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Episode 1

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, facial

Starring: Heather Graham

This story is smutty, sleazy, morally corrupt and will probably make you into a worse person. Consequently, it shouldn’t be read by anyone.

This story is FICTION. It did NOT happen. The people portrayed in this story do NOT act this way in real life.


My story is somewhat less than epic.

My name? I have many, depending on my job, but if you check my files and records, chances are you’ll stumble across the name Alexander Taylor Pierce. Friends call me Alex, newcomers call me Alexander and colleagues calls me Taylor. Pierce is something of a hidden secret. Like I said; it’s not the only name I use, and it’s not the one I’m born with, but it’s the name I was known for during my days in this business.

You may now be thinking you’re reading the journal of some secret agent trying to cover his name not to get in trouble by foreign intelligence. Believe it or not, but you’re not entirely wrong.

I won’t lie, I have a substantial background. I am a man who has done various kinds of work you wouldn’t believe, in places you couldn’t imagine. If I ever became famous, film studios could easily base a whole movie-universe on my life. Today, years later, I still take time to reflect on this - if the life I was given was some sort of fluke, or if I really made myself into what I am.

For comparisons, think of a man like Hollywood legend Errol Flynn. Before he became an actor, the guy apparently worked as a policeman and a sheep castrator. He hunted for treasure, sailed ships as a captain and earned a living as a soldier. The guy was all over the globe, even before he made movies for Hollywood, not comfortable doing just one thing. That kind of describe what I do. I am in the movie business, but I’m also not. I’m part of the system, but I’m also not. My business is life. All of it.

Flynn was a hedonist who lived his life to an absolute max. Consequently, his life ended the only way it could - death at the ripe age of 50. I do not intend to go that way, but I take what life will offer me, and I am willing to go where it leads me. Thus, I’m not predictable apart from being predictably unpredictable.

Look, my experience is so immense that if I told you everything I can guarantee you two things would happen: First, you wouldn’t believe a single word I said. Second, you wouldn’t be able to label me an agent because I do so many different things. However, in the story you’re about to read I am most commonly referred to as such. I did have an office in LA where I spent my time organizing papers and writing contracts, but you wouldn’t always find me there. My schedule was busy. I was mostly occupied or away, but I did have a steady job for a while, surrounded by a circle of friends, colleagues, associates and organisators that made me into the person I was known as. Call me an agent if you want, but I personally think it’s a title that belong to titans like Dean Simons and those guys, although you can safely say we share the same line of experience.

Since I’m not fond of doing simply one thing I am always active. Hence, in the movie business where my story takes place I was known as, among other things, a planner, a location scout, a co-producer and a martial arts teacher. I earned cash as a writer and I worked as a script doctor for some famous movies. I also had a pilot’s license, I was a proud boat-owner, a street racer, a hard drinker and a party-fixer. I did most of these things on the behalf of the movie business and it came with certain advantages.

You wouldn’t recognize me at the premieres of Hollywood movies, but I was always present. You wouldn’t see me in the credits for the movies I worked on, but I was there as well - under names you wouldn’t know. In company, people would shake their heads in confusion by my presence just as much as they shook my hands, but I was likely the person who organized the party that drew them there. If I am not visible or recognizable it’s because my business is better hidden behind the curtains, or because I do the kind of work that isn’t necessarily associated with film work.

Confused yet? I won’t blame you.

My story, as far back as you would have any interest in, started early in 2003 when I arrived at the place where it all started - The Bowerton Building here in the city of angels. The last decade had been a slab of risky decisions along with a solid dose of lucky strikes following each other in great succession. I had previous experience in various production companies thanks to my business in various physical and technical fields. Weapon training, fight choreography, gun courses, martial arts. You name it.

So how did I end up in the business of movie making and film agency you ask? Firstly, because it was a sudden opportunity that arose at the right time. Secondly… Although I might seem like I had the competence better required for the military and special ops I was always a movie buff. Movies was my passion ever since childhood. I mean, were else would you find characters fighting drawn-out battles with 30 bad-guys and win? Where else would you find heroes dressed in nice suits, surviving explosions and car chases, coming away from all of that unscratched, getting all the glory and jumping in bed with the hottest girls? Movies became that passion because reality was boring. Reality weren’t like the movies. Or so I thought.

And now that I mentioned girls… well, there you have another passion of mine. That’s the reason you began reading this in the first place, right?

I admit, it’s not an insignificant part of why I grabbed the opportunity. Working in Hollywood was an opportunity to be close to a vast amount of interesting people. Women too. For your information; I spent a large part of my wasted college years between the legs of women - the sluts, the nerds, the cheerleaders, the goths, the Latinas, the black chicks, the Asians, and at least two of them were teachers. I believe there was also one female professor from Germany, but I was high at the time it happened, I might have trouble verifying that one.

You may not believe me, considering some of the goblins working in the business today, but while I would never brag about it I’m not that bad looking of a guy, even now in my later years. I grew exceptionally from my early teens and didn’t stop until I had reached 6.4 at the young age of 16. I put on quite a bit of muscle thanks to working out regularly. I had to, considering my jobs. Working outdoors I also put on a bit of tan, my hair was faded almost blonde from the sun and my belly was as flat as the frontal armor of an Tiger tank.

As the philosopher once said; «Everybody knows it’s the ugly guys with the good lines who gets the women.» I agree. But it doesn’t hurt to look good as well.

Speaking of good ol’ Errol Flynn, the man was said to have slept with 10.000 girls! His words, not mine. That’s quite a number, and in that field I think he’s still got the lead, although in my later years I suspect I may have given him stiff competition. As you’re about to see…


February 2003

At the time our story begins I was 31 years old - a relative newcomer in the field of film agency, but experienced enough to have landed a proposal at StarGazer Enterprises. That night I was in the process of discussing details of a possible contract, but what I needed the most right then was a drink. My head was spinning because of the endless nagging of the woman beside me. Greta would eventually become my trusted secretary, but right then I was getting annoyed at the thought of spending the rest of the evening listening to a triade of reasons why she couldn’t understand my skepticism to this proposal.

«Jesus christ man. I know you haven’t got the proper background to stand up to the hugies in Hollywood, but it’s got to be more than that? You’re not dismissing all of this because of a lack of creative freedom?» Greta said, sounding like she had just been informed Santa wasn’t real.

«I’m sorry Greta. This may all seem fine on paper, especially with the fancy firm logo,» I said, pointing to the contract in front of me, «but what I’m worried about are the details that are not on that paper.»

«And what might that be?»

I had just informed her about my refusal to join the agency on the basis of the contract StarGazer had offered me. A salary like the one screaming from the paper would seem like a dream come true to most people, but I was never like «most people». Money is not what buys a person like me. Sure, I could land a relatively safe job, gain a resume and a solid income - living the American dream to the fullest.

The problem was that I needed a more developed plan on what I had to look forward to than StarGazer had been able to provide, something I had just informed Greta about.

«The company is getting nervous. They await your decision. Most likely they expect an answer tonight.»

«And I understand those associated aren’t present right now?»

«No, and I am sorry about that, but this is an once-in-a-lifetime-chance. Think about the possibilities and all that comes with it.»

«What about it?»

«The privileges you’ll receive!»


«You’ll have access to whole mansion! Cars! Hell, I’m sure they could get you your own Apache helicopter if you liked.»

«And what would I need that for? Taking down Al Qaeda if they tried to invade LA?» I laughed humorlessly.

«Oh, you could do whatever you like. All I say is that these folks can give you everything you need whenever you need it.»

«True, but that doesn’t explain the vigor they use in trying to make me stay in a place I have little business being.»

I had begun to wonder why they pushed me for this position in the first place. Was my business here that desired? It seemed highly unlikely, unless they had ulterior motives. What kind I could only guess. I was about to tell Greta about my suspicions when the doors suddenly opened and two people walked inside. Greta shrank back, as if the people who had arrived were of a status far above her.

«Mister Taylor!» Greg called out.

«Nice to meet you too.» I said, reaching out to shake his hand.

Greg Cosmatos was a bit older than me - somewhere in his mid- to late thirties. His appearance reminded me of a car salesman from the seventies - not really handsome, but with a rugged and polite face with dark curly hair and sideburns, not to mention a well built body. In his younger days he apparently had a short career as a middle weight boxer, which seemed likely as he always looked like he could take care of himself. His standing in this firm reached far back in time. He claimed himself to be a relative of director George P. Cosmatos, but I highly doubt it. Greg lacked the finesse of a director. He was good at negotiating and getting deals done, not one to plan and organize projects. That’s what his boss did. Nonetheless, he was a nice guy to be around.

The other man came forward. With the balding head and impressive sharply trimmed beard he wore the image of an intellectual professor-type of a man. His presence here showed how seriously they took this.

«Alexander? I am Conrad.»

«I know.» I said as I shook his hand.

Everyone knew Conrad Atkins of course. The man was was one of the major shakers in LA at the time - the man who had built StarGazer into what it was and controlled it from behind curtains, letting Greg do most of the fieldwork. When he was present you knew the stakes were high. The stories about him were plentiful, including certain other stories… But more about that later. 

«Right, so Greta here told me you had certain questions about our proposal. Tell me what bother you and let’s try to talk it out shall we?» So Greta had told them about my hesitation? I wasn’t sure if that made the situation more or less complicated.

«Yeah, let’s do that.» I started as we all sat down around the large desk.


We spent the next 30 minutes going through the paperwork. These details I won’t bore you with. I found them tedious enough as it was back then.

My status was considered something of an anomaly in this business, but my past had sparked some interest. Or so they said. Most of this was as expected, although I never dared to ask, because something still felt «off» about it. And my past was something I had assumed to be a mystery for most people, even higher-ups like these two. How much did they really know about it? I never dared to ask.

Still, I had not been convinced that the job was worth it, and I know now, years later, that neither Greg nor Conrad had met resistance like this. To them, money was the cogs that oiled the wheels of business. I didn’t fit that glorious picture of theirs, however, at this point I had become so tired of it I just wanted to buy some time to think it over. I tried to make this clear without sounding rude.

«Gentlemen, I am deeply honored by your initiative, however, if you would just allow me a few days to think about this I would greatly appreciate it.» I said, trying to look as confident as I could. «I can guarantee you’ll have my answer in a couple of days.»

Greg immediately shifted his gaze and stared blankly in front of him like he had just heard something unimaginable.

«You need time? More time to think this through?»

«Would that be acceptable?»

«You’ll have a definite answer in max two days?»

«Of course.»

It looked like my pleading words made some impression. At least Greg didn’t sound annoyed like Greta had as he continued.

«That should be… acceptable Alexander. A couple of days should be of no problem as long as it’s only that - a couple of days.»

«Greatly appreciated.»

«You’re welcome. We… I must say…» he trailed off, like he was unable to find the right words. Somehow he sounded like he was genuinely amused by this whole thing. «Hey, Conrad, have we ever had a candidate who was this determined to decline an offer of this size? A contract this grand and he still won’t have it? I cannot think of any!» he laughed.

«Can’t say we have.» Conrad hummed from across the desk. He had been awfully quiet during the meeting and let Greg do most of the conversation.

«Because I’ve got to say… You’re a man who stick to your principles mister Taylor. I like it! That’s exactly why we want you. No, we NEED you here.»

«I’m flattered you think so.»

«You just take your time and use the next couple of days to the fullest. Think this through. When the time is right you contact me and we’ll talk this over again. There’s no reason why you….» He droned on, which I soon learned was a speciality of his. I wished he would just stop and leave me to it, but dismissing some of the most powerful people in the city at the time seemed like a bad idea.

«…there’s only one more thing before we leave.»


«I’ll ask just in case. Would you like a word with one of our clients before you go?»

«Uh, sure, but this late? I doubt anyone…»

«She’s here right now.» Greg interrupted. «She came around right before we arrived and I took the liberty of bringing her with us in case we needed some moral backup.» he gestured towards the door as he called out.


A feminine figure appeared in the doorframe as if on command. As she stepped inside I saw that she was clad in a light blue shirt and a black skirt that seemed dangerously short for this occasion. I was moments away from pitching my own arm, but unbelievable as it was, it really was her - Heather Graham.

«Heather, this is Alexander Taylor. He’s the new candidate I talked to you about, and hopefully he’ll be part of our firm from this week on.»

«Hello Alexander!»

She spoke as if she tried to intimidate me with the most sensual voice possible. She didn’t have to, because the sight of Heather Graham was intimidating enough. I had been infatuated with her moving images ever since Boogie Nights, but here she was in the flesh, standing right before me. Had she been outside the door all this time, waiting for this cue? It was hard to believe, but I was more than a little willing to hear what they were up to now.

«Heather has been our client for the last six years. If it’s okay for you I’ll leave it to the two of you to have a chat. I think Heather might have information you need about what to expect in our business. Are you willing to let her share some experience?

«Umm, okay….» I said, sounding like a complete dork.

«You take it from here Heather?»

«Don’t worry Greg.»

«Very well. I’ll leave it to you then.» he said as he and Conrad exited along with Greta, walking out like they were in a hurry. The oak doors swung shut behind them and I was suddenly alone with one of the hottest stars of American cinema.

For whatever purpose, this was a smart maneuver. My weakness for beautiful women wasn’t the best hidden secret of mine, and their plan now depended on whether or not Heather would convince me. Odds were in their favor.

«So… Alex. Is it okay if I call you that?»


Although she was an actress, I expected her to be a bit laid-back and neutral since I doubted business specs was her field, but Heather didn’t look the least bit uncomfortable or even shy as we discussed. She stood leaning back against the desk we we had just used as a conference table. I decided to stand as well, not falling for the temptation of diving into the couch behind me, which I feared would make me look unappreciative. Our conversation picked up, although it wasn’t much different from what Greta, Greg and Conrad had laid on the table. She really didn’t say anything to change my mind. Not at first.

I simply repeated my defense, although I had to speak slower than usual. If I had spoken faster I feared I might have revealed that I was nervous. God, I really was!

«You’re a rare breed Alex.»

«How so?»

«I have never heard about someone being this skeptical to what most people of the sane world would assume to be an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Beyond personal stuff like religious convictions I cannot think of many reasons why you would decline.» she said, sounding as bewildered as Greg and Conrad. «But if it ain’t about the money, then what is it?»

«If I told you, I don’t think you’d understand Heather. No-one ever does.»

«Oh, don’t say that. I know Greg and Conrad may not look like it, but StarGazer are very good at hiring people with the right attitude and mindset.»

«Then I have no idea why they chose me. I love working with movies, sure. But not macro-stage. Production isn’t for me. At least I cannot imagine that would be a good idea for anyone involved.»

«Really? But wh…»

«Here? Here I will be met with all sorts of expectations.» I interrupted her. «I’ll have to do paperwork and things I’m generally uncomfortable with. I’ll have to attend meetings, speak to people I have no idea how to speak with. Not to mention the lack of creative freedom to do my own things. All the money in the world can’t compensate for that.»

«I see.» Heather said, her face lightened up as if she had gotten a revelation. «Well, you seem to have a limited knowledge on what goes on around here then.»

«I have?»

«Oh, yes. We like people with all sorts of background here. Solid backgrounds - and I am confident you can make use of your various talents far beyond the office bullshit you’re so afraid of. Trust me, there’s nothing you can’t do here. Your resume told me as much.»

«You’ve seen it?»

«Sure have. Greg showed it to me in a hurry, but I got the gist of things. You are… versatile.»

The air felt hotter than before and my spirits had lifted slightly. Heather’s words were kind, although I’m sure she was speaking pragmatically, probably not having much clue what I was up to in real life. Still, hearing this kind of praise from such a gorgeous woman certainly had more effect than reading it from an anonymous email or getting it in a businesslike setting like my conversation with Greg.

«So you think I’m qualified then. That’s nice to know, but sometimes there are certain things one can tell from the beginning. And I… I just can’t imagine me handling the pressure here. Sooner or later my personality would clash with the ideals Greg and Conrad strive to uphold.»

«I wouldn’t worry too much about it. In fact, I suspect it was your personality that made them decide you were the right person.»


«I’m serious! The two of them no doubt took that into consideration when they read your files. They need a person who is trustworthy and know how to do the right things. They can’t have some player who’s just after pussy.»

I got a little shocked by her wording.

«That would be unfortunate, yes.» I admitted, although part of me wondered if that very thing would be what would make me want to accept the deal. «But I don’t think that’s too much to ask in any line of work if things are going to run professionally.»

«Oh, you wouldn’t believe how many pussy-hounds we have in this Hollywood. I should know, I know most of them.»


«But it goes both ways of course. It’s not just that the people in charge can’t keep their pants on. They have to watch out for crazy pussy too. The women of Hollywood are notorious for taking advantage of their positions. And why shouldn’t they? Fucking around gain favors and fortune whether you like it or not, and it’s also…»

As she spoke I was beginning to feel like someone had messed with the thermostat. All her talk about pussy was getting to me. I had to stay focused.

«…the problem is, that would create headlines of unfortunate nature, and we can’t have that. We’re in need of people who can work with their pants on, on both sides of the table that is.»

«Then I guess it’s good they have a woman like you around Heather.» I said, putting a little too much faith in her.

«Me? Oh, I take all I can have,» she said with a naughty laugh. «but at least I make sure both sides are satisfied before they leave.»

 She quickly sat up on the desk, her sexual energy radiating. I begun having trouble focusing. I decided to play along.

«Okay, so we’re talking about sexual favors. I imagine that would cause trouble for any agent or client if word got out?»

Heather shook her head.

«That’s the beauty of it - people get away with the damnedest things around here.»

«Even that?»

«Especially that. It’s all about keeping secrets, keeping the right company and not letting things get out of hand. And like I said, Conrad seem to think you’re the kind of man who can handle the women of Hollywood.» she said, gesticulating like a mad professor. «Trust me, this is another world. They need someone who can negotiate without losing focus.»

That was damn easy for her to say, because Heather’s legs were looking longer by the second.

«Okay, that seems fair.»

«You’re not the standard kind of guy they’re used too. They no doubt find it refreshing. So do I. I mean, so far you haven’t even commented on my legs or brought up my nude scenes from movies I’m sure you’ve watched.»

For once I was at a loss for words. She was definitely testing me one way or another.

«Your legs are splendid Heather, and you looked great in Boogie Nights, but that shouldn’t be an issue when discussing a role, or a…»

«Do you see the yourself handling female clients?»

«But of course!»

