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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #75 on: June 06, 2020, 06:36:17 AM »
Thanks for the compliment Miami. Heavily appreciated.
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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #76 on: June 06, 2020, 10:07:36 AM »
Thank you again for letting me play a small part in this epic story.  It's scale cannot be matched, and it's execution perfect. 

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #77 on: June 06, 2020, 03:13:02 PM »
Thanks Sly, though I should honestly be thanking you for your off the charts addition to the story.
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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #78 on: June 06, 2020, 04:26:41 PM »
I read this in one go. I thought it was short but kept getting email after email. Saying more and more was being added. So l kept refreshing when l got to the end until nothing more appeared. This is the best story on the site in my opinion. Just when you don’t think it can’t better or think you know were it’s going. Their is a new twist. Thank you for your hard work to all involved
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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #79 on: June 10, 2020, 10:08:40 PM »
Loved this, thanks for writing me in your story, that was pretty funny. The stuff with JLH and Alba was a real blast. You put a lot of work into this and it came out brilliant.
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RT Minotaur

Re: All-Star College
« Reply #80 on: June 13, 2020, 03:30:45 AM »
 Took me a while to get through it but it was really good, loved that threesome at the end.

The characters are so well rounded and different to each other. Well done.
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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #81 on: June 14, 2020, 10:49:15 PM »
Finally finished the story.  Surprised the threesome was with Lili.  Kind of thought there might be a Hailee/Peter/Sabrina roommate threesome at some point if Hailee was going to get involved in one.
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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #82 on: June 15, 2020, 03:13:07 AM »
Finally finished the story.  Surprised the threesome was with Lili.  Kind of thought there might be a Hailee/Peter/Sabrina roommate threesome at some point if Hailee was going to get involved in one.

That was actually how I originally planned it a bit ago, then a couple months ago I got an idea I thought would work better in the long run. Still got some plans for Sabrina though.


Re: All-Star College
« Reply #83 on: July 07, 2020, 04:10:20 PM »
Authors like you, MiamiLyfe, and Cade inspiring me to write a long series with many chapters.

Excellent work on Christina! Some really hot fucking and good use of her enormous jugs  =P~
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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #84 on: July 08, 2020, 09:33:34 AM »
Maxwell Lord, you never disappoint. This story is so good I did a full re-read of it before starting this latest chapter. To echo some of the other of rightly-earned praise heaped at you thus far, this story is amazing. Having written a story of similar concept, I can appreciate how talented you are. The way you juggle multiple storylines while making each character seem unique is simply stellar. Each chapter is better than the last , and by no means is that a slight on your earlier stuff as each chapter is of high quality. By far is this the most ambitious story I've ever read, but it delivers on all that promise. Not only that, I'm sure if they conducted a poll of everyone's favorite scenes, you'd get so many different votes for the epic pairings you do.

In case that wasn't enough, I wanted to praise certain aspects of the chapter/series that I found of particular brilliance:

1) In the latest chapter, I loved the link between Madelaine and Selena. You set it up a few chapters ago with them starting to work together then roommates. Now the fact they were sleeping with the same guy (twice) was great. I thought it was building towards a threesome between them and Brodie, instead you pivoted and did an epic orgy followed by a one-on-one at the pool. Simply amazing!

2) Ever since the beginning of your story, every single Taylor Swift scene is insanely hot. How you portray her is perfect. Can't pick a favorite scene of hers.

3) Love the slow burn you have done with a clear fav of yours, Hailie Steinfeld. Makes whenever you include her so much hotter. Also love how it includes usually public sex or a threesome!

4) Didn't see the Jake-Lili blowout coming but that makes for some interesting dynamics with the rest of the group.

5) The meeting between the two chaos beings in Kira and Peter was perfect

I think that's enough praise for now. I could go on for a lot longer. Didn't even get to your stuff with Peyton R. List or Victoria Justice! Great stuff. Keep up the great work
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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #85 on: February 18, 2021, 02:13:28 PM »
 All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

All Star College 7
(MF, MMF, DP, DVP, DAP MFF, Oral, FF, Anal, Titfuck)
By MaxwellLord
Starring: Lili Reinhart, Halsey, Hailee Steinfeld, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Kelly Brook, Elisha Cuthbert, Victoria Justice, Sabrina Carpenter, Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen, Kelli Berglund, Ariana Grande, Blake Lively, Kira Kosarin, Samara Weaving, Zendaya, Kiernan Shipka, Margot Robbie, Natalie Alyn Lind, Jennifer Love Hewitt

"This is such bullshit!" yelled Madelaine. She was pacing back and forth in her bedroom, her normally pale face almost as red as her hair with anger. And she wasn't alone, Jesse Carr was sitting on her bed, listening to her unload her fury.

Madelaine's anger wasn't directed at him. Jesse was one of the few good things to happen to her since she got back from Spring Break. She and Jesse had decided to give being a bit more than fuck pals a try. That was the good thing. A good thing made even better as she didn't even have to worry about a break-up with Jared. That boat had long since sailed and after her wild time in Lake Havasu she was ready for something with a lot more affection and a person who was actually there for her.

The bad thing was she had been passed over for the job of manager at Knockers. That level of bad was compounded by the fact that she'd been passed over for the GM's daughter...a person with no restaurant experience.

"I'm done, I swear to god I'm fucking done. I give that place WAY more fucking time than they deserve, we are constantly the single HIGHEST in alcohol sales in the tri-state region because of ME and how I train these girls. You think it just takes a great set of tits and an amazing ass?"

"No, I do not," Jesse said.

"You're damn right!" Madelaine fell back on the bed and laid her head in Jesse's lap, looking up at him. He leaned down and kissed her forehead. "You're making it really hard for me to be furious and being metaphorically buttfucked," she said with a mock pout.

"Sorry," Jesse said.

"Don’t be," Madelaine said with a reluctant smile. She rose up only to rest her head on Jesse's shoulder. "It's just, I really wanted that. I thought I proved myself. I put so much into that place. I put up with drunks playing grabass with me and for what? Nepotism. Pure and simple."

"Then take your talents elsewhere," suggested Jesse. "You've seen the flyers on campus about that new restaurant. The one from that Food Network chick."

"Start all over as a waitress at a new place? An unproven place?" Madelaine looked to Jesse with an incredulous look. "I can't afford to do that."

"No, apply as a manager." he replied.

"Are you serious?" Madelaine got up and walked to her dresser at the foot of her bed, sitting on the edge. "I have no practical experience in that and you expect someone like Elisha Cuthbert to hire me? She's like Gordon Ramsey-famous. She’s not going to do that."

"Mads, you have plenty of experience." He stood up and walked to her, gently placing his hands on her shoulders. "Whenever Carlos isn't there, that is pretty much your position alongside being head server. You come up with the schedules when someone takes time off, hell you come up with half of the schedules anyway. You do all the training, you come up with drink specials. You might as well be a manager. And you had Carlos' support, so you have him as a reference. And of course, you can say you'd bring two of the best workers with you."

"I'm guessing you mean yourself and Selena?" Madelaine asked, her tone very knowing.

"Well, it's true. Aside from you, Selena's the best at Knocker's and she's definitely loyal to you. And I think it's confirmed I am. That'd be a bit of an edge you bring to the interview, a guarantee of having strong, experienced staff coming with you. Then wrap it up with your whole e-sports proposal which I know you aren't bringing to Knockers-"

"Damn right I'm not." the redhead confirmed.

"So you apply and bring every single last thing you can to the table," Jesse said. "We both know you can make one hell of a compelling argument. You could be a lawyer if not for that pesky conscience."

"You really think I could do it?" she asked, her face going from angry and frustrated to soft and hopeful.

"Oh, I know you can." He leaned forward to plant a kiss on her bee-stung lips.

"Correct answer," Madelaine said, her far more familiar confident and calculated smile returning to her face. "And don't you know what happens to good boys who get the right answer?"

"I believe so but I think you're about to give me a bit of confirmation on that just to be sure."

"Oooh, another correct answer," Madelaine said with a grin. "You're on a roll." The fiery woman playfully pushed Jesse back on the bed and crawled on his body, straddling him at the crotch. She looked down at him barely able to hold back a sexy smile behind pursed lips. There were a lot of advantages to dating a guy who could keep up with her desires. Soft and sweet, hot nasty and everything in between. A shoulder to cry on and a cock to ride.

"Mmm, someone's ready," Madelaine said, grinding her crotch over Jesse's hardness, she loved feeling how hard he was through his own sweatpants and the shorts she was wearing. Feeling how much he wanted her made her want to tear both their clothes off. However, the anticipation always made the high feel better.  When she noticed his eyes darting from her face to her chest, Madelaine decided to take that as his vote as to wear to go next.

"I never get tired of this," Jesse said as Madelaine pulled her shirt off, revealing her tits to him. Jesse had become very familiar with them. Their feel, their taste. Just the way to touch them, how to make her swoon just by stroking her pink nipples in just the right way. He'd become a scholar in the realm of Madelaine's body.

Jesse decided to use that scholarly knowledge when he rose up and planted his face right in the middle of Madelaine's bare cleavage. He licked and suckled at her pale mounds, giving tender affection to those tender pink tips.

“Mmm Jesse baby,” Madelaine said, her mouth a wide grin. “Just like that honey...just fucking like that.” The fire-haired femme fatale pulled her man closer while she ground against his crotch. Just feeling that hard cock straining against something as loose as sweatpants and dying to be set free all because of her made Madelaine absolutely soaked. He was clearly ready for the main event and she had gotten there as well. She'd started out ready but now it had become a full-on frenzy.

Madelaine pulled away from her man an got to her feet. Jesse's eyes were glued to her as she removed her shorts. Once they were removed her attention when back to Jesse, noticing he still had his pants on.

“Take your fucking pants off,” she said with a smirk, tossing her shorts to the side. Jesse didn't even get off the bed to follow her command, his scramble to be free of his sweats being enough to get a chuckle out of Madelaine. Once his cock was out and ready that elation gave way to a seductive smile.

Madelaine pounced on him, a tigress who had her prey. Prowling up his body and pressing her full lips up his legs until getting to his hard prick. In one swipe she had taken Jesse's cock balls deep, getting a loud cry of “Oh shiiit!” to erupt from Jesse's mouth.

His hands went to Madelaine's fiery red mane. He knew the rules. She wasn't one for face-fucking. But she didn't mind the feeling of fingers coursing through her hair a little bit of direction when she hit on something that felt right. It actually turned her on more than a little.

The lewd sound of Madelaine's sloshing suckjob filled the room. She was fast, driving him to the brink of that climax. His eyes felt like the reels of a slot machine with how they were rolling into the back of his skull. The lack of technique was the technique. She could have worked him over until her was melting like a candle, but then where would the fun be for her? This wasn't a lunchbreak quickie at Knocker's.

With the same quickness in which she swallowed his cock Madelaine moved up his body, leaving a few love bites on Jesse's chest before sinking down on his rigid rod.

“Fuuuuck YES!” Madelaine growled. Jesse's hand went to her ass like a magnet and just as when the cock was in her mouth, Madelaine started out full speed. With Jesse's hand taking a firm grip on her perfect peach of a rear she rode him hard, giving the springs of her mattress a hard work out.

“Oh, fuck yeah baby,” Jesse bellowed. “Fucking ride my cock Mads...fucking ride it!”

“Yes yes yes yes!” she cried. “Fucking give me that cock baby....my fucking cock...all fucking mine right now.” Jesse's eyes darted between Madelaine's face, a sex-starved sneer on it and her tits bouncing with every movement she made.  A treat for his eyes while his cock, buried in her tight, wet lust cavern had it's on tactile treats.

Madelaine made a quick movement, grabbing Jesse's hands on her round bottom and bringing them above his head, pinning them there by the wrists as she took full control.

“Keep your hands there,” she said. “Don't you fucking move them until I say so.” Jesse nodded and Madelaine leaned forward, licking his lips before rising back up. He was more than willing to take things bit easier.

She held his hands in place as she began to twerk her pussy on his cock, bouncing up and down. “Mmmm fuck your cock is fucking good....” Madelaine said, biting her lower lip. “So good in my tight cunt...nnng fuck yessss!”

Madelaine released his grip on his hands and brought her hands to his face. Jesse eagerly sucked her fingers into his mouth, caressing the digits with his tongue. It was a unique delight for Madelaine. It wasn't something she could get off of but there was a depraved tenderness to it. He needed her taste so bad, but the suckling on her fingers was delicate and longing.

“This is my fucking cock,” Madelaine moaned through that big toothy smile. It was almost a chant she repeated, until she locked eyes with Jesse. “Fucking say it Jesse...who's fucking cock is this?”

“Oh fuuuckkk,” he groaned trying to form the right thoughts to even form words. That was making Madelaine a little impatient.

“Say it!” she demanded, that smile on her face not disappearing but becoming a bit more sinister. “Fucking say whose cock this is!”

“Fuck it's your Mads!” Jesse yelled. “FUCKING YOURS!”

“FUCK YESS!!” She cried out, ecstatic over the hot pleasure running through her veins. When she felt his hands return to ass it only increased. His desire had overridden any kind of “orders” she'd implied to him. That was perfectly fine with Madelaine.  Better than fine. Passion didn't really follow rules. And when he pulled himself up to make contact once more with her lips and the flesh of her breasts, she couldn't fault him for wanting another taste.

As Madelaine's scorching demands melted back into moans Jesse was getting a thrill on fronts. Smell, taste, sound and of course touch. The site of Madelaine mid-coitus was also a visual treat. It was true when he was laying back, watching her ide him. Seeing the sweat start to glisten on her fit body and make her scarlet hair start to get matted. Watching as his cock was rocked by her pussy was a sight to behold.

Now that he was up now, he had a whole new view as he sucked on her tit. His eye caught their reflection in the mirror at Madelaine's dresser. The view of her as they fucked, bouncing on his cock. Her gripped her peach thrusting up into her. Madelaine cried out for more. His eyes looked to her face then to the mirror. That's when an idea hit his brain.

“Oh fuuuck!” Madelaine said with a laugh as she was suddenly removed from Jesse's cock and put on all fours, facing that mirror. She flipped her hair over her shoulder, looking at Jesse and wiggling her supple ass. “Gimme back my cock.”

Jesse grabbed a handful of her red locks and wrapped an arm around her waist and yanked her up with a laugh. Madelaine turned and kissed her man before he turned her face to the mirror. She moaned as he played with her tit, a moan that grew in volume as he re-entered her pussy.

“Look at us Mads,” Jesse said, kissing her neck. “Look at you...how fucking hot you are...how fucking good it feels to be fucked by me...”

“Mmm so fucking good,” she grinned. “Don’t fucking stop...really fuck me now...take it...”

“Take what?” he asked before pushing her down until she was back on all fours. “I want to hear you say it.”

“Take my fucking pussy.”

“But if I did that who's pussy is it?”

Madelaine laughed. Sex with Jesse was so much fun. They switched between dominance so many times, both willing to submit to the other and then take control. No cues, all instinct. She had her round of running things. It was his turn and she couldn't wait.

