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Dark Wonders Ch. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
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Dark Wonders Ch. 1
Starring: Christina Hendricks

Codes: MF, Dirty Talk, Male Dominant, Oral, Tit Fuck

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Los Angeles, California

Rays of sunlight poured down outside, illuminating all to see the paved roads leading up and down Sepulveda Boulevard. The street was always busy around afternoon hours. Cars came and went, but the sound of traffic was entirely muted from across the roads where an apartment building stood. Light cast across the white walls, brightening up the bedroom of a luxury apartment contained among the upper floors of the building. A few minutes past twelve PM or sometimes right at one o' clock on the dot was waking times for Mateo DeLaRoza. With no alarm set to his clock on the nightstand near his bed, the middle aged man had often awakened on time to pull back the covers of blue blankets and get up to stretch. Only rarely did he oversleep long enough to require his secretary to begin calling to make sure he would be arriving at the office later.

It was Tuesday, another day in the work week. Upon awakening, Mateo immediately yawned before stepping his feet across the wooden floor down below Last night had been a real festive event, he at least recalled. A party had been arranged back in L.A. for what was a typical Hollywood event involving a producer showing off his mansion with a list of guests. Such events were the type that Mateo always made an appearance, as it was part of the job after all. Roaming his right hand through his short slicked back black hair, he let out a groan while stumbling around the bedroom and venturing off to the kitchen. Before getting a shower and awakening completely, he always started the coffee machine to prepare a good drink. A five o'clock shadow covered his face and he would need to take the razor and shave those small gray hairs away. Always one to go with a clean face, Mateo had to maintain a public image.

The luxury apartment was his, bought and paid for after spending thirteen years working through TTY Agency. At the age of twenty-two, he had traveled from his home country of Spain to enter the United States, all from a scholarship granted from the University of Colombia. Becoming a US citizen had become a second necessity as Mateo would spend the next several years studying law at Colombia. It helped having a family of prestige back home in Spain willing to fund through his higher education. After graduating, Mateo traveled to Los Angeles and began work as a legal consultant for a film production agency. That was how it all started, before he worked his way from office to office and found a spot at TTY Agency. They were a new group, offering representation for actors and models spread across Los Angeles looking to get work ranging from commercial productions all the way to big budget films.

All of that had become many years in the past, as he was now a a forty-seven year old man still working in a level of the corporate world. Back in the day, Mateo thought of himself as an animal let loose in Hollywood with no leash to contain him. He avoided searching for that special someone to build a family with and perhaps a legacy and future. None of that mattered to him, as he kept his attention focused on the men surrounding him back in the office. Generating wealth from a job that was already in the six figure range was one goal he had for living a good life. The other was to climb the corporate ladder, all between brushing shoulders with those who worked in the film industry and outside of it. Los Angeles was a town where you had to know the right people to get through the door of what was a real underbelly involving the entertainment industry.

Normal people often heard the rumors. Sensational headlines screamed of scandals from the front pages of gossip magazines and late night specials on news networks. For anyone getting into the film business for the first time, they had to know that there would always be the hint of unsettling events hidden in the shadows. Mateo knew those stories all too well, as he had avoided becoming a sensational piece of journalism in the past. Flexing his muscles up the corporate ladder, his goal was to become an agent representing TTY. Eight years ago he accomplished the dream, as he was granted a bigger office back at corporate headquarters and had his own secretary of choice. Mateo was relieved to gain the position before he turned the age of forty, but all that was in the past now. He was one of only dozens of agents spread out across the building, earning a high salary as long as he kept up with the list of names that he represented.

The job was only one piece of the puzzle that made a man's life. Most men looked about having a family and building something of a legacy for them to be remembered by. Not Mateo. There was no long term relationship he had with a woman, outside of the escorts he paid for casual sex and two women in his past. He had carried an affair with one actress who went on to dominate the box offices within Hollywood. She wasn't the first and that woman knew deep down she would not be the last either. A Colombian actress turned mega star across the small screen had been Mateo's first. He liked to keep a framed photograph of her alongside him from an event, framed on the wall in his office. Throughout the years, Mateo had kept an on and off again relationship with Sofia Vergara, all through the mutual understanding of her career. She always needed a hand with cheap gigs off to the side from the Modern Family show.

As he stood in front of the mirror in his bathroom, Mateo gave a cold gaze back into his reflection. He studied his dark brown eyes, thinking to himself how he viewed the world what his purpose in life was. A few grey hairs had been noticed on the sides of his head last year. Nothing a bit of hair dye couldn't fix. Whatever problems there were ongoing in the world, he didn't care. His pain was enough to suppress, a burden he always carried in the back of his mind. All he was concerned about was his desires and maintaining control in life. Control was one of the keys to whatever happiness he could have, whether today or tomorrow. While shaving, his thoughts wandered to what he had planned for the following nights. After the party last night, Mateo had something special in store for an actress he had shared a few drinks with.

Christina Hendricks had come onto his radar after having a dispute with another agent under the company name. Her show Good Girls had come to an end and her representative had failed to get her a new gig that would've kept her on network television with a weekly show. Mateo had met Christina a few times at similar parties to last night's big event. Her striking appearance had left an impression as she came in a black dress, exposing her massive breasts and looking smug as ever with her smiles. Her signature orange hair was enough to make sure that she stood out among an audience and burnt an impression into the back of someone's mind. She had his attention, as they shared a few drinks and small talk. Mateo was certain that she caught his eyes glancing down at her giant tits when she was replying to a question he had asked her.

She needed a new agent. The last thing the company could afford was her leaving and such a high profile actress like her signing with another agency. Mateo knew Christina's agent. Stephen Flores had been someone back at the offices who Mateo had wanted out for years. He often found himself in a competitive stance, trying to get the upper hand on the other agents in the building who all wanted to further their careers. Stephen Flores was weak minded, as Mateo thought to himself. If he couldn't keep this woman under control, then he was useless. That was the law of the corporate world. Always watch across your shoulder and anticipate someone else looking to shove you out of their way and earn a bigger slice. Mateo had been described as a cutthroat business man in the past. Cold and calculating, he prided himself being a man who took what he wanted. What he wanted most right now was her.

Getting home late from that party, he went to bed dreaming about her voluptuous body. Those giant all natural breasts, oh how wonderful they would feel in his hands, let alone wrapped around his cock. The smugness across her face could easily be wiped off with a good reality check. Those lips, he envisioned also wrapped around his cock and her begging for more. Mateo was certain that Christina had heard the rumors of what he had done with other women. He had seen her out in town with Sofia Vergara more than once and that woman had a reputation for running her mouth in private social circles. Last night's drinks and conversation with the woman had only made Mateo wonder if her curiosity was sparked. He continued to think about it while stepping into the shower and sliding that glass door shut.