«Okay, so imagine this; she comes to you and claims she’s perfect for some upcoming role. She’s practically begging you. Will you give her a gig if she willingly spread her legs for you?»

Someone was definitely messing with the thermostat now.

«I don’t think we should have this conversation Heather.»

«We have to. This is the kind of situation that will arise if you take this job.»

«Well, excuse me for naively believing we were past the time when people had to sleep themselves to success.»

Heather laughed. «Those times will never pass Alex. Even if we have reached the era we can make photorealistic orcs and hobbits there will always be a human factor which demands attention. Always someone to lean over and give you a slice of the full pie for favors.»


Her voice had become so hypnotizing I was at loss for words.

«So what if that someone was me Alex?»

«I beg your pardon?»

«If it was I who spread my legs for you and said you could do anything to me, what would you do?»


«I told you! Things like this will eventually happen.»

«People are THAT willing to whore themselves out for profit here?»

«Oh, please, I’ve been there myself.»

Jesus, I had never expected her to be this forward with me, although I was still halfway convinced she was just putting on a sarcastic edge to her slutty confessions. At least, that’s what I thought. The damnedest thing was that her legs looked absolutely magnificent, dangling on the edge of the desk. It was difficult to not stare, and Heather didn’t mind by the look on her face.

«Well, if this is what I have to expect… I don’t know if…» Fuck, I was cornered. «I guess I would have to be in that very situation personally. Then I would truly see if this really is where I would be able to make my future.»

«U-huh, so where do you see your future right now Alex?» she said, swinging her legs, gazing at me with those anime-size eyes.

«If I stay here? Well… between your legs then I guess.» I said coyly, hoping to amuse her with my legendary misplaced humor. Hey, they way the conversation had been going this was far from the dumbest response I could find. Similar comments had gotten me everything from spontaneous bursts of laughter to an occasional slap in the face.

Heather smiled. Then she crossed her legs Sharon Stone-style, revealing what was underneath her skirt. Which was a total lack of panties!

«Good answer. Finally we’re down to business. I might have to reward you for such a bold reply.» she said as she slid off the table, pulling out her ponytail and walking slowly towards me. Was I imagining this?

As if she had suddenly warped inside my personal field of space she stood in front of me, separated by one foot only. Reaching out she slid her hands over my chest, staring up into my face with her gigantic eyes. I was far taller than her, but Heather pushed her face upward and leaned in, kissing me softly on the lips. I stood there savoring the feeling of her mouth against mine.

Yes, this was definitely a dream. Since this all happened inside my head I wondered if I should lean in to kiss her like she had kissed me, just to play with this vivid fantasy. I quickly found out I didn’t have to as Heather launched herself against me so hard she almost knocked the wind out of me. Draping her arm around my shoulders she pressed her face against mine, shoving her tongue into my mouth. Her other hand fled down my pants which was beginning to feel dangerously tight by now.

Finally realizing this was in fact not a dream I stumbled backwards and pushed her away. She stared at me with a silly expression on her face like she had successfully pulled off a prank.

«Heather…» I began, before I cut myself off, unable to think about anything reasonable to say. In my mind I had decided this was way too good to be true. I had also decided Heather’s lips were way too good to resist. One more attack from her and I would cave in.

Heather mocked a hurt grimace which made her seem like a grown up child.

«Oooh, have I hurt your feelings? You doubt my sincerity? I guess I need to convince you of my noble intentions then,» she said as she began opening her shirt one button after the other.

«Listen Heather, what if Greg or someone else come in and see this? I’m getting a strong feeling I would be flying out the window instead of getting a job.»

«Hah, you really think they would care? This is how the system works. You should get used to it. Benefit from it.» She pulled her shirt off and flung it away. A white bra held her breasts inside, but it took less that a couple of heartbeats for Heather to unclasp it and let it fall to the floor, her full tits swaying before me.

Seeing Heather Graham’s impressive chest wasn’t that unusual back then. She had never been scared of showing skin, ever since her famous stint in Boogie Nights made her a star. I bet there were more than a few hundred thousand men out there who had wet dreams about this woman, myself included, but here she was, undressing right before my eyes. Her breasts were gloriously globular with rosy nipples that pointed towards me.

Heather reached down and undid her skirt, pulling it off and tossing it to the side like it was a piece of trash before kicking off her heels. She was now standing bollocks naked before me. Smiling naughtily she dropped to her knees on the carpet, arching her back and kneeling with her knees apart, folding her hands behind her head and showing off her body like a pin-up model.

If I didn’t believe I was dreaming before, I sure was now.

«Like what you see newcomer?» Heather said in the most seductive way possible, her hands unclasping from behind her and beginning to sweep all over her sexy body.

«How could I not?» I said, trying to keep calm, even though my pants must have looked like a tent.

«Mmmmmm, I bet! Let me teach you all the things you don’t know about women in Hollywood.» she cooed and began crawling towards me on all fours, her large breasts dangling underneath her and her ass pushed up behind her as she moved over the carpet like the sexiest feline imaginable.

Arriving at my legs she wasted no time as she unzipped my pants. Which was good. A few seconds later and my dick would have tore through the fabric.

«Mmmmm, let’s see what I’ve caught today.» she said as she pulled my pants down my feet before she went for my boxers. Pulling them down, her large eyes got even wider in delight as my dick sprang into view. «WOAH!» Heather gasped. «What a catch!»

I couldn’t blame her. Most girls I had been with always took notice of my size. Some of them even tried to measure it - landing somewhere between 9 and 10 inches, but I honestly can’t say for sure. I never thought too much about it, other than that my girls always seemed to leave satisfied.

Heather pushed me backwards, motioning for me to sit back on the couch behind me. Leaning back I let her have it her way. Not that I minded - my erection was so hard it almost hurt. What an attack! She had defeated me in seconds.

Before I knew it her lips had engulfed my entire member and I was suddenly thrown back twenty years to the time me and my buddies discovered sex for the first time by reading porn mags. I had to smash my fists down in the pillows beside me so I wouldn’t roar in pleasure. One thing’s for sure - this woman sure knew how to steal your attention.

When I looked down at her I almost went into cardiac arrest. I think I may have fantasized about what Heather would look like sucking me off, but the reality was too hot to comprehend - her huge cherub eyes staring directly into mine while she sucked me off so hard her cheeks were hollowing. So this was how «Rollergirl» did it on film. Heather bobbed her head up and down, not once leaving my gaze.

Still a bit concerned if the people outside would come rushing in and catching us in the act, I decided it was time to get my clothes off myself as I pulled off my blazer and shirt, throwing them to the floor. Fuck it, if I was to get thrown out because of indecent exposure I might as well get something out of this absurd situation. Heather helped me pull off my pants completely, leaving me as naked as her before she rose up before me.

«Lean back. We need to cover up that thing before anyone sees you.» she said naughtily as she moved up on the couch, kneeling over me with one leg to each side.

Taking me by the shoulders she lowered herself onto me slowly as I sank into her. With closed eyes Heather swallowed me completely in one downward motion - quite a feat! Throwing our heads backwards we gasped in content as I filled her. She immediately began to gyrate her hips in rapid motions, pushing them back and forth atop me like a mare. I wanted to give back with all my might, but right then I was still in a kind of shock. My cock was scared stiff and Heather handled it like a professional. She paused momentarily as she shifted herself upwards until she held herself in a squat. With even greater speed she began riding me cowgirl style - her hips rapidly snapping up and down.

Heather, now in complete control, leaned in on me, placing her forehead towards mine and gazed deep into my soul as we fucked - her enormous eyes before me, her mouth hanging open as her moans came in loud gasps. She didn’t even try to be subtle about it. I had time to reflect on whether or not the doors were soundproof or not, but if they weren’t there was no way the others wouldn’t hear. I had less time thinking about this as Heather picked up her pace. I had finally come over the shock and began giving back at her, the slapping sounds of skin on skin filled the room as I moved my hands to her ass and began giving it to her. Heather slowed down and let me decide the pace as I used my strength to pull her up and down so she matched my thrusts, kneading that firm ass as she rode me. Heather stopped her up- and downward motions and began rotating her lower body instead, making me shift my hands to her hips  as she began to talk dirty.

«You like this huh? You never thought it could be like this huh? Never imagined you could have some slutty Hollywood pussy like this, huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?»

If she only knew. This was NOT my first time with Hollywood women.

I decided I wasn’t going to let this vamp get the best of me. If she was seducing me in a meeting concerning my stay here she damn well had to accept my lead. I took command, grabbing her around the waist and lifted her off me as I stood up from the couch. She seemed a little disappointed that I had ruined her fun, but now it was MY time to have fun. I made sure she understood that as I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over the carpet towards the desk again. She whined. Not out of pain but in pleasure. It didn’t surprise me as she seemed like the type to prefer it a bit rough.

«Oooooooooooooooooh, yes! This is the way I like it! Just like that!»

I made her face the desk she had sat on just a few minutes earlier. Still controlling her by her hair I made her lean over it. Heather obeyed as she pushed her magnificent ass up in the air and glanced over her shoulder as if she wanted to see if I was going to ravish her or not. Moving in to do exactly that I spread her legs wider, lining up behind her and plunging into her inferno, not even bothering to go slow. By the sounds of it Heather didn’t mind.

Having been on the receiving side so far I had strength left to use. A whole lot of it, and I was going to release it all right now. I quickly picked up my pace as I pistoned in and out of her as she leaned against the desk. I knead her ample ass again, relishing the sight of my dick hitting Heather in her juicy twat. Grabbing her hair I pulled her head back against me, hard. Her large breasts swung wildly underneath her as I continued to pound her with all my might. I couldn’t resist the temptation as I moved my other hand underneath her and began to fondle her tits, feeling their firmness in my hands. Heather loved this, crying out as pleasure overtook her.


I turned my head to the right and caught a glimpse of my own reflection in the large panorama window - fucking one of Hollywood’s hottest stars doggystyle, making her wail like a bitch in heat. Her sexy body shook in waves as I thrusted into her. This was like something taken straight from of one of those cheesy flicks from Indigo Productions, but that wasn’t going to stop me.

I had forgotten about outside interference now. If I was to fuck a starlet like Heather I might as well put on a show for everyone wanting to see. I was also getting ready to cum, as was Heather. I lifted her right leg upwards by her knee and held it high, leaving Heather balancing on her left leg. She moved her upper body against me and snuck her right arm around my neck, bringing our faces together. We began tonguing wildly as I pumped into her with faster strokes, fucking her so hard she almost left the ground with each thrust.

If I went any harder now I was afraid I would accidentally lose the grip on her and send her forward into the desk, but her high-pitched whimpering told me I was finally about to send her over the edge. Heather broke the kiss and threw her head backwards over my shoulder as she came.


Her juices coating my dick and ran down her own tights. Her orgasm triggered my own as well, but I wasn’t going to waste it inside her. Still gripping her hair with my left hand I pulled out of her before I dragged her out on the floor.

«Turn around! Get down!» I demanded.

Heather swung around in one fluid motion, leaning down on her knees and arching her back. I let go of her hair and jerked my cock furiously while Heather closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide, waiting for my load to shoot all over her face.

She didn’t have to wait long. My first wad arrived and shoot out all over her, covering her left cheek and landing a second shot into her mouth. The second and third hit her over her nose and forehead, some of it flying over the bridge of her nose and over her lips. I didn’t count, but I continued to shoot a few more loads over her face, trying to cover her up as good as possible.

Heather sat still for a few seconds, sighing in content as my seed dripped down from her face, leaving a trail over her heaving breasts. I took in the sight of Heather Graham, kneeling naked on the floor with my cum dripping all over her face and upper body.

What a way to start a career!


None of us said a word as we cleaned up and re-dressed. I was fixing my tie while Heather was in the process of buttoning up her shirt when I finally spoke to her.

«Your presence here wasn’t all that random and unexpected like Greg made it seem, was it Heather?» She turned around and smiled as she pulled her hair into a ponytail again.

«And what makes you say that?»

«Oh, come on! An actress of your calibre wouldn’t just suddenly stumble into a meeting like this. Especially if it was reserved for a few individuals. It’s far too convenient.»

«Stranger things have happened. Maybe I was just passing by?» 


«Okay, so what do you think really happened here mister detective? What was my purpose supposed to be?» she asked while she sat down on the desk, crossing her legs again as if she was tempting me to have another go. I decided to be blunt.

«You were a honeytrap. For reasons so far unknown to me they desire my presence here at StarGazer so they hired you to… convince me that I should stay.»

«And which part of that rocked your world?» She grinned so widely she reminded me of the Cheshire Cat.

Part of me wanted to be angry about this. She had really played me like a fiddle. Not that I could ever have resisted a woman like Heather.

«Now,» Heather interrupted my though process, «I expect you might be feeling kinda angry about this, but I promise you Greg and Conrad have the best intentions. They’re not trying to set you up or anything.»

«Ah, so they’re not trying to make me into a fall guy for a murder they accidentally committed then. How wonderful.»

Heather laughed. «They wouldn’t dare. Why I have no idea, but Greg mentioned something about your past. You’re not a guy to mess with when it comes to these things.»

I was dumbfounded. I assumed my past had been investigated, but the fact that Heather had given me this information proved my theory right.

«And why are you telling me this Heather? Aren’t you their agent? Their super spy?» I said, unable to shake away her role in that silly Austin Powers movie.

«Because you are interesting. Pluss, you’re trustworthy when it comes to women. You can’t resist us, but you didn’t throw yourself at me either.»

«So is this the part where you tell me this is how things are going to be from now on?»

«Wouldn’t you like that? I think you’ll find this position highly beneficial. Yes, I mean in THAT way too.»

I shrugged. «I always assumed the stories about the sinful nature of this place were at least halfway true, so I guess it’s great to have them confirmed.»

«What stories?»

«Oh, don’t get me started. The stories about «evil Hollywood» of course. Ask the right people and you’ll get conspiracies about the corrupt system that transforms hopeful people into abyssal demons hellbent on destroying society, participating in nightly orgies in praise of Satan.»

«What can I say… Sin is in. And Hollywood know how to profit on that.» she said nonchalantly. «Sure, we might be reliving the final days of Sodoma and Gomorrah all over again, but at least we’ll have fun while the world burns, right?»

«That’s some morbid life philosophy.» I smiled. Heather readied herself, looking, once again, like the glamorous beauty that had won so many hearts all over the world. 

«Anyways, you’re a great fuck Alex! I’ll make sure to recommend you so you don’t ever have to feel alone here. If you want to take this position that is.» she said as she turned for the door.

I tried to comprehend what she had meant by that when the doors opened right before Heather closed in on them and the trio walked in. Definitely no coincidence. Heather blew me a kiss before she went out, scissoring her legs like a model as she went and the doors closed behind her. Greta stood in the background, looking flabbergasted as she passed her.

«Femme fatale» I thought for myself as I watched Heather leave.

«Alexander, my man. I hope Heather has presented you with the opportunities this firm can offer you.» Greg said, walking slowly towards me like he wasn’t sure I was gonna thank him or give him a swift jab to his face. Clearing my throat I spoke.

«Greg, in light of our current situation I have taken a decision.» I said with a thin and uncertain smile. «Your terms are acceptable. I see that now.»

«And what made you change your mind if I may ask?»

«Well, I realized this place has its own charm to it. I could be working with lots of interesting people here.» I didn’t know if that sounded convincing, but I no longer cared.

There was more to be said that night, but in reality, that was the end of it. Or the start of it, depending on how you see it.

NEXT: The classic elevator situation, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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Re: Decades of Decadence (multiple celebs)
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This was great! Would love to see Tyra Banks in here, although not sure if she was poppin during this time. Looking forward to the next one. Fun fact: I first heard of Heather Graham from her appearance as one of the  protagonists of a map of one of the Call Of Duty zombies games lol.
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Would love to see Tyra Banks in here, although not sure if she was poppin during this time.
I think you will greatly appreciate one of the upcoming episodes then!  ;D

I assume she's more famous for her reality-TV appearances, but Tyra had a career as an actress in the late 1990s/early 2000s, so she felt like a natural pick early on in the series.
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Great. It was good, I really enjoyed this story with the beautiful Heather, she is good. Can't wait to see the suite booked with JLH!
Thank you.
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That was a great read and one of the better new series I've read on here in a long time. Looking forward to more. I am a big JLH lover so I can't wait.
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Episode 2

This episode have a direct connection to happenings in one of the chapters of Carnagejackson’s Journal of an Agent, namely chapter 14. Read that one if you want to know the full context here.

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, Anal, Titfuck

Starring: Jennifer Love Hewitt

This story is smutty, sleazy, morally corrupt and will probably make you into a worse person. Consequently, it shouldn’t be read by anyone.

This story is FICTION. It did NOT happen. The people portrayed in this story do NOT act this way in real life.

April 2003

«The files Alex. You’ve taken care of them right?»

«What files Greta?»

«The files!»

«I… Oh, come on woman!» I almost shouted. «Don’t be an enigma if you want me to learn how to do this shit. I’ve got a 25 hour workday, my desk is covered in papers and the phones are ringing off the hook already. A sign of appreciation would be much welcome Greta!» I said defeated.

I was learning, but when it came to certain things I realized I was not always the quickest learner. Especially not as I was trying to get familiar with a system that felt unnatural to me. Greta was no doubt keeping her eyes on me to see if I could handle the pressure.

«Alex,  I know you’ve been working on this lately, so I’m certain you have everything under control. I just want to make sure you have control of yourself.» In spite of my harsh response she was struggling not to break into laughter.

«God, where is the future?» I said, pointing to the papers on my desk. «Wouldn’t computers be taking care of all of this by now?.»

«They are, but that’s precisely why we have to get our paper mill under control so that everything will run smooth when everything goes digital.»

«Bank systems have long since switched over to this…»

«Indeed, but keep in mind that most of the Hollywood moguls are a conservative ensemble who don’t always put faith in the inventions of modern times. They were almost losing their minds when the millennium bug was supposed to wipe out mankind a few years ago. Some of them can’t even use basic computer interface and can’t fathom how programs like Photoshop can alter an image.»

«I see.»

I thought of all the pretty and handsome faces I had glared at lately. She was right of course. Her descriptions only reassured my impression of Hollywood as run by old white men. And it was true - these folks kept to what had been working for decades and would do all in their might not to change it. I turned my head to the nightmare on my desk and shuddered. This would take a couple of lifetimes, but I had to get it done. 

«All this paperwork…» I began, but trailed off without finding the right words to express my distaste.

