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Would love to see Melissa Benoist join the fun!!!


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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 43
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Caity Lotz, Katherine McNamara
Codes: FF, MF, MMF, Anal, ATM, Oral, Squirt
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Caity Lotz, Katherine McNamara nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned (specifically Vivid), nor with Arrow or its characters (including but not limited to Black Canary, Green Arrow, Mia Smoak, Damien Dark, Quintin Lance) in any way

Summary: Hollywood Pornstars goes meta by doing a parody of the popular Arrow TV show...using the actual stars of Arrow - Caity Lotz and Katherine McNamara

“Don’t you fucking do it,” Caity Lotz screamed.

Caity was kneeling in the middle of a large room. However, this wasn’t your typical room. No. It was a lair. An evil lair to be more exact. And though it was indeed Caity who was on screen, she was dressed in familiar clothing, though not clothes she’d normally wear. You see, Caity Lotz was donning her costume that made her famous. That of the Black Canary from Arrow. A leather catsuit that was low cut to showcase her modest but bouncy tits and that hugged every one of her magnificent curves, including her toned legs and impressively phat ass.

“Don’t do it...don’t do it. God! That a boring tune,” the villain chirped from his pedestal.

As the camera zoomed out, more of the setting was revealed. For one, the man that was speaking was a tall blonde-haired man that was playing one of the iconic villains from the show, Damien Dark. Of course, they didn’t get the actor that played him on the show like they did with Caity. Instead, the role was played by a porn actor. To the other side were two goons in masks, and kneeling on the ground in front of them was an older man. Kneeling facing the older man was the masked Caity Lotz, her hands cuffed behind her back.

“You know what’s not boring? Blowing your dad’s brains out,” Damien stated, pulling out a gun that had been tucked into the back of his pants.

“Please don’t,” Caity screamed, begging. “I’ll do anything!”

Damien pulled the gun away from her dad’s skull and came walking back over to the Black Canary actress.

“I have to admit, hearing you say you’ll do anything has my mind buzzing with the possibilities,” Damien Dark stated.

Caity had been told that she had been drawn to work with a porn company that was put on the map for their porn parodies. Once Vivid had secured Caity Lotz, they immediately made a bid for other Arrow stars and eventually secured Kat McNamara as well. Rather than pair the two up for a scene in a female-female or threesome one-off, they went to their bread-and-butter, which was making a porn parody of their show, Arrow.

“Leave her alone, you psychopath,” the Black Canary’s dad kissed in anger.

Damien started to stalk back towards the detective, but a shout from Caity stopped him.

“I’ll fuck your brains out if you spare my father,” Caity told the villain.

“Caity! No!” the man playing her dad shouted, at which point he was gagged.

“Interesting,” Damien said, returning to Caity. “So let me get this right. I don’t take your dad’s life...and we have sex?”

“Yes,” Caity stated with certainty, rising to her feet to stare the taller man in his blue eyes.

“Heartwarming, truly,” Damien said. “That’s you’d be willing to spread your legs for dear ol’ dad. Even with someone you hate...and that hates you. But as much as I despise you and your superhero ways...I find you so fucking sexy. In your tight leather outfit and spunky attitude.”

“Do we have a deal?” Caity asked.

“Get on your Goddamn knees. Want me to take the deal? Then do it from your knees, begging,” the blonde-haired man demanded.

The script may have been a little thin but the general premise was easy to follow. Caity, as the hero Black Canary, fucks for her father’s life so the villainous Damien Dark doesn’t kill him. She kinda wished they had gotten the actual actor as he was a stud, but this porn star wasn’t bad on the eyes either. Therefore, as she was told, Caity slowly got to her knees, staring with her blue eyes into his the whole time.

Though her character may have raged out and started fighting with the villain with kicks and knees, that wasn’t what was called for. Instead, Caity swallowed some pride and did as he asked by settling on her knees and, for added benefit, thrust her chest forward. The villain took the invitation by openly leering at her breasts, as he had a perfect bird’s-eye view to look down her top.

“Please Damien…”

“Keep going,” he prompted, loving every second of her degradation.

“I’m sorry that you are such a fucking loser...” the blonde blurted out. “...that the only way a hot woman would fuck you is if you threatened to kill her father.”

Of course, if this was a real life situation, then Caity’s words would have been idiotic. Instead, this was a porn film so instead Damien reached down and grabbed the actress under her arms and in one motion he was seated on the red leather sofa with Caity Lotz draped over his knee. With a stern look in his eyes, Damien reared back his hand then brought it crashing down on Caity’s phat leather-clad booty.


“I love my bad boys with an edge,” costume-clad Caity commented.

Caity was still feeling the stinging pain as it spread across both cheeks as she looked up sneering at the man. Though it hurt to have such a hard spanking, Caity loved a little danger with her sex. Therefore, the horny blonde was pleased as Damien produced another 4 spanks to her ass, two per side, lifting his hand high enough to know it would sting. The noise vibrated off his walls, as did the Arrow star’s moans.


“Please! Please fuck me!” Caity said more convincingly, though still playing along.

“You know, you have a nice tight ass,” the tall man told her, now rubbing her firm mound of flesh over her leather catsuit. “Your tits are great too, same with your legs. But it’s this ass you can bounce a quarter off of that really steals the show.”

“No kidding. It’s way every boyfriend tries and succeeds to fuck my ass,” Caity acknowledged.

“But I’m getting ahead of myself,” Damien commented.

Damien stood up from his seated position and allowed Caity to fall face first onto the hard leather sofa. With her hands still bound, she tumbled hard, but all her training for the action show meant she was fine, though she stared daggers up at the villain. Ignoring them, Damien fished the keys from his pockets and undid Caity’s hands.

“Make one aggressive move and dear old dad joins your sister in the afterlife,” Damien hissed down at the kneeling girl.

For added effect, Damien said that while brandishing a long 6-inch knife. Caity assumed it was a prop, but that was proven a wrong assumption as it cut through her leather outfit easily enough, exposing her booty, which after all the spanking was the same shade of color as her dark red thong that was wedged between her cheeks. Putting the knife away, Damien went back to asserting his dominance over the gorgeous blonde by further tanning her hide with his repeated slaps. His hand was also starting to ache but he didn’t care, it was worth it to teach her a lesson.

“You’re gonna have to earn your dad’s life,” he said.

Damien dropped to his knees and got behind the actress while roughly moving her so that her pillowy tits were resting on the sofa. Caity couldn’t help but smile broadly as she felt the porn star dig her red thong from between her sore cheeks before cutting it apart with a slash of his real knife. With both the catsuit and thong no longer in the way, Damien buried his face in between her lovely ass cheeks.

“Mhmmm…yes,” she moaned as his tongue plunged deep into her pussy.

Seeing as he was playing a crazed villain, Damien displayed no technique, instead it was just the horny guy cramming his tongue as deep into this beautiful actress’ twat as he could. He got an extra thrill from this all because it was an actual Hollywood actress, especially one as sexy as Caity Lotz.

Normally he took his time and showcased all his skill to the camera and the female talent. He would lick her slit and hole with practice precision so that he knew she would enjoy it. This time, he was playing a character that didn’t care if Caity liked what he was doing. Truthfully, as his tongue swirled inside her gushing cunt, he loved the feel of her firm ass as it pressed into his face.

“I wonder if all the superheroes taste this good,” Damien mused as he surfaced for air. “Now hold that ass open for me.”

He was going to go back and taste more of her sweet juices, but as she pulled her cheeks apart and showed off her adorable butthole, another idea hit him. He went back down but this time aimed higher so that he had his tongue pressing firmly against her asshole. Like he hoped, the sphincter gave way, allowing him to explore her puckered hole. Clearly, Caity had experience with taking more than just a tongue up her asshole.

“Mmm…awwhhh,” Caity moaned. “Yes! Lick my ass.”

Damien was almost caught off guard by Caity’s extremely positive reaction to him rimming her backdoor. He was used to working with female porn stars who acted like they loved it, but Caity Lotz actually really appeared to enjoy having her hole rimmed. Buoyed by the positive response, he continued by moving on from simply licking over top of her hole to actually trying to force his tongue into her kester. He felt her sphincter give slightly but Caity clearly had the same thought so she pulled her cheeks even further apart. This was the key to properly rimming her hole as she now gaped wide enough to worm his tongue inside and have enough space to lick and explore the beginning of her rectum.

“Oh shit,” Caity shrieked in bliss.

Again, Damien progressed quickly from gentle licking to actually tongue fucking her tight little ass. Just like her pussy, her natural taste was pleasant, and he found his cock throbbing as he was so excited. He needed to do something about it and unlike a typical scene or even a date, he didn’t care about her getting off first.

“You’re actually close to cumming, aren’t you,” Damien asked, his experience in porn giving him a thorough knowledge of her body language.

Caity Lotz was actually pretty close from getting off due to having her ass eaten. It wasn’t new for her, plenty of guys and girls had made her cum from munching her poop chute. She was vaguely aware that she shouldn’t be enjoying his oral attention given the premise of the scene, but it was hard to focus on that little fact. Especially while Damien was exploring the depths of her bowels, he snaked one hand under her hips and found her clit. Just like before, rubbing her sensitive nub started to do the trick immediately.

“Sooo…close,” Caity announced.

With his tongue still slipping around inside her butthole, Damien took his hand that had found its way up to her pillowy chest and brought it close to his mouth. Taking a brief break from licking her ass, he wet his index and middle finger and spat a lot of saliva onto them. Taking them out of his mouth he pressed them together to make them as small as possible then slid them up into Caity’s anus with little effort.

“Mmmhmm yeah…more of that,” she panted.

With his two fingers now fully inserted up to the big knuckle, the horny man spread the digits as far apart as he could to make within her rectum. Now as he pistoned his fingers within her ass it caused her to gape far enough for him to simultaneously lick inside her bowels at the same time he finger-fucked her ass. However, right as she was seconds away from her climax, Damien stopped what he was doing completely and took his hands away from her.

“What the fuck,” Caity swore, looking at him with a look that could melt ice.

“No orgasm for crime-fighting sluts,” Damien told her with just as much resolve.

“Asshole,” she muttered, sinking her face back into the sofa to hide her disappointment.

“Still willing to do anything to save your daddy,” Damien questioned.

Acting as though she hated what was about to happen (but inwardly she loved it), Caity answered one word. “Fine.”

“Say it,” he demanded, wanting to further degrade her.

“Ugh. Please Damien, fuck my tiny ass with your big cock,” Caity played along.

“Like you mean it,” he urged with a thunderous spank.

“I want you to fuck my ass,” Caity begged, really leaning into playing the slutty role that was needed at this point in the scene. “Get that dick in my asshole!”

Damien was supposed to be a villain and so villains didn’t care if the good girl had any lube before sodomizing her. However, Caity already had a good amount of saliva coating her anal entrance from his rimming, but he added more by spitting right onto her sphincter. Caity had a similar idea by spitting on her own hand before rubbing it around his tip, preparing him for his journey into her booty.

Caity was an actress above all things so she channeled her character and acted both brave and stoic despite the man’s monster cock going in her ass. She squirmed briefly, but that was just her putting up a little fight for the cameras before she was sodomized. In reality, Caity was not only very much into anal sex, but also a size queen, therefore she was gleeful on the inside right now.

With Damien in full control of her athletic body, the porn star placed his hand back to her hip to have one on either side of her body then began to pull the much smaller girl backwards. The Arrow star closed her eyes, bit her lip in anticipation of slight pain and did her best to relax as her sphincter slowly started to expand until it allowed his thick cock inside her dry rectum.

“Ughhhh…you mother fucker,” Caity grunted, though having a huge dick shoved up your ass without any lube did in fact sting.

Luckily, Damien was showing a high level of competence as he only used the first half of his length to make slow, smooth strokes inside. With each thrust she took it in the ass loosened her up, allowing him to go a little faster and deeper. Working half of his member in her bowels was now going much easier, in fact the pain was gone and replaced by mild pleasure. Even though taking it up the butt wasn’t as pleasurable as in the pussy, Caity Lotz was highly adaptable and able to find the good in all situations.

“Man that’s one tight ass,” Damien grunted. “You like getting your ass fucked?”

“Ahhh,” Caity grunted, her face scrunched up for the cameras. Instead of answering truthfully, Caity played into her role as the Black Canary. “You damn pervert!”

The porn star had been in the business long enough to know that Caity was very much enjoying herself, despite every reason not to be. Knowing that, Damien took the kiddie-wheels off. Clutching onto her hips tighter, the horny man started lengthening his strokes into her butt. It didn’t take much longer before his stomach tapped against her curvy booty as his entire pole was sheathed in her tightest of holes. Not only was it visually stunning for the camera and viewers, but auditory as well given the way the torn leather catsuit would make a loud slapping noise after every balls-deep thrust into her ass.

“Awwhh yes…fuck me,” Caity encouraged, even using her toned arms to push back and force him deeper and faster into her asshole. She then remembered the role she was playing. “I mean, hurry up and finish already.”

“Fuck…you really are a nasty girl,” Damien groaned, the thud of his abs against her ass ringing against the walls.

Caity wasn’t really listening to his remarks, all that she cared about was that the porn star was fucking her just the way she liked. She repeatedly felt his balls thudding against her slit each time he stroked into her booty, which was pressed open wider than ever before. She did a better job of acting, constantly tossing her head up and down so her golden hair flew all about, always wearing that grimace.

“Who knew fucking the Canary’s ass was so fun,” Damien commented. “Such a good little girl you are.”

With a laugh, Damien clenched even tighter, his fingers leaving marks in her soft flesh as he reared back and delivered even harder thrusts. What he lost in speed, Damien more than made up for with sheer power. Despite the anti-skid pads on the bottom of the heavy sofa, his pounding was actually causing the couch to slide forward each time, drawing a grunt from the blonde in the process.

“What gives,” Caity demanded, feeling a forearm-sized departure in her rectum. Then she remembered she was in a scene. “I mean, are you done?”

“Come on, I want you to suck my dick straight from your asshole,” Damien demanded.

“What? Ew! Gross!” Caity scrunched up her face in disgust.

Still remembering that her mindset was a reluctant but still obedient sex slave, Caity Lotz slid from the sofa and twisted as she descended so she was kneeling in front of him now. Damien smiled cruelly down at her as tangled a fist in her shiny golden hair. Caity played along by keeping her mouth closed, so Damien simply slid the head of his cock along those plump lips of hers. Finally after a few passes, Caity closed her eyes tight and accepted her fate by parting her lips and allowing him into her mouth, despite the fact his dick was fresh from fucking her ass. Without further delay, the man pulling her hair transferred his moist cock right onto her waiting tongue and pushed it further inside until hitting the back of her throat. This caused Caity to choke and cough a bit but she regained her composure in order to apply suction and suck off any traces of her asshole from his dick.

“Jokes on you,” Caity commented after another long series of bobs on his dirty cock. “I love tasting my asshole.”

“God, you really are a whore,” he said with a combination of astonishment and horniness.

Looking down and watching as Caity choked down his meat pole which hadn’t long been removed from her asshole was quite the image. Of course, the camera hovering right over Damien’s shoulder was capturing every head bob and tongue lick that the actress performed during her ass-to-mouth blowjob. Caity decided her character was fucking for her dad’s life, so the Black Canary was willing to not only get assfucked by her nemesis, but suck him off straight from her backside.

Overflowing with lust for the Arrow star, Damien pulled back on her hair and instantly Caity’s mouth pulled away from his dick. Before she could question why, his tongue was crammed into her open mouth and his lips pressed against hers. While still kissing the actress passionately, Damien deftly worked the long knife in his hand to cut down her catsuit, the blade ripping the fabric in her cleavage so her tits flopped out without the suit holding them in. They broke the kiss with Caity both shocked and impressed with his knife skills, and decided that she’d reward him by capturing his pole between her pillowy tits and pressing them around his shaft in a tight seal.

“Fuck my tits,” Caity told him. “Just don’t kill my father.”

With the blonde pushing her tits together around his dick, Damien listened to his captive Black Canary. Rearing his hips back and slamming that forward, he stroked his manhood between her pillowy breasts, the feeling completely different yet equally as pleasurable from sodomizing the 33-year old.

Though by far her best asset was her thick ass, Caity possessed an impressive bust for someone as physically fit and slim as the blonde was. Plus, her costume did wonders to let you know exactly what she had to offer. Having added her own spit onto her chest to help his cock glide between her two melons. He felt bad when her dick kept flying up and poking her hard in the chin, but the blonde seemed unaffected.

“Ready for more,” Damien asked.

“Can’t wait to have you back in my asshole,” Caity answered.

“Good. I bet you love going for a ride,” he said as he laid on the sofa.

Caity immediately climbed off her knees and straddled his waist. With her mind on a single thought, riding this ‘villain’ so he didnt shoot her ‘father’, the actress reached back between her legs and held him steady as she sank down…lower…lower…until her anus spread and took him back inside.

Damien watched in utter happiness as his purple tip disappeared completely, followed by half his length. She was still holding her cheeks out of the way, giving him an exceptional view of bouncing tits in the process, as half his length was being engulfed with regularity by her tight asshole.

“Oh yes…mhhmmm…awwhhh,” Caity moaned.

Once again used to his mammoth size, Caity released the grip on her booty and sank down until her plump backside was resting against his pubes. The blonde phat ass white girl gave him a cute wiggle while resting on his lap with his cock completely buried up her ass before standing back up and leaving only the last quarter of his shaft in her hole. This process was repeated over and over again as the actress worked up a sweat, which made the portions of her skin not covered by the ripped catsuit glisten in the dimly lit room.

“Fuck…so good…faster,” Damien encouraged, swatting her thick ass in the process. “Faster.”

“Ohhhh…your big dick’s in my ass,” Caity said, doing as he ordered.

“Come on Black Canary! You’re fucking for your dear old daddy’s life,” the tall blonde man gouded.

No longer resting on her knees, Caity planted her feet on the leather sofa. Now able to ride to the top before plummeting herself back down with nearly double the amount of power, the smacking of her ass against his skin rang throughout the villain’s lair. The extra tenseness in her body made her sphincter tighten even more around Damien, whose veiny cock could immediately feel it.

Over and over Caity rode his dick right to the top so only his purple-colored tip remained in her ass before squatting back down. Going balls deep repeatedly inside the gorgeous actress was euphoric, not to mention the visual of her perfectly formed tits bouncing in front of her every time she did so.

“Fuck…Goddamn,” he groaned through tightly shut eyes, trying to delay his pending orgasm.

“We both…ahhhh…know you won’t…mmmm…last much longer,” Caity pointed out, not breaking from her rhythm.

Damien knew she was right, much to his chagrin. He would have loved nothing more than to hate-fuck his nemesis all night, but his stamina wasn’t cooperating. He allowed her to ride him for another spell until he knew he couldn’t last any longer. As soon as his hands went to her hips, she rolled off him so that as he stood she was kneeling in front.

“Taste your ass until I cum,” he told her.

Once again, Caity showed that she had no qualms taking his dick straight from her own asshole into her mouth. Inhaling half his sizable length right away, the Arrow star started stroking her lips along his length as wet slurping noises emitted from her mouth. The blonde had a talent (which was saying something considering he worked in porn), and he was reminded that one of them was on her knees.

“You want my cum?”

“I want your cum all over my pretty face,” Caity demanded, making her point by smearing his spit-covered dick all across her cheeks, nose and forehead before returning to sucking on him.

Damien would have no trouble giving in to that request, especially after her extremely slutty display. Well, that and the fact that he had finally gotten the chance to completely anally wreck the fit actress for the past 30 minutes. As Caity bobbed on his length, no doubt savoring her ass flavor, he knew he was seconds away from cumming so he stepped back and took control of his own manhood.

“Now like you mean it,” slowing down his beating off as she waited with mouth open and tongue out.

“Don’t kill him. Please Damien…”

She was cut off as the first cum streak propelled itself from his tip and across Caity’s face, hitting her in the nose all the way up to the forehead. The second streak hit the same target then Damien decided to paint another area of her pretty face. The next one splattered into her closed left eye while the fourth jet hit the side of her head and nestled into her hair. The last remaining squirts didn’t have the same quantity as the earlier ones, but there was still enough left to coat the rest of her adorable face, including a few drops actually in her mouth.

Though his cock was still super sensitive following his orgasm, Damien used the time to use his tip and steer the ropes of cum towards Caity’s mouth. Getting the hint, the Black Canary actress waited until the salty jizz was within reach of her tongue then scooped it the rest of the way into her mouth. Once her face was smeared in the cum, Damien sat back on the sofa with a satisfied look on his face.

“Okay boys. Don’t kill the old man,” Damian called out, bringing a satisfied look to Caity’s face. “However, if your performance drops at any point, then the old man is through.”

“How often…”

“Daily...and nightly...and morningly,” the villain answered, though he wasn’t 100% sure that morningly was the correct way of saying it.

“And cut!”

*   *   *

Kat McNamara was flat out gorgeous. It was undeniable. She had a stunningly beautiful face, and as gorgeous as her face was, her body was better. Her last two big roles were as an action heroine, so her naturally slender body was taut and fit. Despite being 5:4 and under 100lbs, the natural redhead (who had her hair dyed blonde for Arrow), still managed to have curves. It nearly defied anatomy and yet the proof was before everyone who was watching at home.

Kat was in her Green Arrow outfit, which sadly wasn’t as revealing as Caity Lotz’s Black Canary catsuit. However, this was a porn parody and so the production team took a few liberties. Her long blonde hair was wavy and worn long, and she still had the small mask around her eyes. However, instead of a leather top that covered every inch of skin, that was replaced with a tight-fitting leather jacket that had its zipper pulled down so low that Kat’s medium-sized tits were pressed nearly out of the low cut top she wore underneath. Rounding out the outfit were the same leather pants that hugged her limbs like a second skin so that her surprisingly bubbly ass was on full display.

“Damien’s been keeping us quiet since he locked up that little birdie of his,” a male voice could be heard saying.

“Yeah. I think he’s keeping a low profile since he knows that new Green Arrow is out for blood,” a second voice answered.

“My ears are burning,” Kat said, jumping from the building to land on the roof of an old van with her bow in hand.

“Oh fuck,” the first guy screamed, nearly shitting himself.

“It’s the Green Arrow!” the second thug added.

“In the flesh,” Kat replied, hopping down to the hood then the alley. “Now I’ll make this simply for you. Tell me where your boss is keeping my friend and no one has to bleed.”

“We aren’t scared of you…”

The thug didn't quite get to finish his sentence as Kat displayed her martial skills by giving both men a roughing up.

“I need you to tell me where Dark is holding the Black Canary,” Kat hissed, growing impatient with the junkies.

“Maybe we could be persuaded…”

“I can beat the shit out of you and get my answers,” Kat gave them a threatening glare.

“We’re druggies...on Vertigo...taking a beating will only cause us pleasure,” the other grizzled criminal explained.

Vertigo had been a recurring drug on Arrow. It essentially served whatever plot device they needed it to for the certain episode it appeared in. For the porn parody, people on Vertigo would derive pleasure from pain, meaning that torturing them was even less effective than normal.

“Okay. How about this. I’ll make this the luckiest day of your life,” Kat started with a naughty glint in her eye. “I need the information fast. Since I can’t beat it out of you, how about I fuck it out of you.”

“Wow,” the first goon said.

“Which one of us?” the other asked, completely transfixed by the gorgeous, and apparently slutty, crime-fighter.

“Here’s the thing. I’m really poor at making such difficult decisions and share me,” Kat answered as she not so subtly trailed her hand down from her hair and through her cleavage.

“My van,” the first good, for whom Kat thought of as Tats based on the numerous tattoos on his neck and several on his face. “You actually have been on top of it, how about inside it now?”

“After you,” the other goon she thought of as Shark, given his dangerous smile and sleek features.

Shark progressed things along by reaching to the side of the van and sliding open the large door. Seeing the big bench seat, Kat stepped inside and slid to sit in the middle. As Shark stepped in right after her and sat on her left, the door to the other side opened up and in slid Tats.

“Really dig the leather,” Shark said, placing his hand on her thigh.

Kat removed an arrowhead from one of her pockets and cut along pre-scored grooves in her outfit. Just like with Caity’s costume in the first scene, the crotch of the leather pants were sliced in a wide pattern so that Kat’s mostly bare sex became exposed. Showing off that she was a natural redhead, Kat left a thin, trimmed strip of fiery red pubic hair.

With her pants sliced open, Kat looked up at Shark with her large green eyes and watched as he ducked his head down towards her. Kat tilted her head to the side, closed her eyes and accepted the kiss from the man. This scene was supposed to be quick and dirty and their kissing reflected that. No tenderness, they were opening their mouths and slipping their tongues against each other.

“I didn’t forget about you,” Kat said, pulling her tongue from Shark’s mouth.

Turning her head to the other side, Kat’s mouth was guided to the criminal by his hand clutching her chin gently, helping to pull the horny actress around so that he could bring her in for a passionate kiss. As she began to make out with the other thug, Kat now became aware of the 2 sets of hands on her body. Tats had trailed a hand down from holding her face in order to roam her tight body. Starting at her flat stomach, she felt them run up the smooth material of the tight fitting leather jacket and over her insanely perky tits and gave them a firm squeeze. Meanwhile, Shark had worked his hand that was rubbing her inner thigh along the torn seam while his other hand was scooping under her in order to squeeze her small but plump ass.

“Awwhh…ohhh,” Kat cried into Tats’s mouth as Shark found her pussy.

While still kissing the gorgeous actress, Tats slid both hands down her lovely body, being sure to give her rack another feel on the way. Gripping the zipper of her jacket, the gang member pulled it downward until the garment split open. They broke the kiss and Kat seductively shrugged her way out of the leather jacket before Tats used his arm muscles to simply rip her tank top off her lithe body.

“Wet already,” Shark said, dipping two fingers immediately into Kat’s snatch. Pulling them out after a brief period, he brought them up towards the actress. “See.”

