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Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
« on: September 29, 2018, 11:45:04 PM »
Lucky Bastard
Staring Victoria Justice, Appearance by Kelli Berglund
Codes: MF, Oral, Cheating
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction;

I am a lucky bastard, ask anyone who knows me.  My name is Edward, most people call me Eddie, though in high school I also picked up another nickname.  While at practice during my freshman year of high school I went to go pick up a ball that had rolled over by the senior cheerleaders.  As I picked up the ball, one of the varsity captains came up from behind me and pants me, pulling both my shorts and underwear down to the floor.  He was expecting the cheerleaders to point and laugh at me, but instead they just gasped and stared wide eyed.  For you see I was blessed with a big dick and even at 14 I was still 6 inches flaccid.  From that day on I was given the nickname “Mr. Ed” because I was hung like a horse.  I spent the next 3.5 years fucking every hot girl I wanted in my high school.  My two proudest moments were screwing my 25 year old spanish teacher in the principal’s office right after graduation, and taking the vaginal and anal virginity of my science teacher’s daughter (she was a freshman cheerleader when I was a senior) in his classroom after school one day. After high school I went to the same state college as a lot of the kids from my high school so I my reputation as the best dick around followed me there. 

One of the downsides spending all high school and college screwing your choice of hot women is that you don’t really pay attention to your classes and also you don’t actually develop any game for picking up women who don’t know your reputation.  So for the next couple of years after college I just kind of coasted through life.  However when I was 27 my good luck struck once again.

It started when I bought a lottery ticket on my birthday that wound up being not only a winner, but the a winner to largest Powerball jackpot in the lottery’s history.  Then a couple months later my best friend from high school, Ryan, called me up with a proposition.  We’d stayed in close contact with me staying in San Diego and him finding success in LA working in the film industry.  He’d gained some note in Hollywood for some short films he had directed and now he felt ready to do a full length indie film.  He wanted to see if I would use my new fortune to fund his movie, after some back and forth I agreed.  I told him as part of the deal I wanted an executive producer credit and to be involved in the casting.  Knowing my reputation he was really hesitant but at the same time I was willing to give him the money for his movie, and dealing with me was a lot easier than trying to find funding elsewhere.  So the agreement was I got to do the preliminary auditions and I’d have pass my recomendation on to him for another audition where he’d get final say.

So now I am in a office with a list of names that are going to be auditioning for the lead female role, which is only described as a good looking brunette in her early to mid twenties. A lot of the girls auditioning were relative unknowns, but thanks to the buzz that Ryan may be the next Damien Chazelle, some of the names I did recognize. Mainly former Nickelodeon & Disney girls who were desperate for their first big break in more mature role.  It is that desperation I had to thank for my current situation of having a naked Kelli Berglund on my desk with her incredible legs up on my shoulders as a jackhammered my dick into her.

I know what you’re thinking, but no I didn’t blackmail her this was all her idea.  While reading her lines she kept messing up was growing more and more frustrated with herself.  Finally she just threw script up in the air and then offered to fuck me if I just sent her name along to Ryan.  My younger step sister were a big fan of Kelli’s show and I’d always thought she was cute so there was no way I was going to say no.
“Holy fuck yes...your dick’s so big...oh god” Kelli was moaning, trying to keep her voice down. It’s a shame we couldn’t take our time and enjoy ourselves, because while we hadn’t you could just tell this little sex pot was into some freaky stuff. But we’d already been screwing for a while and we were up against the clock so we were fucking just as raw and hard as possible. I took her legs off my shoulders and scooped her up. Continuing to abuse her cunt with my dick she wrapped her arms and legs around me as I bounced her on my cock.

“Gonna cum, I’m so close” Kelli panted as we fucked standing up.

“Me too, where do you want it?” I asked.

“Cum inside me. I can’t walk out there with jizz on my face.” I just nodded and after a few more bounces Kelli came on my cock and seeing her O-face set me off and my cock began spurting inside her.  After we both finished cumming I gently dropped her back on the desk. She laid back down trying to catch her breath.  I reached over to grab my cell phone which was next to her.

“Smile” I said as I aimed the phone at her. She put up the peace sign and gave a kissy face as I took the picture.

“You’re not going to show that to anyone are you?”

“No,” I responded. “Well, maybe one of my step-sisters.  They are fans of yours and also like to call me a loser who isn’t doing anything with my life.  Showing them that we had sex should shut them up.”

Kelli giggled “Yeah that could work. If all else fails you could just whip out your dick, I’m sure that things left plenty of girls speechless.”

Eventually we both got redressed, I sneakily snapped a few more pics of Kelli.  That girl has some killer legs and seeing her naked there in just heels was too good to resist.  After she got dressed and I’d told her I’d pass her name on to Ryan.  She was about to open the door before she turned back to me.

“Oh, I have a party at my house this weekend.  Your welcome to come if you want.” She said.

“Sounds fun, but you do know I don’t have final say when it comes to the role, right?”

“I know, but I’m but I’m going to want another cock of yours and I’m curious to know how that thing will feel in my ass.” She then gave me a wink and walked out the door.

The next two hours were pretty unremarkable.  There was only one actress that I saw in that time that seemed right for the part.  I was starting to realize that this casting thing was a bit more boring than I had fantasized. But if all that came out of it was that I became fuck buddies with Kelli Berglund that’s not too bad, especially knowing how girls talk and who were some of Kelli’s close friends are.

I was looking at pictures of Kelli with Olivia Holt & Paris Bereic when I pressed the intercom and told the receptionist to send in the next person.  When I heard the door open I looked up and was in for a surprise.  Dressed in simple grey t-shirt, skin tight jeans and white sneakers was Victoria Justice.  She had not been on my preliminary list of auditioners.  Nonetheless, I tried to play it cool and explain our audition the process to Vic.  I told her to go ahead and start whenever she felt ready as I looked over the credits on the back of her head shot.  I had thought of her as kind of a big name so I was surprised to see that since Victorious she really hadn’t done much, and what she had done was all pretty unremarkable.

Watching her read the lines, she was definitely not the best actress I’d seen that day but she wasn’t the worst either.  I was planning on passing her name along to Ryan if just because she was a name that if picked could sell the film.  We we’re wrapping things up and I was asking some of the questions Ryan wanted me to ask everyone who auditioned when Victoria interrupted me.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but I just want you to know how much I love this script and how I need to be in this movie.”

“That’s great,” I told her, “But I don’t have final say, it’ll all be up to Ryan.”

“I know, but is there anything you can do to help me out? How well do you know him?”

“Well, we’ve been friends since back in middle school, but…”

“So you have to have some influence,” Victoria interrupted me. “There must be something you can do.  My career is all but on life support. I need this role. I’d do anything for it.” Hearing that last line set off alarm bells in my mind.

“Really? Anything?” I questioned her.

As if suddenly realizing what she said she tried to backtrack a bit. “Well, not anything anything, but I really am desperate for this part.  Why, what do you want?” she asked with some worry in her voice.

I tried to play coy, I didn’t think she’d be down to fuck a guy a stranger for a chance at role like Kelli was.  Eventually Victoria grew impatient and put her hands on her hips.

“How ‘bout a blow job? Would a blow job do it?” Asked in a annoyed tone

“Has anyone ever said no to a blow job from you?”

“Of course not.”

“Well, I sure as shit am not going to be the first.  But I also want you topless.” Like every other guy with internet access I had seen Victoria’s Fappening pictures and I had to know if her tits were as perfect in person as they looked in the pictures.

“Fine. I give you a topless blow job and you do whatever you can to get me this role.”

“Deal.” This was a no brainer for me.  I was going to put her name on the list for a second audition already and Ryan had made it clear that that was as far as my level of influence on the casting would be. Victoria grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt, paused for a moment, rolled her eyes before taking off her shirt revealing her white lace bra. The bra was also quickly discarded as Vic walked over to me behind the desk.

“Holy shit, those are spectacular.” I said somewhat dumbfounded.  I’d seen a countless set of tits either in real life or on the web at this point, and Victoria’s may have been the best.  While not the biggest, they were still a good size, great shape with next to no sage, and fantastic nipples (size and color) .  They great as they looked in pictures, they were even better in person.

“Yup, they're real and spectacular.” Victoria said sarcastically as she dropped down to her knees between my legs.  “Now let’s get this over with.”  She undid my pants and I raised up so she could pull my pants and boxers down.

“Jesus Christ!” Victoria said reacting to by thick rock hard 10 inch cock slapping her in the chin after it was released.  Her hands quickly gripped it, her hands not fully closing around it, and she began examining.  It was clear that this was the biggest she’d ever seen. “Are you serious?” She asked me finally looking at me up at my face.

“What never seen one that size.”

“No.  I mean… just, fuck.”

“Go on, taste it.  You know you want to.”

“Why, do all guys with nice dicks act like such assholes,” she mumbled before sticking out her tongue and give the head a lick and then swirling her tongue around the head a couple of times. Changing her grip Victoria bent down further so she could lick up along the underside of the shaft, before quickly backing off.

“Did you fuck someone else?” she questioned me seeming none to pleased.

“Little bit.”

“Good are you blackmailing all the girls you’re auditioning?”

“What? No.  First, you suggested giving me a blowjob,” Victoria gave a big eye roll to that, “second Kelli Berglund came in here messed up and then asked if I wanted to screw.”

“Fucking Disney slut.” Victoria said under her breath as she looked at my cock. She then gave me another lick. “You’re lucky she tastes good.” And with that Victoria opened her mouth and enveloped my dick in her mouth.  She took half my dick in her mouth on her first attempt.

“Holy fuckkkkk…” I moaned.  The girl had some serious skill.  She may have started off somewhat reluctant but as time went on she was clearly getting it.  Currently she was swirling her tongue around the head as her hands stroked the shaft.  She then lifted my cock and rested it along the center of her face as she kissed the underside of my cock, working her way down to my balls.

“Jesus christ.  Between your face, your body and the way you suck cock, how are you struggling for roles?” I accidentally wondered out loud.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that out loud.  It’s just, fuck, you’re so fucking gorgeous and my god this might be the best blow job I’ve ever had.”

“Yeah well tell me…” Victoria was now stroking my cock as she stared at it “if I make you cum, how long will it take for you to recover?”

“Not long usually, but for you I doubt I’d even go soft.”

“Good,” She said before devouring my dick.  She was moving her mouth as fast as she could and I was getting close but not close enough. So I then stood up, put my hand on the back of her head and started to fuck her throat. Considering what a goodie goodie she came off as I’m surprised she let me do this.

“I’m gonna cum.” I warned her as I stopped my thrusting. She responded by sinking half my cock down her throat and pumping the rest of my shaft with both hands before I finally exploded.  She didn’t even flinch. Instead she just stared up at me as she swallowed rope after rope of cum and the sucking what ever was left out of me. My knees felt weak after i came and I quickly sat back down.  My dick slipped from Vic’s mouth and she leaned forward.

“Wow, you were right” She said as she slapped my dick against her face, “you’re still hard.”  She then giggled a bit before standing up to strip out of her shoes, jeans and thong, revealing her clean shaven pussy. Seeing her their fully nude I felt the hunger of passion start to take over me again so I began standing up, but I was quickly pushed down by Victoria.

“Oh, no you don’t. We deal was I give you a blow job, what’s about to happen now is because I am horny and need to get off. You’re nothing more that a tool to get me off. Got it? You’re just a big dildo to me.”

“Emphasis on big.”

“No talking” She said as she straddled me in the chair. I quickly shut up as Victoria lowered herself on me. She was only able to take a few inches at first.

“Holy fuck your thick.” She groaned. While she grinded herself against on my cock, I attacked her breasts.  Groping one while I kissed and sucked on her other before switching over.  After a few minutes Victoria really starting to ride me hard but still she was only taking a little over half my cock.  I put my hands around were waist to try to force her down a little further, but suddenly the office chair broke quickly dropping to its lowest setting.  This caught me by surprise and I tightened my grip and pulled her down with me and all of a sudden Victoria went from having just half my cock in her to having my full length buried inside her.

“HOLY SHIT!” Victoria yelled out in shock and orgasm. “Jesus, you’re going to split me in two but it feels so good!” If there was any doubt for the people in the lobby about what was happening inside the office before, it was probably gone now but we didn’t care.

“Fuck yeah it does.” After getting out of the busted chair we cleared the desk and she had me lay down on the desk before jumping on and riding me on once again. Something must have gone of in Victoria after that first orgamism because see was not holding back any longer. She was riding me like a wild banshee slamming her body down on my whole cock and was way more vocal.

“Oh yeah. Fuck me hard.  Oh god why doesn’t my boyfriend have a cock like this.”

“Yeah, your boyfriend not able to fuck you like this?”

“Fuck no. He’s way smaller”

“So how’s it feel? How’s feel to be fucked by a real man.”

“So good. I feel so full, so stretched out. Your hitting me in places he never has.”

“Yeah you remember this next time you fuck him. Remember how much better sex feels with me. How much more I stretch you out. How a sex should feel.”

“Oh god, just shut up and pound my pussy.”

“Is that what you want? You really want to get pounded?”


I quickly but carefully flipped us over on the desk. So now Victoria Justice was on her back, legs up on my shoulders, while I was on my knees drilling her will everything I had.  I know a lot of guys who love doggy style, but I preferred to be able to see a girl face forward. In part because I am more or a tits than ass man, but also because there is nothing better than watching a girls face while you’re fucking her and she is in the throes of absolute bliss.  Soon enough Victoria was screaming out in orgamic joy and I then pulled out shooting my load across her tits and face.

“Holy fuck that was amazing. I’d normally be pissed that you came on my face, but fuck it. That was too good.” Victoria said as she tried to catch her breath,

“No kidding.” I replied as I tried to memorize the image of a naked Victoria Justice with streaks of my jizz across her face and breast.  I thought for a moment about taking a picture with my phone like I had with Kelli, but I had a feeling Victoria would smash my phone if I tied it.

After calming down and catching her breath Victoria quickly got dressed.  I walked over to my pants and pulled a business card out of my pants as Victoria fixed her hair and wiped the last bit of cum from my face. When she was done she made her way towards the door.

“So I should be hearing from Ryan in a week or so?”

“Yup. Also here is my card with my cell phone number,” I said as I held out the card for her.

“And why would I want that?” She spun around and asked.

“In case you want to hook up again. Doesn’t sound like boyfriend is getting the job done and a girl like you shouldn’t be going without.”

Her eyes dropped down to my now half hard man slab dangling between my legs, and she bit her lip while she pondered for a second “Fucker,” she said as she looked back up to my face and snacked the card from my hand.  “BUT IF there is a next time I’m not the only one give oral.”

“Deal” I said as she walked out the door slamming it behind her.
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2018, 11:46:12 PM »
Lucky Bastard 2: Birthday Bash
Staring Kelli Berglund & Olivia Holt, Appearance by Paris Berelc, Sammi Hanratty & Stella Hudgens
Codes: MF, MFF, Oral, Facial, Anal, Handjob, Cheating, Cuckold
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction;
A few days after the finishing up the audition process, I was walking up to Kelli’s house for her party. There were a bunch of other cars parked out front and couple of balloons tied up in front of the house. I knocked on the door and Kelli Berglund opened the door. She was dressed in a black bikini with a red sarong wrapped around her waist.

“You came!” Kelli said as she gave a hug.

“Well not yet,” I whispered into her ear causing her to giggle. Kelli took my hand and then lead me into the house.

“From the cars it looked like a lot of people are here”

“Yeah, we’re celebrating Olivia Holt turning 20, “

“Oh that’s cool. I wasn’t sure if this was an actual pool party or one of those parties where everyone just stands around the pool so I bought a pair of boardshorts to change into in case..”

“No it’s people are using the pool, but you won’t be needing it for a little while,” she told me before pulling me towards the stairs.

“Where he heading?” I asked

“I told you the other day, I invited you to fuck me. So, we’re going to bang this out before any of those other girls figure out what you’re packing and try to steal you.” She went up a few steps before turning around and giving me a kiss. The first kiss was kind of sweet and lingering, but it quickly turned into a passionate make out. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist and I carried he up the stairs.

“I’ve been looking forward to this so much the last few days, I’ve been using my butt plugs to get myself ready.”

“Jesus.” I said “Which room is yours?” I asked.

“3rd door on the right.” I picked up my speed and almost knocking down the door getting into the room. I kicked the door shut behind me and threw Kelli on to the bed.

“We’re going to have to be quick.”

“Sure thing,” I said as undid my shorts and dropped them to the ground. As I did that Kelli reached over to the nightstand and pulled some lube out of the nightstand drawer and threw it to me.

“Here, lube up that beast.” I did as she said lubing up and stroking my cock to it was rock hard as I watched the Lab Rats star remove her sarong and bikini bottoms, then getting on all fours and sticking ass up towards me. I moved up behind her and rubbed my dick along her pussy lips.

“Ummmm, gawd the feels good, but we don’t have time for that. Just stick it in my ass.” I wasn’t going to argue with her so I plunge my dick into her tight ass, and started pumping into her as hard and fast as I could.

“Fuck that you’re huge! GAWWD It feels like you’re gonna split me into.” She groaned.

I gave her ass a slap. “ Quiet down. You said you didn’t want to get caught, plus you know you love.”

“I do. I do love it. Oh gawd where has this cock been all my life.” Kelli said biting onto a pillow to keep quiet as she came. I continued to pummel her ass. I wanted to make sure every time she sat down she had be reminded about how I took her ass.

“Fuck, I goon cum. Where do you want it?”

“My mouth! I want to taste you.” With that I pulled out and Kelli flipped over onto her back before sitting up and swallowing as much as my cock as I could. I could feel her swiveling her tongue around my cock as she blew me. It didn’t take long for me to blow in her mouth. Unlike Victoria Justice she was able to swallow it all, pulling me out when she had her fill and the last two bursts hitting her bikini top.

“Good that was fun.” I said as I rolled onto my back.

“You’re telling me. Shit, I have to change my top now.” Kelli said as she noticed the cum stains and took off her top. I watched Kelli walk around her room nude for a few minutes before excusing myself to was up and change before heading downstairs to join the party.

“Yeah, bathroom is just across the hall. And hey,” Kelli said as she strutted over to me and poked me in the chest. “Just so you know, while you’re here your mind. So, hand off my friends, and if you do that I promise when everyone leaves we’ll fully test the limits of this thing.” Kelli gripped my schlong and gave a few pumps before turning away.

I made my way into the bathroom and after emptying my bladder, and then decided it would be a good idea to clean the extra lube and scent of sex off me before meeting a bunch of new people. I found a washcloth and rubbed myself down. I almost back to fully hard because I was thinking about what I was going to do to Kelli later. As I put the washcloth back into the sink heard a couple of voices outside the bathroom. Then I heard Kelli say loudly “No Liv wait..” And with that Olivia Holt busted into the bathroom wearing a white bikini, looking as though she had just gotten out of the pool and not dried off. She took a few steps in before she noticed me stand there naked with a hard on.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry.” We both stood their for a moment in shocked silence. My eyes scrolling up her wet bikini body, while her eyes were locked onto my crotch. Olivia eventually blinked and broke the silence as she looked up at my face. “Umm, yeah so I’m sorry. I didn’t know anyone was in here.” Olivia tried to back out but she slipped on the water tile floor from me cleaning myself and the pool water dripping off Liv. I tried to catch her from falling, but things happened and next thing I knew Liv was on her knees on the floor, both her hands on my thighs from her catching her balance, and the head of my hard cock was staring at Olivia right in the eyes. Once again the bathroom was filled with awkward silence. That silence was quickly broken.

“OLIVIA! What the fuck!?!” We both looked to the door to see some guy and Kelli in the doorway.

“Ray this isn’t what it looks like.” Olivia tried to explain.

“No? So you are not about to suck some dude’s giant cock?”


“Ray, I saw the whole thing this really isn’t what it looked like,” Kelli tried to help out, but he wasn’t having any of it. This went on for a little while with the girls trying to explain things. I kept my mouth shut knowing nothing that I could say would help. Unfortunately the shouting drew the attention of more people as Paris Bereic and Sammi Hanratty eventually popped up from behind Kelli to see what was going on, only to see Olivia still on her knees in front of my now half hard cock. After a few more minutes Ray stormed off and Olivia got up to chase after him. Sammi & Paris stayed there checking me out before Kelli told them ‘Shows over’ and closed the door. I then put on my board shorts and waited in the bathroom for a few minutes before heading down stairs.

Not knowing anyone one there I quickly found Kelli and she introduced me to people. It was almost a who's who of young celebs and Disney stars. I meet girls like Debby Ryan, Ryan Newman, Piper Curda, Peyton List, Kat McNamara, Dove Cameron, and Laura Marano, plus a bunch of the guys from the shows as well. I quickly forgot most of the guys names, a lot of the girls I only knew because while my step sisters watched their shows I often was googling who the hot girls on the screen was. It was also pretty apparent that word of what had happened upstairs had was circulating around the party, the story among the girls being that I was hung like a horse (which was true) and the story among the guys being that Olivia and me had been caught mid blow job by Ray (which wasn’t true but I didn’t mind the rumors). I even had some of guys walk up to me when I was alone and say how lucky I was and how they’d been trying to hook up with Olivia for years. But the party went on. It reminded me a lot of some high school parties I went to, with everyone being so young, in their swimsuits, and excessive amounts of alcohol everywhere.
Some time passed and I drank a little bit, talked with some people, enjoyed the pool. After playing in the pool a bit, I started to make my way to the stairs. I felt a little hesitant getting out of the pool, which was odd for me. I had worn the board shorts I did because while very loose and breathable when dry, when wet they clung to my body so tightly that never mind being able to clearly able to see the size of my shaft, you could practically see the mole I have just above my ass. After the whole thing with Olivia I didn’t want to make another scene, but I figured I can just grab a towel quickly and it’d be fine. However sitting in the lounge chairs right in front of me as I got out was Stella Hudgens and Sammi Hanratty. As I emerged from the water they had a clear view as my bathing suit cling to my cock, giving them a clear outline of it. While still mostly flaccid it was still 7 inches of man meat dangling between my and there was no way to hide it.


“Told you.” Sammi said after Stella got her first look. I walked over to the stack of towels between their seats and picked one up. They started to chat me up as I dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist. Sammi was looking up at me with her blue eyes and a big smile on while Stella was looking at me like a hungry dog looks at a stake. After 5 minutes or so Stella finally asked what she had obviously had been dying to ask.

“Can I see it?”


“Whip out your dick. I want to see it.”

I said no and tried to explain my situation with Kelli, but Stella insisted she only wanted to see it, not have sex with me. Soon Sammi was chirping in on Stella side. After another few no’s by be, the girls stood up and almost dragged me over to the side of the house, out of the view everyone else.

“I’m telling you this…” Sammi put her hand over my mouth to shut me up as Stella dropped to her knees and pulled down my shorts.

“God, you’re bigger than half the guys here and you're not even hard yet.” Stella said.

“You should see him hard, it gets bigger.” Sammi chimed in.

Stella then grabbed me with both hands and proceeded to give me a hand job until I was fully hard. I pulled Sammi’s hand off my mouth, but at this point didn’t see the point in making any attempt to stop Stella.

“It’s beautiful.” Stella said admiring my penis. “Vanessa would be so jealous if she thought I had had sex with this thing.” Stella gave it a few more tugs before pulling her cellphone out from her thong strap and offered it to Sammi. “Here take my picture”

“Whoa, what?”

“It’s a game she and her sister have” Sammi explained.

“Yeah whenever one of us finds a truly awesome cock we take a pic with it and send it to the other person to make them jealous.” Stella pressed a couple of buttons on her phone and presented the screen to me, “Here, see.” On the screen was a picture of topless Vanessa Hudgens staring at the camera as she held and licked the head of a black cock that looked to be almost as big as me. Seeing this made my dick jump which made the two girls laugh.

“Alright, I’ll agree to this so long as when we are done you send me that picture and copies of whatever pictures you are about to take.”

“Deal” Stella agreed. I gave he my number and sent me the pic of her sister before giving her phone to Sammi, she then gave my head a quick lick before posing for the camera. After Sammi snapped a bunch of pictures she said she wanted a turn and the girls switched. My dick looked even bigger in Sammi’s tiny hands. Eventually they took a few of them together with my dick in the middle. The last picture before I ended it was with me taking it looking straight down at the two girls as they looked up at the camera while their tongues were out licking the shaft. Starting to feel pretty worked up I put an end to the photo shoot. The girls got up and Stella sent the pictures to me along with the note ‘just because you were not allowed to fuck us tonight, doesn’t mean you can’t some other time’ along with the eggplant and smiley face emojis. After they went back to the party, I hung around at the side of the house for a little bit waiting for my erection to go down.
It did finally go down, and I returned to the party, but was still feeling worked up. I headed for the kitchen to get some water to hopefully cool me down. Walking through by people on my way to the house I knew I was getting older because there was no way I could or want to continue to down alcohol like some of these kids were. Inside the house it was a lot calmer and cooler than outside. The only one in the kitchen when I entered was Paris Berelc, still in her read one piece with her hair tied back in a pony tail. I said hey before grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge and downing a whole bottle.

“By the way, I’m Eddie,” I said formally introducing myself to Paris for the first time.

“Oh I know you made quite a first impression,” she responded while her eyes gave me the once over.

“Yeah, well, you know nothing happened with Liv and me right?”

“Oh, I know. LIv isn’t the type to just blow some random guy she just meet, especially with Ray here. Though I wouldn’t have blamed her if she had.”

“What do you mean by that,” I said flirtily.

“I mean, that you’re hung as fuck. At least twice as big as Ray.”

“How do you know that?”

Paris may have realized she said something she shouldn't have said and somewhat shyly replies, “I may have blown him 2-3 times when I was drunk and Liv had passed out…..I also may have slept with him once, and trust me he is nowhere close to you.” She said looking back up at me as he hand reached out and gently caressed my crotch through my shorts. We had also unconsciously drifted over to behind the kitchen cut out counter and Paris was now leaning back against the fridge.“You can’t tell Liv about any of tha though.”

“I promise I won’t tell Liv about that, IF you don’t tell Kelli about this.” Just as I was about to make my move when we heard the door back yard open up. Me and Paris quickly straightened up, though with her hand hidden below the counter she continued to squeeze my cock. Hailee Steinfeld and Sophie Turner then walked in through the door, both in bikinis but Sophie had a sarong wrapped around her and a big sun hat on.

“Hey you’re Eddie, right?” Hailee asked when she saw me and Paris standing there.


“I’m Hailee, I just wanted to introduce myself before we left.” Turned out she had been planning on going to the audition that I meet Kelli at but they had bumped up the start date for her transformers movie. We spoke for a couple of minute, Sophie and Paris both stood quietly looking annoyed. Sophie because she wanted to leave, Paris because she was stroking my ever hardening cock and wanted to get me alone. Hailee eventually got the hint from Sophie and we said good bye. As they turned to leave my eyes dropped right to Hailee’s ass checks which seemed to have eaten the strap to her thong bottoms. Before disappearing into the hallway, Hailee gave a quick look back and caught me staring. She then gave me a big smile and a wink as she disappeared out a view. I then turned back to Paris and flipped my had dick out of my shorts.

“Is that for me or Hailee?” She asked annoyed.

“Does it matter?”

She glanced down at my dick and looked back up at me “Nope”. I Pushed he up against the fridge and she hoped up on me wrapping her legs around my waist. I slide the crotch of her suit over and dropped her clean shaven clam onto my cock.

“Oooohhhhh shit. No wonder Kelli likes you so much,” Paris moaned as I entered her. Good she felt great as a bounced her on my cock.

“Harder. Fuck me harder. We don’t have much time.” With that I shoved her harder against the fridge and ramped up my efforts. Just like with her Lab Rats costar I went all in trying to give her a hard pounding she wouldn’t forget and that would make me bust my nut as quick as possible.

“Yes! Yesssss!” Paris eyes rolled in the back of her head. “Ugghhh… I can’t believe Liv passed up a chance with this for Ray.”

“Why’s that?” I grunted before dropping my mouth to her nipple.

“Fucker lasted like two minutes and he could never fill my pussy like you are right now. GAAWWWD! YES!”

I was starting to slow down due to getting tired from holding Paris up so I quickly changed positions, bending her over the counter and giving her ass a hard slap before burying all of my 10 inches into her in one thrust.

“Fuck yeah, pound that pussy!” At this point it didn’t matter if anyone came into the kitchen, I could feel my cum bubbling up and there was no way I wasn’t finishing with Paris.

“I’m going to cum soon,” I warned her.

“In me. Do it in me. I want to feel this thing erupt,” Paris pleaded. I did just that. Thrusting as deep as I could before shooting off in her womb. “Oh gawd I can feel it. I can feel you cumming in me.” This set off Paris’ own orgasim.

We soon regained our composure and redressed, but before rejoining the party we had to pour a bottle of water down the front of Paris’s one piece, due to the fact that her suit had been bone dry with the exception of the crotch which was sopping wet.
Two hours later the party was starting to die down. Where there were 60 or so people there are one point, the number had dropped down to about 20.

“Ray, for the last time nothing happen.” Me and everyone else heard Oliva shouting from inside the kitchen. This had gone one off and on throughout the day ever since the incident after I first arrived. The only things that had changed from the first yelling match to now was Ray had become increasingly more jealous and Olivia had become increasingly drunker.

“If nothing I say matters, if you refuse to believe me, Fine!” Olivia marched out of the house with Ray slowly following a few steps behind her. I had been over by the outdoor bar area when Olivia grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me with her towards the pool. We stopped over by poolside lounge chairs where I had meet Stella earlier in the day. Olivia, still dressed in just her white bikini, shoved me onto the chair before straddling me. She pulled my head in for a kiss, and she pretty much was shoving as much of her tongue down my throat as possible.

“Liv what the fuck are you doing? Are you trying piss me off?” Ray angrily asked.

“Whatever. You already think I blew him. Hell, most of the people who were at this part think that. So, you know what, if everyone already believes I did it, I might as well do it.” Olivia slurred drunkenly. And with that she scooted back between my legs dragging the waistband of my shorts along with her exposing my cock to the evening sunlight. Liv quickly grabbed it with both hands and started stokng me.

“Check it out Ray, he’s not even hard yet and his dick’s already bigger than yours.” Ray looked on speechless and dumbfounded as his girlfriend took me into her mouth. Olivia bobbed up and down a few times before moaning around my cock. She then popped my cock out of her mouth to say “Taste like someone’s had sex today.” Her thought being Kelli when it was actually Paris she was tasting. Olivia then went right back to blowing me. While not the best blow job I’d ever had (current title holder being Victoria Justice) she was really putting on a show. Long licks up the sides, dribbling spit on it, sucked in her cheeks at times, tickling under the head with her tonuge, and of course dong her best to try to deepthroat it. The show was meant to be just for Ray, but at this point most of the remaining guests had encircled us and were watching. I even saw Stella and a few others with their camera out recoding the whole scene (and yes, after the party I did have Stella send me a copy of the video). Olivia eventually stopped blowing me and just started staring at it. Putting it up right against her center of her face to compare it to the size of her head, and then slapping it against the side of her face.

“God look at it, Ray. His cock is so much bigger than yours. It’s like his is man sized and yours is kid sized. Or his is a real one and yours is just training dick you use until you’re ready for the real thing” She then just looked at it for a second or two before saying “I think I’m ready for the real thing.” Every on gasped as she suddenly pulled on the strings on the sides white bikini bottoms causing them to fall way unveiling her pristine totally hairless pussy. If there is such a thing as a perfect look teenage pussy (though technically she was 20 now), Olivia Holt had it, and her pussy was the one to judge all others by.

“Liv don’t” Ray pleaded as she straddled herself over my awaiting erection.

“It’s my birthday, Ray, and I’ll do what I want.” And with that she slowly eased down onto me. It took a few seconds just to get my tip enter her vise like pussy. “HOLY FUCK THAT”S THICK.” Olivia yelled as I finally entered her.

“Holy shit, you’re tight” I grunted “Jesus, I’ve known virgins who were looser then you.”

“Blame Ray, you big dick bastard.” Olivia panted as she tried to work more of me into her before raising up and dropping back down.

