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Catwoman by Gaslight
« on: February 24, 2020, 06:48:49 AM »
Note- Catwoman and Gotham are DC Comics copyrighted. A.J. Raffles stories written by W.E. Hornung. This tale is a spoof on the same for fun only. Set on Earth-19 where the world is still in the age of the Industrial Revolution.
Featuring Kate Beckinsale as Selina Kyle.


Gotham City, 1889.

Catwoman, the costumed alias persona of Selina Kyle, was a cat burglar extraordinaire. Beautiful, strong willed, and with a life long love of everything feline and sparkling.

A master of tracking and stealth she was the most accomplished jewel thief east of the Missouri River. Lithe, well formed and as agile as a leopard, the stunning woman was strong willed, determined and proud.

Selina stepped out of the hansom cab and looked up at the opulent brownstone mansion in front of her. Stately Wayne Manor.

"Well, here we are again."

It was an unseasonably warm night for the time of the year as she strolled up to the enormous front doors and entered into a great hall. The occasion was the annual Thanksgiving gathering and Bruce Wayne, self styled playboy and millionaire had been planning the dinner and dance for months.

Selina, an on again off again acquaintance of the eligible bachelor had considered the residence for the same period of time, and had decided that it was worth cracking after all.

"There he is."

When she entered the ballroom all heads turned in her direction. Just as she intended. The proud woman seemed to glide across the floor as she headed straight towards the host without a glance at anyone else.

"Good evening Bruce. It appears that I am the last to arrive."

Just as she had planned, he thought.

"Selina. That is quite the most outrageous gown I have ever seen."

"Does that mean you like it or not?"

The formal floor length evening dress, if you could call it was a sexy number with a daring plunging neckline and high shoulder brocades.
Her elbow length white sleeves covered her slender arms and her thick mane of hair was piled high on top of her head. 

"It catches the eye." He answered as he drank in her figure with big eyes.

Her silver heeled shoes gave her five feet ten form a couple of extra inches, although the bulky Wayne, at over six feet tall still towered over her. He looked into her mesmerising green eyes until she averted her gaze nonchalantly and studied the other guests.

Conversation twittered in the background as ladies mingled with the gentlemen. The young woman normally shunned these high society bore fests but this evening she had an ulterior motive.

Her pale neck showed as he looked at her profile and he delighted at her flowing raven hair that wound around her shoulder. She looked pallid, with almost translucent skin as she turned back and looked at him from head to toe.

"You're not so bad yourself."

Wayne nodded in gratitude and ran a hand through his wavy dark hair. Elegant and refined in his black coat and cloth trousers the only thing white was his crisp shirt and small neck tie. On his hands were the most expensive gloves that money could buy.


The passing valet Alfred offered a glass of champagne from a silver tray and Selina took one. Dancers tripped past them as they stood and watched. One man in particular caught her eye.

'Who is that gentleman dancing with Miss Gordon?" She pointed with a slender finger.

Wayne looked across the gas lit room and spotted his newest friend from England. Arthur J. Raffles was in a single breasted dress coat with black kerseymere trousers and ruffled white shirt as he twirled and spun to the music. He stopped dancing when Bruce beckoned to him and he and Barbara Gordon came over laughing and merry.

"Barbara, are you enjoying yourself?" Asked the genial host.

The twenty year old daughter of the Commissioner of the Gotham Police Department nodded breathlessly. She had her on best gown, the taffeta one with the fitted bodice and open neckline. The single woman loved to dance and her toned figure was the happy result.

"It is the best thanksgiving I ever had. Thank you for inviting me."

"Anytime. Selina, allow me to introduce Mister Arthur Raffles from London. He is an exceptional sportsman and plays cricket for England. Arthur, please meet Miss Kyle, a dear friend of mine."

She shot a look at Wayne and then spoke to the handsome Englishman.

"Cricket?" Said Selina confused.

"It is a gentlemen's game with bat and ball between two teams of eleven played on a green field in the summertime. And may I say that you look absolutely stunning tonight."

Raffles smiled, took Selina by the hand and kissed the back of it lightly. His piercing blue eyes bored through hers as she studied his curly dark hair and clean shaven appearance. He had a strong, unscrupulous mouth and white teeth which captivated the slim woman.

