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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
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Chapter Eleven.

Litha, or Midsummer Eve, is the name given to the Wiccan Sabbat.
It is the longest day and the shortest night of the year.
Light triumphs, but will inevitably begin to fade as Autumn approaches.

This is the time of abundance in plant and wild life, including people.
The holiday is a joyous one too for witches and wizards, especially the males, as their masculine energies get fired up.

This then, was the setting for Harry Potter's fifth year reunion, June 21st, 2003 at the famed school of witchcraft and wizardry known as Hogwarts.
The grand seven story castle was empty of students who had all returned home for the Summer holidays.

Although he and Ron Weasley had never graduated, they nonetheless showed up and were happy to join all those they had known during their school years.
And most of the remaining students in Harry's year were ones who had fought gallanty in the final battle of the so called 'Second Wizarding War' which saw the final demise of the Dark Lord.

One of his best and most loyal of these followers was Hermione Granger, and it was she who had organised the evenings celebrations.
It was really a diversion on her part the moment Hermione heard Harry and Ginny were engaged to be married this very Summer.

She had finally come to terms with the inevitable, that she and he were never to be a couple.
Although she still harboured strong feelings for the famed wizard she had quickly considered her own position and had accepted that she and Ron would wed also.

She had fucked Harry on a few occasions and knew that she would fuck him again if ever the opportunity arose.
The first time she had known him in that way had been in 2000, on her twenty first birthday no less. Although that had turned out to be a very odd affair indeed! (see part two).

Since she had taken up her position in the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures at the Ministry, Hermione had taken the opportunity of the close proximity to Harry to sleep with him on a number of occasions before he told her of his rekindled romance with Ron's sister, Ginny. (see part eight).

Ron had shared her bed for the best part of a year now, since she had relocated to London to join him at the Ministry, but he was considerably ineffective in matters of a sexual nature.
Whereas Harry was hot indeed and had always brought her to orgasm.
Ginny was one very lucky witch, she thought with a twinge of downright jealousy.

By her own admission the seemingly angelic Hermione had become an insatiable young female the minute she had reached adulthood, and Harry Potter easily brought out the tiger in her.

She had combined her return to Hogwarts to finish her OWLS, with sowing her wild oats, and in turn had acquired a reputation for being an easy lay.

What the hell, she loved sex and had no guilt or remorse as she welcomed male and female alike in her bed.
She was a shameless flirt, a sultry minx, and an insatiable vixen between the sheets.

Things had slowed up some now she was a more mature twenty two year old, and she and Ron had moved into a modest apartment close to Harry and the Ministry. The pair of young wizards were doing sterling work in the transformation of the Auror Department there.

She had put all her energy into the reunion and the Muggle born witch had decided on a whim to have a masquerade theme, and all were expected to appear in period costume and masks.

She had laid on lashings of food and drink with the help of the House-eves. All day the kitchens under the Great Hall smelled of cooking. The tables abounded with such savoury dishes as pumpkin pasties, steak and kidney pies, and even corned beef sandwiches courtesy of Ron's mother.

And all served on golden plates that glittered under the flickering light of thousands of lit candles that magically floated in midair over the long tables.

Sweet servings included Lupin's chocolate mousse, cauldron cakes and treacle tarts. A particular favourite of Harry's.

Drinks served up in golden goblets included butterbeer, naturally, plus elderflower wine, gillywater, mead, and redcurrant rum.

Hermione had arranged a small music ensemble conducted by the half goblin, Professor Filius Flitwick, who entertained the guests with dance music and the waltz.

As the guests duly arrived at the hour of seven Emma smiled proudly at the awe inspiring main hall as she walked arm in arm with Ron through the double doors.

Her face was adorned with a Half Verona Mask in silver and black and she had pinned her long hair back on top of her head.
She looked radiant in her cream coloured gown with the mesh sleeves and low neck line, and many heads turned in her direction.

Beside her, Ron was considerably well dressed, thanks to his better half, and looked quite dashing in a snug black eye mask and a Victorian Gothic Vampire costume.
As they came into view of the food spread out on the tables Ron's eyes popped out of his head.
He released Hermione's arm and ran off to the nearest table.

"I'm so hungry I could eat a Hippogriff!"

Hermione raised her eyes to the ceiling in despair as Ron dived in to the bountiful feast.

"Oh Ron, you're always hungry!"

A pity he didn't apply the same enthusiasm for eating her pussy, she sighed in resignation.

It was then that she saw Ron's sister waving at her with her fiance on her arm.
Hermione rushed over and gave her and Harry a big hug and stood back to admire their chosen costumes.

Ginny had a velvet cat mask which went well with her floor length black velvet dress.
Harry had a jester type mask that hid most of his face and the front part of his head. He had chosen an amusing Venetian Harlequin costume with black and white patterned diamonds on his waist length tunic, and three quarter pants.

Harry looked past Hermione up at the vacant high table with the throne chair that had belonged to his beloved head teacher, Albus Dumbledore, and felt a lump in his throat.

"Hermione! You look amazing," said an admiring Ginny.

"Thanks, you too. So, how are you? I'm glad you both could make it. Five years! Gosh!"

"I know," gushed Ginny. Then she smiled demurely as she added. "Of course, I was just a slip of a thing."

"Where's Ron?" Asked Harry through his thick mask.

"Where do you think? Check out the food tables." She gestured over her shoulder with a thumb.

Harry wandered off and Ginny and Hermione were left to welcome old friends and guests.

Neville was there with his date for the night, Hannah Abbott.
Luna Lovegood had flown in from her never ending globe trotting with the Irish half blood wizard Seamus Finnian.
More followed in masks and costumes, Susan Bones, the Patil twin sisters, and even Cho Chang with a very tall date.

"Do you think Draco is here?" Wondered Ginny, biting her lip under her mask.

"I heard he is daring to show up with Pansy Parkinson. Wouldn't put it past them."

Not much had been heard of Draco Malfoy since the death of the Dark Lord and the disgrace of he and his family.
The Slytherin House member had quickly made enemies of Harry and all his friends, and was a coward, a bully, and a snobbish bigot.

As a result of Voldemort's death Draco and his direct family, loyal followers of the Dark Lord, were all spared life imprisonment in Azkaban due to their dramatic change of sides.

The last time she had met him had been the unfortunate occasion when he had visited Hogwarts in November 2000, on a mission to trace a rare book on alchemy to add to his personal collection.

In a truly bizarre twist the pair of them had surrendered to their primal urges and they had done the dirty deed, much to her chagrin. (See part four).

After the tables had been drawn back so as to make room for dancing, Hermione saw the figure of Harry in the Harlequin costume leaning against a stone pillar, alone.
She slid in beside him and her flowery fragrance filled his nostrils.

"So, congratulations on your upcoming wedding."

"Thanks. I thought it was the right time to settle down."

"I'm sure you will make Ginny very happy."

It was hard to look into his eyes or see his famous scar, or even read his expression. But Hermione hoped he felt just a glimmer of the sadness that she had at the inevitable news.

"It was meant to be, Hemione. I trust you agree."

She shuffled on her three inch heels and pouted with an acute disappointment.

"I suppose. Did you ever harbour any feelings for me? Or was it just lust for my body?"

"Hermione! I could never, you know, unless I had a certain. Certain."

"Need to ravish me?"

"Affection, yes. A certain affection. It's different with Ginny. We share so many things."

"Right, like bodily fluids."

"We all have to grow up. I'm sure Ron will make you very happy."


Harry peered out through the small eye holes of his mask as he looked at his groin being sensuously groped and fondled.

"For the love of Merlin! Will you behave!"

"Meet me in the Viaduct Courtyard, Harry. I simply must have you one last time."

"I don't know. Maybe we should..."

Harry paused as he gazed at the trim figure of what was probably his best friend. She resembled a princess from some fairy tale and he felt a knot in his belly as tried to avert his eyes from the desirable vixen.

"I'll be waiting."

Hermione tottered out quickly with her dress up in her hands as she hurried off to the covered stone cloister.
During the final battle the courtyard had been heavily damaged but had since been repaired magically.
She looked out at the castle grounds that were dimly lit and lifted her chin up.

The sun was still visible as it slowly dipped in the clear sky and she inhaled the night air through her mask.
She waited patiently until behind her came the sound of footfalls scraping across the stone floor and a thrill of anticipation ran down her spine.
She turned side on and this move revealed her bare left thigh to the man who had joined her.

"I knew you would come."

He stood stock still as a waft of a breeze blew across the cloister with a whisper across the girls cheek.

"You don't say much, do you?" She asked as he spoke no words to her.

She noted his heaving chest under his Harlequin tunic and her own heart beat loudly as she let him drink in her brazen gown.

He answered her by gripping the small of her back and drawing her body roughly to his.
Hermione gasped but put up no resistance as the silent man lifted up the front of her dress and clamped his right hand to her desirable mons.
She glanced down to see his manhood stir under his pants and form a very visible bump on his left side.


Hermione yelped as her skimpy underwear was torn asunder so that her silent admirer could feast on the deep V of her bald pussy with the captivating slit.
Unable to kiss properly with their chosen masks they made do with bumping heads and panting hard.

All the while the lust crazed witch humped his hand which stroked and fingered her heated muff urgently.
He pushed his pelvis forwards and Hermione hugged his upper body as his pronounced erection lodged firmly in her parted thighs under her opened up dress.

"Harry." She croaked with a dry throat.

His hand left her moistening sex and travelled across her flat belly in an upward direction.
She murmured under her mask as he wrenched down the neck of her dress and cupped her pert left breast, now with a very erect nipple.

Hermione shivered in ecstasy as he pinched and thumbed her hard nub and her thighs made scissor motions as her quim dampened and moistened her inner thighs.
He blew air on her exposed nipples that puckered and hardened like they always did.

Then his hands were everywhere. Stroking both of her breasts, gliding up and down her sides, and further inside to her heated loins.
The resulting arousal made her juices pool between her upper legs and her lower body undulated with her desperation for his cock.

She yelped a second time as she was unceremoniously spun around to gaze out across the grounds.
Her dress was lifted up high over her narrow back and she felt her fabulously taut bottom smoothed out with two hot palms.

In this lewd stance Hermione knew that her puffy labia were in perfect view from between her splayed thighs.
Her every breath yearned for him to take her right there, nothing else existed but him.

She felt the roughness of his tunic on her tail bone and the glorious sensation of his bared groin against her backside as he lowered his pants.