Warm water sprayed across his face while he slowly took his time in the shower. All the while, Mateo could not get Christina Hendricks off his mind. While there were many rumors about him and the games he liked to play with women, he had also heard gossip about her. She had divorced a few years ago and then from rumor, went on a trail of one night stands. There was one story that stuck out to Mateo's mind about her fucking an assistant by the name of Tom. That man couldn't help but brag for the time being, as word had moved around through social circles with people who brushed shoulders with Christina. Either way, it didn't matter to Mateo. He wanted her and one way or another, he was going to get her. If the rumors were true about her, then she was his type of woman. With a body that could withstand a pounding and go all night long.

After getting out of the shower, it was time to do push ups. This had become an every day ritual for the past fifteen years. Over time, he had grown to a point of strength where he could clock up to a thousand push ups at a time for over an hour. Mateo would do push ups and sit ups to get his blood flowing and a way to stay in shape. He wasn't a gym rat, instead keeping a lean diet and doing this series of exercise for five days a week. It kept him with an athletic body in his middle age and feeling youthful. After all, he needed the strength at hand if he could take on a woman like Christina Hendricks. Knowing her was one thing, but he wanted to be more than just another person she dealt with for business. Before beginning his second round of push ups, Mateo put on some music from the stereo. Collecting vinyl records was one way he liked to spend his money, amassing quite the collection of classic rock, blues, heavy metal and eighties pop albums.

For anyone who would listen to him, he could talk their ear off about the albums and bands he liked. Trivial details that only he cared about. Those were the discussions to be had with escorts he paid for to come and amuse him on certain nights when he needed to fuck his frustrations out with a beautiful woman. For now, he thought about those frustrations as Black Sabbath's classic album The Mob Rules was playing through his stereo surround system. The opening guitar riffs to the track Country Girl had begun as he finished counting his push ups, stopping right at six hundred and sixty five. The neighbor of the beast, he jokingly considered quietly in his thoughts. Exhaling deeply, it was time to get up and grab a suit out of the closet to prepare for the day. He had only been up for two hours, the clock on the wall telling the story of 2:14.

As he slid his pants on, he went and stopped the music player. A wall of silence fell over the apartment. Mateo didn't decorate the place with much furniture, apart from a large black leather couch and matching dark coffee table in the center. Dark cushion chairs went on to match the shelves he had for his vinyl collection and the cabinet housing the player itself. Gazing over the place, he went and grabbed his cell phone, curious why his secretary was so late on calling since he was not at work yet. Normally she called a few minutes past two, any time he wasn't at work by then. Running back to the bedroom, he pulled out his collared white shirt and proceeded to put it on while awaiting that phone call. As soon as he got the shirt properly on, the phone began ringing. With a smirk, Mateo walked over to the dresser and picked it up to see the name of his secretary across the screen. He answered it, raising the phone to his left ear.

"Susan, talk to me."

"Good afternoon Mr. DeLaRosa, did you sleep well?"

He chuckled at her question as she spoke again.

"I hope you didn't wake you up so early."

"You didn't. I was waiting on you to call. It's a little late from when you usually call me, you know?"

"Yes, I know. I just got off the phone with a woman who was calling to request transfer in the company. She wants to go from one agent to another and you're her first choice. She asked about meeting you face to face, said that she talked to you last night about something."

"What was her name?"

"Christina Hendricks."

He knew who it was without her telling him, but Mateo just wanted to hear Susan utter those words in her voice from a smooth Chicago accent. Smiling to himself, he waited a moment to reply.

"Call back and tell her that I'll speak to her in the next hour. I'm on my way out the door right now."

"Okay, I'll do that. See you soon!"

The phone clicked as Susan hung up and then Mateo went to grab his suit jacket. All he had left was to put on his tie, going for a red one today. Black pinstripe was the style for most of his suits with gold button cuff links to match the gold Omega watch across his left wrist. Dark hair slicked back on point with his clean shaved face, all that was left now was to put his shoes on and Mateo would be out the door. Christina Hendricks was at the front center of his mind above all else work that would be on his desk back at the office. Grabbing his keys, he considered the thoughts of her curiousity. For her to call him, perhaps it meant that she was more than serous about switching agents. More than anything, he wanted to see if she wanted a taste of what he could best describe as his dark wonders. Tonight was going to be more about personal desire than subject related to business.



Corporate headquarters was located in downtown LA, an hour's time away from where Mateo had his apartment. A sprawling office building, easily missed to the naked eye as it blended in with other corporate buildings spread out across town. Mateo drove a white Ferrari Testarossa to the car park every day. The car was something of a status symbol to him, as he liked to drive in style and give off a statement to people. He had become known years ago for sitting behind the wheel of that Testarossa, often getting asked if he bought it from an auction of the Miami Vice cars. By the time he rode the elevator up to the office floors, Susan had been waiting for Mateo outside of his office. The older woman had curled up her faded silver like blonde hair into a pony tail. Black framed glasses covered her blue eyes, matching the black dress that covered her curvy body.

Having a loyal secretary had proven useful over the years, as Susan had worked for other agents before Mateo approved of her hiring three years ago. True to her word, she had called back Christina and informed her that Mateo wanted to talk to her directly over the phone. That was the first order of business once he got settled in his office and sat behind the large black marble stone top desk. Rather than call her, it was satisfying for Christina to be the one calling him. He answered and immediately struck up a conversation regarding her business with Stephen. "You know how disappointed I am in him. You told me last night that I could call you about transferring agents." When Christina spoke, Mateo made a move to immediately take control of the conversation by holding back his answers from her. Rather than work it out over the phone, he wanted to meet her in person.

An offer for dinner at a restaurant across town had turned this business negotiation into a personal date. Christina chuckled into the phone at first, as she had to ask him if he was serious. Mateo reassured her, insisting that he pick her up for this date. "You don't have any other plans tonight, do you?". Of course she told him no. Making an obvious advance on her with this date, he agreed to meet her at ten PM. Christina texted him her home address. Vital information that Mateo wanted for a reason. It was She had no business knowing of the tabs he would be keeping in the back of his mind to later jot down in a little black notebook. Christina had a luxury home deep within Beverly Hills where many prestige names in Hollywood had residency. Mateo had driven through those streets many times in the past, but it had to be quite a sight for her to have his white Ferrari Testarossa pulling up beyond the gated driveway.

She came out, greeting him with the sound of her high heels clicking and clacking. The redhead bombshell all dolled up for a fancy date. Christina wore a red dress, hugging all of her thick curves and the top completely exposed with her giant breasts about to pop out. Her hair had been carefully fixed up, split down the middle and overflowing beyond her shoulders. Her pale skin only added to the touch of the color she wore. Upon climbing into Mateo's Ferrari, she offered a smug grin and teasing words for how he decided to pick her up with the flashing ambitions that matched a playboy womanizer. It was funny to witness her flirting right off the bat, but they had a table waiting for them outside the neighborhood. Reservations had been made at an Italian diner of Christina's choice. Since this had become a date between them, she wanted the right place to be seen with a man like him.

