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Celebrity Pictures & Gifs (Real) / Re: Mila Kunis
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Mila Kunis - out in Los Angeles - 10/21/21

Celebrity Pictures & Gifs (Real) / Re: Emily Ratajkowski
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Celebrity Pictures & Gifs (Real) / Re: Olivia Culpo
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Celebrity Pictures & Gifs (Real) / Re: Nicole Scherzinger
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10/22/2021 IG

Celebrity Pictures & Gifs (Real) / Re: Rita Ora
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Celebrity Pictures & Gifs (Real) / Re: Rita Ora
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Rita Ora - outside at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica - 10/20/21

Sports Talk / Re: Daily sports TL;DR 2021
« Last post by InThe313 on Today at 11:50:18 AM »
Oct. 22 headlines

  • Chris Taylor has 3-HR night as Dodgers avoid elimination
  • Browns use strong rushing might to get past Broncos
  • Curry drops 45 to lead Warriors over Clippers
  • Heat open season by blowing out Bucks, 137-95
Story Requests / Katie McGrath gangbang
« Last post by lifeaintbeautiful on Today at 10:54:09 AM »
Hot ass MILF needs more stories of her! I'm sure she loves enjoying gangbangs with the crew when cameras go off and we all deserve to read some of that...  8#=D 8#=D 8#=D

Story Requests / Re: Nicole Maines
« Last post by lifeaintbeautiful on Today at 10:48:55 AM »
We surely do need more of her stories
WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own  AEW or any other wrestling promotion, or any current or former wrestlers/characters.

Starring: Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. (AEW)

The Big Book of Wrestling Babes – Chapter 25

An erotic pro wrestling fan-fiction story.   

A Commissioned story by [Anonymous].

Written by DaxG2001 ([email protected])
Codes: Cons, MF, oral.

* * *

Usually I have to splash a bit of cash to get either into places or for a bribe or two, alongside all the travel costs and accommodation. But paying to get an appointment and treatment for a private dental check-up? That was a new one even for me. But needs must as they said, and I guess that a little expert opinion on the old chompers wouldn’t hurt either. So this was how I had wound up in a clinic in Florida. Clad in casual pants and a shirt as I laid on a reclining dentist’s chair. To the ordinary eye, I was just a new customer. But my coat that I’d brought in, currently hanging on a hook, actually had a hidden camera recording away. Along with the ever expanding Big Book tucked in an inside pocket.

“There we go. That should be you all set.” Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. said as she finished an examination of my mouth and stepped back. The AEW wrestler and legitimate professional dentist was clad in a far more suited attire for the clinic compared to her in-ring gear. A set of black pants and a snug black T-shirt branded with the name of the clinic, and even topped off with a pair of specialistic on her gorgeous face. “Like I said, it might be worth following my recommendation and getting that back checked out. It’s not fun when a wisdom tooth tries to make a new home for itself.” She said, turning to type up on a computer.

“Well I’ll definitely see about that. I wouldn’t dare mess with a woman like you and not follow your advise.” I said as I sneaked a look at her nicely rounded backside.
“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Britt glanced back over her shoulder at me.
“Well, not every day you meet a wrestler who could probably yank out one of my teeth without any tools.” I stated with a smile, staying on the chair.
“Well, to be fair not exactly many wrestling fans can afford to get my services…” Baker remarked with a cocky smirk as she turned back. “Autographs aren’t included in my fee, sweetheart.”

“Oh, I wasn’t going to bother you too much about that… I’m not that sort of creepy fan.” I claimed, even as I reached down to loosen by buckle and slide my pants down. “Besides, you’re a professional. You wouldn’t dare mess around in your work place.”
“I keep this job and my title winning one separate, sure…” Baker was unaware of me exposing myself as she finished up typing the details. “I get paid to kick ass and fix teeth, and I’m paid damn well to do a good job.”
“So, you’d never get up to anything here at the clinic? I mean, aside from that time you had a brawl in a dental room.” I joked, but smiling as I gave my cock a stroke.
“Oh please. I’ve got a boyfriend. If you were such a big fan of mine, you’d know that.” She saw through my small talk as she stood up. “Just go to the front desk, pay and… Oh fuck!!” She exclaimed, turning around and seeing my fat, long and rock hard cock in my hand as I gave myself a few more strokes.