Kat had an idea what he wanted, and it was more to show off the glistening skin from being inside her. Grabbing his wrist, Kat steered the hand towards her face until it was close enough for her lips to part and take the two fingers into her mouth. Tasting herself on his digits, Kat gave the fingers a mock blowjob as her taste buds exploded with her super sweet pussy juice flavor.

“See and taste,” the naked actress replied after the fingers were pulled from her mouth, wetter than ever.

Shark’s tongue replaced his fingers in her mouth as the pair began their long and juicy kissing. Meanwhile, Tats was busy during their makeout session. Standing up, or the closest one could in a van, the criminal pulled his jeans down his legs, quickly followed by his boxers. He didn’t bother removing his shirt, instead leaving it on and sitting back down beside the blonde. Peeking over, Shark saw what his fellow thug was up to, more specifically seeing that his 7-inch dick was standing straight up in front of his naked lap. Shark pulled his tongue back into his mouth and broke off the kiss, letting Tats take control of the horny beauty.

Kat was surprised to see that rather than being pulled to make out with the tattooed man, he was pulling her head down towards his crotch. Apparently he’d been busy while she made out with his friend. Reflexes kicked in for Kat and she stretched out her arm and corralled his fleshy member in her small hand. While still on her assisted descent down towards his lap, the actress pumped her loose fist along his entire shaft. She did this a few times until she was nearly bent over sideways, at which point she leaned in closer to the large man and opened her mouth wide.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Tats grunted upon feeling her warm, wet mouth seal around the first third of his erect member.

The tattooed man was already completely hard before her mouth even touched his tool. Kat was pleased to see it was rather thick and stood an impressive 7 inches in length, which instantly made her get wet, well, get wetter. Shifting her attention back to the task at hand, the sexy actress sucked on his sensitive tip while using her skilled tongue to swirl over the bulbous surface, paying particular attention to his piss slit, which was already starting to leak pre-cum.

Without disturbing her too much, Kat felt hands behind clutching her slender hips. Allowing Shark to move her as she continued to blow his fellow thug, the attractive blonde was positioned so that she was laying on her side, her back against the seat and her head resting on the tattooed man’s stomach to allow her mouth to still be riding his cock. This also meant that her small but adorable ass was popped up nice and invitingly for the horny man behind her. Shark dragged his tip through her folds, gathering moisture on the tip of his cock before lining it up with her hole.

“Oh sweet mother of God,” the former Shadowhunters star screamed as he pushed inside her.

It was slightly awkward positioning for Shark, but he wasn’t going to complain. After all, he was fucking the prettiest girl that had ever been to one of their porn parodies. Leaning partly on her and against the backrest, Shark pumped his hips in and out of Kat’s tight snatch, made all the tighter by having her shapely thighs pressed together. She clearly wasn’t a virgin, but her pink pussy was still hugging his cock like a wet velvety glove. It took a few minutes but finally Shark was able to use all 7 inches of his manhood to repeatedly stuff into Kat’s perfect pussy.

“God, you’re amazing,” Shark hissed in her ear, pawing her ass at the same time.

To his credit, Tats allowed his scene partner to get a good rhythm established before joining back in on the threesome. Kat had taken a brief pause from blowing him, apart from the handjob she was continuing to give despite being distracted with the pumping cock in her pussy. This not being the first time they shared a woman, not even in this very van, they knew when the other needed some time alone. But now that Shark had been fucking Kat for a few minutes it was time to re-join. He did so by grabbing the back of her head with one hand and offering his meat pole to her with the other. The former Shadowhunters star needed no further instruction and gladly opened her mouth to take him inside her, now getting both ends of her fantastic body used to take cocks balls deep. It was hard for her to focus on giving one of the fellow thugs a blowjob while she was getting so thoroughly fucked from behind, but she still was able to wrap her lips around his head and suck on him like a lollipop.

Kat wanted to make up for her lack of concentration so the beautiful golden-haired girl removed her mouth from his cock in order to run her tongue over the length of his shift all the way down to his ball sack. The millions of wispy hairs tickled the inside of her mouth as she took both nuts in her oral orifice and licked them gently with her tongue before lightly spitting them back out and continuing to glide up the other side of his cock and back to his tip. With her lips wrapped back around his shaft and resuming her bobbing, the constant thrusting behind her was making the actress moan against Tats’s cock, which the man appreciated.

“Wanna swap?” Shark asked after a salvo of a couple dozen rapid-fire thrusts.

“Please,” Tats quickly agreed as the actress ran her tongue along the topside of his shaft.

“Don’t I get a say in this,” Kat asked before playfully darting her tongue at the man’s pee slit. “Just joking. Consider me your personal fuck toy.”

“As long as we give you the info you need,” one of the thugs reminded the actress.

“Oh right. Of course,” Kat smiled, having been lost in the threesome.

Kat was now facing the opposite direction, on hands and knees with her head hovering over Shark’s lap who had previously been stuffing her pussy. Instead, that honor was going to fall upon Tats, who was now facing the actress’s shapely tanned ass. Reaching out to take an ass cheek in either hand, the tattooed man pulled them apart to open up the crinkled starfish resting an inch up from her wet pussy. He net down and buried his face between her bubbly cheeks with his tongue pressed firmly against her asshole.

“Mmm…awwhhh,” Kat replied while gurgling on Shark’s dick. After finishing her latest descent, she pulled off his member in order to look back over her shoulder at the tattooed man with a smile on her face. “Oh Tats! You bad, bad boy.”

“Giving your booty a little rim?” Shark asked as Kat used her tongue to swirl around the head of his dick. “Such an ass man.”

“Well so far so good, booty king,” Kat jested before using her tongue to run up and down the veiny shaft in her face.

The tattooed criminal continued to eat out Kat McNamara’s ass, moving on from simply licking over top of her hole to actually trying to force his tongue into her kester. Her sphincter gave some resistance but with his hands pulling her cheeks apart it also loosened her hole. This was the key to properly rimming her hole as he caused enough of a gap in her backdoor to worm his tongue inside and have enough space to lick and explore the beginning of her rectum.

“Mhhmm...yes! Lick my ass,” Kat cried, taking a brief break from sucking Shark’s cock and instead giving him a blindingly fast handjob.

Kat indulged herself to enjoy another few moments of the skilled rimjob before taking back control of what was proving to be a sloppy blowjob. Kat normally gave energetic blowjobs, but the taste of her own pussy juices was driving her crazy, with Shark the beneficiary. There were strands of spit covering both her face around her mouth as well as all over his dick, balls and upper thighs. It was perfect lubrication for her to glide her hand up and down his lower portion of his shaft while her mouth worked at a high speed over the top half.

“You are fucking perfect,” Shark groaned, his head pressed firmly back against the seat as he thoroughly enjoyed the amazing blowjob.

This was all taking place while Tats licked her inner anal walls while pistoning two fingers into her pussy. The initial dicking her pussy had taken from the other man had loosened her up, meanwhile she was still a wet inferno. Her pussy continued to drench his digits while her moaning was causing an even better blow of Shark’s dick. Kat rocking back against his tongue and finger was also a good sign that she was enjoying herself, but he wanted to progress things further. Slipping his tongue out of her well-lubricated anal entrance, the tattooed man didn’t leave the hole vacant for very long. Acting quickly, he spat some spit onto his middle finger, placed it against her rosebud and found that it slid inside relatively easy.

“Oh God! That feels so good in my ass,” Kat moaned with one hand stroking Shark’s dick and the other lightly rolling his sack in her palm.

As her anal ring easily relented and allowed for the man to finger her, Kat redoubled her efforts on Shark’s cock. Given that she was distracted as her asshole was being finger blasted, especially as Tats swapped his skinny finger for his thicker thumb, the gorgeous blonde moved her lips onto Shark cock and moved her hands out of the way. With Shark in control, he thrust his hips forward while clutching the back of her head. He pushed into the actress until poking the back of her throat, holding it there for a second before pulling back out. Each thrust produced more spit to coat his cock, though a good deal spilled over her lips, onto her chin and the van’s bench beneath.

“Gggllluuckkkk,” Kat choked around the spit and cock in her mouth.

Shark kept up the energetic and rather messy facefucking of the gorgeous blonde as the other male porn star used two fingers to stretch out Kat’s asshole. To the 24 year old’s massive credit, she never tried to slow him down or stop Shark and his bucking hips whatsoever. He had felt her hands dig into his leg on occasion but when he looked down at her, she portrayed a glance that told him to keep going with the frantic pace. Whatever the other man was doing behind her must have really been doing a good job since her face was also contorted with pleasure.

“Gonna do more than just shove some fingers in my bum?” Kat asked with a cheeky smile.

“Oh, I think I have something more to your liking,” Tats replied, straightening up onto his knees directly behind her. Letting a glob of spit fall from his mouth, his accuracy was true as it landed on his dickhead and his hand instantly started rubbing it around. “Ready?”

“Want me to beg you to fuck my ass? Okay. Please fuck my tight little as...ugh!”

Kat’s plea for a good old fashion sodomy was cut short as Tats started to, well, sodomize her. Between his fingers loosening her backdoor up, all the spit and the fact Kat was becoming an anal expert at this point, Tats’s cock slid several inches into her ass before he paused. Both Kat and Shark helped the tattooed man make more progress as the actress reached back to spread her cheeks apart while his fellow thug reached under her lithe body to strum on her clit. It worked like he had expected and now Kat was taking half his length in her bowels and was moaning while she did so.

Even though Kat had gathered a great deal of anal experience at this point in her life, it still stung having your rectum plundered, especially when by a fairly thick cock. Luckily, Shark was providing her with the perfect distraction. Not only was Shark rubbing her pleasure-generating clitoris, but his dick in her face was instantly making her forget about the cock fucking her ass faster and deeper by the minute. Her blowjob was perfectly in tune with the thumping rhythm of her sodomy, her mouth gliding down half Shark’s length at a phenomenal speed. Every time her asshole was pushed into, Kat used the momentum of the thrust to take 5 inches of Shark’s dick to the back of her mouth before pulling back as Tats did likewise.

“God…fuck my ass,” Kat begged, tossing her head back in bliss.

Tats loved fucking a girl in the ass and Kat’s was no exception. Her ring was very tight but still had enough give to it that allowed his condom-less dick to pass into it without much trouble. Her saliva from earlier was proving to be all the lubrication he needed as he was now thrusting with the majority of his 6.5-inch cock into her rump while he kept increasing the speed as much as he could. All this was occurring as the actress continued to gobble down his scene partner’s cock with her mouth.

“Do you like watching your friend fuck me,” Kat asked before her mouth closed around one of Shark’s balls and sucked.

“Very much,” Shark replied, looking over her petite body and seeing the thick cock slicing with ease into her backdoor. “In fact, can’t wait until it’s my turn in your dumper.”

Figuring that the blonde girl was ready for more based on the fact she was bantering back and forth with dirty talk with Shark, Tats pushed forward until he felt his stomach contact Kat’s tight rump. Rearing back all the way so only his head remained inside, the tattooed man plowed back in balls deep but doubled the speed. The next time he did it with double that speed as well before lingering with his dick buried fully in her ass, soaking in her rectum.

“Mother of Mercy!” Kat screamed as she was fucked hard but not rough, firmly but with pleasure. “Keep going. Give it to me! Take my ass!”

Kat let loose another 30 seconds of colorful language as Tats continued thumping into her little booty, but she proved able for the task. Once she grew accustomed to the new faster, harder rythym of his anal sex, the actress licked her way back up from Shark’s balls and got his cock back in her mouth. Literally inhaling Shark’s cock as she resumed her energetic, near frantic blowing so that at any given time the petite blonde was filled with over a foot of cock inside her.

“Fuck baby, you’re something special,” Tats complimented as he watched in amazement as Kat simultaneously was ruthlessly assfucked and gave an expert blowjob.

“But still you haven’t told me where Dark is hiding. How about you tell me after I let you both fuck me at the same time,” the Arrow star negotiated.

“Yes!” They both exclaimed at once.

“Good boys. Now Shark, you wanted a turn with the caboose so let’s have Tats lay down,” Kat directed.

They shifted about in the rather spacious van with the shuffling about under and around the actress. Kat rolled off so she was standing in a half squat position just off the bench, allowing Tats to lay flat on his back with his feet pressed against the far side door and his shoulders and head pressed against the opposite side window. Meanwhile, Shark had his back pressed against the far wall, waiting for the gorgeous meat to get in position in order to complete their sex sandwich.

“Wait! Suck my dick or no info,” Tats bargained.

“What? But that was just in my ass,” Kat retorted, though going ass to mouth with a cock was pretty common practice for the natural redhead.

Lowering her head down towards his lap, Kat reached out to stroke the pecker before opening her mouth and taking him into her mouth. She didn’t care that she was sucking her own anal juices off the man’s cock, or even what they or anyone watcing at home thought of her.

The tattooed man’s hands instinctively went down to her head to roam through her long, silky locks while Shark simply stared in disbelief. Bunching it up and holding it out of the way of her mouth, Tats allowed the sexy actress to bob on his ass-plowing cock, tasting the moist warmth of her own rectum as she did so. At first Kat simply ignored the taste of her own ass, but as she took more of his pecker into her mouth and onto her taste-sensitive tongue, she became more aware of it. It wasn’t gross, definitely strong and intense but very flavorful. In fact, the sexy girl got so wrapped up in tasting herself that she found herself licking Tats’s entire cock looking for more.

“Is it clean enough to your liking?” Shark said from behind her before Tats added: “Fucking hell you’re amazing,” disbelieving that a girl could be this hot and that dirty.

“Now how about we get me filled with cock, sound good?” Kat commented with a wicked grin. “After all, who knows what Damien Dark is doing to my friend.”

Pulling her mouth off his cock, Kat leaned further up his body until she was straddling the tattooed man’s waist. Tats had his hands around her ripped abs as the actress sunk down, guiding his cock into her pussy this time and sitting down fully on him.

“God damn that’s good,” the porn actor commented as his dick filled another of the blonde’s holes.

Planting her hands on his chest, the former Shadowhunters star began to propel herself up off his lap until only his head remained in her wet confines before rocketing down to his base. Repeating the trick a handful of times, Kat wanted to get him good and excited, which meant riding the tattooed man extremely fast and using every inch of his cock to probe deep into her cunt, to both of their utter satisfaction.

“Your turn now,” Kat cooed with a look over her shoulder.

The words were combined with Kat slowing her riding of the tattooed man. Instead she sank all the way down his 6.5 inch cock, all of it sheathed in her wet pussy and her perky tits pressed against his hairy chest. Kat felt the eager man get nice and tight to her back, though she didn’t stop her grinding assault on Tats for a moment. That came to a stop when Shark was in position with his dick running up and down her ass crack in pursuit of her free opening. Tats helped his friend by reaching around and pulling her bubbly cheeks apart. With her asshole better revealed and even gaping under the strain, Shark moved closer then pressed his slathered tip against the center until it gave way. Both men slowed after the initial anal penetration, thinking she might need a minute to adapt but Kat immediately pushed back into both their meat poles and started fucking them.

“Ohhh….mmmm….oohhhhh,” she moaned loudly, the sensation being anything but painful.

The members of Dark's gang naturally assumed that the petite blonde might need a minute to adapt to 2 cocks stuffed in her holes, but Kat immediately pushed back into both their meat poles and started fucking them. Showing she was willing and able for any challenge the pair were throwing at her this evening and they were ecstatic that they got the chance to double fuck one of the hottest women in the Hollywood. As the men started to thrust into her now, Kat found she was taking a more reserved role, but she busied herself with grinding her hips down on Tats while pushing up against Shark in her booty. She was finding it was exactly the feeling of fullness she had been seeking. She felt so unbelievably tight that words couldn’t express it, loving how it felt being stuffed with both dicks, especially how they would grind and rub on the thin barrier separating the two thrusting shafts.

“Oh God it’s so good,” she screamed again. “Come on fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh yeah. Just like that!”

“We really found a sex freak this time,” Tats spoke to his fellow thug while wildly thrusting upwards into Kat’s pussy.

For the next several minutes the two porn stars used Kat McNamara like their own personal sex doll. She proved able to handle their intense thrusting so they kept pounding as deep into her holes as their dicks allowed. Over and over the sound of flesh smack flesh and moans of delight filled the van. Shark was thrusting with more and more urgency into her ass, savoring the feel of the tight ring hugging tightly around his cock. Meanwhile Tats was working up a sweat, planting his feet on the floor and bench to leverage his hips off the seat to go balls deep into Kat’s pussy. The actress took the hard pounding, grinding and rocking her petite body as much as physically possible until the men reached their climax at near identical moments.

“Need to cum,” Tats grunted from beneath the pile of bodies.

“Fuck! Me too,” Shark hissed through clenched teeth though his thrusting never slowed.

Under normal circumstances Kat would have wanted them to cum inside her. It made her so fucking hot to feel jizz squirted into her holes. But the actress understood this was a porn shoot, and in porn, the majority ended with a visually pleasing money shot. Therefore, the men continued to fuck her holes until their grunts became more labored and they were seconds away from popping, at which point she slinked forward, feeling them both spring free. Sliding off the tattooed man, Kat wormed her way to the floor before bending backwards so her head rested on the seat of the bench, with both men jacking their dicks on either side of her.

“Cum for me boys! All over me,” Kat encouraged, her hand rolling a ball sack in each of her palms.


Hearing one of the Dark's men moaning louder than the other, Kat faced that one just in time to see Shark stroking himself. After one or two pumps with his fist, Shark took aim and shot his load towards her waiting mouth with strings of white goo flying towards the blonde. With lips already parted and ready for his gooey reward Kat caught every last drop of his salt load and swallowed it down gleefully. For the third time that night she took an ass juice-coated cock back into her mouth and proceeded to enjoy the mixture of his cum and her ass on her taste buds.

Unbeknown to her, Tats was also ready to bust a nut so he crouched down lower, his dickhead mere inches from her beautiful face. He watched as Kat swallowed down his fellow thug’s spunk then went to give him some post-sex head, even though his cock was straight out of her own asshole. Ready to explode, the tattooed man couldn’t hold out any longer and released his thick strands of cum onto her unsuspecting face. She was caught off guard as the first salty streak of semen pasted her cheek and nose before she turned to face him. Unable to direct it into her mouth, the second and third strands landed on her forehead and began running down her face with the rest of his load draining into her mouth and small dribbles onto her chin.

“Mmmmm,” Kat happily moaned, savoring every drop she was getting, even the stray few shots that fired on her face.

“Okay boys. Cough up the info,” Kat demanded, after a cut scene that had her back in her full outfit.

“Ugh. Fine. You earned it,” Shark grunted.

“Down by the Wharf. Some old magic shop that's abandoned,” Tats disclosed.

“Perfect,” the blonde said, getting to her feet. “Oh, and thanks for the fuck.”

*   *   *

To start the final scene of the porn parody, Kat snuck into the warehouse, went around making short and silent work of the henchmen before freeing Caity Lotz and the man playing her father. Together, the two female superheroes had a decently choreographed fight scene with the villainous Damien Dark before they eventually triumphed.

“Listen, why don’t you two get out of here,” Caity’s father told the two crime-fighters. “Being a vigilante is still illegal so it’ll just be easier this way.”

“My apartment is only a few blocks from here,” Caity suggested.

“My bike is out in the alley,” Kat suggested.

Through the magic of editing, the next moment the two costumed crime fighters were back in Caity’s apartment. How a woman with no job could afford such a luxurious apartment was glossed over as Green Arrow and Black Canary walked through the door.

“Shit Kat! I’m still all cranked up from that fight,” Caity said to her younger co-star as Kat took a seat on the sofa.

“You get horny from fighting for your life?” Kat replied, shocked but something in her eyes told Caity that the Green Arrow knew exactly what she was talking about.

Caity threw herself down on the sofa beside the natural redhead. "You just saved my life and I haven't even offered you a drink," Caity offered, placing her hand on Kat’s closest knee.

Even though it was a porn parody and thus there was little reason needed as to why characters would hook up, Caity Lotz’s character was both a bisexual and known for fucking her teammates. Kat’s wasn’t, but that’s where a combination of the porn reasoning and battle energy came into play.

“I wouldn’t turn down a scotch…”

The former Shadowhunters star didn't have time to finish her comment because Caity had closed the small gap between them and put her lips on hers. Caity puckered lips contacted with Kat's while she was mid-sentence. The kiss stunned Kat for the moment and that was all the Black Canary needed. Establishing control, Caity opened her own mouth and lightly licked along Kat's pink lips in a move that made the 24 year old shiver.

Caity didn't ease up just yet, instead she pushed on. The 33 year old blonde pushed her tongue past Kat's lips and slipped it into her mouth. The younger girl was still acting stunned by the turn of events so she offered no resistance, allowing the more curvy Canary to trail a path along her tongue with her own wet muscle. Caity continued to French kiss the woman until Kat snapped into the moment and slowly began wrestling her nimble tongue with her own. It was at this point that Caity broke the kiss and sat back in her chair.

"Wow," Kat finally exhaled.

"I hope that wasn't too forward of..."

This time it was Caity who was interrupted halfway through her sentence. Kat had apparently been tempted by the initial kiss and wanted more. The little blonde with the shockingly large tits for her size practically tackled the more curvy Caity, not that the Canary actress minded whatsoever. Especially not when a girl as fucking gorgeous as Katherine McNamara was kissing you passionately.

"I haven't done this before," Kat said between kisses.

"Don’t worry, beautiful. I'll teach you,” Caity practically purred.

As the two bi-curious actresses continued their make-out session, Caity couldn't believe her good fortune in drawing this Hollywood Pornstars assignment. She knew she was due as her show, Legends of Tomorrow, was already confirmed for another season. But the fact that she got to not only perform but have sex with Katherine McNamara was such an added bonus.

Running her hand through the other's long, dyed blonde hair, Caity could feel the nerves and worry draining away from the former Shadowhunters star. The extra touching was helping to settle the inexperienced Green Arrow as Kat leaned back in and resumed making out with the woman she had just saved.

"Mhmm," Kat moaned into the other girl's mouth as Caity’s hands began to roam her perfect body.

Kissing the bisexual was exciting enough for Kat, who had long idolized Caity Lotz for her amazing prowess at playing an action star. The making out with her co-star was made all that much better as Caity slid her hand up her legs until it was between her legs. With a new pep in her step, Kat felt her kissing change and become more desperate.

Caity read the signs as her friend started to press harder against her lips she rose higher up on her knees to keep the upper hand. She wanted to make sure that Kat knew she was in charge and from her higher position she caught the Shadowhunter star’s tongue between her lips and proceeded to suck on the wet muscle.

“Time for the jacket to go,” Caity thought.

In one smooth motion, Caity moved both hands to Kat's neck and continued down until she pushed the zipper of Kat's jacket down before pushing the garment off her arms. With hands still on her bare shoulders, Caity pushed the younger girl backwards until Kat got the hint and leaned backwards and by the time her head was resting on the arm of the sofa. Using her fingers to dig into the already sliced hem in the crotch of Kat’s pants, the Black Canary actress ripped the leather pants to expose the natural redhead’s cunt.

“What to choose, what to choose,” Caity mused as she surveyed Kat’s impressive body.

The 24 year old actress had bigger tits then she had any reason to possess, and yet they were all natural. Bigger than a handful, they were amazingly perky and capped with cute little nipples, already erect and looking a brilliant pink. Letting herself run off passion and instinct, Caity lowered her head and began sucking on one nipple while using her flat palm to press against Kat's pussy before rubbing it around in a big circle.

"Mhmm...Oh My God...so good," the Shadowhunters star screamed.

Kat’s body initially spasmed as every nerve in her body lit up from the twin stimulation. As Caity eased off with the intensity, as well as her own body getting used to the sudden bombardment of pleasure, Kat started to melt. Or at least her brain was becoming mush at any rate. Of course it helped greatly that Caity clearly knew her way around a female's body, as a palm grinding against your pussy could be painful rather than pleasurable if it lacked a certain touch and tenderness. The leggy 24-year old continued to moan as Caity's tongue danced around one areola then the next.

Finally Caity pulled her mouth away from her chest to say, "Tell me what you want."

Without so much as a pause, Kat answered, "Awhh...fuck me. Please. Fuck me."

"What did you want me to do again," Caity asked playfully while looking down at the other girl's perfect body.

The blonde was just toying with her younger co-star now. Deciding that the torn pants should just go altogether, Caity ripped them down the 24 year old’s toned legs, before using her hands to trace back up. Currently she was loitering on Kat’s smooth calf muscle, and judging by the sheen coming from Kat's pussy she knew the light touching was having the desired effect.

"Please Caity," Kat pleaded. "Just do it."

As Caity slid dainty hands further up her thighs, Kat responded by spreading her bare legs further apart. By the time Caity had reached her groin, the former Shadowhunters star was spread wide with her glistening pink slit opening up to greet her new lover.

Caity lost her playfulness and got right to business now that her goal was in sight. Having scooted her large ass back on the sofa, Caity bent at the hips so she could lean her head between Kat's legs and took a good long lick of the 24 year old’s length..

"Ohhh," Kat moaned in response.

Caity surprised her co-star when Kat felt small little kisses placed all over her sex. The blonde's lips started up at her clit, making her gyrate in her seat before traveling slowly downward until her mouth was directly over her opening. Caity puckered again and kissed right above the opening, but this time she lingered and extended her tongue out until it had dipped inside Kat's snatch and lapped inside.

"Oh yes Caity! Lick my pussy!"

Caity had no trouble fulfilling this request as inside her cunt tasted even better than the juices in her folds. Though not a lesbian, Caity had eaten her fair share of pussy so she knew what she was doing. Pressing her face as hard as she could into the girl's groin, Caity drove her tongue even deeper, her nose squashed against Kat's finely cropped patch of red fur.

Caity took a quick second to swallow the juice her tongue had collected before pressing her lips back against Kat's pussy and sticking her tongue deep within her hole. The athletic girl took pride in how rapid she found her stride in pleasing another girl since she hadn't done it in a few months.

