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Katy Perry Loves Halloween
« on: February 02, 2020, 10:08:33 AM »
Note- This is pure fiction and never happened.


Los Angeles.


Katy Perry always loved Halloween. It was a fun holiday unlike some others, and like most girls she loved to dress up. This year would be her first as hostess in her new $18 million mansion in Beverly Hills.

She had decided she would go as a sexy schoolgirl and had spent an afternoon browsing websites for the perfect costume. Now her hair was growing out, she wanted something show off her flirty side.

She particularly liked the cutesy white puff sleeve top that finished on her upper waist. It had a deep V neck to show her bosom, and a front tie that simply begged to be undone. A high waist, pleated mini skirt in navy that ended high up on her thighs, came with blue suspenders that sat on her shoulders. Matched with a pair of white knee socks and black heels her outfit was complete. She would be every inch a naughty girl who needed detention, or indeed a spanking. Roll on Halloween!


Well settled in her new home Katy stood at the doors that led to the dining hall and greeted all tonight's guests. Beside her was Orlando Bloom, her fiance who was resplendent in his costume of King of England. A crown topped his head, and he wore a red crushed velvet robe that reached the floor.

The hired domestic staff had spent all day putting up hanging decorations of bats, lanterns with witch hats, and fake spiders. The large dining table has been removed and various scary props like skeletons and tombstones were here and there.

"This is just like years ago." Gushed Katy recalling her youth in California.

The staff were also in costume, as was Katy's want, and the butler and valet strolled around serving punch in round bowl glasses. All the guests had turned up in high spirits and splendid costumes.

One young man caught her eye who was in a fireman's uniform. Well, he had a yellow helmet and dark blue trousers with suspenders over his broad shoulders, but was otherwise bare chested.

"I bet he works out."

The mans ripped, muscular upper body was a treat for Katy's eyes, his hairless torso looked as hard as rock, and had an eight pack to die for.

"Do you know that man, Orlando?" She spoke to her partner.

"The chap in the fireman outfit? That will be Cheyenne Jackson. Fit chap isn't he? Fancy him do you my pussycat?"

"He looks too a bit too muscled though."

Orlando began to mingle leaving Katy deep in thought as she remained transfixed by the man.
Just then Emma Watson entered the room and every male head turned her way. She had chosen the iconic Princess Leia slave costume from Star Wars and she looked ravishing in the hottest ever science fiction outfit.

"Can you feel the force?" Said Emma who gave a big twirl proudly.

She had a leather look bra top in a copper colour, with a strap tie around her exquisite neck, Her slender figure was bare to the top of her hipbone where she sported a low slung golden belt, which left her gorgeous abdomen for all to see.

A velvet burgundy skirt, fell down the front to the floor between her legs and was open on each side. On her feet were a pair of gold strappy sandals with skyscraper heels and bejewelled fronts.

"Very nice babe, how do I look?"

"You can copy my homework any time!" Answered Emma. "Any hunky men here tonight?"

"Go ahead and mingle, I think you may be in for a treat."

Katy had only recently met the female lead in the Harry Potter movie franchise and they had gotten along immediately.

The women took a drink and walked around the crowded room with many ingenious costumes. Besides the fireman Katy especially admired one tall man in a Roman toga, and another tasty hunk as a 1920's gangster.

Emma quite liked the look of a man dressed like Clint Eastwood with a multi coloured serape and a cheroot in the corner of his mouth. A sombrero was sat on his head so that his features were hidden.

"Nice ass." She thought as she fingered her side ponytail in her fingers seductively.

There was no doubt that Katy and Emma had insane sexual appetites and were horny little minxes. During the last year Emma had been studying the enhancement of female sexual pleasure, and Katy had a certainly dull sex life with her on again off again lover Orlando.

Despite being engaged he had no immediate plans to get married and was absent for long periods of time.
She would be the first to admit that sexual adventure and fulfilment was on her mind twenty four seven.

"Oh, he's cute."

Katy neared a tall man in a schoolboy costume. The deliberate small size of his grey blazer and knee high short trousers made him appear even taller than he was.

His eyes were ocean blue as he looked at Katy in her cock stiffening naughty school girl outfit, and his rugged jaw clenched. Teasing him she positioned herself so that her back was to him and slowly bent to pick at an imaginary piece of fluff on her shoe.

"There now, that's better."

