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Author Topic: Calypso Summer (various UK Glamour Models)  (Read 60032 times)

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Re: Calypso Summer (various UK Glamour Models)
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Great works again CHLP. Look forward to the next chapter.
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Re: Calypso Summer (various UK Glamour Models)
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Chapter  6

Starring: Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh, Sophie Howard, Sammy Braddy

Codes: MF, MMF, Anal, Throatfuck, Facial, Cum in ass, DP, Spit, Cum Snorting

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

Lucy and Sophie and Michelle settled onto their sun loungers, oil glistening on their naked bodies as they enjoyed the sounds of the waves rolling into the beach.  Lucy’s body was hot, not just the sun she burned with desire, like a cat on heat she was so horny, she struggled to settle and catch some sun.

   She felt a shadow move over her face, “Excuse me”, it was Hal.  Lucy lifted her sunglasses and shielded her eyes from the sun, “Yes Hal” she said.

   “Sorry Miss Pinder, I know you are probably fed up with me, but it’s my friends” he gestured his head to a group of 5 other young men who were stood a little way off, “They don’t believe you let me fuck your ass this morning, could you possibly tell them I am not lying to them”

   “Hmmm” Lucy said, smiling “I guess so, but maybe I could do something better” 

   She reached up and pulled down his shorts, already his cock was hard, obviously he had been watching her for a little while.  Lucy grasped his dick and sucked it deep into her mouth, eyes watching his friends as she sucked his dick.

   “That should prove it” Lucy said easing up from his cock, pulling his shorts back up.

   “Lucy thanks so much, if there is ever anything I can do, just ask” Hal said walking back over to his friends.

   “You made his day Lucy” Sophie said.

   “Yeah he’ll be the big man for a while after that” Michelle added.

   Peering across at them all, Lucy grinned at her friends, “Wanna make all their days?” she said.

   “What you got in mind Pinder?” Sophie asked.

   “6 young studs, maybe I should give them a taste of what I did last night?” Lucy replied.

   She sat up and put her bikini top and shorts back on, Sophie and Michelle followed her example as they walked off to the group.

   “Hey Hal” Lucy said, “How would you and your friends like to head back to my private villa and hang out”

   “Seriously, with you 3?” Hal replied.

   “Sure, us 3” Lucy winked at him, “We’ll make sure you all have fun”

   “Fuck Hal, let’s go!” One of the men replied.

   Lucy took his hand and led him up the beach path, the men followed Sophie and Michelle walking beside them.

   “Fuuuuckkkk” Peter groaned, his legs trembling.

   Sammy was on her knees cock in her throat, retching as she deep throated him hard. Tongue licking his balls, shaft deep in her gullet, nose pressed to his belly, she choked herself on his throbbing dick.

   “Fucking whore” he snarled, hands instinctively going to the back of her head and twisting into her hair.

   She sniffed and snorted as his thick cock thrust down her throat, hands gripping his ass cheeks encouraging him to rut deeper.  Peter was taking out his frustrations on Sammy, her throat and face his fuckmeat.

   “Ohh shit!” he cried his hips rutting furiously.

   She squirmed and fought a bit as his hands pulled her hair, holding her there, as his cock battered her retching throat. His mind was still on Michelle and Sophie, the way he had let them fuck his ass, his dick throbbed so hard, he would do anything to cum. 

   “FUCK YOU SLAG!” he screamed as his balls exploded, jets of semen flooding Sammy’s throat.

   Hands clawing at the back of her head, her arms now flailing as his spunk injected into her belly, unable to do anything as he held her tight to his crotch.  Peter was in the moment, all thought for Sammy gone, just the pleasure of cum spurting from his dick.  His hands crushed her skull to his crotch as he came

   “FUCK! FUCK FUCK!” he snarled, hands holding her tight thrusting viciously forwards with each pump of semen.

   Finally sated Peter collapsed back on the bed, Sammy gasped for air, her front soaked in spit, eyes running, mascara smeared.   Sammy coughed and choked, getting her breath back, as Peter re focused from his intense orgasm.

   “Ohhh fuck Sammy, I’m so sorry, that was brutal, I couldn’t hold back” he apologised.

   “Don’t apologise Peter, I’m room service, that’s what I do.” She replied.

   “So you let them do whatever they want?” Peter asked, “No limits?”

   “Yep, and fuck it gets me horny, have had some great sessions with guests over the last few years” Sammy said.

   “Damn, there is some fucked up shit going on here!” Peter said laying back laughing, “So what now?”

   “Well you can head out I guess, see who else is around, or we could have round 2, if you want to work out any more anger from last night?” Sammy said grinning.

   “I am pretty pissed off at myself for that, no limits?  I could use some practice at that, Lucy seems to be really into it”  He said.

   “No limits baby, want me to strip and put on a show to get you hard?” Sammy asked.

   “Please” Peter replied.

   Sammy stood up, and switched on the radio, tuning it to a slow seductive song, she began to sway her hips.  Peter lay back and waited, his limp dick would soon be hard with this display.

   Lucy opened the door to her apartment, and led the men in, Sophie and Malene came in last, closing the door behind them.
   “Take a seat boys” she said gesturing to the 2 sofas and chairs in the large lounge.

   She went to the kitchen and came back with some drinks for them all, Sophie perched on one sofa arm, Michelle on the other.
   “So anyone see my show last night?” Lucy asked.

   “I did” said a taller man, “I told the others about it earlier, just before Hal fucked you up the ass”

   “Enjoy it, sorry your name is?” She asked

   “Bart” he said, “hell I have never seen anything like it, and I watch a LOT of porn!”

   “Well as you didn’t believe Hal, how about I recreate some of that now” Lucy said grinning, standing up, she unfastened her bikini top and tossed it aside.

    She knelt down in the centre of the room, “Circle up boys, let’s see those cocks” she said.

   “Shit” one of the others exclaimed, shocked at the sight of Lucy on her knees begging to see their dicks.

   Sophie and Michelle stood by the doorway, kissing hard, watching as Lucy inspected her gang.  All the men were now naked, all sporting hard cocks, stroking them.  None were tiny, 3 were around the 7 inch mark, while 2 more sported hefty 9 inch dicks, one young man was fucking huge though, maybe even challenging the 14 inch cock from the night before.

   “Wooooah” Lucy said, eyes wide.

   “You like the Bull!” Hal said laughing, “Thought you might.”

   She reached out and started stroking them, sucking each in turn.  They looked at each other, shocked almost disbelieving what was happening.  All had started working here only this summer, and hadn’t really experienced what could happen at the Calypso.

   Sophie and Michelle had their tits out, sucking and playing with each other, as the men circled Lucy, one looked across at them, “Would you suck me too?” he asked Sophie.

   “Lucy, can we get in on this?” She said.

   “He’s all yours” she said grinning.

   Sophie and Michelle joined her on their knees, the guys lining up, 2 on each.  Sophie took the guy who had asked into her mouth sucking him deep before switching to his pal.  Michelle wanked 2 men furiously while flicking their heads with her tongue.

   “So who here has fucked a girl up the ass?” Lucy asked, a cheeky grin on her face.

   3 men, including Hal raised their hands, the rest mumbled or groaned a no, or shook their heads.  Lucy stopped sucking and rocked back onto her heels, arms resting on the sofa behind her, “Never taken a bitch up the ass then Bull?”

   “Ohh Lucy, no one had ever let me, the girls are always too scared” He replied.

   “Well let’s change that!” she said. “Sophie, you gonna let him stick this weapon up your hole?” Lucy had an evil grin and a glint in her eye, she was gonna get revenge for the old man fucking Sophie had set up earlier,

   Sophie stood up, stripping off her bikini, curvy soft body on view.  She moved to behind the sofa, bending over, looking at all the men as they stood either being sucked my Michelle and Lucy or wanking.

   “Come on the Bull, get behind me” Sophie growled.

   She was ravenously horny, having swallowed so much cum, maybe on Lucy levels of desire.  His huge cock bounced as he moved around behind Sophie, his dick hard and ready for her.

   “Right, spread her cheeks and rest your dick on her ring” Lucy instructed him, “Now hold her arms behind her back with 1 hand, Sophie put them back there”

   “Pinder!” Sophie gasped, knowing Lucy was up to something.

   “Now grab her hair tight, pull that head back” Lucy said, Sophie gasped as the Bull wrapped his hand in her hair and tugged.  “Normally you would use some lube, get you cock nice and slippery, but Sophie likes it dry and nasty” Lucy laughed as she said the words.

   “Stick it in, hard and deep, hold her down until your balls deep Bull” Lucy said, wanking 2 cocks, as she did so.

   His dick thrust, her ring burst, huge cock ploughing in.  Sophie screamed, her ass was on fire, the pain of her sphincter being torn open making her lurch and fight.  Bull thrust hard, until his whole length was inside, Sophie howled, legs trembling as he pinned her down.  Everyone was watching now, Michelle and Lucy stroking cocks as Sophie got her ass destroyed.

   “FUUUCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!” Sophie shrieked, as he started rutting deep, his huge cock deep in her bowels.

   “Ohh yeah, fuck that whore good Bull!” Lucy encouraged.

   Lucy took 2 dicks in her hands, wanking them fast, as Michelle sucked and wanked the other 3.  Sophie was wailing, crying as Bull pumped so hard, he had never felt anything so tight on his cock, her ass clamping down on his long shaft.  His hand pulled her hair hard, tears ran down her cheeks, her ring stretched so wide, his head touching her insides so deep.

   “OH GOD! SO BIG! SOOOOO BIG!!!!” Sophie cried, her whole body shaking.

   Her body was on fire, ass sending shivers of pain and pleasure through her core, Sophie howled in orgasm as she came hard, the huge thick shaft pounding relentlessly into her. 

   “FUCKKK!!!! FUCK! FUCKKKKK!!! OHHH FUUUUCKKKKK!!!” she screamed.

   “Scream you slag, fucking cum” Lucy gasped turning to look at Sophie.

   Sophie was in a state of pure pleasure now, the cum she had guzzled all night combined with the viscous anal pounding had driven her to a new level.  Body shuddering, squirming trying to escape the constant thrusts.

   “YEAAASSS!!! YEEEAASSSSS!! YEAAAASSS!!!!” Sophie howled.

   Bull clawed at her ass cheeks, dick slamming furiously, Sophie’s ass so tight on his cock.  He had never felt anything remotely like this as her sphincter spasmed and clenched on his shaft. Sophie screamed like a wild animal, her body so filled with pleasure, the pain of his dick stretching her ass replaced.

   “YES!!! YESSS!!!! YEEEAAAAASSSSSS!!!!” she howled.

   Bull was obviously close to cumming, and Lucy saw his strokes getting faster and faster.  She wanted that cum and had a plan of what she would do next.   

   Lucy looked around every cock was rock hard watching this, she grinned letting go and settling back onto her knees in the centre of the room.

   “Wanna paint my face boys?  I want a cum shower” she purred, “Bull don’t you dare cum in her ass, let me taste her first”
   He eased from her tight ass and walked around to Lucy.  Sophie gasped in relief as her ring was at last free to close.  His huge shaft bounced as Lucy grasped it, slurping at the head savouring Sophie’s taste.

   “Gather around, I want all that cum over my face” Lucy said, tossing her hair back, looking at them.

   Michelle knelt beside her, sucking cocks making them hard.  A panting Sophie joined her, helping those men surrounding Lucy to get off quickly.  Lucy glanced from side to side, all the men eagerly jerking or being sucked.  She grasped Hal by the shaft and furiously tugged his cock.

   “C’mon the Hal, show them how it’s done” she teased.

   He groaned, feeling his balls swell, Lucy’s firm grasp setting him off.  His head twitched, cum spurting out, a thick white stream pasting her forehead.  Growling loudly he shot his cum all over Lucy’s face as she jerked him hard.  Semen splattered her chin and some shot into her mouth as Lucy gasped.

   “Nice Load man!” one of the guys said.

   The floodgates opened, 2 guys rushed to Lucy, cum splattering her face simultaneously, the hot sticky cum blasting both her cheeks at the same time, as she gasped in excitement.  Her right eye took a forceful jet, as she turned to look that way, half glued shut she tried and failed to blink it open.

   “dirty fucker” She laughed, “enjoy that”

   Sophie and Michelle were kneeling beside her, the final 3 all lined up, one of them wanked over Lucy, while Sophie and Michelle tugged at the other 2 frantically trying to get them off.

   “Cum for me boys, cover my slutty face in your seed” Lucy teased.  Thick cum oozed down her nose, dripping off and plopping onto her right breast.

   3 jets of semen splattered her face simultaneously as they came, huge blast of semen coating her centre, left, right, all over.  She gasped in shock, the triple loads raining down, hot sticky liquid clinging to her face.  Sophie and Michelle furiously stroked the cocks in their grasp, draining every drop of semen over Lucy.

   “Ohh fuckk!” she spluttered, both eyes now had cum clinging over them, binding her eyelashes down.

   All the men stood or sat watching as Michelle and Sophie approached a spunk drenched Lucy.  She tipped her head back as they licked her cheeks, hovering up every drop of semen, before spitting it into her open mouth. She groaned as the level filled, Michelle sucking her nipple, collecting the thick strand that dripped from it.

   “Ohh fuck” Hal said, watching as they dribbled the cum into Lucy’s mouth, finally spitting the last few drops in.

   Sophie and Michelle turned to look at the boys, “Enjoy?” Michelle said, winking.