We had been going for a few minutes when I heard I heard Piper Curda yell out, “Oh my god Ray, are you hard?” I turned my head in time to see her pants him. A couple of people chuckled a bit.

“Well, that’s disappointing” I head Stella say.

“Guys he’s not that small,” Dove Cameron said trying to defend him. Dove like most of the onlookers at this point had one hand inside their bathing suits stroking the crotch. Dove was right, he wasn’t tiny or anything, probably right around 5-5.5 inches, but it was only as thick as like as magic marker or a hot dog.

“Then you can fuck him Dove...Ugghhh...night when he first met you he would shut up about lips anyways.” Liv was now starting to pick up speed as she bounced down with a little over half my cock inside her.

“Fine.” Dove said as she threw down a towel and got on her knees in front of Ray and proceeded to blow him. Meanwhile I was untying Olivia’s top freeing her small perky breast with quarter sized light pink nipples for me to see for the first time. While the rest of the group around us was starting to get hornier and hornier, me and Olivia were in our own little world. Her arching her back as she moaned and groaned with each bounce on my cock, and I was groping and teasing her exposed nipple and breasts. We continued like this for another 2 minutes before we heard a grunt followed by some coughing.

“How about a little warning next time, quickdraw.” Dove spoke angrily to Ray.

“I’m sorry...it’s just…” Ray stammered obviously embarrassed. Normally I am a good person, and normally I’d have felt awful for him. This was obviously the worst, most embarrassing moment of his life. Being in a circle of people you considered friends, watching some dude you don’t know fuck your girlfriend with his ginormous cock. And then when one of other girls gives you a shot to redeem yourself you blow your load in under 3 minutes. Normally I’d feel so bad for this guy, but for some reason at this moment I didn’t.

“Hey Ray, watch this.” I said as I grabbed Olivia by the waist pulling her down as hard as I could while thrusting upward, finally squeezing my entire dick into her formally vise like pussy. That was the act that set Olivia off. She arched he back and tilted he head out letting out a high pitched “YEEEESSSSS!”, he pussy squirting all over my chest as she came. I heard a lot of reaction from the 5 or 6 other remaining guys as they found out Liv was a squirter. Finding this out just made me fuck her harder. Tightening my grip around her waist as I pulled her up to just my tip before slamming her back down.

“Oh. Yes. Oh. God. So. Good. Fuck. Me. Hard.” Olivia panted with each thrust.

“Hey, Olivia your boyfriend just ran off.” Kelli informed us. “I think he was about to cry.”

“So what. This is his fault. Ummmmm….yes. Plus I bet he’ll be calling tomorrow begging for me to take him back.” Liv could now form full sentences again with me slowing down my assault. I then cupped the back of her head, bringing her down for a kiss as she grinded her pelvis against mine. I was really enjoying having this hot little spinner ride me, but I knew this might be my one chance with her so I then told her to switch positions. I had her get up on all fours so I could fuck her from behind. She once again screamed out as a jackhammer he cunt. This new position had also allowed me to look around. The circle around us had dissipated but while some may have left others had just coupled off to enjoy their own canal pleasures in the backyeard. Paris & Piper were both nude on their knees blowing some hispanic guy, Stella was riding some guy on a different chair a few feet away. Dove and Peyton List were 69ing on the grass. And Sammi was getting fucked from behind by a black guy who had introduced himself as Olivia’s new costar. He was one of those guys who earlier had congratulated me thinking I had hooked up with Liv. And while he may have been screwing Sammi, his eyes her focused solely on Olivia and her nude body.

The only one who was still watching me and Olivia have sex was Kelli, who was sitting naked on a stack of towels fingering herself while watching us. I gave Liv a quick nipple twist before raising my hand to wave Kelli over. She strutted over and gave me a long kiss before moving to the front of the chair and bending down to kiss Liv.

“Having fun?” Kelli question Liv.

“Oh my god. It’s amazing. I feels like he is going to spit me in two, but it feels so goooodddd. Why didn’t you or Paris ever tell me what I was missing out on?”

“Because we thought you’d be mad if we told you we both fucked Ray and his dick can barely stretch out a hot dog bun never mind a pussy.” I’m not sure if the news that two of her best friends had screwed her boyfriend even registered with Olivia because she didn’t seem to have any reaction. Kelli then got on her knees at the foot of the chair. “Now since you stole my cock for the night, least you can do is eat me.” And with that Kelli push Olivia’s head down on to her pussy. So now we were all nude on top of the flattened lounge chair. I was pounding Olivia Holt doggystyle, her ass shaking and body lunging forward with each thrust, and Kelli Berglund leaning back sitting on her heels as she kept Liv’s face buried in her cunt.

“Gawd Liv. I swear, I know full blown lesbians who don’t eat pussy half as well as you.” Kelli moaned with her eyes shut as she continued to shove her pussy into Olivia.

This visual apparently was too much for Liv’s new costar as I could hear Sammi yelling about feeling him cumming inside her and him accidentally yelling, ‘Oh yeah Olivia, take my cum Liv. Take it all you sexy little white girl’. As if embarrasing her boyfriend wasn’t good enough already, knowing there was another guy there who was desperate to fuck the girl, who was currently having her third orgasim, I was fucking was almost too much. I knew I was on borrowed time and I wanted to see if I could get her pussy to gush one more time. Kelli had let go of Liv’s head after her own orgasim, so I flipped Olivia onto her back and had her legs up on my shoulders as a pumped in and out of her and used one hand furiously rub her clit. I even folded her up a bit when I leaned down to suck and nibble on her nipples. I had her now crying out in pleasure and within 5 minutes of her last orgasim I had her erupting again.

Soon after I pulled out and let her know I was about to burst. I stood up on the chair as Olivia quickly sat up tall on her knees opening her mouth wide and sticking out her tongue. Kelli also snuck over going cheek to cheek with Olivia in just about the same pose. After a few strokes I unleashed a torrent of cum across the two girls faces and tits. After at least a dozen spurts of cum, Liv grabbed my cock and quickly swallowed the head and attempted to suck out whatever was left in me. The whole time looking up at me with wide eyes that seemed to be filled with bliss and happiness.

After a few moments I settled down and caught my breath, “By the way Olivia, I meant to wish you a happy birthday earlier.” Olivia swallowed what was in her mouth as she slid my dick out of it.

“Thanks! You have know idea how happy I am you came today.”
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 3: Lazy Sunday Hangout
Staring Stella Hudgens, Sammi Hanratty and Vanessa Hudgens
Codes: MF, MFF, Oral, Facial, Anal, Shower
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction

It had been about a month since I went to the party a Kelli’s for Olivia Holt’s birthday, and a lot had happened. We had finished casting the movie, Ryan had gone with pretty much all totally unknown actors and he was currently filming it. I had been going back and forth between LA and San Diego a lot, and spending most nights I stayed in LA at Kelli’s. She and I had continued our fuck buddy relationship, and also one night while I was at my place in San Diego I got a booty call from Paris saying she was in town. I’ve always enjoy having sex on my balcony and Paris seemed to enjoy it as well. One person I had not seen was Victoria Justice, but she did text me one night asking if there was any chance I was in New York because she needed to get off and had forgotten her vibrator. I texted back that I wasn’t “but this is waiting for you whenever you want it when you get back to SoCal” and I texted her a pic of my hard dick.

Currently I was staying at Ryan’s place while I was looking to get my own place in LA. Going back and forth was just getting tiring and I had grown to enjoy LA more recently. I hadn’t called Kelli at all while I was in town this time. While I loved having sex with her I was trying to cool things off between us. Last time I had hung out at her place, me, Kelli and Paris were watching a movie when Kelli’s parents called, Kelli got up and left the room to talk to them in private. As soon as she walked out of the room Paris got on the floor between my legs, pulled my cock out and gave me the best blow job she could. I came before Kelli got back into the room so we thought we had gotten away with it, but later in the night Kelli admitted to watching as I busted my nut down her close friends throat. While she tried to act like it didn’t bother her but I could tell it did. So for now I was staying away to avoid her getting any more attached.

Currently I was relaxing in front of the TV enjoying a lazy Sunday, when I got a text from a number I didn’t recognize right away. The message simply said “we’re bored and horny, come over”. I clicked on the message to ask who it was, when a previous message chain opened with a whole bunch of pictures that was sent to me. As soon as it clicked in my mind who it was, I told her to text me the address and I headed out.

I pulled up to a nice house in Studio City and knocked on the door. I could hear some hushed voices and giggling before the door opened up revealing Sammi Hanratty and Stella Hudgens, both clad in very small bikinis.

“Bout time you showed up.” Sammi teased

“Yeah well, better late than never.”

The let me in and we headed back towards the pool. Stella pointed out where some things were as we walked through her house. I’ll admit it was a real nice pland had good sized pool. We continued on passed the pool, they told me that they had been hanging out in the pool house. Stepping into the glassed walled pool house I took in my surroundings. There looked to be a full wet bar with bar stools, a door that I’m guessing lead to the bathroom, and in the middle looked to be a California King sized bed with short padded headboards around three sides, making it into a huge couch/lounge thing. The bed/lounge was facing a huge wall mounted TV.

“Hey pool house rules.” Stella said, causing me to turn around and watch her undo her bikini top. “No clothes allowed!” She dropped her top to the ground showing off her nice full sized tits and pierced nipples. She then quickly discarded her bottoms showing off that she was shaved, just like I had assumed. She was also totally bronzen, it was obvious they she spends a lot of time outside tanning in the nude.

“Hey, you heard her, clothes off.” Sammi ordered as she too had discarded her clothes. Her breast were just like her butt, small but perky, and unlike most of the Hollywood starlets I had encountered thus far she was not fully clean shaven. She had a small close cut patch of hair in the shape of a heart just above her vagina. And unlike Stella she had some definite tan lines. I discarded with my shirt and shoes, and began unbuckling my pants. Both girls had their eyes locked on my crotch as I dropped my shorts.

“Just as nice as I remembered.” Sammi said with glee.

“Come on, let's get comfortable.” Sella said gripping my cock and pulling me over to the bed. I got up on the bed and rested my up against one of the padded head boards. The two girls laid down by my cock perpendicular to me, with one on each side (we looked like a big “+” sign). The girls started rubbing and stroking my dick, bringing it up to full strength. They were not trying to really make me cum, so much as they were just toying with my cock.

“Ummmm, I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this” Stella says as she leaned gave it a kiss and flicked her tongue against the tip.

“I know right. I can’t believe Olivia actually got back together with Ray after getting a chance with it.” Sammi the leaned in to kiss and lick the other side of my shaft.

“It’s just cause she likes to play the goodie good, but I bet if she were here right now she’d be all over it again. Oh by the way, Eddie I thought you said you were off limits to anyone but Kelli at that party?”

“In my defense, Olivia didn’t give me much of a choice and also I fucked Paris right after I left you girls.”

“Asshole.” Stella said before attempting to swallow my whole cock down her throat..

“I sorry I didn’t fuck you then but, I saw you both enjoying yourself with those other guys.”

“Gaahh.. Yeah they weren’t bad.” Stella said after taking my cock of of throat, before quickly reswallowed.

“At least your guy remembered your name. Aubrey yelled out Liv’s. Good I hate that bitch.” Sammi retorted obviously annoyed. “BTW he wanted your number the next day so I made him eat out a couple of times before I gave it to him.”

“Oh, so that’s how he got it. I was wondering.”

“What did he want?” Stella said as she moved down and started tonguing my balls as Sammi went back to sucking me.

“He wanted to know if I had any tips to seduce Olivia.”

“What did you tell him?” asked Stella.

“I asked him how big he was.”

“Not quite this big, but big enough to get the job done.” Sammi interjected before going right back to blowing me.

“Right, so then I told him to find out what kind of hard liquor she likes, stock up on it, then next time she gets into a big fight on the phone with her boyfriend to invite her to his place or trailer to have a drink and talk about it. Then when she is drunk enough she starts slurring her words, tell her she deserves better and makes her feel good. Then I told him once she agrees she with that statement to whip out his fully hard dick and tell her he knows this will make her feel good.” Both girls started to laugh a bit and Stella agreed that that should work.

“Grrahhh, enough talk about Olivia fucking Holt. I’m just as hot as her, and you are here to fuck me.” Sammi stood up and straddled me with the intention of riding me reverse cowgirl. Despite her small size, Sammi did not slowly sink down my pole like most girls, instead she dropped down as hard as she could buring all 10 inches of me into her on first try.

OOOOOHHHHHHHHH shit! Holy fuck that’s big” Sammi wide eyed and yelled in pleasure, having a mini orgasim as I filled her up.

“Oh my god you look so stretched out.” Stella said which was followed by a moan from Sammi. While I could not see what was going on, it seemed obvious that Stella as licking Sammi’s clit as she rocked herself on my cock. After a few minutes Sammi got up and Stella went to take her place. Stella then gave me a wink before dropping down on me while doing a full split.

“Holy shit. Are you serious.” I seriously could not believe it.

“After all those years of dance you’d be amazed how flexible I am,” Stella moaned as she twerking on my cock. “Fuck you’re huge.” she said as she continued to bounce. Sammi moved over to sit on my face and she also buried her head between Stella’s tits. “Aww shit I’m gonna cum.” I could feel Stella’s pussy clamp down on my cock as she came. When it was over Stella rolled off me and Sammi quickly took her place.

“Oh god, I swear I can practically feel it all the way in my stomach.” Sammi said gleefully as she bottomed out on my cock once again.

“Looks like Nessa’s home.” Stella said as she waved out the large windows towards the pool. The idea of Vanessa Hudgens watching me bang her sister and her friend really turned me on. I scooped my arms up under Sammi’s knees and picked her up as I stood up. I continued to bounce her on my cock as I turned around towards the window. Sure enough there was Vanessa, standing by the pool wearing a similar outfit to one that I’d seen her photographed in at a grocery store (red and white romper, that really showed off her legs, and a pair of heeled boots). See her standing there watching made me bounce Sammi harder and faster on my cock until she finally screamed out in orgasm in my arms. As she went limp I dropped her on the bed and turned to Stella, giving Vanessa a good profile view of my dick, before shoving it down her sister’s throat. Stella thankfully seems to not have any gag reflex because she had no issue letting me fuck her throat. Feeling my own orgasim growing I pulled out of the younger Hudgens’ mouth before cumming all over her face and tits.

When I was done I looked back out the window but Vanessa was gone. When I turned back my disappointment in Vanessa leaving quickly vanished as I watched Sammi lick my cum off her friend. After she finished bathing her friend with her tongue Sammi pulled Stella in for a kiss. The girls soon slid back over to me and once again were giving me a dual blow job.

“God, so do you girls do this to all your guy friends? Cause this clearly isn’t the first time you’ve shared a cock.” I groaned as the continued to pleasure me.

“Ummm, not all but yeah occasionally invite some of our LARGER guy friends over for some fun.” Stella told in a very sexual voice.

“Yeah, it’s not like where Lia,” Sammi said bluntly before going right back down on me


“Lia Marie Johnson. She’s a friend of ours who’d blow just about anyone as long as she’s not busy and they ask nicely.” I made note of this to remember for later.

“So how do I stack up compared to your other guy friends?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” Stella teased me. In response I took my dick out of Sammi’s mouth and slapped Stella across the face with it a few times which made her laugh. I then placed my dick between her breast. Stella knew exactly what I wanted, spitting down between her cleavage before wrapping her tits around my dick and starting to bounce, and licking/sucking the tip on every down stroke. I told Sammi to turn around and bend over, with her ass up in the air I gave her the shocker before just finger blasting her. We stayed like this for a few minutes, Stella on her knees tity fucking my dick while I finger blasted her friend next to her. Sammi started to begged me to fuck her again I pulled away from Stella and slammed into Sammi’s soaking wet pussy. Stella cheered us one, telling me to pound her friend as she masterbated. Once again it did not take long to make Sammi’s cunt convulse in orgasim.

“Hey, she’s cummed enough, time to fuck me!” Stella demanded as she put both her legs behind her head, leaving her twisted like a pretzel and her pussy open and exposed. Once again I was slightly stunned by her flexibility, but didn’t take long to react. I pulled out of Sammi and slapped my dick on Stella’s clit before entering once again.

“Umm, Yeah Fuck!” Stella screamed.

“Yeah, you like that dick?”

“I fucking love your huge dick!”

“Better than other friends?”

“Fuck yeah!”

I was really enjoying watching Stella’s tits jiggle as I slammed into her pussy until my view was suddenly blocked by Sammi’s pussy. She was standing up bent over in front of me with her pussy at eye level and her head down kissing her friend. Not missing a beat I shoved my tongue into the small blond girls pussy.

“I’m cumming!! Oooohhhhhh YEEEESSSSS!” Sella came on my cock while I continued to plug away at her pussy with my face still buried in Sammi’s. After a few more thrust I pulled my head out of Sammi’s crotch and warned them I’m going to cum soon.

“Don’t cum inside me! You can’t cum inside me.” Stella warned me. With Sammi still bent over in front of my face I made a snap decision. I quickly pulled out out of Stella and without warning I fully plunged my cock into Sammi’s ass.

“JESUS!!!” Sammi screamed.

“What the hell Sammi?” Stella questioned after Sammi screamed right in her face.

“Tell, her Sammi. Tell her what happened.” I ordered her as I began pumping in and out of her tight asshole

“My ass...he shoved..his huge cock...in my ass.” Sammi said with a twinge of both pain and pleasure in her voice.

“Seriously?” Stella the rolled out from underneath Sammi and sat up next to me and watched me ass fuck her friend. “Eww yeah, fuck her. Fucker her hard.”

With her encouragement I continued to pound her harder. “Yeah that’s it.” Stella continued to root on. “How’s that huge dick feel?” She asked Sammi.

“Oh god, it hurts, but...Fuck!”

“Here it cums,” I announced as I shot my load into her bowels.

“OH SHIT HE’S CUMMING IN MY ASS!” Sammi again screamed as she began to have her own orgasim. When I finished cumming I let go of her hips and she dropped to the bed. Stella quickly polished off my cock. After a few minutes Stella pulled off me and laid back down on the bed, next to Sammi. She leaned over and then gave Sammi a shake.

“I think she passed out.” Stella told me. I felt a swell of pride at this fact. Eventually Stella lifted up one of the padded side boards and pulled out some pot and a bowl. She offered some to me, but I passed saying that I just really needed to take a shower and then head out. She told me where the shower was upstairs in the house and I gathered up my belongings and made my way threw her house.
As I passed by one of the rooms I paused by one of the closed doors as I heard some moaning followed by a frustrated “come on, come on”. It was pretty clear that on the other side of the door was Vanessa Hudgens masterbating. For a second I thought about waking in their and offering some help, but I just continued on to the bathroom.

I pulled back the curtain and turned on the shower. As I got in I noticed a good sized vibrater on the tub ledge. This caused me to chuckle as I started lathering up. While I was rinsing off when I heard the bathroom door open quickly followed by Vanessa’s voice.

“Hey Stell, I think I left Maurice in there and I seriously need to get off after watching you and Sammi fuck that” Vanessa ripped open the shower curtain “stud.” And there we were, me standing nude under the shower head and Vanessa standing nude holding the curtain. We were both taking inventory of each other's nude forms. Vanessa looked just like she need in her leaks from The Fappening except her pussy was red and extremly wet from masterbation.

“I’m guessing that’s Maurice,” I said breaking the silence and pointing at the vibrator.

“Yeah that’s him, but maybe you can help me out. After all you’re part of the reason I’m so horny.”

“Is that so,” I said as I began stroking my dick. “You weren’t out there watching that long.”

“Security cameras. We have a bunch set up around the house and you can watch the live feed on an TV. After I saw you shove that huge dick down my baby sister’s throat I ran up to my room and watched the rest on TV.” Vanessa had stepped into the shower, looking me dead in the eye the hole time as she took my dick in her hand. “The whole show made me so horny, but I haven’t been able to get off. Think you can help me out?”

“I don’t know. Your sister seems very willing and she’s so flexible. Maybe I should go back downstairs and see what other positions she can bend into.”

“Oh please, I taught that slut everything she knows.” And with that Vanessa grabbed onto me and picked up one her legs and placed it on my shoulder. I didn’t even thing for a second after that. I took aim and slammed into the old Hudgens.

“Ummm yeah. Fuck me.” She moaned as I began thrusting into her. As sexy as it initially was, between the slick wet floor and our height difference our current position was not an easy one to maintain. Slipping her leg back down I had Vanessa turn around, bent her over, grasp onto a towel rack in the back of the shower and I started fucking her from behind.

“Yeah, that it’s fuck me hard.”

“You like that”

“Fuck Yeah!”

“My dick living up to the hype?”

“Oh gawd yes.”

“Do you like fucking your sisters friends?”

“I fucking love it. Knowing no matter how many of them she fucks, that because I was one of their first crushes they’d do just about anything to get with me. I used to get so turned on walking around in my underwear whenever she had a friend over. One day I finally blew her best guy friend after I walked in on him masterbaing to a picture of me. But she’s never brought home a guy as big as you. God you make my pussy feels so good.” Once again I could feel my ego swell, but I could also feel my ball start to swell so pulled out and spun Nessa around and began mauling her tits, buying me some time before I started fucking her again.

“Get in the ground I want to rid you.” The tub was hard and a little too small for me to fully lay down, but those are small things to complain about when you have the High School Musical star riding you cock. Thankfully it didn’t take her long to cum because I was not far behind. I stood up and Vanessa closed her eyes and mouth and aimed my dick right at her face as I came all over it. When it was over she opened her eyes and gave me a smile and a quick kiss to my cock head.

“Thanks I needed that.”

“My pleasure.” I said as I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. Vanessa turned off the water and got out as well, much of my cum still on her face. She asked for my phone so she could give me her number. I unlocked it and handed it over with the new contact screen over. She began typing and I started to get dressed. When I saw a flash come from the phone I asked her what she was doing, but she just simply said she was taking a profile pic for her contact info. It wasn’t until I got to my car and got and got a text from Stella that said “That bitch” that I knew what truly happened. Scrolling up from Stella’s message I saw one that was sent to her from my phone “Hey Sis, you sure know how to pick guy with great cocks” along with a picture of Vanessa with my cum on her face and me in the background putting my shirt on. Oh well, I shrugged it off before driving off.
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Current Top 5
1. Hailee Steinfeld
2. Bailee Madison
3. Victoria Justice
4. Olivia Holt
5. Emma Watson
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 4: Late Night Steam
Staring Chloe Moretz, Appearance by Victoria Justice
Codes: MF, Oral, Anal, Creampie, Public
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction
“Yes! That’s it! stretch my pussy out!” Victoria Justice moaned as I fucked her in the small cramped room. “Yes, stretch me out! I want Reeve to know next time we’re together that I was with someone else and he was fucking huge!”

Me and Victoria had been going at it for nearly 45 minutes and it was hard to tell what she liked more; the way I was fucking her, or the idea of punishing her boyfriend. To be honest I didn’t care. Currently I still had most of my clothes on with the exception of my pants and boxers which were pooled around my feet. Victoria meanwhile only had on her short black skirt, which was bunched around her waist, and a pair of black heels. Victoria was resting on the sink counter with one leg wrapped around my back and the other up over my shoulder.

I unlatched from Tori’s breast to warn her “I gonna cum.”

“Shoot it in me”


“Ummhmmm.. YES! Fill me. Fill my cunt up with your cum!” Victoria yelled. There were a bunch of people we knew on the other side of the door but I had given up on trying to keep quite a while ago.

“Here it cums…” I groaned as I busted my nut inside Victoria Justice. While we had had sex at the audition, and I had made me cum twice already today, this is the first time she had me cum inside her.

“Yes. Oh geeze that felt good.” Victoria said as she leaned back against the mirror on the wall.

As we started to get dress there was a knock on the door. “Guys the pilot says we’re getting ready to land. So you need to stop fucking and take your seats.” Elizabeth Gillies informed us. Once dressed me and Victoria emerged from the bathroom of the private jet to take the seats. The other 7 people on the plane all looked at us silently and it was a pretty awkward landing in Toronto.

Me and Ryan were on our way to the Toronto International Film Festival to screen our film which Ryan literally had just made the final changes to last night. Normally there is no way we could have gotten in on such late notice but some films had dropped out and Ryan knew someone who knew someone who was able to get us in. As for why we were flying with Victoria and her friends (especially since this was the movie she had been turned down for) it had to do with her being mad at her boyfriend, Reeve Carne. They were planning on having a vacation together in Toronto when he suddenly ditched out to have a guys weekend in Vegas. So Victoria decided to turn the trip into a girls weekend, and when she heard through the grapevine me and Ryan were going that way at the same time she invited us to hitch a ride with them. However as soon as we were on the plane it was obvious she had ulterior motives, and that the whole reason I was riding with her was so she could get back at her boyfriend by riding me.

When the plane landed we all grabbed our luggage and went on our separate ways, but not before Liz slipped me her number while her friends backs were turned. Our screening was going to be in two days, so while Ryan did some press and looked over the film another few more times I was left to my own devices in Toronto. It was my first time in the city I did a bunch of the standard tourist stuff (CN Tower, Hockey Hall of Fame, St. Lawrence Market, ext) but on the night before the screening I found myself unable to sleep.
It was 1am local time but my body was still on West Coast time. I tried to think of something to do to ease my mind and lower my stress. My first thought of course was sex, so I texted Victoria and got no response, then I texted Liz Gillies but she told me that she couldn’t get away tonight. My next thought was to go to the gym, but that sounded awful, however the hotel did have a steam room so I decided to give that a shot. I went downstairs and entered the gym on the way to the locker room. The gym was empty except for one blond woman, but I didn’t get a good look as I walked by. I disrobed and wrapped myself in a towel then I started looking around for the door to the sauna, but I could not find it. I then went out of the locker room and looked around and once again could not find it. With nothing left to lose I decided to ask the woman in the gym.

The women in the gym was using the free weights over by the mirrored wall. She had dirty blond hair just past shoulder length, and while she didn’t have shapely hips her high waist yoga pants showed off the fact she had some long toned legs, despite her height, and a decent ass.

“Excuse me can you help me.” I asked while holding the towel around my waist. The second she looked up into the mirror and I saw those lips I knew exactly who she was, and when she ran her tongue over her lips I nearly got an instant hard on. “Ummm..yeah...do you know where the entrance to the sauna is?”

Chloe Moretz turned around and faced me for the first time. “Yeah, you have to go out to the pool and enter through there.”

“Really? That’s stupid.”

She laughed “Yeah, it really makes no sense.”

“Ughh, well thanks anyway Miss Mortez.”

“No problem, maybe I’ll see you in there later.” Chloe then turned back to the mirror and I went on my way. I had never been much of a sauna person but tonight after a few minutes it really started to feel good, and I could feel my muscles starting to relax. I went out to the pool and grabbed a few more towels that I could lay down across the bench and use the extra towels as pillows. I had been laying down for about ten minutes with my eyes shut when I heard the sauna door open. I looked over to the door and saw Chloe standing there covered in what looked like just a towel.

“Hey you’re still here.” She said a bit surprised.

“Yup” I said giving a quick scan up and down.

“So, you gonna move over so I can sit down?”

“Oh, yeah. My bad.” I sat up and spun my body so my feet were back on the ground. However, my towel did not spin with me and suddenly I was exposing myself to the Kick-Ass star.

“Holy shit, dude! Are you serious?”

“Shit. Sorry about that.” I said as I fixed my towel.

“Fuck that. Don’t hide that thing. Keep it out.” I undid the towel and sat there on the sauna bench totally nude in front of Chloe Moretz. “Jesus you’re not even hard yet.” Chloe again ran her tongue over her full lips. She turned around to lock the sauna door,then turned back to me whipped off her towel and strutted towards me nude. She had long legs led up to her shaved pussy with a pair of fat lips and her light pink pierced nipples topped off her short torso. When she was right in front of me she bent down and grabbed a hold of manhood and pumped it to full mass.

“That is one seriously nice cock.” It looked like Chloe was about to bend down further and take me into her mouth, but instead she stood back up and stepped up onto the bench with each leg spread out outside of mine and her pussy in my face. She put a hand on the back of my head and pushed it towards her crotch.

“Really?” I said looking up at her.

“Umm-hmm, I’ve been hearing from gen since puberty about how I have an amazing set of dick sucking lips” she then slowly ran her tongue over her lips again “and a few years ago I decided that if men are so desperate for me to suck them off then I should get mine too. So if you want these lips wrapped around your dick you better start eating my pussy and you better bring your A game.”

I didn’t even hesitate as I shoved my head into her crotch. Grabbing each ass cheek with my hand and pussing her pussy as far down onto my tongue as possible.

“Ummm Fuck yeah, eat that pussy,” she moaned as she put both her hand on the back of my head and kept it in place. “God it’s nice to find a guy who know what they’re doing down there.” With her encouragement I continued to eat her pussy like a guy who hadn’t eaten in days. I still had my hands on her ass as I moved them to spread her cheeks a bit, then slid one hand over slightly before sticking my middle finger into her asshole. Chloe gasped and moaned as I slid my finger in and then pushed my face hard into her pussy. We kept going for a few minutes and finally I got her to cum as I sucked on her clit while blasted her pussy with my hand that didn’t have a finger in her ass. Chloe stepped off the wooden bench and got down on her knees.

“Well you passed, so now get ready for the best blow job of your life.” She said as she took my schlong into her hands. “I will admit, you do have a great looking dick.” Chloe then took my head between her gorgeous big lips. She then slowly slid more and more of my cock down her throat, moving her tongue around the shaft the whole time, until she had all of my meat down her throat. She slowly built up speed, each time going down and taking my whole 10.5 inches. If she ever had a gag reflex, it was long gone now.

“God damn Chloe, you really know how to handle a big dick, don’t ‘cha” I said slightly out of breath.

She pulled my dick out of her mouth and spat on cock and began stroking it when she responded, “Like I said guys have been for begging me to blow them since I turned 13.” She flicked her tongue against my mushroom head. “And I also have a thing for hockey players and they tend to run on the large side.” She then but my full head back in her mouth and toyed with her tongue.

“Well, shit, it show. This is probably the best blow job I’ve had.”

“Trust me, I know.” She said as she started to play with my balls before going back to deep throating me. She kept it going for another minute or so, and she must have been able to tell I was getting close because she popped my dick out of her mouth to ask “If you cum not how long do you take to recover?”


“If you cum, how long till you can go again? Or are you those one and done guys?”

“Usually...I’m good to go right away.”

“Good,” She said before swallowing my whole cock and showing that she had actually been holding back before. I had thought before that Victoria Justice was a very talented cock sucker, but compared to Chloe she is an amateur. It didn’t long for me to tell her I was about to cum and she removed my dick from her mouth but she kept it aimed at her mouth open with her tongue sticking out. She stroked me until I came, and I watched as I shot burst after burst of semen into her waiting & wanting mouth. When I was done she swallowed and opened her mouth to show me she had dome before taking my dick back into her mouth and sucked off any remaining cum. When she was satisfied she then got up on all fours on the wooden bench.

“You ready this dick?” I asked tauntingly as I rubbed it against her pussy.

“Fuck yeah I’m ready. Stick it in my ass!” This caught me off guard, but I tried to play it cool and so I slid my dick up and rubbed it on her rosebud.

“Yeah it that what you want?”

“Hell yes you fucker. Shove that fat cock up my ass!” So I did just that. I shoved my my dick into her asshole and began to pound her backdoor. “Grrrrr yeeaaah.” She groaned through gritted teeth. Within minutes it became clear that this girl liked it rough. No matter how hard I fucked her or spanked her, she wanted it harder. I’d seen interviews where Chloe had talked about how she was nothing like her Hit Girl character in real life, but as I fucked her I could hear Hit Girl come out of her. Calling me a ‘fucker’, wanting to be done harder, even yelling out she wanted me to ‘rape her fucking asshole’.

As much as I was enjoying this, the wood bench was killing both our knees so we switched positions with her now riding me cowgirl as I sat back on the bench. I was also now fucking her pussy, but she was still showing off her filthy mouth as she repeatedly dropped down onto my dick as forcefully as her hips would allow. With her small breast bouncing in my face I leaned in to suck on her pierced nipples.