Without having to turn she knew that his mouth must be gaping as he eyed her panty less nether region. She felt the delicious feel of air on her skin of her bare buttocks, and the very real threat of her vaginal moistness traveling down her pouty, smooth labia. As she half turned she espied his long log of a cock down the left side of his shorts and smiled to herself.

"I need another drink."

Katy left the overgrown schoolboy wanting as she tottered over to the punchbowl by the window. It was almost empty. She looked about the dining room for either the butler or the valet.

"Now where is master Bates?"

She referred to the head of the catering company she had hired and wanted to know about the position on drinks.

Katy left the room and walked down the stairs to the kitchen area. Just before the main kitchen, she stopped by a tiny alcove where she overheard giggling and groaning.

She peeped around the corner to see the virile fellow fucking one of the waitresses. He was in a blue police costume and his trousers were around his ankles as he hammered into the cunt of the girl bent at the waist.

"How dare they!"

In a cute red riding outfit, her head covered in a hood and her skirt hoisted over her back, the young girl was impaled on his stiff rod, moaning to her hearts content. With his hands on her waist he moved in and out of her at speed, lewd slapping noises abounded from their ripe and tender bodies. Occasionally he smacked her on the bum and left a red hand print on her cheeks.

"Oh, my, do that again."

Katy's hand went under her short skirt, as her own excitement heightened.
The wanton couple, so bold and oblivious to anyone who might stumble upon them stirred something in Katy.

She stood with her legs apart using her left hand on the wall for balance, and rubbed a finger across her puckered asshole.
A tiny humming escaped her tightly closed lips as a rush of pleasure ran up her spine. The combined moaning of the rutting couple urged Katy on to insert two fingers inside her damp cunt, quickly coating them with her juices.

"Fuck me!" Screamed the girl.

Bates was down to his vinegar strokes as he hammered red riding hood hard. Katy's loins were on fire, wishing it were her getting royally fucked and not the young filly in front of her. Her hand went faster and faster and her entire body flushed with a guilty warmth from her arousal.

Then Bates cried out and pumped the girl with several pelvic thrusts as he came. Thoughtfully he had chosen to wear a condom so as not to mess up their costumes.

"Shit! I got to go and replenish the punchbowl."

Alice lowered her skirt and joined her lover as he headed to the kitchen. Katy made a frustrated puppy sound as her entrainment finished, her pussy awash with her fluids. I'll go find Emma, she thought, I must tell her how horny I am.


There was no sign of Princess Leia in the main party and Katy wondered if Emma had wandered upstairs. The hostess had made it clear that upstairs was out of bounds to all guests, but had neglected to inform the young English actress when she had arrived.

Sure enough at the farthest end of the hallway, in one of the guest rooms, Katy heard noise. As quiet as a mouse, Katy sidled up to the open door and the noise grew louder.

"Yes, yes, yes," came the throaty cries of the petite girl.

The bedroom was filled with the respective groans of two people in the midst of passionate love making. Katy peeked in to view two writhing bodies glistening with perspiration.

The man who had chosen to wear a toga was on top of Emma who had her legs open and bent at the knee, her heels dug into the sheets, His toga was up at the top of his hairy butt as he pummelled the pussy of the adorable brunette.

"Lucky bitch!" Thought a jealous Katy as the virile man fucked her brains out, every ounce of his energy bent on ramming his stiff cock into the willing minx.

Sweat had formed a trickle down the crevice of his taut butt as his supple, athletic body humped up and down between the spread legs of Emma Watson. He leaned further forward, his weight mashing her medium sized tits against his hairy chest.

Her arms were around his neck and her face was buried in his toga at his shoulder as his ass became a blur. Katy could see his balls under his groin jiggle with his exertion as his pole drove in deep over and over in superb fluid motions.

Emma for her part brought her slender pins up and hugged his waist with her heels bouncing on his lower back. Her diminutive frame was bounced up and down as the stud banged her senseless.

"My goodness!" Uttered Katy, her hand going to the tie at the front of her blouse and undoing the little knot.

Her natural breasts flopped out, full and rounded and she cupped them both, keeping a keen eye on the two lovers. Emma wailed in an almost continuous cry of pleasure as she was slammed into with such deep strokes that her pussy was stretched to the limit. In her ecstasy her hands groped his body everywhere, his biceps, waist and taut butt.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" She cried over the wet slapping sounds of their bodies. ]

Then Emma was flipped around and plonked onto of the lap of toga man. Now Katy saw that her bra had been removed and her long velvet skirt was rucked up about her trim waist at the belt.