   “Oh shit!” another guy said, watching as Lucy sat there mouth wide, tongue swimming in the white pearly pool.

   Standing up Lucy gripped the back of Michelle’s head, spitting her full mouthful down into Michelle’s.  The long stringy cum oozing from her lips and filling Michelle’s mouth, as Sophie looked on.

   “Ohh fuck me next” she gasped as Michelle’s mouth was filled.

   Lucy helped Michelle up as she stood behind Sophie, who tipped her head back and opened her mouth wide.  Hands holding the sides of Sophie’s head Michelle slowly spat the thick white cum down into her waiting mouth.  Sophie savoured every lumpy strand as it filled her mouth, the warm cum resting at the back of her throat, level rising up as Michelle spat the rest in.

   “Ohh you dirty bitch Sophie” Lucy purred turning to the men, ”Want to see her swallow it?”

   They nodded, but one stepped forwards, towards Sophie, “You are a filthy whore aren’t you” he confidently said, before leaning over her and spitting into her open mouth.

   Sophie’s eyes sparkled as she shivered, the thought of him taking control of her.  Grinning he turned back to his pals, “Spit in here too boys, let the slut taste us all”

   Lucy and Michelle looked at each other, shrugging, neither expected this, but it was a nasty surprise, so they stepped back letting the boys line up and take turns spitting into Sophie’s mouth.

   “Fucking spit in it!” Lucy urged, as they queued up.

   Sophie rested back against the Sofa, her mouth wide staring up at the line of men all spat into it, some 2 or 3 large spit wads, before moving along to the next.  Finally Michelle and Lucy stood over her, fingers in their throats, gagging up a sizable glob of phlegm.

   “Nasty slut” Michelle gasped as finally her mouth was brimming with the spit and cum mixture.

   Sophie swirled her tongue through the thick lumpy mix, before closing her lips and devouring the mouthful.  She gasped as the thick concoction clang to the roof of her mouth, forcing her to swallow again, to get every drop, before grinning at the guy who had first spat in her mouth.

   “You’re a nasty one aren’t you” she teased, “What’s your name?”

   “Ben” he replied.

   “That was pretty dirty, where did you learn that?” Sophie asked standing up

   “The woman next door to where I live, I fucked her for a summer, she was into some kinky shit” He replied

   “Mrs Darson?” Hal asked, “You lucky fucker she was hot!”

   “You boys think you can get hard again?” Lucy teased, “Maybe we can help?”   

   Sammy churned her hips on Peter’s shaft, she rode him hard as he lay back on the bed.  His hands held her waist as her big breast bounced and wobbled furiously, her hands above her head grinding and riding hard. She groaned and gasped in pleasure, her body close to climax, Peter looked up watching her nipple quiver and shake.

   “FUUUUCKKKKKK ME!” she growled, as she came so hard.

   Peter felt her pussy clamp down, her tight athletic body shuddering ontop of him.  Peter lay back, his cock moments from exploding again, her tight cunt spasming on his shaft.  Sammy was in the throes of ecstasy, her body full orgasm.


   Peter felt his balls about to empty as he held her tightly to his crotch, hot scalding semen pumping inside of her. Sammy howled in pleasure, his cum filling her, she revelled in the feeling of making him explode deep inside of her.

   “CUMMM!!! CUUUMMMMM!!!” she wailed her pussy walls milking him.

   His hips thrust up, the final bursts of cum flooding Sammy’s insides, as he came hard.  She rolled around ontop of him grinning as she felt him twitch, she wanted every drop she could get, leaning forwards kissing him hard.  She groaned as she rolled off of him, laying side by side panting hard.

   “ohh fuck” Sammy panted, “thank you”

   “No thank you Sammy” Peter said, “That was amazing”

   “Ohh gotta get cleaned up and on to the next room” Sammy said standing up

   “How many guys do you fuck?” Peter asked, slightly shocked that she was moving on to another guy.

   “Maybe 10 a day, sometimes I just do a special, and stay with a room for a whole day”  She replied, “Sometimes there are 2 or 3 guys in a room as well”

   “And this turn you on?” peter said, interested in why Sammy would do this.

   “Fuck yeah, 2 weeks a year I get to come here and whore it up in safety, fucking look forward to getting pounded senseless” She answered.

   “Man this place is nuts!” He said laughing, “Mind if I join you in the shower?”

   “Sure” Sammy said grinning, she knew this was gonna end with his dick inside her again.

   All 6 Men were lined up against the wall, hands resting against it, legs wide as the 3 women move down the line.  Ass cheeks spread they rimmed each man in turn, trying to get them hard as quickly as possible.  Moving down the line all 3
glamorous bombshells yanked on each soft dick, and vigorously drilled their tongues up assholes until all 6 men were rock hard.

   Sitting back on her heels Lucy looked across at Michelle on one side and Sophie on the other.  The original NUTS glamour girl line up, now whoring themselves out between this group of men.  She grinned, loving every second of her depraved sexual adventure, before winking at Sophie and standing up.

   “Pair up ladies, grab 2 of these studs and let’s see what they have.”  She said.

   Lucy grabbed The bull, and another guy, pushing The Bull down to the sofa she straddled his huge shaft.  Sophie pushed Hal down, While Michelle rode another.  Lucy gasped, the huge cock deep inside her, this was definitely one of the biggest she had ever had, his tip reached so far up into her belly she struggled for breath.

   “Ooooh fuuuuck” Lucy gasped.

   Sophie and Michelle were riding their guys, hips rocking, breasts bouncing.  Lucy’s tits jiggled enticingly above The Bull, as he reached up to suck on them.  She groaned as her nipple were chewed, then looked back at the guy behind her.

   “Well stick it in my ass babe, don’t just stand there” she gasped

   Nervously the guy approached her, his hands on her as cheeks he spread them wide.  She nestled down onto the huge shaft in her pussy, and waited as pushed his cock into her ass.  Lucy groaned, that feeling of fullness once again setting her on fire.  2 cocks inside her, she was in her element, revelling in the feeling of being a whore.

   “Fucking POUND ME!” Sophie screamed, as Lucy looked across at her.

   Both Men were going hell for leather, dicks slamming her pussy and ass as she bucked and rode them hard.  Michelle hips were firmly planted on the cock in her pussy as Ben slammed her ring furiously, his hands clutching Michelle’s arms behind her back, bending her upright, her big breasts bouncing and swinging.

   “OOOOOHHH FUUUUCKKKKKK” Michelle growled.

   Lucy was getting slammed, the huge dick in her pussy, now one in her ass, she was seconds from a powerful orgasm. Thighs trembling her body shook as she came hard, ass clenching on the dick pumping her, roaring in pleasure.

   “FUCK! FUUUUCKKKKK YEAAASSSSSSS!!!!!!” Lucy screamed.

   Sophie and Michelle too over and came as well, both screaming and crying as their bodies shook in pleasure.  Sophie was sandwiched tight between her 2 men, while Michelle was bent even further back her hips bucking as she screamed.


   “YES! YES! YEEESSSS!!!” Michelle cried.

   Sweat dripped from Lucy’s brow as she grinned down at The Bull, she leant forwards and kissed him hard, hand running through her hair she looked across at Sophie, “Time to switch boys?” she said.

   Sophie groaned incoherently, and Michelle yelped “Ok” as she calmed from her climax.

   “Switch then” she said looking up over her shoulder, the man behind her pulling out.

   Lucy Michelle and Sophie all switched over, the men from behind settling back onto the sofa, and all three mounting them.  Sophie groaned as her ass was filled, and Michelle loved every second of her double stuffing.  Lucy felt The Bull press to her asshole, the every inch slowly easing in.

   “Holy FUCK!” she gasped as he just kept going.

   His huge dick filled her ass as she shook and groaned.  He was as big if not bigger than the monster she took the night before, but Lucy gritted her teeth and snarled as finally he bottomed out.

   “FUCK!” she yelled again, as Sophie looked across at her.

   “Yeah you take it you whore, he fucking battered my asshole good, so you better take it” Sophie gasped grinning.

   Lucy gasped, eyes wide as her ring got pumped, she was really getting back what she had dished out to Sophie earlier, as The Bull took her hard and fast.  She felt her bowels getting poked so deep, as he slammed furiously up into her, looking across, Michelle was getting double fucked hard, her eyes rolling up as she came again.

   “FUUUCKKKKK!! YEEEAAAASSSSSS!!!” Michelle screamed.

   Her body shook between her 2 men, as she climaxed hard for a second time.  Sophie was bouncing furiously between her 2 studs, watching Lucy and Michelle intently.  Lucy couldn’t breathe, the cock in her ass was so deep, she was gasping and whining in pleasure as her body was full of dick.

   “HO – LEEE- SHIT!” she panted in time with the thrusts, body tightening towards a second orgasm.

   Sophie roared, her body on fire, as she came hard, this set Lucy off, and both quivered screaming in pure pleasure.  Michelle had calmed from her orgasm, and now helped her 2 guys to stand up while she sat on the sofa sucking them.

   “FUUUCKKKKKK!!!!” Sophie roared.

   “YEEEAAAASSSSSS!!!!” Lucy screamed.

   Both of them climaxing together, they sat shaking as cock eased from their assholes.  Lucy stood up, legs wobbly, and Sophie rolled off onto the floor.  Michelle lay back on the sofa, hanging her head from the end of the sofa, long blonde hair falling towards the floor.

   “Ohh can I Lucy, pleeeeassse” she gasped.

   “Ohh Chelle, of course honey” Lucy replied.

   She moved to stand above Michelle, adjusting her head so it sat over the sofa arm perfectly.  Grinning she looked around, all the guys were stood jerking their dicks wondering what was going to happen.  Sophie looked at Lucy, and winked.

   “Right boys, see this” she said pushing her fingers between Michelle’s lips and into her mouth.  “This is a pussy. Line up and fuck it as hard as you can.  Don’t hold back, keep going.  The rougher you are, the more Michelle likes it.  If she gags or even pukes just keep pumping”

   “But don’t cum in her” Sophie added, “I want you to jerk off over this table” she said clearing the glass coffee table near the sofa. “I want a huge puddle of cum”

   Lucy moved to get onto the sofa, head between Michelle’s legs, as the first hard cock pushed between her lips.   Michelle effortlessly took his dick into her throat as he started pumping, Balls slapping her chin as he thrust in.

   “Ohh fuck her baby, fuck her face!” Sophie teased, moving down along the line, wanking or sucking dicks to keep them hard.

   Lucy kissed her way up Michelle’s thighs, and clamped her lips over the wet slit of her pussy.  Michelle groaned on the shaft in her neck as Lucy started to work on her.  The guy thrusting didn’t take long he pumped for maybe 30 seconds before pulling his cock out, and jerking it all over the table.

   “Phgh, next!” Michelle gasped.

   Another cock pushed between her lips, as the first man exploded onto the table, his milky cum spurting out and leaving a thick trail across it.  Michelle’s head was forced back as the next guy really rammed hard, spit was dripping from the corners of her mouth down her face and clinging to her hair.

   “Ohh yeah, nasty girl!” Sophie said, before bending over next to Michelle.

   Lucy sucked hard on Michelle’s clit, her body twitched, she was close to cumming, Sophie grinned as Hal stepped up, his cock rubbing her wet pussy lips.  HE swiftly moved up and pushed it straight up her ass.  She yelped then looked back over her shoulder.

   “Dirty boy” she purred as he started pumping.

   “Ohh fuck I am gonna stick this down her neck, make her choke on my cock, as she tastes your ass” He groaned.

   Hal didn’t have to wait long, as the second guy pulled out, wanking furiously he exploded over the tabletop, as Michelle gasped for breath, “Next!” she panted eagerly awaiting another cock.

   Hal drew his dick from Sophie’s asshole and pushed it between Michelle’s lips. Hal thrust deeply, his cock deep in her neck, as Michelle groaned and started to shake.  Lucy rapidly flicked her tongue over Michelle’s clit, as she came hard, screaming and crying on Hals cock as it pounded her throat.

   Her body shook and twitched as Hal pumped her gullet, spitwads now running freely down her face. Her nipples quivered as she orgasmed, Hal could feel her throat clenching and relaxing on his shaft as she screamed on it.

   “Ohh I need that” Sophie gasped, watching the thick spit roll down Michelle’s face.

   She lay down below her, mouth wide, looking up as the first thick strand popped into her open mouth.  There was a groan from Ben as he watched Sophie swirling it in her mouth, He got down and straddled her body, fucking her tits as she caught micelles spit in her mouth or on her face.

   “Fuck you’re a nasty whore!” he groaned his dick slamming her breasts.

   Michelle’s thighs were tight, shaking violently as Hal pulled from her mouth, and exploded.  A large pool of mixed semen now flooded the centre of the table, as he jerked and groaned in release.

   A huge flow of spit ran down Michelle’s face as Hal pulled out, stretching down like a huge teardrop before plopping squarely over Sophie’s right eye.  She blinked and tried to open it, but the thick spidwad glued her eye tightly shut.

   “Ohhh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” Ben yelped quickly standing, and jerking alongside Hal.

   Sophie laughed, “Fucking never even got in her mouth”

   “Fuck you, nasty whore, you made me cum like that, sweet fucking lord that spitball on your face is hot!” Ben replied.

   Only the The Bull remained watching as Michelle continued to get face fucked, her hair was now matted in spit, Sophie was plastered too, her mouth over half full of Michelle’s throat mucus.