"I like to think that you truly wanted this night to discuss becoming my agent, rather than sit across from me and stare at my tits."

Mateo laughed at her remark. They had settled in with a private table, ten minutes into having dinner when she spotted his wandering eyes. All he could do was smile back at her while sipping on the wine glass. Before her choice words, they had a bit of small talk together. It was the same when they were back in the car, mostly talking about the weather and other meaningless subjects.

"I know it's rude, but they're so big, they're just in the way."

"While that is true, I guess I should tell you that my face is up above, not down there."

He didn't laugh at that joke, instead grabbing his work and clanking it down on the plate. Mateo took two bites, swallowing down food before he replied back to her, eager to change the subject from her boobs.

"So, you've been having problems with Stephen, huh? I mean... that's what you were telling me about last night."

"Yes, indeed."

Christina raised her wine glass to her lips and finished off the remainder of the glass in one large gulp. Before she responded to his words, she grabbed the wine bottle and began to pour herself another drink.

"He's become useless, if you want me to be honest with you."

"Fair enough. I always seen him as weak back at the offices."

Mateo's eyes studied the dark liquid substance gushing out of the bottle and into her wine glass. Christina did not stop until she filled it at the top, right at the rim of the glass. Since she wasn't responding yet, Mateo carried on speaking as he let go of his fork and was quietly done eating.

"I know you said that you were looking for another big gig now that Good Girls is done. I'd like to help with that. I'm confident that I can hook you up with a few easy paychecks. A few endorsements for something to get you some commercials... and then we can look at another big role."

She didn't respond. Instead, Christina carefully raised the glass to her lips. Once again, his eyes drifted down below at her giant breasts. Mateo had a guess that she would accidentally spill the wine down onto those tits, but Christina was careful. Pushing the edge of the glass to her pink lips, she began to sip the wine down her throat while those big blue eyes leered back at his face.

"You still want a gig somewhere with a weekly show, right?"


Christina replied promptly as she swallowed down half the glass of wine and then set it back down on the table. She smirked while nodding her head.

"If you can do that for me, I'd be real happy with you representing me."

Thinking to himself, Mateo wanted to turn the conversation back to something more personal. He didn't know how to word it without being blunt and quick to the point. The time had come for him to bring up Sofia.

"I've seen you hanging out with Sofia Vergara, you know... me and her used to have a thing years ago. She ever talk to you about me?"

"As a matter of fact, yes. She's the one that told me I should consider taking you on as an agent."

"Oh really?"


Christina took another sip of her wine as Mateo smirked. He gazed back into her blue eyes before responding.

"What did she tell you about me?"

"She told me that you're the man."

She responded in a snarky tone, causing him to chuckle lightly. Christina spoke again while setting her wine glass back down.

"I've heard nothing but good things about you as an agent."

"Well, that's nice. I take it she didn't go into details about anything we did outside of business, huh? You know, she and I were almost an item at one point."

Christina laughed, flinging her hand at him.

"Oh, please! You and her an item? If I drink a little more, you'll start telling me how the two of you could've been the next agent and actress power couple."

Mateo blushed, flashing his teeth in a grin. Christina had a good sense of humor to tease him on that.

"I'm just gonna come right out and tell you what I wanna do between us. I wanna fuck you and give you a better reason to put your name on the dotted line in my contract."

Once again, Christina giggled at him.

"Are you kidding me?"

Her immediate reaction caused Mateo to shake his head. He pointed his finger at her and continued on.

"No, do I sound like I'm kidding? I take it Sofia sparked your curiosity but you weren't listening to her when she told you how I operate. Is that correct?"

"Oh no, Sofia told me many things about you. I think you left an impression last night that told me enough about what you want. I didn't expect you to just flat out tell me you wanted sex."

"Well, I did. Don't you appreciate honesty over some bullshit that other guys might give you?"

Smirking back at him, Christina dropped her lower lip. She seemed surprised by Mateo's insistence to come right out and tell her the desires he had for her body.

"You're brave, I'll give you that. It's a wonder you didn't try to go home with me after the party last night and fuck my brains out then."

"Not a chance, I had work the next day."

"I guess work was dealing with me huh?"

Mateo nodded back to her.

"Yeah, I've got all your files back at the office. So what do you say? I prepare your contract for tomorrow and you can sign it if I give you a night you won't forget back in the bedroom?"

Those deep blue eyes gazed at him in a cold stare. Mateo was sure that Christina wouldn't tell him no. As she continued to bring up last night's events, all that did was reassure him that she wanted a taste of what sensual desires he could give her. A woman like her didn't flirt it up for nothing. She knew how to play her games, as did he. After a moment, she nodded at him and softly responded.

"Alright, I'll take you up on the deal, but don't let this give you the impression I slept with Stephen. You're just lucky that I like you enough to want this."

He chuckled.

"You sleep with that guy? Yeah, I'd totally believe that."

Laughing back at him, Christina nodded.

"You know me well enough then. Consider yourself lucky, dear."

There had to be a reason why she wasn't saying no to him and Mateo could easily guess it. She wanted him. He was going to give her his dark wonders. A true taste of what it was like to be locked in a room alone with him when he wanted something. Since Christina appeared to be done with eating, Mateo got up from the table. He reached into the inside pocket of his suit jacket and pulled out his wallet, shuffling his fingers through spare hundred dollar bills to leave as a tip.

"Come on, let's go. I'll take you back home."

She didn't utter a word, only offering him her hand to hold before they walked out the door, exiting the place. Christina didn't appear to have any care in the world about the paparazzi snapping an image of them together, nor did Mateo. There was something strange about this woman and yet he couldn't put his finger on it. What motivated her to give in to his game? In the car, Christina continued to sit quietly without making an effort to share a conversation between them. Maybe she had a history with a man similar to him in the past, though he knew she would deny it. At least she took a pop at Stephen who would soon be her former agent before the week was over. Mateo got a certain sense of satisfaction to step over other men in the office. Upon rolling the car up her driveway, Christina leaned over and kissed his cheek before opening the door of the car and making an exit. Mateo sat there, watching her figure in the tight dress, gazing at her ass while she sway her hips, stepping towards the front door of her home.



Another day at the office, Mateo had all the time he needed at hand to prepare for Christina's night. With her personal cellphone number on hand, he was ready to text her once he had arranged for the plans. Susan did her job, filing paperwork and preparing the transfer to make him her new official agent. All that was left was the contract, but Mateo insisted he handle that himself. The papers were put into a folder on his desk. He had opened the drawer to dig out his little black notebook and take jot down a few thoughts on Christina. Come lunch break, he found it amusing entering the bathroom and seeing Stephen of all people standing at one of the urinal stalls. The two men didn't say anything to each other while in the bathroom. Not that there was anything for them to speak on, but Mateo felt it was funny deep down. Here he was preparing a night for Stephen's lost client.

