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The Party starring Jacky St. James
« on: February 13, 2019, 07:50:59 AM »
My therapist Karen was having a private party, and with the guests that she was expecting, thought that I might be interested in attending and extended an invitation. I arrive at her house and she invites me in. The party has been going on for a little more than an hour and there are plenty of guests already there, all famous, all beautiful men and women. Among her guests are various members of the media in the form of newscasters, several actors and actresses on the "B" and "C" list, and adult film stars.

"Make yourself at home. Can I get you something to drink?" Karen says to me.

I ask for a beer and Karen comes back with a Corona and hands it to me. I walk around and try to work the room, but I'm a bit shy around all of these beautiful people that I don't have the nerve to strike up a conversation with anyone. I'm standing alone away from everyone just watching the people when Karen walks up to me.

"I noticed you're not mingling or talking to anyone? What's wrong?" Karen asks me.

I tell her that I don't seem to fit in and can't talk to anyone.

"I'm sorry you feel that way, Brad. Is there anyone here that catches your eye?" she asks.

I nod towards one particular woman. "Over there." I tell her.

"Oh that's Jacky St. James, the adult film director."

"I know all too well." I mention to Karen. "I've seen a lot of her films. I wish she starred in her films. She's sexier than the girls in your film."

"Brad, I know you're shy and I'm sorry that you're not having a good time. If you'd like, you can go upstairs if you'd like a little alone time. The guest room upstairs is empty."

I decide to take Karen up on her offer. "Thank you, I'd like that."

"The guest room is the second door on your right. There are plenty of items in the top dresser drawer for your self soothing."

I go up the stairs and into the second door on the right, the guest room. I open the door and turn on the lights. The room is nicely decorated with a queen size bed, a love seat, small desk, a flat screen tv with a webcam mounted to the top and a computer off to the side on the desk. I open the top dresser drawer to find a variety of sex toys and aid: dildos, vibrators, masturbation sleeves, condoms, oils, lotions, lubricants, anything and everything you can imagine.

I go to the thermostat to warm up the room a bit since it is a little cool. As the room starts to warm up, I begin taking my clothes off and neatly setting them on the love seat.

I turn on the computer and do a Google search for Jacky St James and find a few videos on YouTube of her being interviewed. One catches my eye as I click on it and put it on the flat screen. My God, she looks so beautiful and sexy. She's not even naked and my penis is getting erect from just looking at her. I sit down on the bed with a bottle of KY and put a drop the size of a dime in the palm of my right hand and start to stroke my penis while I watch Jacky on the tv.

After about 5 minutes I hear a soft knock on the door and the door open slightly as someone peeks in.

"Hello. Brad, are you in here? It's Jacky St. James. Karen told me you were up here and said you might like some company."

I'm a little flustered as Jacky walks in and closes the door behind her.

"Hi" she says with a big smile as she's looking at me completely nude with my penis in my hand watching her interview on the tv. "I hope you don't mind that I came in. Karen told me about you and I wanted to see and meet you."

I'm a little flustered and embarrassed that Jacky is seeing me in this position and I try to hide myself even though there's no place to hide. "Uh, yeah. OK." I stammer.

Jacky giggles. "Sweetie, there's no need to be embarrassed. I direct porn, remember. I've seen a whole lot more than what I'm looking at now."

Jacky walks over to the bed and sits next to me as she starts talking to me.

"Karen tells me you like to masturbate a lot and you have had fantasies about me. You're a very good looking man and you don't need to feel shy around me"

Jacky gently places her left hand on my right shoulder and her right hand on top of mine as I slowly run it up and down the shaft. She's feeling the rhythm of how I'm stroking myself.

"You like it slow and gentle when you fondle yourself?" she asks me.

"I'm just trying not to cum right away. I'm so turned on." I tell Jacky.

"Karen tells me you don't have a girlfriend. I'm surprised. I'd think a lot of women would go for a guy like you."

"I'm very shy around women Jacky." I tell her.

"Really? You don't seem shy to me. You're sitting here naked next to me while you're stroking yourself" Jacky tells me.

"I like it that you're watching me and I like being nude in front of you Jacky.

I also enjoy your company. I've never had that before." I tell her.

"Are you saying what I think you're saying Brad?" she asks.

I look down and tell her "Yes."

Jacky's jaw drops in amazement and disbelief. "How old are you Brad?"

I tell her my age and she's shocked.

"Bradley, take your hand off your cock."

I take my hand off my penis as it stands at full attention in front of her.

Jacky stands up and stands in front of me as she starts to remove her clothes.