Her head dipped as her pussy lips were spread and a fat spongy cock head popped inside the steamy dark entrance of her damp beaver.

Her legs naturally widened and she pointed the tips of her shoes into the floor as she braced herself for the sublime penetration to follow.
He toyed with her by pulling back and merely running his solid shaft up and down her vertical smile.

"You tease, Harry. Fuck me, just one last time, for goodness sake."

The night light was dim by now yet no others had so far chanced upon them out on the stone cloister.
There was a brief pause and then he gripped the fronts of her thighs and thrust full length into her.

"Merlin's beard!"

Hermione felt light headed as she had an instant orgasm from the sudden and glorious intrusion.
She balanced on wobbly pins as she was hammered hard and fast for a fantastic sixty seconds.
Her arms stretched out fully ahead as their bodies slammed together in unleashed desire and raw lust.
He had his hands on her shoulders and his thrusts were so fierce that it made her tits bounce wildly.

He stopped momentarily and his hot breath misted up on the nape of her neck as he bent over her back.
Still he did not speak, only the rasp of his exhalations could be heard in the night air.

"Harry. Please?"

Hermione was suddenly thrust upwards as he jacked his hips and filled her sopping box with his entire length.
She stifled a selfish sob as she realised this may very well be the final time she would ever feel that magnificent organ inside her.

Fuck! He was so hard, so big! His dick did things inside her that no other had even come close to emulating.

He fucked her hard, brutally, arching inside her as she moaned accordingly. Ron could never match this in a hundred years she contemplated as she was pounded relentlessly.

"Harry! Damn you! I love it!"

Momentarily startled Hermione yelled out as her left leg was hoisted up to the level of her hip and held firmly in the crook of his elbow.
With her legs out wide she received powerful lunges that made her cry out beneath her disheveled mask.

This was no gentle fuck, but an audacious thrashing of her cunt.
And in her lecherous craving for him she sobbed his name over and over as he dripped sweat onto her bared backside.

Her second climax milked his ardent organ and he threw his head back as his feverish pace slowed and then ceased.

He growled in an almost animalistic way as he pulled out of her slick tunnel and came on her smooth cheeks.
Globes of white cum splattered her bottom and then slowly dribbled down her slit to the insides of her thighs.

His panting drowned out her breathless whimpering as her leg was released and they both swayed on unsteady feet on the stone floor.

The sound of people singing and chanting then could be heard vaguely from the Great Hall.

"Rose leaves, rose leaves, roses that I strew."

"It's midnight." Uttered Hermione as she recognised the words.

Hermione straightened up and observed her lover tuck his wilting dick into his pants and smooth out his tunic.
He paused and looked at her, seemingly without any sense of awareness or regard.
For a scary minute Hermione wasn't quite sure who was staring back at her.

He turned and headed back, and as she was left alone she came crashing back to earth.
Her hair was loose and tangled. Perspiration dappled her brow, and her once elegant dress had been torn asunder from her neck to her navel.

With a quick step she hurried back to the Gryffindor Girl's Dormitory where she had left her wand.
She gripped in her right fist until her knuckles went white and made a rapid hand movement, chanting the incantation for the Mending Charm.


Her ruined dress seamlessly mended and she even had her hair stylishly coiled up on her head.

She took in a sharp intake of breath and returned to the lively hall where the Summer Solstice Circle Dance was in full swing.

The female witches were scattering rose petals everywhere as they sang.

"Rose leaves I strew, he that will love me, come after me now."

Hermione saw Ron with his sister and Harry who were watching the proceedings.

"Hermione! Where the bloody hell have you been? You're missing the dance."

"SO, sorry! I got a bit tangled up."

She took an especially hard look at Harry who finally decided to lift his mask off his face.
He still wore his glasses which were quite misted up on the bridge of his nose.

"Rather hot in here, I may go outside for a bit. Coming Gin?"

"I told you ages ago to get some fresh air. You've been stuck to my side like glue all night."

Hermione listened to Ginny's words and felt a cold sweat grip her.
As she watched the couple and Ron head outside her mind raced.

Had Harry been inside the whole time?

As she began to tremble with a surge of overwhelming panic she surveyed the rest of the guests who were laughing and dancing.

And there he was.

ANOTHER in a Harlequin tunic and Venetian jester mask. This mystery man and Harry could easily pass as twins!
Same height and similar build.

Hermione felt her heart beat like a hammer in her chest and she groped and blinked as she sought a chair to sit in.
She lifted her weary head once more and gasped as Harlequin Two passed within three feet of her, a female hugging his arm tightly.

There was no doubt in her mind that it was THIS person who had ravished her so not half an hour before.

She looked hard with unbelieving eyes but he had gone.
As she slumped in her seat Hermione came to the conclusion that she just HAD to know who had taken her in such a fashion.
She shook her head as she recalled every second of what had just occurred.

How she had loved the glorious and thick cock that had flooded her body with delirious shockwaves.

How he had given her delicious sensations throughout her body, how she had felt every ripple of his rock hard shaft slide back and forth in her very wet pussy.

And the effortless way he had brought her to orgasm, not once but TWICE.
She put her hand to her mouth as she relived that delightful plunging member pulsating inside her before spilling out over her in a river of cum.

And to top it all she had only had the briefest glimpse of his prodigious length during the entire time!

No, she simply had to know who this mystery lover was. And she knew just how to find out.


The time turner worked on Novikov's self consistency principle. This principle enabled the person wearing the magical device to go back a certain amount of time for the duration of five hours.

Hermione Grainger still had hers from the time that Minerva McGonagall had given it to her so that she could attend more than one class simultaneously.

She had secreted the gold pendant in the old office of the Defence against the Dark Arts teacher. Rooms she had procured on her stay in Hogwarts after her return at the end of '98.
The first thing she did after her down to earth bump was to retrieve the much needed device.

The party had ended around one in the morning and as she helped Ron collapse on their bed in a drunken stupor she quietly returned to the Great Hall.

The floors were covered in all sorts of debris. Rose petals, spilled goblets, food dishes, and the odd shoe.
Still in her cream dress she stood in a darkened corner and fingered the time turner that hung around her neck.
She took a deep breath and then spun the tiny hourglass in the center of the turner twice.

Immediately shapes and figures rushed by her at a terrific speed, and muted sounds and sped up voices filled her ears.
The strange experience of time travel suddenly stopped when she had successfully gone back to two hours before.

She stepped back into the shadows and looked out at the reunion in full swing. She laughed at the sight of Ron sitting back with a bloated belly and the remains of several cauldron cakes at his feet.

Luna Lovegood was being swept off her feet as she danced a waltz in the arms of a masked man in a red cloak.

The musicians were in full flight and the diminutive figure of Flitwick waved his baton in a flurry of arms.

There now were Harry and Ginny, huddled together and whispering sweet nothings to each other.
Then came the extraordinary vision of herself, resplendent in her dress and unique mask, stepping up to Harry as Ginny went to replenish their drinks.

She saw Harry and she in conversation and this must have been the time she had pleaded for him to pleasure her one very last time.

Her eyes fixed on herself as she hurried outside, and it was then that her line of vision came across the other man in the Harlequin costume.
Hermione saw him look at her heels as she ventured out to the courtyard, and then saw him whisper something to his date.

As the fellow followed her outside, so did she, taking great care not to be seen by anyone.
Ten minutes later she looked on incredulously as Harlequin had her dress up and his hand up her snatch.

Even more remarkable was the moment when he had her up against the edge of the wall and began to fuck her brains out from behind as she screamed and wailed in delight.

With her fist lodged in her mouth, Hermione stayed rooted to the spot until the man ejaculated over her pert derriere and then left her dripping with his cum. He had turned his back on her and then walked close by to where the future Hermione stood watching.

Hidden in the shadows her eyes went wide when the man lifted his mask off to mop his wet brow.
His face was lit for the most fleeting of moments as he stood a mere ten feet from her, and his silvery hair and trim beard were revealed.

Hermione had to tilt her head back lest she throw up as she finally discovered the man's identity.


To be continued...

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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
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Chapter Twelve

July, 2003.


Without a doubt the Battle of Hogwarts had changed the lives of all those who had survived that destructive final conflict of the Second Wizarding War.

Lives had been lost, the castle had seen severe damage, new relationships had formed, and love had been declared by some.

Even Draco Malfoy, bitter rival of Harry Potter and his friends, had become noticeably changed from the arrogant and bigoted pest he had once been.

After Voldemort's demise he and his parents were devastated, yet free from the fear of imprisonment, due to their late switch of allegiance from the Dark Lord.

Draco had since cooled in his relationship with his father, Lucious, but had still inherited the age old family residence, Malfoy Manor.

Extremely wealthy, the twenty three year old pure blood wizard had put all his focus and energy into his hobby of the study and collecting of old artefacts.

Books and manuscripts of the Dark Arts and Alchemy were his particular favourites to seek, which hinted at a still inquisitive interest in those matters concerning the side of chaos.

He had even purchased the very old Obscurus Bookshop at 18A Diagon Alley where he sold a modest range of titles and offered money for old items of a curious nature.

Still in a relationship with Pansy Parkinson he and she had converted the upstairs room into a love nest and they stayed there during the week, spending weekends at the Manor.

This was the place Hermione Granger had stumbled upon on a casual shopping spree in the Alley on a wet afternoon at the end of July, 2003.
Since the 5th year reunion the charming witch had brooded and re-lived that intense midnight shag Draco had given her.

The illicit tryst played out in her mind almost non stop and her mood became one of an introspective and sullen one.

She had been taken by surprise by a silent male on the dark courtyard of the castle from behind, like a mare by a stallion, and it had been the perfect fuck. She had never been taken like that and she had been thrilled to have her hair grabbed like a horse's rein as his dick buried itself inside her molten depths.

She had felt downright dirty as his hard body smacked loudly against hers.
His hot breath had warmed the nape of her elegant neck and her heart positively fluttered from the incessant thrusting of his dick in her flooded pussy.

She had pleaded, begged for more as she was brought to orgasm time and time again.
Only Harry had stoked that fire within her up to then, and she had been thoroughly shocked to discover another had the ability, the prowess, the dimensions, to thrill her in that way.

And the other was apparently Draco Malfoy no less.


That morning, before Ron had left for work, he had rolled on top of her and had fucked her for a perfunctory three minutes which had left Hermione sticky and decidedly unfulfilled.