   Lucy felt Michelle cum again, her pussy squirting now, filling her mouth, and spraying down her body.  She twitched and bucked, the cock sawing roughly in and out, Michelle forced her hands behind her own back, giving her body over even more.

   “Fucking nasty Chelle” Lucy gasped coming up for air, her face glistening in her juices.

   Another cock was exploding on the table seconds after Michelle came, unable to resist the clenching throat as she screamed in orgasm.  This left the huge cock of The Bull, he stepped up and slapped his dick on Michelle’s chin, offering it to her lips.  She eagerly opened her mouth and he pushed in. 

   “He’s in Pinder!” Sophie spluttered.

   Lucy heard Sophie, but she knew what was happening, Michelle’s body was trembling, her hips writhing as the huge cock strained her throat.  Michelle was in her zone, those cocks pounding her throat turned her on so much, not this monster was trying to invade her gullet.

   “Ohhh shit” The Bull Roared as Michelle’s throat gave way and his whole shaft went balls deep in her neck.

   Her throat bulged, his cockhead visibly poking up through her clavicles, he stood there, almost in shock that someone had taken his entire cock. Her body bucked, spit spurted from her mouth and drenched Sophie, who looked up stunned at her friends ability to take the monster.

   “Holy SHIT!” one of the guys was stunned at the sight of the big breasted blonde getting her throat fucked, by The Bull.

   He pumped his hips into her face, big balls bashing on Michelle’s chin, spit oozed down her cheeks as his thick shaft activated all her saliva glands.  Sophie’s mouth was full of Michelle’s spit, she looked up, a rain of it dripping down from Michelle’s forehead..

   “Nasty, nasty whore!” Ben gasped watching Sophie revelling in the gloopy outpourings.

   Michelle was cumming so hard, Lucy chewing on her clit, her throat being destroyed, this was her fantasy, her go to make herself cum hard moment.  Lucy watched as she came, her eyes drawing up Michelle’s body, she moved, kissing her way up between her breasts, as they jiggled and shook.

   “My little throatwhore” she purred, her lips finally resting on micelles neck, kissing the tip of The Bulls cock whenever it poked and stretched the skin.

   He started thrusting faster and faster, Michelle knew he was moments from cumming, she gasped a huge lungfull of air, her throat free of obstruction.  The Bull roared as his cock blasted the table, the big thick pool of cum growing larger with each spurt.  4,5,6 big jets of cum splattered down, before he was done.

   “FUUUCKKKKK!!!” He growled flicking the last few drops from his dick.

   Michelle lay there panting, Lucy moving up her body, to her face.  She was drenched in spit, it clang to her face, thick wads in her hair.  Laughing Lucy crawled off of her as she rolled over.  Looking down at Sophie from above, Michelle blinked her eyes open.  Sophie gazed up at her mouth wide, tongue swimming in a pool of Michelle’s phlegm.

   “You are a fucking nasty woman!” Ben said looking down at her, tugging on his soft cock, trying to get hard at the sight.

   Michelle cleared her throat, filling her mouth with a large spitball, she forcefully spat it down onto Sophie, it splattered on her forehead as Sophie’s eyes went wide.  Gargling for a moment Sophie then swallowed the lot, guzzling it down eagerly.

   “Holy fuck that was hot!” she gasped sitting up.

   “So what’s you gonna do Soph? Lucy said looking at the large gloopy pool of cum on the table.

   Sophie winked at Lucy, as Michelle sat up, tossing her spit slick hair she wiped her face so she could watch Sophie.  All the men circled around as Sophie bent down towards the table, looking back over her shoulder at Lucy, she winked again.

   “Gonna lick up all that yummy cum Sophie?” Lucy asked.

   Sophie grinned shaking her head, the leant down, she pushed her right nostril into the pool, pressed her finger to her left and snorted.  She sucked the thick white semen up her nose, over and over, draining it down into her throat.

   “FUCK!” Lucy gasped, she had never seen anyone do that before.

   Sophie drained the table, hoovering every drop, before kneeling back and gasping.  Shaking her head she growled, eyes wide, looking almost high on the semen.  Ben was rock hard, as was another guy, as Sophie stood, and moved to her phone on the table.

   “Right, 10 minute timer, anyone who is hard, gets that to cum again, any hole we have, any how you like”  Sophie said.

   “Fuck, I’m done” The Bull said, Hal and another guy tapped out too.

   “Come on then Ben, let’s see if you have what it takes, as rough as you can, 10 minutes, let’s go” Sophie said taking him by the hand and dragging him over to the couch.

   “Could I fuck your tits?” one of the 2 left standing asked Lucy.

   “Ohh sure baby” she replied, laying back on the floor and having him kneel over her stomach.

   “Could you ride me” The final guy asked Michelle, “I’d love to cum in that pussy”

   She took his hand and led him to the chair, pushing him back she straddled his dick, sinking down onto it with ease.

   “Fucking want it bitch, you fucking want it?” Ben teased Sophie

   “Ohh you ain’t got anything I can’t take boy!” Sophie snarled back.

   Pushing her over the sofa arm, his hand gripped her hair tight, and forced her head down into the cushions.  His rock hard dick slammed balls deep up her ass, she mewed slightly as her right was brutally rammed open.

   “Bring it!” Sophie snarled, as he rutted her asshole furiously.

   Lucy had a hard dick fucking her tits, she looked up at the young guy pumping away, in her thirties now, Lucy was loving the attention from this young guy.  Titfucking was one of her favourite things, and she lay there enjoying every hard pump of his shaft between her breasts.

    “Ohh fuck, yeah” Michelle groaned as she rode hard, her big tits swaying and bouncing.

   Sophie’s face was turned sideways, spit spraying from her clenched teeth, as Ben slammed deep and hard in her ass.  One hand had her pinned by the neck, the other slapped her ass cheek loudly.

   “FUCK YOU!” she snapped, the sting of his hand on her buttock, making her yelp.

   “You nasty fucking slut!” he snapped back, “Give me 24 hours with this body and I’d show you what it’s like to be used”

   Her teeth bit the cushions as he ferociously slapped her other ass cheek. Hips rutting hard, balls slapping on her pussy lips, she could feel the inevitable orgasm building.  Michelle was slamming her hips down hard, trying to get him to cum, and he obliged, his balls emptying for a third time, this time deep in her pussy.

   “Ohhh fuck yeah baby, well done” Michelle gasped, settling down on his softening dick.

   Lucy could feel his dick twitching as he pumped her tits, snaking out her tongue she teased him, “Cum for me baby” she gasped.

   “Ohh fuck, kneel there Lucy he gasped, standing, “Kneel down and let me cum on your tits” he jerked his shaft hard as she settled below him.

     Holding both tits in her hands, presenting them, he exploded.  Considering he had already cum twice, the third load was impressively large.  White streaks laced across Lucy’s tits as she knelt encouraging him to cum.

   “Do it baby, yes, fuck yes, cover my tits” she gasped as he came over her.

   He shuddered, flicking the last few drops from his dick, Lucy grinning her tits covered in spunk.  She reached up and grasped his cock, tongue flicking his throbbing head, drawing the last few drops from him.  His legs were like jelly as she snaked her tongue over his tip, making him groan in pleasure.

   “Thank you baby” she gasped, as he staggered back to join his friends.

   “FUUUCKKKKK YOOUOOUUUU!!!” Sophie howled as she came.

   The continual battering of her ass, plus the pressure of him pinning her head in place sending her over the edge.  Ben was beyond the point now, his body acting alone as Sophie came on his cock.  Hips relentlessly and furiously slamming her asshole as she screamed.

   “WHORE! WHORE! WHORE!!” he snarled in time with his pumps, Sophie screaming and shaking below him.

   “YES! YES!!! YEAAAASSSS!!!!” she roared her sphincter clasping his shaft as she came hard.

   Ben kept pumping , his balls ready to explode, and finally as they did he pumped as deep as he could, twitching, hot semen flooding her bowels.  HE switched both hands to her head, forcing her screaming face into the sofa cushions as his cum spurted out.

   “FUCKING TAKE IT YOU BITCH!” he snapped as his cum finally stopped spurting.

   Sophie lay panting as he released her head, his hands roughly clawing at her ass cheeks as she trembled in the final few moments of orgasm. HE eased from her ass, and she span over just as her phone timer went off.  Laughing out loud, she looked at Ben,

“Just in time” she chuckled.

“Well then you fuckers, hope you enjoyed it” Lucy said.

“Ohh Fuck, thank you so much Lucy, right guys” Hal said.

The men applauded Lucy, Michelle and Sophie, before gathering their clothes and dressing.  Sophie and Michelle suckled Lucy’s tits, teasing them, licking the fresh load of cum from her boobs.

“I need you later big boy, if you can perform” Lucy said to The Bull, as he was about to leave, “meet me back here at about 4” she said.

“For you Lucy, damn right I can” he replied.

“YEEEAAASSSSSSSSS!!!!” Sammy screamed, the shower water cascading down her body.

Peter slammed his cock up her ass, the filthy tease had him hard as soon as they had walked into the bathroom.  Bent over face pressed against the tiled wall, Sammy wailed in pleasure, her body full of orgasmic cries.  Peter thrust deep, his cum filling her ass, as she came hard

“FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCKKKK!!!” Sammy screamed as he filled her back passage.

“Oh fuck Sammy, fuck that was good” Peter gasped, stepping back, letting the large shower jet soak them both.

She stood upright, running her hands over her breasts, the nipples still rock hard. Panting she regained her composure, before kissing Peter.  “Thank you Peter Andrews, if you ever want another service, just call the front desk.”

She stepped out of the shower, leaving him there, the warm water running down his body.  He was still pretty stunned from the last 24 hours, Lucy’s performance, her declaration of love, his encounter with Sophie and Michelle.  Washing himself he returned to the bedroom, and dressed.

“Well Peter, let’s see what this place is about” he said to himself.
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Re: Calypso Summer (various UK Glamour Models)
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Nice work, it's great to see you writing again.
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Re: Calypso Summer (various UK Glamour Models)
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Chapter  7

Starring: Kelly Brook

Codes: MF, Titfuck, oral, cum on tits

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

Having dressed and showered properly, Peter made his way down to the hotel lobby, his muscles still ached from the past couple of days, and he decided a dip in one of the hot tubs was in order.

   “Mr Andrews” it was Sarah, the receptionist behind the counter. “Everything OK?”

   “Sure, was just wondering if you have a hot tub here?” He replied.

    “Of course!” Sarah replied smiling, “If you take the path to the left after you leave the main lobby, it’s about 10 minutes walk.  We have a separate area, with multiple hot tubs and spa pools” she explained.

   “Thanks, I think my muscle’s need the recharge” Peter said smiling.

   “You are welcome” Sarah said as he left.

   Strolling down the path in the sunshine, Peter watched as several couples walked past, smiling and nodding politely he greeted them, before the trail led up into a grove of trees.  A small building was in the centre of about a dozen hot tubs and pools, all spanning out in a large circle.  Peter saw piles of clothes placed neatly on the shelves in the building, stripping down to his trunks he moved towards an empty hot tub. 

   “Ahhh perfect” Peter gasped, slipping into the warm water.

   He lay back, soaking in the warmth for a good 20 minutes, before hearing footsteps from behind him, “Do you mind if I join you” a female voice said.

   Spinning around he saw a voluptuous curvy brunette, he immediately recognised her as Kelly Brook, presenter and former model.  Peter was almost star struck, he had been with many models over the past year, Kelly was one of his secret crushes, maybe only second to Lucy.

   “Sure, sure” he stuttered.

   She eased herself down into the water, a tiny bikini clinging to those world famous curves.  Settling down they floated on the surface of the tub as the water bubbled around them.

   “I’m Kelly” she said, “You are?”

   “Peter, I know, I recognised you” he replied

   “Really? “ Kelly said coyly, “Where from?”

   “Magazines and stuff” Peter said somewhat embarrassed.

   “Ahh so you wank over me then?” Kelly replied grinning, obviously teasing Peter.

   “Well, I guess given where we are, the answer to that is yes!” Peter said, his confidence growing.

   “Ha! I love an honest man” Kelly smiled, “don’t get many of them”

   They chatted for another 10 minutes, Kelly hearing Peters story, about what happened last Christmas, and his experiences so far at Calypso.  Kelly listened intently, she explained that she had been visiting Calypso for the last 3 years, having heard about it from several friends.

   “Look Kelly, I am just going to be blunt, will you have sex with me?” Peter asked.

   “Now” she replied, he looked somewhat disappointed.

   “I didn’t come here to have sex Peter, I came here to fuck, can you fuck me?” She teased.  “Hard, full on, not holding back for 1 second” Kelly explained.

   Peter blinked, “I think so” he replied.

   “Don’t think Peter, commit, I want it so hard, take me and fuck me” she stared him in the eyes, judging his reaction.

   “I am going to fucking ruin you Kelly!” He said, staring her down.

   She laughed, unfastening her bikini top and pushing him back so he sat up on the edge of the tub.  Yanking down his trunks she gripped his already hard cock, stroking it fast her lips engulfed him, sucking on his throbbing head.   Peter groaned as Kelly move her hand up and down his shaft, lips following her grip, tongue flicking the underside of his cock.

   “Fuck Kelly!” he groaned, as she let go with her hand and went full pelt with her mouth.

   She moaned, his dick just touching the back of her throat now, up and down up and down, then gulp, whole thing deep in her throat, nose to his stomach, tongue slurping his balls.  His hands moved to her head, guiding her, she looked up eyes wide as her throat milked his cock.