“Yours,” she said, staring him out through the mirror. “So, take your fucking pussy...OH FUCK!” Jesse happily granted her request. A loud crack echoed in the room when Jesse slapped her ass, leaving a bright pink handprint on her cheek.

“Fucking slap it baby!” Madelaine howled. She was clawing at her blankets as her depths were plunged by Jesse's delightful dick. Every nerve ending was on fire and they were both gulping for air with every powerfully deep thrust he made inside of her. They were both growling and moaning. Filthy words and each other's names.

“My fucking pussy,” Jesse said. “Gonna make my pussy cum....you want that baby? Can't wait to make you cum.”

“So close...oh my...Jesse baby...oh making feel so good...fuck baby yes...oh oh…don't stop please just make me cum!” Her gaze reflected back in the mirror fueled him on. And the more he went, the heavier she returned the favor, pushing back to meet his thrusts and adding more spice to her vocabulary.

“Make me cum...fucking do it Jesse...take this cunt and make it cum...then...mmm don't you fucking cum inside me....I want it on my face...my tongue...cover me in your hot fucking cream!”

“Oh fuck Mads...gonna give it to you...all...fucking hell all of it!” His hand held tight to her hips as he went full blast inside of her, giving her everything he had. All the power, all the passion, everything she brought out in him.

“Yes...yes...YES...YEEESSSSSSS!!!” Madelaine broke through that pleasure threshold and reveled in it. Her brains felt every kind of pleasure, every kind of high as her scream went silent, the noises croaking out of her throat. Her fists clenched tight as Jesse desperately fucked her through her orgasm, each stroke sending little aftershocks of pleasure through her body.

And despite all that...Madelaine knew what she had promised him she pulled away and turned around, sucking her orgasm remnants off of Jesse's throbbing cock. He was ready to burst and she was ready for a taste.

Madelaine let her hand take over, freeing her mouth up to spit a little fire. “Cum for me,” she said. “Cum…all over this pretty face...let me feel every drop on my face...taste it on my tongue...every...last...drop....”

“Fuck Mads, cumming!” Jesse shouted.

“Yesss!” Madelaine exclaimed as cum started to rain down on her face from her boyfriend's rod. A look of complete and total satisfaction covered his face just as his hot sticky jizz covered Madelaine's beautiful face, some of it pooling on her tongue before she sucked the remainder from his spent cock.

“Fuck Maddie,” Jesse said, still sex-dazed. Her looked down at his sinful little angel and brought his hand to her face, tracing his cum in between her lips, where she promptly sucked on his fingers as he had hers.

“Mmmm, stress relieved,” she purred. “You're a keeper.”


“How the hell are you understanding this?” Peter said, completely exasperated. He, Sabrina, and Camila were at the dining room table in his apartment. Even though finals were far enough away that most of the student body were holding off any serious study to the point they were going to be pulling their hair out during Red Bull-fueled all-nighters, the trio had decided to start studying a bit early due to the finishing up of the film. Peter and Sabrina were busy on color correction and trimming down the run time and Camila was busy booking a premiere at a local theater. Small time stuff for sure, but still a bigger effort than she thought it would be.

With all of that on their plates, they agreed it might be for the best if they also threw some studying into the mix, seeing as how it was looking more and more like the movie was going to monopolize their time. And the first to break was Peter. And it was a break Camila had been very familiar with going all the way back to eighth grade where he was concerned, Peter's old enemy of mathematics.

“Let me see,” Cami said, instantly sliding into her old role from growing up alongside him. He knew his way around every kind of issue she every had with Language Arts and essays, and Camila was the numbers girl. She scanned the problems he was tackling and his stalled attempts to solve them. “You're not even trying to break down the problem. You still don't understand the order of operations?”

“Letters and punctuation don't belong in math problems and never have!” He said.

“Uh huh,” Cami said, rolling her eyes ever so slightly. “Look, just watch me, okay? Watch me break it down and solve it. Step by step. You know, the same way we've been doing this since we were thirteen.”

“Are you gonna tie his shoes too?” Sabrina joked.

“Big talk from someone who told me she thought the Nazi's started World War I,” Peter replied.

“Okay but in my defense there's like two World War I movies and fifty bajillion World War II movies. The mix-up is understandable.”

“Keep telling yourself that Sabs.”

Sabrina responded with a jovial middle finger before getting back to her European history studies.

“So, where's Hailee?” Cami asked while she worked out the problem for Peter. “Haven't seen her at any of these little study-buddy sessions.”

“Some other folks from her math class I think,” Peter said. “I get it too. As we've seen, I'm still pretty much useless when it comes to anything above long division. I think she made the right call.”

“Well, here's a little spoiler I think you've long since figured out,” Camila said, finishing the problem up. “If you know enough to do your taxes you know enough math. Unless you want to be a rocket scientist or something.”

“Then why are you so good at it?”

“Because I was born into numbers thanks to daddy. And in case you haven't noticed I'm TOTALLY a genius. Thought you would have figured that out after all these years.” The two shared a smile before continuing. “Now, let me show you again every single step to take so you can at LEAST get a C on your final and then be done with mathematics forever. After that you have classes you’re actually good at, right?”

“Yep. Which brings me to our other conspicuous absence, where's Lili? We're both in that Japanese folklore class, thought we might try and get some studying in on that. I mean it's a fun class but still, want to be sharp.”

“She's....she's out having some fun,” Cami said, holding a bit back. While Lili had gotten a lot closer with everyone following her break-up with Jake, but there were still some things she knew Lili would rather reveal in her own way. It wasn’t Cami's place to tell people that Lili was bisexual. “Which I think she deserves.”

“I don't know,” Sabrina said, cracking open a fresh beer. “From what I understand she ended up having a LOT of fun right before we left the lake house.”

“How'd you find out about that?” Peter asked.

“Well, you know those sweet, beautiful pillowy lips on your girlfriend? Turns out they're also fairly loose.”

“Don't be embarrassed Pete,” Cami said.  “I mean, in my opinion that was a god-tier threesome.”

“Thanks...I just, you know...wouldn't mind some things being private.”

“Okay,” Cami said with a smile that signaled to Pete she was preparing for a follow-up to his privacy request. “But, quick privacy survey. Everyone at this table who has seen Peter's cock, please raise your hand.”

Sabrina and Cami both raised their hands. Peter buried his head in his hands.

“Oh, don't take it so hard,” Cami said. “I mean yeah, almost everyone you know is VERY familiar with you in a carnal fashion but that just says to me you have phenomenal taste.”

“Can we just get back to me being confused by algebraic equations?”

Before Cami could answer her phone buzzed. She picked it up, noting a  text from Jose. “While I'd just LOVE to continue both teaching and torturing my dearest friend, my man apparently desperately needs to talk with me.”

“Everything okay?” Peter asked.

“It's nothing serious. If it was, he’d have called. Still, duty calls.” Cami gave a quick hug to Peter and waved farewell to Sabrina before making her exit.

“She's right though,” Sabrina says. “You do have amazing taste in what you do with what you're packing.”

“You're going to spend the rest of the night making me uncomfortable, aren't you?”

“Like you wouldn't believe.”

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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #86 on: February 18, 2021, 02:41:40 PM »

Lili Reinhart had been a lot of unique positions in the last few months. Most humorous in retrospect. One decidedly not. The one she was currently in was a new one for her, but completely relaxing.

Lili was laid out on a mattress, her long blonde locks perfectly place running over her shoulders. She was leaning on one arm with the other behind her back and the hand palming the base of her skull while her legs were somewhat draped with the silken sheet on the bed. One leg laid bare, the other covered in the slightest. And aside from that, she was totally nude.

She was in her girlfriend's apartment. Though calling Ashley that was a stretch, they'd both admit. They were dating, as they had been since they met at one of Ashley's shows. She was an aspiring musician and artist who went by the stage name Halsey. No recording contracts but a good local buzz was doing her well so far. Good enough to get Lili's attention to get her to go to a show to take her mind off the recent troubles with her ex, Jake.

After the show met at the bar of the club she was playing and hit up a conversation, mainly detailing Halsey's own wild upbringing in New Jersey and Brooklyn and what led her west to the college. Lili honestly didn't mind just sitting back and listening. There was nothing much then she felt like adding to the conversation, worried that anything she said would lead right back into her recent heartbreak.

Those concerns faded when that same night she found herself in Ashley's bed with the woman in question setting up shop in between Lili's legs. It had been a long while since Lili had been with a woman, at least like that. The recent threesome didn't count too much in her head. While there was a little thrill when Hailee had touched her and in touching Hailee, the focus had been on Peter...another thing Lili was far from minding. Something that gave Lili a bigger rush than she had wanted to admit to herself.

They'd seen each other a lot in the weeks that followed, but neither one would even remotely say it was a relationship. They were seeing each other, and there was a difference. Relationship implied something long-term and after how she had rushed into things with Jake, Lili was more than a little cautious at the thought of repeating the same mistake.

Besides, dating meant all your friends knew, which was not the case. The only ones who knew were also the only ones who knew Lili was bisexual, Camila and Hailee. It wasn't that Lili was ashamed by any stretch of the imagination. It was just something she didn't like sharing with someone unless she was positive they wouldn't react poorly.

Though how others would react was the last thing on Lili's mind at the moment. Right now, she was playing model for Ashley. The artist was working on a nude of and had unsurprisingly chosen Lili as her model. It was a form Ashley had become very familiar with.

“How's it looking Halsey?” Lili asked, trying to stay as still as possible. Ashley was behind a large canvas, her brush working magic on the charcoal sketch that had provided the base. She wasn't too much more dressed than Lili, wearing only a pair of paint-stained overalls. The entire area was covered with a large and thick white sheet, similarly paint-stained. It was just the center of the loft apartment in which she lived.

“Great,” she answered. “Though honestly not quite as good as the model. And Lils, please, stick with Ashley. Halsey's the band and the girl on stage...and how I sign the art…okay I can see the confusion.”

“Think I could get a look?”

“Just a few more seconds....” Ashley replied. The painting, in her estimation, was about 75% done. Enough where Lili could actually not be there for when it was finished. Really her part was done, it was what to surround her with, as the backdrop of her loft wasn't exactly what the young artist would consider visually appealing, especially compared to the bare and buxom beautiful blonde that was her current muse.

“Okay, come on over,” Ashley said. Lili rose up from the bed and made her way over to the paint-stained tarp. “Check it out. I'm thinking I got something here.”

Lili looked at the canvas, blushing and smiling at the site. There she was, nude through the eyes of Ashley. The scene around her wasn't too defined but it seemed to be built around her body. More of an environment built on feeling. Whatever was going to be around her was going be the within the realm of reds and purples. Colors of lust. It was flattering...and exciting.


“It looks great Ashley,” Lili said. “Just...I mean what else is there to say but wow?”

“And it's not even done yet.” Ashley put her around Lili's waist and pulled her a bit closer. She turned her head to kiss her, lips pressing against the side of Lili's torso. “And I think I might be done with the model aspect of it all.”

“So does that mean I can stop stripping down when I enter your apartment?” Lili playfully asked.

“Well, I wouldn't go that far,” Halsey said with a smirk. She stood up from her stool and put her arms around Lili proper before going in for a kiss. Tender, sweet and full of heat. Ashley's hands roamed Lili's back to her bottom, squeezing the cheeks as Lili did the same, though the denim cover her lover's flesh was a bit annoying.

“Seems you have an advantage or two over me,” Lili said. “You have a little more in way of clothing to my not stitch...and so far, you don't really have any paint on you, at least aside from your hands. You're the only one getting to make a mark.”

“I think I can solve both those problems.” Ashley stepped back just a bit and unhooked both straps of the overalls. The loose garment soon fell to the ground and the painter stepped out of them, leaving her body just as beautifully bare as Lili's. “Now, for that paint issue.”

Halsey picked up a container of the paint she was using. She was using a palette for her canvas, but for the big mural she was also doing she required a bit more than what that small surface could provide. Hence, open paint cans. And now that paint was going to become a bit more than an artistic medium.

In her hands Ashley held two smallish cans of paint, small enough to balance perfectly in the palm of her hands. One red, one white. Lili dipped her hands in the cans just enough to cover her fingers. When she withdrew them, Ashley placed the cans back down. When she rose back up to face Lili, the blonde ran the red paint-covered hand over her cheek and the white over Halsey's breasts. Abstract strokes of her fingers on the canvas of Ashley's skin. Bright colors to go alongside the tattoos.

From there Lili's hands went to Ashley's face, pulling to her for a kiss. And with that deep kiss, the fun had truly begun. One kiss turned into more, tongue intertwining and their bodies soon followed suit. Ashley led Lili further onto the tarp, knocking over the two paint cans as well as a few more, a small rainbow of colors beginning to cover the tarp. She'd need to replace them, but right now that was the last concern Ashley had.

The pair walked through the paint, a small trail of footprints until Ashley laid down, Lili following her down until the blonde was on top. They were still in a passionate embrace, lips and tongues colliding and caressing in a series of hungry kisses. Lili's hands softly traced down Ashley's body, taking a bit of extra time right around her ribs. It was a spot that did a little something special for her, sending a shiver up her spine.

When their lips parted Ashley let out a soft moan, it was soon followed by another as Lili softly kissed down to Ashley's breasts. Light little butterfly kisses on the flesh were up before Lili got to the nipple. The blonde's pink tongue extended, licking sweet circles around the sensitive flesh and giving Halsey more cause to moan.

Lili spent serious time in between Ashley's tits, her tongue moving like a constrictor, slithering over the skin. Her check brushing against the flesh, getting some of the white paint she herself had smeared on it transferred over.

While Ashley's breasts were a fun time, they weren't the target.  Lili crept down her body while her fingers creeped up further to Ashley's face. She caressed her cheeks, staining her fingers once more with the red paint she had spread on Ashley's face.

Ashley suck Lili's thumb into her mouth for a brief moment before she dragged her fingers down as well, a fingertip trail of red tracing from Halsey's cheek down her neck and to her breasts, mixing with the white paint.

The trail of paint was an erotic road map of sorts marking all of her sweet spots. That sensitive patch of skin on her rib cages? Check, complete with streaks of red and white paint around the gun she had tattooed there. Right down the middle to just above her navel? Well-traveled by Lili in the weeks they'd been dating.

And the further Lili went down Ashley's body, the more her own took a dip in the tumbled over mess of the paint cans. Blue and purple began to stain her legs. Lili either didn't notice or didn't care. What she was doing right now was much more important to her than a little paint staining.

While Lili was busy taking the grand tour, Ashley was being far from quiet. “Lili yesssss,” she hissed, breaking up the chorus of soft moans as the blonde's luscious lips left their mark on her body. Little temporary tattoos that only she could feel. And when they fell upon her actual tattoos there was an extra bit of spice. They weren't erogenous zones or anything. Her tats weren't a map on her body to all of her pleasure points. But she always did notice that whatever lover she took, male or female, they always liked to take their times over those inked areas. It was a common thread but everyone did it differently. No two people were the same and Lili continued that grand tradition as she made her own trail down Ashley's fit legs.

