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Author Topic: All Harlot's Eve 2: Trick 'r Treat starring Camila Mendes  (Read 920 times)


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All Harlot's Eve 2: Trick 'r Treat starring Camila Mendes
« on: October 13, 2021, 09:08:05 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.
All Harlot's Eve 2: Trick 'R Treat Starring Camila Mendes
(MF, oral, exhibition, cons, anal)
by MaxwellLord

*Edited by Slyguy

Camila Mendes was jealous. There was simply no way around it. Not the bland, vindictive kind of jealous. She didn't have time for that kind of negativity in her life. More of the fun kind of jealousy, if such a thing even existed.

She'd had this case of jolly jealousy for a whole year, ever since she heard the tales of Halloween debauchery from her friends Lili Reinhart and Madelaine Petsch. Her jaw dropped at Lili's tale of love in an elevator, then hit the floor when Madelaine one-upped it with her tale of a devilish DP. Camila had to ask if she heard the redhead right when she said she took both dicks in her ass at the same time. Sometimes she needed to be reminded that as sweet and bubbly as the ginger could be, Mads was more than capable of redefining the term "fiery redhead".

Camila had promised herself that she would not be jealous two years in a row. She was single once more and ready to have some fun and, appropriately enough for Halloween, raise a little hell. However, Cami had a problem in that she had no desire to trick or treat alone this year. She wanted a partner for some tricks and every kind of treat she could think up. The question was, who?

Any of her cast mates were out. She learned that lesson already and wasn't quite set to relearn it. The crew was always option. Even if it was just a one-night stand, she figured lips would be tight. After all the fact that Madelaine's double anal adventure wasn’t spread like wildfire in crew gossip was pretty good evidence of secrets being kept.

Still though, it was a bit too close for comfort. Of course then the issue of Camila not knowing too many people in Canada outside of the show. Still, she knew one, and as she looked through her phone, her eyes kept going back to one name. Patrick Cole was a local comedian Camila had seen a lot of, whether it be his stand-up act or with his comedy troupe The Lungbarrows, continuing the tradition of comedy teams with names that only made sense to the members. The beautiful Brazilian was quite a fan of Patrick's. She seen his solo stuff enough to know what sketches he had written, even if he wasn't the star of them. He had a dark, sometimes perverse sense of humor with flecks of randomness that matched Camila's own. His willingness to play the buffoon was also appealing...as was his delicious green eyes and matinee idol smile. It was rare in Cami's experience to meet a man that was every bit as handsome as he was funny yet Patrick seemed to fit the bill in the few times she'd gotten to speak with him. There was a spark there but scheduling always seemed to go haywire. This Halloween however Camila was determined to iron out all those issues or hit them with a bullet train if they didn't comply.

Luckily, for Camila one of her days off from set coincided with a stand-up date Patrick had at probably her favorite venue to see him at. It was less of a bar and more of a restaurant. It made the drink prices a bit more palatable. A few years ago it would been called a gastropub but as far as Camila was concerned it was just a pub with amazing fish and chips. Her plan was settled. Fish and Chips then a little conversation with Patrick and then her Halloween plans would be set in stone.

The calendar rolled past three days and the date was upon her. She took her seat near the stage and waited, first for her fish and chips with a nice glass of cider then for Patrick to take the stage. Not that the other comedians weren't good, but she was a woman on a mission. Soon enough though her target took the stage. They exchanged glances, Patrick giving her a nod. That boded well. Not that she thought getting a man she'd spoken to before that found her downright enchanting (a feeling that was mutual) was particular challenge but Camila always found it was nice to be appreciated.

Patrick's act was just what Camila expected; dark humor that was sometimes crass and danced on the razor's edge of perversity and was damn near the funniest act Camila had ever seen. From looks to laughs, Patrick was just up her alley and she was hoping attitude was close to follow the other two qualities. When his set was done he headed to Camila's table and took a seat.

"You don't mind, do you?" He asked as he scooted his chair in. "I mean I figured the eyes you were giving me might as well have been asking me to RSVP."

"Not just eyes," Camila said. "Is my heart-felt laughter worth nothing to you Mr. Cole?"

"Laughter is always appreciated. Give me a tingly feeling both in my heart and my jubblies."