“Well, pardon the pun, but you’ve got ‘big fan’ right on one account.” I smiled seeing that look of ‘cock shock’ on her face as I held myself at the base.
“T-The Hell do you think you are??” She glared at me, putting hands on her hips. “I should kick your ass right out of here right now!” Britt claimed but I could already see her glancing again at my prick even in her anger.
“Well, you could… Or you could use some good old patient-client confidentiality here…” I offered, letting go of myself. “I can keep a secret if you can… So your boyfriend doesn’t find out you’re checking out some nice big dick.”
“Shut up! Of course I’m looking! You’re basically waving that fat thing in my damn face!” Baker snapped. “Besides… I’m a Role Model. The best in AEW. Some regular loser like you? You couldn’t handle me like my man can.” She claimed, narrowing her eyes at me.
“Well, if that’s a challenge? I accept.” I stayed smiling and laying on the reclining chair. “But let’s say I can handle your mouth… Maybe I get to try you out for real?” I offered.

“Oh, when it comes to mouths? There’s no better expert than the D… M… D…” Baker said with a bragging tone, even doing the downward hand point motion before she approached me. Handily, moving to between my legs at the end of the chair as she knelt onto it and leaned over. Gripping my cock for a couple of strokes and clueless that this was the perfect position for my camera to record her already, and willingly, cheating on her boyfriend just from stroking me off. Not stopping there of course as gave me another glare as she leaned in and took my cock up into her mouth. Trying to finish me off quick as she went right to sucking me off as her face pushed down. Establishing the motion as her long haired head began to raise and lower on my fat rod, making me moan as I smiled down and watched her blow me.

“Mmmmmm… And here I was worried about making puns… Ahhhhh… About you and oral skills…” I joked, just keeping the arrogant beauty staring at me as she worked over the top part of my inches. Her hand around the base, twisting from side to side a little but keeping the focus being showing off what her mouth can do. No risk of ‘Lockjaw’ here as she smoothly and steadily worked up and down. Getting saliva worked over my thick size as she groaned around my meat as her lips pressed around me. Having to use her other hand to push her stylish glasses back up her nose as she already used plenty of effort to pleasure me. But her groans and the looks of staring daggers at me just increased as the time passed and she found out that I wasn’t just some lucky fan who had sneaked in. I could handle a world class blowjob from her as she slurped away and got her saliva coated over my pole to drip slowly down.

“Mmmmmphh!! Mmmmmm… Hmmmmmphhh…” Her hands went to either side of her dentist’s chair that I was on as she increased the pace. Pushing that pretty face down deeper towards my crotch at the expense of making herself gag as her mouth got filled up. Seemingly not used to the vast size of this man-meat between her soft lips before but still pumping away up and down with a steady motion. “GAHHHHHH… HHHHHLLLKKK… Mmmmmmphhh!!” More spit drooled down as her lips dragged back and forth, fighting through the discomfort of the erotic choking as the fat crown of my tool connected with the back of her wet and soothing mouth. Using every trick she had as I even felt her tongue flicking up at my underside as I passed in and out of that talented oral hole.

“HHHHHHRRRRKKK!! MMMMMMPHHH!! GAHHHHHH…” Her look was still strongly pissed off that I hadn’t blown a load yet from her deep slurps along my length, but I was starting to see a slight glint in her eyes behind those glasses. Like she was enjoying this a little and wasn’t letting on as she worked away to take my prick deep up into her pleasurable oral hole. “GAHHHHHH… HHHHHHLLLKKK… HHHHHHRRRRLLL…” Her chokes were loud to echo around the dental room we were using as she bobbed away swiftly on my dick, trying to get me over my limit with a round of rapid slurps. Making herself choke away as the saliva splattered around down to my base and balls. It was a performance of blowjob skill more expected from a woman with a career in porn, not from either dentistry or pro wrestling let alone both.

I wasn’t quite sure what was making her more mad – the fact that I was handling this deep and quick sucking, or that I was somewhat mocking her by reaching a hand down to stroke her hair back and out from her face as she glared at me. Granted, that wasn’t my intention to tease. I was just keeping those long locks out of the way so my secretly filming camera could capture her taking some fat dick between her lips over and over again. Moaning out as I watched her face sink down towards my crotch again and again. Her glasses a little steaming up on the inside from her breath hitting upwards when she pushed down and made herself gag. A little spit flicking up onto the lens sinfully as she discovered truly that I was no minute man as she had to groan away around my thick meat.

