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Austen Prouder, Woman Of Mystery
« on: January 19, 2020, 11:41:43 AM »
Note- Inspired by hit movie Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery, with Hayley Atwell as Austen Prouder and Liz Hurley as Mrs. Kensington. Doctor Evil can only be Mike Meyers himself. Whoo, ho, ho!


London July, 1967


The Summer of Love had well and truly landed in swinging London and the hot and humid day had not cooled off much by the hour of midnight.
England and Carnaby Street had become the centre of the world as the nation wallowed in the success of the Beatles, the World Cup win at Wembley and mini skirts.

A Jaguar E Type in shocking pink pulled up at the curb of the buzzing nightclub in Soho. The 3.8 litre engine purred and then sighed as the driver turned off the ignition. The unique sports car was the limited edition all aluminium version, one of only twelve made in England.

"Shall we, Mrs. Kensington?"

"Certainly, Austen. Let's do it."

Number one agent in MI6, Austen Prouder was charming, attractive, vibrant and a world renowned photographer.
Smouldering hot in her pink and black check mini dress she adjusted her wide brimmed cap which sat on her wavy chestnut locks. Wearing a pair of pink go go boots over white tights she turned to her partner and looked at her with big brown eyes under kohl eyeliner.

"After you."

They both got out of the car and stood for a moment in the sultry evening air.
At almost six feet in height in her stiletto boots Mrs. Kensington looked sleek and shagadelic in a skin tight black leather cat suit with the front zipper tantalisingly lowered to show off a plentiful cleavage.
The jaw dropping beauty had a flawless complexion and enviable figure. Blessed with blue eyes and an engaging smile she spoke in a sophisticated voice.
Truth be told the outfit was not an ideal choice in the clammy atmosphere and her panty less crotch had accumulated a certain amount of moisture.

"Thank you."

The pair of British Intelligence agents had been advised by their chief, Basil Exposition, that their nemesis, the megalomaniac Doctor Evil, had planned a trap for them at the newly opened Technicolor Sound Machine And Pussy Cave Club that very evening.

Undaunted they quickly entered the establishment and were confronted by loud music and revelry from the crowded premises. Bright coloured lights played out on the dancers like World War Two searchlights as the sound of the Beatles song Penny Lane could be heard.

"Yeah baby, yeah. Groovy!" Said Austen with a big grin as she surveyed the scene.

They stood right in the centre of the room and both began to groove to the loud music.


A young woman in a PVC mini dress smiled at them both and stood awaiting their order. Austen hesitated for a moment and then spoke.

"I think I'll take a swipe at a Harvey Wallbanger.' She answered.

The secret agent spun around and landed a right hander on the chin of the waitress, much to Mrs. Kensington's surprise.

"Why on earth did you hit that woman?"

"Because baby, this is a man, man!"

Austen wrenched a wig off the dazed figure on the dance floor to reveal a young man in the dress.

"Well I never."

"It's one of Doctor Evil's assassins."

Austen stood up, unaware the man was still conscious and wielding a knife.

"Look out!" Yelled her sidekick.

The tall and leggy spy in the black cat suit gave the assassin two karate chops, followed by an elbow to the face and a knee in the groin.

"Good work. Now my dear fellow, where is Doctor Evil?"

As Austen dragged the man to his feet a shot rang out from above and he slumped dead in her arms.

"There he is, upstairs!"

The smoking hot spies drew their firearms and rushed up the stairs, two at a time in pursuit. The crowd screamed and panicked at the surprising events and began to disperse in the ensuing mayhem. As the women got to the top of the stairs they were stumped by three adjoining doors, all closed.

"I wonder which way he went?"

"Let's try the middle one." Said Austen.

She turned the handle and both of them were blasted in the face by a puff of knockout gas. They collapsed slowly to the floor as two goons lifted their limp bodies up and spirited them away.


"Welcome Austen Prouder, welcome to my evil domain."

Austen raised her head and discovered she had been stripped naked and placed on a circular bed.
Beside her lay Mrs. Kensington who was equally nude and moaning inaudibly.