Despite her history with Malfoy over the years he had ignited some fire in her belly with his almost bullying act of intercourse, and he had satisfied her unquenchable thirst for all things carnal.

It was not love, she repeatedly told herself, purely a physical attraction that over rode their ugly history.
Of all people she had surprised herself at her selfish emotions of lust and desire and was even angry with her own actions.
She could never love one such as Draco, could she?

Left alone she shivered and spread her lithe pins wide and dipped her middle finger in her heated muff.
Remembering Draco's huge erection she frigged herself as her imagination went wild.
Just thinking of the silver haired one laid on top of her and grinding his hips to and fro made her wetter and wetter.

Her eyes closed in the semi darkness of the bedroom and her lower body bucked up and down from the mattress as she humped her own finger.

What HAD he done to her?

Yet again she had been left wanting, unfulfilled by Ron, and her being, her very essence craved for Draco's cock. Driving inside her with superb plunging strokes that rocked her to her core.

She added a second, and then a third digit inside her, although she could never match that thick girth of his that had done so many wonderful things to her.

She raised her legs up, wrapping them around imagined hips, in an attempt to imitate Draco fucking her.

Sweat trickled down the sweet crevice of her butt cheeks as she became consumed by a desperate yearning to be taken, and taken roughly, by her once most hated nemesis.

Her head snapped back into the pillow and her lips parted as she finally brought forth her blessed relief.
She fell limp on her back and panted hard.
Satisfied for now, but still wanting. Sated for the moment, but still needing.


Diagon Alley was the ancient cobblestoned shopping area for the wizarding world and was magically situated behind the London pub known as the Leaky Cauldron.
Completely hidden from the Muggle world the area was in fact quite large and included shops, restaurants, and Gringott's Wizarding Bank.

Twice Hermione had walked past the tiny entrance to the shop in question, unable to find the strength nor compulsion to go in.
The Summer rain was warm on her face and hair and dried quickly on the cobbles of the narrow street.
She drew her coat around her shaking form and then stood straight backed.

"To hell with it!"

She placed her slender hand on the ornate door handle and hurried in before she changed her mind again.

"May I help you? Oh. You."

Pansy looked up from a copy of that day's Daily Prophet and scowled back at Hermione.
Hermione returned the withering look and pretended to browse the dusty books on the wooden shelves.
Despite being the middle of Summer there was a chill to the place and the sunlight failed to illuminate the cramped shop.

"If you're looking for sex education books then we're all out."

Pansy studied her nails as she grinned at her own joke.
Still the same bitch, thought Hermione, but as she stole a furtive glance at the now adult Pansy she noted the woman had blossomed from the dowdy student into a rather attractive young thing.

"Oh, I suppose you bought them all."

Touche, thought Hermione as she gave back what she took.
The Sytherin House witch had been in Hermione and Harry's year at the
School of Withcraft and Wizardry but had chosen to be friendly with Draco and his gang of two, notably Crabbe and Goyle.

Equally mean as the boys, Pansy had constantly taunted Harry, Ron and herself with a particularly sadistic manner. It seemed that the girl got a kick out of being mean spirited hostile.

"Is Malfoy in, perchance?" Said Hermione in what she hoped was in a casual manner as she fanned the pages of a leather backed tome.

"Ah, there's the rub."

"Whatever do you mean?"

"Oh, don't flatter yourself. You're not the first to be taken under Draco's spell, and you certainly won't be the last. He has an irresistible and seductive influence on most females."

"You've got it all wrong. I was simply passing and noticed the shop had a new owner, is all."

"It's what they all say. Anyway, he's just up those stairs, go ahead."

Pansy jerked her thumb and dropped her head back down to finish off the daily newspaper.

Hermione paused at the foot of the creaky wooden stairs and looked up.
Was she so desperate that she had come so far?
It was as if she had carried out a conversation with herself as she took one step at a time.

I told you to stay away, but do you listen?

He can't still be a bastard, can he?

He's dangerous, a bad one. You can't trust him.

I don't believe you.

It will all end in tears, mark my words.

It's just the intrigue, I suppose. The sense of not knowing what might come next.

Well, don't say I didn't warn you.

Draco looked up from perusing an old dried parchment and ran his fingers through his trim silver beard.
His pale hair was brushed back and she noted some gray at his temples.
She recalled how all the adult members of the Malfoy family grayed prematurely.

She coughed politely and waited for him to speak, and lifted her chin in a show of pride as he gave her a smug grin back.

"What took you so long, Grainger? I've been expecting you to show up since the reunion."

Hermione met his pale eyes and felt the goose flesh rise on her arms.
Did he indeed?

"You're quite right, Malfoy." she said with a slight tremor in her voice. "I SHOULD have come sooner. Considering that you owe me an apology."

"HAH!" Shrieked Pansy unexpectedly from the other side of the room.

"An apology, is it now? I am appalled. I was expecting you to thank me for providing you with some much needed relief. I can only imagine what the Weasley boy is like between the sheets. A damp squib most probably."

"You bastard! What makes you think Ron does not...that is how he makes me...Anyway! What you did was outright dishonourable and depraved."

"I sincerely doubt that you know the meaning of depravity. Although I do hear mutterings of some very ignoble behaviour on your part. You're no angel, my poor little Mudblood. And don't pretend you are."

Hermione felt her cheeks flush at that familiar insult he once traded at least once a week at Hogwarts.
Draco steepled his fingers and grinned as her wide eyes bore into his.

"Do you desire more of what you had given to you on Midsummer Eve? Do you want my body SO badly that you came in here completely uninvited? Sought me out?"

Hermione considered that her presence here was downright absurd, yet her feet failed to move.
If Ron knew where she was he would be livid she mused as she willed her legs to walk to the door.
She tried to persuade herself that this had all been some dreadful mistake and she stood with both hands on her hips.

"Look, you conceited, smug, pure blooded snob. I do not desire you one bit. In fact Pansy here is more than welcome to you."

"Is that so?" Draco stood up to his full height and Hermione felt his towering presence loom tall.

"Tell me that you don't dream of me every night. Tell me that you can resist this body of mine. That you don't fantasise of me lying on top of you instead of Ron."

"I...I...don't. I..."

"Liar. I can almost read your mind." He took her chin in his hand and lifted it up firmly. Hermione shook her head to free herself as a single tear ran out of the inside of her left eye.

"You are an arrogant, pompous, rude, self centred..."

"Please go on. I love it when you lose it. Your little eyes get even smaller. Of course, and Pansy will back me up, I AM a handsome devil, and rather good in bed. Not to mention I'm hung like a centaur. No, my little Gryffindor plaything. Whatever naughty thoughts you may harbour in that pretty head about us will have to simmer a little longer. I do not intend to sleep with you just yet. But we can still have some dirty fun."

Draco nodded to Pansy behind the seething Hermione and his partner acted.


Pansy yelled out the stunning spell and pointed her wand at the startled Hermione who was rendered instantly unconscious.
Draco caught her in mid fall and held her limp frame in his arms.

"Yes, my dear. We shall have some VERY dirty fun."

He looked at Pansy who was busy drawing a large phoenix feather through her fingers over and over again.



Hermione stirred feebly in her seat and slowly raised her head.
Pansy stood directly over her as she pointed her wand at her chest.
She felt a slight chill as well as the gentle throb in her left temple, and realised she had been stripped of her clothing and secured naked to the four leg chair by thin cords. Her arms were tied behind her and her legs were splayed open and her ankles were roped to the front two legs of the chair.

As she blinked hard she became acutely aware that her two captors were also as naked as the day they were born!

Draco had truly matured.
He was lean and developed with a muscular chest and abdomen and a flat stomach. His legs were toned and had pronounced calves, and he had a very taut behind.

But it was his manhood that drew her eyes down to his groin.
There, in a trimmed nest of silver pubes was his almost bloodless cock, at half mast and boasting an expanded and angry shade of purple.

"Malfoy! Release me this instant! You horrid man!" She demanded in an increasingly shrill voice.

If she were able Hermione would have stamped her foot in a show of defiance. Instead she sat tight, unable to even twitch an inch.

Draco scoffed as he and Pansy embraced directly in front of her, although he only had eyes for the captive Hermione.
If ever the truth were to ever out, it would be the fact that Draco Malfoy had always been jealous of the loathsome Harry Potter.

The seemingly cold and calculated bully could never come to terms that Potter and not he were the more admired student at Hogwarts.
More friends, more respect, and Hermione Granger.

As she felt his eyes bore into her exposed loins, Hermione had the natural urge to close her thighs, a futile thought as her ankles were tightly tied to the chair legs.

"Well, well. How the worm has turned. Just the other week it was give it to me hard and don't stop, I love it."

"I was under the impression at that time...oh, never mind."

Hermione tried to avert her eyes as Pansy gripped Draco's knob and jerked him to full erection.

"I say, Pansy. The little strumpet has a bald pussy. How very modern.

Draco stared at Hermione's crotch, lingering on her moist slit.
Then he and his lover half walked, half crept in each others arms to the wriggling young witch trussed up in the chair.

Draco stood right over her and placed his hands on her heaving shoulders.
Hermione gasped as his rigid pole swayed in her face, all throbbing and sporting the biggest glans she had ever encountered.

"Care to suck it?"

Despite the absurd situation, Hermione parted her glistening lips wantonly and actually ran the pink tip of her tongue to the left corner of her mouth.
She sucked in air as the big engorged head brushed her lips with the merest of touches.

"Oh no, no, no, no. Me first, lover."

Pansy drew Draco back by the arms and Hermione felt her heart thump in her chest.
Her white breasts pushed out to the maximum and a definite trickle of moisture collected in her pussy.
She was powerless to hide the fact that she was highly aroused as her impassioned body gave the game away.

Pansy held Draco's dick at the root and licked up each side of his iron hard shaft in turn.
The more she slid up and down his impressive erection, the harder and bigger he became.
Slick with Pansy's spit he was ready for her to deep throat him.

"Wish this was you, hmm?"

Hermione looked directly at the two of them and a tiny line of perspiration ran down her left temple.
She had to admit she was transfixed by the sight of his huge throbbing member vanishing inside Pansy's drooling mouth, so far inside that her nose became buried in his unique nest of silver pubes.

"In your dreams, Malfoy." She answered not too convincingly as her voice faltered.

Pansy half turned which caused Draco's cock head to repeatedly push out her left cheek. So much so that Hermione feared that he may well burst through her face, such was his swift thrusting.