A kiss, a lick, a small little nibble on her thigh, Lili was taking her time before returning back up to get that glistening sweet spot housed in between Ashley's legs. Lili taking a taste of every inch of those toned legs, caressing with her tongue just as much as her hands before finally making the trip back up both women were eagerly awaiting.

“Ooohhh shit,” Ashley yelped, her jaw chattering slightly when Lili made first contact with her slit. The lightest of brushes with her tongue, it was almost a breeze as Lili did it. Teasing and tantalizing. There was a part of Ashley that wanted to hurry Lili along, have her jump right into what the body was already aching for. She ignored that voice. Lili knew what she was doing.

Lili further displayed this to Ashley's pleasure, her fingers spreading those lower lips apart to give the bombshell a clear view of Halsey's clit, engorged and longing for attention. Attention that Lili was more than willing to supply.

“Yessssss,” Ashley hissed. Lili's mouth had landed and the aftershocks were coursing through Ashley in the most tantalizing ways. And while Lili softly worked the clit with her tongue, her hands continued to supply a sensual touch to Ashley's legs, roaming up them until they took a soft and firm grip on her hips.

“Ohhh just like that baby...mmm just like that,” said Ashley. Her voice cracked a bit as Lili picked up the pace. It wasn't by much, but it was enough to get Ashley sweating. All while Lili's hands stayed on Halsey's body, gently caressing and tracing nonsense shapes; invisible tattoos made in sweat.

Sweat was dripping from Ashley's hair, falling in droplets from the very tips of her short hair onto her face and breasts. The heat was being turned on and it was all by the very hungry blonde between her legs. It was an odd thing, if Ashley could even think about anything but her current pleasure, but usually it took a bit more than a talented tongue to get her motor running. A little finger action at the least was required. Sometimes the situation called for something a bit more substantial in the form of plastic or flesh. Lili though, she had a little something special. The touch of her fingers on Ashley's skin as she hungry lapped at her pussy was like pure energy, something out of one of those plasma balls from cheesy science fiction movies. One orb in the center with purplish-pink bolts of electricity crackling within a sphere...then fingers touched the glass and all that energy went to them. That was the closest thing she could use a description for how this felt. She was a human ball of energy and Lili was making her crackle and surge.

Lili could only feel herself getting lost in the haze of sex. Every loud moan of pleasure and encouragement that escaped her singing lover's lips drove her on. Her grip on Ashley's hips tightened, almost pulling her closer to Lili's face. She could also feel herself getting wetter, needing her own attention. Serving Ashley, making her writhe and sweat with just her mouth was pushing Lili halfway to cumming herself, but she needed a bit more of a personal touch.

“Yes....ohhh Lili yess...so good baby...just a bit...nnnng bit more...ohhhh good...good god baby....” Ashley’s moans lived in a realm between loud as a sonic boom and soft as a whisper, like she was being torn in two different directions and was loving every moment of it.

As the stars in Halsey's eyes started to melt into hyperspace Lili tongue worked swift and with skill.  It was the sword and she was the samurai. With every skilled lick she hacked away at any walls holding back the flood of pleasure waiting to burst forth from Ashley.

“OH MY...YESSSSS LILIIIIII!!!!” Ashley cried. The dam had just burst and the waves of pleasure were coursing through Halsey's body and covering Lili's face. And the blonde wouldn't stop until Ashley went limp, gulping for air as she recovered. That was Lili's cue to move up from between Ashley's legs, her mouth glistening in a sheen of the artists cum. As she moved the spilled paint that had gotten on her legs transferred on to Ashley as well.

The kiss was welcomed, Ashley savoring her taste from Lili's lips before embracing her and rolling her over onto her back, the pair once more coming into contact with the spilled paint.

“Your turn,” Ashley said with a wink. She planted a passionate kiss on Lili's lips then took her own journey down. Like Lili had with herm Ashley's path down the blonde's body as a path laid with kisses. Ashley however had a bit of a wilder side to her passion.

Also, like Lili, Ashley took a little extra time at the breasts. She really did love a great pair of tits and she certainly had no problem understanding why men or women would sneak a look at her own. And Lili...well, she certainly did have a pair. And when her tongue was applied, making swift, wet circles around the half-dollar sized nips, Lili made her own blue musical chorus of sensual moans, calling out Ashley's name and pleading for more.

It was a request that she couldn't help but take, kissing each of those melons before continuing downward. And as Ashley moved down, more of the paint from Lili’s body rubbed off and the dark-haired beauty found herself getting in her own puddles of liquid rainbow.

With only one small break to plant a soft butterfly kiss on her navel, Ashley made it quickly between Lili's legs. She was ready to get to work and wasted no time and bringing her mouth to Lili's pussy, sucking hard on her clit.

Lili hissed a deep breath through clenched teeth and arched her back. Ashley knew just what buttons, or in this case button, to press and just how to push it. Her ecstasy rose and fell like the air in her stomach. Ashley's skilled mouth worked her up to the peak and let her fall the way back down. It made Lili both want to cum on the spot and for it go on forever.

Lili's wish only grew stronger when Ashley brought her fingers to the party, pulling her mouth away only for a moment to softly trace a circle on Lili's clit before plunging her fingers in the moaning woman's wet pussy. Soon after Ashley returned her mouth to the party...but not for too much longer. While Ashley certainly loved getting a taste her true skills lied in her finger work.

While Ashley's fingers continued to play inside of Lili's heavenly hole, deftly hitting every sweet and secret spot, her mouth moved back up her body. She sweat she could feel Lili's goosebumps on her tongue as she made the trip back up. Paint continued to mix with paint as just with Lili before, paint from Ashley transferred on to Lili. The pairs skin was quickly becoming an abstract canvas for their lust.

Soon Ashley's made it back to Lili's face, the pair hungrily kissing, Lili's moans stifled as her tongue became a bit preoccupied with her girlfriend's. And that was just the beginning of Ashley’s favorite part. She was big on faces. Seeing the look on her lovers' faces when they came. How good they felt and how it was her doing it. Men, women, it didn't matter. The look of utter lust and satisfaction on their face as they came was almost ethereal. The sounds that came from their mouths. The look in their eyes or their eyes shut tight. Every single person was unique and intoxicating their own way.

“Cum for me baby,” Halsey said, moving quickly to kiss Lili's neck. “I want to see how good you feel...tell me...tell me you want to cum for me.”

“Yes!” cried Lili. “So close...oh my god I'm so close...”

“Then do it Lili...just for me...let me see you cum...” Ashley watched as a buffet of emotions ran over Lili's face. It was the sexiest thing she'd scene. Every damn time on every person. There was a magic in it and a magic that was literally in her hands. Soon the only sounds filling the room were Lili's moans and the sound of wet sloshing as Ashley's hand worked Lili to the point of explosion.

“Yes that's it girl...cum...” Ashley said with a wide grin as those first few telltale signs signaled what was about to come for Lili.

“YESSSSSSSS!” Lili cried out, her pussy gushing on Ashley's hand as her orgasm his her like a meteorite colliding with a planet. Earth-rattling and mind-numbing and seemingly never ending as her lover's fingers didn't seem to stop working within her. It was so hot it almost made Ashley cum as she watched.

When the pleasure died to down to an afterglow the pair lay down on the paint and cum stained canvas, both smiling, sweaty and more than a little delirious.

“Would you look at that?” Ashley said, her voice sounding a little tipsy.


“Looks like we made a mess. Think we better hit the showers.”

“You're on.” Lili replied, giving Ashley a quick kiss before they both got on their feet and headed off to clean up. This was definitely a step up from being cheated on.

For some reason what Jose had texted her for was the last thing on Cami's mind. She knew it had to be important, but not so important he couldn't just call. It definitely didn't seem like an emergency. Which was why she decided to pick up some Chinese take-out before getting back to the apartment. Singapore noodles for two, hot and some crab Rangoon. A favorite of theirs ever since they first discovered the Jade Tiger on one of their earliest dates.

The only thing on Camila's mind was the thought of getting the dinner-to-be in her mouth, the smell of it making her mouth water. When the elevator doors opened that continued to be the only thing on her mind. This continued as she inserted the key and unlocked the apartment door.

“Sorry I'm late babe,” Cami said upon entering. She saw Jose sitting at the table. She thought he must have figured she was grabbing dinner. “As you can see, decided to grab some food.” When she set the take-out on the kitchen counter, she noticed Jose was still silent. Silence was not one of his hallmarks. “Sweetface? What's wrong?”

“I…I have one of those things that's...it's good news and bad news all rolled into one.” He replied.

From silence to talking without a hint of sarcasm…something was up. She pulled out the seat next to him, taking his hand in hers. “Jose...what's wrong?”

“So...um...me and…you know…”

“Baby you can say his name. I think Jake's scum but I accepted he's part of your life.”

“Yeah, well...we got an offer. A big offer. From a real company,” Jose said. He wasn't exactly happy about it. This just confused Camila. This was his dream...what was wrong?”

“Babe, that's great!” she exclaimed. “It's what you guys have been working for! I'm so proud of you!” Cami moved to kiss, him, but didn't get much of a response beyond a weak kiss back. “Okay...tell me why that's not great.”

“The company is DDT Pro.”


“They're in Japan.”

And that's when the elephant in the room blew his trunk.

“Oh,” said Camila.

“Yeah. Oh. I mean...I honestly thought we'd get some kind of offer from a US company. Now we're going to Japan....”

“So, you took the deal?”

“Didn't hesitate. It's like you said, everything me and Jake have been working for. It's just...it's only now that it's hitting me. The big changes. Culture shock. All of that.”

“I…I can only imagine. At least you and Jake will be able to lean on each other.”

“Well, yeah...and I'll have you.” Jose replied. And he could already tell by the look in Cami's eyes that the idea of her going to Japan was something that had never crossed her mind. “Won't I?”

“Sweetface..I-I...” Camila struggled for the words. “I don't want to go to Japan.”

“What?” Jose asked. “Wait...is it money? I mean I wasn't expecting you to pay for anything but I kind of thought you could afford it.”

“It's not the money.” Cami got up from the seat, trying to hold her composure. “I don't want to leave here.  I don't want to leave home.”

“I thought you said you wouldn't ever make me choose between you and my career.” Now Jose was up. Neither of them was angry, at least not yet. Tensions rising though. “Now, when I have this in my grasp, now is when you change your mind?”

“How dare you?” Cami asked, a flame being lit in her. Shock was turning to anger with a hint of hurt. “Do you have any idea what I go through? When I know you're going to be doing something so dangerous I can't comprehend? That I don't sleep sometimes worrying about you until you get home? And never once, NOT ONCE have I asked you to stop. I've never said pick me or your dream! And you have the gall to try and throw that accusation in my face?!?”

“Then what would you call this Cami?”

“ME TELLING YOU TO GO!” She yelled. Jose was not prepared for that. He'd seen Camila angry, but her eyes were watery, a dam ready burst forth with tears and the look on her face was rage and sadness, volatile like a blaze. “I love you! I love you so damn much...and I need you to be happy. I need you to have this. But I cannot come with you. I…I just can't.”

“Why?” Jose asked. He approached her, so badly wanting to console her. He knew she'd react bad...but he didn't expect this. “Why is this the choice?”

“Because I'd be alone!” Cami said. “I need my friends Jose. I need...I need people I can talk to when I am worried sick about you. I need someone to lean on when you come home in stitches. I can't unload to you because I don't want to make you feel guilty.” The tears were flowing now, unstoppably. “I go to Japan...I have no one. And then every last nightmare I have of you getting crippled or worse…I have no one to talk to...and I know me way too well. I wouldn't want to but I would take it out on you…I don't want that. I want you to be so fucking happy...and that can't happen if I go with you. I need my friends. Jose...I've have never felt like this about anyone. As much as I love you...and as much as I need you...I need you to be happy even more.”

“Yeah...well it doesn't really feel like it. In fact, it feels like bullshit.”

“Bullshit? Really? How would you react if EVERY NIGHT I did nothing but tell you how worried I was? Tell you about the intricate details of the nightmares I have? You want to hear the one where you're a quadriplegic? How about the one where you're just dead? I mean good god Jose, is that what you want to hear in Japan? The only reason you never heard it before is I have people to talk to!”

Jose was taken aback. He'd known Camila wasn't the biggest fan of what he did, but he had no idea she was this scared and worried. Still, he wanted her to come with him, to be with him. He wasn't backing down.

“Baby I get it...I also think you're overreacting just a little,” said Jose. “This was always part of the deal and I think it's weird NOW you're telling me all this. And like I said, I think it's bullshit.”

“I didn't tell you because it'd be like I'm nagging or telling you to stop. I didn't want to do that to you. It's bullshit to you but it doesn't make it any less true. I will never stand in your way, even if it kills me. And if I went with you, that's exactly what I'd be doing.” That was the last thing Camila said, and the last thing said between them for bit as the sound of Camila's soft sobs were the only things filling the apartment. Just when the silence became deafening, Jose spoke up once more.

“So…I think I'm going to crash at Jake's place.”

“I…I thought as much” Camila nodded, wiping her eyes. “When...when do you leave?”

“Friday,” said Jose.

“That soon?” Camila asked, somewhat shocked. “Seriously?”

“They really want us...I'll…I'll try and pack my things when you're not here.”

“Jose, don't be like that...”

“It's fine...it's for the best.” Jose nodded, wiping his own eyes. He turned to the door and walked out. Camila, completely alone in her apartment, went back to the table and sat down, her brown eyes-stained red from tears looking down at the bare table. Silence filled the room. Not even a sob to be heard.
Lili was walking on air as she headed towards the elevator. No drama, no bullshit…just...just being wanted. Being satisfied. It was a new experience for from where things had been with Jake. Ashley was a new experience. No hang-ups, all fun. Lili didn't even know where it was all going. She just knew it felt good. When she was with Ashley, she could push other things out of her mind. Jake being the big thing, though there were other things she didn't want to dwell on too much.

None of those thoughts were running through her head when she pressed the button to her floor and got out her apartment key. She was all smiles. Those smiles continued when the doors opened and she headed towards the door. She couldn't wait to talk to Cami. It felt really good to be able to do something beyond crying when they spoke. To have them both be elated in.

The smiles lived still when she first entered the door. That's when the pause came. The living room was darkened, only one light on at the end table near the couch. And on that couch Lili saw Camila, clearly distraught. She'd been crying, her mascara running and eyes turned red. The smiles faded.

“Cami?” Lili said, dropping her backpack and heading right to her distressed friend. “What's wrong?”

“It's over,” Cami weakly said, sniffling a bit. “I-it's over.”

“What is?” Lili asked, having a feeling but not wanting to say the words. “What happened?”

Cami wanted to unload. To tell Lili. To have them try and think of a way to fix what had happened with Jose. But the words wouldn't come. What did come was another onset of tears. Once the sobbing started again, she reached out for Lili who held her in a comforting embracing.