   “Yeeeahhhhh” Kelly gasped coming up for air.

   Moving her body up she encased his dick in her huge tits. Holding that twitching member between them for a few seconds before beginning to wank up and down. Peter’s hips bucked as his reflexes kick in, unable to stop himself from fucking her huge soft breasts.

   “Easy Peter” she purred, “Don’t want you cumming too fast”

    Forcing himself down he lay back on his arms as Kelly stroked her tits up and down his cock.  The soft bags of fun clang to his dick, the warm water and a bit of pre cum the only lube.

   “Like that Peter, my big juicy tits wanking your cock?” Kelly said, stroking faster.

   “Fuck, fuckk so good” Peter groaned.

   Kelly grinned, this was her favourite moment, when she had control, she knew that a few strokes at the right speed and Peters cum would be flooding her tits. Beautiful full nipples squashed and hardening in front of his eyes, Peter groaned his dick twitching hard.

   “Ready to fuck me Peter?” Kelly asked.

   “Are you ready to get fucked?” he snapped back.

   She grinned, releasing her breasts and standing up, unfastening her bikini bottoms she span around, that glorious ass jiggling in front of Peter.  Unable to resist he grabbed those cheeks and dived in, tongue delving towards that damp slit.

   “Ohhh eat me Peter, eat that pussy” Kelly gasped.

   Peter gripped her soft full ass tight and drove his face into it, sucking licking those lips as fast and furiously as he could.  Kelly moved a finger to her clit and started strumming it, groaning loudly.  Peter kept going for several minutes, Kelly getting closer and closer to orgasm.

   “Ohh so close Peter” she gasped.

   Pulling his face up he rammed his dick deep inside her near to climax cunt.  Kelly squealed not expecting to be fucked this close to cumming, her body pushed past its limit after a few seconds of thrusts she came hard.

   “YESSSS!! FUUUUCCCCK YESSSSS!!!” she cried as she came, Peter slamming her pussy deep and hard.

   “That’s it Kelly cum for me baby” he groaned, feeling her wet cunt clamp down on his shaft.

   Pumping harder Peter was determined to give Kelly a hard fucking, making her scream and moan.  The few people in the nearby hotubs were watching them intently, some of the men were wanking, seeing the big breasted babe getting nailed.

   “YES! YES YESSS!!” She screamed, “FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!”

   Peter raised his hand and slapped her big juicy ass, she yelped and looked back over her shoulder, gasping her orgasm subsiding. WHACK! Again he slapped that wobbling thick cheek.

   Kelly growled, “SPANK THAT ASSS!” as Peter slapped her soft cheek again.

   Hands gripping her hips he started fucking her harder, as she collapsed back onto the cold tiles that surrounded the tub.  Pumping his hips as Kelly lay their groaning, Peter was trying so hard not to cum.

   “Ohh fuck keep going Peter, fuck me hard, fuck me deep” Kelly gasped.

   Peter was pumping his cock deep inside Kelly, hands clawing at those soft fleshy hips as he gripped tightly.  She was gasping and growling her body loving every second of this, aching for more stimulation.

   “Dirty fucking bitch” he groaned at Kelly, dick slamming away.

   Kelly slapped her arm on the tiles, seconds from another orgasm, Peter was fucking her so well, she felt that irresistible glow of pleasure building in her loins.  Twisting his hand in her long hair Peter yanked her head up as she let out a deep low roar of climactic pleasure.

   “FUUUUCKKKKKK!!!! FUUUUCKKKKKK!!!” Kelly groaned, her hips shaking.

   Peter grabbed both shaking cheeks digging his fingers in deeply as Kelly shook body orgasming.  Her pussy gushed over his shaft, juices flooding down it as she came, peaks of pleasure exploding inside her cunt.

   “YES! YES! YES! YEEEEAAASSSSS!!!” Kelly screamed.

   Peter collapsed ontop of her gasping, his dick moments from exploding, needing to rest and hold back.  Kelly sated from her second powerful climax, gasped below him.  After a minute Peter pulled his hard shaft from her pussy and stood in the bubbling water, slowly stroking his hard shaft.

   “Fuck Kelly, I am so close to cumming” Peter gasped.

   Kelly spun around scooting down into the water she knelt below him, holding up her tits.  Looking up she held them up as a target for Peter, 2 big soft orbs of pleasure ready for his spunk.

   “Cum on them Peter, cover my tits in your spunk” she teased.

   He looked down, his dick twitching in his hand, wanking it fast.  Kelly brook, Kelly fucking Brook knelt below him, begging for his cum.  Peter was so close, his balls clenched up, he could feel the pleasure of his climax seconds away.  Letting out a primal scream his dick exploded all over Kelly’s tits.

   “FUCK YOU!” he snarled as the thick white cum splattered her tits.

   Kelly shivered with excitement the hot semen lacing her breasts, this was the moment she craved, that feeling of success, having made him cum.  She felt another hot splash, not looking down, her eyes fixed on him.   Peter was wanking slower now the final few spurts splattering down, as his orgasm finished.

   “Ohh shit Kelly” Peter gasped collapsing back to sit in the tub.

   Kelly stood up, her breasts dripping with cum, lifting each nipple to her lips she sucked every streak of semen from her white full breasts.  Slavering her tongue around her nipples she put on a real show for Peter.

   “Ohh Kelly, that was amazing” Peter panted, watching as she eased herself back into the water.

   “Thank you Peter, I enjoyed that” she replied.

   Peter watched as she settled back, closing her eyes, he let the warm water drift over him for the next quarter of an hour, neither speaking, just basking in the post sex relaxation.  Eventually Kelly got up from the tub, and put her bikini back on, grinning she turned to peter before she left.

   “That was great Peter, maybe we could hook up again sometime, maybe you could even get Lucy to tag along, and I would really like to get my hands on her!” Kelly said as she left.

   Peter sat in the tub for another 30 minutes or so, before getting up, it must be nearly lunchtime he thought, so he got dressed and made his way towards the hotel restaurant.  Several couples walked past him as he made his way down the path, he saw Melissa and Simon walking down a path nearby, holding hands, deep in each other’s company.

   Getting to the restraint he found a table and sat down, one of the young waiters came over and took his order for lunch.  Bringing him a glass of iced water Peter looked around, he enjoyed watching people and tried to listen in on some conversations.

   “Then she got fucked up the ass right here, over the table,” he heard one woman telling her partner, “Some old man even had a go!”

   Turning back as he hear the chair opposite him moving, he saw Sarah sitting down, she smiled, “Mind if I join you?” she said.

   “No, not at all” Peter replied.

   “Thanks, I hate to eat alone, and I have a favour to ask you as well” Sarah said.

   “Call me intrigued” Peter replied, waiting to hear what it was.
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Re: Calypso Summer (various UK Glamour Models)
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Love to see something new with Kelly Brook! thank you!
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Re: Calypso Summer (various UK Glamour Models)
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That was a great short chapter. I am not sure how I'd react if Kelly told me F U, she got her chest splattered real good as a result though  ;)
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Re: Calypso Summer (various UK Glamour Models)
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Chapter  8

Starring: Lucy Pinder

Codes: MF, Titfuck, Throatfuck, MMMF, DP, DAP, Facial, Cum swallowing, oral, cum on tits

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

   Lucy dressed, Michelle and Sophie had left her to it after their fuck fest, and gone to change in their hotel rooms.  Meeting her again at 4, Lucy had a couple of hours to spare before they arrived.  She needed to go to the beach, to set up something for later, but first she was getting hungry from her activities so decided to head to the restaurant for some lunch.

   “Lucy” Peter grinned, as she walked towards him.

   His eyes roamed over her body, the tiny denim shorts clinging to her full hips.  Tight orange bra top, showing of a monstrous amount of cleavage.  Tall black high heels she swayed provocatively as she approached.

   “Peter” Lucy replied, looking at him, “Sarah” she added to the busty brunette accompanying him.

   “Lucy!” Sarah said moving in to kiss her on both cheeks, “That was some show yesterday!”

   “Thanks babe” Lucy replied.

   “We’ve just eaten, but can join you if you like” Sarah said

   “No thanks,” Lucy answered, knowing she and Peter had agreed to spend the day apart.

   “Sure, we have something to do anyway” Sarah said.

   “Really?” Lucy looked at Peter.

   “Yeah, well we should be going” Peter said looking slightly embarrassed.

   “See you later?” Lucy asked slightly nervously, hoping Peter wouldn’t say no already.

   “Yeah for sure Lucy” Peter replied.

Lucy settled down for a light snack, her stomach still churning from the amount of semen she ingested the day before.  Her body ached for stimulation this was not what she had expected at all from her experiment.  Every man who walked past her, and to be honest woman too was a target.  Struggling to hold herself back she was a ball of pent up sexual frustration.

   “I literally would fuck anyone right now” she thought to herself.

Looking around Lucy saw that it was starting to get busier, she had finished her snack and didn’t want to linger.  Getting up she walked off towards the beach, deciding to take the woodland trail and maybe clam down with a long walk.

“Lucy Pinder!” Lucy looked up, she had been watching her feet, these high heels were tricky on the forest path, it was the old man she had fucked at breakfast.  He was walking towards her, either side of him were 2 more elderly gentlemen.

She blanked him, starting to walk onwards.

“Ohh don’t be like that Lucy, you were far more talkative this morning when I was buggering you!” He said.

“Frank, you sure you stuck it in her?” One of the other older men said.

“Fuck yeah Stan, wouldn’t forget that, bitch was taking all comers!” Frank said laughing.

“She’s def a hottie” Said the other man.

“Look just fuck off” Lucy snapped starting to walk past.

“Well guess what Sean, looks like Lucy Pinder couldn’t handle a guy nearly double her age!” Frank said laughing.

Lucy was raging, this kind of taunt pushed all her buttons, spinning around she shouted “Say that again!”

“I said you obviously can’t take an experienced dick more than once a day?” Frank replied staring her down.

“Arrogant fucker!” Lucy snapped, “Your pathetic old man cock is nothing to me, I could take all 3 of you no problems”

“Sounds like an offer to me gents!” Franks said, all 3 moving to circle Lucy.

“Fuck you!” she said, “Fucking dirty old man”

“Fuck me? Well now you’re talking Lucy!” he said grinning, stepping towards her.

He moved over to stand right in front of her, her hard breathing blasting his chest through the open shirt.  She looked up as he moved his hand to the back of her head, gripping her tight.  Lucy looked up his hand holding her forcefully, he leaned down and kissed her hard.

Lucy was so wet, her body full of the hormones from all that semen, angry at the taunting, adrenaline pumping as she was surrounded by the 3 men.  Lucy was shaking, quivering, as her mind raced, these 3 old men were about to fuck her, she was going to let them, show them, she was not going to back down.

“Come on then Pinder!” Stan said, moving off of the path into the trees nearby.

They walked for a couple of minutes through the trees and bushes, until they found a small clearing.  Lucy spun around and looked at all 3 of them, getting a good view of what she was in for.  Frank had his shirt off already, he was still in decent shape, she looked at the other 2, and again they were not too bad for older guys.

“Like what you see then?” Frank teased, “You will literally fuck anyone wont you Pinder”

“Screw you!” She snapped back.

 “She’s feisty, this is gonna be good!” Sean said, dropping his shorts.

Frank and Stan both stripped off their clothes, standing naked Lucy finally had a sight of what she was going to take.  Frank was a solid 8 inches, Sean probably a touch shorter,  Stan had a much smaller dick, maybe 6 inches.  He caught her eyeing him up, and winked.

“Don’t worry Darlin, you ain’t gonna be disappointed.” He said laughing.

“Bend over babe, let’s continue where we left off” Frank said, moving up to Lucy.

She moved to brace herself against a nearby tree, prefect round ass shown off in those tiny daisy duke shorts.  He moved up and ran his hand over her ass, WHACK! he spanked her hard. Lucy squealed, her shorts cushioning the blow, it still stang, but her legs quivered as she revelled in it.

“Fuck yeah Frank” she gasped as he spanked her again.

His hands gripped the waist of her shorts, yanking them down, her bare ass cheeks on view.  Frank slapped her again, this time bare skin making a resounding noise, as his palm contacted the soft flesh.

“FUCK!” she yelped louder.

Sean and Stan stood watching, now stripped of their clothes, each had a hard cock in their hand stroking and enjoying the show.  Frank grinned, his hard cock in his hand, he rammed it to Lucy’s asshole, she hissed as he forced it deep, his hand gripping her around the waist pulling her close.

“Up the shitter, just how you like it” He groaned, starting to thrust.

Lucy’s eyes were wide, Franks cock was slamming her dry asshole hard, Lucy clinging to the tree as her legs wobbled.  Frank buggered her hard, Lucy felt every painful thrust into her back passage, as he almost purposefully tried to break her. Breathlessly gasping she wasn’t going to let him see any sign of weakness as she took his whole shaft in its relentless battering of her asshole.

“SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!” she squealed as he gripped her hips tight and rutted faster.

His hand moved to her hair twisting it roughly, tugging her head back, he sneered, “This one likes being a whore I think boys” as Lucy struggled in his grasp.

“FUCK!” she screamed as he pushed her head hard against the tree, pinning her there as he defiled her asshole.

Her pussy was absolutely gushing, this man knew exactly what turned her on, pinned in place, rough hand on her neck and one groping her ass, Lucy was so close to a powerful orgasm.

“OH! OH! OH FUUUUCKKKKK!!!” Lucy wailed, her body trembling, spasming on Franks cock.