Hermione watched Draco as he moved to sit on the single bed that presumably he shared with Pansy.
He made certain that he was just opposite Hermione to give her the perfect view of his displayed open loins.

"Come, my dear. Let us entertain our guest."

Pansy straddled his lap in a reverse cowgirl position and placed her slender legs on the outsides of his.
He held his pole by the base as Pansy crouched over him and then lowered herself onto him.
She loved this way of fucking as it gave her the deepest possible penetration, and also allowed her to play her clit.

Also, it enabled Draco to play with her tits, or fondle her bottom if he so chose, as she sank down on his sizeable cock.
As she started to ride up and down, Hermione looked on in desperation, her eyes going from the vision of her rival impaling herself on Draco's log, to Pansy's ripe breasts that bounced lightly on her chest.

"Like what you see, Mudblood? Do you recall how it felt when I was fucking you?"

Hermione bit her lower lip and squirmed on her pert bottom as her pussy dribbled her love juices down that sublime crevice between her nether cheeks.
Her restraints kept her in check and her one desire, to touch herself there, was acutely denied.
Her pussy simply ached for some sort of physical contact but she had been cruelly deprived of the ability to even touch thighs.

"You are such a bastard, Malfoy." She uttered under her breath.

"I know." He answered smugly and thumbed the energized Pansy's very stiff nipples, which stuck out a good half inch.

Pansy dipped her head and her hair fell over to touch her toes.
Draco chuckled as he began to spank the rounded bottom of the tempestuous witch who made happy coo's and grateful noises.

Hermione felt an incredible sense of guilty excitement as her gaze remained glued to the erotic scene, barely three feet in front of her.
Behind her back she made two fists and dug her nails into the palms of her hands, anything to get some sort of touch on her heated frame.

Pansy made a gyrating motion as she ground down to engulf Draco's entire length. No mean feat surmised Hermione whose memory of being on the business end of his cock was fresh in her memory.

Then Draco lifted Pansy off of his dick and she laid back lengthwise on the bed.
Draco took a long look at the sorry state of the naked and bound witch who wriggled and writhed on her seat.

"Watch and learn. See how a real man makes love to his woman."

Hermione shrugged, as if she had any choice in the matter she thought.
Her muff felt hot and sticky as she watched Draco dive between Pansy's outstretched pins and mount her.
The young witch brought her legs up around his back as he immediately thrust in and out of her glistening pussy.

Hermione had seen a man's cock going in and out of a female before, but this was something else.
Draco quickened his pace and his hips rose up and down at a lively rate.
Pansy was quite literally pinned to the mattress which creaked loudly, and the headboard banged hard on the wall behind it.

"Best thing in the world," panted Draco as his lower body pistoned into the groaning Pansy beneath him. "Fucking a woman's brains out. Want to join in?"

Hermione blinked away tears of frustration and bit her tongue in a vain attempt to deny Draco the satisfaction of hearing her beg.

Of course, there was nothing else in the world she would rather have than him ramming in and out of her aching pussy with his big dick.

"Come on then. Up you come. Oh no? Can't you move then?"

"You're a pig! A sick, twisted pig!"

"Such compliments!"

"Your loss, bitch!" Sighed Pansy, who reached back to grip the headboard. "He fills me up so!"

Draco shifted his backside and proceeded to slam into Pansy with assured strokes, one deep plunge every three seconds, making her shriek aloud.

Hermione's imagination went wild just thinking of what Pansy was going through. Utter bliss, most probably. Lucky witch.
Draco again switched tactics and gave Pansy rapid hammer thrusts that made her cream on his pulsing cock.

"Merlin's beard!"

He popped out of her and he fucked air for a few seconds before he inserted himself back inside her turgid cunt.
Hermione noted that her fuck hole gaped from his huge appendage to the point that she would probably have been able to stuff her clenched fist inside.

Draco stiffened dramatically then and ejaculated inside Pansy who gripped his clenching buttocks with both hands.
His cum dribbled out of her stuffed pussy as he spurted again and again for a good minute.

How the hell did he have so much stuff! Hermione's eyes went wide when he pulled out and Pansy squired over the sheet to make a veritable puddle.

"Super stuff. See to her then."

Draco stabbed a finger at the jerked his thumb as he tucked his wilting cock into his palm.

Pansy shook her head and crept over to Hermione and knelt down so that her face was eye level with the tied female's pussy mound.
Hermione shuddered as her slim thighs were palmed and kneaded.
Then she tilted her head back as the spirited Pansy licked her from anus to clitoris with her flattened tongue.


Then Pansy stood up and pushed her glistening mons into Hermione's face.
Inhaling the heady scent she took one lap of the proffered pussy and her head swam.
Pansy hovered over her as Hermione gleefully worked her pointed tongue inside the juicy slit.
Draco's thick cum spread out over Hermione's mouth and chin as Pansy dripped her prize.

"Want me to lick you now?"

"Uh, huh." Mumbled a dizzy Hermione.

"What was that?"

"Yes," came the soft reply.

"Still can't hear you."

Pansy stood in front of the tied witch whose own cunt screamed out for attention.


"Tut. And I thought you were such a sweet thing too." Mocked Draco who reclined on the bed.

Pansy again ran her fingertips up the insides of Hermione who trembled visibly with anticipation.
These two were the children of the devil himself!

When Pansy finally put her pursed lips to Hermione's puffy labia an audible cry of relief could be heard.

Hermione cried out with the indescribable pleasure of her pussy now being probed and tongued.
Pansy inhaled the sweet and pungent scent of wet cunt as she began to twist and rotate her slathering tongue with a lascivious abandon inside the groaning Hermione.

Her juices poured freely from her depths as Pansy took her to the peak of arousal.
The teasing of her clit became a full blown assault then as Pansy made fervid circles all around the hard nub which sent sensational vibrations right inside Hermione's roused cunt.

"Please, please, please!" Sobbed Hermione as her clit was sucked, and her pussy was fingered at the same time.

Her perky tits bobbed as her pussy grew wetter and wetter until she felt her inner walls ripple on the cusp of an orgasm.
Pansy nuzzled Hermione's mons with her nose as three of her fingers now thrust in and out of her inflamed cunt.

From behind her came Draco who took her by surprise and quickly wrapped a silk scarf around her eyes.

"Now what?"

She was made to stew and her ears pricked up the pair of tormentors whispering to each other.
Then her pulse raced as she felt the exquisite touch of what seemed to be a phoenix feather glide over her undulating belly.

"What ARE you up to?"

"Shut up and enjoy."

Draco traced smooth lines between Hermione's breasts and down her sternum. She opened her mouth wide as he made big circles with the soft thing around her navel and then under the tantalising curve of her tits.


Unable to see his moves, she had to guess where he went next.
The tease of being tied to the chair, blindfolded and naked, was utterly exhilarating.
Goose flesh broke out as he drove her crazy with long strokes of the feather across the insides of her upper thighs and she cursed him a thousand times over as he deliberately avoided her most sensitive spot.

"Bastard, bastard, bastard!"

With all of her senses thus heightened the Muggle born witch was driven close to the edge, but not all the way.
Every touch, every sweep of the feather was enough to send waves of desirable and welcome tingles through her body, but that release, that explosive release was denied the pleading woman.

"Enough!" Said Draco firmly as he dragged the scarf from the blinking Hermione.

With her entire body wracked with sexual tension, and her every pore leaking sweat, Hemione raised her weary head to see Draco wave his wand over her.

"Take a nap, Granger."

"But, I still haven't cum yet!"

"Oh, don't cry over spilled potion. Stupefy!"


The term Hermione Granger used to describe her current environment was 'whiteout.'

With no idea where she was, the fiercely independent young witch perceived a large white room with white walls, white floor, brilliant white lighting, and ominously, a king sized bed with spotless white sheets.

She was knelt by a long steel pole to which she discovered she was connected to by a leather strap that in turn held her wrists bound in front of her.

As she slowly got to her feet she found herself still unclothed, but with a white toga or some such garment, draped loosely about her slender figure.

On her face she felt a mask or blind with tiny eye holes through which she was able to see.
As she looked down at her bare feet she noticed a length of chain that led up to her neck, about which seemed to be a choker or collar fixed tightly on her flesh. Close to her left ear she felt a small padlock that presumably kept the collar locked in place.

The usually energised young beauty was at a loss to explain her predicament, suffice to say that it must surely be the devilish work of Draco Malfoy.

As she tried to focus on some solid object, Hermione felt a rush of air waft in the room, and she became aware that she had been joined by another.

"Awake at last, Granger? Welcome to Malfoy Manor. We apparated here from the Alley. Like it?"

Hermione looked at the tall figure of Malfoy, also named bar a white toga casually flung over his left shoulder.
The garment did little to hide his manly form and Hermione felt her throat dry up.
She quickly came back to reality, or she hoped she had, and various thoughts ran through her mind.

"This is one of my specially adapted play rooms. I have others. I call it the toga room."

"Is it your twisted intention to keep me as a sort of sexual plaything?"

Draco rubbed his trim beard and a broad smile lit up his face.

"There's an idea, and no mistake. No. I shall play fair with you, Granger. If, within the next hour I fail to give you the utmost sexual stimulation, the ultimate orgasm, then I shall liberate you from your shackles."

"How very noble of you, Malfoy. And just what do you propose? Dinner and roses?"

"Nothing so mundane, my dear."

Hermione stayed quiet as she wondered what to expect.
It was true enough that he was certainly equipped to give her the most intense climax, as evidenced on the night of the reunion.

He has thrilled her to her core, despite the slight mistaken identity of her thinking it were Harry shagging her brains out in the courtyard.

As Draco moved about the stark room, Hermione felt herself wet from anticipation already.
He returned to her and released her from the pole, still keeping her beside him by holding onto the length of chain that was attached to her special collar.
He gave her an exploratory tug and nodded to himself in satisfaction.

"What's this for?" She said while grimacing at the sudden tightness around her neck.

"This is my training collar. It's your very own sign that you are my submissive for the duration. Should I deem your behaviour unworthy then I just..."

He tugged the chain again and raised his arm so that Hermione had to go up on tiptoes as he steered her to the big bed.

"You really are sick, you know that? Once a school bully, always a school bully."

He continued as he made her lie down on the bed, and her soft brown hair fanned out around her head. Her bound wrists on her sex in a futile attempt for some modesty.