«I’m confident you can do it Alex. This is like the first assignment in high school when everything is alien and the world feels like it’s falling apart.» She was actively consoling me now, and I was disappointed in myself for almost having lost control a few moments ago.

«Sorry for being rash Greta, but I hope you understand the shit I’m in here. A bad day at work is enough to make me reconsider this.»

«I know, I know.» she said soothingly, like a mother calming down a distressed school kid. «I’m sorry Alex, I really am. But I’m trying to be as polite and understanding as possible. I only push you on these tasks because it’s what Conrad and mister Cosmatos want me to do. »

«Yeah, it’s not that I don’t understand what they want, but once again I’m forced to think whether or not it’s a good idea to place me here.»

«Having second thoughts are we?»

«Not really. I think this could work out in the long run. But getting into it is taking longer than I had expected. I know I’m being naive here, but in my heart I imagined this job was going to be… Well, you talked about high school, but I hoped it would be more like college. As soon as you’ve start, everything goes smoothly because you’re constantly taken care of by people who tell you how to do things. It takes a couple of week’s hard work and then everything sorts itself out.»

«Where in the world did you go to college?» Greta said astonished.

«That’s a secret!»

«Well, reality isn’t always what you hope or expect. And I’m not really sure you should think of this like school. I guess you can agree we’re on a level up from delivering homework and following lectures, wouldn’t you say?»

«That’s true.»

«Every day is different here Alex. There’ll be good days and bad days. Isn’t that what makes this job interesting?»



I spent the rest of the evening behind the desk, looking at actor applications. Back in those days you could mostly tell who had a minor chance, and who had just sent some naively misguided pictures on a whim. In general, the people with the best portfolio and the best photos had the upper hand. It all came down to hiring good photographers and studios. Staring at all of these young and hopeful individuals I felt like a teacher grading student assignments and ruling out who the best and worst pupils were. I kinda felt sorry for them. Their judge and juror was a stern and bored guy who was merciless as soon as he got tired enough.

I fully respected and understood what Greta was going at, but it didn’t make it easier to concentrate. As I sat there my thoughts drifted away to what I had accomplished in these last months. Not much, but I had at least been introduced to some interesting people. I had expected these gatherings to be loaded with celebrities from every corner of the world. That wasn’t true at all, but eventually you were bound to meet up with at least some of them. Among the ones I had met so far were Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz - as elegant and beautiful in real-life as in their movies.

It was during these encounters I began fantasizing about what it would be like to have a more «private audience» with of them. There were moments I suspected I had one of the most fevered imaginations in the world - one I wasn’t sure was appropriate of a man in my field.

Penelope and Cameron had been at a pre-screening of one of their movies when Greg had taken the opportunity to introduce me. Of course, the brief conversation I had with them only gave me further resources to my fantasy bank. I imagined the two of them leaving their seating, sneaking away from the crowded area inside the cinema, away to some unseen backstage room. Glancing back at me, shuffling their feet as a sign for me to follow them. As I excused myself I left the place and found the two of them lying on a king-size bed, moaning in anticipation as they felt each other up - their hands caressing their bodies as they peeled off satin lingerie in graceful motions, soft jazz suddenly beginning to play and the two of them talking to me in a way that would make adult movie actresses blush in embarrassment.

«Mmmm, Alexander! We’ve heard all about you. You and your great big cock. We arranged for us all to meet here and give you a warm welcome.»

The two of them, now in their birthday suits, thrusted their asses upwards and began wiggling them towards me.

«Come on. Don’t be shy. There's enough woman here to make any hot blooded man satisfied.» Cameron said before they changed positions. She climbed over her partner in crime and lay on top of Penelope, their breasts mashed into each other, the moistness of their pussies visible from where I stood.

«Take us Alex. Take us now! We crave that huge throbbing man meat of yours. Use our bodies. Ravish us!» they said in choir.

I moved towards the bed like in a trance, before I realized the bed was really an office desk filled with papers.

Mmm, dreaming again. After my encounter with Heather Graham two months prior I realized these kinky fantasies weren’t all that unrealistic. Furthermore, they worked as a means to take my mind off nauseating paperwork.

Glancing at the clock I saw that time had somehow skipped like God had fast forwarded spacetime continuum. Unexpected, but far from unwelcome. A few minutes later I decided to call it a day. Greta had gone home a bit earlier. Being alone in this fancy office made me feel a teeny bit of importance as I moved through it. Alexander Taylor Pierce - king of LA!

As I walked down the hallway of the fifteenth floor I studied the walls, not for the first time. This was one thing about StarGazer that absolutely ruled. Conrad and his people weren’t interested in hollow art snobbery. There were no Monet’s or van Gogh’s on the walls here. No, StarGazer knew their profile. Visitors were met with king-size posters of Hollywood’s greatest hits - Star Wars, Indiana Jones, ET and so on. Even better was that these weren’t your standard studio posters, but rare arthouse prints from Eastern-Europe and Asia, unknown for the larger parts of the western world, which could no doubt be sold for unreasonably high prices. Hey, if you were involved in movies you might as well show it.

I reach the dimly lit lobby, usually occupied by a chubby woman in her fifties called Francesca. She was also gone for the day, so I assumed I was alone. Someone might still be on the lower floors which were occupied by everything from yoga studios to a firm importing perfume, but StarGazer held the majority of the building, including the important top floors.

I was about to walk over to the elevators when the silence was shattered.

«Um, hello?»

Even though the voice was soft and feminine it startled me as I had spent the last couple of hours in total silence. I turned around. A small and voluminous woman rose from the seating in the corner of the large room. She was a whole head shorter than me, her tight and buxom form impossible not to be enthralled by as she slowly walked towards me. I had met her briefly at a social gathering a few weeks ago, but this felt like my real introduction to Jennifer Love Hewitt.

«Miss… Hewitt?»

«Yes! You are Alexander Taylor aren’t you?»

«You remember me?»

«Of course! We met back at the Nagai Mansion. Mister Cosmatos introduced you to me if I recall correctly.»

«Ah, that’s correct.»

She was clad in a red dress that didn’t even attempt to hide her impressive cleavage. I knew she was sometimes quoted at being tired about the press focusing on her breasts, but she sure didn’t mind showing them off. Keeping my eyes off them was a herculean task.

I wouldn’t waste this moment for all the money in the world, but meeting her here seemed a bit odd. At this time of the week? It was no secret that Greg was out of town for the moment.

«Umm… Are you here on business Jennifer? Greg is not present, and I can’t recall you made an appointment with us. The whole building is about to close down as we speak.»

«It is?» she said, making a disappointed grimace.

«It is. I might be the last person here, and in a few minutes I’ll be gone too.»

«Oh!» She both sounded and looked surprised. Although I sensed there was something else about her demeanor - something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Not knowing what to say, I tried to act confident. Straightening myself up as best as I could, I realized I might have behaved the same way in the presence of police officers or military. Pretty girls take out my inner gentleman like nothing else.

«Should I arrange something, or maybe leave a message…»

«No, no! That’s no point mister Alexander.» She sounded enthusiastic now, like she wanted this conversation going by any means necessary (which was fine by me) «Okay, I’m sorry if I’m messing up your plans here…»

«Oh, not at all Jennifer. I might be new to this, but it’s my duty to take care of our clients. I’ll be more than willing to help you out.» I said, taking her enthusiasm as a sign of gratitude.

«So it’s not inconvenient I am here?»

«If you want to know about upcoming events I’ll be more than willing to share some time with you.» I said and motioned towards the sofa she had occupied as I walked in.

«Yeah, about that… What was that about Heartbreakers getting a sequel?»

«Just rumors!» I said, and she laughed softly in relief.

We sat down and chit-chatted. The contract on her upcoming movies were in the works, but Greg handled them, consequently, it was off limits to me. Instead, I gave her a rundown of the latest Hollywood fluff and the productions on the planning stage. For an actor this is important information as it give clues to what they should concentrate their efforts on. Especially if you knew the right people. After all, Hollywood was known for its rampant nepotism.

While I normally found these conversations tedious, Jennifer made it all so much more tolerable. I think I could’ve sat and listened to her read a phone book out loud. We had picked up a nice conversation, but after about twenty minutes Jennifer suddenly rose up as if she had remembered something of great importance.

«Okay, Alexander… I think I have what I need for now. Listen… Would you like to come downstairs with me? I told a friend outside to stay put until I was done here.»

«Well, I guess we shouldn’t let him wait then.»

Jennifer’s heels clicked like a ticking clock inside the large empty lobby as we walked over to the elevators. This was another feature that had impressed me since day one - the glass walls of the elevator gave us a great view over the surrounding area, which was quite something as we were located on the fifteenth floor. Pressing the button for the ground floor Jennifer beheld the skyline outside.

«Man, I remember a friend of mine told me she had quite some fun in one of these once.»

«And what kind of fun would that be?» I asked as the doors slid shut. Dirtier parts of my mind wondered if it could be «that» kind of thing.

«Oh, she didn’t mention. Anyways, the reason I brought it up was because she was the same person who warned me about the business pitfalls when I first got here. The studio meetings, auditions and movie briefings are the kind of thing you have to look out for when you’re a young and aspiring actress in this city.»

«I agree. Contract negotiations with sleazy producers can be a nuisance.»

«Exactly. Especially if there are non-negotiable clauses included. The «nudity required» ones are a pain. Especially after I Know What You Did Last Summer turned my body into public property. God knows I don’t want to end up like «she who looks great in tight t-shirts» in every flick from now on.»

I couldn’t help but wonder how much better ALL movies would’ve been if Jennifer had taken her clothes off in each and every one of them. The prospect was so intriguing I was about to ask her more about these meetings when I noticed a slight disturbance in the force. The elevator gave off a sound I hadn’t heard in the months I’d been working here - a light screeching, like a crane operating on a building site. Something that screamed «mechanical failure». Jennifer noticed it too, because she suddenly glanced at me with a worried look on her.

There was another sound - a  thunderous metallic banging that shook the cab and send Jennifer into my arms. I had time to reflect on how great her ample breasts felt against me, and it took me another moment to realize I had my left hand palm firmly planted on her ass. We both divided quickly as it dawned to us what had happened. The elevator had come to a complete halt.

«The fuck?» Jennifer blurted out.

«It seems we have problems of technical nature.» I said in the most calming voice possible, trying not to scare her.

«Is there… a way to contact the janitor or the maintenance people working here?»

«Sure is. One moment and we’ll have the FBI and CIA out on the parking lot.» 

I walked over to the buttons where the alarm was marked red, but I knew something was up before I had even pressed it. The usually illuminated panel had gone dark and there was no response when I pressed the buttons.

«Okay, then…» I started, grabbing my phone, when Jennifer said exactly what I was about to say.

«Phone signal is gone!»

«It… is…» I stuttered. «Okay, this is strange.» I stared at my display for several seconds before I was confident I was actually seeing what I was seeing.

Now this was concerning indeed. And how was that even possible? Here in LA the signal should’ve been sky high everywhere you went. So what was going on? Was someone or something using phone jammers?

I looked outside. The cab was located outside the 12th floor. Too low to jump out in parachute and far too high to jump out. Tricky. And if there was someone down there at the parking lot they wouldn’t realize we were stuck up here. From down on the ground this would seem like a lift standing by after a busy day. Not that there was a lot of cars down there at all. Most people working here had gone home by now. Jennifer sensed my unease as she drew closer.


«One moment Jennifer!» I said, trying to make sense of this.

«This is crazy. This was something I thought only happened in movies.»

«Yeah, this is a first for me too.» I lied.

Part of me wanted to play action hero and unlock a hatch in the roof of the cabin and see if I could find a way to restart the machinery up there. Or maybe I could slide down to the ground floor by one of the cables and contact people to get Jennifer down, but it’s easy to think creatively when crisis arrive and you’re really stuck somewhere. One quickly learn the limitations of reality countered with the exaggeration of fiction where it takes a 9mm and a rusty spanner to save America.

«Good God. Do you think we’re getting out of here today Alex?»

«I don’t know Jennifer. Any further action could endanger the both of us unless we think this through.»

«So what do you suggest we do?»

«Let’s think about this for a while. Someone is bound to see us up here.»


49 minutes and 34 seconds passed.

Sometimes, all the thinking in the world doesn’t lead anywhere. We had been stuck inside this confined space for nearly one hour, and things weren’t promising. The signal was still out, the power was still gone and Jennifer was getting impatient. To top it off it was getting late, and the chances of anyone alerting authorities were next to none. There were plenty of elevators inside this building, and workers on the lower floor could easily avoid this one - which was really just an opportunity for StarGazer to show off.

I sat on the floor, leaning against the wall. Jennifer was sitting on the opposite side, preoccupied with the content of her purse. We had continued our previous chat to make time fly, but unless something happened in the next hour I would be tempted to do that action-hero routine I absolutely hated. Jennifer had began talking about personal stuff and I got a bit lost in what she was saying. However, the last couple of minutes she had turned the chat to her love life and was diving straight into details I couldn’t believe she wanted to share with people.

«Doing it in an elevator…» she said in a low voice, speaking like she was in a dream. I was listening, but lied to her as I responded.

«I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention. You were saying?»

«Oh, nothing. I was only thinking about what my friend did when she had a similar experience.»

«Getting stuck in an elevator, same as your friend, huh? What are the chances!»

«This feels like some sort of cosmic replay. Is it fate?» 

«Be happy it’s not a common occurrence. This is anything but pleasant.»

«Eh, I’m just bored really.»

«That’s bad enough wouldn’t you say?»

«Maybe, but boredom can be conquered by doing the right things.»

«That’s hard when the options are so limited.»

«True, but that’s why people go all out when shit hits the fan. They are driven to do more interesting things when their lives are in danger or they’re in unfavorable situations.»

«Interesting things?» Like what?»

«Well… people tend to lose their inhibitions during pressure. They do things they would consider unthinkable when they’re pushed far enough.»

«I know.» I said, although I suspect I was referring to something completely different than her. «Murder for example.» I said sarcastically.

«Umm! Should I be worried?» Jennifer said, mocking a wide-eyed stare. I just smiled back at her.

«Nah! But I kinda get what you’re saying.»

«Yeah, when the world collapse, most will try to get some.»

«The «You don’t want to die a virgin do you?-line» from disaster movies comes to mind.»

«Heh! Yeah!»

«But… what were you really referring to Jennifer?» I immediately regretted asking, because it pushed Jennifer on the offensive.

«Oh, it’s just that… I have always thought about my friend stuck inside the elevator. Alone with that man… Now what would she have done… Yeah…» She said with a pause pregnant with innuendo. Was I supposed to say something in response?

«What are you suggesting?»

Jennifer stared blankly to the darkening skyline outside before a naughty grin formed on her. It was almost scary. At first I didn’t believe what I saw, but her facial change resembled a person switching personality - like Dr. Jekyll changing into Mister Hyde. This woman, whose exterior was that of a goddess, was about to reveal her true depraved intentions.

«What do you think Alex?»

I stared at her for what felt like the clumsiest silent pause since Travolta and Thurman in Pulp Fiction. Was she really thinking about what I was thinking?

«No, seriously Jennifer. Fill me in. I’m interested.» I said, beginning to feel a tingling sensation between my legs.

«Sex for example.» She said it in a complete matter-of-factly way. Her eyes were locked on me. Not even blinking.

«Sure, that’s not unheard of in this day and age, but this is a glass-elevator!» I said dismissively.

«Doesn’t that make it more exciting?»

Another pause. I think I must have gawked at her for ten seconds. «In a glass elevator?» Jennifer was nonplussed.

«Wouldn’t you like to explore what it would be like? To do it in front of a huge fucking metropolis?» Her breathing intensified as she toyed with her dress strap.

«In a GLASS ELEVATOR?» I repeated. «For the entire city to see?»

«Uh-huh!?» she said, letting her hands slide over her ample cleavage and gave it a light squeeze. The temperature jumped to about 4 million fahrenheit in a moment.

«Sure, the elevator-scenario isn’t that usual of a sex fantasy. But what about the risk of getting caught?»

«That’s the point! Come on. Grow a set!» she said and rose up from the floor, eying me with a gaze of insatiable hunger. Had we been in a horror film, this would’ve been the scene where the innocent girl revealed she was possessed by a horny helldemon. I stood up myself, although I hesitated because it was difficult to hide my growing hard-on.


«No, I want to do it. Alex! This might be our only chance doing something so outrageous.»

«Jennifer!» I said, doing a pathetic impression of a concerned parent. «Do you know what will happen if we are caught?»

«I don’t care.»

«You should.»

«I don’t.»

«We could face serious consequences if things got out of hand.»

«And immense regret if we let the chance slip.»

«I can think of safer ways to do this.»

«Damn, you’re persistent!»

For as short as she was she now had by far the most intimidating presence here, and she was close to gaining complete control of the situation. She definitely would if she pushed me further. A man can only resist for so long.

«I’m only saying this for our own best.»

«Listen! We’ll likely never get this chance again. Isn’t sex what makes us human?»

«Humans are guided by logic and reason.» I said, hoping that would be enough to sway Jennifer’s lustful intentions.

«Oh, piss off. We’re not more civilized than monkeys fucking each other silly in the jungle. Let me prove it.»

«I…» I began, but that was when Jennifer decided to resort to drastic methods.

I felt my heart momentarily pause in my chest as she ripped her dress over her head and flung it to the floor. She was now standing there in her white lace undies, and those articles didn’t hang on her voluptuous body for more than a few seconds before they joined her dress. This time my heart stopped for maybe a whole second as I was forced to take i the sight of this naughty bombshell. Her body was as great as any juvenile sex-fantasy imaginable. Her snatch was cleanly shaven and her glorious chest was an impressive feat of mammarian perfection. If anyone had told me Aphrodite herself was standing before me I would’ve believed them.

«Does this motivate you then?» she said, grabbing her massive jugs, squeezing and teasing them like she handled two perfectly sized bundles of bread dough. 


«What do human reason say in this situation?»

«Ah… Fuck it! Let’s find out what it means to be human then…» I said, as my reasonable side finally gave in.

My hard-on had almost broken through my pants at this point, but it wouldn’t ever get the chance because I was now pulling them off me while Jennifer aggressively removed my shirt. Tearing off my underwear I was standing there as nude as Jennifer. Hard too, and Jennifer saw it. One moment later and we devolved into an uncontrollable tongue-tango as Jennifer thrust herself onto my body. So soft! Her puffy lips were so soft on me as we probed our mouths - our faces glued so tightly together it must have looked like we were trying to eat our faces.