"I'll leave you two to get acquainted. Come Barbara, let us dance."

Wayne took the rather glowering young woman by the elbow and steered her to the dance floor.

"Bruce. Did you see what she's wearing? She's practically naked!"

"Barbara Gordon, do I sense some jealousy?"

"Jealous? Not I. Why she must be all of thirty!" Barbara huffed and was then whisked up in the arms of Bruce.

Selina and Raffles sat by the grand piano and exchanged pleasantries as they watched the guests dance to the orchestra.

"So, Mister Raffles. What brings you to America?"

"Oh, I've always wanted to see the country. Cricket season is over until Spring, and I got a good deal on a first class cabin on an ocean liner."

"You don't appear to be needy that you should want to save money."

Raffles flashed a look at her expensive dress, diamond studded cat choker and diamond ring. You seem pretty well off yourself he thought. He lit a cigarette which he produced from a silver case and mused for a moment.

"Oh I get by somehow." He said as he flashed his engaging smile at her again.

If she only knew that he rivalled her as a gentleman thief, capable of carrying out ingenious burglaries. Always after that big haul that would mean he could settle down permanently he stole at night and played by day.

He was cynical about Victorian England believing that the distribution of wealth left a lot to be desired and chose to steal from those upper class citizens who could afford some losses.

Now in America he had travelled from New York City, plundering several wealthy Americans homes and relieving them of their jewellery. He had arrived in Gotham and he had learned that Bruce Wayne had a substantial amount of gems in his personal safe. Selina saw his glance at her and read his mind.

"Believe me, Mister Raffles. I have known poverty. I was brought up in a Gotham slum before I was kidnapped from my father and raised by others. I feel for the weak and oppressed, although I myself adore fine clothes and food."

"I can see a lot of you in me, my dear Miss Kyle."


A young man asked her to dance but she shrugged him off as she waited on the next words of Raffles.

"Yes, indeed. Do you think that because a fellow has fine clothes, plays a sport, and attends extravagant parties and socialises in wealthy company, he must have a balance in the bank? I exist on my wits, as, I think do you."

Selina was speechless. He DID see something of her in him. Her bosom rose and fell as she digested his words and his eye imperceptibly lowered to look at her enviable cleavage.

"Shall we dance?"

Raffles and she stood and he took her by the waist and they waltzed around the room. Selina was an independent creature to be sure, but at the same time was a woman through and through.

The English gentleman had a firm hold and was light on his feet too. She closed her eyes and surrendered totally to the music and his arms. Then the music stopped and their faces came to within inches of each others and time seemed to stand still.

"Thank you, Mister Raffles. If you would excuse me I have a headache."

The elegant woman relinquished her hold on his back and glided across the room and was gone.


Catwoman prowled along the corridor like a big cat stalking its prey. The beautiful thief had waited until the hour of two in the morning until she changed into her professional outfit.

She appeared from her room and glanced from left to right. Only when she was certain no one else was abroad did she close her door behind her and venture out. It was absolutely quiet, no sign of life now that any overnight guests had retired for the night.

As she passed a window in the hall on the first floor the moon shone its pale, almost ethereal light onto the athletic figure in black. Each silent foot tread was as if she were walking on paper as she made her way to the private study of Bruce Wayne. Her jet black hair was loose about her shoulders and she kept the fine locks out of her face with a velvet mask with two ears that hid her features.

"Curse the moon."

Her sleek figure was encased in a tight cinched whale boned bodice that stopped at the waist and enhanced her cleavage. Elbow length black gloves ended in special cat claws, perfect for detailed work and defence. With the waist high tight leather leggings and knee high black boots she gave a sexy cat like silhouette.


She paused in the shadows and inspected the door. Having produced a skeleton key, newly twisted and filed, she opened the lock and turned the doorknob of the study in her left glove which gave way easily and she opened it a crack.

As fortune would have it made no sound and she slipped inside cautiously and closed the door again silently. The room was dark apart from one moonbeam that shone through the large paned window. A mix of desks and armchairs were the only furniture in the room, and the air had a smell of old books from the many shelves.

In the dim light Catwoman made for the big portrait of Bruce Wayne's father where she expected to find a potted plant to the left of it. Behind this was Wayne's not too clever hiding place for his personal safe where he kept untold amounts of valuables.