Before them was the bald pated Doctor Evil in his ubiquitous grey suit and white shoes. Standing next to him were two imposing looking black men in dark glasses and nothing else. Stark bollock naked they stood with folded arms and tight lipped mouths, their enormous members slack between their muscular thighs.

"May I introduce my evil henchmen men. On my left is Willie Dicker, and on my right is Hugh Jardon."

( Say 'em fast- Author)

Austen was initially impressed by the physique of both men. Strong upper bodies, prominent six pack abs and chiselled thighs.

"I knew you wouldn't be able to ignore the trap I set for you. You have meddled in my dastardly affairs once too often Miss Prouder, and I intend to get you out of my hair once and for all. Metaphorically speaking."

The sniggering egotistical criminal ran his hand over his smooth head.

"You always think of yourself as England's female lothario and so my boys here are going to shag you and Mrs. Kensington to death. What a way to go, hmm?"

"You'll never win, Doctor Evil. I used to think you were crazy Doctor Evil, now I think you're screwy. Well, bring it on baby, yeah."

Austen sat up and shook her partner to rouse her. As the men focused on the pair of naked stunners their cocks sprang to attention and both women widened their eyes.

Their pricks, dark as midnight, swelled in a primal hunger, distended heads enlarged. In particular Austen Prouder had huge tits, high and firm with no discernable sag as they drank in the naked forms of the English agents.

"Do I make you horny, baby? Do I? Come to mama you gorgeous hunks."

Austen spread her long legs out and began to rub her increasingly damp pussy, her brown thatch darkening from the moisture that seeped out from between her thighs. She licked her lips as she ran a finger up and down her slit, tilting her chin up proudly. Her perfect breasts now had the nipples at full attention and begging to be suckled.

"You like this baby? What to stick your tongue inside? Do you?"

"Okay men. Do your stuff." Said the snickering Doctor.

Willie nodded and stepped closer to the bed and Austen moved to the round edge. As soon as he was close enough she wrapped her left hand around the ebony shaft and felt it pulse and throb.


Hugh joined them and moved to Mrs. Kensington who did not hesitate to take the offered erection into her warm mouth. Austen copied her and placed her soft lips about the purple hued crown of Willie and sucked on it with energetic baby slurps.

"As is my want, I shall now leave you to your exotic fate. Yes, I won't stay and watch your demise in keeping with spy movie tradition. My quest for world domination is 24/7 you know. Farewell Austen Prouder. Have fun. Ho, ho, ho, hah, haha! I'm so wicked readers!"

As Doctor Evil left, the two naked women were in the deep throat stage as they greedily worked on the two black mamba's of the tall hunks. Austen in particular showed great enthusiasm as she stroked the saliva coated prick in her fist and bobbed on the bell end. Mrs. Kensington was running her tongue around the rim of the cock head in her face as she rubbed up and down the big veined shaft.

"Groovy man, groovy." Said Austen as she was pushed onto her back and her legs lifted.

Willie adjusted his shades and took a pillow to place it under her rump so as to raise her hips up, then he laid on his belly and nestled his face between her parted legs. She quivered with the thrill of being kissed on her inner thighs and cooed with delight.

"Oh, behave darling!" She purred.

Each kiss on her lily white legs elicited a satisfied groan and she pushed her hips up to the mans face. He inhaled her sweet aroma as he considered her glistening fur pie. Willie reached under her legs and pulled her to greet his mouth and he clamped his fat lips to her muff.

"Yeah, baby. Ooooh!"

Austen squirmed as he lapped at her velvet like cunt, occasionally delving inside her inner folds. Her legs kicked out as she quivered divinely under the rapid probing tongue. She stole a glance at the groaning brunette alongside her and observed Mrs. Kensington being deeply fingered by her man as his flattened tongue pressed over her swollen clit.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" Came her passionate chant as she was pleasured relentlessly.

Austen gasped herself as her pussy was eaten and her back arched as she was driven insane by her oral attack. Panting and writhing she felt a fat digit worm its way into her cunt and proceed to move in and out. Her head tossed from left to right and left again as her G-spot was pressed on firmly.