I barely registered her hand around my neck, but I surely felt her other hand moving downward and beginning to jerk off my unit. Slowly she detached from my mouth and immediately went down to the floor, eying me through narrowed vision before she gaped at my member. Teasing me, she opened her mouth so wide I was sure she was able to dislocate her jaws. Leaning forward she took it down into her gaping maw, not stopping until it was lodged down her throat! Holy shit! I imagined the art of deep throating was something reserved for elite pornstars, but Jennifer proved me wrong - she engulfed my entire monster in one movement! bobbing her head back and forth, obscene gagging sounds were soon heard.

«Glok - glok - glok- glokk - glogg - gloggh - gloggh - glogghh!»

Putting my palms on her head, I didn’t realize I had closed my eyes before opening them and staring straight up into the roof, my mind clouded by what this little vixen was doing to me. I held on to her hair as if to control her, but I realized it was no need for this as Jennifer controlled the pace herself. Adrenaline raged inside me and staring upwards had given me a wild idea as Jennifer’s short stature made for some interesting possibilities. Hell, if I was fucking one of the hottest starlets of the world I wanted to see if reality was as good as fantasy.

I pulled out of her mouth (unwillingly mind you) and grabbed her by her arms, raising her up so she stood before me. She looked confused to why I had stopped her.

«I want to try something Jennifer. Hold on tight!»

I moved my hands to her hips and ass to get a proper grip on her body. She was in for a surprise, but I didn’t want to tell her what. Instead I concentrated on how to hold her up for what was coming. With a sudden motion I lifted her up and turned her body around, her head going downwards and her feet flying into the air, almost colliding with the roof.


She cried out as her body was turned 180 degrees in mid-air. I wouldn’t have attempted this with anyone, but Jennifer’s tiny build made her perfect for something a little out of the ordinary - in this case, a standing sixty-nine position. Tightening my grip on her body so she wouldn’t slip down, I held her up by her massive ass. Jennifer used a few seconds to realize her position before grabbing my dick again, sliding it back inside her mouth. On my side I was more than occupied with Jennifer’s honeypot right there in front of me. I dove right into her, shoving my tongue in-between her folds as deep as it would go. The taste of her pussy was exquisite, just like the feeling of her puffy lips on my member. Jennifer gagged and spat as she twirled her tongue around my cock that I tried my best to cram down (or up in this case) her throat. The chocked sounds were back again, only louder than before.


She was stretching her throat capacity now, trying to cram down as much as possible as I continued to probe her nether regions with my tongue. Jennifer’s legs were spread wide as they dangled around and above my head. I had adapted a wide stance to keep my footing as stable as possible. For outsiders peeking in we must have looked like something straight out of a porno-fantasy.

The position was awesome, but it was not ideal for longer durations of time. Jennifer showed no signs of discomfort being held upside-down, but I knew such a feat wasn’t recommended unless you had hours and hours of yoga under your belt. Not to mention my arms were getting tired from holding her up. Deciding enough was enough I slowly turned her around in my arms and lowered her down on her feet again. We stood there silent for a few seconds. Only heavy breathing was heard. 

«Holy shit… That’s some imagination you’ve got there!» she said as she wiggled her body, trying to get the circulation going again.

«And you didn’t mind did you?»

«Fuck no!» she spat. «As a matter of fact, I have a few tricks up my sleeve myself. Wanna try these?» she asked, squeezing her huge gazongas.

«It would be criminal to say no. Lay down and I’ll make good use of them.» I said. She followed suit.

Titfucking a woman is blissful as long as your partner have a proper set to work with. Placing my knees on each side of her I slid my mighty member between her huge tits, feeling their firmness around me. Jennifer took hold of her melons and began to fondle them around me - mashing them into my hardness, before I took control and laid my hands over hers, kneading them hard. Jennifer loved this and let me have total domination over them.

«Oh, yeah! That’s it! You love to fuck these big milk jugs, huh? You can’t get enough of them, huh? Go, on you dirty jugfucker! Make those tits of mine bounce!»

I fulfilled her request and went hard, my cock almost smacking into her mouth. Acting on a new idea I grabbed Jennifer by her hair and forced her head up from the floor towards me. Soon her face was squished almost between her own tits, making a fleshy love tunnel which gave me the opportunity to tit- and mouth-fuck her at the same time! I remembered vividly doing this to a well-endowed sorority girl back in my college days. That I would get the opportunity to repeat it with one of the hottest Hollywood stars was almost surreal.

I picked up my pace again, her cheeks bulging as her huge tits were forced into her face. It was a sight that would make any man explode, but I wasn’t going to blow my load just yet. I had a talent for controlling myself in these situations, and so far I had only used her mouth. We both desired more. Jennifer sensed my intentions and let me take this a step further as I pulled away from her breasts I rose up. Taking her by her hair I pulled her up from the floor. She moaned in submission.

«Ooooooh, I love a man who is forceful.» she gasped, as I turned her towards the front of the cabin.

I grabbed her hard and shoved her against the the glass. Those magnificent tits were now squashed towards it, presented for the whole city to see.

Had this happened today I imagine we would’ve been in a world of trouble thanks to the ever-present influx of camera phones and the ability to record something extraordinary no matter where you found yourself. If anyone caught a glimpse of me and Jennifer a scandal of epic proportions would arise, but right then neither me nor her cared in the slightest. If the entirety of LA saw us so be it.

I lined up behind her and plowed into her juicy cunt. She was warm and ready, just like I had expected from my «warm up» just before. I fucked her doggy style - a perfect position for this small and confined space, and a perfect position to do a fuckable body like Jennifer’s. She had placed both of her palms against the windowpane and closed her eyes in ecstasy. Holding her by her waist I gradually increased my tempo, until, after about a minute, I was almost sending her off the floor with each thrust.

Jennifer’s voice was rising and falling in orgasmic humming as I fucked her cunt. Taking her by the hips I dragged her from the glass and forced her head downwards. Jennifer quickly understood what I wanted and spread her legs, placing her hands to the ground as she pushed her ass upward, testing her own flexibility as she arched her back. Soon she had bent over completely - her hair sweeping the floor as her immense ass was the highest point on her body. The position gave me free access to her and I intended to use it for what it was worth. I smacked that huge round bottom and roamed my hands all over it while I fucked her - kneading it and feeling its thickness under my fingers. Jennifer loved it and growled in lust as we fucked each others brains out like savages.

«MMMMMMMM, yeah, slap that thick ass of mine! Use it like it’s supposed to be used!»

She was about to get her wish, but I continued to buck into her fiery cunt for a few minutes more.

We were now getting so overheated and physically strained that sweat were literally dripping off us - Jennifer looked like she was bathed in a thin layer of oil. It was time finishing off my sightseeing of her body and take a trip inside her tightest of holes. Pulling out of her, I stroked my dick for a few seconds, coating in spit, making sure it was properly lubricated before I pressed the head against her ass.

«Ooooh yea, stick that huge dong into that ass!»

She was definitely not unfamiliar with anal, but I decided to go slowly as I entered her. Coos and moans were heard in front of me. Opening up impressively easy, I was buried inside her after just a few strokes. I began pushing in and out of her in slow motions, but Jennifer wasn’t in the mood for softness. She wanted it rough.

«Alex, I’m not going to break. POUND that ass of mine damnit!»

She wanted it hard? I’d give her hard! Grabbing her rump, I went at her in a fury as I fucked her asshole just like she demanded. Loud smacks filled the cart, like a debauched applause. Jennifer was doing an impressive job at keeping her balance in this bent-over position. Furthermore, her stance created an incredible scene any heterosexual man would gladly sacrifice their own mother for: Jennifer Love Hewitt on all fours, her ass in the air while she was pounded like a whore - her huge jugs bouncing underneath her so hard they slapped her in her face.

Part of me wondered if our rocking motions was going to loosen whatever kept the elevator steady and send us tumbling to the ground and kill us both in an inferno of burnt metal, but WHAT a way to go out that would be. I shoved her into my crotch, forcing her ass cheecks apart, fucking her ass harder than ever before. My knees turned to oiled hinges. I plunged myself into her again and again, snarling as the heated ritual overtook me. I was seconds away from coming now, and her dirty talk was about to send me over the edge.


With those vulgar confessions I let myself go. Holding her ass as tight as I could I erupted inside her, shooting wad after wad deep inside her asshole. I think I almost blacked out for a second, because I could hear the blood pumping in my ears, blocking out Jennifer’s screams, while my vision began to flash. In a daze I had to balance myself on Jennifer’s upturned ass for a few seconds not to fall over. As I got back my senses I pulled out of her and leaned back against the wall. By then Jennifer laid facedown on the floor. Her body falling and rising rapidly as she panted in exhaustion.

First time ever having sex in a glass-elevator! Regular elevators? Now that was another story.


We redressed in silence. After fixing her hair, I saw Jennifer grabbing her purse and sliding it around her shoulder. I believe I heard the tap of a button. Her phone perhaps. Had she forgotten the ordeal we were in? It wasn’t like we were about to get anywhere soon.

«So… you think anyone saw us?» I asked her finally.

«Does that concern you?»

«Shouldn’t it?»

«I think not. Still, I’m impressed that you decided to go along with it. Many men would’ve been too freaked out.» she smiled, like she was happy she had countered my lectures about the reason of man.

«Well, it can’t be helped. When civilization collapse, primal urges take over.» I said, trying to sound faux-philosophical as I stared at the world outside. This fuck-session had been great, but I didn’t exactly look forward to spending the entire night up here.

«It’s too bad. I was hoping the two of us banging would make the elevator start up again,» Jennifer mused sarcastically.

I was about to answer her when there was a flash of light. For a confused moment I believed the police had aimed a searchlight at us from the outside, but that was not what had happened. As if Jennifer’s word held magic the power had come back again. After nearly ninety minutes the cart was finally continuing downwards, albeit in a shaking decent that made a call to the maintenance crew a top priority tomorrow morning. I checked my phone and wasn’t too surprised the signal was back again. Whatever had halted the elevator had seemingly blocked the signal as well, although there was no way that made any sense. We stared at each other in utter confusion.

«Strange, huh?»

«Yeah, and the signal is back again. What the hell…»

«If there is a time to start believing in UFO’s and the extraterrestrial, this would be a perfect time.» I said as I made sure my clothes didn’t look like they had been put on in a hurry.

«Do you think there’s a connection between the elevator and the phone signal?»

«It has to be, but exactly how I have no idea.»

«Yeah… Anyways, that was fun Alex,» she said in an unexpectedly nonchalant tone, before she added; «but scary too. How would we have fared if the power didn’t come back?» She now spoke like nothing out of the ordinary had just transpired. Something was definitely fishy about this.

We reached ground level and the doors opened. The cool and air-conditioned air rushed towards us. A refreshing change from the hellhole we had spent the last ninety minutes in. The lobby down here was far from the grandiose wonderland of the top floor, and this late in the evening there was no-one here. No receptionist to call the alarm in case the lift malfunctioned, or to restore power if it disappeared.

«Well, I hope you had a great time.» Jennifer said. Her red dress once again covered her sexy body, but I now had first-hand knowledge of how much better it looked without unnecessary clothing. If only Greg could’ve seen me now.

«Oh, I wouldn’t complain.» I said, following her out to the parking lot.


We walked over to the car, a red Mazda, that stood at the far side of the area. It must’ve arrived recently because I hadn’t seen it from up in the elevator. While the car was unfamiliar I immediately recognized the driver.

Denise Richards? It really looked like her. What was she doing here? As she walked over to meet us I halfway expected her to reveal a «hidden camera» crew a’la Punk’d which became popular a few years later, but she showed no indication having any clue about what had just transpired. She greeted Jennifer and gave me a smile.

«Oh, hiya Alex!» she said in her sweetest voice. I knew her from mutual friends, but had never actually met her before now. She was a lovely sight, just like Jennifer. But if she was here now, that meant…

«Alex, Denise was the friend I was talking about. I told her to wait for me until I was done.» she said as she kissed Denise on her cheek.

«And I sure waited! What the heck have the two of you been up to? I expected you here about half an hour ago. I even drove around the block a couple of times as you wouldn’t answer the phone.» We stood in total silence for one cringeworthy moment.

«Hmm, let’s just say there are stories to be told.» I said, trying to stay true to reality whilst being discreet. Jennifer continued for me.

«There was an unfortunate delay Denise. So sorry.» she grinned. «But I’d say everything turned out great in the end.»

«That’s good to know.»

«Anyways, thank you for your help Alex. Things wouldn’t have gone as smoothly without you.» Jennifer said and gave ma a kiss on the cheek as well.

«Right. I guess we’ll have a talk later. I’ll notify you as soon as Greg comes back, okay?»

«I do.»

«Good. Have a nice evening then ladies.» I said as Jennifer and Denise waved back.

As I walked back towards the underground garage I glanced over my shoulder as I watched the two of them jump into Denise’s Mazda. They were chatting and laughing like excited schoolgirls. Even though I was now at the opposite end of the parking lot, the place laid unusually silent and their words carried all the way to me.

«It was fucking awesome Denise! Just like you said!»

«Holy hell, did he make use of those funbags of yours too?»

«Of course! What man wouldn’t!?»

«Damn, and he fucked you in the ass? Not even I got that far!»

Oh, great. Another setup.

They continued to laugh as Jennifer shared the filthy details of what we had done. So much for confidentiality. New chapters were already written and added to my legend, and there was nothing I could do about it. All because I happened to overlook the unthinkable; the women of Hollywood exploited the system just like the men did.

Still… Even if Denise had encouraged Jennifer to do the stunt, she would be in no position to jam the phone signals and stop the elevator would she? Greta had gone home one hour before me, there was no indication of other people being in the upper departments. Apart from some late workers on the lower floors the building had to be pretty much abandoned by now. I couldn’t imagine maintenance crew working this late either. In short; the Bowerton Building laid pretty much silent. So who was the «inside man» Jennifer had used?

As I watched Denise and Jennifer drive away I decided to let the mystery slide for now. My demand for reason and logic in the dumbest events was a curse just as much as it was a blessing. Furthermore, I couldn’t say I hadn’t loved every second of this. I stared at the elevator which now rested at the ground floor. Had I told myself this would happen one workday ago I wouldn’t have believed it.

I understood even a lazy day could be redeemed by a solid ending.

NEXT: Contract negotiations with Monica Bellucci.

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Blocboy VC

Re: Decades of Decadence (multiple celebs)
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Great job with the second chapter!
It seems like the banging really did make the elevater turn on lol.
Interesting that the next celeb is one that I've never heard of at all.
Also, would love to see Ciara and Kelly Rowland in here at some point, even though this story will deal with mainly actresses. I know they were somewhat big in the music scene at the time, Kelly even had a film part in an underrated rom-com film too. Just an idea. Plus I think they should have more stories in general lol.
Also back to this story, I like Alex as a protagonist. He's written like a real person. Like he just doesn't go for sex right away, the women eas him into it, I've read a lot of stories where the protagonist just goes right for sex at first and it's not that enjoyable. He's not brimming with personality like the characters of the celeb series Big Booty Bitches, but then again this is only the beginning, that could very well change as this goes on.
Keep up the awesomeness.
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Re: Decades of Decadence (multiple celebs)
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Wow, you are doing an amazing job. We both wrote JLH a day apart  :))

Gotta say, I'm really proud to know I influenced you in writing. This series is already special and it's only going to get even better.
Check me out on Patreon if you like my work!
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Re: Decades of Decadence (multiple celebs)
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Interesting that the next celeb is one that I've never heard of at all.

For US audiences, Monica is probably best known from the Matrix sequels and as Bond-girl in Spectre. Personally I got to know her through some of her European films - Doberman, Brotherhood of the Wolf and the unbearably disturbing Irreversible.

The thing is; I'm probably going to be writing about actresses here that weren't international superstars or weren't that well-known unless you were a movie-buff over the last 20 years.

Also back to this story, I like Alex as a protagonist. He's written like a real person. Like he just doesn't go for sex right away, the women eas him into it, I've read a lot of stories where the protagonist just goes right for sex at first and it's not that enjoyable.

I'm so happy you noticed that. Alex is a relative newcomer to Hollywood, and he's still shocked by how randy these Hollywood girls are, and by how far they're willing to go to get what they want. I didn't want a player who took advantage of everyone, but a more clearly defined good-guy who's slightly contrasted by some of the less nice people surrounding him.

Of course, this might eventually change as I'm gradually moving the story up through the years and Alex gets familiar with the system.

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Re: Decades of Decadence (multiple celebs)
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Excellent, I loved it, I'm speechless. JLH is an absolutely gorgeous woman! Episode 2 strong and dirty, this series has started very well, it's incredible.
Thank you !
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Re: Decades of Decadence (multiple celebs)
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Episode 3

The character of Jack Shaffer shows up in «Journal of an Agent», but according to Carnagejackson he originated from a writer called Ruthless Rick.

Monica’s floor show is inspired by some other celeb story I once read, but the name currently escapes me.

Codes: Cons, MMMMMF, Oral, facial, double penetration, gangbang

Starring: Monica Bellucci

This story is smutty, sleazy, morally corrupt and will probably make you into a worse person. Consequently, it shouldn’t be read by anyone.

This story is FICTION. It did NOT happen. The people portrayed in this story do NOT act this way in real life.

May 2003

«Shaffer? Jack Shaffer down at Paramount?»

«Yes, do you know him?»

«I know him by reputation. He’s become quite the kingpin over the years hasn’t he?»

«Oh yeah! He’s not one to be taken lightly.»

«So what’s his story?»

«Well, he’s a powerful man because several connections go through him. There are more than a few people who’ve learned everything they know from the man. They’re practically in his hands.»

«And he’s in a position to bargain with us, am I right?»

«More than that. He’s the kind of guy who could raze StarGazer to the ground if he felt like it. Don’t worry, he’s got no intention of doing so. We’re on good terms. Have been for ages, but I’m telling you this because you’re aware of the power he’s holding.» Greg said as he stared into the room, seemingly focused on a huge Star Wars poster that took up one of the walls. «Anyways… He’s calling a meeting, and he wanted the two of us to be present.»

«Both of us? Is that necessary? And what’s this about?»

«Oh, he didn’t say that much. He’s good at withholding information until just the right time, but he did say that it concerns the contract of some actress.»

«A woman?»

«Some up and coming European star. Monica I think her name was.»

«Monica Bellucci?»