Eventually, she had to lift away from my dick as I was still rock hard and ready for a whole lot more out of her. “Damn it!” Britt cursed at me, giving another glare as she took a moment to rub her throat. Although I wasn’t sure if she was mad at me for not having busted a nut yet, for at my dick for trying to resize her usually arrogant mouth.
“So… Is the dentist going to fulfil her end of the bargain?” I smiled as I shifted a bit, pushing down my pants further along my legs before getting them off and my footwear.
“You just got lucky, honey!” Baker huffed as she stood up. “Fine… But I’m calling the shots here!” She said, reaching down herself and popping the buttons of her pants.
“Fine by me, Doctor.” I said, watching as she slid down her bottoms along with her panties to expose a smoothly shaved pussy to me. And one, perhaps telling of what she was hiding, she looked a little wet to me already.

“Damn right it is! Now shut up and let an expert work!” She snapped as she climbed up onto the dentist’s chair I was still laying back on. Making me wonder with the ease of how she mounted my crotch that she might have done this a few times before as she faced me with another glare. No time to ponder though as I watched her reach down then line up my rod with her snatch. Taking me in bareback as she perhaps too eagerly deepened how much she was cheating on her boyfriend by going from sucking me off to now riding me. Causing us to both moan out as she sank down onto those saliva-coated inches and I felt how snug those walls of the AEW Women’s World Champion were around my thickness.

“MMMMMM!! Fuck!! That’s… MMMMM!! Damn it, that’s big!!” The Pennsylvania-born beauty gasped out, her eyes widening as she tried to stay looking furious at me as she adjusted to the feeling of her love tunnel getting stretched out. Showing me again that this big size that I was packing was a lot more than she’s used to handling. Not stopping the half-naked beauty as she began to bounce herself on my lap. Taking my dick in and out into her wet, tight pussy as I easily moaned out from how good she felt gliding up and down onto me. “MMMMMM… Not big enough for me though! AHHHHH… You just got lucky lasting… AHHHHH! Lasing in my mouth!” She claimed as her hair was already bouncing behind her as she rode me with this steady pace. Once again not going easy on me as she seemed determined to try and out-fuck me after already ‘losing’ the oral round before. Not that either of us were looking far from being winners as we both moaned out as she shifted that slim and sexy body of hers straight up and down on my cock.

“MMMMM… If you say so, Doctor!” I groaned with a grin still on my face as I watched her shift smoothly up and down on my pole as she was more than adjusted to my size after so many rounded of working on my length. Not just smiling from getting to enjoy a nice tight, wet snatch sliding away over my prick and not even having to do a single thrust upward with this position. But knowing that with my camera hidden in my jacket, I was getting great shots of her bouncing on my dick. The sinful snaps of my cock being plunged up into her twat, making my manhood disappear before she lifted upward to repeat the motion along with her nicely rounded ass smacking down into me as she took me in deeper.

“I do fucking say so!! MMMMM!! That’s why I’m a fucking Role Model! MMMMM!!” She claimed between her moans as she kept staring down at me with that look of mixed desire and anger for me. Still pissed that to her some random fan had gotten into her clinic, but not quite furious enough to not want to stop getting a piece of me and my long, thick cock. Riding away on me as the slap of her booty hitting me rang out around the clinic room along with out moans. “AHHHHHH! Keeping sick idiots like you in their place! Thinking… MMMM!! Thinking you can just come in here and fuck me! AHHHHH!! Fucking sicko!!” She claimed, even as she was willingly moving up and down to fill herself up with my length. Not looking like a woman who was happily in a relationship with another man as she shifted smoothly and quickly along my size. My cock coated now in her forming juices as she stuffed me completely up into her twat so her lower lips now met my base when she dropped down.

