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Gold Medal Homecoming (Shawn Johnson)
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Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened it’s total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality any questions or comments on the story send them to [email protected] I would like to thank Tricky for his help on this project now on with the story.

Meeting celebs through a mutual friend is tricky but hooking up with one who is an olympic level gymnast is beyond priceless it was a bonus to me that it didn’t matter to me who she was but that we enjoyed spending time together since our last phone call she was primed to come home and see me but with a number of press commitments in the works first I had to wait it was morning a few days later when I heard a knock on my door I figured it was my neighbor as I opened it and got a fun surprise of Shawn Johnson jumping into my arms.

“Hi baby oh I missed you.” she said

“I wasn’t expecting you for another 3 days.” I said

“Claimed fatigue and had the interviews pushed back 2 weeks…I’m all yours.” she said

“You did that for me? someones getting a special welcome home dinner tonight.” I said

“I would invite you into the shower but I really smell.” she said

“That’s ok it will be more fun for me getting you out of the bathrobe.” I said

While she was gone to the games I had the house soundproofed after finding out she was a screamer when I first met Shawn she was this petite bundle of energy on the olympic gymnastics team while they trained in Colorado Springs I had no idea who she was at the time but with the media she had to keep our relationship quiet which meant I couldn’t follow her around and she took up a false identity when visiting me at home to keep her celeb status under wraps the sex was really great but limited so having her all to myself now I was going to make up for lost time I had made her favorite lunch snack and was going to surprise her with it when I entered the bedroom the little minx was asleep on the bed in the crash and burn pose face down and spread eagled she didn’t snore but did make these cute near purring noises as she slept.

the next day

I just let Shawn sleep as her jetlag wore off she was out the whole night I stayed next to her with her head on my chest the sun was rising shining close to my face but couldn’t compare with Shawn looking at me with a big smile.

“Morning handsome.” she purred

“Morning peanut bunny.” I said

“I missed you so much while I was gone I dreamed about you fucking me every night.” she said

“Your still in your bathrobe.” I said

“Oh right.” she said

I will never forget what happened next as long as I live Shawn did a summersault off the bed and took her robe off in the air in one smooth motion before sticking a perfect 3 point landing at the foot of the bed before crawling on again unzipping my fly letting my 12 inch cock out.

“Ahh here’s my gold medal.” she purred

“Right where you left it.” I said

I had gotten blowjobs from Shawn before but she was being really aggressive crawling all over my abs we had been apart for so long I jumped right into a 69 with her on top eating her out hitting spots on her pussy that made her jump slightly and breath really heavy as I went while she deepthroated nearly 10 inches of my dick on every stroke coming up for air.

“I’ve really missed being able to do this with you baby.” she moaned

“Me too sex kitten.” I said

The more I licked the harder Shawn would grind her pussy in my face my neck was already soaked with her juices as I hit her clit with my rough tongue again and again making Shawn purr.

“I….I….gonna…gonna…oooohhhhh ffuuuccckkkk.” she moaned

“Oh shit.” I said

Shawn’s body was rocked hard by the orgasm ripping through it spraying my entire face in her girl cream I tried sitting up before another even stronger aftershock hit her spraying me in the face yet again where I couldn’t see very well I was surprised enough that my erection slapped Shawn on the nose.

“Sorry sweetie.” she said

“That’s ok it happens.” I said

“If it helps any I just had an earth shattering double orgasm thanks to that tongue of yours.” she said

“Awww glad I could help.” I said

I finally got my hands on a towel getting the stuff away from my eyes where they could see again looking right at Shawn.

“Let me handle that it’s only fair.” she said

“Just be careful.” I said

I gave her the towel which she dropped on the floor while sitting in my lap licking my fingers going up and down working her way over to my face tasting herself with her tongue.

“Not bad.” she said

“This isn’t really what I had in mind but ok.” I said

Shawn went around my ears and neck licking more of her cream off me as she went higher I started sucking on her boobs making her pant like a cat in heat as I continued she started grinding her pussy into my hip.


“It’s only fair.” I said

She grabbed onto my stiff shaft with her left hand stroking me I was already hard and it felt fantastic to even things up I put 3 fingers in her pussy it was still mostly tight as she went rigid for a moment from the feeling.

“AAAAHHHHH… no fair….dirty pool.” she squealed

“It’s only dirty if you don’t like it.” I said

I could tell Shawn enjoyed it since she was breathing heavily again while trying to shove my whole hand up her pussy even with help it wasn’t going to fit she was too tight for it and my hand was far too big with 3 fingers I could barely move them around in there her legs finally buckled from all the stimulation.

“That’s it on the bed now.” she said

Shawn shoved me on my back straddling my shaft spreading her legs out I had always been fascinated at her ability to do it without hurting something but that just made her hotter to me.

“Gotta get used to this big thing again.” she moaned

“Take your time.” I said

Shawn had to be careful due to my size and hers with her being so petite I didn’t want to hurt her even though she clearly enjoyed getting stuffed by my meat if she was a little smaller I might have been able to see my cock make her vagina bulge .

“Almost….there.” she hissed

“So hot.” I said

She had worked the last inch inside her rubbing her clit as it passed by making Shawn arch her back I massaged her boobs while she rocked back and forth humping away at a slow pace but quickly speeding up.