"I'm coming baby, I'm coming!"

Austen screamed as Willie planted his face to her juicy muff between her splayed pins and bathed her sopping pussy with spit. As her orgasm washed over her heaving body she looked up breathlessly and smiled.

"Good start lover. My turn now."

Without a word Willie moved onto his back and Austen kicked her left leg over his body and caressed his magnificent frame, tracing out his pectorals. She looked at him and wondered what his eyes looked like behind the shades,

"You're so scrummy, I could eat you up alive!"

Austen hunched over his loins and slid her open mouth over his rigid length and started to lick up and down to about halfway down the incredible shaft. She coughed and drooled as she did her best to devour his black cock, closing her eyes in abject concentration. The vibrations of her rippling sucking on his coal black cock made him grit his teeth.

"Come on you gorgeous man and make love to me. Come on, do me from behind, yeah."

Austen got into position, head down and ass up on the edge of the bed with her feet over the end. The black stud spread her thighs open and studied her pink wetness and rubbed the tip of his one eyed snake along her slit. Then he thrust in hard, his force shunting her onto her face.

"I have to say that this is my favourite position."

The English agent braced herself for the next thrust but was confused as he pulled out.

"Something wrong baby?"

As she looked around she saw Hugh replace him, gather himself and push his enormous tool straight up her all the way.

"No fricking way! What a cock!"

With his big boner buried in her twat she felt him slap her on the right cheek leaving red palm print.

"YEAH, I've been ever such a naughty spy, punish me big boy!"

Austen experienced a gush of her juices and the welcome slickness eased the passage of his thick pole. For the next sixty seconds Hugh drove in and out of her juicy cunt whilst slapping her buttocks, sometimes with one hand, sometimes with both. The result was Austen twisting and swivelling from the sublime reverberations that permeated her body.

"Fricking hell!"

Every time his cock plunged home, and each smack on her upturned bottom drew her climax closer.

Mrs. Kensington in the meantime was on her back, slender legs apart with the shining black mass of Willie Dicker on top of her. He was pumping in and out of the elegant brunette with an increased tempo that brought forth heavenly mewls of delight.

"Please, oh please give it to me."

The lewd sound of her wet pussy being rammed by his stabbing cock should have embarrassed the woman but in fact it made her feel like a whore, a most welcome feeling. Then her butt lifted up off of the mattress as her orgasm swept through her and she squirted around his hose. Still he fucked her without remorse as he followed Doctor Evil's last instruction.

"It's simply too much!" Cried she as he relented and rose up from her trembling body, her boobs heaving as she panted for breath.

As he looked at her naked body glistening with a mixture of their fine sweat he bent to her puffy cunt and pushed his talented tongue into her warm depths.

"Heavens!" She purred as he tasted her sweet fluids.

Willie licked and sucked her furiously, glazing his face as a result. Mrs. Kensington was utterly consumed by her passion and her moaning became an incoherent babble as again she was brought to a mind numbing orgasm.

Hugh looked at Willie and the pair of them exchanged high fives. They switched places and both splayed on their backs, a hand each on their pricks which they held up for further attention.

"Oh, you two. Will you behave yourselves. Shall we, Mrs. Kensington?"

"Rather, Austen."

With eyes on each others shimmering naked forms the rampant women straddled the men and wasted no time in humping the virile studs, their hips flexing as they rose up and down.

"Oh baby, we're so dirty, yeah!" Grinned an insatiable Austen.

She made a show of rotating her hips as she rode on the best half of the black mamba that must have been all of nine inches. Willie's muscles stood out on his biceps and thighs as the busty brunette moved to and fro on his boner, her breath coming in ragged gasps. Her tits mashed into his smooth chest as she rested on him, her burning pussy afire with unadulterated lust.

"Amazing cock, darling. I have to say that this is my favourite position."

Mrs. Kensington's cute butt moved in tight jiggles as the sophisticated lady milked Hugh's fat prick as if her life depended on it. She squirmed on him and loved the thick knob that slid joyfully up inside her.