“Come on down just suck on my tits, bite them.” I lightly bit on her small pencil eraser nipples. “I said fucking bite them you pussy.” I then bit down harder and that set her off, “Yes!” she moaned in pleasure. I started alternating between biting and twisting her nipples as she continued to ride me. When I turned my head and got her piercing between my teeth and pulled on it, the sensation that she felt caused her to moan in ecstasy and squirt all over my cock. She congratulated me on making her squirt saying not all guys can make her do it, but I didn’t care because I was not ready to stop.

I had Chloe stand up and I bent her over at the waist and grabbed both her arms pulling them behind her. She was not completely at my mercy as I pounded her from behind, and she was absolutely loving it. I was able to hold both of her wrists in one hand so I could use the other to spank her ass. “Yes! Fuck Yes! Harder!” she continued to cry out. I was getting ready to cum, but instead of warning her I pulled out of her pussy and slammed back into her asshole and unleashed my load. “Yes you fucker!” She moaned as came in her ass.

I sat back down on the bench and Chloe slid down between my legs to clean off my cock, but it felt so good I held her head down as she tried to get back up. I had her not only get me hard again, but I had her blow me until I began cumming down her throat and half way though I pulled out so the last few blast splashed onto her face. When it was over Chloe grabbed her towel and wiped the cum off her face before standing up to leave. She told me she’d be in the gym around the same time tomorrow if I was interested. With that she unlocked the door, looked to make sure the coast was clear outside, threw her towel over her shoulder before casually strolling back to the women’s locker room in the nude.
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Current Top 5
1. Hailee Steinfeld
2. Bailee Madison
3. Victoria Justice
4. Olivia Holt
5. Emma Watson
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 5: Networking at Night
Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Codes: MF, Oral, Creampie, Cheating
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction
While I was able to sleep well after hooking up with Chloe Moretz, the next day my nerves were back as I got ready for our screening. Thankfully all those nerves were for nothing, people loved the movie. People gave Ryan an ovation when the film was over and for the rest of the day kept coming up to Ryan & I congratulating us and telling us how much the loved the film. We got a whole bunch of free drinks that night and when I got back to the hotel, instead of going back to my room, I went straight to the gym and sure enough Chloe was in there working out just like she said she would be. I fucked her right there on the bench press.

Things were a total whirlwind over the next few days. Our film was the buzz of the Toronto Film Fest and we even had a second screening of the film get scheduled. We also had distributors contact us about buying the movie. We were not to sure who to go with until Netflix got involved and offered not only gave us the biggest offer, but they also offered to finance Ryan’s next project. I had already agreed to produce his next film, but with all the extra money from Netflix we could now go for our dream cast instead of going with unknowns again. We had previously thought that Mary Elizabeth Winstead or Emma Stone would be perfect for the lead and Anna Kendrick or Emmy Rossum would be great for the 2nd lead, now with this Netflix money and the buzz around Ryan, we might be able to get one of them.

The other great part about Toronto was getting to meet all these new people at the parties every night. People immediately flocked to Ryan at each party, but I soon found myself encircled by different people. Some were producers who were giving me advice, some were actors/actresses, and then there were just some other random Hollywood types. It was a lot of fun, but it was also great for networking experience for me. It was on the fourth night that I got a huge surprise as I was as a producer who I was talking to introduced to Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I told her how I was a fan of hers and she said she had heard good things about my movie. I told her that we actually had another film potentially in the works and how she was our top choice for the lead. We continued talking for a while, eventually things got switched from business to personal stuff and I told her my back story.

“So let me see if I got this all; you’re young, good looking, you’re super rich because you won the freaking lottery, and you happen to now be a producer for the movie that everyone here is buzzing about because you grew up with someone who happened to become a talented director, is that right?”

“Yeah, I guess.” I said having a hard time myself believing that all of it was in fact true.

“You lucky bastard. Anything else about you note worthy?”

“Well I got a huge dick,” I said under my breath before taking a sip of my drink.

“What was that?”


“Right.” She said looking at me sideways. “Lying about your penis size already, looks like someone is on a fast track to becoming just like the rest of these a-holes” Mary said pointing her glass in the towards the rest of the room indicating she was talking about all the other Hollywood men in the room.

“Hey I am a good guy, and I am also not a liar.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes” I said confidently and then the image of me doing my high school teacher’s daughter in his classroom entered my mind, followed by having sex with Olivia Holt right in front of her boyfriend, then me texting Aubrey a tip to seduce Oliva which was quickly followed by the image of the group of pictures he had sent me last week (several of Olivia blowing him, a close up of his dick in her pussy, a full body shot of Liv as he was fucking her, and then a close up of Olivia’s smiling face with streaks of cum all across it) “Well mostly... mostly good.”

“Mostly?” Mary said raising her eyebrow.

“Occasionally I may make some bad choices when I think with the wrong head” I joked.

“Um-hmm” she hummed before taking a sip of her cocktail. Mary let the dick comment go and we actually just kept talking for a while. Turns out she is a petty cool chick. It wasn’t until two hours and a couple of drink later things suddenly changed.

“Alright, so how big is it?”

“’scuse me?”

“Couple hours ago you said you had a big dick and you said you were not a liar, so how big is it.”

I could tell the alcohol had gotten to her, and she wasn’t going to let this go, so I told the truth, “At my best, a little over ten inches.”


“No bull.”

“Prove it.”

Looking around the room making sure no one watching , I took MEW’s hand and placed it on the crotch of my pants. She bit her lip and arched her eyebrows in surprise as she gave it a few squeezes.

“Nope. Still not convinced.” She said as she took her hand away. “I’ve met guys who’ve stuffed before.”

“Alright well I’m not going to whip it out right here” I said as I again scanned the room before unzipping my fly. “But if you need more proof, reach in and grab it for yourself.” And she did just that. Snaking her hand inside my pants she took a full grasp of it.

“Oh wow.” She said in surprise “I guess you were being truthful.”. She gave me a few strokes before pulling hand back. “Well, today is your lucky day.”

“How’s that?”

“I just about never cheat on my husband, but…” She downed the rest of her drink “I’m alone, a little drunk, kind of horny, and I haven’t had sex in two months, so lets go.” She said standing up and pulling me by the arm to follow her. We had almost made it out without interruption when I suddenly heard.

“Eddie!” I turned and looked, it was Hailee Steinfeld coming right towards. “Hey,” she said as she gave me a quick hug, “You’re not leaving are you?”

“Yeah I am.”

“That’s too bad I was hoping we could catch up. I hadn’t seen you since I left Liv’s party early.” The way her eyes lit up at the mention of Liv’ party it was easy to tell she knew what happened after she left. “Anything I can do to make you stay longer?”

“Sorry, but we really need to be heading out,” I said indicating towards Mary Elizabeth who was trying hard to look annoyed.

“Oh okay” Hailee said taking her first glance towards Mary, it then clicked in Hailee’s mind what I had meant “OOHHH Okay! Well that’s too bad….” she said before leaning in to give me another hug. While embraced in the hug she whispered in my ear “… I was hoping tonight I’d get a taste of what you gave Liv” She then gave my ear lop a quick lick and walked off.

Me and Mary got to a car and headed to my hotel. In the car she said that she had thought for a second I was going to ditch her for Hailee, I reassured her I wouldn’t have a pulled her in for a kiss. Had Hailee pushed me harder, however, I probably would have. We continued to make out as we moved from the car to the elevator. Once we got to my room I opened the door and let Mary in. It was a nice room, but still just a standard one queen size bed room.

“I’m little surprise a guy who just got rich overnight like you did didn’t go all out for a suite.” She said as she walked to the middle of the room.

“Last minute booking.” I said as I watched her unzip the back of her dress and easily slip it off, leaving just in heels and a skimpy black lace thong.

“I guess that really was you nude in Fargo”

“I may not be willing to go full frontal on camera, but what’s the point of doing all those squats if you can’t show off every now and then.” She said teasingly as she bent over and slid her thong off. I walked up and bent her over a bit more before dropping to my knees and burying my tongue into her vagina.

“Oh wow!” she gasped “Usually you have to have some serious star power just to get a producer to go down on you without at least giving him a blowjob first.”

I replaced my tongue with 2 fingers before replying, “Like I said, I’m not like those other producers.“ Then I went back to eating her out. While she kept it all closely cut and well maintained Mary Elizabeth Winstead was the first woman in a while that I had gone on that actually had more hair down there than just a landing strip. I soon had her flipped over on her back. She pulled on her breast and nipples as her legs locked around my head, keeping it shoved against her pussy.

“Uuugghhh gawd. I can’t remember the last time someone went down on me like this.” It took a few more minutes but I did finally get her to orgasm. When her legs finally loosened their grip around my head I stood up and striped out my clothes. When I was down to my pants and boxers MEW sat up and moved my hands out of the way. Undoing the fly and pulling my pants and boxers down simultaneously, my rock hard dick then sprang up, just centimeters away from hitting her in the face.

“You really were not lying about having a big dick.” She said while playing with it in her hands and looking at I from all angles. “ You deserve a reward for your honesty.” And with that she swallowed half of me on her first attempt and then started sucking. She worked half my cock in and out of her mouth while stroking the other half with her two hands. Occasionally popping it out of her mouth to kissing up and down the side of the shaft, or flick her tongue up under the head, and once to drop down to such each ball into her mouth, all the while doing her best to keep eye contact with me.

She pulled me out of her mouth and spat on my dick. “I hate to cut this short, but I gotta feel this thing inside me.” She told me as she stroked me,

“That’s fine, turn around and bend over.” I ordered.

“Two rules before we do this, you can’t cum inside me and you can’t fuck my ass. Only my husband can do that stuff.” I quickly agreed, and she got into doggy position. I rubbed my length along her slit a few times before slowly easing the head into her.

“Oh wow, I feel like I’m back in high school again” As I fed more and more into her she continued to moan. “Jesus you feel huge.” Once I bottomed out I pulled back and staretd giving some slow shallow thrust building up the speed. “Oh yeah come on really give it to me.“ Having been given the ok to turn it up, I gave her ass are hard slap and pulled out to just about the tip before slamming it back in “Fuck Yes! That’s It!” She cried out as I pumped the intensity. I reached down to tug on her nipples as she had done to herself earlier and to play with clit. I managed to make her cum twice before I pulled out and shot my load along her ass and back.

“Fuck that was good, I needed that.” Mary said as she dropped down to her side in front of me. I was still hard and ready for round two, and with us in the spooning position I lifted her leg and got into place.

“Who said it’s over?” I whispered into her ear as I slid back into her. She quickly turned her head to face me.

“Oh wow, really!?!”

“Really.” I said as I pulled her head in for a deep passionate kiss as I continued to pump into her.

“Oh wow” she said as I broke off the kiss. “Gawd, if any of those other producers could’ve fucked like this I would have fuck them for a lot more rolls.”

I flung her onto her back and put her legs over my shoulders. She had relatively small breast, but I didn’t care as bent over in to take each of her light pinkish nipples into my mouth, not coming back up so until she was close to another orgasm. I watched her face explode in pleasure and her pussy grip my cock harder as she came.

“Fuck Mary, I’m gonna cum. I want you to swallow my load. She simply nodded and when I pulled out she sat up and stuffed my cock down her throat. “Look up at me.” Seeing Mary Elizabeth Winstead look up at me with those big brown eyes and by cock buried down her throat was just what I needed to set me off. I quickly exploded in her mouth and she swallowed most of my load and sucked me for a few minutes afterwards as if to make sure there was nothing left.

We both passed out not too long after that. I got up an hour or so later to go the bathroom and get a sip of water. Walking back to the bed I looked over Mary’s nude body on top of the sheet. It was then that the devil on my shoulder got the best of me and I snapped off a few nude pics of the actress with my phone before getting back in bed and going to sleep. My phone was starting to turn into a gold mine for hackers if they ever wanted another sequel to “The Fappening.”

I was having a great dream where Hailee Steinfeld was riding my dick, but I slowly began being sucked out of the dream. I could feel the bed rocking. My morning wood felt hot and wet. I could hear moaning. I could feel something sliding up and down my dick. Finally I opened my eyes to see a happy and naked Mary Elizabeth Winstaed looking back at me as she rode my dick. “Sorry to wake you” she apologized “have an interview during breakfast today, and I couldn’t leave before feeling this thing in me one more time.”

“Trust me,” I said as I gripped her hips and stared matching her stroke for stroke, “I don’t care if you have to break into my house, if you ever feel like waking me up in this way again you’re more than welcome.” Mary smiled at my comment and soon she was really picking up the tempo. “Mary … I’m… gonna…cum soon”

“Just a little bit longer…I swear…I’m almost there…almost there” She was now bouncing on me like a car piston going as fast and as hard as she could.

“If you don’t get off now I’m gonna cum!”

“Then do it! …I’m too close…fucking cum in me” With that, I did. I shot my load off into Ramona Flowers and within milliseconds she was having an orgasm of her own. Once it was over and she had caught her breath, Mary was quick to gather her things. She scribbled her number on a pad of paper next to the bed so I could contact her about the movie when I got back to LA. She said she’d love to work with a talented director like Ryan and a honest producer like myself. Then, before heading out the door, saying that if it all works out, maybe I can be there to keep her occupied while waiting between scenes.
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Current Top 5
1. Hailee Steinfeld
2. Bailee Madison
3. Victoria Justice
4. Olivia Holt
5. Emma Watson
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 6: Bumpy Flight
Starring Natalie Alyn Lind
Codes: MF, Oral, Facial, Public, Titty Fuck
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction

Two nights after hooking up with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, I was boarding the last flight out of Toronto to head back to LA. I was heading back alone as Ryan was staying a few extra days to finalize the Netflix deal and to do some more networking, but I was just ready to go home. I was one of the last to board the mostly full plane, as I walked down the aisle it was becoming clear that I was in the last row of first class before divider to coach. As I stored my bag and took my seat I got a pleasant surprise, as I would be sitting next a very hot young blond who could at the oldest only be 22. She was dressed for comfort with sweatpants and a full zipper hoodie, that was unzipped and showed off a white tank top that was struggling to hide the girl’s cleavage. Despite the dress down look, her face looked super familiar. I said hi as she gave me a once over look as I sat down, she was probably like me and just thankful not to be sitting next to some sick old person, or a really fat person. She said hi back and I asked her for her name and told her she looked super familiar. She then introduced herself as Natalie Alyn Lind.

“That’s it, you did a guest spot on Gotham! Ugh that was going to bug me the whole flight back. So were you out here for the festival.”

“Yeah.” She said bluntly

“Same here. Hope people like your film as well as they seemed to like mine.”

“No, I was just supporting a friend’s movie.” She said as she went back to looking at her phone. She seemed to have zero interest in talking to me and I was fine with that. That’s normally how I am when I fly. “Hey, I was probably going to try to read most of the flight, do you mind if I keep the reading light on after they kill the cabin lights?”

“No you’re fine. I’m not that tired anyways.” And with that we settled into our own separate worlds and the plane took off.

It was about an hour into the flight my eyelids started to drop as I read and I began to nod off. I didn’t go completely to sleep, more like that half asleep zone where you dream but are still somewhat aware of your surroundings. My mind began to drift to my sexual escapades over the last week in Toronto; Victoria Justice in the bathroom of a private jet, Chloe Moretz in the hotel steam room, Mary Elizabeth Winsated in my hotel room, and the BJ that Liz Gilles gave me last night in the men’s room at an event we were at. With those thoughts in my head it did not take long for my dick to start to swell up in the pant leg of my jeans. At one point I thought I heard a noise from the girl next to me but my mind was to lost for me to focus on it. Soon I was fully erect down my pant leg and my mind began focusing on a dream where I was back in the cabin of the private jet only this time it was just Victoria, Liz and I and the two girls were teasing me. Rubbing a figure or a nail along the outline of the dick in my pants and then starting to squeeze it. In my mind it felt so good and so real. It wasn’t until I felt the stroke of a whole hand along my hard on that my mind finally realized it wasn’t a dream, someone was actually doing this. I slowly opened my eyes to see a woman’s small hand rubbing my erection through my pants. My eyes traveled up the woman’s arm until they saw Natalie leaning over so she could feel me while she stared wide eyed at my crotch with her mouth slightly agape.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked scaring the hell out of Natalie. She literally jumped in her seat and pulled her hand back as quickly as possible when she heard my voice.

“Oh my god I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I don’t know why I did that.” Natalie was freaking out.

“First, calm down it’s alright. Second keep your voice down you don’t want to wake anyone up.”

“I’m sorry,” she shispered “I shouldn’t have done that, it’s just… I saw something out of the corner of my eye and when I looked I saw this bulge down you leg and I couldn’t believe how big it looked and I thought you were asleep so I touched it. Then, I don’t know, I just kept on touching it.”

“Natalie, it’s fine. Trust me, no straight would ever complain about waking up and having a girl like you touching their dick.”

“Umm thanks,”

“One quick question, you are 18 right?”


“Yeah so we’re fine” We had settled back into our seats and there were some moments of awkward silence. I could tell every few seconds her eyes were darting down to my hard on which had no signs of going down anytime soon.

“Sooooooo… can I see it?” She asked. She bit her lip and looked up at me. I then looked at the people across the aisle who looked to be asleep and then raised up to double check no one was up moving around.

“Fuck it. Let’s do this.” I said as I undid my pants and pulled them down just enough for my dick and ball to feel the fresh air before sitting back down.

“Oh my god that’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen.” And like a moth to the flame she soon had both her hands around it. “You’re almost as thick as my wrist” she said as she started stroking me. As she continued to worship my dick with her hands, she slowly started to lean towards it. I put my hand behind her head and applied at little pressure. She took her eyes off my dick for a second and as she made eye contact a big smile came across her face, she then turned back to my dick and bent over the rest of the way and swirled her tonuge around the head. She started off very slowly, almost as if she was unsure of herself, she began going down on me taking a few inches at a time and then popped me out of her mouth so she could look at it before going down on me again. Soon though either due to a build up of lust or confidence she began to pick up speed.

“Ugghh that it.” I groaned as softly as I could. “Get your legs up on the seat and stick your ass up as you bend over.” I ordered the barely legal actress; she gave me a questioning look as she did what I told her. That confused look vanished when my hand slipped down from the back of her head and down under her sweatpants. She was now blowing me with great vigour and I could feel her moan around my dick as I pushed her panties aside so I could slip a finger into her smooth velvety pussy. I took in the whole situation, me with my hand down the young actress's pants as she was bent across her seat and into my lap as she blew me, before reaching up and turning off the light. When the light shut off Natalie came off my cock looked up at me, I gave her the ‘be quiet’ sign and lifted her up by the chin and gave her a kiss. I then pulled my fingers out of her dripping wetpussy and brought them to her face.

“Lick” I told her, and she took my fingers into her mouth and suckedd them off. “Now, slide your sweatpants down and sit on my dick.”

“Shouldn’t we sneak into that bathroom or something?”

“Nah, we’d have to walk passed everyone to get to the bathroom, and besides there’s barely enough room for 1 person never mind 2. Plus, how much hotter would it be doing it out here in the middle of the plane.” She just smiled and bit her lip, then started sliding her pants and panties down to her knees. She then put her feet back on the floor before sliding over in front of me. Grabbing onto my cock she took aim at her young pussy and sat down on top of it. She let out a bit of a high pitch squeal as my dick stretched out her tight pussy. She began rocking her hips on my dick being careful not to make too much noise.

She had a cute little butt and I enjoyed watching it bounce on my cock, but I wanted to get at those tities. I pulled off her sweatshirt and leaving her in her tight white tank top. I reached around in front of her and slid my hands up under her shirt. I was expecting to feel a bra, but instead I found my hands fondling a pair of nice sized, very firm, and perky breast.

“God damn girl, are these tits real?” I whispered into her ear.

“Is your cock real? I swear I’m going to come soon.” She whispered back with some desperation in her voice.

“Turn around, I want to see your tits.” She slid her pants down a little further before turning around and putting her knees on the seat just on the outside of my own legs. I watched as she bit her lip to avoid making a sound as she lowered herself back onto my cock. As she found her rhythm I rolled her shirt up to expose her firm breast, proving that not only were they real but they were spectacular. I’m shocked this girl hasn’t been cast to play the hot high school cheerleader a couple of times over because other than being on the shorter side, it was the roll her body was built for. 18 years old blond, with a pretty face and great tits, she is exactly the kind of girl you dream about when you dream about cheerleaders.

I watched her tits bounce for a few moments before sliding a hand up her hip to play with them. As I leaned my head forward to suck on one of her tits, I could hear moaning going a bit louder and faster. Then after switching breast I bit down softly on her erase nub like nipple.

“Uggggh yeeess” Natalie let out before I slipped my hand over her mouth to get her to be quiet.
“You’re close to cumming, aren’t you?” I questioned her quietly. WIth my hand still over her mouth she simply nodded. “You like how my big dick makes you feel?” Again she enthusiastically nodded. I then moved closer to her ear and whispered “Well just remember, I’m barely doing any of the work right now. If we were in private, I’d absolutely destroying your pussy. I’d ruin you for all over men.” I then started kissing along her neck. I was halfway down to her breast when I felt her body begin to spasm, I looked up at her face to see her eyes had rolled back into her head as she was cumming on my cock. I kept my hand over her mouth to keep her cries of pleasure muffled as much as I could. When she has done I moved both my hands down to her waist and held her in place as I used my hips to thrust in and out of her. As I go close to cumming I had her sit back in her seat, and I stood up and jacked off my cock until I came, shooting several ropes of cum all over teenage breast.

I sat back down and tucked my cock back into my pants, but I didn’t zip back up since we still had 2 more hours to go and who knows what could happen.

“Wow.” Natalie said as she scooped up some cum of her breasts with her finger and then put it in her mouth. “I guess I’m part of the mile high club now.”

“Yup, welcome to the club.”

“So you’ve done this before” she asked.

“Not on a passenger plane, but I did join the club on a private jet on the way to Toronto.”

“Yeah, but I bet it’s not everyday a guy like you gets to fuck a hot barely legal teen like me.” She said confidently and flirtatiously.

“Well… no. not EVERY day.”

“What does that mean.” I told her that in the past few months I had hooked up with a number of younger actresses and when she pressed me hard for names, while reluctant at first, I did tell her about Stella, Sammi, Olivia, Paris and Kelli. She called bull shit and said I was just lying trying to make her feel jealous. I don’t know why I don’t like being called a liar so much, so just like with Mary Elizabeth Winstead I felt I needed to prove that I was telling the truth. So I pulled out my phone and opened up the photos. I showed her the pics of Kelli naked, Paris blowing me, Sammi & Stella posing with my dick, Vanessa’s pic with my cum on her.

“Oh my god.” she said as she scrolled through the pics. I was starting to get hard again and she begn squirming in her seat as we looked through the photos. “Hey what the video of? Holy shit!” Thank goodness my headphones were still jacked into my phone as she had found the video Stella had taken of me and Olivia during her part. “Oh my god, she’s fucking you right in the middle of everyone!” One of Natalie’s hands had snuck into her pants and she began fingering herself as she watched. “Gawd, this is so hot.”

“Alright that’s enough I said.” taking my phone back as the video came to an end. As I put my phone away I realized that my hard-on had come out of my unzipped pants.

“So… is there any special requirements to getting into your photo album?” She asked as she looked over at my resurrected hard-on.

“Nope, just need to be ready and willing.” I said with a smile on my face, Natalie smiled back before sliding down to the floor. It was a tight squeeze but she just barely fit between my legs and the seats. She had one hand buried in her pants, one hand on the base of my cock and as she once again started to blow me. I didn’t want to turn the flash on on my camera phone, so I made sure the person across the aisle was still asleep before I turned on the seat’s reading light before snapping a few pictures of the young actress sucking my cock.

“Ummm… Natalie that feels really good, but I really want to fuck your tits.”

“Okay” She said. I reached down and pulled off her top and she got my dick nice and wet before wrapping her tits around my dick and giving me a heck of a titty fuck.

“That’s it fuck my dick with your teen tits. God I am going to cum soon. Where do you want it?”

“My face. I love it when my boyfriends give me a facial.” I pulled my dick out from between her tits and fired it at her face. Emptying my balls all over her gorgeous 18 year old face. When I was done, I told her to look at the camera and smile as I snapped off a few more pics before she put her shirt back on and went to the bathroom to clean up.

When she got back to her seat I asked her if she wanted to come over to my place to continue things after we landed. She said she couldn’t and that her mom was picking her up from the airport, but that she wanted me to text her copies of the pictures when we landed. Then she pulled her panties from her pocket and gave them to me saying that she wanted me to hold on to them for her until the next time we can meet up.
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Current Top 5
1. Hailee Steinfeld
2. Bailee Madison
3. Victoria Justice
4. Olivia Holt
5. Emma Watson
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 7: Mixing Buisness
Starring Anna Kendrick
Codes: MF, Oral, Public,
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction

With Ryan’s movie now in Neflix’s hands and their money in ours, we quickly moved onto pre production for his next film. The plan was to have Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the lead and we were getting ready to pitch Anna Kendrick as the supporting actress/second lead. We had thought we had MEW in the bag until two days before our Anna Kendrick meeting, we got a call from her saying that she was not going to be able to take the part. As disappointed as we were Ryan moved quickly to call Emma Stone. Even though we thought it was a pretty remote chance we could get her, especially after her winning the Oscar this past year, but Ryan still wanted to pitch her. She agreed to meet with him, but she the only time she could meet in the next three weeks was at the same time as Anna Kendrick, so me and Ryan decided to try and divide and conquer with him going to meet Emma and me going to meet Anna.

I was more than fine with this situation. Anna Kendrick had for a long time been one of my top celebrity crushes. I know there are plenty of celebrities who are considered “hotter”, but I was just a sucker for her smile, her rack, and her public personality.

The meeting was set up at a hotel in downtown LA and I had decided to rent a cabana by the pool to do it. The cabana was good sized with 3 canvas walls, four wicker chairs with large pillows and padding, and in front were tied off drapes that could be closed for privacy. I was relaxing enjoying a mojito when I saw Anna walking over. She was wearing jeans, heeled brown boots and a gray v-neck t-shirt. Pretty casual, but I didn’t expect much different. When she came over I stood up and introduced myself and explained to her why Ryan wasn’t there as a server came over to take Anna’s drink order.

“So how’d you guys decide who would speak with who?” Anna asked. “Ryan pick her because she’s the Oscar winner or…”

“Ha. No nothing like that. I was the one who first convinced him that you were perfect for this part.” I answered, and then added somewhat sheepishly, “Plus I’m a big fan of yours and you were one my top celeb crushes so I wasn’t going to pass up meeting you.”

“Awww, that sweet. Or maybe creepy. I don’t know, we’ll see how things go.” She joked.

We talked for a 45 minutes ordering a few more drinks and some appetizers to snack on. We also closed the drapes because tourist kept snapping cell phone pics of Anna a few even came into the cabana to try and get selfies with her. We talked about the part a lot, she really liked the script, one of her hang ups though was a sex scene her character had. It was an important scene and she wanted me make sure we knew she was not going to do any nudity. I reassured her, that despite the fact she was going to disappoint millions of Americans, that it wasn’t a problem. I told her she could wear a bra or Ryan can shoot around it so she wouldn’t show anything. As we continued to talk we both joked around a bunch, and she agreed with me that for the most part the character she would be playing is a lot like her, with one exception.

“Well, I’m not a slut though.” She said. It was true, the character she was playing was pretty slutty. The on camera sex scene she was going to have to do was her character proving to Emma Stone’s character’s boyfriend was a cheater by recording herself fucking him.

“No, but something tells me you know what you’re doing.” Our conversation had suddenly changed from joking and jovial to one that was highly flirtatious.

“Oh, what makes you say that?” She flirting back at me before taking a sip of her drink.

“Well there’s your twitter where you ‘joke’ about masterbating in a theater, knowing what a spinner is, the story in your book about you high fiving a guy after he makes you orgasim in bed, and I may have heard a story or two about you when I was in Toronto.”

“Hey, I have never slept for a part.” Anna said sternly.

“I never said you did. Just that when you are the mood, you are not afraid to grab a guy and have a good time.”

“Well, okay, so I’m a girl who knows what I like, and I’m not afraid to go for it when I want it.” She said with a wicked smile.

“I’m sure you do,” I said as we both took a sip of our drinks while we stared at each other.

“So, what makes you decided to just go for what you want?”

“I don’t know. Sometimes I just have a feeling or maybe I see something that I really like.”

At that moment I decided to go for it, movie be damned. “Alright then, so do you like this?” I said as I got up and stood in front of her and pulled out my half hard dick.

“Oh wow. Okay,” She said in shock, but that shock quickly slipped into a yearning. “Ummm… actually it’s pretty nice.” She said as she continued to look at it.

“Yeah, I haven’t gotten too many complaints.” As I slowly began rubbing myself making my love stick swell.

“I’m not going to fuck you for the part.” She said breaking looking back up at me.

“Your agent already has our offer. The part, just like my cock, is yours if you want it.”

“Well then if that’s the case,” she said with a new perkiness in her voice. “Step closer, I’m not getting on my fucking knees on this concrete.” She said while grabbing onto me, so I stepped closer leaving my crotch inches from her face as she sat on the edge of the seat. “Alright,” she said as she began stroking my cock, “ if we’re going to do this we need to be quiet. It’s literally a thin piece of cloth between us and a bunch of people and I don’t need stories all over the internet about me getting kicked out of a hotel for fucking in public.”


“Good.” The Oscar nominated actress the leaned in and began taking more and more of my cock into her throat.

“God damn” I said as she switched from quick shallow bobs, to now deepthroating me. “Who’d have guessed a small woman like you could take some much cock into her mouth.”

“You can thank all those throat exercises I’ve had to do for singing.” Anna then lifted up my cock and slowly kissed her way down the underside of my dick before reaching my balls and began playing with them. After swapping my balls which ball she was sucking on a few times, she went back to deep throating me.

As much as I was enjoying her blow job, I wanted to hurry things along as I had fantasized about her for several years now. I pulled my cock out from down her throat and gabbed a pillow from the other seat to throw on the ground.

“Hey, what the hell? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong” I said as I dropped down to my knees in front of her. “Now lift your legs up.”

“Oh alright” she happily complied kicking off her boot and pushing off her jeans, then lifting up her legs so I could reach up to pull her black lacy panties off. One I had slid them off I snuck them into my pocket and she placed her legs around my shoulders. With her skirt now bunched up I had clear view of her pussy. While not shaved she kept it very closely trimmed and her inner labia lips were clearly exposed. This was clearly not the pussy of some young Hollywood teen, but one of a more mature women who knew how she liked to get fucked. I dove right in tongue first and began eating out the Pitch Perfect star. I could hear her moaning as he skinny legs began to tighten around my head. I pulled my head back a bit giving her labia lips a playful bite and tug, before I moved up to suck on her clit and sank 2 fingers into her.

“UMMMM yeah that’s good” she moaned “faster though finger me faster” I did exactly what she told me and work my fingers in and out of her even faster, while my continued to flick her clit with my tonge. Soon her breathing was getting faster and I knew she was getting close to climaxing. “I’m almost there. Just bend your fingers up a bit. Yeah, rub’em up against the roof of my pussy. Now just go a bit deeper. Trust me I know what to do.” I believed her and followed her everyone of her instruction as I also continued to suck on her clit. Anna had by this point slid she hand up under her shirt and was now playing with her breasts as her strapless black bra laid on the ground.

“UMMM YEAH, YEAH, RIGHT THERE!” As she was getting closer she was also getting louder, so I took my free hand and covered her mouth. I watched her reaction as I continued to finger blast her pussy and soon I had her screaming into one hand and squirting her pussy juice all over the other. I had been unbelievably lucky to hook up with as many celebrities as I had over the past few months, but watching an actress, that I had a crush on since I first saw her in a movie almost a decade ago, cum while fingerbanging her at a hotel pool was something else.

“So you enjoy that” I asked her as her orgasim supsided.

“Fuck yeah, dude”

“Never would have guessed you were a squirter.”

“I don’t do it a lot, but a few years ago I figured out how to do it while masterbating. That was a pretty great day.” she said with a smile beaming across her face.