He grinned, knowing she was now his, he had her exactly where he wanted.  Lucy shook, her hips bouncing, he face pinned against the rough bark of the tree.  She wailed and mewed her asshole spasming and clenching fiercely.

“Fuck this one likes it rough!” Sean said, a massive grin on his face, “This is gonna be fun”

“YES! YES! YESSSS!!!!” Lucy howled as her climax reached its peak.

Stan walked over and crouched down, his hand gripping Lucy’s chin, he kissed her softly as she moaned in post orgasm pleasure.  “She’s a pretty one alright Frank” Stan said.

“Get her on her knees”.

   Yanking Lucy up by the hair, she pulled up her shorts so she could walk unhindered, Frank painfully tugged her across to where they had chucked down 3 beach towels, she dropped to her knees and turned to face them.

   “Open that mouth Lucy” Stan said.

   Lucy smirked, “Fucking no stamina” she said laughing, before opening her mouth wide.

   Stan stepped up, his dick in hand, within seconds it erupted shooting a thick white stream of cum into her waiting mouth.  Over and over his cock pulsed, each jet seemingly bigger than the last.  It blasted the roof of her mouth, clinging to her teeth and dripping onto her tongue.  Lucy gasped, sitting mouth wide, as load after load of semen splattered in.

   “Do it Stan, fill that gob up with spunk” Sean urged, his hand wanking his cock hard.

   Lucy’s eyes were wide as Stan kept cumming, she could feel the hot lumpy cum filling her mouth, this was easily the largest single load of cum she had ever had, and it was still going.  Her eyes moved left and right as she knelt mouth wide, darting from Sean to Frank and then back to focus on Stan.

   “Fuuuck” he groaned the last few big droplets oozing down and splattering into Lucy’s mouth.

   She looked up, a moment of confusion on her face, shocked, almost bewildered with this huge mouthful of his semen.  Her primal instinct kicked in, she was gonna show them she was still in charge.  Head back she gargled his thick load,  the salty brew was extraordinarily thick, it clang to the sides of her throat and mouth as she bubbled it.

   “Oooh such a filthy young cumbucket” Stan gasped stepping back and watching.

   Swirling her tongue through the lumpy white strands, they mixed and mingled in her orifice, Lucy finally closing her lips and forcing herself to swallow hard.  Her throat flexed over and over, the sticky thick lumps clinging and resisting her, finally Lucy got the load down, and into her stomach.

   “WOW!” she gasped shaking her head.

   All 3 men stood watching her as she stood up, Frank and Sean stroking their hard cocks, Stan immediately trying to bring life to his recently emptied balls.  She grinned spinning around slowly to show off her amazing figure.

   “Let’s see the goods then Pinder” Frank said, as she teased them with her dance.

   Lucy slowly peeled off her shorts, dropping them to the floor, before moving her arms up and unfastening her bra.  Those full glorious tits revealed, all 3 men were staring at them as Lucy squeezed them in her hands
   “That all you got?” Lucy teased.

   Sean lay back on the floor, hard dick upright, hand holding it at the base, “Sit on me” he told her.  Lucy squatted down asshole winking over his tip as she eased herself lower.  Sean released his cock once Lucy had his head in her ass, and held her hips as she sank onto him.

   “Ohh that’s it baby” he groaned as finally she sat on his dick.

   Hands going up onto her tits he groped them hard as she lay back legs spread wide.  Frank stepped up and knelt in front of her, she licked her lips expecting him to sink his cock into her pussy, but gasped as he leant forward, mouth engulfing those lips and clit.

    “Fuuuckkkkk” Lucy squealed, his tongue firing over her clit.

   “If there is one thing we have learnt, it’s how to eat pussy” Stan said, his cock twitching back to life.

   Lucy had never been eaten like this, her whole pussy throbbed, her clit swelled as she came within seconds, body tight, Sean holding her down as she kicked her legs.  Frank had his hands on her trembling thighs, thumbs digging in as he struggled to hold her down, her body clenching with orgasm.

   “FUCK! FUUUCKKKK!!! FUUUUCCCKKKK!!!” she howled as Frank continued his relentless pleasuring.

   She howled as Sean clasped her soft natural tits so tight, feeling the hard nipples in his palms.  His cock twitched in her ass, her sphincter clenching so tightly as she came so hard.  She was a fucking wreck as Frank continued to eat her.


   Lucy was unable to stop, Franks tongue was like magic, her body ached like nothing she had ever experienced.  Waves of pleasure rushed over her, just as she thought her orgasm had finished, the clench of her abdomen, the flush of pure ecstasy and she was off again.


   Stan was rock hard again now as Lucy had about her 4th orgasm in a row, Frank knelt back up as she gasped in relief, her pussy finally free of the stimulation.  Lucy looked up at him, shocked and stunned by his talent, she groaned as he pushed forwards, cock sinking into her cunt.

   “ FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” Lucy screamed at Frank, all thoughts of apprehension gone.  Lucy was in the moment, her body yearning stimulation, sexual stimulation was all that she craved.

   Frank grinned, looking down at the brunette model shaking and squirming between them, Lucy was theirs now, she would beg for anything they could give her, knowing he had won the battle made him thrust even harder.

   “Tell me you want it, tell me you want this old mans cock” Franks gasped.

   Lucy growled, biting her lip and shaking her head, she knew what he wanted, but stubbornly she refused to say it.  Franks stopped, and so did Sean, she gasped as the thrusting ceased.

   “Say it Lucy, say it!” he snarled, knowing she wouldn’t be able to hold out long.

   He felt her shaking, trying to move her hips but, the 2 men held her pinned between them.  She couldn’t bounce back and forth and the desire for stimulation was driving her wild. Her clit throbbed so hard, the need for thrusting hard cock was so great, Lucy roared and finally relented.

   “Fuck me Frank, stick that hard old cock into me, make me fucking cum again” she gasped.

   Frank leant down, kissing her hard, before redoubling his thrusts, Sean sped up again, dick pumping her asshole.  Lucy shook, the double stuffing having an immediate effect, Lucy howled in pleasure, her climax deep and hard.

   “YES! YES FUCK ME! FUUUUCKKK MEEEEEE!!!” she screamed.

   Her legs kicked wildly as her holes were pistoned, in and out as she came, body taught, bending backwards, shaking in pleasure.  Lucy shook in absolute orgasm, as she was fucked hard by the 2 men.

   “YES! YES! YESSSSSSSS!!!!” she screamed again, as she eased down from her cum high.

   Frank eased up, resting on his arms, sweat running down his face, as he wiped it from his brow.  “You want it now Lucy, you want us bad?” he teased.

   “Fucking use me” she snarled back, the yearning from her pussy, overriding everything else.

   “You fuckers gonna let me have some” Stan said from behind Frank, “I wanna see what’s she’s like”

   “All yours mate” Frank Said easing out.

   “Suck my dick while Stan fucks you” Sean said to Lucy.

   She eased her ass up from his shaft and rolled over onto all 4’s, gripping Seans dick in her hand she slobbered all over the tip before sucking it between her lips.  Ass high Stan knelt behind her, hands grabbing those soft ass cheeks.  She groaned on Seans cock as Stan sank his cock into her pussy.

   “ohhh fuck” she groaned as he started pumping.

   Stan didn’t have a big cock, but he was had a good rhythm, Lucy’s pussy was wet and swollen, ready to cum again.  He pumped her cunt for a few minutes as she sucked and groaned on Seans cock. 

   “Do it Stan, fuck the slut” Frank teased, standing slowly wanking, taking a break.

   Stan thrust one last time then pulled out, his cock slammed balls deep up Lucy’s ass and he started pumping that next.  She squealed in shock as Seans cock was deep in her throat, things trembling as she held her ass high.

   “Shit!” she gasped

   His thrusts up her ass kept her ticking, Lucy wasn’t near orgasm again yet, but she wasn’t at the cock craving wild whore stage of a few minutes ago.  She had her tongue out flicking Seans balls, while her nose touched his stomach.  She held him in her throat, wet spit oozing down his shaft and dripping from his balls.

   “ohhh fuck she is good” Sean groaned looking down his body at her.

   Stan was hammering away, as Seans hips pushed up to met Lucy’s lips.  He was moments from cumming as she eased up and gasped for air.  He grinned holding his cock by the base and slapping the swollen head on her lips.

   “oooh fuck Lucy I’m so close” Sean groaned.

   Stan pulled his cock from her ass, twisting his hand in her hair he yanked her back upright.  Spinning her head around he kissed her hard, his tongue snaking into her mouth, for a deep porn style kiss.

   “Let’s see if those world famous assets are as good as they look” Frank said.

Lucy rolled over onto her back looking up as they lined up to take turns, Frank was first to straddle her chest and sink his cock between her tits.  She knew she would win this challenge, none of them would last long between those plump soft boobs.

“Fuck my tits, I dare you not to cum” She teased.

Frank pumped in and out, his dick ramming into the valley of her tits, the soft warm skin clinging to his dick as he fucked her.  She was looking up at his dick as the head popped out from between the valley of her cleavage with each thrust, gasping as her slammed harder and harder.

“Cum for me Frank, shoot that hot load” Lucy teased.

Frank grinned, he was gonna blast her, just not quite yet.  Her tits were fucking incredible though so he had to tap and let Stan tag in.  His stubby dick was completely swallowed by her tits, as he jabbed away between them, Lucy crushed her tits tightly by the sides as she felt him slamming between.

“Jesus she is good” Stan groaned, not able to last more than a couple of minutes before having to let Sean take over.

Lucy spread her cleavage then spat up onto it, rubbing her tits together making a spit slick valley for him.  Grinning he slapped his hard throbbing head on her nipples before plunging between them.

   Sean pumped his dick between Lucy’s tits, the soft orbs crushing his shaft so tight.  She lay back grinning as the other 2 wanked slowly, dicks on the verge of exploding trying to hold off for a while longer.  Sean leant forwards hands crushing her tits tighter, hips slowly pushing back and forth, “Open wide” he said.

   Lucy, expecting his cock to explode any second opened her mouth wide, tongue snaking out in preparation.  Looking up she saw Sean looming over her, a thick droplet of spit splattering down into her wide orifice.

   “Ohhh nasty!” Frank chuckled, as Lucy lay there, shocked not knowing quite what to do.

   Her tongue swirled the spitball as Sean spat again down into her mouth.  Breathing heavily through her nose she looked up at his grinning face.  Lucy wasn’t going to give him any satisfaction, so she swirled the spit in her mouth before swallowing.

   “Tasty!” she gasped, winking at him.

   “Ohhh you like it Pinder?” he growled, pulling his cock from her cleavage, he reached down and helped her up onto her knees, “Like spit play do you?”

   Not backing down now, Lucy continued her defiance, “Fucking love it” she snapped back.

   Sean hovered over her head again, coughing up a large spitball, Lucy looked up as he brushed her hair form her sweaty forehead.  She felt the sticky wad splatter on her forehead, and start to run down her face, Frank and Stand joining their friend, spitting on her face.

   “Princess Pinder, covered in spit!” Stan said, working up another drooling wad.

   Blinking as it dripped from her eyebrows down over her face, her pussy was aching again, she looked up begging “You gonna fuck this spit covered whore again?” she gasped.

   “What do you think gentlemen? One last pounding before we cum?” Frank said.

   “Can you take all 3 of us Lucy?” Sean teased.

   “Bring it!” she snarled back.

   Stan lay back on the ground, His short cock upright, “Ride me Lucy” he said.

   She mounted him swiftly, wet lips engulfing his cock, as he reached up and pulled her down snugly onto him.  She groaned, her pussy taking even this dick as some stimulation, Sean moved up behind Lucy, hands spreading her ass cheeks, dick pressing against her ring, teasing her.

   “Stick it in!” she snarled, aching for the feeling of cock in her ass.

   Sean groped her cheeks roughly before rutting deep, cock bursting her eager sphincter and twitching in her ass.  Lucy groaned, her body getting the attention it craved, 2 hard cocks now pumping her holes, she revelled in the attention she was now getting.

   “FUUCKKKK” she growled, as Sean got up to a pace.

   Frank moved to straddle her back, as Sean leant backwards, creating some space.  Lucy looked back over her shoulder as she felt Franks cock press next to Sean in her asshole.  That moment of breathlessness as her ring begged not to stretch, then the painful pleasure of being so full and feeling so dirty.

   “SHIIIITTTTTT!!!!!” She squealed, as 2 dicks pushed deep into her ass.

   “Fucking yeah bitch” Frank growled, as they started thrusting, Lucy pressed down onto Stan, franks hand son her shoulders pinning her in place, body shaking as they rutted her holes.

   “Oh GOD YES! YESSS!!! YESSSSS!!!”  Lucy screamed, her body shaking and twitching.

   All 3 men were putting every effort going into fucking the screaming, climaxing, glamour model that was writhing between them.  No time to even taunt her every drop of energy focused on slamming as hard and fast as they could. 

   “YESSS!!! YESSS!! YESS SSWEET LORD YEAAAAAAS!!!!” Lucy cried, as she came so hard, the dicks inside her hitting every spot.

   Her body shook, as they relentlessly slammed into her, Lucy feeling every deep thrust and reacting to it, her ass so full, pussy throbbing as she came again.  Franks grabbed her hair, pulling her head back, “You fucking whore Lucy! Like being our little fuck slut now?” he snarled.

   Lucy didn’t care, her primal need to be fucked had overridden every shred of dignity she had tried to preserve. She begged for it harder, giving her body to them as they made every pleasure filled thrust inside her.