“It's okay,” Lili said, trying her best to console her weeping friend. “Let it out...shhhh...it's okay.” Lili knew more than anyone that all Cami needed right now was just someone to be there. Not to listen, not to talk, just be there. That was exactly what she was going to do.

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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #87 on: February 18, 2021, 02:51:24 PM »

Kelli Berglund was a blowjob goddess. Whether it be in comparison to the other women on Bella's roster of talent or just in general. She liked sucking cock and thus, did it a lot. It actually got her off a little, so the incentive to become amazing at it was there from the start. Seeing the new heights she could bring to a man. She could make a man with a voice deeper than the deepest ocean scream her name with a pleasure-induced soprano and give them Jell-O knees hours after she's swallowed their load.

Sure, she fucked like a beast. One, two, three or more...but the blowjob...that was where she couldn't be touched. A master of the craft. She was the only girl on the payroll that actually requested to be brought in for a blowbang.

She also didn't mind being busy. She balanced her studies with the job well, as was expected of any of working girls on campus whether they worked for Bella or Sophia. A 4.0 GPA was just as good as a five-star rating from the John. Just like it had been with midterms, as finals approached, she got busy. And on that particular Monday morning Kelli wasn't walking to class, she was walking to work, the sashay in her hips one of excitement. She'd already had her coffee, now she was going to get her cream.

It turned out, unsurprisingly, that students weren't the only ones to get severe nerves from the rigors of finals season. It was still a few weeks away, but both staff and students were going nuts. Students were sweating bullets over their toughest of classes and instructors doing the same over the creation of the tests.

And the type of instructor didn't matter. Grad students teaching a class swore they had it worse than the actual professors as they had a lot more riding on a fuck-up. No tenure to protect them and all of that. Professors would say tenure could be a double-bladed sword and that a lot of bad could happen if their tests were too tough or too easy. Class sizes drop too much and a lot of their value would need to be reassessed.

Kelli hoped she wouldn't hear one word about that on this job. She got more than an earful during midterms. Still, it was quickly silenced one their cocks were in her mouth, pussy or if they paid extra and got that special bonus in the back.

Today she had herself a grad student by the name of Arthur. He'd given his last name but it slipped her mind. She found that the grad student teachers didn't have the same care for the “reverence” of their last names like a tenured professor did. Hence, just by force of habit she only remembered the first name. They never seemed to mind, just like the professor's didn't seem to care when their first names slipped her mind. At the end of the day, she found her name nobody ever forgot. And that wasn't ego talking, that was pure reputation.  All she needed from the men was the name they wanted moaned out.

The campus was sparsely populated. Not deserted like Spring Break had made it, but this early in the morning very few people had classes. Kelli took note of this as she crossed the courtyard to the education building, where future educators were molded. Or that was the idea. This morning it was going to be where she was blowing some educational hopeful mind by blowing their cock.

She gave herself one last check in the dark reflective glass of the doors to the building. The tight jeans were just right, leaving just enough to the imagination. Her blonde locks perfectly framed her face and with a quick up-close look with her compact, her lips were perfectly colored with a dark shade of violet.

“Showtime,” she said, snapping the compact shut. Room 304 was her destination. As she rode the elevator up and walked the halls, she was actually surprised at how empty the education building was. After all, anyone studying for a career in education would probably need to be used to some early classes. However, the first floor was almost dead and the third was absolutely deserted. Kelli was figuring out why Arthur wanted his appointment at 7:30 AM. What better way to start the day than cumming in her mouth?

After quickly solved mishap with direction, Kelli had made it to room 304. She knocked lightly and heard a male voice, most likely Arthur's, say “Come in.” Kelli did it. The moment her boots clicked on the linoleum floor Arthur's face shot up from the table he was sitting at, going through the notes for his upcoming class.

“You must be Kelli,” Arthur said, unable to contain an excited smile. “I'm Arthur.”

“I gathered,” Kelli said. “I'm Kelli.” He got up from his seat to greet her with a quick hug. Surprisingly earnest. He didn't even go for an ass squeeze. She smiled when she realized she was going to wreck this man. “So, and I do hate to be up front about it but in my experience it's for the best...payment up front.”

“Oh! Of course.” Arthur went to his jacket; hung on the back of the chair he was sitting at and took out a stack of hundred dollar bills five-high.

“Excellent.” Kelli took the crisp bills and slid them into her purse which she then laid down on one of the desks. “Now, with the business out of the way...how about we get to the pleasure?”

“No small talk needed huh?” Arthur asked, scratching the back of his head nervously.

“No, not unless you want to. It is your money. I just figured with the high pressure that comes with what you're doing, you wouldn't want to. And believe me I don't mind. I actually love sucking dick. I know that's a line but I think once I've got that lovely piece of meet your hiding in my mouth, I'm confident you'll see the truth.”

“High pressure?”

“Well, yeah.” Kelli smiled and slowly walked over to him, backing him up against the table like a tigress cornering her prey. “First off, we're inching ever closer to finals. Your position as a student teacher has unique pressure to it. That and the job you're going for? Noble. All the pressure, parents breathing down your neck and for peanuts. Actually makes me feel guilty over what I'm studying.”

“And what's that?” Arthur asked. He felt his mouth go dry like a flash drought. Kelli was still at least a foot away from him and he could feel the Sahara-like heat coming off of her.

“Sports medicine.” Kelli replied. She was so close to him now, placing her arms on either side of the table he was backed into. “I used to be a gymnast. Stopped. Messed my knee up. Still pretty flexible though. Comes in a handy.” Kelli gave him a wink. “But I figured if I couldn't do that, I could specialize in treating those kinds of injuries.”

“That's not noble?”

“Arthur, I'd be essentially working exclusively with millionaires and paid very, very well. So…not as noble as educating the future of the world for peanuts. It's kind of bullshit when you think about it…which is why I look forward so much to blowing your fucking mind. That's hard-earned money you gave me. Probably means a lot of ramen noodle dinners for you. So…I think it's only fair to earn that money just as hard. Dontcha think?”

Kelli placed a soft kiss on Arthur's lips before he could answer while her hands moved from the table to his pants. With the deft skills of a surgeon his belt and zipper were eliminated as a barrier and his pants fell victim to gravity.

Kelli looked him in the eyes, her eyebrow cocked when his hard dick sprang forward, the tip poking against her denim-clad thigh.

“Well,” she said. “Someone's ready. I mean I kind of like making a man hard in my mouth. Feel him get rock hard in seconds...but there's also a lot of satisfaction in seeing such...eagerness.”

Arthur's only reply was a satisfied moan. Kelli had wasted no time in getting to her knees and taking his cock in her mouth. Just the tip first, almost a passionate French kiss before pulling off and licking at the mushroom head like an ice cream cone on a hot day.

If Arthur was any judge of things, Kelli had a major craving for his cream. Kelli was hands free, holding her hands behind her back as her skilled mouth moved up and down his veiny member. Every detail was electric from the strokes of her tongue to the barely-there teasing of her teeth on his crown. His fists balled up and went white-knuckled.

While she was still pretty much all mouth on his cock, Kelli's hands began to enter the picture. Soft raking his tender thighs with her nails up and down before those skilled fingers danced their way to his balls. His moan of satisfaction when she started playing with the churning orbs was pure music. It was also a little bit of aural gasoline, lighting the fire in her to burn even brighter.

Arthur's own blaze grew into a full blow firestorm when Kelli took him in to the root. He wasn't expecting a deep throat deal. The blowjob itself was almost too sweet for it. However, Kelli threw a bit of cayenne in with the sugar as she held him in her throat and blew his mind just short of him blowing his load. He held on, but that deep-throating was nothing short of the definition of pleasure.

Kelli pulled off, taking a few deep breaths, but not without looking up at him with sparkles in her eyes and a sweet smile surrounding by the shimmering glare of saliva. That quick but very satisfying view was soon replaced by the visual and tactile sensations of Kelli returning her mouth to Arthur's cock.

She was a bit faster now, more determined to make him explode, fill her mouth up with his pleasure pudding. She loved it after all. The way a man's voice hit a certain pitch when they came and came big. The way the cock pulsed and throbbed as rope after rope of cum was fired into her mouth. It might have been better than the money.

That moment was coming. Kelli knew the signs. Leg twitches, cracks in a deep voice like he was going through puberty again. The flood was coming and Kelli couldn't wait. She showed this in a way that made Arthur a very happy camper, sucking harder and faster on his cock. She wanted his nut nectar and he desperately wanted to release it.

“Oh....oh shit yes...oh Kelli...gonna...wow...here it comes!!!”

Kelli pulled back, working over time on the cockhead while her hand pumped the shaft. She could feel the pulsing and rush as the jizz rocketed out of the tip of his cock and into her waiting mouth.

The loud moan Kelli released sounded more like a hum with her mouth filled with cock and cum, but the vibrations on Arthur's rigid member felt all the same, pleasure beyond rightful description. The blowjob goddess had struck again.

When she was sure the tap had run dry, Kelli pulled back, showing the last shot of cum in her mouth the Arthur before swallowing it down with a satisfied “Ah”.

“Thanks for a wonderful time Arthur,” Kelli said as she got to her feet. “I hope that takes care of any tension you had. But if there’s more on the way I'm just a phone call away.”

With one quick peck to the exhausted instructor's cheek, Kelli walked out, money in her pocket and smiling from a job well done.

Peter was in a an odd mood, and of all things in the world Hailee was the issue.  Even the math issues along with the editing on the film among all the other things going on weren't bothering him like thing between them were. Her absences were beginning to wear on him. Peter was on his way to meetup with Camila and Lili for breakfast. However, once he saw Lili outside the student union, he could tell something was off just from the look on her face.

“Hey Lils,” he said. “What's up?”

“It's Cami.” Lili replied. And that was all Peter needed to hear.

“Let's go.”

“Really? That's it?” Lili said, coming up to him.

“It's Cami. That's all I need to hear.”

“Great,” Lili said with a soft smile. “Let's take my car.” Peter nodded and Lili took the lead to her car. It wasn't too far off and in a few minutes they were inside.

“What's wrong?” Peter asked, buckling his seatbelt.

“I think it's best if you hear it from Camila,” said Lili. “You want to wait around for Hailee? Wasn't she supposed to be eating breakfast?”

“She's at work. Got called in. Probably because Cami called off.”

“Makes sense to me.”

“We should probably swing by the burger place Cami loves.”

“The kind where they're so greasy it's you could rub one against a brick wall and make it clear like on The Simpsons?”

“That's the one. Pick up a few gut busters. And nice Simpsons reference.”

“What can I say? I'm a woman of many talents and interests.”

“Oh, I'm well aware,” Peter said, getting a chuckle from Lili. She started the car and off they went.

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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #88 on: February 18, 2021, 03:20:22 PM »

Elizabeth Olsen, unlike a great many of her fellow students, was nowhere near stressed. No matter how the days on the calendar faded away, closer to final exams she simply couldn't be bothered to worry.

Why would she? Besides the fact she was confident in her abilities in all her classes to pass with a B at least and not even try, she had several relaxation techniques she'd picked up from her studies. Since she was heading into the field of therapy, both mental and physical, she knew several breathing techniques, stretches and mental techniques to calm herself down.

It also didn't hurt that one major thing in the life of many of her fellow students that caused them worry was never an issue for her, or at least hadn't been for a while. As one of Sophia's girls, she was pretty much financially set. She had plenty of money put back for herself and enough to treat herself more than just a few times a year.

Also like the rest of Sophia's girls, Lizzie had herself a safe and fun place to work. It wasn't like the more…edgy business run by Bella Thorne. Outcalls were very rare and only for the most trusted of clients. And not just trusted by Sophia, but by the woman herself.

Lizzie rarely did outcalls. It wasn't because of a lack of trustworthy clients. The clients preferred Lizzie's “office” to any hotel room. And wouldn’t they? Lizzie prided herself on how welcoming yet efficient her working quarters were.

The massage table took up some real estate in the room, but not as much as one would think. There was still room for a couch, a big comfortable chair and some nightstands and a book case. And even with all that, it still seemed spacious. There was even enough room for a counter with an electric burner, a sink and a mini fridge.

It was also connected to something that had ended up paying for itself many times over. It was a hard sell when Lizzie pitched it to Sophia, but the steam room had proven very useful for both business and recreation.

Of course, the clientele Lizzie drew in also helped. While she did have the occasional student, most the men who came to see her were of the older variety and nearly all staff. Her mix of therapy, physical or otherwise, alongside the more...sensual aspects of her job kept her in high demand, especially around midterms and finals. This season was no exception. And on that particular moment she had one her favorite clients coming around.

Professor Henry Jones was THE archaeology professor/ancient history expert one campus and he had heard all the jokes about his name. Lizzie was the only one he'd tolerate it from anymore. In her defense, she couldn't help herself. She might have been able to stop, but the fact that he had more than a passing resemblance to Harrison Ford nixed that idea. It wasn't all bad though. Considering how sexy she found Ford to be in his prime, it made their session extra fun when they got down to being down and dirty.

Lizzie had lit the last of the candles, put a kettle on and took a deep breath of the soothing aromas the melting wax emitted. She looked herself over in a mirror to the side of the door to her “office”. She wasn't wearing much, just a short, revealing red silk robe. One small tug of the robe's belt and it'd be open and on the floor. It was perfect.

She moved to the chair she had set up in the corner of the room and picked up a book of photography. It was mainly just for show, the intricate leather cover fitting in very nicely with the décor she added to the room, but she enjoyed looking through it. Her clients had other things to do with their eyes and hands. It was only a few moments after she began to thumb through the book of photographs that there was a knock on the door. The good professor, right on time. Punctuality was another thing Lizzie liked about him.

“Come in,” Lizzie said. She put the book down and shifted just enough to look just that extra bit of inviting. Crossing her legs just to show off that little extra bit of thigh, making sure her robe showed off her deep cleavage in just the perfect way. A feast for the eyes first...then every other sense would get to enjoy.

Jones let himself in, his previously gruff face melting away when he saw the beautiful dish sitting in front of him. The dish named Elizabeth soon stood up and made her towards Henry, a sweet smile on her face as she gave him a friendly hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“So good to see you,” she said. “And ever punctual. I don't think enough people know how sexy that actually is.”

“Wouldn't want to keep such a lovely creature waiting.” Henry replied.

“Flatterer.” Lizzie helped him with his jacket, hanging it up and locking the door behind him. “Would you like some tea? It's special, a relaxing blend I put together myself.”

“That'd be lovely.” Lizzie headed over to the counter to pour them both a cup of tea. Henry continued to disrobe, folding each piece of clothing it and setting it on a nearby end table. When Lizzie turned around with the tea, he was already sitting on the massage table, a towel over his legs.

She handed him his tea and took a sip of her own before speaking again. “Well, it does appear as though I'm overdressed. I don't think that's a situation I can let stand.”

“I have no objections,” Henry said before sipping from his tea.