"Jubblies, is that the medical terminology?"

"Well it sounded cuter than cockles."

"Sound logic," Camila said with a nod. "Though I'd think at this point we both know the odds of you offending me are pretty damn slim."

"True," Patrick said, nodding in agreement. "Just thought it would be nice to treat you like a proper lady and all."

"I appreciate the effort," the brunette said, dipping a fry in some ketchup. "Really makes a girl want to get to know you a bit more. If you know, you were willing to slum it from the throngs of groupies that fall at your feet."

"You know just how I like my sarcasm," he said. "Just like my bacon. Thick cut."

"I aim to please. But just to be clear it wasn't that thick. I really wouldn't mind getting to know just a wee bit better away from the stage. Especially if your Halloween weekend is free."

"Might just be. Is this your celebrity charity work? Feeding a starving comedian?"

"Nah. Just some Halloween fun with someone I think might be up to the task. I mean if you say no I have other options but let's be honest, it's in both of our interest for you to say yes. Don't make me slum it with a second choice."

"Just what did you have in mind?" He asked, leaning closer on the table.

"Well, tricks...treats...and the kind I have in mind are a lot better than fun size peanut butter cups."

"What about king size?"

"Well, no promises but I'm feeling pretty confident." Cami gave him a wink and sipped from her drink. "As long as we understand I'm taking the lead...and I expect you to be in costume."

"As what?"

"Whatever." Camila replied. "Surprise me. Just make sure it's...appropriate."

"Appropriate...for whatever I'm guessing you're surprising me with."

"See? Could tell from your style that you'd catch on." Cami smiled slyly, leaving him with little doubt as to the tricks and treats in store in two short weeks.

"Any clues at all?" Patrick asked. "Just to give me a little guidance in my costume selection so I don't show up dressed like a gigantic baby unless it's appropriate. Or you know, you're into that."

"Oh god no," Cami said, shaking her head. "As for a hint...we're going to the theater first, then a club. I'll text you. After you text me of course." Camila pushed a napkin across to the table to Patrick, her number written on it. "Sound good?"


It had sounded good, which led to Patrick waiting for Camila outside of a donut shop with his hair slicked back and dressed to the nines in a black tux. Even for Halloween it was a fairly fancy get-up for standing in front of a Tim Horton's but this was the given meeting point and he had a cup of coffee in his hands to deal with the mild chill of the night.

He kept his eyes peeled, scanning the many costumed individuals walking the streets that night. The crowds weren't huge; most people seemed to be doing pizza and beer runs for their own parties; but it didn't seem like he was having any luck picking out Camila. Of course, it would have helped if he had any clue what exactly she was going to be dressed as. She had of course given him a clue, albeit a cryptic one.

"You'll know me when you see me." That was it. The entire clue. It wasn't much to go on, so his emerald greens continued to scan the crowd until he singled out one woman coming towards him and the closer she got, the more obvious it was that it was Camila. However, her costume did go a long way as to why she both stood out enough to catch his eye in the crowd yet still be a little unrecognizable.

Which was something Camila could tell, as she got closer to him. Her costume threw him a bit. It was Lili's idea, inspired by a horror movie they watched together. Some zombie movie from the 90s with a sexy looking zombie chick. And while Camila didn't want to go all out with jagged pieces of metal and glass protruding through her skin, or the very best approximations Lili could work up, the style however she liked. Very punk rock with a healthy dash of goth.

She wore boots with chrome-plated buckles that stopped just below her knees and her legs were adorned with torn fishnets that were ripped at the end where the hem would be. The skillfully torn stocking were held up by garters that went right under the dark blue denim of her skirt. The top half of her body was covered with a black t-shirt; the waste cut with more strategic holes in what was left, showing off the black bra she wore underneath. The shirt was sleeveless as well, however that was covered by the leather jacket she wore, covered in patches she'd found at a local record store of band names and logos. Some she recognized, others were alien to her and all looked dark and spooky. Skulls, demons and creatures from other realms surrounding scary fonts. It was all tied together with fishnet fingerless gloves that looped around her palms and silver bracelets and rings that were just as spookily inspired as the patches. Skulls and crossbones, all in silver and a couple black ravens and bats as charms on one of the bracelets. Her face and hair were done up to fit. Dark, crimson lips, heavy eyeliner and hair that was just the tiniest bit feathered. Around her neck were several necklaces and pendants, chief among them an ankh colored flat black save for a silvery outline.