«You know her as well? Yeah, I think that was her name, yes.» he said with a smirk, knowing all too well I would be unable to resist the temptation if certain names were on the line. «I only hinted to Jack that you were available now that Conrad is overseas. I suggest you take it. After all, you need some experience in this field, and this a good opportunity. You’re in?»

The thought of another meeting (fourth one this week) wasn’t promising, but the opportunity of meeting Monica Bellucci would perhaps make it all worth it.

«Right. Let’s do it.»


«So, I’m told there’s already been a meeting up there.» Greg said as we took the elevator up from the underground garage at Paramount.

«With whom?»

«Apparently, Monica asked Jack for a private chat. The two of them wanted to discuss certain… issues. It could be of importance for our upcoming gathering so be prepared for anything.»

«What can we expect?»

«Beats me. Since she’s on the brink of a breakthrough here in the US I can only assume it’s going to be negotiations over her upcoming roles and whatnot. At least to my knowledge.»

«I can handle it. I think.»

«Good. Make us proud Alex.»

«The way you speak of this makes me feel it will be a whole lot more than «just a meeting». Should I be concerned someone will die here? Because that’s the impression I get from this.»

Greg laughed. «You’re still worried we’re hanging you out dry aren’t you? No, there won’t be any inconveniences of that sort. Guarantee it. But you could be asked to take a stand in certain matters.»

«Okay, now I’m actually frightened!»

«Just do what you find natural. Consider the situation and say your piece.»

«Such as? Demanding that Monica gets $5 million per picture instead of 4?»

«Great initiative! She’s gonna love you for that Alex. I mean… Don’t do anything rashly and just follow the lead. Jack is the man with the plan, he know how to run this. I only ask that you’ll try to be understanding of his demands if a situation arise.»

«I understand. Don’t alienate major partners, right?»

«Nice, you’ve got it.»


Jack Shaffer. A man that usually got what he wanted. The stories about him and his endeavors were ambivalent to say the least. Some of the rumors surrounding him were unfavorable stories of exploitation and mistreatment - stories which would’ve been suicidal in any other line of work outside Hollywood.

Nowadays you would chalk it up to the controversies that started with the Weinstein scandal and look for parallels, but you got to understand: Back then you had MANY of these ghouls getting away with objectification of talent that would’ve been totally unacceptable today. I think it comes down to what these people were capable of doing in their more favorable moments: The sleazy guys who took advantage of everyone were also the guys who made sure people were taken good care of most of the time. So while both Jack and Conrad had their reputation, they also had people who spoke in their favor. More than often it seemed the positives overshadowed the negatives, making them into well-doers in the eyes of the majority. In those days, it was a saying that the whole system was corrupt and rotten, but it was what you had to accept if you wanted to get anywhere into the business.

Being a naive rookie, I believed for the longest time that the stories were all sorts of exaggerations. If I only knew…

Stopping right outside Schaffer’s office, Greg turned to me.

«Make sure you’re present here in about 20 minutes. Got it?»

«You’ve got it.»

Greg went inside and immediately got into a chat with Jack himself who stood at his large office desk. Monica was nowhere to be seen.

With 20 minutes left I decided to look around. Just like at StarGazer, the people here knew the value of placing the centre of power on the highest floor. It was like the logic of Blade Runner was universal - the elite occupy the highest buildings so they could look down upon the undercrust.

The Paramount building didn’t seem to have the personal gist of StarGazer and was decorated in a more traditional manner with a mix of classic and post-modernist art that must have cost a small fortune per piece. The only movie-posters in sight were of classic Hollywood films from the time Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton ruled the world. The place felt like a conglomerate of various styles crossed over from decades earlier. Maybe no wonder as the older head honchos who ran the place were known to be nostalgic to certain specific eras.

I had passed a monstrosity even Jeff Koons would’ve dismissed as bad taste when I heard footsteps behind me. A soft voice rang out.

«Mister Taylor I presume?»

I turned around and beheld a dazzling sight walking towards me, giving off a slight sway to her body. The woman was dressed in a white skirt and a short-sleeved blouse - her raven hair like a black wave down her shoulders. The gallant Monica Bellucci in person. Her popularity in European cinema, no doubt boosted by her stunning beauty, had led her to America where she had landed a role in the Matrix sequels. The recently released Matrix: Reloaded had, according to critical consensus, been little more than an excuse to dress her up in skin-tight and revealing garbs and being generally useless to the plot. With a talent for both drama and arthouse productions I couldn’t help but wonder if she was disappointed how her character had been written - something I intended to ask if opportunity arose.

Even before she came to America, the most negative critics pointed out that she had a presence of a sexpot. Her hotness radiated from her like a furnace no matter what she did, but as far as I knew she seemed really comfortable with these kind of roles.

«You’re the new agent they told me about.» she said to me, her Italian accent more pronounced than I had expected.

«I guess you could say that miss… Bellucci, right?» I said, as if I didn’t want to admit I knew who she was.

She broke into a smile that would part the skies and reached out to shake my hand.

«I assume you’re here because of the meeting with mister Schaffer?»

«Correct. I understand you already had a small talk with him.»

«Yes, we just spoke.» she said, not going further on details.

«So… I guess you’re prepared for the upcoming meeting then?»

«I should hope so. By the way, is Atkins here today?»

«Conrad? No, he’s in France right now, preparing for Cannes. His absence is the reason I’m here. I think.»

«Interesting. I’m eager to find out how you compare to him.» she said enigmatically as she eyed me up and down. I didn’t immediately catch on what she had meant by that.

We walked down the long hall as we continued our chat. I was more than a little intimidated by the prospect of walking along with a beauty like Monica so I tried my best to keep my composure.

«…so anyways, what kind of a person is Schaffer really? I haven’t met him, but I hear diverging opinions on him.»

«He’s a man of power. You don’t see his money before you’re in his penthouse or see his helicopters. Sometimes, with great power comes great insanity, but Jack knows how to wield that power in a civilized manner. Mostly.»

«Have he tried to push you into unfortunate situations and suggested anything racy yet?» I tried, although I immediately regretted saying it as the suggestion might fly way above her head.

«Unfortunate things?»

«Well… I’m actually referring to….»

«He’s asked if he could fuck me you mean?» I blushed from hearing such language from such a classy lady.

«Um, that’s not exactly what I meant, but… YES, that’s precisely what I meant.»

She laughed. «Don’t worry about me, I’m so used to European sleazebags I’m confident I can take care of some American ones as well.»

That Italian accent of hers drove me wild. I had assumed she exotified her English, but it really slurred her speech in a most delightful manner.

«Good to hear. The studio system of ours isn’t always the most sympathetic place to be.»

«Isn’t that the truth. Still, in this like of work you’re bound to deal with this if you ever want to be something.» she sighed.

She was as confident as I had expected. Looking and acting like she could have been a movie agent herself. Gazing at her watch she straightened herself up.

«Now… I think It’s time we head back again. They’re about to start.»


The room was a suite. At first sight it didn’t seem like an office that belonged to a movie producer as much as an vacation home of some major politician. Or maybe a powerful gangster. In a way, that wasn’t too far from the truth.

I sat down in one of the two leather-clad sofas that stood on each side of a massive stone table that looked more like an altar - rising about three feet from the ground. Schaffer’s desk on the opposite end of the room was the kind that gave authority by size alone. The huge L-shaped section was flanked by a couple of life-size sculptures that might have been replicas of old Roman statues. I simply refused to believe they were the real deal. At the wall above hung a massive muskox head. The man had been a trophy hunter in his younger days, and was said to have wanted a sample from every species in the world, like some modern day Noah.

Schaffer introduced himself and greeted me. He was a heavyset guy, perhaps somewhere in his late forties, clad in slacks and jogging shoes. Not exactly what one would expect for a situation like this, but not all that unexpected either - like he wanted to rub in how he could do whatever the hell he wanted. I had to be at my best behavior here.

«Mister Alex? Nice to meet you. I assume you have been introduced to the rest of our partners?»

«I think so, yes.»

Karl Bollinger sat on the couch to the left of the table. He was one of the major shareholders of Bubblebath Pictures - an independent label which had started out in the eighties, before they landed a few hits and grew rapidly. He was a bit older than me, but still looked young enough to be in his late thirties with his hawk-like features and curly hair. Brown seemed to be his color of choice as he was entirely clad in it.

Ogden Barnes was on the right side of the sofa. He was older, maybe in his sixties. He may have been forty pounds overweight, with a receding hairline and thick glasses. He still held some power in the companies like BubbleBath, and had once been a close associate with Jack, although his major days were behind him if Greg’s stories were to be believed.

We nodded to each other as we sat down, trying not to be intimidated by the person who found her place at the far end of the stone table. Facing Schaffer and his office desk, Monica sat down and crossed her impossibly perfect pins like a model. Many men would have killed to be in here with us.

«Okay, let’s get started shall we!»


It was a milestone in my career. For the first time my opinion mattered, or at least that’s the impression I got in the beginning.

Lately I had been gaining confidence as I spoke to people in the biz, and I found it to be more like that of a negotiator. My credentials were simple but awesome: I had calmed down Russel Crowe after a bar brawl, told Burt Reynolds to take a chill-pill after a fight with a director over creative differences, and stopped a bitchfight between Meryl Streep and Kathryn Bigelow. Faced with these celebs you sometimes had to deploy diplomatic skills, and not everyone did that as well as me. For this meeting I tried to use the same kind of tactic. It worked. A person who desperately try to gain control over a discussion is easier to shoot down than a person who sit silently and act calm, negotiating with body language rather than persuasion.

That said, I was still not comfortable with the role as I imagined it was a job better suited for professionals with decades of experience like Greg.

The negotiations weren’t that difficult. Taking my eyes off Monica, now THAT was a problem. I knew the other guys felt the same way. I saw Karl ogle her legs for a moment, before Monica’s made him throw his head back by turning her gaze towards him. Only Greg looked like he was fully focused on Jack’s monologues. Of the four of us, he was the most experienced after all, and had some clue what to expect.

Although I still wondered why this wasn’t a limited meeting with Monica and her agent, I pretended to be deeply engaged and tried to add some sense to the discussion when I had the opportunity.

«…so, going by the trend of current blockbusters, I think we can all agree that the time is ripe for Monica to play some stronger female leads, don’t you think? That Matrix sequel did’t give her the opportunity to shine and be more than a prop for Keanu Reeves, and it certainly didn’t show off her potential as an actress. I think she’ll agree that she’ll able to do more than walk around in sexy outfits.»

Damn, I felt like an expert. To my left Monica smiled sweetly as if she was saying «thank you.»

«Good point.» Karl said.

Ogden nodded in agreement, but he had more to say on the matter. «I agree in principle, but let’s not forget that the sort of sexiness Monica provide is part of why those movies sold. We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of sex appeal. Of course, that is as long as she is comfortable with it. Hey, no offense Monica, but I think most agree you’re incredibly photogenic!» We all laughed.

«No offense taken.» Monica said.

«Fair enough. Sex sells, but it also makes the productions easy targets for critics and fans who feel the Wachowskis are selling out in favor of thirsty fanboys.» I said. He had a point this Ogden guy, but I wasn’t going to play ball just because he said something was trendy. That’s what they said about laserdisc as well.

«Yeah, I can see why you would be skeptical about that, but it’s not just pervs who flock to this. These films draw sizable audiences and we can’t rule out fan service as a method to get people to these movies.»

«Twenty years ago that was definitely true, but I’m not so sure about that today.»

In reality, I shouldn’t have been surprised by Ogden’s wishes and demands, considering BubbleBath had started out profiting on the trend of raunchy sex-comedies during the eighties.

«Seriously man, look around you. Sex is everywhere…»

«In the era of internet pornography, yes. But movies still have commercial rules to abide their audiences.»

«Oh, come on. The Matrix was R-rated.»

«So? Violent action and gunfights was just as much of a selling point there.»

«Maybe, but I don’t see why…»

«Gentlemen. Let’s not complicate things when we’re so close to agreement shall we?» Jack suddenly said from across the room.

We nodded. I was beginning to feel Jack had already made up his mind about everything. Our opinion wasn’t more than a checklist of conditions he wanted us to agree on.

«But since we’re speaking about these issues…» he added, sounding like he had just gotten a few ideas from our dispute. «The sexual aspect isn’t completely irrelevant here, right?» he motioned towards Monica. She had kept silent for most part, although she had briefly taken the time to inform us about her experiences concerning American versus European cinema.

«I don’t know… I’m not against sexiness. Far from it, as long as it’s beneficial to the story. Given the context, a plunging necktie can be empowering as well as an object of desire. Ogden may have a point.»

«So you’re saying scenes of nudity aren’t out of the question?»

I was surprised and slightly disturbed Monica had to to consider such blunt questions in a room with five men, but she handled it really well.

«Like I said. I’m not against it, but I think I rather read scripts before taking a stance in this matter.»

«Agree, but since you’re the star of some profitable movies, it’s only natural you should have something to say about this. And in regards to future projects I feel we need a bit of clarity. Exactly how far are you willing to go Monica? I ask this because your answer might determine how we should proceed with your contracts.»

«So, we’ve come to… this?»

«You know it. And it’s all here if you’re willing.» he said as he pulled out a sheet on his desk.

«The legendary not-to-be-repeated-offer we spoke about earlier.» she sighed.


«Okay, but this better seal the deal Jack.» she said in a demanding tone.

«It’s set in stone. Do not worry.»

«No further negotiation then?»



«So… I think this is where you take over.» he smiled, gesturing for her to take the word.

Beside me to my right, Greg smiled widely. Whatever had been set in motion was going to be good. For a moment I wondered if she was about to rehearse a role from some script she had received from Jack beforehand. I wasn’t altogether wrong either, because a performance was in the making.

«So…. How much?» she said in that unbeatable accent.

«As much as you can. The point is that the table need to see your skills in practice. If you don’t mind of course.» Jack spoke in a mild and reassuring way.

«Mmmm, I understand.» she said and tilted her head backwards like she was preparing mentally. I recognized that expression - taking a final breath before jumping out in parachute. Snapping her head back she rose up to stand at the end of the table.

«Right! So from those huge bulges in your pants… you seem like you who would appreciate certain special skills.» Monica said coyly as she began by removing her heels. Tracing the lining of her shirt, she reached for the top button.

Although I could barely believe my eyes, whatever was about to happen seemed to be a normalized procedure to Monica. She shifted her gaze between the five men in front of her as she unbuttoned her blouse, one button after another.

We watched in amazement as Monica reached the end of her shirt and slid it off her shoulders, standing there in a black lace bra. Reaching for the straps with both hands, she let them snap back against her skin. With an elegant twirl she turned her back to us, bending over as she ran her hands over her ample ass. Glancing back over her shoulder she flipped her hair, watching us to see if her show had its desired effect. It had. My pants had experienced a meteoric rise and the guys on the other side of the table had already begun to fumble with their zippers.

Monica swayed her hips as she turned around again and unbuttoned her skirt - undulating her body in snake-like motions. She pressed her breasts upwards before she ran a hand down the center of her chest, over her flat belly and down between her legs. Slowly she began rubbing herself.

Some of the guys had pulled out their dicks now. Karl and Ogden were already stroking themselves as we all watched her performance.

Monica left her needy crotch and moved both hands behind her back, unfastening her bra and dropped it to the floor, letting all of us take in the sight of her breasts as they swung free before us. It wasn’t an unfamiliar sight for those of us who had experienced her european films. She had never been shy about showing skin, but this was on a whole other level - a world-famous actress putting on a sex-show for a gathering of enthusiastic men. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them together. Moving her hands down over her sides she reached the edge of her skirt and slid it down her long and sexy legs. Turning around again she gave us a magnificent view of her full round ass only clad in a black thong.

I heard more zippers being pulled down. It took me a moment to realize that I had made that sound myself and that my dick was in my hand. Ogden, Greg and Karl had already pulled their pants down to their ankles and were in the process of jerking themselves off as we all took in the sight of this Italian goddess putting on an Oscar-winning performance. Monica smiled, content with the effect she had on us. Crawling up onto the table, she turned over to her back where she stuck her long legs straight up into the air. Grabbing her ass with both hands she slapped it hard before pulling her thong from her soaked crotch. Pulling on them hard, she released them like a slingshot, sending them flying over towards Jack.

Spreading herself wide open for us she placed one leg to each side of the table, exposing herself as much as she could. We were exposed as well - stroking our cocks faster and faster as Monica moved her hand down, shoving two fingers into her pussy as she arched her back and spread her legs even wider. In a sudden thrust she pushed her lower body into the air, giving everyone of us a spectacular view of her inferno. Her other hand moved underneath her, wiggling three fingers into her ass. She pumped into herself in bestial fury, moaning loudly as she pleasured both her holes.

«Nnnnnnnmmmm! Ooooooooohhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhh!»

We were watching a live-show of Monica Bellucci turning into a nymphomaniacal slut in front of five men. Her fingers moved in a blur. With a twitch she froze in her wide-legged stance as juices began spraying all over her fingers.


With that scream she concluded her prologue. Lying down on that huge stone table like some tasty offering she rested for a few seconds, getting some of her strength back again. Sitting up again she stared at us in a daze.

«So… Anyone want to teach this slut some Hollywood lessons?»

I think we all wanted to act on her initiative, but Karl had the advantage as he was standing closest to her. Having undressed completely, he was as nude as Monica as he moved up before her. His cock had nothing on me, maybe six inches which was about on par with Ogden. He stood up on the other side of the table as Monica grabbed hold of him.

«You liked my show didn’t you?»

«Sure did!» he said out of breath. «That’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. You were fantastic.»

«Mmmm, that’s a wonderful thing to say. Let me reward you.» she said and engulfed his member in a flash.

As she began working on Karl, we all undressed - throwing our clothes to the floor behind the couches. None of us expected this would end with «just» a blowbang, so it felt natural the four of us got naked along with her. She had taken care of Karl for nearly a minute when she grabbed Ogden’s dick to her left and began jerking him off. Standing at her right I was waiting for her to notice me, so I moved closer. Without even watching, her right hand fumbled along and grabbed me. She was now bent down on the conference table with a dick in her mouth as she gave hand jobs to the two standing beside her. Only Greg was left unattended, but it wouldn’t last long. He had taken off his clothes as well, and it was first time I had seen him undressed. He was close to my own size - over eight inches, with a thickness that would no doubt impress any woman. Monica didn’t let it bother her as she let her hand shift around him, but it looked like she could barely get her hand around his massive girth. Finally, she turned her face to me.