"You are going to be effectively defenceless, unable to stop me doing whatsoever I choose to do. But trust me, you'll be screaming in ecstasy by the time I'm finished."

As he spoke she could not fail to notice that his cock had risen to attention and was poking straight up to the whitewashed ceiling.

The Slytherin House member would never admit such a thing but he found her to be captivating.
Her naked body was enchanting, pun intended, with flawless skin and a peaches and cream complexion.
Her perky tits were firm and pliant with nipples that cried out to be nibbled on.

Hermione was of a similar mind, finding the hated Malfoy something of an enigma.
She raised her head and saw that he had a small object in his right fist and Hermione, being the learned Gryffindor student that she was, recognised it as a Deluminator.

"Are you...?"

He pressed the button on the magical device and immediately the room was plunged into darkness as it absorbed all light.

"Surely you don't intend..."


Her unsuspecting mind raced at the curious sound of what seemed like a metal bucket and it's crunching contents by her left side.
She sensed his presence at her left side and then gasped aloud as liquid was slowly dripped onto her bared breasts.
The water, if it were such, was chilly and her upper body jerked up in response.

"Lie still, or."

He jerked the chain, causing her collar to tighten and she got the message.
Next was the remarkable sensation of an ice cube being applied to her right nipple
Draco rolled it around and around causing her sensitive nub to harden and stick out like a bullet.
He repeated this with her left nipple, tracing a circle as it melted and trickled down her cleavage.

"I can't believe it!"

Draco's hot lips licked the trail of water that wetted her tits and Hermione arched her spine as a pleasing tingle raced to her loins.
Yet another cold cube was rolled across the exquisite curve of her belly and the melting water pooled in her navel.
She nibbled on the corner of her left lower lip as she became accustomed to the sharp cold of the ice.

Draco hummed on the flesh of her stomach with pursed lips and sucked up the cool water, sending sensuous vibrations through the animated young witch.


Hermione arched up even further and snapped her head back into a pillow when a cube was rolled teasingly up from her left knee to the part of her inner thigh that was closest to her vaginal entrance.
The heat that emanated from her most private of spots melted the ice in a minute, and Draco used another to move up her right thigh to her bald mons.


To finish, Draco placed the last remaining cube directly on her clitoris and pressed down on the top.
Hermione teased her tormentor and began to buck up and down at the hip to increase the heavenly pressure of the melting cube on her throbbing clit.

"That...is...divine!" She moaned as she felt his hot mouth clamp down on her mound and kiss away the cool water with eager slathering.

The inky darkness of the unlit room perfectly raised her sense of touch and she could feel her love juices seep out of her aroused pussy and drool down the crack of her ass.
She had not felt this form of arousal before and she was desperate for a release.
She was on the brink of an orgasm when he suddenly stopped and she moved her head this way and that to determine his whereabouts.


Malfoy depressed the Deluminator again and the room became the brilliant white once more.
She lifted her head and found herself laying in a pool of cool water that had saturated the crisp white sheet.

"Suck me." He said simply.

Hermione dragged herself to the edge of the bed and was confronted by Draco's very stiff dick.
One large vein pulsed down one side of his twitching shaft and the smooth head seemed to flare out alarmingly big.

"Touch it, Granger. I know you want to."

Draco gave her a smug grin and put his hands on his hips in supreme confidence.
Hermione shook her hair back, reached out and slid her clenched fists up the hot shaft and down again.

The bastard spoke the truth and their eyes met as she tightened her grip. She smiled to herself as he responded with a definite moan of delight.
A welcome turnabout and the first sign of her potential to show some authority.

"Does it feel good?" She quipped as she gave him a quick clockwise twist.

Hermione quickened her strokes and cocked her head under the mask.
She made rapid rubs up to the spongy tip and then used her thumb to run over it.
Draco groaned louder as pre-cum oozed out as a result of her wrist actions.

"I'll take that as a yes, shall I?"

Draco tugged on her chain and she was forced to nod as he jerked her in a downward yank.

"Have a care, Mudblood. Now take it."

The slim brunette parted her wet lips and gave the underside of his rigid staff a long and agonisingly slow lick.
She wanted to dig her nails into his upper thighs, but the leather cuffs prevented this.

But she still surprised him by diving down onto half of his length and humming audibly on his hot flesh.

"Fuck! I was not expecting that!"

Her lips danced on his rock hard organ and bobbed back and forth, sending superb vibrations along his member.
Hermione became lost in the moment and sucked on his juicy dick with a half smile on her face as she hoovered him in.

On occasion she let his top pop out of her mouth so that she could lick all around it to savour his manly taste.
With a firm grip on his root the lust crazed witch took him deep inside the hot cave that was her mouth and drooled unashamedly down to his balls.

"Keep doing that, keep doing that."

Draco grabbed her head on each side and started to quite literally fuck her face!
Her hair whipped about as her head was pulled and pushed with a certain amount of force.

So much for her authority!

Her nostrils flared as his dick rammed at the back of her throat, and panic set in as she realised that his was considerably thicker than she had anticipated.

Her mouth formed a large O as his hard cock shoved in and out at a fair rate. Then, as she gagged on his entire length that was lodged in her mouth, he let her up and she coughed and sneezed as she inhaled deeply.

"Damn you to hell, Malfoy!" She rasped between spits.

"Quite possibly."

He tugged on her collar and shoved her onto her back on the bed.
Her slim pins were spread out, showing him her dripping pussy, and Hermione felt her heart skip a beat.

She panted hard as Draco licked up her left leg, not breaking skin contact, until he reached her pussy lips.
Hermione writhed and squirmed with every encroaching inch that brought him nearer to her cunt.

"For the love of Merlin!"

She cried out and curled her toes as his nose pressed into her mons and his pointed tongue entered her sweet fuck hole.
This was something else as his nose rubbed up and down on her erect clit as if fucking her with it!

At the same time he dragged his tongue up her slippery slit until she screamed out in sheer ecstasy.
He held her thighs apart in his strong mitts as her bottom slid on the sheet, causing it to ruck up her crevice.

Her tied hands ruffled his silver hair as she shook her head from side to side.
With his head buried in her sex she tensed up as she closed in on her climax.

"Nearly, nearly, nearly, nearly." She mumbled, licking her lips feverishly.

Draco was driving her mad as her urge to explode was near fruition.
Then, naturally, he stopped.

"What the fuck? Why did you have to stop then?"

"You have to trust me."

Trust Draco Malfoy? Could she possibly?

She saw he had his ten inch hawthorn wand in his hand and she made a cursory comparison with it and his equally large erection.


Hermione yelped as she was lifted up by the binding spell and made to hover above the bed.
Her toga moved up behind her and wrapped around her arms which pointed straight up.
The white garment twisted back about her shoulders and wound up to her wrists in such a way that she was unable to shift her arms an inch.

"Will you let me down, this instant!"

Hermione wiggled her feet as they dangled three inches above the mattress.
Draco moved under her swaying form, gripped her by the ankles and spread her legs out almost horizontally.

She gasped in utter bliss as her captor licked two of his fingers and then thrust them deep into her bald pussy.
With her legs splayed out her nether holes were openly displayed and vulnerable and she was frigged without mercy.

She moaned from the sublime opening up of her quim which was quite literally dripping down Draco's palm as he pushed in and out of her heated honey pot.
Each searching probe inside her made her shudder and the walls of her pussy contracted around his two digits.


Again Hermione felt her blood rush to her head as she was made to spin in mid air until her head was where her feet were and vice versa.
Draco chucked loudly as he poked his prick straight up to meet Hermione's gaping mouth.
She was still held aloft in the tangle of the toga that suspended her above Draco who went onto his knees and began to push in and out of the groaning witch.

The blood rushed to her head and she dribbled profusely as she was face fucked upside down.
Draco threw his head back as he thrust up with hefty pelvic thrusts.
In this odd angle he glided down her throat with relative ease and Hermione gurgled and spluttered as a result.

"Splendid fun, don't you agree?"

The teasing wizard laid then pulled out and flat on his back.
He rotated his wrist and then moved his wand up and down and Hermione was brought to him in a perverse seated position suspended just above his lap.

"Let's fuck."

Drool had bathed her chin and had run down to her proud breasts.
With her arms still pointing up she had to dip her head to see Draco press the head of his cock against the opening of her muff.
His white column was as straight and true as Gryffindor's sword she mused as the bloated head opened her quim and pushed on in.

"Yes!" She hissed as at last she had a hard dick inside her hot cunt.

He gripped her hips and pushed up, impaling the grateful witch onto his prodigious length.
Hermione closed her eyes to fully appreciate his thick girth.


Draco pulled out slowly and made her curse and spit in frustration.

"Put it back in, you devil! Put it in, please? Fuck me. I want you. Want your cock. Fuck!"

"Music to my ears. Pity Potter or Weasley aren't here to share our fun."

"Forget them. Give it to me."

Hermione wanted to bite her tongue off even as she spoke the words about Harry and Ron. But she could not deny her selfish craving for Malfoy's magnificent cock.
He thrust up once more and entered her fully, bringing tears of joy to her pretty face.

She was allowed to drop a few inches until her lower body met his and her thighs settled on the outside of his.
She was allowed to lean forwards and the toga was relaxed so that she had freedom to use her arms.
The cuffs fell away from her wrists and she used her freed up hands to caress his chest.

Hermione rocked to and fro astride his pale body as she held his hands in hers.
He lifted his face and sucked on her left tit and Hermione tingled all the way from her toes to the follicles of her hair.

His huge cock shoved up inside her further when he pulled his knees up behind her.
This urged the rabid witch to pump him with swift motions of her hips, rising and falling onto his rock hard knob over and over.

"You're quite the little slut, aren't you?"

Draco moved his right hand over her left hip and gave her a hefty spank on her buttock.
Hermione tossed her head back making her fine hair fly up.
In a sudden blur she found herself belly down and her legs thrown out wide.

Draco swiped his stiff dick suggestively up and down Hermione's slick folds and she bobbed and jerked to try and impale herself on his desirable spike.
He gave her rump a resounding smack and she let out a yelp of surprise.
Then he lifted her ass up off the bed a little and moved his right hand underneath her belly.

He entered her at the same time he started to rub her clit and Hermione buried her face in the sheet.
He was so massive that her pussy had ever felt so full.
She desperately tried to relax as he pushed inside her hard.
His balls hit the backs of her cheeks the more he pounded her, and she screamed as he stroked her straining clit.