"Well, I can't tell if I'm over or underdressed," Patrick said once Camila was near him.

"Can you really be either for Halloween?" Cami shot back.

"Fair enough. So...what exactly are you supposed to be?

"Sexy spooky girl." Camila replied. "You know the girl who holds séances and wants to go on ghost hunt because she actually believes those bumps in the night are ghosts stomping across the floor and not just creaking wood. You?"

"The name's Bond. James Bond. Specifically Pierce Brosnan from GoldenEye. Love that one. And the game was SICK."

"Ah, handsome and spectacular taste in games. You're really earning all the treats tonight."

"No tricks?"

"All in due time Mr. Bond," Cami said, walking a circle around him. "Perfect fit. Very nice."

Once she stopped in front of him, he completely took in her outfit, every tease of his tan flesh seen through those expertly placed holes in the shirt and fishnets. "Is this one of the tricks?"


"Well, I'm getting a preview of the treats, just can't touch yet. I think that's a bit of a trick, no? I mean true, a lot more welcome than a razorblade in a candy or black licorice pieces."

"Well, don't worry about getting a taste just yet. You'll get to ring the doorbell soon enough. But first, the theater."

"Yeah, about that," Patrick said as the two began to walk down the sidewalk. "What exactly is playing and at what theater? I mean neither of those horror movie musicals are playing right now. The Toxic Avenger musical was yesterday and Evil Dead The Musical is tomorrow night."

"Really? I should check and see if Lili wants to go see that," Cami said. "As for what we're doing, just follow me. It's Halloween Patrick, so; to quote one of my favorite Halloween movie traditions; I would like, if I may, to take you on a very strange journey." Camila took his hand and the leads, walking him down to the end of the pavement then turning left.

Down this block, the Halloween decorations stayed but stores changed. From familiar chains restaurants and stores, it all turned homegrown. Little restaurants with five tables maximum, smoke shops, used book stores with windows painted with self-designed mascots that somehow gave of the visual version of old book smell. Bright Golden Arches and crowns gave way to neon lights of every color, but then those color gave way to pink, purple and read when they got to what seemed to be the destination Camila had in mind for them.

"Are you serious?" he said, taking the sight of the last place he'd expect a girl to bring him.

"What?" Cami asked. "You scared?" She released his hand and walked in front over him, her smile mischievous and knowing. "It's Halloween Patrick. Everyone's entitled to one good scare."

"Not scared so much. I just didn't expect to be taken to a porn store."

"Well then maybe you should read that big old pink sign." Camila pointed above them to the sign in question. "Right there in big white glowing letters: Adult Theater. And arcade. But not the fun kind of arcade...well I guess the fun is all about perspective but either way, as you can clearly see that is a theater."

"True. I guess I'm just surprised is all. I don't know if I expected this from you."

"Patrick, Madelaine may play the sexpot on the show but that doesn't mean I'm not capable of going above beyond. Then again I think I'm in my underwear more than her and Lili combined...wait, am I the sexpot?" After a brief moment thinking about her position on the show, she shook it off. "Besides, aren't you the guy with a five minute bit on proper manners during oral sex in public? How is this throwing you?"

The comedian acquiesced with a shrug and followed the rock 'n roll inspired beauty into the shop. The jingle of bells against the metal frame of the entrance door. The inside of the store looked as expected. Faded carpeting on the floor, glass counters housing sex toys and lubricants and before them rows of assorted sexual aids and DVDs. Neon lights within the store lit up those glass counters with one flashing the in the direction of the theaters and arcade. The place was so old school Patrick wouldn't have been too surprised to have found some old VHS tapes in one of the corners of this time warp of a store.

Of course, any old porn store would not be complete without a completely disinterested clerk, and there was one right behind the register. He looked bored, completely unbothered by the pair in the store, flipping through a book rather than acknowledge them. He wasn't being rude. At this point it was just part of the routine.

Camila went to the clerk and planted down some cash. "Two for the theater and the rest in tokens," she said. The clerk took her money and gave her two raffle tickets and a stack of eight golden tokens.