Lizzie gave him a sexy little smile as she undid the belt to her robe, letting the red silk garment fall to the ground. After taking a quick sip of the tea with his mouth, the good doctor drank in the curvy, womanly form of Elizabeth Olsen with his eyes. Those immaculate legs, supple breasts...on a campus full of insanely gorgeous women from students to staff, Lizzie was simply the total package. She could even hold a conversation with him. Time spent with her was more eye-opening and stress relieving than a regular round with a normal therapist, and not just for the obvious reasons.

He finished up the tea and handed the cup off to Lizzie, who set it down. “You know the drill Henry; lay face down. I'll get my gels ready, then it's just time to relax and tell me all about what's bothering you.”

Henry performed the well-practiced routine just as Elizabeth asked. While he got in position, Lizzie took a bottle of herb-infused gel and brought it over to the massage table. She vastly preferred using this to any kind of oils. Clean-up was easier. Pores remained unclogged. Lizzie drizzled a line of the warm gel down Henry’s spine and got to work. Right away, she was shocked by how wound up he was.

“Good grief, it's like massaging a steel bar!” She exclaimed. “What's wrong?”

“You know, just the usual things that come along with finals. You students aren't the only ones who get stressed out.”

“I don't remember you being this wound-up last semester.” she replied. “You were even oddly tense during midterms. So, what's going on?”

“It's just...look, I'll be blunt. Sometimes I think the kids are getting dumber. And yes, I know that's an awful thing to say, but I can't help but feel it's true. I swear it's going to be expected I wipe their noses next semester because they aren’t able to.”

“Has the average grade in your class dipped severely these past few semesters?”


“Has your course gotten easier?”

“Well, no.”

“Then Henry, what are the standards you're putting your students under where you're comfortable calling them dumb?” Lizzie asked.

“Just a feeling,” he gruffly replied. “All the questions.”

“Ah, I see.” Lizzie's hands moved up to Jones' shoulder. It's where all his weight seemed be stored, a gordian knot of stress. “May I make an observation?”

“That's why I'm here.”

“Well, one reason,” Lizzie said with a laugh, which Henry returned. “When was the last time you had a vacation? And I mean a real one. Not one where you go to visit a museum to compare notes with peers or check out a dig site or handle artifacts. I mean a real true-blue vacation where it's you, the beach and a tropical drink.”

“I think I know where you're going with this Elizabeth, but to answer your question it has been quite a while.”

“Well, if you see where I'm going then I think you'd have to agree that maybe it's exactly what you need and that's the problem, not the students.” Lizzie's hands worked down his back to his legs where she once more found muscles wound up tighter than a pocket watch. “So, maybe take off a semester or two. Live for yourself for a bit. Summer session and the fall semester. I'm sure if you let Scarlett know now she'd have more than enough time to find a temporary replacement.”

“While that's a lovely idea Elizabeth, I can't just up and leave.”

“I didn’t suggest you up and leave.” Lizzie retorted. “I said give the dean some notice. It's not like you can get fired or anything. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you do have tenure here, right?”

“Yes, that'd be correct.” Jones shuffled a bit on the table. Lizzie's hands were working their magic. All the tension was melting away, or was being redirected rather, right to his joy division. It was to be expected. It was her final way of getting all that negativity out in one amazingly fun burst. The way her tits rubbed against his back as her hands worked their magic helped a lot as well.

“Then there's no issue. You've gone so long just ignoring your needs or at least giving them the most minimum of attentions that you're burning out. You're blaming the burnout on your students instead of, well, yourself.  You need to recharge. It's not your student’s fault you're exhausted and irritable and it's not their responsibility to handle it. That ball is in your court. So...do something about it. Take some time for yourself. The world won't fall apart if Henry Jones enjoys himself. I think our little sessions are proof of that. Besides, you can't tell me of all the places you've been there isn't one you'd just like to visit for fun.”

“I can think of a few,” Henry said. “It's to the point where that'd be a new source of stress, picking out a place to relax. Ridiculous, isn't it?”

“Before we worry about any new stress and tension, how about we get rid of what you already have?” Asked Elizabeth, her tone flirty and knowing. “Turn over, on your back.”

Jones did as he was asked and the moment her flipped over; his rock-hard cock stood at attention. Elizabeth smirked at the site. Always punctual. Jones let out a soft moan, barely audible, as she took a gentle grip of his cock. Her hands were already pre-lubed from the massage gel so there was no need to delay. She slowly pumped his shaft and watched and read his body for reaction.

“Look at that...all the tension localized in one spot,” Lizzie said. “It never fails, does it? From your shoulders to your toes, massaging every last bit of that nasty stress into one area. And isn't it wonderful how that one area is so much fun to get relaxed?”

“Very wonderful my dear.” Henry managed to reply. It was a struggle, Elizabeth had very, very skilled hands. He could feel it from what she did to his shoulder and now how she was working his cock.

A flick of the wrist as her delicate hand slid down and up again on his pole, taking special care at the crown. Running her thumbs in circles under the crown or just doing quick little pumps on the bellend, all kinds of tactile treats to drive Henry wild.

Driving him wild might have been putting it mildly. Those delightful hands and that warm gel were always a deadly combination. This time out though was especially so. He really did just need that relief, that one instant to send him to another plane for just a brief moment. He just didn't want it yet. His body though had its own thoughts.

Those thoughts were transparent. Elizabeth could feel the pulsing of his cock and when that first tear of precum leaked out onto her fingers, she knew it was time to give him a brief moment to recharge and then move on to something even more relaxing...yet very vigorous. Climbing on up of him, her juicy cunt hovered over his cock. Henry took another brief moment to drink in Lizzie's form from this new angle. That moment was interrupted wonderfully when his engorged member was sheathed within her heavenly crevasse.

The pair moaned in unison as she was filled to the brim. Her eyes caught a quick view of his hands, balling up as she rode him. She could actually see them quiver just a bit. And while that quick little view was fun, there was so much more to do.

Henry's fists came apart and his hands went to grasp the masseuse's hips as Lizzie lowered down, her tits against his chest. Their lips met and Henry's hands began to roam her body, getting familiar once more with every delicate curve all while Lizzie continued her massage, working his cock over with her masterful pussy.

Lizzie listened close to the raspy growls of pleasure that slipped from Henry's lips. It was addictive, a drug she couldn't get enough of that in way she was supplying to herself. She worked his cock, almost milking it with her pussy, swirling and grinding on his dick. And that all felt much, much too good for him to stay too silent, and thus Elizabeth got those sweet sounds of sin dancing into her ears.

Of course, silence wasn't the only thing out the window for Henry. His hands weren't staying stationary at Lizzie's heavenly hips. They moved up and down her back before taking big handfuls of her lovely apple ass. He was nowhere near as skilled as she was when it came to the artistry of massage, but he certainly gave it what he could working that beautiful peach.

“Oooh Henry,” Lizzie bellowed. She wasn't what anyone would refer to as an ass-woman. She wasn't opposed to some derriere attention; it just wasn't first and foremost on her mind. However, some men just had the magic touch, and Henry was one of them. While there was no backdoor exploration on the menu today, the little bit of teasing Henry was providing sent a wonderful jolt up Lizzie's spine.

The jolt was enough to send Lizzie up and in charge. She looked down at Henry, a few strands of her golden locks dangling in front of her face. Elizabeth grasped his hands at the wrist and moved them up her body while starting to move on his cock again.

Her hips twirled and Lizzie brought the professor's hands up to her tits. She let out a soft moan as he began to squeeze her melons. “Mmm just like that Henry...feels so good...”

Elizabeth grabbed one his hands once more bringing up to her mouth and sucking on his digits. When she let his fingers drop from her mouths, Lizzie gave control of those hands back to their owner. Everything else, that was under her command.

“Feels so good, doesn't it Dr. Jones?” Lizzie asked. Her pace increased, working him just a bit more within her paradisiacal pussy. “Let it all melt away...all that tension. That's what you hired me for baby...just focus on me....my skin…my pussy. All yours, right now in the moment...let it all wash over you...”

All Henry could do was moan in response. Answering her vocally would be foolhardy. Fortunately, his hands were not so pleasure stricken. They glided over her supernaturally sexy body. Tits, waist, hips, ass and back again. All the while Lizzie's pace just got harder, faster. But the sensation never lost a bit of its strength. Every single moment just raised the stakes.

Faster and harder Lizzie went. If the bench was a bed the squeaking sound of springs would be filling the room as opposed to the sounds of sex. But of the noise of their love-making was the music, then Lizzie had some more lyrics to add.

“You want to cum, don't you?” Lizzie asked. “Not just yet my sweet professor…not just yet…mmmm you know how good you feel in me? Fits just like a puzzle piece...gonna cum…the…mmm baby gonna make it so special for you...make all those worries melt away....”

Once more Lizzie gazed down at Henry, making sure she had his attention, though she could at this point accept it not being undivided. Still Henry managed to bring eyes to her, shutting them quickly again when she ground and swirled on him once more.

Once Henry was able to see again, he was treated to the vision of Elizabeth sucking on her own fingers then slowly drawing them out. He watched as she dragged those fingers down her body, licking her lips as they got lower and lower until they were between Lizzie's legs.

“Ohh...oh fuck...” Elizabeth grunted as she began to play with her clit, just the added bit of stimulation she was craving. As for her other hand, well, soon Henry found out about that when Lizzie reached behind her, teasing his churning nuts for the briefest of moments.

“Gonna....oh damn...gonna...mmmm gonna cum for you Henry...just for you...then you get to cum...and you know how good you'll feel...just wait...mmm...baby just wait for me...”

Henry tried desperately do as she asked, trying to take the focus from the sensational view of her riding him to orgasm and the reckless passion and abandon on Elizabeth's face as the pleasure took over. He tried push to the back of his head how amazing her spasming pussy felt on his cock as the orgasm hit her full on. He even tried to distract himself from the siren like cries of pleasure that exploded from her mouth.

Somehow, despite that triple play of temptation, Henry held on from exploding inside of Lizzie. That earned him a smile from her and a bonus in relief.  Lizzie climbed off of him, her knees still wobbly. Fortunately for her she wasn't going to be standing. She was on her knees. She lowered the massage table with a quick pull of a lever on the piece of furniture and it sunk low. When it hit the lowest setting, Henry shot up and spun around to face Lizzie.

The masseuse moved between his legs and grabbed his cock, absolutely soaked with her own cum. She sucked him into her mouth, licking every inch of her essence off him before leading him to that final countdown. Henry waited with baited breath, watching while Lizzie stared at him right back. All while she wrapped her bosom around his turgid rod.

“Mmmm I'm so relaxed honey...but now it's your turn...you get to cum…right between my tits. I want you to watch...watch as every last bit of stress and tension is drained from your body...watch...”

And watch he did, entranced, his cock slid between her tits. He felt almost cotton mouth as those glorious globes began to jack him. No slow build-up. It was right to the point now.

“That's good...so good,” Lizzie said in a breathy tone. “Just let it go baby...let it go and shoot for me...you'll feel so much better...”

Ever second, every moment and every thrust was just proving her right as he got more and more ready. There was no countdown. It was time.

“Elizabeth!” he grunted right as his cum began to rocket out of his cock, coating the bountiful breasts of Elizabeth Olsen.

“That's it baby,” Lizzie cheered, still working the geyser-like cock for every drop he had. “Let it out...let all that tension out and all the pleasure in.”

He did just that as more and more cum shot from his cock. It was like a full-on kaleidoscope of pleasure. Every color in the book and it was making him more than a little dizzy.

Soon her was spent, gasping for air as he fell back on the table. Lizzie smirked and got to her feet, the wobbly knees a thing of the past. She scooped up some of the cum from her tits and swallowed it down, but wiped the rest away with a warm and wet towel. She wasn't opposed to swallowing but Henry had shot so much that kind of clean-up would have taken up more time than either of them had.

“Feeling better?” she asked, pouring herself another cup of tea.

“Oh yeah,” Henry said, his voice having the tenor of a confident drunk.

“Good. Are you also going to take my advice?”

“I'll inform Scarlett ASAP.”

“Good,” Lizzie said. “One more question before you get to your senses and head out.”

“What's that?”

“More tea?” Lizzie said with a grin. “Or maybe a nice relaxing shower...just to be sure you're good.”

Henry grinned. He was gonna miss Lizzie.


Camila felt a romcom cliché. Sitting on her couch, a half-eaten carton of Ben & Jerry's on the table in front of her and cold-half eaten Chinese take-out on the kitchen table. Some random soap opera was on the TV but all she could pay attention to were the thoughts of what happened the previous night replaying in her head.

Maybe she could have said something different. Maybe she should have sucked it up and made plans for a new continent. She also knew where that path would have taken her and Jose. What they were going through now hurt, but it wasn't spiteful. Going with him and bottling up all her nerves and fears would lead just to that. As much as she loved Jose, she couldn't follow him on this. The only way he could really be happy and make his dreams come true would be to do it without her. It hurt more than anything she could imagine, but she accepted it.

And that was going to be her day, stewing alone in her apartment, just Cami and her loneliness. She was so lost in it she barely heard the knock at the door. She didn't remember ordering anything, but in the state, she was in Cami knew she could have easily forgotten. With a sigh she got up and headed to the door. When she opened it, she saw no delivery person. Instead, she saw what she really needed but didn't call for, her two closest friends.

Lili she'd expected to see. She was, after all, Camila's roommate. The other friend, Peter, was a surprise. And when her eyes fell on him, she did the only thing that felt right. She wrapped her arms around him, buried her face in his chest and began crying, the tears flowing once more.

Peter held Camila tight, caressing her head. “It's okay Cami,” he said, trying to sooth her. “It's okay.”

It moved Lili a little to see this. She'd already been well aware how long the two had known each other and their closeness, but this was something else. She was watching Camila let herself be vulnerable. None of the shields of humor or sarcasm Cami usually put up. While Camila had indeed opened up like this to Lili, it was weird to observe it with someone else. However, it did touch her a bit. She always was a bit of a softie. It really was sweet.

Soon the soft sobs stopped and Cami looked up to Peter. “What are you waiting for, a written invite?” She asked, wiping her eyes. She forced a cute smile to her face, trying to put Peter more at ease. She could tell he did not like seeing her like this one bit. “Come on, get in.”

Peter walked in, then Cami turned her attention to Lili, who then got her big hug, this time without the sobs.

“Thank you,” Cami said. She looked up at Lili's face. “Really, thanks.”

“I just didn't think you should be alone right now.” Lili replied. “So, I called in the big guns.”

“Well, thanks. I wouldn't have even asked him. Wouldn't want to be a burden or anything.”

“Well, that's why I did it.” Lili said, then placing a kiss on her friend's forehead. “And you're not a burden to anyone, okay?”

Cami nodded, then saw the greasy brown paper bag in Lili's hands. She then inhaled deeply, getting a whiff of the unhealthy magic of the most decadent and delicious cheeseburgers she'd ever stumbled upon. “You really did bring the big guns.”

“The burgers were his idea.”

“Well, you get equal credit because I love you both.” Cami grabbed the sack from Lili's hand and the duo went to the dining room table where Peter had taken a seat. Cami sat on the other end and Lili beside him.