As her eyes grew accustomed to the low light she bent to the tall plant which was exactly where she expected it and as slowly as possible moved it to one side. To her astonishment she found the heavy door of the safe opened, and the contents vanished!

"What the..."

Suddenly she was caught in the light of one gas lamp and she quickly rose to her feet in surprise. There, standing as calm as ever was Raffles, resplendent in his black attire of top hat, tailcoat and narrow leg trousers. Most noticeable of all was the black crepe mask that he wore on his upper face.

"I suppose it's the challenge as well as the monetary gain that I steal to make a living. I also rather enjoy giving the police the run around as well. They are such a clumsy lot, don't you agree?"

"I confess that I agree. So, you had a purpose for attending the dance. To purloin Wayne's jewels."

Catwoman stole a glance at the burlap bag Raffles held in his left hand, still open as he had stuffed it with the loot. In the bag were diamonds, pearls, rings and a substantial amount of ready cash. A small fortune in a convenient sack.

"Absolutely. As did you by all accounts. Pray tell, do you always carry out your robberies in your underwear, Catwoman?"

"These are my professional clothes and are most suited to the task. YOU look as if you are about to visit the theatre!"

"Precisely. What better garments to wear if caught red handed. Now my dear, what are we to do?"

"Let us return to my room where we shall discuss the matter. By all rights I think I merit a cut of the loot."

"Very well, lead on and I shall follow."


As expected of Wayne Manor the bedroom was lavish with large windows that looked out onto the freshly mown green lawns. The trees had lost their leaves and as night came so did the cold, crisp air.

Selina turned up two of the gas lamps and took a seat in a big chair, removed her mask and crossed her long, slender pins. The leggings looked as if they had been painted onto her skin and they creaked as she moved.

Raffles took of his top hat and mask and sat opposite her and casually lit a cigarette. The bag of swag was close to his shoes and his right heel made physical contact with his prize as a conscious safeguard.

"The way I see," he said calmly, "is that we have two choices. I have the jewels and I do not plan on relinquishing them any time soon. Unless you take them from me by force, which is your prerogative. That leaves the second option."

Selina fluffed up her raven locks and locked eyes with the man's hypnotic gaze. His eyes were the bluest of blue she had ever seen, apart from her pet Siamese cat Oswald. She drew her gloves down her arms and tossed them aside without a glance.

"Which is?"

Her curiosity piqued Selina leaned forward in her seat which caused her tight bodice to thrust her ample cleavage upwards. Raffles let his eyes linger for a long moment on her desirable breasts and laced his fingers together. He had an air of superiority that rankled Selina something awful, yet she felt drawn to him, rather like the first time with Bruce. Plus she loved his adorable accent.

"Poor Miss Kyle. Do you not know how exceptionally attractive you are? I would gladly give you half of this rich haul just to see you naked."

Selina stared at him in astonishment.

"I adore beautiful women and have dozens of them throwing themselves at my feet back in England. For the most part they are pretty but dull, rich but tasteless. But there is a daring audacity and sexual magnetism about you I find simply irresistible. I should very much like to make love to you."

He stood then and shrugged off his coat and placed it on the arm of his chair. With a determined air he crossed the room briskly and approached Selina and drew her up from the seat.

Although not as bulky as Wayne the man cut a fine form indeed, over six feet tall with a broad chest and narrow waist. Raffles took her chin in his right hand and tipped Selina's head up and peered into two clear green eyes.

"Kiss me," he uttered and he pressed his lips against hers with surprising insistence.

Her senses reeled as he expertly nibbled her lower lip with hard teeth before he opened his mouth and plunged his tongue into her welcoming mouth. The Englishman pulled her up and embraced her in frighteningly powerful arms and the raven haired beauty melted against his warm frame.

"Mister Raffles. Understand that I am not a prostitute. I do not sleep with men for money."

Said she as they kissed with little butterfly kisses.

"I should hope not. And, let it be clear, that I, DO sleep with women for money."

Selina supressed a chuckle as his hands awoke and explored her back and flanks as hers tangled in his thick hair. A familiar warmth pooled in her loins and radiated through her belly as he peppered her neck and rosy face with wet pecks.