"Theater is on the left," the monotone clerk said. "Arcade is on the right. Red light means the booth is ocupado. No light on means you’re good. Have a sexy night."

Camila had never heard the word sexy said in a way that was anything but quite like that before. It made her chuckle. "Come on," she said to Patrick. "Theater first."

The theater was just as musty and old school as the storefront. Folding theater chairs straight from a few decades in the past filled the room, eight rows of twelve seats. There was no projector, just a big screen TV, which was probably the only thing that looked of the current year in the room. It was HD, probably running off a Blu-ray player of some kind. The tech didn't matter really. The porn was playing and that was enough. Currently what was playing was a bit of girl on girl action and they both looked to be having a lot of fun.

Camila and Patrick took their seats in the middle of the fifth row. There was another moviegoer three seats down and on two seats down in the row behind them. No noises came from either man. Not a sound of heavy breathing or fapping to be heard at all. The only noise heard was of the two women on the screen have a lot of fun getting to know each other.

It didn't take too long for Patrick to get a hard on. The situation pretty much demanded it. on a date with one of the single most beautiful women he'd ever seen somehow stumbling on to a fetish he had for rock chicks and that date was watching porn with her in the theater. He didn't have too much time to really take that in as the experience became real and he just decided to live it. Now he only had time to focus on what he wanted to watch more, two women fucking or watching Camila watching two women fuck. It was a tough decision but his eyes tending to lay one the Latina for a bit longer than he did to the sex act on the screen.

Camila knew she was being watched. She expected it. While to say she had this planned from the beginning wouldn't be entirely accurate, once she'd decided to pull the trigger on the porn theater she'd expected this to happen. Watching the women on the screen, her fingers grazing the skin of her thigh and Patrick watching her, licking his lips and breathing heavy. She knew the other men were watching too, which provided it's own thrill but they would have to be content with just watching. Something told her they wouldn't mind.

"Like the show?" Camila whispered, her brown eyes drifting from the screen to Patrick to catch him nod. "Want to do more than watch?" Patrick answered by moving his hand to her thigh, running it up the holey fishnets, each split-second feel of skin to skin making Camila shiver ever so slightly until he got to the gates of paradise, and finding no barrier between his fingers and entrance. "What?" Camila asked as his fingers waited at the gates. "Part of a costume can also be lack of clothes...and this rock girl doesn't do panties."

The next sound to escape Camila's dark crimson lips was moan as Patrick’s fingers entered her. In moments, Patrick had skills far beyond making Camila laugh. His fingers worked a completely different kind of magic on her, Camila gripping the arms of her seat as she felt herself begin to get lost. Moans from the screen mixed with moans live from the source as Patrick seemed to flip every switch Camila had within her, and for a brief moment a dual chorus of zippers coming down joined the audio party.  The spectators knew they were to remain just that, however that didn't mean they couldn't get something out of this beyond just watching even if it was just from themselves. As wonderful as the manual ministrations were, Camila thought it was time for the trick or treating to start. With her left hand, she reached into a pocket on her leather jacket and took out a coin, dropping it on the ground in front of her.

"Mmm...would you look at that?" she said, breathing deep. "Dropped my lucky nickel. Patrick? Would you be a dear and get it for me?"

Her brown eyes met his green, bringing a knowing grin to his face as he withdrew his fingers, sucking them clean before getting down on his knees, finding himself right between Camila's open legs while he "searched" for her coin.

Camila looked to the man at the end of the row, his hand making a familiar motion in the darkness as he watched the scene. She winked at him, making him groan just a bit louder. Might as well give the audience a little something after all. Just as he got a little something Camila got her own, eyes fluttering as Patrick began. He had bunched her denim skirt up, giving him better access to the first of his Halloween treats. Camila's pussy was bald, glistening and beyond enticing. He was so close to her just his breath was sending tremors through her nerves. And when his mouth made contact Camila's moans began to eclipse those coming from the screen.

"Mmmm fuck yeah," she moaned, her back arching as Patrick began. His tongue started slowly paintbrushing her pussy lips first, giving a quick coating of lust before going further into the candy dish. Once he got his mouth on the bing of her cherry Camila's lips began to quiver and teeth chatter. The lustful fire within in began to burn even hotter when she felt Patrick's hands grip firmly on her legs, holding her in place while lovingly lashed her clit with his tongue.

