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Author Topic: The Club: Happy Harley-Ween starring Margot Robbie  (Read 2150 times)

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The Club: Happy Harley-Ween starring Margot Robbie
« on: October 28, 2019, 05:08:47 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

The Club: Happy Harley-Ween
Starring Margot Robbie
(MMMMMF, oral, blowbang)
by MaxwellLord

Margot sat in the make-up chair, anxious. But the good kind of anxious. The kind with butterflies fluttering in her stomach. She couldn't wait for tonight's celebration. Halloween was a very special night for her. It was the one night a year, especially since getting married, she felt she could really play. Fortunately, the Club more than enabled that for her. And no request too much.

Her request was why she was in the make-up chair. Over the last few years it had become a tradition. She was usually able to walk away from a role with ease, but there was something about Harley Quinn that she just loved stepping into. Maybe it was a bit of the freedom that came along with it. Maybe it was the fact that there was a sizable part of the population that lusted after her even more as the character. Or just because of the character.

Whatever the reason, she'd held this tradition since the first time she put on the costume and make-up for the character. Every Halloween she put out the call for five guys at the Club who were more than comfortable for her very specific instruction. That was never a problem. Sometimes she had to add a bit of Christmas and New Year's fun to handle the overflow.

After a few more touches is was perfect. Just like the first day of shooting Suicide Squad. The costume was on point as well. It always was. the Club understood her standards. Margot gave herself one last look over in a mirror before making her way to the elevator.

Margot breathed deep, getting herself into Harley mode. She could imagine people would find it funny that she needed to get into character like this for a sexual fantasy, but for Margot it was a must. It added that intangible "it" factor that made the act even better. Especially considering she wasn't going to actually fuck the men. Oral only. They never seemed to mind that much. And if they did, there was always Christmas.

The elevator door opened to the sub-basement level and Margot walked out, the clcik-clacking over her heels echoing down the hallway until she came upon her door. She slid the keycard through and walked in.

The scene was as perfect as ever. A dirty warehouse. It looked lived in, like a proper hideout for a master criminal. A ratty old cough, some chairs and a giant used up spool find a new use as a table. The lights were just right too, a mix of flickering fluorescents and hanging classic bulbs. There were also scattered cheap lamps all about. The decor was perfect, as always.

Around the make shift table stood four men, dressed exactly how they should have been. A little grimy. Greasy. Dirty and unshaven. The perfect line up of thugs, crooks and ne'er-do-wells. And they were all looking at her like a pack of hungry hyenas. It was game time.

"Hiya boys," said Margot, slipping into her Harley voice like a well worn sweater. "Now you guys know why you're here, right?"

"Yes we do, Ms. Quinn," said one of the men. He was a bit taller than the rest. He looked like a John. She wasn't going to bother asking. Their names weren't too important. Not for this.

"Good! Mistah J is always looking for the right people to do all the fun stuff with him! Ya know, like shootin' people, ransom, gettin' candy, poisoning the candy and putting it back out there, and using you as fodder for Batman so he can make a get away!"

The men laughed, but it had a nervous tone to it. They were good. They were adding to it just as much as Margot was.

"Now, you boys are here because ya got good recommendations. Harvey, Oswald, Eddie...they all gave ya raves! There's only one test really left for ya before I give you a seal of approval so you can meet my puddin'."

"What's that test?" Big John asked.

Margot grinned at him slyly. "Simple...let's see how good you can follow the orders of yer betters." Margot went to a couch in the corner and grabbed a cushion, then returned to the group of men, placing the cushion in front of them and getting on her knees. "Gather round boys. Form a circle and get those cocks out."


"You sure about this?" John asked. "Ain't you Joker's gal?"

"Well hun, what Mistah J doesn't know won't hurt him. But what you fellas don't do COULD hurt you...so get those cocks out. And that ain't a request."

The men circled her her, grinning and chuckling as they took their cocks out. Margot's eyes lit up. She loved variety and it was an international buffet all around her.

"Got some premium recruits this time," she grinned. "Harley likes. Now...I think you boys deserve some...visual stimulation." Margot giggled and removed her tight red and white shirt, tossing it aside and showing her tits off to a very appreciative audience. "Now boys...we can really get started."