“I bet it was” I said. “Now, take off that shit” I told her as I kicked off my shorts. She did so as quick as possible finally letting me see the set of breasts millions of men have been dieing to see. Despite in actuality only being a large B-cup to small C-cup, her breasts look large on her small frame and looked to have the firmness and perkiness of someone who was 22 not 32. As I stood over her she leaned forward and swallowed my whole cock, sucking it for a couple of seconds before leaning back in the chair. I grabbed her legs and pulled her so she slumped down in the seat and her pussy sat right at the edge. I rubbed the tip of my dick up and down her slit.

Anna took a quick look passed me towards the entrance of the cabana to make sure the drapes were still fully closed. When she was satisfied she looked back up at me, “Alright do it. Stick that fat cock in me!”

“With pleasure” I smiled as a slowly started to sink my cock into her.

“Ummm yeah. Gawd, you have a great dick,” she moaned as I slowly slid back out as I was slowly pumping in and out of her.

“I told you I was a big fan”

“Yeah, you did. Now, hurry up and start pounding my pussy!” Once again, I did what I was told. Picking up her legs I folded her up and began hammering my dick into her. I continued to thrust my hips as I bent down to play with play with actress’s titties, something I’d fantasised about many times. I took one her small pinkish nipples into my mouth as I groped her other breast and then switched.

Unfortunately, it was taking too much effort to stay bent over as I fucked Anna so I picked up the small Into the Woods star into my arms and bounced her on my cock as I continued my assault on her tits.

“Gawd yes. Bounce me on that fat cock” She moaned. Anna grabbed me by the hair, pulling me off her tit so she could jam her tongue down my throat. We continued to make out and fuck as I turned around and sat down on the chair Anna had been sitting on before. As soon as her knees hit the chair she took control and began bouncing herself on my cock. With my hands now free I slid one over to grip her ass and my other to play with her clit.

“That’s it tease my clit. I close. Fuck I’m close.” She said as she broke our lip lock. I looked on and watched her tits jiggle as she continued to drop her hips on my dick over and over again.

Lost in a feeling of pleasure, Anna arched her back dramatically and bit her lip as she moaned loudly as she came on my cock. The bliss she felt and the joy I felt wanting her cum was quickly replaced with concern as Anna had leaned too far back, lost her balance and fell backwards. I stood up to check on her and she just laughed as she luckily had fallen with her head hitting the pillow on the ground. I thought about helping her up for a second, but as I looked at her resting with her head and neck on the pillow and her legs up in the air resting against me as I stood over her I decided to try something I rarely did in the piledriver position. Moving her legs into position before squatting down and aiming my dick at her waiting wet hole.

“Oh we doing this now?” Anna said as she realized what I was going. “Fuck yeah, drive that cock into me.” She moaned as I started driving my dick in and out of her. I did not last long as I was quickly becoming on the verge of cumming.

“I wanna cum of your tits.”

“Hell yeah you do.”

I pulled out of her pussy sat on the edge of the chair and Anna tumbled backwards before jumping into position on her knees between my thighs. She took the head of my cock into her mouth a swirled it around a bit before letting it go and wrapping her tits around my dick and began bouncing up and down. As much as I enjoyed occasionally scrolling the dirty photos of celebs I had in my phone, I would have given them all up if I could have recoded this, Anna Kendrick giving me a titty fuck is something I had masterbated about numberous about of times.

“Oh damn Anna, I been fucking dreaming about this for years.”

“Oh yeah? You’ve been dreaming about me titty fucking me? How is it? How does it feel having your big thick cock sliding between my tits?”

“Fucking amazing.”

“Yeah you gonna cum? You gonna cum all over my tits?”

“Yes. I’m so close.”

“Do it cum on my tits.” I pulled my dick out from between her breast as I stood up. I began stroking my cock looking down a nude Anna Kendrick and within seconds my cock exploded. I shot rope after rope of jizz all over her breast and several landing on her face as well. When it was all over her chest was covered in one of the largest loads of cum I had ever had.

“Holy shit that was a lot of jizz,” Anna said as she laughed. She took a finger and scraped some of cum off her cheek before taking that finger and sucking it clean. “And it doesn’t taste half bad either.” As I sat back down in the chair, Anna got up to grab a towel and wiped off her chest. When she was cleaned off Anna picked up her phone. “Damn. Looks like round two is going to have to wait.”

“Why’s that?”

“My agent has been blowing up my phone about the contract you sent him.” She then stood up and picked up her clothes, then walked over to me and gave me a kiss before she started to redress. When we were both dressed we opened the cabana back up and headed for the exit. I noticed out of the corner of my eye the people in the cabana next to us give me and Anna a look before whispering something to each other.

When we got to the valet we made small talk before her car pulled up. “Well this is me,” Anna said. “I’ll let you know if everything works out. Who knows maybe you can come over to my place and we can celebrate” she said cheekily and giving my ass a squeeze before getting into her car. She closed the door and rolled down her window. “Oh by the way,” she said as she stuck her head out the window, and I lowered down so I could hear her better. “Feel free to keep those panties you snuck into your pocket.” Anna then game me a kiss on the cheek and a big smile before driving off.
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Current Top 5
1. Hailee Steinfeld
2. Bailee Madison
3. Victoria Justice
4. Olivia Holt
5. Emma Watson
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 8: Casting Call Perks
Starring Joey King & Hunter King, Appearence by Natalie Alyn Lind
Codes: MF, Oral, Facial, MFF, Insest
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction

After locking down both Anna Kendrick and Emma Stone to star in Ryan’s next film, the rest of the casting pretty much fell into place over the next two weeks. The one last role we had was for Emma Stone’s younger sister. We were looking for someone who could play like high school senior or college age girl. I put a call in for Hailee Steinfeld, hoping for a least a meeting that would result in us finally hooking up, but her agent shut it down right away saying she was not available for when Ryan wanted to shoot. So we put out a casting call, and since it worked so well before, Ryan let me do the preliminary auditions and after I made my recommendations Ryan would see the finalists. However unlike last time, where we got lots of mostly unknowns, this time we were getting a bunch of recognizable young actresses. I had rented out the same office as before, and by the end of day I had seen Katherine McNamara, Bailee Madison, Madison Pettis, Kaitlyn Dever, and Carmen Bicondova among others who had read for the part. Some of them had made it obvious that they were willing to go “above and beyond” for the part, but I didn’t hook up with any of them. I was saving my energy for another go with Natalie Alyn Lind who was coming after my other auditions were over. She had told her parents and her agent she was coming in to audition, but in truth she couldn’t fit the film in her schedule and the only reason why she was coming was to screw.

I was walking Kiernan Shipka out the door. The former Mad Men star was impressive, and had the film been starring Emma Watson instead of Emma Stone I would have offered her the roll on the spot, since she did kind of resemble a young blond Watson. I told her we’d been in contact with her agent in a few days. There were only two people left in the lobby. One was my final interview, Joey King, and the other of course was Natalie. I tried not to stare at Natalie as I invited Joey into the room but it was not easy as Natalie was dressed in the schoolgirl uniform she wore during her time on Gotham. As Joey entered the interview room, I looked back to Natalie while I closed the door. Natalie then proceeded to mime a blow job including pushing her tongue against her cheek making in bulge out. I was quickly getting aroused and I knew at that point I was going to have a hard time concentrating on this final audition.

Sitting down behind the desk, I looked at Joey giving her a once over. She was cute and I knew I had seen her in several things but I couldn’t think of what. I asked her a couple of questions but I didn’t realize that I was actually being pretty short and rude to her. Between the advances of the other actresses, Natalie’s mime work a few minutes ago, and flashbacks in my head to me and Natalie on the plane last month, my dick was screaming for release and I just really needed to get through this. I told Joey to go ahead and do her reading when she was ready. I focused in hard on her and she really impressed me. She wasn’t even halfway through the scene when I knew she was the right one for the part.

“Alright stop. That’s good,” I stopped her.

“But I’m not even halfway through.”

“Yeah I know, it’s fine.”

“Umm I can do it a different way if you want.” Joey had thought she had blown the audition, had I not been trying to get her out of the office so I could have sex I might have picked up this.

“No it was fine.” I stood up, making sure to try and hide my erection, so I could walk her out.

“Look I really want this part, I love the script and…”

“That’s great. I’m going to make my recommendation to Ryan tonight and you’ll hear from us sometime this week.” I was hardly listening to her and my mind was solely focused on getting Natalie in here and bending over the desk.

“Screw this.” Joey said stepping in front of me and then dropping to her knees “Natalie doesn’t even know her lines and… OH...WOW” She had undone my pants as she talked to herself out loud, but when my erection sprung free she quickly lost her thought.

“Joey, what? You don’t have to...”

“I know Natalie is planning on coming in here to fuck you. I mean with the outfit? Come on.” Joey had cut me off before I could explain and she began to play with my hard dick in her hand as she talked to me. “I’m not going to have sex with you, but I really want this part so I’m willing to blow you.

“That’s not nessac….ummmm fuck yeah.” I was cut off from trying to explain the situation again, but this time instead of interrupting me with her words she did so when her big soft lips wrapped around my cock head and she began blowing me. Taking me out her mouth she began running her tongue up and down the sides of m shaft.

“Wow you’re really big.” She said before spitting on my dicka and working her hands up and down making sure my whole dick was lubricated. Looking up into my eyes she continued “My sister would love you.” She then went back to blowing me. Fitting about 5 inches of my thick cock down her throat while working the other 5.5in of shaft with her two hands.

Leaning up against the desk looking down at a hot recently turned 18 year old actress blowing me while I had another hot recently turned 18 year old actress in the next room waiting for me to come out and fuck her, I thought back to all times I was called a “lucky bastard” or “lucky son of a bitch” and I concluded that all those people were spot on. While Joey King may not be as skilled a cock sucher as Victoria Justice, Chloe Moretz or Anna Kendrick, she made up for it in determination and eagerness. Feeling her tongue swirl around my dick before stopping and flicking the underside of my cockhead with it I gave her the warning.

“God damn that’s feels good, Joey. Keep it up, I’m gonna cum soon”

“Do it. Cum in my mouth. I wanna taste you.” Joey stuck a third of my dick back into her mouth and used her hands to masterbate the other teo thirds. It didn’t take long for me to pop off.

“Fuck yes” I groaned as I began firing cum down Joey’s throat. She took about half my load before she pulled off my cock and the rest of my hit her cheeks. Joey began cleaning herself off as I caught my breath.

“So are you going to consider me for the roll now?”

“Joey, as I was trying to say before you began sucking me off, you were great and I was going to recommend you for the role.”

“But you were rushing me… and Natalie out there?”

“Yeah you were right about her. We are going to have sex. That’s actually the whole reason she is here. She can’t do the film, but the audition gave us a good excuse to hook up without anyone else knowing. And I may have been rushing a bit because I was looking forward to banging her but also because I knew within minutes you were right for the role.”

“Oh, sooo…”

“Yeah sorry. I would have stopped you but once you got going it just felt too good.”

“Thanks?” she said before laughing. We got straightened up and started walking towards the door. “By the way, if blonds with big breast are your thing, you really should meet my sister. God knows she’d love you.”

“Well maybe next time you should bring her to read lines with you.”

“Good idea” she said as she opened the door to the lobby. She then told Natalie to have fun before walking out of the office.
“What was that?” Natalie asked. I shrugged. “Oh well, are you ready for me now professor.” Apparently the school uniform wasn’t just for show, she wanted to do some role playing.

“Yes I am, Ms. Lind” She stood up and sauntered over to me, giving me this big innocent look.

“Ummm professor do you still have those panties you confiscated before?”

“Yes I do” I said as I pulled the panties she had given me from when we hooked up on the plane out of my pocket.

“Goodie. I would have hated to have walked home without them.” She then raised her skirt showing of her young smooth completely shaved pussy. I could literally hear my subconscious give a growl as I looked her over.

“Professor, do you have something else in your pocket?


“Then what’s this pressing up against your pants?” she asked in her innocent school girl voice as she reached out and began squeezing my cock through my pants.

“That’s my penis.”

“Wow. It looks really big. Can I see it?”

“Ohh you’re going to do a lot more than see it. Now go into my office and bend over my desk.” Natalie gave me a big smile as she walked by me. I watched as she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, never breaking stride until she reached the desk, where she bent over at the waist and stuck her ass in the air. I’d told her on the plane I was going to absolutely abuse her pussy next time we got together, and that is exactly what I was going to do.


I was back in the same office with a laptop set up on the desk and I was talking to Ryan via Skype when there was a knock at the door.

“It’s opened” I yelled and in through the door walked Joey King followed by a busty blond I knew, thanks to the internet, to be her sister Hunter. Hunter had on a dress going down to mid thigh and black heels, while Joey had on a nice shirt, knee length skirt, and black boots with a small heel. This difference in shoe choice highlighted the height difference between the two, but looking at their lips and eyes it was easy to see that these two were related.

“Oh hey! Didn’t expect to see you here today.” Joey said giving me a hug as I walked over to greet her.

“Yeah, sorry Ryan had a family emergency so he is back at his parent house, but…” I grabbed the laptop and spun it around “luckily this place has great WiFi so he is skyped in.”

“Hi Joey, sorry I could not be there.”

“No problem, hope everything is alright.” We all continued to talk for a while. Eventually Joey introduced her sister who was there to read lines with Joey.

“You know I was a little surprised you didn’t give Natalie an invite to come back today.” Joey said to me out of nowhere.

“Umm, what?”

“Yeah, I called her the other day to ask her about how her audition went after I left. She said you really enjoyed her performance, but you were kind of hard on her.”

“Things just didn’t work out scheduling wise. But I don’t think I was too hard on her, she really seemed to enjoy the experience,” I said as I continued the innuendo chat I was having with Joey, who was giving me a bit of a wanting look. Hunter seemed clueless as to what me and her younger sister were actually talking about, but Ryan seemed to understand pretty quickly so he interrupted and told Joey what scenes he wanted to hear her read first.

The audition process went on for about an hour or so. Ryan had her read multiple scenes with Hunter usually reading the the role that would be played by Emma Stone. After reading the scene Ryan talked with her about what he wanted from the character and asked her a few questions. I stayed pretty quiet the whole time. I occasionally found myself checking out Hunter and thinking back to what Joey said last time about how if I liked big breasted blonds I should meet her sister. She was not wrong, she was extremely good looking and had some nice looking rack. When it was done, Ryan told her he really did like her and she seemed right for the part. Joey did her best to stay cool when he told her he’d be sending the offer sheet over to her agent later in the day. It was after Ryan signed off and I closed the laptop that the two sisters began to celebrate.

“I’m so proud of you.” Hunter told her younger sister as they hugged.

“Thanks Sis.”

“We should celebrate.”

“Yeah! And I know just what I want to do.” With that Joey marched right over to me and using both hands grabbed my face and pulled me down into a french kiss.

“Joey! Oh my god!” her sister yelled out in surprise. Watching on as her sister darted her tongue in and out of my mouth for the next 30 seconds before she slowly dropped to her knees in front of me.

“Natalie told me all about how you two fucked all over this room right after I left.” Joey said speaking directly to me Now I want some of that.” She began undoing my pants. Hunter stood back in stunned silence watching what was going on. Grabbing a hold of my pants and boxers, Joey pulled them down, freeing my dick and balls to the open air. “I still can’t believe how big it is” she said as she took hold of it and began kissing my dick.

“Joey! What the fuck are you doing? What does she mean STILL can’t believe it? What did you do to my sister?” The older King sister was freaking out at the scene in front of her while the younger sister was worshiping my quickly hardening dick.

“Relax sis. He didn’t do anything I didn’t initiate. And besides,” Joey said as she put her chin down by my balls and laid my hard cock down along her face. “Look how big it is. I thought you’d like it. I always hear you on the phone talking to your friends about how you’re such as size queen.”

“I..but...umm..you’ve heard me talk about that.”

“Yeah, you mention it a bunch.” Joey now began kissing up along the other side of my cock, starting from the root going towards the head. “Part of the reason I invited you here to read with me was because I was hoping Eddie would be here and you could see what he’s packing.” Now at the head Joey opened her mouth wide and began going down on me.

Hunter meanwhile had begun to calm down, but it was obvious she was filled with mixed emotions as she took stock of the whole situation. “Well, it is a really nice looking member. Not the biggest I’ve ever seen, but really nice” Hunter finally said.

“Holy shit, you’ve actually been with guys bigger than this?”

“Yeah, but half the time fucking tripod dicks like that are more trouble than they are worth. That one looks to be just about the perfect length and girth.”

I had stayed quiet this whole time, in part because Joey was doing a pretty good job making me feel good, and also because with Hunter calming down it looked like I might have a real shot with a sister threeway. I had had threeways before, I had had sex with sisters before, heck when I visited the Hudgens house I had done both, but I had never had a threesome with a pair of sisters. Right now Hunter was watching on as her younger sister blew me. Joey now had her mouth stretched all the way open and was testing to see how much she could fit down her throat. After twice reaching her gag reflex she took me out of her mouth mouth and encouraged her sister to join her.

“Her sis, you give it a go.” Hunter walked up to me and just like her sister gave me a kiss before dropping to her knees. As Hunter took over for her sister, Joey took off her shirt and unclasped her bra, throwing both behind her as she freed her perky 18 year old b-cups. She began playing with them as she watched her sister play with my dong. Hunter was clearly sizing me up as she played with me.

“Gotta say sis, you sure found a nice cock.”

“I knew you’d like it.” Joey said as she watched her sister flick her tongue around the head before dropping down to my balls, and then coming back up to spit on my cock and stroking it with both her hands. When she was ready to get down to business she put her hands behind her back and simply just took me in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down my cock, each time take a bit more into her mouth. By the 10th time down she now had her nose pressed up against my very short trimmed pubes.

“Wow” Joey said as she watched her sister continue to work my cock. After a couple of more times down she offered me back over to her sister. The younger King sister tried to emulate her older sister’s technique but each time around the 7 inch mark she had reached her limit and couldn’t go down any further without gagging. The older sister tried to give pointers and the two began passing my cock back and forth, but it was obvious the younger was growing frustrated.

“Here let me show you another trick that might help if you really want to swallow that whole thing.” With that Hunter stood up, stripped out of her dress and bra, leaving her just in a navy blue thong and wedged heels. I watched as the older Hunter sister’s large d-cup breast bounced and jiggled as she climbed up onto the desk. She laid on her back on the desk with her head tilted back hanging off the front of the desk. Knowing what my role to play was I stood in front of the desk and as Hunter opened her mouth I side my cock in. Sliding all the way down until my balls were smacking her in the face. With Hunter unable to move, it was up to me to move my dick in and out, and I began fucking the 23 year old actress’ throat. Leaning over I grasped onto her large breast and toyed with them as I kept thrusting my pelvis rapidly, each thrust causing my balls to smash right into the girl’s face.

After watching what was going on for a little while Joey quickly stripped off the rest of her clothes and excitedly climbed up onto the desk, taking a position just like her sister. Sliding my dick out of one sister’s mouth I stepped to the side and started sliding it into the other sister’s happily waiting mouth.

“Alright now go slow, and Joey just relax your throat. Don’t think about anything.” Hunter said trying to coach up her sister. I went slow, sliding my dick into her mouth pulling back a little and then sliding more in. Joey coughed a few times, but after several tried she did get all of me down her mouth. “That’s it! You did it!” Hunter said congratulating her sister. Joey raised her arms up in triumph, while I began fucking her throat in earnest. With the two Kings sisters lying on their backs both naked besides Hunter’s thong, I began alternating back and forth, fucking the two sister’s throats. It wasn’t much longer before I was ready to blow my first load.

“Shit, I’m getting ready to cum.” As I had my cock buried down Joey’s mouth.

“Cum on her face.” Hunter said as she rolled on to her side. “She started this whole thing, I know she wants it.” I could feel Joey nod in agreement and that was good enough for me. I pulled out of her mouth and after a few strokes I blew my load all over Joey’s face. Absolutely drenching the young woman’s face with several shots also hitting her chest. Hunter laughed and then I offered my cock to clean off, which she quickly accepted. Suckng off any excess cum from my cock and allowing me the ability to keep hard, I moved to the other side of the desk when she was done. Now on the opposite side of the desk, I grabbed Joey’s legs and pulled her until her pussy was right at the edge of the desk. As I dropped to my knees to make sure the 18 year old’s pussy was primed and ready to go, her older sister was on all fours straddling her body and licking my cum off of her sister’s face. After eating Joey out a bit and making sure she was nice and wet, I stood back up and going into place. Slapping my dick down on her clut a few times and rubbing it along her pussy lips before I finally began pushing my dick in.

“Fffuuucccckkkkk.” Joey moaned as I started to slide in. Hunter looked behind her to see what was happening and a broad smile came across her face as she saw me pushing into her sister.

“Yeah you like?” Hunter questioned her sister.

“Oh my god. He’s stretching me out so much, it feels like he is going to slit me in two.”

“I know it’s going to feel a little painful a first, but trust me, give yourself a little time and it’s going to feel SO good.”


“Yeah. Trust me with a dick like that, if he even know halfway what he’s doing he is going to be making you cum in no time.” I meanwhile was stood behind the two conversating sisters slowly working myself in and out of Joey’s tight pussy, trying to stretch her out a bit before I went full force. As her pussy was starting to give way, I knew she was enjoying the feeling more and more as I felt her legs start to wrap around me,

“Oh shit. Oh my god.”

“Yeah, it starting to feel better now?”

“Hell yes”

“Told you.” And with that Hunter leaned down and gave her sister a big un-sisterly kiss on the mouth. Seeing this set me off as I now forced the rest of my dick into Joey and started pumping my cock faster and faster. Joey’s legs now wrapped tightly behind me as I fucked her pussy with force. The two sisters had broke off their kiss but the older of the two still on all fours over her sister, talking dirty and egging her sister on. With her on all fours tough it left her pussy staring right at me so I grabbed onto her thighs and pulled her backwards until she was close enough to me so I could eat her pussy while I fucked her sister.

“Oh god yes, eat my pussy. Eat my pussy while you fuck my sister. Do it.” Hunter continued to spout off her dirty mouth as her sister moaned in pleasure. I was having the time of my life, fucking one sister as I ate out the other.

“Oh my god sis, I think I’m going to cum” Joey moaned

“Yeah? You gonna cum on you friends big dick?” Hunter said.

“Um humm”

“Good do it. Cum. Then I can get a crack at that thing.”

I soon as Joey writhing in pleasure as she came all over my cock. After having one sister cum, it was time to do the other. I pulled Hunter back off the desk and then bent her over it. With her legs spread, her ass pointed upward, and her tits pressed down on the desk, I stabbed her pussy with my cock. It seemed she had not been lying about being a size queen as I had no difficulty slamming my whole cock into her.

“Oh fuck yeah, that’s good. Fucking abuse my pussy with that fat cock!” Hunter demanded.

“Yeah, you’re sister wasn’t lying about you being a size queen was she?”

“No, I love big dicks. I fucking love them, and yours is just about the perfect size.”

“Fucking right it is!” I said as I gave her ass a slap and continued to pound her the best that I could. While this was all happening Joey was still sitting on the side of desk watching me guck her siser. The sight was turning her on as she began to squeeze her tits and rub her pussy.

I gave the older King sister’s ass another hard slap before pulling out of her.

“Turn around and sit on the desk. I wanna play with your titties while I fuck.”

“Yeah?” she said as she got up on the desk. “The do it. Play with my big tits as you pound my pussy.” She then let out a high pitch squeal as I jammed my cock back into her and buried my face into her large breast. Hunter cupped her breasts and I motorboated her as I plugged away at her pussy. Joey continued to masterbate as she watched me bite her sister’s nipple. Catching her eye I backed off Hunter a bit.

“You like watching me fuck your sister.”

“Um huh, it’s so hot” She moaned as she fingered herself. With me now standing back upright, Hunter leaned back going flat on her back on the desk and turned her head to watch her sister masterbate.

“Yeah, you going to cum from watching me fuck her?” I asked as I slid Hunter’s legs up onto my shoulders.

“I’m getting there.” She moaned again her eyes darting back and forth from my face to my dick pistoning in and out of her sister.

“Joey,” Hunter spoke up between moans, “sit on my face”

“What!?!” Joey exclaimed, and I stopped what I was doing.

“You heard me, I want to to straddle my face.”

“But you’re my sister.”

“So, not like I can get you pregnant. Your pussy is right next to me and it looks so pretty. Sit on my face.” I looked on in anticipation, not believing what I just heard and hoping this was actually going to happen. After some hesitancy, Joey moved over and slowly straddled her legs on either side of Hunter’s face. “Yesss, and you get back to blasting my cunt” Hunter told me. I slowly pumped my meat stick as I watched the younger sister’s pussy descend onto the mouth of the older sister. As soon as Joey’s pussy touched Hunter’s mouth, Hunter pounced. She gripped her arms around Joey’s legs and drove her face as far as it could go into her sister’s crotch.

“Oh my god! Oh yes, fuck yes sis” Joey yelled out. Watching this also reinvigorated me and I once again began fucking Hunter as hard as I could. Things quickly speed up from there. I could feel Hunter’s pussy spasm in orgasim as Joey started yelling out that she was going to cum. I reached out and pulled Joey’s face to mine, making out with her as she came all over her sister’s mouth. From there I declared I was about to cum, which was followed by a mad dash to get into place.

The two sister got down on their knees and went cheek, each with a big mile as the waited for me shoot off all over their faces. I jacked off eyeing the two sisters sweaty, naked, freshly fucked bodies. The first rope of cum hit Hunter just below the eye, and from there I moved my dick slightly from side to side as I shot my load all over the two sisters. When I was done they began cleaning off each others faces.

“Umm, that taste good. But I think we should go get some real food. Then afterwards we can all go back home and continue with the celebrating” Hunter suggested. I was of course in favor of this, and Joey happily nodded. “Good, cause I want to see you ride that thing, Joey, and who knows maybe by the end of the night you’ll be as big of a size queen as me.”
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 9: Cheat Day
Starring Paris Berelc & Olivia Holt, Appearance by Kelli Berglund
Codes: MF, Oral, Creampie, Squirt, Public
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction

I was walking around in Paris Berelc’s kitchen in a t-shirt and boxers from last night. We had run into each other the night before at a bar in West Hollywood. Her parents and her boyfriend were both out of town for the next couple of days, so she had decided to let loose. Despite being underage she was pretty intoxicated when I bumped into her. She had been enjoying free drinks all night thanks to several men she had been flirting with on and off. She would have probably had taken one of the guys home, but when she started grinding up on me their was no doubt who she taking home that night. I got some dirty looks from the guys who had bought her the drinks when they saw us leaving together, but within an hour the look anger on their faces was replaced in my mind with the look of bliss on Paris’ face as she rode my cock. Now feeling dehydrated from last night I opened up her fridge and grabbed a bottle of water.

“So any plans for today?” Paris asked.

“I’m supposed to check out some office space for me and Ryan in Glendale later this afternoon.” I closed the fridge and looked over at Paris who was holding her coffee cup with both hands. She looked sexy as hell wearing just a tight red spaghetti strap tank top and a skimpy red silk thong. I was also a big fan of her hair cut. Last time I saw her she had long brown hair going down her back, and now her hair was shoulder length with blondish highlights.

“Really?” She perked up “I was going to meet Kelli and Oliva at the Galeria today.”

“Wow, that’s a weird coincidence.”

“I know right. I was going to take a Lyft, but maybe I could get a ride with you?”

“What time?”

“Like 12:30 or one-ish”

“Yeah I can do that.” After finishing my bottle of water I looked down at my watch. “So, looks like we have a couple of hours to kill.”

“Oh really?” She smirked and put down her coffee cup.

“Yup,” I said and grabbed her arm and pulled her two. I hungrily bent down and kissed her. Our tongues swirled and danced with each other as we made out. I had maneuvered her so her back was flush against her refrigerator. I shoved one hand down into her silk thong and played with her clit.

“Ugghhh yeah play with my clit” she moaned

“Yeah, the feel good?”

“Uh huh” With that I dropped down to my knees, slipping her thong off as I dropped down, and buried my head into her shaved twat. “Oh fuck yes! Eat me! Eat my pussy!” I had not had breakfast yet, so I was feasting on her cunt. She was gripping onto the sides of the refrigerator and had put one leg up onto my shoulder. “Jesus, your tongue is almost as talented as that huge dick of yours” Taking my face out of her crotch, I jammed two fingers into her.

“Almost as good, huh? Well then, if you hurry up and cum and I’ll bend you over that counter and pound this pussy with my cock.” After that I buried my tongue back inside her.

“Oh god yes, almost there” She groaned. Grabbing the hair on the back of my head she tried to push me harder into her, so now as I ate her out my nose was practically rubbing up on her clit. “Yes, thats it, yes, yes yes, FUCK YES!” Paris’ knees buckled as she climaxed and I had to keep her propped her up so she wouldn’t fall. She regained her balence as her orgasim subsided, then I stood up ,moved her over to the corner of the counter top and bent her over. My dick was so hard it was almost fully sticking out the bottom of the leg of my boxers, so instead of dropping them I just shifted my boxers over to free my dick and I began drilling her pussy.

We had regressed to nothing more than moans and groans, as for the third time in the last 8 hours I found myself slamming my cock in and out of teenage pussy. While more times than not I tended to try and prolong the sex as long as I could, that was not the case his morning as kept hammering into her as hard and as fast as I could despite feeling the cum starting to churn in my balls. At the last moment before erupting I pulled out of her twat and I shot my load all over her tight gymnast ass.

We both slumped down to the kitchen floor to relax catch our breaths. I pulled two more bottles of water of the fridge. We both downed the water quickly. Paris was the first to stand up, asking me what time it was.

“Uhhhh, 10:14” I told her.

“Good” she said before taking off her tank top and dropping it to the floor. “I’m going to take a shower. Feel free to join me.” Paris walked away towards her bathroom totally nude, making sure to add a little extra shake in her ass, which was still wet with my cum, as she walked away.

After a sexless, but very handsy & playful, shower, Paris hopped into my car and we stopped off at my place so I could change before heading out to Glendale. We had sme incredible timing as Kelli and Olivia were getting out of Kelii’s car at the same time Paris and I pulled up to valet. Paris quickly got out of the car to greet the girls. After handing my keys over to the valet I walked over to the girls to say hi before I walked out the Brand Blvd to meet with the realtor and look at some offices.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Eddie Big Dick” Kelli said, a little too loudly, as she saw me walk over. Like Paris, who was wearing a white t-shirt and jean cutoffs, Kelli was also dressed pretty casually in black jeans and a tied off grey shirt. I said hi to her and she gave me a friendly hug and a kiss on the cheek. I said hi to Liv, who was more dressed up than the other two wearing a white dress with black boots. Liv said hi back but never looked me in the eye, I think she was still a bit embarrassed as this was the first time we’d seen each other since her birthday party.

“So Ed, what are you doing heer?” Kelli inquired.

I was about to answer when Paris cut me off, “Well we ran into each other last night and…”

“And you two ended up screwing all night long. Yeah, I had guessed that part,” Kelli said. “I meant why did he drive you out here.”

“I was actually coming out here anyways. I am meeting with a realtor on some office space,” I explained

“Why would you want an office in Glendale?”

“Well it’s a lot cheaper than Hollywood and a yet still close enough to the studios people are not going to complain about meeting here. Plus Brand’s not a bad place to hang out on.”

“I guess so.” I told them I had to leave but I had a break between seeing places in two hours and if they were still around I’d meet them to get something to eat.

It was about an hour and a half later after seeing three different office spaces, one I really liked, that I texted Paris about meeting up and we agreed to meet up at the Blaze Pizza in the mall. As I walked up to them in the mall it was obvious that they had been busy as they all had several shopping bags in hand. Kelli and Paris both greeted me warmly but Olivia was still cold and distant. We all ordered our food and sat down. Kelli sat to my right, Paris sat in front of me, and Olivia was diagonally across the table. We talked about what they had bought and they asked me about the places I saw. Olivia was still being really quiet, so I finally had to ask her what was up.

“Liv, no offense, but what the hell? Why are you barely saying anything.”

“I...I don’t know. I guess I am still embarrassed about what happened at the party. I still can’t believe I did that in front of everyone.” Liv explained while still staring at her food.