"Oh, Austen, I've never had this much pleasure with a man."

"Not even with Mister Kensington?"

"Certainly not. I married for his money, not for sex."

Austen yelled out as Willie squeezed her tits and cranked up a notch, sending his weapon all the way up to the hilt. She rocked her ass up and down as their bellies and chests pressed together in a sweaty bind.

"OH! Fuck me, oh baby fuck me. I'm so horny for cock."

Willie let her have it as he dug his toes in and pounded upwards fiercely into her cunt.

"Oh you gorgeous bastard! I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Just inches away Mrs. Kensington was inspired by the wanton Austen and gyrated hungrily on her lover, rubbing her clit along his prone body in search of that heavenly climax.

She shivered and gasped in the throes of her orgasm, her second in the hour, and a bubbly foaming of her pussy drenched her dark pubes. Both women slumped onto the round bed in fatigue as they wallowed in their reward. But there was more to come.

"Really fellers. Are you really trying to shag us to death?"

Unable to read their thoughts behind the dark shades the pair of spies were unceremoniously spun around so that the women faced each other as they knelt on hands and knees.

"Here we go again."

Hugh came behind Austen and gripped her hefty boobs in both hands and ground his lower body to her ass. His still rigid prick came in line with her gaping cunt which slid on as she moved back into him. Willie did the same, his eyes focused on Mrs. Kensington's rump as he inserted his stiffness inside her, reaching around to rub her clit.

"Gosh, what fun!" She cooed.

She dropped onto her forearms as her gaze fixed on Austen whose face was mere inches from hers.

The smell of sex permeated the room as both women were fucked doggy style, both ebony hunks leaning in for maximum penetration, guaranteed to drive the women crazy. A steady rhythm was attained and some serious humping took place over the next ten minutes. The pace was frantic as Austen and her sidekick were pounded energetically until a lewd squelching abounded as their cunts were hammered hard.

'I think I can safely say that this is my favourite position!"

"Austen, oh my! I..I don't think I can hold out mmmm, much longer."

Mrs. Kensington was war weary after so much fucking and she was close to a state of exhaustion. Only the firm grip of Willie holding her in position prevented her from collapsing on the bed. The marathon session had seen her orgasm thrice and her pussy was puffy and swollen.

"Hang on in there, after all, we are English."

Austen moaned from the unusually long, slow but deep strokes she was receiving from Hugh. She suspected he was tiring also. Her tits swung under her in reaction to the fevered shag as she noticed that Mrs. Kensington had passed out.

"To me baby, yeah. Let me suck you guys a while."

Hugh nodded to Willie and they both stood and towered over Austen who took a hold of their heated cocks. First she sucked Hugh, thrusting his knob against the inside of her cheek, causing it to balloon outwards. She moaned loudly as she slobbered on him before taking his buddy in and licking and flicking her tongue all around the veiny shaft.

"Uh-oh!" He gasped as a large wave of cum spewed out of his cock head and splashed her face and hair.

Austen took it in her stride as she jerked him off. Then she turned to Hugh who gave up the fight and released his seed with a grunt. The voluptuous spy opened her mouth as shot after shot bathed her lips and chin, dribbling down her sizeable cleavage in a slow motion trickle.

"Super baby, super. Want to go again? Yeah!"

At that precise moment Mrs. Kensington came up from behind and have both men a love tap on the backs of their heads with the barrel of her Beretta .25 calibre pistol. As they fell unconscious the women gathered up their things.

"Great stuff, now let's find out where Doctor Evil went."

"Okay, Austen. I'll go and get the car."

As Austen pulled on her go go boots she did not see the dark clothed figure behind her who clamped a cloth over her face and sent her into dreamland with a hefty dose of chloroform.


When she next awoke Austen Prouder was naked as before and secured to a chair. It was unclear to the International woman of mystery as to how long she had been out but in that time she had been bound by her wrists and ankles.

Her soft bottom slipped on the smooth varnished seat as she tested the taut knots of the rope. Her wavy brown hair fell into her eyes as she lifted her head to see the unwelcome sight of Doctor Evil in the chair opposite, his long haired Persian pet cat Mister Bigglesworth in his lap.