First she unbuttons her blouse and lets it slide off her arms to the floor.

Then she pushes her skirt down past her hips as that slides down to the floor.

She steps out of her skirt and removes her shoes, standing in front of me in only her bra and panties. Jacky then removes her bra to reveal a beautiful pair of breasts. Finally, she hooks her thumbs into her panties, pushes them down as she bends forward towards me.

Jacky leans in and gives me a soft, tender kiss as she continues to push down her panties to reveal her beautiful pussy. She then leans towards my right ear and whispers to me.

"Sweetie, I'm going to take your virginity tonight."

Jacky gives me another kiss, this time with a little more passion and some tongue. The takes holds my hands as she guides me towards the center of the bed as she lies down on the bed next to me. Jacky grabs two pillows and places them underneath her as she gets comfortable.

Jacky spreads her legs and motions to me to move between them. I'm on my knees between Jacky's legs. Now Jacky motions me closer so she can reach me. Once I get close enough, Jacky sits up slightly and places her hands on my hips as she guides me in towards her. I look down as I see the tip of my penis just inches away from the lips of her vagina. Jacky looks up at me, smiles and asks me a simple question.

"Are you ready Brad?"

All I can do is nod, because no words are coming out of my mouth. She guides my hips forward and my penis slides right into her pussy. I let out a sigh and a soft moan as Jacky pulls me down towards her. I'm now looking at Jacky eye to eye in an intense gaze with a look of pure awe.

"Looks like someone isn't a virgin anymore." Jacky says as she smiles at me. Jacky and I kiss intensely as I'm mounted on top of her in missionary position, slowly rocking my hips into her body. Our bodies are pressed together. I can feel my nipples harden just by the touch of her body to mine, and the feeling only gets more intense when my nipples touch hers.

"Oh Jacky" I whisper. That's all I can get out with my excitement and my breathing as rushed as it is. I push my hips into her body, putting all of my sexual frustration, all of my lust, all of my love, all of my desires into every thrust.

As my excitement and intensity increases, so does my breathing. I'm kissing Jacky on her mouth, chin, cheeks, breasts and nipples as she runs her fingers through her hair. I feel her hands on my back and even her fingers dig into my back a little. The feelings are so wonderful and enjoyable that it adds to my arousal. My breathing begins to get even faster and more labored as I'm beginning to feel my orgasm building up.

Jacky pulls away from a kiss and holding my head in her hands looks into my eyes and asks me a simple question.

"Are you about to cum Brad?"

I can't say anything because I'm breathing so hard. All I do is nod my head.

"Don't pull out Brad. Cum inside of me."

Within seconds I can feel that same intensity between my legs that I've felt so many times when I've masturbated.

"Oh God Jacky, I can't hold it any more." I tell her.

"That's OK Brad, just let it go, let the feeling run through your entire body."

At that moment I cum inside of Jacky.


Jacky takes her legs and wraps them around my upper thighs so I can't pull out.

"That's it, don't hold back. It's OK."

My orgasm seems to last forever and it is the most intense feeling I've ever had. It's better than any masturbation session I've had. I can feel my penis pumping semen into Jacky, one pump after another. I didn't think I had that much cum left after masturbating earlier that day.

Shortly after I cum, Jacky reaches orgasm. Her breathing, also labored and fast, tells me she's there too. I was so involved and worried about prematurely ejaculating that I wasn't picking up on Jacky's excitement. I start to notice her breathing and moaning and within seconds after my orgasm, Jacky has one of her own.

As our orgasms subside, I continue to lie on top of Jacky, smiling and looking into her beautiful eyes. I kiss her with all sorts of passion.

"Jacky, that was incredible."

"I'm flattered and honored that I was your first." she tells me.

"I'm happy that it was you." I tell her.

Jacky and I lie in bed, cuddling and talking when there's a knock on the door. The door opens and it's Karen.

"Hi, I wanted to check in to make sure things were going ok." says Karen.

"Everything is wonderful." I tell Karen as I'm holding Jacky in my arms under the covers.

"I'm glad to hear that." Karen says with a smile. "Most of the guests are leaving, but you're welcome to stay as long as you like."

"Thank you Karen." Jacky says.

"Let me know if you need anything." Karen says as she walks out the door.

I look over at Jacky and kiss her.

"How long did you want to stay?" I ask.

"I was thinking we have the whole night to be in each other's company. And you've got a lot of catching up to do."
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Re: The Party starring Jacky St. James
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Nice story, sorry I overlooked it.
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Re: The Party starring Jacky St. James
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Always cool to see stories with porn stars.


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