«Mmmmm, you want to fuck my naughty whore mouth too?»

«How could I ever turn down such an offer.» I answered, as she wrapped her lips around me.

Being the expert she was, Monica went to work with a gusto that rivaled some of the most enthusiastic pornstars I had seen. The feeling was intense, but I didn’t get to enjoy it for more than a few seconds. In a flash her mouth was off me as she moved her head to the left where Greg stood. After barely half a minute she was back to Karl again and then over to Ogden, back to me, to Greg and so on. In only two minutes Monica had been introduced to all of us.

«Guys, I feel empty! I need a filling!» she gasped as she moved her mouth off Ogden for a second.

Karl was by far the most eager of the four of us and almost jumped up onto the table behind Monica. Motioning for her to bend over, she leaned forward until she was on all fours with Greg in her mouth. Arching her back, she pushed her ample ass upward, wiggling it in an inviting manner.

Having already used her fingers to warm herself up, Karl slid into her with ease. He didn’t even try to to go soft on her - thrashing his hips like an inexperienced teenager. It would’ve looked ridiculous in any other context, but Monica loved his rough treatment and began sucking on Greg’s member more vigorously. Loud and fleshy slaps filled the room as Monica was spit roasted upon this table.

They held this position for a minute, but none of us was content with letting Karl have all the fun. Changing places with him, Ogden moved up behind her. There was something incredibly obscene about this fat and largely unattractive guy in his sixties pounding the beautiful woman in front of him, but it spoke volumes about how much Monica dedicated herself to this role.

After Ogden it was my turn. She moaned over the guy in front of her as I entered her. As the two before me had opened her up pretty good, I wasted no time as I began rocking my hips back and forth, making her ample tits jiggle underneath her. The feeling of her inner muscles working around me was great, and it was only enchanted by the visuals in front of me - a constantly changing half-circle of men standing around this raven haired beauty, waiting for her to suck them off. It reminded me of the tales of ancient Roman prostitutes who did their business on the street - people literally standing in a queue to let her service customers.  It was exactly like that.

I now began to understand how she handled the sleaze bags she had spoken of previously - she simply out-sleazed them. There was no doubt in my mind she would have a bright future ahead of her in this place.

We had all exchanged positions around her for a few minutes when a familiar voice spoke for the first time in a while.

«Alright, let’s see how she can handle five of us at the same time!»

Jack stepped forward. He too had removed all of his clothes as he moved out on the floor - his medium-sized prong, maybe seven inches, bobbing up and down as he went.

«How do you want her?» Greg turned to him as if he was taking instructions from a teacher, his dick lodged down Monica’s mouth.

«Bring her out on the floor. I want to give her a try.» Jack said, and laid down on the expensive carpet. «You can take care of her other holes. You don’t mind that do you Monica?» His request was met with a muffled moan over Greg’s cock which most likely meant «no».

Greg released himself from her and let Monica step off the table. In spite of her nudity she looked like some untouchable goddess. It was amazing how a naked woman could seem like she was in control of the whole room, but that was how it felt when she walked past us. Her face was flushed with excitement as she readied herself. Kneeling over Jack, she flexed her hips as she lowered herself downward.


«Oh, yeah doll. Show me what you got!» he began, and got interrupted by a heavy moan as Monica eased his member into her sopping wet hole.

The four of us stood around, watching Monica go to work with Jack, as if we were awaiting further instructions. Jack had given us free opportunity to use Monica as we wanted, but she took care of that situation herself when she waved her hand towards me.

«You!» she exclaimed between labored breaths as she rode Jack underneath her. «I want some proper man-meat in my ass.»

The things I do to help a woman in need! I moved up behind her and kneeled down and placed my member at her entrance. During her table-show she had plunged as many as three fingers into her ass, so I knew she had to be well experienced in the anal arts. Jack paused his movements as I slowly eased my spit-primed dick into her and was met with a purr.

«Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah! That’s just how I like it!»

Her murmur turned into a heavenly moan as both her lower holes were filled. Starting to buck into her, it didn’t take long for Jack and me to find a delicate rhythm. As I moved inside her ass, Jack pulled out of her cunt, and as soon as I pulled out, Jack rammed back inside her from underneath. I had participated in double penetration of women before, so the mentality of sharing a woman was nothing new to me. Before we knew it we were fucking her in  unison, rocking her sexy body between us.


Greg and the two others surrounded her face as Monica got back to work and began pleasuring one of them with her mouth and gave hand jobs to the guys beside her. Monica’s half-muffled moans filled the air, along with the slapping smacks of skin against skin.

The tightness of her ass was incredible, but I hadn’t been at it for much longer than a minute when Jack got jealous and demanded we switched positions.

«Hey, let’s turn her around. I want to give that ass a try myself.»

Thinking back to what Greg had told me earlier I decided to follow Jack’s lead, although I disliked that the greedy bastard had to spoil my fun. Monica looked disappointed too as she glanced back at me with widened eyes, like she wanted to say; «really?»

I didn’t want to complain though, especially not when I still had the opportunity to share Monica’s body. Pulling out of her I watched as the other guys helped her turn around until she faced upwards. Lowering herself down on Jack again she made sure his raging member slid up into her ass while I entered her cunt from above. Holding on to her legs while Jack held her under her ass the two of us spread her open. We didn’t need long before we were back to our frantic rhythm again.

In front of us, Greg and Ogden seemed to be in a voiceless argument over who was going to use her mouth. Greg won a tentative victory as he pushed between her lips and began fucking her so hard her cheeks bulged.

Ogden however wasn’t going to settle for a simple handjob as he closed in on Monica’s face and shoved his dick inside her mouth from the opposite side. With two dicks between her lips, they stretched her mouth into an obscene smile. Tears formed in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks, her mascara smearing over her pretty face and made her look like an absolute slut. Neither Greg nor Ogden seemed to mind sharing her mouth like this, and neither did Monica. Drool began dripping out between her lips as gargling sounds filled the room.


Having been left out of the action for a while, Karl got down on Monica’s left, right behind Ogden. Although she couldn’t see him, Monica quickly took «hand» of him and began jerking him off. After a minute or so Karl got tired of this and instead grabbed a handful of her long dark hair - twirling his cock into her mane and began jacking off inside of it.

Monica was getting an overdose of cock; one in her ass, one in her pussy, two in her mouth and one in her hair. Lewd praise rained over her.

«Holy shit, this bitch is insatiable! She takes cock like her life depended on it.»

«Yeah, she’s a great multitasker this one!»

«Look at her! She’s a fucking nympho!»

Monica was unable to reply. She was emitting a half-choked mewling sound deep down in her throat as she was rocked by five cocks assaulting her from all sides. She sounded like an overworked machine moments before meltdown.


I think that animalistic growling turned us on even more, and only encouraged us to fuck her harder. Monica certainly didn’t mind. She might have looked like a goddess, but in that moment she was the goddess of sin, flesh and depravity who demanded worshiped with cocks and sperm.

Once again I got an unspeakable thrill by surveying the scene before me: My fat veiny dick plunging into Monica’s cunt as deep as it would go, Jack pumping into her asshole from underneath while two guys crammed their cocks into her mouth and the last one attempted to fuck her hair(!). To top it off, Karl and Jack had a fight over who was going to knead her tits. Holding onto her hips I felt her body tremble underneath my fingers - shaking from the massive pounding she received. She was getting so thoroughly well-fucked I couldn’t imagine she would be able to walk straight afterwards.

We continued like this - gangbanging Monica Bellucci like sex crazed animals on the floor to one of the most powerful film studios in the world. The room echoed with nothing but horny utterance, Monica being the loudest of us all. I knew from our escalating grunting we were all getting close, and predictably, no-one wanted to waste their loads inside her.

«Oh, man, she’s pulling me over the edge. Can’t hold back much longer.»

«Me neither!»

«Okay, let’s move her up and give this dirty girl a shower.» Jack commanded.

We all dismounted her while Monica sat up on the floor, cross-legged like doing a yoga pose. She mastrubated her cunt in a frenzy as she closed her eyes and gaped her mouth like a hungry bird. She wasn’t going to wait long as the five of us surrounded her - jerking our cocks furiously we were getting ready to unleash our sticky load all over her. Karl was first to come as he began shooting all over her face. Then we erupted one after another.





In the cascade that followed, I got completely lost in who splashed which part of her. All we saw was a pretty face that got covered in pearly white sperm that flew onto her from all sides until her features were difficult to make out. It went into her hair, it went into her nose, into her eyes, over her chin, over her forehead and into her mouth, until her entire face looked like a glazed donut. It was like one of those bukkake pornos where a woman is cummed down by a dozen guys.

«Man, we really made a number on her didn’t we?»

«Holy… It’s hard to see it’s even her!»

«Holy fuck, you made me into a slime monster!» Monica slurred, wiping at her eyes as sperm dripped off her face and onto her naked tits.

«I’m sorry Monica, but we’re about to remake The Blob and thought you would make and impeccable addition.» someone said. We all laughed and gave her a well-earned round of applause.

«Fine! Laugh all you want, but you better have a bathroom or some way to get cleaned up around here Jack. Shit! I didn’t expect you all to come this much.»


The giant muskox-head on the wall glared at us. Because of the raunchy activities I had just been involved in I had the distinct feeling of having been initiated to the inner circle of some powerful organization. It wasn’t really a negative feeling, especially as I knew Monica had willingly put herself into this. Still, with a powerhouse like Schaffer allowing such depravity in his own office, and even participating in it himself, I had certain doubts about this.

Karl and Ogden had already left, Jack and Greg were chatting over at the desk, which left me and Monica. She had cleaned up nicely. Sensing me looking at her she turned around.

«You’re okay?»

«Shouldn’t I be the one asking that?»

«You think the treatment I received was too rough on me? Don’t worry. I can handle worse.»

«That’s my impression as well. You’re willingly doing this!»

She smirked. «Did I fracture your porcelain image of a wholesome and hard working actress?» she said in a faux mocking tone. My goodness, the woman had a sense of humor.

«Well, earlier on you spoke about your talent for handling sleazebags. I never imagined in a million years that this was your method.»

Monica just shrugged at this.

«I’ve found it’s an effective one. You just need to lower yourself down to the smut level of the bastards in charge. As long as it gets things done, that’s the most important thing to me. And if that means fucking a sleazebag or two I’m all for it.»

«And you had five of them today didn’t you?» I said. Jack and Greg chuckled from the other end of the room.

«True, but it was on my own premises. I got the opportunity to say no, but decided I was willing to push myself this far. It’s all about immersing oneself in the roles you are handed. And playing an oversexed slut is acting too, don’t you agree?»

«I guess it is. It’s just that…» I trailed off, not finding the proper words. Monica smiled as she sensed my unease.

«What you’re trying to say is: «I can’t believe this lovely European lady just got gangbanged in every hole on the floor in an office at Paramount, and had five men spray her face with jizz, and she took it all like a nymphoid whore.» Isn’t that what you’re thinking right now?» she said as the room broke into laughter. Jack and Greg sounded like they were literally rolling on the floor behind me. I didn’t want to face them right now. I imagined they would point fingers at me like kids in junior high. Suddenly I felt much more exposed than Monica had been.

«You have a way with words Monica. That’s exactly what I was thinking.»

«Don’t be sad. This is just a part of a job I’ve accepted, and you happened to be one of the lucky ones to see that side of me. Oh, and by the way - that cock of yours is one for the history books.» she grinned as she turned towards the other two. «I assume my contract doesn’t require more «work» now, am I right Jack?»

«Worry not. We take care of everything from here on Monica.» he said.

Monica blew us a kiss and exited through the huge oak doors, looking like a billion dollars.

I was still amazed how much a situation could shift in the span of only half an hour. Minutes ago we had all participated in an orgy straight out of a raunchy porno flick, and now we were acting like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Jack sensed my unease too and came over to me.

«So Alex, my boy!» he said in an almost fatherly tone. «What do you think of our system? Are you shocked about what’s going on in Hollywood?»

I admit I was a little impressed by his honesty. He went about this in a matter-of-factly way. Furthermore, he sounded genuinely interested to hear what I had to say. I had a LOT to say, I just didn’t know how to say it.

«Believe it or not, but in a way, it’s kind of what I had expected it to be. Part of me didn’t want to believe the stories, but I’ve been here for a few months now. I have… seen things, confirmed rumors, dug up skeletons, and so on. As of now there are few things that would surprise me any longer.»

«And if by chance you got to do it again, do you think you would do it?»

Part of me wanted to say no for all the moral boundaries I felt I had violated with Monica, but in the end I simply said; «I recon so.»

«Glad to hear it. This might seem harsh for newcomers, but it’s all business. We need some rules to abide by. When people act on their own behalf, that’s when things go awry. I’ve been working with Greg for years because he’s one of the partners here who know how to do things the right way. It was part of why I invited you here with him.»

«I see.» Greg met my nod with his own. «Is this the way it has to be for girls like Monica? Is it required for stars to keep their status and position in the system?»

«No Alex, this is not something that is required.» he said, looking like he was about to laugh again. «Let’s just call it an opportunity - a deal available for women who’s got the steel for it. Monica happened to be one of those women. We only arrange to do things this way if the girls are ready, but it’s not the only way. For those who don’t want to put their bodies on the line there are always gentler ways of getting ahead. Make no mistake Alex, we don’t force actors to prostitute themselves.»

Part of me wondered if that really was true, although I knew things were certainly different around here. Considering my escapades with Heather Graham and Jennifer Love Hewitt I knew the women of Hollywood had a different mentality altogether. Were they in this position because they had the same guts as Monica? I had to wonder.

As Greg and I said our goodbyes we exited the giant office and walked down the corridor. I studied the posters on the wall. They consisted of some of the biggest superstars of classic Hollywood cinema, all the way back to the pioneering industry of the 1910s.

I stared at Mary Pickford and Lillian Gish.

Indeed, watching these smiling and fresh-looking women I couldn’t help but wonder.

NEXT: Party like it’s 1899, with Kate Winslet and Keira Knightley

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Wow these stories are incredible.
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Monica Bellucci, wow! What a choice for a story, and a gang bang on top of that! You're doing a hell of a job!
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Episode 4

Codes: cons, games, MMFF, double penetration, orgy

Starring: Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley

This story is smutty, sleazy, morally corrupt and will probably make you into a worse person. Consequently, it shouldn’t be read by anyone.

This story is FICTION. It did NOT happen. The people portrayed in this story do NOT act this way in real life.

As you may remember, I first met Conrad Atkins during my introduction here at StarGazer. At that time it seemed unlikely to me that he and Greg would become my closest partners of the next couple of decades. Initially, I assumed our personalities to be so different it seemed unlikely we would ever be close or even cross paths more than a few times. 

Conrad was of German descent. His family hailed from Minnesota where his grandfather had made a fortune thanks to some daring entrepreneurship in the early 1900s. When the depression hit and threatened to wipe out his business he had decided to get creative and invested nearly everything he owned in a company that soon manifested as one of the many subordinates of the major film studios that grew up in Hollywood during the roaring twenties. Conrad picked up where his father and grandfather had left him. When he rose to power in the late eighties, he made StarGazer into what it would ultimately become at the eve of the new millennium. He was not among the most famous bigwigs in LA, but as the major shareholder in StarGazer he was its most important member.

He was also a man you never saw much of, unless he wanted to meet you, or if you actively sought him out. Greg was the right-hand man who handled minor details, and Conrad was the man with the plan who operated on the macroscopic stage. This time however was a bit different. Conrad had called me into his office because Greg had voiced his concern about my well-being. Sounds like a friendly gesture right?

It’s true though. Conrad was talking to me precisely because Greg was worried. For a while things had been going great here at StarGazer. However, this past month I felt like I had finally met that dreaded wall. It wasn’t something that suddenly appeared out of nowhere one day. It was more like a malicious sense of indifference seeping in on me like some black mist until I could barely concentrate on even mundane tasks.

I’ll say it again; The art of posing as a movie agent should be reserved for those who love working with people 24/7, and while I had gradually made myself accustomed to this line of doing things, I now realized I still had a long way to go. For the past weeks my job had become one that was constantly skipping the line between the generally mediocre and the absolutely tedious. I’m sure Greg noticed, which is why he had contacted Conrad.

Sitting in his high-backed black leather chair he spun around. In his grey suit he looked like a member of the European intelligentsia of the early nineteen hundreds - well built, with a neatly trimmed beard and a face that inspired authority. I remember it stuck me that he had an almost uncanny similarity to Lenin. I felt almost like I wasn’t in the same room as him - like I was watching everything that unfolded by binoculars from a great distance. And yet, I wasn’t really afraid that he was looking down on me or treating me like I was beneath him. I simply made precautions when meeting people with more power than myself. «Be cautious, suspicious and watchful» I reminded myself as I watched this hawk.

«Okay, listen up Alex.» Conrad said. «Me and Greg have been talking about this. I hear you’ve been feeling… how should I express it… burnt out lately?»

«If that’s what Greg told you?»

«He sure did. Is it true? Or is Greg exaggerating?»

«It hold some truth I guess.»

«Greg is a keen observer, a good friend and a good reader of people. He’s rarely wrong in these matters. I have called you in because I need to listen to my employees.»

He poured himself another shot of Brandy. His third for the day. Not many offices were equipped with the giant kind of liquor cabinet like the one Conrad had standing beside his desk. He said, «Anything you want to say about this Alex?» His voice was mild and outright friendly.

Sighing, I decided to lay all cards on the table. «I admit I’m exhilarated to be part of your firm Conrad, but I cannot lie to you. This is not work that can keep me occupied and engaged for long periods of time. I feel like I’m slowly getting used to the system, but there are still periods I feel like I should find something else to do. Harsh, but that’s the truth.»

«The lack of physical action is taking its toll you think?»

«I wouldn’t go that far, but for the past weeks this has become the kind of «office work» you see in sitcoms. And that is not something I am fit to handle.»

«I see. And how can we improve things? How can we make this situation of yours better?»

Was this the moment when people asked for higher wages? I was unsure how to proceed.

«I don’t know…»

«Believe it or not, but I had these kind of meltdowns all the time when I got into this business. Long periods where I needed to do something unusual. In a meek effort to get out of this vicious circle you start to do things… take a new route to your job each day and so on. I know all to well, office work is tedious business. That’s why breaks and vacations are so important.»

I was trying to be as enthusiastic as I could during the circumstances, but I knew it felt hollow when I answered him. «I agree Conrad, but the job is still there waiting for you. You know you’d get back to it as soon as vacation is over. It ain’t easy to forget.»