Both of the men in the Halloween pair's small audience were into it too, lost in the vision and sounds of Camila in the throes of oral pleasure. Her voice was like a roller coaster, low, highs and everything in between. It was the perfect reflection of the journey Patrick's mouth was taking her one and right now she was going to the tippy-top, and as his fingers enters her she knew she was going to hit quite the loop-to-loop when he put on the pressure.

"Fuuuuck...gonna cum...don't stop...fuuuuuck...oh my god....god damn...YESSSSSSS," Camila cried, her voice loud enough to be heard in front by the still-uninterested clerk. She was on that precipice, ready to go over that last arc and was finally pushed by a touch she wasn't expecting; Patrick's finger just teasing her asshole and circling her tight back entrance. "FUCK!"

Camila shook, her right arm shooting down to grab Patrick's head and hold him in place as she humped his face. She came and came hard, her Halloween lover lapping up every last bit of her sweet essence before she went limp as a noodle. If the audience came too she wasn't aware. Nor did she care that much. She came and now, it was going to be Patrick's turn.

He came up from between her legs and they shared a hungry kiss, Camila already re-energized from tasting herself on Patrick's lips. "Come on," she said, getting from her seat to wobbly knees. "Your turn." Camila took his hand and led him out of the theater. The two men got up, but Camila stopped them. "Sorry boys...it's a private party now."

Leaving behind the theater and their eager audience, Camila and Patrick made their way to the arcade booths, choosing the one at the very end. It was big, big enough to fit them both comfortably. And remarkably clean, for what it was. Even the monitor was more than either would have expected if they had any expectations. It was HD with a selection screen to the side, just above the token slot.

"Take a seat 007," Camila said, sliding a token into the slot, which locked the shut door to the booth. With her back turned, Patrick could resist, hiking up her denim skirt just enough to bury his face in her booty. "Ohhh fuck...mmmm...not that I don't appreciate the sentiment but this...nnnng god damn...this bit is all about you. Eyes on the screen."

Patrick did as Camila asked, but not before planting to kisses on each of her perfect asscheeks. He looked to the screen as she went through the options.

"I'm thinking...blowjob movie, how about you?" Camila asked, pressing the appropriate buttons. "Suck It Dry...to the point. Not clever, but to the point. Wow, eleven of them? I don't think we're going to miss out on any plot...." She pressed down, almost picking one at random before taking a seat right next to Patrick. The clip started and there was a hot woman, naturally. She was done up in the sluttiest garb possible, hot pink lingerie, clear plastic stripper heels and glasses. And yes, the glasses may have looked rather simple but when combined with everything else looked downright filthy.

There was the usual back forth between the director and the girl, all while she did a sexy little striptease. Or that was what Camila and Patrick assumed. The sound was all the way down. Which was fine, they didn't need it. Camila was going to make sure they provided the audio. But first she had to test the equipment.

Camila's hand went to his crotch, feeling his hard bulge through his black trousers. "Someone's ready," she said.

"I've been ready from the first taste." Patrick replied.

"Flatterer. And wouldn't you know it..." Cami said as she slid off the padded bench and found herself on her knees and between Patrick's legs. "...flattery will indeed get you everywhere." She ran her hands ups and down his thighs, priming the pump before getting to his belt, handling it and his zipper with ease and finesse. With those barriers gone, Camila pulled his pants down, Patrick lifting his ass up off the bench for a second so they would fall to his ankles.

Camila's brown eyes fell on his hard rod and her million-dollar smile crossed her face. "Nice," she said, wrapping her soft hand around the stock. Patrick breathed in a deep gulp of air, the cool metal of the rings and the warmth of her hand providing him a few moments of a unique feeling. "I do love it when I'm given something I can work with.

With one hand pumping his cock, Camila's other hand went to Patrick's balls, fondling the orbs almost absent-mindedly. She looked up at him, her smile and chocolate eyes giving him a small preview of what was up next.

"Trick or treat," Cami said, bringing her mouth to the head of his cock. "Give me something good to eat."

"Ohhh Camila," Patrick moaned, Camila's lips wrapping around the crown of his cock. She stayed there for a few moments too, teasing his glans and swirling her tongue around the tip. It was a sensory overload at first, pushing him right to the edge before slowing down and removing her mouth from his cock with a pop before he popped.