As the day progressed, Mateo went on about booking a one night stay at a hotel across town. He liked to call in under the fake name of Lorenzo Davenport when arranging these nights of one night stands. Just one night where he would have a woman all to himself to satisfy his lustful hunger and then it was checkout time. No evidence left behind after room service would do their sweeps and clean up the room for a new guest to book the room after Mateo was gone. Going something high class and luxurious, Mateo called to the Blue Paradise hotel, located not far from his office. A room was booked for a one night stay, all under the name of Davenport. After the billing had been paid over the phone with his credit card, he had to send a series of text messages to Christina and prepare for this event.

Would she be prepared for him? That was one question lingering in the back of his mind. There had been something so strange about this woman, Mateo couldn't put his finger on it. Whatever mysteries that Christina had in store for him, he was sure to discover them by the time she arrived. He wanted her there no later than nine PM. It was going to be a long night for the both of them. Leaving the office earlier, Mateo was delighted to hear the text message notification go off for his phone while he was driving. He waited until getting stuck at a red light with traffic in front of him before he grabbed the phone and read the text message. Christina had replied, stating that she would be arriving later in the night. Before replying, he thought about what he wanted her to wear. Eager to push the buttons as he wanted to remind her that he was in control.

She needed to choose something that would be easy for him to rip off, at least Mateo thought to himself. He was unsure how she would act coming through the door of the hotel room, but he easily guessed she would require something of an attitude adjustment. Thinking to himself, he waited before texting back a few small instructions. 'Don't be late and wear a black dress, I wanna see those tits'. That was all he had to say. She replied back with two words a few minutes later 'don't worry, you'll be seeing them.' Reading her reply made him imagine a snarky tone of her voice uttering those words. With no concern, Mateo put his foot down on the pedal, gliding his Testarossa through traffic across the interstate. Whatever stresses he had often bubbled up in his mind while driving. It was almost a sense of therapy to sit behind the wheel and drive while he was bothered.

None of it mattered to him once he got into the hotel and checked in. It was ideal to have a look around his room, booked on the seventh floor up above. The living room was dark in it's style of interior colors. Faded dark red wood made up all the furniture of tables and a bar from within the room. The walls were black, setting something of a bleak mood. Mateo went to the bedroom, looking over what was black blankets covering white sheets from underneath. Two large pillows at the top of the headboard made up what was a queen size bed. Only one night stand off to the right side. A wide screen television set hung across the wall, but Mateo wasn't concerned about that The first thing he did was grab the phone and call room service and ask not to be disturbed for the rest of the evening.

Once he felt comfortable enough, Mateo took off his shoes and began to settle in. He had to wonder if Christina would attempt to turn the tables on him. That was always an option he had to consider, as a woman like her likely had experience of finding herself in situations years past. That was an impression he had with how willingly she went along with him yesterday. Sitting on the kitchen counter was the folder with her contract and a pen prepared. He unbuttoned his shirt, thinking about how much longer he needed to wait while checking the watch across his left wrist. It was only a few minutes past nine when Mateo suddenly heard the knock at the door. In the living room, he had hit the light switch to dim the room, offering a subtle hint of things to come for her. Stepping towards the door, he took a glance from the peak hole to see Christina before he twisted the metal knob with his right hand.

"Good evening, Mateo. I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long."

She spoke in that sultry tone, giving him a smug but angry grin while standing there in a black polka-dotted dress. Her giant breasts were pushed out, the dress slightly unbuttoned to give a hint of the massive cleavage to her buxom figure. Mateo glanced down, then back at her face as he stepped back and allowed her a quiet entrance into the hotel room. Her black high heels made a muted boom sound across the tan colored carpet floor. When the door slammed shut, Christina immediately turned around and began to speak.

"You know, I was expecting you to do a little better than this."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Oh, you know what I mean. Maybe have some wine for us and some candles burning to set the mood."

Mateo smirked, flashing his teeth at her to match her grin.

"Christina, I'm not that kind of guy. I thought you'd know that by now. Fuck the wine, we don't need it."

Within seconds, Christina's smile faded as she continued to gaze back at him. Perhaps she was having a moment of realization, learning the situation she had got herself into. Mateo did promise that she would have a night she wouldn't forget. It didn't mean he was the type of man to wine and dine her for a romantic evening.

"So you wanna get down to business I guess and we start fucking?"

Mateo smiled, nodding at her.

"Yeah, why wait? I can tell by looking in your eyes, it's been a long time since you've had a real fucking."

Christina sighed, rolling her eyes at him.

"Oh, please..."

"Don't even deny it. You're always dressed like a Stepford wife, so I can tell you haven't had a good man who knows how to really push your buttons."

"Excuse me!? A Stepford wife!?"

He continued to smirk, seeing as she was willing to show a flare of anger towards him. Christina placed her hands on her hips and began to mock him like an enraged housewife.

"How was your day, honey? Did you call some other woman back at your office and arrange something like this for a contract? Ohhhhhh, what a hard worker you are!"

Ignoring her taunts, he stepped closer and began to walk to the kitchen.

"I do have your contract ready. All you had to do was ask."

Stomping across the floor into the kitchen, Christina shook her head. Her long orange hair slightly drifted with movement as she gazed back at him. Still shaking her head in defiance, she spoke up.

"Not just yet. I'll look it over when I'm done with you."

"When you're done with me? Did I hear that right?"

"Did I fucking stutter!? Yes, when I'm done with you!"

Those big blue eyes glared at him after her reply. Mateo stood across from Christina without saying a word. He could see the ice cold anger within her eyes as she curved her eyebrows to give him such an enraged expression. Her attitude had been one thing getting to him so far, as he quite enjoyed this flare from her. Anger made the heat of such moments all better when he tried his hand at dominance. Giving her a nod, Mateo spoke again.

"I wanna see your tits."

"Oh yeah, is that what you want? Why don't you prove it to me then?"

Having heard enough, Mateo reached out with his right hand and grabbed at her dress from the top. Christina grunted as he pulled at it with such force, the buttons came popping out and flying across the kitchen.

"Ohhh, there you go! Be a big man and rip my clothes off!"

"Shut the fuck up!"

The dress ripped directly down the middle and then Christina stepped back as she allowed it to fall down and reveal her buxom figure in nothing more than a black push up bra and matching thong. Her face revealed a look of surprise that came momentarily. Evident that she was uncomfortable as she gazed back at his face. Mateo glanced down at those amazing tits, then noticed the thong tucked up across her curvy hips. He grinned despite how distraught she looked with such an impression. She had chose a good outfit of underwear for him, whether the woman was going to admit it or not. Smiling back at her, he reached out with his right hand and grabbed her mouth. Tilting Christina's head up so she was looking at him, he squeezed his finger to part her lips in an 'O' form.

"Nice bra. I really like how it pushed your tits up. You did that just for me, so there's no need to act like such a bitch."