Feeing fuller and fuller Hermione very nearly passed out as he humped her face down with her ass up.
The harder he fucked her, the more he rubbed on her clit, the more lubricated she became.

Draco fell on top of her and pinned her flat to the mattress and power fucked her until Hermione felt as weak as a kitten.

Whatever had happened between them now and before she had only thoughts for the moment.
There was something about how his cock fit inside her that she was at a loss to describe.

"You're going to make me cum...can't hold on...much longer."

"Cum now, Granger."

"Oh, fuck! Don't stop doing that with...your finger."

'Cum now, Granger."

"Please, let me cum, let me cum!"

Cum now, Granger."


Draco finally pushed Hermione over the edge as he administered a violent flurry of thrusts.

Her body jerked into a wonderful orgasm and her pussy contracted so hard onto his dick that the dominant wizard cried out in his own liberation.
He pulled out with a sloppy sounding exit just in time to ejaculate all over her cute bottom.

Spurt after spurt arced up and splattered the back of her body from anus to her collarbones.
Her cunt was left raw and dilated as his semi flaccid cock flopped between the crevice of her reddened buttocks.

Malfoy looked at his running semen on Hermione's gyrating backside as he pondered on the fact that he had cum on her bum twice now.
Without a doubt her best feature he mused.

Hermione lay still as she tried to catch her breath from the sixty minute make out.

"What now?" She asked as she looked back over her shoulder at the panting Draco.

"What now indeed, Miss Granger."


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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
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Chapter Thirteen. Part Two...


The group duly arrived at Hogwarts soon after the meeting and already the sky was growing darker and darker as the Dementors from Azkaban gathered for their assault.

"It's true." Said Hermione, gripping Ron's hand tightly as they looked up.

"Yeah, they're coming alright. And only Harry can stop them."

"The Ministry?"

"Blind. Utterly blind."


"We're not necessarily a coven, just a gathering of witches."

Hermione took a gulp of Elf made wine for courage as she spoke to Luna Lovegood and Fleur Weasley, taking care not to spill any on her crisp white robe.

"Right. To be a coven we need thirteen, and we are sixteen." Agreed the wife of Bill.

"Seventeen if the odious Malfoy show,' piped up Susan Bones.

Luna wasn't convinced and insisted the group be referred to as the coven.
Everyone had gathered in the Gryffindor Common Room and all had stripped off completely and donned plain white robes.

As they undressed, knowing the task that lay ahead, it was only natural that curious eyes darted here and there.

Hermione for instance glanced at Dean Thomas who she'd noted had developed long legs since he had reached adulthood.
As he removed his shirt she saw that he had a smooth and muscular chest, lean hips and a slim waist.

The Muggle born witch needed to have sex, badly. At least for one night. Despite her loyalty to husband Ron, she WAS frustrated in matters of the bedroom and missed her late teenage years terribly, seeing as how she had sown her wild oats big time.

Yes, she would definitely be fucking Dean tonight.

The equally sex starved Patil sisters elbowed each other as they watched the tall Irish wizard, Seamus Finnigan, standing naked, his body rippling with muscle. And that back! He had certainly become extremely masculine as he hit twenty six years of age. The identical twins winked at each other knowingly.

Ron, who stood beside his wife, was open mouthed as he gazed at the extraordinarily exquisite Luna Lovegood. Her slim figure was astonishingly pale, almost luminous, framed as it were by her waist length hair.
He gulped and shot a glance at Hermione as he felt his dick stiffen.

"It's quite alright, Ron. This is all for the good. There can be no jealousy tonight. Do what thou wilt. Think happy thoughts."

"What about, you know, won't you get pregnant?"

"Don't fuss so. I've got everything worked out."

Hermione kissed her husband and together they drank more wine for courage and resolve.

"Where IS Harry?" Asked Bill as he looked around at the robed group.

"Right here."

Harry wandered into the room with Draco Malfoy by his side, both in their robes.

"Whatever bad blood has been spilled in the past stays in the past. Does everyone understand?"

Ron shot a hideous look at Malfoy. Hermione looked out the corner of her eye at Cho Chang. Luna glanced at Hermione for a second, a memory of her once disapproval of the young Miss Granger.

"Understand, Ron? Hermione?" Harry adjusted his glasses as he peered at everyone in turn.

Draco lifted his chin as he felt all eyes on him. There was nothing he could say to erase the past that was obvious, but he could offer his body in a form of reparation for his actions.

"Yes, of course." Agreed a restless Hermione. "Now. Let's do it."


Midnight, the Witching Hour.

Despite the time of the year most of the party felt the night chill raise goose flesh on bared arms and legs.
The white fabric of their robes were almost transparent in the light of the hundreds of candles the girls had lit in the Sundial Garden.

They all looked up at the ever darkening black cloud that was made of countless shrouded Dementors descending inexorably on the Wizarding world.

On the grass between the circle of giant stones were perhaps a dozen thick mattresses, and beside each were square tables prepared with bottles of water, body lotions, oils, and a box of ultra thin condoms.
After all, the purpose of the orgy was to create as much good feelings and sexual energy as possible. Hermione had chosen these condoms to enhance the pleasure for all the guys.

"Gather round. Gather round."

Harry stood with Hermione and took her hand in his.

"Well, this is it. We have to summon up all of our mettle now, and get on with what needs to be done. Hermione and I will set the ball rolling. May Merin be with us."

Harry let his robe drop from his shoulders to reveal his nakedness to the group.
All of the Witches were quite impressed by his body. The boy who lived had become an all sexy, enticing figure of a man with a superb smooth member, which hung large between his taut thighs.

Hermione removed her robe and likewise most of the Wizards were focused on her stunning lithe frame. Blessed with long limbs, flat stomach, pert breasts, lifted buttocks, and an enticing mons.

"Now remember," she began as Harry fondled her bared breasts. "We must keep it up all through till the morning."

Seamus chuckled at her unintentional joke.

'When any of you, male and female alike, feel your impending orgasm you must grip your wand in your hand to convey that energy for later use. If we all comply we should manage to store a potentially powerful capacity."

Hermione closed her eyes as she was turned to Harry who kissed her hard on the mouth.
The winsome Witch scissored her legs as she welcomed that initial tingle of arousal in her loins.
She loved Harry, loved his body, and loved how he always had managed to satisfy her in the way a woman needs to be satisfied.

"Harry," she murmured as her neck and chest were peppered with light kisses.

She gripped his stiffening shaft and raked her slender fingers up the underside, which made Harry exhale with sheer delight.

As they watched, the guys began to stroke themselves to get hard and they fumbled with the condom wrappers.
The girls, all gloriously naked now, smeared much needed lubricant into their nether holes, preparing for anything the night would bring.

With her eyes closed, Hermione swayed her hips. enthralled by the pure euphoria of the primal ritual. She let herself be taken, unable to rest the seductive desire to partake in lustful pleasures of the flesh.
She shuddered in Harry's arms as his nimble fingers found her moist muff between her parted thighs.

As he frigged her, so she wanked his dick, and they balanced on the balls of their bare feet as they moaned together.

"By Merlin's beard! I'm so wet!"

Someone grabbed her from behind then, a male, with a lean frame and a huge erection.
She pushed back and allowed his hard on to snuggle in the sublime furrow of her firm and uplifted buttocks.
His hands cupped her perky tits and his mouth nuzzled her neck as they moved to and fro in a dry fuck.
Hermione felt hard teeth nibble on her earlobe, one of her most sensitive parts of her body and she responded with a sigh.

Her eyes looked through the lenses of Harry's glasses as he held her steady.
Then she gasped as her pussy was filled by a huge dick, and her waist was held by firm hands behind her.
She didn't even know who was fucking her, and before she could think Harry fed his huge cock to her gaping mouth and she found herself choking and gagging.

As the Wizard thrust into her deeper she moaned louder on Harry who bumped his pelvis in a concerted grinding motion.
Every hefty stroke of the man behind her sent electric shocks of pleasure directly to her cunt, and in her lust she dug her nails into Harry's thighs.
Then the one fucking her pulled out, only to make way for another who hammered into her with a certain roughness.

Hermione felt fuller than she had felt so far tonight and her curiosity got the better of her. She looked back to see the gangly Neville Longbottom holding onto her ass as he pushed in and out.

"Neville! I love your cock!"

Hermione gripped her wand tightly as her pussy spasmed and clenched around Neville's pulsing nine inch shaft.


Neville left her to Harry who placed her on the grass on her hands and knees.
He smoothed his palms over her firm peach of an ass and then mounted her.
Hermione stifled a scream of delight as Harry pushed inside her slick and juicy slit.

"Goodness! Now, don't hold back, Harry. Slam it up me."

Again Harry was amazed at the transformation of the Hermione he had studied with, and this untamable sex kitten who stuck her bottom way up so that he could piston fuck the shit out of her.

Ron swallowed hard as he and Luna Lovegood faced each other.
Luna smiled as he slid his hands to her waist and draw her body to his.
She tilted her chin and they kissed long and hard. Her body pressed into his and his full erection met the sensual curve of her loins.

As she was fucked hard by Harry Potter, Hermione looked on with no jealousy as Luna ran her fingers through Ron's tangle of darkened red hair.
They hustled to one of the prepared mattresses and Ron slipped a condom over his quivering boner.
He settled between Luna's willowy pins as she spread them and raised her backside up.

"Come on then, let's see what you're made of, Weasley."

Ron's stiff cock met Luna's wet and inviting entrance of her cunt and he pushed on in all the way.
She automatically flung her legs up around his waist and he felt her pussy
pulse around his rigid length.

"Bloody hell! You're so tight!"

Ron shut his eyes shut as his buttocks were grabbed by the writhing Luna beneath his bucking frame.
His breathing increased as did his hips as he gave the pale skinned one all he had.
In the chill of the night he still perspired freely, and his back was slick with his sweat.

"Gonna, gonna, gonna."

Ron pumped Luna with rapid strokes, and they both let out loud sighs aa his hips jerked and his thrusting became quicker and more urgent.

"Don't forget your wand."


Ron slowed up as he realised his wand was over by the table he had been at with Hermione at the start. The red haired Wizard fell across Luna's sweat covered tits as he panted for breath.


He knew that he had to relay his sexual energy through his wand, and he kicked himself as his boner bobbed up in front of him.

"Oh, well. Catch you later. Think happy thoughts."