   “USE ME! FUCK ME! FUCK MY WHORE ASSSSSS!” Lucy screamed, those addictive spasms of pleasure again filling her body.

   Her body clenched as she came so hard, her ring clamping down on the thrusting cocks in her ass, she roared in pure ecstasy of climax.


   Frank eased up, as did the other 2, Lucy whimpering and gasping from the pleasure of her orgasm.  Pulling his cock from her asshole, he grinned, “Shall we give her the classic?” he asked.

   “Ohhh yeah, she’s just the type” Sean gasped, pulling out leaving Lucy sitting ontop of Stan.

   They moved either side of her face, as she looked up at them, cocks hard, close to exploding, slowly stroking them.  “Holy fucking shit” she gasped, catching her breath.

   “Up” Frank said, helping her off of Stan, before letting her settle back onto her knees

   Circled by all 3 men, Lucy grinned looking up, she had a good idea what they were going to do, but wasn’t certain.  Each was stroking his dick faster and faster as they got nearer and nearer to her face.

   “Fucking beg for it Lucy, beg for our spunk” Sean gasped.

   “Tell us you want it, all over your face” Stan added.

   If this had been 30 minutes ago, Lucy would have had more fight, but she had given herself over now, and just went with it, looking up eyes sparkling, “Cum on me, shoot that thick warm cum all over my whore face” she teased.

   Stan groaned, he wanked his small cock fast, Lucy looked up at him, as a simultaneous blast of 3 cocks drenched her face.  Stand unloaded all over her forehead, as Frank hit her right eyeball, and Sean her left.  Completely blinded by semen, Lucy gasped as the torrent continued, her face being plastered in a kriss kross of hot white spunk.

   “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she gasped.

   She knelt there, cum splattering her forehead, cheeks, thick strands running down her neck.  Bolt after bolt of spunk splashed against her skin, a thick white lattice work building up.  She held her eyes open, trying to see through her blurred vision as the 3 men just kept cumming.

   “You’re just a fucking cum dumpster aren’t you Pinder!” Frank snarled, fisting his spurting shaft.

   Opening her mouth wide she stuck out her tongue, capturing some of the jets, she now revelled in the deluge, accepting her status as their cum target.  Finally sated they all stepped back admiring their work.

   Her face was an absolute mess, cum was over every inch of it, thick globs clang to her eyebrows,   Lumps coated her tits where they had missed, white streaks in her hair, Lucy was plastered in cum.

   “Good work!” Sean said looking at his friends, “Another Cum Slut tamed”

   “Hope you enjoyed it Pinders, maybe we’ll hook up again before we leave” Frank added, as they gathered their clothes. Leaving Lucy still slightly shell shocked kneeling in the clearing.

   Lucy shivered, not from the cold, but from the realisation of what she had just done.  Her mind was reeling from her display, she had just fucked 3 older men who if at home she would have been repulsed by.  She hadn’t just fucked them, she had craved their cocks, begged for them to take her.  Lucy was in a whole new place in her sexual journey, she had just jumped off a cliff edge, from where there was no going back.

   “Fucking whore Lucy” she said to herself, “dirty fucking slut”.

   She started to scrape the cum from her face, almost subconsciously needing to swallow as much as she could.  Lifting a thick clot from her breast, she dangled it over her open mouth before savouring then swallowing it.

   She avidly licked and sucked as much of their cum from her face and body as she could, before finding her clothes and dressing. Looking at her watch she had about 40 minutes until she was meeting Sophie and Michelle, so she had to hurry to the beach now, she hated to rush but this if it went as planned was going to be something she would never forget.
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Re: Calypso Summer (various UK Glamour Models)
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Nasty, nasty... Nasty as you please, Lucy is back baby!  :Y:
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Re: Calypso Summer (various UK Glamour Models)
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Chapter  9

Starring: Jennifer Ellison, Sarah Randall

Codes: MF, Titfuck, Throatfuck, DP, Facial, Anal, Cum in Ass

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

Sarah grinned as Peter sat on the sofa, they were in one of the more expensive hotel suites, Sarah with a keycard had let them in.

   “So then Peter, I’ve heard good things about you” Sarah teased, smiling at him.  She stood in front of him, white blouse, short black skirt, high heels.

   “Who have you been talking too?” Peter replied.

   “Malene, and Sammy” She answered, slowly swaying her hips and moving in front of him.

   “Cock out, Peter” she instructed, as her fingers started to unfasten her blouse.

   His semi hard dick sprang from his fly as he unzipped his shorts, twitching with life as Sarah peeled off her clothes.  Her huge boobs tried to burst free from the dark red bra that contained them, wobbling as she wiggled out of her skirt.

   “Wank for me Peter, wank fast and hard” Sarah instructed as she, reached around to unfasten her bra.

   Peter couldn’t keep his eyes from her body, as her huge natural breasts were unleashed.  They spilled down and out form her bra as she dropped it to the floor swinging and wobbling hypnotically.  She reached up and crushed both in her hands, squeezing them against her chest, making them spread and appear even bigger.

   “I want it soooo bad Peter, that big cock of yours” she gasped.

   She pulled down her knickers, and moved to straddle his body, not waiting for him to remove his clothes.  Her already wet cunt sank down over peters cock, he groaned as she leant into him, hand on his neck kissing him hard.

   “Fuckkk me Peter” Sarah gasped as she started to grind on him.

   His hands went up to grope her tits, as she rolled her hips on him.  They were as soft and full as he had imagined, barring Lucy maybe the finest tits he had ever felt.  Hands above her head she jiggled them hypnotically.

   “Ohhh fuckk yeeesssss” she groaned as Peter thrust up into her, hips pumping faster.

   Peter was sucking on her huge tits when he heard a voice from the doorway.

   “WHAT THE FUCK!” said a female voice loudly.

    Peter looked over as Sarah span her head to see who it was.  Jennifer Ellison stood in the doorway, tight white bikini hugging her curvaceous form. Sarah leapt off of Peters cock, trying to cover herself.

   “Jen, Jen it’s not what it looks like!” Sarah said, looking between Peter and then her.

   “Oh so I take you away for a romantic break, and now I catch you fucking some random guy!” Jen snapped back.

   “I, I am sooo sorry Jen, I just needed dick so bad” Sarah said, looking ashamed.

   Peter tried not to smile, he knew that Jen wanted to roleplay this cheating scenario, that was what Sarah had asked him to help with.  Getting up he started to leave, giving Sarah and Jen some space.

   “Where the fuck are you going, sit back down!” Jen snapped.

   Peter, slightly flustered sat next to Sarah on the sofa, as Jen looked sternly at her, “I can’t fucking believe it Sarah, your fucking around on me, you dirty slut”

   “I’m so sorry Jen, you were at the beach all day, I was soooo horny, and he was there” Sarah replied.

   “Was he good?” Jen asked, eyeing up Peter

   “I literally just started when you caught us” Sarah replied, “I am sooo sorry Jen, I would do anything to make it up”

   “Anything?” Jen asked.

   “Whatever you want” Sarah said.

   “Well you know what I want, but can you do it Sarah?” Jen said grinning.

   “Really?” Sarah replied.

   “Clean slate” Jen said, “But for the next hour, we do what I crave”

   Sarah nodded, “Ok Jen, we can have a threesome, no jealousy I promise” Sarah said.

   Moving Sarah to the sofa, Jen made her lay down, on her back, legs upright against the sofa back, head hanging off the front.   She folded her arms under her back as Jen got up and straddled her waist, sitting ontop of her.

   Peter removed his clothes, his throbbing hard dick pointing towards the sky.

   “Hmmm, how about you open that nasty mouth, and let him throatfuck you” Jen said, hands moving to Sarah’s huge tits and squeezing them.

   She opened her mouth wide and Peter moved in front of her, guiding his hard dick between her lips.  The tip ran up her tongue, as he pressed in, her lips clamping down and sucking him hard.
   “Ohh don’t hold back Peter, fuck that mouth like it was her tight asshole, balls deep, no mercy” Jen said.

   She mauled Sarah’s tits hard, as Peter pushed in, he felt her throat gag briefly before popping and taking his dick.  Her body trembled as she tried to get used to Peters cock in her throat, gagging hard as he pushed in and out.

   Peter thrust his dick deep, starting to go faster, as Jen twisted Sarah’s nipples, and she screamed on his dick.  Jen reached up and grabbed Peter’s neck pulling him in for a deep kiss, her tongue driving into his mouth.

   “Fuck that mouth Peter, use it like it was her tight ring” Jen gasped breaking the kiss.

   Driving faster and faster Peter let his initial hesitation go, dick pounding Sarah’s throat, his balls bashing hard against her nose and forehead, he throat fucked her hard.  Jen kissed her way down his chest, before leaning back and pushing her fingers into Sarah’s pussy. 

   “So Wet!” Jen gasped bringing her shining fingers back and showing Peter before devouring them.

   Moving forwards Jen pulled Peter down for a hard kiss, he pushed his dick balls deep into Sarah, holding it there feeling her choke as Jen snaked her tongue around his mouth.  Sarah gagged hard a large wad of spit exploding from her mouth, clinging to his balls and oozing down her forehead.

   “Shall we fuck?” Jen gasped, as she broke her kiss, “make this little slag watch as you pound me, wishing it was her”

   Peter grinned, Jen moved off of Sarah, and pushed Peter back until he lay onto the floor.  Sarah gasped for air as his cock was free from her throat, laying there breathing hard as Jen peeled off her bikini.

   “Ohh fuck I want to ride you Peter, ride you hard” Jen groaned.

   Her big fake tits released from her top, she pulled off her bottoms and sank to her knees over Peter.  Gripping his shaft she fed it into her cunt, lower and lower until he was balls deep inside.
   “Fuck me Peter, fuck me hard” Jen groaned as her hips churned on his shaft.

Sarah sat up on the sofa catching her breath, she blinked her eyes to clear them of the strands of spit that clang to her eyelashes.  Jen rolled her hips as Peter clutched tight to her ass, cock slamming her cunt.

“Harder! Harder!” Jen groaned.

His fingers dug into the soft flesh of her hips as he gripped her tightly, cock hammering upwards into her.  Sarah watched her fuck buddy as she tossed her head back roaring in pure pleasure, body climaxing and shaking.

“FUUUCKKKKK!!!” Jen screamed, a wave of stimulation passing through her body.

Peter held her tight as she shook ontop of him, pussy so tight and clenching as Jen came hard,  her big fake tits wobbling on her chest as she growled and screamed in pleasure.

“YESSSS!!! YESSS!!!! YEEEAASSSSSS!!!!” she cried.

Staring straight at Sarah who sat on the sofa, Jen roared in climax, almost triumphant in her orgasm as she came hard, grinding down onto Peters cock.  Settling back she ran her fingers through her hair, grinning she teased Sarah.

“Jealous Sarah,” Jen purred, easing up from Peters cock and Moving down on her hands and knees to grasp it.

Jen took Peters dick in her hands and slowly wanked him, eyes on Sarah the whole time.  She dipped her head to furiously suck it for 5 or 6 strokes, letting a long strand of spit hang down connecting his throbbing cockhead and her lips as she came up for air.

“Come and help me then” Jen gasped, “Let’s share this cock”

 Sarah dropped to her knees beside Jen, the 2 gorgeous women now worshiping Peter’s cock, Sarah Sucked on his bell end, while Jen took both his balls into her mouth.  Sarah was slurping furiously as Peters cock throbbed and twitched.

“Ohh fuck I am gonna cum soon” He groaned as they worked him over.

Jen grinned, “Stand up Peter” she said, “I want this cheating slut to watch you spunk on my face and tits”

She moved onto her knees, as Peter loomed over her, hard dick in his hand.  Brushing her hair away from her face, Jen looked up at him, eyes wide. “Spunk on me baby cum all over me” she teased.

Peter was so close, as Jen reached up wanking him fast, her hand aiming his about to explode head right on her forehead.  Sarah sat watching, looking intently at Jen as she worked fast and furiously for his seed.

“Watch him cum Sarah, your girlfriend is gonna get plastered in hot stinking cum” Jen snarled as she felt him twitch.

Peter threw back his head and roared as hit balls blasted their cargo all over Jens face, streak after streak splattered down, clinging to her eyebrows and cheeks.  She spluttered as a thick wad hit her open mouth, coating her tongue. Resting back she let Peter milk the last few big droplets from his dick, holding her big fake tits up she gave him the perfect target to drip them on.

“How do I look then?” Jen asked, turning to look at Sarah, “Like him cumming on my face?

“Fuck you Jen!” Sarah snapped.

“Ohh you will” Jen replied laughing, “In fact right now, let’s get him hard again, I need some more cock!”

Sarah opened her bag and took out a strap on, she fastened it over her crotch, as Jen moved to bend over the end of the sofa, watching as Peter sat in the chair opposite, trying to stroke his flaccid dick back into life.

“Look at me Peter, your cum all over my face as she fucks me hard” Jen groaned, as Sarah stepped up behind and eased the 8 inch shaft into her cunt.

Sarah gripped Jens hips and thrust hard, her big natural breasts bouncing and jiggling with every pump.  Jen groaned as her pussy was filled over and over, keeping eye contact with Peter the whole time, as his dick slowly twitched back to life.

“FUCK YES! YESSSS YESSS!!!” Jen screamed as she came, Sarah fucking her hard and deep.

Sarah’s big breasts were bouncing frantically as she slammed her hips forwards, Jen shaking the thick cum dribbling down her face and dripped onto the sofa cushions. 