"Don't call me a fucking Stepford wife. You would never understand how insulting that is."

"Alright then, I'd rather call you a bitch anyway when you get an attitude with me."

Letting go of her, he stepped back and then snapped his fingers in authority. It was time to set the stage and show her who was in charge here. Mateo was about to test Christina and see how obedient she was with him.

"From here on out, I want only two answers from you. Yes Sir and thank you Sir. That's what I wanna hear, got it? Now strip. Take the bra off first so I can see those titties..."

Christina moved her hands to the shoulder straps of her bra, giving them a nice jiggle before she pulled it down. As it came undone, she tossed it to the floor. Mateo's eyebrows moved up as he watched her giant famous breasts flop down. Full erect nipples in sight. Nodding his head, the man was impressed by her obedience. Christina then used both hands to pull at the edges of her thong on her hips. She tugged them down, bending over and giving him quite a few of her cleavage. She stepped her heels out of the thong, leaving it there across the kitchen floor and standing naked before him. Placing her hands onto her hips, she spread her legs while his eyes glanced down to see her cunt fully shaved. A fresh mound of dew over those pink lips was enough to tell him how turned on she truly was, no matter how badly she tried to hide it.

"Aren't you gonna take off your clothes next?"

Her face no longer told of a concerned expression, but Christina still looked uncomfortable in his presence. Mateo simply shook his head at her.

"No, you're gonna take my clothes off when I tell you to. Got it?"


"What was that!?"

He snapped at her. Christina swallowed her breath and replied in a more nicer tone with such a title she knew he would approve of spoken from her voice.

"Yes Sir."

Not completely satisfied with her respectful answer, Mateo reached for the back of her head with his right hand. Snatching Christina up by the hair, he listened to her moan and then he stepped backwards while shoving her down on the floor to her knees. She groaned in slight pain as her knees hit the wooden floor below. Christina looked up at him and pressed her hands at the front of his black pants, but Mateo pulled her harder.

"I didn't tell you to take them off yet, so get your fucking hands off me, bitch!"

Gritting her teeth, Christina grunted and then growled as she screamed at him.

"Oh yeah!? You're gonna demand me to take 'em off anyway, so what the fuck are you waiting for!?"

He let go of her hair and instead used his right hand to slap her across the face. Mateo changed his mind, instead deciding to unbuckle the belt himself. Christina giggled at him smacking her in the face.

"Oh, you wanna play right with me, huh!?"

"Yeah! You have no idea what you're in for, Christina. I hope the rumors are true about how much you love sucking cock, cause I've heard a lot of stuff over the years."

She swallowed her breath, eagerly anticipating the moment as he slid the zipper of his pants down. Mateo tugged his pants and underwear down, his cock flopping freely out before she grabbed it with her small hands. Christina wasted no time beginning to stroke it back and forth as she gazed down at the head. Mateo was pleased at her instant reaction, stroking his right hand through her orange hair to capture her attention. When those big blue eyes gazed up at him, he nodded at her. There was no need for him to tell her what he wanted. This woman knew, Christina didn't require to be told. Slow and steady she wanked his cock back and forth, preparing it as he grew in full erect size. Mateo waited, observing her every moment of action. When Christina slid her hands to the base of his cock and let go with her left hand, he snapped his fingers again.

"Start sucking."

Christina looked away from his face and took one hard glance at his hard cock. She kept her right hand gripping the base as she shoved it between her lips and immediately began to suck hard and aggressively. Mateo was taken back by her lustful blitz, as she was already bobbing her head up and down at such a fast pace. Maybe she truly was hungry for him, or perhaps she was trying to overwork him to cum fast. Either way, he had the stamina and strength to withstand her onslaught. As Christina slobbered and sucked her way down his long shaft, he stood there and moaned. She eventually moved her right hand away, using both hands to push down on her big tits as she tilted them up. Slowly, she began to massage her own tits while sucking his thick shaft.

Her fingertips grazed across those erect nipples, pinching them before she decided to sink the palm of her hands down and squeeze those breasts. All the while, Christina continued to bob her head up and down as her mouth made light sucking and slobbering noises. Mateo moaned. So far, he was satisfied, but Christina wouldn't be in control the entire time she remained down on her knees. He waited, allowing her to suck it as long as she wanted. Christina made an effort to begin deepthroating him in the following moments, as she was sensually sucking his cock as if she worshiped it. Christina took her time, shoving the head to the back of her throat and then flexing her gag reflexes before pulling her lips back to the head and releasing it with a popping sound. She immediately spit on his cock while raising both hands back up to lube her saliva across his shaft.

"You're an experienced cock sucker after all... I'm impressed."

Licking her lips as he spoke, Christina gazed up into his eyes. She continued to slowly stroke his shaft, tightening the grip of her fingers around it.

"Mmmmmmmmm, oh yeah? You like how I suck off, huh?"

Without replying to her, Mateo planted his hands on the side of her head and then Christina stopped wanking his cock. She removed her hands, allowing his rod to slightly wobble as her big blue eyes gazed up into his face.

"Are you about to fuck my face, Sir?"

Again, he didn't answer her back, but Mateo did offer a grin when she asked that question. His fingers tightened into her hair and then Christina widened her gaping mouth out of reaction. She knew what was coming and was prepared when breaking eye contact to glance forward at his thick shaft sliding into her mouth. Enveloping her lips around it, she closed her eyes, eagerly anticipating him to take control. Christina wouldn't have to wait for long as Mateo began to slowly buck his hips. She let out a muffled moan as that thick shaft pumped between her lips. Taking his time before finding a steady rhythm, Mateo began to grunt as he thrust his cock into her mouth. Christina initially choked as she again moved her hands to massage her own breasts. Squeezing her tits below, she kept her eyes closed, taking his rod inch after inch.

Slowly, her eyes opened and Christina gazed up at his face like a good girl. Taking his time, Mateo continued at this slow pace, but he was only getting into a rhythm. Soon enough, she would be sucking the full force of his long shaft. He carefully stepped out of his pants and underwear, wiggling them from his ankles while he came to a momentarily stop. All he needed to do was spread his legs out and then he began to to thrust again, only harder and faster this time. Christina sucked vigorously as she soon felt the head of his shaft poke to the back of her throat. His balls pushed against her chin and Christina inhaled the musk of his pubes. Pulling back slightly, Mateo began to thrust now into a steady hard rhythm, his cock slamming into her mouth repeatedly.


Incoherent slobbering and sucking noises came from her muffled voice. Drool trickled from the corners of her mouth. Christina opened her eyes, gazing back up at his face as she smashed her hands over her breasts. Mateo didn't stop as he fucked her mouth thoroughly, slamming his cock down her throat again and again. She massaged her tits harder, twirling her nipples between her fingers as the slobbering and sucking noises became louder with each passing second. Mateo was truly giving her a face-fucking that she would remember from this night forward. Moving his left hand from her hair, he slid his right hand to grip the back of her head before shoving her mouth down for one last suck. Christina's lips buried down to the base, swallowing up the entire length of his shaft. She closed her eyes as they watered up and she began to gag. Mateo then pulled back, releasing his cock from her mouth and allowing her to breathe.