"Sit back," she said, moving her hand from his balls to his thighs and raking her nails against the flesh. "Enjoy yourself. I certainly did...and will again."

Patrick replied to Camila with another moan when her mouth returned to his pole, this time being far more measured in her approach. It was a rhythmic glide now, her tongue snaking along every rock-hard inch as she bobbed up and down on him. Adding to the slurping percussion was the jangling of Camila's bracelets as she stroked his fleshy poll, aiding her hungry mouth.

Patrick's eyes didn’t' know where to look, the sexy slut on the screen sucking professional dick or the insanely beautiful woman on her knees before him attempting to suck the life out of him. Of course, then hearing Camila moan with his cock in her mouth sealed the deal...for the most part at least. His attention belonged to her but he still couldn't resist a peak or two at the screen.

Camila brought her hand down, holding them behind her back and letting her mouth do all the heavy lifting. She let his cock fall from her lips, a string of saliva connecting the bulbous head to her lower lip. Camila took the moment to catch her breath, but didn't leave his cock alone. The starlet extended her tongue, licking the bishop like a sweet Halloween treat. And when a single teardrop of precum emerged from the very tip, she licked it up and savored it.

"Mmmm...can't wait for the rest," she said before engulfing his meat in her mouth once more. Still hands free, Camila gave him the works and tested the waters. She rotated her head, lovingly lashed his cock with her tongue and tease him ever so slightly as her two front teeth ever so slightly teased the very edge of his cockhead.

"Oh holy fucking shit," Patrick growled, balling his fists as the heat was turned up degree by degree. Camila's frothy facejob had him closer than he had expected to be. While his pole was still just being worked by her miraculous mouth his balls were being cradled by her hands. She pushing him harder and faster, hungry for her turn and at a treat. And from the tone of his voice Cami knew he was ready to deliver.

"Cum," she demanded, her mouth removed to fire a few aural missiles to add to her oral treatment on his missile. "Give me my fucking treat...please...I want it..."

Her mouth went back to his cock, sucking him for a few more moments before the volcano erupted and white-hot lust lava filled Camila's mouth.

"Oh FUCK!" Patrick yelled. "CAMILA YESSS!"

Those words in that tone made Camila ready for what was to cum next, but the hot cum sliding down her throat with every gulp was gasoline on that fire. True to the title of the movie being watch, she sucked him dry, not a drop spilling from between her lips.

Patrick was a wrecked him, out of breath and his once slicked back hair in disarray. Camila got to her feet, grinning at her handiwork. Or in this case, mouthwork.

"Take five," Cami said, taking out a compact to check her make-up. "But don't think I'm done with you, not for a moment. As much fun as these oral treats have been for us both my mouth isn't the only place I want that bad boy between your legs to find shelter in. Besides, we still have to make the club."

Patrick gathered his senses and pulled his pants back up while Camila put on her lipstick. She was about to lead him out when he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her in for a kiss, and action Camila eagerly welcomed.

The kiss broke, the two staring each other out. "I hope that wasn't too forward."

"Well, considering where both our mouths have been so far tonight I'd say no," Camila said. "And in addition, consider the door open if you feel the urge to do that again."

Camila led Patrick out of the booth and the store itself, walking Patrick down a few blocks to a series of warehouses. Usually this area was all business, but for this time of year, they were rented out to be Halloween-themed pop-up clubs. The sooner a person heard about them, the likelier they'd be to get in. Since Camila happened to know one of the promoters behind one of these pop-ups which not only got her and Patrick in, but in the VIP dance floor on the second floor. Less people and a nice booth all to themselves.

On the inside of the club flashing lights and strobes were all about, going to the beat of industrial music that Camila usually wouldn't listen but for tonight, it fit. Like herself and Patrick, everyone was in costume and seemed to be more in line with Camila's style. Leather and lace were the order of the day for the grinding bodies on the dance floor. It was almost like something from a Clive Barker movie.

The two walked up the stairs, being led by a hostess who was dressed like an S&M cheerleader. Getting a full view of the gorgeous sapphire-haired hostess Cami made a mental note to find out where she bought it and give the info to Madelaine.