"Damn you taste good," the older actress commented.

No sooner had the words left her mouth had Caity dived right back in, drilling her tongue as deep as possible into Kat's sweet honey pot. The blonde was keeping the slender actress off guard by the constant change in her strategy. Now Caity had switched from the slow and methodical approach to one of speed and power.

"Fuck," Kat screamed, a rare curse word from her.

Kat had her head tossed back over the back of the sofa as her mound went from being teased to being crammed full of Caity's tongue. The blonde had no intention of letting Kat off the hook and recover from the sudden intrusion of a powerful tongue plunging the depth of her hole. The former dancer turned actress used both hands to get in tight and hooked a finger from each into her opening.

Kat howled in pleasure again as her pussy was now filled with two digits rather than the tongue, but they were only used to hook right at the entrance and pull her apart as far as she could go. Despite her reputation for being able to take a hard fucking and even having a fist shoved up her cunt in her last appearance on Hollywood Pornstar, Kat McNamara’s pussy was still tight, likely aided by her slender build and the fact she was only 24 years old.

"Oh my God...oh my God," Kat screamed.

Over and over Caity made the natural redhead cry out in utter delight but Kat wasn't the only one enjoying themselves. Caity was thriving working on her knees and licking out her twat, and Kat was more than happy to reap the benefit. The blonde continued to dive her tongue deep into Kat and scoop out more of her essence all while her wet muscle found all the right spots inside the younger star. The slender girl was now in a constant series of moans and screams as her thighs squeezed tightly around Caity’s golden head.

"My God you are really good," Kat screamed.

Caity could feel her partner's hands running through her hair as she aimed slightly higher and darted her skilled tongue against her clit. This released another torrent of inaudible appreciation from Kat, who had now used her free hand to run it through her own hair as well.

Kat had to remember not to pop the other girl's skull like a grape in her pleasure as Caity’s skilled tongue targeted her clit. It released another torrent of screams from the lithe actress, as well as causing one hand to run through her own dyed blonde hair while the other went down to grip Caity’s natural blonde locks.

"You like that," Caity asked as she used two fingers to drive deep into Kat's cunt while her tongue swirled at her clit, making her spike in arousal.

Despite the fact that this was a porn shoot, Caity still wanted her younger co-star to reach her orgasm. It wasn’t required, but Caity wore bringing people to climax as a badge of honor. Knowing that Kat was close, Caity focused her attention to the task at hand like never before as she pulled her wet digits from her snatch. Caity's tongue licked up and down her pretty pink pussy before she ultimately settled her lips on the clit. Screams followed but a whole louder and more urgent stream was released when Caity combined sucking and licking the sensitive nub with working her two fingers bank in and out of her tight twat.

"Fuck yes," Kat screamed again.

Caity always beamed with pride hearing her lover's intense cries of pleasure. While still with Kat's clit locked between her lips with suction, she inserted a third finger into her extremely wet love canal without losing any of the speed or depth. the natural redhead's slender body squirmed in response as the digits pumped into her super-sensitive pussy.

"Cum for me baby. Right on my little tongue so I can lick you all up," Caity encouraged.

The phat ass blonde knew Katherine wasn't going to last much longer. Not wanting to miss a drop of her delicious flavor, Caity switched up her mouth and hand so that her tongue was now buried deep in her opening while her fingers diddled her engorged clitoris.

"I'm cumming," Kat shrieked. "Oh God YESSSSS!"

Caity waited for her just rewards after hearing the scream and feeling the hands on her head tighten. Sure enough a tide of gooey honey came like a typhoon, coating the blonde's tongue. Caity was right on hand to lap it up and devour the cum before going right back inside Kat for more of the treat.

"Well shit you're tasty," Caity said, rocking back onto her heels.

"Wow...just...wow," Kat puffed from her reclined position on her couch. "My turn now."

"You don't have to reciprocate," Caity told her. “After all, you saved my life earlier.”

"I know but I want to," she replied with lust in her eye.

"Good enough for me," the horny blonde agreed.

Kat took another breath to recover before sitting upright and looking at her beautiful co-star, who was still fully dressed in her superhero costume. his time it would be the natural redhead who initiated the kiss with a member of the same sex as she pulled in the full dressed blonde for a passionate kiss. Their tongues once again met in the space formed between their lips, all while Caity felt fingers migrate down her back to her zipper.

"I am tasty, aren't I," Kat asked with wide eyes, tasting her pussy juices on Caity’s lips.

"The yummiest," Caity replied to the still naked woman.

While they were kissing, Caity felt the zipper on the back of her black catsuit undone and her tits flopped out immediately. They were slightly smaller than Kat’s pair, a perfect handful. Kat seemed to think they were pretty appetizing because her lips pulled away from kissing the former dancer so that she could trail a line of kisses along Caity's jaw, down her neck, which made her coo loudly then finally arrived at the globes she sought. Once Kat got her lips around one of Caity's small nipples before she clasped on tightly and sucked while her free hand reached up and groped the other tit beside her face.

"You are so definitely sexy," Kat said while switching her mouth to the other breast.

"Mmhmm...duly noted...aawwhh," she moaned, presenting more of her tits to the boob-loving woman by arching her back even more.

The pair worked as a team to peel Caity out of her leather catsuit. Despite the wiggling and pulling, Kat amazingly never broke her lip-lock with her co-star’s nipple. Now just as naked as she was, Kat was able to soak in Caity’s flawless body including her feminine 6-pack abdominals, completely shaven snatch, and toned legs. Of course Caity’s best feature, her stunningly phat ass, was pressed against the sofa, so Kat needed to remedy that ASAP. Caity could read her co-star’s intentions so she rolled over and got onto all fours with her heavenly backside facing the natural redhead.

“Goddamn! That ass is everything,” the slender girl complimented as she ran her hands over the large, firm cheeks.

"As much as I love some booty worship, didn't you want to try something," Caity replied, hoisting her leg up onto the back of the sofa to give a view of her pussy.

Like a moth to the flame, the slender actress bent down until her pretty face was pressed against one of the best asses out there. As Kat settled in position with her head kinked on an angle to get at Caity's snatch with her mouth, her hands went from rubbing to squeezing the blonde's massive ass in wonder and amazement. It wasn't the most comfortable position as she was twisted like a rag but the moment her tongue touched Caity's pussy, Kat's worry went away.

"Let's see what you...OH MY GOD," screamed Caity as Kat reached her tongue out and flicked her clitoris.

The leggy girl was pleased with the huge reaction she got but she wanted to get a really good taste of the sexy blonde now. This time, Kat craned her head further down in order to begin near her opening and licked all along her pink slit, finishing by flicking out at her clit again. Kat now had her taste and so she could really start going to work on her mouth-watering snatch. The slender actress started by moving slightly outward from her tight pink hole so that she could lightly flick Caity's pussy lips with her tongue. Kat heard the blonde's muffled screams die down as this move didn't elicit a great deal of pleasure, but she was only just getting warmed up.

"Taste yummy...and this ass is so wonderful," Kat complimented between licks.

Using one of her hands, Kat pulled apart her pussy lips as the other hand ran up her torso to explore her naked body. Just as her small hand found Caity's rounded tit and gave it a firm but sensual squeeze, Kat ran her tongue back along her inner slit. She felt Caity squirm and heard the familiar muffled moans as she experienced new pleasures once she clamped her lips around her exposed clitoris and repeatedly flicked it.

"Unnggghhhh," Caity screamed out against the arm of the sofa.

Kat returned to licking along her entire slit from bottom to top but this time deeper and faster. It was having the desired effect as now the blonde's body was thrashing with the pleasure that she was giving her. This move was really hitting its note but Kat wanted to have her tongue used on another of the PAWG’s holes. After all, you don’t have an ass like Caity did and not want to have your salad tossed!

“Fuck me! Much better, you naughty girl,” Caity reacted to the slender girl’s tongue now licking her asshole.

Kat may have used her mouth more to suck off guys than pleasure girls, but the 24 year old knew her way around a snatch...or asshole in this case. The actress gave up all pretenses of acting for the porn parody, having no idea if her character would be a first time ass-eater or more bisexual like Caity’s character. Regardless, Kat just did what she wanted.

And while Caity was surprised that the slender girl went straight for her asshole, she wasn’t complaining. Kat was going to tease her co-star with some licking up and down the crack and into her snatch. However, before she knew it, her tongue was licking Caity’s now exposed asshole, the crinkled starfish too tempting to not do something about. As soon as her tongue pressed against the tight hole, it winked in response so Katherine followed up her initial lick with several more, getting more of her taste on her buds.

“You like having your phat ass eaten out,” the kneeling actress asked between swipes of her tongue against Caity’s backdoor.

Caity responded to the barrage of tongue action against her puckered butthole by letting loose a torrent of moans and grunts. So good was Kat’s skilled tongue on her asshole that the 33 year old actress screamed without regard if anyone outside heard her due to the amazing work of the girl giving her yet another top notch rimjob. Completely lost in the embrace of the former Shadowhunters star, Caity ran a hand through her hair as she was rocketed towards a powerful orgasm.

“Feels…mhmmm…so good…awwhh,” Caity grunted in satisfaction.

“Was there ever a doubt,” Kat quiped before her tongue went right back to piercing through the 33 year old’s anal sphincter.

While her talented tongue worked it’s magic on her rear entry, Kat brought her fingers between the blonde’s thighs and had 2 fingers buried in her snatch moments later. She pumped them a handful of times but her real objective was to grind her tips inwards to find the 33 year old actress’ G-spot, knowing she hit her mark by the sharp cries of bliss. Repeated, Kat plunged back into her pink depths, hitting the spot all while twirling her tongue in tight circles just inside the first 2 inches of Caity’s rectum.

“God! I could munch on your cute bum all night,” Kat told her friend, using her hands to pull apart Caity’s thick butt cheeks.

“Don’t fucking stop! Don’t ever stop,” Caity screamed her encouragement.

If Caity thought she was in bliss before then she was positively transcendent after begging Kat to keep going. Being begged to keep rimming her asshole seemed to give Kat an energy boost, something that the nympho on her knees rarely needed. Clutching even tighter onto Caity’s plump ass, Kat used her arm strength to further separate the meaty globes, which aided in further gaping Caity’s butthole. With renewed vigor, Kat crammed even more of her tongue deep inside her friend’s bowels, tasting all new flavors of her anal canal. For Caity, the tiny 24 year old actress behind her eating out her ass, had her pushing closer and closer to a frightening quick orgasm, especially when Kat combined her rimjob with the wonderfully worked finger-fucking on her pussy.

“Fucking close! Awh yes! Close…almost,” Caity moaned. “Make me cum! Fuck!”

Kat’s two fingers continued their relentless assault on the dancer-turned-actress’ pussy as to get more speed Kat had removed her tongue from her asshole. Though Kat preferred men, she was no stranger to sleeping with women, and knew full well what she was doing. As her fingers curled continuously to hit Caity’s G-spot, Katherine used her arm to also drag forward, causing her palm to always be rubbing her clit.

“Fuck…gonna cum…gonna…cum,” Caity said, eyes closed shut, mouth gaped.

“Do it! Cum baby,” Kat prompted, muscles throughout her body tensing in preparation.


Despite her petite size and unassuming build, Kat was a relentless beast until she heard that last cry from her friend, who had lost all pretenses of acting in the porn parody. Knowing full well her co-star was a squirter from word around set, Kat was still relieved and highly excited to find that rumor was true. As Caity’s orgasm first arrived, she found the familiar pressure and so she pushed. Almost instantly Caity found herself squirting her colorless orgasmic fluid from her pussy onto the leather sofa that Kat had her bent over.

The slender actress with big tits waited until she was sure Caity was completely finished before moving. First she straightened her fingers then slid them out of her still tight pussy, her vice-like grip making Kat jealous of men and how much pleasure they derived from it with their cocks. With her fingers now free, she whipped her hand downward to the puddle under Caity’s cunt and allowed the juices to drip from her hand to make the puddle grow even larger.

“Good girl,” Kat told her, stroking Caity’s tired looking face.

“Fuck...me…” Caity panted, flipping over to rest on the sofa. “I get rescued and then fucked til I squirted. What a day!”

NEXT: The hottest Lois Lane earns her casting as Erica Durance gives up her ass to play the iconic character.
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Re: Hollywood Pornstars NEW - Erica Durance
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 44
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Erica Durance, Manuel Ferrara
Codes: MF, Anal, ATM, Oral, Toys
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Erica Durance or Manuel Ferrara nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned (specifically Evil Anal or Evil Angel), nor with Smallville or DC Comics or its characters (including but not limited to Lois Lane) in any way

Summary: The hottest Lois Lane earns her casting as Erica Durance gives up her ass to play the iconic character.

“Jim! I have great news. I want your girl for the role of Lois fricking Lane!” the executive producer said into the phone.

“Well Erica will be over the moon,” the agent replied.

“Of course, it’s conditional on...you know,” the producer stated, his tone growing more serious.

“She and I are both aware of the...how shall I say…’pay to play’ environment,” the agent agreed.

“Excellent. In that case, I look forward to having Erica Durance as our Lois Lane.”

*   *   *


“Come in,” a male voice called out from the office. As the door opened, Erica Durance stepped inside. “Ah! Erica. Thanks for coming to see me.”

“Of course Manuel,” the recently hired Lois Lane actress replied. “They told me to come see you after hair and makeup.”

Manuel Ferrara was pulling double duty with this film for Evil Angel today. Not only would he be directing, but also starring. The concept of the film was simple, and drawn from real life. Manuel was an anal obsessed man trying and eventually succeeding in talking his latest pursuit into getting her ass fucked.

“I just wanted a quick word before you start,” the Frenchman explained. “From what I understand, your role today will be pretty straightforward and accurate?”

“More straightforward than accurate,” the Canadian replied. “I’ve had anal sex before but only a handful of times and the last time was well over a year ago.”

“So you may as well be an anal virgin then,” Manuel commented. “How were the experiences?”

“Not great,” the 25 year old answered. “Painful. However, I know what we are doing today and I’m game. I followed your instructions to the letter. Enema, muscle relaxer, used a butt plug for several hours each day for the past week and just finished using a dildo on my butt before I dressed in my lingerie.”

“I can see why your studio hired you. You are dedicated,” Manuel was impressed. “Alright. So we are gonna shoot some tease scenes, letting you use your natural quippiness. You can free-style and I’ll play off you, always leading you into the direction I want.”

“Getting to perform should help relax me too,” the gorgeous 25 year old nodded her head.

“You’ll do great. And not to brag or anything, but I’m very good at his job,” Manuel said with his warm grin.

“It’s just that your dick is soooo big,” the Canadian actress replied.

“One, thank you. And two, I will personally guarantee it’ll make you cum at least once with it up your butt,” Manuel assured her.

“Those are some lofty promises,” Erica bantered.

“You’ll see…”

*   *   *

“Well if it isn't Lois Lane,” Manuel spoke as the camera turned on.

Standing on screen was a relatively new actress, all wide eyed and excited. Erica Durance was far from a household name in 2004 when this took place, but that was going to change. After all, she had just landed the iconic role of Lois Lane on the hit show Smallville. While her career wouldn’t hit the peaks of a Scarlett Johansson, Erica was still known the world over. And how she got that role, in part anyway, was due to this scene, which started with Erica standing in a black bra with her long light brown hair cascading down to her midback. Her lower body was covered in fishnet stockings and black knee-high boots.

“And hello to you too,” Erica flirted right back.

“So...you’re here for something special today,” Manuel continued.

“Oh?” Erica asked, acting clueless.

“Your butt.”

“My butt?” Erica asked, turning around to show off her mesh-covered ass.

Like the rest of her, her booty was in top physical shape. Though it wasn’t the wide ass of a PAWG, it was perfectly toned and mouth watering all the same. Plus her wide hips and narrow waist gave the Canadian the desirable hourglass figure that played off really well in the skimpy clothing she was dressed in.

“More specifically my dick in your booty. You know, anal,” Manuel spelled it out to the actress.

“Anal? No. Screw that,” Erica stated.

“But it’s called ‘Evil Anal’,” Manuel reminded her.

“So call it Evil Pussy or something,” the leggy actress retorted, earning a laugh from the porn star.

Manuel had originally thought of using the actual blackmail he had over Erica, that of playing Lois Lane in exchange for her precious ass. Though Manuel wasn’t above using coercion, the Frenchman felt like he was more refined than that. So instead, he adopted his smoothest smile and walked towards the stunning actress. Erica played along, stepping backwards but at a slower rate so that Manuel caught up quickly. With his hands on her hourglass hips, the Frenchman walked her backwards, steering her further into the bedroom until she was deposited on his bed.

“What are you doing?” Erica grinned up at him as she lay on his bed.

“Seducing you,” Manuel stated matter-of-factly.

The older man sat at the edge of the mattress, within arm’s reach so he could take Erica’s chin between his thumb and finger. With being both firm and gentle at the same time, Manuel guided her face towards his. Erica gave her lips a lick to wet them before the Frenchman pressed his mouth to hers as they kissed for the first time. They both allowed themselves to relax into the kiss, their passions building as their tongues danced in the interspace between their lips.

Breaking the kiss, she fixed him with a long stare as her hand went to his crotch and began rubbing his already hard cock. Figuring two could play that game, Manuel brought his hand between her legs but instead of rubbing her snatch, Manuel went even lower until the pad of his middle finger could reach out and rub her crinkled starfish. To the Canadian’s credit she didn’t flinch at all as Manuel began making small circles around her asshole, just holding his stare the entire time.

“Come on Erica. You know you’re curious. What it’ll feel like. Taking it up the butt from someone who actually knows what they’re doing,” Manuel teased and tempted.

“Nice try, sailor, but no, no anal. You are way too big for his little ass,” Erica replied but still let him play with her tiny butthole.

“Erica...you’re so close to your goal, Lois Lane” Manuel continued to press, using the carrot rather than the stick still. “How about just a finger? Look how small it is,” Manuel said as he showed her his thumb.

“You think I’m nuts? I’ve seen your films. It’ll start with just your thumb then you’ll get caught up in the moment and go too far,” she claimed. “First it’ll be one finger then you’ll add a second then you’ll ask if you can see if the tip fits. So no anal.”

“Just one finger and I’ll stop pressuring you,” Manuel retorted, relentless in his pursuit.

Erica showed she was actually a good actress by displaying a weakening of her will so Manuel pressed on, wanting to break down that wall altogether. Keeping her mind flooded with sex, Manuel started to rub her pussy with intention and kiss the side of her neck. Manuel could hear her moan so he upped the ante further by using his free hand to push her bra over her mountainous tits and gave them each a firm groping.

After a bit of thinking and a whole lot of boob kneading, Erica finally answered, “Okay but just a finger.”

Despite her relenting, the audience could tell that Erica was concerned, but how could they not be overjoyed that the hottest version of Lois Lane had finally said yes. Needing to make sure he kept things moving along before she got too nervous about the arrangement, Manuel got her quickly set up on hands and knees with him directly behind her plump, rounded ass.

Erica could hear him wet his thumb, but Manuel had to be sure to transfer as much spit onto the digit as possible. She couldn’t help but jump a little bit when she felt his palm contact the top of her ass. Manuel slowed down and just rested his hand there until noticing that the Canadian had calmed herself. Slowly lowering his thumb downward, Manuel stopped when it was pressed against her tightly clamped butthole.

“Just be gentle,” she pleaded softly, looking back over her shoulder with her gorgeous eyes.

Nodding in agreement, Manuel started to apply pressure. The Frenchman knew she was still rather tense, but the combination of his urges and her not backing out made him press on until Manuel saw that the hole was starting to gradually expand until finally the first part of his thumb disappeared inside her backdoor altogether.

“Ugghhh…awww,” Erica moaned as his thumb slowly was worked into her nearly virgin hole.

“See. I told you it wasn’t that bad,” Manuel said to her after a few more moments of pushing the thick digit into her rear and getting very positive groans as a result. “In fact, I knew you’d like it.”

“Mmm…yeah Manuel like it,” she admitted honestly with lust in her eyes as she looked back at me. More than her confirming words and sexy look, it was her wide smile that was so telling.

“How much do you like it,” Manuel asked, burying his thumb all the way into her asshole.

“A lot…ahhh,” she groaned.

“Enough to let him try something…similar,” Manuel proposed.

Manuel, of course, knew what the answer would be and thus was prepared. He had left a bag in the room with all types of toys. Pulling the red beads from the bag, Manuel held them up so that the leggy actress could get a good look at them, then Manuel placed his thumb next to it as a size comparison. It was true that the beads were slightly larger, but not by a lot.

“Manuel! You naughty boy. Beads,” she continued to exclaim. “You want me to put these in his ass?”

He did and Manuel told her as much before handing her the toy that consisted of 4 spheres all connected by a string running through the center of each. Manuel wanted her to hold them and see how non-threatening they were, while also serving a purpose. While it was true he really wanted to see them buried in her tight little ass, it would also loosen up her bowels for when Manuel tried putting his larger dick in her.

“But you said just a finger,” she threw his words back at him from earlier.

“Just put them in your mouth, it’s really no bigger than his thumb,” Manuel retorted.

Even as Manuel was saying the words he was grabbing the end Erica wasn’t holding and bringing it up to her face. Like the submissive girl she was, the Canadian parted her lips and let him place the ball onto her tongue before closing up again. Seeing the little grin on her mouth as she spat it out, Manuel asked if she could fit more than one inside.

Erica may not have been an anal-craving slut, but she was sexually confident and very playful. Seeing it as a fun little challenge, she took back control of the toy and surprised him by fitting a ball on the inside of each cheek and a third on her tongue before closing her mouth. She decided to have some fun and slowly pulled them free, going slowly so Manuel and the viewers watching at home could see her plump lips sexily slide over the surface of all three.

“See. It’s no big deal.”

“Yeah well my mouth is a whole lot bigger than my butt,” Erica replied, slapping her ass to make her point. “You saw how tiny it was.”

“But the elasticity…”

“Ugh! Men! Just go get me a bottle of the cheapest liquor you have,” Erica groaned though Manuel doubted she was that upset.

Manuel loved that the actress was putting her own little twist on the scene so he got up from the bed and left the bedroom to go into his liquor cabinet. There were quite a few options but Manuel decided that the future Lois Lane would greatly appreciate something from her own homeland so he ended up picking a pint bottle of whiskey. Rye in fact from a visit to Canada but it would easily do the trick.

“How’s this…”

The Frenchman cut his words off in a hurry when he saw that Erica was now laying on her side, legs pressed together and ass towards him and the camera. The sight of her naked toned booty and cute dimples on her low back were enough to make him excited, but what made his jaw drop was the red string dangling on one cheek and the rest of the anal beads obviously hidden behind her sealed tight sphincter.

“Still can’t believe I’m doing this,” the fit actress commented as she reached her hand towards him. “Give me that.”

Manuel handed off the bottle of amber-colored fluid and before he settled on the bed behind her, Erica had the cap off and a healthy mouthful swallowed down. With both hands free, Manuel grabbed the string that was dangling out of her and held it firmly as his eyes never left her ass…more specifically her insanely tight asshole. How she managed to get all 4 balls in before Manuel got back was a mystery.

“Just go nice and slow,” she told him before choking back another mouthful.

“I’ll be gentle. You just pull your cheek apart,” Manuel urged.

Being in porn for as long as he’d been, Manuel wasn’t surprised at how much effort it was taking to overcome her muscular ring especially with how slowly he was going. Maintaining steady pressure backwards, Manuel switched his gaze between her asshole and face before the Frenchman saw his efforts rewarded. Erica’s face started to contort with her brows furrowing and her mouth gaping as her asshole did likewise and the faintest hint of a red ball could be seen inside her.

“Yes, yes baby. Almost out. Just relax now,” Manuel ordered.

Still pulling in a smooth motion, Manuel kept going and watched as her asshole continued to expand and more red came into view. He noted the veins on the back of Erica’s hand stand out even more as the Canadian pulled with greater force on her butt cheek, looking for any advantage in helping ease the strain on her anal ring. It helped as her sphincter opened to its new limit as a lubed-up red sphere came popping out from her backdoor.

“Hhhh….ahhh,” Erica moaned as the first bead left her ass.

“That’s one,” Manuel celebrated, taking a break from pulling. “Ready for the next part?”

“Wow. Okay, not horrible. Yeah…ughhh…yeah,” she groaned as the next part was slowly withdrawn from inside her rectum.

Manuel hadn’t waited more than a heartbeat after Erica said yes and had pulled the second ball loose with less effort than the first while still being sure to be gentle. But as it came free of her backdoor, Manuel couldn’t help but smile in surprise since the slutty Canadian was clearly liking it as much as she was.

“Here we go again,” Manuel warned before slowly starting to rear back on the string.

“You like that? You like watching it come back out of my ass you dirty, dirty boy,” the actress dirty-talked. “Awhhh…oh his God…ahhhh!”

This time Manuel went even slower, but only once he saw the third red ball start to open her asshole. As she slowly expanded Manuel practically crawled to a stop so that she could really feel him opening her tightest of balls with the lubed-up toy then held it steady as it reached its apex, gaping her more than an inch before pulling it out and watching her seal back up but less quickly this time.

“Last one,” Manuel said as he resumed pulling.

This time we were both aware of what Manuel was playing at so as the porn star nearly stopped with the ball holding her anal ring as far open as it could go, Erica pulled back hard on her ass cheeks. The 4th and final sphere slipped out of her loosened sphincter and fell to the bed below.

Wanting to show Erica what she had just accomplished and to be proud of it, Manuel lifted the string of 4 anal beads up towards her face. Manuel was once more shocked by the actress as she clutched his wrist and kept guiding his hand towards her face until she was close enough to take the first bead in her mouth. Like before, she ended up with 3 between her lips…3 anal beads…fresh from asshole…seconds before hand!

“Have any more cool toys in your goodie bag down there,” Erica asked after spitting out the beads that had just been down her dirt road.