«True. Depressing, I know. and that’s the kind of freedom this job can’t provide. No job can really. Consequently, it’s the job itself that needs improvements. The thing that makes you wish to come back is ultimately to reassure yourself that you have opportunities.» 

Something must have sparked inside his head, because he suddenly had this huge shit-eating grin on his face. Instead of a Lenin-style politician he now looked like a teleevnagelist with promises of salvation and heavenly glory.

«And I can think of a few things that you might enjoy…»

«Like what?»

He let his fingers trail over his mouth for a few secs before he replied.

«Tell you what… I have something for you. For both of us actually. In a few weeks I promise you, the two of us will take a well-earned vacation trip.»


«Trust me, you’ll love this!»

«I’ll trust you then.»   


September 2003

Three weeks later I was standing outside an impressively stocky brick-building at a secluded place somewhere in the state of New York, not too far from the Canadian border. I had flown in with Conrad the day before and got up early to prepare for an event that Conrad promised I would love.

What I had NOT anticipated was that this event was going to be a costume party. Both of us were clad like British gentlemen anno 1800s. I wore a yellow vest and a black tie under a grey coat, topped with a black top hat. I only lacked a cane and I would be Sherlock Holmes.

My first impression of this ridiculous getup was that we were off to go hunting foxes or pheasants. I hoped Conrad knew I detested that kind of sport.

Furthermore, it was too hot for walking around like this in early September, so I silently begged Conrad to have brought some refreshments. Especially if we were actually going for a hunt. I wanted him to let me in on the nature of this trip, but he kept awfully quiet about it.

«You want to tell me the program for today?»

«Alex, you mustn’t underestimate the element of surprise and wonder» he said, sounding like he could barely hide his excitement.

He looked far better in his costume than I did. Something told me his elegant dark blue suit was tailor-made and was only used for special occasions like these. I knew there and then that he had some sort of plan up his sleeve, but what kind I could only guess.

While I was thrilled Conrad had taken the initiative, there was a part of me that was a bit worried where this would lead. After all, he had a reputation for being a cruel practical jokester.

One of the most famous stories surrounding him, one that I heard prior to my time at StarGazer, was frequently told around the parties in Hollywood and sounded like something straight out of a Japanese game show. Many years ago, Conrad had staged a meeting for some workmates from his inner council. During said meeting, Conrad had excused himself and the conference continued without him. Suddenly a trio of masked thugs armed with submachine-guns had stormed inside. After firing a volley into the roof they had instructed all participants down on the ground. Confronted with a trio of armed psychos who shouted obscenities, everyone yielded in nanoseconds and got down on the floor where they had been tied up and hooded. The intruders had proceeded to drag everyone outside and crammed them into a van where they were held at gunpoint for a long drive. When their hoods were finally removed - some of them undoubtedly believing their final moments had come - they found themselves inside a grandiose hall where they were met with champagne, beautiful girls and a whole dining table of refreshments. The raid had been a cleverly staged performance done by professional actors, but Conrad hadn’t told a soul and was laughing his ass of while his colleagues were literally shitting their pants. While many no doubt found his methods tasteless, his stylish pranks were done with so much care for the targets that everyone ultimately forgave him.

Like Greg, he wasn’t always easy to figure out, but he was not a bad guy to be around. He took care of his closest circle of co-workers in a way that most people could only dream about. Something of which I was soon about to discover.

As we stood outside in the warm weather I suddenly heard horses approaching, right before a large carriage rolled up in front of us. It was pulled by two horses and steered by a coachman who sat up in front of the roof. It didn’t look anything like the dusty stagecoaches of the old west.

«Woah, that’s our transportation for today?» I asked a little impressed.

«You like it?»

«You know, I’ve traveled pretty much any style you could imagine, but this is one I have never tried. I didn’t even know they had these over here. It’s the sort of carriage they would use in Victorian England 100 years ago, right?

«That’s correct. It’s a coach - a carefully reconstructed version of a model the VIP’s used in the late 1800s. You’ll feel like time traveling as soon as you enter this one.»

«Which makes our clothing appropriate I guess. So this is actually your version of a DMC Delorean?»

«Absolutely. We are about to visit Oscar Wilde in London. Let’s go meet him shall we.»

We both climbed onboard. The inside of the coach was as luxurious as one would expect from the outerior. The windows had wine-red drapes, and the seats were clad in black leather lining. According to Conrad it had been slightly modernized, but an untrained eye wouldn’t notice. You certainly felt a whole specialness and formalness by sitting inside.

I stared out the window as the coach began moving. A large forest area laid before us, and by the look of things that was where we were heading.

«Just relax Alex,» Conrad said reassuringly. «We’ll meet up with some other people further up. Until then we’ll have time to rest.»

Other people huh. Interesting. Taking Conrad’s advice I leaned back in the seating as large trees began flying by.


The forest was a dense type with patches of open areas. As we drove past it, grass, plants and trees seemed to knot together into faces and mysterious creatures. I wondered where the hell was Conrad going with this.

«Are we close to our destination yet?» I finally dared to ask.

«Maybe!» he said enigmatically.

«And these people we are meeting… Are they agents as well?»

«Maybe! Hey, I didn’t think you’d be this nervous Alex?»

«Am I?»

«You sound like I’ve arranged all of this to assassinate you.» 

«Well, that would take care of some problems wouldn’t it.»

«Alex, think of this as a relaxation trip. This is indeed related to work. I’m not saying how just yet, but surely, this must be a hell of a lot more interesting than the office-chaos you’ve been though, right?»

He was right of course - this was refreshing. Still, this entire cosplay thing had made me anxious. You can’t help but feel alert if there’s a promise of surprise. Would this be another one of Conrad’s legendary practical jokes? The one that would make me the talk of the town in a couple of years? I pondered whether or not I should’ve brought a gun when three knocks were heard on the roof. Either the coachman had something to say, or he wanted to alert us about something. Conrad broke into his charismatic grin again and nodded to the right. I glanced outside, watching endless green fly by. Puzzled, I turned back to him.

«Look further.» he said. I leaned to the right again, almost pressing my face against the glass so I could see what laid ahead.

Two women stood along the road, maybe about 100 yards away. From this distance they looked like kids, but as we came closer I saw this was not the case. I had initially thought of them as children because of their dresses. Further inspection revealed they were clad in strangely familiar garments. Cosplayers like us?

As we rode closer the carriage slowed down before it came to a complete halt. The two women stood right outside now, looking prideful and haughty, staring into the woods as if we meant nothing to them. Their wide-brimmed hats blocked their faces so I was unable to see them properly.

«Is this…»

«I told you earlier that we would meet up with others. Now let’s get outside and help the ladies inside. That was common courtesy in the old days.»

We both went outside. The ladies were still facing the other way when one of them turned towards us. I almost froze when her face met mine. Kate Winslet? I got immediately starstruck by the Titanic actress and didn’t know how to reply. Conrad must have anticipated this and took over for me.

«Dear ladies, are you lost? You seem to be in dire need of transportation.»

Kate watched us carefully, like she was weighing us up to find out what kind of people we were. «That do indeed hold some correctness to it. Or what say you Keira?»

The other woman turned around. She was younger - late teens. Yes, it was definitely Keira Knightley - fresh from her star-making role in Pirates of Caribbean which had broken box office records just one month prior. The two of them were clad in Victorian style dresses, mimicking the female ideal of the time. The getup must have cost a fortune and must’ve been far too hot in this climate, just like our outfits.

«Indeed we do.» Keira chimed in. «Our useless suitors left us here and have yet to return. If they dare to show their faces again I’ll arrange it to have both of them whipped.»

«Outrageous levels of incompetence we have to put up with these days.» Kate added.

«I’m sorry to hear that. Would you like us to give you a ride?» Conrad laughed, «I guarantee, we are far much reliable than those suitors of yours.»

Kate looked straight into my eyes, before nodding her head slightly. «We wish not to be of inconvenience to others.»

«You are not. I promise.»

«Very well then. I shall accept your offer. Shall we accompany these gentlemen Keira?»

«Let’s us indeed.» she nodded.

«You heard her. As a token of your goodwill I assume you will guide us inside like the galant cavaliers you are?» Kate demanded, stretching her arm out to me.

«Uh, sure.» I said.

Once again I felt like a total doofus. I always told myself I was getting better at handling clients back at StarGazer, but this whole traveling adventure had gotten to me in a way I couldn’t explain. Nonetheless, I held their hands as I guided them up the two steps on the side of the carriage. Keira took the seat beside me, facing Conrad while Kate sat beside Conrad, facing me. As we rode on they had a stern and unfazed look on them, like proper ladies. Whoever wanted to date these two needed a grand mansion in southern England, that’s for sure.

«Would you like some wine?» Conrad asked and pulled out a bottle and a couple of glasses from the food basket he had carried with him. He handed a glass to Kate beside him.

«Certainly good sir, we have traveled far and we need refreshments.»

«And some way of forgetting the hazards of modern life.» Keira added.

«You wanted to escape the city?» I asked, suddenly wondering if they were here for similar reasons as me.

«Yes. Anything to get away from those pesky commoners.»

«Oh, have they been bothering you?»

«Indeed. A proper lady can’t walk a single step in the cities before we get snide remarks from pheasants and rude bystanders.»

«They need to be reminded of their place in society.» Kate added as he poured herself a glass.

«Servants should serve. That is the way of the world.» Keira finished.

Due to her fashion sense I got the feeing that she was playing a spoiled an arrogant version of Elizabeth Swann - her character from that Pirates movie, and I absolutely loved it. It was like watching someone making a dark fan-fiction of herself.

I knew how cosplayers tended to take their duties seriously. You stay in character no matter if anyone want to pull you out of character, and no matter if the setting is ridiculous and unintentionally hilarious. That’s part of the fun. Furthermore, these two were professional actors, as was evident i their completely straight faced expressions and conservative demeanor. I must confess I was mildly intimidated, but when in Rome, do as romans, as the saying goes.

«We are tired of being patronized and looked on in contempt by faceless lower class filth who never give us the respect we deserve. It’s why we prefer the countryside. Away from filth and grime.» Kate said in a stern tone.

From the corner of my eye I saw Keira break into a grin. Only for a moment, but I knew they found this as amusing as me. Like Kate she held her folded umbrella to the floor with both hands on its top, like a crusader would hold his sword during a sermon. I couldn’t help but let myself be impressed by how much effort they had put into this. It was like I was placed in the middle of some Jane Austen drama. It was not a genre I was particularly fond of, but if it meant I could be with these two beauties I would gladly participate in their game.

«I have to say,» Conrad chimed in, «You must be quite a long way from home, right?»

«Indeed, but the land of opportunity gives us a much-needed respite from the chaos back home.»

«Sounds like you’ve been through a rough day. I must say I’m amazed.»

«Thank you.»

«Anyways, ladies… The two of us have this excursion and our destination is close. Would you like to accompany us?» Oh, yes, they had definitely rehearsed this part.

«If you don’t mind the company of strangers we would much like to oblige. Don’t we Keira?»

«Yes. That would indeed be a jolly part of our trip.» Keira insisted. Those posh accents drove me wild. It made them both so much more attractive and exciting to be around.

«Glad to hear it. We should be close now.»


We arrived a couple of minutes later. Leaving the coach I saw that we had stopped close to a small river. The grassy field stretching before us wasn’t huge, but it made the place more intimate and cozy. Huge trees cast large shadows over us and made the early autumn heat bearable. This was something completely different than those overly crowded tourist spots with thrash strewn everywhere. In fact, it looked like a place no-one had ever been, even though a dirt road ran beside it. I began wondering how many people drove by here on a regular basis, because this was definitely not a place open to common public. When you were Conrad Atkins I guess you could open doors closed to anyone else.

As the women spread a huge red blanket over the ground I looked back at the carriage which took off into the woods again.

«He’s going to leave us here?»

«Oh, he’ll come back in a couple of hours.» Conrad said nonplussed. «Don’t worry about it.»

We went to join the two ladies who had already sat down and began unpacking the food from the large basket Conrad had brought with him.

The lunch was delicious. Afterwards we chatted for a bit, both Keira and Kate keeping up with their cosplay. They had a lot to say on the political climate in England, and about the dangers of revolution. Being schooled in European history I began noticing inconsistencies with certain historical facts, although both of them constantly avoided talking about modern topics, as if we had truly arrived somewhere in the nineteenth century. The setting here at the riverbank would fool anyone. Watching the two of them converse with us was a sight to behold, but I was still not convinced this was not just part of some trap Conrad had set. Their overdone seriousness and politeness was just too perfect. They were definitely planning something.

We had been resting for half an hour when Keira excused herself and left. Kate rose up beside her.

«If you will excuse us for a moment gentlemen,» she said as they lifted their skirts and waddled over to the shrubbery that grew along this riverbank. I assumed they had to improvise for the lack of bathrooms and didn’t think more of it. Conrad and I sat in silence for a few minutes as we waited for them to return.

«So what do you think?» Conrad finally asked.

«What do I think about what?»

«About this picnic. This trip. Surly it’s better than rotting at the office, right?»

«I must say I’m impressed by your initiative. I’m used to companies taking their members up into the mountains to improve office relations, build character and morale. This is something altogether different.»

«Do you wish we had gone skiing in Colorado instead?»

«Nah, this is better. I’m not the best skier. Climbing and riding on the other hand…»

«I see! I’ll take that into consideration when I plan our next trip.» he chuckled.

«Nah, don’t mention it. This extravaganza was far beyond what I had expected. At first I felt weird about it. Then the girls arrived and I felt even more weird about it…»


«I am reminded of the way movies portray older times. Although we don’t own factories or plantations, we are what anyone would call «upper class» today, sitting on some of the most attractive and desirable jobs in the world, and communicate regularly with the kind of people most of the world could only dream of. Case in point - you got both Keira and Kate to come along. I can only guess you wanted to remind me of the position I’m in.»

Conrad smiled. «You are lethally clever Alex. I give you that.»


«You saw through it immediately. That’s why we like to have you around you know.»

«Glad to hear it.»

«Anyways… The trip out here is one I’ve decided to take because you’re a nice guy to work with, and I want my men to be taken good care of. Like you said; in our line of business we have access to certain privileges and it would be sad for you to waste them.»

«World famous actresses you mean?»

«Exactly. It’s one think working with them on a professional basis. It’s something else to get to know them. In a way, this is work.»

I had been considering this, how both Keira and Kate had made their careers from costume dramas. That I would spend time with them, talking, eating and drinking with them in full costume was a whole other story.

We sat in a couple of minutes more. For a moment I thought I heard laughter in the distance, but I eventually chalked it up to the myriad of different bird sounds that filled the trees above us. Nonetheless, Conrad rose up and motioned for me to join.

«The girls sure are taking their time.» he said with a knowing smile. «I think we should go see what they’re up to. Who knows, maybe they’ve been attacked by man-eating hedgehogs.»

For some reason I had anticipated this. I suspected the girls had ulterior motives when they left, and I was about to find out what as I followed Conrad down the same way the women had fled. A small pathway tore through the grass and snaked itself along the riverside. I saw now that the river was less of a river and more of a stream. It bended throughout the woods until it disappeared outside my line of vision. The trees grew quite close to the water here and the forest grew thicker as the land rose to the right of us. We hadn’t walked far before I heard splashing of water, followed by the same laughter I imagined I heard just minutes before. As we came up to some overgrown shrubbery we had a free line of sight to the river about 40 yards away. Something laid on the ground before us. Closer inspection revealed it to be dresses that seemed vaguely familiar.

Putting two and two together I gazed through the vegetation and gawked as I beheld a sight most men only experienced in their sauciest dreams: Kate and Keira, naked to the bone, jumping around in the water, splashing at each other whilst screaming and laughing playfully like excited kids.

The girls would not spot us from where they were, but they would soon as my manhood quickly grew into a massive hammer shaft that would be visible from outer space. Beside me, Conrad spoke.

«Come on. Let’s tease them a bit.»


«Like this!»

He bent down and motioned for me to follow his lead. We picked up their dresses, their corsets, stockings, hats, shoes, underwear - we took all of it as we moved a bit further into the woods. Ending up behind a large rock about fifty yards from the river, we had a great view of the girls - their bodies glistening in the dim sunlight. I never believed that they had gone skinny-dipping just to cool down during a hot day. Whatever Conrad had schemed I was certain they were both in on it.

We had been sitting there for a few minutes when the girls stopped playing and went back on land. As they moved towards us I held my breath, spellbound by the sight of these naked starlets. Kate had a voluptuous figure, prided with a thick ass and a pair of nice full tits. Keira, still a teenager back then, sported a delicious youthful body - her perky breasts with a girlish flair to them. Both girls headed over to their clothes, which, of course, were nowhere to be found.

«Very funny guys! Where are you?» Keira exclaimed. Kate stood behind her and scanned her surroundings, trying to locate us.

«Okay, this is it.» Conrad whispered.

«We reveal ourselves now?»

«We do.» He dragged me up from behind the rock as we came into view.

«Oh, I’m so sorry ladies. We just had to remove your clothes. It would be a shame if they got wet so close to the river.» 

«You’re going to give them back to us?» Keira asked. The two girls stood with their arms resting at their sides, not showing even the tiniest bit of discomfort in their nudity. Not once did either of them attempt to cover up their bodies -  standing proudly naked and natural as forest nymphs from a fairytale.

«I suggest a deal. We’ll give your garb back if you give us something in return. How about it?»

«Oh, I wonder what that would be.» Keira said, having dropped the overdone accent she had used on the trip here.

«Well then, I think we might have something you’ll like.» Kate said.

«I am all ears.»

«In the upper circles of society, among the nobles of Europe, men and women used to play this really fun game which is perfect to reenact out here.»

«I’m excited to gain some of this historical knowledge.» Conrad chuckled.

«It was called «catch and mate» she said grinning. Keira smiled naughtily beside her.

«Hear that? That sounds much too fun to turn down, or what do you say Alex?»

«Mighty fine. I’m game.»


Kate and Keira looked at each other and giggled, probably contemplating the outrageous nature of what they were about to do.

«Listen, we’ll have a whole forest to play around in. Would you care to give us a headstart?»

«Okay, how much should we give them?» Conrad asked me.

«How do thirty seconds sound?»

«Alright. But let me tell you, we won’t go easy on you. We are fast runners.» Keira joked.

«And just so you know; we’ll fulfill your every desire, but only if you actually catch us and treat us like the prey we are.» Kate insisted. 

