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Marvel Love Chapter 30
« on: January 31, 2019, 02:50:18 PM »
Summary and Disclaimer
This is set in a version of the MCU. But with the addition of some new characters, concepts, and other franchises. Including all of the MCU movies AND TV shows and a few other things too. I DO NOT own any characters that I myself have not come up with and the rightful owners are Disney, FOX (for right now), Warner Bros., and others. No copyright infringement intended.

Chapter 30
Lantern Corp: The First Corp Part 2

“Hello there, you vermin,” I said seeing Rocket.

“Who are you calling a vermin?” Rocket asked in a huff. This was how we always were since I met my first Rocket Raccoon. We fought and bickered like we hated each other. But the truth is that if either of us were in danger we would fight twice as hard to defend each other.

“You, ya simple minded dunderhead.” I joked.

“I am Groot,” Groot said.

“Why are you always taking his side?” I asked.

“I am Groot,” Groot said again.

“Well I know that we don’t know each other that well but still you can take my side once,” I said.

“I am Groot,” he said again.

“Thank you, Groot, wait a minute what did you call me?” Rocket asked.

“I believe it was a RACCOON,” I said with a smile.

“You can understand ‘Groot’?” Diana asked me.

“Yeah, I’ve been around Groot long enough to know what he is trying to say. You just have to listen carefully. So what do the Guardians of the Galaxy want?” I asked.

“It’s not what we want, it’s what they want,” he said and the image panned right and there were Stacy and Torrie sitting on some crates, both looking a little worse for wear.

“I’ll be there in ten minutes,” I said to him.

* * *

“How did I know that you would come here like that?” Quill asked as he let me and Singularity in through the airlock of the spaceship leading to the vastness of space.

“You’ve done that before?” Stacy asked, shocked just after Peter closed the airlock door.

“Yes. It has become his favorite way to enter a spaceship while it’s still in space.” Quill said as Singularity expelled the other girls from inside her star body then turned back into her Claire form.

“What the hell is she?” Rocket asked, seeing this.

“Rocket she’s a pocket universe that has gained sentience. Her name is Claire in this form and Singularity in the other. And this is Diana Prince or Wonder Woman, Laura Kinney or X-23 and Skye. Ladies, these are the Guardians of the Galaxy: Peter Quill or Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Groot, Rocket, Mantis, Yondu Udonta and where is Nebula?” I asked seeing that she wasn’t there.

“She left. She couldn’t wait to take down Thanos.” Gamora said.

“Knowing her she will be alright,” I said, trying to convince her.

“I hope,” she said.

“Now what’s going on with you two?” I asked Stacy and Torrie with a sad look.

“We went to find Alex as we told you. But when we got there someone got the jump on us.” Stacy said.

“Did you see who it was?” Skye asked.

“It was a bunch of green energy constructs of robots,” Torrie said.

“Energy constructs?” Diana asked.

“It’s a tactic used by Lanterns no matter what color they are. They can create anything they can imagine. Baseball bat, a cannon with cannonball, robots! It doesn’t matter as long as the Lantern can imagine it using their knowledge and experience.” I said to everyone.

“So the color means that it was a Green Lantern, right?” Laura asked.

“Typically yes you’re right. But if someone becomes adept at making energy constructs they can change the color to whatever they want.” Torrie explained.

“How did you get away?” Claire asked.

“Torrie absorbed the energy constructs. Well, she tried to do it with as many of them as she could. Afterward, it was like whoever was behind it expected us to be vulnerable and there were some laser blasts. We went running from the room. I grabbed her hand and got out of there as fast as possible. When we were far enough away I remembered what you said if we needed you we needed to find the Guardians of the Galaxy. We don’t know what happened to the others.” Stacy said sadly.

“So what are we going to do?” Laura asked.

“Well, first things first we need to find everyone else. The Life Entity didn’t explain some of the powers to you. There’s a homing beacon in each ring. All you have to do is think about the user and you’ll be able to find them.” I said.

“How do you know that? And why didn’t you tell us before?” Torrie asked.

“Simple, I know that Life Entity AND that Beyonder. I just didn’t want to tell you that earlier.” I said.

“Why? And how do you know them?” Stacy asked.

“That Beyonder is his father. When you told him that he was dating the Life Entity he was freaking out on the inside.” Skye said.