“MMMMMM!! And get that… AHHHHH!! Stupid smile off your face as well! Stupid, hung bastard you! MMMM!!” She mocked me even as she wasn’t exactly looking high and mighty herself. Bouncing away energetically on my dick as her perky tits bounced in her top and her long dark hair swayed in the air behind her as she rode me over and over with this quick and nicely firm pace. More than enough effort to make the dental chair we were both on creak under us from the force of her bounces down onto me. “AHHHHHH… I bet this is all you’ve got! MMMM!! You have to take… MMMMM! Take orders from a strong, powerful, beautiful… MMMM!! Role Model like me because you can’t… AHHHHH FUCK!! Handle a woman on your own!” She almost ranted out between her moans as she stared down at me through the glasses she still wore as she shifted along her nose as she worked over my dick. To be honest with her rapid, lusty pace on my length I wasn’t getting much of a chance to thrust up as she easily did the work for us both. But I wasn’t fooled by her claims as she kept groaning out while easing her twat along my inches as she was showing all the signs that she was loving getting down and dirty in her workplace more than she was letting on.

“Ahhhhhh… Sounds like you want me to start taking the lead with you…” I pointed out before I groaned. Seeing her come to a halt on my cock so she could once again glare down at me. “Maybe something you’re used to with your man?”
“S-Shut up!!” Baker yelled at me, dismounting my shaft with a telling groan from the now empty feeling in her twat. “I’m just fed up of you being a lazy loser, making me do all the work!” She claimed as she stood up from the chair. Taking a moment to finally remove her top so I got to see her nicely rounded and perky tits.
“If you say so, Doctor.” I just smiled, sensing she was still trying to deny how much she was loving being a dirty cheater as I moved off the chair.
“What’s that supposed to mean? You’re the one who started this, you freak!” Britt pointed out as she moved back onto her own dental chair, but this time to get onto all fours onto it, sticking her backside out towards me as I stood behind her and put a knee onto the chair for balance.

“And you could have turned me down. Before you just started drooling over my cock.” I teased back, but before she could reply I had pushed forward. Making us both moan again as I filled up her needy, wet pussy and this time able to push in until my crotch met her booty. The previous position leaving her love tunnel nicely stretched so she could handle my size, but still be nice and snug so her walls were grinding against my pole as I started to thrust. Almost giving her every inch but I was deliberately angling my body to side so that my hidden camera could capture the sight of me taking this gorgeous wrestler from behind as I thrust my dick in and out of her snatch. Ensuring that both of your groans were echoing off the walls of her clinic room as I once again proved her wrong, starting to show that I could give back as good as I could take. Just like clearly she could herself, even if her attitude she was putting on would claim otherwise.

“MMMMMM… Shut up! What kind of asshole… AHHHH FUCK!! Just whips their big, fat, stupid dick out to their fucking dentist?? MMMMM!! You’re disgusting!!” The AEW Women’s World Champion groaned out. Her words rather ironic as she was the one using her professional workplace as a mini sex den now to fuck a client she’d just been checking the teeth of. Now on all fours on her dental chair getting fucked from the back, taking my long, thick dick deep into her wet and pleasurably tight pussy. Let alone the fact that as I took her from behind she was pushing her rounded ass back towards me, making sure my cock stuffed her nice and deep to keep her moaning. “MMMMM!! Sick fuck!! AHHHHH… Making me… OOOOOOOH!! Making me cheat on my boyfriend! MMMMM… With that huge, fat fucking dick!! MMMMM…” She groaned out, sounding more lusty now even with those attempted insults at me. Fully aware she’s supposed to be in a happy relationship, but even more eager now to handle a size of dick that seemingly is a lot more longer and thicker than what she’s used to. Not surprising then that she’s starting to sweat from the action as she rocked back and forth against my pumps as I continued my steady and stiff pace.

“AHHHHH… Making? I think this is all on you, Doctor… MMMM… I’ve not made you do anything you didn’t want… MMMMM… To do on your own…” I noted as I smiled. I had a fill of red hot sights to look at. Straight down at her rump as I worked my dick like a piston into her slot while that ass slapped back into me as she took almost all of my inches each time I fired a fresh thrust into her wet and still ready for more box. Or I could glance up and see her looking over her shoulder at me with an expression that was now more lusty than of the rage she’s putting on to me, topped off by her glasses sliding a bit along her nose as she worked that stunning body back on me cock. “MMMMM… Guess that’s just a special… MMMMM… Deluxe service that you give your special clients, right?” I teased with a smile. A brief look to the side, checking my jacket was still there hanging up with the secret camera recording this all as I fucked the gorgeous wrestler at her day job. Making her moan out as I pumped away, sending my crotch smacking into her butt cheeks to work myself up into a healthy sweat of my own from the effort needed to keep up with the AEW beauty.