The second floor had a smaller dance floor, more intimate with a bar against the wall. Just like on the first floor, everyone on the dance floor was dancing and grinding on each other to the rhythm of the crunching music. While the dance floor looked enticing, Cami hadn't quite cooked up what was going to happen here. Once they sat down, the two got comfortable at their seat. There was a small table for cocktails in front of them with a skull candelabra, the red wax from the candle melting over it. The seat itself was a bit away from the dance floors and speakers. The music was still oud, but manageable.

"I wouldn't think a place like this would be your scene," Patrick said. "I mean it's not your type of place. Not bad by any means."

"You're right on the money," Cami said, crossing her legs. "But a friend told me about it and its creepiness seemed right for the occasion."

"Yep, looks like the kind of place to hold a Halloween shindig or a Goth kid’s bar mitzvah."

"So...where do you think tonight is going to go?" Cami said. "I'm willing to bet you have a fairly good idea of what I want out of tonight...and I think if that bulge rising from the dead is any indication I know exactly what you want. Question is when."

"Well..." he said, leaning over to still a kiss from Camila who gladly let him have it. “No time like the present."

"Really?" She asked, very intrigued.

"Why not?" He got on his knees in front of her, unbuckling his belt and letting his trousers fall to his knees. "We're far enough from the dance floor that the only way anyone is seeing is if they come this way...and look at them. They don't really give a shit about anything not on that dance floor." He got in position as Camila spread her legs, his hands on her knees as they parted. They stared each other out as his hand moved up to her skirt, bunching it up. "If you have any objections or suggestions, I'm open to them."

Camila only had one thing to say. She grabbed his face and pulled his lips to hers, saying one thing as they broke the kiss. "Fuck me."

Her smile was the perfect punctuation, full of Halloween mischief. "Unnnggg god..." She gasped as her thrust forward, his cock feeling the tight wetness of her paradisiac pussy. “More," she pleaded. "Fuck me...give it to me...fuck I'm so wet...been wet all fucking night."

Patrick had no reason to doubt her given how perfect her cunt felt sheathing his sword. He his rhythm started fast, shallow strokes into Cami that made the actress let out short and sweet moans and groans and pleads of more. Cami slid her jacket off, letting it fall behind her on the seat. Patrick did the same, letting his tuxedo jacket fall to the ground. He then brought his hands to Camila's torso, his hands feeling her up through her holey shirt. When his fingers felt flesh and then the lace of her bra Patrick stepped it up, gripping the holes in the shirt and tearing it open.

"Fuck yes," Cami hissed. "Just like that...fuck me...have me like you need it."

It was an easy order to follow, his cock going deeper into her pussy as Patrick pulled himself closer. He reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra with an impressive showing of dexterity. This too slid off, joining Camila's jacket. And now with more of Camila to taste Patrick dove in, getting very well acquainted with the delicious tits of Camila Mendes.

Camila shut her eyes as Patrick's tongue wrote sonnets on her breasts. The beating of her heart was like a Buddy Rich solo. His pulsing cock was the main source of that but the man knew how to touch her. Stroking her face, sucking and nibbling her nipples, it was like he was entering secret codes hardwired in her to make Camila cum. She right on the edge of him hitting the confirm command and both couldn’t wait and didn't want any of this to end.

"You look so fucking hot," Patrick growled, licking Camila's ear. "Know what would look even hotter?"

"Uhhh...uh..w-what?" she asked, voice breaking from his thrilling thrusts.

"Nnng...seeing you ride my fucking cock." The idea was appealing to Camila as well, so with motions so quick Patrick didn't even remember pulling out of Camila he was now sitting with Camila facing him with his sword embedded in her stone. When he gripped her ass that was all the signal Cami needed to start bucking on her bronco.

If Camila could have stepped outside of herself to watch her, she would have been both very surprised and very turned on. There she was, fucking her date in the middle of a club, bouncing on his cock, moaning his name and loving every moment of it. Patrick wasn't having too bad of a time either. Neither of them thought too much of the small miracle that no one was paying attention to them. Instead, they were far too focused on the fun of the treat than to worry about the trick. Camila leaned back, her hands gripping Patrick's knees, working her hips with his upward thrusts.