"Still alive, how tiresome Austen Prouder. I have had to have two of my best studs liq-ui- dated because of you. I cannot tolerate failure."

The saturnine egomaniac said the word slowly as he used his right hand in a chopping motion across his throat.

"You didn't!"

"Now then, you're not in any position to speak like that."

The superspy gave further tugs on her wrist ties and curled her toes as she wiggled her ankles against the thin rope that held them to the two front chair legs. Her big boobs rose and fell most seductively as the heat of the sultry night made the perspiration prickle her bare skin.

"Listen you megalomaniac..."

"SH!" He made the gesture of a finger against his lips.

"Just a..."




"Can I..."

"SH!" His finger remained at his lips as the Doctor began to lose patience.




"Sorry, I meant SH!"


"Knock, knock."

"Who's there?"

"SH! Now look what you did. You've upset Mister Bigglesworth. And when Mister Bigglesworth gets upset, people die. Alotta! Enter."

Austen looked around and was astonished at the sight of a busty woman with bouffant dark hair saunter into the room.

Her torpedo like tits were seemingly uncomfortable, trapped as they were in a shiny black leather corset that also compressed her small waist. The cups must have been undersized as they were woefully inadequate in keeping her 32D sized breasts in check. The whisper of her long legs in her black silk stockings could just be heard as she came before the dumb struck secret agent.

"Hello Austen Prouder." A faint Italian accent could be made out as she spoke softly.

Her black mini skirt was about an inch decent as Austen looked at her legs and lingered on the tender flesh of her upper thighs just above where her stockings ended. She towered over her in six inch stiletto heeled boots that laced up from the ankle to high on her thighs.

"Allow me to introduce the confidential secretary of my number two, Alotta Fagina."

"Come again?" Said a bemused Austen.

"Alotta Fagina."

"Sorry, I thought you said, never mind. Are you taking the right medication my dear?"

"Silence!" Yelled an insulted Alotta.

The young woman pouted and turned on her heels and joined Doctor Evil. Austen followed her with her eyes as she clattered on her heels. The silk hissed as her thighs rubbed on one another and her white flesh looked oh so pale at the top of her stockings.

As she sat beside her master and crossed her long legs Austen swore that she saw the briefest sight of her bared pussy. Being a liberated woman in the swinging sixties she was open to all manner of sexual intrigue and her own pussy pulsed as her rounded cheeks pressed into the seat.

"Something is fishy in the state of Denmark."

Austen raised her right brow sardonically as she made her remark unable to resist.

"That quip will see you suffer Austen Prouder. I grow weary of your insolence. Alotta do your stuff."

The stacked Italian strumpet tottered over on her ridiculously tall stilettos and leaned into the defenceless spy. Just an inch apart Austen felt warm breath on her left cheek and the two firm spheres of the woman's boobs push out at her. The English woman gasped as a finger moved to her exposed muff between her widened thighs and gently spread her moist lips, still puffy from earlier.

"If you find any small change in there it's mine." Austen grinned.

"Be quiet, you silly woman. This is supposed to be punishment."

Alotta bent down further so that her enormous cleavage threatened to spill out of the tight corset. She placed her hands on Austen's boobs, and put one ripe nipple in his fulsome mouth. The female spy moaned softly as her strong white teeth nibbled her sensitive bud. She repeated the same to her other breast, gently biting down as she moved her tongue in a circular motion.

"Smashing darling, simply smashing,"

Her right hand moved down the swell of Austen's stomach and then presented her mouth to lick and explore the protruding pussy of the captured secret agent. As one searching digit dipped into the delicate folds the Italian flicked a skilled tongue sideways across Austen's vulnerable clitoris.

"Oh, behave young woman, someone might be watching,"

Indeed, Doctor Evil was in rapt audience as he scrutinised the two women and began to strip off his grey outfit. Austen looked over at her bald nemesis as he stood as naked as the day he was born. She stifled a snigger as she saw the mans tiny cock that stuck up to an unimpressive two and a bit inches. He also seemed to have a newly shaven scrotum.