"You really are an exquisite creature. Take off that ridiculous bodice and leggings."

Selina stepped back and reached behind her to unstrap her corset and her bountiful breasts bounce free. She rolled her black leggings down to the top of her boots and then stumbled backwards onto the bed. She held up both legs and looked at Raffles who had already stripped down to his birthday suit.

"If you would be so kind as to remove my boots, sir."

"The pleasure is all mine."

He roughly tugged on her right boot and threw it across the room, quickly followed by the left. Then he peeled the leggings all the way to her feet and stripped them away with a flourish.

Once naked Selina looked up and got her first proper look at the stiff cock of Raffles. He raised his brows with a certain smugness as his eight inch member swayed and bobbed at a jaunty angle in her direction.

He was well hung and knew it. His shaft was straight and smooth and his flared crown could be glimpsed as his foreskin began to recede.

"There must simply be dozens of happy women in England that you have serviced."

"You can safely say that, my dear Catwoman. I do have somewhat of a reputation for impropriety back in the old country. Care to partake?"

Raffles joined her on the bed and they embraced like starving animals, their legs and arms entwining and devouring each others mouths with a lustful hunger.

The feel of skin on bare skin was sensual and overwhelming as they rolled and writhed in a tight clinch. Lips and tongues explored, tasted and probed as their hearts raced and the twin bed creaked under the erotic love play.

"Oh, my."

Selina sighed when Raffles cupped her buttocks and pulled her lower body against his rampant erection. The rock hard organ bumped her loins and the anticipation of being impaled on his flagpole of a cock ensured that her quim seeped juices.

His fingers moved and found the silky curve of her inner thighs and her back arched as he inched in to that apex of her thighs where her dampness lay hidden. Selina complied and her legs opened for him, allowing him access to her pussy.

"How wet you are."

She purred as his middle digit stroked the moist outer labia and then shuddered when he slipped it inside her slit. Teasingly Selina rolled on top of the bemused man and his hand lost contact with her vulva. Instead the headstrong female burglar drew her pussy mound to and fro on his stiff length and smeared her wetness along his cushioned shaft.

"I can see you like to dominate."

Selina flushed pink as she raked her long talons across his chest hair. Her lustrous dark tresses fanned out over him as his hands moved up to paw at the delightful swell of her boobs. As she dry humped him he groaned with desire as he kneaded her nipples between forefinger and thumbs.

"Your breasts are superb."

"Thank you."

His groans grew more urgent as he felt her pert and firm ass rub on his scrotum and base of his aching prick. She scoured his handsome features and lifted his arms up to the headboard above his head.

One long nail traced a line up from his elbow to his wrist and without warning Selina gripped him firmly and a police handcuff snapped shut on his left wrist. Before he could respond his other wrist was similarly snared and his arms were now found to be cuffed to the headboard.

"Selina my dear, what game are we playing?"

"It's called winner takes all, my poor fellow. Do you really think to outsmart me? No man dominates Catwoman, be they American or English."

Raffles listened as he struggled with his restraints, but the iron headboard did nothing but ring as he tugged and pulled. Helplessness came over him like a wave as he realised he had been duped by a woman.

"But I am a woman who has certain...needs."

She cupped his balls and squeezed tightly. Raffles moaned in pain and pleasure as his cock was grabbed and then stroked at a tortuously languid rate. He gasped as she bent her head and her breath blew on his hot tool.

Warm saliva bathed his swollen glans as her tongue painted it with wet flicks. His ass clenched and his knob quivered as her tongue snaked down the exposed underside of his cock until she reached his balls.

"Oh, hell!"

Raffles poured with sweat as Selina returned her attention to his bell end and sucked him in with a glorious humming that sent shockwaves and vibrations along his entire length.

Her mouth widened and his knob was gobbled up and tight lips puckered and pursed as he was engulfed. She did not bob her head so much as draw his organ into her mouth as much as she could handle and then let him out.

"It's too exquisite!"

Back in she sucked, her teeth nibbling on the whole length of his rippling skin as her cheeks hollowed with the effort. When she drew back her tongue lavishly washed his shaft until his cock head popped out.

"I have never experienced such perfect fellatio in my life." Admitted Raffles as he fought the urge to ejaculate down her throat.