Margot went for the first cock she saw. It wasn't attached to the man she'd assigned a name. This was someone different. Still, a wonderful cock. Hard and caramel colored. She couldn't wait to have it in her mouth. So she didn't. The man groaned in approval when Margot began her work. There was a loving savageness to what she was doing. Her tongue was working him amazingly, slithering over his cock while she grazed her teeth on the crown and stalk. She smeared her already smeared lipstick up and down his hard rod. All this was ebing done to a soundtrack of buzzing lights and fapping being done by the men watching.

Soon Margot went hands free, using only her mouth on that first cock while he hands did the pumping for the two lucky men on either side of the first. She pulled her mouth all the way off and rubbed her face all over the length.

"Slap it on my face," she said, still keeping her Harley voice in tact. "All of you, slap those cocks on my face...I wanna feel 'em."

Just as soon as the request was made, the hard dicks collided with her face, Margot moaning, tongue outstretched and ready for each point of contact. Then, randomly again, she went for the next cock, a nice ebony one this time. There was no particular length to this one, but it had girth, which is what Margot liked more anyway."

"Mmm that's good bitch," he said, giving himself over to his role just as much as Margot had to Harley. Outside of this little fantasy fulfillment, he was an accountant. Here, he was a criminal getting serviced by a sexy and dangerous little trollop. He was going to live it up. "All the way down...just like that."

Margot moaned on his cock as he grabbed her head and held her in place, slowly pushing his cock all the way in her mouth and down her throat. He was fucking her face, not at all. Just guiding her a bit to giving him a bit of deep throat. He moaned in sweet appreciation. "Oh yeah that's right baby girl," escaping from his lips, the word bitch a faded memory. Even a street thug could be gentle as a kitten.

Once the accountant was done, Margot finally got to John. He was going to be fun. He was take charge, and there was a look in his eyes that gave Margot a hint of what to expect. She smiled. This whole thing just wasn't as fun without someone who wanted to get a little rough.

"Watcha got for me?" she teasingly asked.

"Something real nice Harley," he said, slapping his cock right on her face. "Bet you are just aching for a taste."

"Well then ya better give it to me," Margot said, opening her mouth and running her tongue over her teeth. With that kind of cue Johnny Boy went right for it, putting his cock in Margot's lovely mouth and wasting no time in fucking that gorgeous face.

There was something about this that just drove Margot wild. Someone so fucking ready for her they just had to get it out. If she wasn't already wet her juices would be causing a flash flood. Her hand darted down her tight short ants and she began fingering herself as her throat was ravaged by her current cock.

While John ravaged her mouth the other men began to fondle Margot's body, the added attention now making her tingle and shiver in pleasure. Every stroke and caress, every feeling of a cock in her mouth or on her skin just made her fall more and more in love with Halloween.

Once John was done, leaving Margot's make-up runny and smeared on her smiling face. Margot then moved to to the next man. Then the next. Each man giving her something new and she giving them it back. Everyone was ending up very happy, quickly working themselves up into a frenzy. And that frenzy was about to hit its crescendo.

"You boys gonna cum?" Margot asked, on the precipice of her own orgasm with her hand down her pants. "Gonna cover Harley in your puddin'? Then go it....all of yas...covers me...FUCKING cover me!"

And they did, breaking the circle and getting up close and personal with her face. One by one they shot their cum, covering her face and upper body. Each release was like a shotgun, blasting her beautiful face with every drop of their sperm.

As her face got more and more covered, Margot came, the warmth of their jizz giving her the final push over the edge. As she moaned and convulsed in orgasm, she earned herself a few extra blasts from the hard cocks before they finally began to wilt.

"Mmmmm....good job boys," Margot said, her voice delirious, dreamy but still in character. "Now howsabout you put those guns away and let me decide who's gonna make the final cut, 'kay?"

The men nodded, laughed and high fived before walked out. When Margot heard the door close, she fell back on the floor from her knees, laughing dreamily and cleaning the cum from her face and body with her fingers, sucking it down with that award-winning smile.

Margot loved her Halloween blowbangs. Always so much fun...and it got her worked up for some serious Christmas time fun. Those were the real workouts.

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Re: The Club: Happy Harley-Ween starring Margot Robbie
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2019, 08:23:19 PM »
This story was amazing.
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Re: The Club: Happy Harley-Ween starring Margot Robbie
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2019, 02:29:54 AM »
Fantastic story! Love reading the beautiful Margot acting so slutty
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Re: The Club: Happy Harley-Ween starring Margot Robbie
« Reply #3 on: October 29, 2019, 05:35:06 PM »
Hot!  Great job balancing the dirty and sweet in this. 

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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