As a matter of fact Manuel did spy a toy that would be perfect for the actress before graduating her to his cock. Reaching inside once more, this time Manuel revealed a bubbly black dildo for her to see. It was roughly 6 inches long with each inch bigger than the first with it beginning the size of his thumb and bubbling larger as it went back until it was the size of an egg.

“Holy crap! That’s so big,” the future Lois Lane gawked, grabbing hold of it. “And heavy! You really think I can fit this?”

The fact that she asked the question instead of playfully refusing like earlier was the only encouragement Manuel needed to hear. Manuel nodded and smiled wide as she went about comparing the anal beads to the dildo, the first rung of the toy being roughly the size of a sphere before getting larger and larger.

“See, about the same size,” Manuel added.

“Are you blind?” Erica was right of course, as even the first bubble of the dildo was bigger than the bead…which was bigger than his thumb. “Manuel, what are you doing to me?”

“Here, I’ll put on the lube,” Manuel suggested, already smearing the toy before rubbing a healthy dollop over her backdoor. “And you try with the dildo. You have complete control.”

“Well I guess I could try at least,” Erica said. “But there is no way I can fit all that in this ass.”

“Only one way to find out,” the porn star said.

Erica was already set back up on her hands and knees with her impressive chest resting on the bed and her booty way up in the air. Manuel loved the fact that her asshole glistened as the sunlight hit the copious amounts of lube on its surface. Up until this point, Erica had been sliding the toys through the holes in her fishnet pants, but Manuel decided she needed more space to maneuver. Therefore, Manuel’s fingers laced through the mesh then pulled apart, leaving a lengthy tear in the black fabric.

“Okay…okay,” she said as she placed the rounded tip against the crinkled surface. “Just gonna go nice and slow.”

Erica started pushing as Manuel could see her forearm tense before transfixing back on her ass. Sure enough, the anal beads had loosened her up as it was only after seconds before her hole spread and the first bubble of the dildo disappeared inside her ass. To his shock, she didn’t just hold it in but instead slowly fucked her own ass with the initial tip of the toy.

“Ahhh….ohhhh…” Erica cooed.

“Keep going,” Manuel encouraged.

She was a smart girl and understood that momentum meant a lot so she kept the toy sewing slowly in and out. Manuel was so hard and found his hand stroking his cock as her asshole constantly widened and shrank until she got to the tapered end of the first bubble. Without breaking stride she tensed her forearm again and pushed until the second part disappeared in her ass as well.

“God! Uhhhh,” Erica screamed as she had over 2 inches of a thick toy buried in her almost virgin asshole.

“You’re doing amazing,” Manuel said as his free hand closed over the dildo. “Let me take it from here.”

The actress had no issue giving up control as she released the toy into his stead and Manuel immediately continued her good work. Pushing with steady force, Manuel didn’t relent until a third bubble pushed into her behind which was met with louder cries, but none were of pain. But as soon as it was in, she reached back and took control, apparently only needing him to get over that last bump.

Manuel didn’t mind as he watched while she fucked herself with the new thicker inch in her ass. The Canadian actress was nothing short of a sexual dynamo and Manuel couldn’t have been more pleased at this development. With a firm grip, Erica pulled the third bubble out, then the second before completely removing the toy and Manuel saw her asshole seal as tight as if nothing had ever been permitted inside.

“Is my bum still pretty,” the Canadian actress asked with a cheeky smile.

“Oh yes,” Manuel replied as she thrust the toy back in, easier than ever.

First one bubble then a second went inside without issue before backing out the toy completely once more. Apparently with new found anal confidence, Erica fucked herself with the first two bubbles before building speed and thrusting the third level inside next. Manuel was pleased as he watched the leggy actress fuck herself faster and faster while his hand rubbed his own dick with increasing speed.

“Oh my God,” Erica screamed as she pulled the dildo from her ass. “How far down did I go?”

“Right here,” Manuel said, pointing to the spot.

Her face was of pure elation as her thumb moved along the groove of the third and fourth bubble. Without hesitation, the proud Canadian stuck out her tongue and licked the portion of the toy that had been wedged in her own ass, starting at the third bubble and going to the top. At this point, Erica opened up wide and sucked clean the first portion of the toy for a few bobs before lowering herself further and doing the same to the dirty second and third parts as well.

“I got one more thing for you,” Manuel told the actress.

“What’s that,” she asked with a knowing smile.

“Undo my pants and I’ll show you,” Manuel replied as we stared deep into each other’s eyes.

“You gonna be good to me,” Erica asked, that smile never faltering for a moment.

Manuel had decided against jumping straight into pummelling the 25 year old’s nearly virgin asshole. Even though she had exceeded expectations with the toys, Manuel could still sense some nervous energy from the Lois Lane actress so he went to something she was more comfortable with.

“Oh yes Manuel…lick that pussy,” Erica moaned as his tongue swiped up and down her bald cunt.

Of course Manuel didn’t leave her asshole alone for very long. Breaking briefly to suck on his middle finger, his mouth immediately went back to her pussy while the digit pushed against Erica’s sphincter. After being used for the past 30 minutes with much larger toys, she was relaxed enough to let his finger glide right in and Manuel built on that momentum, fucking her fast as his lips latched to the top of her twat and his tongue darted at her clit.

Since Erica’s ass had no trouble eating up his first, Manuel decided it was time to add a second. Her screams died down as Manuel stopped his oral assault on her clit, but her moans took on a new sound as the Frenchman pressed the newly wettened digit with the first and wiggled into her almost virgin butthole. It was tight and Manuel couldn’t fuck her as freely, but it was still progress.

“Mhmmm…yeah,” the Smallville actress moaned.

With Erica laying on her back, Manuel had her use her hands to pull apart her cheeks so that he could get faster in finger-fucking her tiny asshole. Of course after a minute or two of this, he pulled out and replaced the digits with his tongue. Between her grip on her cheeks and the prep her asshole had undergone, Manuel was able to reach as far into her dirt road as Manuel could. Of course the actress reacted so loudly Manuel feared for the viewer’s eardrums, but Manuel was rimming the gorgeous Lois Lane so he could care less.

Manuel kept munching at her adorable asshole while his hands worked furiously to rid himself of the jeans he wore. When it came time to remove his shirt, which required him to pull his tongue away from her anal ring for the first time in minutes, Manuel was pleased to see that the actress was using her own fingers to alternate between rubbing over the rosebud and actually fingering her own ass.

“You want it? You want this ass,” she asked, dipping inside the tight hole.

As Erica moved over on the bed so that Manuel could lie down when naked, Manuel saw her pick her head up when she was sure Manuel was stripped bare. She soaked in his naked form but her eyes came to rest on his thick, 9-inch pole. The Smallville star had been with numerous men of all sizes in the past 10 years, but seeing the porn star’s monster cock made her eyes bulge in nervous excitement.

Manuel climbed atop of the bed and laid down facing the ceiling in the middle with his head nestled in the pillows. Erica didn’t give him a chance to settle as she already had her leg swung over his powerful torso with her hips dangling over his lap. Descending slowly, the second she felt his unsheathed penis brush her folds, she sank down further on her knees and popped him into her pussy.

“Fucking hell you’re tight,” Manuel grunted as she enveloped the first several inches of his cock into her velvet-feeling pussy.

“Thanks,” the 25 year old muttered as she took the rest of his massive dick into her pink hole. “Damn that feels so good.”

Smiling, Manuel sat back and allowed the sexy Smallville star to do the work above him. Her pace, which had started slow, had picked up considerably. Raising quickly before slamming herself down into his lap, the horny girl was doing her best to get off quickly so that Manuel could have his way with her anyway he saw fit. Even better was the view, as Erica Durance had quite the rack on her. Manuel wasn’t entirely sure if her D-Cups were natural or not, but he hardly cared about that. Instead, the porn star reached up and cupped each of her bouncing twins and groped them as Erica rode him even faster as a result of his tit play.

“Oh shit…fuck…yes, yes, yes,” Erica shouted, her orgasm building. “Make him cum and you can put it anywhere.”

“Anywhere?” Manuel asked knowingly.

“Fine! I’ll spell it out for you Manuel. Give me my orgasm and you can shove that fat cock in my tight asshole. That's clear enough for you,” she asked.

Both she and Manuel knew that his dick was going in her ass regardless if she came or not, but Erica was doing an impressive job of acting for the cameras. He was also pleased that he wasn’t having to blackmail her into anal either. He would have gladly played that angle, but hearing the Smallville star state she wanted it in the pooper was just so delicious. All Manuel could now think about was giving Erica the orgasm she so badly wanted so that he could fulfill his own deviant fantasy.

With her still sitting in his lap bouncing along the entire length, Erica freed Manuels hand from clutching her breast and brought it towards her face. Opening her mouth, the actress isolated one of his fingers and moved it into her mouth, simulating a blowjob in order to get his middle finger coated in her spit. Once sure it was sufficiently wet, the horny actress guided it down and around her body until it was resting on her curvy ass. Knowing instantly what the Smallville star was playing at but wanted to give her some control, making her essentially beg to get her booty played with. Manuel took over from there and placed the wet digit on her constricted asshole, rubbing it around but never penetrating, not this time.

“Once I cum you can do more than rub your finger,” she whispered into his ear, thudding her ass continuously into his thighs.

“Then I should make that happen,” Manuel replied with a cocky smile.

No longer holding anything back, Manuel pushed his hips forward so that they crashed into Erica as she was descending on his tool. The collision made a loud wet slap as flesh crashed against flesh but it achieved penetration deeper than the actress had experienced. Being at the top of the porn industry, Manuel knew more about sex then the vast majority of people. Therefore, when he decided to, he could bring a woman to orgasm with frightening speed.

“Fuck…I’m so close,” Erica screamed. “Keep fucking my tight twat!”

Manuel now understood that the Canadian liked her ass played with so the Frenchman slid the wet finger into her backdoor the next time she plummeted in his lap. Erica squirmed at first, but she was so lost in her own pleasure that she barely noticed after the initial penetration. Seeing that she hadn’t had her screaming orgasm just yet, Manuel pushed a second digit inside her asshole so that both of her holes were being stretched and probed.

“OHHHH….YESSSSS,” Erica shouted at the top of her lungs as she gushed her juices onto his fat dick.

Losing control of her bodily function for a moment after her intense orgasm, the sexy actress collapsed down onto his chest so her big tits pressed against him. Stroking her hair, Manuel let the leggy star recover rather than push her into more sex.

“That was hot Erica,” Manuel complimented from beneath her.

“Mmhmm,” she agreed. “So how do you want me?”

“I think you’ll do best with doggy,” Manuel replied.

The porn star felt Erica take a few more breaths atop of him before she pressed herself up while swinging her leg off of him in the process. Like the position she was in during feeding her own ass the dildo from earlier, Erica got onto hands and knees with her head up by the head board. In one smooth movement Manuel was on his feet, bottle of lube in hand and smearing both his dick and her nearly virgin asshole.

“Mmmm,” she moaned in response to the cool, wet touch.

“You ready,” Manuel asked, kneeling behind her, tip already brushing her rosebud.

“Just be nice to it,” she pleaded.

He nodded as he held his cock steady with one hand and pulled her hip towards him with the other. It was a slow but strong motion, using the natural angle of his dickhead to pierce open her already loosened and prepared asshole. Erica may as well have been an anal virgin given how tight her sphincter was, but Manuel didn’t get to the top of the porn industry by not knowing how to fuck an ass. Over the course of 30 seconds, the Frenchman finally breached one of the tightest assholes in his recent memory.

“AAWWWHHH YEESSSSSS,” Erica screamed as his head popped into her.

“It feels so small,” Manuel groaned from above her.

Using the mirrors around the room to look at her face, Manuel saw that the Lois Lane actress was biting her bottom lip, but otherwise showing no signs of discomfort. In fact, her brows were knit in a way that it seemed like Erica expected pain that wasn’t happening. Before he made much more headway, anuel reached for the lube bottle and gave another generous coating to the majority of his dick currently not in Erica Durance’s asshole.

“I can take it,” the actress insisted after a minute of the smallest, lightest thrusts. “Just slide that wet dick in my ass.”

After his slow and gentle beginning, Manuel listened to the actress’ words as well as her body language and knew the leggy Smallville actress was ready for more. Not stopping at the tip, Manuel slid more of his lubed up cock until he sensed her tighten up. The Frenchman sat still for a moment and looked down to find that more than half his length was in her ass!

“Good girl…taking that cock so well,” Manuel congratulated as he began pulling his hips back.

Now knowing where her limit was, Manuel stayed within it, constantly pushing in and out only half his length. Manuel didn’t go very fast but now wasn’t the time for speed, it was the time that Erica got comfortable with anal sex. Deciding she was ready for more, Manuel grabbed her wrist and placed it between her legs and let her instincts take over.

Like Manuel expected, the Canadian actress began to rub her clit and the rest of her folds and Manuel could feel the shift in her muscles. More relaxed, Manuel opted for pace rather than trying to cram inside deeper and was rewarded for his decision. Even though it was only 5 inches in her butt, Manuel was plowing her just as fast as he had done to her pussy minutes earlier.

“You like fucking my little ass,” she asked him . “Working that fat cock in my ass?”

“You fucking bet I do,” Manuel answered. “And you’re doing so well. I’m already halfway in.”

“I can take more. Give it all to me, Manuel,” Erica demanded greedily. “Stuff your whole cock in my small ass!”

Not only was Manuel delighted to hear that she was so into the anal sex, but he loved that she was spunky enough to engage in dirty talk. He could now understand why the producers had selected Erica to play the iconic Lois Lane. Back on the task at hand, Manuel slowed his pace to about half speed but started probing deeper. After every inch or so, Manuel would speed up and stay at that depth for a while before plunging down again. Finally deciding now was the right time, Manuel gave Erica what she wanted and pushed the rest of his shaft into her until hips slammed against her curvy ass cheeks.

“Oh shit,” she groaned in a combination of pain and pleasure as Manuel stayed balls deep in her tiny hole.

“You okay Erica,” he asked after hearing her sharp yelp.

“I’m good. I can take it,” she told him confidently.

He would have stopped if she wanted, but Manuel was over the moon that Erica didn’t ask that. Unhurriedly, Manuel pulled most of his shaft from her bowels before slowly working it back in. His hips touched her ass cheeks at a much lower speed then the last time Manuel fully entered her ass, much to her liking.

“You like having a cock worked into your asshole,” Manuel asked, engaging her in the dirty talk she started.

“Yeah I do. I’d like it more if you took the training wheels off and really gave me a ride,” she replied, catching the porn star by surprise.

“Careful,” Manuel warned with a mischievous grin. “I’ve been fucking assholes longer than you’ve been alive.”

Pulling out almost completely, Manuel crashed his hips against her ass, causing it to ripple. It drew a sharp scream from Erica again, but when she looked back at the Frenchman, her glance told him not to stop fucking her. Listening to her silent instructions, Manuel did the same thing and smiled with glee as his dick disappeared within the Canadian’s asshole.

Now finding his stride, Manuel wasn’t looking back or stopping for anything. Manuel just seemed to tune everything out, including the burning feeling in his balls as it felt like the porn star could sodomize this leggy actress all day and night. He slapped Erica’s ass, first the left cheek then the right all while looking down and watching as his entire dick would disappear then reappear every second or less.

“Such a dirty slut. Only sluts take it in the bum,” Manuel told her, demeaning her further.

“Then I guess I’m a filthy anal whore,” Erica replied with her ear-to-ear grin. “Now really fuck this big slut in her tight ass!”

“It won’t be this tight ever again, not after I’m done with it,” Manuel told her while slamming into her asshole again at a quicker speed.

“Yes! That’s it! Fuck that ass! You know I fucking love it,” Erica continued her encouragement.

Even with his cock gliding smoothly in and out of her ass, Manuel wasn’t content. Giving her cheeks a firm squeeze, Manuel pulled back his right hand and let it come crashing down onto her backside. Instantly her creamy white skin started to turn red and she let out another yelp of pain mixed with pleasure.

“That cock feels so good in my ass,” Erica told him while continuing to rub her sensitive clit with her finger.

“Good…because that’s a lot of dick up your ass,” he replied. “Now I want you to taste it. Suck your own ass Erica. Be a good ass slut.”

Without needing another prompt, Erica spun around when she felt Manuel withdrew from her ass. It felt weird to not have his dick filling up her rectum, and Manuel felt that she was probably feeling empty and missing it as well. Grabbing his cock at the base, Erica shoved the first half into her mouth and started to noisily suck on his offering. It was the third time that night she licked something that had been lodged deep in her bowels, and for a third time, she liked the taste.

“Yes. Taste that dick with your ass all over it,” Manuel demanded. “Suck your own ass!”

She did as Manuel asked by giving him the sloppiest and probably loudest blowjob Manuel could have imagined. While most girls would have pulled their hair out of the way of their face before starting to go down on a guy, Erica was more interested in wrapping her plump lips around his soiled cock and tasting her anal essence on his manhood. Only able to bob on half his length at most, she emitted loud gurgling noise with more spit decorating his dick each time she bobbed downward.

“How about we get this cock back in my ass,” the sexy actress said as she pulled her mouth from his manhood.

“Thought you’d never ask,” Manuel replied with a wide grin. “But I want you to ride it this time.”

“You want me to fuck my ass? To ride the shit out of your dick with my tight little ass?” Erica asked rhetorically.

Crawling upward on the bed, Erica hovered above him for the second time that night. This time, as she lowered herself, she took the cock towards her further back hole rather than her pink one she had done earlier. With him pressing against her puckered anal ring, she sank down on her knees further until Manuel re-entered her ass.

“Such a tight ass,” Manuel commented as he slid back inside. “Come on Erica. Fuck your own ass.”

“Oh I’m going to fuck it so good you’ll be cumming in no time,” she retorted as she started to rise and descend on his entire length. “Fuck! Right there.”

With each pass into her rectum, Erica seemed to gain speed until she was a blur atop of him. Manuel had no idea how she could bounce so quickly, especially since we had been having sex for quite some time already but she showed no hint of fatigue. Her body was covered in a layer of sweat that made her creamy skin glisten in the sunlight. His only regret was that she was facing the opposite direction so he couldn’t watch her big tits bouncing with every stroke, although the viewers at home benefited from it.

Erica Durance was bringing out the savage in Manuel as well. It may have been because he was expecting a tame performance from a woman who may as well have been an anal virgin but turned out to be a nympho. Not content to have her do all the work, Manuel was viciously pumping his cock up into the first-time anal lover, driving into her ass deeper and faster than either of them thought possible.

“God you are taking this in your asshole so fucking well,” Manuel commented without skipping a beat.

“Holy shit! I think I’m cumming,” Erica screamed as she continuously rode his massive cock.

“Really? Because only huge anal sluts can cum with a cock in their ass,” Manuel teased.

“Then I’m a giant slut because I’m so close,” she warned, not picking up his tone of joking. “Ohhhhhh….yesssss!”

“Would it help if I slapped your ass again,” Manuel asked before smacking her toned, shapely cheek.

“Yeah…Ughhhh….getting close,” she moaned. “It might help if you pulled my hair too.”

Loving the fact that Erica was getting off by being disgraced like a common whore, Manuel kept slamming his dick into her ass. Still slapping her cheeks, Manuel reached up, twisted his hand in her wild hair and wanked it downward as hard as he could. Since her back was to Manuel, he didn’t get to see the throbbing vein in Erica’s neck standing out given how hard he yanked on her hair, though he could see the massive back arch he caused in the flexible Canadian.

“Ahhhh. Oh my fucking God! Awwwhhh,” she grunted in pure elation. “Ughhhhh. I’m cummingggggg! I’m fucking cumming! Don’t stop fucking my ass!”

He was happy she came when she did because Manuel was in desperate need of release as well. The Frenchman let her ride out her orgasm, which she did but sitting deep in his lap and grinding against him, his manhood as far into her bowels as it could go. Her screams were ear piercing but thoroughly deserved, surprising herself by cumming from anal sex despire Manuel’s earlier assurances.

Once Manuel was sure she had cum and was done, he pulled her off of his lap and let her fall onto her back. Climbing atop of her so that he was straddling her large and perky tits, Manuel stroked once or twice until the familiar feeling of cum starting to migrate from his balls overtook me. Knowing that the last act of degradation would be to cum all over the Canadian’s perfect face, Manuel took aim and waited.

“Cover me,” she said through exhaustion but still upbeat. “Cover my fucking nasty face.”

Like most girls, Erica wasn’t the biggest fan of taking a cumshot to the face. After all, it was pretty degrading. However, this was a porn shoot so she knew it was expected of her. Besides, it wasn’t nearly as bad as doing something like ass to mouth, which she had already done 4 times today.

“Oh shit,” Manuel shouted before doing just that.

Manuel watched as the first rope of cum propelled itself and streaked across Erica’s nose all the way up to the forehead. The second streak hit the same target then Manuel decided to paint another area of her pretty face. This time Manuel splattered into her closed left eye while the fourth jet hit the side of her head and nestled into her light brown hair. The last remaining squirts didn’t have the same quantity as the earlier ones, but there was still enough left to coat the rest of her face.

“Oh my God,” Manuel cursed.

“Glad you enjoyed yourself big boy,” she told him  before sucking on his sensitive tip, tasting herself for a final time.


“Jesus! You sure you haven’t had luck with anal before?” Manuel laughed, swinging his leg from around her torso.

“I hadn’t, but I will in the future,” Erica replied, propping herself up on her elbows, cum still coating her face.

“Tissue or the bathroom is straight through there,” Manuel offered.

“With this much cum I’d better go shower if you don’t mind,” Erica answered before disappearing into the on-suite washroom.

NEXT: Newbie comedian Taylor Tomlinson is willing to risk a lot in order to be the next big thing in the comedy world
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Re: Hollywood Pornstars NEW - Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 45
Author: The Chemist
Celebrities (Sex): Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow
Codes: MF, MMMMMFF, FF, Gangbang, Food, Oral, Orgy, Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know any of the celebrities mentioned (Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Freddy Gong, Oscar Batty, Mark Dozer, Ed Junior, Potro) nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned including Gonzo Studios or Legalporno, nor with Pitch Perfect, nor its characters in any way

Summary: Anna Kendrick was bored...which was never good. So she nominated herself and best friend Brittany Snow for an orgy with the big cock team at Gonzo Studios


“Oh no,” Brittany Snow thought as she looked at her caller display. Though she wanted to ignore it, you don’t do that to your best friend.

“Morning bitch!” Anna Kendrick energetically greeted her friend. “How’s it hanging?”

“What can I do for you...at 6 am in the fucking morning,” Brittany did her best not to scream.

“Oops. It’s 2pm in Prague so I’m just getting up and still have sex brain I guess,” the movie star replied. “Speaking of Prague, open your email.”

After a minute, Brittany spoke. “Why is there a first class plane ticket purchased for me? In 5 hours?”

“Because you are meeting me here silly,” Anna replied as she sipped her coffee. “We shoot with Gonzo tomorrow. So give yourself an enema on the plane. Or don’t. Doesn’t bother me either way.”

“What the fuck are you talking about, Anna? We aren’t scheduled to do a scene for another few months,” Brittany yelled. “And I can’t just up and leave. My husband will be pissed.”

“Well I already volunteered us so it’s happening. And fuck that guy. I’m your girl. Hos before bros. Sisters before misters. Girl power. All that shit,” Anna retorted. “And if you back out at this point, the Powers That Be will definitely hold a grudge.”

“Anna! I’m going to fucking kill…” Brittany began to rage.

“Okay, love you, bye!”

*   *   *

To say that Brittany Snow was pissed at Anna Kendrick would have been an understatement. Luckily, the scene Gonzo had devised would allow Britt to pay her friend back. These thoughts were going through her mind as Brittany walked out into the main performance room that Gonzo studio used.

Anna was already front and center in the room, kneeling on the tiled floor with her eyes covered by a large sleeping mask. Her gorgeous tits were already on full display, as were Brittany’s smaller but no less perky set. They both wore a frilly mini ballerina tutus with thigh-high stockings the only other clothing adorning their fit bodies.

“So fucking sexy,” Brittany commented, bending over and licking the side of Anna’s face.

“Thanks,” Anna smiled.

With the smile still on her face, Brittany spat right onto her friend’s nose. “But inconsiderate.”

Anna was shocked, but got wet from the degrading act. Her pussy only got wetter as Brittany’s hand closed around her throat and squeezed, just hard enough to limit oxygen but not starve her of it. Using her tongue, Brittany licked up the spitball from Anna’s face before giving the slender actress a kiss and pushing her saliva into Anna’s mouth.

“Leave your mouth open,” Brittany dictated.

Anna did just as instructed as Brittany rose to her feet and circled around her friend. Standing behind the kneeling Stowaway star, Britt pulled back hard on her brown hair, snapping Anna’s head backwards so it was facing the ceiling. Despite the rough treatment, Anna had listened and kept her mouth open, at which point Brittany let a long spit string aim right onto her tongue from 2 feet away.

“Look at these fucking tits,” Brittany commented as she reached down and roughly pawed each of Anna’s tits. “Big boobs on a girl weighing 90 pounds is just not fair.”

Whether from jealousy, envy or still pissed about being dragged to Prague, Britt pulled her hands from cupping her friends tits so she could slap them. First the left, then a little harder on the right one, then back to the left for an even harder slap.

“Fuck!” Anna swore. “So fucking kinky.”

“Get up,” Brittany ordered.

The aggressive blonde helped Anna get to her feet because her hands were handcuffed behind her back. Guiding her as she needed, Brittany spun the slim actress around then made her bend over so her small but firm ass was pointed back at the camera. Given the small size of the tutu, it had lifted up so that Anna’s pink thong was exposed. Anna couldn’t see, but she could hear her best friend spit. Anna realized it must have been onto her hand because a moment later Brittany crashed her spit-wet palm against Anna’s small butt cheek, making the wet crack that much louder.

“Shit!” Anna swore as she swayed slightly.