"Go ahead and laugh, Austen Prouder. Laugh as all the others did as I grew up, determined to have revenge on my personal ridicule. I have risen to such heights of evil mastery because of this inadequate member. I give you, Mini Me!"

The madman put his pinkie finger to the corner of his mouth as he started to laugh and laugh and laugh, his miniscule pecker bobbing as he did so.

"I used to think you were screwy, now I can see your nuts! Thank you readers."

"Whatever." Yawned Austen, who then did a double take as Alotta held up a black sex toy.

"Say hello to my little friend."

It was a six inch vibrator which made a insistent buzz as Alotta turned the on switch. When it was placed between the spread legs of Austen she sucked in air as currents of delicious tingling made her tied up body curve upwards. She was unmercifully teased as the toy was skimmed over her inner thighs, just short of her weeping quim.

"Heavens, put it in me you witch!"

Alotta smiled at the sight of Austen's tortured look as she circled the brown pubes that covered the pussy of Austen. The vibrations made the spy moan loudly as her tormentor whirred up and down her outer lips, occasionally brushing her clit. Austen writhed in the straight backed chair, her sweat soaked body gleaming and her pussy juiced pooling out on the seat.

"Do I make you horny, Austen?"

"You know the answer to that question, you fiendish woman, you."

Austen could feel her orgasm build but it was just not close enough as the vibrator entered her cunt by an inch, increasing her pent up anguish. Again Austen was surprised as Alotta put one end of the vibrator in her own mouth and held her thighs wide open as she guided the other end into the welcoming pussy. It slid in easily and the Italian dominatrix proceeded to fuck Austen with the slim toy, the vibrations buzzing Alotta's tongue as she drove in and out.

"This is new," moaned Austen as she looked down at the nodding head of the Italian minx.

After a few more strokes the vibrator was withdrawn only for Alotta to produce a medium sized dildo which she held up for the cackling Doctor Evil to view. Austen gasped as it was pumped into her cunt which was by mow stretching out considerably. Unable to put up any resistance her muff drooled fluids as Alotta pivoted her wrist as she drove the toy in.

"It must be your turn now baby. Just let me loose and we can play catch up."

The woman ignored the plea for a rest as the fire in Austen's cunt burned ever brighter. The ridges and bumps provided an exquisite friction that brought on a shattering orgasm. Still the dildo was shoved up her, the walls of her love tunnel stretching in order to accept the thick girth.

"Okay, enough of the warm up, now let's get serious."

The naked doctor approached and handed Alotta the biggest, fattest dido ever produced. All of ten inches long and three and a half inches in diameter it looked fearsome.

"Easy tiger, my doctor advised me to avoid excessive intakes of artificial sex organs."

Austen rocked in the chair as Alotta lined up the massive sex toy.

"Stop! Step away from the chair now!"

"Mrs. Kensington, am I pleased to see you."

The slim secret agent was dressed in her black cat suit once more and hurried over as Alotta Fagina scowled at her.

"Get out of here English trollop. You're playing with the grown ups now. Get your ass away. You want a piece of me? Do you? Bring it on bitch, try me. Come on, give it your best shot, see if..." "Judo chop!"

Alotta crumpled to the floor, knocked out by the single blow to the neck by the furious English woman.

"What a boring conversation! Come on Austen, let's get you out."

"Mrs. Kensington! You are such a kitten. Saucer of milk for table two, meow!"

"Austen! Doctor Evil is entering his cryogenic freezing pod!"

"I'll get you for this Austen Prouder if its the last thing I do. Come Mister Bigglesworth, we must away."

The naked villain jumped into his pod which belched blue smoke and initiated take off. The pod being his escape rocket as well.

"What shall we do now, Austen."

The penis shaped rocket took off through an opening in the roof of the night club and rose into the night sky.

"This will take some thought. But we can be sure that this is not the last time we encounter Doctor Evil. Let's get going, oh, and bring the vibrator. Shame to let it go to waste."


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