“YESSS!!! YESSSS!! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” she cried.

Sarah was grinning watching as Peter wanked his now hard cock, Jen was getting off to her cheating girlfriend fantasy, and it always turned her on to help the guests get off.

“Ohhh shiiit!” Jen panted, calming from her orgasm, and looking back at Sarah, “Got him hard I see”

“C’mon Peter lets finish my threesome fantasy in style” Jen said as Sarah eased from her pussy and sat back on the couch.

Jen stood up and moved to straddle Sarah, she eased her wet pussy down over the shaft, and leant forwards to kiss her.  Looking back at Peter, she said, “Well don’t just sit there wanking, stick that cock up my ass Peter!”

   Peter moved to stand behind Jen, her pert ass grinding up and down as she rode Sarah, his hand came down with a SMACK, spanking Jen.  She yelped in surprise, turning her head back again and grinning, as Peter held her still for a moment.

   “Put it iiiiinnnn” she growled.

   Peter spread her asscheeks and probed his cockhead to her ring, she gasped as it pushed in, stretching her open.  Peter felt her ass grip him tight as he clawed her soft bum cheeks tight, dick slowly easing into her.  Jen was gasping as both her holes were filled, double the pleasure filling her loins.

   `”Fuck my ass Peter, fuck it good” she groaned as he finished balls deep inside her.

   Holding her hips Peter, started to thrust, his cock pushing in and out of her clenching ring, as she was pinned between himself and Sarah. Long blonde hair flicking back as she tossed her head, Peter slowly built up his pace.

   “Fuck yeah, do me, do me Peter, fuuuuckk that’s so good” Jennifer groaned.

   Sarah watched Jen, her face screwed up in pleasure, body so close to another orgasm, big fake tits bouncing as she strained her body approaching climax.  Peter grabbed her hair, twisting it into a ponytail and tugging back, as Jen roared in pleasure.  A wave of pure orgasminc sensation exploded inside of Jen as she came so hard.

   “YES! YES!!!! YEEESSS!!!!!” Jennifer Ellison screamed.

   Peter slammed faster and harder, buggering Jen as she howled in pleasure, ring clenched tightly on his dick.  Eyes rolling up in their sockets as she came, Jen revelled in her DP orgasm.

   “FUUUCKKK!  YESSSS! YESSSS!! YESSSS!!!!” she wailed.

   Sarah was loving watching Jen cum, she got off on others receiving pleasure, so the sight of this curvy blonde cumming so hard was really working for her.

   “FUCK! FUCKKKK FUCKKKK!!!” Jen screamed, her orgasm peaking.

   Peter knelt back dick throbbing inside of Jen, despite having cum a few minutes before, his balls were close to emptying again.  Jen was gasping, as she calmed from her orgasm, body quivering and twitching.

   “Don’t fucking stop Peter, fucking shoot that spunk up my ass baby” Jen groaned.

   Peter grabbed her hips and started rutting furiously, determined to explode as fast as he could.  Jen loved every inch as it slammed so hard up her shit hole, she lay forwards Sarah sucking her tits as Peter used her asshole to cum.

   “Fucking do it Peter, empty those balls baby” Jen squealed, as she felt him close to cumming.

   Peter slammed deep, hot scalding spunk shooting right up Jens ass, Hands now on her shoulders, pulling himself so deep as he came.  Jen squealed in delight as he came up her back passage, revelling in every thick pulse of semen.

   “Do it! Do it!” she gasped, as he jerked over and over, cum spurting inside her.

   Peter finally empty stepped back is dick easing from her asshole, legs shaking he collapsed back into a chair. 

   “ooooh good boy” Jen groaned as she eased up from Sarah, “only one punishment left for my cheating whore” She added smiling.

   She bent over, ass high face down, “Suck that spunk out of my ass Sarah, then we are even” She said.

   Sarah moved up behind and spread her cheeks, lips clamping over her winking sphincter.  Peter sat watching as Sarah sucked every drop of his ejaculate out of Jens asshole.  Jen had her head resting on the ground as she felt the warm sticky cum being drained from her butthole.

   “oooohh good work Sarah, no share that nasty spunk with me” Jen said, sitting up.

   Sarah leant over Jen, as she opened her mouth, accepting the thick lumpy string as it dripped down. Coating her tongue Jen avidly swallowed, both women sharing Peters spunk.
   “Thank you Peter, that was amazing” Jen said looking at him, “I have always wanted to play that fantasy out”

   All 3 dressed, exchanging smalltalk as Sarah and Peter left Jen in her penthouse, walking back towards the beach.

   “What you doing next then Peter?” Sarah asked.

   “I’m not sure to be honest, I may just have a walk on the beach and see who is there.” He replied.

   “I’m off to the Fetish rooms next, Got something really kinky lined up” Sarah replied.

   “Oh” Peter said, slightly embarrassed at her candid answer.

   “Wanna come and watch, the more the better” Sarah said.

   “Really?” Peter answered.

   “really” Sarah said, moving up to kiss him softly, ”I really enjoyed our brief fucking, and would love to please you however you like afterwards”

   Peter smiled, “Lead the way Sarah” he said,
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Re: Calypso Summer (various UK Glamour Models)
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Nice use of Jen and it's great to see you writing again.

Just to let you know, one of your images in the above post is no longer working.
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Re: Calypso Summer (various UK Glamour Models)
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Nice use of Jen and it's great to see you writing again.

Just to let you know, one of your images in the above post is no longer working.


Was fun to write her, image is fixed :)


Re: Calypso Summer (various UK Glamour Models)
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Great to see you writing again Chlp, new stuff from you is always nice.


Re: Calypso Summer (various UK Glamour Models)
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Chapter  10

Starring: Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh, Sophie Howard

Codes: MMF,  DAP, Facial, Anal, Cum in Ass, Cum in Throat, Cum Swallowing from Glass

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

Lucy rushed back to the beach house, she had only about 40 minutes to change and get to the beach cabana.  She slid open the door and Michelle and Sophie were sitting at the table chatting.

   “you’re late Lucy” Michelle said, “Where the fuck have you been”

   “Well that’s a story!” Lucy replied, stripping off her clothes.

   “Do tell!” Sophie asked, as Lucy Jumped in the shower.

   “You filthy cow!” Michelle said as Lucy regaled them with the story of the 3 old guys. “That’s fucking warped”

   “Honestly,” Lucy replied, drying herself, “I think I don’t have and red lines now, I would fuck any guy you put in front of me.  ”

   “I think it’s hot!” Sophie said grinning, “Getting fucked by those 3 old guys, feeling like a little whore, damn that’s good”

   “Pair of sick bitches” Michelle said laughing.

   Lucy got dressed and they walked out of her cabana, and down towards the beach clearing.  A 3 in matching white Bikini’s they made quite the sight as they approached the normally quiet secluded spot.

   “Holy Shit Lucy!” Michelle said, looking around the grove, about 300 people were crammed all around the small centre stage, a buzz of chatter filling the air.

   “What the fuck!” Lucy replied.

   “Guess word must have gotten out” Sophie said grinning, “I wonder how that happened”

   “Fucking bitch!” Lucy said laughing, her plans having just gone up another notch.

   People at the edge of the crowd spotted the 3 girls, and a pathway parted allowing them to walk to the centre.  A long cushioned sofa, long coffee table, 2 smaller stools and what looked like a replica bar were the only furniture on the stage, Lucy stood gazing around the crowd, as Michelle and Sophie waited either side of her.

   “Ready boys?” Lucy purred, as a hush descended, she gestured at 2 men in the front ranks.

   One was the Bull, he grinned, eyes already devouring Lucy’s figure.  The other was Mr 14 inches from the previous night.  He smiled as both approached her,  “I want you rock hard, then I am all yours, you know what I want” she said to them both, “Let Paul lead, Bull,” she said, “He knows exactly what to do”.  The younger man nodded, as she knelt in front of both.

   “Get those cocks out, Lucy needs some serious dick” She teased, looking up at both of them.

   Stepping out of their shorts, several of the crowd gasped at the sight of a pair of huge dicks.  Lucy licked her lips, body trembling at the thought of these 2 monsters, she reached up and grasped each cock in her hands.  Stroking them slowly she felt them throb and twitch in her grasp.

   “That’s it boys, nice and hard” Lucy groaned, taking each into her mouth, and sucking on the head.

   Lucy bobbed her head back and forth, slurping and sucking on each huge shaft, when she was satisfied they both were as hard as she could get them, she stood up.  Hand on Bulls chest she pushed him back onto the sofa so he could watch her and Paul.

   “You gonna be our dirty little slut Lucy” Paul said, moving behind her, his hand around her body, cupping her breast sin the bikini top.

   “Ohh you know I want to” Lucy gasped, as he groped both of her tits hard.

   She released her top and Paul tossed it to one side, his hands squeezing her breasts tight, before running one down her body and into her bikini bottoms.  Finger pushing into her soaking wet pussy he drew it back up to her mouth.  Lucy sucked it avidly, before spinning around.

   “Ohh fuuuck you hold that dick up Bull baby” she groaned, tossing her bikini bottoms aside.

   He gripped his cock in both hands as Lucy backed her ample ass up, resting her ring on his dickhead, he adjusted his grip to no hold her hips.   Hissing loudly she eased down onto the monster shaft, her dry ass slowly accepting the massive python.

   Eyes wide she gasped for air, “FUCK! FUCK! FUUUCKK!!” she stuttered as her body endured the probing cock.

   Bull held Lucy Steady as she sat on his crotch, gasping and panting for breath.  His huge dick was now balls deep up her ass, Lucy ran both her hands through her hair shuddering.
   “Motherfucker! That’s huge” she snarled, eyes wide thighs quivering.

   Paul stepped up, hands running across those trembling thighs, thumbs digging into her, he gripped Lucy tightly below her knees, lifting and spreading her legs.  Lucy was breathing heavily, anticipation running through her body, the crowd was hushed, waiting for what was going to happen next.

   Michelle and Sophie now moved through the crowd, large brandy glasses at the ready, watching the men, nearly all wanking over the show.  From her performance the previous night, Lucy’s reputation had now brought all these people here to watch her display, she was earning the title of resort star.

   “Fucking do it Paul, you know I want it, now fucking do it!” She gasped, “All you fuckers watching” She yelled.

   “Hold her down Bull” Paul said, as he gripped her legs tightly.

   Lucy folded her arms behind her back, as Bull hooked his strong arms into them.  Back arched, huge tits pushed out she lay there looking straight up at Paul.  She snarled at him, teeth clenched, as she braced herself,.  Huge breasts heaving as she saw his huge rod nestle above Bulls pressing her tight sphincter.

   “FUUUCKKKKK” she growled, a she pressed hard, her ring clamped tightly not allowing him in.

   Paul pushed harder, until finally the grip broke, and his head popped into her ass. She howled, body shaking legs attempting to kick in his grasp.  Paul watched as Lucy screwed up her face, her ass broken open by 2 huge cocks, just as she had asked him.

   Tears ran down her cheeks, as she fought to hold her composure, Legs kicking involuntarily as Paul eased his monster deeper and deeper.  Ass burning, stretched wide, no lube, she should have been hating it, fighting it. But no, Lucy craved it, the sensations, the feeling of being watched, of showing just how nasty she could get, giving her body to them to use.  Something had changed in her, maybe it was the huge volume of semen she had consumed, the hormones effecting her, whatever it was Lucy was more turned on than she had ever been in her life at this moment.

   Nostrils flared, she started to sob, her ass now filled to the bring with these 2 enormous dicks.  Silence had fallen over the glade, Lucy sobbing and sniffling was all anyone could hear.  She looked around, most of the faces were in awe of her act, taking 1 of these monsters up her ass was something, but 2 at once was a whole other level of depravity.

   “FUCK MY ASSSSSSS!!!” she screamed breaking the silence, a huge cheer erupted from the crowd.

   Paul pulled back and slammed home, causing Lucy to scream, she tossed her head from side to side as his cock, as he rutted deep and hard, trying to go from tip to base with each thrust.

   “FUCCCKKKK!!! FUUUCKKKKK!!! FUUUUCCKKKK!!!” Lucy cried, her ass being absolutely destroyed.

   Paul struggled to hold her fighting legs, as his dick plunged deep up her pipe, Bull was now thrusting upwards as well, double dick in and out of her ass. Huge tits wobbling like balloons as Paul and Bull double poked her hole, Lucy was screaming so loudly, her nasty idea brought to life.

   “DO IT! DO IT! FUCKING DO IT!” She wailed as they kept up this brutal pace.

   Lucy was now beyond any pain she may have felt, her whole body ached, each powerful thrust sent waves of pleasure through her.  Moments from orgasm she let out a primal roar, before her pussy exploded spraying a huge jet of girlcum up Pauls body.

   “YESSSSS!!! YESSSS!!!! YESSSS!!!!2 She cried, her body experiencing her most powerful orgasm ever.

   Lucy’s eyes were white as they rolled back in their sockets, body aflame with power and pleasure.  She felt herself clenching and shaking, every muscle tight as the waves of orgasm hit her over and over.  Paul and Bull kept pounding hard, her tight sphincter clasped on their dicks.

   “SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!!! YEAASSSSS!!!!!” she screamed.

   Paul let go of her legs and they flailed wildly in the air as his hands moved up her body, raising one back her slapped her breast hard, causing her to yelp. Lucy howled in orgasm still as he slapped one then the other glorious orb, the sting of each slap intensifying her climax.