"Yes...fuck me...oh god fuck me Patrick," she said. "You cock...oh shit...so fuckign good…"

Patrick answered not with words but with action, leaning forward to kiss and lick Camila's stomach, moving up her body while his hand did the same, pulling her forward as his lips moved up her body from stomach to breasts to her lips.

"Cami," he said, thrusting up hard. "You want to cum...say it."

"Uh...uh-huh," she said, nodding with her mouth open. *SMACK* She winced and giggled when he smacked her ass.

"Say you want to cum for my cock," he reiterated.

"I...I want to cum on your fucking cock," she admitted, licking her lips. "And I want you to cum...I want you to cum with me...." Her hand reached behind her, grabbing the hand that had just spanked her ass and moving it a bit closer. "But I...I want that cock somewhere else when you do."

"You sure you're not the sexpot?" He asked with a grin. With one more kissing, sucking on Patrick's tongue before parting, Camila rose up from his cock and turn around. Patrick put one hand on her hip and gripped his cock with the other, guiding his pole into Camila back door.

"Nnnng fuck," Camila grunted, grimacing as she sunk her ass down on his dick. When she was halfway down she felt Patrick's hand reach around to start playing with her clit. "Oooh that's real nice...real fucking nice." The added stimulation made it so much easier for Camila to sink down until Patrick's cock was completely in her ass.

The Latina leaned back against him, turning her face to his, smiling a dick drunk smile at him as he began to thrust up, playing with her clit as he did so.

"Mmm...remember...remember when said you looked so fucking hot?" He asked, licking at her lips.

"Mmmmm...vaguely." She replied, licking back.

"I...nnngg think I'm going to add to that...you're flat-out fucking beautiful."

"Thanks you...now keep fucking my ass until we both cum, handsome." She winked at him before kissing him again. And that kiss led to a fast pace. Camila squeezed her bum around his cock, working her hips and demanding a faster pace. "Fuck me...fuck my ass...come on Patrick...I asked for it...fuck my ass and make us both fucking cum...." Every word came from clenched teeth. Camila was a possessed woman, which was appropriate for the holiday.

She leaned forward, gripping the table in front of them, her necklaces jingling together as she twerked her ass right on his cock, making Patrick's eyes roll like slot machines. But still, he managed to work her clit with one hand. However, the one that had been gripping her changed things up, gearing back to give that peachy ass a few smacks. It was a move that made Camila one happy camper.

"Yeah...fuck yeah...yeah boy," Cami groaned. She went from twerking to grinding, knowing her own end was around the corner, as her knees were getting weak. She leaned back on him once more, her ass milking his cock, her face sneering as she turned to speak with him again. "Cum...cum now...cum with me....fill it baby..."

He was ready too, but there was one last thing. He pulled Cami's face to him with his now free spanking hand, kissing her as he began to fire his load up her well-fucked asshole. And that first scalding bolt of jism basting her asshole made Cami go off with a moan that would have told the next three blocks what was going on if not muffled by Patrick’s lips. Cami brought her hand to his face, holding him in positon as she hungrily returned his kiss. He was still thrusting inside her as he pumped her ass full of his cum, some of it trickling out the hole and down Cami's thigh, mixing with her own cum that was gushing from her cunt.

Their kissing broke as his shriveling cock fell from her ass. Cami was still leaning back against him, both of them catching their breath. She laughed a bit. "Well...going to be hard to top this Halloween," she said.

"You made a case that's hard to disagree with," Patrick said as Cami nuzzled against his neck. "You...uh...want to do this again sometime? I mean not exactly this but...you know...see each other again?"

"Well the general rule is never have a first date that's so exciting anything else can't match up to it," Cami said. "But what the Hell, you went down on me without much prompting."

After soaking in the afterglow for a few moments they put themselves together, a big smile on Camila's face the whole time. It may not have been taking two dicks up the ass or love in an elevator, but this little round of trick r' treating could easily match those of her friends.

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Re: All Harlot's Eve 2: Trick 'r Treat starring Camila Mendes
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That was amazing, l was half expecting the dooor to open the guys be their, or a waiter needing to be kept quiet.
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Re: All Harlot's Eve 2: Trick 'r Treat starring Camila Mendes
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Great Halloween treat, love the public nature of the settings for the sex scenes here.

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