Cami tore through the bag voraciously, tossing the other two burgers to her pals while she took the Big Monster Double Bacon all for herself. It did after all have her name on it, written clearly in black marker that was still visible through the grease stains.

“Before you dig in maybe you can do me a favor,” said Peter.

“What's that, my dearest Petey?”

“What were you crying about?”

“Lili didn't tell you?”

“I thought it'd be better if you did,” said Lili. “It felt...weird talking about it for some reason.”

“Well, it's probably smart you didn't,” said Cami. She then focused her attention back to Peter and let him in on what happened, and what had been going on.

“Cami why didn't you let me know any of this? The nightmares and the worrying and all of that?”

“Because I know you and you would have overreacted and done something stupid despite NONE of this being Jose's fault.”

“I wouldn't have done anything stupid.” Peter retorted.

“Oh really?” Cami sarcastically asked. “Two words: Steve. Jameson.”

“Good grief,” Peter said, facepalming while Lili looked between them, confused.

“Whose Steve Jameson?” She asked. “The name's a little familiar.”

“Total prototypical jock who went to me and Pete's school. Asshole, anger issues, misogynistic and probably more than a little racist. He probably led our team against yours in football or whatever. But he was a real jackass.”

“So, what's the story there?”

“You want to tell Lili, or should I?” Asked Cami, a smirk so confident on her face it made Peter both happy and feel full of dread at the same time.

“You're going to have way more fun telling it, so be my guest.” Replied Peter.

“Well Lili dear, it's Junior year of high school. Peter and I, after the sophomore blunder that was our attempt at romance, are closer than ever. No one messes with him and gets away with it while I'm around and vice versa. So, Steve decides to throw some big party at his house. I think for winning some championship or something? I don't know. And almost everyone is invited. I am. Selena was. Taylor. Ben. Everyone but Peter here. Steve had a real distaste for him, which made me have an even bigger disdain for Steve. No one messes with my Petey.”

“Thanks,” Peter said with a nod.

“You're welcome.” Replied Cami with a wink. “So, Peter comes as my plus one. Because I don’t care, I didn't even want to go but I did it just to ruffle that asshole's feathers. I mean both Taylor and Selena knew better than to show up. I may not have been friendly with Selena back then but the girl knew who to stay away from. There was her usual type and then way below that was Steve.”

“You know the more you talk about him the more I think I remember him,” Lili said. “I think he was being a bit handsy with our school's cheerleaders.”

“Sounds like him. And that night, when he wasn't making a death glare at Pete, he kept making eyes at me. And the moment Peter isn't at my side, Steve slimes his way over to me like a slug in heat.”

“Wait, do slugs even get in heat?” Peter asked.

“Hush dear, you're ruining the image,” Cami said. “So, Steve, he's flirting with me, badly. So badly you'd swear he was drunk but there wasn't even the smell of alcohol on him, but he was just a really shitty talker. And an asshole. Obviously, I'm not receptive and try to walk away. So, he grabs my arm and pulls me towards him, trying to be all intimidating. Talking about how it was his house and his rules.”

“What happened next?”

“Peter how about you handle this and then I'll tell what actually happened?”

“Look, I didn't like seeing him grab you like that,” Peter said. “So, I came up to him and told him to stop.”

“You're leaving out the part where you grabbed his hand and pushed him first. To a guy who had at a foot and fifty pounds of muscle on you.”

“Oh no,” Lili said. “How big was the hospital bill?”

“Well, it would have been covered by my dad, but there wasn't one,” Camila said. “While Steve did in fact pick Peter up by his collar and was ready to tear him apart, what Steve didn't see was me climb on the table behind him. It came as quite a shock to him when I jumped on his back and put him in a…I think it was a headlock?” Cami then mimed what it was she did, her arms wrapping around an imaginary head.

“That's it.” Lili answered.

“Yeah, so he's freaking out like a bull at a rodeo. He drops Peter and throws me off his back on to the couch. Then angrily screams for us to get out. Like it's a punishment or something. Still, I felt we needed to balance things out so when we got back to Pete's place, we called the cops on the party.”

“You really almost got your ass kicked.?”

“No one messes with my Petey. No one. And before you jump in, Petey-dear I know the feeling is mutual. Which is why I never told you about all the nightmares and stress over Jose hurting himself.” She reached over and grabbed his hand, then did the same to Lili. “And I'd do the same for you Lils. I love you guys. So, and without an ounce of sarcasm…thanks. Both of you.”

“Is this when we do the group hug?” Peter asked.

“I think so,” Lili agreed. “One of those really cheesy ones like at the end of an 80s sitcom. Faces all smooshed together for that perfect ending shot as the laugh track plays and the credits roll.”

Peter jokingly cracked his knuckles and stretched out. “Good to see we're on the same page Lils.”

As Lili started to make the same movements, plus a subtle smile at the suggestion of being on the same page that not even she noticed, Cami put a stop to the faux hug-prep.

“Better idea: how about we eat these gut-busters, watch something together and then MAYBE we'll circle back around to the whole “sitcom hug” thing.”

“That sounds fair,” Lili said. “Peter?”

“I'll agree to it.” Peter answered. “First though I think I might just need to use the bathroom. If you'll excuse me.”

Peter got up from the table, leaving the ladies alone for the moment.

“Thanks, Lils,” Cami said. “I needed something.”

“Don't thank me. We both know you would have done the same and more.  Mainly because you did after the whole thing with Jake. Peter was pretty helpful with that too.”

“I bet he was,” Cami said with a grin.

“Not like that!” Lili said. “I'm talking about the movie nights and stuff when we got back. It wasn’t JUST the threesome. And that was Hailee's whole deal.”

“I see. So, it was just a favor to a friend. No enjoyment at all.”

“I didn't say that,” Lili said, hoping there wasn't a bit of blushing going on. “I'm just saying it wasn't my idea. And a one-time thing. It was however...very enjoyable. Very...very enjoyable...but that's it!”

“Gotcha,” laughed Cami. “Speaking of Haiz, where's she?”

“She went in to work early or something. Covering your shift, I think.”

“What?” Cami asked. That was a confusing swerve. “That's kind of impossible.”


“Because I'm just skipping class today. My work week begins tomorrow. And just a few hours because of finals so I wouldn't need to be covered.”

“Oh. I guess she just took on an extra shift or something.”

“Yeah, probably.” With that it was settled, but something was bugging her. The department in the hotel that she and Hailee worked in did not open any earlier than, well, at that moment once Cami actually noticed the time.

It didn't mean anything. Sometimes people were called in really early during special event planning, but she couldn't think of a time part-timer were among them. Once Peter returned to the room, she pushed the thoughts from her head. After all, it was probably nothing.

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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #89 on: February 18, 2021, 03:59:06 PM »

Lunchtime was always the part of the work day Margot Robbie absolutely adored. There was a myriad of reasons for that. One of them was that her fiancé Jay was an amazing cook s she always had a superb lunch to look forward to. Another was her own little private party room in the basement floor of the building. A dirty, filthy orgasm with a gourmet lunch always made the blonde smile extra wide. The third was somewhat tied in with the second...the office lunches she shared with her boss, the good dean Scarlett Johansson. Sometimes they were just good conversation, the kind of thing that made Scarlett more than a boss, but a friend.

Other times it was much more, intense. Which definitely made Scarlett more than just a boss. And it was that kind of lunch break Margot was having. She was on Scarlet's desk, leaning back. Her skirt was hiked up and her sexy, fit legs were wide open with Scarlett's lovely head right in the middle. Today Scarlett's lunch was going to be on the Aussie bombshell.

Margot was in heaven, but even in paradise she knew the rules. Despite the fact Scarlett was the one doing the servicing today, the rules, or rule rather, was very simple...Margot could not touch Scarlett. If Scarlett was going to get on her knees, then she was doing all the work. Margot had to sit back and enjoy.

The rule seemed simple enough...until Margot felt those urges to grab hold of Scarlett's head and run her fingers through her golden locks, to pull her face up to kiss her and taste her own juices on Scarlett's lips. But all that was barred. The most Margot could to was grind her sopping pussy into Scarlett's hungry face.

Hungry might have been putting it lightly. Voracious was far more apt to describe the treatment she was giving Margot's wet Aussie cunt. Her hands gripped the blonde tight butt under her already hiked up skirt while Scarlett's mouth was a one-woman army on her clit. With delicate sweeping motions akin to calligraphy to the fast rapid speed of Morse code.

Margot croaked out moans and pleads of more as Scarlett lashed her clit with her tongue, turning any butterflies in her stomach into a swarm of wasps, nearly pushing her into a climactic climax only to back off and leave that kettle just short of a boil. From there it was all so much more tender. Long, loving licks on her labia to backing off completely and giving soft kisses and love bites on the tender flesh of Margot's inner thigh.

When the near-boiling over soothed back down to a sensual simmer Scarlett returned to Margot's clit. She started up again slow. She sucked softly, her tongue tracing what felt like Shakespearean sonnets on the pleasure button. The slow build up began once more.

While Margot couldn't touch Scarlett, it didn't mean she was a total passenger in all this. She managed to get out pleads of “More!” and rhythmic chants “Yes...Scarlett yes!” Margot's hands weren't exactly taking a backseat either. One was holding her up, Margot leaning on it while the other went to her own chest, pinching and pulling on her own nipples. Scarlett had started there, opening her secretary's blouse and taking a taste of those tits, sucking the nipples hard and teasing them with her teeth.

As Margot added a little spice to the soup with the attention, she was giving herself, Scarlett was bringing it all back up to that final boil. The sonnets were slowly turning into punk songs. She making Margot dance on the edge, each new step getting her dangerously close to going over. Margot began to grind her cunt into Scarlett's face which just fueled Scarlett to push and press on.

“Yes....yes...Scarlett...Scarlett...SCARLETT!!!!” Margot's body shook like Richter scale-breaking earthquake. Her arm gave out and she fell back on Scarlett's desk, writhing as pleasure tore through her like hurricane, and that hurricane's name was Scarlett.

As the blonde's body went totally limp Scarlett finally departed her pussy, her face shimmering with Margot cum. She moved up her body to deliver one last kiss Margot's lips. The blonde on bottom savored it, licking her nectar off of Scarlett’s face as the kiss broke and Scarlett fell back on her chair. And with Scarlett back behind the desk, it was business as usual. Margot got to her fit and put her clothes back in order. Then turned to face Scarlett.

“Any further business Margot?” Scarlett asked. “Not that I would object to a bit more pleasure but we do have work to do.”

“Well boss, you did get a call from Professor Jones just before you had lunch” Margot replied with a smirk “He wanted to schedule a meeting with you, I told him the soonest her could get squeezed in was tomorrow. I know that makes things a bit heavy for you but I also know that Wednesday would have been even worse due to your lunch with Chris. And I'm guessing given you're rather...intense appetite you wouldn't want that date reshuffled.”

“Good call,” Scarlett said with a wink. “I'll work with it. Thanks Margot.”

“No, thank you,” Margot said with a grin before exiting. Scarlett laughed to herself a bit and sat back in her chair. It'd been a good few weeks. Chris was astonishingly understanding of her tastes. She'd cut off the boytoys. The only dick for her right now was his, except under certain circumstances. Pussy however, was less of an issue, which meant more fun times with her favorite Aussie.

It was an amazing arrangement, and one with many possibilities. And as Scarlett began touching herself thinking about them, her hand went for the phone to call Margot in for seconds...


“So, what do you think?” Asked Elisha Cuthbert. She and Jennifer Love Hewitt were taking a tour through Elisha's soon to be restaurant. Everything was almost all set up. The bar, the tables, the carpeting. Even the Top-of-the-line kitchen was ready to go. And according to Elisha, most of the staff was hired, save for a good manager and some stray server positions.

“It looks great Leesh.” Jennifer responded. “The carpets are amazing; I LOVE the bar and the kitchen is just...it's beautiful. Only thing missing is the sign outside. What's this place going to be called again?”

“Sauced.” Elisha answered. “You know, well, we both do from way too much experience, college kids love their alcohol and I ADORE barbecue sauce...so...cocktails and a wide variety of different Barbecue sauces from all across this great food-obsessed nation we call home.”

“Cocktails huh? Should I be worried?” Love asked with a grin.

“Oh god no. When I saw cocktails, I mean over the top weekly specials and well beers. Possibly with goofy novelty glasses. The food is the star. The alcohol, that's a party favor.”

“Gotcha. One question though.”

“What's that?”

“What are you going to do with that big space on the second floor?”

“That's the question I'm hoping to answer,” said a voice very familiar to both women, though Jennifer was the only one surprised to hear it. That surprise grew into joy when she saw a familiar person to connect with the familiar voice.

“Rick!” Jennifer exclaimed with glee. He descended he stairs, a healthy-looking man with a full beard with the faintest bit of salt-and-pepper coloring in it. The moment he hit the ground Love rushed to him and gave him a big welcoming hug. “Oh my gosh when did you get in?”

“Saturday,” he said. “Me and the boys are still settling In and Connor has finally been pacified thanks to online gaming.”

“Yeah, screaming obscenities that even I haven't heard of is really being pacified,” Elisha said, making her way over to her husband.

“Well, he's no longer spending every moment going on about how much he hates us.”

Elisha thought on this for a moment before nodding in agreement. “That is something,” she said. “Now, if you'll just let me get in-between this....” Elisha gently broke up the hug and slid into Rick's embrace and kissed him. “You know if I didn't know any better, I'd say you were getting too handsy with my man.”

“Look, if a woman can't hug her former roommate then we're living in an insane world.” Love replied. “By the way, love the salt & pepper thing you have going on.”

“Glad someone does.”

“Oh my GOD babe it was a joke!” Elisha exclaimed. “It's very sexy and I think I showed you how sexy I found it when you came in.”

“That you did,” Rick said, squeezing his Canadian cutie right on her backside. “Now, the subject Jennifer brought up, the second floor.”

“What am I working with babe?” Elisha asked.

“Well, keep in mind I'd wait until you have an electrician checking that out as opposed to, you know, a comic book artist. All I do is draw the cool space ships. But if I had to take a guess, just from the sheer number of outlets up there and the way the area is shaped, I'm guessing it was some kind of DJ booth. Didn't this place do a club night or something before it was sold?”

“Something like that,” Elisha said. “I mean I don't know anything about the previous owners. No one had even used this place in a year and a half according to the realtor. You think we could get another bar up there?”

“I wouldn't,” Love added. “Too small, even for a restaurant bar. It'd be a waste of money.”

“Then what should go up there?” Elisha asked. “GOD, I hate this. It's always something!”

“Leaf, just breath,” Rick said, calling her by his nickname for her, taken from her favorite hockey team, the Maple Leaf’s. “Something great is going to go up there. It's built to deal with a lot of electronics. So, we have at least some kind of trail to follow.”

“I know...I just hate having any loose ends this close to opening. Drives me NUTS.”

“On that note, I'm going to go mitigate something else designed to drive you nuts; a household full of antsy young boys. Two on a sugar high by this point and the third smackdab in his moody teenager phase.”

“You're a saint,” she said, kissing him one more time before he departed. “How exactly are you going to keep Connor calm?”