"Nice ass, babe."

Emma rained kisses on the hairy chest of toga man, then moved south down his abdomen. Katy could clearly make out the shiny six incher propped up on the mans belly.

"Ride my cock." He demanded.

Emma slid her snatch over his hard shaft and let her slick pussy swallow him up. She sent him crazy as her hips did a circular grind on his entire length, sending a sensuous friction through their genitalia.

Desperate to fuck her held her by the hips and moved her in an up and down motion, literally masturbating his cock with her slender frame.

"Ride that cock, babe." Thought Katy as well, her fingers dancing on her clit.

Emma arched her narrow back more and more as she moved her sweet pussy on his rigid pole frantically, his hairy ball sack slapping her peach of an ass.

The thick shaft opened her drooling cunt wide, and she enjoyed a wonderful tingling as her clitoris was stimulated by his thrusting up at her.

As he humped up with more urgency she knew he was nearing his orgasm. She paused her grinding with his balls snuggled in her ass crack and panted hard.

Toga man shook several times as he came and when his body relaxed Princess Leia rolled off. Katy panted as well, hidden in the shadows, as she noticed the man had worn a condom.

"Goodnight, handsome." Emma laid on her back as the man adjusted his costume and slipped from the room discreetly.

Katy waited a moment and smoothed out her schoolgirl dress, leaving her heavy tits out.

She entered the bedroom and strode over to the bed.

"Oh, hi Katy. Sorry, couldn't wait to get laid."

"I could tell, was he any good?" Katy sat on the edge and crossed her lithe legs.

"Er, he didn't get me off, but he was fun."

"You lucky cow, you got a piece of meat. I'm still wanting. I may go check out that guy in the fireman costume."

"You mean Cheyenne Jackson? He's gay! The guy in the gangster outfit is his husband."

"Really? He was so hot too."

"One thing about the Hollywood scene you will discover is that half of them are queer."

"How about the guy in schoolboy costume?"

"Him I never met before."

Katy stood and lowered the suspenders of her mini dress and let it fall away, followed by the white top. The two looked at each other, then Emma held out her arms and Katy fell on her. They twisted and Katy straddled her warm wriggling body at her naked waist.

"I love your sexy bum." Said Katy admiringly.

The velvet smooth texture of the firm spherical buttocks pressed hotly on the American's skin, and Katy pressed her wet pussy into the quivering back of Emma. Her stomach churned as the warm buttocks moulded to her body. Then the two of them rolled naked together in a sensuous tangle of tits and ass.

"OOH, so rough!"

Katy again took control and pinned Emma to the soft mattress and forced her slender thighs apart with her knees. The shift meant that their swollen pussies slithered together with wet sounds, with Katy vigorously grinding Emma urgently.

Her hand went to the top of her thighs and the young English girl watched through half lidded eyes as two digits entered her cunt. Still aroused from the right royal fucking moments before, Emma's quim was slimy with her love juices and was so wet Katy managed to slip her three fingers.

"Oh my, please stop, I like it too much, it's so nice."

Emma began to jerk her hips to and fro on the fingers faster, very close to climax. And sure enough her mouth shaped into a silent scream as she came with a crimson flush on her pale frame.

As she sagged back exhausted, Katy grabbed her left hand and used it to rub her hard clit. Katy was so close to her own orgasm it took barely thirty seconds before she too achieved her goal and squirmed on the tiny fingers of her friend.

"How wonderful. What a nice way to end the evening." Emma curled up and in an instant was asleep on her side.

Katy sighed and picked up her clothing and headed to her own bedroom, wobbling slightly unsteadily on her high heels.


Orlando was sound asleep in their king size bed when Katy kicked her shoes off and slipped into the shower. When she was done she emerged naked into the bedroom and blinked her eyes to adjust to the darkness. Orlando was snoring and Katy pouted with frustration, even he could not satisfy her need to be fucked tonight.


Her heart began to pound as she distinctly heard the sound of another breathing in the room!

"Is someone here?"

From behind strong hands held her bare arms firmly at her side and a solid male body pressed at her rear.

"It's perfectly alright, do not panic. It's just that I desire you and would take you here and now."

"Let me get the light." She said with a dry mouth, her big bosom heaving.