With his bell end barely against her ruby lips she blew spit on the tip and then she opened her mouth wide and his cock slid on in until he bumped the back of her throat.

He looked on in awe as her lips reached down to his pubes and Selina looked into his piercing eyes with pride. Her mouth drooled as she maintained her grip on his hose until finally she gave him up with a fit of coughing.

"Time to fuck. Would you like that?"

"Oh, yes please."


"YES, I want you!"

Selina knelt over his glistening body and positioned her pussy directly over his pole. With her right hand she placed the smooth and tapered head to her opening and let it pop inside her cunt. As she dropped down his generous shaft followed on and she sank all the way down to his balls.

"What a scrumptious cock you have, it's purrrr fect!"

Raffles surrendered and thrust his hips up to meet her downward strokes as they began to fuck. Selina rotated her hips back and forth and from side to side as she rode up and down, her honey like juices coating his manhood.

"I love fucking a man like this, it's categorically splendid. Don't you agree, darling?"

Raffles uttered a throaty moan in reply as his biceps flexed and bulged and his legs tensed. She slowed up her ministrations and looked him in the eye as she raised her rump up high, almost losing his cock, before slowly coming down again, sensuously driving her slick tunnel onto his hot cock.

He longed to hold her bottom and guide her up and down on him but he was frustratingly tied. He looked at the black pubes of hers as they meshed with his when she swallowed him up inside her.

"Oh, so divine, lucky, lucky English bitches."

Selina moaned softly as her lower body moved faster and faster with her slim thighs clamped tightly against his muscular legs. The tempo increased as her moist cunt thrust up and down on his boner. Each stroke brought him closer to his climax.


Raffles cried out as she lifted off him completely and left him fucking air as she sat on her haunches and grinned at him as lay vulnerable and defenceless.

"Just a quick taste."

The minx sucked on his throbbing member and she hummed happily as she tasted a combination of his and her sweet juices. The hiss of the gas lamp was just audible as they both uttered groans and grunts as Selina painted his cock with her saliva, her right hand all the while pinching the base of his cock to stem his orgasm.

Then she apparently was ready for more and straddled his groin in a reverse cowgirl position. She cupped his balls as her rump wriggled on his line of view before she let him slide back inside her molten cave.

"Oh, yes!"

Selina knelt forward and placed her hands on her knees as she began to fuck the restrained cat burglar in earnest. With wide eyes Raffles was glued to the sight of her asshole which winked at him as his length vanished up inside her cunt. She was well aware of what he saw and leaned further forward to really give him an eyeful.

"I won't be able to hold out much longer." He advised as his balls swelled under her.

"Do you want to cum?" Asked Selina between breathless moans. "Do you desire release? Maybe inside me? Or on my tits? So many choices. Or maybe I'll just leave."

"Would you be so cruel?"

She smiled as her motions increased which stimulated her clitoris on his pelvic bone. Slow and deliberate movements on his fat prick drew her near to her own climax and she snapped her head back, tossing her lush mane down her spine as the woman convulsed in an all consuming orgasm.

"Heaven, pure heaven." She cooed as she rammed down one last time on his cock.

With his hose jammed tightly inside her sodden pussy Raffles erupted and she felt his warm blast enter her cunt with a pulsating inevitability. After a few moments Selina got off him and walked over to a chair and sat.

She lit a cigarette and studied his face until she had smoked the whole thing. Then she began to dress and pack her things, together with the bag of loot.

"Pardon me for asking, but do you intend on leaving me in this embarrassing predicament?"

Raffles jingled the cuffs in a dramatic flourish.

"Leaving you, taking the spoils, hitting the road. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it immensely. But spare the rod and spoil the child as they say. Next time you visit Gotham you may want to pass right on through."

Selina put on her hat with the red feather and made to leave.

"But how long will I be thus? It might be days."

"Not at all. The maid comes in to change the sheets promptly at nine. Then either she will let you free, or summon Mister Wayne. Pity I can't stay to watch."

"But, madam! What about sustenance. I cannot leave this bed."

Selina went to a corner of the room and returned with a saucer of milk which she placed on the bed beside him. The man looked at it in distain.

"Farewell, Mister Raffles, and good luck."



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