Saliva strings dangled from Christina's mouth as his cock was lubed with bubbles of her spit dripping from it. Christina took a deep breath and quietly gasped up into his eyes. Parting her lips, she slid her tongue out and then loudly slurped up the saliva strings. Christina began to shake her tits with her hands, silently hinting at him for the next place he could shove his cock. Mateo wasn't taking the distraction. At least not for the next few minutes. Instead, he gripped the back of her hair tighter in his hand and then slipped his cock back into her mouth. Christina sucked the head but he abruptly pulled out to make a popping noise. Then went back in and quickly back out. He repeated this motion another time. Pop. Pop. Pop. Again, Mateo just wanted to hear that popping sound of her lips coming off the head of his shaft. He then rubbed the head of his cock against her left cheek and began to slap it onto her skin.

"Ohhhhhh, god..."

Christina exhaled a deep breath and moaned at the feeling of his cock smacking against her face. Mateo shoved it to the other cheek, making sure that he gave it an equal few smacks. Her big blue eyes gazed up at him as she spoke in a low, sultry voice.

"You like slapping that cock up against my face, huh?"

"Yeah... Aren't you gonna thank me for it?"

"Yes, ohhhh! Thank you Sir! Why don't you go ahead and slap it up against my big fucking titties too while you're at it."

Giving in to what she wanted, Mateo pulled his cock down to one of the greatest racks that Hollywood had ever seen. Knowing soon he would have his shaft squeezed between those amazing breasts, he was eager to tease her. Christina had moved her hands to hold her tits up from below. This gave Mateo an easy reach to slide the head of his wet cock up against her left nipple. Smack. Smack. Smack. He teased her by slapping it against her nipple, just before he moved to the right one and also gave it an equal of three smacks. Christina licked her lips, moaning at the feeling of his dick thumping against her smooth ivory skin. Eyes still locked on him, she began to utter words of filth in a low, almost whispering voice.

"You know where I want it, mmmmmmmm."

Biting down on her lower lip, she pulled her breasts apart and gave Mateo a subtle nod. His eyes shifted down as he guided his cock right between them. When Christina squeezed those giant breasts together, he placed his right hand down onto her shoulder and began to thrust forward.

"Ohhhhhhhh, man..."

As Mateo moaned, Christina gave him a smug grin. She may not have been in control, but she had to feel a certain satisfaction to have this man at the mercy of her most powerful assets. He began to thrust forward, the head of his cock poking up between the folds of her massive tits. She closed her eyes momentarily, embracing the moment as she felt every inch of his cock pumping up and down between her tits.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhhh yeah. That's it, that's it! Thank you Sir! Fuck my titties!!"

Groaning, Mateo gritted his teeth for a moment. The entire length of his shaft would disappear before the head poked back up. Christina tilted her head down, parting her lips to lap her tongue across the head with each thrust. Over and over, she licked the head as Mateo grunted and moaned. Christina eventually raised her head, smirking at him.

"This is what you wanted, right? You've been wanting to fuck these tits for years, I bet!"

Such a smile of satisfaction was on her face. Mateo knew right then and there, she wanted it. Whatever mind games she played with his head were all a joke right now as he thrust his cock repeatedly between her breasts. Christina let out soft moans while he grunted, their choices creating something of a chorus until he began to slow down. Those big blue eyes gazed up at him, as she knew he was about to stop.

"What's the matter? Too scared that my tits are gonna make you explode before you truly fuck me?"

"Yeah, I guess I'll let you say that."

Coming to a halt, he watched her let go of her tits, freeing his cock.

"You'll LET me say that!?"

Mateo smirked to hear her anger come snarling out. Reaching for her hair, he snatched at her orange locks.

"Get up, you big titty bitch! Stand up!"

Unable to hold himself back from calling her a bitch again, he chuckled as Christina got up from her knees. Stomping her heels over the kitchen floor, Mateo pulled her to him. Her big tits shoved up against his chest as they both wrapped their arms around one another. He had to kiss her and experience that feeling of her tongue plunging into his mouth. Christina threw her arms around his neck, trading kisses of burning passion back and forth before he pulled away.

"Gonna take me to the bedroom now and fuck me like a dirty whore, Sir?"

"Start walking back there."

"I don't even know where the bedroom is."

"Then go find it."

He stepped back while ordering her in a stern voice. All Christina did was smirk as she stomped her heels across the wooden floor and moved from the kitchen. She ran her hands up to her breasts, preventing them from wobbling and shaking all about. His eyes had been fixated down below, watching her buttocks cheeks rub up against one another with each step the buxom redhead actress took. Mateo followed behind her as she turned from the kitchen and quickly found the doorway leading to the single bedroom of this suite. She turned around, grinning at him as she stepped backwards, knowing that Mateo would follow in front of her. Just to make sure he was in control, he snapped his fingers at her and spoke.

"Get on the bed. I wanna look at your face while I'm fucking you."

"So it's missionary then?"

There was no need for him to reply while watching Christina turn around. She grinned while slowly sitting at the edge of the bed. Pushing the palms of her hands down into the bed, she used her hands to shove back and begin sliding backwards onto the bed. Watching her, Mateo stepped forward and soon climbed up on the bed. His feet sunk down into the mattress as Christina gave him a confused look.

"I thought you wanted to look at me while you fuck me?"

"That's the position we're ready for, babe."

Pointing towards one of the pillows in front of Christina, he got her attention to look forward.

"Grab that and hand it to me."

She did as she was told, tossing the pillow to him. Mateo placed it down, sliding forward to rest under her legs. When she felt the pillow brushing against her thighs, Christina suddenly realized just what he had planned for her. The pillow lifted her up slightly, offering an easier access to her womanhood while he fell down to his knees on the bed. Christina bent her knees and then lifted her legs up to where they could be properly planted onto his shoulders. With her hands free, Christina pushed her arms up slightly as a way of shoving her boobs together and then caressing her own skin. She slid her fingers of both hands down below to her pussy, twisting her right hand to reveal her middle finger. She rubbed that finger across her clit, knowing that's where his eyes would be fixated. Eyes locked up at him, she spoke up.

"Come on and fuck me! That's what you wanted all this time. Give it to me, Sir!"

Gripping his cock with his right hand, Mateo teased her by rubbing it against her vulva lips. He wanted to hear Christina gasp and moan for him.

"You want it that bad, huh? Beg for it like a good girl."

The sigh she made was enough to tell Mateo that perhaps Christina knew he was teasing her about the cancellation of her last show with his choice words. She bit down on her lower lip, moaning.

"Please fuck me Sir."

"You said, please?"