Luna slipped out from under him and joined Neville.

Dean had a powerfully built body, thought Cho Chang, as he stood naked before her.
She took her time tracing his chest muscles with her fingertips as his right hand brushed the insides of her thighs.
Her hand circled his boner and began to stroke his hot shaft from the root on up.
Cho purred as the dark skinned man pressed his hot body to hers so that she felt the definition of his honed muscles.

"You started without me." Quipped Seamus who pawed at her breasts from behind.

Her superb naked body responded to two pairs of hands which wandered here, there and everywhere.
Dean continued to saw at her pussy, wetting his fingers with her love juices.
Then she was made to go down on her knees and there was Draco Malfoy's huge erection pushing at her red lips.
As she sucked on his prodigious length Seamus prodded her entrance from to her sex and entered her from behind.
As she moaned from the deep penetration, Dean held his stiff cock to her and she alternated between him and Draco.

Hannah Abbott was on her belly as Neville fucked her roughly from behind. He held her abdomen and lifted her backside so that he could penetrate her deeper.
Hannah loved this position best of all as her regular boyfriend hit her inner walls in all the right spots.

Neville shook his head to clear it as Padma Patil and Luna flanked him.
The Indian beauty kissed him as she prodded his anus with her left hand, thereby making him thrust even harder into Hannah.
Luna ran hands across his chest as she looked down at his glistening rod driving relentlessly into the groaning Witch.

Susan Bones was on her back on one of the mattresses with Frank's cock down her throat, and Graham balls deep in her cunt.
Frank had been hand picked by Hermione and had graduated from the House of Hufflepuff not two years since. His best friend, Graham was the same age, equally well hung from Ravenclaw.
Eager hands stroked her tits and belly as Graham fucked her faster and harder. She lifted her legs until they were up by his chest and she groaned on Frank as her juices flowed freely down the crack of her upturned ass.

Then they switched and Graham held the back of her head and pushed his knob into her drooling mouth. Susan sucked eagerly and swirled her tongue around as Frank's cock found her pussy.
He slammed in and out hard and the blonde Witch scratched the grass to grab her wand.
She exploded in an intense orgasm, humming on Graham while she shuddered beneath the humping Frank.

Harry stood alone and took a long slug from one of the water bottles.
He looked up at the ominous sky and wondered how much time they had.
Looking around the garden he saw several pounding male bottoms amidst dozens of heaving tits and ass and he gathered his wits.

His eyes met those of the sensuous Cho and his dick rose to full attention.
Her curvy body was atop that of his once bitter rival, Draco Malfoy, and she was riding his slick cock with some vigour, her long black hair whipping around her head.
Harry kept his eyes trained on hers and she slowly rose up off of Draco, leaving his erection to slap back on his belly.

She approached the mesmerised Harry whose erect cock ached so much he had to grip it in his fist for temporary relief.
Cho kissed him and together they leaned back onto one of the mattresses.

"Together at last, Harry Potter," She purred as she straddled his lean frame.

He held onto her firm thighs as she slid an ultra fine condom onto his throbbing dick and guided it right up inside her tight pussy with the midnight black pubic bush.
Cho began to move her hips and ground down on him with a languid motion.
Harry looked at her perfect breasts as she fucked him and he thought it was the most incredible thing he had experienced.

"Nice cock." She said impressed as she lifted up and down as her grinding grew more urgent.

In the heat of the orgy Hermione had forgotten that Cho Chang was even there. She had always considered her to be something of a nemesis, but now had to accept that Harry was allowed to have whoever he fancied.
Harry's cock looked huge and as stiff as a poker as she watched him guide it right up inside the groaning Asian Witch.

As she became lost in thought she was grabbed by the shoulders and turned to face Dean Thomas.
His mouth met hers and they embraced warmly. This was something Hermione had looked forward to for a long while. Her first big black cock.

Dean took her to the nearest mattress and she dutifully laid on her back.
Her eyes grew large as she gazed at him unfolding a condom on his thick ebony shaft.
When he was done his large dome of a glans seemed to mushroom over his upstanding flagpole of a dick.
He fell next to her and then bent her legs all the way back until her knees were by her shoulders.

She looked down between her splayed pins and watched enthralled as he eased his desirable cock into her lubed up cunt.
After two hours of uninterrupted sex she felt ready for his big club of a dick.
Hermione groaned loudly as he held onto her ankles and pushed into her over and over.

His cock was huge.

No, enormous!

And the fat head alone stretched her out beyond her wildest expectations.
She arched her back and gripped his developed biceps as he fucked her harder and harder, faster and faster.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, yes! Fuck me, fuck me!"

Then he changed pace and Hermione had no option but to scream his name as he gave her almost brutal thrusts of his monster cock.
He pulled back to the point where he was nearly fully withdrawn before slamming back up inside her to the hilt.

Her pussy sent incredible waves of pleasure through her entire body and she gripped her wand to channel the powerful energy of her climax.
Still he pumped in and out and Hermione drank in his superb, hard body that crushed her chest to his.

"Oh, my, gosh!"

Hermione felt her body leave the ground as the black skinned stud lifted her effortlessly into the air and onto his stiff rod of a dick.
The lightweight Witch was impaled over and over as her legs dangled by his side.
Divine vibrations coursed through her pussy as she was slam dunked onto his black monster of a cock.

Harry was on his back as Cho Chang sucked hungrily on his desperately aching erection.
His hips jerked upwards instinctively as she devoured his considerable length.
Her tongue trailed along his shaft and then she popped the flared head inside her mouth, following through until it bumped against the back of her throat.
Harry watched fascinated as she engulfed his dick and the warm embrace of her throat proved to great for him.


Harry came with a release of air from his lungs and shot rope after rope of cum inside her mouth.
Her hot lips made a seal on his pulsating knob until he was done.
His tight fist made his wand wet with sweat as he channelled the much needed sex magic.

All around were small groups now of writing and contorted copulating men and women.

Bill Weasley was balls deep inside Parvati Patil as his French wife sat on her face and enjoyed the Indian eat her out.

Ron was really getting into it and had both Susan Bones and Padma on all fours in front of him, thigh to thigh.
He hammered into one, and then the other, chuckling to himself as he moved from left to right and back again.
His hips moved furiously as he thrust into the quivering Witches again and again.

Neville was being sucked off by Luna Lovegood, Hannah Abbott, and Padma.
He threw his wand out wide as he came on their tits, spewing out an endless stream of white cum in big arcs.


The heated orgy cooled off some as all of the men had ejaculated and needed rest.
Hermione, ever alert, spoke to Harry and explained that she and the girl's would engage in a lesbian make out session until the guys had recovered their strength.

"But make it quick, Harry," said Hermione who gazed up at the blackened sky above.

Hermione strode out to the centre of the garden, totally comfortable in her nakedness, and gathered the women.

"The men are spent, but we can still carry on amongst ourselves."


Susan Bones kissed Hermione hard on the lips, and Hermione kissed her back, rolling her fingers on the blonde's erect nipples.
Behind Susan, Padma rubbed Hermione's tits with outstretched hands as she bumped hips with the blonde.

Beside them were Luna and Cho in a classic 69, with the Asian on top displaying her sweet round ass.
Luna used her pink tongue to lick every inch of Cho's juicy slit as her own was sucked and flicked at by the equally skilful lips and mouth.

Hermione, Susan, and Padma moved together in a tight three way clinch with their hips slapping on each other.
Their combined moans and wriggling did not go unnoticed by some of the resting Wizards who sat and watched with a keen interest.

The more experienced Fleur was between Parvati's spread open legs and was busy licking the soft pussy folds of the dusky skinned Witch from India.
Parvati had her bare feet up on the part Veela's back as her body tensed and convulsed.

"I'm fucking coming!"

Hermione, Susan, Padma, and Hannah were on the grass now in a lewd daisy chain.
Susan had her face against the wet pussy of Hermione whose moans of delight were muffled by her eager mouth pressed to Padma's cunt.
Padma leaned back from the waist up and happily tongued Hannah, using it like a mini cock, stabbing and delving in.
In turn Hannah had curled back to meet Susan's fair pubes and was pressing her pursed lips to her hard clitoris.

The guys grew agitated as Susan came first, bucking up at Hannah and yelling in ecstasy.
Hermione came hard, gripping her wand as pushed her cunt onto the moaning Susan.
Padma sent Hannah to heaven as her tongue became a whirlwind of flicks, swipes, and probing.
The Indian arched her own back and screamed as her pussy clenched from Hermione's fevered licking.
As they all separated they laid on the grass, panting and rubbing their ravished vagina's.


The final hour was manic. Hermione was chosen for extra treatment by the remaining virile and sex crazed Wizards.

Draco Malfoy laid on his back and stared directly into her doe like eyes.
He held his hard on up in one hand and beckoned to her with the other.

"It's all for the good," she said to herself again and again as she impaled her sodden pussy onto his rigid pole with a heavy sigh. "It's...all for the...oh, my! Good!"

Too exhausted to join in, Ron and Harry looked on with a certain reticence as the once angelic Miss Granger rode on Malfoy's cock with half lidded eyes and dripping cunt.

"I can't watch this. My blood is boiling."

Harry steered the distressed Ron out of shot of his wife fucking their bitter rival so that he could cool off.

"Don't be a downer, Ron. We're almost there."

Hermione had only thoughts for the cause, yet deep down she was loving every second of Draco's amazing organ deep in her molten quim.
As she thrust downwards so Draco slammed up into her sopping pussy at the same time.
Her wet fist held her wand as her climax hit her within seconds and her pussy muscles tensed with each sublime spasm.

The Irish Wizard, Seamus, came behind her and filled her asshole with his hot length.
Hermione drew in a sharp intake of breath as he sank into her anus, past her well lubricated sphincter.

Now with two cocks to handle Dean presented his knob to her and Hermione sucked him into her mouth.

It was truly overwhelming as the slim Witch was driven to ecstasy. One cock in her ass, one cock in her cunt, one cock in her mouth.
Too exquisite for words, as one shoved into her ass, the other slid back in the opposite direction.
Mobile hands stroked her hips, thighs and tits as she was made to twist between the two rampant cocks.

"I'm coming!"