Brittany repeated the slapping 3 more times until Anna’s cheeks were fairly red. Stopping her slapping, Brittany leaned forward and traced out her hand marks that she left on her friend’s flesh with her tongue. With a cue from behind the camera, Brittany reached to the side table as she hefted a wooden paddle.

“Is that what I think it is?” Anna asked as she heard the wood slapping against Brittany’s palm.


“Fuck! Yup, yup it was,” Anna swore as she was paddled. Rather than switch cheeks, Brittany delivered a second whack to the exact same spot as the first. “Mother fucker!”

“Look how red that turned,” Brittany cackled. “Now suck my tits as I paint your ass red.”

Brittany made good on her statement. Anna was pulled into her friend’s chest and her lips immediately latched around the nipple. Though the angle wasn’t great, Brittany still had the desire to spank her friend and that’s exactly what she did. She was able to paddle Anna 5 times before the pint-sized actress stopped sucking her boob in order to swear.

“Jesus Christ,” Anna swore as she was nearly brought to her knees on the latest paddling.

“Good girl,” Brittany comforted her friend, tossing the paddle away.

After giving some soft kisses to the tenderized flesh, Brittany walked her friend closer to the infamous white leather sofa against the back wall of the room. With her eyes covered and hands bound, Anna was powerless to resist being thrown onto the comfortable couch and then positioned so she was laying on her side with her legs pressed together and her adorable little booty hanging just off the edge.

“We all know the perverts watching at home wanna see this stick thin bitch take a whole fist up the ass,” Brittany announced as she lubed up her right hand.

“Yes please,” Anna smiled brightly.

Brittany knew her friend well so she didn’t exactly have to start slow and build up. Still, she didn’t want to just start punching Anna Kendrick in her colon so she opted for the middle ground. Anna’s handcuffs had a large enough link so she was able to reach down and pull apart her bubbly cheeks, making Brittany’s first finger slide fully into her ass without trouble. A second finger joined the first, passing through Anna’s anal ring with barely any resistance. Instead of going incremental, Brittany skipped ahead and pushed four packed fingers into Anna’s ass on the next thrust.

“Sneaky little bitch,” Anna commented, surprised but enjoying her friend’s actions.

Knowing what was coming next, Anna waited in anticipation as her best friend placed the fingertips of all four digits and her thumb together before pressing against the 90 pound actress’ asshole. Despite fisting Anna only a month or two ago, Brittany watched in wide-eyed fascination as the woman’s tiny butt started to accept her entire hand. As Britt’s knuckles reached the sphincter, the Hairspray star had to do a little wrist twisting as she continuing to push but finally after a few seconds, her whole hand was in Anna Kendrick’s rectum with her anal ring latched around Brittany’s wrist.

“Oh my God!” Anna swore, her pussy a fluid as a result of the fisting.

As Brittany made small jabbing motions inside Anna’s asshole, the blonde leaned down and used her tongue to lick the joint between her wrist and Anna’s anal ring. It added a new pleasure for Anna, who didn’t think a fist punching her colon could get any hotter, but she was happy to be proven wrong. Brittany continued to use her tongue as she started to back her hand slowly from Anna, her tongue working more and more frantically as her knuckles crested the once-tight anal ring.

“Fuuccckkkk,” Anna cursed as her sphincter expanded out to accommodate the widest portion of her friend's hand.

Brittany simply let momentum and Anna’s natural instincts to push when something was trying to leave her ass, allowing the hand to pull free. As Brittany offered the very hand that moments before had been inside an asshole for Anna to clean with her mouth, which she did greedily, Britt looked at her handiwork. Amazingly, Anna’s ass looked so pretty still. Sure, it had a massive inch-and-a-half gape in it, but it was all smooth walls and deep abyss.

“Let’s make sure it wasn’t a fluke,” Brittany commented, pulling her hand back from Anna’s mouth.

“Yeah because I haven’t been fisted time and time again...oh fuck!” Anna retorted until a fist passed her anal ring, causing the pint-sized beauty to groan.

Even easier than the first time, Britt found barely any fight left in Anna’s sphincter as her entire hand pressed into her rectum with barely any trouble. She made a few punches and twists before ripping her hand back out, but other than some lube leaking out, there wasn’t even a hint of anything but the blackness of her anus and smooth anal walls.

“Come on Anna,” Brittany demanded, her fist piercing back into her bowels. “Where’s the butt rose?”

“You wanna see it. Here it is then,” the pint-sized beauty retorted.

As Anna felt her friend start to withdraw her fist from deep in her rectum, Anna pushed. Though she couldn’t see it given her angle and mask covering her eyes, Brittany and the camera watched as Anna’s push created a swelling in the surrounding area around her anus as pressure built up. As Britt’s fist popped free of the anal ring, bright red coiled tubing was now visible. Anna kept the outward push for several more seconds before relaxing, at which point her butt rose disappeared and her sphincter closed up. Not done, Anna pushed out again, and though not as large, the anal prolapse reappeared. Brittany was ready, immediately leaning down and using her tongue to rummage through the bright red coiled tube.

“Push bitch,” Brittany demanded between licks.

Determined to show off her highly impressive butt rose, Anna used all the slack in the handcuffs in order to hook two fingers inside her asshole. With the fingers half buried in her hole, Anna used them as hooks in order to widen her butthole at the same time she pushed harder than ever. The result was more coiling of her anal prolapse which extended out past her sphincter. Anna could only keep this level of extension for a few seconds, at which point the rose pulled back inside her and Anna exhaustedly collapsed into the sofa.

“Holy crap,” Brittany commented. “Good girl. And now I have something extra fun planned.”

Though it sounded ominous, Anna trusted her long time friend so she waited patiently as she heard heels clicking on the tiled floor. Brittany didn’t walk far, just to the end of the sofa where there was a table with a bowl on it. Instead of taking the entire bowl, Brittany simply reached in and pulled out one extra-large brown chicken egg before tossing it up and down in her palm.

“What is that?” Anna asked as the egg rolled down her leg.

“A hard-boiled egg that’s gonna get shoved up your ass, mother hen,” Brittany informed her.

Showing how wide she could open her mouth, Brittany was just able to stuff the brown egg inside. Giving it a few hard sucks, she spat it from her mouth covered in a layer of her saliva, which would act as the lube for Anna. Bending back down, Brittany gave Anna’s pussy a quick lick to help relax her before spitting a wad of saliva on her already stretched asshole.

“Well this will be new,” Anna commented as she felt the rounded tip of the egg press against her anal ring.

Brittany pushed the first egg in, and maybe because Anna was nervous about having a non-sex toy shoved up her ass, but her sphincter showed resistence. However, the blonde was determined and after another try, the widest portion of the egg had breached Anna’s anal ring. At this point, Britt pulled her hand away so the camera could capture the egg getting sucked deep into the slender girl’s colon, slowly disappearing until Anna’s ass sealed back up.

Sensing Anna’s discomfort about having something as big as an egg without any string attached to it inside of her, Brittany encouraged her to push it out right away. Britt was waiting in position to catch, but the accuracy was off so she had to catch the egg with her hand as Anna shot the egg from her rectum. It was immediately shoved into Britt’s mouth for her to suck on and apply more spit for lube.

“God! Your ass tastes good,” Brittany cooed as she started pushing the egg back into Anna.

This time it took barely any effort to have the egg completely disappear inside Anna Kendrick’s pooper. This time, in order not to miss, Britt placed her lips around Anna’s expanding anal ring so that the slender girl essentially shit the hard-boiled egg right into Brittany Snow’s mouth. If the blonde was disgusted by the action then it was impossible to tell as she sucked deep on the improvised anal toy.

“Don’t push it out,” Brittany dictated after the egg made another journey into Anna’s colon. “Let it soak in there.”

As Anna had the egg sitting in her colon, soaking in her juices, Brittany bent lower and started using her mouth on the tiny actress’ pussy. Anna moaned loudly as her cunt was eaten out, especially since Britt was so good with her tongue. After a minute of feasting on her tiny friend, Britt instructed Anna to push the egg out, which she did promptly.

“Here. For you,” the blonde said, bringing the recently shat out egg for Anna to suck on.

“We have a gift for you Brittany,” the director stated, passing her a bowl full of the other 11 eggs that came in the carton

“Shall we see how many fit?” Brittany asked with a wicked grin.

Before inserting the first one, Brittany made sure to give it a thorough suck, transferring a good deal of spit onto the surface. Like before, Anna’s asshole greedily accepted the egg without issue. After prepping the second egg, Britt pressed it into Anna’s ass but found it had more resistance than the first. Still, there was room for another so Britt grabbed a third, lubed it up and barely fit it into Anna Kendrick’s pooper.

“That’s three,” the blonde stated with glee.

The third egg was still holding up the anal ring so as soon as Brittany poked her friend’s cunt with a finger, the egg rolled out. Brittany was on hand to catch the egg in her mouth, giving it a thorough cleaning before placing it back in the bowl. It took nearly 15 seconds of constant pushing, plus Britt helping by licking her cunt to get the second egg out of Anna’s asshole, at which point Britt sucked it clean.

“One more,” Britt reminded her friend.

Anna hadn’t stopped pushing after the second egg had been pushed out of her ass. Brittany waited and watched as Anna’s asshole stayed gaped, and with each passing second Anna’s butt rose became more and more prominent. Finally, coated in a thick layer of saliva, Brittany could make out the rounded tip of the final egg. Anna continued to push outwards until the object literally was shat from her ass with enough force to send it flying halfway across the room, drawing a laugh from both the pint-sized actress and her best friend.

“So good baby,” Brittany congratulated as her tongue lapped in her pussy then her massively gaped asshole.

Just like after the fisting, Anna was exhausted and had rolled from her knees and onto her back. Still pissed at her Pitch Perfect co-star for the early wake-up call and for volunteering her for a porn shoot, Brittany climbed atop the sofa before sitting right on Anna’s face. As she always did when presented with a pussy in her face, Anna immediately started to lick.

“That feels good Anna, but I’m actually gonna pee all over your pretty little face,” Brittany explained to her friend.

Before Anna could reply with anything quippy to say, a torrent of pee splashed all over her face. Despite Brittany’s best intentions to get it in her mouth, the initial surge of pee only got a half mouthful for Anna to swallow down and the rest soaked her face. After allowing Anna to swallow, Britt started using her mouth and face as a urinal once more, this time getting even more in her mouth for Anna to drink. Finally, her stream faltered and ended, at which point Brittany moved back and gave Anna a deep kiss.

“I love it,” Anna cooed, referring to drinking her friend’s piss.

“It actually is nice,” Brittany admitted, even leaning back down and drinking from a puddle of her piss that was to the side of Anna’s face.

“Oh boy! We have company!” Anna shouted in glee.

The five men made a straight line for the two horny women. Brittany had been pulled to the other section of the sofa where Ed Junior kept her bent over on all fours as he wasted no time in getting his huge dick in her ass. As Anna had suggested, Britt had sat an entire trans-continental flight with a butt plug in, so her ass was fairly loose. As Ed started to rail into her ass, bearded Mark Dozer and Oscar Batty went around to her face in order for the blonde to take turns sucking them off.

“Yes! Give me that black dick!” Anna screamed from the other part of the sofa.

Britt risked a glance over in the middle of her double blowjob to see Anna was occupying two men while bent over in half on the floor. Anna was resting all her meager weight on her neck and shoulders with her back resting against the sofa as Freddy Gong towered above her, squatting down and fucking her ass. Meanwhile, the Spaniard Potro was kneeling at her face and putting the slender star’s oral skills to good use.

Freddy was hammering down on the actress weighing all of 90 pounds. All the anal play and fisting had rendered her ass as loose as worn elastic band so even though Freddy’s dick was thick and long, the ebony shaft had no trouble going balls deep from the start. Meanwhile, Ed and his huge cock had to take things a little slower with the married woman, but his dick was gradually going deeper and faster inside Brittany Snow’s anus.

“Got an idea,” Freddy said. “Pass me an egg.”

HAving been quite turned on with all the egg play earlier, Freddy accepted one of the large brown ovals and pulled his dick from Anna’s upturned ass. Like with Britt, the egg had no trouble passing through the tiny girl’s sphincter and down into her colon. Just to get it that little bit deeper, the black man used his dick as a battering ram to press it a good 8 inches down into Anna’s colon.

“Fuck! So deep,” Anna moaned, feeling like the egg was halfway to her stomach.

It took her a good 30 seconds to pass the egg from that far down in her colon to out of her ass, but Anna eventually popped the egg a good foot into the air, making it an easy catch for the black man. The timing worked out perfectly, so as Freddy turned to Britt, two men were in the middle of switching places. Freddy took the chance to take the egg that had just been a foot deep in Anna Kendrick’s ass and press it into Brittany’s.

“Wow! Weirdest feeling ever,” Brittany commented as she felt the large oval in her intestines.

She didn’t leave it in her colon for longer, almost immediately shitting it out but it was a unique experience. Oscar was now in position behind her, sliding his fat ebony cock into her ass the moment the egg left. Meanwhile, Freddy and Potro had changed places on Anna, making the Up in the Air star go ass to mouth with Freddy’s cock as the Spaniard fucked her asshole with renewed intensity.

“Wanna do the egg trick?” Freddy asked Potro after he’d been sodomizing Anna for a few minutes.

“Get two,” the Spaniard countered.

Freddy smiled before returning with two brown ovals in his hand. Potro did one final thrust then pulled out of the tiny actress, at which point Freddy stuffed two eggs with frightening ease into her loosened backdoor. Potro did as the black man had earlier and used his dick to stuff both eggs deeper. Amazingly, the moment Potro pulled his dick from her ass, Anna shot both eggs out of her anus within seconds of each other.

“A third!” They all cheered at once.

All five men Brittany were now crowded around Anna as 2 eggs were stuffed down her ass before Freddy added the third. This time Potro couldn’t pack it down any further as it appeared to be the tiny star’s limit. As the egg came free, Brittany appeared on the sofa above Anna to capture the egg with her mouth, cleaning it and then spitting it into the bowl. The second egg was only seconds behind the first, but the third was not coming despite Anna’s best pushing.

“Poop the egg out! Poop the egg out,” some of the men demanded.

Eventually the egg did come free and that started another round of intense fucking. The men kept Anna down on her shoulders so that whoever had her ass could slam down in the piledriver position with as much speed and force as they wanted. Meanwhile, up on the sofa, Brittany was on offer with both ass and pussy as the two black men double dicked her as Mark used her mouth to be sucked off.

“Fucking fuck!” Brittany screamed. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Rub her clit,” Anna shouted over.

Oscar listened to the request, reaching down to strum over the girl’s sensitive nub. As soon as his fingers touched Brittany’s clit, the girl immediately came. And not only did she erupt in a scream, but her pussy erupted with a jet of fluid as well since Brittany Snow was a squirter.

“Oh my god! Fuck,” Brittany moaned.

As Brittany was given a few seconds to recover after her explosive and wet orgasm, she looked over to see how her friend was doing. No longer bent over on the floor, Anna was the meat in a man sandwich as Ed Junior and Potro were double fucking the tiny star. Though the two girls weren’t close enough to kiss, they were close enough that they could share a dick. Mark Dozer’s lengthy cock to be more specific. As Anna was fucked with her face looking up at the ceiling and Brittany was bent over so she was face down, it allowed Brittany’s mouth to wrap around Mark’s cock as Anna could take his balls in her mouth and give them a proper polishing.

Both women were now able to take two full dicks in each of their holes, as Brittany had enough time to loosen up. A couple years back, Brittany was able to keep up with Anna in the extreme sex acts, but ever since getting married and settling down, she only had her limits tested a few times a year at most. However, the men were now able to see-saw into her pussy and ass so that as one finished going balls deep in her snatch, the other was nearly fully withdrawn from her ass and vice versa.

“Come. Onto the floor,” Ed spoke.

Anna felt the eldest of the five men withdraw from her ass, allowing Anna to slink down to the tiled floor. The tiny spinner felt Ed’s hand make a fist in her hair as he pulled her into position, his dick in her face. Thinking he was getting ready to use her mouth as a urinal like Brittany already had, Anna parted her lips in a wide O.

“Not yet,” Ed told the Into The Woods star. “Suck me first.”

Anna didn’t have to move as Ed took a step closer to her kneeling form with her big blue eyes trained on his dick the whole time. Once in position, Anna easily took half of his 9-inch cock between her lips, the taste of her own ass flooding her taste buds. Though Anna was truly a legend of blowjobs, Ed was more interested in dominating the slender actress so all she could do was keep her mouth held wide open as Ed pommeled the back of her throat.

“Mhmmm...yes,” he exclaimed as her moist heat worked its way over his shaft.

Anna took her hands away from holding the base of his cock and placed them on Ed’s hips so her fingers were pressed against his firm ass. Her small arms bulged as she held herself up in that position with her mouth still on his cock. Although she was only able to move her lips over him a very short distance as she could only bob her head a few inches, it gave the older male the ability to have complete control over her. This didn’t go unnoticed by Ed, whose big hands continued to clutch the sides of her head and held firm.

“Go join her,” Freddy issued the command to Brittany after both he and Oscar pulled out of her holes.

Brittany slithered down to the floor to kneel beside Anna before reaching out and gathering Oscar’s cock in her hand. The John Tucker Must Die star used every ounce of energy in her body to rub her lips around the upper half of his ebony shaft as her hand stroked off the other portion.

“Don’t worry Mark, I didn’t forget about you,” Brittany said after pulling her skilled mouth from the first dick.

As the curvy blonde fixed her gaze and attention onto the second cock, she got to work by sliding her ruby red lips down the white man’s smooth member until it poked the back of her mouth then reversed course. The bearded man promptly grunted his approval and squeezed harder on the curvy girl’s silky hair he held in his hand. Though he had never had the pleasure of a Brittany Snow blowjob previously, he could now attest to the fact her lips were made to suck dick as they felt like wet pillows massaging his cock in the effort to milk him completely. And apart from having natural tools, Brittany also had a willingness to orally please men given how energetic she performed her duties, something not all women displayed.

“Keep that mouth open wide,” Ed Junior demanded, having gotten back Anna’s face after both Potro and Freddy had a turn.

Grabbing the sides of her head, Ed pulled her towards him slowly until he felt her nose touch his lower portion of his abdomen. The feel of her lips gliding around the very base of his dick was beyond words and after taking a moment to marvel at the occasion he retreated her along his length until only his tip remained in her mouth. He began the same method again but this time he felt Anna pulling his hips towards her. When he looked down he saw her flash him with her large eyes, pleading for him to go faster. Whether it was her visual cue or the wave of horniness he got looking down on her with half his meat pole in her mouth but he retracted hard on her head and sent her face crashing into his stomach.

“Gggulllllggkkk,” Anna coughed as spit slouched in her throat.

When she didn’t put up any signs of resistance or cues for him to stop, Ed pulled her backwards then immediately slammed her back down his length, instantly impaling his dick in her oral cavity. She continued to make her gurgling noises with each thrust but the busty actress didn’t try to stop him from abusing her throat.

“Show off,” Brittany critiqued her friend after another 5 hard thrusts down into Anna’s gullet.

As she was passed to Potro, Anna had saliva dripping down over her chin and down onto her amazing pillowy tits, but that didn’t matter. Getting a little sloppy was a sign of a great blowjob, at least in her opinion. And given the way first Ed and now Potro had been moaning and grunting, they appreciated the excessive drool the tiny spinner had produced. Under his instruction, Anna opened her mouth again and was instantly fed his dick down her throat, the sound of her gurgling filling the tiled room.

“Okay, okay. Get close together,” Ed instructed.

“I think it’s pee drinking time!” Anna celebrated, as she was so excited.

“You have something broken in your brain,” Brittany told her friend as they knelt with their faces pressed together.

Again, since her marriage, Brittany Snow didn’t done anything hardcore like piss play or watersport. Therefore, the two kneeling actresses couldn’t have worn any more contrasting expressions on their beautiful faces. While the blonde was looking at each of the 5 dicks with a worried, questioning glare, wondering which was about to piss on them. Meanwhile, Anna knelt beside her with her mouth wide open, tongue extended with a look of glee in her eyes.

“Fuck me,” Oscar groaned.

Oscar was the first to open his tap. He was standing to Britt’s immediate left, but his arc meant that Anna got the first mouthful of his pee. Once the pint-sized actress was filled, he directed his flow into Brittany’s mouth as Anna swallowed down her load. Since he was the only one peeing, Oscar went quickly back and forth, only giving each a partial filling.

“Open. Over here,” Potro grunted.

Anna felt his pee stream on her face before she heard the Spaniard’s warning. It didn’t bother her one bit, though it meant that both she and Britt had their own dick pissing into their mouths. As they had to stop and swallow, Oscar and Potro continued their stream, pouring their urine onto their faces and great bodies before the flow could be directed back into their mouths.

Ed and Mark joined the piss party at the exact same time, and they had the same idea. Instead of each taking a girl, they aimed their streams at Brittany Snow’s mouth, which was still being filled by Oscar Batty’s camel-like bladder. Seeing the actress being overwhelmed, Potro decided to have a laugh by taking his stream away from pissing in Anna Kendrick’s mouth, and adding it to the golden shower flowing onto Brittany Snow.

“Now you Anna.”

After having her mouth emptied and watching Britt take four streams to the face and mouth, Anna knew it was her turn. Closing her eyes, the pint-sized spinner parted her lips wide and allowed three men to pee into her mouth while Oscar didn’t bother aiming and instead coated her gorgeous face. How the girls didn’t drown in the urine was a great question, especially since Anna was proving remarkable at constantly slurping down mouthful after mouthful.

“Come here,” Mark said, pulling Anna forward.

Anna wasn’t surprised as the bearded man gripped the back of her head and pulled her close so his dick was only 6 inches from her face. His cock was still pissing, filling Anna’s mouth with his bladder’s contents. However, before Anna could swallow, Mark pulled her further forward until his still pissing cock was in her mouth. Not stopping there, Mark continued to push into her until he was making Anna deep-throat him...as his urine stream poured right down into her stomach. After a few seconds, Mark pulled away, at which Anna gasped and sputtered for breath, though the smile on her face was ear-to-ear.

“Closest...I’ve come...to puking...from oral...ever,” Anna gasped as she regained her breath.

Anna thought they might have been given a quick cut scene in order to wipe the piss from their bodies, but instead they were brought to the sofa for more fucking fun. Ed and Oscar both sat on the sofa with Anna and Britt climbing onto their laps. While Oscar had entered Brittany’s snatch so that the standing Potro could fuck her ass, it was slightly different beside them as Ed made Anna sit down fully on his dick in her asshole, leaving Freddy no choice but to fuck her ass as well.

“Anna, it looks like your asshole has given up so this should be easy,” Freddy commented as he pushed in her ass as another man was already occupying it.

“No offense taken,” the Noelle star replied as she was double anal penetrated.

The petite actress did her best to relax for the eager man behind her as he and the other massive man focused on getting a second dick into her cavernous asshole. Her helping was slowly working as Anna could feel her anus slowly expanding to let a second dickhead have access. Even after his tip fit past her once tight anal ring, Freddy kept pushing with slow but steady pressure until his stomach was flat against Anna’s curvy bottom.

 “Fuck me!” Anna roared as the men started working their dicks in her ass at the same time.

Though Anna’s asshole was used to taking a pommeling, both men found the anal ring could still only stretch so far, therefore they couldn’t thrust like they would with a regular double dicking. Instead, Ed held Anna by her narrow hips, holding them steady and allowed his partner Freddy to do the work in pushing his lengthy cock in and out of Anna’s asshole. After a few dozen thrusts, Ed noted that Anna was starting to moan so he began pushing his dick up into her rectum in the moments that Freddy was pulling back out.

“Hey. I need to borrow her,” Mark called out after the two men had been double dicking Anna Kendrick’s ass for a few minutes.

Anna was released from their grip and was on her knees by the other end of the sofa. While she was getting a double anal penetration, Britt was eteraining the other three men with the blonde laying on her back with Mark fucking her ass as Oscar and Potro took turns getting sucked off. Anna didn’t exactly know what Mark wanted so she crawled over to him and used her mouth and tongue to lick the portion of his cock not currently fucking her friend’s asshole.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Ed stated, appearing behind Anna before she felt her well-used asshole penetrated as Ed started fucking her from behind.

“Whoa! Yikes! What the fuck?” Brittany yelped in shock.

“What babe?” Anna asked.

“Pissing inside her,” Mark confessed.

For 20 straight seconds, Mark actually peed inside Brittany Snow’s asshole as Anna waited for him to finish. Ed was still sodomizing Anna Kendrick as though it was the easiest and looser hole he’d ever worked with, which it may have been. Finally, Mark warned Anna and then pulled his cock from her friend’s asshole. The Noelle star moved quickly, getting her mouth in position to have the piss enema fill her. It was more pee than she could hold in her mouth so some of the yellow liquid squirted onto her face or down onto her pillowy tits, but Anna didn’t mind. Instead, the tiny actress had a hard time swallowing as it was pretty gross, but after a dozen seconds Anna eventually succeeded in drinking the piss enema.

“Did you like that?” Mark asked the normal unfazed Anna Kendrick

“It wasn’t my favorite,” she admitted, though her tongue was buried deep in her friend’s asshole which still tasted of his urine.

“Okay then just drink from the source,” Mark replied as he proceeded to pee into Anna’s open mouth.

As Anna was busy taking a mouthful of piss to swallow down, Brittany had a man pumping her pussy in a way that was sure to get her off in seconds. Oscar waited for Anna to finish swallowing Mark's piss and turn back to eating out Britt but as soon as she was in position, Oscar snaked his other hand down and rubbed her clit. After no more than a few seconds, a torrent of clear fluid erupted from Brittany’s cunt, smacking Anna in the face with the pressure of a fireman’s hose.

“Fucking squirted in my face again! Good one, Snow,” Anna complimented the girl as she drank some of the squirt fluid.

