyone was within earshot so keeping her quiet was a challenge as she bit my fingers and clawed my spine her high pitched squeals went right in my ear at point blank range.

“Gonna….Gonna…..MMMMMFFFFFFPPPPPPPHHHHHHH!!!!” she squealed

“Can’t hold it.” I said

Shakira’s orgasm slammed into her harder than what I was. Her girl cream was flowing out at a staggering pace as my thick dick was hosing her insides down with thick baby batter. She didn’t pass out but landed on the table with a thud her pussy stretched out.

A few days later

I had gotten back into my routine but had to come up with some cover stories for my friends and roommates so they wouldn’t question things or ask about sitting next to Shakira if she showed up again.

“Figured I would show up incognito today.” she whispered

“Wow you look great as a cheerleader.” I said

“Heard something about midterms coming up.” she said

“In 2 weeks right now we’re up to the plague.” I said

The lecture was getting to her. Shakira was nodding off putting her chin on my shoulder running her fingers along my pants till she found the zipper.

“Oh good nobody’s looking this way.” she whispered

“Are you nuts?” I whispered

Before I could stop her Shakira was in my pants giving me a blowjob thankfully the nearest person was 5 rows down in front of me and nobody was even aware Shakira was back.

“Just act normal.” she whispered

“This isn’t normal.” I said

She was really getting into it, raising up her cheerleader top letting her boobs out I have no idea where she got it but she blended in nicely.

“Say something.” she whispered

“Like what?” I said

I wasn’t sure what she was getting at till I noticed the professor looking at me waiting. It seems I had missed a very important point in the lecture.

“The plague numbers were off because of the rampant rate of people being illiterate and records keeping was done by the monks or someone with a higher education.” I said

“Nice save.” she said

I had dodged a big bullet but wasn’t out of the woods yet with what felt like a vacuum between my legs. Shakira was an animal I wasn’t going to last long.

“Almost there.” she purred

“Me too.” I said

Good thing the lecture was going long. I could feel my orgasm building. I slipped 3 fingers inside Shakira’s pussy so she didn’t feel left out. She was beyond soaked.

“Oh shit.” she said

“Can’t hold it.” I said

My dick exploded right down Shakira’s throat pumping what felt like gallons of spunk she wasn’t choking on it but she did give my leg a solid punch more than once her petite hand sounding like a light thump it distracted me enough to miss the Dean dropping in on the class.

An hour later the Dean’s office

I don’t know what was more humiliating getting busted by the professor with my big dick shoved in Shakira’s mouth during class or sitting across from the female Dean having to explain everything while trying not to stare at her ample chest that rivaled Christina Hendricks.

“Of all the shenanigans you could have pulled it had to be a blowjob in class during a history lecture.” she said

“In my defense it was Shakira.” I said

“I’ll never hear the end of this.” Shakira said

The Dean was ready to expel me for sure I sat there sweating bullets her ample chest swinging with a slight jiggle walking around us Shakira with a slight smile on her face thinking she was bulletproof being an international rock star but looked at me worried I would get roasted for her stunt.

“I would love to throw the book at both of you but I just got intel that a frat party is out of control.” she said

“So we’re free to go?” I asked

“It’s been real.” Shakira said

“Oh no this office will be locked with you in it so you can sweat until I return with your punishment.” she said

True to her word I could hear the deadbolts on the doors locking in place I wasn’t going to panic yet things kept creeping inside my brain wondering what would go down Shakira was looking around the room for something.

“Oh good no cameras around.” she said

“Right like we have time to have sex before the Dean returns.” I said

“What better way to go out than have the Dean’s office smell like sex when the whole campus knows we’re in here.” she purred

“I like where this is going.” I said

With the office secure I picked Shakira up ripping open her blue shirt going right for her boobs giving them some much needed attention making her moan before getting her pants off.

“Do whatever you want.” she purred

“Will do.” I said

I impaled my 4 foot long dick in her ass. She didn’t scream but she did pass out for a moment from the sheer size inside her nearly splitting her open.

“So think.” she moaned

“Hang on.” I said

I bent Shakira over the Dean’s desk ramming in every inch I had the shockwaves moved the desk a few inches every time her delusional side finally kicked in.


“Not so loud.” I said

Shakira was getting railed into oblivion but she loved it her blonde hair was flying clearly she was reliving her college days acting like a wild animal.

“KEEP GOING!!” she screamed

“We are so busted.” I said

Books started flying off the shelves as we went around the office humping on everything that wasn’t nailed down the vintage globe rolled into the corner after Shakira bumped it with her ass.


“Can’t hold out.” I said

Our orgasms hit at the same moment the Dean’s desk was flooded with spunk and girl cream along with the chair I pulled out plastering Shakira’s ass in a thick layer of spunk right before my legs gave out sending me to the floor Shakira landed on me face first right in the ribs.

“Worth it.” she purred

“Ok now I’m sore.” I said

A few days later

Even though I was graduating college I was a bundle of nerves the first time I almost had a meltdown Shakira gave me an astounding blowjob before the ceremony I orgasmed so hard I think I walked across the stage with a stupid grin on my face.

The second time was later after the ceremony I was still in my graduation gown which Shakira found a huge turn on I couldn’t even finish packing before she tackled me in the dorm room it was a good thing the floor was empty except me but those are stories for another time.
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