“Oh big whoop, you had sex with him. I’ve had sex with him a bunch,” Kelli said.

“We both have,” Paris added.

“Yeah, and we’re still able to be normal around him.” As Kelli spoke she stealthly reached over into my lap and gave my crotch a squeeze.

“Yeah but… don’t you feel bad cheating on Jack?” Olivia asked Paris.
“Not really. I mean I love Jack, and I hope we stay together forever. With Ed here, it’s just sex. I doubt actually want to date him.”

“Ummm, thanks?” I said before turning to Kelli “Should I feel insulted?”

“You spent last night having sex with her, and if you asked her to meet you in fitting room to fuck, she’s happily go. I think you’re good.” Kelli reassured me.

“BUT” Paris seid emphatically getting the conversation back on track. “I’m still young, and I deserve to have fun and enjoy myself. And what better way to do that then by having some really great sex. Plus the sneaking around makes it just that much hotter.”

“I guess.” Olivia said still unconvinced.

Still feeling frustrated I spoke up again. “Oh come on Liv, I know for a fact you’ve slept with guys other than Ray since we did it.” This got Liv’s attention as hearing what I said made her look up real quick and her eyes go wide.

“What? Who told you? Was it one of you two” Olivia said in a panic.
“No.” Kelli said defiantly as she continued to squeeze my dick under the table.

“Don’t look at me” Paris told Olivia. “Eddie, who told you about her little menage trist?”

“Menage? What?” I asked confused.

“The threesome she had with Hailee Steinfeld and Emma Watson’s new boyfriend, who told you?”

I was stunned. “I...I was talking about her and Aubrey hooking up on set of their show. Holy crap, you had a threesome with Hailee!?! Fuck me...” Kelli let out a small giggle as she felt my cock leap in excitement at the idea of a Hailee/Olivia threesome (You can read that story here: http://www.celebritystorylibrary.com/topic5660.html).

“Oh my god Olivia, you slept with Aubrey? How was it?” Paris asked.

“How big is he?”Kelli questioned.

Olivia, shocked over what happened tried to find the words to say something, but when she couldn’t she quickly got up and jogged away. Paris got up, grabbing both her shopping bags and Olivia’s and ran after her.

“I should go after them,” Kelli said before giving my dick one last squeeze. “But if you need help taking care of this thing later feel free to call me.” And with that she went after her two friends. I finished eating and tried hard not to concentrate on the idea of a Holt/Steinfeld threesome before I left to go see the last two office spaces I had scheduled to visit.

A little over an hour later I walked back to the valet parking and was surprised to see Olivia sitting there looking sad. I was even more surprised when after seeing me, Olivia got up and ran over giving me a hug.

“Oh thank god!” She said as she hugged me.

“Olivia, what’s going on? Are you okay?”

“Yeah and no… I don’t know. After I ran off Paris and Kelli talked to me for a little while, but I told them I just wanted to be alone, so I took my bags and they left, but I took one of the wrong bags and so they have the bag that has my purse and my phone, and I didn’t know how I was going to get home, so I just came here hoping to run into you, and… um can you please give me a ride home?”

“Yeah sure, no problem.”

“Oh thank you!” Olivia said totally relieved and she gave me another big hug, this time hugging me even tighter with a big smile on her face.

When the valet pulled up with my car we both got in and I had Liv put her address into my phone. We sat in silence for 5-10 minutes, until Liv finally broke the silence.

“I’m not a slut.” She said.


“I’m not a slut. I know I’ve cheated on Ray a few times, but I feel bad about that, and I love him. So I just wanted to say that I’m not a slut.”

“I never thought you were.”

“Oh, okay. Good.”

“I mean let’s be real here for a minute. You’re 20 so you’re supposed to be craving sex and also you’re hot as fuck, so you can get almost any man you want.”

For the first time since we had gotten into the car, Olivia actually stopped looking out the window and looked at me as she spoke.

“You really think I’m hot?” She asked with a knowing smirk

“Fuck you. You know you’re hot.” I told her. “Have you seen some of the things guys have said about you on the internet.”

Olivia laughed. “Yeah I know. Whenever I get really sad I sometimes go online and read some of those comments. Every now and then I come across a celebrity sex story site and I read some of the fantasies people have written about me.”

As Olivia began opening up, I started to become hard in my jeans.

“You seemed to be really interested in that story about me and Hailee.”

“Well yeah. Are you kidding me? The guy has a threesome with you and Hailee, who I’ve been trying to hook up with since meeting at your party, and he is dating Emma Watson? Jesus christ, and people call me lucky. (Again you can read that story here: http://www.celebritystorylibrary.com/topic5660.html)”

“I don’t know, you should hear the way Kelli and Paris talk about you, I’d say you’re pretty lucky. I’m pretty sure you could convince them to be in a threeway if you really wanted to. Plus you’re pretty gifted in certain areas” Olivia said coyly as her eyes dropped the bulge in my pant legs.

“Thanks. So can I ask, how did that threesome thing happen?“

“I don’t know. I was at this party, and I hadn’t been with anyone for a few weeks, me and Ray are on a break. Then see Hailee leaving with this guy who I’d been teasing and when I walk over to them Hailee tells me I can either come with them or I can get out of their way. I’m not sure why I decided to go, but next thing I know I’m blowing him in the elevator as he makes out with Hailee.”

“Fuck, that sounds hot.”

“Hehehe, yeah it was. You and Hailee would really get along.”

“Good to know. What about you and Aubrey?” I asked

"Ugghhh… I was mad at Ray, and he invited me back to his trailer to talk about it, we started drinking, annnddddd I black out. Next thing I know I am waking up naked in his bed with his hard on poking me in the butt." Unlike her other story, it was she was way more annoyed and unhappy to tell this story.

"So, you sneak away that morning, or did you put his morning wood to good use?"

"Well... I'm mean at that point it was pretty obvious we'd already had sex, it seemed a shame to let let it go to waste or to walk away with no memory of how the sex was." Peaking over at Liv her dress had ridden up a bit as her legs were clamped shut but she appeared to be rubbing her thighs together. Her trips down memory lane seemed to be exciting her. "How did you even know about that?"

"He texted me about."

"He what!?!"

"He got my number from Sammi Hanratty and he asked for tips to seduce you, I didn't by the way" I lied. "And a few weeks later he texted me photos of the two of you"

"There are photos! That asshole! DO you still have them? Let me see."

"No I got rid of them." I lied again. I also had killed the mode of the car by telling her about Aubrey's pictures. We once again were riding in silence, though every once in awhile I saw her glancing over at me and the erection bulging in my pants.

“Can I see it?”


“You’re penis, can I see it? Last time I was really drunk, and in our tex chain Paris and Kelli are always going on about how much the love your cock after everytime they hook up with you. Plus I’m technically single right now, so I want to see it.” I agreed and at the next red light I unzipped my pants and pulled it out.

“God, it’s no wonder those two can’t get enough of you.” Olivia said while staring me down. I continued driving, but let out a groan as I felt her hand grip my cock and slowly began to stroke me. “I can’t believe this thing actually fit inside me. You’re bigger than the other guys, and way bigger than Ray.”

“Olivia, can I be honest with you?”

“Well, seeing how I am giving you a hand job right now…”

“Alright, I know you liked Ray, but you shouldn’t feel bad about letting go and enjoying yourself. And you really shouldn’t feel bad about enjoying yourself on a platinum level cock like the one you’re holding.”

This made Olivia laugh. “It is really nice, and it was really nice of you to give me a ride home. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t.” Olivia looked around the window for other cars. “How long until we get to my place?”

“Umm, GPS says ten minutes.”

“Perfect.” Olivia then undid her seatbelt and moved her hair out of the way before leaning over and taking my dick into her mouth. Thankfully we were just going along the side streets now so that there was less of a chance of getting caught and more importantly less of a chance of me getting into an accident. As she bobbed her head faster and faster up and down my cock I was having a hard time concentrating on the road. I really wanted to pull over and enjoy having the Disney star blow me, but middle of the day in a residential neighborhood seemed like a bad idea, so I pushed on hoping to quickly get to her place.

At one point while coming to a stop at a stop sign, I took a hand off the wheel and put it on the back of Olivia’s head pushing her further down on my cock until she started coughing and gagging.

“Jesus I can barely fit half that thing in my mouth.”

“Fuck it who cares, Your mouth feels so good and we’re almost there. Just keep blowing me.” And Olivia did. She bent right back over and continued to give me road head until we arrived at her place and I noticed another two cars in their driveway. “Olivia we’re here.” Olivia sat back up and wiped her mouth as she looked out the windshield.

“No no no. Shit!” she said in frustration.


“Those are my parents cars. What are they doing here?”

“Fuck, you serious? Now what?”

“Screw it, we’ll just have to do it in here.” With that Olivia quickly reached under her short dress and whipped off her underwear. She then quickly threw her leg over my waist before straddling me cowgirl style. Olivia reached down under her dress taking my cock and taking aim as she slowly lowered her still extremely tight pussy on top of it. Olivia gave off some groans and moans as she began sinking down on my cock.

“Jesus Liv. you’re still tight as fuck.”

“Oh my god and you’re stretching my pussy out like I can’t believe.” The Cloak and Dagger star screamed out as she started riding my cock with wild abandon. The car was filled with the sounds of Olivia’s moans and groans, and the wet slapping sound of her dropping her sopping wet cut slams down the length of my pole. Had I been enjoying the feeling of her tight pussy gripping onto my thick rod or seeing the beautiful young actress/singer’s ‘Oh’ face, I probably would have been slight concerned about someone hearing the sounds being admitted from my car’s open window.

“Ugghhh god this is better than I remember.” She moaned.

“Yeah, you think about this often?.”

“Sometimes.” She said before drawing me in for a kiss. We made out for a little bit before she pulled away. “Ummm I’ve also got a copy of the video someone made of the two of us. I’ve lost count of how many times I masterbated to that video.”

“Jesus Liv, if you keep up this up I’m going to cum soon.”

“Just a little longer, I’m almost there. And...andd...oh shit… And I need you to cum in me. I can’t risk going inside and having cum on my lip or face.”

“Grrrr, Fuck yeah” I gripped her hips and tried slamming her on my cock even harder. “Tell me, do you still squirt when you cum?”

“Like a freaking super soaker.”

“Good. Lift up your dress a bit, you don’t want to get your dress warm.” She lifted up her dress and I watched as my thick cock plunged repeatedly into her.

“Oh god, yes. I’m cumming.” Olivia shrieked as her pussy exploded all over my lap. Watching the girl’s pussy squirt once again, set me off as well. I shot my load over and over into her womb. “Oh my god, I can feel cumming inside of me. Jez you’re filling my pussy up with your cum.”

Me and Olivia sat their for a few moment staring into eachothers eyes while he caught our breaths until Olivia finally unmounted me and slumped down on the passenger side seat. “Wow, okay. Now I get why Paris and Kelli like you so much. We’re definitely going to do that again.” That sounded great to me, and I was about to tell her so when movement from the house got both our attention. We both saw someone move one of the blinds and look out the window.

“Oh no. I gotta go.” Liv grabbed her bags and then quickly began searching around the floor of her seat. “Where’s my underwear? Do you see it?”

“No I don’t. Where did you throw them.”

“I don’t know.” We then both stopped looking as her heard the front toor to her place open and a attractive but older blond woman came out. “Hi Mom! I’ll be right there” Olivia called out to her mother. Liv picked up her shopping bags once again, this time though getting out of the car with them. She walked over to the driver side window and quietly said to me, “Let me know if you find my underwear. Also if you don’t tell Kelli and Paris about this, maybe I stop by your new office and help you properly christen it.” And with that Liv gave me a peck on the cheek, and began walking to her mother. I did get one last treat in though, as I was pulling out of her driveway I looked back at Liv in time to see a gust of wind kick up the back of her and flash her nude ass to me before I drove off.
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1. Hailee Steinfeld
2. Bailee Madison
3. Victoria Justice
4. Olivia Holt
5. Emma Watson
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 10: Set Visit
Starring Emma Stone, Appearance by Anna Kendrick
Codes: MF, Oral, Anal
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction

“That feel good?” Anna Kendrick asked as she bounced on my cock. We were in her trailer on the set of Ryan’s movie. She was dressed in her clothes for the role and would have to be on set soon, but for now we were enjoying ourselves. With not much to do currently in LA, I had been making visits to the set in Seattle every now and then. Usually when I stopped by set, Anna I would end up hooking up either in her trailer or in her hotel room. I had also hooked up with Joey twice more, but unlike with Anna, I had made sure to keep that on the down low.

“Yeah, you like how my pussy feels as I ride your big dick’ Anna continued.

“You know I do.”

“Yeah, you gonna come soon?”

“I can keep going a little bit longer”

“Good.” We continued to fuck for a couple more minutes, until Anna came. “Fuck that was good.”

“Come on, keep going I’m almost there.” I tried to spur her on, but instead continuing to ride me, Anna simply stood up, got off the couch we were having sex on, and left me hanging. I was in disbelief. “Really, you’re just going to stop?” I asked as Anna checked her hair and makeup in the mirror. “Is this about yesterday?”

“Fuck, yeah it is” she answered. You see yesterday was the day they were filming Anna’s big sex scene. She was really nervous about it. Although she got to keep her bra and skirt on, her costar would only have on a monastery pouch (aka a cock sock) and it was supposed to be a very intense sex scene. I asked her if there was anything I would do to help her relax, and next thing you knew I had my head between her legs and was eating her out. The issue occurred as right when Anna was close to cumming, I stopped. She was pissed. I told her she should use that sexual frustration in the scene, and while she was not happy about this, but to be fair she killed it in the scene. Talking with Ryan this morning he said that the daily's looked amazing. However, it may have worked a little too well in some respects, as during the 4th take Anna was dry humping her costar so hard the pouch came off and he actually came in the middle of the scene. He came so hard you could literally see his cum flying up into the air on camera.

Now a day later, Anna had gotten her revenge by getting and orgasim of her own and leaving me hanging and pent-up. I stuffed myself back into my pants as Anna was making me leave her trailer as she was leaving to go shoot her scene. I now stood outside her trailer watching Anna walk back to the set. I knew I deserved what happened but I was unsure what to do now. Luckily, I did not have long to think as I soon heard a woman laughing from over to my right. I looked over and saw a red headed Emma Stone chuckling as she walked towards me. Dressed in a tank top, yoga pants and sneakers, it was obvious she was coming from working out and heading to her trailer when she came across me and Anna.

“I take it she got you back for yesterday?” Emma finally said after her laughter died down.

“Yup” I simply replied. Emma and I had developed a friendly rapport during my time visiting the set. Just like Anna I found her easy to talk with and always in a mood to joke around. Right now however, I was too frustrated to joke around.

“Well, you did kind of deserve it.”

“I guess.”

“God, she really did get you worked up before she ditched you, huh?”

I assumed she was talking about a bulge in my pants, “Yeah I guess it’s pretty noticeable.” Looking down I lifted up my t-shirt a bit and you could clearing see the outline of my hard on stretched down my pant leg and trying hard to break free.

“Oh my god!” Emma yelled staring opened mouth at my crotch. “I was talking about the look at your face and how you were acting. Damn, it looks like you’re dick is about to bust through your pants like the Kool-aid man.” Emma reached out and slid her hand along my shaft. “Whoa.”

I dropped my shirt back down into place and Emma reacted by pulling her hand back. Emma bit her lip and began to look around to see in anyone was around watching us. When it was clear no one else was around, she grabbed my arm. “You need to have that taken care of. Come with me.” She happily pulled me with her and we went to her trailer. Once inside she locked the door, moved me to the middle of the living space, and dropped down to her knees.

“All right, let’s see this,” She says as she undoes my pants and pulls them down. Once freed from its constrains my hard on sprang up and smacked the Oscar winner in the chin. “Oh wow. No wonder why Anna loves it when you visit the set.” Emma spat into her hands and began to stroke my cock. It’s not often I would say this, but the girl gave a heck of a hand job. She looked spectacularly sexy looking up at me and smacked my cock across her face a few times.

“I heard Anna through the walls moaning about your big dick,” Emma was referring to the few times I had gone back to Anna’s hotel room which was next door to Emma’s, it even had a connecting door. “But I never would’ve believed you’d be this big, or nearly this thick.”

“Thanks? I think.”

“You’re welcome,” looking up at me with her big green eyes Emma finally took me into her mouth. Watching the La La Land star’s pretty face bob up and down on my cock combined with the work Anna Kendrick had done earlier I was quickly reaching my limit.

“Oh god Emma, I’m gonna cum soon.”

Emma pulled me out of her mouth. “That’s a shame,” she gave the head of my cock a kiss, “I like the way you stretch out my mouth.” She then went back down on my dick, with increased vigor. I could feel myself about to explode, I put a hand behind the red head’s head and thrusted my cock to the back of her mouth before cumming down her throat.

“Ugghhh gawd,” I groaned as I came. Pulling out of her mouth with my last two blast of cum landing on the actress’s cheek.

“Feeling better?” Emma asked before putting me back into her mouth and cleaning off my cock.

“Oh god yes. So much better. Thanks.” I said as I pulled up my pants and relaxing on her sofa.

Emma gave a throaty chuckle, “Yeah, I bet.” Emma got up off the floor and set next to me. “So, ummm... you and Anna… you’re not…”

“Oh no. We’re just friends.”

“With benefits.”

“Well, yeah” I said with a smirk.

“So...she wouldn’t mind if we have a little fun?” Emma was starting to lean in.

“Nope.” I leaned towards her and just as we were about to kiss their was a loud knock at the door,

“Fuck! What time is it? I thought I had more time until I had to be on set.” Emma said as she checked her face in the mirror, then going to unlock and open the trailer door. As they talked I snuck into the bathroom to cleaned up. As I left the bathroom Emma was finishing up her conversation with one of the PAs. When the PA left Emma closed the door and locked it again.

“Soooo, turns out they are running behind on set.” Emma said with a big smile creeping across her face.

“How far behind?”

“Two hours or so.” Emma then pulled off her tank top revealing her black sports bra “So, care to join me in the shower?”

The two of us quickly stripped and left a trail of discarded clothing on the way to the shower in her trailer. The two of us were nude in the shower making out up against the wall of the stall. Like her costar, Emma was not the curviest of Hollywood starlets, each one did have an asset that set them apart. Anna was stacked up top great breast, Emma had smaller breast with quarter sized, rosy colored nipples. And while Anna had very skinny legs, Emma’s were much more shapely and were topped off by maybe her best feature, her bubble butt which I was currently groping with both my hands.

“Mmmmm, tell me how did a skinny white girl like you get such a nice ass.”

“Skinny white girl? Really?” Emma laughed. “How’s it a dorky white boy like you is so hung?” She asked mockingly as she gripped my cock.

“I work it out and exercise it.”

“Oh yeah? Really?” She said with a big broad smile.

“Yeah, can help me out and be my workout partner today?”

“Well, I’ve already been to the gym today, but I could use some cardio.” With that she pulled me back in and we went back to making out.

“You know, I should really help you clean up while we’re in here,” With that I grabbed the body wash off the shelf and rather than pour it onto a loofah I poured it into my other hand. Emma took the bottle from me and I used my hands to lather up the Oscar winning actress’ body. Taking my time as I soaped up her breast, giving her nipples a bit of a pinch and a twist as I passed over them, and also enjoying myself as I used my soapy hands to play with her ass once again. Emma followed my lead, using her hands to spread body wash over my body, with her hands lingering as they went down to my crotch. She carefully soaped up my shaft, essentially giving me another hand job.

“I can’t believe this thing actually fit inside Anna. She’s so small, I’m surprised you didn’t split her in half.”

“Well I’ve tried my best to.”

“Oh I heard, trust meEEEE!!!” She squealed at the end as I slid my hand down and slipped two fingers inside her. Emma had her back pressed up against the glass and was pushing her shaved crotch into my hand. As beautiful as her nude body looked I was a bit disappointed to see she had shaved. I knew she was a natural blond but was curious if when she dyed her hair red, like it currently was, if maybe she had matched the rug to the curtains.

As I finger blasted the actress she ‘accidentally’ knocked the body wash off the shower shelf.
“Oohhh, oops I dropped the soap” she said with fake surprise, moving my hand out of the way, she shifted her body around. She then bent over at the waist, keeping her legs straight, acting like she was actually interested in picking up the bottle, but as she grabbed it she looked up at me over her shoulder and gave me a wink. That was my cue to act, and I did, slapping my cock up against her pussy before sheathing it into her love tunnel. Between how wet she already was and the water from the shower there was little friction as I slid in and out of her pussy.

“Gawd, if I knew how good this would feel I would have busted down the door to Anna’s room and demanded a turn instead of just masterbating while I listened to you to go at it.”

“You fingered yourself while listening to us?”

“Yeah, every time. Those walls are thin and she can be pretty loud.”

“Still eavesdropping is wrong. You should really be punished” With that, I gave Emma’s ass a firm slap.

“Ah! Yes, do that again!” She screamed, and I spanked her once more. “Again!” This process repeated several more times before she quickly stood up and spun around. Putting her arms behind my head she jumped up wrapping her legs around me and I pushed her back up against the wall. Slamming in and out of her as fast as I could Emma’s breathing was getting faster and faster.

“Quick, bite my nipple!”


“Bite me” She said as she forced my head down to her chest. As my mouth clamped down on her nipple, it set off a chain reaction that ended with her pussy clamping tightly around my dick and her screaming out loud as she came.

“Damn girl, and you said Anna was loud” I said as I continued to drill her up against the shower stall.

“Whatever, just keep fucking me.”

“Fine by me” I said and continued to drill her up against the shower stall wall for several more minutes.

“This feels so good… but...let me down, there’s something else I wanna do.” Dropping her back down she turned off the shower and left the shower grabbing a towel the way out. I quickly followed to her bedroom. Emma didn’t use the towel to dry off at all, instead she spread it on her bed before getting up on it on all fours on top of it.

“Come fuck me in the ass.” Emma said in a sexy raspy voice.

“You think you can handle me?” I said as I approached her.

“Do you really think I do all those workouts to make my ass look good in a dress on the red carpet? I do it so when I tell some to fuck me in the ass I don’t have to ask twice, now stick that big cock in.” She said as she shook her booty at me.

I quickly jumped up on the bed behind her, grabbing her waist with one hand and the base of my dick with the other. I didn’t even think about lube at all as I placed the head of my cock up against her sphincter, luckily we were both still very wet from the shower. While meet with resistance at first Emma gasped as I finally pushed forward and my cock head squeezed into her anus. After the head got in I slowly slid another 10 inches of dick down the Easy A star’s poop chute, and she moaned out in pleasure while I did it.

“Good god” she groaned “You’re completely stretching my ass out.”

“Yeah I am, and you fucking love it.” I say to her as a begin fucking her ass.

“I do! I do love it!” I now had a firm grip on her hips with both my hands and I was pounding away at her.

“Tell me” I said as I gave her ass a slap “who does this ass belong to?” I then gave her another spank.

“It’s yours”

“Whose?” **SLAP**

“It’s yours! My ass belongs to you and your big dick!”

“Yeah it does!” **SLAP**

I got Emma to cum twice as a fucked her asshole. She no longer was on all fours, but instead was lying on her stomach with her ass up the air and instead of being drenched in water from the shower, her body now had a fine shine of sweat. I had been trying to hold back from cumming for a few minutes but I was starting to lose the battle.

“Oh shit I’m gonna cum. Fuck. Where do you want it?”

“Anywhere. I don’t care. So long as we can do this again you can cum where ever you want.”

“Your face. I wanna cum all over that pretty face of yours.”

“Ummm yeah.” Emma moaned as I stabbed her ass one last time before pulling out completely. I got to my feet and stood up on the bed while Emma whipped around kneeling on the bed in front of me. She made sure to tuck her hair back as she looked up at me with her big green eyes. “Do it, please cum on my face,” she pleaded as she toyed with her clit.

Looking down at her I beat my meat like as though my life depended on cumming in the next minute. “Yeah, you like when guys cum all over your face?”

“I love it! Even since my first boyfriend did it to me, I’ve loved feeling a guy shoot his hot load all over my face. Plus it’s a well known secret that it’s great for you skin. So please cover me with it.”

“Ugghhhh.” I grunted as I started to cum. The first shot hit her in the forehead above the eye, the next across the cheek. Emma closed her eyes and opened her mouth up wide sticking out her tongue as cum continued to splatter across her face. When it was over her face resembled a toaster strudel and she was laughing.

“Oh my god, are you serious with that huge load?”

“What I thought you said you liked getting a facial.”

“Are you kidding I fucking loved it!”

After wiping some cum off her eyelid, she sucked whatever was left in my dick out and then went back to the shower to clean up. I stayed on her bed and relaxed. After she got out of the shower I watched her walk round the room in the dude and we talked as she got dressed for her scene. Once she was dressed I put my clothes on and gave Emma my number saying that if she wants to hangout at all while I’m in town to text me.

Later that night

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, yes” Emma moaned as I fucked her in the ass on her hotel bed. She had called me after dinner for a booty call and I was all too happy to meet her at her hotel room to screw that booty once again.

“Fuck yeah, you like thick cock in your ass.” I said as I smacked her ass with left hand.

“God yes, I love it” I kept on pounding her ass until we heard banging on the connecting hotel room door.

“Hey, you guys wanna keep it down” Anna yelled through the door. Without much thought I pulled out of Emma Stone’s backside and walked nude over to the connecting door. Opening it up, Anna stood there in a tight t-shirt without a bra and a tiny pair of running shorts. She was a bit startled to see me at first but that quickly faded. “I should have known,” Anna said as her eyes scanned my body, lingering at my full erection.

“Yup, and you can either go back to bed, come in and watch us or you can join us. Either way, if you come in those clothes you’re wearing stay in your room.” Anna looked up at me and then looked over to bed where a naked Emma Stone laid on her stomach and gave Anna a wave.

“I figured it was my turn to have a go with him.” Emma told Anna. The Pitch Perfect star then returned her gaze back to me. Whipping off her shirt and dropping her shorts, Anna pushed passed me and walked towards the bed. “Let”s do this” Anna yelled out as she jumped onto the bed next to Emma.
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Current Top 5
1. Hailee Steinfeld
2. Bailee Madison
3. Victoria Justice
4. Olivia Holt
5. Emma Watson
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 11: Love in a Elevator
Starring Emma Watson
Codes: MF, Oral, Public
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction

I was speed walking back to my hotel in Atlanta trying to get out of the rain and wind.  A storm had moved in and was quickly building in force. Had I known it was going to get this nasty this quickly I wouldn’t have walked to get the pizza I ordered.  When I finally got to the hotel with my large pepperoni pizza in on hand and a bag with some sodas and waters in the other, my pants and sweatshirt were pretty wet though thankfully not totally soaked through.  I headed straight for the elevators and as I approached I saw a brunette of medium height wearing tight jeans, a black lightweight coat and black ankle boots, step onto the elevator pulling her two suitcases behind her.

“Hold the elevator!” I called out as I jogged over.  I was mildly surprised that the woman actually did hold the elevator, and was even more surprised when I saw who it was holding the door open.

“Thank you… oh hey Emma Watson.  Wow, thanks.”

“No problem.” She said with a smile as she let the doors closed a pressed the button for her floor. I reached over and pressed the button for the floor a few stops before hers.

“Gotta admit I’m a little surprised I’m running into you here in Atlanta and not LA” I said trying to strike up a conversation with the Harry Potter star.

“CNN invited me to be a part of a special they are doing on gender equality in light of all the sexual harassment stuff popping up in America.  Also I’m only really ever in Los Angeles if I have to be.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re a big enough star at this point people come to you with roles rather than you having to chase them down.”

“One of the benefits of being Hermione Granger.” she said sarcastically.

“Well, you’ve proven you can do other stuff. I liked you in Perks of Being a Wallflower and Bling Ring.”

“You saw those?” She asked turning and actually looking at me as opposed to the elevator doors as she spoke.

“Yeah, I think I’ve seen most of your stuff.”

“Ah, finally a fan who finally doesn’t only want to talk about Harry Potter.” Emma face really britten with a big smile and she also suddenly seemed more relaxed.  That all changed quickly as the elevator shook and came to a stop with all the lights went out except for the emergency power lights.  Emma had put her hand on my chest to steady herself as the elevator shook, but she quickly pulled it back after a few moments of no movement.

“What was that? Why did it stop?” she asked in a panic.

“I don’t know.”  I took a step over to the side of the elevator and pressed the call button hoping there’d be someone there to tell us what’s going on.

“Hello, is anyone there? Hello?”  I spoke into the speaker.  It took a few minutes before finally we got a woman’s voice to respond.

“Hi, are y'all alright in there.”  the woman spoke with a very heavy southern accent.

“Yeah we’re fine.”

“How many of you is there?”

“Two.  Wait, can’t you tell? Don’t you have cameras where you can see in here?”

“Normally yes, but the storm knocked out the power and our backup generators aren’t working so the hotel on emergency power only.”

“I guess that means we’re pretty much fucked in here then?”

“I wouldn’t had worded it so bluntly, but yes.  We’re trying to get the power back and we’ll try and find someone to get you out of there, but you both might be stuck in there for quite a while.”

“Bollocks.” I heard Emma cuss behind me.

“Ok then.” I spoke back into the speaker

“Are you both alright? Do you need any medical attention?”

“No, we’re fine.”

“Alright then, we’ll try and get the elevators back working as soon as possible, but for now hang tight.”

Taking my finger off the talk button I looked at Emma Watson and she looked back at me with the same ‘are you fucking kidding me look’ I had. 

“I hope you were not in a rush to get to your room to you the bathroom” I said trying to break the ice.  Thankfully she laughed and said she didn’t.  I dropped the pizza box in the middle of the floor, I took of my sweatshirt, and sat on the floor taking a slice out of the box.  I told Emma she was free to join me.  She took off her coat and joined me on the floor.  Grabbing a slice from the box we began to make small talk.  I introduced myself and told her about how I won the lottery and had recently become a producer in LA.  Turns out she had actually just watched me & Ryan’s first film on her flight into town and had really enjoyed it.

When she asked why I was in town I was less specific.  I told her I had spent the last week in Miami and I had decided to make a pit stop in Atlanta to visit a friend, a friend I was riding up the elevator to see.  All of that was true.  What I didn’t tell Emma was that the friend was Natalie Alyn Lind, who was finishing shooting the first season of The Gifted, and who yesterday had my cock wedged up her pussy before the limo she had picked me up in had even made it off the airport property.

Emma could sense my hesitance to go into specific details, and so she of course pressed me harder fo answers.  I gave up the fact that she was a TV actress who was filming her show in the city.  Before she could ask for her name my phone started buzzing from text messages.  I knew before even taking out my phone that it was Natalie asking where I was.  I texted back that I was stuck in the elevator and that they were not sure when I would get out.  She then texted me back a picture of her with a sad face and also a message that because of the storm they had to change the show’s shooting schedule and she now needs to leave in and hour or two.  As I was reading the message Emma reached over and yanked my phone from my hands.

“Oh, is this her?  She is cute, though a little young for you don’t you think?” Emma said as she looked at the picture Nat had just sent.

“Maybe a little.  She’s 18, but it’s not like we’re dating or in any kind of serious relationship.”

“So what, you’re just shagging?’

“Friends with benefits, yeah.”

Just as I said that, my phone went off with another text message and I saw Emma’s eyes go wide.  “Well I can certainly see those benefits” Emma said as she gave a slight giggle.

I grabbed my phone back and saw that the new text was a picture of Natalie’s topless breast with the message ‘hopefully you get out of there soon, I want to feel you shoot your load all over my titties before I leave’. I couldn’t help it as a little groan escape my lips as I looked at the picture.  Emma chuckled at that. “Even I have to admit those things are exquisite, and I’m kind of jealous.” I almost said something about Emma’s breast having seen the nip slip photos and the recent leaks of her in the bathtub, but I quickly caught my tongue before saying anything.  I texted Natalie back that I look forward to doing that, but I’m also not alone in the elevator so I can’t really sext right now.  As I put my phone away Emma was pulling out another slice of pizza. 

“So” she said between bites. “How did you two meet?”

“Ummm, I not really sure I should be telling someone I just met that story. It not really a PG rated.”