As Anna gave her face a quick wipe and pulled her now wet hair behind her, she never let up her own oral assault on her friend. Anna’s tongue was relentless as she ran it through Brittany’s pink slit before drilling it deep in her snatch. Pulling it out, Anna aimed it lower and skewered it inside her friend’s recently fucked and pissed in asshole. Not deterred whatsoever, whether by the remaining taste of the piss enema or the fact one of the guys was plowing her from behind, Anna hungrily ate out her friend’s booty.

“Drink some of the piss from the floor then back to fucking,” Ed demanded of Anna.

For the next 20 minutes, the men took turns using the two gorgeous actresses for the carnal needs, with every penetration, thrust and suck captured on film. The 5 men fucked their pussies and assholes, their mouths as well, whatever was on offer in that particular moment. Ed, as most senior member, pulled rank and spent a good amount of time titty-fucking Anna as her C-cup boobs and the slickness of her skin with piss meant his cock could really pound into her cleavage. Meanwhile for the girls themselves, once the men saw Anna get a double dicking up the ass, that’s all they wanted to do with the 90-pound beauty. Meanwhile Brittany was more adept at being spit-roasted with a cock in her talented mouth to suck one while the other man would plunder her ass or pussy, whatever the men preferred. That wasn’t to say that she didn’t like a good double penetration, which was good because that happened fairly regularly as well.

“I need to fucking cum,” Potro warned.

The director not only gave him instructions, but passed him something white that fit in the palm of his hand. Choosing Anna, the two men who had been enjoying her body and holes peeled away. Flat on her back with her legs spread, Potro shoved the white oval into her ass before stuffing it deeper with his cock. After a dozen balls deep strokes that grew more frantic with each thrust, he pushed in one last and busted his load. As he was doing so, Brittany was directed to get her face right underneath Anna’s small but bubbly ass.

“Be ready Anna,” Brittany instructed. As soon as Potro pulled out of her hole, Brittany added further directions. “Okay you skinny bitch with big tits! Push! Give me all that spunk! Right into my mouth.”

The skinny bitch with big tits didn’t need to be told twice. Bearing down, Anna relaxed her anal ring, which at this point would likely never be tight again. Brittany was rewarded with a slow and steady drip of ass-tainted cum that had been shot nearly a foot into the brunette’s bowels. However, as she watched from below, Brittany saw the mystery object that had been shoved up her friend’s ass before Potro jizzed.

“Keep going,” Brittany encouraged.

Another push and Brittany confirmed that the object was a peeled hard boiled egg. She wasn’t sure when they had done that, not that it mattered. After a moment’s rest, Anna bore down on her colon and the white egg pushed past her anal ring, at which point Brittany caught the oval snack in her mouth.

“Eat it,” the director demanded.

Brittany had to use her hand to pull the egg from her mouth before taking a healthy-sized bite. As she began chewing, she simply couldn’t do any longer. She had no problem with eggs most days, but this one tasted wrong. After all, it had been shoved a foot deep in Anna Kendrick’s asshole, let to soak in her colon for minutes then had a man jizz onto it before it had to reverse course and travel nearly a foot of bowels before making its way into Brittany’s mouth. Therefore, after swallowing down the smallest amount, Brittany subtly spat the egg into her hand and discarded it under the sofa.

“Fuck it. Open up,” Ed Junior hissed through clenched teeth.

The order had been directed at Anna, whose face was directly under Ed’s cock. The gangbang had reached its end for Ed, who now needed to bust his nut. Crawling ever closer, right before he started to cum he thrust his tip into Anna’s willing mouth. The slender actress practically sucked the jizz straight from his balls with an eagerness that never ceased to amaze the pornstar, despite working with her a handful of times now.

“Don’t forget to share.”

The brunette had to roll and flip around so that her face now hovered directly over her fellow Pitch Perfect star. Pulling her hair back and over her shoulder, Anna craned her neck down so that her mouth was about a foot away from Brittany’s. As she opened her mouth, Anna did one of the few things she hated to do during sex - spit cum. However, this was for a good reason as the salty load dripped from her mouth and directly into the blonde’s, who slurped it down in one mouthful.

“Figured you’d earned that load,” Anna reasoned.

“Thanks,” the blonde replied with a smile after gulping it down.

“Now what’s a girl gotta do to get her own cream egg around here?” Anna asked in her typical snarkiness.

“Anna, I don’t think you want one,” Brittany whispered. “It was disgusting.”

“Come here, blondie,” Freddy spoke to Brittany.

The blonde accepted the black man’s hand as he pulled her up from the floor, but she wasn’t on her feet for long. Instead, Freddy had her kneeling on the sofa the next moment. As his dick entered her ass for the countless time that night, Brittany bent over and relaxed her tits onto the back rest of the sofa as Freddy pulled out, slipped the peeled hard boiled egg into her ass then resumed fucking her. Since he’d been on the urge of cumming, all it took was a couple of minutes of sodomy before he came, coating both Brittany’s bowels and the egg in his salty spunk.

“You ready for your...what did you call it...cream egg,” the black man asked, speaking to Anna.

“You fucking bet I am,” Anna replied excitedly.

Brittany kept forgetting the levels of degradation Anna was willing and eager to subject herself to, which was why she stopped worrying about her. The moment Freddy’s ebony shaft left her ass, Brittany pushed with all her power. She could feel the liquefying cum squirt from her ass and down into Anna’s mouth, but it was the feeling of an extra large egg traversing her colon that earned the majority of her attention. The large oval snaked its way out of her poop chute until it was on the verge of her exit. Anna helped it along at this point by pressing her lips against her friend’s sphincter and sucked. Between Anna’s suction and Brittany’s pushing, the egg popped out of the blonde’s ass and directly into the slender actress’ mouth.

“Mmmm,” Anna moaned.

Rather than only bite off a small amount of the egg and throw away the rest, Anna kept the entire thing in her mouth as she chewed….and  chewed...and chewed. Brittany had joined Anna on the floor for moral support but couldn’t believe that her tiny friend was actually still going. After all, it had been nesting in her asshole for minutes as Freddy fucked her, then he came on it before Britt literally shit it into Anna’s mouth. And yet the tiny spinner was treating it like it was a piece of Filet Mignon or something!

“Put your faces together,” the director instructed.

Despite Anna still gleefully chomping away on the cream egg, the kneeling actresses pressed their bodies nice and close as their cheeks touched. With only two men remaining, neither one of them looked like they’d be going much longer. Mark was standing off to Anna’s side while Oscar continued to beat his ebony meatpole less than a foot away from Brittany’s face. The winner of the race to see who would cum first would be a photo finish, in fact it was a tie.

“Fuck me!” Oscar swore as he climaxed.

“Mother fucker!” Mark howled at the same time.

Mark aimed at Anna’s face first, 2 thick streaks launched from his tip to plaster the still eating actress’ cheek and forehead before he twisted to the left. Brittany felt the next 3 warm globs of cum land on her lips and nose before dribbling the last remainders onto Anna’s temple. However, the women’s faces were getting glazed by Oscar as well. The black man had cum at the same time as Mark, his load principally focused on Brittany at first, getting her left eye in the process, before shifting attention to the egg-loving Anna Kendrick, for which he actually managed to renew some of the cream in her mouth so she had more fluid for the egg eating.


“Fuck that was yummy,” Anna cooed as she finally finished eating.

“You girls are filthy, need cleaning,” the director commented, drawing a laugh. “Lay down.”

“I think all of our hard work has earned us a piss shower,” Anna squealed in excitement.

“There is something broken in you,” Brittany couldn’t help but comment.

The director gave them an instruction and the Pitch Perfect stars did as told, which amounted to laying face up with their heads beside each other but their bodies in opposite directions. Like earlier, the 2 girls were encircled by the 5 men, all with deflated cocks at this point. Knowing what was coming, Brittany Snow and Anna Kendrick closed their eyes just in time for nearly a half-dozen individual streams of urine to pour onto their faces, tits and stomachs. It accomplished the goal of washing away all the stray cum from their skin, at the expense of soaking their bodies and hair in the unmistakable aroma of piss. 

“Good girls!”

“We did it,” Anna celebrated, the fresh taste of pee and cum still lingering in her mouth.

“Yeah we did!” Brittany added, giving a kiss to her co-star. “But the next time you wanna nominate me for a scene with you...don’t.”
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Re: Hollywood Pornstars NEW - Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow
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A nice chapter by bringing back Anna and Brittany. Just wondering if you are still taking any request? If you are, can you please write a chapter on a lesbian gangbang of Melissa Benoist by the team of arrowverse girls like Katie McGrath, Chyler Leigh, Candice Patton, Emily Bett Rickards. All of them coming together to give Melissa a farewell she will never forget!!!


Re: Hollywood Pornstars NEW - Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow
« Reply #110 on: June 10, 2021, 08:56:40 AM »
It's funny you mention Melissa Benoist - I'm about halfway through writing a chapter for her. Except it isn't a lesbian gangbang. However, I love that idea. It works on a few levels, especially with Supergirl scheduled to wrap this season. Thanks for the idea
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Re: Hollywood Pornstars NEW - Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow
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Maybe a 2 scene deal with Hollywood pornstars for Melissa then  ;) :D. One with your idea and one with lesbian gangbang! There is a nice lesbian gangbang scene of Abella Danger, if you wanna check out.
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Re: Hollywood Pornstars NEW - Melissa Benoist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 46
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Melissa Benoist, Mike Adriano
Codes: MF, Anal, Oral, Prolapse, Sex Tape
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Melissa Benoist or Mike Adriano nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned including True Anal, Anal Only or All Anal, nor with Supergirl or its characters in any way

Summary: Melissa Benoist is back, returning to Hollywood Pornstars (specifically to Mike Adriano) after minting her MILF status



“Ugh. This better be important,” Katie McGrath groaned as she rolled in the direction of her phone atop the nightstand.

“Who’s calling you this early?” Katie’s partner grunted in question.

The pale beauty ignored the man in her bed as she pulled her phone closer to read the caller display. Katie was tempted just to ignore the call but when she saw Melissa Benoist’s name on the screen, she knew she couldn’t. Though they spent 8 months a year together filming Supergirl for the past 5 years, this was their time away from Vancouver so they hadn’t seen each other in weeks.

“What’s up you sexy bitch?” Katie asked into the phone, a little groggily.

“Miss you too,” Melissa laughed. “Listen...can we talk? Breakfast? My treat.”

Katie agreed before giving her friend the name and address of the local bistro a block away from her home. They agreed on half an hour, which meant Katie didn’t have time to fuck her guy with the big dick laying beside her. Instead, she grabbed a quick shower, dressed and then left to meet Melissa.


Melissa waved at her from an outdoor table as the pale actress came into view. The co-stars hugged before Katie took a seat and ordered her usual order - avocado toast on rye, egg whites, coffee and a glass of water.

“So...what’s up,” Katie asked.

“Well...you obviously know about Hollywood Pornstars,” Melissa started to explain.

“Of course. That’s how I got Supergirl...and Merlin before that,” the dark-haired beauty replied before rolling her wrist in a gesture for Melissa to continue.

“Ditto. So my name got called. Pairing with Candice Patton to help initiate the new girl to our universe, Brec Bassinger,” Melissa explained.

“Candice, hot. Brec, a little young for me but a great ass and fit body,” Katie synopsized. “So the problem?”

“I can’t do it. Can’t do the scene,” the Supergirl star replied.

“And that is because…”

“I’m pregnant,” Melissa said, earning her a shriek of happiness from Katie followed by a big hug.

“Okay no problem. I’ll swap in for you now and you take my spot when my number gets called,” Katie suggested.

“Was really hoping you’d be game,” Melissa smiled.

*   *   *


“If it isn’t Supergirl herself!”

As was the custom with a Mike Adriano video, Melissa was sitting on a white plush ottoman in the middle of an outdoor courtyard. Naturally a brunette, the Supergirl star had her hair dyed a dirty blonde for her role as the titular character. She looked beautiful in the natural outdoor lighting wearing minimal makeup and allowing her flawless skin and long, lean features to speak for her. She wore her dyed blonde hair down so it flowed over her shoulders, framing not only her pretty face but her perky tits. Despite being 31 years of age, the leggy actress had a buoyant set of breasts that were still slightly enhanced from her recent pregnancy. Today, Mike had her dressed in a sultry and classic look of a black bra, thong and garter belt, combined with white stockings.

“Thank you for having me...even if it was a little longer than planned,” Melissa replied in greeting.

“All good things are worth waiting for,” Mike replied without missing a beat. “Now tell me what’s going to happen today.”

“I’m gonna take your big cock and shove it right in my tiny little asshole,” Melissa told the legendary porn actor. “And you’re gonna fuck me for a very long time.”

“Lovely. Now can you stand up and face the camera,” Mike directed. He waited for her to do so, scanning her sculpted body. “How tall are you?”

“5’7...but almost 6 feet tall in these heels,” the Supergirl star answered. “Thought I was taller?”

“I honestly did,” Mike agreed. “Must be the legs. They are insanely long for a woman of just over average height.”

Mike filmed her for another minute, watching as Melissa drew her hands up and down her flat stomach and perky tits. Under his instruction, the natural brunette walked to the umbrella in the middle of the courtyard, swaying her hips with each step. In position, Melissa clutched the pole, kept her legs straight and pushed her ass backwards to show the camera and Mike her small but extremely firm booty. 6 years of training for a superhero show had done amazing things to Melissa’s body!

“So what’s your favorite anal position?” Mike interviewed the star.

“Hmmm,” Melissa thought. “I’ve been doing a lot of anal ever since my snatch got a little stretched out lately so I’ll have to go with doggy. Though spoon is nice too. They both allow for the whole cock to get inside me.”

As Melissa was speaking, Mike had moved his camera less than a foot from her booty. The thong she wore was tiny enough that the outer rim of her asshole was visible around the thin material. He turned the camera to more of a side profile to capture the heft of her cheeks, which had gained bulk and firmness with each year she filmed her action show, and now Mike was to reap the benefits.

“Can you pull down your panties.”

Being the performer she was, the actress kept her ass pushed back towards the camera. Her tiny black thong was still wedged up her crack, but they were pulled down and away to reveal an adorable looking asshole and pink pussy lips. With her panties around her feet still, Melissa reached under her body so her fingers could spread her lips, revealing a cunt that was already glistening wet.

“And now can I get a butt spread,” the legendary porn figure directed. “And as you pull apart your cheeks, tell everyone what’s going to happen today.”

“Mmm! I’m gonna take a big cock right up that little hole. I love getting my ass fucked, real good,” Melissa admitted as she showed off her adorable poop chute. “I’m gonna be your nasty little anal slut today,” the Supergirl star freely admitted.

“Have a seat,” Mike instructed, waiting for Melissa to straddle a thin ottoman with her lovely backside hanging over the edge. “So is anal your favorite thing to do on camera?”

“It’s definitely up there. That, and group sex...oh! And I love anal with girls, getting them to fuck me with a toy. Katie and Chyler love teeing off on my booty on set. Same with Emily and Caity,” the Supergirl star admitted. “And making myself prolapse. I’m pretty new to it but hopefully I can share that with you today.”

“Can you take off your bra now?”

Melissa obediently listened to the order as she rolled down the straps from her shoulders and let the garment sag around her flat stomach. Her tits had always been cute and perky, but after the birth of her first child less than a year ago, they had grown a full cup size, but lost none of the perkiness. She was never too shy about showing them off, but now that they were slightly bigger, she was even more eager than normal.

“Ready to get started?”

“Yes! I can’t wait to get fucked!” Melissa gushed in excitement.

“I have a little gift for you. A ‘Push Present’, if you will,” Mike said, reaching to hand a long box to the actress.

With an excited glint in her eye, Melissa opened the box and found what had to be the longest dildo she’d ever seen. The sex toy was shaped as a real penis...only 14 inches long and in the upper percentile of girth. She found a bottle of lube inside as well and instantly took to rubbing it along the lengthy shaft.

“You wanna watch me put this big dildo in my ass?” Melissa asked with a naughty grin.

Melissa, who was already sitting on the comfy ottoman, brought her arm around her back with the lubed up dildo in hand. In a practiced motion that showed years of this type of experience, Melissa poked the tip of the plastic toy against her asshole before adding pressure. Despite her slim build, the girthy fake cock slid into her rectum within a heartbeat. With the dickhead securely in place, the Supergirl star readjusted her hand, enabling her to push with greater force.

After a minute of vigorous pushing and pulling, Melissa decided to show Mike her gape. It had only been a short period of time so her anal ring barely stayed open for more than a second, but the Supergirl actress showed no signs of stopping. Instead of keeping the dildo in her ass, Melissa pushed the toy in and out, making herself take 6 inches of the toy before backing it completely out of her rectum.

“I bet you wanna see me gape real big today,” Melissa cooed, her voice dripping with lust. “But first, more lube.”

Melissa had decided the lube she wanted was of a more natural variety. Pushing the toy a good 8 inches into her rectum, the Supergirl actress withdrew the fake cock and brought it around to her face. Extending her tongue, Melissa maintained eye contact with Mike and his camera as she licked the flesh-colored toy from base to tip, cooing all the while. After a second tongue lashing, the dildo was brought back around for insertion back in her ass.

“So what’s it going to take to see some prolapse?” Mike asked as she pleasured her anus.

“I don’t know...I’ve only done it two or three times,” Melissa revealed as the dildo plunged in and out. In and out. “It happened when Chris fucked me really good and really deep.”

So far, Mike was able to capture the surprisingly bright pink anal ring that was right behind the crinkled surface of her asshole, but not even close to any type of anal rose. However, there was a lot of time for that style. Therefore, Mike continued to capture footage of his latest Hollywood anal slut as she fucked herself with a dildo up the pooper.

“Can you come over here and sit on my cock now?” Mike asked, lubing up his already erect cock.

Mike had set himself up on a chair that was nearly touching the ottoman and was a few inches lower. It allowed for his star to simply rotate towards him before scooting her booty back until it hovered over his lap. As the Supergirl actress lowered, Mike watched as the purple head of his dick was bunched up under the pressure of her sphincter.

“I want you to give me that big fucking cock,” Melissa said until it slipped in and she rode it all the way to the base on the first try. “Oh yes!”

With her anal ring snug around the very bottom inch of his manhood, Melissa teasingly grinded herself in his lap. As she rode to the top and started to only fuck the top few inches, the normally small veins of his shaft were bulging much greater than normal under the strain of Supergirl’s sphincter. Never one to be boring, Melissa rode him to the base again before giving him that nice deep grind once more.

“Mmmm yes...stretch me open,” the leggy actress cooed, wet slurping noises being produced as a result of her riding her asshole along his shaft.

It seemed as though Melissa was done playing and teasing. Getting down to business, the Supergirl actress maintained her medium speed but was now gliding her anal ring along every inch of his fat cock. As she rode to the top, a quick flash of his purple dickhead was sighted before it was engulfed into her rectum as she reversed course. Melissa let gravity run its course, the only thing stopping her momentum was her thick ass colliding with his lap as she took all 9 inches of the legend’s manhood inside her.

“Oh yeah. Stay nice and deep,” Mike ordered, using hands on her hips to keep her in position.

“You like it nice and deep?” Supergirl asked, doing as she was told. “My ass swallowing up that entire dick.”

Instead of slowing down in order to adjust to the girty tool invading her bowels, Melissa was speeding up. Now, her fit ass was rippling as it slammed against Mike’s pelvis, taking every inch he had to offer. To be on the safe side, Mike reached for his squeeze bottle of lube and squirted a good deal of the bottle down onto the top of her ass crack so it could slide down onto the cock Melissa was riding so hard.

“Your cock feels so good in my ass,” Melisaa cooed.

The Supergirl star was living up to the character she’d been portraying for years as the added lube made Melissa ride his dick at a ridiculous speed. It was frankly dangerous the pace she was going, as all it would take was raising a little too far and she’d come down square on his dick. However, Melissa was truly a butt slut with loads of experience, thus it wasn’t going to happen. Instead, Mike could lay back and watch the show as her dyed blonde hair rose off her back with every descend on his manhood, a massive smile etched on her pretty yet adorable face.

“Oh fuck,” was all Mike kept uttering every few seconds as his dick was ridden better than any porn star ever had before.

Mike allowed the eager MILF to ride him for another minute at this insane speed before he needed a break. The porn legend handed his star a pair of his patented grippy gloves, which allowed for Melissa to clutch and pull apart her butt cheeks despite the massive amounts of lube that was soaked onto her skin. She rode to the bottom of his cock one last time before taking a good grip and riding up and off of him. She did it slowly, pushing out with her bowels the whole time as his dickhead slipped from her ass. Melissa felt a small rush of lube propelled from her ass as her sphincter stayed gaping open.

“Sit back on it,” Mike instructed after letting her ass hang open for a dozen seconds.

The porn legend had already applied another generous dose of lube to his cock so her ass had no problems taking all 9 inches to the base once more. Melissa picked right back up where she left off, riding up and down with that frightening speed. Her physical training served her well as not only had it kept her in peak shape, but gave her the boundless energy required to perform such an intense fuck.

For minutes on end Melissa would bounce on his fun stick with no end in sight. Any mortal man would need a break every so often, but Mike only encouraged her, both verbally and by adding more lube. After a fresh dose of the slippery oil being squirted onto her crack, Melissa would grind on his lap, all 9 inches in her colon, allowing the new fluid to coat them both.

“Does my ass feel good baby?” Melissa asked, slowing her ride but making it no less pleasing.

If Mike thought the slow ride was going to last for long then he was disappointed. After a few slow bounces, Melissa resumed her rapid jumping on his lap, a wet slapping noise heard every time her oily ass collided with Mike’s lap. Her dyed blonde hair bobbed wildly, but not a drop of sweat was on her face, only a bright smile.

“Show me your big gape,” Mike directed.

Melissa didn’t just listen but she immediately complied with the order. On her next ride up his shaft, she let his dick fall from her ass, letting it slap against his stomach with a wet thud. Arching her back, Melissa pushed out with her bowels to keep her sphincter open wide for his viewing pleasure. The gloves helped pull it open further, revealing a nice inch-wide hole that allowed him to look down to see a pool of fluid several inches down in her colon.

“No prolapse yet,” Mike commented.

“If at first you don’t succeed…” Melissa retorted, sitting back on his dick.

Melissa chose to consider Einstein’s views on insanity, so instead of doing her lightning fast riding, she chose a more slow and deliberate approach. Her rectum was still swallowing all 9 inches of fat dick, but at a third of the speed she had been bouncing on his manhood previously. She added an extra swivel of her hips when she was fully submerged with dick in her bowels, giving Mike a different grinding sensation to go along with the intense hug her anal ring was performing on him.

“Still feeling good in your ass?” Mike asked, getting another look down into her colon.

“I’m still your good little anal slut,” Melissa confirmed.

Melissa sensed that this was going to be the last ride before the legendary porn figure had her change position. Therefore, the Supergirl actress gave him the ride of her life. Planting her hands down on his thighs, it gave Melissa more power to ride to the top of his cock before thundering her extremely toned ass down onto his lap. It was an unreasonable pace to maintain, even for someone as physically fit as Supergirl, but she did it for as long as she could. She felt the burn in her legs with each passing minute, but the new MILF blocked it out until finally Mike gave her a new order.

“Off and push,” he demanded.

Melissa was thankful for the break as she tilted forward and did as she was told. Using the grippy gloves, Melissa pulled her firm cheeks apart before pushing out with her anus. While her ring gaped only the same inch, the more she strained, the more her little butt rose could be seen. By no means large, the bright red colon was protruding back, almost able to push out of the sphincter but not quite.

“Very nice!” Mike complimented. “I honestly didn’t think someone so slim and fit could prolapse.”

“Was worried it would be camera shy,” Melissa smiled.

“Damn. Beautiful on the inside and outside,” the porn actor commented, earning himself another grin from the MILF. Before she moved, Mike sat up and placed his dick balls deep in her ass, giving her a quick fuck for a minute before sitting back in his chair. “Suck my dick now baby.”

As obedient as ever, Melissa was turning and kneeling in the seconds after his command. The Supergirl star had her hand wrapped around the base of his manhood as she tossed her long hair over her shoulder before opening her mouth wide. Not caring in the slightest that Mike was freshly removed from fucking 9-inches deep in her ass, Melissa bent down and shoved the upper half of his member between her lips.

“Suck me baby,” Mike told the excited girl.

Opening her mouth, Melissa wrapped her full lips around his bulbous head and sucked on his tip. Instantly she heard him emit a grunt then felt his hand grip the back of her head. It didn’t exert any pressure, after all Mike just wanted to see how she handled him before directing her. And sucking cock was hardly something the former Glee star needed instructions for. Focusing on his tip mainly, Melissa swirled her mouth in mini circles around his bulbous head before doing only swallow bobs down his pole.

"That feels so good," Mike growled. “How’s my cock taste?”

To answer the horny man, Melissa stuck out her tongue and proceeded to lick his manhood from base to tip, being sure to put on a little show sucking on his tip with an audible moan escaping her lips. Making sure he understood her answer, the Supergirl star repeated the long, slow lick of his cock on both sides, in addition to the underbelly.

“Mmmm. Your dick tastes good but my ass is so yummy,” Melissa replied with a wink before going and delivering a final lick to the top side of his cock.

Even though she was coming close to unhinging her jaw, Melissa was in the process of trying to take more of his shaft into her mouth, but was having trouble with that. Her lips were pushed wide to make a perfect O and had successfully taken only the next few inches of his massive cock into her. Pulling completely off of him, the leggy actress lowered her head so that she could lick his shaft all the way from the base right up to his more sensitive tip again since it seemed he got off on that when she did so earlier.

“Love this cock,” Melissa commented, stroking it tenderly.

“It loves you too,” Mike replied as Melissa pushed her head down and swallowed just over half of it.

As Melissa surfaced for air, she extended her tongue and slowed her withdrawal so she was able to give a long, slow lick over the head of his cock. Apparently not in the mood for a slow suck, Melissa felt he was using his hand on her head to bring her mouth back around his dick. Mike applied more pressure to press her down on his cock. Even though he was trying to physically dominate her, Melissa was actually enjoying the feeling it gave her and was becoming hornier due to it.