“MMMMM!! Only the most sick, disgusting… AHHHH FUCK!! Most shameless perverts! OOOOOOOH!!” She moaned out as the stunner hailing from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania continued to rock back and forth with perfect timing against my stiff and deep pumps. It almost felt like I could have just stood still and she would have done all the work again. So eagerly working her wet, still snug pussy all the way along my rod until her backside connected with my body to make the slap ring out alongside our groans of delight. “MMMMM!! But you fucking like that, huh?? MMMMM FUCK!! FUCK!! Fucking a woman behind her boyfriend’s back… MMMMM!! Fucking her in her fucking office… OOOOOOH FUCK!! I could get fucking fired if I was caught… MMMMM!! Fucking some dirty pervert and his big fucking dick!! MMMM!!” She gasped out when she drove herself back against me with an extra sharpness. Her excuses, cut off enough with her own loud moaning, sounded more like the lines of a porno script than any reasonable explanation as to why she’d dare fuck a man she’s only just met today. The way my fat and long dick was fitting into her tightness as her wet walls clung to my dick explaining that fact as she kept driving herself back against my motion.

“AHHHHH… Who? Me? Enjoying this? MMMMM… I guess you could say that…” I gave her a smirk as my own shameless moaning answered that clearly as I kept my cock pumping smoothly but stiffly into her snatch. Her ass smacking off my crotch each time I drove in and almost went in to the hilt. Just barely keeping an inch or so out of her as I had to keep my body at a slight angle. Not wanting to block the evidence being recorded of getting a piece of this red hot wrestler and dentist as I fucked her from behind. “I think I can see… AHHHHH… That you’re loving this though, Doctor…” I added with a groan. Seeing her head lean down a bit as she felt the pleasure flowing through her. Her glasses almost slipping off her nose from tilting down while strands of her long hair were sticking to her face from the sweat coating her. Yet still having more than plenty in her to keep shifting her body back and forth in time with my strokes so that she only allowed a few inches to leave her twat when I pulled back before she slammed back to stuff herself with groaning approval.

“MMMMM… Screw you! I’m not loving this! I’m not loving this… AHHHH FUCK! At all!!” Baker hissed, staring back at me over the shoulder with a look of lust that completely contradicted her excuses.
“Oh? That so?” I let out a chuckle at her words. Hearing her groaning when I pulled out of that clearly soaking wet pussy of hers. “So you won’t mind if we have one more round to test out if you really don’t love my big, fat, long, pussy stretching cock deep in your…” I taunted her, slapping the crown of my prick against her skin.
“SHUT. UP.” She yelled as she rolled over, laying on her back on her own dentist’s chair as she spread her legs side for me. “SHUT UP. AND FUCK ME!!” Britt demanded with an intense stare.
“Doctor’s orders, huh?” I smiled, moving back in and sliding my dick into that needy snatch one more time.

“MMMMMMM FUCK!!” She groaned out as my shaft plunged in deep as I held one of her legs up and out and thankfully, without her even knowing, she was helping out with me getting the best shot for my secret camera as she held the other limb out. Allowing me to basically use the same position I’d just be in to kneel on her dental chair as I delivered another quick and stiff piston motion into her box. “YEAH!! MMMMM!! FUCKING BASTARD!! MMMMM!! GIVE ME THAT BIG FUCKING DICK!! OH FUCK!!” She continued to loudly and shamelessly demand even as I was doing just that. Filling her up more than nicely once again and this time the force of my pumps into her made her naked frame slide back on the surface of the chair, especially with the sweat dripping off her onto it. So her perky tits bounced as I banged her and kept her moans echoing around the clinic room.

She certainly didn’t look like someone in a relationship with a fellow wrestler with how happy and nastily she was willing to take my fat dick over and over into her slot. Her pussy still wonderfully snug even after the repeated, deep and firm thrusts I’ve given her. The juices not just coating my inches, but dripping down onto that reclining chair that was squeaking from rocking in time with the force of my motion. Getting loud moans and a lusty stare through the lens of her eyewear at me at my work. Sweat coating my own toned frame as I put in the effort and used the energy to pleasure the stunning wrestler laid out in front of me. Getting that smack when my crotch hit into her tanned body as I plunged in for another sound that made this a scene looking more suited for a seedy Brothel or a skin flick set than a professional dental practice.