“Feels…fantastic.” she panted

“Gonna blow.” I said

I blasted a huge load inside her plastering my baby batter all over back to Shawn’s cervix before pulling out unloading the rest on her boobs letting her rub it into her skin.

“If sperm makes boobs grow bigger a few more loads like that and I’ll be stacked as hell.” she said

“Can I keep my fingers crossed?” I asked

The next day

Shawn’s stamina was nearly off the charts but that was to be expected it seemed the more multiple orgasms she had the more she wanted we had just finished breakfast when her cell went off it was her trainer I only heard certain parts but I could tell she wanted to stay with me.

“I’m doing good just had some breakfast and was about to get a massage.” she said

“Planned on some balance beam and floor exercise after lunch.” she said

“Allright nothing crazy without a spotter I promise.” she said

“Ok “I’ll make sure and eat more protein this week…fine something every morning.” she said

After hanging up the phone she turned to me with a look on her face the petite blonde looked fine till I heard one word and she fell.

“Cramp.” she said

“Hang on baby I’ve got you.” I said

I took Shawn to the bedroom and went to work massaging her foot getting the cramp out even with her body in top shape it still needed care every now and then when she was away from her trainers I must have been doing a good job since she was wrapped around my back nearly moaning instructions in my ear.

“So good.” she purred

“Just tell me when to stop.” I said

She was really getting into it as I continued rubbing her foot Shawn was rubbing her pussy into my spine starting soft then nearly grinding it after I hit a spot she liked.

“Ok if you keep going I’ll end up naked again screaming into a pillow.” she said

“You make that sound like it’s a bad thing.” I said

“That’s good honey it feels much better now.” she said

“So about that floor routine the last one was pretty tame.” I said

“Your kidding right? That was a planet wide broadcast during an olympic event I couldn’t justify doing a highly sexually charged routine on camera for you no matter how much I wanted to.” she said

“I actually was kidding but knowing you wanted to really makes me want to see it.” I said

“Fine I’ll give you the hottest floor routine I can in one hour in the living room.” she said

I could tell the little bombshell had something up her sleeve coming out in a pair of yellow bikini cut panties and a pink sports bra then lifting her arms over her head to stretch the thin fabric against her small perky tits. She smiled then stood on one foot like a ballerina arching backward while lifting one leg behind her until arms and legs almost formed a perfect circle of her perfect body. SHe lowered her leg so that she was standing on both sturdy legs then sank down onto her knees, arms stretched in front of her, what in yoga is called the downward facing dog giving me a direct look into her cleavage. Then amazingly she popped up to a standing start did a spinning backflip and assumed the same position facing away from me and gave me a rear view showing her muscular yet delicious backside.

She came to a kneeling position, pulled off the sports bra then did a tumble, which with a larger breasted woman might have been hazardous, coming to a stop directly across from me, mouth inches from my erection, which by now was set to explode all on it’s own. She braced her hands on the floor and slid her knees out from under her while keeping her torso off the floor coming across as rather snakelike, Shawn smiled and flicked her tongue out to just barely touch my cock, catching the drop of precum at the tip, finally she did a slow motion backwards tumble while pulling off her panties that ended with her facing me on her back and her legs spread.

“So.” she said eyeing my dick.

“Looks like even the Russian judge gave me a 10.”

I picked Shawn up and turned her around bending her over the couch she was all for another sex session when I inserted my shaft into her ass she almost protested.

“Just make sure I can sit down after this.” she said

“Ok.” I said

She was very tight since it had been so long since our last anal session due to my size we only tried anal 3 times after the first time Shawn wanted it again and again but I talked her out of it because of her training I groped her boobs before stuffing her full of my cock.

“Almost feels like a horse back there.” she said

“Almost??” I asked

I pushed my hips forward slowly letting Shawn feel every inch before pulling out again her fingers were trying to grip the floor in a vain attempt to ease the feeling in her ass which was making her breath rather loud while I continued pushing my thick shaft back in her tight anal ring.

“AAAAHHHH I take it back you do feel like a horse.” she said

“Better.” I said

After moving to the bed I rammed in a few more solid strokes on Shawn’s ass before seeing she was pushing her ass back wanting more while rubbing her clit.

“If I scream the neighbors will hear.” she said

“No they won’t soundproofed this place while you were gone.” I said

That must have gotten her going as I gripped her boobs Shawn started going faster nearly desperate to get off pounding her ass into my shaft.

“Fuck me harder baby.” she said

“I’m on it.” I said

I thrust into Shawn so hard she buried her face into the pillow from the shot of mild pain running up her spine rubbing her clit trying to take mind off the pain.

“More.” she moaned

I went as fast as I could pumping away in her ass as Shawn writhed around under me moaning, grunting, and clawing at the sheets.

“Don’t stop you hung fucker.” she said

“I’m gonna blow.” I said

I exploded into her ass filling her with my man cream as my orgasm hit I could hear Shawn’s scream of pleasure through the bedframe in a swear filled tirade expressing her gratitude slamming her fists on the matress spraying another batch of her girl cream all over the sheets before I collapsed and pulled out of her ass

It felt great having Shawn home again we had sex on a pretty regular basis till she had to return to training looks like her mandatory high protein beef injections were working.

the end
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Re: Gold Medal Homecoming (Shawn Johnson)
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Another fine Money story and the first with Shawn on our site.
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Re: Gold Medal Homecoming (Shawn Johnson)
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Great story, thanks :)
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