   “CUNT! FUCKING CUNT!” she snarled teeth clenched, body shaking.

   Lucy’s tits stang with each slap, the glow of her orgasm intensified with each WHACK, Eyes locked on Paul as he now grabbed her breast with one hand, mauling it, crushing it tight.

   “Fucking use me, use my ass” she gasped.

   His hand moved up and gripped her face, fingers tight on her chin he pushed his thumb into her mouth, pinning her tongue down. Holding her mouth open he leant forwards spitting into her open mouth. Lucy shivered, her mind loving this, mouth forced open, spit clinging to the back of her throat.

   “Doo it” she struggled to gasp, her mouth force open wide.

   Both dicks plunged in and out of her asshole, Lucy now more focused her initial frenzy sated, body more used to the pair of monsters destroying her. Paul released his grip, moved his hand up and slapped her.  Lucy snapped her head back immediately, the roughness of this sex driving her on.

   “Fucking pathetic, fucking slap me properly you cunt!” she growled at him.

   He slapped her harder, Lucy squealed, the sting again lighting a fire in her body.  He moved his hand down slapping her huge breasts again, left, right, left, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. her pussy was so wet Lucy came on the crack of his third slap.

   “FUUUUUCKKKKKK!!!! FUUUUUCKKKKKKK!!!” she screamed coming for the second time in minutes.

   Bull had her arms locked firmly as she came, body clenching and squirming once again, ring spasming on the double anal buggering she was receiving. Her huge breasts wobbled and shuddered as she screamed and wailed in pure pleasure.

   “YEAASS!!! YEAAAASSSS!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!” she cried.

   Lucy was in another zone now, her mind and body screaming in pure joy, she lay back and gave herself over, body to these 2 huge cocks, as she came ferociously.  Paul had his hand on her thighs thumbs pushed into the quivering flesh as he pumped hard and deep. Lucy was whimpering now, her orgasm subsiding.

   “Ohh fuck, fuuuuck I’m a nasty whore” she gasped.

   “Ohhh fuck Lucy I am gonna cum soon” Bull said from below her.

   “Empty those balls up my ass baby, bend me over that bar and drop your load up my shit pipe” She gasped.

   Paul eased from her ring, it clenched back around the single shaft, as he helped her up on her wobbly legs.  Lucy bent over, round butt cheek glowing as Bull stood up, and followed her.

   “Don’t fucking be gentle, just fucking slam me until you cum, use me like a fucking fleshlight babe” Lucy said settling onto the bar.

   Looking out across the grove, she saw everyone was watching her, A few couples were fucking doggy fashion, both still fixed on Lucy, but most were sat in chairs, wanking or just transfixed on her show.  Sophie and Michelle walked amongst them, both brandy glasses containing several cum shots already.  Lucy licked her lips anticipating the salty brew she would receive a bit later on.

   “FUUUUCKKKKKKKKK!” she yelped as Bull stepped up and just rammed his cock balls deep into her ass. 

   Lucy wasn’t expecting it at that moment and his huge dick drove deep., she squealed and kicked her legs, eyes wide gasping for breath.  Bull pinned her down to the top, one hand on her back the other twisting her hair and tugging it.

   “Fucking whore” Bull grunted, slamming his cock in and out.

   Lucy was gasping feeling him pump so hard and deep, he was really close she could tell by the frantic rough nature of his thrusts.  Bull slammed deep and fast, Lucy was standing on her toes, clutching the far edge of the bar, as he reamed her ring.  Body slammed up against her ass cheeks with every thrust, thighs pinned to the bar front, Lucy was watching all the audience as her asshole was used.

   “CUM CUM IN MY ASS!” she yelled, watching the crowd for a reaction.

   Paul stepped down to the front of the stage “Who wants to taste some Pinder ass” he yelled.

   Quick as a flash one of the crowd was on her knees in front of him, cock in hand lips eagerly engulfing it.  Lucy could just make out who it was, Casey Batchelor, the dirty bitch, Lucy was eager to meet up with the brunette, she had always wanted to fuck her.

   “CUMMMING!” Bull roared, his hips slamming hard and grinding down as he pumped spurt after spurt into Lucy’s bowels.

   Lucy was slammed, pinned down as his cum blasted up her ass, she felt every hot scalding spurt fill her up.  Paul had his hands above his head as Casey slurped his shaft from base to tip, the throbbing member ready for action once more.

   Lucy was squealing as every drop of cum blasted up her anus, Bull forced his whole weight down into her, driving the tip of that exploding dick as deep as he could.  Body flat ontop of Lucy she was held down by his weight as he lay there exhausted, balls empty, hot cum inside her.

   “Oh fuck Lucy” Bull gasped, “that was epic”

   “Ohh Bull baby, thank you sooo much, if you get hard again you can have another ride, I am sure one of the ladies here will give you a hand” Lucy said, looking back at him grinning as he pulled from her asshole.

   On slightly shaky legs Bull moved off the stage, his mates all surrounded him, clapping him on the back, congratulating him.  Lucy jumped as she felt a tongue running up her thigh licking the thick oozing strand of cum, that ran from her ring.  Casey had moved from her position sucking off Paul, to delving between Lucy’s asscheeks.

   “Ohhh fuck that’s good” Lucy gasped as Casey rimmed her deep.  Tongue delving into her ass, sucking as much spunk as she could out.

   Legs quivering again, Lucy could feel an orgasm building just from Casey eating her ass, this was a first she had never cum from that before.  Stretching up onto her toes she felt the warm rush of pleasure flood her body, gasping she let out a roar of pure joy as she came.

   “YEAASSSSS!!!!!!!” she wailed, thighs taught, her ring tight, Casey lapping the closed bud furiously.

   Casey came up from her ass, as she calmed from her mini climax, a broad grin on her face, she slapped Lucy’s ass hard. “You owe me Pinder, I will be collecting soon” she said, walking off the stage.

   Paul stepped up hard cock looming in front her face, she rolled onto her back head hanging off the edge of the bar, his hand grabbed her hair, bending her back to an uncomfortable position, tits high, hands clutching the far side of the bar to balance herself.

   “Open wide Lucy” he said, pushing his huge head towards her lips.

   Lucy stretched her mouth open, his massive head resting on her top teeth as she hung upside down. Hands holding her shoulders down he pushed his cock in, roughly, almost brutally he didn’t stop until he was balls deep.  Lucy’s stomach clenched, she felt the urge to puke, but fought it, she knew she could take him, and her mind controlled her body.  Knuckles white gripping so tightly she lay back, compliant as Paul drove his cock in and out.

   “Fuck you PINDER!” he growled, hips getting faster and more forceful.

   Lucy tried to focus her mind, his cock was so huge her throat stretched wide, her body being taken.  She fought for so long but eventually she retched, a thick clot of spit spraying from around his dick and clinging to her nose.  The shiny thick strand dripped own into her hair oozing towards the floor.

   “Ohhh good bitch” He groaned, pulling his dick out, allowing her to take several gasps of air, before pushing back down.

“GWAAKKK, GWAAAAKKKK,GWAAAAAKKK” Lucy gagged as he throatfucked her hard.  All attempts at prevention gone, spit now flowed down her face as her stomach urged.

The gloopy thick spit oozed down her long dark hair as Paul pounded her throat relentlessly, her back arched, stomach clenched as she retched over and over again.  Hands gripping her tits, squeezing tightly, crushing those glorious orbs, hips slamming so hard against her head.

“FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!” he snarled his balls bouncing off her forehead, with each powerful thrust.

Fingers gripping her nipples, she squealed, dick deep in her oesophagus, Paul twisted them hard, dragging her huge tits up, stretching them high.  He drove balls deep, grinding his crotch on her face as he dragged her wobbling tits as high as he could, pulling and mauling them.

WHACK! Lucy screamed as a powerful slap landed on her right stretched breast.  Malene Laughed as she slapped Lucy’s other boob, the soft stretched tits wobbled as she struck it.  Lucy screamed so loudly as Malene repeatedly slapped her tits.

Paul released her tits, leaning in to kiss Malene hard as he pumped Lucy’s throat.  Malene ran her hand up Lucy’s body until it rested on her neck, Pauls monster cock poking up with each thrust, she caressed the tip through Lucy’s skin.

“Shoot that spunk baby” she purred, long nails grazing Lucy’s tits as she squeezed them.

Lucy felt Malene's hand on her neck, body now prone, accepting the viscous throat pounding.  She could feel the wads of spit running down her face, pooling in her eyes, forming a thick wave of mucus over her face. 

   “Choke on it bitch!” Paul growled his thrusts becoming even more frantic as his balls were ready to erupt.

   Snot and spit blasted from Lucy’s nostrils, a thick wad splattering Paul’s balls as they pressed down. She felt him trap her under his body, dick pulsing in her throat, warm cum blasting out.

   “I feel it!” Malene gasped, the thick jets of cum forcing out from under her fingers as she rubbed his throbbing head through Lucy’s neck.

   Releasing her hand she saw each spurt of cum, as it came from the tip of Pauls cock.  His head poking far out of her clavicle, skin stretched tight every blast of semen was like a pulsing vein in her neck.

   “Fuuuuckkkk” Paul gasped, balls empty, finally sated. One last bounce of his crotch into Lucy’s face, before pulling out.

   Lucy gasped for air, finally free of dick.  That must have been a solid 10 minute skullfucking.  She lay there, dragging in lungfuls of air as she tried to recover.  Eyes glued shut with a thick layer of her own drool, she felt Michelle take her hand.

   “Over here Lucy, take a seat” Michele said guiding her.

   Lucy collapsed back into the sofa, panting trying to open her eyes.  She scraped the thick wads from her sockets and finally managed to blink them open.  Michelle and Sophie sat at the bar, having decanted all of their collection into the one glass, now a single large brandy glass brimming with cum, maybe 100 plus loads by Lucy’s calculation.

   “Feeling Thirsty Lucy?” Michelle teased, her index finger stirring the lumpy brew.

   Lucy sat up, as Michelle carefully carried the glass over, handing it to Lucy.  She lifted the glass up to examine the contents up close. The contents just brimmed the glass, thick white clots floating on the surface of the shiny mixture.  Lucy carefully lifted it to her lips before sucking an inch or so from the top into her mouth.

   “Drink it down my little cum slut” Michelle told her.

   Lucy swirled the first half mouthful around before swallowing hard.  The thick clots clinging to her throat as she opened her mouth wide, for the next.  She tipped the glass back filing her mouth to the brim, her tongue swimming in the white gloopy lake.

   “Ohh you nasty girl” Sophie said watching Lucy savour her treat.

   Lucy tipped her head back and felt the thick cum flow down her throat, the large clots clinging to her tonsils before she swallowed.  Lucy savoured the first swallow, the cum almost instantly refreshing her.  Psychologically the feeling of all the semen from those men inside her lifted her.

   “Ohh fuck thank you boys” she said loudly, lifting the glass to her lips and filling her mouth once more.

   Everyone sat watching her show, as the spit soaked brunette gargled and frothed the next mouthful.  Bubbles of cum formed between her lips, and some trails ran down her chin. Lucy closed her mouth and swallowed the lot, swirling the glass contents she looked up at Michelle and Sophie.

   “Feed me please” she said holding the glass up to them and tipping her head back mouth wide.

   Michelle took the glass, and took half the contents into her mouth, while Sophie filled up with the remainder.  Standing over Lucy Michelle dribbled a long streak of cum down into her mouth, the opaque spit strand of semen slowly plopping into Lucy’s wide open orifice.  Sophie moved over and copied Michelle, spitting it down into Lucy’s eager mouth, the cum filing it fast as both now spat into it.

   Eyes locked onto the strands of cum that dripped down, Lucy breathed deeply through her nose. “Pghhh” Michelle spat the final few drops into Lucy’s mouth.  Sophie moved down closer, closing her lips over Lucy’s.

   “Sophie...” Michelle Scolded.

   Sophie broke her kiss, Lucy’s having taken every drop in her mouth.  Taking a deep breath Lucy closed her mouth and guzzled it down, swallowing hard making sure every last drop filled her stomach.  She felt it churn and gurgle, the salty protein releasing all its hormones into her system.

   “Grrrr” she gasped shaking her head, Sitting up and looking around.

   “Did you enjoy the show?” she asked to the crowd.

   A loud cheer erupted, as Lucy grinned, bathing in the adulation.  This was what got her off the most, the feeling of this crowd of people loving watching her do the filthiest acts.  Looking at Michelle and Sophie, sat either side of her, she felt the warm glow all through her body.  She ached for sex now, just craved it, “I need you both now” she whispered under the buzz of the crowd.

   “I am sooo horny” Sophie replied, “Back to the beach cabin?”

   “Yes, can we take some cock?” Michelle asked.

   “Pick one each, I am taking Bull and Paul” Lucy said.

   Michelle stood up and started to wander around the crowd, eyeing up the men, Sophie went straight for Ben however, as he stood with Bull and Hal.  “Time for you to put up or shut up Ben” she said taking his hand and leading him off.

   “Lucy stood up, her legs felt like Jelly but she managed to walk over and take Bull and Paul off towards the cabin, “You boys better be ready for round 2” she said.

   Michelle followed, she had a handsome 30 something guy in tow, his face had the biggest grin you could ever imagine as he followed the line down and out of the grove.

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Re: Calypso Summer (various UK Glamour Models)
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Damn, that was nasty with the cum in the glass. Looks like you had a lot of fun writing that one.
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