He replied still rubbing the head of his shaft against the wet folds of her opening. Christina whimpered, calling out to him in sudden desperation.

"I need to be fucked by you, Sir. That's all I need right now. I need it so bad, you don't know how happy this would make me."

"You need it?"


Hearing her scream at him, he began to slowly smile and flash his teeth. Mateo slid his cock inside of her, listening to Christina gasp in relief as he was finally in the process of fucking her. With the first thrust, he used his right hand to trail his hand up her stomach while Christina moved her hands to her breasts. He shoved his hand right between her breasts, trailing his fingers up to grip her neck as he began to thrust his cock into her tight cunt. Her high heels dangled in the air, legs bending slightly as Mateo leaned forward and moved his hand to her neck. Christina locked her eyes onto him as he slightly choked her while pumping his cock into her simultaneously.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhhh yeah! Thank you Sir! Fuck me!!"

When she yelled at him, Mateo tightened the grip of his fingers, choking her. All Christina did was smirk back at him. She began to softly giggle between moaning. The bed rocked with each thrust Mateo sent into her while her giant tits began to wobble around. Keeping his right hand around her neck, he used the left to caress up her soft pale skin and find her right breast. Mateo gazed down into those big blue eyes as he squeezed her tit in his left hand and began to move his right hand away from her neck. He positioned his hand across her face, sliding his thumb into her mouth. Christina knew what he wanted as she squeezed her lips around his finger and began to suck it while humming a moan. 'Mmmmmmm', the vibrations were felt through his right hand as he continued to fuck her harder and faster.

Clank! Clank! Clank! That was the sound of the metal bed frame beating up against the wall from the power of Mateo's thrusts into that tight pussy. Again and again, he gave Christina his cock making those giant tits wobble and shake around in the loose grasp of their hands. Her toes curled up in the high heels dangling from the air all while she continued to suck his thumb in her mouth. Her big blue eyes never left his face. Drawing his left hand back, Chris began to slap her breast. Christina had moved her hand back right in time for him to smack his palm against that tit, watching it shake and wobble all around. She made muffled moaning noises with his thumb shoved between her lips. Mateo knew when he finally pulled his finger from between his lips, she would serenade him with dirty words. He dragged his thumb out of her mouth and now placed both hands on her big tits.

"Ohhh, ohhhhhh, OHHHHHHHH FUCK ME!!"

"You're a dirty fucking whore, aren't you, Christina!?"

Yelling back at her, Mateo made a quick move with his right hand, sliding it back between her breasts. Christina had gripped her tits, again, almost tittyfucking his forearm as he grabbed her face. Mateo continued to thrust his cock into her cunt while screaming at her.

"Who's my dirty whore!?"

"Ohhhh, FUCK!!"

Since she didn't reply, Mateo slapped her across the face. Gritting her teeth, Christina growled a moan before yelling at him.

"Yes I am! You know I am!"

Slap! Again, he smacked her face. Mateo wasn't satisfied with that response from Christina.

"Yes what!?" Don't act like you forgot how to talk to me just cause I'm about to make you cum, you fucking whore!"


That was more like it, he thought to himself. Slowing down slightly, Mateo continued to thrust his cock into her pussy while wrapping his right hand fingers back around her neck. Christina gasped as he choked her again. Teeth barred, she snarled as she began to cum.


Her legs began to shake as they were still pushed against his shoulders. Christina curled her toes from within her heels with such force that the left shoe fell completely off. Mateo quickly pulled his cock from her pussy as a gush of her juices sprayed up onto his stomach and drenched the bed down below. Christina was out of breath, trying to catch herself up as he moved his hands from her and slid back slightly. Still resting on his knees, Mateo began to climb up from the bed as she recovered from such a hard orgasm. Christina's hands were still planted over her giant boobs, as there was only one place left that Mateo wanted to finish. He spread his legs, stepping on the bed as he began to straddle her stomach. Her eyes looked up at him, swallowing her breath before speaking.

"You wanna fuck my big tits again, Sir?"

"Yeah, get ready!"

Christina knew he had yet to blow his load and in this position, she was likely to end up drenched and sticky with a pearl necklace coating her skin. Nevertheless, she pulled her breasts apart to allow him a valley in passage between her two towers. Mateo used his right hand to slide his shaft between them, now watching it completely disappear as Christina shoved her breasts together. Mateo didn't hesitate as he began to thrust his cock between those wonderful boobs. She let out a moan, gazing forward to see the head thrusting towards her chin. Christina spit on it and called for him.

"Mmmmmm, yeah! Fuck my titties!"

"You want my cum, don't you?"

Mateo spoke while thrusting his cock between her tits. Christina moaned before answering him back.

"Yes I do..."

"Like a good dirty whore, you wanna get covered in cum, right?"

"I said yes! Yes Sir, I want your cum all over me!"

Giggling at him, she flashed her teeth, keeping her hands holding those big tits up. Christina knew how to tease any time he talked dirty. Sweat began to drip from his hair onto his forehead, but Mateo wasn't quite fatigued yet. He still had the energy to buck his hips forward and drive every inch of his cock back and forth between her breasts. Over and over, he continued to fuck those tits, living out a fantasy he had indeed kept in his head for many years.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhh yeah! That's it! That's it!! Ohhhhh, thank you Sir! Thank you for fucking my titties!"

If not for this moment drawing so close to his own orgasm, Mateo could've at least mustered a grin at Christina's words. She truly loved the feeling of having a cock shoved between her breasts with such a demanding statement. He continued to thrust forward, groaning as he knew his time was growing shorter with each passing second. Her eyes glared up at him, offering that smug grin that she had given him so many times throughout the night. As Mateo's face scrunched up, he made the final thrust and groaned out.


The head of his cock poked up from her breasts with the first blast of his cum striking beneath her chin and onto her neck. Christina began to moan as spurts of his cum poured out onto her neck, creating the first droplets of what would be a massive pearl necklace. Mateo decided to begin thrusting his cock between her breasts, still fucking those tits as he continued to unload his seed and creating a river of semen between her pillowy mounds.

"Ohhhhhh yeah, give me that cum! Right between my big fucking titties, mmmmmm! Yeah, that's it! Cum for me, Sir! So hot and sticky!"

Still thrusting his cock between those wonderful breasts, Mateo didn't stop until he felt the final spurt of cum. Rather than covering those tits or her face in his seed, he couldn't hold back his own pleasure. Christina pulled her breasts apart, revealing what was a river of his sticky seed dripping down towards her neck where the initial thick burst had splattered. Christina smirked at him, quirking her eyebrows up.

"Satisfied with me?"


That was all he could say while breathing in and out. Mateo had to catch her breath, but he wasn't going to forget one last thing before they finished up here.

"You ready to look over your new contract, babe?"

Christina grinned.

"Sure... nothing better to do while I've got cum all over me."