There was something about his baritone voice that soothed her worries and she responded to his touch. She closed her eyes as his manly paws caressed the soft swell of her D cup breasts and hardening nipples.

"No lights, I prefer to remain anonymous."

"Were you at the party?" She asked between soft moans.

"I was."

Katy went through the male guests in her mind and tried to put a face to the voice. A thrill went through her like electric with the realisation that she was being seduced by a stranger!

She could feel some sort of costume the man had worn for Halloween, but in the pitch black darkness had no way of knowing what it was.

"What are you doing?"

The rasping sound of a zipper hissed in her ears and Katy became aware of his stiff cock sticking out and lodging in the crevice of her shapely buttocks.

His hands settled on her hips as he rocked their bodies to and fro, both of them loving the physical contact. His head came to the nape of her neck and he nuzzled her gently bringing forth purrs of delight from the glamorous pop Queen.

"Mmm, such a soft touch."

The stranger made tiny humps with his hips as his spongy prick moved up her ass crack. At the same he nibbled her earlobe and rested the fingertips of his right hand on her bald pussy. He applied pressure and a whimper escaped Katy's lips.

She widened her legs, her toes curling into the lush carpet beneath their feet as he pressed on her harder. His fingers moved inside her inner lips and felt the welcome moisture within.

"I want you to go to the bed for me," he said in an assured voice in her ear as he frigged her cunt.

"Uh huh." She uttered, her pink tongue hanging out.

Katy was released and she gingerly made her way to the bed. Orlando continued to snore in his sleep, oblivious to the scene being played out beside him. She could just make out a tall shape in the dark at the foot of the bed undressing whatever he was wearing.

"Take me now." Katy said as her legs spread open.

"Hush, my Lady. Let me decide the pace."

The mystery man leered at the naked form of the bemused woman, her flat stomach, the womanly curve of her hips and toned pins. He stood in the shadows and jerked his erection, breathing harder now.

"Stroke your breasts."

Katy paused and then held her boobs under the full globes and waited.

"Massage them for me."

The authoritative voice was quite calm as he gave her instructions and she circled her tits together, teasing the nipples. She squeezed them and flicked the nubs with her thumbs, squirming on her delectable butt at the same time, her actions sending sparks through her loins.

"Now lower."

Needing no further urging, Katy moved both hands to her belly, then lower still until she found her damp snatch. Her fingertips lightly lingered on her clean shaven mound and traced a line around the puffy labia.

Her hips arched up involuntarily as she scraped her clit that emerged from the little hood. Katy shook and spread her legs wider, brushing her sleeping lover to her right.

"Rub yourself while I watch."

She sensed her mysterious paramour draw near, and knew that he has stripped naked. Katy shoved her middle finger deep inside her parted folds and probed her interior.

Now very wet her digit slipped in and out with ease and she licked her lips feverishly. The delicious feeling made her glow all over from top to toe, and the blonde stunner slipped toward a state of erotic ecstasy.

"Good work, you should be wet enough for my cock now."

"Yes, give me your cock, oh my goodness, fuck me!"

Katy had lost any inhibitions of who or what to expect, the anticipation of sex with this stranger sent strong feelings of desire through her entire being.

"Do you trust me?" He asked in a hushed voice.


"Turn over, I don't want you to see my face."

Katy bent over and planted her legs out wide on the bed, her hands palms down. From behind her she knew the stranger was ogling her mouth watering ass and dripping pussy. She swung her butt from side to side, waiting for her illicit lover to act.

"Wow!" She uttered as he planted an upward trail of kisses on her spine, his masculine frame making contact with hers.

"Are you excited?"

Before he let her answer his rock hard cock touched the entrance to her aching quim and he pushed on up. The seemingly fat head rubbed the wet, smooth opening and was soon adequately coated enough.

She drew a sharp intake of breath as she was speared on the generous length and grabbed bunches of sheet. The first few inches entered her smoothly and she dared to push back, not knowing how well endowed he might be.

"Fuck!" She said in a long exhalation of air.

Her head dipped as more of his thick length pushed deeper into her cunt. He leaned over and whispered in a husky tone.

"Like that?"


The initial upstrokes teased her to her limit and she whined in protest.

"Please, I need it so bad, come on and fuck me already."