“Oh come one.  We could be stuck here for hours, and besides I’ve already seen the girls breasts, how bad can the story be?” Emma pleaded.  After thinking it over for a moment I shrugged and began to tell the Emma about how Nat and I first meet on a red eye flight from Toronto and ended up have sex in our seats.

“Fuck me” Emma said totally dumbfounded.  “You made that up, you had to.”

“Swear to God, that is all true.”

“God she is so lucky.”

“Actually I am pretty sure that I am the lucky one.”

Emma laughed.  “Oh trust me you are. That’s been well established.  What I mean is that she gets to be hot and famous, but not so famous that she can still get to enjoy being young and crazy.  I didn’t get that.  Because of Harry Potter I was under a microscope most of my life and almost everywhere I go people recognize me.  Hell I can barely go to the shop down the street without some posting a picture of it.  I mean, growing up people made a big deal of the picture of me drinking while underage and those pictures of me in a black bikini are still all over the internet.  Forget doing what you and your friend did, could you imagine what would happen if I did what Shay Mitchell did? Going topless at a nude beach.”

“Those pics would be all over forum boards across the internet before you could but your top back on” I said feeling sympathetic for the actress. 

“I mean the one time, one time, I really dropped my guard was at Brown when I got drunk at a frat party, and I ended up shagging a cute guy in the bath.  The next day, it seemed like everyone in the entire university was talking about it.  It was part of the reason I ended up having to drop out of school.”


“Yeah and now a days, if I ever show a bit of sexuality I’m suddenly a hypocrite. As if someone can’t be a feminist who believes in gender equality AND also someone who likes to look good and enjoy sex as well.”


“Yeah, I know...”

“Well, now I know why you are a such a supporter of the female orgasim and masterbation site.”  Emma looked back at me with a blank stare.  “Sorry, bad joke.”

“Y’all doing alright in there?” The same voice as earlier came through the elevator speaker.

“Oh, thank god.” I said thankful for the interruption.  I shuffled over and pressed the call button. “Yeah, we’re fine.”

“That’s good. Just wanted to give you an update.  The guy working on the generator said it will be another 60 to 90 minutes, so you two just hold on a bit longer.

“Okay thanks”  I sat back down in my spot and looked over at Emma who had her head tilted back against the elevator wall and was looking up at the ceiling.  We sat in silence for a few minutes before Emma spoke up.

“Sorry I kind off went off like that before.  I just really wish at times I could afford to do something crazy and public.”

“I get it.” I looked over Emma, she seemed so frustrated and stressed.  Suddenly an idea popped in my head and I decided to go for it.  “Emma, I think I can help you out.”

She lowered her gaze back to me, “How?”  I quickly moved over to her, put my hand behind her head and brought her in for a kiss.  She didn’t really respond at first, letting me kiss her, but soon she pushed me away.  “What was that?” She asked totally confused.

“Look, you said you want to do something crazy and in public, but you’re afraid of it being plastered all over the internet, right?”


“So what would be crazier than having sex in a hotel elevator? Plus with the power out there are no cameras to record it and we know this thing isn’t going anywhere for at least an hour.  And, I think by now you know I’m not some crazy obsessed fanboy who’d tell everyone I know if we were to have sex.”

Emma seem to pause and consider all my points.  I could not tell what way she was leaning until she grabbed my shirt and pulled me in, kissing me like I’d just kissed her a few moments ago.  I quickly began kissing her back and she started slipping her tongue into my mouth.  As my hands began to explore her body, feeling up her b-cup breast and firm ass, all the while I was amazed by how magical her tongue felt.  It was like it was dancing with and messaging my own tongue as we made out. Breaking off our lip lock I began kissing up and down the side of her neck.  Emma moaned in response, finally getting rid of the sexual frustration that had been building up inside her.

“Gawd, I don’t remember the last time I just snogged some random bloke I just met.” Emma said as I continued to kiss her neck and massage her clothed breasts.

“Well I hope you’re ready to do a lot more than that with this random bloke.” I said as a switched from the right to the left side of her neck.

“Oohh I am, I sooo am.” she said as her hands drifted down to my lap. “Oh...OH!” she said as her hands found my denim extraped hard on. “I think I know why your friend likes you so much.”

“Yeah, she really seems to like that thing.”

“I’m sure.” Emma said pulling me in for another passionate kiss, breaking it off after a minute to say “Alright, stand up.”  I stood up and pushed Emma suitcases over to the far corner, Emma also moved to half empty pizza box to the same corner as she got to her knees and positioned herself in front of me. 

“I looks like you have a giant sausage crammed into your pants,” She said as she squeezed the outline of by rod through my jeans.

“Oh, are you a big fan of bangers and mash.” I teased.

“The potatoes are alright, but I do enjoy a good thick, juicy sausage.”  I started undoing my pants as she spoke. I could feel my cock jump with excitement as I undid my belt and unzipped my jeans.  Just like every other hetero man who grew up with Harry Potter movies coming out every year while they were in school, having Hermione Granger begging you to show her your cock was a fantasy come true.  I pulled my cock free from my pants and watched as Emma’s eyes grew wide.  “Oh my, that really is quite a banger” she said as he two hands closed around it.  Leaning in she began kissing up and down my shaft as her two hands stroked it, then lifted up the shaft so she could tickle my balls with her tongue.

“Ummmmm, I was worried when I broke up with my last boyfriend…. that I might not ever find a guy as hung as he was again...” She said while she played with my balls in her mouth “but you look to be even bigger than he was.”  My brain quickly remembered the story of Olivia Holt & Hailee Steinfeld having a threeway with a guy who was supposedly Emma’s boyfriend at the time.  I wondered if this was the same guy, but that thought quickly left my mind as I felt Emma’s feminist lips close around the head of muc cock and she began sucking it.  She worked her mouth down about halfway down my shaft before pulling back to the head and then slamming half my cock down her throat again, all the while double fisting the other half of my dick.  Looking down into her brown eyes with my cock in her mouth I knew there would be no way I’d be able to watch a Harry Potter movie again without thinking about this moment and getting hard.

As much as I was enjoying the fantastic blowjob I didn’t want to bust my nut yet.  I step back and slid my schlong out of the Beauty and the Beast stars mouth.  She looked quite disappointed until I told her to stand up and turn around. Emma gave me a smirk as she stood and began undoing her jeans. As she turned around I helped pull down her jeans displaying her ass in some black panties. 

Looking at her ass I wondered what the heck is going on with Emma’s in Hollywood.  While not as spectacular as Stone’s, Watson’s ass as was thicker and shapelier than one would ever expect of her looking at her from the front.

With her bent over at the waist and her jeans down by her knees, I dropped down to mine. Pulling down her panties down I exposing her fully nude ass and pussy.  It was unclear if she had just a finely trimmed bush or she just hadn’t shaved in a little while, but I didn’t care as I shoved my face into it and began eating her out.  I loved listening to the Brit moan as I licked and sucked her hairy twat-er.

“Are you sure the cameras don’t work?” She groaned looking up at the elevator security camera.

“That’s what the lady said. Do you want me to stop?”

“No don’t stop.  The thought that some might be watching or that the elevator might start working at any moment is really turning me on.  Thinking that suddenly the doors might open and some stranger might see me is getting meso hot.  The more I think about it the more turned on I get.  Just thinking about make me… oh...OH GAWD YES! YES!”  Emma yelled as she came with tongue in her pussy. Not giving her much time to recover I quickly got to my feet and impaled my cock into her wanting pussy. “Bloody Hell! Oh god you’re big! I love it.”

The elevator filled with the sounds of the British actresses moans and stapping skin and a I pounded her pussy from behind.  I could not help but be hypnotised, watching her ass jiggle each time I thrusted into her. “God damn, girl.  I can’t believe how nice your ass is.”

“I know… I get that...a lot.” She said out of breath as we continued to fuck.  “If you’re good… maybe we can get...together...UGGHHH fuck yes….together some other time and I let you stick that fat cock in my ass...but...but that all depends on how well you fuck me today...FUKING HELL….UGGHH you’re doing amazing so far.”  Hearing this caused me to double my efforts.  Slamming her pussy as hard and as fast as possible, within a few minutes I had her cumming on my cock.

After she recovered from her orgasim we took as short break to fully strip out of both of our remaining clothes.  Emma had me lie down in the elevator and she quickly jumped onto my cock and began riding with wild abandon.  Gripping her hips, I watched as her perky tits with almost ruby red areolas bounced.  I don’t know if she was just hadn’t gotten laid in a while, or she was really getting off on the idea of screwing in a hotel elevator, or if she was just always a tigress in the sack, but girl grinding her did seem like the same elegant women you see in television interviews. 

I needed to slow things down or I was going to cum soon, so I scooped her up and placed her on her upright luggage against the elevator wall.  She leaned her back against the wall and wrapped her legs around my waist. I continued to pump in and out of her, but now at a much more methodic pace to try and slow down my immpending orgasim.  Bending down I to kiss her we made out briefly before moving my mouth down to her chest.

“Umm yes..suck on my breasts...god I love it.” She moaned and continued to talk dirty about how much she loved my cock and how great she was feeling.  Listening to speak that way with her accent along with feeling of her hot tight pussy finally pushed me over the edge.

“Shit Emma, I gonna cum.  Where? Where do you want it?”

“My Mouth. Shoot it in my mouth!?”

I quickly pulled back and Emma dropped down to her knees.  Wrapping her mouth around the head, she tickled the underside of my tip with her tongue while stroking off the shaft. In less than 30 seconds my dick was shooing off into her mouth. When I finished jizzing into her mouth I took a step back and leaned up against the wall.  Emma then opened up her mouth showing me my cum in her mouth.  Using her tongue, she made a show of sloshing it around before closing her mouth, swallowing, and then sticking out her tongue to show it was gone. 

I slid back down to the ground with my back resting on against the elevator. Emma crawled up to me and took my cock back into her mouth.  I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her cleaning off my cock.  Eventually she moved up and sat next to me.

“So did you enjoy your experience doing something crazy in a public space?” I asked.

“Yes, I loved it. I wish I could do something like this more often.”

“I hate to be the one to say this,” I said  as I gave her body one last look over, trying the ingest every detail of her body to memory, “But if you are actually nervous about getting caught we should probably get dressed.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right.” Emma got up and walked over to her clothes, keeping her legs straight she bent over at the waist, giving me a perfect view of her butt and pussy peeking out from underneath, to pick up some of her discarded clothing.  “It’s a shame though” she said as she stood back up, “I would’ve like to have gone another round or two.”

Those words made my heart and dick ache, but nevertheless we got dress.  We were about halfway through dressing when the hotel woman gave us the update that the power should be back on in a couple of minutes.  I texted Natalie to let her know what was up.  Sure enough in five minutes later after we were both fully dressed and the power came back on. 

“I’m getting off on your floor. I’m not staying in here alone and getting trapped again.” Emma told me.

“If you don’t mind stopping at Nat’s room first I’ll help you carry your bags up the stairs.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“You seriously going to carry both those bags up the stairs yourself?”

“Well… yeah I guess you’re right.”

As she agreed the elevator doors open up and I began walking off with the half empty pizza box and bag with empty water bottles and soda cans.  I didn’t make it three steps before Natalie Alyn Lind pounced on me, wrapping her arms around my neck and legs around my waist giving me a big passionate kiss.

“You’re all sweaty.” Nat said as she pulled back.

“Ahh... well” I stuttered.

“The air went out in the lift when the power went out. It got really hot in there.”  Emma spoke up making her presence know to Natalie for the first time.

“Oh my god, you’re Emma Watson.” Natalie got down off me and began to gush in front of Emma.  Telling how big a fan she was and how much she loved Harry Potter.  Emma acted like a pro dealing with a Potter fan, even offering to drop off a signed picture later.  Natalie could not believe her luck, but lamented that she was due on set and had to leave. She gave me a spare key to her room and told me to just hang out and she’d call me when she on the way back. 

As the doors closed on Natalie, I turned to Emma Watson again.  “Let me just drop this stuff off and I’ll help bring your bags up.”

“No don’t” She said, giving me a sly seductive look. “Bring them up.  I’ll keep you company while you wait. Maybe we can figure out something that will help us build an appetite.”
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 12: Premiere to Remember
Starring Hailee Steinfeld & Sophie Turner with Appearance by Anna Kendrick
Codes: MFF, MF, Oral, Anal, Public
Written by MiamiLyfe
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy

Also be sure to check out the Prelude to this story, Team Building Exercise w/ Anna Kendrick & Hailee Steinfeld

I hate getting dressed up, but none the less I current found myself in a tuxedo in the back of a limo pulling up to the red carpet of Pitch Perfect 3.

“Just so we’re clear, next time if you’re ever my date to an event like this again, you’re coming home and have sex with me.” Anna Kendrick said as the limo came to a stop.

“Deal.  Thanks again for doing this.”  Anna had agreed to let me be her plus one to her premier.  While the two of us have been friends with benefits ever since our first meeting, tonight the unspoken plan was for me to finally hook up with her Pitch Perfect 3 co-star, Hailee Steinfeld.  It was no secret to anyone who knew either of us that we were extremely hot for each other and up until tonight we just never seemed to see each other at the right place or right time.

The door to limo opened up and the crowd erupted in cheers as Anna stepped out.  I followed behind her and got roped into taking some pictures with her for the photographers who were out in front of the step and repeat banner, though none of them had a clue who I was.  When the photographers told me to get out of the way, I quickly made my way up carpet to the theater while Anna stayed behind for pictures and interviews.

A bunch of people were huddled around making small talk while they waited for the stars to work through the red carpet and for the show to begin.  I walked around a bit, but was not really interested in networking or making small talk.  It was about 5 minutes later I saw a tall red-head standing alone over by the far wall playing on her phone.  When I saw her face I immediately recognized her as Sophie Turner.  I had not seen her since she and Hailee had left Olivia’s infamous 20th birthday party early.  Knowing she was one of Hailee’s closest friends I was guessing she had come here with Hailee so I went over to her to strike up a conversation.

“Hey Sophie.”

“Oh hi,” she said in her lovely accent. “It’s Ed, right?”

“How have you been? I haven’t seen you seen you since Olivia's birthday party.”

“I’ve been well. Hailee will be excited to know you’re here.”

I couldn’t hide my smile after hearing that. “That’s good to know.”

“She is still upset with me for making her leave that party early. She’s called me a cock block ever since someone forwarded her the video of you & Liv.”

“People need to stop spreading that video.  It’s only a matter of time until it gets leaked.” I said as I looked out over at the chaos still on the red carpet.

“Oh and that would be so terrible for you, won’t it,” Sophie said sarcastically. “A video of a hot actress cumming all over your giant cock. You’d end up with an onslaught of girls like Haiz who just can’t wait to get her hands on that monster.” She paused for a few moments as her eyes drifted down to my crotch and then started up. “You know, I’d be a shame if something again got between you two finally shagging.” This caught my attention right away and I stopped scanning the red carpet crowd and immediately focused right in on Sophie.

“What does that mean?”

“Oh nothing. It just it’s obvious how hot you two are for each other and it’d just be too bad if something or someone got in the way of you both hooking up” Sophie said trying to play coy.

“Cut the crap red, what do you want?”

Sophie smirked at my bluntness.  “Alight then.  I love Haiz, I do, but she’s gotten a little too flirty with some of my past boyfriends and my fiance. I want to even things up.  And what better way to do that than to get a taste of something she’s been wanting before she gets too,”  Sophie said as she grazed my crotch with her hand.

I looked hard at Sophie, then back to the long line of celebs still on the red carpet, and then back to Sophie once again.  “Alright, fuck it.  But we gotta be quick.”  I took her arm and we moved down one of the far corners of the theater, heading away from the Chinese Theater.  We somehow ended up in the closed movie theater next door.  We quickly made it into the women’s room and once inside I began undoing my belt.  Sophie began to bend down onto her knees before I stopped her.

“Nah unh, stand up, bend over the counter, and hike up the dress. You sad you wanted a taste of what Hailee is going to get tonight, so now you’re going to get it.”

“Oh really? No snog or anything, straight to shaging, you and Hailee are really going to like each other.” Sophie joked as she slip her thong down and raised one knee onto the countertop.

“Joke all you want, in five minutes you’re going to be cumming on my cock and begging me not to stop.”

“Someone is confi…. Wow… that thing looks bigger in person.” Sophie’s mouth hung open as she looked over at my now exposed throbbing erection.

“Sophie, if you want to do this,” I said as I grabbed my cock and waved it at her, “we’re gonna have to do this now.”

Sophie quickly hiked her dress up further, exposing her pale but shapely bum. Stepping up behind her I slapped my rod up against her shaved pink folds.  I could feel how wet she was. 

“You ready for this?” I asked, not really caring about her response.  She was in the middle of saying something when I slid into her hot wet pussy

“OH GOD! Yes! Stuff me! Stuff me with that big knob!”  Yelled in pleasure into the mirror as I fucked her.

I was jackhammering my cock in and out of the Game of Thrones star for a good 10 minutes and she’d already cum once when all of a sudden we heard the door to the bathroom. 

“What the fuck?”

Me and Sophie froze and looked to the door only to have Hailee Steinfeld looking back at us.  We were all frozen in stunned silence until I finally said something.

“She blackmailed me into it”

“Hey!” Sophie said a bit perturbed at the way I threw her under the bus, though she was still bent over the sink counter with my dick lodged in her snatch. “Hailee I…”

“It doesn’t matter.” Hailee cut her off while walking over to the counter. “I snuck up here because I need to get off.”  Hailee pushed Sophie’s leg off the counter and then jumped up onto the counter.  She then slid over in front of her red headed friend and hiked up skirt revealing a very wet pussy with a landing strip.  “I was going to masterbate, but if you want to have sex with him that’s fine, you can repay me but eating me out.”  She then grabbed onto the back of Sophie’s head and pulled her down to her pussy.  Hailee then looked up at me, “Fuck her all you want right now, after the movie you’re all mine.” She gave me a wink before moaning loudly as Sophie began eating her pussy.  I’d been frozen ever since Hailee walked into the bathroom thinking I’d blown my shot with her, but after hearing I didn’t I went back into drilling Turner’s pussy.

While I had enjoyed having sex with Sophie and watching her reaction in the mirror before, now now looking into Hailee Steinfeld’s “O” face as her friend ate her out was something else. It did not take long for things to build towards their climax.

“Aww yeah, that’s it work that tongue,” Hailee moaned using one hand to push down even more on Sophie’s head as she pawed at her tit through her dress with the other.  “Almost there! Almost there, Almost…” Hailee then quickly grabbed me by the back of the head bringing me in and jamming her tongue down my mouth as she came on her friends face. Maybe it was finally kissing Hailee after lusting after her for a few months, or maybe it was just the buildup from pumping in and out Sophie Turner’s snatch, but as we made out I released my load into the Game of Thrones star.

After calming down we all began to get straightened back up.  Sophie told Hailee how she kind of blackmailed me into the situation, and Hailee forgave her but also told her that she wouldn’t steal her boyfriend and jokingly told her that had she wanted to fuck her fiancee she would have.  Me and Hailee left the bathroom first, after having gotten fuck and eating out her friend it was going to take Sophie longer to get look presentable. 

Me and Hailee made some small talk on our way back down but as we were set to rejoin the rest of the people at the premiere, Hailee stepped in front of me.  She cupped my crotch and told me “Now remember tonight you’re mine, so try not fuck anyone between now and the end of the movie.” She then gave me a quick kiss before running into the crowd entering the theater.  I walked into the theater and took my seat next to Anna.

“You reek of sex” Anna quipped.


“Maybe.” And then the lights went down.

After the movie me and Anna met up with Sophie and Hailee in the lobby.  Me and Sophie told the two stars how much we liked their movie.  As we chit-chatted it started become a little tense and awkward, and Anna quickly cut through it.

“So, these two” pointing to me and Hailee “need to get going so they can fuck each others brains out.”  She then locked her arm around Sophie’s “Now come Lady Sansa, let's go find a well hung Dothraki horde to fuck.” And with that they walked off to head to the after party, and me an Hailee went to the limo line to get us a ride out of there. While waiting in line for the limo me and Hailee both began to have our sex drive ratchet up. I had my hand firmly gripping and squeezing her firm ass and she whispered some of the dirty things into my ear.  Finally limo pulled up and as he opened the back door he asked us if we were going to the after party.

“No, where going to…” I turned to Hailee “where are we going?”

“Where do you live?” She asked giving me the same blank unknowing look I gave her.

“Pasadena.  It’ll take 40 minutes to an hour to get there.”


“What about you?”

“Ummm… I technically still live with my parents.” Hailee said embarrassed

“So, I’m guessing going there is out of the question?”

She laughed, “Yeaaaahhh, probably not the best idea.”

We were quiet for a minute or two while we thought what to do.  Finally I turned to the driver and just told him to just take us to the nearest five star hotel with a vacancy.  He gave a quick at Hailee as she got in the car before giving me a knowing smile and saying he’d have to check his phone for a vacancy but he thinks he knows of a place or two.

I got in the limo and shut the door behind me.  As the limo began to drive off Hailee quickly straddled my lap and without a word the two of us began to make out.  My hands roamed all over her body as she began grinding herself up against my crotch.  The driver interrupted us over a car’s PA system saying that he found a vacancy at the SLS in Beverly Hills and we’d be there in 10 minutes or so.  I covered Hailee’s mouth as I pressed the button for the PA and told him that that sounded fine.  I didn’t want the drive to her Hailee moan as I finger blasted her.  Once I let got of the PA button I also took my hand off Hailee’s mouth.

“Take you dick out I want to fuck.” Her hands began sneaking down towards my belt.

“Nah, not here.”

“Why not?” She asked giving me pouty face.

“Not enough time.  Once we start with that, I want no interruptions. So we’ll just have to find another way to spend pass the time.” With that I shoved her off my waist and onto her back on the seat.  I then slipped down and pushed her dress up to her waist.  Exposing her tasty pussy to me for the second time, only this time instead watching her friend eat her out, I got the pleasure of diving my head between her legs.  Time seemed to fly by as in no time it seemed the driver gave us a status update that we were just minutes away.  As we pulled into the hotel I had my mouth sucking on her clit and two fingers driving in and out of her twat.  In a last ditch effort to make her cum before the limo stopped I pulled my hand out and moved her hips a bit before giving her the shocker.  Sending two fingers into her pussy and my pinky into her butt caught her by surprise in a good way as she soon was cumming all over my hand.
The limo came to a stop in front of the SLS, Hailee and I got out of the car looking flush and a little out of breath, but not to bad.  I gave the driver a cash tip and he told me I was one lucky S.O.B.  Hailee and I then both walked quickly together across the hotel lobby and towards the front desk, holding each other tightly with my arm around her shoulders and hers around my waist.

“My pussy is so wet I can literaly feel a few droplets running down my leg. I hope no one notices,” Hailee whispered into my ear as we approached the front desk.  The receptionist at the desk greeted us and immediately recognized Hailee, she began gushing about what a fan she was and how she couldn’t wait to see Pitch Perfect 3.  Hailee did her best to play it cool.  I told her that we needed the room, the receptionist told me they only had they only had one of their smaller rooms types of rooms with a single king bed available.  I told her that was fine it was just for the night, but she insisted on trying to see if she could work something out and find something better. She was unsuccessful and just ended up wasting our time.  Time which seemed to be going at a glacial pace as she got us our room information.  When she turned to finally get us the key Hailee again whispered into my ear, “I swear if she takes to much longer I’m just going to get down on my knees and blow you right here.”  Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your opinion I didn’t get to find out how serious she was as we were then handed our keys and we hurried to the elevator. 

We made out as we rode the elevator up several floors.  When we got to our floor we both speed walked to our room.  Opening the door, it was a small room with a large bed and sofa like seating in front of a large window.  Hailee had not walked three feet into the room before she began sliding out of her dress. She hardly broke stride as it pooled around her feet and she stepped out of it, while continuing on shaking her nude ass as she walked over to the window. Hopping up onto her knees the sofa she stuck out her butt and bent forward to look out the window.  I took off my jacket and was unbuttoning my shirt when she told me we had a view of the pool.  Bent over the back of the sofa with her ass up in the air and her head looking over her shoulder she told me I should come take a look.  I quickly stripped out of the rest of my clothes, Hailee let out an audible sigh when my cock sprung free of its confines.

Walking up behind her I peered over her shoulder to look out the window, making sure my dick grazed her pussy as I looked out

“Ummmm… I’ve been waiting to feel that thing since seeing that video of you and Olivia.  I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve masterbated to it.”  Hailee confessed as she rubbed her wet pussy against my rod..

“Maybe we can make our own video.”

“I don’t make a sex tape with someone until at least the third date. I’m a lady.”

“Sure you are” and with that I finally slid into her pussy.  We both let out loud moans of absolute joy and pleasure.  I had almost my full dick in her pussy when I just stopped to enjoy the feeling and take in the moment.

“By the way, this doesn’t count as a date.”

“Then what is tonight?” I asked as I began thrusting in and out of her.

“Sex. It’s all about sex.” We were not going at full speed with her meeting each thrust of mine with a backward thrust of her own.  “Really great sex. Shit, I love your dick so much!”

“Hell yeah it is.”  From the get go the two of us seemed to have great chemistry. She meet every thrust of mine by pushing her hips back to meet me.  We’d only going been going at it for a few minutes, but between the build up on the way over and finally banging the girl I’ve been wanting to get with for a few months, I wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Shit, sorry. I need to get this first load out of the way.” I said as I pulled out.

“That’s fine, so long as you can keep going afterwards.”

“I will.”

“You better.”  Hailee then spun around to face me. Grabbing my cheeks with both her hands she gave a big deep kiss. “I want to taste you.” she said then moving passed me and jumping onto the bed.  She then spun around and laid on her back with her head hanging off the side.  “Come fuck my face.” Hailee said opening her mouth up wide.  I quickly moved over to the bed, placing my hands on the sides of her face as I lined up my cock and sunk it into her mouth and down her throat.  I soon began fucking her face the way I fucking her pussy just seconds ago.  I loved the feeling and based on how she was toying with her clit and at times almost seemed to be giggling as I fucked her face, she seemed to be loving it too.  I warned the Love Myself singer that I was about to bust my nut, but as I started to pull out Hailee reached above her head grabbing my hips to hold me in place with my dick still in my mouth. Knowing what she wanted, I let it rip  shooting off ropes of cum down her throat but pulling out so the last few shots hit her face.  When I was done I turned around and fell back onto the bed.  Hailee spun around giggling, using the comforter to wipe her face clean.

“That was quite a sizable load, hope you still have something left in there.”

“Are you kidding? We’re not stopping tonight until one of us either dies or my dick falls off,”  I joked.  Hailee was now sitting on her knees next to me looking down at me.  It was really the first time I had gotten a chance to take in her fully naked form.  Looking over from her small landstrip above her obviously recently shaved or waxed pussy, to her darker colored areola and thicker hard nipple.

“That’s good to hear.  You taste really good by the way.”

“Speaking of tasting good.” I said as I reached out to grab the girl, but she quickly spun out of my grasp.  However we still ended up where I wanted with her crotch grinding against my tongue, only now I had the added benefit of the two of us 69ing with her on top.  Hailee blew life back into my cock as I munched away on her cunt.  I was so lost in her twat I didn’t even notice she stopped blowing me until she pulled away from me.  She slid her her pussy down my body coming to a rest right up against my cock.  I watched as if in slow motion as she lifted her hips up and sunk them down with my dick splitting her pussy in half.

“Aaahhhhhhgggaaaawwwdddd” she cried out as she worked my whole cock into her.  “Jesus I don’t know what I like more, how deep you are are how much you stretch me out.  She then started riding me reverse cowgirl style.  As she built up speed, I could not help but me mesmerized by the site of her ass bouncing and twerking on my dick.  I slid up closer the headboard, putting some pillows behind me, so that I could sit up and have a better angle to watch her.  She lost her balance as I pulled her up the bed with me so she dropped her hands down to the bed so she was now hunched over with her ass sticking out even more so than before.  I could not held but give it a slap a few times, leaving a red handprint on her firm right cheek.

She’d already cum once while riding me and I was getting close as well.

“Turn around,” I told her.  “I wanna see your face when I cum.”

“Fine” she said standing up and turning around. “But I am still on top, we’ll do however you want next time.”  She then dropped to her knees and again sunk her hips down atop my cock.  Since I was still in a sitting up position, instead of watching her ass bounce I had her breasts right in front of my face.  I could not help myself from leaning forward and taking her tit into my mouth.  I mauled her breasts as she rode me.  Licking, sucking, biting her nipples as I groped the other with my hand, and then switching to the other.  I only stopped when
She took hold of some of my hair and yanked my head back and stuck her tongue down my throat.

We made out as she continued to grind her hips against my crotch.

“You need to slow down or I’m gonna cum,” I warned her.

“Yes, do it! I’m almost there! Come in me!  Come in me as I come!”  Hailee yelled at me. “YESS!”

Feeling her pussy tighten as she came, I stopped holding back “Fucking hell!” I bursted out as I released a cum into her pussy.  As our mutual orgasims tied down we both collapsed down onto the bed.

“It was... your birthday… yesterday… right?” I said while trying to catch my breath.

“Yeah.” Hailee said, also out of breath.

“Happy birthday.”

“Thanks.  You got me...exactly what I wanted… a nice big dick… and a good hard fucking.”

At some point after that we both passed out, but it was not for long. I was woke up several hours later to a dark room and the feeling of Hailee rubbing her butt up against my erection.  We were spooning, still naked and on top of the covers.  I had a hand draped across her and my hand was palming her breast. Hailee had her ass pushed back into my crotch and was slowly rubbing it up and down.  I could not tell if she awake or not, but when I back away a bit she groaned and shoved her ass back further to meet my crotch.  Still not totally sure if she was awake or not so, reached down to take hold of my cock, I rubbed it along her ass crack eventually moving it between her legs sliding it along the pussy lips. This caused her to moan loudly.  She was already warm and wet so she was either already awake or having a very good dream. I continued to slide along the her outer lips but it wasn’t until I started kissing her bare shoulder that she finally let me know she was awake.

“Bout time you woke up.” she said turning and looking over her shoulder.

“You been awake long?”

“Not too long. Just woke up to your dick poking me in the ass and I was trying to decide if I should wake you up or just roll you on your back and take care of it myself.

“Well I’m a wake now.” I said before giving her a quick kiss.

“Good, cause I want you to fuck my ass.”

“Really?” Hailee just smiled, biting her lip and nodding in response. I kept sliding along her pussy to try and lube up my cock, even it pumping into her twat a few times to try get it nice and wet. Unfortunately the first time I lined up and tried sticking into her anus we were not really getting anywhere so I had to spit into my hand and rub it against her rosebud.  I even stuck my finger up her butt before taking aim with my cock once again. Lifting her leg up a bit I push my cock into her ass again.  With some effort the head of my dick finally slipped in. 

“Oh my god. You’re stretching me out so much, but I love it.” Hailee was enjoying it so much as I fucked her tight asshole that she was practically laughing.  I worked my dick in and out of her butt in the spooning position. 

“Come on, harder! Fuck me Harder!” she begged, so I turned us over so we were in doggie.  She gripped the headboard with one hand and used the other to play with her pussy as I continued to pound her ass.  Now with leverage I could really work her ass hard.  With each thrust her ass shook and my balls swung and slapped against her pussy.

“OOOOOOOhhhhh my god, that’s it really give it to me!”  The harder I fucked her, the more she loved it. I’m amazed that whoever was in the next room didn’t call the front desk to have someone come tell us to keep the noise down, because there is no way they could not hear Hailee yelling.  Especially when I started spanking her ass as I fucked it, that seemed to really set her off.

“Good damn, you are absolutely loving this.”

“Yes, I fucking love the feeling of your big dick in my tight ass.”

“Keeping talking like that and I am going to end up cumming in it.”

“Yes! Do it! Cum in my ass! Please, cum in my ass!”

Hearing year pleas did it.  “Shit!” was all I said as I unloaded my seed into her ass.  I then pulled out letting the last two shots paint her lower back. When it was over I dropped down onto the bed and Hailee rolled onto her side and faced me.