“MMMMM!! OH YESSSSSS…. DIRTY MOTHERFUCKER!! MMMMM!! COME ON! FUCK ME!! AHHHHHH!!” The AEW wrestler gasped out her encouragement as she stayed laying back to take my pounding pace. Her free hand reaching back, holding onto the top of the chair she should be using to check on paying clients’ teeth, instead of getting fucked on like this is some seedy after service. Occasionally ripping her intense stare of lust from up at me to be able to look down between her legs, still keeping one spread out, so she could watch herself taking my fat length. “MMMMMM FUUUUUUUCKK!! OH FUCK!! MMMMMM FUCK YESSSS!! BIG… AHHHH!! FAT FUCKING DICK!! MMMMMM!! DEEP IN MY FUCKING PUSSY!! AHHHHH!!” She moaned out, clearly loving getting the longest, thickest cock she’s ever taken in her life. More than familiar with this vast size now as well, considering she’s taken me in a couple positions now before this, let alone the near deep throating she’d done to me before the action really got going. Making it seem like we’ve been fuck buddies for more like months instead of minutes as we groaned out and sweated hard as I kept the thrusts coming deep and stiff into that dripping box of hers.

I was certainly getting the feeling that with how easily she was sliding up and down against her dentist’s chair as I pounded her that this could not have been the first time she’s ever gotten down and dirty in her own clinic with a lucky patient. Her tits jiggling and her glasses riding up her nose before falling back down as her tanned, sweating frame jolted from the force of my pumps. Never having more than a few inches leaving her snatch when I pulled back as she rocked back down into place. Allowing me to drive stiffly back in with a slap as our bodies connected as I gave her that good stuffing she was still begging for. Her hair a sprawled mess around her with more than a couple strands sticking to her cheeks to fit nicely with the dirty talk spilling out between her deep and loud moans.

“AHHHHH FUCK!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!! OH FUCK YES!! MMMMMM FUCK ME!! YEAH, YOU FUCKING SICK BASTARD!! MMMMM!! FUCK MEEEEEEE!!” She gasped out, ranting as if she was innocent in this despite her not just agreeing to this sinful action, but doing so at her own work place for a very indecent, potentially career ending encounter if she got caught. Which was a small wonder she hadn’t been considering how loud and devoid of shame her moaning has been even before this point. “OH FUCK!! MMMMM YES!! FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME!! MMMM!! BIG, FAT FUCKING COCK!! DEEP IN FUCKING SIDE OF ME!! AHHHHHH FUCK!!” She panted out with her eyes half closed behind her eyewear as she got further lost in the pleasure. Likely barely remembering what day of the week it was, let alone that she was getting hammered by a man she’s only met today as I rammed my thickness deep into her wet slot over and over again. The AEW Women’s World Champion putting on quite the performance that verbally alone would easily score countless porn industry awards if ever the day, or weekend, jobs end up not working out.

“AWWWWWW FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!” Not that I was personally keeping score, but I’d won our unofficial wager as my deep, swift strokes in and out of her pussy drove Britt Baker into a hard, screaming orgasm. Further soaking my already coated prick with her fluids while more juices dripped down onto her own dental chair that already was shining with the sweat off us both. Seeing a lewd, wide smile of satisfaction on her face as she got to enjoy that intense high. Helped along by me continuing to pump in and out, just with an eased off pace so she could enjoy the waves flowing through her. Perhaps not yet in the full mindset to realise that the best sex she’s had in a long time, perhaps even at all, has come from a man that isn’t the one she’s in a relationship with. All with the added bonus that, without her really knowing it, she had been filmed the whole way through thanks to my sneakily hidden camera.

Pulling out from that well fucked twat, I moved up onto the reclining chair to further make it creak as I’d reached my own limit. Barely giving her time to look up at me as I stroked off. Making her groan for a different reason as thick blasts of spunk shot out. Splattering over the lens and frame of her glasses to blind her in far from painful but super sinful fashion. The jizz hitting her nose, cheeks and chin with a bit up to the forehead. Parting her lips a little, it allowed me to ease out the last few shots into her oral hole. Watching as she played with the spunk a bit, moving it with her tongue as she almost used it like a wicked toothpaste, running it over her teeth as she moaned at the sensation. At least until she gulped down the collected amount herself for a greedy finish.