With blessed relief she felt the man pull and push his prick, his pelvis rocking and twisting in amazing fashion. Katy was like a bitch in heat as she willed the man to thrust into her, the sensation of his cock surging into her drove her nuts.

Now he moved more frantically, keeping her body in check with his hands around her slim waist, growing ever tighter the more he dug in. His hard chest rubbed on her spine as he hunched over her, like a lust crazed cur fucking her wildly.

"That's it, that's it." She murmured.

The stranger panted in her ear and his heart beat against her back as his grip on her tender frame remained robust. Their bodies moved in tandem as they moved along the bed as they rutted, their combined heat covered them with a well earned sheen of perspiration.

His grunts of exertion sounded with every hard inward thrust, his fingers digging ever more harshly into her tender flesh. The pace of his strokes doubled and Katy was aware of his balls tightening on her soft cunt with his intense rut.

"We're all chained to the rhythm, to the rhythm, to the rhythm." Katy sang happily.

Orlando stirred in his sleep beside them and Katy froze. The man remained still also, his throbbing prick crammed all the way inside her juicy slot, sodden with their fluids.

Orlando turned away from them as the rampant pair slowly ground on each other, Katy rubbing her bare ass back against his masculine frame.

"Let me suck you off, I want your cum on my face."

The man seemed to consider this for a moment, then withdrew from her sopping pussy. He stretched out and plonked a sombrero on his head, hiding his face from her. Maybe it was her imagination but she fancied she saw some ginger curls of hair at his temples.

"Very well."

He grunted and waited on the edge of the bed as Katy held his throbbing organ in her palm. Her lips wetly licked the underside of his quivering shaft and then dropped to his root.

With a very slow upward motion she used her flattened tongue to lick all the way up to the fat crown which she engulfed with a happy hum. Katy pressed her huge tits against the inside of his thighs as she sucked on his tapered glans.

"Wait, stop. No, don't stop. Yes wait! Stop! No, keep going."

The former singer gurgled in affirmation as his saliva coated knob slid in and out of her welcome mouth. Mister mystery adjusted his sombrero and then held her face with both hands on either side of her jaw and drew her head up and down.

Katy allowed her head to be used as tool for his satisfaction, his actions working himself up to fever pitch. Everything was done by feel and touch in the darkened room as Katy jerked the man off into her open mouth. Rather than swallow his load she wanked his shaft rapidly and played its spurts of white over her lips and chin.

"Ah, I'm jacking off on Katy Perry's face! Bravo!"

The man stood to leave and gathered his things in the dark.

"Wait, who are you?" Said Katy, cum dripping onto her hefty boobs. "Will I see you again?" Or even once maybe?

He paused at the door as Orlando raised his head up from his pillow.

"Is that you pussycat?" He asked half asleep.

"Hush, go back to sleep."

He gave a grunt and when Katy looked back at the door the stranger had gone.


Next day at noon Katy rose from a troubled sleep tossing and turning as she dreamed of men and sex. She was alone in the big bed, her betrothed had risen early, and she reflected on the previous evening.

Just then Emma Watson bounced into the room excited.

"Morning sleepy head, have I got news for you!"

Katy rubbed her temples and sat up in the big bed, her splendid boobs bared above the sheets.


"We had a very special guest last night who crashed your party, only he didn't want to be recognised."

Her interest piqued, Katy sat bolt upright. A mystery guest no less. Someone anonymous indeed.

"A little bird told me, yeah." Emma gushed as she hopped up and down.

"Tell me, was it the guy in the Clint Eastwood get up?"

"Why, yes it was. You'll never guess who he is."

"Do you know him?"

"Only by reputation, it was Prince Harry!"

"GET OUT!" Katy put her hands to her mouth at the sensational information.

"I guess he wanted some fun now he's washed his hands as a member of the Royal Family. Do you know him?"

Only in the Biblical sense, thought Katy with a wry smile. She flopped back on the bed giggling like a teenager.

"What's so funny?" Emma sat on the edge of the bed in confusion.

"Oh, just thinking to myself how lucky Meghan is."

Katy looked out of the corner of her eye at her friend guiltily.

"Katy Perry, you didn't. Did you?"

"Can you keep a secret?"

Emma nodded enthusiastically.

"Well so can I!"

Emma froze then began to beat the American about the head with a pillow in frustration.


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Re: Katy Perry Loves Halloween
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2020, 04:08:53 AM »
I really enjoyed this, thank you for posting it!  :D
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