The whirling sound of the water dispenser offered little nuisance beyond the printer machine beeping from across the room. Mateo sat at his desk. Suit jacket draped across the hardbound black leather chair as his eyes focused on the papers in front of him. Across the desk was a small stack of folders with other documents he would soon have to read over. His assistant Susan was filling a small cup from the water dispenser. Her hair pinned up in a ponytail, dressed to impress in her short skirt and glasses on point. Once she was satisfied with enough water, she raised the small disposable cup to her lips and took a large sip. Her eyes scanned across the room, noticing Mateo sitting there at his desk. For now, he had the file on Christina Hendricks and her requests for another television show. The rest of the week would be busy calling network studios to push for negotiations on roles.

"I hope you don't mind, I'm gonna have to go across the offices and see if Mr. Flores can fax or print out the rest of Miss. Hendricks' paper work."

Leaning back in his chair, Mateo glanced across the room to Susan. She spoke again.

"I hate to bother him about this as I'm sure he's not happy with you sweeping up his client off his feet... but as you can hear back there, the printer isn't in the best of moods today."

Mateo chuckled before grinning. He took one look back, not paying much attention to all the noise the printer had been making. It had not bothered him, as his mind had been drifting to other ideas. Hearing Susan mention Stephen and the case of bothering him, Mateo quietly thought to himself how funny he found that to be.

"The printer has a mind of it's own, huh?"

"Yes it does, almost like an old car. Every other day of the week it don't wanna work. I think it likes to give me a hard time."

With a smirk running across his lips, Mateo nodded at her before replying. He tilted his head to the right side, as that was where the office door was. A quick gesture before he spoke up.

"How about you go give Stephen a hard time then? Go knock on his door and tell him I need the rest of the files on Miss. Hendricks. You can tell him I need them before the day's over."

"You know he isn't gonna like that, right?"

"Yep and I don't care if he don't like it."

Leaning back in his chair, Mateo placed his hands behind his head, still smirking. He couldn't help himself. For the time being, he felt like a winner to snatch up Christina Hendricks from one of the other agents in the same office. The cherry on top of the sundae was the fact he had fucked her the other night, leaving her with a story to tell. Mateo had been keeping in contact with Christina, as they seemingly bonded with a friendship for now. What did he know? Maybe she liked getting fucked by someone like him, but didn't want to make it obvious. Perhaps she would call up Sofia Vergara and brag about it. He knew Sofia was the kind of woman who lived to make others jealous. When Susan opened the door to step out of his office, the cellphone began to ring. Gazing down at where he had placed it on his desk, he was surprised to see it was Christina herself calling. Mateo grabbed it, swiping his finger up to answer the phone.


"Hey there, it's me."

"Yeah? What you calling me for this time of the day? It's not even five PM yet."

"I don't know... maybe I just wanted to ring up my new agent and have a little chat. Got time to talk about... you know what?"

"What do you mean what? Talk more specifically to me, so I understand what the fuck you're saying."

He could hear a frustrated sigh from her into the phone. Christina waited a moment before answering him back.

"You know, let's just call it the thing where you fucked me like I was some nasty whore the other night."

"Yeah, what about that? I had a pretty good time, did you?"

"Oh... yeah. Wasn't what I was expecting, but it was fun."

Her delayed response caught Mateo by surprise. Was she lying to him? He wasn't sure. Maybe Christina didn't expect him to bluntly ask her if she enjoyed it.

"So why did you give me an attitude before we got started? I wasn't sure if you'd be able to handle my approach."

"Maybe I wanted it... maybe I wanted to play with your head a little bit too. You didn't think about that, huh?"

She giggled into the phone, giving Mateo more reasons to sit quietly and think about her. Christina knew how to play her games. He would have to give her credit for that eventually, but he didn't want to stroke her ego right now. She carried on speaking.

"Well, next time you wanna fuck me, at least bring some wine first and set the mood."

"Don't you think that's a bad idea? I might play a little harder when I've got some alcohol in me, babe."

"Hmmmmmm, I didn't think about that. I have harder orgasms when I'm being choked, not sure if you noticed that."

Mateo nodded while leaning back in the chair before he replied.

"Oh yeah, I noticed it."

"Good, I hope I lived up to whatever expectations you had based on those rumors you mentioned. I wouldn't mind doing it again sooner than later."

He laughed into the phone. Some games Christina played with him, even now so trying to play him. He licked his lips, thinking for a moment before he replied.

"Sure, maybe you can brag to Sofia about it next time you see her. If you see her any time soon, tell her to call me."

No quick reply to that response. Perhaps he had caught Christina off guard with such a remark. Mateo didn't have the patience to play these games, subtly ending the phone call.

"I gotta go, call me back later tonight if you wanna talk some more."

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Re: Dark Wonders Ch. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2021, 12:15:40 PM »
Excellent work, love Christina, great dirty talk from her here.  Looking fwd to more to be added at some point.
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Re: Dark Wonders Ch. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
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That was amazing!
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Re: Dark Wonders Ch. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2021, 08:15:10 PM »
So fucking good, always a pleasure to read about Christina getting used
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Re: Dark Wonders Ch. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
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I loved the titfuck. Great work!
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Re: Dark Wonders Ch. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
« Reply #5 on: October 16, 2021, 06:27:01 PM »
Oooooooh, some rough sex with a big girl.

I laughed at the Stepford wife line. She does dress like a housewife.

This character you've created Mateo, he sounds like a real piece of work.
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Re: Dark Wonders Ch. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
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Is this series just about Christina or will there be other women? I assume Sofia Vergara is going to have a chapter since you named her.
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Re: Dark Wonders Ch. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
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Love this story. Christina is a big titty Goddess, and you know exactly how to write her. Stellar work as always @Cadeauxxx.
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Re: Dark Wonders Ch. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
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Many thanks everyone, can't wait to post the next one!
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Re: Dark Wonders Ch. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
« Reply #9 on: October 23, 2021, 08:06:27 AM »
Just a quick reply, but I am always happy to see whenever you begin a new series of stories and once again I have to say that I appreciate your use of "older" celebrities.

Additionally, I really love how you have begun to branch out into more rough stuff, not that any of your previous work needed it, but I do love a good celeb story featuring more passionate sex and your writing just makes it all the better.

Another great job!
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Re: Dark Wonders Ch. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
« Reply #10 on: October 27, 2021, 03:39:57 AM »
Just a quick reply, but I am always happy to see whenever you begin a new series of stories and once again I have to say that I appreciate your use of "older" celebrities.

Additionally, I really love how you have begun to branch out into more rough stuff, not that any of your previous work needed it, but I do love a good celeb story featuring more passionate sex and your writing just makes it all the better.

Another great job!

Thanks for the kind words, as always.

The rougher stuff has been the choice of my readers as of late. This story was written for a reader who approached me with several different ideas we crafted together into this series.

I like to mix it up with my themes so I'm not writing the same kind of stories repeatedly. There are some passionate stories coming in the near future  ;)
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