Seamus gripped his wand, and in his welcome orgasm he beat Hermione on her bottom with it as he flooded his condom.
He pulled out and sure enough another replaced him, this time Frank.
Hermione shook as she and the guys moved in sync.
She grabbed onto Dean's tight butt as he face fucked her and her chin pressed right up against his wiry black pubes.
He yelled out then and jerked his cum all over her face, splattering her mouth and nose.
Her hair now hung lank on her sticky face, and her breath became ragged from her dry throat.

The silver haired Draco lifted her up off his pole and he held the glistening rod up in his large mitt.
Hermione ripped away the condom as he pointed it at her dappled face.

"Swallow it." He said in an authoritative voice.

Hermione popped the angry top of his cock inside her mouth and let his cum bathe the back of her throat.

The sex frenzy became wilder as two stiff cocks pushed into her face.
Graham and Neville slapped her on her rosy cheeks as Frank barreled up her asshole.
The graduate from Hufflepuff gripped her by the arms and pulled her back roughly onto his hose.
Hermione cried out, almost drowning out Frank who came in his condom.
Flung onto her back, the sweat covered Hermione had her heaving tits splashed with warm and tacky semen from both Neville and Graham.


Luna put a towel in Hermione's shaking hand and she used it to wipe her face and body clean.
As she smoothed back her hair she looked straight up.

"The Dementors!"


The naked members of the coven all pointed their wands at Harry Potter who stood with his extended up at the sky.
The gliding, greyish looking creatures were now in full view of the group.
A unnatural chill fell across the garden as the noiseless wraiths.

Hermione and the others grit their teeth as their powerful magic swirled in the air towards Harry's wand.
The Wizard felt his body flood with the sex magic, exploding from his torso and transferring to his arm. He raised his arm as the burst of power shot down it, and he experienced a tangible tingle of heat.
He tilted his head up and the very air crackled with electricity as he summoned all of his strength and will.
Sweat dripped down his bare back as he pointed to the sky and yelled the incantation loudly.


The others watched in awe as Harry's wand burst into life and a silver light preceded a fully formed animal, a translucent stag in this case.
The stag reared up over and over, repelling the dozens of the terrible creatures until there were none left.
The threat to Harry Potter was over, for now.


Now back in their robes the women strolled around the garden using the Scouring Charm to clean up all the disarray.
Harry sat with Ron and rubbed his tired eyes before replacing his spectacles on the edge of his nose.

"You did it, Harry. Well done."

"Thanks, mate. Couldn't have done it without you."

"And him?"

Ron pointed at Malfoy with some contempt.

"Even him."

Hermione joined the two best friends and huddled up to Ron.

"How are you?"

"Could be better," he answered in a strop.

His wife kissed him on the cheek and took him by the hand.

"Come on, you. Let's go home."


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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
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Chapter Thirteen. Part One.

Summer of 2006.


Harry Potter awoke with a yelp and a start and wiped his wet brow with the back of his hand. His pajama's were soaked and his body visibly shivered from yet another cold sweat.

He glanced at his new bride in the bed beside him and saw that she was still asleep. oblivious to his consternation.
Heavily pregnant with their first baby, she breathed in and out deeply and appeared to be in perfect health.

Harry reached for his spectacles and made his way to the bathroom. As he drew a basin of water he looked at himself in the mirror.

At the still tender age of twenty six he thought himself to look much older than his years, not surprising considering his student years amidst such turmoil and danger.

Married now for three years his younger wife Ginny had conceived for the first time, and for the first time since the final battle the famed wizard felt the grip of fear.

For the third night in a row he had experienced the exact same dream.
He had found himself alone at night at King's Cross Railway Station. Alone, that is, until the figure of the late Professor Dumbledore appeared beside him. The bearded Wizard spoke to him yet his lips did not move.

"Things are in the balance, Harry. There are those in Azkaban who mean you and your friends harm. Rodolphus Lestrange and Dolores Umbridge seek to escape the prison along with the help of the Dementors."


"I cannot divulge those matters of the future, but suffice to say you and Kingsley Shacklebolt will one day abolish the Dementors from their role as prison warders. Thus, this remains the best hope for escape for those still incarcerated in Azkaban. For in league with those terrible creatures they would reek havoc in this domain."

Harry squinted through his eye glasses as the long robed Dumbledore summoned up a vision shrouded by mist and a cold breeze.

"Voldemort should be with us, instead of the pair of us forever entombed in Azkaban."

Harry saw the hated Umbridge listening intently to her ally, Rodolphus in a tiny cell.

"We were the faithful, now we rot in this miserable existence. But Azkaban shall yield for us. Yes, the Dementors shall join with us. For are they not our natural allies? We shall raise an army, and when we return, well. Beware Harry Potter. Your days are numbered."

The cloud grew thicker until the vision faded completely.

"Ginny's pregnant." Stated Harry as he felt his heart skip a beat.

"Revenge is an awful way to gain satisfaction, and yet Rodolphus and Dolores think of nothing else as they while away their sorry lives. They would seek to destroy all that which is precious to you. You must try to find a way to prevent this from ever happening."

"The Patronus Charm. That would stop the Dementors. But it's too difficult to conjure."

"Go to young Hermione. She will find the ways and means of producing a full Patronus. She has a clever head on her shoulders. Good luck, my boy."

"Professor?" He called as a mist came up from nowhere and the scene dissolved into nothing.


He looked back at his wife standing by the bathroom door, her right hand resting on her bloated belly.

"Ginny. Go back to sleep. I just had a dream, is all."

"Is everything alright?"

Harry gulped as he looked at his nervous reflection. The Dementors. Those magical and cloaked creatures that lived to consume human happiness with their so called kiss that drained the souls of people. The foul creatures sucked out the very good and left behind nothing more than a body. A living body without life.

"I hope so. I truly hope so."


Sex is a fact of life. It is of course the means by which the human race, Wizards, Witches, and Muggles alike, create new generations.

In addition, it is an extremely pleasurable act for it's own sake.

From early Paganism to the modern version and indeed Wicca, ritualistic sex has had an enormous part to play.

The so called 'Great Rite' in particular involved symbolic sexual intercourse as a means of drawing on the energy and powerful connection between Wizards and Witches.

In difficult times the sexual act works as a spiritual and physical intervention, and the more participants the better.

Beltane for instance was the historical festival commonly held in times gone by on the first day of May to celebrate the onset of Spring.

During this time the fertility ritual was acutely important in an effort to protect cattle, crops, and people for the important Summer to come.

Usually, the High Priest and Priestess would initiate the sex orgy before all the other participants joined in. Every one was obliged to take part in the unrestrained group sex activities from sun down until the dawn.

Beltane had largely died out by the mid-20th century, although some of the traditional customs continued.

This sex orgy then, was Hermione Weasley's answer to the very real, and very dangerous threat to the world they knew.


Harry had gathered his most loyal of followers over the course of the next two weeks. At his office of the Auror Department in the Ministry of Magic he sat at the end of a long table and brought things to order.

"Thanks to you all for coming. I appreciate how you have all moved on and have your own lives to lead. But things have progressed to an alarming state."

Harry looked at everyone around the table in turn. On the left were the Patil twins, Padwa and Parvati. Next to them, Bill Weasley and his wife Fleur. Seamus Finnigan, Dean Thomas, and Cho Chang.

On his immediate right were Hermione and Ron. Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbott. Susan Bones was flanked by two new friends of Hermione, Frank and Graham, both twenty two years of age, and just graduated.

"As we are all aware, the best way to repel the Dementors is with the Patronus Charm," continued Hermione. "This spell is one of the most difficult to perform, and there are many of us who are simply unable to produce a full, corporeal Patronus. Harry has done so in the past, but he will need all of us to help him."

"Hermione has spent the last week studying in the Restricted Section of the Hogwarts Library and has come up with a idea. It's not ideal, but it will be effective hopefully."

"Thanks, Harry. Madam Pince helped me find the books I was after. Obviously the younger students know nothing of the existence of these rare manuscripts."

Hermione handed around the table various pages of what she had discovered.

"Sex Magic?" Said an innocent looking Luna.

"Quite. The potent force of sexual energy through the act of intercourse and similar acts of a sexual nature will enable Harry the help needed to cast the spell. What he needs is to draw on as much positive energy as possible before making his incantation. The best way is to focus on happy thoughts, the happier the better."

"I get it. What can be better than enjoying sex and having an orgasm. Cute idea." Seamus chuckled as he nudged Sean in the ribs.

"Typical coming from you. We all know the type of witch you are." Quipped Cho with a haughty stare at the young wife of Ron Weasley.

"That's all in the past." Hermione squeezed Ron's hand. "I'm a happily married woman, and Ron and I are quite satisfied where IT is concerned, thank you very much. Right, Ron?"

Ron baulked and sat upright in his chair, caught slightly unawares by the question.

"Yeah, we're at it like rabbits all the time."

"Ron! You idiot! But, no. We have no problems in bed." Any more she added under her breath. "We shall all take part in the ritualistic rite, as written about in days gone by, and our cumulative orgasms will harness the power needed by Harry."

"You mean we're going to have an orgy." Stated the much older Bill in his matter of fact voice.

"Correct. We all need to climax as many times as possible from midnight until sun up."

"All fucking night! Is it possible?" Wondered Neville with a hint of nervousness.

"We'll have to MAKE it possible. And ladies, I'm especially relying on you to keep the boys up, as it were. Our combined orgasms will create a type of sexual conduit if you will, which we shall channel to Harry so that he can conjure his Patronus."

"But surely the Ministry will act first. They have to."

"The only one who will listen to reason is Kingsley, and he's being cagey about any rebellion in Azkaban. No, it's all down to us, just like the last time."

Harry Potter stood and spread his hands to make the point.

"Are you all with me?"

There followed a moment of silence, and then a roar of approval and much slamming of hands on the table. Harry sat back down, relieved and emotional at the positive response.

"And Ginny?"

"In a safe location, protected by Minerva McGonagall."

"Where and when do we do the dirty?" Asked an eager Dean Thomas.

"We need to get ready now. The chosen site will be Hogwarts Sundial Garden, inside the circle of giant stones. Hermione thinks this location will provide an extra aura of protection. Good work, Hermione. Right. Any more questions?"

"Just this. Do you have room for another?"

All heads turned to the open door where a pale figure stood with a trim beard and ponytail.


"In the flesh."

Next. The orgy to end all orgies.
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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
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Dear reader, chapter 13, part one should precede part two. I posted in the wrong order. It makes sense reading part one first, trust me! Thanks.
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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
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If you click on "Modify" you can edit your posts and switch the order posts that way.
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