“Guess that stopped me before I made a spit or swallow joke!” I remarked, climbing off her.
“Oh shut the fuck up! You almost blinded me!” Britt claimed, slowly sitting up. “You asshole! Making me cheat! Fucking me while I’m on the clock!”
“Oh, so I should just tell your boyfriend you fuck clients behind his back?” I countered with a smirk. “Or should I tell your bosses here that you bang patients after checking their teeth?”
“You wouldn’t…” She tried to glare at me, but trying to peer through cum-coated glasses finally made her take them off. “What do you want?” Baker asked, sounding pissed off again despite the orgasm she’d just enjoyed.

“Actually, if you don’t mind?” I walked over to my jacket. Making sure to turn off the recording camera I’d hidden in it, before I pulled out my trusty Big Book. Flipping it open to a fresh set of pages I’d set aside for her, along with a promo picture of herself I’d previously acquired. “A simple autograph will do if you don’t mind.”
“So you were after one all along. Fucking funny way to go about getting something signed.” Baker grumbled as she snatched the book from me. Allowing me to go slip my clothes on quickly while she used a pen to write on the page. “Big damn autograph book as well for a loser.” She remarked to mock me, not bothering to check and see what else was in the book in her arrogance of thinking I was just after an autograph all along.
“Size isn’t everything you know…” I commented after buckling my pants back on. Taking a moment to snatch up her branded top from the floor to swipe myself another piece of evidence of our encounter.
“Fine!” She snapped, slamming my book shut as she came back over and shoved it into my chest as I’d just slipped my jacket back on. “Now get the fuck out of my clinic before I…”

Before she could finish her warning, the door into the room swung open as without even knocking, Baker’s long time associate and often sacrificial lamb to her rivals and opponents in Rebel walked in without a care. “Hey Britt! Ready for…” The other AEW starlet barely had time to speak before she stood and gasped. Staring at the cum-coated face from a fresh facial as she was so shocked she dropped two shopping bags to the floor.

“R-Reba! It’s not what it looks like!” Britt claimed as she stared back but in more horror of being caught.
“Oh it is…” I said, slipping past both women as I went to the door, clutching my Book. “And I think it’s Rebel, not Reba.” I corrected her before I sprinted out of the door with evidence in hand.
“HEY!! GET BACK HERE ASSHOLE!!” I heard Baker yelling, and the sound what sounded like women colliding and a groan of someone getting newly stained with cum off of someone else as I fled the scene.

* * *

I’d been fortunate to pay for my treatment on arrival, so I was able to fake a more calmer walk past reception and out of the clinic building as I made my way to my car. Taking in some air as I sat in the driver’s seat and took in some air before I opened up the Big Book. Smiling to myself as I saw that Baker had, alongside writing down a couple of choice insults towards me, had actually put down a phone number as well. Something I’m sure her beloved boyfriend wouldn’t be best pleased about if he found out. He certainly wouldn’t be hearing about this encounter from me. So all that was left for me, aside from a clean getaway, was to fish out a pen of my own as I jotted down my recap of the events I’d just been through.

‘I’ve certainly had my experience with self proclaimed Role Models before, let alone women confident in themselves. But you don’t need a degree or anything else to know that when a woman looks this good she can deliver some pretty special after-service to your appointment. Not to mention being skilled at looking after orals, and dishing out pleasure with her own oral hole! Sure, it might seem like a pricey way to go about getting some of a certified Doctor, but if it means being buried deep in some D.M.D.? A little inspection of the teeth if well worth getting to do some testing of your own with her tight holes! 10 out of 10!’

I didn’t want to spend too long just admiring what I’d written down, especially as I heard in the distance some angry female yelling about wanting to know ‘where was he?!?’. It seemed that the kind Doctor who had given me such an in-depth and physical check-up had cleaned herself up. Making it prime time for me to make my exit as I started off the car and drove out of the lot. I didn’t think I’d be getting a return appointment any time soon at that clinic now (or hey, maybe I’d earned a future discount with her?). But in the end, it was another successful review of another Babe in Wrestling. Knowing my teeth were in good working order too was a nice bonus!

* * *

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