“Gllkkk….glllkkk...ggwwwkkk,” Melissa hummed and slobbered as her head bobbed along his length, bookending longer periods where she forced her head down and tried to take as much of his thick rod into her mouth as possible.

Still not able to get as much of his meaty shaft between her lips that she was used to, Melissa bobbed her head along the 5 inches she could get inside. In order to pay attention to the rest of his shaft, the eager MILF stroked him off with her hand while she sucked on him. Mike still had his hand on the top of her head, always willing to give her extra force as she lowered her golden head to get more of his rod into her mouth. Now knowing that he much preferred the deep blowjob, she had to open her mouth even wider to do so and that's when Mike pushed down harder on the back of her head and pushed well over 6 inches inside her mouth.

"Cuggghhh...argghh," Melissa coughed as she spewed spit all over his member.

Now clutching both sides of her head with both of his hands, the horny man guided her up and down his spit-covered dick. Melissa was caught completely by surprise with his sudden switch to rough, but she found she was into being somewhat powerless against his more formidable strength. Over and over she was plunged down on his monstrous shaft as his thickness repeatedly slammed against the back of her throat. It had been a few minutes of this rough treatment when she actually realized that Mike was no longer forcing her down on his rod, in fact she had been giving him an aggressive blowjob all on her own accord.

“Good girl,” Mike complimented as her spit strings extended down over her lips to land on her perky tits.

The compliment motivated Melissa to give him her best deep throating session yet. While not able to get him all the way down, the talented actress who could also sing used her vocal training to relax her throat and allow a little more of the intensely thick cock inside of her. Taking almost all 9 inches was impressive, but Melissa went the extra mile by extending her tongue and giving his balls a lick. After a dozen seconds, the need to breathe was too strong so the new MILF reluctantly pulled off him.

“Did you like when I licked your balls when I deep throat your cock?” Melissa asked, a thick wad of saliva connecting her lips to his cock.

“I like it all from you,” Mike replied as her mouth descended back on his dick. “You’re so fucking good.”

Melissa went down for another few minutes of her intensely pleasing blowjob. She alternated this time between a suction-filled suck-fest at the top few inches, concentrated mainly at his bulbous head. After a minute of this she went down for more deep throating, staying down as long as possible before surfacing for air. Instead of gulping down oxygen, Melissa simply spat the saliva in her mouth onto Mike’s dick before resuming the fast sucking at his head.

“Ahhh...okay. Enough,” Mike stopped her.

“Don’t you cum yet,” Melissa warned in a playful tone.

“So then you’re ready to be fucked some more,” he said, standing up. “Go kneel on the sofa.”

It was a short walk around the courtyard, the camera following at the height of her waist so it could capture every second of her fit ass in motion. After rounding the corner, Melissa went straight for the leather sofa, kneeling on top of it with her juicy ass hanging over the edge while her arms and head rested on the top of the backrest.

“Tell everyone what you want baby,” Mike told her as the camera scanned her kneeling body.

“I wanna get fucked in the ass again,” Melissa answered with a wide smile on her face.

Mike had a new squeeze bottle in his hand, using it to grease up his own manhood before turning it onto Melissa. The former Glee star gave a little shrill as the cold fluid unexpectedly squirted directly onto her well-fucked asshole before Mike proceeded to splash the lube over the rest of her firm ass as well.

“Please get that big fucking cock back in me,” the married MILF begged.

Mike finished rubbing an absurd amount of oil all over his cock to the point that it shimmered in the Californian sun as he got in line behind Melissa. He leaned over and gave the younger girl a passionate kiss as she looked over her shoulder before he crouched into a squat so his manhood was perfectly in line with his target. With a firm grip on the base, Mike pushed forward until his mushroom capped head started to slowly disappear until he felt the familiar muscular clamp around the neck of his dick.

“Oh yeah,” Melissa cooed as her ass was penetrated again.

Melissa didn’t need Mike to give her a moment to get accustomed to the biggest cock of her life going in her ass as she was well loosened up at this point. Regardless, Mike was used to working with girls with far less experience so he was used to only having his tip in their asses as he hosed down his dick with even more lube. Even for an anal vet like Melissa Benoist, the gesture was well received. As the oily fluid squirted onto his manhood, Mike was making small thrusts, working a good amount of the lube past her anal ring to help with the sodomy that was about to come.

“Oh yeah,” they moaned in near unison.

As the bottle continued to empty, Mike’s thrusts, which had started out only going an inch deep, had gotten considerably longer. It was a combination of his dick being slippery, his eagerness prompting him to go deeper, and crucially, Melissa rocking her firm ass back towards him. What was meant to be a warming up period was now a full on, balls-deep anal session that both Mike Adriano and Melissa Benoist wanting nothing more than to fuck each other’s brains out.

“Your ass feels so good,” Mike complimented as he reached down and groped one of her bouncing tits.

“Keep going. Own my ass,” the MILF begged.

“Yeah? You like getting fucked in the ass?” Mike asked, using his hands to pull back on her hips.

“Love getting ass fucked,” Melissa moaned.

Melissa wasn’t just talking a good game, but she was backing it up as well. Not only was she allowing Mike to ravage her asshole as he saw fit, but she was actively helping him sodomize her deeper and harder. Not merely staying bent over and taking the deep dicking, Melissa was rocking her extremely fit body backwards so that her firm ass thudded against his pelvis was greater force.

“Ready to show me your huge gape?” Mike asked the hot MILF.

“Mmm...yeah,” she cooed.

Mike continued to fuck her though his thrusting got more and more shallow. He gave her a few last instructions as Melissa reached back to grab her sculpted butt cheeks with both hands. Mike counted down from three before he pulled out and stepped back. With all the lube they used, combined with the tight seal of her anal ring, his cock made a weird plop sound as he withdraw from her. In his wake, the cameraman stepped forward to get a great view down into her cavernous asshole.

“So fucking pretty,” Mike commented as he swapped places with the cameraman.

Despite the massive size of his cock, Melissa needed no warning on his pending ass fucking. Instead, the moment his dickhead pressed against her asshole, it was admitted inside with no delay. She cooed from the penetration before feeling his hands go to her hips, using them to pull her backwards with each thrust he made forward with his dick. He was fucking her hard now, and with each passing minute, it was getting more erratic, a sure sign his insanely large stamina was failing him.

“Show the gape again,” Mike demanded, needing an excuse to have a break.

Mike immediately started counting down from three, which barely gave Melissa enough time to reach behind herself and pull her cheeks apart. Once more, his exit caused a plopping sound, which made the MILF giggle. The cameraman was zooming down into her gaping ass, noting the large pool of lube that was sitting an inch behind her anal ring. Melissa felt it too, which was why she started to push outwards, letting the viewers watch as the pool of lube came out towards the surface before it came trickling down. Melissa felt as the lube that had been deep in her ass flowed out and down over her pink pussy. Before any more could trickle out, Mike stepped forward once more and inserted his dick balls deep in the first thrust.

“Oh shit! Fuck me,” Melissa begged.

“You’re taking everything like a good girl,” Mike complimented, his hands back around her hips.

“I am a good girl,” the MILF cooed. “You’ve trained me so well.”

“You think you could make yourself prolapse?” Mike asked, reaching out for any idea to slow down his imminent orgasm.

“Oh yeah!” Melissa beamed with excitement. “I’m happy to try.”

Mike counted down from three as Melissa placed her face further down, thus her ass was higher in the air. Once the porn legend withdrew, Melissa stuck two fingers from each hand down into her ass and pulled her ring open with all the strength she had. At the same time, she pushed outwards with her rectum. A rush of partly gelatinous lube flooded over her bottom fingers, but right behind the lube was a bright red section of her lower bowels. The cameraman watched as her butt rose extended out past her anal ring this time and stayed there for several seconds until Melissa poked it back inside her sphincter.

As if to prove it wasn’t a one-time thing, Melissa dug her four fingers back into her asshole and pulled apart at the same time she bore down. At first the cameraman was privy to a deep look down into her rectum, but then her bright red bowels came blossoming out once more, as well as some more of the lube. Melissa added an extra finger from each hand to widen her asshole further, making the gape larger and the butt rose more prominent as well.

“Well shit,” Mike complimented.

Noticing Mike stepping back into position, Melissa addressed him. “Want your cock back in me?”

Right after he thrust inside, Mike made a declaration. “I’m gonna cum up in you.”

This brought a bright smile to Melissa’s face. “You’re gonna cum inside me?”

Mike didn’t say anything for about a minute as his fucking got hard and shallow. His fingers were like vice grips around the junction where her toned thighs met her hips until his face screwed into a look that was almost pained. Of course, Melissa had seen that look cross over every man’s face she’d been with since she lost her virginity - Mike was cumming. Sure enough, Melissa felt splash after splash of warm jizz coat the inside of her bowels. He kept fucking well past the time he was done blowing his last rope of cum, though it was slowing down considerably until he stopped altogether.

“Show me inside that gaping hole,” Mike ordered.

Melissa readied her hands, one lacing under her legs and the other perched over her booty, waiting for the porn legend to pull out of her well fucked ass.  As Mike finally pulled out, her fingers weren’t required to dig inside as her ass stayed gaping wide open on its own accord. Several inches deep were visible for several seconds until two pairs of three fingers were shoved down and pulled her anal ring further apart. This time it was cum (as well as congealed lube) that flowed over her fingers, followed by her prolapsed section of bowels. She was growing tired so Supergirl’s butt rose lasted for mere seconds before it receded back inside.

“Did you have fun today?” Mike asked as Melissa sat up.

“So much fun! I got butt fucked by a legend with a great dick and I showed my butt rose to everyone,” the former Glee star exclaimed. “I already want your cock back inside me!”

“I’ll definitely have to bring you back,” Mike stated. “Thank you for today.”

And with that, Melissa Benoist blew a kiss to the camera as the screen faded to black...

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Re: Hollywood Pornstars NEW - Erica Durance
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NEXT: Newbie comedian Taylor Tomlinson is willing to risk a lot in order to be the next big thing in the comedy world

What happened to this chapter?
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Re: Hollywood Pornstars NEW - Melissa Benoist
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NEXT: Newbie comedian Taylor Tomlinson is willing to risk a lot in order to be the next big thing in the comedy world

What happened to this chapter?

It's coming. Its a collaboration with another author. It's mostly written but they are editing it so not sure when it'll be done. It should be soon though; likely the next chapter
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Re: Hollywood Pornstars NEW - Taylor Tomlinson
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 47
Author: The Chemist & HeatherWeather
Characters (Sex): Taylor Tomlinson
Characters (Non-Sex): Kelsey Cook
Codes: MF, Anal, Blackmail, Oral, Reluctance
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Taylor Tomlinson or Kelsey Cook nor am I associated with them in any way.  I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned, nor with Comedy Central or Netflix in any way

Summary: Up and coming comedian Taylor Tomlinson needs a way to kickstart her fledgling career. With a possible opening for a comedy special, Taylor is willing to play by the sleazy agent’s way

NOTE: Big thank you to HeatherWeather for conceiving of this chapter and for their help in editing.

“Hey there, beautiful,” a familiar voice sounded behind Taylor Tomlinson.

“Right back at you,” Taylor replied as she stood from her chair to hug her best friend.

Taylor and Kelsey Cook were both comedians, and more importantly, both extremely hot. After the blondes gave each other a long embrace, they took their seats at the table in the coffee shop they frequented. Though they were close, Kelsey was just a little further ahead in her career than Taylor. However, being females in a male-dominated industry, they liked helping each other out.

“So I have exciting news,” Kelsey stated, unable to hide her grin.

“What? Did you nail another Netflix special?” Taylor asked, with just the barest hint of envy in her tone.

“No but you might,” the large chested comedian retorted. “I heard that this pretty big casting agent for Comedy Central is looking for a young, up and coming comedian to give an hour special to.”

“Really,” Taylor asked, eyes lit up in excitement. “Go on.”

The wheels were already turning in Taylor’s head. After all, she needed the work. The comedian had put all her eggs in the comedian basket, and though she was talented, nothing big had happened for her yet. She had been doing spots at comedy clubs all throughout the country, but it hadn’t amounted to anything thus far. And sadly, the bills were piling up…

“So it’s really hush hush at this point,” Kelsey continued. “And though they want to diversify with a woman comic, they want her to be super hot and young.”

“Hence why you and your D cups were offered the role,” Taylor surmised.

“Sadly, me and my big tits are already booked at the time they need,” Kelsey laughed. “But, I put in a good word for you with the man in charge since I know you’d be amazing. His name is Manny Fieri.”

“Wait...I know that name,” the blonde said as she dug through her memories. “Yeah! Aren't there rumors that guy's kinda... ya know... a bit of a sleeze ball?"

"Meh,” Kelsey shrugged. “Yeah, but a gig's a gig."

“Wait a minute. Does that mean that you’ve, you know, bent the knee to get ahead with this guy before?” Taylor asked, leaning forward to keep her volume down.

“I mean, it’s no big deal. We all do it at some point,” Kelsey admitted nonchalantly before continuing. “Sure, my set’s good and I’m easy on the eyes…”

“And the tits,” Taylor joked.

“And the tits, of course,” Kelsey laughed. “But we live in Hollywood, Taylor. There are literally thousands of females with good sets and better tits. So yeah, I blew Manny one time to get my foot in the door. And... look at me now!”

Taylor was surprised but made sure to keep it from her face. After all, she loved Kelsey and didn’t want to embarrass her best friend. Plus, she knew that Kelsey was always known as a bit of a slut in the comic circle. Give her a few drinks and a handful of compliments and she’d wrap those D-cups around a dick. But a one night stand was one thing, sucking or fucking your way to the top was a whole other level that Taylor never knew her friend was willing to do.

“I’m not interested,” the Christian-raised comedian replied. “I couldn’t do anything like that. It's degrading, it's outdated. Plus, there isn’t a single physical feature about Manny Fieri that’s even remotely appealing even if I was willing to do something like that.”

“Come on, Tay, be real,” Kelsey replied, ignoring her friend’s righteous stand. “Not saying you need to do it all the time or anything. It's your life, your body. But are you really telling me that if the ONLY thing standing between you and your own comedy special on Comedy freaking Central was a quick, one and done forever, few minutes long blowie, you really wouldn't do it?"

This gave Taylor pause. After all, it would be a massive break for her. A possible career-defining break. With an hour-long special, Taylor could do all her A-material, which was top notch. In fact, she knew she only needed a bigger audience and her career would take off. And it wasn’t like Taylor hadn’t given a blowjob before. She had done so lots of times, in fact. Even had a few one night stands as well. Sure, they were pretty run of the mill, mostly missionary position, guys wearing a rubber the whole time and pulling out to finish into a tissue kind of one night stands. But a one night stand is a one night stand! However, this was different. For one, it was gross and frankly a bit demeaning to sleep your way to the top. And as she stated earlier, Manny was much older, not attractive in the slightest and just generally a terrible human being. How cancel culture or MeToo hadn’t hit him was a miracle.

 "I dunno, Kels... maybe...?” Taylor eventually replied. “But that's just... really not my speed."

“Listen, if I can offer you my wisdom,” said the comedian, 5 years Taylor’s senior. “I'm not saying you barge in there and just offer to suck him off, Taylor, Jesus! Look, here's what you do, alright? Go to his office. Tomorrow. No appointment. Demand a few minutes of his time. Don't take no for an answer. Assertiveness still gets you places, ya know? Stick up for yourself, talk him through your qualifications. He’s a reasonable guy. He'll listen. And if it doesn't seem like things are going well... let him know you'll play ball a little bit, ya know? That's how I'd handle it. Just my advice."

"...I'll sleep on it." Taylor eventually croaked out.

*   *   *

Taylor had gone home after having coffee with her best friend and starting researching this Manny Fieri. It turned out that he was indeed the man Taylor thought he was. He was older, maybe in his mid to late 50s and certainly not Taylor’s type… to say the least. However, he admittedly was as connected and powerful and able to move mountains for his favorite clients as Kelsey had implied.

A deeper dive into various comedian chat rooms and subreddit forums had made Taylor wonder how this guy hadn’t been cancelled/"Me Too"d yet. The group chat from anonymous comedians, all females, had said he was very much still an old fashioned "pay for play" sorta guy, and it just hasn't reached the public yet. So Taylor wasn’t thrilled about the idea, but she knew she’d swallow her pride (and hopefully not other things) and was willing to show up and do what Kelsey had suggested by not taking no for an answer

“Okay Taylor, you can do this,” the comedian said, looking herself in the eye through the mirror.

After a good night's sleep, Taylor showered, picked out an outfit and did her minimal routine of hair and makeup. The blonde comedian wore her hair in her usual ponytail, which pulled attention to her gorgeous face. Though female comedians (or comedians in general) weren’t exactly known for being stunners, Taylor bucked that trend for sure. She also had a helluva body. She was fit, with medium-sized perky tits and juicy legs, but it was her bum that was her main asset. Big, round and firm, Taylor was a phat ass white girl in the truest sense of that phrase. As such, she wore black skinny jeans to accentuate her plump booty, as well as a low cut tank top underneath a form-fitting leather jacket.

Taylor had to keep hyping herself up on the entire drive into Fieri’s office for fear of chickening out. Her Christian values that she was raised on were trying to seep through, but all Taylor had to do was focus on her passion - comedy. And how talented she was. And how all she needed was a break. And how this sleazeball talent agent could provide it.

“We’re here, miss,” the Uber driver interrupted her thoughts.

“Oh. Thanks,” Taylor got up and left the Uber, leaving him a nice tip on the app and completing the ride. Having gotten what he needed from her, a 5 star rating it was too late for her to take back, the driver shouted a particularly blunt catcall about Taylor’s ass from his passenger window. “I’ve got a big ass, thank you, I’m aware!” Taylor shouted back without giving the catcaller the dignity of turning around and making eye contact. Normally, Taylor didn’t like to feed the trolls, but she already felt understandably on edge today given the circumstances. She gave her booty a firm and mocking spank as she headed into the building. “Pig!” she thought to herself, while simultaneously trying to find some solace in the fact that she at least had confirmation that her ass looked good today.

Entering the building, a quick search of the wall index told her where to go. The elevator delivered the determined comedian onto the 10th floor, at which point Taylor followed the directions until she entered the talent agency. For a popular talent agency, the space seemed a bit quiet and empty today for some reason. There were a few workers whispering to one another here and there as they walked by, but that didn’t interest Taylor, who only had her sights set on the secretary.

“Hi. I’m here to see Mr. Fieri,” the blonde comedian stated.

“You and every other reporter, toots,” the secretary replied to Taylor’s raised eyebrow of confusion, “well that’s not going to happen today…”

“I’m not taking no for an answer,” Taylor confidently interrupted. “Is he in his office?”

“He is but…” the secretary began to reply.

That was all Taylor needed to hear. The PAWG burst right past Fieri’s flustered secretary and right into the man’s office with such gusto that the door closed behind her. The secretary shrugged it off at this point. She didn’t get paid enough to deal with every last psycho guest in Hollywood. Besides, Mr. Fieri could more than handle his own when it came to this sort of thing and she just didn’t have the energy for it today.

Knowing she would only have a limited time to make an impression, Taylor couldn’t waste any.

“I already said no comment, now if you could pass that along to all your other little reporter friends, that’d be peachy,” he said, not even raising his gaze up from the stack of papers in front of him.

“Reporter? Wuh, no, no, Mr. Fieri, my name is Taylor. Taylor Tomlinson. I’m a comedian, maybe you’ve seen some of my stuff?” She clarified, wondering why everyone was confusing her for a reporter today but ultimately being too focused on the task at hand to give it much thought.

“Look, I'll cut right to the chase, Mr Fieri,” the blonde started.

Taylor immediately launched into a full elevator pitch about herself. The comedian was assertive and persistent, talking about her various numbers of clicks and followers on all her social media platforms, which was actually quite solid for a novice. She talked about the successful podcast she co-ran called Self-Helpless and the caliber of guests they’ve had on the show. She even named dropped Kelsey, something Taylor normally hated to do but she wanted to play this the honest way first. It was pretty clear that all this was going in one ear and out the other for Manny. Kelsey Cook’s name, one of the many big-titted blondes to ever suck a load outta this fella’s ballsack, clearly rang no bells whatsoever either.

Manny was starting to get a little annoyed with this, as he had a lot to get done today, and so he interrupted to say, “Listen...Tammy was it? ‘Preciate ya comin’ in, but it’s just not a good…”

Taylor knew she needed to cut him off as she saw where this was going. Nowhere. Though he had a reputation of being a total sleazeball, the guy seems particularly busy and disinterested and even a little dejected for some reason. And the state of his office was terrible. Boxes and papers were in piles, even picture frames were littered on the floor. She started talking, but Manny just steamrolled right over her and continued talking.

“...so I’m gonna have to insist that you leave,” Manny finished speaking.

Taylor knew it was time to play her last card. She hated herself for having to do it, and felt like it already turned to this too quickly, but she knew she needed this gig. Without it, she couldn’t pay rent and would have to sulk home to mom and dad with her tail between her legs. Or, she could give this gross man a quick blowjob and become a successful comedian, at which point she could afford therapy for helping her through what she was about to do.

"Nonono, wait wait wait, listen! I… I know what people have to do in this industry to get their big break, okay? So if that's what I've got to do today then... I'll do what I need to do..." said Taylor as she swallowed her pride reluctantly, “I’ll… play ball, alright?”

This statement drew a considerable change in the dour attitude of the grotesque man. Life returned to his downcast eyes, and that made Taylor’s skin crawl as they roamed her body. Taylor had to swallow bile in her mouth as his stubby finger indicated for her to spin around for him, at which point the blonde showed him her traffic-stopping, awe-inspiring dump truck of an ass.

“Damn, Tammy! You could carry a tray on that thing!” Manny exclaimed with devilish glee. Honestly, Taylor wasn’t really Manny’s type and wouldn’t even crack the top 100 women he’d dumped a load into even just in this very office. But she had some nice features and passed Manny’s very important litmus test of - Has a vagina.

“Um, thanks. I get a lot of 5 star reviews,” Taylor joked with a nervous laugh trying to cut the tension a little bit.

“Heh. You are funny, kid. Now do us a favor and go lock the door,” the agent demanded. After Taylor complied, he barked his next order. “You look fine in your clothes and all but... get rid of ‘em. And be sexy about it.”

There was no music so Taylor did her best to use her imagination and ‘hear’ an 80s rock anthem that started to build during the intro and the blonde started to rock her hips to the beat. As Taylor swayed her hips, she brought her hands up to her hair and undid the elastic holding her golden hair in a ponytail. A quick glance over at the agent confirmed he was interested and Taylor wanted to keep him like that. Her leather jacket was undone so she peeled it off her shoulders where it clattered to the floor.

While Taylor had her back to him at one point, Manny very quickly snuck his hand into a drawer and grabbed a special green pill, consuming it without Taylor any the wiser. A special pill straight from the streets of Mexico, this would allow Manny to stay rock hard and enlarged for two to three loads or so. But Taylor didn’t need to be privy to that.

Massaging and squeezing his cock and balls through his pants as he watched the young comedian dance for him, Manny said, “Now I’ll tell you what. You make this boner disappear and the comedy special is yours.”

“Um...Kelsey said I could...that you typically require...a blowjob?” Taylor choked out.

“That all depends on you. I’ll repeat so we are both on the same page: you’re done... when THIS” Manny stated, pointing down at the already growing bulge in his pants. “...is done. Understood? So maybe you give a good enough hummer, put your back into it a bit, and we call it a day. All up to you, sweet cheeks.”

Once she nodded her head in defeat, he took two steps and found himself right in front of the comedian. Taylor still hadn't met his gaze since she made her decision which was fine with him. After all, he loved his women submissive so this only made his cock rage even harder in lust.

“Now let’s see what you are working with,” Manny grinned wickedly.

Taylor knew protesting would be useless. Besides, she’d already agreed to suck the gross pervert off so who cared if he wanted to see her tits? Resigned, the comedian went to pull off her tank top but his hands had beat her there. Instead, Taylor lifted her arms and allowed Manny to pull her shirt over head before throwing it to the floor. His hands next found her bra strap, which he undid immediately then pulled the garment away from her chest.

“Look at that, tits ain’t bad! Perky and just a little more than a handful,” the blackmailer grinned with almost a look of surprise on his face, “my dad always said anything more than a handful was a waste.”

Wanting to do more than look at her perky tits, Manny reached for them and took them into his hands. Taylor nearly moaned as the larger man played with her boobs, but she bit the inside of her lip to stop it. However when he started lightly pinching her pink nipples her resolve was really tested. While still tweaking her small caps and kneading the soft flesh beneath, he bent forward so that he could lightly kiss the side of her neck.

"Mmhmm," the comedian moaned as shivers tingled down her spine.

While she groaned and he maintained lip connection with various spots along her soft flesh of her neck, Manny slid his large hands down her pale, flat torso until he arrived at the top edge of her jeans. His fingers deftly undid the buttons, allowing him to cram a hand down her pants before tracing his fingertips over her panties.

"Someone's excited," he commented, feeling a slight damp spot in front of her snatch.

Taylor remained silent.

Begrudgingly Manny withdrew his hands from her pants, giving her ass a firm slap for fun. Reaching higher, the agent formed a fist in her long silky hair and used it to tug her forward, making the comedian follow as he walked towards his desk. To her credit, Taylor didn’t grunt out in the discomfort of having her hair pulled, nor the frustration of being led like a dog by her hair-leash. She felt his fist pull away from her golden locks, only to be placed on the top of her head, at which a downward pressure was applied. Knowing the universal gesture for ‘get on your knees’ the comedian with the great ass did so, just as Manny settled back into his comfortable chair.

“Ah! There you go,” Manny commented as the blonde settled on her knees.