“Nice job. High five.” This caused me to chuckle and I gave her a high five.  Hailee then wrapped herself around me and we feel asleep.

The girl had a unquenchable sex drive, and I could not get enough of her.  After we spent the night of the premier screwing until we both basically passed out, then we spent all of the next two days in that same hotel room either having sex, eating, or sleeping.  While it was clear this girl was a bit of a freak, Hailee also showed off some of her exhibtionist side as well. Once opening the door to let in guy with the room service while completely in the nude.  The guy obviously enjoyed the view as evident by the tent in his pants as her turned around to leave. Then another time while food was being delivered she yelled for them to come in while she rode me reverse cowgirl style on the bed.  It was a different guy this time, and after the initial shock of what he saw, he slowly walked to the far nightstand to put down the food, making getting a good 270 degree view of Hailee ride my cock.

We didn’t just sleep, eat and fuck.  We also watched some movies and talked while we rested, though one of the main topics of conversations was about sex.  I told her about how I first found out I was larger than most guys, and some of my recent hollywood hookups.  She told me some of her stories like about the first time she meet and had a threeway with Anna Kendrick, gave me the details about the threesome I had heard her and Olivia Holt had, and also how she, Anna, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow and Alexis Knapp invited a number of the crew members who’d been there for all the Pitch Perfect movies up to Anna Kendrick’s suite to thank them properly with a full blown orgy.
I woke up on the morning of day three surprised to find that I was in a empty bed.  I was disappointed until I heard someone moving around the bed.  I opened my eyes to see Hailee hustling around the room wearing my dress shirt from the premiere. 

“Ummm… what are you doing?” I asked her as I stretched out trying to wake up.

“Sorry, I have a bunch of stuff to do today.” She then jumped up onto the bed. “Sophie is coming over to drop off some clothes for me.”

“When will she be here?” A smile crept across Hailee’s face.

“Don’t worry, we got time.” With that Hailee took off my shirt and yanked down the bed sheets.  Even though I’d seen her naked for most of last nearly 60 hours, I still loved looking at her body in its nude glory.  Hailee straddled my legs and went down on my morning wood.  I was enjoying another great blow job from actress/singer when we were interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Hailee it’s me.” We heard Sophie Turner yell from the hotel hallway.

“She early” Hailee said as she jumped off the bed and answered the door once again in the nude. While she opened the door I grabbed a pillow to hide my throbbing erection.

“Jesus Haiz, really?” Sophie said as looked at her friend standing nude in the hotel room doorway.

“What? Not like you haven’t seen me naked before.”

“That’s not...nevermind, here” Sophie handed Hailee a gym bag as she walked into the room.  “And oh my god, this room absolutely reeks of sex. You weren’t kidding about going at it since the premiere.”

“No she wasn’t”  I said and Sophie then noticed me on the bed, nude except for a pillow over my crotch. She blushed slightly and tried not to look directly at me.

Oh! Umm hey Eddie.” she said.

“Well, I better go shower.” Hailee interrupted. She made her way towards the bathroom, but made a detour coming over to the bed, and bending down to give me a deep lingering kiss.  At some point she must have grabbed onto the pillow that was covering my crotch, because as she pulled back from the kiss, she also quickly tossed the pillow off the bed exposing my hardon to the open air and to Sophie’s gaze.

“No sense in hiding what she’s already seen” was all Hailee said before heading into the bathroom and shutting the door, leaving me and Sophie Turner looking at each other in awkward silence.  Sophie’s eyes drifted down to my erection, which was still glistening from Hailee’s spit, Sophie bit her lip as she looked at it.

“I can’t believe you’re still hard after being locked up in here with her all this time.”

“Honestly neither can I.  I think she might have slipped something into my drinks.”

“I wouldn’t put it passed her.” A loud silence now filled the room. ”I’d be a shame to let that thing go to waste” She said as she approached the bed.

“You sure about this? She’s only in the bathroom.”

“Please, like she didn’t set this all up.”

“If we're going to do this, you have to be on top.  I my legs are just jelly.”

“Not a problem.”

“Also shirt off, tits out. I’m not going to miss out on seeing them a second time.”

“Fine.” Sophie quickly got rid of her white shirt and bra.  Climbing onto the bed with her pale white breast with light pink areolas and very little sag, out in the open for my gaze.  Sophie now stood over me pulling up her skirt and showing off her pussy.  Unlike the night of the premiere where she was freshly shaved, she now had a couple days of growth of red haired.

“No panties, hmm?”

“While we were on the phone Haiz got kind of graphic on her description of what you two had been up to. I had to ditch them, they were too wet to continue to wear.’ She dropped down to her knees and grabbed onto my rod, lining it up with her pussy before sliding down my pole.  “Fuck, your dick really does feel amazing.”

“Yeah, I bet.  Tell me, you and Anna hook up with anyone at the after party?” I asked as she grinded her pussy on my cock.

“Anna did. That girl’s libito may rival Hailee’s.  Oh fuck yesss.  Soooo goood.  I went back home to Joe.”

“The fiancee, you to screw?”


“Tell me, were thinking about him or that fat cock you’re currently riding.”

“I love Joe.”

“That wasn’t the question.” I responded, giving her ass a slap. “Answer my question.”

“I...I…” with her hesitating I took hold of her hips and used the last bit of energy I had in my hips to rock her body with my cock.  “Oh god, oh god…. Your! I was thinking about your fat cock and how it completely fills my twat, OH GOD!” she squealed as she came, thought she did not pause and continued to ride my cock through her orgasim. We continued for a few more minutes, with her shaking the bed as she rode me, until I heard the shower turn off.

“Shit Sophie, we need to wrap this up.”

“I want to taste you.  I want you to cum in my mouth” she said breathlessly.

“Go ahead, but I don’t know how much cum I actually have left. Your friend pretty much drained me.”

“I don’t care” And with that Sophie Turner rose off my cock and shimmied down the bed so she could lay down and take my aching member into her mouth.  Taking the head into her mouth she began blowing me.  She did her best to deep throat as much of me as she possibly could.  I fixed up the pillows behind me so I could angle myself better to watch the redhead finish me off.  As the sound of the hair dryer in the bathroom started up, it drowned out the sounds of me growing as I came fully emping whatever was left in my balls into Sophie’s awaiting mouth.

“Mmmm… Hailee was right, you do taste good.” Sophie commented as she crawled up the bed and laid down next to me.

“Glad you enjoyed it.” I was just about to pass out when I heard the bathroom door open.  I wasn’t sure what Hailee’s reaction was going to be, because with both of sweaty, out of breath, and mostly naked (Sophie still had her skirt and heels on), it was pretty obvious what we were doing while she was in the bathroom.

“You two fucked again?” Hailee asked

“Yup” Sophie answered.

“Was it good?”

“Oh yes, so good.”

“Good, by the way I’m counting that as my engagement gift to you.  Now put your shirt back on so we can leave.” Sophie didn’t have a response this time.  She simply got off the bed and the two girls left as I passed out into a blissful but much needed rest.
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 13: Payback Never Felt so Good
Starring Hailee Steinfeld & Victoria Justice
Codes: MFF, MF, FF, Oral, Cheat
Written by MiamiLyfe
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy
It was late in the morning on Sunday in LA, and I was relaxing on my sofa watching the early NFL playoff game.  The first quarter was coming to an end when I heard the doorbell ring.  I had not been expecting anyone so I had no clue what was waiting for me when I opened the door.  I especially was not expecting to find Victoria Justice there in a white tank top and a mid thigh length black skirt.

“Victoria? What are you…”

“Drop the shorts, we’re gonna fuck.” She said bluntly as she pushed her way passed me and into my place.

“What?  Wait, how did you even know where I live?” I asked as I closed the door and followed her.

“Ryan told me.”  I’d forgotten that despite choosing another actress over her on our first film, Victoria and Ryan had actually become fast friends.

“Okay, that answers one question.  Now, not that I mind, but why did you come over her demanding sex?” I asked as I finally caught up with her in my kitchen.

“Why? This is why!” She pulled out her phone and after tapping the screen a few times and handed it over to me.  On the screen was some women I didn’t recognize with a averaged sized hard cock in her mouth.  It also a message with the picture saying ‘Told you that stripper was into me. You better pay up this time’.

“Ummm… okay, I am going to need a bit more context.”

“That’s a text from Reeve.  That’s his dick. And that’s not my mouth it is in.  Asshole meant to text his friend Victor last night and he texted me instead.”

“Ohhhhhh.  So, does he know he sent it to you?”

“Don’t know, don’t care. I saw the picture when I woke up this morning and then I came here.”
“What the hell is going on out here?” Hailee Steinfeld walked into the kitchen from the living room wearing her oversized, personalized Seahawks jersey. We’d been hanging out all weekend. We’d gone out the last two nights and she was cool with just chilling in front of the TV, watching the games with me today. 

“Oh,” Victoria was truly surprised to see Hailee.  “I didn’t think you’d have anyone with you. Is there anyone else here?”
“Nope, just me” Hailee said with a smile “So what’s going on?”

“Victoria’s boyfriend cheated on her,” I told her while showing her the picture on the phone.

“So, what?  She came over here to screw you and get revenge on her boyfriend again?”

“More or less.”

‘Wait, how do you know… did you told her about Toronto?” Victoria asked me.

“Yeah,” I said matter of factly.

“We like to compare stories” said Hailee as she continued to look at the picture on the phone.

Victoria looked back and forth between me and Hailee. “Sooo, are you two, like, a couple or something?”

“No, not really” I said, a little unsure of my answer.

“Yeah, no, we’re just ummm…” Hailee looked at me to help her out with an answer.

“We’re somewhere on the relationship spectrum between friends with benefits and a open relationship.”

“Yeah, yeah that’s about right” Hailee agreed.

“Okay” Victoria said sarcastically. An awkward silence filled the kitchen, no one really knowing what to do next.

“So do you tell your boyfriend that you go hooking up with someone else when you get mad at him for cheating?” Hailee asked while looking at the photo and zooming in on Reeve’s cock.

“No” Victoria responded.

“So it’s not really payback then.  You’re just cheating as well.”

“I...I guess. What’s your point?”

“Well he sent you a pic of some stripper sucking his cock, wouldn’t it be getting even if you sent him a pic of you sucking some other guys cock?”

“She’s got a point” I told Victoria.

“I mean you were going to do it anyways.  Plus this skank isn’t half as pretty as you, and Ed’s quite a bit bigger than your bo’.  When he sees you’ve upgraded it’s going to make him lose his mind” Hailee explained.

“I guess that’s true,” Victoria said as she deliberated the younger brunette’s idea.  “But I’m not taking nude or sexy photos on my phone.  I’ve already been hacked once and had my boobs posted online, I don’t need photos of me with a giant dick in my mouth going viral as well.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that,” said Hailee “By the way, your boobs are fantastic, I wish mine looked just like yours.”

“Thanks.” That comment put a smile on Victoria’s face for the first time that morning.

“You know you could use my phone” I interjected.  “No one knows who I am so it’s not going to be hacked, and I can get rid of the pictures later.”  And by later I meant after I downloaded them and saved them on the flash drive I had with other private nude photos I’ve received or taken of women I’d been with throughout the years.

“Awesome, I’ll go get it.”  Hailee didn’t even wait for Tori’s response before she ran off to go get my phone.

“So, she is something else” Victoria commented.

“Yup.  Hey, remember how after we first met you kind of hated me a little?”

“Yup.  I’m actual still more of a fan of the head on your dick to the one on your shoulders,” Victoria once again showing off some sarcastic wit. “By the way, is there somewhere else we can go? I rather not kneel on hard title.”

“Yeah sure” I told her and lead her into my living room, stopping Hailee and turning her around while on the way.  Once in the living room I put the football game on pause, then took a cushion from a chair and tossed it onto the rug.  Victoria got down on her knees and I stepped up in front of her with Hailee right next to me.  I went to lower my shorts but Victoria stopped me.

“Don’t. I got this,” she said as she undid the tie on my basketball shorts then pulled them down.  My underwear soon followed, exposing my swinging half hard cock. I could see Victoria’s eyes light up and widen as she exposed me.  “I swear, it never ceases to amaze me,” she said before lightly kissing the head and then slowly working her tongue up and down the sides.

“God, that’s so hot,” Hailee whispered in my ear as she watched Justice take my cock into her mouth.  Hailee gave a few light kisses on my cheek and along my jawline before using her hand to turn my head towards her so she could kiss my lips.  It wouldn’t have taken me long to get fully hard if I just had Victoria sucking on me, but with Hailee kissing me at the same time it is amazing I didn’t light headed from all the blood rushing to my cock.

“Okay, this thing is ready. Let’s do this.” Victoria said while toying with my cock and balls in her hands.

“Hmmm? What? Oh, oh yeah” Hailee was enjoying herself making out with me she almost forgot while she was there.  Haiz fumbled with the phone she before handing it to me to unlock.  As soon as I had it done she took it back and opened the camera app.  “Alright, all set.”

“So, do I just suck it? Or is there a pose I should do?” Victoria asked.

“Ahh, I don’t know. Just do different poses and I’ll take a bunch of photos and we’ll figure out what to send later. Why don’t you play with the tip first and we’ll take it from there,” Hailee instructed her new friend.

“Also, always keep your eyes focused on the lense,” I told her.

“Okay,” was all Victoria said before starting.  She started off my flicking her tongue back and forth under the tip, then stopped to pose with the tip resting on top of her tongue.  Between her experience doing a ton of photoshoots, and just knowing her way around a mans penis, Victoria was a natural at this.  Hailee snapped photos of Victoria licking my head, kissing the tip, her lips wrapped around the head with and without her cheeks sucked in.  She then had one with me as far down her throat as she could fit it. She did one with her head right next to the shaft to show off the length, and another with it going right up the center of her face and her eyes cross-eyed as she looked at it.  Hailee occasionally blurted out ideas for new shots.

“Awesome.  Now just suck it and I’ll get some action shots” Hailee told Victoria. Tori immediately stopped posing for the camera and just attacked my cock with her mouth.  Hailee snapped photos with my phone as Victoria worshiped my dick with her mouth.  Getting my dick wet with spit by jamming as much of it as she could down her throat, then pulling back to use her mouth & tongue to toy with the head as her hand stroked the shaft.  My cock was almost fully stretching out the Victorious star’s mouth as it slide up and down my shaft.   I could tell the show she was putting on was really getting Hailee hot as started leaning and grinding up along my side.

“She really know what she’s doing, doesn’t she” Hailee asked while be transfixed by what she was watching.

“MmmHmmm” was the only response I could muster as Victoria had one of my balls in her mouth. She used her hand up and down my shaft as her mouth went back and forth sucking on each of my nuts. She then stuck out her tongue and slowly licked up the underside of my cock before coming to the tip and putting it back into her mouth.

“Hey, you know what would really drive your boyfriend nuts?” Hailee asked.

“Gawahh… what’s that?” said Victoria after pulling my cock from her mouth.

“If he saw a picture of me and you sharing that big, fat dick.” Hailee then handed me my phone. “Keep taking pictures” she told me as she dropped down to her knees alongside Victoria. Now both girls were down on their knees with my dick sticking out between them, the two girls started posing for pictures once again.  I was someone thankful of this because this helped delay the inevitable, but not by much.  The two looked sexy as hell with both of them looking up at me as they kissed my cock head.  The two posed with each taking a side of my shaft, and then one with my cock in Victoria’s mouth while Hailee licked my balls.   

Soon though the posed pictures just devolved into just a straight up dual blowjob by the two starlets.  The two ladies swapped my cock back and forth between them, with the off one either working the base of the shaft or my balls.  At one point I could hear and feel Victoria really start to moan while she blew me.  While I could not see for sure what was happening, I could tell from the direction of her arm that Hailee was reaching up under Victoria’s skirt and was probably fingering her while she blew me.  The two then switched things up with each taking a side of my shaft between their lips and together they simultaneously ran their mouths up and down my dick.  I tried to snap a few more pictures but I was was having a hard time concentrating, especially when the two worked up my cock and came together around the head before moving back down.  Both of the girls were world class cock-suckers, and together they were almost too much to bear. What finally put me over the edge was when the two girls lips sid the head of my cock, Hailee reached out and kissed Victoria.  The two women began to make out with my cock head stuck between then. I could feel their tongues dancing across my tip as they slipped into each others mouths.

“Oh shit girls, I can’t hold back any longer” I told them.  They straightened up and went cheek to cheek in front of my dick. I snapped off one before pic as Hailee stroked me off. I leaned back and let out a loud moan/grunt as I shot my load across the two actress/singers faces.  Hailee moved my cock side it side to make sure I covered them both of their pretty faces.  When it was over I looked back down at the two gorgeous woman with shots of my jizz spread across their faces.

“Hurry up and take the picture” Hailee said snapping me out of my trance.  I aimed the phone at the two cum covered beauties and clicked off several photos.

“Alright, I think we’re good” I said lowering the phone.

“Good” Victoria said as she wiped some cum off of her eyebrow, and then sucking her finger clean.

“Here, let me help” Hailee said to Victoria.  Hailee then gave a nice long lick to the side of Victoria’s face.

“Oh my god. Really?” Victoria laughed in reaction to Hailee’s lick.

“Come on” Hailee said while standing back up, “Let’s go wash up and then we’ll figure what to text your boyfriend.”

“Good idea,” Victoria agreed.  Hailee took the phone from me and the two girls began headed towards the bathroom.

“So you ever do anything like that before?” I heard Hailee ask as they left the room.

“Of course. I worked with Liz and Ariana for four years. No way you can work with one of them, never mind both, for that long and not get roped into some kind of threesome or group action.”

With the two girls out of the room I redressed, grabbed a water, and sat back on couch.  I unpaused the game and watched it for a while.  Ten minutes or so later the girls walked laughingly back into the room with their freshly washed faces.

“What are you two laughing about?”

“Ummm…” Victoria said when her laughing finally died down “We forgot that, if we sent the pics from your phone, Reeve wouldn’t know that they were from me.  So, now he just thinks some random guy sent him pics of his girlfriend giving a blowjob. He says he wants to fight you.”

Hailee handed me back over my phone. “We were going to write something back, but your phone locked up” she said.  I unlocked the phone and checked my text.  I saw the pictures that they sent, which was only of Victoria.  Below it was a message from Reeve about how he was going to beat me up and how fucked I was when he found out who I was.  I thought for a moment and started to type something.

“What are you typing?” Victoria asked as she moved over and sat next to me on the couch. 

“I wrote ‘Your girlfriend asked me to send you those as payback for the pic you sent her. And the only one of us who is going to be fucked it Victoria in about 5 minutes when I bend her over the couch.’”

“Oh my God, yes. That is going to drive him nuts!” Victoria said and gave me a big hug.  “Thanks you guys for helping me get payback, and this was so much fun.”  Victoria looked at me and then looked over at Hailee would took a seat on my recliner.  “I should probably get going and leave you two to get back to whatever.”  Victoria got up off the couch and started walking back to the kitchen and presumably the front door.
“Wait, you’re leaving?” Hailee asked as she lounged on a chair.

“I mean, I guess. I don’t want to keep bothering you guys.”

“I thought you came here because wanted Ed here to give you a good hard fucking” Hailee stood up from the chair.

“I did. But I thought he was going to be alone, and I don’t want to intervene with whatever you guys have.”

“I don’t mind if you have sex with him,” Hailee then pulled off her Seahawks jersey revealing that she had nothing on underneath, “As long as I get to have a little fun too.”

“Really?” Victoria asked and bit her lip as her eyes looked up and down Hailee’s naked body.

“I did also just promise your boyfriend that I would bend you over the sofa and fuck you,” I said from the couch.

“Well, I would hate to make a liar out of you.” Walking back into the room Tori pulled off her shirt and unclasped her bra, letting both fall to the floor.

“Wow, I really would kill for your boobs.  They look even better in person.” Hailee said, reaching out and giving Victoria’s breasts a feel and a squeeze.

“Really? Well, I would love to have your ass and legs,” Victoria said in response and reached around Hailee and gave her ass a squeeze.  As the two girls felt each other up, I was busy stripping out of my clothes.  I was watching them the whole time. They disappeared from my view as I pulled my shirt over my head, and when they reappeared the two were giving each other some light kisses.  Once I had stripped down I made my way over two the girls, moving up behind Victoria.  I took hold of the zipper on her skirt and unzipped it.  Her skirt floated to the floor, leaving her in nothing but her wedges.

“Have you not been wearing any underwear this whole time?”

Victoria broke off her kiss with Hailee, and looked over her shoulder at me. “I told you, I came for one reason, to have sex.  They would have just gotten in the way.”

“Touche.  I do believe I told your boyfriend I was going to bend you over the arm of the couch.”  The three of us groped and squeezed each other as we headed back over to the couch.  Getting into place on the along the side of it, Victoria kicked off her wedges and kept her legs straight as she bent down.  With Victoria bent over the arm of the sofa I moved in right behind her.

“Wait!” Yelled Hailee.  She ducked down and squatted between us.  She took my cock between her mouth and bobbed up and down a few time before withdrawing it from her mouth.  She then spat in her hand and began giving me a handjob.  She then turned her head and began licking Victoria’s pussy.

“Ummm yes, Hailee.  Lick my pussy” Victoria called out as she was eaten out. Hailee took turns between blowing me and eating out Victoria.  “YES YES YES! I’M CLOSE… wait wait what are you doing? DON”T STOP.” Victoria voiced her frustrations as Hailee pulled away, but her frustrations were soon forgotten.  As was she voicing her frustrations, Hailee had me step up closer and now was aiming me right at the former Nickelodeon star’s love tunnel. Victoria then yelled out scream as I pushed forward and stretched out her pussy.  Hailee sat back and watched on as I started fucking her new friend.

“Oh god yes! Oh god yes!” Victoria chanted as she was right back to being on the brink of cumming.  The room filled with sounds of skin slapping as repeatedly slammed into her.  I could feel one of Tori’s hands rubbing her clit as repeatedly buried my cock inside her sweet pussy.

“Come on Victoria, cum for me. Cum all over my dick”

“Yes, I’m going to, I’m going to… I’M CUMMING!” she squealed as I kept hammering away at her pussy while she was cumming.

“Me too!” yelled Hailee. I’d almost forgotten about her, but she was sitting on the floor, leaning back and masterbating feverously as she watched me and Victoria fuck.

After fucking Victoria passed her orgasm and a few aftershocks, I decided to switch things up.  While not the biggest, Victoria did have one of the prettiest set of boobs I’d ever seen and I loved playing with them and watching them as we had sex. Unfortunately that was almost impossible from our current position. Rather than tell her to spin around, or tell her to get in a different position I just acted.  Pulling out of her, which was met with a disappointed groan by her, I grabbed her by the legs and lifted her up.  Tori flipped up over the arm of the couch and landed comfortably on her back.

“Here,” I said as I dropped my cock onto her face “I want to taste yourself before I go back to destroying that pussy of yours again.” She looked at me upside down and happily took me into her mouth.  She made sure to suck and lick all of cum juices off my cock before I went around to the other end of the couch and reentered.  With her legs now wrapped above my shoulders, I was once again able to enjoy the sight of her boobs jiggling with each time I slammed into her.  Hailee got up off the floor to moved over to us and got on her knees next to the couch.  I put my arm behind Victoria’s back and lifted up, making her arch her back and have my mouth access to her breasts.

“Good I love these titties” I said as I bit down on her nipple. Hailee moved in began licking her other breast.

“Fuck, I love it when you play with my breast,” Victoria moaned.

“How’s that cock feel?” Hailee asked Victoria.

“SO GOOD.” Victoria replied

“Yeah, is he stretching that pussy of yours?”


“Is he bigger than your boyfriend?”

“Are you kidding, he’s so much bigger.”

“Is he a better fuck that your boyfriend?”

“FUCK YES! Oh god. I wouldn’t even care if Reeve cheated if he could fuck me like this.”
I didn’t know where Hailee was going with this line of questioning, but it was giving me a hell of an ego boost. In between each question she asked, Hailee would bend down as take  Victoria’s dark burnt red colored nipple into her mouth.  While everything was going great, I wanted to get Hailee more involved.  I dropped Victoria back down on the couch.

“Hailee get up on the couch, now.”  Haiz quickly scurried to her feet and climbed up onto the couch.  I moved Victoria’s legs off my shoulders but she immediately wrapped the around my waist.  Hailee then took a position on all fours right above Victoria.  Thankfully I had some wide cushions on my couch so that we could all fit.  With the two girls looking at each other face to face, Hailee lowered herself and they began making out.  I continued to fuck Victoria and with her wiggling her backside in my face, I leaned in and ate Hailee’s pussy.  After afew minutes of jamming my tongue up her twat, I had Hailee lower her hips so that then I could pull out of Victoria and stick my dick into Haiz’s pussy.  Making sure Tori didn’t feel left out I fingered her and flicked her clit while I fucked Hailee.

“Oh god that feels amazing” Hailee groaned as I buried my entire length into her.

“Does it ever not?” Victoria joked

“Nah-uh.  Every time he sticks it in my ass or pussy it’s always great.”

“You’ve had that thing in your ass?”

“Fuck Yeah, I fucking love it.” I gave Hailee’s ass a hard spank as I fucked her.  “You should try it.  You’ll love it” suggest Hailee.

“Maybe next time” Victoria said before going back to making out with Hailee and playing with the younger girl’s hanging breasts.

The room filled with the sounds of grunts, moans and slapping wet skin.  We had all built up a sweat as I alternated fucking and fingering the two smoking hot brunettes.  At one point I thought about how much I wish I had a security camera in the room so that I could have a recording of this whole encounter.  I had been able to get Hailee to cum once and Victoria was on her third of the day when I could feel the my own climax getting close.

“Shit girls I’m getting close” I said as I slowed down my the rhythm I was fucking Hailee with.  Hailee then pulled away and spun around.  Without even asking she dropped her pussy right on top of Victoria’s face.

“Cum inside her.  Cum in her pussy, so I can eat it out of her,” Hailee demanded me to act. Victoria said something in response, but the sound was totally muffleed by Hailee’s wet pussy, and I honestly didn’t care what she had to saw.  I jammed the full length of my cock into Vic and jackhammer my cock as hard and as fast as I could.  Soon the build up inside of my balls was becoming too much.

“You really want me to cum in her.” I asked Hailee who was enjoying the work Victoria’s tongue was doing to her.

“Fuck yes! Do it!  I want you to do it!  And holy shit is she good at this.”  Hailee said referring to the way Victoria was eating her out.  With only a couple more pumps, I let go and released the dam.  I came inside of Victoria Justice’s pussy, and I did not pull out until I had finished totally emptying my balls inside of her.  When I was done, I slowly pulled out and found Hailee’s eager mouth waiting for me.  Just like Tori did earlier, Hailee happily licked and sucked my dick and balls clean of any of Victoria’s pussy juice.  When she was done I stepped away from between Victoria’s legs and Hailee quickly moved to take my spot.  Once there, like a truffle pig, she dove face first inbetween Victoria’s legs in search of what she wanted.  Victoria's legs wrapped around Hailee's head and kept her face buried in her pussy as she ate her out.

“Yeah that’s it. Clean that pussy.  Eat all that cum out of me” Tori encouraged Hailee.  Victoria soon had another powerful orgasm as Hailee ate my cum out of her, and Hailee also had a smaller one as she fingered herself.  In the meantime, I just sat in a nearby chair and watched the two girls go at it.

Once it was all over, we were all exhausted and it took awhile for anyone to move.  Victoria was the first to do anything as she collected her clothes and went to the kitchen to get something to drink.  Me and Hailee were both surprised to see her comeback in fully dressed and ready to head out.  She said Reeve had been blowing up her phone with text and missed calls and that she should really go hash things out with him.  I told her she is more than welcome to hang out here longer if she wanted, but she insisted she should get going. We said our goodbyes and Hailee told her if she ever wanted to do anything like this again she’d be more than happy to make it happen.  Victoria just gave a bashful smile and then left.

After Victoria was gone, Hailee and I dressed and sat back on the couch.  I unpaused the football game once again and Hailee snuggled up next to me.

“God, that is going to be one nasty fight between Tori and Reeve.” I said watched the game.

“You don’t know the half of it.”

“What does that mean?” I asked. 

Hailee bent down and picked up my phone off the floor, it had been laying next to the couch.  “While you too were going at it, I called Reeve.  So he was either listening in or has a voicemail message of you two screwing.”

“Does Victoria know?”


“Oh.  Wait, shouldn’t my phone have locked by then? Did you steal my phone’s security pin?” Hailee gave me and expressionless face and shrugged, but her smile soon broke through.  “You’re going to pay for that, you know that right?”

She gave me a quick peck of a kiss and then rested her head on my shoulder.  “I look forward to that.”
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 14: Late Night
Starring Selena Gomez
Codes: MF, Oral
Written by MiamiLyfe
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy
I found myself looking at my watch as the taxi I’m in weaves in and out of Manhattan traffic.  I had just flown in, and already I’m running late.  I was in New York because Ryan was asked to be a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers.  Our 1st movie, while slow at first, had really found an audience on Netflix and it was getting a lot of publicity on social media.  Plus the hype for our next movie, with Anna & Emma, was already really starting to build.  I was going just as some moral support for Ryan as he was really nervous to be on TV for the first time.  He had flown in a few days ago, but I didn’t fly out until today because I was buying a movie script to what will be my first solo producing project. It was already after 3pm and we had to be at the studio at around 4pm, so I was barley going to have time to drop off my bags before we needed to leave.

I texted Ryan, he said that he had already checked into my room so when I was dropped off, I skipped registration and took the elevator straight up to his room.  I knocked on his door and he had a nervous look on his face when he opened the door.

“Cutting it a little close, don’t ya think?” Ryan said.

“Yeah, I know. My flight got delayed.  Just give me ten minutes to shower and change, and I’ll meet you downstairs.”

“Fine, just be quick” Ryan said as he handed me my room key.  I went down to my room and took a quick shower (just rubbing myself down with some soap), brushed my teeth, put on some fresh clothes, and then I was out the door.  I met Ryan in the lobby, he was dressed in the suit for his interview, and we left for the studio.

We walked up to the back entrance for Late Night a couple of minutes after 4pm.  There was a large crowd  waiting there and many of the fans were screaming about something.  Once the studio security opened a path for us to get by we saw that the fans were going nuts for Selena Gomez.  She was to be the musical act tonight, with Jane Levy being the first guest and Ryan the second.  Selena was taking photos with fans and signing autographs.  She was wearing white stilettos with designer jeans, a black shirt and a tight white jacket.

As we approached Ryan introduced himself to Selena and told her what a fan of her music he was, and she told him that she had just watched our movie last night and that she really enjoyed it.  I stuck out my hand and introduced myself, when she turned to me I had to really focus to keep eye contact with her.  With the setting sun was behind me, when she turned to me her black shirt became somewhat see through and it did not take much effort to make out her braless breast through the shirt. From the quick look I got, her tits did look as nice as what I’d seen online.

After I introduced myself we all walked into the studio where a intern and one of the producers greeted us.  She introduced herself to Ryan and I, while she obviously already knew Selena from her previous visits.  The producer has us all follow her down the hallway to the dressing rooms.  Ryan walked next to the producer and chatted while I slowly walked in the back of the group, occasionally checking out Selena’s ass as we walked. Ryan’s room was first and we both stepped in, and I closed the door behind me.

“So did you see?”

“Are you kidding? How could I not have noticed her shirt” Ryan interrupted me.  “Can’t say I blame her though.  I might be gay, but those things are fantastic. If I were her I’d be walking around topless all the time.”

“That’d be nice” I joked as I laid down on the couch. I thought the couch would be a cheap and uncomfortable, but it was actually fairly plush and soft.  As Ryan paced around nervously and got his makeup done, I just relaxed on the couch and made small talk to try to keep his mind off things.  At one point we asked an intern to bring us some food and drinks from the green room.

“Alright” Ryan said as he gave himself one last look in the mirror.  “I’m supposed to meet with Seth quickly to just go over what we’re going to talk about, and then I’m gonna head to the green room”

“Sounds good.  But, umm, would you mind if I just hung out in here? Between work the last couple of days, waking up early today, and jet lag, I am tired as hell.”