“Gonna buy him a PSN card or something. That should buy us a couple evenings of politeness.”

“See Love? This is why I stay with the man. Always thinking. That and the magic penis. M-A-G-I-C, I swear. And I can still make him blush just by mentioning it.”

“See ya Love,” Rick said, giving his old roomie one last hug. He turned back to his wife once more. “I'll be back in a few hours though. Still need your faithful in-house taste tester, right?”

“Always will.” Elisha responded. The pair kissed one more time. “I love you.”

“Love you too, Leaf.” Rick headed out leaving a blushing Elisha and a grinning Love behind.

“It never ceases to amaze me,” Jennifer said. “I've known the both of you longer than I've known anyone else. I never would have imagined you two together. And you're the single most loving and stable relationship I've EVER seen. How the heck do you do it?”

“I don't know, we love each other,” Elisha said, her tone matter-of-fact. “I mean I get the shock kind of. His parents are still so shocked we eloped they still barely speak to us or have seen their grandkids. I know we weren't exactly, you know, love at first sight. But when it all fell into place...it just didn't break. Wouldn't change a thing, not even the rougher stuff before...you know...the fun stuff.”

“I just think it's sweet.”

“All right, I get it. But let's skip the cavity fuel, I want you to give me a close inspection of my bar. It's not a beauty like yours but I could use some tips. It's always been kind of a drag factor in both my places back east. I usually just hand the reigns to the bartender.”

“That's probably a smart move.” Love agreed. “It's always wisest to put someone who knows what they're doing in charge of the area you have a blind spot in.”

“You're welcome to apply,” Elisha joked. “Twenty percent discount on meals.”

“Oooh, tempting,” Jennifer laughed in response. This felt good. Almost like old times. Better even. Lessons learned, age and wisdom. All the plusses of the past and very little of the minuses.


To an outsider, it would look like things couldn't be worse for Cade Devereaux, at least as far as his personal life went. After a pregnancy scare, he felt like he was on good footing with Kate Upton. He even thought of asking the tantalizing TA to move in with him.

That was dashed when Kate revealed she'd been seeing someone else. One of her dalliances, much like the ones he himself had, managed to steal her heart. And just like it was over. This left Cade distressed. Distressed, but not over her leaving him for another man. Rather, he was initially distressed that he wasn't bothered that much by it. He couldn't get it. He adored Kate, and had honestly mistaken that for love.

It was then he was a bit more honest with himself...he just loved fucking a kinky and adventurous blonde beach bunny. She was fun to be around in other situations for sure, but he honestly had a tough time remembering any time they were together that didn't end up in sex, aside from the whole pregnancy scare thing.

He was actually glad Kate found someone that made her feel amazing all over and wished her the best. In the meantime, he was going to have his own fun. And tonight, that fun involved one of the school's photography instructors, Kelly Brook. She was a curvy Brit who was just as popular with her students as she was the staff for a myriad of reasons, one of them was exactly the reason Cade was meeting her at her apartment/photo studio.

When he called her looking for a time to get together, Kelly knew exactly what he meant and knew it'd been far too long since she’d had his cock. She even heard the poorly-hidden excitement in his voice when she revealed she had a free day off campus. No classes, no student meetings, just a day to herself. The joy in his voice reminded her of her younger, more studious conquests from her classes.

There was no real pomp and circumstance for Cade's arrival. The tent in his pants at the thought of getting inside all of Kelly's private areas and Kelly's wetness from the thought of an experienced cock ready to go was more than enough. Still there was the entire factor of getting through the door. It wasn't exactly a grueling action. A few raps on the door was all it took. Minimum effort, but when that door opened Cade saw his maximum reward in the form of Kelly decked out in some of the hottest lingerie he'd ever seen; black satin bra and panties, stockings and garters and at the bottom of those shapely legs a pair of stiletto heels.

“Hello there, Professor Deveraux,” she said, her accent making the sentence ooze with more sex than he would have thought possible despite the many times the pair had fucked. “Please come in. Take a seat on the sofa.”

He nodded and made his way in, hearing the door shut behind him and the click-clack of her heels walking behind him, taking a seat on the lounge chair opposite him. In between them was a coffee table, a loaded tea platter on it.

“Care for a cup, or shall we get down to why you're here and have ourselves little fun?”

“Why am I here Kelly?” he asked with a grin. He liked a bit of back and forth with Kelly. She kept it short, but fun. Action spoke louder with her, but a few words served purpose as well.

“We're going to play that game, are we?” She asked smiling. “You're going to fuck me. I know this routine very well considering how often I've had that simply delightful dick. I was honestly hoping we'd skip the guessing game this time. Not that it's a bad thing, but considering the drought I've had lately with all this finals nonsense I need a serious deep dicking. Not in the mood for a tease, my dearest professor.”

“You don't even want to play this guessing game?” He asked with a grin. Kelly watched with her own grin while Cade unzipped his pants to take out his cock, diamond hard and ready for action. “Guess what I want you to do with this.”

“Well, there are several answers to that question Cade,” said Kelly. She got up and make the quick trek to the other side of the coffee table and knelt down in front of Cade. She spread his legs apart on the couch then yanked his pants down to his ankles. No finesse. Finesse wasn't going to happen between them today.

Cade gasped a bit when Kelly's firm grip came to his cock. “Here's the first answer,” she said, following the sentence up by drooling on his dick. Cade watched with sinful awe as the saliva rolled down the tip and down the stalk, only for it to be worked into the hard flesh by Kelly's pumping.

His gaze went black for a moment when Kelly wrapped her lips around his cock. Right from the start Kelly got to work. Her tongue ran a cyclone around his bell end, a hot chill running up down and back up his spine. Only twenty seconds in and Kelly was already making a slobbering mess.

She cupped Cade's balls while her mouth slobbered all over his nob. Kelly was working fast and hard, almost fucking her face onto her cock. Just when Cade thought he was going to get overloaded she pulled off his cock with a gasp, throwing her hair back before looking back at him, a sexually sinister smile on her face. The buxom Brit's hand became a slick blur on his cock while her mouth went to his balls to give them the same spit wash.

“Fuck yes Kelly...fucking suck those balls,” he said. “Nut sucking tart...”

“Mmmmmm!” Kelly hummed. She LOVED it when she was called a tart. Not slut, not whore, but TART. It drove her wild. Those other words, they were a match stick. Tart was propane. Explosions went off in her head and her hand darted under panties, playing with her clit while the testicular tongue bath continued.

Cade just sat back and watched a master at work. Kelly could eat a man alive who wasn't ready for her. In a way he almost pitied the students she took to bed. Almost. After all, they still got to fuck her. Not much to pity about that.

But still, watching as she combined both frenetic speed with master's skill. There was no chaos in the works she was doing as she bounced from his balls to his cock. Fast? Yes, the sound of the wet sloshing of her cock-devouring. But then that sound faded, replaced by the wet *FAP FAP FAP*, of her jacking his dick.

“Then…I think my second answer would be this.” Kelly briefly released his cock to reach behind her, un hooking her bra and letting it fall to the ground. She winked at him then replaced the warms of her hand with that of her full, luscious tits and wrapped them both around his petrified pecker.

“Look at you,” Kelly said, her tone taunting him. “So anxious...so ready. You really love these big, luscious titties wrapped around your fucking cock, don't you? Practically begging for it, you dirty fucking wanker...practically though isn't what I want...I want you to actually do it...so come on...beg to fuck these tits.”

“Please...” Cade managed to blurt out. Even being stationary, just being between those bodacious breasts was enough to get him sweating bullets.

“Please what?”

“Please...I want to fuck your tits...come on Kelly...please.”

“Close enough this time, but I want to see improvement in the future.” She said with a cheeky grin. Kelly then began to pump her tits on Cade's dick, the music professor's eyes rolling like the dials on a slot machine as the fabulous funbags worked his dick.

“Mmm feels so damn good, doesn't it? Kelly purred, her accent making every syllable drip with lust. “It's so simple...two nice tits wrapped around one cock...but look at all the fun it causes.”

Cade could both clearly see and feel all that fun. There wasn't a sight quite like the one he had right now of Kelly's magnificent melons covering his cock, the bulbous head poking through the cleavage. It looked amazing and even then, how it looked could not match up to how it felt to have those massive tits smother his rod.  Sitting back and enjoying it all, he was being a bit too passive in Kelly's view.

“Oooh, do you think you can just sit back while I do all the work? Not bloody likely.” Kelly's movements stopped and she looked at Cade. “Fucking thrust. Fuck those tits Cade...and tell me how fucking good it feels or you can walk right out that door.”

Cade rushed down to grab her tits after Kelly released them, keeping them squeezed around her tits. From there he began to thrust up like a man possessed. He was pounding hard into her cleavage, getting a big grin to cross Kelly's face.

“There we fucking go,” she cheered. “That's right...mmmm can even feel that precum starting...making it all nice and slick...how about I help?” Kelly followed up that question by flicking her tongue at the head of Cade's schlong every time it rose through boob valley and sometimes just outright sucking on it.

“Ooooh my fucking GOD Kelly!” Cade yelled. “Don't fucking stop.”

“Same to you luv,” she said. “Don't you even think of stopping fucking these titties until I say so!”

And that thought never crossed his mind. So, he continued taking her tits with the frenzy of a feral man. The look of Kelly on her knees, the sound of her dominant filthy talk and the feeling of her flesh on flesh was a kaleidoscope of sensual senses.

Kelly was beyond wet. Some women saw tit-fucking as niche to pull out on occasion, faking that they liked it. They didn't get it. Kelly did. The feeling of a man just losing control from a certain part of you. Being titfucked made her wet. It was the same for handjobs and blowjobs. Just the act and what it did to a man made her melt like butter on a skillet.

However, to Kelly things weren't quite hot enough to melt...Cade looked to be on a different path. That pre-ecstasy gasp always made her tingle a little downstairs. Shame it had to end. Kelly pulled her tits away from Cade, shocking the tit-loving teacher.

“You looked a little too close to edge luv,” Kelly said. “And I don't think you want this to end too early, do you?” Cade shook his head in response. “Good boy.  Now...how about you take some initiative?”

Kelly got up and turned her back to Cade, making as if she was going to lead him somewhere new. That wasn't going to happen, both of them new it.

“Yesssss!” Kelly said, growling when she felt Cade leap up from the couch and grab her. His arms wrapped and he gripped Kelly's tits in his hand, pulling the cups of her bra down and letting them spill out. She moaned as his hard cock rubbed against her legs, ready get a little more snug in the heaven between them.

“That's you dirty fuck,” Kelly sneered. “Take what you want and make us both very happy.”

“Read my mind,” Cade said before pulling Kelly's lips to his for a kiss every bit as raunchy as the room demanded.

With a loud *RRRIIIIPP* Cade tore those black panties off to the delight of Kelly. She LOVED that. Love when a man went straight up savage with his desire for her. Torn open blouse and ripped panties for her, torn apart shirts and ties to bind them to the headboard for them.

“Someone's very fucking wet,” Cade said, running his cock up and down her sopping slit.

“Then you best take advantage of it.” Kelly's sentence was followed by happy laugh as Cade took more control. He grabbed her leg and lifted it up on coffee table then bent her over. That laugh turned into a deep groan of “Fuuuuuuuck YES!” erupting from Kelly's mouth. Cade had slammed his cock in and was getting ready to do a lot more.

“Fucking ram it!” Kelly demanded. “Ram that fucking big cock in my cunt...fuck me hard!” Kelly was letting Cade take the steering wheel. She didn't really have much control over it. She was bent over, getting that lovely cock rammed into her from behind, but nothing to brace herself against to push back against him. Not that there was any need. Every stroke of his log hit hard, deep, and deliciously. Pushing back would have just been the sizzle on the steak.

Cade yanked Kelly up by hooking his arms around her shoulders. The big-titted Brit laughed and laid her head on his shoulder. She leaned her face over to receive a savage and sloppy kiss. While his lips and tongue wrestled with Kelly's own, Cade's hands went to her tits, roughly mauling them with his hands just as the lady loved. Any idea he had about that changing in the time since they last fucked was obliterated when Kelly sucked on his tongue in response and then breaking the kiss with a loud moan when he began to play with her nipples. All while her pussy got the pounding it had been craving.

“This what you wanted huh?” Cade asked, hammering his cock into her pussy. “What you wanted the moment...fuck...the moment I called? All fucking, no bullshit, you fucking tart?”

“Mmmmm hmmmm fuck yes,” Kelly moaned, her voice rattling from every thrust Cade was giving her. “Was wet the moment I knew what you wanted...didn't even play with my pussy waiting for you...it's all yours today everything is as long you keep fucking me!”

Kelly had no worry in that department. Cade didn't even answer her verbally, preferring to let his disco stick to the talking. Though her could feel the funbags in his hands, jiggling like Jell-O at the San Andreas fault, he couldn't help be a little forlorn he couldn't see them. Though that feeling was almost infinitesimally small compared to the godlike feeling of being skin to skin and balls deep in the curvy English harlot.

As good as his cock felt slamming into the warm and & wet paradise of a pussy Kelly Brook possessed, his legs were only human. He lifted her up in his arms, making her laugh and kick her stiletto heels off. He fell backwards on to the couch, Kelly following.

When Cade had lifted her up, his cock had slipped out of her cunt and was now sandwiched between himself and Kelly's plump rump. She ground her ass against it before getting in position to take it back in her horny, hungry cunt.

She climbed back on to Cade's now-sitting form, her back to him. Her dripping fuckhole hovering just above his throbbing prong. Kelly grabbed his cock and held it in place as she lowered her pussy back down on his cock. Once that sword was sheathed again Cade's hands went to her hips, ready for the ride.

The ride didn't begin immediately however. Kelly's cunt didn't start bouncing just yet. Kelly chose instead to grind on that thick, meaty pole, making the music professor shiver like the pile of jelly she turned him into. Still, that kind of thing was only going to last so long. There was a time to savor and a time to act and before long Kelly was back in action, bouncing on his cock.

“Ahhh YES!” Kelly shouted. “Fuck I love this dick! Mmmm take that fucking pussy...ahhhh yes take this fucking tart's cunt!”

His hands gripped her round hips hard, moving along with them as Kelly bounced hard on his cock. He wasn't thrusting up into her, right now this was Kelly's show and with how she worked his cock he saw no reason to take control, at least not yet. And with Kelly as the master of ceremonies for this fuckfest, she knew just what she wanted from him as she bounced on his pole.

“Fuck it! Fuck that twat!” She growled. Her feet were planted firm on the couch, giving her a surprising firm base for her leg strength to dictate the pace. She threw her head back as Cade buried his face in her back, biting on the flesh in between her shoulders. Her pussy clamped on his cock while she froze. He remembered her sweet spot. Soon after the hottest set of chills she ever felt Kelly resumed, only now a lot mouthier.

“Trying to make me cum, eh?” Kelly said, working her hips in a slow grind before fully resuming the ride. “Mmmm if that's the case then you must…ah yes..... feel pretty damn confident...fuck...oh fuck...so you don't get to cum until I do...fair, isn't it?”