Taylor could feel his gaze on her as he proceeded to undo his pants and pull them down to his ankles. He did the same thing to his underpants as well, which Taylor couldn't help but notice were bulging in anticipation. As he pulled them down, his full-erect cock came popping out, smacking the unsuspecting comedian directly in her face. This thing was a fuckin’ WHOPPER too. Easily the biggest Taylor had ever seen. Long, thick, and veiny, the behemoth was only mildly helped with this by the illegal Mexican street drugs. The blow didn't hurt at all but was very surprising to the relatively innocent Taylor Tomlinson.

“Doubt that’s the first time you’ve been dick slapped,” Manny commented. “Now earn that comedy special and suck me off. Good and proper.”

The blonde ignored the slut shaming comment and focused back on her reluctant task. She reached down and lightly ran her fingertips down the underbelly of his member from his tip down to his sack and felt as he somehow grew harder than before.

“Can you just try to be quiet,” Taylor asked, embarrassment coloring her tone as she realized that his walls were likely shared with other offices.

“Yeah, yeah,” Manny shooed away her protest. “Just get that dick in your mouth.”

Despite her innocent looks and attitude, plus her Christian upbringing, Taylor was no stranger to spending time on her knees (or her back for that matter). However, this was the first time she did so due to blackmail, even though it was sort of her idea in the first place. Therefore, the comedian blocked out the blackmail aspect of the blowjob and just focused on her task. Having made a gentle fist around the base of his thick cock and opened her mouth in a big O, Manny couldn’t help but think how he hit the jackpot with the blonde. Not only did she have a booty that was out of this world, but she sought him out and offered herself to him. He didn’t have to do any of the leg work!

“You can do this Tay, it’s just a quick BJ,” the blonde encouraged herself.

Lowering her head even more, Taylor clamped her plush lips down on his shaft, much to the appreciation of Manny. With his tip in her mouth now, the underrated blonde swirled her tongue around his crown before descending further down his pole. Now resting her tongue on the underside of his member, Taylor bobbed her head slowly but always making progress downwards so more of his shaft entered her. Whatever couldn’t get inside her mouth she was gently yet firmly stroking with her hand in perfect rhythm with her bobbing head.

“Awwwkkkkkk,” Taylor spluttered after holding his dick in her mouth for several long seconds.

The near-gag accomplished the task of coughing up a good deal of phlegm onto the man’s veiny dick, which Taylor stroked along the smooth skin. Right after choking on his dick, Manny instantly felt the tempo of the comedian’s bobbing speed up. With one hand holding her silky golden hair out of the way, Taylor used her right hand to stroke his shaft in perfect timing with her lips gliding along behind it. Manny was impressed with Taylor’s ability to not have to surface for air since she began blowing him in earnest. Up and done her head rose and fell, the soft hum of her moans emitting from her mouth as she put her plump lips and excellent energy to excellent use in the messy confines of his office.

“Yes, you fucking whore! Suck my dick,” Manny grunted, placing one hand behind his head and the other resting on her bobbing golden hair.

Wanting to be done with the blowjob, Taylor redoubled her efforts. Pulling her head back so only the tip remained in her mouth she used her tongue to work wonders on his crown until she heard him grunt again. Satisfied with herself, the comedian changed course and went back to rapidly descend back down his shaft until his knob poked her in the back of the throat. Being the talented cocksucker that she was, Taylor relaxed her throat enough so that she was able to get another inch of Manny’s impressive dick into her throat but she began to gag so had to pull him out just enough to get air into her lungs. In the process, the blonde had spat up a little bit so that now the agent’s dick was completely covered in a thick layer of her saliva.

“Gllkkk...ggkkkk,” Taylor lightly spat up, hoping in vain that the pervert would cum soon.

Using the ample lubrication to her advantage, Taylor pulled her mouth from his groin for the first time since she began so that she could swiftly pump her hand on his dick in a fast and amazing handjob. Before she rubbed off all her spit, Taylor leaned back down and latched her mouth around one of his testicles and began using her tongue on it while sucking it with her mouth. She stopped after a minute to switch so that she gave equal love to each of his nuts before ceasing her ferocious stroking with her hand and taking his dick back into her mouth.

“A good ball sucking usually gets the boys close to the finish line,” Taylor thought.

After her little tea-bagging stunt, Taylor had his dick back in her mouth, pumping her lips and fist in perfect unison. The pleasure was getting more and more intense by the second and Manny knew that he’d be filling her mouth in jizz any minute now. Like a shark smelling blood in the water, Taylor’s head bobbing reached new heights as she sought to finish the sleazy agent off in record time.

Knowing he was close, Manny sought to get the most of her oral experience. Reaching down, the horny agent grabbed the back of her head with both hands, pushed her down until his tip was at the back of her mouth then held steady pressure. At his mercy, Taylor simply closed her eyes and kept her mouth open wide as Manny thrust his hips off the seat so his cock could batter down her gullet.

“Klllkkk...kkwwwkkkk...aawwwkkkkk,” Taylor gurgled and gagged.

Manny released his grip on her head when she saw her back heave. Not wanting her to puke into his lap, Manny backed off his face fucking of the desperate comedian but Taylor simply took a moment to re-compose herself and then resumed the rapid-fire blowjob. Seeing her nearly throw up but keep going was enough to push the horny agent over the edge.

“Gonna cum!” Manny grunted.

Taylor TRIED to say an alarmed, “Not in my mouth!” in protest, but not even the world’s best linguists could have understood a lick of what came out of her mouth while she was getting aggressively skullfucked.

Rather than descending most of the way down his spit-covered member like she had been, this time the pretty blonde with the thick ass pulled him back enough so that only the head of his cock was between her lips. Still keeping steady pressure with her plump lips, Taylor maintained heavy suction as her shiny golden hair kept making tiny bobs down on the top several inches of his cock.

“Fuck…here it comes,” he groaned and gave one hard, final, forceful shove on the back of her head and jammed her ALL the way down his cock until those plump lips of hers were around his base and against his nutsack.

Taylor didn’t need to hear his words to know the body language of her man. Sure enough, right on cue the first spurt of jizz came shooting out of the end of his dick. She paused a bit as the hot semen plastered her throat but regained her composure quickly to swallow down the initial burst and returned to sucking his member. Manny couldn’t help but feel pride at bagging yet another desperate comedian in his office, especially as she desperately tried to suck down all of his sticky seed that his balls were pumping into her mouth. Death by cum drowning was not exactly what Taylor wanted written in her obituary. While Taylor was a good girl and continued to slurp up any last remaining trace of jizz, after she was satisfied she’d collected it all, she let his cock slip from her talented mouth and straightened up.

“Okay, bend over the desk now,” Manny stated as Taylor used the back of her hand to wipe the little dribble of his cum at the corner of her lips.

“Wait. What,” Taylor said, looking confused on her knees. “We agreed…”

“We agreed on you working until my boner died. Now you tell me, does he look finished yet?” the grinning pervert asked, flexing his cock to make it dance a bit, “we don’t have to do anything you don’t want. You can walk out of here right now. But you want that special, then that mouth of yours ain’t gonna cut it, honey.”

“Fuck me,” Taylor swore as he pulled her up off the ground.

“Oh, I plan to,” Manny replied before he started laughing. “Honey, that was just a warm up. Did you really think a blowie is all it would take for me to give you a special? No, no, no. I'm gonna need that pussy of yours."

While still kneeling, Taylor undid the knot on her sneakers. Kicking them off as she stood, she pushed her hands onto the edge of her pants before pushing them over her extremely phat ass and down her juicy thighs before stepping out of them. Before she could do more, Manny’s grubby hands fell onto her hips and spun her around so she was facing his desk in nothing but a black thong. This time it was the agent who bent down so he could literally bite Taylor’s thick butt cheek.

“What a fucking ass,” Manny complimented as his hands firmly groped the phat cheeks like he was sizing up which Christmas ham to buy from the deli.

This time he only gave each cheek a kiss before hooking his fingers into the waistband of her thong and pulled it off her body, rendering the pretty comedian nude. Before getting to his feet, Manny pulled her ass apart to have a look at both her holes. Her pussy was extremely pink with just a hint of wetness on her lips. Taylor felt so gross feeling this man spread her cheeks and inspect her puckered little virgin butthole like she was nothing more than a lab specimen.

“I’ll… I’ll do this but… only if you agree to put on a condom,” Taylor pleaded, worry in her eyes. She really didn’t want to do this as full on intercourse felt like a big jump from just a blowjob. But better to see this through and at least get what she wants than to have blown him for nothing.

Manny made her squirm further by taking his unsheathed cock and rubbing it through her pink folds regardless of her plea. They both knew he had some cum leaking from his tip after her expert blowjob, and Manny got off seeing the worry and panic on her face. Finally he pulled away from her and reached into his desk drawer.

“This ain’t my first rodeo, kiddo. You think I got this far without usin’ protection?” Manny scoffed.

Hearing a tearing sound, Taylor instantly relaxed, though all Manny did was tear a business card in half and pretend to put the ‘condom’ on. This was not in fact his first rodeo, and he had mastered the art of pretending to put a condom on by now. He hadn’t wrapped his meat ONCE in his 50+ years of life, and he sure as shit wasn’t gonna start today with this nobody.

"God I'm gonna tear this girl up," he thought in anticipation.

“Come on and just fuck me already,” Taylor thought at that same moment.

Back to the business at hand, the agent grabbed the base of his penis with one hand while using the other to wind back and crash his palm down on her creamy white ass. Taylor gave a yelp of pain, more due to the surprise than actual physical pain as Manny stood above her and watched his handprint slowly redden on her skin.


Her little scream did remind him that they were fucking in his office with loads of other people around, so discretion was key. Though the chance of anyone stumbling upon them or hearing her groans was very low, Manny didn't want to take a chance. Not out of fear of repercussion, mind you, everyone in this company was MORE than aware of Manny’s… proclivities. But getting interrupted is just SUCH an annoying boner killer. Picking her panties up from the floor where he had just dropped them, he brought his hand around and stuffed them right into Taylor's mouth, an action that shocked her again.

"Mmphh...mugghhh," she moaned against her used thong.

"Can't have you make too much noise. It's a precaution, I'm sure you can understand," he explained, appealing to her logical side.

With her phat ass facing back at him, the horny agent guided his tip through her pink folds until feeling her opening. Between her natural juices and the saliva still coating his dick, Manny had no issue pushing forward and feeling her pussy split open for him to slide half his length into her wet hole. Despite being 25, the blonde comedian was quite tight so Manny had to make medium speed strokes into her cunt with only half his fat cock.

"Ughhh," Taylor grunted as her pussy was pushed apart as far as it could without splitting in half.

Manny had made the conscious choice to not wear a condom as he fucked the innocent Taylor. It wasn't his desire to get her pregnant whatsoever, it was just that he was having a particularly rough day. And he had a sneaking suspicion that feeling every bit of the sexy comedian as her tight pussy lips clung mercilessly to his veiny member would be JUST the thing to perk him up a bit. It took a full minute given how incredibly tight she was but the agent had finally managed to be buried balls-deep inside of Taylor Tomlinson. Slowly removing himself from her tight sex, Manny had just the very tip left within her until he inserted himself back into her completely.

“Oh yes,” Manny groaned, his hands gripping even tighter to her hips as he fucked her harder now.

Though Taylor had entered into the sexual encounter under less-than-ideal circumstances, she was actually enjoying herself now. At least physically. Though the man was as unattractive as it got, the feel of his cock was like nothing she had ever experienced. It must have been a super thin condom or something along those lines. It also helped that Manny sure did know his way around a pussy, something that most of her few previous sexual conquests did not.

“Look at those tits jiggling with every thrust,” Manny narrated before reaching out and roughly groping one of her boobs.

Meanwhile, Manny kept doing his preferred move so that he could watch his penis fully leave her before seeing it disappear quickly. He would play around with the speed of his penetration, sometimes going almost painfully slow as though teasing both of them, while other times he would spear as deep and fast into the younger girl. This proved his favorite as it let him enjoy watching Taylor's extremely phat backside ripple every time his pelvis crashed against her plump ass, but it ebbed at his sexual endurance much more.

"Mmm," Taylor caught herself moaning, hoping like hell Manny didn't hear.

"Looks like someone actually likes this kinda treatment, huh?" he hissed from above her.

Banging her head on the desk in almost a form of self-punishment for getting caught enjoying his fucking, Taylor couldn't help but hate herself. Even though her mind was not into this at all and was only doing it to secure her career as a comedian, she found that her body was again betraying her. Taylor was feeling her own orgasm rapidly approaching, apparently liking the feeling of having his enormous penis slamming repeatedly into her small pussy with disregard.

Manny had enough sex in his life to know when his partner was really into the experience. The way Taylor's sexy body would thrash around and the frequency of her moans against the gagging panties told him that the young blonde was getting off whether she wanted any part of this or not.

He wanted to see how far along she was and the best way he knew how was to reach his arm around her curvy hips and extend his hand between her legs. He hadn't seen her sex from the front, but he learnt now that Taylor was a girl who was regularly waxed, leaving her sides bare and only a thin, neatly trimmed strip of pubic hair behind. Finally he pushed his digit into her folds and found her exposed clit and began to rub it.

"MMGGHH...Fcckkkkk," Taylor screamed against her thong.

"Gonna cum for me, little girl," the sleazy agent asked with a shit-eating grin.

Manny had his confirmation and he was pleased to see that not only was she going to cum, but that it was going to be sooner rather than later. Though it mattered little to him if Tammy or Tylie or whatever her name was, actually came or not, he figured her orgasm would loosen her up. As much as Taylor wanted to resist her orgasm so that she didn't give the gross agent the satisfaction of making her cum, she couldn't stop herself. With her clit still being diddled, Manny wrapped his hand in her hair before pulling back on it hard.

“All girls like that,” he hissed in her ear as he pulled her hair, fucking her even harder now. He gave a lick to the side of her face and suckled at her earlobe.

"MMHMMMM....MMHMMM," Taylor screamed again, as she experienced the most embarrassing orgasm of her life. She came so hard that she actually squirted for the first time in her life, gushing a massive she-load that splattered all over the floor beneath her.

Manny immediately noted the muffled moans and realized that his mission was complete, he made the sexually impressionable girl cum. With that task done, he realized that he wasn't too far behind her. In fact, his was on the verge. Manny’s thrusts had become gradually more reckless while his breathing and moans kept coming more and more labored. Finally, he felt his balls churn and knew his second orgasm was reached.

“Fuck! Cumming!”

Since she figured he was wearing a condom, Taylor didn’t care that he finished within her. Of course, the Christian-raised comedian would have had a much different opinion if she knew the truth and that Manny the sleazeball agent was actually pumping his cum directly into her fertile, non-birth-controlled womb. Honestly, with the bafflingly large number of places this sasquatch has stuck his bareback penis, pregnancy should be the least of Taylor’s worries. It was only because she had just climaxed herself or else she would have definitely felt the spurts of Manny’s particularly thick nut painting her pussy walls.

“Holy shit,” Manny groaned in bliss as he pulled out of her cunt and watched as it started to leak his jizz. A big, opaque glob immediately slopped out of her onto the floor, landing in the splash puddle of Taylor’s pussy squirt.

“Well, this has been great and all...” Taylor commented, not even pretending to sound enthused at this point as she spat her worn thong from her mouth. “So you’ll contact my manager and finalize the special now?”

“Does my dick look exhausted to you?” Manny asked.

Taylor Tomlinson had big eyes, but they widened even larger at the sight of his monstrous cock still standing at attention. In shock, she didn’t protest as the sleazeball agent backed her against the desk then pushed her down so she was laying down atop the wooden surface. Manny positioned her on the desk with her thick booty barely hanging over the edge and her legs spread wide. As he pushed them backwards, Taylor had the wherewithal (and the lack of willpower) to clutch them so the pervert had full access to whichever hole he wanted...though Taylor could guess where he was going, given his obsession with her ass so far.

“Now I don’t wanna hear you bitch about it, alright? I know myself pretty well, and I’m pretty sure I just got one more left in the chamber,” Manny explained as his finger made circles around the rim of her asshole. “So the final deal - let me fuck your ass and you get a career in comedy.”

Things were moving so fast that Taylor’s mind couldn’t keep up. She understood he was rubbing...and now fingering her asshole. In truth, it felt fine, good even. As his finger continued probing and loosening her butt, Taylor reflected that she was an anal virgin and didn’t exactly want her first memory of it to be with this slob. Brain still fogged, she felt the gross agent slide his dick into her pussy fully but slowly with the intention of applying a good deal of her natural pussy juices onto his manhood to act as lubricant. This penetration caused a good bit of his secret creampie to slop out of Taylor’s tight little honeyhole.

Taylor felt his dick leave her pussy and then his head butted and pressed against her asshole. “Whoa! I don’t know…”

“Don’t know if you want the comedy special?” Manny asked, pulling his dick back and spitting down onto his palm to rub along his length. “Because I’ll give it to you after I fuck this phat ass.”

"It's just that I haven't done...anal before," the blonde informed him, her nerves trying to ruin her ambition.

Sick of playing games, the sleazy agent left his tip pressed against her anal ring as he looked down and addressed her. “If you think that does anything but further incentivize me, you’ve got another thing comin’, sweetheart. Now, final time I say this. If you want the special, spread your ass for me.”

Taylor didn't use words instead responded to his demand with action. Manny liked how subservient she was becoming to him in only a short amount of time, aided greatly by the fact she was desperate and needing a chance to showcase her talent. Running her arms through her spread legs, Taylor grabbed a handful of each of her large cheeks and pulled them apart, making her tight backdoor gape ever so slightly.

Manny didn't hesitate further as he pushed forward firmly yet without malice. The combination of the wetness of his shaft, sheer willpower of the aspiring comedian and how he had loosened her with his fingers had helped significantly. Taylor still grunted as his tip disappeared into her dirt road, but it was minimal with all things considered.

"Oh God. It's so big," she grimaced.

No sooner had he penetrated her bowels, Manny started to make small thrusts, barely using more than the bulbous head of his cock. After a dozen tiny strokes, Manny kept pushing into the much younger woman’s colon until half of his 10 inch cock was soaking in her. From there, he settled back into his mini-thrusts, but every handful of strokes, the agent would push a little more cock into Taylor’s bowels.

"Fucking tight," he grunted.

Always thinking of more, Manny started to push more inside and go faster almost at the same time. This caused the curvy blonde to groan more and he noted the tendons of the back of her hands tighten. He figured that it may be too much too soon so he slowed his thrusting down but kept it so that it was three-quarters of his length sliding in and out of her ass. Having felt like he hit a figurative wall, Manny surprised the blonde by withdrawing from her asshole, only to immediately slide into her pussy and go balls deep.
After performing a dozen balls deep thrusts back in her pretty pussy, Manny pulled out and popped his dick back into her asshole. His ass-to-pussy distraction technique worked perfectly because half his dick pierced her butthole in the first thrust. As he started to fuck her, Manny found he was able to go at his top speed, albeit only using the first 5 inches of his manhood.

"This how you like it in your bum?" he asked confidently.

"Yeah...just like that," she lied in a soft tone, willing to just go along with the dirty talk and say whatever she needed to to get this over with as fast as possible, "I like that."

"You like my big cock in your tiny asshole," he asked, testing the water by going faster once more.

"Yes," Taylor answered.

“Say it, you fucking slut,” Manny barked as he buttfucked Taylor harder and faster.

“I… I like your big cock in my tiny asshole,” Taylor said sheepishly as she gritted her teeth and tried to just focus on breathing to get through the current onslaught of her virgin ass.

“Yeah, yeah, all you dumb fucking buttsluts are the fucking same,” Manny remarked, still picking up speed and force.

Even with 6 inches of his shaft continuously knifing into her ass, the pretty comedian continued to voice her difficulty which became muffled when she began biting her plump lower lip. Over and over again her expansive asshole stretched to what had to be her limit in order to accommodate his eager probing.

She was in pain from the relentless ass fucking he was doling out to her, and that just made a guy like Manny go harder. With each time the full length of his cock slid out of her bowels only to pierce them once more until he was balls deep, she grunted.

“Push your legs together,” he ordered.

Taylor’s brain was still in a fog, but luckily Manny was guiding her. Having pulled out of her well-used asshole, the sleazy agent helped roll Taylor onto her side with her mighty ass still just off the edge of the desk. The side lying positioning offered the main advantage of allowing Manny to watch her phat ass quake with each thrust he did into her. After all, the comedian’s booty defied logic how large it was given her petite frame, yet was extremely firm instead of flabby, making it the ideal booty for anyone's tastes.

"Ffuucckkkk," the sleazy agent hissed as he pushed back into her ass.

This time Manny didn't need to start slow since they had already loosened her up from their first round. Picking it back up where they left off, Manny was stroking his entire length into her boundless ass within seconds. Over and over her ass rippled as his hips smacked against the curvy muscle, pitching the future star comedian forward only for his arms to rear her back simultaneously.

“Come on. Cum already,” Taylor urged as the hard anal fuck continued for quite some time.

"Gonna...cum...soon," Manny warned between thrusts, each one stronger and feeling more penetrative than the last.

"Mhmm...oh...cum right on my ass," Taylor begged, feeling him becoming more erratic which signalled his imminent orgasm.

"No...in your ass," he groaned, not able to withstand any more of her vice-like booty.

“Sure. Whatever,” Taylor grunted, knowing her time was almost over.

Rearing back one last time Manny plunged as deep into her rectum as he possibly could. Holding himself pressed inside her, the sleazy agent released his seed, pumping his thick cum against the deepest walls of her bowels. Taylor felt the last stab of his cock and knew what was coming. She could actually feel his load splashing inside her rectum, coating her with the oddly warm fluid.

“Shit. I think my heart is gonna explode,” an exhausted Manny pulled his finally deflated cock from her ass for the last time.

Taylor looked over and saw the soft cock now hanging between the grotesque man’s legs. She held off pumping a fist in the air but she did smile brightly. As Manny sat his sweaty body in his chair, Taylor got down from the desk and started to get dressed. She couldn’t find where she had spat out her thong that Manny had used as a gag earlier in their time together, so she just pulled her jeans on. As she put on her bra, shirt and jacket, cum pooled in her jeans from her loose asshole, and just a little from her pussy still.

“So, we’re good now? I get my special?” Taylor asked as she put her clothes on.

“I guarantee you’ll hear about me later tonight. From me, sorry, you’ll hear from me,” Manny said with that signature shit-eating grin.

Taylor’s head tilted from the awkward phrasing by the agent but she shrugged and disregarded it. Pulling her hair back into a ponytail, she hoped her appearance wouldn’t indicate what had happened inside the office. Of course it did though.

*   *   *


“Kelsey! I did it! I hooked up with him,” Taylor blurted out as she accepted the call from her best friend.

“Oh no,” Kelsey Cook replied.

“Oh no? Why, oh no?” Taylor questioned. “We talked about it. I… had to do a little more than a blowjob,” Taylor said, not exactly stoked to divulge to her friend the specifics that she had to give up her fucking black cherry to this sleezebag, “but I got the special!”

“You let him fuck you?” Kelsey asked, shocked at that revelation.

“I mean, yeah? You’re the one that encouraged me to do it,” Taylor said, wondering why Kelsey seemed to be changing her tune a bit.

“That’s why I called Tay. Turn on Hollywood Reporter.”

Her computer was already on so Taylor punched in the website and waited a heartbeat for the page to load. Before she had even clicked the top video, her stomach had dropped.

“...known as a superagent in the comedy special world, Manuel ‘Manny’ Fierri is the latest casualty of the MeToo movement. More than a dozen women have come forward, detailing Fieri’s sexual harassment policy of having to ‘pay to play’. With even more reports surfacing by the minute it seems, his managing company has taken the steps of firing him as of this morning…”

“Oh God,” Taylor croaked.

That had been what the secretary had been trying to warn her about before she stormed past her and into Manny’s office. It also explained the disarray in the man’s office - he’d already been fired and had been given some time to get his things in order. Manny no longer had the power to give her a comedy special even if he wanted to, and he knew that from the moment she walked into his office. All that rough objectification for nothing.
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Re: Hollywood Pornstars NEW - Taylor Tomlinson
« Reply #116 on: June 18, 2021, 02:58:39 PM »
Even though I don't know about Taylor Tomlinson, I was intrigued by this chapter by the tags. This was different from your other chapters, kudos for yet again bringing in a lot of variety and a nice foreplay and ending. Once again nailing the little things that make up a great story.

I don't know if you are working on a chapter or if you are taking any request, but can you please write a chapter on Anya Taylor-Joy. The woman has one of the best faces, perky set of tits and an amazing ass. Maybe if you could write a chapter on her?
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Re: Hollywood Pornstars NEW - Taylor Tomlinson
« Reply #117 on: June 18, 2021, 04:21:25 PM »
great stories who's next personal i like th katherine mcnamara and Natalie alyn lind stories are planning to use them again because I think you should do a double penetration story for them both
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Re: Hollywood Pornstars NEW - Taylor Tomlinson
« Reply #118 on: June 18, 2021, 05:34:29 PM »
I don't know if you are working on a chapter or if you are taking any request, but can you please write a chapter on Anya Taylor-Joy. The woman has one of the best faces, perky set of tits and an amazing ass. Maybe if you could write a chapter on her?

She seems a popular request. I know of her, but haven't seen her in anything though. I'll try to check her out in something soon but likely no story with her for awhile yet

who's next personal i like th katherine mcnamara and Natalie alyn lind stories are planning to use them again because I think you should do a double penetration story for them both

Katherine McNamara is likely in the next chapter that will be posted, along with a handful of other redheads. Funny enough, Natalie Alyn Lind will be in the chapter following that, along with a few other women from Gotham


Re: Hollywood Pornstars NEW - Taylor Tomlinson
« Reply #119 on: June 19, 2021, 09:53:21 AM »
Can't never have enough kat can't wait.

Would love to see zendaya make an appearance maybe Sidney talks her into?

Zendaya could also do a whited pornshoot but prefer hookup hotshot since usually it involved some piss play. Anyways looking forward to the next chapter as always.


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