“Are you sure? I thought you really wanted to meet Jane Levy?  You’ve been going on all week about how she’d be perfect for your new project. Not to mention that you had a crush on her when she was on Suburgatory.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, I know., I just… this couch is so comfy.  I can always try to set something up when with her when we’re back in LA.”

Ryan rolled his eyes and walked towards the door. “Okay.  Just do me a favor and try not to sleep through my segment.”

“I’ll try.”

Ryan headed out, and I just relaxed on the couch and channel surfed on the TV but ended up just watching the in house feed of the studio.  It was about 10 minutes later when I heard a knock on the door.

“Yeah come in”  I announced expecting it to be a PA or and intern knocking.  I was not expecting it to be Selena dressed in a white terrycloth robe, with what looked like a pair of tall black boots underneath. I sat up.

“Oh, uh, hi Selena” I said obviously surprised.  “Ryan is out in the green room if that’s who you’re looking for.”

“Actually, I was looking for you.  I was wondering if you might be able to help me with something in my dressing room.”

“Yeah, I guess so” I said as a slowly stood up and followed the latina songstress down the hall to her room.  I had been expecting to find it full of her people but instead it was empty. She closed the door behind us, leaving the two of us alone in her room.

“So, what can I help you with?”

“Well, I always get extremely nervous before I have to perform in front of a live audience.  I used to do weed, or coke, or pills to try and help calm my nerves but also get my energy up..”  Selena said all this while crossing the room.  She now stood facing me while leaning up against the makeup desk in the room.

I was not too sure where Selena was going with this.  “Okay.  I’m not sure how I can help.  All I have on me is some excedrin for headaches.”
“Oh no, that’s fine.  I’m trying hard to cut back on that habit, but now I have a different one that helps me.” She the began undoing the tie to her robe. “Sex.”  She then dropped the robe and she stood in front of me totally nude with the exception of her thigh high boots.  “I need you to fuck me and make me cum before I go perform.  And if you do a good job, maybe we can meet up again some time.”

Gazing at the naked former Disney Channel star I my jet lag quickly vanished. “Okay. What about if I do a really good job?” I asked.

“If that’s the case we will definitely meet up again, and when we do, you can use me any way you want in whatever hole you want.” Selena said seductively struted towards me.  She added a little extra sway to her hips as she came towards me and I watched as her perky handful sized breasts shook with watch step.

“Okay” I said as I watched her.

“Good” she said as she stepped up right in front of me. “Now let’s see what we are working with.”  Selena crouched down and reached for the fly of my jeans.  Undoing the button and fly she grabbed the waistband of  my boxers and jeans pulled them down passed my knees.  “Whoa” she said with a big smile on her face as she saw the size of my manhood dangling between my legs.  “And to think, if I hadn’t met you while we were walking in, I would’ve just fucked the intern.”

“I can still go find him if you want. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind sharing” I teased.

“Tempting.  But we don’t have a whole lot of time, so for now I’ll just have to make due with you and your gorgeous cock.” Selena lifted my cock up and slid it into her mouth and got right to work.  Once I was more than semi hard Selena took her hands off my cock and put them behind her back.  From then on she only used her mouth, deepthroating me all the way down to the base.  I could feel her tongue sliding around the bottom of my shaft as the throat muscles tightened around my head.  I could feel her throat vibrate as she hummed while sucking on me. 

She methodically worked up and down my poll before I finally put my hand behind her head and began fucking her face.  Saliva began to run down her chin as I thrusted in and out of her mouth.  I really wanted to keep going but remembering what Selena said, if I fucked her well then there would be another chance to fuck her mouth until I came.  Begrudgingly withdrawing from her mouth I helped Selena up to her feet.

“Alright, let’s get that pussy of your nice and fucked.”

“Umm, yes please” Selena said almost skipping to the makeup table in the room.  She swiped stuff to the side and bent over the table.  Selena shook her ass at me while looking at me in the mirror as I approached. Stepping up behind her I slapped my cock up against the Wizards of Waverly Place star’s clit, then rubbed the head along her wet lips.  Once or twice rubbing so far up I poked her butthole with the head of my dick.  “Jesus, please stop with the teasing.  We don’t have to for this foreplay crap.  Just stick it in me!”

At her request I shoved myself right in. Burying my full length up to the hilt on first try.  She was nowhere near as tight as some of the other actresses I’d recently been with.  It seems some of the rumors of how she’d gotten around in Hollywood were probably true, that said, her pussy still felt great and was it practically dripping it was so wet. 

“Oh fuck, that things fells as good as it looked” Selena said as I slammed into her again. As I built up temp, I wasn’t watching her ass jiggle as I slammed into her with each thrust.  No, I was looking at her look at me through the mirror.  I saw the pure desire in her eyes as she watched me fuck her in the mirror, and I watched as her mouth contorted with each animalistic sound of pleasure that came out of her. The only thing that I could not see was her famous breast move as we fucked.  I rectified that by hooking one arm up under her arm and forcing to arch her back until I she was leaning all the way back so I could watch her perky tits bounce and shake.  I slid my free hand around began feeling up her chest.

“Fuck me fuck me fuck me” Selena said as I banged her from behind.  “Oh god, I’m going to have you come on tour with me.  I want your dick inside before every show, after every show, and every second I’m on that bus fucky riding from city to city.”

I was really starting to hammer Selena from behind when one of my legs started to cramp up.  I tried to keep going, but I couldn’t,  I need to change the positions.

“Shit, Selena I’m sorry” I said as I pulled out

“What? What’s wrong?” she asked desperate for us to continue.

“My leg is cramping up.  I think I’m still dehydrated from my fight” I explained.

“Fuck. It’s alright.  Sit on the couch, let me ride that monster.”

“Sorry about this,” I said as I limped over to the couch.

“Are you kidding?” She asked as I took a seat on the couch and Selena dropped down onto her knees between my legs.  “I only wish the other producers I’d had to sleep with could fill my pussy the way your dick does.”  Selena stuffed my cock into her mouth as soon as she finished speaking. Selena cleaned her pussy juices off me as she once again was masterfully deepthroating me. She looked right into my eyes as she took my entire length into her mouth.  I simply moaned and felt my whole body relax as the Disney star worked my cock.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and it started to open. “Hey Selena would you mind signing an autograph for my OH MY GOD!”  Jane Levy yelled out.  With the couch right next to the door, she had barley opened it when she caught an eyeful of a naked Selena Gomez with her mouth wrapped around my cock.  We were both frozen and staring at the redhead in the doorway.  “I’m sorry, you have your mouth full, I MEAN hands full,  I MEAN... YOU’RE busy” Jane tried to look up to the ceiling but every now and then her eyes would drop down to us on the couch for a second before looking back up.  Meanwhile Selena was sitting back up, letting my cock slip from her throat and showing off more and more of my dick to Jane until it was finally out in the open. “I’ll just, come back later” she said before giving my dick one last glance and closing the door.

Me and Selena looked back at each other.  “Maybe we should hurry up.” I suggested.

“Good idea.” Getting up off the floor she straddled my waist on the couch.  “Get ready for a rid of a lifetime” she said before dropping her hips down on top of my crotch.  Selena was like a woman possessed.  She bounce on my cock harder and faster than any other women I knew.  She also seemed to know, extremely well, how to move her pussy around so the my cock hit her in the exact spot she wanted at the exact time she wanted.  It did not take her long before she was yelling the she was cumming. The singer did so, so loudly that i had no doubt  whoever was in the hallway or in the room next door could hear her.

While she used my cock as her personal large dilldo, I got to fullfill and dream of mine and play with her breast.  Like so may others, I’d seen all the photos online of her in see-through tops, braless dresses with hard nipples, and her plentiful cleavage with the mole just on top of one her breast. So to now have those tits fully exposed and just inches from my face was amazing.  I couldn’t help myself from diving in and motorboating those things as she bounced my my lap.

I groped and squeezed her breast. Pulled and pinched on her nipples.  I memorized every detail of the feel of her breasts in my hands and on my tongue.  All the while she continued to make loud noises and spout how good it felt and how she loved my cock, while she rode me.

I knew we were getting short on time, but I wanted to make her cum one last time. I slid my hands down from her breast and cupped her ass cheeks. I gave each a hard slap before using one hand to side her cheeks open and I stuck a middle finger into her asshole.  Her reaction was immediate.  She bit down on my shoulder to muffle her scream as her pussy clamped down on my cock.  Selena came for a third time while riding my dick and then jumped off my cock.

“I need you to finish so I can get ready.  Cum on my tits” Selena said as she took hold of my cock and began jerking me off. “Come on, cover my tits!”  Taking the head of my cock into her mouth she began sucking on it.  Using her tongue to play with the tip as she jerked me off.  When I warned her I was about to burst she took me out of her mouth and aimed me at her beautiful tits.  She continued to tug at my dick until I finally painted her chest with my load.  Spurt after spurt of jizz hitting against her until her boobs look like they had been glazed. 

She took me back into her mouth for one final long suck before getting up and walking over to pick up one of her bags off floor. She put it on the makeup table and took something out.  I could not see what she was doing both because of the angle we were at and also because my eyes were locked onto her ass & swollen cunt as she was bent over.  I could feel myself getting hard again.  When she turned around again, she had a piece of paper in her hand.

“Here” she said handing me the slip of paper.  “It’s my personal number.  Give me a call later tonight.”

“So I passed your test?”

“With flying colors.  And as your reward, tonight I am going to properly worship that wonderful cock of yours all night long” She gave me a big smile as she eyed my cock once again.

“Sounds good.”

“Alright, not get out” like a flip of a light switch her whole demeanor changed. “I need get dressed and get ready to go on.”  I got dressed and took one last look at Selena as she sat topless in front of the mirror redoing her makeup.  I walked out of Selena’s dressing room and almost right into Jane Levy.  She had just gotten off the stage after doing her interview with Seth.

“Oh sorry.” I said.

“No, it’s okay.  Did you two just now finish up in there.” She asked while taking a peek down at the watch on her wrist.

“Something like that.  Look this is kind of awkward...”

“I think awkward went out the door when I walked in on you getting a blow job from Selena.”

“Fair, but umm, do you mind if I give something to look at.”

Jane bit her lip and gave me a dirty look. “Sure. I think I can handle whatever you want to give me.”  I n felt bad that I had to explain that it was a script that I wanted her to look at and how I thought she was perfect for the lead.  We went in to Ryan’s dressing room and I saw him up on the in house TV monitor sitting down with Seth.  I handed Jane the script and wrote my number on the cover.  She said she’d give me a call after she finished it, and suggesting that we meet for lunch or drinks when we get back to LA to discuss it.  I agreed and she went back to her room. I settled onto the couch and watched Seth’s interview Ryan.

“So I heard that the film was actually financed by a friend of yours who won the lottery.  Is that true?” Seth Meyers asked.

“Yeah that’s true.  And let me tell you, winning the lottery is just the tip of the iceberg.  He is by far the luckiest person you’ll ever meet in your life. Without question.”
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 15: Getting the Part
Starring Ariel Winter
Codes: MF, Oral, Titty Fuck, Anal
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy
I was sitting in my new second floor office on Broad Street in Glendale.  Earlier in the week I had finally finished decorating and setting everything in the office up.  The office had a lobby area with three rooms splitting off from the lobby.  One room was Ryan’s office, I had the corner office with the bathroom, and the third room was a screening room.  I liked my office, it was decorated with a nice large desk, three comfy office chairs, a couch and a bunch of sports memorabilia I had collected over the years up on the walls. While I liked my office, my favorite room in the office was the screening room.  The room had painted black walls, so it could be as dark as possible, it also had one large projection screen, two other 50 inch TVs on either side.  The screening room also had a large leather couch with 2 matching recliners, and two mini fridges filled with drinks and snacks.  While I probably didn’t need it, the office gave me an excuse to get out of my house, and it would also give Ryan and I a place to hold meetings or do casting sessions.

It was around 11am and I was on the computer returning some emails and thinking about what place I was going to walk to for lunch, when I heard the door to the office open.

“Hello?” I heard a woman’s voice call out. I got up and walked out of my office.  I had not planned on having anyone over today, so I honestly had no clue who walked in.  Walking into the lobby I saw a short black-haired woman standing there in really short jean shorts, and off white sleeveless shirt, cowgirl boots, and her hair done up in a bun.

“Can I ask help?” I asked.  She spun around and I was surprised to see it was Modern Family star Ariel Winter.

“Hi, are you Eddie?” She asked.

“Yeah, that’s me.”

“You bought Jeremy Evans’ script, right?  The dramatic comedy?”


“Goodie, I wanted to talk to you about it.”

“Alright, come on into my office and have a seat.”  I signaled for her to follow me.

“Why did is your office in Glendale?” Ariel asked as she followed me.

“Well, you have free parking with the Galeria, there are plenty of places to eat, it’s cheaper than a space in Hollywood, and also it’s only 20-30 minutes away from most places in Hollywood.  So, it’s not a bad drive for when people need to see me, but also far enough away I don’t have to worry about people coming by just to waste my time.”

“I guess that makes sense” Ariel said as she sat down in one of the chairs across the desk from me.

“So what about the movie did you want to talk about?”

“I want to star in it obviously.”

“Sorry, not going to happen,” I bluntly told the Modern Family star.

“What?” Ariel exclaimed.

“I’ve already cast the lead with Jane Levy and Victoria Justice is going to place one of the two friends.”

“Are you kidding?”

“Nope.  How did you even find out about the script?”

“Jeremy is a good friend of my boyfriend.  I got a copy of a script through him and then I found out about you after they went out to celebrate selling the script.”  Ariel looked out the window in spoke with some disbelief in her voice.  “God, that fucker.  Did you know that after I told him I loved the script, Jeremy told me that if I had sex with him he could guarantee the role I wanted?”

“I knew that guy was a bastard. I hope you didn’t.”

“Sigh...no I didn’t. I mean, I did blow him that night but that just kind of… it, it doesn’t matter.  I still loved this script and I want a part in this film.”

“Well, like I said Jane Levy is already the lead.” To be honest I was not wild about Ariel and I really could not see her as any of the three main roles.  She seemed a little young and just didn’t have the look I thought was right for it.

“What about Clair? I can play Clair.”

‘Eh, I don’t know. I already sent out the script to several other actresses, and like I said Victoria is debating which of the two friends she want to play.”

“Screw Victoria Justice. I’m a way better actress than she ever is.  Plus have you met her? She’s a total stuck up cunt.”  Ariel was getting frustrated that I wouldn’t give her what she wanted.

“Me and VJ are kind of friends actually” Ariel’s face seemed to go a little pale after I said that. “And, you do know that that part has some nude scenes where the actress is topless right? Would you even be able to do it while Modern Family is still going?”

“That’s part of the reason I want this part. The show has one season left in it, so who cares what those people think and I’m tired of people thinking of me as Alex Dunphy. Showing my tits off on the big screen should put an end to people looking at me as some bookworm kid.”

“Yeah, maybe.”  I didn’t really buy this argument since most of the people I knew when they thought of Ariel Winter, her boobs were either the first or second thing people thought of. 

“Why are you fighting me on this?  Think how much more money when people hear I’m topless in it.” I had to conceded she did have a point there.  “I mean between the pervy comments people write on my instagram and the way crew members on set eyebang me all day, do you know how badly people want to get a look at the girls.” Ariel cupped her breasts as she said that.

“Well it probably doesn’t hurt that you’ve been a huge tease.”

“I have not.”

“Really?  You talk about how you don’t want to be objectified, and yet you always seem to try to show off as much cleavage as possible whenever possible. Plus you also seem to enjoy showing off your ass by wearing as short and tight a pair of shorts as possible.”

“So! That doesn’t mean I’m a tease.”

“Those crew members you enjoy having eyebang you all day, have you ever fooled around with any of them?”

“Well, no.”

“What about the men on your show?”

“Ew. No. Have you seen the men on the show? I mean if Benjamin Bratt does another guest spot, I might try sneaking into his dressing room.” A big smile came across Ariel’s face. “ You should have heard the moans coming from Julie Bowen’s trailer last time he guest started.”

“Okay, you got me there.” I said while in my mind I picturing Julie Bowen riding a cock.

“And it’s not like I haven’t messed around on the show at all, I had sex with Nolan last year on his birthday.” That snapping me out of my daydream.


“Yeah, he’s kind of cute now that he’s grown up a bit.  So on his birthday I snuck into his trailer, stripped out of my clothes, and when he came back from filming I slept with him.  The only bad part is he told Rico about it, so I ended up blowing Rico on his birthday. Rico literally begged me to do it.  And then there’s Sarah of corse.”

“What about her?”

“Are you joking? Sarah’s a notorious pussy eater.  We’ve been fooling around since I was 15, but she’ll go down on any girl so long as it moves her up the social chain.  How else do you think she got in with Taylor Swift and Ashley Tisdale’s groups of friends?”


“So you are you going to give me the part or not?” Ariel was become very frustrated.

“No. You have to audition for it like everyone else.”

“Oh come on!  What is it?  What don’t you like about me?” she was mad now.

“Fine you want to know what it is, it is three things.  First you came in here expecting me to just give you the part.  Second is that you can’t seem to go outside without the paparazzi following you around.  And it’s not like you are some huge mega star, so that tells me that either you, your publicist, your manager or one of your other people are always tipping them off, telling them where you’ll be.”

“That’s not true!” Ariel tried to defended herself.

“Oh please. I may not have lived in Hollywood long, but I do know that unless you are a ultra A-lister celebrity, you don’t just have photographers following them around whenever they leave the house.  The only way paparazzi would get all those ‘candid’ shots,” I did use air quotes while saying ‘candid’, “is if they are tipped off or possibly paid to show up.”

‘Umm, well...I” Ariel knew she was busted.

“Third, excuse the pun but Jane’s character is supposed to be the ‘Plain Jane’ of her friend group, so it needs to be believable that people would think her friends are hotter. With Victoria that is not an issue.”

“What, and it is for me?” Ariel crossed her arms in frustration.

“I hate to be rude, but honestly I just don’t know what kind of shape you will be in when we shoot.  One of the bad things about have the paparazzi around you so much is that I can see how your weight fluctuates all the time.  Sometimes it seems like you go up and down 10lbs a week.”

“Are you fucking  serious? I’m fucking hot!” Ariel stood up quickly while she began yelling at me.  I’d obviously hit a nerve.  “Look at me, are you seriously telling me I’m not hot enough!?!”

“No, that’s not what I said” I said on the defensive.

“No you said I was fat and out of shape. Well, take a look!” She then whipped off her top, dropped her shorts, and took her hair out it’s bun.  Ariels then stood in front of me naked with the exception if her cowgirl boots.  “So, what do you think? Am I too out of shape for you?”  She did look pretty damn good.  The majority of the actress’s I’d slept with over the last year had been thin, athletic built woman with small to average sized breast.  Ariel on the other hand, was much more curvy with a set of large breast.  Her d cups had a bit of a sag, but that was more do their weight, and had large read areolas.  With the exception of the scar under her breasts, you’d never had guessed she’d actually had had them reduced. She then did a 360 turn, showing off her thick shapely ass.

“Yes, you’re and good shape right now”

“That it? Really? Please, I know you think I look good and I’ll prove it.” She walked around to my side of the desk and fell to her knees with hands going for my crotch. I tried to stop her, but subconsciously I probably didn’t want to so I didn’t try that hard.  She eventually did get my pants undone and she reached in and grabbed my cock.  “Ha! I knew it! I knew... Holy Shit!” Ariel had pulled me fully out of my pants and gotten a full look at what she was holding. “You’re not hard, you’re just... huge.”

“So I’ve been told” I said calmly.

Ariel then stood up and put her hands on her hip, leaving my dick hanging outside of my pants.  She just stood there chewing on her, contemplating what to do next.

“So...umm...what if I fuck you?”


“Yeah! If I have sex with you, will you then give me the part?”

“No way.”

“What? Why not?” I’m not sure if she is upset that I wouldn’t give her the part or that I wouldn’t have sex with her.

“I’m not doing a quid pro quo like that, especially after all that Harvey shit went down.”

Ariel crossed her arms, which pushed up her tits.  “Please, are you telling you’ve never had sex with any of the actresses in your other movies? That Victoria didn’t fuck you to get the part?”

“I didn’t say that. I’ve have had sex with actresses, but its always been sex for the sake of sex, not to get a role.”

“And Victoria? I know she’s blown a bunch of different producers.”

“Yeah we’ve had sex, a bunch of times.” The last time was several days ago when I offered her the part in the film.  She was so excited we spent the next three hours banging all over my office. “And she gives a fantastic blow job.  But we’ve been having sex since before I ever even bought the script, and she got the part because I thought she’d be good for it.”  I started stroking my cock and getting it hard for Ariel to watch.  “Now, it you want to audition for the part when I hold auditions, we can do that.  And if you want me to bend you over this desk right now and fuck until you have multiple orgaims, we can do that too.”  I was now fully hard. I moved my hands from my cock and leaned back giving Ariel a unobstructed view of my large erection. She was looking right at it. I noticed that her pussy was glistening, I don’t know when it started but she was definitely getting a little wet.

“Fuck it,” she said flicking some of her hair off her shoulder and behind her back. “I might as well get something out of this trip.  Ariel quickly got back down on her knees and wrapped her lips around my cock.

“Gotta ask, do you always wear no underwear or was this part of your plan all along?”

“I rarely wear any, but I also thought this might happen.  Especially after I googled you and saw your picture.”  Ariel went back to licking my ball sack after that.  Taking each ball into her mouth, swirling it around in her mouth as she stroked my shaft.  After polishing my nuts for a bit she moved up and licked up and down my shaft.  Taking my cock into her mouth and began sucking my cock as best she could.  Ariel gave a very sloppy and loud blowjob.  For a girl who I am sure had given a fair number of blow jobs in her life, I had to admit I was a little disapointed in her cock sucking skills. She reminded me of some of some girls when I was on high school who would try and recreate what they saw pornstars do.  In this case Ariel seemed to be trying to do a Sarah Vandella impression.  She was very enthusiastic, used lot of spit, did a lot of moaning, and made a lot of sucking noises, but unlike Sarah Vandella, Ariel did have a gag reflex and she struggled to take more than half my cock down her mouth. I let her go for a few more minutes, before pushing her off.

“What’s wrong? My boyfriend loves my blowjobs.”

“Yeah, well, if you end up getting the part, maybe I can have Victoria can teach you a thing or two.”

“Kiss my ass!” She said defensively.
“I rather fuck it.  Now, get up and bend over the desk.”  Ariel rolled her eyes, but still she moved quickly to get into place.  As much as she wanted to act like she didn’t like me, it was obvious by the way she moves that she wanted this even more than I did.

“You know for someone who wants an acting job, your not doing a good job of acting like you don’t desperately want this.” I said as I stood up behind her.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh really?”  I then slapped my cock up against her clit. Ariel moaned and pushed her ass back towards me even more.  “Told you.”

“Fine. I want it. I want you to fuck me with that big cock of yours.”

“How badly?”

“Fuck you! Just fuck me.”  Pushing her further down on the desk so her tits were pressed against the desk, I slapped my cock against her clit a few more times before sliding into her.  Her fat lipped pussy gripped tightly around my cock as it slid into her.

“Shit you’re tighter than I thought” I said as I slid out and pushed back in.

“No I’m not” she groaned as I shoved my dick further into her, “you’re just have a really fat cock.”  She continued to moan as I fucked her on my office desk.  As we screwed I watched her thick booty shake as she thrusted back into me.  I could not help myself from groping her ass and giving her ass cheek a slap.

“Tell me, you every let anyone fuck you in the ass.”

“Mmmmm yeah, I let studio exec take my anal cherry.  It’s how I got my last raise.”

“I thought you only teased the guys working at Modern Family?”

“That’s the crew. Execs and producers are different, though maybe if one of them has a dick like yours I might make an exception.”

Giving her ass another slap I ask “So what, you only fuck the higher ups just to help your career?”  I then slowly opened up a top drawer and took out the lube I had in there just in case of situations like this.

“Mostly” Ariel then turned her head and looked me in the eye “Though last time I had two exsecs DP me, it was just for fun.”

I opened up the lube and squirted some into my hand and began using my thumb to apply it to the Modern Family star’s butthole. Ariel flinched at first because of the coldness of the lube, but she soon pushed back into me.  I even slipping my thumb into her ass to make sure she was nice and lubed up.

“You know, most guys at least ask before they get ready to fuck me in the ass” Ariel said as I pulled my dick out of her pussy.

“Yeah, those are the guys who either care about your opinion or care about whether they’d get a chance to have sex with you again in the future. I’m neither.”  I began rubbing some lube on my cock, even though I am sure I probably didn’t need it.  “Plus based on how you were pushing your back on my finger with your ass, you can’t tell me you don’t want it.”  Ariel remained silent after that, that is until I started entering her anal cavity.  It took some real effort to get my mushroom head past her anal ring, but once the head slipped in, it was not too difficult to press the rest of my tool into into her.

“Oh god” Ariel said as she arched her back. “Wait wait wait, just, just don’t move. Let me get used to it for a second.”  I pushed the last inch into the short actress before pausing and letting her get accommodated to my size.  “Shit, you’re bigger than my boyfriend. I can almost feel you in my stomach.”  Ariel put her arms out and supported her torso as she leaned over the desk. Ariel took a deep breath and exhaled.  “Fuck it, let’s do it.”  With that I pulled out so just my tip remained in her and then slammed my full length back into her.

“Oh my god! So good!” Ariel yelled out as we had now hit our rhythm.  Ariel was moving her ass back into me as I thrusted forward.  Her large tits swung freely as I hammered her ass.  She had already cum once with my cock in her ass, and I was working on making her cum again as I reached around and took hold of her large pillowy tits.  I could not stop myself from giving them a big squeeze. 

“Umm yeah. Play with my tits as you fuck me.”  I held onto her tits as I screwed her from behind.  “Harder! Harder!” Ariel began yelling.  I wasn’t sure if she was talking about fucking her harder or squeeze her tits harder so I did both.  But she kept yelling harder so I moved my hips as fast and as hard as I could as I plowed her, and also began twisting and pulling onto her nipples.

“AHHHHHhahahahaha!” Ariel cried out joyfully as she came once again.  As she came down from her orgasim her arms gave out causing her to drop back down onto the desk.  Ariel might have been spent after cumming again but I continued fucking her ass.

“I hope you don’t have any plans after this, because I’m gonna cum all up in your ass.”

“Do it.  I dare you. Make me spend the rest of the day running around town with you cum in my ass.”

“Yeah is that what you want” I asked as I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge.

“Yes, I want it you bastard. Just do it already!”  I kept going for a few more thrust before finally burying my dick fully into her ass and firing off my load.  It had been quite a few days since I’d last had sex, so it was quite a sizeable load I unleashed into her ass.  “Oh my god! Oh wow!” Ariel commented as she felt more and more cum fill her up.  When I finally finished I pulled my still mostly har dick out of Ariel’s now gaping asshole, some cum immediately began leaking down her leg.

“Well, I get what Victoria sees in you now.” Ariel said as she still stood hunched over the desk catching her breath.

“You make it sound like we’re done already” I commented as I sat up on the desk next to her.

“What do you mea… Jesus.  How are you still hard?” Ariel sounded a little disappointed when she turned to look at me and saw my cock was still mostly at full mass.

“I don’t know, it’s not that unusual.  Don’t tell me you’re tired already?”


“I don’t know about how Modern Family does it, but movies have long shooting days. You can’t be coming here begging for movie roles if you don’t have the stamina for long hard work” I mocked her.

“Shut up.  Are you always such as ass?” Ariel ask as she stood up and moved over a bit towards me.

“No, I’m actually a fairly nice guy.”

“Yeah right.” Airel obviously didn’t believe me, but that didn’t stop her from putting my dick, which was in her ass not 5 minutes ago, back into her mouth.  She used her mouth to clean off my dick and get it nice and wet.  Once she had my cock doused with her saliva she moved into position and wrapped her large tits around my dick and began to titty fuck me.  She moves herself up and down quickly with her tits fully wrapped around my cock.  “So, have any of those skinny bitches you’ve been with able to titty fuck you like this?”  Ariel asked, then using her tounge to flick my cock head on her down stroke.
“No. No they haven’t” I said as I leaned back and enjoyed the feeling of her tits stroking my cock.

“Thought not.” Ariel closed her lips around the head of my dick and began sucking it as she continued to titty fuck my shaft.  She continued going at it for another 2 minutes before giving up. 

“This is taking to long, lay back” Ariel ordered me.  Clearing off the desk space behind me I laid back down with my knees hanging over the edge.  Ariel meanwhile had climbed up onto the desk and was now squatting over my crotch.  Taking my hard cock into her hand she rubbed it along her wet pussy all the way down passed her taint and to her ass and then bringing it back up to her pussy.  “Now which whole should I put it in” she teased me.  She rubbed my cock back and forth several more times before finally making up her mind and dropping down, sinking her pussy onto my dick.

“Shit that feels good” I said as she begins to ride me.

“Tell me about it, a girl could really get used to this thing” Ariel says as she continues to buck up and down on my cock.  As her thick ass slapped against my lap, her tits bouncing wildly.  I could not help myself from reaching up and playing with her big ol’ fun bags while she bounced on my cock. 

“Ugghhh that feels good.  Here” She said as she leaned forward, with her hips still grinding into my pelvis. “Suck on them”  Ariel commanded as she now had her breast hanging right in front of my face.  Taking a firm grasp of one, I sat up and put her tit into my mouth and began sucking away at it.  “Oh, yeah that it” she gasped.  I switched over to the tit and Ariel closed her eyes.  She just enjoyed the feeling of my dick in her pussy and my lips around her nipple.  With her distracted, I quickly flipped us around, knocking several things from my desk, but we ended up with her flat on her back with her cowgirl boots up on my shoulders, and me on my knees continuing to fuck her.  I continued to screw her pussy, and Ariel was making it clear that she was getting closer to cumming once again by the sounds of her moans.  Right when I felt like I had her on the verge of her orgasim I pulled out and pushed my dick back into her asshole. 

“You bastard!” Ariel yelled as she felt my dick reenter her backdoor, but whatever frustration she may have had quickly disappeared as I began fucking her again and using my fingers to flick her clit.  Still loosened up from earlier, her ass gave little resistants as I pounded away at it.  Soon she was cumming for the third time that day with my cock up her ass.  Meanwhile I never hesitated or slowed down.  I was looking forward to shooting my load all over her chest. 

I kept working her ass hard until I finally felt ready to blow.  Ariel was still pretty cum drunk, so rather than have her get up, I stood up and amid my cock down at her.  After stroking it a bit, I finally came, shooting my cum down on her tits with a couple of shots going long and hitting the actress in the face.   When it was over, even I was surprised by the amount of cum I had cover her with, considering this was my second load in under and hour.

“Jesus, Ed.  Do you always cum in bucket loads?” Ariel asked as she sat up and wiped some cum from her face.

“Not always, but it has been a couple of days since I’ve gotten off.”  I said as I jumped down off the desk and picked up my phones.

“Couple of days? You know that makes you sounds like a total man whore right?” She joked.

“I guess. Say cheese!” I snapped a quick picture of Ariel’s face and cum covered tits. 

“You suck.” Ariel said after I took the picture, though she did not even bother to cover up, so I took a few more.  “None of those pictures better end up online.”

“Don’t worry they won’t.  Besides I read the gossip sites, I know that there are plenty of other nude pics of you out there that have yet to find their way to the web.”  I put down my phone and started putting on my pants.  “There is a bathroom through that door if you want to clean up.”

“Okay, thanks.” She said sliding off the desk and shaking her ass as she walked to the bathroom door.  I finished getting dress and picked up Ariel’s clothes off the floor, putting them on the desk with a copy of the sides I was giving to other actresses who I was having come in for auditions.  Ariel came out of the bathroom, still naked, with the cum cleaned off of her and her hair done back up in a bun.

“I left the sides for the Chloe part on top of your clothes.  Auditions will be here next month on the 28th.”

“So even after all that, your not going to give me the part?” Ariel asked, still a little bewildered by everything.

“Nope, but if you want to do this again my number is on the papers.  Later.” I said as I headed out the door to go get lunch, leaving a naked Ariel Winter in my office to get changed and see her way out.
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