“What?” Stacy asked.

“Yeah, I had the two of them work together when she wanted to introduce the Lantern Corps to this universe. I just never thought that the two of them would start dating.” I said to them.

“I can understand how that could blow anything out of your mind,” Torrie said as she started to focus on all of the others.

“This isn’t good,” Torrie said, finding them. That’s when Stacy tried to find them too.

“They’re in the same place. But how can that be?” Stacy asked.

“There are two explanations. One: they all either found each other or stuck together after you got out of there. Or two: whoever planned all this out got them.” I said to everyone.

“It would have to be the latter,” Torrie said.

“That’s right because Alex Fox is with them,” Stacy said.

* * *

“Okay, how are we going to get out of this?” Pukduwn asked. He and the other Lanterns were chained to a wall.

“Well, first I thought we should free you then we can go out for pizza.” I joked as me and the girls came into the room.

“S-Class?” Waa-Nia asked, seeing me.

“Yup, and we’re here too,” Torrie said as she and the other girls came up to everybody.

“How are you going to get us out of here?” Lexie asked.

“Well,” I said, popping my claws with a snikt.

“I thought about just slicing through these chains,” I said.

“These chains he has us in can’t be-” Jux said as I sliced through the rest of the chains with ease.

“His claws are made up of adamantium. Which is the strongest metal known to man in his universe.” Diana said and she was dressed as Wonder Woman.

“And you four are?” Pukduwn asked the others.

“Singularity, Wonder Woman, X-23, and Skye. There the Big Four of his other girlfriends.” Stacy said.

“‘Big Four’?” Torrie asked.

“You might see why that is sooner than you think. Isn’t that right Alex?” Stacy said turning around looking at the other Green Lantern, Alex Fox.

“What gave it away?” Alex asked as he came into the light. At this point, there were a bunch of traps sprung. Each of us was trapped in individual cages made from the same material that the chains were made from. Except for Wonder Woman, X-23, Singularity, Skye, and I. We were trapped by green energy constructs of chains.

“You know what’s funny?” he said walking around everyone.

“What’s that?” John asked him.

“I had planned for all of you to be here when I put my master plan into motion but I never planned on the five of you.” he said stopping in front of the girls and I.

“What is the master plan anyway?” Stacy asked.

“Let me guess,” I said to everyone.

“You think that you can ‘GUESS’ what my master plan is? This is going to be good.” Fox said with an evil smile.

“Let’s see. You found out that you can make copies of your ring. But the copies can all be commanded to follow a preordained task like following your every command or what punish the wearer? In conclusion, I think you are going to make your own team of Green Lanterns. But this time, they would be forced to be loyal not to protecting the universe but to making your dreams come true. Am I right?” I asked.

“How did you know that? You’re not even a part of the Lantern Corp.” he said shocked that someone could know his master plan.

“Well about that,” I said as something in my pocket started to glow.

“You see that Beyonder is my father. And when I found out that he was dating that Life Entity I just had to talk to both of them. While there they told me THEY’RE master plan.” I said and that glow started to get brighter.

“You see they had planned to only make ONE Lantern from each of the EIGHT Lantern Corps. But they thought that I would poke around Stacy’s brain the second that the Violet Lantern showed up or that she would tell me as soon as she came home after becoming the Violet Lantern.” I said as a dot of white light came out of my pocket.

Everyone was looking at me and the dot of white light. “When you said that I was not a part of the Lantern Corp you were mistaken,” I said as the dot of white light came to rest on my finger revealing itself as a White Lantern ring.

“In brightest day. In brightest night. All darkness will dread my might. Virtuous energy of life ignite. Shine forth my power-White Lantern’s Light!” I yelled reciting the White Lantern Oath. And I was transformed into the White Lantern. And everyone was shocked and staring at me.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” I joked but I wasn’t smiling.
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Re: Marvel Love Chapter 30
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Nice work, your stories still going strong!
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Re: Marvel Love Chapter 30
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Nice work, your stories still going strong!

This is only a third of what I have written so far. And I hope you'll enjoy. Everything else I have written too.  ;D


Re: Marvel Love Chapter 30
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Thanks for posting, appreciative of your work as always. Can't wait to see the rest! You do an excellent job writing Marvel and also the DC bits. I admire your passion for these characters.
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