«That’s a deal then.» Conrad said. I nodded in agreement.

The two of them drifted closer together and exchanged a few words we couldn’t hear. In a  flash they ran over the low grass and into the forest, looking like escapees from a nudie beach.

«Okay, this is where it gets exciting.» Conrad said. I couldn’t disagree.

«Shoud we pursue unclothed too, or…»

«Nah, it’s time for that later. Better chance of catching them in proper shoes.»

«Okay. But what will the two of them do now? Go into hiding, or run until they reach the county limits?»

«Hide, most likely. They always do, but they’ll never hide good enough.»

My suspicions were confirmed. He actually had done this before with God knows how many women. I decided to keep quiet, because it wasn’t like I wasn’t having fun myself. My heart was pumping so hard I was slightly woozy. This day had turned into something far greater than I had imagined.

«Alright, you scan the forest to the right while I go for the southern area along the river. We’ll cover more ground that way and I’m sure they’ve split up by now.»

«You got it.»

«A little advice if you don’t mind. When we catch them, let’s meet up again.»


«Having two of these bitches to play with makes things even funnier. You get me?»

«I do.» I said as we began to move into the forest.

We split apart and moved into the terrain. This part of the forest looked like the one we had driven through earlier. Thick, but not too dense, with free sight for about hundred yards. As the forest didn’t provide all that much cover, the girls would have to pick their hiding places with caution if they wanted to get away from us.

In a sense I felt like I was more than used to this. Tracking wasn’t my speciality, but I knew what to look for. Something as insignificant as broken branches, movement in vegetation or trampled grass would give away clues.

I picked up speed as I moved on. Further into the woods I noticed a bush that gave off a slight sway, as if someone had rushed past in a hurry. Whoever it was couldn’t have gone far. And since the girls were barefoot they probably wouldn’t dare to run at top speed.

As I came into an area covered in tall grass I passed a clearing in the field. I made a mental note that this would be an ideal place to meet up again and continued onwards. The field was covered in yellowish lush grass, about one foot tall. Tall hedges hung over the underlying terrain like an immense roof, letting spots of sunlight down, making the area picturesque like a painting. The trees stood with a distance of about ten yards from each other. The massive trunks and branches would easily hide a small female figure.

I wondered who I was tracking. Was it Keira or Kate? Or would I be able to grab both? I couldn’t wipe a huge Joker’esque smile from my face as I thought about these possibilities, and what I would be allowed to do when we found them. This was by far the most exciting kind of hunt I’ve had in years, and a hell of a lot better than killing foxes.

I continued onwards when I heard someone shout in the distance. A guy. It was followed by a female scream. Conrad’s hunt was already coming to a close. And that scream sounded like… Kate? I decided it had, which meant that I was trying to catch Keira.

I saw no-one, but sensed someone nearby. It’s difficult to explain, but in situations like this you sometimes get a sixth sense when your mind is working at 110 %. It wasn’t first time I was trying to catch other people, but this time I was tasked with a far more comfortable mission, and the reward would be great.

I was about to turn back and reconsider my intuition when I sensed movements to my right. Trees and grass stood still in the absence of wind. No Keira to be seen, but I was almost sure she was hiding there in the tall grass, or close to it. Did she lay low, crawling on her belly? Or did she use the trees for cover? I moved on, slowly inching forward as I didn’t want to alert my prey by rushing.

I decided to play it smart. With the best hiding spots to the right, I instead turned left, tempting her to reveal her position. Far away I heard someone cry out in joy. Continuing left for ten- or so more steps I suddenly did a swift 180 degree-turn, catching the woman who just then peeked from behind one of the trees. Keira froze for a second before she let out a cry and ran. I went after her in a hurry. She had a distance on me of about 30 yards, but I had shoes. And while she was fast, I was faster and quickly gained on her.

Between the trees I saw Keira take a quick 90 degree turn to the right and got into a sprint, trying to shake me off. She wasn’t joking around - she actually had me working for the whole pie, but about twenty seconds later I was mere steps behind her. As the forest thickened into a state where she couldn’t decide whether to run left nor right she finally turned around to face me, realizing she was trapped. Checkmate! I almost said it out loud as I cornered her. Keira backed slowly into the tree behind her, catching her breath as she stared at me. Her nude body was a beautiful site to behold as I got a closer look at her. One thing’s for sure -  as gorgeous as this forest was, placing a naked woman in it only improved the scenery.

«Congratulations good sir, you got me!»

«That I did.»

I reached out to her, trailing my hand boldly from her cheeks to her throat, over her collarbone, down over her breasts to her taut belly. She made no signs of disapproval, but instead seemed to enjoy my hands inspecting her body - a sly smile on her face as she awaited the pleasure to come.

«And what will you do to me now? You going to ravish my body?» she asked in a way which indicated that she absolutely hoped I would.

«Indeed, but this is not the place.» I said, twirling my fingers into her dark hair and pulling her with me. She responded with a squeal of submissive approval, relishing in the experience of being taken like this. We needed a better place to lay down and I had spotted one just a few minutes earlier. As I walked back with Keira lurching behind me I called out to Conrad.


«I hear ya» came from somewhere far away in the woods.

Arriving at our meeting place I released Keira’s hair. The bulge in my trousers was getting huge, something my «prey» was eager to expose. I unfastened my pants and let Keira take care of the rest as she pulled them down completely. As soon as my dick sprang out in front of her face her eyes widened in awe.

«Oh, wow! You have quite the package here good sir!»

«Glad you like it. Surely you’ll get to know it soon.» The teenager broke into a horny grin at this and moved her hand between her legs, letting her fingers fly over her clit as she eyed me.

«Let’s fucking do it. Right here, right now.»

Beginning to pull off the upper part of my habit, I was about to take her suggestion when I heard footsteps approached, accompanied by restrained giggling. Conrad came into view. Like me he was pulling his woman by her hair - Kate Winslet was dragged behind him, her arms flailing aimlessly. Conrad had already discarded his clothes. It was first time I had seen him disrobed - his chest and body was astonishingly hairy, his eight inch dick tilting up and down as he moved. Pulling off the last of my clothes, all four of of us were finally naked. Conrad dragged Kate into the open field and turned to me.

«I see you got a nice fresh catch on your own. Shall we test them?» he said as he released his grip on Kate by sending her stumbling over to Keira. She kneeled beside her, their eyes glaring lustfully as they watched us.

«Good idea. They seem ready to mate now. Or what say you ladies?» With a giggle both of them laid down on their back, spreading their legs wide open. Eager hands began tempting us with the fingering of wet pussies.

«Well, a man cannot resist the temptation of this kind for too long.» Conrad said.

Moving down to the ground I leaned over Keira as she held herself open. A heavy moan met my ears as I felt her tightness contract around me. Beside me Conrad shoved himself into Kate as they showered each others in wet kisses. Following his lead I leaned in and did the same with Keira. Her mouth was open and inviting as our tongues began dancing together.

The birdsong of the forest was now mixed with muffled cries. Kate clasped her legs around Conrad, trying to keep him as deep inside her as possible while they copulated. Opting for a different position, I gripped both of Keira’s legs and bended them backwards until they rested on her shoulders, opening her up as much as possible. I held her like this as I picked up my pace, causing Keira to throw her head backwards in pleasure. Moving our arms around each other, we forced our heads together as we began to kiss again - our tongues nearly fusing as we thrashed there on the ground.   

Beside us, Conrad held Kate by her hips as he fucked her with incredible force, using her body for his pleasure. Kate arched her back until only her head touched the ground - her large tits bouncing back and forth so fast they turned into a blur. He certainly didn’t hold back from being rough with his girls, but Kate didn’t mind judging from her moans which grew steadily until they had become uncontrollable screams that echoed through the forest.

I decided to see if my own partner was ready for the same treatment. Holding Keira’s frail body tightly, I picked up my speed and thrust into her with greater gusto. Our pelvises matched perfectly. Soon, wet slapping sounds were competing with Kate’s screams. Keira continued to moan into my own mouth as we made out. We simply couldn’t stop kissing in our desperate and mutual need to become one. When I finally slowed down and our faces separated we were both gasping for air, totally exhausted.

We both wanted to keep going and get each other off, but Conrad and Kate had other plans.

«Hey Alex. What do you say we trade?»

«Not a bad idea. Unless our prey think otherwise.» This deeply intimate missionary position with Keira had been heavenly and I really didn’t want to let go of her hot teenage body yet, but I also wanted to feel Kate’s more developed frame.

«It’s okay. We can continue afterwards.» Keira smiled up at me, before we ended with a final passionate kiss.

Pulling out of her we exchanged partners. Kate laid on her back with her legs splayed open for me, but I wanted to try something else and turned her around, as did Conrad to Keira - positioning them on all fours so we could take them doggy-style. Not one to hesitate given the opportunity, I mounted Kate. She had already been warmed up by Conrad and was a lot more open than Keira’s teenage pussy. Kate cooed in excitement, loving the feeling as I plunged into her hotness and grabbed her by the hips. With a better grip on her I was in control and could really get some real pounding done.

Conrad was already going strong as he fucked Keira. Like with Kate, he obviously didn’t believe in going soft. He held her by her mane and pulled her head backwards, pounding the young woman so hard I wondered whether she was comfortable being used as rough as this. Her insane screams of pleasure told another story though - coming in short stutters as Conrad fucked her with bestial force.


Fucking Kate doggy-style was a great idea which gave me an extra bonus from a pure visual standpoint as I could enjoy the sight of her thick body shaking from my thrusts. Her full round ass cascaded in fleshy quivers as I pumped in and out of her. Moving my left hand around her, I cupped her tits and gave them a playful squeeze, something Kate absolutely loved.

«Mmmmm, knead those things like bread dough. That’s what they are made for!» she cooed naughtily. It was hard to imagine this was the same woman who broke hearts as Rose in Titanic.

Letting go of her breasts I concentrated on fucking her and picked up my pace, once again sending Kate into a fit of submissive screams. How far were we from the nearest settlement? If anyone lived closer than one mile I think they would hear us and wonder what kind of exotic animals that caused such commotion. The girls were so loud that it sounded like a dozen people fucking out here.

Glancing to my right I realized me and Conrad, subconsciously or not, were mimicking each others movements. With our hands in their hair we thrashed our hips so fast we sendt Kate and Keira’s tits swinging wildly underneath them. I knew that animal instincts sometimes take over during sex - you forget the process of having sex with another person, because you become so focused on the physical side of it. Eventually you lose yourself. That was precisely how I felt right then - we had left our humanity behind and just fucked like wild animals. Only vulgarity and lewdness were heard from the two in front of us:



We continued like this until Conrad, once again, decided to make a suggestion. I was sure he had intended for this since we got here.

«Hey… Alex!»

I chuckled as I had noticed how polite his voice got each time he wanted something. «Do you think we could… you know… share these two? I don’t think they would mind.»

«I sure wouldn’t,» Keira gasped in front of him, panting like mad after having been used by Conrad.

«You heard her!» I said.

«Alright, let’s get together then.» Conrad said as he withdrew from his partner. He turned over and laid down on the ground, motioning for us to come over.

Being the youngest of us by far, Keira was not afraid to go all out, which became evident as she moved over Conrad in what would be the most practical position if a girl wanted to be double penetrated. Conrad however had other plans.

«No, I want you face-up. That way you can take care of Kate at the same time.»

Part of me was angry that he got to sample Keira’s ass, but I got to play with Kate at the same time so I didn’t protest. Besides, I wouldn’t mind a visit to Keira’s pussy again.

Keira turned around. She spread her legs over Conrad, leaned backwards and rested her shoulders on his massive chest as he pushed into her backdoor. He started out slowly, but picked up speed until his massive prong was sliding in and out of her ass - an impressive feat for such a young woman. As soon as Conrad had entered her completely I leaned in and motioned for her to spread herself a bit wider. Opening up, she eased my entrance into her.

«OOOOOOAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Fuckthatfeelssofuckinggood!»

I had seen plenty of young women handling two cocks at the same time, but the way Keira welcomed both of our mighty swords inside her was simply amazing. She took it like it was nothing. I was tying to find the proper rhythm so that I could ram inside Keira as Conrad pulled out, and in a few seconds we moved in sync.

Kate, having watched the process unfold beside us, didn’t want to be left out of the action.

«Okay! This slut can pleasure me as well when she’s so damn greedy to occupy two cocks herself.» 

«Fuck yes, I want it all.» Keira mumbled in a voice that sounded like a desperate cry of carnal need.

«Aaaah, that’s one kinky bitch we’ve got here.» Conrad nearly shouted, impressed with this younger star who was determined to get us all off.

Kate squatted over Keira’s face, bowing her legs to get herself within reach of her tongue, causing Keira to push her body to the limit. She was now getting double penetrated and pleasured Kate with her tongue at the same time as we used her like a sex toy. Conrad moved his large arms around her so he could maul her small tits. Keira, on her part, was occupied with Kate’s ass and pussy, something which Kate welcomed with reckless abandon. She didn’t intend to take it easy on her co-star, but instead began grinding her cunt over the younger woman’s face as we all became synchronized in our motions.

Four bodies became one as we fucked at a tremendous pace. Conrad continued to pump into Keira’s ass while I fucked her pussy from above. Keira had wrapped her legs tightly around my waist as she licked away at Kate’s hot box, while Kate leaned over towards me and we began making out so passionately that drool and spittle flew all over Keira’s body. 

I had a vision of what we would look like for anyone stumbling across the four of us - a pile of naked sweaty bodies writhing in orgiastic pleasure out here in the forest.

We were all close now, ready to fill Keira from all ends. The English teen loosened her legs from around my waist and threw them into a spread eagle. Conrad helped her by holding her tights as wide as possible. Her panting breath intensified as the two of us fucked her holes while Kate rode her face. Kate broke our kiss and glared into my eyes as we listened to Keira’s half-muffled mewling.

«Listen to her! That harlot is about to explode and so am I!»

«I’m close too.» Conrad groaned, sounding like he was about to let loose. «Let’s fill this whore together.»

«Oh, yeah. I’m right there with you.»

Encouraged by this, the four of us rutted ourselves into a final animalistic frenzy to make that final push over the edge. I had never anticipated four people reaching orgasm simultaneously, but that was precisely what happened.





We became an amassment of flailing limbs in a cascade of screams. Conrad and I bucked deep into Keira and emptied our balls inside her. Keira’s legs thrashed in the air as her convulsing holes sucked the two of us dry, while Kate clamped her meaty tights around her head as her squirting twat gushed into Keira’s mouth. The four of us shook and quivered as orgasmic bliss rode our bodies, making us untangle in a graceless quake that sent Kate into my arms as the two of us fell over to the side.

As we slowly calmed down we embraced there on the ground, Kate’s head resting on my chest. Looking over her I saw Conrad lying on the ground with Keira resting upon him - her limbs leaning to the sides and her face completely soaked in Kate’s juices. Conrad kept fondling her breasts, but Keira barely noticed as she was utterly and completely spent - her tongue practically hanging out of her mouth.

 The four of us laid there for about an hour as we regained our strength.


We made our way back to the riverside where the girls begun the hard job of redressing in eighteen century fashion. Both had to give each other a helping hand. I walked up to Conrad who was in the process of fastening his belt.

«It’s not that I don’t appreciate this Conrad, but… You set all of this up just to make me feel better?» I had lowered my voice so much that the girls wouldn’t hear us discussing this.

«Maybe. Did it work?» he said as he buttoned up his shirt.

I had to laugh. I wasn’t used to people going to such extremes to make me comfortable - picnic by the river accompanied by two of the world’s hottest actresses willingly whoring themselves out for my pleasure. I was at loss for words, but I had no right in the world to complain. How could any heterosexual male? With such luxuries viable to his pleasure?

«I’d say. You have a way of convincing folks, and if this is the level of control you have over the actors of Hollywood I am, once again, impressed.»

«Thanks. I knew you would like this.» he grinned.

«Still, this is a whole lot of effort for one day out in the open wouldn’t you say? How do you even suggest this for those two?» I said, looking over to Kate and Keira. They seemed to be in conversation about how to breathe properly within tight corsets.

«One of the first lessons an actor learns in this biz is what it takes to get ahead. You’ve met Jack Schaffer, right?»


«He would tell you the same thing. Get out more and you’ll see this is the way the system works. Kate has known this for a long time, and Keira is in the process of learning. She was eager to test her limits and see how far she was willing to push herself, and as we both experienced, she’s more than comfortable with it. She has a bright future ahead of her.»

I got flashbacks to Jack Schaffer’s meeting with Monica Bellucci back in May. I had suspected these arrangements were more common than I had been led to believe, but it was nice to have it confirmed.

«Well, that should be obvious. Her latest hit drew in a lot of cash.»

«True. I expected that Pirates movie to make some profit. Still…


«I hear Disney and Bruckheimer want sequels, and I’m not sure lightning strikes twice. I mean… They could potentially flop.»


The coach came back about twenty minutes later, right on schedule. The four of us conversed all the way back, although none of us spoke about what had happened.

I considered Conrad’s words. Had he been honest with me? I couldn’t help thinking this was all some company debt Kate and Keira had decided to pay with their bodies. On the other hand, both of them seemed genuinely comfortable with it. They were in good spirits as we headed back to base.

As we exited the coach we got a neat Victorian-style bow from both girls as they bid their farewells.

«This is where we part ways. We had a jolly good evening with you sirs.» Kate said. «Don’t you agree Keira?»

«Absolutely. The two of you certainly know how to treat women properly. I hope this isn’t the last time we meet.» she said, looking exquisite in her costume, topped with the large hat.

«Neither do we.» Conrad said. You are both some impressive women. Especially you my lady.» he gestured towards Keira who smiled proudly and took his words as a huge compliment.

I watched them head off towards a large car standing alongside the brick building, probably their transport out of here. As I watched them leave I was reminded of how fun and play isn’t something you ever grow out of. The only change is that the games you participate in mature and change with age.


As I got back to LA the day after I realized another thing: Our little adventure had worked beyond all expectations, and I felt revitalized and fresh in a way I hadn’t been in ages.

It was true what Conrad had said. As long as you know your job comes with certain benefits it’s far easer to focus. Sooner or later you’ll be rewarded.

NEXT: Aishwarya Rai give Alex and Greg a taste of India.

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Love the Heather Graham story. Great idea to set this in the sleazy world of Hollywood. So many hot actresses to fuck. I know it would not bring true happiness, but I don't care !
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