“Very.” Cade replied. His grip on her hips tightened and he began to thrust up into her sopping snatch. Kelly cried out for more, her voice cracking and her big beautiful tits bouncing roughly and wildly from Cade's hard pounding.

That was, of course, just the beginning. After a few more glorious moments of his power pounding Cade pulled out of Kelly and threw her onto her back on the couch. It wasn't a hard or far toss, considering they were there, but the savage effort was appreciated.

Now that Kelly was on her back, Cade got an excellent view of those otherworldly titties. The size, the shape...it was all far too perfect to be appreciated by only his eyes. Her grabbed them and dove in face first, licking kissing and sucking on them to Kelly's delight. Goosebumps popped up all over her body as his tongue circled and suckled on her nipples. More popped up on the first set when Cade gave her hard nipples a bite and started to pull and tug along with sucking on them. Kelly howled in delight.

“Feels good, doesn't it?” he growled, letting the titty pop from his mouth. “Gonna make you cum...and I know just how.”

“Do you now?” Kelly knowingly asked.

He answered her with a physical action that satisfied her. Kelly moaned when she felt his bulbous bellend press against her asshole. His face locked on hers. While he would have loved to have just bent her over again and taken her hard, Cade wanted to see the look on her face as her asshole was filled to the brim with his cock.

“Oh, fuuuuck yes Caaade,” Kelly grunted. Inch by inch his pussy-slicked cock entered her asshole. Kelly was a woman well versed in the pleasures of anal sex, so there was no real struggle getting Cade's girth in. Soon he was all in the snug and tight rear entrance.

While he savored that familiar pleasure, Kelly was already raring to go for something a bit more. “Fuck that arse,” Kelly demanded. “None of this slow nonsense...just take that fucking asshole...RAVAGE IT!”

“What the lady wants, she gets,” Cade said, giving her one hard thrust to start off the anal fun. From there, no more savoring. Nothing slow and sweet. Kelly wanted her asshole pounded by Cade and that's what she got.

“YEEEESSSS!!!!” She cried out. “Oh, you dirty fuck...fuck that ass...every fucking inch...fuuuuck!” Cade watched as the passion exploded from Kelly face. How she hissed in the air from teeth clenched in a sex-crazed grin. He watched as her melons bounced and jiggled like they were in an earthquake. She was well past her point of no return and it was time to throw more fuel on that fire.

He grabbed a hold of Kelly's stocking-clad less, her thicc thighs pressed against his chest and calves resting on his shoulder. Kelly's tongue curled up and out of her mouth, licking her lips as she waited for that dick to go even deeper in her ass and really make her cum.

“Ooooh yesssss,” she hissed when she got exactly what she wanted. The hiss grew in a full blown scream of pleasure as the hard, pounding rhythm Cade had already built up returned with a vengeance.

“Yeah...oh your ass is so fucking good...tight ass for such a well-fucked tart like you...gonna cum just from have a cock up your ass, aren't you?”

“Mmmm fuck yes...FUCK YES!” Kelly yelled back.  “Don't stop...fucking harder...deeper...FUCKING HELL YES!!!”

With those last three words echoing throughout her home, the verbiage died, giving way to intense grunts and groans as Cade hammered her asshole. Every stroke into that cavern drove Kelly wilder and wilder.  It wasn't a matter of minutes for Kelly, it was a matter of seconds.

“Yes...YES...YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Kelly's voiced released its last few words for a time, her assgasm embracing her like a long-lost old friend. Warm, intense and had been away for far too long. And as Cade's schlong continued ravaging her ass, that warmth got white hot.

The fact that Cade hadn't fired like a shotgun up Kelly's ass at this point was a small miracle. The cavity had clamped own tight around him, the effort to stave off his own orgasm almost Herculean, but he had a different ending in mind for this afternoon delight with Kelly Brook.

When Kelly's body relaxed, the high finally reaching the afterglow stage, Cade pulled out of her well-fucked asshole and maneuvered up to her tits, placing his cock right back in that valley. He grabbed the full funbags and once again wrapped them around his cock, pumping between them fast, ready to get that nut.

“Oooh someone wants to make a dirty little mess of me, don't they?” Kelly teased. “Then do it...you got all my holes...now fucking paint this trashy tart white...NOW!”

“Ohh...oh shit...shit...” Cade was now the one gritting his teeth, trying to stave it off, get a few more seconds of that titflesh surrounding him...but it was for naught.

“FUUCKING HELL KELLY!”  He yelled as his cock started erupted.

“Yessss,” Kelly squealed in delight. “Fucking cover me!”

And he did. The first few ropes splattered her gargantuan globes, but her still had more than enough to coat her face in the copious cum. Stream after stream launched like rockets from the tip of dick, seemingly endless until finally, it all petered out and Cade fell back on the couch.

“Good show there,” Kelly said, cleaning the cum from her face and tits and sucking it from her fingers.

“Not so bad yourself,” he said. “God damn, not bad at all.”

As the two slowly regained their sense, there were no thoughts of students or tests or anything of the sort on their minds. In fact, the only one with a clear thought in the haze of pleasure they were both still in the middle of was Cade. And that thought could be filtered out to three letters:



With the greaseburgers long since finished, Lili, Camila and Peter had migrated to the couch. Lili sat near the right arm, Peter at the left with Camila in the center. Well, technically in the center. She had really bundled herself close to Peter, resting her head on his shoulder. This site should have set Lili off, or so she thought. Peter was her best friend's boyfriend, but Cami was not that particular best friend. However, Lili also didn't see any sparks of romance in what was happening. Camila wasn't nuzzling at his neck, nor was Peter pulling her closer. Cami was just looking for some familiar comfort and Peter was providing it. There was no need for a negative reaction. Lili honestly found it, once again, sweet.

 At first, they were watching some of Cami's favorite films. But then when they happened upon one of them, it inspired another idea in her. Unfortunately for Peter, that film was Dirty Dancing, and he knew exactly what old DVD Cami went to her room to fish for.

“What's with the face?” Lili asked, clearly seeing the eyes roll as Peter braced himself.

“I know what she's getting and I'm shocked she still has it.” Peter replied.

“And why wouldn't I have it, Petey dear?” Camila asked with a grin. She'd returned to the room, a DVD on her finger. The label-side read, Talent Show, Jr. Year. “I mean, it's just my favorite thing to watch ever when I'm super sad.”

“What is it?” Lili asked, intrigued. Her smile was getting as big as Cami's the more Peter's face filled with dread. Not bad dread, but funny dread.

“Well, this was also Junior Year,” Cami said. She removed the Dirty Dancing Blu-ray from the player and put the DVD in its place. “You see, I always managed to get Peter involved in some way in something I did. This...this was the crowning achievement. We practiced for WEEKS. In the end, we nailed it. Perfectly.”

“Nailed what?”

“What else Lils?” Cami asked, returning to her seat and leaning into Peter. “The last dance sequence from Dirty Dancing. Including the part where Baby jumps into Patrick Swayze's arms and her lifts her up.”

“No way!” Lili replied. “You got him to dance? Like THAT? In front of people??”

“No one's more shocked than I am at what she talks me into.”

“Like it’s even a challenge.” Cami added. “I give you the puppy dog eyes and ask please and remind you that I always help out when you’re shooting something whether I'm holding a microphone or throwing a bucket of stage blood on Brodie or Selena. Also, I invoke the best friend privileges.”

“But I've seen him dance,” Lili said. “We all have. And calling it dancing is being generous. No offense Peter.”

“I can't take offense if you're right.” He answered, making Lili laugh.

“Just you wait,” Cami said. “Wait and be amazed at what weeks of practice and patience can do.” With that, Cami pressed play and a gigantic grin instantly came to her face, transplanted to simpler times while also very much in the present where she took quick glances of her oldest friend being beyond embarrassed by the Patrick Swayze cosplay, she got him to wear.

“Oh my GOD she even got you to do your hair like his!” Lili said with a laugh. “You better have won every reward for this just based on that alone.”

“The hair is just the tip of the iceberg,” Cami said.

“The amount of hairspray it took to get it like that probably melted an iceberg.” Peter added, getting a laugh from both of the women.

Then the music hit and Lili was actually astonished at what she saw. It was Peter and Cami, dancing. Not half-assing it, not Cami doing all the work...but actually dancing. He was in rhythm. He was actually moving.

“Okay, I'm impressed,” said Lili. “You're officially a miracle worker.”

“You haven't seen a miracle yet,” Cami said. “Just watch.”

And Lili's eyes went back to the screen, but not before getting another glimpse of Peter watching it through his fingers, trying to hide his face but laughing all the same. Then those blue-green eyes went back to him on the screen to see him leaping from the stage onto the ground, landing perfectly on the ground just like in the film.

“Holy SHIT how did you do that?”

“Cami stole some airplane bottles of vodka from her dad's hotel.”

“It wasn't stealing!” Cami insisted. “I left cash in the mini-bar I snuck into to cover it. And you only got one and a half.”

“Yeah, but I was limping for the weekend.”

“Oh, poor baby,” Cami said. “That really got in the way of all your reading and video games.”

The attention went back to the screen as the second feat that made Lili's jaw drop once more was when the pair re-enacted the arm-lift, just as Swayze had done with Jennifer Grey in the film.

“Stronger than he looks huh?” Cami asked.

“And you were worried he couldn't handle a football player?”

“I'm more of a lover than a fighter,” Peter said.

“Yes, we all know,” Cami joked. “Personal experience from both of us.” Cami knowing, she just hit them both with a little jab. Nothing serious, no offense, but enough to make the two blush…and give each other a look that Cami missed.

After that, it was barely a minute and the video was over, dance routine completed and the DVD back at the home menu. A slow clap was started by Lili, who then gave an over-the-top standing ovation.

“Encore!” She shouted. “Bring on more of this Dirty Dancing!”

“I'm game,” said with a grin. “How about you, Pete?”

“Cami, I love you...but show me some mercy.”

“Very well...but just because I think I may have actually reached my limit in embarrassing my bestie...without even attempting to embarrass my other bestie to even remotely the same degree.” Cami then took a quick look at a nearby clock. “Holy shit, I think I might have kept you guys here a lot longer than you expected.”

“Holy crap it's already seven???” Lili said. “Oh man I'm going to be late.”

“For what?” Peter asked.

Before Lili could be flustered to long, trying to explain both her date and who it was with, Cami chimed in. “Need me to give Pete a ride back to his car?”

“No, I got it.” Lili answered. “Not a problem at all.”

“Well, in that case,” Cami said, getting up from the couch alongside her two compatriots. She turned to Lili first. “Thank you. I needed this. I really did.” She hugged her then turned her attention towards Peter, almost repeating the embrace she gave him when she saw him at the door, only this time no tears.  “And thank you too. So much. I really do love you. Despite you being a gigantic goober.”

“Well then next time call the gigantic goober when something like this happens,” he said, kissing the top of her head. “Deal?”

“Deal.” Cami replied.

“Hey Goober!” Lili said, immediately getting Peter's attention and tossing him her car keys. “How about you get the engine running and I'll meet you in the car?”

“No problem,” he said, giving Camila one last hug before heading for the door. He paused just before exited and looked to Lili. “You're not gonna tell Hailee I responded to goober, are you?”

“Probably not,” Lili said with a smirk.

“I'll take it.” Peter exited the apartment, leaving the roommates alone for a few moments.

“Thanks for the quick cover,” Lili said.

“No problem.” Cami replied. “But you know you can trust him, right? Peter doesn't give a shit if you're bi. That's not him and if it was, I wouldn't have spent twenty years of my life hanging out with him.”

“I know...it's just...I'm really selective about it. It's personal to me. I know it wouldn't be a big deal to a real friend or anything. I didn't even tell Jake, which now that I think of it should have been a red flag for that whole relationship. And I don't even know what it is me and Ashley have.”

“Well, it's only been a few weeks, isn't that kind of early to call it?”

“Yeah, it's just...look she's fun, and we get along...I just don't know if she's that fond of monogamy. She’s very...bohemian. Fronting a band, poet, artist...it's the kind of thing that calls for a lot of fun and…I don't know am I just a fling? Is she?”

“Lils, anyone who's sane would not let someone like you slip through their fingers. If you don't know for sure what it is, just ask her.”

Lili nodded, then shook her head. “I can't believe I'm unloading on you with everything you have going on.”

“Eh, you earned it today,” Said Camila, her tone as soft as her smile. “Besides, that's what friends are for and all those other cliches. Just know I'm here for you. Always will be. Now, you go drop my other bestie off and then hopefully go get laid! I'll be fine. You two...you really helped.”

A last hug between the two friends and Lili left the apartment and headed towards her car, which was already running and Peter in the passenger’s seat.

“Thanks,” Lili said as she put the car in drive and began to head out of the parking garage.

“No problem, just turned the key.” Peter replied.

“Not for that. Well, not so much. But for this. Being there for her with me.”

“It's Cami,” Peter said. It was the only answer he could give.

“I know. Still, thanks for coming along...and also being there for me. After Jake and all of that. You didn't have to do that. I mean I know we're kind of friends and all that because of the people we know...”

“I didn't do it for Hailee or Cami. I did it because it was bullshit what happened to you and I didn't want you to dwell on some asshole who didn't see what he had and took you for granted. I don't care how we met, we're friends.”

“Thanks,” Lili said, the smile on her face earnest and sweet. “And also…thanks for not being weird...you know...about that thing we did after the whole Jake thing.”

“Oh yeah...that.” The both were blushing a bit, just below beet red. “I mean, why would I be weird and make anyone feel awkward for that? That's what we have Cami for.”

“Very true,” Lili laughed. “Still, let's just be out with it. We had sex. We had a threesome. You. Me. Hailee. It was good. It was great, honestly. We've seen each other naked, tasted each other, made each other cum. No shame. No embarrassment. Three adults having consensual fun with each other. That's it.”

“Agreed. Though...did you say great? I mean, I totally concur...just, you now, wanted to make sure I heard you right. Between friends and all that.”

“Oh, of course,” Lili said. “What's a little ego stroking between friends? Friends that have been very intimate with each other…this is getting awkward isn't it”

“Lili, you just saw me at sixteen dressed as Patrick Swayze mimicking a dance routine he performed before either of us were born with pants tighter than a python's embrace. You really think the fact we've had sex is going to be any more awkward than revisiting that?”

“Fair enough,” she said with a soft giggle. “Also, love the python visual.”


“And you didn't look too shabby in those tight pants,” Lili said. “But the hair...yeah, that was kind of brutal. Looks better the way it is now. The whole shaggy thing. Looks good.”

“Oh...thanks.” Things then got a bit awkward with the silence. They could both feel it. Not bad awkward, but it was still in the air.

“How exactly did Cami convince you to do that anyway?” Lili asked, trying to kill the tension.

“Take a wild guess,” Peter said.

“Puppy dog eyes, the barely there hint of a pout followed by 'Pleeease?” then she fluttered her eyes, knowing going so comically over the top is going to seal the deal.”

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